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Yesterday, the White House confirmed that Former Vice President, Joe Biden uses a CPAP machine to sleep at night. Also, the bodycam footage from the Allen Shooting was finally released & it's crazy. Texas is in the middle of massive heat. But how does that compare to other countries?! Guest: Bryan Callen. Tune in!Join MugClub to watch this show every day! http://louderwithcrowder.com/mugclubWatch the FREE show on MugClub NOW: https://mugclub.rumble.com/post/4219419/released-allen-bodycam-footage-shows-hero-cop-in-actionGET TODAY'S SHOW NOTES with SOURCES: https://www.louderwithcrowder.com/sources/ NEW MERCH! https://crowdershop.com/ Subscribe to my podcast: https://rss.com/podcasts/louder-with-crowder/FOLLOW ME:Website: https://louderwithcrowder.comTwitter: https://twitter.com/scrowderInstagram: http://www.instagram.com/louderwithcrowderFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/stevencrowderofficialMusic by @Pogo
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Glad to be with you it's the last day of cultural appropriation month, so you can send in your costumes all of that, and we have some supreme court rulings coming down wanting to talk with you for a few seconds here, first day, back, on youtube its june. Twenty ninth, if you're watching on you too bright now, look I rarely ask you guys to to do anything like this, but a big part of being suspended on tube is that the algorithms now basically confirm you is dead. So in order to kick start that hit the like, bottom leave a comment once the show is done streaming and you know then you can head on over the rumble. This is some of them important. We are back on youtube, but gonna, be clear as to why I have always said that right politician, someone running for president is someone who doesn't want the job. We don't really we want to be on you too. We dont care. If we get removed from youtube, it's only useful tool as it were, it's too expanding our reach with the truth, but the
second, that we are no longer able to speak the truth in any capacity and under and this is what they are looking to do going into the election right. We were suspended with the last midterms. You ve seen what but with a lot of jordan petersen here on you too. So what happened with Matt wash your gear, for the election. We dont care. We know that you can leave and head over to rumble. Anyway, were you as long as it as its useful to us. Basically, we want to be a third in their side. And use their own policies against them and speaking of which, if you know this, here's. The issue is forever but you see someone talking about it being throttle shadow banned, you all know we ve been demonetized for years, sure there's something happening beneath the surface. So, for example, Google Youtube they Violated their own promising standards, when the replacing these video adds out there about eighty percent of the time they are going to have a serious problem with advertisers we want or to today, we wanted to come back with a parity that we have the cranberries video
music, video, zombie bout vaccines, we hold that might get a suspended, so will probably run that here during the break these It happened behind the scenes, it's not what happens in the light, but what happens in the darkness- and you ve heard of the term de platform Look we're roseanne Barr on the show. Yesterday, the reason we were off you too, for a very long time, is because we had the gall tab alex Jones. On our show at all. Who gets what we're still going? Have roseanne bar we're still going ahead? jones, we're still going to have all of the people who you tube and facebook and at one point twitter try to de platform, because this is designed to be the real forming space and it only works with my club if you'd like what you see watching the daily show you wanted on friday. You want access to mix up everything apollo show ripe. cowan shows going to becoming. We have some major announcements. Consider joining let us set. It comes much, my club, it's what keeps the lights on.
But there needs to be an ability and there needs to be a movement now, especially in the face of this election. Don't don't doubt for a second one people discussing election tampering into discussing altering the outcomes for your country and affects you, we're talking about the media, entertainment industry, industri a somewhat Joe Biden media entertainment, government industrial complex when, have the white house in spotify needs to censor Joe rogan when you have exactly the same year, the f b I came in and make sure that we didn't cover the story or you want to see she came in and they told us what we couldn't couldn't have on facebook as it relates to cover it, that changes the outcome, the course of your country and placating capitulate, to these people is absolutely not an option, but we only do that with you you are the army figuratively? and we have some major announcements. You know that in July we often take a break will only be.
For two weeks next week is gone, we will see a teaser here, but we have MR guns and gear single episode. today, some monday, through friday, will do handguns one or one rifles one on one gun: myths from gun control. if it gets one or one than gun, miss technically one. I want to keep you safer with your firearms, which youtube thinks makes you an extremist understanding how to handle a firearm, but guess what screw them all of next week. My through friday and then some long, from interviews the following week, so we will not be live through the month of July, but we ve been working hard to pre tape and to figure out the best ways again today. be a thorn in the side of people who hate everything you stand for. This is the real but forming space. This is the real forming movement, it's going to a barn are going into twenty twenty four and if you do not join my club, I just ask that today he hit that, like button an you tube share common. Whatever you and do so that this is thrust into the feed of people who youtube Google, facebook do not want you to see this content silly.
I assume, notwithstanding on what the show oh gun we come on up loaded operation is nice The true which marks louder with grounders annual culture appropriation month where we take you on a journey to
for all of the wonder, distinct and mysterious cultures our great planet has to off, because to appropriate is to approve Our final, we of cultural appropriation with that's the way, the biggest bad state in the union home of hats that are way too large, the fastest growing economy in the country and recreational swimming. So renowned people come from all over southern hemisphere to experience it in august, we're heading to the great state of x What are you laughing at the rio they say yeah, that's pretty bad. I heard the vo, but I didn't it didn't make sense until I saw the video on youtube or on your platform gone through all your private stuff, you'd, better come out and pound me now figuratively.
We got our cap cultural appropriation month and we're doing states this year. For those we need, you haven't said we did new york, we did California, we did florida last week, is texas because we ran out of countries doing this for nine years. Yes for eight years, and I think it's ethnically edna half there was a half year. What's between their so armadillo, arm armed adela wheat, which want to change it. I apologize us yeah. I go through the costumes and the fast facts that we have today. Look. We just had some some supreme court rulings. These are big deals. Asians looks like you're not getting the short end of the stick anymore due to affirmative action, and I mean I wouldn't expert turning to be you're gonna do basketball team, but you know, look baby steps. Are we the alan, Alan shooting body. Camera footage. Don't worry, we're not going showing you any innocent people who are harmed,
I rarely used the word hero, but this man there was a hero and there are a lot of facts at the media's been misrepresenting something else. If they ve been misrepresenting the heatwaves taking place, you might think its climate change. There ve been a lot of death. That's that's absolutely true, but a lot of deaths because of the direct policies. and their impact from climate change activists. There were some numbers today that will be giving you regarding air conditioning that I frankly I dont believe, but I know, They are confirmed from at least five or six sources, but hey every now, and then something comes across my desk this. I don't know that can't be right. Can it only? percent of europe? Has air conditioning and ninety percent there's no way Europe really sucks all right, let's go to everyone here. Instead, we have a number two ceo jill, I'm going to put the stand just say: no one can see that our folks ass, big decks you're here. It had a little bit of an accident, as you can tell, I of you saw the video that is it
the very big tax. Alright, let's see this arms ass well ass, my hands and are still- well now it makes a lot more certainty, yet costume does. Indeed, then your customs, by the way too on twitter on instagram, obviously and mug club you can send them and we have the costume contest winners, of course, on mug club after the show that you watch on youtube and no, the dink there's no dang right and then we need only to explain it. Hooty cheerleader, I know you don't want the attention on you and your What are you wearing and walker? Texas ranger we have to a man, I'm an ice age and agent.
