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SUBVERSION: Biden Admin Bows to China AGAIN!


Today, we illustrate what John Cena and Joe Biden have in common. HINT: It involves China and bending over. Also, antisemitic hate crimes are on the rise even though the media wants to ignore them. Gov. Gretchen Whitmer is a hypocrite. ESPN hates Tebow. And there were gunshots at the George Floyd Square memorial. Go figure.

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That was good. What well that does not taste like a fishes sphincter. Yesterday, you figure out what happened. Yeah, joy, the poison then you don't know this peppermint three here, so I'm still lie still run arriving Pierre say from one out: there calls are still a thing, no sows the flu here
Men are not borne on Youtube, who cared your more likely to actually have that are like assigns inveterate, then the cove it on that it's. A pandemic is united devil energy, that is a pandemic. Ahoy yields a pandemic. The cold the cove it? Oh, I had to hand Democrats here. Yeah I hear was made in the lab, or you know how to say no and I like to say that what what what will say it anyway, we'll get into it a little bit later here I talk about where it where it came from and how all of Information was, of course, silenced and people had their livelihoods and their ability to speak removed, but turns out. If you follow Fouche e now he says autopsy well, good I don't even becoming jaded but may not enough is anyone's about, I dont have any coming back from this. I don't know there's any coming back from everyone, silencing people who have and specifically in the interest of China, so what I did but we'll get to that. We have Gerald Morgan issue today.
and well. How are you you know? Sometimes I feel better when I'm sick, because I feel like it's what I deserve. Let's through more me and we have dating from the tormented replacing core black courted like it's back tomorrow. There took known that, come on down the days now Winter went to deal with some family went in Tennessee to be. If natures kite, they'll take a man is one of their own or how nice it's not gonna happen. So we have a lot of dark heart. I've done by John Siena apologizing grovelling for China and talk about TIM Tito in white privilege of Governor Whittemore, not just that she broke her orders recently, but we'll go through all of the times that she's done this, oh yeah, sure think she's and Empress and will of course be talking about it leaking from a lab and also anti semitic, hate crimes.
The big thank those are on the rise. They did. You know how did you know that there was a shooting yesterday where there is it? Well, you know it will get into it. How it's pretty breaks out? It's! It's almost comical First, this video weaver kid was cruelly. You know he's delta bed, hand and life because he's wearing a he's wearing a soft helmet. Look give the kid a hard helmet at this point anytime, a kid needs. A helmet just skips often go for hard because we assume, if he's wearing a hard helmet, maybe there's some kind of an injury places. Sport oft helmet going to assume retarded other thought an old timer football right or an old Tommy football player who let us twitching. I escaped but luckily the kid has a really cool mom who takes him to drag queen bars.
it looks like a little soft boiled. Egg lad. Dry cleaners item be followed, And yes, if we directly whether that's that's ahead, shaping helmet, it is, it is yes his it's, because how can I put this delicately? His lazy and mother left in laying down too much was that what is at the unit would like a flat, but that actually waited so it actually moves in a room would have thought that the lady who takes her kid to drag queen of ours is an force, not the best man. Evidently she left him over by the only ever. What what's wrong with it. Kid left, when the champagne room to authorise a difference. We have a helmet, little sort itself out. When I was
when I was when I was born, I had a full head of jet black hair and I had a plan she had a cone had when that happens, and I jaundice I looked like a little lay like a like Whaley rights? Yes, I would like an alien who tried to fit in with native Americans. I looked like like yes, let's make jerky and scalp military budget, because those who become had rather like my bra I got all the food. using a pumpkin, and then I just look like kind of Venus. Dave comes out. Looking like Voldemort at the end of her in any other brother has a scar like listen. I think that its foretold we'd know about this. So yeah today was it was the one year anniversary of George Floyd's death, but they met movement. It's it's his birthday like his death birthday. I know you know No, I didn't really in the car you pick each other's bucks a naked, the
It's a lot is birthday. Like is deaf birthday. We'll talk. Take your chat and little did. I don't watch at all by the way I know you're thinking, presumptuous, Bestead ever changing. No, this is for you, you can go to crowded shop. That coming can hit that their team, the two men, forefathers is at last week's. We lot ass tat ever changed my mind best more or less deep. We ve been told you, ninth June. I will wait a ruined me trying to play to ruin the sense of urgency. That's my birthday by his lips and Michael J Fox Greeley area. I jus. Ninth, it's a good give the idea it's a great. from a dare take it from that yeah when that sugar. Hard to cigarettes in my son's. Can you do about it? Gars nets, thoughtful Johnny. How that changes in cigarettes they want to kill you right, Garza thing. I got you, So one year anniversary of George Floyd's death and if you watch the Means was watching seen in all day yesterday, why I have to do it.
You don't have to all of our sources- are available, not what kind of a kind of everything we talk about today they didn't covered As far as I saw once I dunno mainstream applicable at once. There is DR by shooting at the George Floyd Autonomous Zone, this happened yesterday. This of comprehensive police reform to be there's gonna be carefully. some gunshot, you think you think that would be worth covering. Yet why so many questions? Did they call the cops? probably gonna call the cops today This is just how they honour George Floyd and death, as they do in life committing crimes my point: is there a lot of questions that would be enough? That's not even close to the whole story. Now the media didn't covered at all. We will we sought lives was breaking on Twitter, so I put up actual shots fired counter. It goes on for a minute and a half its comically long. Thirty something rounds are fired and someone was shot by the way. This it wasn't wasn't critically wounded was shot in. The media did
cover this also. Luckily, for at least copses coming back with a newly format of programming and they ve already gotten the right. So now you can see the whole clip it real in context, I know this bill comprehensive. Police reform to be there's gonna be carefully with some gunshots. Hi like gunshots. No other says this to be gunshots.
Shit state doing is more widely
that's right! That's it! You! Thirty! For his birthday! You just go! That's how many shuts it is! No. That was several practical, reloads and driving around two new low cows. To get a better vantage point that one guy in this look, I don't know whether he's an idiot. You should be wearing a soft oil helmet readjusting. There's your sucker jacket, that's exactly what I thought was like. Everybody else gets down and moves he's. Ok, I'm really tall what's going on, but I stand for secondary, looks like my dad from one angles, has never mind tat walking around I've seen this can. Can we find some common ground? Do we I hate to do that, the what about them? Don't we think this? would have been covered anywhere else, I'm in a hurry one shots, and there were several reporters live yeah right. They were cut it with all. The coverage of the George Floyd Zone was all they cover to the universe. No one covered this way If only for the anti Gunnar angle, I'm just
that I'm all in a bet. There is probably more than ten round magazine. You think of one person was headed should at least have been covered by awful shot magazine soldier of Fortune soldier of unfortunate training. It is remarkable to me, we were, We all for sure there's going to be on the news? Thank you. No CNN has a camera crew somewhere locally and they actively had to cut away me like. I don't bring that up. Don't bring that up. I honestly found it was thirty one. When Stephen texted me this morning, there is nothing else on the news about it. Now I thought that one tweet and I watched CNN all morning long, not a word. I do not. What's what If behind they categorize mass shooting? As for victims, I believe when four people actually hit so this you have very little thing. I tried it on my machine deaths. This would qualify. I would think it. This doesn't attempt attempted mass shooting yeah.
the thing now and then a bigger say you know three people get killed, even if the statistics that could mean that you know there's one magazine and the guy was a decent shot right. This is this is worse than the scene of falling Downward Michael Douglas deals. The woozy takes up shooting lessons, as this is real. So comical it's almost like Austin powers. It goes on for so long with guys being run over by the steamroller. It goes on. So I, like other guy doing the reporters like yes, we're just gonna have to be careful for some gunshots. Yes, yes, you will have to be careful if no one else, he is so not used to a shooting way, don't use to shooting at all, but going on this long, he forgets he's on camera oversees composed, like we're just going to work it out of the way here and then about a minute later. He forgets This is still going on here, so broadcasting it goes from you're going to oh shit here, they're gonna get out of here get still going he's an austrian, guys are not used to now can well beyond the one. That's you and cup of foods.
