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Steven Crowder takes to the streets of Dallas to have real conversations with real people. In this installment, Steven discusses the COVID19 death count and the fake news surrounding it.

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I don't make it and just before I die from my suicide, I get covert nineteen out of competence and I would thank all of you these few outliers doing that is literally a covert death right now. You know how it be it time for the latest change my mind outside of violet riots, there's one topic that is at the Tipp of everyone's tongue. Even if the death toll in America continues to climb past sixteen thousand two thousand new debts. That if people have an underline condition is exacerbated by the virus and therefore included in the doktor, citing CDC Dave and our ports of U S. Death toll is actually far higher. I think you have done is grossly over inflated. But what do you think? What constitutes a covert versus someone dies of global anti trust? The media's reporting on the topic, let me know in the comments below on the show, meet trees, vibration.
We want. You want to move in. We can I offer you my name's Stephen, aren't you gonna do that suffers pause net before all of you in the media and or the common section say that it wasn't properly socially distancing. I offered every single person, including on this topic and the topic of a man. Not being raises the option of me wearing mask or going mask lists as you yourself are put on my mask. If they so desire, You don't do you want me to put on a mass now. You don't mind if anybody where mass ok, we take me where Master why are you telling masked by the way, Jimmy where masked by no less redeeming, where mass before it turns out people, don't give a rat's asked on with trees. So you asking you actually buy your name for me for the various Georgi here, not deliveries a lot of trouble lately for saying that we should all you know unify so. Yes, I do believe, I think, statistically answer
it's pretty hard. Are you the fact that the covert death numbers have been in Slater dramatically yeah? Why have you come back and scary sure what kind of pollution from a few further itself from a few numbers will first up? Let me ask you: do you deeply? The current death totals that we have that that's an accurate assessment. I have no idea what I'm asking the question target. I dont know why you wouldn't think it so well. I think there are few reason that someone might lie about or might be disarmed regarding nuts number one. I start where there might be an incentive and then the statistics that might bear it out hospital right now get significantly more revenue. If ever cohabitation verses and non cohabitation, they listen non carbon patient, for example, it might get five thousand dollars revenue in some kind of federal release. Its government believes they might get up a thirteen thousand if it's a cobra patient. Now I understand their experts have been on both sides. Many radiology code for Cloven, yeah, there's a diagnosis related group
there was no life was in the hospital resident or about the answer as far as interest. In an honest, Ireland's dear Decoder separate go, but my wife just came out of the hospital with GPS. Is that's a big deal Georgi? Well, then, that would be an automatic great, so I do tend to agree with doktor burglars inflated up to about twenty five percent, specifically at least twenty five percent, and then we designed to you why, I think that's the case in New York. Are you aware of how many of the cold in death not tested at all, no idea, forty five percent, no testing at all in Colorado. Recently, they said well HANS. I can we need to get some more accurate data here because, as you know, listen there's a lot of data comes in and I do reserve the right to change my mind. Does change Latin and there's a lot of that right. There have been a significant amount of
Let me call erotic Colorado. They decided to finally differentiate between death from coded and death with Golden because, like New York, every single death where coal it was found in the system with hundreds of coal with death, rags nascent we're going to differentiate that makes the death total came down that until the first state did them Colorado. The designated was reduced by. How much do you guess fibres and twenty five every single death from nursing homes and the last several months, every single death, regardless of a test or not, has been listed as a covert. Does the United States twenty five percent of all deaths in any given month, United States comfort, So when you look at all those numbers in tandem- and you see how every death in most states certainly accept, restates the Colorado death we
covered in the system is being counted and revise those numbers. There seem to be good reason for experts like doktor birds, and there are several expert on all sides. We expertise that we would have two million deaths from Imperial College in London and Neil Ferguson, ITALY had to resign. I think there's a pretty strong case to be made at this point that the death toll rules, which are the most reliable indicator we have had been inflated. So let me as well, How would you would you mind moving and after death? How would you confirm that it was cold? You do an autopsy. What do you do? Well, we should at least that leaves I saw it is done well right now it is discovered tat. So I was up there if it comes a positive recovered period. It's a covert, definitely asking us to believe that George Torchlight uncovered and assist Djibouti dioxin covered. Neither do I and a mere a few weeks ago. That certainly would have invention is a covenant, so it's tough because statistics on every single covert case. Here
that is actually there is ample, are you are the first cold in death and taxes. First, over death was ninety. Seven year old warrior like I've been trying to search. I love the underlying condition can get access to anywhere. I would let me underline condition. Is ninety seven could be one of the confounded factors there, but go ahead. I know no now. So what you are saying is that what you're saying is there is no autopsy done routinely on patients die.