If people were still paying for giant bags of ice cr, it's a very common thing seriously. If you see this nugget ice makers, those fetch a pretty penny, because people love the little tiny nugget ice wind Europe too cause they don't have air can do they do not have air conditioning. I still working to verify that statistic. Ninety percent of americans have air conditioning, and only ten percent of europe and the death toll is staggering. We make Reverend is available, but even I still don't believe in third chair today. You hear the song, you know who it is simply enough. Not tonight, saturday, in Denver colorado, You can go and see him Brian cowen dot com and who are you wearing? Well, I thought I'd be in a wheelchair, and now I got that the attacks we can't see his legs. He can't back the camera he's got. The nicer he's got that these got the good force, gump gimme legs, going playing governor, gregg abbot, because as you guys know why
The chairs are always funny as long as you're playing a guy in a wheelchair exams in its only acceptable to make out of a disability if it's real, if it's real, it's only funny because it's yeah so by the way I look pretty good with gray hair, you guys are you're gonna gray. Well, thank you. I know what you mean great more well, you know what the joke this and I don't say that intro music. I want the music that sounds like I'm riding a horse yeah exactly well. You know it will get right on that, all right time for s'mores, fast facts regarding texas, because two of the two appropriate to appreciate alright love it, DR pepper, was in fact invented in texas, oh prune juice, it's still illegal in some cities and I hope you'll lucky guys on youtube. If you, if we don't have to keep doing this work for something this silly, its
illegal still in some texas cities actually to sell limburger cheese on sundays, my god. I hope this is true. That's a lot of cheese and it's also illegal to possess six or more d ill does in the state of texas. Did you know that? Yes, but jokes on you, fat fat factory was wrong. It's five is that right. Look a lot like dell does look a lot like dog toys, so you can blame it on your side. Yes, you smuggling sex towards yet something more than five. It isn't that year, this I'm sorry teacher, it's I'm sorry queen teacher, my dog, ate my dildo. If you were at the fair I would fall on, you will allow an oral presentation and place ok, so he just gerald pleased with the wheelchair joke that wasn't. Are we to try and make sure that any time there's a temple we go forward, it doesn't blow out our ears and the microphone yasser like tumbleweed you're softer did you know, By the way I knows but armadillos is you cannot get leprosy from them
brandy when she was outfitting me, she told me that, and I said I had no idea that I should be primarily concerned with getting leprosy from armadillos. That is fair. I didn't know that was a concern that I needed to have now. I do thank you, but they eat a lot of ticks. So that's good, alright, Get to any of that here is a leftist tik tok her, but it's not. What you would expect. They ve permeated everything now virtue Signalling the country song! You know nobody's legally binding
the boom in my big truck: don't open the doors and turn into afghanistan, macbooks in the ga gonna one human me falling on the hood of my daddy's tractor on the toolbar wow every single slogan he can come up with. I can't wait for the rednecks to break the contract, so it's like the Zac brown band yeah looking at his legs, I love this quad development. Skinny every single black lives matter, trent, who says that trans people don't deserve respect. I think dementia since deserve respect, but they also deserve treatment. If there is something that needs to be traded dependent. Guy now it would say, treatment means puberty blockers for six year olds. I would say: treatment for parents who think that children need purity blockers potential me Mister old fashion. Three countries of reasoning or jail. Do yes of that most
country, where skinny genes to yet is actually needed? You have no idea what little it's a little. That's all country? Stephen came around and started wearing skinny jeans in the last five years to sell albums. I'm saying it's not cut what was real country until TIM, mcgraw came and ruined it. Yes, that's true, then made what fifty million dollars off that nelly song that a guy, let me show up and get my check. I can go on madison avenue, all right, I'll, be I'll, be in the band travis trips walking in here with skinny jeans on no, I have no idea. You always focus on the wrong thing. It was all random tight and that what what am I went away? Looking, ok, all right. Let's move on here, formative action when you got jails, so this approach court did rule in the affirmative action case. We ve covered this before how they would actually weighted against asian, be put down to stop Is an hate started harvard because asians would not be able to get him because they had affirmative action to get more diversity. They would say right. The supreme court has ruled on that Anna north carolina case as well saying that advice,
it's the equal protection clause of the fourteenth amendments, a forum of an obvious before the supreme court set it before I move on. There is a black lady on CNN, which of course, as you and I don't see race, talk about affirmative action that see what they had to say here today. I still scratching my head, as many many officers will be so I can take into consideration race as part of the students experience, but their actual racial group or category cannot be contemplated, are taken into account. You're going to have a situation has often been part of the admissions process to quarrel quote equal students, perhaps an academic scoring may tease or ac tease, perhaps geographically, perhaps even in the instruments that they play so well for the symphony and what will be the deciding factors? The court here a says it cannot be raised, but the other factors could very well remain. I'm also curious to hear from secretary
Lloyd are sent to us like getting what you just said is almost scores: academic performance, extracurricular activities it won't include, race, but everything else that I just named, which is entirely reasonable, may be a part of the admissions process. Yes, two equal candidates are you she literally just advocated for racism since the two equal candidates, everything else being equally? What does it come down to well, I know it's not gonna be race which it should. If it's a black student, they should get an overnight, but that's not the issue to that's, not the loss of the loss. It, as you know I know, but the lawsuit and a lot of the arguments are that asians have to actually achieve higher academic, swaying, that's the problem, it's not everything! Being equal, it's even if one outperforms on the metrics it actually matter race can supersede that. That's what they're not telling you on CNN! I don't know it's because she's an eighty, eight or she's lying it could be a little column, a little column, be they don't use. raised a lot of times I'll use lived experts So there's these all these euphemisms, and so your lived experiment. Experience may be one.