Let's just go ever owns that storage, just like it come on guys. Can you, in just a few creatures, go I'm I'll iron for the good all days of counterfeit twenties. Yes, she is eyes, shot. Eight packs of cigarettes are best sellers are men vowels, please, just click aim for the Chesterfield right there already gonna take these eventually because as well, What would you do we want the insurance cover it? Would you have warehouse moroccan spirits? We see the neighbourhood come on, it's cools mavericks, yes have off brand, for when cools is to spare, when you to save twenty said life Generic Kroger's generic spam. Ok, so this is another story. John Siena, so John Siena gave an interview all natural. By the way, all of these matters before the time of the war on lab league- and I want to talk about this- for I think it acts is a valid argument at this point when people say
The constitution was written for different time and, of course, it applies. The printing press, of course, of secondment applies to current weapons. I dont think However, the founding fathers could have foreseen a world in which our own government is looking out for the best interests of a foreign communist entity and is in bed with media corporate media and entertainment industry. Entities who grovel at the feet of China Let's keep in mind your what what John scene, it did John Siena, simply in an interview, mistakenly thought that Taiwan was a country and China. So we're not gonna we're gonna run your your new film. Can I get a ban you and I, and so we had to apologize, issued an apology saying I'm I'm so sorry for just knowledge of the existence of Taiwan, which, by the way the World Health Organisation doesn't do either. So he learned Mandarin because you trying to break into the chinese market any issued an apology on video and I think actually we do have that
I'm totally wasn't correct that you saw of social media. We have that APOLLO right now,. the House of Lords Georgina will be as usual. Oceans. I saw deluging jaw woods or hung door cipher handled under so use eager tie for war. you're eager for wool, soil urea more regard will kill. You, John, where solidity ensuring there were hundreds itching information, so you handle foul information war without you got sore we'll be situations I just I don't. I come twin. John Jungle
come John Worryin- were hung hum bulletin. There would add through Turkey to achieve How bout you need: Bijou ideology, war, how I hand and John John Gorgon jungle I'm just lady of HOLLAND, I'm glad necessary, least police taking ownership, Mary the origin of the gremlins, the origin story, that wasn't a lab, was seen an seen, her not to be confused approach, Senile there's a little bit of difference are. It is important that there is a general jack. It's import No man is a compulsive. John Siena is a compulsive liar as seen by the fact that he claims he's, never used steroids yes, performance, enhancing drugs, and I dont want to turn performance enhancing drugs, because if a doctor gives you any medication, there's not a performance enhancing drugs, its malpractice, everything you take it,
from its enhancing druggist sugary. No, I'm talking about copious amounts of illegal steroids to the point that his forehead is out growing the skin and he might need a soft boiled helmet eddies. I look at me when I was eighteen. You can just tell the time all natural look when I was eighteen authority by european standards at eighteen. We can see those pictures. We can tell you that your guardian start just like Brok Listener, and these people want you to believe them. There are compulsory liars, but John Siena is apology for acknowledging that Taiwan is a country, no one the problem with that outside of Communist China and, of course on nations supports them and, of course, the World Health Organization also doesn't acknowledge Taiwan as a place. This This is insane when you think that we will always at a big deal, that Red Don replaced China with North Korea, ok really? I was at a big deal that the german Siena: how do apologize? Always it a big deal that Youtube isn't allotted speaking to just now we're getting into a different territory? All of this ties, and when you have government official signing trade agreements that favour foreign nations who commit those abuses of human,
its violations and Hollywood does their bidding. We are in a very scary point and I do think it's you know where that. Let me put it this way. I can't say that, because we get in trouble because the punishment for treason, execution, and I would never want to advocate that right. Does it seem treasonous? Well, tell you what you know would be treasonous China if it if jackets, and went out and made a film that was Pro America and acknowledged. Taiwan is a con Jackie chain wouldn't exist anymore, so tat it would consider a treason, but we do have a problem with it and you wonder why we don't. that we're going to win wars. I feel like foisting the fast and furious series on us worse, yet I mean you're, it's really what we need to get down to its, not his apology. It's not Taiwan. It's the factories in a terrible movie that will only make money in China again. Raven carotene just considered Taiwan a good time rights. Yes, you up. At least he went doing what he loved. Is it like that the tenth movie
I mean I swear. I I was appalled by the fact that fast and furious franchise has, I think, one or two movies in the top ten grossing all time. Maybe three and I looked at the stats, unlike that they can be that many stupid people in the United States and I was right it's all in China on China, but my friend wrote the last one and I didn't even congratulate ok, so there's gonna be some. He sums up on it good. I, like the other, moves you may I guess I'm maybe in China look there. Obviously film is a little bit different, mainly in diesel. Here we go again like us all. We do not he's living a free life because I probably never saw a lethal weapon films knowing that Israel American some capacity like they're all here we got you he's getting too old for this ship everytime American, with all our went about the worst part of radon, was the
Mexico. Whatever attack us, I mean come on. That's enough! That's not possible! Mexico take us alone. It was Mexico and North Korea in China at the beginning and end they changed it to Mexico in North Korea or the remake ya think they make it was Mexico in their written on ninety nine percent. Sure it was Mexico for sure with China, but it was Mexico and check on like really come on guys are theirs marching over, like every low writer truck we're the Harry. I like what are these ponds and the attack, and you guys are just gonna like throw people at us for a little bit, Randall Clayton. I mean greater Johns enables swap makes just trying to find as many military uses for their grappling hook. I I that moving the theater I do not regard no, the first fasten the furious and Jan thousand one and the whole time I'm walking up people those awesome and I'm seriously repeating grappling was gradually and then everybody was peeling out the move. Now it around this, This is about ten movie
branch rise. There might retain that. Another happened only had a horror films and there are still straight to dvd there's no way that could alter their egg on your forget, other all hits that makes no sense. I was pretty sure the first red damask Russians, absolutely happiness and Soviet Union and its Cuban in Nicaragua and allies. Oh, I was, I thought it was Mexico's. You, wouldn't nicaraguan allies, probably see the next one. What what are the don't, throw them good ones and the one who is short fellow second decorous market and they'll, be disappointed us these Soviet Union in ITALY and Guns Alice the next when it was mostly the Chinese but the change to the North Koreans. That's what the other! What was either the other group? Did they change there too,
Why does everything I've ended in Detroit, whether they Zenos Yannick? We need opposed to pocket. We need a post apocalyptic scenario and we have no budget. Let's go to we're. Democrats have had unfettered rules since nineteen sixty one. While this is too much to come out of a little on the Nose Detroit hurried we set. We said we want future, we didn't say, judge dread. Ok, you don't have to make the whole city, though Robocop Landscape. Well, that's just actually you're city wow. We thought you were keeping up appearances of ok in one no future. So this this is something opponents ties into Rotumah, John Siena, of course, in China, in the media needed to entertainment, industrial complex, the Bite administration of all natural because everyone is larger and leaner at fifty than they were at twenty five. Yes, just Ass Sammy Sosa Mark Maguire, yet Kirsty them again. Let us not forget that we have this right here. What is going on there, all the veins,
it is nipples- look like milked, adds that were left in the sun to learn all natural knowledge, and the thing is that the rock Hedda he had a back store. They look when someone, detailed report. That's how you know it's a lie here s one tat my friend screw around with it in college and I said, no, wasn't a touch it anymore. Ok, yeah, alright, alright, Iraq all six dollars in my pocket name a millionaire, I think you're a liar, so the buyer administration they shut. This is something now that everyone is allowed to talk about, that it does not seem possible, but more likely that covered came from the war on lap. nobody will we were calling it. The woman virus now is considered racist, very much which we is funny because, like what do we have to at least have the spanish flu rightly talked about that we the diseases if they stop from a specific geographic location to doing it, topographic map to be able to do this. well. I wouldn't say of China will on flew why Donald Trump do that he was right.
