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This Is Why We Were Kicked Off & Exclusive Interview with Kari Lake!

2022-11-01 | 🔗

Big Tech is continuing to try to censor us, but the truth is Big Tech is deathly afraid of us. We break down why they kicked us out. We also go into the Paul Pelosi story, and it's fishy. Also, Trevor Noah sucks, and Kari Lake joins us for an EXCLUSIVE interview! #KariLake #PaulPelosi #BigTech

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Hey there, audio lesser. As you know, we are currently band suspended from youtube. At least two weeks carry like as on the show today, but I do it that you share. This leave a review, a rating, let people now find us here whether listening an android on apple on spotify, so that we dont lose touch with you, removed from you too. If you want to watch it cut rumble my club. Thank you Much for choosing this show. We know that you have many shows from which to choose, but that motion, I crap, the
I'm calling regarding a couple of stories. I've seen describing fibrous clots being discovered by embalmers. I haven't heard anything about that. No, I haven't heard of it haven't experienced it. I've not heard anything about, and this is cobra around the room. Where would you be comfortable like talking more about this, the call and then forwarded to an automated voice messaging, the mail I'm really not bother, I'm really not scared of them. I'm frightened of leaving a lie and being complacent in this terrible terrible crime. Our refused to do that.
You know what time it is. What very like time. One year I wore my finest, which means one of my three button down shirts and rears very
it glided with you. We have Kerry lake on the show and, of course, she kind of moses won't because she is a one of the reasons for the heart strikes on our youtube channel. This is why we're streaming right now on rumble mug club exclusively, please let well now, if you can, you can share it. Let people know that we're here on rumble, because nothing would make me happier than long term never having a stream for you to begin and over the course of That's two weeks we are going to do everything that we can do on youtube I can tell you where I would know the cigars that I, like you, can actually tell you which cigars, I prefer I can tell you that dumb the vaccines they don't work and I can tell you that in its of course, the freest unfair, slashing legend election yeah, also we're going to fire our guns in the studio, just gross violation of basic firearm safety city ordinances. I believe yes, yes, by the way I should let you know we are streaming the election next year
so we're going to release the details. That means probably not a show on tuesday morning wednesday morning we will be live streaming, the election tuesday night as we did, but of course we can hold on youtube, and some would argue that that is by design lot to talk about today. Some updates policy glad that he's doing well. Covering, where the day leaks everything that we suspected regarding the government working with big tech. Hey at what point? Do you no longer say free speech? Only faxa only affects you're right for the government to not infringe on your speech. What but when they are telling you tube, when they are telling twitter, when they are telling facebook exactly what they can do, and it's not a conspiracy, because there are texts that we have seen. Some would call that evidence see exhibit asshole sam, Yes, some some different strokes and we will be talking about a youtube suspension and actually. How that relates to the election. Carry like there's a lot to get Look, there's a silver lining, here's a silver lining. This is the is conservative. Shall that's ever existed on youtube? Obviously, bar none will get us
Those numbers we're going to do that today because become relevant. The story hate to do it today we will normally done with it but the silver lining. Is the where's, you guys going over the rumble and mug club are so substantial. This is kind of the first we're not quite there yet, but pretty damn close being on the same plane as we are without youtube. Long term would love that, but you guys have to choose to watch unable, even when we are on youtube you have to that decision- and I understand that some back and issued with rumble it's not always the most user friendly, but they are working on that so that or before we get into a general day. How are you I'm doing fantastic? You get why? that change romania today, which will be released on thursday six hours, six hours, software, yes, six out of setting up a sound good, baiting people that y got zan, I was alive. I didn't know your taming salon for carry like, though I would have regardless,
no eleven fastest man on his feet. We are not towards together. I believe there are still some very few tickets left, never nashville november twelve. The second show it remedy to trim nine thirty day. Why are you are a high good yourself? Could I forgot to say, let us cut an accomplished tour to get tickets. Yes, you gotta haircut. I did its grey ashore blonde. I don't know it's a hair cut it out we love. So Let me ask you for you, the guy who was a ted gusinsky before every day. Yes, Well, I'll allow it because it's accurate also we have limited well, thank you. My best believe TED Bundy was good. Looking so I'll. Take that as well good lawyer, he got himself the chair him and darrell Brooks fantastic self representation. We have a deal. You're gonna be a, I guess, carnegie hall homes, pensive manhole, Pennsylvania november, twenty sixth, diego,