but you didn't get the kinds of opportunities blah blah, blah or, and then that has to be taken on why Jai bob that's the liberal! That's the labelling of year! Nine is no coherent than over the bar guys since you're. On the same, in the fights out their dammit irregular and I apologise hooty. Who do you worry about to say you have you shouldn't demographic? on the chance of acceptability by race banks down real, quick age, it's twelve point: seven percent whites fifteen point three percent hispanics The one point three percent lacks fifty six point one per cent of lax wo six percent. To be fair. I am sure that all things were equal, yet it means black african. The bottom. Forty percent have a better chance of getting in the harbor than whites and asians. The top ten percent of applicants word that's a lot of math, but I do know that it's race, that's that I have that.
it's. Yes, this is incredibly race. This is what this goes better. When I was a kid when I was in the umass right, the only diversity, the they don't care about his intellectual diversity. Let me let me paint a picture for you before by the way by using a see pep talk about that. But let me paint a picture for you. Do you think that You will have a better format of experience in, but I dont think college should be your formative experience. I think it should be life experience a thing should be preparing you for an actual path for a job that exists, but if you're, so ok, the experience creates this diverse environment and that causes people to grow. Alright you're a campus were ever. I think the same you never hear about the constitution or shortly to original intent. You don't hear people came the second limit. The first man, you don't hear from right wing sources, you don't hear from conservative sources. There are many car that there's there's some around thirty percent by the way I'm going by rote here of universities colleges in their humanity. They don't have a single conservative. on staff. So that's the school you go to you, but you have a lot of black people and not too many asian people, ok and the,
world. You have people who got in an academic merit and you have because of that, a natural unnatural. Frankly, a natural sort of formation of different world views of different perspectives where you might have a professor Did you something the challenges you maybe have one who leans right? You have one who leans left. Maybe you have somebody who advocate for a flat tax, maybe have a professor who teaches you about a progressive tax. Maybe have someone who's a marxist right now, that's all you have, and maybe you have someone who says look rate Karl Marx and you have another professor says. let's also read Adam smith, which one which cause Diversity do, you think, is more beneficial to the educational experience. That's what they won't discuss, because as they are racist, I'm saying that definitively the left now their response to This is a layup sure you should be able to discriminate against asians. We used to bitch about people, throw and asians right new york on the third rail. We said: stop asian hate, now, they're no longer useful tool, hoody hold that thought. Let's move I will go back to it because Biden just got caught, less
Do you want to come in with something that ok using the path. It doesn't really matter all that much money, but recently had to address. It is because photos came out that, where he had marks on his face, looked like the old guy from from mad max milking it was only not as powerful white house had to confirm that former vice president job, I'm used to see pap in here you go then Biden has started using a seat, AP machine to treat. Has sleep apnea? What are these breaking details here and now we know how you can sleep in the white house just confirming that that the president in recent weeks, our chief white house, correspondent, Mary bruce, is told when using a sea pat machine to deal with his sleep, app near the white house. Releasing this statement I'll, read it to you in full, since two thousand eight, the president, as discloses history, with sleep acting in thorough medical reports used to see pat machine last night, which is common for people with that history
but they don't include is that he was actually reluctant to wear a sea pap at all until People in his cabinet found a way to make it more comfortable listening to automate, far worse than the theatre of the mind, haunting creepy depressed if the chair was just die now it doesn't cut right through the side of the wheelchair yeah. That's a broken wheelchair by the way, don't try and biting by the way when he was asked. That these marks on his face, p yelled at a reporter who also asked him about this. It was an answer I was asked about the marks he had the marks of a network by face, looks like a deep fake of guidance face watch this clip when he's asked about hunter during the china deal he just yells at the rapporteur just screams.
how how involve down where you were. You know by now I a debate that doesn't look like a real face? It looks like it looks like if the phantom of the opera took off his mask and he had another massive ha. I forgot my backup mask his tropicana has trouble getting blood to his head. Yes, he does and that's hard you've got to rub of the neck. You know exactly and by the way when he was asked why he was so cranky. He said that a seat that was acting up so he gave it to hunter and when one time for thirteen days, without sleeping, health. It also operates as a great way to smoke. Crack makes used to promote the chinese. Yes, it does. It does, but you take their money. Oh boy, out get out. I had to power grid, I'm gonna get on that yeah. Please opener come on
now that our right enemies, elinor mix by all right I got on my back. I gotta- do pray to god that this winter here in texas, we don't get a slight chill and it's free. something up. Very very briefly know you never do minors I might outside Europe. The white house said during recent weeks. He started using a sea pap and then went on to say since two thousand eight I'm just curious. Is it two thousand eight that he started this because he had sleep apnea, because the only thing you can really do? Firstly, babby apnea, where seep see batman, can make it work or died at the last year. If you're asking the people who worried are you that a woman can have testicles and a huge dick. I just feel like two thousand: it was more than a few weeks ago. Yeah just ask look a lot of people you see. Perhaps I understand that, but there's a difference in someone who's obese and young and someone who's old, whose lungs just can't go one day, they're gonna go just forget,
is a legitimate concern, but I think we need to make a mountain out of an what was that crack. Personally, I was being his lungs. Were you we quit? That was my fresh now, once that's what long some this week is really stifling my creativity right hearing with an arm Adela head while trying to hold my legs together. Even though you can't see you can't see that I'm going to happen with them in character. The elderly are right, it was or something else we are. Bringing the supreme court issue raises handed wanna, make sure we're not missing anything, because we're good watching. There are two other decisions coming out of colorado: baker story, that's coming back around and then there's one more big decision that will see about student loans, forgiveness, ok, but if you're walking right now by the wagon hit the like button comment on you too, because the algorithm wants you to think the show no longer exists. This channel doesn't, if you search stephen crowd or change my mind, abortion you'll find a pbs clip instead are the on shooting, obviously a tragedy, Now, there's been some body came footage that was really not don't use. This aren't you just
I mean throw it around flippantly. You know, for example, like the left will say hero because it's a guy in a dress, and I act I think that this person, now that we have a body came footage, is is a hero and they haven't representative accurately in the media, which again harms you so this brings us to this week's good. Could go with a gun. Let's find that there's a lot of good guys with guns for helping me while I was taken a sip, I was hoping you guys would take the boy did I I said it's show leadership. Except I speak to interrupt your slurp. That the left is is is misrepresenting this right, as though what will look. This is why only police officers should have guns. The cop came and stopped us now. This was a police, officer by the way, with far more training than you would see from a standard police officer who was not even responding to this call, but waited to a fire fight anyway, I'm so that matters.
