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Shots Fired! Trump BLASTED By Megyn Kelly on COVID & Fauci!

2023-09-14 | 🔗
Mitt Romney announced he was retiring from the Senate. A Dem candidate for the Virginia House of Delegates was caught posting porn online. Lastly, Megyn Kelly spoke with Donald Trump & a large portion of the interview focused on COVID. How do you think he did? Tune in.Guest: Nick Di PaoloJoin MugClub to watch this show every day! http://louderwithcrowder.com/mugclubWatch the FREE show on MugClub NOW:GET TODAY'S SHOW NOTES with SOURCES: https://www.louderwithcrowder.com/sources/NEW MERCH! https://crowdershop.com/FOLLOW ME: Website: https://louderwithcrowder.com Twitter: https://twitter.com/scrowder Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/louderwithcrowder Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/stevencrowderofficialMusic by @Pogo
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Ah, it's grown late this morning too busy roasted uneasy me with you third year dominance and rare form this morning and hoping he doesn't hurt me just took a dump that
blood. I believe a con man I don't wanna katya becomes a pipeline could be got me. It's why you bring an end swelling bathroom. I had no idea. I was going to stay at school, you, son of a bitch, that's what happened next rep rent, what I said little at men's wearhouse and he said you're going to write the way you work. I was like disturbed. Now I canada manager attack on saying no merit very cats joe magic johnson, I don't believe you dump. instead, the job still stood overburdened stood the semitic, big fight, I'll. Take it up
I took it up in vegas in sixty eight colleague flower, my ass, on top of that, but I thought, but now in its gloves, but was mine Oh, it's going to be a good one to keep the whole show to put you away from the kept good time anyway, one of your burden. bob We actually yesterday, if you're about every now and then we come in, come in a little butter little that, though we like that I, by the way it's ten dollars off still my you should promo code through you, two bladder with carter, dot com, slash my club, none happens. Yesterday, the the porn hum segment by the way blew up from our From a sound investigation, so we have, I think, our coming more coming down the pike adele more stories as yet picked. You know what you want.
give the rundown really quickly, because I have I have a sneeze, you have a sneak away for a fantastic, so we're going to talk about sean penn and how he's completely hypocritical on fossil fuels. We're going to go with time to close for our favorite sen, mitt romney, it's about time! Bite inflation lies. He just lies about every economic data point. He possibly can junior house Democrat actually was on chatter bait, which had no idea what it was, but apparently that's bad right hand. Making kelly does a really good job of pressing donald trump on covered in several other issues, in a really good interview, unless we like donald trump but have to answer for some things you got run is, after all about real time when you got him wrong, and so we need to get these things addressed. Otherwise it's gonna play him. So here is my question to you. Do you think that the conservative, and by the way I didn't get to sneeze I didn't hear me, that's a word that I cared, though it's the absolute worst, feel insulted at all light light. Like jack diary,
when you need to sneeze, I gotta go to it. Don't go to my question is: do you think that the right leanings too. I don't second to media, because I'm saileth beatin most mediator. We can certainly not very conservative getting there leaning media out there, their treatment of donald trump, too soft. think it's too harsh. Do you think it's fair? What kind of coverage do you like to see? I actually think it's we're pretty, for Now we just kind get to call balls and strikes, and I mean we're people that we How can we talk about that because we like what they ve done and Emily certain terms we don't like? It is no secret that I, like donald trump, and we do we left and right now nearly was aflame thrower any started to gonna, go towards the mitt reality. Just a flame, not setting that went wouldn't like mitt romney became the nominee we'd vote for land at this hour down rather than saying one lonely. Irish riots at this pham buoyant are not mitt, romney ranchero, just setting admonish why my eyes are wrongly somebody's gonna, clippin, uk
said manage really quickly analysis on it, because this is not the view of our right. When you hear this, the funniest comedian alive, you can see in this sunday september, seventeenth, at hilarity in cleveland, ohio. All of his dates by the way are available at nyc dot com, and you can watch his daily show mug club at five pm. You can also listen by the way to the free portion of the show anywhere podcasts exist so and then you get extra on my clinic the apollo. How are you so good tomorrow night, two arabs, playhouse of buffalo? Oh okay, sorry for that got no good. I was plugging hilarious, alright great to be here. We always like cabin unit by the way, who commented in the mud club jet they love nick, so the other a corpse left Sometimes I just can you not hidden it freezes pine symbolises
and I thought america yeah. I can hear myself. How can you not hear yourself while this is a great start late? Now that I can say it's just when you turn it up now: it's good okay, there's a volume, knob yeah, you'd knob. Alright, and he walked into that one. Just so you know what I know. One thing you don't want me to say this is one thing that really pretty about muslim alex Jones. Is exactly. Are you expecting to be nicht apollo? There isn't it deposit? There is no other negative Paolo DE, because this is exactly the conversations we have that either. The show here old is the boy scout that you advocate every now and then comes. That was something dark. I think, if anyone's going to kill somebody- probably him probably whoa what everyone here is exactly who you expect them to be in? That's, that's actually pretty fun, absolutely champagne
is exactly who you expect him to be retarded. Yeah he's been making news today and I want to be clear. There have been some misquotes out there from like the occupy democrats, where they've attributed to him what was actually from the interviewer. So we do have some some eclipse that we want to show you. I think at least one look, here's the deal I dont care. Someone has a disagreement politically, you need. We able to substantiate your point of view. You just need to be able to show your work, and everyone is a hypocrite I understand that. That's not! What we're discussing here is the issue of on pen, not believing what he says so he's been making news here today right now, it's ten twenty eastern, nine, twenty gods tongue for these comments in variety, where he rails on putin fossil fuels. Of course, right wing bad here you go had happened, the kremlin in Putin? and, to a large degree in russian culture, creates
What kind of sepsis on humanity Ellen there's a war being fought in part. virgin fossil fuels? We're not forward on climate change issues right met you so he was going backward on a motorcycle yeah. Maybe the crazy professor. Look, please yeah. What is that? So here's he's talking about fossil fuels and I take by where they can find a clip on this, but we don't have the court. You may remember this john pen, huge admirer of venezuelan dictator, hugo chavez, friday, praise him. Ass quote one of the most important forces we ve had on this planet. Their economy was totally dependent on oil, but