Do it because he wanted to make sure that the american public and the rest of the world under stood. Who was responsible Wolf on Laboratory and that was dismissed, is conspiratorial UK now we know that Joe Biden actually shut down a trump era probe Investigation into the rules on labelling so publicly had found. You have only saying. There's no truth to this. There's no merit to whatsoever Donald Trump us, and I think there is why, because it was Astrogational no is getting those reports daily, one of the first find it came in office, shut down that probe, wonder why the guy who supported teepee, wonder why the guy who soft on China one why the guy is talked about China being a great ally. Now he tries to talk a little bit little bit tough, but he doesn't remember what I said yesterday so yesterday, after being asked about why it was shut down the probe gin, Saki Penal, what she said No, she such conduct investigation, who she Pontius Pilate and wash your hands without the United States, job, ok, doubt difference and world you. Don't trust me
it's our job, to keep foreign communist entities accountable, threat, gents access, let who do it! Here's clip following on from the questions about investigations, the origins of Irish. You spoke about the need for an independent investigation. What role by administration, an U S, scientists are CDC. Scientists should play that message. Well, the double Joe, would be the body that would be overseeing a transparent, indifferent, independent base to investigation that something we have strong supported that would require China finally, stepping up in allowing access needed to turn determine the origins of sort, of course, the United States, would be supportive of that second stage of the investigation, but it would be led by an international body Olga Great great yeah yeah, of course not yielded. Would help of China stepped up what are trying to say now
Well, you know, listen, will circle back. Haven't you don't circle back? Haven't we drop them? A lab. I like dress like say she just got off her tough it s she lives in a shoe s. Dont know what to do is a rubber shoe. Lady, that's a starting off point. You know what they wanted to transition from an escalation to the debate show because they didn't think that the quality of work coming back to them was good yeah. Look. Let me give you a low. Is how glad you you set them from because the world? translation problem, cholera- hunch right, won't trying to investigate China with great vigour zeal, if you will, they treated this in January. Twenty twenty preliminary starvation? This is world health. Opposition conducted by the chinese authorities have found no clear evidence of human to human transmission of the novel corona virus. By the way, also the who is genocide. He say we're not tasked with whose task with the World Health Organisation, World Health Organisation who say: ok. Watch investigation while the chart the investigation from the Chinese into themselves, but I thought you were
Nora with China. China was really instigation, but that pact back they disappeared, invited having been that we want to roll out already shown that they will not investigated. That's why we needed investigation here in the United States. So again she is acting she's, acting as other. Isn't that context, qualities we done by international body. No, we have that information. This is not new information. We all have this information and Donald Trump said. Okay with that information, the World Health Organization not investigating. China can not be counted upon, tally, reliable themselves, so we need to do it and now we ask the question why all that information work. Did you decide you no longer drawn investigation or because we think that the results are already had it all had that info, everybody was saying if Donald Trump had locked down the country a week earlier, how many? Like hundreds of thousands of cases, we could prevented China New four months that this,
going it will do a whole segment on this. My were so many lies member. They also blamed the United States for spreading it yeah, there's that it was your soldiers. They said it was: U S. Soldiers in the World Health Organization did nothing and hey. I wonder why China may feel embolden. He just John Siena in this by the way he's just a proxy all of Hollywood doing their bidding here on an unsuspecting american public, and now we have Genseric, saying our hands or wash of this World Health organisation. Who will tell proposition? Oh you know it to actually go to China and China, saying hey by the way, we'll tell transition, make sure that you carry our water. Here's an interview with one of the heads of the World Health Organization back to Taiwan, refusing to acknowledge that Taiwan exists as a name Just in case you wondered where their allegiance is lie will consider how was membership its enlargement
terrifying, whether it was right that I couldn't hear your question. Let me let me let me repeat: the question was to another one that right for this I'm actually carry on talking about Taiwan as well on Taiwan's Kase Circle, back. she, said. Have you seen unprofessional. Look this here's the context that matters. No other nation? Maybe North Korea the problem with acknowledging Taiwan. That is exclusively a chinese issue, because I don't want free people, no other nation in the world it very very clear, don't like their multitude of forces here at play with the World Health organisation they were given in. No uncertain orders, you do acknowledge someone also because time they were born so early on. We never
Yet I want we chose to listen to. China's proxies are used. Are you to see the nefarious motives here and I'm not in the business of attributing motives. There can be no other motive. Let me know any other motivation. Please comment will take your chats a little bit later. If you, on rumble just comment. Maybe I'm wrong what motive not even acknowledged, I Taiwan's existence unless you're lying with China that the contacts that matters- and this is the organisation in charge of investigating China who, by the way, said Morgan Electronic themselves, and you know why this matters to seven. We ve had the NBA already kind of bow down to these people. We ve had kept Facebook. We ve had Disney. We ve had all these things happen. China sees that says we had. We had an agreement with Hong Kong. They could kind of have their own government we're going to take that back. That was their job that can afflict the job a little bit like. Oh nobody did anything people think within the next decade, they're gonna try to take Taiwan back right and when you have
people apologizing when you have people going out there in saying let's at the debate show, because we don't want to interfere with anything in China, it just shows them that Europe pansy you're not going to stand up to them. If they do it, it just emboldens them, and all of the Thai one people who are free right now, living in a great country are scared to death. Because nobody has got their back and they wanted to feel bad fur, and you should feel that for any one is a victim of a hate crime, United States. It's not why think it is as far as Asian Americans. But what about the sympathy for the actual people, a nation that could be wiped off the map I think it's best John seen us as they don't exist? Yes, I think so Rambling. Releasing g h should serve about tomorrow's sitting. Will harm lab wooden, sell em a bad? They do so now that the order of a bat filled with steroids lie over its make you heap bath more by all available fifty described at right angles. Thought could be steroids
draft a vile over their curved he's like them hundred by Mr Stevenson, herbal chinese medicine for the E. Not have you back, that's not gonNA, learn around. We will take your battles impact, not all this. What makes you say, yes to aim issue more scripts up. A minute or two: he did. He took a lot and I would, by the way, even chinese state media they're turning now and faulty and the war on lab controversy there could it's ok now that their far enough from Donald Trump, Second holistic and right now, unseen and really quickly, air pollution are responding to learning to a shooting, say that in Yosemite ACT seen there, how many, showing, as I already want or less from thirty one or less that's another way. Of course, if anyone has been killed, anyone harmed. Obviously heart goes out absolutely. But my point is our hearts go out terrorism, equally it all of these shootings. So we know again, now get your things in real time. We know
Let's see it covers a shooting without any info, without contacts at the moment they can they deliberately suppressed in Georgia. I guarantee they'll included in the mass shootings tat so that these, without citing it specifically about ICE Villa guess, there was one. this sort of somewhere and then also getting and then I'll get only then ruled and tuck EDA. What some guy shooting cans on his farm offence should look even the meaning and how to go about what? Let's keep us updated on this, but the even the media. Now that did their their knowledge and that will hung lab controversy. So let's go through this really quickly, John C. We already see the context, the media right, you're, doing the bidding the carrying water, China. Ok, we have Donald Trump. There was
over one sort of guard standing between us and China sing me to investigate them because their lying there saying there's no human human transmission of when the United States soldiers good. Then the probe gets ended by Donald Trump and they say the World Health Organization is the one responsible for visiting China. Seymour color they can collect Johnson refuses to acknowledge Taiwan's existence, and then the World Health Organisation says we're gonna. Let China do the investigation by themselves and you wonder why we never actually got to the route issue of how this virus started. Take your back soon Your mask, don't ask questions all by the way? While we're talking about totalitarian and look at this hour, on CNN, with his mask while we're talking about a level. We here in the side flying is going back. Tell us they all right. That's I'm! Sorry! I didn't look, it's not you! It's just seen and is aggravating me better, So tat, you can see knows it's almost like John Siena Banana hammock. So now we
like you, didn't see his nose. Let's add to this the World Health Organisation in international entity, one the most powerful coming the chinese government you have complicit American United in the United States government refuses to do in investigations. We have media okay. We now have the government. Ok, we have international committees with vested interests in suppressing with information. What about the most part? for companies that have ever existed. Facebook, twitter, Youtube, Google, that's the biggest one right you Google, they didn't say, keep in mind that you're not to spread and medical misinformation that wasn't the policy just to be clear on Youtube Youtube policy. Let me read, you word for word uncovered is Youtube allow content that spreads medical information that contradicts health authorities or the World Health Organization's medical. Formation about covered nineteen. Oh, what a second do not allow medical misinformation, or do you not allow anyone to two to question the World Health Organisation, because want to save the World Health Organisation set,
human to human transmission? So if you in twenty twenty said actually, I think there is human human transmission from band. Are you safer more informed. I hate it. So I hope I'm not getting jaded here and aid to be a conspiracy theories. It's not medical misinformation. We know beyond any shadow of a doubt,. medical this information has been spread by the World Health Organization amplified and Youtube said. If you went against it, that would be a strike or complete removal, doctors or removed for questioning the World Health organization. You think none of us that the election do. You know how I know: there's human to human transmission, because you ve got an asshole unseen and right now virtue signalling with a mask after being and we took a hard strike. General one of our guidelines, because we went against the World Health Organization at a scary time. That's really I don't take. The founding fathers could have seen this this amalgamate of our government.