Just as easily could have been a bystander with a firearm, because this was not the police officer. Responding to that called that's a pivotal difference. They can combat bluff. If, if you knew that the media isn't discussed that, of course, do not discussing it right now. They're just bitching about You know a dry allowed to get in to the college on the same playing field. So up we dont show you who have a role. We don't show you, you know innocent people being being slaughtered, sometimes seated on shows. They think it tells us clicks, but this Somebody came footage from the Allen, shooting and the we person at whom he is shooting is the bad guy who, thankfully, was swimming room temperature men was through. So that's a happy ending, but still I wouldn't have, if you have kids addition be watching hears about account for We probably would go so far as the other party here
So three thirty six pm the shooting starts. What you are about to see here is by three forty. This man had neutralised that threat completely. He was responding to a different car. The right there's, a hero, responding to a different call. He hears a gunshot there, isn't a moment's hesitation move and he's heading right into the you can see from the body. Cam footage handling the firearm properly. The this is pivotal, watch what he does when you come back the triple tap gun down the backup controlled down the firearm back down the
you say you got him down to study. I gotta go The about a finger up a trigger there God knows what he's doing for him good work, The guy, by the way was kicked out of the military did for mental health reasons. The shooter didn't even go to base a friend. Now I wanted to show you that in it's entirety, because rarely do you see someone who, from what we've seen nearly everything right from how we,
and as firearm firearm safety will be doing gun weak. tweak by the way going through those, the ins and outs too, obviously controlling as firearm, obviously knowing how to shoot how to aim. If you actually look at the percentage of shots landed, from what we're seeing their that's incredible, two calling out verbally what is happening, telling other people to get away right, trying to keep people safe and actually how many of you can say that respond and weighed into gunfire at a moment's notice at a moment's notice without any hesitation. Here's the thing this police officers unidentified do do you know the name of dreadfully you have driven martin Michael brown. What what word where's the hero worship for this man. I know you didn't have a system overloaded with that. No honest people- and I know that as an aiming a fake firearm at innocent bystanders in a parker pummeling, a man into concrete. This is a man who saved his fellow citizens and, by the way, went beyond the call of duty. Wasn't even responding to this call, I'm goin bible
its call me a racist. If you want clearly seems to be a man of color, why? Isn't the media scrambling to find out everything about him and get his face in the news we venerated george foot, we venerated to mere rice, Michael brown, insert The tray on Martin insert the name here here is a man who you want some David Doorn that was a that tragically, unfortunately, who you would want not just young black men but young boys period you know and boys used to say, hey. I want to be applied. officer before they said, I want to be a check with a dick So I want to be a police officer. You said: well, you know what you can do a lot of good. here's a good police officer because you did the right thing even when it Has he had literally not been called to do that I think, will be greatly on black boys, but right for all young boys I dont you know his name now went below, and you know what I'm sure there's some people out there who can who can only five figure figures, things out and at the very
least this man deserves a fruit basket, if not a race. Absolutely like my my adrenaline rushing just watching the idea, like I watched it last night with the sound off because the kids were round, and so I didn't quite get the full effect of it, but you can hear in his voice his adrenaline rushing brass, please, I'm gonna get him down. You got him down and look if we have to dump. on youtube. I don't give a damn. That is actually how every single one of those pieces of human trash should end right with a good guy, with a and putting them down. If emma revelling in the death. No I'm saying that it's fantastic, sending you call whatever the hell. You want to call it youtube that man, I don't tell you to stop. You know why it's! You know why it's a fantastic ending because he stopped other. people from getting her exactly it's fantastic, given the scenario it couldn't be better. As far as the actions that this man took was not respond, That call, and he did it anyway. When we say I'm common ground How is this not a lay up, reao affirmative action,
You know what agents should be admitted. That's a lay up right now, nothing in the news. I don't want the percentages. Tibet. Many news outlets, zero percent. It's a lamp, hey common ground! In other words, we don't always just back the blue, to be clear? There are plenty of that police officers. The left thinks that the police force needs to be done, and told sorry that was two years ago now they want to reinforce it, but can we all agree hey? This is the kind action that you want to see from a police officer. If you don't see covering this there is no common ground to be found in some. What I think is very important to note. We talk about good guy, this guy, since he was not responding to a call. That is just a good with a gun who didn't happen to be a police officer. Let's, let's put it that way, he can It happened to be responding to the call as a police officer he could have as just as you He then responding as a citizen as you rat with an hour turning your car, which, by when many american, certainly many texans, absolutely have that's important to keep
mind, because the left will try and frame this as a see. This is why only the police should have guns. Well, let me let me fill you in a little bit. Do you have any idea how how how inefficient how unequipped, so many police officers are to deal with this in texas, Kay the proficiency proof for police officers, the annual meant meaning you get to go out and servant protect. You only have to fire fifty rounds competently with a handgun all year, while I round with a shotgun all year, twenty rounds with your process. the rifle all year. this is not a man who did the bare minimum? You do not get to be that proficient by doing the bare minimum, and you know what most gun I don't either gone owners go to the range once a year there firing in fifty around twice. I guarantee it this guy he it the in between, it's what he did when he wasn't forced to you, do not get to be. That efficient with with a rifle fire twenty rounds a year and addressed to me
that no one wants no one out. There is looking to commend him. Hey name was this man and by the way, I'm sure you're, not perfect, I'm sure if it comes up This guy happens to be right wing. They will find some dirt on unable or hennebon his ass guess what I dont care good job. Thank you. and you are an actual here. What were you? Are you sink to the level of your training, so blue in a crisis people think they rise to those two to the occasion. If you haven't trained, you will sink the level of your training of you. Don't you shot just fifty rounds in one year, it ain't gonna go well for you right or you might might, but for the most part you have a much better statistical if you actually drill that and rehearse it in your mind- and the one thing I have to say is that guy is absolute here. I just wish there were more civilians around who were trained, who are armed creek. That's the only stop a guy like that weaken the left bulgarian. mental health, and that is an issue that can go under that we are not only all these guns out there and that the wrong people get gun sometimes legally. I think this guy bought eight firearms legally I'd get it. There are some loop
also a hard to close. In the mean time, though, I feel a lot safer. If citizens have the wherewithal to be trained practice, and be arm, so they can stop some might there when they see ornamented four minutes guy was already on site, and this is something we also hear right. The best to get you know there are fifteen is designed to be as official. killing machine is possible, so you would want that man going into stop and evil piece of shit with an inefficient Our argument- and I suppose scatter gun, but it is a good arguments- are absolutely silly and understand the world that you live in. The reason that in our fifteen is very popular by the weights, easy to control. That's why women love shooting it Jim. Gerald you'll see next we can go. Make was for four four hundred yards you'd never shut it before then. He missed with a shot gun at point. Blank range I dont know how that happens. It's a miracle. But you'll be watch it. I got it on the second try, they hear about it. That's that's a little heavy so just to clear the palate.
