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SHUT UP AND DRIBBLE! Don't Give LeBron James A Pass For Inciting Violence!


LeBron James doxxed a cop, something the far superior Michael Jordan would never do. We hold James accountable since the media won’t. Speaking of the media, we debunked each of the lies they’re STILL telling about the Columbus shooting. And Lizzo is proud to be fat for some reason. All this with special guest UFC fighter @Jorge Masvidal​. #LeBronJames​ #Lizzo​ #UFC261​

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Hey Audio, listen, don't skip. This, isn't Rogan aware that there are no ads here. Ok, I'm talking directly to you and I I want to say that you should be appreciative but ok well, enjoy this leave a rating leave a review. I that you're reading that the Jorge Mobility on the show- and he is but he's exclusively on Magua, because it was on the road to a press conference and we haven't later on for like twenty five minutes. So this is one of the things that the way it worked out join. My club, if you dont well, then enjoy no interview with horror laws, but all you cheapskate by louder with craters brought
you in part by the board, defined by merchandise, shop, great conversations to replace the right people dead. That's called this of that's aggressive sit because I'm going to try and make sure that can hold this all down.
we're talkin rattleborough stunner little, that's a hat, I'm really glad that I will she thinks so, I'm delighted, I through a lawyer the p suit. This morning so it's not eclectic makes every maternal Lebron James. Listen We have the defence attorney from the air. China's Eric now learn their travel, big explicit. I say Erika predominant Eric Derek Shopman Eric Nelson, yes Willie, yes, really nice Willie. Well, I don't know I don't we have. We also will be talking about obesity and coping nineteen, all the facts and Columbus Ohio that were reported by mainstream authority. Sources, they got it wrong. Then Jorge Mosque at all rise, not only fighting, probably one of the biggest paper views ever the Saturday, but obviously here he campaign for Donald Trump and big time, conservative buddies cuban. So that's to be expected. Yes, here they actually
understood, communism, media they lived under it and then we utterance helps floated over here and I'm on a couch cushion. Well, it was nice of him there very buoyant and very fertile. Alright, Gerald is here. Are you well hurry? You sleepless sever pregnant wife with twins who keeps me outta bed every night, because I'm too hot now not to attractive. Physically too, not just the temperature thirsty like their praised with a giant you shaped pillar from Sky Mall, it happens dollars the latter. With you shape, it was thought I could about guarantees here. How are you morning, sir? I'm sorry for what we ve done, your people and David? I don't you have a show coming up here this week as a whole. I do it's actually so that already, though, I also want to stop and then next weekend in well bred, garrets retirement. Screw the Tropic answer: No, it's a damn Jim via the internet, wherein the ballroom, because you get covered in a club rout. Yes, that's right!
they really suck. You add a little one to step and it's gone. Ok, we're gonna, get to the first story here. Everyone's been talking about this and I know I've recently can only cover because the Brown took down his tweet. Sorry, I'm so the king. Lebron James claimed by the way. Back in the day before I tweeted yesterday, a basically a call to violence tweeted that he didn't support via the blacklist might arise? We covered with that? That's nice, so, let's go back to then never five years ever condone by Force around seven, but also those running back into the union, and our group in university in a black community will recall the hood, or the ghetto. I really want to be driven Akron and obscene a lot of counts first name. around like people in obeying the no, I guess russian profile,
because more color, but not one time, I've ever say, was a violent tourist drops. Yesterday, I just say this was going on in our community coach Bamiyan Bang Mamma. We fear for their fear for our lives, yeah, that's it then what you didn't see after that club, he said I had my fingers. site, because yesterday he toy tweeted then removed it against the Columbus caught for what is this programme is at stake, Ok, I ever at night, I'm more. The kaleidoscope who, rightfully justifiably, as manufacture right, would say required lean towards shot Micaiah macabre, I think I heard someone say, Micaiah Brown, which is not correct. You posted this picture here with this, option your next ominous, so hashtag accountability. And your move that what even funnier is afterwards he he tweet it out like I'm desperate for count ability. Yes, we are just
for you to have a cup accountable, Lebron, James, I'm so damn tired at sea in black people killed by police. I took the tweet down because being used to create more hate. This isn't it one officers about the entire system and they always use our words to create more racism, so they use your racially divisive words and to create more racism. I am so desperate for more accountability. Well, yeah yeah, I think, but I think we all would like to see you not tweet out stuff like that that either is a call to violence to a police officer who saved a black woman's life by the way or you're telling every person out their cops are gonna shoot you next time is running out right either way. No one has got. It really is a terrible Paul. Blarney picture, though they found it looks like he'd accidently showed a lotta people, Laszlo Color, exact way off with you. I just wanted to let you go. You good trick him by painting a tunnel on a wall and you go through secularism.
So there's an hit. The paint part, the brave men always so yeah we're talking about accountable, and this is the issue. It's not just hypocrisy. It's it's virtue signalling at the cost of innocent people. That's the issue that we have the project. What I mean by that you refuse to come in the Hong Kong protests right. This is the issue you claim that Rockets owner Darrell Morey, who tweeted support for Hong Kong protests of the whole NBA, because you're trying to enter the market of China said. Well, don't do anything with Hong Kong. These are people who, by the way, we're largely eliven peacefully protesting because they actually want things like being able speak red bibles danger in general, we support for the Hong Kong protest and then Leubronn didn't just remain silent, which would be cowardly, but he's a basketball player. Repeat myself, Oh yeah, ok go play hockey, for you won't yeah. They got medicines intended only replace their teeth.