Therefore you can't really say whether they died from Poland or something else. Nor has now I'm not saying it's worse than that and that their definitive cases where doctors, health professionals, now that the death is not the direct cause of profit and they listed companies, because you saying because there's a financial incentive is and what sort of civility centres I mean. There's there's no doubt I think we'd probably agree that has been politicized for better or worse at this point that that's why they have experts. It got on say right to everyone's that, if you don't believe the experts are anti signs globally, two million dead rubber. One point: this don't wear masks your anti science. I was advocating masterly, don't wear, masks and actually started. Selling them. We can actually Selma, we add a sponsor with producing mastering their entire factory from asked it's good to protect other people. At this point, people like myself, are being condemned by the CDC Then they said if you dont we're master and scientific and they said locked down to frighten the curve. Not only we ve got me curve. We want a lot of hospitals into bankruptcy and doctors and nurses out of business, because we never had the same.
We expected. We just had that recently with my wife and the hospital she had a minor procedure, then she came out with GPS and nerve central nervous system damage, and She was able to get the kind of here this need. She couldn't get it back because they have to have a reserve for carbon patients. Can get an MRI day because the rule in the house but almost every single MRI machine had to be reserved for Covet set for one. You know how many other cases they had hospital the time always zero zero, and so I do think that we need to look at the overall. Inefficacious- and I think certain older haven't- looked at all the above and the reason I think that they are in fact in the desert, because it's been politicize at this point for better worse, they want to blame the United States. Governments are not being prepared for the same reason. They said two million dead that they'd advocated locked down. Some continues. There is a financial incentive and I think a lot of time. People just don't want to admit that the wrong. So when you ask you know, do you do not? Actually, I think
he's doing. That would be helpful at least measuring these deaths, as we do, for example, like the flu season of twenty sixteen to twenty seventeen with twenty six monthly, seventeen with the worst Susan. I think we might have an eighteen and nineteen and it was clear. It was interesting to me because I was looking about trying to find the worst Lucy's in the last few decades me doing. Research so number keep coming up. Eighty five thousand deaths from sixty to that, and the reason why, for that was because they provide that number that actually these people want. Only nineteen slowly happened. How we're not doing that. Some may die hard right and I would even go and say if someone has, for example, a mild condition. What's it like a hard arrhythmia, encoded causes complications that abnormally they have a heart attack that should be covered.
But we have such extreme cases in so many cases, words literally not grown of irish related, recovered, related and people believe these numbers wholesale. Then I believe your argument, I just I just the guy's- got the sign over there. I asked this question: why do you think it's inflated and you think it's inflated one, because there's no confirmation of anybody died with coded coded caused. No, not anyone whose down there are many were no tests have been conducted at all. That's why you said we haven't. Confirmation was anyone. I do believe that confirmation with quite a few, but there are a lot more refined out of tat- is tat it s, okay and there's so so what is the confirmation of? What is the official confirmation of the cope with death? Right? Think? That's, I think, that's what it would be interesting to know. I think that's an instinct negative! You a lot about hospitals. Are you a doctor? No, you work in a hospital with hospitals. Oh no, you don't
the evil, health insurance or big. Ok, I invent complex medical devices for doctors will there you invent, thank you for doing that here in the United States, I'm an inventor. We do our companies and employees I want a readily razor Canada. Norway call you. Think of our imagination, bad. They don't exist anymore now, because there are no evil I do not believe so. I think that's what I mean manicured rate, where we have more medical innovations in anywhere in the world. Ask anybody on either coast I'm evil. I start companies employ people, I pay him a lot of money and I'm evil, or so I know I should, but I'm not how the tenant No, I think what is the standard, for example, that we use in determining a flu them? I don't think that's a good question. I dont know because that could also be misconstrued violence, but we do understand, and we do have a season right now, flu
Lucy natively goes from four to spring right and then it resets that's determine October the end of March right, some years ago, two April that still severely underpinning the curve. Why right now is the ticker when you watch in and still going for the same? even our coming up and Eliza Capital to the flu- well, not yes, and no, because because at least in my ignorance, they're saying that whether is not really an issue with this called the virus have no idea whether that's true or not. We talk a lot of other things that they backpedal on right. Sixty days after they, they told us, so I
why do I that's true or not? But if you believe that it is not whether related in their share really shouldn't be often think of where it can about, but I dont know because because again nothing we ve had so many contradictory things told us right that it's hard to know what's real rail. Would you like to know somewhat something that Israel, you and me having this conversation like those Israel, but Israel. That gives real all that's what you said about Israel is not going to re. Yes, so what percentage of ventilator patients lives? what percentage of pay not. As we all know, it is not a good prognosis, manifest
I wasn't reading is tat. You don't know the exact percentage, because this morning I was reading that some studies have shown people do more poorly on ventilators, with Kobe than seat belts, and then I read a conflicting study, so I would actually instant if you have a typewriter there, so so worthless piece of information. I was watching some show and they actually had someone who is cause. I intelligent. He was a seal nor West Health, which is the largest healthcare system in New York, wins one island, hospitals like Long Island, jewish or members of that chain, and he said off the oh. By the way, I'm not sure why everybody is so worked up about how many ventilators rehab Kay.