me, dale he I'll be there. Could I say that I say deal is looking at carnegie dale carnegie, outlining aim at carnegie. I thought it was you you just man and wanted me to be the no. I just did my brain rain for six hours. I did not sleep in my brain is undergoing what is making fun of carry like speaking of carry little really. I just thought it was a bork from star trek, but there's got there saying that their candidate jokes about violent attacks that are our foundering within one is that projector stream talking barrack, I remind you- mean more people rejected. Just don't care about any of those were finally put your ass, even though we know meant new many of them to be untrue by what we lost still and still going yeah? Ok! This is relevant because we have some jokes about policy so I'm. U let off with well wish. You look like minority hoard condemnation of the sketch that we have coming up on a show exactly so oughta be relative hoary get to that
the number of Joe rejecting felt? Sorry if Chris energy drop natural radiation plant the end of the show arthur does Canada first gig I don't know if you guys know the show, though, and I've talked- was a little bit racist is was a racist. Can I dont, but you haven't laval Burton? Is you don't have to take you to have to take my word for it Oh the No better now I know what they were going for amiss pretty bad back by the way. Here's the thing I played the brain
I did yeah method act actor. The brain is really the only one who should be able to use that word because he's a blackbird now I know that prick cause. I played the brain and in the christmas episode they had me doing the kwanzaa song. I was like what am I doing the kwanzaa song: that's what they said. We asked because he's a black bear first of all, not sure if it applies to, I think it applies to black humans, so I think we're in a grey territory, I'm a white guy playing a black bear celebrating a racist holiday, you see the promises they like. No, no! No! No! by the way. Don't stick the hard, our guys, you would still have to go knit. Ah, yes, on that, guys, true, the same dream. I was dumping just like that
I agree. I wish I was a little bit taller. Song was playing yeah, that's the whole two shorter. What was it was too short? No, it wasn't. I don't remember whose yeah I get, that the word is knitter, but I don't know why you would be accusing someone of being a knitter and it's just too reminiscent of routes, yeah and also just is it just homer? because he sewing. I guess I don't know what the bad either way, no matter how they're doing it accounts for a very wrong. Yes, at least unsettling even That is an aids eaters. All thing: that's all there is a pet dogs. Lots of drought, now the uk site, that's the point protectionist. Fungi who lives under the sea com has a friend a member, and they they do it pineapple by noblemen swing and lets a honeymoon, sweet hip, hop right, speaking, honeymoon sweet around they re populist stuff we get on you to topple, are now to be fair,
policy. I am glad that he has recovered yet from what I and I obviously do not wish the man physical harm at all at all. I am generally happy that he's doing well, better. I dunno he's doing well. Well you better now when considered a good data, but you know it's a battered makes up and go sat dammit yet said: merriwig cellular pelosi man's instead of giving effect to calm and when she came in for visiting hours we closed his eyes again suddenly, like hear me. Paul is its main aim. Is the most like out. I've done for us. Making a noise like a flat longer does not just a weight on the iron longer just hitting the morphine rethink our hearts. You can feel anything so he sees a light
and even just out of their out of goodwill, nurses would remove the rate limiter on the morphine. Yet let me just take that out, but you know what I replaced the morphine with a lot of things: Man is coming at injures drinking the morphine like us, sneaking it in her purse, like snacks at a restaurant. Now they want you to take a biscotti. So a power velocity, of course was attacked. Nancy Pelosi's husband, violently attacking their san francisco home, so let's move through now, they're just doing this on unseen and There are a lot of miss truths around here. Here's the cat, and that you've heard in Gerald. You know a little bit more about this now, because I've been in changed my mind as far as the granular sort of details at the claim, That's the attacker was a right wing, extremist motivated by republican rhetoric, that's what they ve been saying ledged violent intruder David. The path is now facing federal charges for breaking the policies home and beating policy with a hammer early friday morning,
Federal criminal complaint release today reveals that this aspect to traffic on in far right conspiracy theories about call the twenty twenty election and holocaust denial is, and what will quote stated it and who is going to hold nancy hostage and talk These threats are on the rise. To tell you why you have to draw the straight line between what has happened. On the ground, as these threats become central, to decentralize, regenerate six to spread out across country. The straight line, red marjorie, like your chinese, lies among others. Maggie republic into already glorify violence and their leader, Kevin Mccarthy, glorifies island, nothing about it and does nothing to stop at enabling disgusting and obviously, if somebody that didn't convince dinner, I think, even without having to do much research, even convinced that the election was stolen, that
There is a cabal of people running the government that you now it's not governments, wherever by the people's he's been convinced and who knows what else is there? I don't know, I don't you do little, but the fact is literally auroral directorate playing lesser honey. I'm not gonna. Do the true journalist she had now. Nice, but all my money on cocoa still acting now This lowest score on ever celebrity generally crap, so ok to carry the can. If you're sure, if I don't have one about six years now, the truth right. The attacker David depicts mere was an absolutely insane person. Now? I know you're saying how do you know that? Well, okay, he was mentally ill, it's on the record and he was a. He was a nudist activist is what I understood. And he did the administering of the hammer beating in his underwear heeded.