Because I know there's gonna get knocked out again my West Norman That's. Why he's really physical player? No, is allowed to get physical here. What is that? Even if the EU had a bang around down on the payment, it's gonna there's a foul called they're more injuries in Basque will land their sport love me because it's a sport from proposes. So the Houston Rockets, owner tweeted about the hunger in protest and then Lebron James downloading, a coward silent. He spoke out against people who are supporting the Hong Kong people. Leave. He wasn't educated on on the situation at hand, so many people could have been harmed not only financially but physically, emotionally spiritually it'll just be careful tweet, and we say we do have freedom of speech, but there can be a lot of negative, because it better, but actually the point is they dont have freedom of speech. That's kind of violent protests as a kind of other needs support, you're, saying
research with their consequences, pulling your silencing freedom of speech, you're talking about abuses of the system here in the United States, we are talking about By the way, there's also does in the World Health Organization, China, if using their knowledge, even Taiwan knew at all, let's be honest, when people wants to constantly fear Russia, which is something that people run with the collusion of most none of that happened. China is not just the biggest adversaries. United states renew the biggest adversary, The free world and their own people are used to I comes. You know what I got us goods, not racist,
the chinese Communist Party- and you know what no one heard the chinese people more than the filthy, damn checkups, absolutely agritourism. He and I love how he led off their with not only financially like. This is really all about money guys but hey. They can also be heard. Gotta have to list five ways now, let's include spiritually, because this, like I dont, think athlete so shock, and that includes GM maize. I'm kidding, I left you. I love you. I just you are the most well spoken basket, but that is no way that I would run. Wireless is with the city agent, deeply personal to those assuming a guy. Look at me as assuming they relatively you know, short for basketball. You couldn't Maxie bogus tat. I could have been
and now he chose a different path, was hot cyborgs Ozma exhibited. He just still could do no jump a little bit about about you, never easy bugs pay actually to try out, say my name's white lightning. I swear to God or upload my friends and then I would get really good for three minutes and I was like what I like lightning strikes: family turn it down. We take another Hitler. Why long thinking a leader and if that is what we are really talking about right now on CNN, before we got a lizard, because I'm just trying to make sure that my stomach is prepared for it and essentially what this does that it's gonna allow officers to talk to some of these investigators. It's gonna open the box that can be able to command Addio J and look at all of their record you're. Going to U J is unbiased. We did the gross disproportionate representation on CNN, I mean it's too. two percent of population earth is gay right. Do you see when your folks, seven
eight percent on CNN Anderson Cooper Don Lemon that Guy Brian, delta, and let me just say this about what people say: you weapon eyes: no look because a letter to weapon I sexuality, like these they'll, say you're gay ongoing secretly their gay Brien's Delta, we'll get mad at me in no realm. What I even assume the possibility that he was anything other than gay. I mean it actually forever quantum physics and also in every way the world could be. There is a role which is that, where the idea he does spells an ocean of parallel universes, because there is no parallel universe that I can picture out of the car Was the trillions zillions big number from the start in which Brien's Delta, its anything other than a man's, but I would sooner believe in a world created of nothing but scrap metal with Wally. As our God came, then I would world or a universe in which Brien's shelter is straight, but I can't verify them allegedly unverified, unverified, claim our right speaking horrible things.
So this is fine and then we're gonna get to the Marquis Brian Bryant Bryant brighter I shall nurses want Pfeiffer goes right. This is one of those. This is one of those stories that it's not an indictment of the complex and indictment on really there full of color community. It's an indictment on the media for not doing any due diligence at all we're gonna get to that in a second, but first a pallet cleanse. I mean, I guess, like if you're just take the dirt from the top sands? It's a pallet cleanse are technically it's different from the app ties to the main course in the way that Lizzie story is I'm just trying to avoid. Getting now knows that I now we now, I know we have some clips permanent. Oh god, so they, though, joined dove Self Esteem Project and she did a very good it's right there. It is free vote there. She is in itself, as a lever theme is yet so that was finally also
When appreciates the irony that does like it's. Ok, whatever your body shape, is so long as you have perfect skin now Stephen, they use more self, have more certain area to clean up our get market rules, and they also do usually liquid elevators pouring milk cheese violate getting back. No, yes, talks that she has to put an end to the end of that extension that you used to throw balls for the dogs. When you look at the lab at the crevice, here, she is on zoom talking about how she is workers product to dispel unrealistic, beauties, dinners and then understand what this is. Basically, the should be labelled as harmful medical advice here on you too, especially in relation to cope it. But, let's start with leather. I remember waking up waiting to be someone else changed my mind. I want Heller, stir. It is, I didn't, have filters. Scares me to think that now there is a tool,
on that insecurity were children. We are eliminated and yet to me, laugh and cut him now. Ass, just Mozilla also during the zoom, allow that today to ruin stones, you're wearing white, with horizontal syro envy round about it, and I got ready cheeks was the beetle jus suit not available at once, made a choice. I passed better, I'm going to give me the lineup like the leg, a dove you're. Looking for new spokesperson for your self esteem project, alpha, Landau, hello, You got him on the hook. Harpooner XO so during the zoom call lives are also said. I have nothing to hide Great to see you gonna hide Hansard Uno shrieking, or I just I myself, it's like you, you,
me as I am you dont have to love me. She also posted this nude selfie to Instagram to celebrate a new partner regardless of the tourist season, and I want to give kids fair warning because we're going to explain this does matter as it relates to health. The fat pride movement and pay we are talking about covered, but first of all, kids, and where we say like this. This is a trigger warning. I just know if you have kids, that that we're about to again some inappropriate territory, I would five for three morning if you're still here about parent she's along history, this kind of stuff- you are just some examples from lizards, Tiktok, I'm self in sick and tired of the Photoshop. Show me some good match your friends, I'm hoping That's one like fashion words. Cyclical, like now Bell bottoms are coming back. Photoshop makes a resurgence, that's maybe even Mss paint. I don't care could we can speak, get etc? In my day,
thirty bears ideal of thirty January the dry, hardly belgian, trappist ales around my kidding thirty duels Euro, saying what the Saint Paul s girl look here to my dismay behind her and we do not want. We got fact checked for hey the covered. Nineteen is obviously a real interest rates, significantly more deadly to old people, significantly less steadily, then flew to young people. so now this matters, because if you look at the inflammatory, reactionary immune response, enable that'll help us determine what treatment options along vaccines, but that was removed. Ok, that hole up, so you can find it in my club because it's not allowed on Youtube. Now here something that is irrefutable undeniable, and this is kind of like when you have left a social justice warriors who right there, women's rights, L Gb Takeaway IP, but then they also have to support
Islam in us all. That's uncomfortable, just just don't I'll get in the conference room at the high at ballroom, be, let's just make sure you keep it all separate so that you can live in this world. That is completely inconsistent, covert. Nineteen. Eighty eight per of deaths came from countries with over fifty percent Obi city rates and that's pretty generals who built over. Let's get into that that just means countries where people are fat guilty. The United States, its problem, it's a problem of over abundance Go, don't talk about food deserts because we have the internet. Now new study from diabetes care found that thirty four point: eight percent of covert patients were overweight, and then even more were obese. So seventy eight percent of severely hospitalized patients were overweight or obese corner. This easy you can't remove its seventy eight percent were overweight or obese. There is a direct correlation with covered nineteen and your your immunity, your ability to fight off the virus, your likelihood, the mortality rate with you being overweight, but that you can't. I suppose, that, with that pride right now, this is the
that really bothers? If you weren't end vaccine hesitancy with people K government what you need to do is make sure that people understand that's not the only option that they can take. Doesn't mean is not an option that they can take to improve their livelihoods of of decent out. comes of being even hastened gag or not contracting the buyers. Saying that vitamin d as a cure- I'm not saying intravenous vitamin none of that stuff, but I am saying that hey look. How often have you heard people in the media talking about diet? exercise and immune response. How many times have you heard the media talk about? These are ways that you can keep yourself healthier overall, and we now have the clinical studies, so we can't say guaranteed or stop covered nineteen, but we do have more clinic. better than you could read in your lifetime. That correlate obesity. Diet implementation, certain vitamin d, important as far as lands in your blood if you're deficient your ability to fight viruses of any kind, but you don't hear that is it that pseudoscience right in that
The whole reason that we talk about stuff like this we're not just gonna make fun of somebody for being large, were saying. Look this person's going out there that doing a campaign in saying I'm happy with just the way I am you shouldn't, be nobody else, it's that big should be because it's unhealthy, because you won't be here as long. I want you to live a longer. Healthier happier lie and we ve known this forever and now we're telling doctors when somebody comes near Rome room, you can't say: hey. You really need to loosen. Wait right cause. That's that's! That's offensive to sum up. Not only that, but you have big taking a big media, silencing people whose You know what. Actually there are true options available and how diet actually might help you from illegal, ethically there's no science behind that says Doktor factually than they trot somebody says being biggest healthy. Indeed, if no, no, it's not statistically a cat, Usually there outliers you ever get paid or million Anko, who is kind of pudgy. Look at a relatively strong uncle, beat the hell out of heavyweights every now and then you haven't outline. There is an absolute coral, nation and a causal relationship between being overweight and all cosmetic.