most of your entirely. Yes, I would just leave it to. He went fossil hunting in east texas. I found a stegosaurus sean. Can I have your oscar so for the past one hundred years is the quote here: Venezuela's economy has been highly dependent on oil, which accounts for more than ninety percent of exports and more than half of the fiscal revenue. So here's the question he actually condemned americans right, poor condemning shop is now our primary problem with shadows. The dictator, of course it also pave the way were madeira is not the oil issue, the fact that he now ashley that he stole all of the oil and the fact that he starved his citizens and he was a dictator who, of course, did not have any actual democratic elections. So we had that problem with him shot pen decided to defend chavez, saying that americans are tarnishing this great mammy you and above and beyond, and now complaining about fossil fuel, how can shout has been one of the most important figures in the modern world, why you can
from fossil fuels. none of these positions are tenable now and by the way, I don't remember, seeing any videos of champagne going down there in saying hey. Now, you guys have to get off of your dependence on oil and fossil fuels. We need to make sure that you're not the agro scent of your exports, because in happened splitting here now he has imagine being so blind on that one. I know a huge one on nominee are really talking about that. Either Sean penn's done well, okay, one second, why is he wrong and by the way hit the like and if you're, watching on rumble, if you will the ship Sean penn to the front lines of ukraine. Think so yes it was an accident killing it had all these good film is done. These you think he's gotten reinhard got nothin. I, like your general cairo before you re generational, with the last thing you did when you talk about John I'm talking about,
a body of work, not since our last wednesday valium. That's all we need. We don't need him, ok, going to bring these old lover with no one which, in the current affairs theirs middle ground. It doesn't have to only be shown pen or vision. Diesel nicholas my point was looking at his whole body of work. You guys are looking at getting the last six years. I agree. I agree. I you know I am SAM was great. I understand was great macaulay mystic river, great mystic river, good was gray? I got no, I agree to things can be true. He can be a really good actor in also be an idiot, no definitely not defending his politics, but I do like the fact that he took swings it bucket photographers and stuff folks, Medina, the guy or click about a matter
I told you he's in rare form today this news that dump. Madam you yeah like I was ray lewis, a cellmate, so it's a live show monday through friday, ten am eastern and we will be back on youtube on tuesday, which thankfully we have a youtube dump, and but we don't really know how that works and I'm sure that we'll be off youtube again irregular future here. So in other news, before we get to megyn kelly and before we get to the lies about inflation, which I know you're thinking, hey we've already discussed inflation. No, no! We caught him in real time. We actually have like a copy of today's newspaper and a clip If I'm lying about inflation according to his own, lies just the day before have all of that in real time. That's coming up in a second It's important will give you some numbers all references available before that mitt romney. I know it finish my phrases for me, sucks, mitt, romney announced to now. well fanfare that he is retiring from the senate, I considered by age and the fact
At the end of a second term. I would be my mid eighties and I think it's time for guys like me to go the way and have people the next generation step forward. Speakers we are going to be shaping the world they're going to be living in and over the last couple of decades people of my age, the boomers pretty well for ourselves when he says by the way, the next generation, I think he means the next nine generations. That's true you know, he's an illustrious career, of course mitt romney. We don't need to go through all of it, but this brings us to this week's time to close the now and then the president says I'm the grandfather of obamacare. I don't think he meant that as a compliment but I'll take it. I like being able to fire people who provide services to make time endings and begin ending and begin, took a concerted effort to go out and find a women who had
backgrounds that could be qualified to become members of our cabinet, my vote will likely be in the minority in the senate, but here effective of these things. With my vote. I will tell my children and their children that I did my duty to the best of my ability, believing my country expected it and make sure I brought us all binders full of women. what you are back in chains, time things to close things too, to be cleared, he's not dead, no he's not just in our hearts. All right. What happened I was never fan of mitt. Romney asked things where you go really. This is the best that we have
and then he came in. He had one good debate with broccoli. I don't remember yep and then he completely pulled back totally changed me like what are you doing you just destroyed him yeah destroy him again. I now know he couldn't now. He couldn't his advisor said that he couldn't so he's the reason that a lot of, I have a problem with hey. I don't know. Are you right now watching come at below? Are you mitt romney fan, and then singular a comment on his next one and we could have predicted conversations your large sample size, especially because it's off youtube, and so there's no throttling of finance or comments, hidden. That's one thing happens on new to bear all available unless they hide certain comments. Are there not remove? Just hidden biden was, caught yesterday, former vice president Biden lying and when I say that I don't say it lightly, people can just be wrong people can be wrong about things. There is a difference between being incorrect lie lying means that you know it's incorrect and you are going to espouse that anyway. So when you so, How can you prove that he's like this? Have
in real time yesterday. Between it out ginger snap and people in the office mission control as Biden, I believe that, but his number so we're being released on here. This is from yesterday, live in real time gorge. What's it say? it as inflation rises in august for biggest monthly gain of two thousand and twenty three. What channels are on CNN Cnn? All right. Can you give me that day today? Sam today is the september okay, I want to come over here. What do we got here? What's to say? Oh that's interesting, it says Corsi pr. Inflation continues to decrease, who too posted that that would be former vice president Joe Biden and what date did he sat on September? Anything strange about that, just not at all so question to you is: how can both of these things be true,