This is by back when we had to have two billion them right for every forty thousand reverie sick and that's a good example of what was politicized have looked down trumpets, not some ventilators. They talked out at meeting about. Four thousand and they had more than off in a my point. So so, but he said you know Everybody knows that only fifteen percent of the people put on a ventilator live right
the news programme, I'm watching didn't even listen. They went right over like wait. A second one out of every eight people ventilator having seven out of a die right. Ok, so it's either was an interesting factoid from one healthcare system that right very large blow to coveted ranch. Was one island, Queens and Manhattan? That's where their hospitals are right. So I call a friend of mine. A friend of mine is, is one of the department heads of the brig of women's hospital in Boston, Brigham and women's hospital. Is a world class Harvard Medical School and it was totally transformed in one week from a all purpose passports you the covert only hospital in Boston, so they transformed it from you know,
all functions for every specialty to covid. Nineteen me a giant emergency room and they went from fifty to five hundred icu beds in a week. Compressor, okay, and so I called him, and I said- and I talked about a whole bunch of stuff and I'll leave his name on said- and I said so. I heard that fifteen percent of the patients that go on a ventilator lick is that true in your hospital- and he says no in my Hospit, its optimistic well. Here's my question to answer can have to miss. Why says it's more like five single digit sub, saying you're telling me it's wanting to end yeah. So the study that, if I had one rival it's like, I want my Britain, nine percent and then I realized thirty two percent- I dont know which one is true that live.
And it seemed high to me because most the studies seem to be between nine and twenty percent. That's what I see that there are so many conflicting citizen that aims on direct. Your population looks like your patient population, where they yeah and as much as they know that might help the case readily desert overflight it. I think that, regardless of whether its covered by the time, someone goes on a ventilator, there, often death's door, so great an apple is life. Just she came out of an operation should Gb S, but that doesn't losing the feet upward work. She couldn't move, you can walk, she couldn't overtones, and so the concern was it can actually move up to the diaphragm where it causes the same company or logical paralysis, where they can't breathe and are put on the Bentley. Now I don't know if that's because ventilator treatment is an effective birthday, point the GPS, it so severe that it's not really enough to save them, but I do think you are right and that the media, of course politicize at issue in several where the ventilators we need ventilators- and there are a lot of medical professionals thing. That's actually not the best way to try and help these people. In particular, we should
lemme see perhaps a different pressurize environment system right, because the real question is how much oxygen writers other ways to supply oxygen without integrating right, and so the other, the other ways to do that actually could be more effective than was hard to know, because you don't do a study in its observers average trying to talk about my hyperbolic shipowners or something well, either a hybrid our chamber, her even like the oxygen helmets that if you looked at the hospitals and MILAN hospitals in ITALY, because they didn't have thousands of ventilators yeah, they use these oxygen elements and basically you're you're. Taking me, increasing the level of oxygen for somebody, but you're not worsening ensnare system and integrating them right. So you can make an argument that perhaps that could be as effective or maybe more if it probably is more effective built right. There are some traders I ever seen oxygen helmet, hair, terrible.