I am certainly covered nineteen, it's more dangerous for us to say: hey! You know what zinc vitamin d, right. Try and lose some wait. Don't smoke all the Think that weakens they'll say you can't say that is not verifiable. We fetch it is your faction, therefore check on the third pride videos. Thank you can be just as healthy. It's not true. Again, we can not find the reason we can't find common ground right now. I think of your people. this a lot bigger war. We need to find common ground. If you can't find common ground on a lie, it's not possible, it's not possible to do so. The eight percent, severely hospitalized patients, overweight or obese, and then you say find common ground in acknowledging that all sizes are healthy, not and that's because you have a deep next to your name. It's because you are not telling the truth will in this whole line if it could save one life right. All all the things that we ve been asked to do is to save one life. I have a way to save at least one life just tell people being fat is not healthy. Just tell them
Secondly, we all know that there have been provided, but you're just running away in London's. Like tell em like hey guys, I love you, I don't want you to die early you're, really fast, well that you don't see that more dove bars so far will certainly sounds a lot out of organizing Mars. But you know what those things come on: their calorie laden, their tastier, their unhealthy directive like sell themselves. If that's the same company remaining in the shower, it's a different bards where's, the chocolate centre damage I keep trying depends. No. My uncle Phil was actually hospitalized man vivid MAC, so sneaking
What did your butler? I say Jeffrey he's, English. That being said in that twenty six time spent, we all want a lot about ourselves. We didn't, we really did and those who will get shot is curls and we have that's trip and their kitchen outgoing. Why? What another used to be a time this country were actually the biggest shows on television to wear black families are a watch by white, Pia weren't, sequestered to tv S with another Tyler Perry, offshoot boot cake, but that's not how it works. I know it's a little foreign d. As we know, we all watch the same stuff, but he who had Blue Carl Winslow when he walked in here is looking gun at another one. Three, two one one, two three shooting minorities doesn't bother me, but you are. My dad's actually went down a little kid data.
it's like Barack Obama Democrats brought racism back. Also, the paleo people are now really upset about. The Gatt Nietzsche is because apparently, black people having developed the enzyme to digest Lex O religion. but our troops. Actually they cleaned up, and I don't know what everyone became. Lactose, intolerant but little seems to be doing fine. You don't get that size, eaten vegetables, there's gonna, be a few blocks, are carry golden they're, giving my screwdriver will share of it, and so let me bring this up. So let me explain to you the science of covert nineteen and obesity. We have a graphic here according to two weapon de cover: nineteen latches itself to spiky surface protein receptors, unhealthy cells, especially your lungs. That's a covert nineteen virus right there and, as you see it gets into these two receptors and significantly rougher sea serpent.
It is our dna, it's a lie or show if you I'm available instrument, louder with greater programme up that cover now Monday's through Thursdays. Ten, a m eastern. If this is to fund show today, because you know what been a rough we then too serious with Eric Nelson coming up to the best thing I can do guys comment below yourself on any of these topics and we'll be taught me, have a pretty good conversation? I let the community we have done their section after the show the share out the light yet jumped out and a text even by a deep and needed hype. There was this pipe apply. All you are thinking pipe. My was thickly lead piping. You can take the boy out of Detroit thinking a pipe. You know it said I was just thinking of like a regular pipe layer. it's like ready. Hunter right was like I'm gonna get em.
That's because you have information on the brain. I knew well. The thing I as a cute little lazo animation than in drawing up and hide here for my conceal, carry pouch is just Oh chinese and sand which has stuck to miss Amiss fire like like Joe patchy and home alone, to with the tar somewhat This is these are some of the myths that were there have been debunked here, and I want to ask: when do you think media loses all of its legitimacy? I actually I'm really happy to watch mainstream media die maybe that's happening slowly, because I'm glad to watch it suffer and rain.