spoiler, they can't both between cancer. That was, Those most was more so, unlike steinbeck, so let's go that former vice president Biden tweet, and what actually going on, which brings us to this week's claim. In truth, the claim that, from a vice president Biden made that you saw their in real time is that core in flight- vision is at two point, four percent right wrong: the truth, core inflation is actually four point. Three percent just be quit. Here's the thing it's really hard, because what they do is they ll say: court. There's core sepia, either sepia, because that kind of total inflationary rick then there's headline sepia. That includes food or at very many different ways to measure inflation. The way
the former vice president Biden did this. Is he said over the last three months inflation went down course I core sepia. I went down to a number. That is two point: four percent, meaning you used a period of three months but then applied at an annual lies right when the annual I read them are actually using as from august two august, those of the typical rates, and so the issue with this, this becomes pretty complicated. When you add up the math herself he's he's bullshit, that's so here just tweet. Just to give you his position, core inflation has fallen to two point: four percent over the last three months, the lowest level in over two years. But despite the drop I know families are filling last month's increase in gas prices. That's why lowering costs for so what he's using is, and this obscure number called the three month- annualized percentage change. There's the equation. Jesse
see that he uses that's all Elvis by logging, even the ghost of stephen hawking. That's bullshit. Also it's hot here yeah that was pretty good, wasn't a bad hockey, goodness gracious gerald you've found your market rubs off of the dead purple yeah bring that up again. That is the equation that he is using to try and give you a number which, by the way, is entirely inconsistent with the other numbers that he has given to the public and entirely incomes. with the numbers that he has put out on its instagram restart, the white house is put on instruments, so you can even site a number from this white house That would be the same across all of their platforms, none of our consistent if it looks confusing. Well the good news. We have karen jump here explaining to the press, but yesterday, when you think about wages going
think about inflation at its lowest by more than fifty percent. Then it was a year ago. That's because of the work that the president, don't go prospects, So here's another trick. I that's pretty important from vice president Biden, his own, offering like us to core sepia that number eating. It does not include energy and food price, o interesting, just to be clear That's it! That's not super relevant, most americans because of it because the huge, not the a huge percentage of your cause, our food and energy. I believe I've seen numbers as low as as twenty I've seen them is highest thirty percent average about twenty five percent being spent on food and energy. So when you include that number kay
You include food and energy. The total inflation rate underline is sixteen point, seven percent and still rising. That's that's going back to ardor days, and this is what happens that you a revolution. This is how you this is how you spur revolution. When you tell people ass a two point: four, which would be right and line by the way with what account this would aim for about two percent inflation written people at home are gone Y, know It's not true, because I'm paying twice for gas. I know that I just paid thirty five percent more for stake than I did feel five months ago, and so when you lie to people and it's not even a lie that can be sold, that's one People who may have even supported you say ok now I don't trust you at all and then- I don't trust anything, that's how you end up with flat, earthers yeah absolutely, and he even said it in his tweet think, except now now these are, the prices are grown way. I've been everything's totally vine, but I know your gas prices are really high, so we'll get to work on that. He knows like twenty five percent of what you spend. It goes into those two categories that they pull out, so that we can make this number same. Ok, like are you kid?
me at this point and by the way the fed is gonna be putting themselves on the back and say see our progress programme of down to two point: four percent percent: almost there there, no united in close your whole by economics, tour is a sham and cnn by the way is calling you out. They are found checking him left and right now I swear to you. I think they're, just about ready to turn on him completely. You think so they called him out for all of his life. I know that you and nick you both think that it's going to be newsome as the candidate. I dunno it's going to be no son, but I know it's not going to be, but I'm pretty sure it's going to be saying that since he got elected on his stolen, like our second report, he's got no support. They had made so agreed. Just now, have to call him out about. You know what you got you guys girls come at below. What do you think it's going to be fine? I don't! I don't think it's going to be fine. I think he's, I think, of anything to replace him after he wins. That's it they are doing. Ok, let's see that that's actually good buddy want when, but I think you'll be dead before it. Ok now
That too I'm just saying he looked over the scheme, ask again arising out of it where's inflation, giving you the most parliament when you tie have laws. When you talk about the average american right, what they say, as you know, hey look. I'm struggle buying eggs, filling up my cock. That also love, and I know I mean it's the to only two things that people give about peter let us not forget the internet as well as that of my telephone. I bid you remove, and now I remember with here, and there was an article I think on huddled. Someone can find this recent gas prices really, you don't spend that much on guess no rats, atomic guess what about energy do need to hear your ass. You can Tell people that this is the heart summer on record and that exclude energy
from inflation by me and by the way gas prices aren't just what you put into your tank, it's what everybody else puts in their tank to get stuff to do you, that's real haze is every other price on a horse. We shouldn't included yes every on every issue when you hear this phrase and they always ended with, but We've got a lot of work to do meet. You know that means we haven't done shit than say it all the time whether it's race relation got a lot of work to do it's like money, two weeks: yes, exactly a cut them but I got a lot of work to do ass, exact, ok, when two weeks found the lawnmower great. So despite when you're lying eyes are telling you like normal, present binding and the media. They insist. The two plus two equals father do in common format. If you his degree from at present by nelson choice, works for you. You're Linda praise pony soldier, I still don't That means, but I know it's not good and he went back to it into the call back recently still says it's the only thing somebody