Makes hat hair look like a little child. I don't care about here. I would have to shape our Caroline like to go back and we're gonna run about a summer how they are continuing. These death count single, whether doesn't effective. That's a very generalised it can like these are the death of a generalised Damon when you get a little granular tells a little bit more of a story. Well, let's go to some specific Sarah, because I've heard that is well does uv like kilcullen, yes, beyond any shadow of a doubt, it does good. Where does cove and has a difficult time? outside he humidity, specifically, once you get about eighty degrees, big, depending on the studying above eighty percent humidity summit set as low as seventy two uv sunlight, it can kill it eviscerated sixty seconds, now some people can use the exact. Then you have to be introduced and again return. My tradeoff final thing that I think we ve done
you better come I'm glad you sat down because I've just subjects. I just thought is interesting question. I really thought about it. Why don't you see? The issue is when you have people whose livelihoods have been shut down, based on a number that is the very least unverifiable and I would argue, verifiable false. Let's go to a specific. Do you think, for example- and I know that you probably agree with this, but some people have not. If I try to kill myself, can let's edge, put a shock and take a bottle of pills eyes down myself. Some people are done. It's rare, not the easiest way to go and I'm supposed to killing myself, but not entirely successful, and I go to the hospital then, at that point, I'm so happy, let's ventilator their trial. Keep me alive. I happened to contract Verona virus coded right before I die. Do you believe that should be listed as a company? It is that's an exaggeration mission. I shouldn't, and there are thousands of cases like that shouldn't it s not the case be right
because Calvinism somebody in some other underline condition that killed somebody or some combination of rice or circumstances, it goes and if you take away those numbers, for example, a twenty five percent that are completely untested, the kind of cases- and I just presented to you which are verifiable and then of course you take away the abysmal me. Your policy that forced nursing homes to taken coded patients from hospitals you're talking about many many times, tens of thousands of lives and on that list now you're looking at a severe fluency. Do you think that it would change for the public's perception of very stringent lockdown? They understood the sure sure sure it could get out. That's why statistics are important, so it all right
districts class a long time ago in university. I remember one thing professor told me just remember this one thing in your past me: there's no exposing statistics. Don't lie wires statistics so you'd. Have you really care for when you listen distinguished people, make sure you really know other measures? I think you're absolutely right and that's what that's what basically you're saying that makes sense. What you're saying makes sense. She's in the trees, unique and appreciated thanks very much brother, Stephen Stevenson. How rudiment and give you my name is your eyesight nice to meet you enjoy debate. What does he say when we really debating about just move rising goofy people are afraid that thing
Great speaker. Well, that's what the change it to someone with what we just did this is done for years and we have been chased out of canvas, shouted down. I've been referred to as NEO Nazi your guess is as good as mine. My jewish friend also referred to as a NEO nazi. So this idea now really is about shouting people down to me. Now you have people want to propose policies to make an illegal for folks, don't meal, I mean how do you have a discussion without at that point, I'm one want to sit down and talk to anyone with whom I disagree seems to me, like you probably like me, where you like to rationalize discussions, even if you agree, but that's how you flex, the muscle you know that's why it's it's a perishable scale like anything else. If you dont use this rationalization portion of your brain and they don't use the socratic method and ecology, as asked every college and said, are you familiar with a strategy method that was philosophy one or one? That was
critical, but now the critical race theory critical gender theory, which is fine. As an addendum. I had to take two you ok, yours there was for the out. Those good was good, but anyway it's your ask any good question. Basically, you can argue with the fact that if every case almost every kings were coded is involved is concerned, it has to be almost impossible that it's not. The question is how much as is only right and you would
we'll see, you seem like there should be a public accounts rang one count would be anybody like writing. Another account would be anybody who had called it and was autonomy resolve way, shape, refashion were examined, shown wishing to determine the cause of death. Rice would be another and then anybody music question mark. Should probably be another should be a separate category. Here should be separate category right instead, there long term- and that doesn't make sense when you really think does rankings we must have the same standards applied to other seasonal viruses, like the flu or frankly seems to those applied to other corona virus. Other Sars viruses that we see. This is the way scenario. Words measured entirely differently and at the very least,
There have been others that we're just sort of London when was new, and then it was revised to give you an example example and the same thing so stupid person, technical mother's dead said he died essentially wanting to talk of her. He did know ever cancer, We think the kids are not using, so you jumped up behind its bed framework do, but my point is: is cancer? Is the thing to kill them right, so happened varying gave him. How they and the respective cases are both very don't worry about. I love cigarette factories, really nice swell guy that trees we're named by the way you want these videos to continue. Please you consider joining up mug club of sixty nine dollars annually for students, veterans, active military. You get this wonderful hand at smug and