Yeah. This is fun. It's fun watching Brien's delta. Every Sunday like we have to get rid of alternative, shows on Facebook and Twitter. It's the plague of America. Don't ask how I got this job super straight every single week, they're on their saying that people like us need to be removed that were the greatest threat to our constant. They say democracy, but the constitutional republic. They don't know that, so they went with these claims with numbers, which happened yesterday in a lot of you believed these, and when we reported this yesterday we ve had to say: hey look. People are reporting that she called the cops I am Mickey arriving at the name of em. their reporting that her aunt claimed we very clear on that, because we said we didn't know, but we did have the body came footage which was the most concrete evidence pr and daily beast and CNN didn't do that. That's the issue here is: there is a lie or misinformation. That goes out and I would say it's a lie if you dont check your sources, because you simply want to push a story that proper
join the narrative, I would say it's a lie because you have all these tools at your disposal disposal to double check your sources and they're not follow up what the truth. So, let's go through a couple. I'm sure warn them was at Micaiah was defending herself writers. defending yourself against other girls who are abusing her. That's the claims at one other girl did have a small dog. Yes scary, our Darrell Samia, your God, only knows what she was hiding in those skintight pink, Well, that's true anything. She should have a lock yet juice juicy by the way, if you're, a parent who lets your daughter walk round with juicy written across the ass the great in front of us, got up and said juicy on our around this excuse me, mother about me. These people are against she's playing the law. He told me them would respect it. They don't do that was that she was protecting. Herself rightness was
everywhere. Well, I think you really know this. One is false, because there is more body. Came footage that was released and the girl in the pink jumpsuit you mean I've seen this clip, though, was talk with the police officers again saying she came up, for me with a knife shares coming after me. Without here you go. Here's the clip. She came out with you with it. Neither here nor cheated. That's what I've got. That's what I believe that if I leave that law he came after me within I got a phone, is the form is not actually yes we'll get. It will get everything hey. She doesn't seem to hate that cop now, but I see Simona neurons great. Could it be that he prevented her from being Chanct I thought she was getting stabbed issuing. Oh, she was very close yeah. Now, that's why I was what I call some goods, while morbid, mid. Stab me Emily swing, it was in the swing that's him! Well,
obviously he should again for the legs. I think that's yes, Orton thing, they're bringing up because Nobody is a movie other family tiger you not everybody, they lose their legs that you can hit easily back Dracula, usually a smaller target usual. This is also look. You also have to go through through this logically use the power of deduction. Let's, analyze this year when they say hold on a second ok, I was protecting herself with a knife. Now we don't have all of the verification you're some of these claims we can shore We know that there are one hundred percent. Whilst we have to go through life, equally hollows, and I remember that footage wait. They were taking her with a knife, but He was coming out of the house and she was wondering at them and by the way a knife is not a defensive weapon. When peoples, I care enough to defend myself you're an idiot. A knife is an assassin patient tool or its toll. Dino opener Amazon boxes, whatever it is, it's unwilling a knife is not a defensive weapon and she was charging someone else. That is the behaviour of some one who called the police they see to be waiting for the police. She did not work,
just to our next claimed Micaiah. This was one that was reported everywhere, even here NPR the bastion of legitimate news, Mackay is the one who called the cops right. This is out was reported even covered. It yesterday well turns out if they have waited a little bit, the Columbus police depart actually released the phone call here. You go wild. I got a bad Where are you gonna run on? put their hands on dry demands on us and they hadn't identified the collar exactly right, the police, but we do know that taking real overlay case, she had a knife and she was being stab me right there. That's what you're talking about year right there, that there, the police officer, stopped that stabbing right there or is the media said she was holding a knife rise. force yet where she was holding a knife? Oh
major pottering toast having a technically that's true, the media's just walking that lie about it. How can we say this and in the least offensive way possible say she was holding a knife? Well, painting the lateral against the car youth. Nobody wants to show up and kill anybody it's what I don't understand, you're pushing this narrative that that's what I wanted to do its nationals. He came allowing like what's happening yeah and he had to jump aiming to do something you want to come to sharpen. Go. Look, I know, he's Is she stabbing you, but I don't want to come off his race. I'd help you, but it's not my job and the IRAN pavement. What about me? Black is only a matter for the victim, but just ass, Jacob Lakes, broad, you can tell she's a hundred pounds healthier and I don't want you to go right exactly it just doesn't make sense like nobody wants to see a girl like that. No, we want so anybody die. No further cop to actually take somebody's life
anybody to take somebody's life is extremely traumatic and dramatizing. Why would you assume for the cop? Yes, yes, copy? This honestly he's really only one. I feel well he's the one I feel worse, for I don't feel I don't feel bad at all, for the facts are shooting happen. would have felt worse. Had the girl been stabbed now You know I don't need or killed yeah, but I don't feel that one of the things which short flight of courses- actually breaks my heart. This doesn't this. Doesn't it Ok, my heart to see a girl get step now they said She was the one who called the cops Mackay. This is how it was reported everywhere. Ok, let's go again to the logic process, someone who calls the cops, because, their being If she was one, would call the cops and are trying to get me. Why wasn't she in a room, locking the door Why wasn't she hiding? Why wasn't she support? there's a jury should be, but they often art why wasn't, she had taken. No, they were outside waiting for the cops expecting the cops talking, the cops and she ran out and charge with a knife like she was fighting for gain discount.
At the very least. Why don't you run up to the cops and say? Thank you help, I'm here here here. These are the bad guys right. It was sheet. The cop is there and she comes out. I was gonna get to it. When I was finished must happen. Gotta take care data first by gas, stuffed it did, but who was look. So what does the other his voice on recording crack. It sounds like if that's what it's like to make.
doesn't like to me. Ok, category NPR. Take it at face. Value is Micaiah, who called the cops like, as I recall, ass thought. It was some I'm afraid that was not her own. That would be great if a person like we have the number one calling to adjust them doing their white guy voice. Hello officer, there's someone I haven't. It is a person of colors Aber Halloran immunity which they are you doing rigid writers and an element of these last Chris Rocks less Dave chapels white guys. I don't know what you're talking about I've, never seen death comedy jam you mentioned have common reminded mentioned. If you just see, I'm just the one that justifies the voice, so here's another click third clinic. They may need one really. When I saw it, I said we have tat. We have make sure that we address, because it just shows again inaccuracy because the aunt was real, the only word when this initially started right. They took her testimony, as fact
she was the one who made a lot of these quaint. So one must first reported. It was her aunt who was unseen right. Well, there it change yesterday to her dad and grandmother telling the ant what actually happened and by the way again and said this is a report here, USA today, just in case you didn't realize says, holding a knife is another. She was holding a knife which is holding in that. But that's me that's like saying a MAC shooter was holding a gun and he's right. At least I was holding a spoon: ok, she wasn't just holding a knife. She was actively committing a violent felony with said knife, the dead, also, was kicking. Someone on the ground kicking me another day ass. I was about to say who's the jerk. That's trying to kick somebody in the head, that's on the ground or indifferent up. Well, that's dead yeah, just my old man, something about apples and Henry Unanimous in one increase, so much highest is kicking a girl had gathered on the ground. He looks rather young yeah them well.
That's not what I'm taking a minor in the head now by the way. I love the fact check that you just brought up if you saw their right below there like hey people are saying the knife was on the ground and that is in any event, it was just in the hand, was general also way doesn't make you feel, like you, ve done your job. Now, that's the USA. Today's false virtue signals like listen, lotta places are reporting throughout the night before she was shot just because they said it wasn't there of a thousand NPR. Now is a daily bulletins, unanimity and we see, but we have more integrity than that here at USA. Today we do believe but unconfirmed she was holding no one has ever been mid. Stab men like oh geez, I gotta make better design. That's our fake eyes, like I'm, going to stab you right now. Now, if anything, so you re eyes is undergoing a punch. You man, you were sad story, my ass! Well, that's one for you! Without your! You don't need to wind up on a knife. The knife does
work be set up. Some work could be dull, chiming near how often the knife it's used its lizards, I'm judging by judging quite a bit I'm guessing, judging that that knife was used quite a bit so whose house It's the girl and the pigs house, re Alot of self esteem in that house. Soap. For day I don't know it's happened, yeah. I don't know if you actually really quickly before we move on to we're gonna talk about our announced. We have forty miles. Don't know, but I think we have defence attorney areas Eric and Ellison Righteousness, lucid z, oh great. we're having me, Mr Nelson. Thank you for being here, sir. We appreciate how is this house's effective you? It's better rough weak,
I can imagine you have plans to file whatever appeal, maybe Eric. ok, well Europe Can we not only it's been hard on him? Let's not forget. The real victims I wanted to look you if you're out, there just believe it what did you believe any of these myths? Did you believe that Micaiah called the cops too deeply that she dropped the knife? Did you believe that her aunt was there? Did you believe that they were attacking her did jubilee now I saw some were circulating that she's artistic arena. Some are saying that that is not our fault. If a key areas like entail married and strength of ten men, not just ask me why I like autism, my best friend has escalated.