Check in actually in Dallas, What this tik tok her has going on. Pay well today I went on a little field. Trip to this place called the grassy knoll, because it's supposedly famous for something, but I really don't know why I I even heard there might be ghosts, but I like haven't seen any so if you know anything about ghosts. Let me know in the comments below and there's an x in the middle of the street. I painted trash heck. Sarah go check, it out, see what I can find by We for our society, and this has been a if you want to show this guy. You love em, hit the like show me? Love lover mean if we don't know his name yet, not all heroes, where capes? Sometimes their breathing heavily and triple tat with an a our fifteen. God bless him. then this week's good guy with a gun? Yes, general,
alright? So there's not going to be any more supreme court decisions today, but we do have a cliff and I think, a lot of people they all tuckered out now that from the one the whole one decision, I think they knew that this was going to make liberals' heads explode and they wanted to give them time to actually do that. Yeah right now, they're all they're doing right now and the media is crying. But this is a clip from Derek Johnson, the india lacy president and all he well that'll be fine, listen what he says: the worst thing about a form of vacuum created parents thomas who benefited from the programme. My position is going to deny many. after the american, talented individuals and opportunity. The worst that about affirmative action is that created clarence, thomas ok, thank you and, I believe, really gotten brown whenever senior year against affirmative action. No, I am pro I believe we should make an exception for clans. Thomas was clearly qualified and very good at his job
right. Mr Rohde scholar, we understand your position, I believe- and I were the bar. I dont understand. Soap is so you don't just lower the bar on admissions. That's the so people people think, like oh, the just letting him in the school outrageous that phrases It is worth saying, look stand, your argument, but they're saying on scene. I understand your argument that people, regardless of race, in this case, specifically asians. If they reach academic standards, expert the which all these things that are quantifiable, that they should be able to enter into the university of their choice, counterpoint how about we lower the threshold so blacks can get in, but we cannot the asian threshold higher than the average right and they don't make black young black people feel really good about themselves here's, here's the thing, you're, not just lowering admissions that doesn't solve the problem now you can easily have people that are not qualified. I don't care if their hispanic black white, I don't care who does if you'd can't carry the load academically they
have to lower the standards of the universal. That's a real- and I don't have the numbers in front of me, but I believe that the thomas all right about this here is a huge gap as a lower the standards for admissions, the drop out rate where these people, who These people are becoming anyone who couldn't reach the original academic standards for emissions they fall behind and when they go to a programme and they waste that time it actually sets them. Let's say, student debt is added wasted time a year two years and you can't make it to the program all because some white savior activists said no. No, no, no, let's lower it to get you into the stem program for which you're not qualified the the fake victim culture. it's real that I want to get to the euro area you have know. No. I wanted a piggy back off of that point because in thomas souls book what he says is they would have preferred Well, at another university, these people aren't stupid, but they just art the level of maybe a harvard or someplace like that. When an item art and I actually had to be right, you're not to super so they would go to another university. They would performed very well. They would have a team.
of confidence from that experience and be able to get a great job and do whatever do very well on a career potentially, whereas They go to one of these universities, brick wall, Failure, not aid. To carry the load potentially and now it kind of sets them back for life because they had that experience. That is not a good thing to do to people, because I wouldn't have one I could have got into harvard with a ten. Fifty the usa t raw, I'm not even kidding. I hadn't offer letter from harvard full scholars, because they do academic scholarships and they were going. Take me with a terribly low as a t score because it could play football. I might not have been able to They should have the true story. Otto percent had why my hearing this for the first time not gonna, sit like that's a big idea made fun of you blown out your knee notre dame and called Rudy gay for like don't want. Unlike like seven seven years now- and he never told me- you could have gotten into hard over the ball ride or under personnel.
I got my Deborah insulin, princeton ale, harvard every ivy like I could have gotten into with a super. It didn't matter what my estate he swore was. This is why Gerald pisses everybody I rarely is here's the thing the problem is is incredibly some could have gone to. Any ivy league school re play football and get incredibly well and under the problem, is that these incredibly smart in sharp, who occasionally does thing so dumb, like never finding in seven years of the programme away to fit in his personal story. Why do now I waited too long. The last hearing for four for your first time within a hundred yards and then missing with a shotgun that is shotgun life, but it was gonna, get a network princeton maybe god yeah. However, I gotta go to school. You know what our turn fifty I think it was I had to get over a thousand. I didn't even
daddy for the authority, I literally walked in inflict flops after being on vacation per week. The test, I think I've got like an eleven twenty or something like that, and I was like about aid at while being more wow radical good for you, rather than the s idea was like top ten percent and even after the show, I go through any other interesting aggravating factors here, but maybe I sell to the galapagos one time completely: motorist boat. You know but at least look at him. Now his dress, like big tax, exempt burned big tax us high. Did I see something else coming in from supreme court from hooty. Now, there's not gonna be any hour. We liked. We got my got the robbers right. We offered reich stream course decision to ignore the role that race plays in our nation and how it shapes our institutions and who is allowed to participate in them is a major role, doesn't have a damn thing do with. If you can carry the load academically, Robert nope,
we'll have your society of everybody gets to go to harvard if you want it, but then it's not harvard it's something else: it's dumbed down to the lowest common denominator. I'm sorry, not everybody's smart enough to get into these ivy league schools and perform that's called a meritocracy Why would we are talking? Not everyone is on the path to go to live like school and, of course, are smarter than people in the ivy league. For example, we want another in life, you exactly, they could find. You know what smarter than getting gender studies to Britain ivy league school look trade and starting a business and there's nothing wrong again. The premise for all of this is hey You need to go to the universe. you need the world of higher education, that's the ticket to success and it's a lie. So they promise it has ticket to success right, and so, even if you're, not quarrel, five foresaid ticket we're going to make sure that you go in and in slave you with debt. What is you're doing I mean how close We too slavery. If, through a system of policy, you say, ok, we're going to take a black individual
put him in a programme for which we know he is not qualified and likely will never graduate. If you look at the statistics and even old provide some grants, he would be burdened with debt for the rest of his life that he cannot pay off and we do so in the name of race. we're getting pretty close. Aren't we absolutely Those like gamala hairs asking to keep the inmates in longer so that she could have free slave labour. Well, it makes things cheaper. Well, anymore, mares to sleep. This, it shocks the sensibilities, but here's one to today and again it's very rare- that something comes across my desk. I know where I said: are you sure this is right, because it's so extreme here, but while the references are available at later credit outcome. So my question to you is I kind of front loaded at the beginning of the show, but this will probably go up as a as a clip.