full daily show not available on Youtube but available exclusively at lot of Canada. Come let's. Mother belong with entire blaze tv line up, if not at least bookmark, this channel unchecked back. Every single day for new videos and content. Let's get back to the show meet Paul listening So am. I understand that you wanted it to sit down and let me explain with which he is and what is not really meant to be. A debate is meant to be rationalizing one's own position, particularly subjects that are controversial. Often those subjects are the ones that are really the hardest trivial to sit down and have a conversation about and find common ground and or disagree right at using turns into somebody. So today addresses its backing and who is going to run away from home. I absolutely do believe that the covert nineteen deaf count isn't slated. There's a lot of experts who say that's a case. I think it's pretty hard to argue for three hundred and ten one hundred twenty thousand number total that's being cited out. There
We disagree with me you're going to be more than what imitating somewhat numbers anything actually, as you will certainly. I do agree with that number that genital has been going on here. I think it's at least twenty five percent and the reason for that is what does it mean that new doktor works is expressly? She believes its about inflated by at least twenty five percent and a lot of health care professionals must go through a couple of instances. So in New York, twenty five percent or covert listed death never tested, You were never just listed as guest programme. There are you aware of what happened in Colorado and by we know these are tricked questions. A lot of people are necessarily where these, where what will happen in Colorado, They said that they needed better Ghana and less and less. Let's both agree that data could change tomorrow, so that we can say today could be wrong tomorrow, both business right, especially when it's a pandemic and it's a new mutating disease in color.
We need more accurate data, because this is much like New York. Everyone or dies has covered their system, just listen to cover death that doesn't really help us get a good so they separated death from go of it. They separated from death with covered with it'll happen, a diagnosis and the number of deaths dropped by us that was not twenty five percent, then all nursing home deaths were listed as covered. Nineteen does, despite the fact that twenty five percent of deaths in any given money come from their single patient. Because every governments, twenty five percent. It is true that a lot of but I'm dying from Verona? Are your alterations, agree existing conditions? Yes, but also other things, you see the meeting AIDS for growing impatient death is older than life expectancy set it off authorities, even though its case with, I think it could just be the one thing that tips them over the care they had diabetes or whatever is among other things,
make, it was causing people that we're gonna die anyway to actually by ETA time. Unfortunately, I think in some cases that's not an ok. So what she's example someone's hit by George Floyd uncovered system to think killed him Twenty twenty headline right here I enjoyed by right, daddy, that's exactly right: men factor Corona, once the right sort, settling down no exact, I think we're both agreements with a need in the back of his neck and obviously the drugs in a system which would lead to a staff, not the fact that Poland were seen. Seen from what we know now is implemented, so we would send us over does now in the state of New York that would have, unless there's only three weeks before we remove civilization,
so when it Michael governesses over them where they actually filed over that's when we get a very limited use, another I've gotta go because I think this matter. When you look at these numbers, let's say I drank there myself bunch of pills, put a gun to my head, whatever to take a very effective method of dumping. I'm close but no cigar, so I get put in the hospital right based they put on life, support there trying to help me survive, megan. Just before I die from my suicide, I get covered. Nineteen are competent and I would thank you These few outliers do that. That is literally a velvet death right now that out of twenty five percent must have to know because twenty five percent of the desk never tested. So here's what we do know. Twenty five percent of the deaths are never tested anywhere. We settle at separate death from what separates us from death with covert we removed.
Cyprus, and also that anytime, you look at a lot of these individual cases where we see these people who don't look over there. A lot of complications, Texas and of your Texas native California, herself at the first Texas covert death, do what it wants. The first one venture Lakota about actual undecided. Your question because I was surprised: how will these empty Ninety seven years old, they severe underline condition, and I, Findings, ex underlying condition you can have in this area have access to medical reports. I would think that one of the underlying conditions being ninety seven So when you look at the numbers and say this reduces it by twenty five percent, the average age of covert patient death is older than life I can see states like New York it, for example, in Europe, with a policy for nursing homes, had taken unionist covert patients, which less and less than was done. My compassion that to me as an absolute nightmare, it's a bus You take nursing homes in fourth, the taken sick patients from the hospital that should be accepted.