He was in his underwear and there's there's a lot of stuff about this story that makes people question what happened, the glass seemingly being on the outside. Looking like something it happened on the inside that the island that, in my detective novels as a kid they're like whoa, look at this picture. How do you oh, the glasses on the outside? That means that it came from within and the detectives here? What was it? The f b I they couldn't catch on? I have no idea, but it also it's weird that he went on a bathroom break, took his cell phone and that's when he called police so I didn't realize that anita kidnapping, the bathroom breaks were an option, especially with cell phone, who knew, but also that attack, didn't happen until police arrived like that they were actually struck. I guess over the hammer when the police arrived. That's when this started and then hit him. Unlike you have guns, there's a theirs. Guy and is underwear attacking. What I think is another guy is under where one has reason to be because he's in his own home to sleep, the other guy, nobody and to be by the way, if you noticed that's not forthcoming
No that's not! That is, and that's a lazy notice that isn't easy notice. He was a nudist hippy bail them at a border that guy's gunshot. I can never nude yeah it shows up in shorts, yeah, I'm a boxer is what I didn't even think. That was a thing. So there's a lot of reason why people are like hold on this doesn't seem to make a whole lot of sense and by the way, there's foot. There's video cameras all over this place home can lead to think that no, that just don't work. Epstein sell by the way this getting kill himself. I'm just gonna say it ahead of time. This guy did not hang himself in a cell. Well, you know we could. We could have a happy ending. He might now depends where it disappears too. Given idea also disappeared more than a year that we eat disappeared more than a year by going on his girlfriend described him saying he came back and very bad shape, thought he was Jesus, but neighbour new york. We thought he was Jesus too, Yet one in that nice guy guess, Jesus trap that was bruce Christ lotta Jesus is me
you just so new york. Would this Jesus. You know this is not such being the spotless lamb dying on across regions. He enjoyed pissing, the elevator shaft. So you didn't think he was Jesus. I think he was. He was a Jesus of being an indefinite having to check that whilst kind of american. Yes, it's not maybe the aim just kind of spray and pray so cheese. He came back and very bad shape. He thought he was Jesus. He was constantly paranoid thinking people were after and by the way we can comment below what sounds fishy about this story, and you can the rumble button, because I guess that's what then have the youtube like button? You, you said he the blacklist lives so that these they had a picture of the house that he was supposed to be living at that had a black lives matter flag there in summer. Paraphernalia from far left and that's what jake tapir accidentally left out of his story. One, it's not a right kind of thing: it's not! publican thing to be a holocaust denial. That is a crazy person or ayatollah thing, yeah, that's a limited to those two camps,
right. This guy was a nudist hippy who had visited ton. A far left leaning, that's the detail that he left out that others have reported on that. He visited tons of left, leaning super far left sites as well, and it's like he's just trying to frame it as republic so they went in there. The same reason they removed aren't of uk. Like like china, denier. Ok, so now we ve weaves automatically assume that holocaust denial is right wing. Sort of like we assume that hitler was right wing despite the fact that socialists is in the name, we ve gone to the policies. I never walk that back. So you think hitler was lit, was left a socialist absolutely because he said so. His writings confirmed it and it was the name of his party. I tried automatically say right, wing, fascist now, okay, they say right wing holocaust. Now now, then, they say and right wing election denial hold on a second, that's also a left wing thing. Hillary Clinton is still doing it today. Stacey abrams is still doing it today and that is not exclusive to the right wing. By the way, I don't think you're a crazy person, if you believe If that we need better election security, whether your Jimmy carter weather,
make lava whether Hillary Clinton, I dont think that you're crazy. I really doubt I disagree with how they are claiming the elections are rigged, but that does make somebody insane and it certainly doesn't make someone rightwing, claiming your Jesus and being a nudist and breaking into a house with a hammer. I'm not I'm, not a clinical, psychologists, your psychiatrist, I'm not a doktor woods. To me, like those are red flags, you could say It's silly? Yes! Well. He also wanted to talk with Nancy fellow he was a rogue knitter nets shows up with women. Yeah, oh yeah, by the way this guy was such a political like his his motive was so clear that he was trying to go after Nancy Pelosi that he couldn't be bothered to do some research and figure out if she was in the state of california that evening. Yes, she's in Washington dc she's a rather public figure you're such a
politically motivated person to make sure that your voices are and you're gonna attack, Nancy policy that you gotta houses, That are an entire country away from where Nancy Pelosi is at well, let's just even compare by the way the crave, the election deniers and I'm not talking about just like Michael and Ellen dominion, voting machines and the ghosts of of of chavez. What I'm saying is, let's look? the crazy election, deniers they'll, say all they loss of lawsuits, which is not true, but crazy election deniers. Is it as insane as someone who didn't even know that the speaker of the house has to be in Washington d c cir for a certain portion of the year, often with schedules? publicly available they had to, looking to the laws of the constitutional state of pennsylvania there to look into the ballots unmarked ballast at the look in What percentage of people were voting? Who might not necessarily be? legal voters in that country. They look to the data. Every single, major urban metropolitan area that Donald trump was winning by a higher margin than two thousand and sixteen, except for five key cities in those swing states. In other words, there's a little. You may disagree with it, but there's a little bit