What percentage of americans do you think have air conditioning, vs Europe? Okay, now comment below that's pivotal ice agent. The sunglasses make it hard for you to be as quick to the dryness or It makes sense to wear sunglasses inside if less agent lets you have a good life. The reason this matters is because based on it, must of climate change the reason for this heat with a false claims. You have left advocating do sing or outright getting rid of air conditioning of co2 emission makes sense when you understand that kills people to the tune of thousands. many many, many thousands in the first world. Then you understand how many people die in the third world that we aren't necessarily even able to quantify, because those records are not kept there. They're they're not tip top rather not air tight. with the records in the in the world. That is third, but right now This is in the middle of this massive heatwave. It seems here to stay case. You dont know: here's a clip, medicine,
storms doing little to bring down the trimly high temperatures across the states, not with their designed to do you wave still weeks away handrail under five ways had it doesn't matter to ports and angels and a real terrorism both yesterday evening there all time I got temperature records mcdonald, easier access, richer was combined with high humidity. Creating dangerous combination and just to be clear, there have been thirteen deaths attributed the heat wave, so I understand that we're all sympathetic, empathetic and we would all like to reduce deaths due to extreme temperature. Of course, direct writer. Okay, do not let the left have a corner on empathy. Now there is a matter of policy that needs to be discussed, leads to thousands of deaths, and one does not. That being said, I was raised in cabuc where it was different. He had a heat wave. I've missed the good old days when it was really something to celebrate.
I was a beautiful smell rumble button. If you're watching on rumble, if you're watching on you do everything you can do there with. Those algorithms is helpful, then had a hamburger rumble so the claim- and I'm sure you ve seen this brian is this- is natural all the cause of global warming, right tracks and climate change, as yet the threat in africa twenty one when we're that movement Adam a cake that movie vice and he tried to make it seem like climate change- was invented by right wing and cons brightly monsieur frank Johnson is to pay sneakers. Are you serious clearly came from the left when the extreme cold talent? Now I have to watch it and be angry, so they have a solution. Don't don't you don't you don't set an appointment?
to get angry or what, if I want to be a yeah? Well, if I do, I just set an appointment use. You can tell me your personal stories just to get some motivation to work out, because I'd have gone to oxford as well. It's really shine god, that's true! Yeah! That's another thing Gerald! You know he went into the gym for the first time in ten years and he put two twenty five on the bench. His leg was off the ground. It was cockeyed and caddy whimpers. I dunno it's a gradual to twenty five or never touching a barbell in ten years. Good everyone's, like we hate you you'll tell me six, for I know that's what he says. Actually, six, five. My way! That's, why he's so humble early and I just want to punch many gives getting on you die. No, so the solution around me tat. A solution from the left here is a global warming right. So that's your premise can think about it. We ve talked about gun, weak start off. Just a little bit off centre left you shooting at five yards. It doesn't really matter ten. Twenty hundred yards you're going to miss so for starting off.
with all right. This is climate change, so were aiming to saw That issue. That clearly is what has led to the thirteen deaths in texas as soon go down that trail, whether you were correct or not whether you're wrong k. So now you can't corrected and your way, often you're, going to miss a few years down the line to their solution, starting with the premise of climate change, is we need to and air conditioning the expected that for billy people will, by their first air conditioner by twenty fifty great but air conditioning itself. A major contributor to global warming is always needs and pass on the manager christie and can link potent green gases into the atmosphere, your actual get into this pretty strong feedback affected, tata people are more air conditioning and it just gets worse and worse. We're saying the same thing Yeah see you get into this, except for the lies at this massive energy. That's not europe would give you all these do not pay. It gets hotter and people want air conditioning and they put in sad music like it.
In from schindler's list yeah, it gets hotter and more people want air conditioning. Wouldn't it be great, it's kind of doomsday music that is connected to the air conditioner yeah. That guy looks like he's a well conditioned air condition. that guy doesn't do well in the sun now sitting. In addition, as banks are right now, you're coming, he couldn't be wider. His his peace skin sees a uv re, its thirty days of night and small european, and nothing about yeah carries private jets. Now exactly soap bears a super yacht. Here's how vocs puts it and by the way, just to be clear, bc, universal, the parent company vocs they're they're, all carbon neutral, yeah. They don't they don't. I m sure their offices are not air conditioning scrapped. So this is what they write. What, if most, what if most american symbol of unsustainable consumption? Isn't the automobile but the air conditioner law cool indoor spaces, it's easy to forget that billions of people around the world don't have cooling. No, we didn't forget it. You do that.