International governments and the most powerful cultural influencers in the country and three four five But he's really who are more powerful than any world governments to have proceeded, to have a vested interest in harming the american people in order to preserve the integrity or really prop up integrity doesn't exist for foreign communist yeah? You know us went against the debate, show fatty when he said the lockdown lockdown, where great thing the debate to actually mountain issues, sentencing hey, lockdown, probably not the best way to deal with them. They change their Mona. Let go wait a minute. You can go against the debate or the northern a double change your mind, what I'm sure Jean Valjean them had a meeting, but here's the beauty than to the truth is half of this country doesn't want to think about it. They consider this great. You tubers People are not gonna cotton creators who have meetings with Susan Whisky, not like us
but this is the Good NEWS is there are smart people at the World Health Organisation, the CDC you don't gotta think about it, brought the cdc like this whole governmental body with scientists and shit. They just tell us what to do. You have to think about it. It took the easy way out, Robert temper was wrong. It is an issue where you're just, oh right can imagine being China getting that like self fulfilling questioner like ok, did you cause a global pandemic that killed millions of people causing billions of dollars? Note trillions of dollars and damage and are you liable for it or no, They felt an auto from american soldiers Yasser multiple choice. I think right, I'm a number two pensive about what do you think they're gonna say about really, and so it's a lie.
That everything that they ve told you was a lie, and that has resulted in more people across the globe dying, China's directly, not Donald Trump, China's directly responsible for the deaths attributed recovery, which, by the way, you're making its abolition significantly lower in United States than people make it out to be when you consider actually the context of commodities that doesn't matter still not. And of lying China. Ok, now we move under this, something it they're lying about right now, Anti semitic, hate crimes are taking place. Yes, lateral. Now the media for the longest time wanted you to believe. Oh that's right, also mark rough life, got about two. I love them. A mark Ruffolo had to apologise, and you dont aren't, you think, is pretty good. I was an actor I mean as soon as it is not even being is garbage awful guy like when he's pretending to be anybody, but him right. Yes, you do that more. He had two APOLLO
eyes because he said that Israel was a nation committing mass genocide? Ok, look! We do we mean to go to the apology, but Let's go to the media, who of course before we got two here right now they want to blame all the anti semitic hate crimes arise and Anti semitic on Donald Trump. This was a narrative, they said deny the trumpets Anti semitic, even though his latest comments are just some slip of the tongue, from talks, George Americans, don't we hand against Israelis taken by his mind to address shown us gets bogged down, but waiting an anti semitic star of David over a pile of cash. During the twenty sixteen campaign he's a grown man. There are problems in the Republican Party and a democratic party differences that Republicans don't hold their leaders economy. But when you start using language like that, then the white Nationalists here it and it sends them a signal that it's ok for them. to use language, the Jews are disloyal. That's what anti semitic signal has made me.
Gordon, just riding out of large note and this guy to evoke. If a president trouble is not reason and for him to use the cat, of language, that wines of fuelling anger of White nationalist bid, but that's he's a sword like Goebbels, you say the lie, long enough, keep repeating repeated repeated, it becomes common knowledge. Ah, yes, we compare Donald Trump to Goebbels is ok. Let me Let me ask them because one thing is sure to point out with a star of David overpower catch, which was taken out of context. Look I defy you take point me to one one statement, one statement from Donald Trump was anti semitic, not even in title of course a funny thing as Anti Israel right you're going out that that exists, sums exclusively democratic party, one for me, proof you can that the man who gave I would say and uncomfortable amount of power to his jewish son in law was anti semitic.
You can't find it that's what they go, oh really when he says something: it's veiled and it's a secret to Anti semitic, signalled its progress in the sky and you have the right to premises and we haven't seen the numbers reflected yet, but there were pretty sure that Donald Trump isn't it. I somewhat anyone out there Send me anything so I can see it is a matter of fact. You know how I know, because we keep tabs on Antiphon we tabs on white supremacy groups. They were all really pissed that Donald Trump was as produced as he was absolutely and by the way how in the world do they do a segment where they say and why the premises here this and I understand, being disloyal and not cover by, in saying, if you dont vote for me, you ain't black, how it is that different now her dark pouncing, we will support Israel with all our might we nobody saying now what did what they say?
was almost on a day waterway. I can't memory was really really soon after its presence in Europe that that that embassy gets going to Jerusalem gonna too rosy eternal capital of Israel and of music tat was proactively poking the finger in the chest of anti Semites, like Rama Manual in the shower, bit by so many mosquitoes cause. I was afraid to buy those tiki tortures, I like I want to get em for the but I leave it. Gonna think staff, Andorra Gerald have extra, but the pride told it to get such a narrow little work for the mosquitoes either one hair blue eyed tall, I'm screwed either way she likes how good Democrats overtime, Donald Trump brought it rhetoric, Hitler's wet, compare it at a rhetoric from the left. Let us look at that lets. You look really quickly. Edelano mark you got tweets big win for them. The S movement, let's go the reason it looks like Apartheid Armitage will, simply because it is a part that now by Mr Poos for an end to the occupation, meaning give up land to terrorists who fire rockets and civilians. Where are you
up again. Finally, even something even remotely comparable to what you see from the squad from Donald Trump. Anything now of So there's also, I think, with a month of more anti semitic rhetoric right from the air. From the letter kick area, we have some quotes. Here's another month. We leave to make sure that our allies are living out the same values that we push for. What do you support videos? What is playing and your brother for many a Omar drew criticism where we rather new politician support Israel. What it's all about the Benjamin's baby in colleagues palestinian aren't going anywhere, no matter how much money you send to Israel's apartheid government Alex Andrea, Cassio Cortez in the last couple of days. Tweeting of Israel Quota parted states, our democracy, today just say: a parted parted portrait, what was her name high via? Why isn't he wearing a soft boiled helmet up, then I parted state.