due diligence there. This guy just showed up to someone's house when the person here I was trying to tat, wasn't even there and is under way with a hammer and even start getting the hammering until the cops got there. What do you think that the election deniers are wrong? It's not the kind of insanity that you see here and he's not a robot. Well, let's look at the kind of insanity that it actually is it's the as much as don't don't agree and I'll go ahead and say that you should hit an eighty year old man with a hammer. I've always said you shouldn't you. I appreciate that you're willing to stick your neck, got that you take the rest. I look I'm by just unwilling tied up there. Well the first shot balls. I got values. Yes, then, I'm going to stick to them, don't hit eighty year olds with hammers. Eighty two go for it. Not very ready to hate me ready for the here. I'm sorry, but you are blameless. Yes, but This is the society they are creating for as well. This is the third most powerful person in the country and you ve
create a society that doesn't care about mental illness. Yves DE funded, the police, you ve, you have eighty thousand hours. I think they spent months security whose obviously, during a bang, up shut up you're able to get into a gay community your surrounded by all these this crime, all this problem. This is what you want, and this is the society that was created by your entire your party, that's! Why somebody's in your house attacking you with a hammer. I'm sorry, that's the reality right. This is cause and effect, and I am sorry that this happened. The court's hall below setting it sucks yeah. But it's like this is what you want crime, and this is how high it's going home higher does it need to get to? We actually stop it? What one central you bring up it was eight is eighty thousand dollars was how much it costs for the secure. I know it's a lot of money, it's something like that. I like, unless it does act number, but it is insane amount of money. They haven't security, detail less effective than ring. Yes,
my ring works. Fine. It would have at least had the guy once as opposed to twenty eight something security. Camera exactly would have had him once you might might not really do much, but as a guy in his underwear with a hammer yeah by the way I this is also people talk about firearms and yes, I advocate that people have firearms in their home that you carry firearms responsibly. I have said this time and time again, more important in that get a dog get a doc, get it, and I don't mean a little that serves no purpose great. You have little dogs, you like him, that's what I mean get a dog that is effective alarm system cops will tell you time and time again it is the most effective deterrent and if it doesn't If you dont, replace about is now ensuring the dog speaking english to you? Yes, exactly giving you a list, so this guy did have a dog spoken to that his was neighbors to hear that you should wear briefs or, if so, go, get Pelosi. Reading there's a lot of speculation, of course over exactly what happened again. So I ve tried to get me some details, but we actually-
now can remove some of the guesswork from equation, because we have some I don't want to insert information, have exclusive audio from the incident the police responding to the scene that hasn't been. Yet this is an exclusive. Closing s old, I'm outside and from a glass on the spanish would appear. Someone tried to break out of the house suspect that Nancy is on another during production in working order. You, sir, for measuring glossy mister boffin, you're, bleeding allentown use you can get out of this comically oversized neighbour and wash their candle wax innovation I had I wanted get hammer. We don't want anyone. Our wine, I withdraw unlocks he's got a hammer over sir sir. You are not in fact Jesus you're, absolutely not
these crimes are neither calm down. The cure for cancer is not in europe. The government. Were you not confront winter kept this obvious republican away from me or we'll be fine, you for real after requesting backup we have an actual emergency at the closing house or Nancy or whatever compelled to answer no, not this time, no alcohol appointment. No, I'm here when one is pretty rare hammer, weren't even illimitable, say the republic are not that where no further questions Athens, oh by the way. This is a live monday through thursday, I would say, youtube hey watch on youtube and I can watch on rumble it's ten, a m. Eastern also some of the audio park. Yes, this is a good time to do that, if you're not subscribed on apple on android on spotify, look just sort of cover bases we're trying to divert. We ve been trying to do
It's fire portfolio for awhile rent, no has been able to have a show that has been sustainable, tenable outside of, for example, like youtube, apple and were there. It won't be as big as when it's on youtube We still want to use youtube, but the more you help us diversified the less dependent anyone is on youtube. So we are very grateful you please to consider setting up we're even sesame jailed. None you're good. Let's get up to the department homeland security, the leaks carry like we do like. Ok. So do you remember last spring when the dumb which I'm just gonna say dhs when the DHS set up and they are almost immediately and by almost I mean immediately disbanded the dis information governance board. Here's a reminder: the board has never convened. It's so that's it never can ended and the board, as is yes, the border is Is it we're not in the sense that it will not convene? Will while former secretary chertoff garlic