Air conditioning is worsening the warming that is supposed to protect. from by the way shouldn't end it with from the right here Pretty group ok, p without air conditioning die just to be clear and by the way you know what makes it less likely for people of air conditioning skyrocketing energy costs, which, of course have experience in at the left had their way. Unfettered, the entire world would experience. Imagine if just in trudeau was actually consequential any idea how much your gas would cost, how much your electric bell would be I'm in charge of a major. U s: state self you haven't This step. Windmills is shocking K and This is from the cdc w h show. These are the yearly heat stats came out of the united states. It seven hundred into that zero point. we one people per one hundred thousand two in europe,
who die cdc and w h out just to be quit bastions of what right wing extremism? Member besides the thing we're great here, you go. Don't let the science hit you and can teeth as ever, go to in the u s to Europe. Fifth team, then wow just two point: zero one per one thousand and by the way, the temperatures when you look at these dream? For example, you wanna come for apples, apples, texas, spain, you look at the rate well. They have extreme heat just to be clear before you try and say that yeah ITALY now here's something. So you go okay, so ten times the amount. Alright, what's the big differentiating, and the reason we said the united states to Europe as opposed to one european country, I think we have florida. We have texas and we have new york state right. You have you have washington, we have all of the, I met some more african affairs as well as population the house, with air conditioning in the united states ninety per cent, the household the air conditioning in europe, ten percent
you sure about that jailed sure by raising their alive, the fan sorting to mit stephen according to mit accordant mit, ok reputable universe yeah. I just want to make sure that we are from rang assure you. You have anywhere else robberies, and actually we do. We have a few. The washington post will also corroborate that sea and be so. They said it was five percent and twenty nineteen, where our europe doubled yoga and so yeah we're making all this available the united states. Ninety percent of households have air conditioning and europe is temper. so am I t wash economics you're, seeing these have other statistics. If you want to go down the list to look at its arrival and then finally, one of my favorite sites, mother jones mother jones, confirm this. Other jones can achieve a bitch she's light on like her at all, so although ninety verses ten, that must mean Are we sure,
sure gerald about one hundred percent sure about that number. Ninety vs ten, ninety vs ten and by the way, sometimes it's government interference. Spain wouldn't allow their residents to set their thermostats below eighty degrees. Oh my god, that's like having a former military debt. It is and by the way, only five percent of homes in england have air conditioning we don't I've pursue toes data is obviously august. They can control them, that's right hand out popsicles wazir, so you have ten times the death rate in europe and you yeah, it's more those two about seven hundred ten to fifteen thousand bs a hundred fifty fifteen thousand, just like that's like one, william percent, but the solution is to get rid of air conditioning right according to the left because of the massive of greenhouse gases. Okay. So let's assume, let's assume that lets say fifty percent right. You might think that it's worse in vehicles. Let's assume that thirty percent of the earth's two came from air condition? Okay, okay, we're at the point where
have heat. So let me ask you this getting of all air conditioning to reduce carbon emissions by fifty percent or or people air conditioning. Where do you, think more people are going to die. That's assuming that the number one the astronomical but here's the actual data as it relates to the emissions. Conditioning is at most at most responsible for three. Point nine percent of man made global greenhouse gas emissions totalled right, three point: nine percent of all of our emissions and according to I d men, its yo to only account for ninety percent of all of that so that means we have to times the death rate in europe, where people less than ten percent of the population air conditioning. So we know that lack of access to centre. eyes conditioning to modern cooling, It leads to deaths on a massive scale, but we still want to policy that will lead to more deaths, to the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars. Probably trillions, probably zillions of europe
For the current state of inflation, that's what would cost you eliminate, the two from asia and that word The total c in the earth's atmosphere by zero point. Three five percent, is that what trillions of dollars and tens of thousands of deaths zero point three five percent, hey. We can't do these numbers because no one has a consistent source if you were to shut off all air conditioning tomorrow to read: whose total co2 emissions by zero point three five percent are right. How many lives do you think that would save? What would that do? As far a quantifiable, effective, measurable effect on the global temperature would at low. The global temperature and eliminate heatwaves enough that people without the air conditioning because you took it away, could survive halo. it, takes it down from a record high of one eighteen to one fourteen, which no one is even greater.
what better seventeen point eight dec two? At the very least, you can do hot yoga, anybody, but only doing you would only have the choice to do hot using already on the honors. I don't know it's called india. all right, but a yoga in indian in hindu is means stretch got moving your legs Brian. Why? They don't worry it's I don't know. I just felt governor. They dont work killing, if it he falls and if we want to be Daniel day louis, you have to earn the service that met my bag, and I think you know it or not. There are taking into account in refuge in this is refrigeration. So a big part of air conditioning refrigeration, very similar processes. Refrigeration, typically, is much more intense. Refrigeration is quite
possibly the single greatest invention in history, for man says you down just hang in general. It might seriously fees as you do what it allows you to do with medicines and food and can observe you can preserve getting I for I like to preserve all of my mates by drawing them and placing them in some ice, actually exact, such I'm. So they're saying we should probably get rid of that too, because that really is kind of a sub category of air conditioning refrigeration fits neatly. In that says, they got it just more accurately invention that we ve ever made. So you live in a world where you don't have air conditioning. Let's say you wouldn't have refrigeration, okay and they want to get rid of gas stoves and what happened in coal stoves in new york. So let's have meat that has gone rancid with no ability took it so riah live on jerky. You have been nice that yeah this is we have so you can come and will it did up debt make all of those numbers. Ten thowt try
ninety percent of the united states to ten percent of europe, seven hundred something death in the united states due to he over fifteen I was in in europe and if we eliminated all air conditioning, as advocated by VOX, as advocated by all these leftists outlets, all the references available to come. We would reduce c o two in the world for a time. only air conditioning society by zero point. Three: five percent! No one! years anti world anti planet we're pro human. I like that you're talking about the supreme court they're going to write and lets but there's this guy without actually items erika together the majority was six each. I just want to wait. A couple quotes before we get to our rapporteur, who was in the room really robert and we're going to look at the bottom of the upper lectures, long hair black, unless you have noted a flip affirmative action, has long penalised, white and asian students year and held them down poor, kids, who study hard. You are the enemy that you fought, you
Are the racists of the country now saying that this race deserves to be treated better than other races, yeah You more arts, or join my life experiences with a lot of asian friends and about a lot of engine employees your asian american employs here. I think you might be prize to learn that many of their life experiences are quite severe. ok? What's your? I notice you have great scores, but what's been your life experience was the hardest thing you ve been through. Are you from the area well yeah. I am urban area yeah, not the wealthy sure what else well, If I missed a versa in my piano lessons, my mom would jammed the keys into my neck and duct tape. A bar of soaked, my face of cps, will be called by the neighbors every five minutes to tell your mom
I will call you back standard. Remember the retain cane, yes again, boy again, which swear you in this life happiness in the next. What's the greatest adversity that you, as an asian immigrant, have had to overcome here in comparison to the black students? Okay, do you see the size one foot are you from? the chinese foot binding, yeah yeah well turns out that it's not really good. I didn't know that until I got here and saw a podiatrist but yeah, that's why I walk with a limp good for ballet, but I get it I'm not from intercity detroit, and I don't have an essay t score three points lower or we throw yeah sure about that five minutes. What is that yet left his freaking out. We got a new york times tweet here, breaking news. A supreme court rejected affirmative action at harvard, and you and see the major ruling her tackles phrase conscious emissions in the eu us all but ensuring that elite institutions become whittier and more asian, idolize, lighter sorry, wider and more asian. Unless black and latino he almost
writing. Whole J, ai data on levies only just refers you'd, it's called blacks, latinos, stupid infantry, all, but ensuring there's no way blacks and latino askin me are you serious gap? Is this Just listen to what you're saying now are you say it maybe think a little bit about racism and what it really means and what white people work used of doing that. Did there saying that what I part out loud, although member Y know the young osborne not shown? What is your name is Kelly kelly when she said mister trump this. So if you want to get rid of all the details, we gotta clean toilets and the other hosts like no, no, I would never mean it like that. That's exactly how you meant it. Of course. Just now. I know you said now that there to enforce academic standards? Well, goodbye accent latinos to all of college. I have an idea
I didn't mean it like that adjustment to everyone is not what I mean is stupid. I just meant the harvard will be a source of free zone. Gather were amended day because, although the grounds it down is what I'm saying I don't I don't know- I mean it as a compliment. I meant as a compliment and there as is the lower? Yes, yes, well wish. Well, this won't do anything basketball teams- it was they'll, get anyway thicker. They can jump. There are ways turn thoroughly to fund like people are you watching? Are you listening to this latinos? Are you listening to this? They see a problem and they say oh, you ve been under represented in these universities. You ve been held back into the light of actually fig. Eight is alive and their premise, instead of, fixing the problem. What they're saying is what just lower the standards to let you in its gee. I jane basically we'll just assist you through this course. It doesn't really matter if you succeed in life or not, but we are going to address, what's causing the problem so that you can compete in spaces better. If that is truly what's happening, we're not going to address public.