To a nursing home where they're not able to deal with, and we know that they are most at risk. If you take away just those just the ones that aren't tested just, let me stress that are used like in Colorado in just the old folks home death, new, you reduce that number by many many many tens of thousands, and I think that It is because that Mcnerney, now you're too severe Susie, the economic damage greater than its than by any other blue sea. Having way seventeen eighty thousand, I was getting five thousand. They reduce them, they produce. Because then they review those deaths which they haven't done was covered that something else. It's interesting to me. Susie's in this one. Typically, something depends vs somewhere between October or November through March or April, and then
that's the year you decided the year twenty, sixteen twenty seventeen, the others, so you mean twenty sixteen twenty something from that sees right right. What happens after that sees what turns into twenty seventy to eighty resets. We're still counted the same for the desk well, but we haven't even save only here right, but it would be from that season given that seasonal flu Ryan, you would have it from January through now we're going into line For that reason, it's very similarly to develop I'd say so, but but yeah mean ok, let's say it's about six months for each it's about them. I will now people are saying: oh, you know, you're, not music, Two thousand also its way less and the regular do not worry about now. It may gratify now where we do have a bit more data relating to see when we actually going to export again. I agree with the second way and we and then we will be able to therefore season run? Well, I don't like it to be out of the same coin. Because reality is that we roared every six months. It should receive written appliances that sentences
So let me ask you this, because I agree with you when you have more than you think if you reduce about it, I'm thing at least twenty five percent right now. I think we both agree that there should not be kind of government. Does the ones that I mentioned earlier, suicide being hit by a car seven year old wasn't hospice. So we because I think the suicides and would be a good way to twenty five percent. Actually remsen reticent on. So we don't know all about ninety five percent of the remaining ones where we do have reports. There are a lot of cases like this right right and of those other ones. Do this the opposite this event, where they had some sort of symptoms, failure, one, and only that sort of thing and get tested. It could have been the other way around with it. It had Verona most vigorously. It's very unlikely Sampling decided. Would we agree that it is in a way for the very facility was tested for cuban mutinous? So what both agree that people are so there's going into hospital really at any point this year they are far more likely to be immediately just forgot
so we would. I think we would all agree that if we get away that scales with tip the balance of their over testing That's where we have more cases now, even Odessa going down right cases are going up. Budget, certainly So what is it? I do agree with you that we have more data and I think we need to tell me what I think we do need to adjust our approach based on various important in other words? I don't think that we should stay as many governors, onset of Michigan and perpetual lockdown if the data shows that will actually it's not a three or four seven percent death rate. It's a zero point, three percent deathrays we know now. I think we need to make sure you do not agree with that. The other amendment at the point now What if I said I was rigged out in Lebanon, as we only got about what that was China, and I really China has underhanded, there does anything other than they do things like
in cases like four thousand, that's nowhere else in the world, and I did like exponential none other rights, I'm I'm sure that there's a hundred network may be regarded as well China is going to shut down their whole economy and they don't get down there. Running bad, but it looks right now. It had some time to look at the data is not quite then, I would say it's more than regular flu. Additionally, save you look like the total mortality charts for just like out of everyone. Its died, that's gonna be significantly, so it certainly had an impact on people by establishing an impact on people. I just think that we need to be answered and the american public. This is most Americans humans, and many of them are not aware that the twenty five percent as they're not aware that states, it firmly suggest Vancouver and just with carbon. We separate ninety five percent or even aware that rather the foremost health experts
on this topic. Doktor works along with doktor algae and again it shows us. The experts can disagree that states that twenty four percent of the kind of I do agree with you that's more severe than normal. The suggested that we see that petition reasons actually, ninety more dangerous, not significantly more than just an enormous and for young people. Significantly more names for old people know, and I because remedy This is, of course, the reason for this This was the Imperial College one. Instead, Neil Ferguson, you ever, they predicted how many people dead. No, it doesn't games like two million seven percent, desperate remembered by now. The people who are sceptic said I think this would be a more severe flu which has a death rate of zero point, one zero point, depending on the year right, where we had a really bad. So you have eighty five thousand writes a tumor. That was the number we use for the lockdown versus the anti science sceptics. Who said, I think it'll be closer to the sea,
scale were rare diseases closer to the anti science sceptics ass. They were called or closer the experts who said two million. Yes, oh I got one to ten with tending to no wonder you! Nothing! Therefore, I have even less happy too especially to reduce its represent lets. You can take that number. Eighty, five thousand he's at eighty thousand doesn't really bad cynicism. Let's give take Which is what it looks like a less than two hundred and ten or fifteen thousand. Now here's thousand- here's two million yeah. I guess I was sceptical when he met at the time to write about like a second round of numbers of the two hundred thousand, which, while they were on foreign policy, if we use the metric is just dynamism, their system while and if we get the second way right, we'll see others we done when it goes to the three weeks from all these protests about starting, oh yeah.