the thing is he didn't know that he said that until probably he wrapped the show, in someone's, going, ok, good shelve your ship bombing of Europe is done, seventy percent and also- but you know, but that's par for the course also. You said a word: that's not a thing! So ok, why? What I can't cornerstone that said, Mexico invaded and red dot that doesn't matter. That's a film narrative. It nobody saw about our country. No one really cares about that's true. Yes, my aunt has paralysis. It's what now what has happened now? This is what matters lie: because you want to prop up victims for political gain, always end up creating actual victims. Ok and now, today. The absolutely is rise and anti semitic hate crimes, analytically, not anti, Israel It can be anti israeli government or their policies for sure and not be anti semitic. But I want you to see these clips and understand that a lot of Tax have nothing do Israel, it's just looking for Jews to beat them down the street, and I will do it that way
but not a lot of these folks are big jeered, Kirshner Fans, Riga, This is pro Hamas activists written on jewish Dinah. Israel protest just jewish diners virus. Don't off their New York. This is you can see or see the flags here, someone running down a Jew With their house, don't like that's gonna land now this is in London. That's trumpet trump country, as is LOS Angeles, has ended up being. Some, I think, is really demonstrators like anti further Hamas palestinian demonstrators came into just started. Now. Let me be clear:
they didn't say, killed Israelis and rape, their daughters, which I would argue still probably crosses alive. They said, kill the Jews and write their daughters. Also talk about Orwellian. This is help. If we, we're on Youtube right now and we're not. Thank you rumbling of course, one. My club. We get more trouble for saying that they said: kill the Jews and rape or daughters or be some auto algorithmic will you said, kill the Jews and no recourse to Europe. I want to point out that it so easy to manipulate the narrative when you can say what we removed Stephen crowded for anti semitic speech. What will he said, kill the Jews. I was quoting the people who said till all the truth and rape their daughters. This is a problem when you removed context and placed it underneath com. Tent and you can remove anyone at any point as we see by Taiwan, Taiwan, the original DE platforms, the Oji. Accordingly, What for, indeed, let form an entire country? Yes, you don't actually exist yet you don't exist,
but I feel like I do exist. What I'm doing I'm touched, my physical battery, I haven't live all I don't see. How do you view the pink? picking teams here and you ve got Israel and you ve got the Palestinians who are dying. Those things. How do you side with decide that says? while the Jews and rape there don't know what you're side with China over Taiwan jails understand, think about it. Lebaron goes out and says you're. Next about some cop who sail lack lady from being stabbed by another young black lady, not a pin down talk, that Hong Kong people with the sick people again. Sometimes you can argue, take something out of context and you can do. Israel did this in ok right. Look, I'm not saying that Israel is without fault right, but if you take it again in the entire context, you have one party, who sides with Communist China over Taiwan the international organizations who do and sides with Hamas over the nation is your problem.
a self identified terrorist organisation who believe in the eradication of not all Israelis. All which might be the reason that, in that Uk were anti. Semitism goes completely unfettered. They say all the Jews and rape, their daughters. the way. I don't know if you know this is Images doesn't exist in the UK for traditional, just old White England, English folks, it's because of mass migration of people coming in yeah. Well, I'm waiting for the video of Nancy Pelosi, unchecked humour to go respectively to their states and go to the jewish areas and say: hey come out and support the jewish community. Remember when everybody was worried, the Donald Trump was studying these aunt asian things and they had gotten support the community yeah. I'm waiting for those videos, nasty I'm waiting. Can you make that video forests and just make sure that everybody knows that your against Anti Semitism when Donald Trump set? We support Israel and wanted to put the embassy in Jerusalem. Yet they claim you as Anti semitic. Chuck shimmer did his hit from the whale and wall. You know all key wants to destroy the shit now back to you well good enough for me: no need to fact juggernaut, unbelievable our evaluations.
The podcast, if you guys are watching here on on rumble worst more, maybe you're right now, I think, will be starting back next week. I am not entirely sure, only be updated, but on Apple Android Spotify, you can listen to the audio version too much it's a show alive show Monica Thursday, ten, a M eastern guy. That's when you can tuna, and so we dont lose contact. You and fathers idiom Arusha, baby credit shop that got levels on various your face. That has like the exploitative that says this continent, since that could really be just about any time. I just can't wear a picture of my own fate. No, you can't put an end to the illegal I'd, be as bad as John Siena, whereas underwear with a picture of his face on the inside just myself, that's putting sure we felt we all now all natural good, while the veins his his four, It is growing like a cabinet of Doktor Calla Gary shot. No
not sure what the hell were. You what're you Talkin about Chemical, now go with timber. It's the Dutch. His name is gonNA, let them when people grow. That's when you get older, but you're, for it doesn't go pick up a little bit like it's a cardiac I'm all natural, you sorry for your habit. I can't he looks like Arnold, in pumping iron, but with a soft helmet. Yes also on that of area. Lily starves, honest about, don't trust! Any of these people know dont trust any of them. I don't watch movies command. I will you do that or the chinese government. One would think you are right, but trust a debate so well the man, let's Trudell, let's trust our dear literature our own dear leaders here right because they have our best interests at heart. Governor women are here and there they love her love. All beautiful, beautiful woman is beautiful on the outside issues on the UN's accessories
much more beautiful on the outside of that. She is on their side. If you Sunday in front of her face routine twice as fast as through the Lake Effect Shop earlier this week, Doubter Whittemore apology, for violating her own covered restrictions. So I think we have that picture. Membership was seen dining with several believe dozens of her friends pushing enables together when other restaurant tours have obviously been fined or arrest. for closing our practice and hears horror up her. Her that is the USA. The epitome of Freudians lit up now Jorge tackling the guy radon. it's totally most acceptable Freud. I've ever heard the I swear
the violent under our Elliot page, any therapists does like no, you are rightly show if you're gonna be a word is firstly that comes your mind. Freud is rolling over his grave. Just give me a thumbs. So here she is the other option is surrounded by her kin. Here, she is apologizing for violating those rules. Is It was an honest mistake and I I have apologised for it I think that we have specifically not gone forward when Peter. Wise businesses that are trying to do the right thing. It's those that flouted and the opposite oars safety at rest. That begin on are the most concerning but There's a lot more for me to add at this. Meantime other other, as those
add murmur, Spartans or Agnes you're. Starting for life who know the establishment should be aware that is now a restaurant and they have pretty there takes offer. Wigan shows everybody her limb difference yes a translator whose hands could crack lobster clause rough. Looking woman, the translator, yes, trends, later later later so came after by the way, the six thousand restaurants in wishing closed for good, or only really worried about those who really violated safety, giving doing what you do. That's exactly the point right out of context. As fervour were re, really more consumer people violated safety scene. It, oh you mean, like you, but the rules don't apply to these rights. Just like the roles of accountability, don't apply to the World Health Organization when Youtube says: don't spread medical misinformation, there's a different role for elites, Then there is for you- and this is where my libertarianism has gone out- the window, because we are at a point right now where there is such on
better power and a different system of rules, and I am not talking about taxing the rich to an unfair degree of autonomy that I'm talking about politicians getting away without. ever being held accountable, six thousand restaurants, permanent shut down in Michigan and the owner. We talk Better before more Lena Pebbles, Hackney was arrested for keeping a pizza shop, open, This is a body like this is not the first time. Whittemore has done this violence, and really quickly. I want to move on with Governor Whittemore there hovering on CNN right now to show what do we know coming in one other thing is interesting, is whatever these happen so that we have so much experience with this? Is you try to look at some of these aerial images to see the posture of law yesterday, which was as I guess there wasn't a shooting back to you You liar you right now, but certainly a heavy police presence there, they try to deal with this situation. I was going to ask for your interpretation of that very point to Jack Campbell thanks very much the headline they're following reports. Of a shooting near downtown San Jose California, police, saying it is still an active scene.
See it does not have information. Yet on the number of casualties. We, of course, will bring you those detail. they know numbers or information. Yet so keen on mine have cut all programming with no information yesterday when Thirty one, thirty two shots fired the George Floyd Zone on the job. Floyd anniversary and someone was hit. There was no coverage. It could not have been more relevant to cover that it couldn't have been. Couldn't pick a day. Why are they covering San Jose? Just because? Just because they probably LUCA does not the George Floyd exactly that's insane. Well, this that the whole point of the George Autonomous own plenty of people have been shot there and it's been a lawless land really because I dont know how that how could they are two chairs? It's very small. But the point is it's been a very dangerous place on that they were talking about defining the police that what they drive by shooting, where someone circle back for people who Turning now. Third, two shots fired, not a peep and now
with no information covering San Jose? It's not about you'd. It's not just like what the law. It's not is the law applied? That's not. The definition of a free country or a fair society is the law. I equally when we're talking about an unbiased media. It's not did they covered its do. They cover this equally, for example, Today, when I was getting ready for the show in the morning, I was thus no CNN, and you know what probably not good for me long term. I'm sure I have some plaque in my frontal lobe here because of what they were talking about was Texas. The constitutional carry out a permit and they were going Fifty something positive Texans are against it. Let's talk about how dangerous Samson they're gonna want a second. I wish that I could sit down and I'll, never having back on CNN and ask them. Do you think you real journalist- and they would say Yes, do you honestly think that you're a real job on bicycle chauvinist going for the facts? And let me ask you this: why did
start this entire segment, with the premise that half the country is wrong. Why don't you start the segment with hay? We have half the country whose support actually more than half the countries support constitutional carrying a lot of ways, depending on from the question of care about Franklin's sneakers. If you framed it for Hake half the country supports the ability to keep and bear arms. Have the country? Doesn't see how this law affects Texas and hear some pros and cons. Why you bill? you're a journalist. You started from, of course, that half the country they're wrong. You should be allowed to carry weapons. Let's talk about what we can do to make sure people can't carry firearms and they see themselves as journalists. a true they're, not even aware they didn't get their briefing. The shooter the George Floyd zone. Yesterday, with thirty two shots, they really say that they're, my God, journalists aren't even think they're in on this. I don't think you're in Cahoots what was that they would hire anyone who smart enough tell the difference.