Vacation. We're not gonna, dress single parent families. Rugged address any of these things that lead to lower outcomes, educationally we're just gonna go with a bar eventually, for he does that do it. For you we're never going to change anything, so this is always going to be in place. Racism is always going to be in place to make sure you're. Okay, I agree with everything except the g. I Jane was a horrible analogy because she did take control of our situation, that bitch did knuckle pushups and then she showed off or hey. Let's do this and she one shaved her head till did and she pulled the guy through the valley and got him out barely got it you don't think to me more capable of that. If a bird falls of a tree and aren't will continue giving you abreast of the supreme court, but, of course, this cultural appropriation month and we're doing taxes. So that brings us to this week, seven plus one you forgot, seven plus one.
Best things about living in texas and by the way to anyone out there. If you are in texas right now, you can comment on youtube or, of course, on rumble become a thing. You two been had over two rumble big old steely dump on the eu to it'll pass along our cinema. one best things about living in texas number: seven we have I actually have four seasons here knows we do wonderful, so you get to enjoy the experience. The changing of the sweltering summer sweltering summer, part two ice, storms and chiggers the season yeah unto itself: ok, yeah! Those are the things that get under your skin yeah, that's pretty! Don't that's false kind of, like liberals. Do that, hey that guy they release an enzyme You know that I know because my mama borough into your skin checkers. I What you do is you put nail polish on it and thus the nail polish it's gonna create a film and the jiggers gonna suffocate, but it turns out the ticket.
long gone, has moved onto biting. My balls have nail polish, the suffocate in your body. I think a lot of people think that you have toxic world burrowing in the dance more like a musket. They release an enzyme and then they move on. So everyone thought that it's a mo the enzyme itches or something yes and then add the add that soothing balm nail all in all, we ve gone way too far: found this trail near a lot of people, not from Texas who are not familiar with the term chiggers. Just to be clear. It's an actual thing. It is yeah. I know how you think. That sounds not a snipe. No, no! It's a real thing! Chiggers to be clear. I know how it sounds, get your mind, I get a supreme going to put you in a bad place, seven plus one best parts about living in
texas number six gerald in the summer. You can make cookies in the front seat of your car industry and your infant and the backs. Well, let s just be careful. That's I'll! Be careful, that's why we're saying tat unless he decided you don't sharing, is caring best things about living in texas number five, Mr Brian Cowen, it is the only state worthy. Security at a nightclub She doubted make sure your care Oh yeah yeah, that's a larger number to warrant in here number, or in texas, no shoes, no shirt, no functioning power grid. Economic problem I'm no signs. I posted seven plus one best things about living in texas, never three brian cowen, babies, teeth on the bones of smoked, brisket ha ha that's good. My argument has now tee to happens. Number two everything is bigger in texas, but it's usually benign. That's happened as vague
and the number one best thing about living in texas, jailed morgan, those brisket tacos. The Joe Biden mention by way of a clip, understanding that the diversity of the community, as distinct as The buggy does the bronx, as beautiful as the blossoms of miami and as unique as the breakfast topos here in San antonio cultural. reparation among now. You know what I mean cultural appropriation. I love, I love diversity in my mouth. I had to watch that through my fingers. Yeah, the burger does have the ark you mean bodegas. Oh, I forgot there's always one in the chamber, the plus one plus one best thing but living in texas. It's the only state with a governor who doubles as a shopping, cart. Okay, you know what I dunno shopping, cart centre. There goes my career. There you go now. It's a union splenic character, our right! Well,
you gotta have been seven plus one best things about taxes. That all right, so look yeah. Yet saying that I want to talk about here too, before we leave before we go to my club? is I'll. Get on that promise. I'm gonna sit every power grid aright little little. I got it yet hold on a second guys with apologize, prickly, pear. We go back, we're back it's. How did you do that with your mind? I I have a signal. I asked my fingers. I got like that. I got an idea that might my assistant knows he's not professor exuviae. yeah. He could be. I can't use my legs so we're going to continue by the way you can send in your costume contest. You can center your costume contest. I guess I should entry twitter instagram, but look before we go here. I know after we take a break in July.
Next week, a lot of work. These people gun week where we have an episode every single day and the following week, long form interviews regarding climate change regarding mckinsey in company affordable. Rocky, put a vanguard. It's a timer. We wanted to do a little bit more of a deep dive and we have some major announcements that we're going to be making. It depends on exam, When we come back live it will either be august first, so two weeks or august seventh, because there's some conversations behind the scenes, and this is the complication of of of really trying to fill the vision of the company. This is the re platt forming place, it's for people who have been removed where people been throttled, shadow banned or people who won't get a fair shake anywhere else. We're not trying to fit them into the? U to box that'll, never work, we're not trying to get them back on facebook. That'll never working were certainly not going to punish them. If they don't play ball, we want them on the umbrella, the safety and health protection. With my club, you, you are the army and we want to re platform people we want to ensure
but people don't feel as though they have to perform without a net. That's what we are working on behind the scenes as well as some are some other launches that are pretty significant gerald. I do appreciate all the work that you ve put in laser, there's a lot to be done so august, first august, seventh, depending on who you will see darkening. This doorway cancer. That cannot I know I know get its exciting if you're watching unravel hit that button or you can join macabre club, we're you for another, forty five minutes to an hour. Today we have the show tomorrow at ten, a m eastern. We have nicked apollo monday thursday five by nick we're doing shows when is it is airconditioning, went out with ninety five degrees and establish you? Have it that's what they want? No, no, not nick! I mean every bobo left us. That's, yes, exactly! That's what they wanted to go on like this, you don't do it just makes him angrier exacerbating angrier nick. You don't like that. It's if you didn't know, was possible here that weren't very much more global, see you tomorrow. Brian cowen isn't denver colorado this, we Brian Cowen, dot com to you, you watching we're taking your jets costume contest. Winners were here for
There are two weeks and see you in August
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