to call them that when he was twelve yeah exactly yeah like vietnam, didn't I tell you what they didn't call the valedictorian. Despite that he said. No, he said was a lie. He just stutter his memory, so bad now he's plagiarizing himself, stealing other people's stuff. Some guy from poughkeepsie once told me yeah that Amy's diner that's not a place. I thought it was no and that's true. I talked to bill he's. That for ten years or ah those helicopters took off the buildings? Are you why you're lying and being pony face? What are you saying? I don't know it's called a one, when we're off of youtube. A lot of you may not know because it's a largely a visual show, but you can listen to the audio podcast s free portion of outside of my club, wherever, wherever you listen, shows audio shows what spotify, google
apple stature, all those places and right now actually going you subscribe. We have an exclusive upload for audio its asleep sleep scape. They call them now. Lotta people just like audio books, where we have dealt a sound waves and just one long file. Sleep sounds of colombia. and you can go and listen to that. If you subscribe to her or audio gasping. I do the rains and we actually had summer. We had some neurologists and people who work in in sake of their doctors. Yes, help us develop that alright, let's move on to, the virginia Democrat house, candidate and chatter bait. It needs exactly what you forget, things actually have you know what I will say this. They were good with the name. They did like facebook made sense mega does not make sense. Twitter people didn't understand it. When there is it's almost like an sesame shoot when they join words like chat or bait, shatter bay, but ok, I think I got it had so
this candidate, for the virginia house of delegates was caught and look what happened? Just hosting pornography swastikas at first with us. eight weeks until election day, things are stirring up. Virginia. It's fifty seventh house district grace after videos, democratic candidates. Susanna gibson have come to light of her having sex with her husband. I live website called chatter. Now, to be clear, this could be lot worse, she was having sex with her husband and she's hot. So that's it you're bad! It's I mean I'm not saying it's great and I'm certainly not great as far as optics politically, but the actual optics is We were started there. I was I was a damn it damn it just now, surname of Susanna gibson and for a seat near richmond, she person
twelve videos of her with her husband here. Here's the thing is now she's also play like a victim in an advocate you just on it. If you made money doing naked things, don't then try and turn it on people for saying, hey hold on a second, you made money doing naked thinks it's so gibson and her husband. They had at least fifty seven hundred followers on the site. Crazy, the moon is you didn't think this was going to come up. I know maybe shooting a care there. Fifty seven hundred followers on this the set on monday in detail. I got this wasn't in upper research potential, but here's the ears, the crazy part, he also violated shattered its terms of service, which I would imagine is hard to do. You hate me, and you can't be at our platform where people masturbate on camera anymore. It's just you just don't respect.
What we do here, it's an art. It was for soliciting tips, forget certain acts which is pretty broad, but of course, this story. We also did a researcher. We make them to do it, but let us cut it out come caused cos. Stir in the research mission control this morning at length, arabic, I'm working on those forging a sexy thing, they're asking for tips help now! Please please, please don't care, hell, you think, you're doing research since various. Let is not research, research reason. It's just dues.
The can. We do a cyber sitter on our office. Computers are going to have I'm getting something like crocodile or something I dunno yeah we're working on a new guard, Gary Sisk again by the end, it's going to look like we work at golden corral, so here's the issue that I have ok if you want to vote for somebody does the minimum we have you have put porn stars have run for office before in the past, you have people leave silly people who are rapid, got it, but after the vote, became publicly known gibson. Decided. She was going to take the moral high ground and say it won't intent. it me- and it won't silence me my poland. Kill opponents and their republican allies have proven they're willing to commit a sex crime to attack me and my family, because there is no line, they won't cross to silence women when they speak up and
We know what silences women and a few videos of peanuts but yeah- I don't know she just says sex crime. It seems like let's go back to it, because if that's real, what sexual there has but an explanation now so Basically, she sang. I dont, like the fact that you guys her saying that I did this when I did this night and to be clear. She didn't just post videos of herself having sex with her husband, they inner acted with the audience and said, give us a little bit more money and we will perform said sex act. I dont we're still the moral high ground that she's going for the perfect training for a politician, so it absolutely is. There's no better way to train literally allow myself to be screwed for money. It's actually couldn't bang bang only better if they could screw you for money. I guess that would ask a question about this. Did yes, could this have been the impetus for her get to get into politics? She said Fifty seven hundred ball become famous
I honestly certainly I would not be surprised if she was the one leaking this like because its aid news people know her name now I mean, if she's looking to be in politics, she's she's willing to go out there and have fifty seven hundred dollars by the way on a non password protected site. These videos were available for free all over the Please read the article at this yeah, my I o related yeah. This is not like some password protected site that she had set up, and this was like off in a corner of the internet somewhere. This is stuff that you could easily go out and find yes, I'm calling bs on a lot of. I don't understand what the sex crime and look at look again. You have the if person has a right to do that, obviously- and you can vote for this person, if you think of the most qualified for offices person very well may be good for the democratic, and I mean that I have no idea how she is gone. To perform. As a politician, the issue is the accusing people of sex crimes for simply bringing up something that they may think is relevant
and keep in mind the party. That said, we have to get rid of donald trump because he's a horrible role model. I dont want my children, seeing him as an example I hold on a second ma. I mean this is what we're dealing. you don't get to take the moral high ground on donald trump because he puts up mean tweets when you're being sodomized on camera for digital tips nobody's going to silence you and it was those coin, so it shows she has no, no fits very slight. I need to know no fiscal sense. She had done for government please, let's be honest folks. If you're looking to find these things, you probably just need to update to ask jeeves. I'm going to go to Google or bing has ask Jeeves still a thing: I've referenced it ok to go, which that's right, duckduckgo are supposed to be freedom oriented, and it is now we're going to change anything else and that now all right I just hated her. The law Aren't you use republic of doom, this silence I'll ever stronger.