Virginia, the lack of police fear, the people would have to circle back during a drive by why? Where there's news cameras everywhere right can voice in the hood it's like: where do we go up? Make for laughs, we're going to really make sure Ricky doesn't gotta get exactly right only way they knew reporters we're there. Yes, there was no fear of accountability. Because later maybe we should wait till the following me then a combination, but not that brightly also bitch think about it. They knew the reporters without That's not even the only clear there are multiple angles over seven operators at the same time, terrifying reality is horrified, and I really hope that everybody is okay here I ardently but here's the deal. I thought California, with some of the strictest gun laws and the country was safer. Because of that you would think so I thought it was. I mean looking at it going or how many people could possibly be shot ethical. Eight just like, I would have thought that the police free Zone of George Floyd would be safer. There somewhere
I give you decriminalize something people aren't criminals or a few criminalize something their criminal yeah. It's almost gone back to basics. Right now, we're going back, to speak, but the Good NEWS is that people who want to enact these laws are looking out for your best internet, going back to Governor Whittemore, so here's another one before memorial Day weakened its vested interests to close six thousand, Rather we are close. Six thousand restaurant in arousal, awful bitch. Sorry, there's no other way from even there was even a freudian slip. There was good day, no yeah, I've, no matter how much worse, I know, I'm I'm really I'm holding back. I know that's why I was seriously six thousand right just of setting as a michiganders, where so many people the linen closed, because one good business as they closed, because somebody who, doesn't even believe what she was telling you to do, force that on your right and then claim but she did know her own rules and accidentally broke them or than an apology, would suffice. If you did breakthrough,
This is your policy now that we are sorry to see the chase, she said she show smugglers like every legged. Peter she's like this. If you refuse to release the innovation of the nursing on death, which are higher than any one, the country guarantee farmers in New York, but we don't know because she's completely unaccountable she's, not honouring the F away request, she's, the only Well, I'm going to lose your new annual rate of fuck yourself on the governor. That's what she thinks. I guess so that on Monday in detail, but I can give you, but we will see more motorboat could always she took her out by driving a female governor, ok for a day, you'll see how hard it is. It's just amazing to me the lack of accountability. They don't care because wasn't covered on CNN what's happened anywhere, so they don't believe that you'll know about. It was
his last breath from covert NA latin count punched her in the fair Craigs yeah, what how did that had put him in a nursing home early jammed in there? What are you gonna? Do what happened when why'd you do that slight cough? By the way, not only do the Crimson Michigan, we put him in nursing homes if they ever. If they have a dry cough, we put him in and they beat the hell out of grandparents, it is where's part, as you will have enough Americans who will reelect enough Michigan Reelect Governor Whitman. Why? Because they will not cover it, keep in mind the coverage of this, but we can bring this up later. The coverage of this picture- and even when we drafted on air member, I said we usually chinese liberal sources. We don't try to conserve resources, just be, as we know, that you might not believe us. If we use right, leaning sources doesn't mean that their inaccurate. We provide all of our sources that louder of credit and for every single le every single up, so you can see them description. We try me
as neutral as possible, but the fact is, there was an exclusive bright part had the exclusive they were, the ones who applauded the picture. Now, no one at any point refuted the picture of governor. What my flagrantly guarding, disregarding the orders that she rested, others for disregarding nobody disputed it, but she can live M lie. The local media felt the need to say from far right website. This picture. Ok, so the image shouldn't they trusted. Don't trust the word of the gun, not the image, because you know it's got that guy's name on their ok. So let's go back all does not want to go to the policy just to show you, like Dave, pointed out of sight. Hypocrisy is governor, Whittemore doesn't believe this. She info that you don't just like this government has info on the World Health organization that many of you don't write when the World Health Organisation
all of us. There's no human human transmission people and government knew that was untrue. That's why Donald Trump Sort investigation they have info that you dont governor winner, is not scared of covert. I will make the case lobby to presented to you today. It's not that she's a hypocrite. It's that she'd fear covered the way she's demanded that you fear, lest you be arrested so before memorial Day, that we can last your government were told michiganders to be smart and remember the we're safer at home. We owe it to all of them to do our part, to keep them safe and keep our family safe, so mass. Michigan different transport of your guard up. I hope you have a safe holiday week, grimace and with that I just asked that you remember the very smart. I remember that you're safer, ah, safer. Don't was that because you're not in my home wait, a second you gonna be all ugly tray for them. Translated Zadok they're, not blind their death that is that from them, like other, oh yeah,
photo Whittemore in the twelve other patrons was first reported by the right wing. Publication bright part. Will, then let me dismiss it we're. What do you say? Wasn't that that good enough for me, Producers are trying to tell you not to believe you turn its viability of your eyes. Just like you to be saying. Don't trust, don't trust the sources the crowded provides publicly because We're gonna remove its not allowed to go against the World Health Organisation doctor. But how do we that the World Health organization? We don't? We just remove you? few trying that them, so this is what said stay at home, and then her husband try to dock the boat that weekend at their summer, home violating the state travelling, in its overlay h. There took out yet no, the guy who he called that's the best.