Do you think the media has been blaming memorial day? Another protest not alliance began again and that there has been a rise in this way. We would agree that all the interesting Dallas media was drenched completely draft. So we'll see what he's doing here what's gonna happen and the poorest before that sets a started doing the lockdown right ass. For me, I think I think we should have gone into depends on it. Thousands ok but like Texas was again. Maybe I'm very mixed on the lockdown thing of the opinion that I think people should be able to go out where they want to do it's not gonna, be my problem, but they can't say I understood well when you must begin some kind of a social and healthcare systems, get today goes a more limited. I understand that approaches, and I think that is important to note that state,
locked downs, haven't fared, better, say to lie down, and I think that I'm not saying lockdown don't work, but it's very clear that you cannot definitively say locked because you're, a bunch of confirming that offers like in New York, for example, the horrible policy also.
Michigan was almost all and win win counting, Troy places in northern machine? They don't have a single active case, incomplete lockdown, lonely assessments of the numbers. Do you think that maybe after leaving the stable, you might look at the numbers a little bit and maybe the number that were given at the very least you might say? Well, that's the highest number. We probably can pass and there's a strong likelihood that its lower than that is really what I think the big things, maybe suicides and other things that somehow about that's exactly what you like, as you have to take this into account writer and actual like aggregate source about this I've. Seen like one off stories, I haven't done anything to fear that I have seen this day were so you can find some say this a suicides and multiplied by five times so that everyone knows if their jobs and stuck it right, and so I think, if you take all these things into account, the idea
the stringent lockdown make your anti signs of plenary with it that that's a real problems in the area that you don't listen to. People who say two million lockstep, wasn't the experts, the expertise that I wasn't going to be it turns out. They were right This time we were told the experts and don't wear, masks, member that don't wear masks, and this will now experts, if you do where I think the thing as I said at the beginning, is regarding realising a crap navy supplies? Were hospitals? Don't wear, masks citizens. We need to have everyone else, but it will be the still dishonest, Billy officer These ever said, hey mass work, masts help but police in Antwerp. Recent surveys that a massive could hurt. You, On the other hand, if you look at China aside, east asian countries have actually been noticeable. Cases also basically docks their resistance. The context he's very severely shirt, but they show the public where these people are moving again,
come into the United States are willing to give up our civil liberties where anyone, my blog, should know our goings on, because we may have as positive I am not willing to give up that liberty for a disease. That again, I believe, is being dramatically over counted as far as the other gets pretty dicey, pretty quickly workin cyber security, think of all sorts of bad things you can do with the knowing I want to give them back, but Philip Japan in Taiwan. They have sparing culture- and I won't especially didn't have very many cases, so I think an epidemic well I like that I want to be part of that is their deep mistrust of China. Cdc surrender we'll tell their relation either way. Thousands and examining nation state at all and so right away. When shining said
Taiwan's do an exact opposite proportions. A big part of it is their deep mistrust, China and the World Health Organization compared to the two million number yeah. The Taiwan think that's a whole other scenario where it's amazing to me. If you Americans, here right in the streets for injustice, but not a people, Taiwan or Hong Kong. Are we opposite number that Poland was deducted. Thank. You meant instalment of changed. My mind, click one of these other installments in the videos playing in boxes here. That's the only way, you'll find because if you search changed my mind, they might not show up because Youtube's deem them controversial, subscribe, hit the notification Bell- and you know when we will see what we probably won't.
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