Let's call me- and I also have I say what I have a cousin whose gay so that's cool hovered. I because in whose a gay and has Asperger's, really electric that auctions, man, that's gonna, be caddy and blunt. I know right talk about tightening up the eventual cues. I liked to put him in that room with a dove campaign. Self esteem add a guy with a gay guy with Asperger's is walking back growth. What are you I mean that your disgusting? I don't pick up on social cues. I wanna bang, the camera man, you gotta, get rid of those faults. That's ok! He's gay has Asperger's, he's pushing it a little bit off that umbrella of Grace S, quite as why does he think it is it's not less asleep so there? something else to the people and by the way to none of this stopped. But we know all of this- I think everyone has agreed. Everyone can agree that the shooting was justified. I'm not just sing justified, I think necessary. If you don't
A cop should build a shoot. Somebody mid stab than you dont think we need to have cops which, by the way, the democratic legitimacy I don't believe they talk about defending the police, it wasn't just a tagline. Actually, to defend the police, and this is an issue kind of events with today's marxists this autumn, where's versus the Soviet Union that came under too horrible. I'm not defend them at all, but they not meaning stolen, but people who voted I thought they were voting to build in this brave new world. Retina build this utopia today, social justice, worse very much build anything there just trying to destroy, and they have not really to replace it with. Let's that's destroying it lets you the green new deal. I was turning today, but just the entire economy but destroy all over modes of transportation and energy resources and rebuild. with monetary have to check these fifteen sixteen pages, you don't have a replacement there, you're just one
destroy for the sake of it and that's why you have the looting and that's why you have people who think that horrible behaviors justifiable, because it's just about destroying the police, destroying norms and institutions, and they accuse Republicans of doing that, because we thought you should have ideas about some, although, like a joke tossing the lighter on the the big stack, a cash except it's ours, recreate hurting our staff. Frighten writing. Now we just want to destroy the world. Billina status she's going to fall into this category of statistics, where officer involve shootings with a black person and no context will be given of history like another. Black person was killed like two years from now right when stats come out, bill include this in the number will be like, but but anything to try to kill somebody, and even then the number of white people sharp eye cops is going to be twice as still higher. I dont know where people again when the media as their disproportionately shot by police state are you using? It doesn't exist. There is only one step if you use the entire population of black people in the country, which is absolutely meaningless, and that is what this is all built on its the thing that I hate
most about using these stats is that it has to have context a white guy and a black guy gets by a cop and separate instances, the white guy is much more likely to be shot by the captain, the black eye period. That's what matters! I think this status, half in the media reports on it right have you. Report on, you know why people they say two and a half times more likely to be shot if you're black. That is, if you take the entire population of black people, and are they may Europe either our sun evacuate accolade, but they commit over fifty percent of the violent crimes and overall there are still far fewer black people were shot, not listen. If an innocent person whose an innocent person is shot by leaf lease of forces in appropriate white or black, that's a problem- yes, yes, there could be some common ground. We can't find common ground. One is predicated on a lie that black are being shot hunted down to use the terms of celebrities. I officers listen when we say all life that everything we want. If we want police reform yeah, let's actually
the police unions. Let's look at the wall of the blue wall of silence. Let's make some improvements, let's make sure that these are appropriate with their municipalities. In my case, let's encourage chokehold supposed to baton beatings, but that's because you know I understand the physiology of a chuckled. Many people don't do they just say we should ban it. Instead, it's a lie and People look on the lie and people don't unifying the lie. You can't started with a lie. Ok now, none of this What matters about this too, is worse orientated, noticing the part of it is that they're saying that? Yes, it is the percentage of the population, but when an unjust system so part of the statistic that they commit the vote most violent crimes is an accurate that I'm just saying that's part of the narrative, I'm not saying it's true or not, and I am sure there is that there are certainly cases where black spend way too much time in prison and have have had unfair trials year. That doesn't happen that lights either, but the idea that were I'd really cannot grasp honestly yeah why we are going backwards at rocket speed with race in this country. I know exactly why, because its required it
Quite a lot of people are out of a job. That's true as out what is AL, sharpened gonna be gainfully employed. Now what about Gamala Harris Kemal Harrison? Joe Biden go up there and say this. This shit the entire world that the United States is a systemically racist country that does help. Anybody and again it's not true for the same reason they got no say vote. I d it oppresses black people in black people said no. No, that's not true. That's on us! It's a bunch of white privy Liberals are the only ones who perpetuate these narrative see it from majority of black Americans and by though it just case in point none of these facts right even gin, Saki Chuckie in China, she was the one who, when addressing this assumed guilt right away, went off, half cocked without fact so gives licence the media gives them cover. Here you go her talking about the shooting Columbus they can. Of sixteen year old, Mikhail O Brien by the Canvas police is tragic. She was a child were thinking of her for
in family in the communities that are hurting engraving, her loss. We know that police let's just proportionally, impacts blackened latino, Bon communities round black on those girls of black men and boys experience higher rates of pay violence. We also know that there are particular our abilities that children and foster care care like Matthias face, Her death came, as you noted, just as America's hopeful of a step forward after the traumatic and exhausting trial of Derek Chauvelin and the verdict that was removed. Look, I don't want to use it, but that's really for what she just said there. At the end, just as the United States was getting hopeful. So that's that answers your question. I want to rob me of hope. A lot. Things are happening rubber under Donald Trump Record, low black, unemployment rates are low unemployment, an unbelievable economy, more american independence, energy and guess what made you think it was awful and bleak. that. This is one thing to that. I've talked about before people say it's not left and right. No, actually, this is theirs correct, right and then there's left and right, but it is
right verses, wrong, and I will say in this country as far as what you match up constitutionally, you may not like it. The right is correct. Now This happens with Republicans Democrats when they say public into the party- the rich. Well, it's actually not really true. If you look at working class people, but it only for Donald Trump, but if republican, so the party, the rich, ok, they needed when a majority votes. So it's in their best interests to make you and keep you rich if democratic party that what's in their best interests they require to make you keep you for now. Democrats can only win the left they can only win if things are bad They can only be gainfully employed if they convince you that you need them because look the message from publicans. The message from libertarians conservatives, big tent me, everyone from IRAN Paul and ran Paul. All the way over to Donald Trump is hey. You can make it. You can actually, through your own some people have tough break. Some people have a leg up, that's true, but the beauty when