Jesus talking point from Hillary and ninety nine ally. I that's what it is and I mean she's, you know: here's what it comes down to look er nice is there any? Is there any good? group- and I mean this by the way. I understand that different people have different struggles. It's not last minute, absolutely black americans. different struggles, and I would as a white male american, absolutely people who are immigrants. This country have different struggle and people are natural, born citizens just like people who would two places, and I understand that men and women have different struggles. However, if you are going to look throughout human history. This genuinely. Has there ever been a group of people who have had it easier than war women in the twenty first century. I can't think of one. I honestly can't think one and I've never seen a group of people claim that they are more oppress than white women in the twenty first century, but you can whatever you want. Hey you want to go to a simple. You don't even need to get the same rate as a guy right because they want you to go in there.
I find yeah, you can get lower, SH ts, less extracurriculars. We need people, we need female engineers. We need female doctors, because most women want to become nurses as opposed to surgeons. You have maternity leave at a lot of jobs right now you have rhombus and you have you have electric brill's at basically do the cooking cleaning and I'm not saying that you're only purpose. What I'm saying is that one point in time, even if you try to clean clothes with a wash board, think about that for a second dust pan and then also have it. If you were working. You are part of the war effort helping to build pair shoots and world more till four men who are jumping out of planes, and today we are told that women have it worse than ever. and they need to be silence there, though the white men tempting to silence, then it couldn't be further from the truth. There is no group of people who have had an easier who have had more options, more tools, their disposal than white women. If you think it white men incorrect. I think Cathy Griffin's korea proves that Yes, yes and the entirety of the view.
it's all of them. Yes, because I mean it's! Basically an honorary white person, he'd be back here moving. I was more white women. Megan Kelly is very fancy. She interviewed donald trump. This was a big get for and what I want to know what you guys think this was fair. If you think that she pressed her in a way that was was was too much, I think that a pretty good job, I think so. Obviously I like Donald trump, I think everyone here has been pretty pretty just a supporter of get donald trump and try to call out where we can That is wrong, and I think that making kelly try to do that. I was surprised that he did an interview with megan kelly, considering the dust up ahead past actually think that's probably a smart move for him, so we're to go through the claims and the truth here, there's a little bit to dissect megan kelly sat down with donald trump. Big portion of our interview, focused on what I do,
think, is probably the achilles heel for donald trump with conservatives. That's what we describe it, which is his handling of covert. Let me ask it's because this is the number one question I asked my audience. What would you like me ass present busier fans good? This is the number one question: they wanted me to ask you that you shut the country down for six weeks in spring of twenty twenty operation warp speed shoes, rapporteur ro. I didn't real, and I mean, though, that we have not heard my audiences legend. I gotta go now. If you look at run, decide to movies, you didn't listen. If it out you are, he did a hundred percent. Look He shut down, finally give you he shut down florida or a month always shuddered ever let alone he shut down the beaches. He shut down the rose he down a hospital. We shutting down everything. The truth is, though, not only did you not fire found she was low. By many many millions of republicans in particular, but also some democrat. By the way you made the star you made a start. This is the criticism of you that you may in the face of the white house corona virus. To shows.
Nothing, just one I just love, watch the great sale, but he just always buying himself some time, and I think so I don't think so, but you think so. Ok, that's interesting, ok, interesting the issue of people Do you think? I don't think so so so, let's go to claims and the truth. Here's the thing some response is a really good at it. Not so great responses, because there kind of truth and then also truth here to be clear. So the claim Let's go to this morning that function. one of the worst human beings live in play, a minimum role, a small role in trumps, covered response for years.
You ve been saying that the reason you didn't fire anthony found she was because he'd been there for a long time that you would have taken heed that it would have created a firestorm, quoting your words. for the first time. It may also said I don't listen to him too much, I'm gone there, but that in may started saying what he's a civil servant. So I couldn't technically you actually given the presidential commendation before he left office ones. like a do over on that I don't know who gave him the commendation. I really don't who gave him the commendation. I wouldn't obligation. One marked somebody probably handed him a commendation. He probably let me just say about thirty found. She was very important, abiden administration, much less important if you know he didn't want us up china. He wanted to let everyone come in from china. I stopped at I overrode it. I overrode many of the things he did. He was much less important to me now with that. All being said, he's been there for years. He was reason did he had lost a lot of the respect because of covered, but he was respected. Ok, so
this brings us to the important truth, contacts matters really focus years kind of timeline, because you can sort of trying in catch trump on either claimed that either really liked algae or that he dismissed by the true this he did praise of algae commonly referred to as the science early in the pandemic so march, twenty twenty president trump called algae Let me star folks. He also said that he's a good man. I like Raji, a like him, a lot, and before you say that this is early on. This is early. I remember what was happening in march. We didn't know a whole lot. We were trying to figure this thing out right, so I understand that and we'll get to that as late it's october, though he even featured fouch in a campaign ad
president rome is recovering from the corona virus, and so is america. Together we rose to meet the challenge, protecting or seniors getting them life saving drugs in record time, sparing no expense. President Tromp toppled the virus had on as leaders should I can imagine that anybody could be doing will get through this together will live carefully, not afraid. I'm donald trump, and I approve this message that broke the message. Probably some guy said I approve the mess shout doesn't show that doesn't like his challenge met. You can look up and before look we're drumstick offence, and I mean that the chancellor orders, which are most people in here and most of my family. By the way we've been my family, I'm pretty sure there are trump family at this point, because they're between those people who think trump is