say what. If I said I was married to the governor of then I would never let you do your boat here ever as a matter of fact which which locker is your body, and I think I have some Kara fire going to have to start somewhere tonight at ten Charlotte Boy Boat tat goes up in flames, well naked main dance, it's still got is apparently this was at the beginning of this year, when we are very very little on how this was cooking. The guys, like you know we can travel to our summer homes or anything like that. Everybody should sacrifice politically, not us right. You'd get about right. I went away, I drove by one of our car. Was there oh that you remember. I was up another machine. I know that I was there- I was it actually does great salary in Michigan called Suttons Base our agenda, and I highly recommend you guys go and support them. You can order their stuff online because they were really hard by the patent is really good. We were out by the fireplace the fire put before this was reported anywhere. This is just something you have to take. My word, for it can hand got. I remember
come of it. I got a good fire there, we're talking about the Tribune Shea that the guy who owns a cider he was gonNA, creates he could launch these logs of wood out into this. I guess it's beautiful forces airily forest in a border colleagues, and then yeah, my I won't say name but relative Maya, so, and so Sir, your works over there to darken, I believe with Charlotte Way. That's what it was created. a guy called take down, put the boat down the water, and you know I told him right now. The governor George, we can put any boats and worries at will If I told you, I was a governors husband and day. it always able that still wooden Jane anything in Egypt deposit as a jokers. What an asshole and he's really excited. I remember that conversation and that it was reported
So let's go to another example: Whittemore Ban michiganders and we'll talk about him. Tebow's we gotta mug, labelling, the you could vacation all the way up to wears her with her cottage birch leg. You guys can vacates diverge land area and safer actually banned the travel between residents. If that was another one and again her car husbands, car was spotted outside the home in birch. Like a thing, it's the next overlay, their overlay Jim but you would want to show the picture, because that would be that that would be revealing private information about this. So not support to note that politico they sat check. This is false y know why why why matters whereby by Cause Whittemore told them so just like before far right wing publication has picture of women are not only not socially distancing. If you lift her blazer, she has a t shirt that says I dont, socially distance, ha ha ha ha. You robes both right barked outcome, so you cannot trust it right here they were now what happens-
we won posed a photo of the car to address gaunt Eudoxia, there's, no way to confirm it, and then you go Whittemore. Absolutely everyone docks. Where he was your husband's car at the addressed now. Good enough, we get you back. Check is false. She said it. Wasn't there gas jet it wasn't there. Why? When is a woman ever lied? Not ever believe all women, especially governors, vs, especially governors, and, let us not forget, travelling within the states whose court worked like that travel within the state with Latvia Children within the state was limited, and this was also of course, in January She traveller, in DC during one of the Worst Obits Bike story about what they have a mass grave as important devil. Mass she's got a nice shawl. It's not the insurrection
either way smash that rumble button. Thank you so much trouble for allowing us to broadcast their look afresh fresh, also, the hawks all natural yeah, just like Siena Also, don't make him angry little, but a hollow testing inserted Johnson scrotum, optimal it'll get some little Roy Reggie, all natural. You get him. Greece, has the sit down for twenty minutes and catches birthright and few breathe wrong. Is paper thin skinned, just splits itself? Look if you just if you pick em off just take a light jog but half a mile later he'll be on the ground. Your fine exactly Lisbon take any be out, but it has to be a rest. like then why they gave up everything because they took constant heads and then you have the rescuers like him, where it's like. Listen, don't even touch. Yes, an early dutchman, follow, look. We know that he's big and all natural, but he's a horrible athlete take. with the drugs. The guy can't do anything but try when it comes to Taiwan. He's an he's. A diplomat, Andrea, John Siena, screw that Whitman
Oh criticized, the Michigan Snow birds. This is, I think, an example. There are three or four now offer travel, to Florida and he believed she blamed. He never. Forty, Jesus, she lamed them for Michigan cheaply Flora and the snowboard permissions covert spike. What then are the day? This is gonna come down to other, not everyone. Does their positive photo editing, Eddie Murphy Project, it is better to be one ones haven't variant, as wine is growing so quickly here in Michigan metaphorically this second most of the time, I think right after floor. At least that was the last data that Michigan Florida are not next to each other, but this
the time of the year that snow birds come home from Florida, where people are goin on Spring break and all of these things can contribute to spread and that's why we're imploring people to take this seriously mask up thanks what little geographic geography lesson of Michigan is not next to Florida, also they're, not next to each other in death rates or case rich. You guys are way higher item about snow birds, but let's talk about snow bitches. She went to Florida while she was even vaccinated there. I believe she's, a painting of Jack, your folks, you, but it's a pillow. It's a pillow Oh, oh, oh, by the way, when she say just sacrifices all of your jobs and economic prospects and effigy their example. Of course, when she said This version, you got her finality. Why now tat she she was born. In Florida. That was a job at them, because everybody said, of course, to scientists is making the mistaken Florida having relax regulations and letting people up in businesses and just like Florida struggling I'm sorry can you with most recent available data. You mean you didn't look for the last month.
Yeah like what he looks like our March is the most. Maybe what do you mean by all our second? Let's defined struggling. less covert, less deaths from coded, more hospital capacity for Cove it better. Economic outlook, better unemployment numbers and well you stay tomato, I say, ban him and then you're gone and political toward a fabulous facts checks you involve biology. Federal investigation on her trip to Florida. Two sheets and I know this again inside baseball here she charged a private plain, not using private money. The costs was twentysomethings that twenty six to twenty eight thousand dollars shall I have a friend with a plane, and this is also why dont hatred People, because he's just nice and very generous where your words,
We do change my mind. He lets us use the plane because it it'll cost us so much to bring people out there in the gear. I know what it costs. Could I looked into. Another was very nice. You! Let us use the plan, occasionally wonder if we could charter, not another, very expensive can afford it So we know she can't afford it, but do the taxpayer can afford it even woke me up for the time being we don't expect to be. We don't expect you to be attack space forever there to know if your business is shut down she s a flying style, oh by the way we also, we also have another. I think we owe me killed trick in trouble for that lucky, but very, very the ever, taking those exact trips abroad, taxpayers something something close to that. But again that was different thousand era where we held the politicians somewhat accountable and in Detroit that's really a sliding scale. Let's be honest philosophy: women, exclusive she'd, actually broke her own rules while flying
Actually, this is really no one talks, but she was even wearing a mask. Wit, governor stockings are not a substitute for masks. Warehouse drakestail understand it's a private room. Yes, yes, It's a charter, authoritarian regime in Burma, only the best, the Nimbus. Two thousand. What luck? I was very frugal, it's not like I gotta, I it's not like. I gotta jet room. This is a bit turboprops. It's a turbine, Stop it! Can you stop playing at every time? I enter a room or not banning planning on. It just seems to happen, emanate from the walls coming from you. What does the whole? Anyone be quiet
me, I guess I'd better trust. The fine words coming from so throughout the pandemic. Of course, Whittemore constantly asked michiganders to socially distance. These were your rules. Yet again, there is a price that's paid, and I know that there are a lot of businesses and people. you're hurting right now, but the fact of the matter is better, at least speed of car right now than sixteen under this action is enough, our individual right to gather her appearance right lip. Does anyone have a question for Santa Claus seemed you have to wear a mass. My workshop with all my pills, we all messed up in social distancing, some guys, by the way you do do? Who is making her? magic? I poster I heard about
If you don't stare at her, but you just year through her at all so broomstick, the Pentagon, its everything with somebody war in the eighties. Yes, I think I knew the Eddie Murphy. I need the Michael Jackson, thriller yeah, any anytime, her husband here from the next room. You think that she got a jacket with a shoulder pants. I all shoulder beds them surgically enhanced, so I can perch more readily. put her onto you know only. She shall server put her on top of the of the historic Landmark building Jagger away. Mabel spirits speak Meissner, Goya, her kitchen is just a cauldron. People look polenta check, Rick political fact, checked it false. I do not sleep in a coffin for naps. Only for us, I'd down. I sleep it upside down in a cough, yes said mostly false,
a lot of second before we before we finish up the witwer segment. Theirs covering the shooting on CNN with orders, let's see what information they have compared to the shooting yesterday, with thirty something shots that was broadcast, live on air and they didn't cover at all on the many shuts it ain't really happening. There have been fatalities in this shooting near or by this valley transportation Authority of light rail yard were told by the mayor that multiple people are being treated in his word We also know from the cynical Clara County Sheriffs Department that the shooter is in their words down now. I dont know if he's deceased, if he or she is deceased or injured, we don't know if this person was fired upon by law enforcement or poet. Don't you love, but he made that correction that he didn't need to make here. She we don't really get mad, because conservatives aren't gonna hold it against. You say he. Why was a woman in a coffin anomaly? Don't worry, that's one for you seen and we all could have made that mistake, but there's concerned of making sure that they dont offend demographics of shooters. I guess yeah, that's you gonna make shriek!
right, gotta, make sure occurred here. Sure gunning, people Don T want to be all like. She right now exist so we have no home, it's man them. They here, though, Alan out at Ebbs, not real good. You know you got. The good thing is that the one silver lining, despite the fact that you to Facebook, Twitter, Amazon Apple, want you to not people have sent for me. You can go back and just search the archives search. The words for shooting yesterday see if CNN Msnbc covered what happened at the George Floyd Memorial is at a time zone to include the George Floyd Autonomous known at all, about all as an autonomous and semi autonomous zone, maybe Umbrella George, We just see if any of the nightly newscast yesterday Covenant thirty two shots. Someone hit. We still only a lot into on what happened. Apparently, the person is still alive. So that's that's a good thing. Nothing! You can search for that now
there is a strong chance. If we talk about it on Youtube naked say all you showed the shooting, and so that's against, or guidelines for the file and content, and so we're going to remove it. But this can remain up word appoint right now, we're any information can be controlled. This has nothing to do with private businesses being allowed to deny patrons when you're talking about all of these big tech platforms especially when guess you they use. We just talk about how the political pilot, a czech political that fact checked the governor Whittemore claim is false, which No, it's true, because governor what we're told him so whose used in determining authoritative sources for seat for Youtube and a social media website put effect, that's one I'll, just like wash and those who, by the way fact checked false that them that the virus could have started from a will harm lab. You would have been removed two months. fat check, false government. My husband was in trying to lower the boat when we now know that course that did happen, and these are the people who determine what content is allowed on over ninety percent
the digital public square. It's a really really scary time, and I hope that we should be able to cover this like. I won't see an income. ring with lawyers energy, but I also want them covering what happened yesterday. We should be able to turn into the news and get him asian and right now we're getting propaganda guarantee you just like what happened in Colorado, the minute this there's identity comes out, it will either be a media frenzy because it's a white guy or it will almost disappear, because it's not right, I'm making that right now, because that's what they do every single time they move on to something else. I guarantee that just go back to trumpet he's been indicted. We have no idea who committed the crime, but somebody added Munich arrive and we're we're gonna would have. rendering not indicted right or get either injury thing and then just cover that the whole time that blonde woman at CNN always has the demeanor like her dad's questioning her boyfriend.