with this country is, unlike other countries that came before it where your class was fixed. You have the abyss Body, and you have the choices and the liberty to make your life better, and you know what this countries actually pretty damn good place. Republicans conservatives can only win if they appeal to your best nature and you believe in your potential. They are required to win an election. To give you hope. Democrats, you just heard from Zackie are required to crushing your help because only if its everything is out of your control, there's nothing. You can do a migration of one percent and coffee. Just hunting me down. What can I do not have a trillion dollars will fix it. Doesnt work. But the Publican saying we're gonna spend less and stay out of your way that only works if there's hope and optimism. This is something that people need to understand when I say that left versus right there is one that is about soul, crushing destroying hope and one the political wing that can only win if you believe that you can make it and you can better your life and it's all a thirst for power. That's it
the sinister part of this. It's all trying to get votes. They ve gone back to your point, Stephen years. This is all there you started it, but you know how I know there are serious if they were worrying about the black community right now. I would look at the age group of what fifteen to thirty four four year old black ales number one killer of them: everybody, our strongest demographic, everybody else, its heart disease, almost every other group. the race, its heart disease, fifteen, to thirty four, your blackmailed homicide emitted by ninety three percent blackmail on blackmail. If you are serious about fixing a problem and caring about the community, talk to me about that and by the way there and be two primary or shown what? If now there can be two problems and since it we need some kind of police reform,
our view is entirely consistent. Agree. I think our union's went away with the into a post industrial revolution. I think the policing in should exist. You believe that all union should exist and be required for Amazon, provide you a hundred twenty five thousand dollar your job in queens, and you still get them out of the European Union, but all the sun. The only union that you dont, like as a police union, I don't like any unions. I believe that the two problems can be true over which problem more pressing which one needs addressing. If you actually want to improve the lives of people, yes, language is most good gaps, and so what you can defend a problem in architecture. Can so by giving any money to it, it doesn't make any sense of that's true, pink ribbon. What does that mean means? I allowing them a second me Teddy's from that in Vienna. On your part, I dont want to whether rebound allow them. I saw some ripped guy making soap, it is no. You do make a very good point, though it is all very true, especially with the power I mean both, who made a good point that
None of the power which she saying that there is this raises important place in the Americas arrests country, yet she want should be the representative of that country. Right, it doesn't add weight you, I might add anything. Every other country would look at her and let go you. That's a racist country, of course, she's there, mouthpiece there. I bet you there's nary a black person in sight. I mean I've been look. Do they have to go so white? Can you the duke of is Stamboul item ousting things, but if he came out with a girl would kill people bright. Our monitors really in Turkey must I go. She speaks for me when you hear her, you hear me she's, transparent,
those who phrases covered for two reasons, one very ugly, very stupid, also with all these press conferences at twilight, so it's more easy to kill in she closing duck. Also, I liked the movie toil this. I am now. I know it dates me, but it just came to see or hear something else that people talk about quite a bit: nothing matters, people, civil arsenic and racism, Kyle Rittenhouse, Dylan Roof these be. Why were they arrested by police and not shot and nodded surface, maybe appeal, but think that make sense, and I don't love had left always says you know, Republicans just black and white. We deal in new ones, while this one doesn't, even deal in by nuance. I mean look at the video for starters, so Let's look at how they were actually rested and either way. I dont think that we should put power, Calverton House and the same same dress, his own roof and Nicholas crews, who, I believe, parkland shooter. However, let's look at the way
These people were arrested and compare it with Micaiah and see if you can spot the difference. Race has nothing to do with it. So first awful huh, mobile person, hope that he writes in regions or gets electrocuted dealing. Don't This is the kind of guy like you can make momentum gale radically emu. I love a used car earlier, but I wouldn't want that add running Gregg walking out to repay your only. He looks just like Don T write for he shut off a female officer about this card itself. Quite a disco up there you go that's how he was arrested on ok now I'm going to get the legality that after we show just now, we have Nicholas groups. We see that was you department, shooter or new, This was Nicholas truce. Emily was, I think, it's parkland
don't know we learned the names run it for me. I was personally was partly ok. I just checked, if he's been living off the area, just checking corruption on his nonexistent pillows, but they're good pillow, goods it in a tight. If you stick your hidden them their bulletproof by Ankara I've got a shot. Here's Nicholas Kreutz, here's! How The rest it that's him lying on the ground is at his house. I dont believe size can associate apartment, complex arrays, almost as a nurse as Joe Louis look hands behind the back. They ran right up boom arrest, there's, no resisting arrest! Ok, that's enough! People can see now I'll run house, whereas I call him a hero. You shoot one pedophile you're a hero, Legend issued a couple legit
nobody was Collaret now was very believe them lets me if I would watch the show just put TED Nugent Nick Chopper, oh yeah, go? Hunting wait. Airlines day on Fox Nugent Hut, specify ill. A predator diseases has little one liners how to feed their Herman jury degrees. At your mind, using bullet rib through a guy's head pedophiles by the way petrified of yes or a salon, calls them contributing editors, so No, of course not a mass shooter, this guy, who is our cleaning up graffiti and people, try to steal his gun and shooting, because here why wasn't he shot on the spot? Well again, let's see if you can see through line here with how these people were arrested, hint, it's not race, Cameron us. He did reach we did reach right now. They're talking to my hands are up
did, kill a pillow, you think you're going. Are you guys pretty much gotta go back definite police gonna, put his gun down at that point is more important to hold your hands up until they tell you to put the gun down because it's trapped on right end. Finally, we have Micaiah Bryant, who I was Russia, women while brandish brandishing. Being a knife so we're like, though, if you, if he was shot right there curtain house you wouldn't find an unjustifiable. with his hands up and get yeah. Would I wouldn't when he reached down like that one? when he reached gonna play. I put I got, but it doesn't matter allows it. If you like understand people saying that, however, we don't have any comparable scenario where some was shot literally just for this. None of these one that we have seen so what some tat suffering to control group. Let's go to My desire devils, add. But now I told
appreciate. Here's Micaiah see if you can spot the difference, can't it's not melanin. What's the same approach, dad tax apparently minor gender, so lonely the clear here in case you haven't noticed the difference and active, shooter or active stabber, someone who is currently trying to commit harm against their fellow citizen, a police officer is required to take action. Now, if someone is surrendering with their hands up and complying, even if they do killed? Five five hundred people. It is again the law for you to shoot them. There's action, Nineteen eighty nine Supreme Court case, its grand versus Conor, ruled that for lethal force to be justified, assessed but with this is overly t suspect, must pose an immediate threat to the community and or actively before.