probably the best guy for this job. We own one versus people who say he can do no wrong now. This is also true Donald trump was highly critical of algae in a lot of ways. dial up one or two ban the travel from china right. He talked about hydroxy work. When you talk talk about, I remarked, and he wanted more testing, He questioned at some points the seriousness of the disease. The idea of of locking everything down in April two thousand and twenty donald trump re tweeted this with the hashtag fire voucher also in october, twenty twenty calls she a disaster, but he but that he had this issue with em firing and he said and this is why it's pretty tuffy slippery: they call them teflon don. He said people are tired of hearing that she and all these idiots, these people, these people that have gotten it wrong. If I listen to him, we'd have five hundred thousand deaths. Folks
If I listen to him, if we listen to Emily and we'd have seven one hundred and eight hundred thousand deaths right now growing a million, but there would be a bigger bomb if you fire him, that's what he said: is that so the timeline that march march, we didn't know a whole lot about him. He said he kind of liked fao chi in April he re tweeted something that had firefox. That was that was the next month right yeah. It didn't take long then, every atom in a campaign add also in october. He saying these things about firing. Voucher like he is going back and forth. So he's not just saying I like anthony fancy and it's a blanket state moraine. He likes it when he does stuff right and he doesn't when he screws things up that. One thing that I have a problem with that I would say on the timeline, does matter but where he said that thought she was incredibly respected. That's not true found she was an absolute disaster with the aids. The aid, situation going. I prepared by preserve, saying there about the damage, because a big part of it was felt you saying that it would be an epidemic and that one in three heterosexual couples right which Oprah quoted, will be affected by aids. It could be one in five
he said there was airborne that a child living in a home with he was spent a lot of time in back houses right. There are a lot of people, even in the usa community back then where they said. Yes, we don't like voucher. This guy is not being honest about what's actually going on. He is inaccurate. He is not someone who was always respected and here's the thing there lot of other respected epidemiologists a lot of other respected doctors who are saying at the time that he was wrong. I do that we needs to be some accountability for dialogue. Choosing in the face of many print sources of information to listen to fao CHI. At any point, that is not fair it's fair, but let me say that trump was. Also a novice have been in politics here. No, I know ma am I'm sure, a lot of people was handlers suggested: the algae, yes or no it would be fair and I've allows. Would it be like just by I told you I ahead death. He's gotta created the virus of course
I go, talk to him. That point he's the guy who made it. He he's he's the guy. We didn't know it he's the guy that did funding to the people. I think it was the north carolina who did the funding there and made sure that they could work. Of course, he's the go to guy, have the lg, the man who cooked up the rachael ray of viruses know about yeah? No lebanon. We don't direct. I know I've viral. Might I ask that we didn't at that point, but he was guys out the highest paid. A ragged official, that's aren't you when people talk about the swamp, we're not just how much senators ratchet talking about people who are, acted and then they become left and politicians we are talking about. Thousands of the world who are not elected and they are in office for debt ever decades. and they become the highest paid civil servants who instead decide that they want to wield their authority against you. So I'm sure that that was an uphill battle. If you try firefox is the highest paid civil servant, who's not been elected to his post that we have been pretty
at a time during the pen what people thought it was going to be this crazy pandemic. Absolutely and look you ve also got to understand that the Democrats weapon eyes covered from the get go and donald trump was being told I guarantee by people. You cannot make this about politics. This has to be about public health when the enemy was not playing on this era. Planes it didn't want plain to the same rules and so far she became weapon ized against donald trump, very very quickly, and he pivoted too many times with em what to give it an anti voucher. Just to be clear, you can get a bit initially. I like doktor burke's, because she wasn't thaci and she seemed to be far more reasonable than thaci and that lasted about a week right. And then it turned to do its bit to change things change early on, Jack Odin was selling is a key company. There are made and asked, and we told you that look if you are sick amass might prevent you from transmitting it if you're going into your office and it may not. It's like seventy percent effective according to the FDA, according to the cdc and then
two weeks later. Is it yet seem like it's not going to help it all anyway and are doing a lock down? So this is silly? Not so very consistent afterwards. The issue was when you're not consistent throughout the integrity of the pandemic, and it was kind of it was kind of touch and go without you, but hit the like cotton, if you're watching right now in rumble- and you want voucher to be prosecutor prosecuted for crimes against humanity, snake island and and and and and known as the snake island, snake island, snake island. There are so many snakes you're correct on that one now one more on the island through some other claims that are made here. Here's a claim in the interview, but donald trump makes He let and I dont like this language, and let Our nerves run their states covet response uncovered. If you know what I did, I let the governors run their states and many of the governors open up this states. Some of em did a lot of these. Other governors didn't shut down at all. South Dakota didn't shut down, mcmanus
south carolina. Didn't shut down tendency, there are states, it didn't shut down at all. They problem, we did the best job coming recovery circular. She's got scott right as representative, I notice He talks about sal killing a lot and he says it's really great. He praises south carolina. I do wonder if he's paving the way for a team, Scott vp, just I thought you guys can come up. I notice you have these cells that are light a bit, so it could be both, but I don't think he likes Nikki haley. I think so either by the way you made a point about family in the money, so she will actually make four hundred and fourteen thousand dollars, in pension and that's more than Biden will mention yes, wow. We fund them well, apparently, by the way all the side deals that they got to do. I don't know if you remember this, there were so many of these deals that they were able to do, even though they did research within kind of governor structures. They were able to get kind of these royalties off of things outside of this with pharmaceutical company. So the forty beforehand and fourteen is just the beginning right of what is in the get paid