their assessment, but the departments work across several administrations to address this information that threatens the security of our country is critical and that will indeed continue this is the of all people at america they communicate with the media. This is the person you chose to tell the story, not the modem. She answers. Have the questions with o k, she's. Gonna tell someone about made of data and she dropped a golf cart with a fan now jock humans, obtained by the intercept good work on their part. I recommended you go check it out. All references are real, but let us come up come. There were some leaks seems our ongoing lawsuits and there are some public records as well. That show some incredibly disturbing trend. Let me get you some facts and how it kind of relates to what's going on right now, so dear just employees and, of course, leaders and big tech we suspected
and we knew they were somewhat in communication, because gin sack, he said, hey spot of higher amounts that would like, but that's what we see. We don't know how it was going on behind the scenes we had hunch. But now you know in a text message former day official and current microsoft, executive, first the five and so much wrong with that. Yes, with that statement text message, we work with you to quite a bit do a Google headquarters in new york in Austin right. We ve met with chief content officers for youtube for facebook for twitter, banned or suspended from every single platform at one time or another, never do they text. You now have a text message ability with these people, so an attack message. Former de age, s official end now, microsoft, executive. Think about that. This was
when texting his buddies intact. When you work for the administration and then went to go work for tech and an executive position, this is the swamp. His name is Matt masterson. He told the digest director John easterly quote: platforms have got to get comfortable with guns and it's really interesting how hesitant they remain now. Let me hold on brethren devil. Yes, we break this down. For you for a second member when people say oh, the age of journalism is dead. I think we all I wonder, there's far more journalism taking place online now and unnecessary method Medication online is social media. These platforms and their platforms are treated. Firms, not as publishers, show and journalists and shouldn't critics of the government be as on company? with them as possible. Shouldn't that be the set point I've always viewed median got. It should be almost like our legal system, an adversarial system, the fact that they are texting
each other and then exchanging jobs. Just to be clear, saying, platforms have got to get comfortable with government disagree. It's really interesting how hesitant they remained. This is then being hesitant. I would hate think of what they would do if they weren't hesitant, but that is a chilling conversation that these guys are having in his brain right now. He is saying I can't imagine why they would be hesitant with a government telling them that they need to remove stuff for sensor stuff, or at least soft ban shadow ban stuff. Like I can't and why they would be hesitant, to understand how this works that the digital cut of public square. Do you understand what kind of problem that your creating? Let's assume that you're not satan incarnate in that you don't want to destroy every freedom that we have maybe the next. A dozen you're putting the the work the ground work is being laid to be able to do that, you're doing the work for them this. This should ever come out of your mouth. I don't care if you're an executive in microsoft or at the age s note
should think this is ok. You know it ask him out of his mouth p, soup. So what just possess, they are the devil, not the devil incarnate. Now we have and twenty twenty there's some notes from meetings that show that tech platforms will be asked to quote process report and provide timely response is to include the removal reported misinformation from the platform. Possible. Now I know people on the left are going say: will you get rid of misinformation? Okay, we ve always made the argument who defines misinformation. I, for example, I am not saying that Democrats or nazis, but in nineteen thirty nineteen forty, germany, misinformation was sent on a hold on a second jews, aren't responsible for all that. Visas and poverty that would have been information off. You go me, information at some points in this country would win owner whole. Second, black people are not inferior to white people. They deserve the same rights and the republican party and to push that with a civil rights that would have been considered information. Misinformation,
one time. What am I a horse and horses, and maybe that person was not a right wing extremists, for example inelastic that would have been misinformation, misinformation, ornament, all hell, laws, enhancing, maybe law! downs. Actually dont have a net. Positive effect was- The w H own cdc acknowledges that women misinformation. When you allow the gun. Went to determine misinformation and has not been determined by any kind of objective standard. But what most benefits there at that moment in time, eve now relinquish power to effectively, if not evil a selfish institution desperate, to march twenty twenty two in a meeting with tech companies put on by the cyber security and infrastructure security agency, others call them sizes, flora, damn low and f. I official synonym, useless, warned We need a media infrastructure that has held accountable. We need too early educate the populace, critical thinking seems to be. A problem currently hold a second, no critical thinking. Like questioning, for example, experimental,
I'm rna am rna. Sorry therapy. You may disagree with a conclusion, but is it not critical thinking to be critical of somebody way You mean critical thinking like saying hail on a second. I don't think that lockdowns are a good idea. Do you mean critical thinking like saying? Well one? Second, I don't necessarily know that this came from a bat sandwich seems like this might have been engineered in a lab. You may disagree with the conclusion, but that is critical thinking. You don't want critical thinking you want to ban critical thinking, as we see it information, your june twenty twenty two but giant Add, however, we pronounce it. I dont care, helped draft report says, are asking the agency to quote help shape the information ecosystem I'm sorry, we should have done a better job of helping you to set up their former twitter employ yet which I tat will enable an example to other david warmer employing celebrated, because as a recent, it was so recent extra this person who was basically
