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Dating back to 2014, These various audio commercials were our way of filling airtime with actual entertainment. Enjoy the Chaos! Join MugClub! louderwithcrowder.com/mugclub
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This weekend, feminism. Oh, my god Believe you in seattle, this guy's, using women's room using under rule deal with it. Oh my god you're, not even you not even transgender, so I yeah yeah now approve. I'm not I'm a so unfair you marginalized carbon is reached. The now return you to a live debate between mark within the black guy I'll right. You doubt Daddy? I know where you're coming from Try to make a point here. If you would show your mouth up, unless at you
In your blood people are your bed just yo Dana you're, not even going to listen what I have to say. You kill a black god for no reason or what will a bet you as these debates unfold result in the year two thousand dead. Now remember Sweden. You can be what ever you want to be so long as you put your mind to it doesn't mean I can even be a boy oh dearest known or that wouldn't be sensible. I'm talking real life. The year twenty sixty you sweetheart, you can be whatever you want to be so long as you put your mind to it. Really even a boy It was a dick.
And now it's time when you're dating advice minute with bill cosby. Now now, those weeks later, cubs draws from rozell out and our passion, our taxes is that they have a problem. Finally, a woman recovery will revive five four three and wade through traveling. I got the vibe pretty got a lot to leave. Bremer roadshow watch rather have relay his rig. Here's the silver line, rush out of EL paso. there are people crossing that border with low groggy, but frazier all the job years. Gala the magic, galway and lower river gotta have a bourbon trail where the calmer and better. This is
in your dating advice, minute with bill cosby this week in cultural appropriation, at this time. The time to do away with slippers so glad we're out here, marching the Chinese have had their culture appropriated long enough to totally know why chain didn't show up or worse, hey, darius, JAG jag were doing the protests for the chinese leopards. Why are you here with us today? The river got a job is slippers. It's a fancy. Review should be marching what I said in unity about no, no, no! I DA da too busy to take any job. Why is this I just via shop across the street? you mean you're still work enjoy your bags,
actually for more in cultural probation. Aid will be easy, truly disturbed doors eat, to turn. Nobody knows it's upstairs to sky sweetheart. You don't have to go through all this trouble knew I wanted to. I know you work hard really hard, but still, prime rib and- and this is this- is too much you're worth that I have been blessed true with the most magnificent why the world has ever pieces, sometimes that a break up new- and here we go-
like. I said it's it's best to just ignore it he'll tire himself. Out last time he went for nine hours, that's actually tame. Compared to before he lived here. I could go all night arab, persuade arab to eat or drink the water. I could grab and paint the touted party boss. I just think we might want to try sweetheart. I know I know I know just trust me. It's best to let him vent and get it out and eventually he'll grow out of it he's thirty five million, my prime, we keep a primary my bride mega. Well, no, I won't. all of this I owed to cover the more you pieces but the old do talk is a truly disturbed doors. He just turn now, Nobody knows it's upstairs to sky,
and now for tales from canada mounted police liner, dunham edition. Air, MR welcome the candy. Please your license in passport, I'm not amiss, sir. Oh I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to offend you miss dunham, just about one moment. A key hit him yeah darn it Three days later, dunham juridical eyes shut up I know what would I do about it. Ask our business in canada ogilvy is dunham. What is your business in canada wow? I might have to move here because Donald trump might be elected and I might move to canada or key.
yeah, that's illegal! You know! I can't let you do that. What's against some law there, somewhere, what law? Okay, homesick! I know what to do about it. She what it was. You are still what law all make up. One she's, not a road scholar, tell our maritime law or so What I miss dunham, it's actually a violation of maritime law, sounds pretty serious, nor my hands are tied. Who can I see that. Imitation on what was agreed, stay tuned for more tales from canada's mounted police lineup intimidation
The no not with wall, robbing on paramount for water, while the crowd, resolute worldwide. Sixteen It was her donald trump do what is your new years revolution going into the day? Okay, frankly, Barry I'd. Take, for having me I'd, take it out the mexicans I've taken. I know a mega galley, aright, truthful. Ok, there's one big I've taken. I China! Ok, that's why they call me the status quo should proceed. That's not what I would call it! That's what they call me frankly. Ok, that's what they good people not talking about that. I think, is a very grave concern. Ok people! They asked me about this. All the time. at the knees throb there's nobody is going to be hard or other japanese drop. I dont know of it there for ok, truthfully list
I bet there there we hear weird and we should acknowledge that their way they quiet everything they have a lot of. greek shows their japan. I think too I believe that it's a very serious problem. Okay and everyone was asleep, but the web read pearl. Harbor like it happened, but listed. Those things is still relevant in a trump presidency. So if you want to take out frankly the japanese. They take, my god entirely nonsensical would bring with it.
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