fred, Joyce, tag on sport extra. So here's the thing he claims he let governors here's the truth then this is where this won't necessarily sit. Well, certain people with the tenth and what makes it really what you're you're, not letting the states she's, a tenth amendment for those who need remedial. The reference is available at the website mean a lot of color dot com. We put it in sidebar the power not delegated, to the united states by the constitution nor prohibited by it. To this it's are reserved to the states respectively or to the people than that basically means a state governed by law have the authority to take public health emergency actions. Whether setting contains whether its business restrictions, that is the business of the state to be clear. So when he says I let that something that look If I were advising brethren, trumpets, hey, let's be careful that language right now this almost sounds like you're trying to cartel but to the left. I don't think
and that's going to go over very well now. I dont think lockdown were smart idea period, but I can understand how somebody with the data that he had right out of the gate, meaning like at the very very, very big hansa late february early march. I can see how somebody would say. Ok, maybe that is some direction that we need to get a lot of. Governors did that I dont think you collada hey if you're a ron de santis person over a trump person. That's fine! I understand why you like RON de santis, but I don't think there's make you can't make a lot of hay on foreign six weeks. That's a totally different thing right, yeah, there's a reindeer! Santas only did it for four weeks and then Donald trump tried to close down the nation for six weeks. Right right. I don't I think, you're kind of splitting it, I think you're putting airs right. Are they launch a lot of people? May that think? But I will say this states have no problem taking that right into their own hands, especially when it comes to marijuana mats of california. You can say: hey this, You can't tell her that government can tell us what to do on this, but will where we can't do anything on this. We have to close down escape parks by god put sand in there so that the kids candidate for crying out loud in michigan people were being arrested for going out on their own rowboat a wooden leg, but the weed shops were open. They worked well or cyprus
serving find for the robots. Yes, I think too. We were going to do a segment on this mission control. Let's, let's prepare for next week. Have you gotten your check yet from a from from pfizer or madonna, because we all we all funded the vaccine. We did yes, I dunno. Have you gotten your check for the prophets? We funded warp speed. It was subsidized by the taxpayer. Neither in the hundreds of billions of dollars. Have you gotten your check you can commit, but I haven't got my jacket on yet I'm still checking, though yeah I dunno. If you know that that's not a free enterprise, that's privatizing privatizing it's in socializing losses, so here's another claim that they make and by the way I am sitting here with a man and APOLLO who has gotten the world record number of covert cases I believe I think so. I got three times its a yeah, my third one, at the go and I can I'm on a plane, a lot yeah. That's why, when I get out of this business and sell weed but yeah my my
my deal. Another has called it to my cabinet yeah, third time and and each has been, different in fun here this one it's just the egg. I gave it to my wife and she was like to exhaust on your bench and what cheering right it was a headache, gunnar stomach, it was a little nastier than the other ones, but I am I'd rather I'll pick that twelve tonne data from getting shot product. You're gonna be ok that bring us to the next climate. Here's a claim that Donald trump ex president front that the vaccine saved. Well, I wouldn't say countless lives, because I think he put, he puts the number he puts a number on it and it's not. He put several numbers and they're not the same as the previous numbers, but I understand the point: you had the original covered and The vaccine had an impact on that very smart people They said you saved a hundred million people worldwide.
If you played that any further, he has one hundred million fifty million. Who now is that what interests you is this cat because act? Nobody is doing that people say we fact check you donald trump. You said you a million said I said fifty million. I made it clear, but I also said fifty I said both alright and then he started talking about the what was it the bubonic plague and now the spanish flu. When he's talking about nineteen seventeen, I'm like hey, she's kind of veering off the rails a little bit here. Why are you going back to that? It's like that almost killed the world. Look at me. I'm a history buff! am also a berth, but I'm a history buff and I watch a lot of history channel. I know everything about the mermaids, the mermaids. I know I found hitler. I hunted hitler. I found him. I found hitler. I hunted and killed herself. I killed him that
One thing that we were told that lots of things we were told not true one thing: that's true, ever brown horrible, bert shook so one of them so here The truth, I don't have it saved a hundred million or fifty million lives. but, according to various hundred seventy one thousand americans were injured by the vaccine in twenty twenty one alone. Why is it is it can we get. Confirmation is at the reported number, that's the reported number and of course there was. There is a lot of pressure applied to various whether they stopped reporting. All of it we had doctors on here who said that they would try to and they would not be permitted to report it. That's a massive amount reporting. If we can confirm that because I think I don't remember what the number was. It's either one in ten or one in one hundred, I know there's a huge difference. I liked injured yeah. Would it break a rib yeah exactly now they killed somebody yeah he's injured. Vaccine and now looks like the guy from mask Just an injuries are data day with a purpose, and he can't sue
you can't so pencil you can, at sea with the vaccine, if you ve been injured in an end. This is something else: it's important not going to find the data gesture, the total number of injuries you're good to see a reflection in the side, effects. Really more so through other generalised statistics as it relates to, for example, young people with hard complications that didn't exist before a few start, seeing statistical anomalies in the. Vaccinated population you're, going to have to do some math now, not like Biden, inflation, math it'll be relatively simple but you'll have to, you're over year, for example, Meyer, cardenas and young people. You have to look at you every year the amount of of access that's better than you do know compared with vaccinated racism barriers that and of course they don't want to do that. The cdc we ve been banned for simply quoting the cdc on those numbers. So these numbers are very difficult to come by One thing that is for certain two hundred million people were, we're not saved by these vaccines. Now here's my here's my opinion just to be clear.