It looks like I swore, though we're gonna be fine, fine, we'll dance Sophocles, I'm in your shot guns that cleaning rhino intimidated, fire there again I dad he or she showed a bunch grievances. Spinnaker silence, not a big deal when you ve, been corsage, touch tat, I'm gonna go all the way. If you don't stop seriously like it, I'm gonNA, let he's really ugly. I'm it's gonna, be a spite all the way, Have we really ugly baby suggested there really ugly, maybe he's a ginger? You know you don't want that there was a mistake. Guph. When I leave em in the limo dilemma: hot tub, I'm not a monster. Ok!
Let's go to the final. Just so can we just gotta montage of governor what we're telling everyone socially just and stay at home? What did she do she attend, but it was suspended, of course, for hurting the term attended. crowded black lives matter March. No, so we'll distancing on June twenty, by the way, not only no social doesn't think she's right next to a gentleman without him. Ask how much you want to bet that she didn't bring that up because he's a man of color while thinking, or a white guy. She would be afraid at all. Just put your mask on what you meant, scanning the traveller ye ask Gucci Agar Swell put that next, but she did with the the protest about the second amended protest that they had around the capital. Remember that the interaction the note nobody was hurt. Nobody none tat, my mission, we basically they called it an insurrection and really now did you use that term
They loosely. They use that term pretty loosely even for a genuine sex which was not an insurrection, unbelievable, I think the only person killed there was an unarmed female, proto, unarmed, female yeah and endorse nowhere near any one. By the way, and by the way I do have a problem with anyone who was being unruly and disrespected our our let's be clear. However, the more footage that comes out seemed like more of an actually guided tour yeah. I watched the footage of her being shot yesterday, you can ask Johnny Boy, like I needed a minute after seeing that I had no idea. It was that bad. Oh it's I think it was a random shot. Exactly did anybody mean she wasn't break my through a window, she did break. People were breaking monotonous, actually brought them unknown. She was climbing through, but I looked down. It was like a fifty to seventy five foot hallway where nobody was better her from what I saw. The English also correct me. If I'm wrong, nobody was between her and like seventy five feet down now. The only thing I can think of is like that was the in a perimeter that the secret service set up said. Look if anybody gets passes, point you're, gonna shoot that would make
but I'm not sure that that's what we heard now and I imagine a sack yesterday- Is it a liar that amiss speak because everyone wants us to accept the premise that she smart, that she sharp? Ok, let's accept that premise: gents Zackie is brilliant. Speck fact, but yesterday she said, multiple officers died at the insurrection. Okay, so she smart so she's a liar and by like member, no other option. That was, in fact is false. How can we show that right now, right now I've in real time. Let's have the ETA paid before we go to Muslim. Only cut it out, come slash, my club, ok, six billion dollars for students, international terrorism, we're gonna do another forty five months of show taking your chat. Talking about timber timetable, I look. I have no problem, I am doing I'm breaking the cardinal rule of a lawyer where I'm asking a question, I dont know the answer: to has political capacity put a check. Has political attack or Washington Post fact checked. Gin,
back he's comments that multiple officers died on January, sixth as false right now in real time. I am not look this up, I do not know the answer. This question, I'm willing to better. So Stanley more than one dollar yeah. Me too, I think I heard yesterday when seen in was talking about it, because the Senate obviously is not going to do anything with the commission, because its slanted thing that they don't want to look at anything that hurts them at all. Right and it's not gonna, be like an alleged commission. I think they ended up saying for death. As a result of this, I think they're trying to say it numerously what she said, and I can we lose yet. No, she did yes router, but about the way they didn't get. It didn't die that day verbiage and there were no officers killed because of that now January. Six events look and we re event. Rikers insurrectionists verge of insurrection enables two hundred three hundred forty thousand people who were there is that there was an insurrection of people were allowed in. I think there were look there's a lot of chaos, a lot of Miss communications, and I think there were some bad actors, including by the way, the anti for protest, or shall we we're, filming and then sold it for a large sum, which I think the money was returned. All of these
things, we know? No, we don't. a whole lot more than that, we do know that known was killed as a result of the vote, as we do know that even after signet was not hidden ahead with financing. Should we know those in those rhymes I'm just asking right now, because we just showed you pull effect fact checking as false, which verifiable false on political effects on their side of the table there, that Governor Whittemore. Her husband was not if they're up North Island, just because her word was so, they will go out of their way to fact czech state since that harm Democrats as false what I'm asking here is a statement. We all know, is verifiable. False genes made yesterday that multiple officers died on January. Sixth,
Is there any accountability? Anderson snobs put a fact washing post. What do we have there took it down? So this might surprise you, but now we have not thus Noakes polluter fact washing post. What do you do here? What do. Could you magical happens? I was your job and usually biased, took I didn't feel like working today. So I didn't hear you governor witness you can affect check. This is the press separate Harry. She does lied, something that has been debunked. The long term. This is not a new lie. He then turned to prepare for this Y know It has already submitted to the court. You ve got this evidence. Nothing! That's hitherto, though I was just thinking of by making good when abides, keep saying lie and then its repetitive and then death is the thing. we gave way he's like Dutch Joe. Don't say that what we do, stop it gobbled
I don't know your hunger says Goebbels, but you ruined it, but in case you're wondering no Biden did not drop. Second, during a job interview that photo was fake hold on a second clean up that photo no one on the right is still pretty soon Yes, it has issued its designs. Zackie incident imprisonment or just not sacking, is that's simply touching the breasts of some other one drop of another judge till shaded cover what like that body paid under boob has happened there's a big girl on their eyes like what look, turns out you some kind of Michigan Randall, So let me put it instantly put em. He just groping boobs, ladylike farm
move too. I am not do not misconstrue this at all, because we don't have. You too will try and take your item. They say after problems is not at all a threat of violence against the former vice presently knighted state but all agree that if you look at the pictures of Joe Biden when you look at a very handsome sniffing and kissing children, if look at the pictures of him having women sitting on his lap and that right there, if it somebody's unfamiliar with that, least, has behaved in a way that warrants a serious asking from a husband. Yes, can we technology. I M not saying we put him in what the Harvey wanting to not seeing is a rapist, but go and buy the me to standard? Some touches my wife that way who not know my wife kick his ass? We have far more evidence that he is at the very least a bit of a per than we did on Cavanaugh and
We held hearings for Cavanaugh right, I don't know, he's snobs. He was actually not sniffing Jan psyche in any fears they were actually children up. Oh, yes, it was children that look like, oh god get me away from him die and they weren't sniffs. They were butterfly kisses, so there we Pinocchio, you make a point that we held a trial on a silly looking woman. Now the s who claimed she gave up her nipple touch, it
pull party in the mid. Eighty, you didn't know the house. She made my never look like John seen as an act of Orange match. Rightly with natural. Everyone has civil war cannonball dealt in their fifties right. Thank you. Everyone look as it were. The part is the proper. If we were on you too, we were going to continue GEO. There's a segment in tv when white privilege hint he's anti tv that'll, surprise. You write cliffhanger so willing to talk about that Youtube. Thank you very much, for that will youtube rumble and we love you. So don't take this the wrong way, but if you are you do we take a piss off
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