Arrest by the way as far as police reform has been suggested, that they dont do any foot pursuits at all any more so the grinning criminals plenary is, if you really want to be arrested, just work on your forty dash time so that its illegal mystically. Therefore, I think the eight hundred meters really what you're gonna get really work. As I want somebody hurdles, there was a pause the girl once cotton, my fence when we had our own accounts roses at a party really wanted money. Crimson nobody can arise that we're gonna run faster than everybody. I run the portly girl like me, I feel it would probably happened. Is everyone, did the sort of another website, they did. A West extra jumped the fence and she's just like, I think, I'm an american stock. We must shoulder. She actually just saw a beehive and learning. What are you looking at me? I took an on going about what around you're looking up.
yeah we're works, must block as ancient camps always and in spite of refinement again. Tell me You guys can spot the difference and if you understand when, You can usually are forcing us to get this matters because it might save your life. People need to understand that, even if you committed a crime- and you know you committed a crime- you're still make it out alive. You understand that if you comply in your hands are up its illegal gesture, so much I would have problems with Skype, Jimmy Chemo Shit, then again you don't have to deal Jimmy Camel. So it's a wash well you're funny earlier
Anthony Anderson isn't standing on stage ruining what is in their assessment Gozo. Us we're going to move on here to invite if you're watching right now, right now to show hoary Macedonia Smash that, like Button Washington right now, anyone watching right now lie endured or now smash it is. I was mash like one entered AIDS fence as your fleeing the authorities. Oji man invite the bigger person, knowing that, if you had to run that they would be cod like honey, it's so wonderful! You, the friendly heap inviting you to these parties and their money looking the neo they love so nicer than they stand next year, the whole time and then I'll run you and mom what a wing girl with them their winger on is it cause? I eat wings all the time I keep getting arrested to it's weird. I need to start
getting stuck in fences. The girl was rich. Those issues that I am does it matters without already she got off. I really made do much about push to being a nickname stuck in fence. Sad, I could stick. I need a pick up a new act, so speaking of act it's time right now, because we know that a lot of people too. At our last week were very offended Azeri and where it we are not beyond apologizing we're not beyond their own shortcomings. When related up to people of color african american black farmers. However, I do think that many people, of course, plainly disregarded context, so this is a segment that I wish. I would never have to do we should never have to explain Commodore jokes, because its pride swallowing siege that never fully tell you about so now, it's time to go to new segment, we called painstakingly explaining joke,
are so to set this up: people, are getting mad about this clip for some reason, so just shows you, the level of fence, Doktor Ben Carson, saying that mercury is opposed to equality is just a new form of racism preemptively. I agree. Doktor Martin Luther King Jr, a lot of time trying to get people to separate conjoint advance, look at external energy leagues, which they cannot change and which they cannot help it. Look in your things that you can change in the things that you can't help, such as your care. There was minded person. Are you shouldn't? we paying more attention to that, then to external characteristics. That's what Hamas to animals, you know beta love, what they on external characterises because they don't have a mental capacity to dissect. Further into what
really important. We do so, let's utilise that is just infuriates me when I see this is him infuriated and we have achieved so much more capacity and we can. together. We can solve these problems, but there are those who want to use every instance tat drives. Takes of division and to know why they fats him infuriated. I understand how we successfully stabbed his mother, but she was saved by a belt buckle, doesnt telegraph, because the Nazi I'm not seeing awning you seriously, angering me new or like it when I'm angry stem,
that's what I love about document Carson is. He has historically has no prom Congo's. There's something issues dealt with in your computer. Nuclear was well, isn't that correct and he's got no. No, no, that's not correct use continues. Asia. I've never seen anyone more level headed. Did you see what you just did, though he just called the entire left animals yazzi up. That's why they're areas why their mad, like I gave him a Doktor Carr, send out. So this was, of course, the joke that we may last. We people were very offended by analysing the joke, actually was a sort of in passing and I entered because a kind of echoes a little bit Talking about the equity in and in the farmer subsidies. What doktor been Carson was, So this is the front in question. Is America Rescue plan includes farmer reparations and what does it mean? It means- and I don't know where you find this man farmers of color, but they did five point: two billion are being allocated exclusively for a colored from reforms of farmers of color most happy about.
the new policy, these people, so here What their core go. Get a job did Barack Obama on the president or brown you, less than they would want to do. Is beef farmers was not a big, probably hundreds of them that we are not in your whole calls himself the urban man's Johnny Carson Diving, so I dont know now the most offensive part of all of the people did not care Leon from crib enthusiasm. Reverence, that's true. Iraq, Obama on the president. I did not ask now: let's be really clear: we also made fun of White Detroit or yes, who find themselves riddled with math addiction. Oh my people, just go to their neighbourhoods and build Urban Fox and ruin their network like we're in Detroit, and I get turns out the other dvd soil content is a high level of math, crazy woman. I didn't know that and teeth. There's reference wondered everywhere. It's still funny
not only that it got put out to the vet. We were obviously saying something very hateful to the point that I had friends who just read the headline of the article and then another guy who was a close friend of mine, actually get very offended and put out there that it was some propaganda stuff. I was spewing when I was totally just reacting, making a joke and I even told them. I might look- maybe it's not my best moment, but why, have to take everything to that I will never take it out of context within the context I was never included is ok. I was ripping I like people like Joe and statistical reality in that government. Not explain to you what I'm talking about you're more offended at the joke, pointing out government corruption than the actual government, corruption, so violence. Violence covered relief, building infrastructure, there's somebody bills. Five point: two billion dollars was going to farmers of color. Now that is a fish de per cent piece about pie out all farm subsidies? Ok right there, only forty five thousand black farmers,
the countries we talk about this so that less than two percent out of three point: four million farmers. While that means that forty five thousand are black, it's about one point: three percent I've seen numbers even lowers lowest point six of seeing them as high as one point eight. The point is around one percent of all. Farmers are black in this country and they're getting fifty percent of those. Subsidy, so keep in mind. White people would be getting if you have a shout about fifteen fourteen to sixteen hundred dollars per person. This means that if this bill was honest, every single black farmer in the country would be getting a hundred intend to a hundred and twenty thousand dollars so arrangement and again the context we're gonna either. This of this money in it. Wouldn't be that hard to ask all the black farmers are. Aren't that many of them either they are making out like our power or the government, is fair. was a bureaucracy and red tape and that money is not actually going to farmers. In other words, the way to help like farmers is not to have the government. Take a big old cut and they'll probably only see about the thirteen hundred that white farmers see anyway,
The issue here is, of course, basing a policy on the color of people's skin people going along with it and then not sing. What's going on the right hand with them getting the money. While you know that's administrative fees, those are overhead costs. Now we, of course, are not we, I think, all of us, though real is that we need to do better area everyday church and we wanted to make sure that we weren't just an echo chamber- that we had people to keep us, keep us in in check and so on. We actually now check in with our person of color farmer, correspondent, gets the money ever was gone Ozma. I could Tipp over eventually there's a tv in the back of the head rest for sure over here forever. sedation Playstation to everyone. You're that someone like you would still funk. Master Fletcher was all right. Listen, although polar bears check your backs.