I think that there is a period of time where, yes, we didn't know everything that was going on, and I think it also by the way, does matter that we did know China was lying to us and considering that they were lying, it would make sense it donald trump. At that point in time understand But that is trying to was more guarded and took a more aggressive approach. Then probably we would now, as conservatives doesn't mean that I agree with that, but I understand the logic behind it usually area of insistent in calling it the china virus, I understand, will be very difficult to ethically dislodge someone like a faulty concerning was the highest paid, unelected civil servant you can imagine, and I do understand that he was gonna- do what the political blow back by this entire pandemic. That was then being blown out of proportion by democrats in order to increase mass mail and voting and try and lay at his feet that he didn't save enough lives going into an election that hey they stole anyway. So, didn't handle it perfectly. I do think something that is an important limitation, though no matter what you learn upon vaccine not mandated back since I get that he has been very pro
these that the amount of vaccines- and it's not me, I'm a huge fan of- and I dont know that donald trouble walk back, even if that and it becomes overwhelming because that's not necessarily the kind of person is it's the one kind of shortcoming that I think we see with him, but he didn't force you to take vaccines, There is a huge difference between trying to make something available and people take it at their own risk versus mandating it and read I'll, beating society if they dont go along with an experimental injection. So I do think that those are pretty important points to make a note by the way, the rest. But if you look at how he discusses other issues, very good, very good resume very good read. This is something that he needs to shore up before he goes into a general absolutely because I think he's going to get hit with this later on in the in the kind of the primary campaign right here. These things are going to come up, because these are some of the biggest things that people have against Donald trump but he did and I think that's the santas. This team is going to want to hit him on all of these things, so he megan Kelly may have done one of two things: either she has laid up the de Santos team or she is prepared,
trump to be able to answer these questions a little bit better. Knowing that he's going to get some heat from these guys, if he shows up to do one of these debates cause that's where they're going well, ironically, he could be locked out, so we don't know yeah, let's see what do you think you think he'll make it to the lie. I I have by qualms, may really be have doubts I think there is, I think, that's what makes sense in a world where Donald trump is ineligible to run and that its not binding. But if someone else you think that's impossible. I do I do you know you. I hope, like I hope, up dead wrong, obviously possibility open it. Lets you stop. Nothing left will stop at nothing and why gold, all this ruse right now. I don't know, I guess it's tough I dunno the timeline, what they can move up before the right, no you're right. No, the left. The left knows no bounds, as it relates to honesty. With this very interview and by the way you know I'm, when friendly with megyn Kelly she's, been on the show, but I was very disappointed in the fact that this whole interview may not know it was all a set up to get ready for an entire hit me.
Documentary, it's going to be released by wanna fuck. I loud the governors to do that. I also allowed democratic to do that immediately after his statement. I could sense of regret, conflicted by his desperate need for performative approval juxtaposed with empathy of his in a child long ago that he has tried to bury, along with his dreams of a better world his thoughts of a. more jubilant and his eyes reflected the coup. Indifference of a six added desperate to form a gate with me. Kelly I mean you, you should have seen that you gotta citizens a forty chest this thing, but so Let's talk to the audience before we go here to muslim and by the way screw you too, for ten dollars off internet promo code. Let us gonna come slept
my club neck. You can watch his show at five p m fab. Here's What's an area, do you think is most likely, I'm genuinely curious. I do you think that its donald trump, ok, it was an nominee Somebody makes it easy for the primary. If this continues, but he's not he's not arrest is not put in jail, Donald trump verses, Joe Biden came, that's a possibility downtown! makes it through at some other candidate like you're, saying they replace Joe Biden or Joe Biden verses, not donald trump, because they go through with this indictment. They end up charging him convicting emma he's, put in jail reason eligible or donald. Europe is not eligible versus somebody. Else's are four different scenario. Yes, what do you think that match up is going to be comment below? What do you think is most likely? You know it lets actually, for let's take some screenshots and lets the place a bet on this. Let's see who gets this one right?
and then we'll send them a free, merch, packager yeah we'll send them a free march already, with a lock of my hair. Now what now? Let's make it bigger this, and we will fly someone out to go see one of nick's shows. Oh, this is going to be in a while right. It has to. We have to be right all the way through the election. If you predict now how the election goes. For example, you have to say the matchup that we will see as donald trump repub vs give a newsom or to santa vs Biden. Let's grab that printer. No third party stuff. You don't have to worry about. No, no, no, no third party stuff! No! No! I'm curious. Is that that's going to happen yeah it's going to happen. What do you think there think it's donald trump versus someone other than Joe Biden I'd be willing to bet a lot of money on that more than one dollar nectar. You are hilarity yes, sunday night, a third this tomorrow night, a buffalo rob play
better there. I don't want you energy nick. What should have happened so I know what I was up: watch and sex trafficking movies to four o clock. Now. Let me now come on and educate myself on an issue that all that's right so close to your heart if you say that, like it's a bad thing, it's exactly what I was going to everything's bad this one, a good question. Matt was good, though right I can get a glorious dump. I got scream headache. I was so lists with ice I know more about trumpet, but you can run from president from a seller was told yesterday. no you'll, anyways, tromp, verses, who's, gonna jump
the grubby he's gonna jump back and on this issue stringent, but it's not oh, it's irate or bust gag refresh my memory newsome, who else is available in the other? So I don't think it's anybody of the news, and I think that if someone else, I think it's newsome adapting nouveau michelle obama, maybe housing involved for the love of nine. Actually, my hospital, ok, so far that only the second allowed on everyone to be trumpeters. Let me what you think Gerald mega protection. I think it's its newsome versus tromp, by car keys
logical choice. I think I look I'm going to be basic, pumpkin spice bitch. I say that it's trump vs Biden, I still think they'll replace him work. I respect that. Thank you very much rumble tuesday will be back on youtube monday. We're still here on rumble. You can join Michael to get the promo code and click that button right there. I know. Oh it burns we're going to continue. It's chat, thursday youtube. We would say piss off, but you're not there. Thank you rumble
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