they're saying that we need to do more to censor you, and I actually had this moment were where I think facebook and everybody was called the Fora Senate committee, I believe, is what it was and they were looking at information being censored on a plant. We were like. Oh thank god it's about time and then that hearing goes I'm looking at. You should be doing more. Like sort of, I didn't think it was going to go now. I know who would have thought I just would love to have been a fly on that wall in elon. Musk's walk in walked into how to pronounce your name vijaya. It's like haier sure who are you and vijaya? What do you do? I work as a chief content officer at twitter No, you don't you mean results. We owe you mean you did is whose off is that you are not native tongue. So sometimes your past sounds like present
I don't want you, I must go to address it. I think he made her office into the executive bathroom, be essentially forty lawyer, you with my toilet room. Yes, this is crazy. This gathered, I have brought sent to hit you thinking. My toilet claims are my family pit. The rumble by again in the segment it is helps with. We'll show rumble that you want to be on their platform interact comment given some up. They don't a lot of good work another factor you need to know and you guys are free to jump in whenever you want. There is, by the way, now a formalized process for the government to directly flag content to facebook, a good and instagram, so government officials and all references are available. Let us come, can directly petition for content to be flagged separate. To remove now we suspect that this obviously but this for a long time they ve done it publicly, but now we know It's been going on systemically behind the scenes for a long,
mary of time, is the difference between something acute versus crow and now we see that we are obviously having to deal with both here's another the day chest was by the way, incredibly therein. Onto shaping a twenty elections. Some when we talk about hundred by that australia now keep in mind, rudy giuliani. I remember we were all shocked when he showed that laptop yes on this show yeah the first time it had ever been seen by the public like well, you don't have a laptop here with all this child pornography and then he showed hunters. Yes, I was like what is that? That's what we're here, but this is the leopard. You d, showing that anyone can cover the f b. I did what you laptop seated I don't want to look at what you probably think, because nothing but a teenage pornography. It's it's like it. So the point is and it was on this show. We were directly involved with that. I don't always my plan to break news, but that story hunter by was to FBI agents n francisco office. They were involved these communications, that
led to censoring the hundred by laptops, or, I should say allegedly by allegedly I mean go, read the documents. Ok, prior to it's kind of like the ashley Biden, diarrheal rural know. If it's true tell me it's not modern handwriting, then maybe it's true. What are you a calligraphy major? Yes you're in the penmanship club, yeah? Okay, it's her diary. Are you an election worker that has to look at a signature and compared to another one, really quickly, don't spoil it? It's it's by only job! spoiler alert much now price the election, the flag. It seriously did you do this forty eight hundred pieces, of misinformation? Tech company? That's not a lot so the department of homeland security, flag, forty eight hundred people and by the way, thirty five percent of them- that's
the adding average were removed or censored completely on twitter, I had people posting fate. Swastika tattoos and quotes of me saying, murder all the Jews and, I said, hey That's true! I didn't do that, don't! Well! We can't do anything so to get thirty five percent of forty eight hundred pieces remove that is unbelievable batting average. Now, while the ayatollah, like between yes, no those interesting yes, it is also less affair that really here we just to give you some contacts. Ok, some of this content that has been removed. We know for a fact, is ours, so here's an example We received a hard strike now, if had three this year, but how it works. Ninety days, if you get three and ninety days, you, your account is removed this one while ago, from you apology accepted right now. As to when these ninety days are carry lake and the more recent one where we don't know. We talked about elon musk. We still have no idea, but this was just
we received a while ago, which would have been flagged by the dhs based on the evidence that you see where Gerald mentioned. And we source the cdc statistics on air regard the flu and child mortality. Was why our account was suspended for two weeks last time the way that all the people who are saying that this was as deadly as the flu, the seasonal flu. They were right for people under forty, yes right and for people under twenty, statistically zero percent gets actually much less a deadly. They flew at young people. Now remember. This is why this is important, and this is a lot of people. Dont lot of people will do that. Tape will return that takeover show. Oh yeah yeah, it's covered, show statistically zero chance. I think the whole theme may have attributed to that yeah, but I was right no unity are recording, crowded
yeah and then they actually released even more information that verified what you said and confirmed it by yet I dunno- if you know this now, if you're sick and you go, and I would love for you to comment below if you have been sick lately, the flu has been going around disappeared in twilight, that's back, as I know. First year huh, it's bringing coughing back yeah probably went away forever. I was done. I know it's back now and I knew ten people who got the flu, it's because they are actually where they were in a theater during the show and all them got the flu spreads. None of them were tested for coven when they're winning none of them. Not one now one. If you are sick right now, you have gone into the doctor or you have gone into urgent care. Please comment below. Did they test you for covet and how does it contrasts with the testing for covered back and twenty twenty one see? How can you can manipulate statistics if you just don't test for something? If you just don't ask that question in a pole, it's like it doesn't exist. Ok more in this story, corn, the day justice there quadriga