How would you details? I have no age, because this is going to be run in ideas. Gay rendered it out. A glass is gonna, hurt you bad, and the salt water gonna sing the womb not to mention illegally put a shot in the eye. Poached ass. It passed away, gotta check, my ride. There was I had a friend was unpent. My right: did you really put an oxygen bar in his glove compartment? He no longer had a glove compartment. You know how the guy we started using. I gotta put this somewhere and you know why they did it because he was, he was an amateur skate border, it was all right. Listen I hear you liked escape. This is fuck masterfully. There are here you liked escape. Is so most We have arrived, is complete without it
oxygen, born of blood and blood products that worry, that eggs, Hermes and millions of dollars, pitching that show went over to whatever one of the national networks country and it was like yes, called trick my truck, and they were like ok, more money Pitching the save showed a red and genius any do never show them action. My friend not for eminent guy, I knew was a comic flip, something he said. They never show them when they showed slipshod again ever show them when they go back to the should take that car back to the shooting neighbourhood area, you'd seen only five minutes right, panties, Naomi, primitive Us Presidium, Engraven his army, but he still my oxygen by men. They still Mars environment emissions is like a heavy refilling image of pain in the ass is, don't you get it if its pure awkward everything surface there? Like your engines, Philip Shit, I brought it down on the way home from pennant. By get me a little more horse power, I do not
to stand your technical terminology for master. It's a horse air brushed on Yahoo, local, like horses, I don't You know I can announce that Stenzel taken from the hoarse whisper, which was Matt Damon. That was a good films. I use it as a reference point us you notice that you no longer have a trunk it is filled with an actual horse head. We do not have a taxidermy specialist, so I would recommend park in the shade for a few months posted and cut it off myself. I did it. I just made a step. Almost our cotton trip. I really does use this showed a herd. Animals is really an excuse, what you gonna dogfight and no of course not a monopoly, could offer you don't know, hey man
having brushing dogfights on his you're gonna need to cover than I thought he loved of lived out. Let me know: are we waiting on Jorge my area her? He takes didn't so he's gonna because bag Zaire jets. Ok, I mean because it is the connection, isn't working? Yes, ok right, so we go with that. This amendment is like that, like its catch, you know what I will say this. This is one thing about the you have seeking compares. They ve made some mistakes in the past, but now they ve made it policy where they don't sounds fighters so you're fighters. Yet you know yet Kobe Covington of doing the Magua thing is fighting. I think turn Woodley. Who is black lives matter, and they say, look you can it's. We don't think it's a good idea to guns
politics, but we don't control centrally what our fighters do? It's the all Eric innovation, that does it it's the only organisation that is seen their their numbers go up down the USA compared the NBA record low ratings ray. I love that yeah. I love that they suck right now. If you can't speak out against what China is doing in Hong Kong and kick fans out of the arena in the United States for holding up a sign for that, screw I am absolutely done it wasn't the black lives matter stuff so that didn't help it's the China stuff yeah and by the way everyone out there. I don't usually encourage boycotts, but the NBA come on. I want you to drive them down to W Nba like waiters, that's a taste cut would be is logical. Yep, hate equality that so as everyone is equally poor child. La Bron, but I get the same salary as the best female play in the w. I think it's fair I thought I rather unfair. Eighty five thousand some like that will let me know we have already said, and I have a couple of chat: yeah yeah
this one from cape question, could you explain to the idiot sat there while using a taser would not have been as effective thanks? Well, thank you believe I did. I feel this it's a test sir next question here is the very people They explain it yesterday, but people understand us about a taser, especially these are barbs. You know that go into Pierre to, and they can miss if you to have police officers, Rowena, taser, okay, so take a gun now give gone only one shot. with less range and no lethality and sometimes completely ineffective, taser. So, let's go down a shot. Placement accounting on cops to be at point blank range and have perfect aim every time. That's the
The way you could say that taser as a substitute for fire, and do you expect that the taser is going to immediately incapacitate them and they're gonna be like frozen in time or something like that. No, the knife continues to go forward. Even argue, pays. They don't know shadow ral. Now my friends and I never got drunk and snuck up on each other to shoot them taste and the third guns we ve done it yeah I've been taste. Seventy I've been to taste and stung Ivan teased. By up your chance, I was taken on the show and was being waterborne. Gag series of challenge areas was taste. Well, I actually, I taste my my producer at the time- Nike AIR Jordan than he Tina Turner Entities, meaning in the real which is right journey instruction, is that why you're having the prompt you to think about that? But I met you, I wasn't nearly as painful is one of the challenges was waxing our armpits that was way worse, committed religious post, a shave them first. So you don't have a tuft of hair
that all hair and just picture grabbing a walk indigent, ripping it out. We were bleeding either chain shirts that was way more painful than being taste honestly. Stun gun is nothing so look, hey we're gonna have Jorge MILES at all, but what we're going to do is because you to brain now is not going to like this. We're gonna go to a mug club exclusively and then will release this on Trotter Betsy. Assuming that we actually get him technocratic like this, we can. You said we have bigger beside him personnel tomorrow, Osman, on Saturday night. You see, we will be watching it and, of course, also wanted and when we ask him about tragic part, because your training for been aspirin is a little bit a drama there so smash that, like the best, you can do just comment your thoughts here. I am always curiosity what people think about. Do you really think that taser replace firearms? Are they actually? Are
what there, who believe it there are enough people could hear them say that, like Cathy Grip Mccaffrey, given also that it was just a kid just an old one, the old my fights doesn't remember now remember all night fights down by the creek. Cathy Griffin also held up a severed president's, so you know which didn't really offend me. I wasn't offended either crazy opponents, bad art. It is not only bad articles, my critique, but Emma. I wasn't outrageous. It would not make sense. Look she's not relevant unless you do something like that same hair, a pretty much ceramic upmarket lot of quota comes a smoker. We have a whole other. Our to the show tomorrow is meant. If you start tomorrow is no no, no, no no Jorge MILES, but I want to watch it live. Thank you love. You! We're gonna, see you next week, you too great. Now you can piss off
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