homeland security review, they plan to target misinformation. This is again at the intercept related to the origins of over nineteen pandemic by the way. Even You said we don't know, so I don't know how that's a conspiracy if fallaci at his best is saying we don't know which means that it absolutely originate. It was later hundred us withdraw from afghanistan. Misinformation, bigger store them in Gaza, most likely if we dig into a meaning that it wasn't done very well. Americans were left and not to mention helicopters equipment. Other is not forget cash. That's important right, the nature of: u s, support john crane and my personal favorite racial justice. Most information related to racial justice. Now keep in mind we're going to get to this right here we beg me, I don't off, carry like it's. Ok, we struck me five took that I would love to do the sudden on carry like with trevor now, if we start five minutes later or ten minutes later, given my aunt rachel justice, we got a hard shreck This very show when we,
supported the police officer who stopped who provide Did I stabbing of a young black girl micaiah bright? This was Another reason we were suspended here. She is attempting to stab another girl before she is shot. I warn you for people. This could be disturbing. It's not super clearing graph, but still the miracle after this is disturbing I know you come back to me its causes. It's there. That's me here there s, I think macabre was shot, that she was a persona
bryant was shot. Who was trying to stab yes, another bloody. The the thing that you saw was a knife who had just just been handed to her by a believe her father in the driveway just another ten. The officer was called by the girl who was about to be stabbed the officer saying: there's a girl grabbing a knife saying she's going to stab me shut up and she was like. I must abbey it's a miracle that, as you know, she was going to stab her what she had a knife and she said she was going to stab her repeatedly safe yeah. I figured she wasn't quite the character of the life of the person who wasn't acting violently at one way, but that's the quandary. He shot a black person. Save a black person. Let us call it raises- so that was removed from you, too hard strike, and we that another hard start your city see, but the most recent one was carry like the interview with her, where she question some issues surrounding a primary election that she one and then sweet was a show regarding IRAN must take over of twitter? We still don't know exactly what it is by the way all of that ban. Content. We have consolidated. The two strikes, put it into one video, it's available on rumble
right here. I think you have it at rumble: dot com, slash Steven crowder: there you go so you can go and watch it we'll have it titled the banned content, youtube? So you can see exactly what it is that resulted in the ban. Want you guys to see judge for yourself of its ban worthy ok. So this brings us to youtube giving us the boot. Now. Let me give you my conspiracy. Let me give you some numbers and I'll give you an inference. Ok, so they suspended, as we know that ok they ve cited violating the harassment, threats, cyber bullying, part policy. I dont know what threats no idea. Again. This is a step seconds. Ninety days, that's why we will not be swimming to you too, because we don t want the account we removed. We're doing it exclusively. Honourable ok: here's Why you tube here's, an argument that I would make ok Any guys all know that we really do so. I dont like extolling the numbers of people, there's a number. One show look how popular we are. I think, its relevant to the story, especially as we go into an election to put too fine a point
carry lake is going to win the governorship and they removed a viral interview with carry like one of the first. Whirlwind reuse. It was an interview that was actually used in attack ads against Kerry lake in the state of arizona. So it's not outside the realm of play. Ability that, if the left is used at these pacts are using it an attack ads and their communicating with big tech that there are some text messages going on there. So fine, a point and of uk like about to the governorship who, by the way, would be bad for big tech, probably implement some kind of a lot like texas in florida, where you can sue big tech for censorship, a political point of view. They want her gone, ok and we're out too ex leading up to including the election and more people and twenty twenty watched this show may at this desk. This show on election night than any other programme period. News television, online podcast period so here's. Why would I think the numbers are relevant? why study shows that we've done hundred
nineteen million total view just to give you an idea. Thirty I was hundred and ninety million total views and that doesn't include the rubble or mug club numbers. I don't think I made it into the Rumbled doesn't include democrat members and analysed thirty days alone, leading up to the ban over before million views on youtube. But a very long watched we're only be approaching the hundred million number within a thirty day period, and we add one hundred and nineteen over thirty shows, I said because no one else does that and I'm incredibly I don't say that, because I'm both I'm incredibly grateful and humbled. That's because if you could pick anywhere, and you choose to watch with us, and so many of you choose to follow us here on rumble. I cannot thank you enough, and you know what carry lake can come here on the shore noble today and there still is, never get enough your ship that it matters even outside of europe?
you can see the numbers right now. You can do a test, as you see, carry like on the show. Take that number double at when you're, taking into account magua. Now, as it relates to the elect the elections, the recent elections, twenty twenty- We have over sixteen million total views minimum across the two streams on facebook and youtube, I say minimum because it was removed on facebook. We do no the number on facebook at a minimum. Sixteen point: something million would have been far higher if the stream was not taken down and facebook now biggest, actually the shrimp that existed. If you search Steven Crowder twenty twenty election or I'm sure he could type in, of course, with credit twenty twenty election, what do you get? Do you get? The most your election stream from twenty twenty. No, you get love you count. Criticism of this channel of this a of our strong as the first results hey I the algorithm was designed to serve the viewer. Our actual video, that election is not even on the first page. No what we know now about the de h now
tat, we ve been struck because of jailed, quoting the cdc no they removed a current gubernatorial candidate who was likely going to win for questioning the primary election that she won. And knowing the numbers of the ship. What it said and to reason that they don't want us to be life during the election or really cracking up the intensity as it comes to election time when you're talking about many billions of plays across platforms. You have made an impact. You have made an impact We only exist because of you and when behold onto youtube advertisers. That's why we're able to do it here. It's fun, it's a little more relaxed. They don't want you there and I can't Leave the day had the balls to do this by the way right before an election coming after that, one of the largest platforms vary, but the largest platform there's going to be having the people like carry like on and giving them even more of a voice in politics, leading up to the election than doing an election live stream. You should have It's your tongue youtube if we stepped up
any gray lines that you have created intentionally gray, so you can just kind of say willy nilly we want to ban you, you shouldn't have done it right now you just fan the flame. Now, basically just showed people that your will, to do stuff like this and are we surprised with a hundred by laptops where we ve covered this before people, of change their minds. We ve asked people before they had pulling in this, they would have changed their minds if that hunter by lapse up story had not been suppressed and remove it will. Let me give you another example here needed, I'm using our numbers here, because I think this is important, because then policy changed. For example, I said black lives as a terrorist organisation me to change my mind that out over ten million place, just on youtube Now, you're not allowed to sit on youtube, you can be removed rate culture is a myth, change your mind. Fourteen million place then we did, for example, are crushed a feminist confess. What my underwear that had thirty one million place is because the underwear- yes because of their lack of ammo,
I know he did not yeah a lot of not. I did wear it, but I did have to put on two pairs, I'm under law, because I went and bought a pair of briefs at dollar tree yeah they're, not because I thought brees was funnier and then I was like ooh. These are basically says basically, saran wrap yeah dog she's, no good, so I got for the last two or three pairs of yeah yeah and then we were safe, see the vietnamese rashes yeah same with them as now. Here's the thing the you wouldn't be able to do this, if not for the fact that we were blue. I guess or of legacied, in back doors in there? we too genders change my mind, forty four! in place. You cannot say that now miss gendering as a violation of youtube hate and harassment policies. So you get forty four, in people who tuning than youtube says. Oh, this is gaining traction, warned I'm going to make that again the rules, even though their legally not allowed to do that because they are a platform, and so the end result is when they change of policy change a change of policy. We work around it. Let's just remove this channel as it
into election time. Why do I think that's the case because all other de Hs text, messages and emails that you can now check it. Ladder of credit outcome, wonderful work from the intercept. There is no guesswork anymore. They are doing is there a moving content and we have been removed. Interview with Kerry lake has been removed going into an election. This is, without a doubt, election meddling. You don't need to deal with russians buying facebook ads. You don't need to deal with dominion. This is enough. Sounds and a hundred buying laptop for short and that's terrible, silencing a gubernatorial candidate and the biggest conservative channel that could effectively communicate the message leading up to election time. That is, election italy, I represent. No, I think a lot of stuff. That's going on right now is election meddling and they did or potentially- and I know we ve gotta- get to carry like some keep him. I have a whole segment on trevor now, but we did it with her to go. We probably do. Rather, I would love to see it, but here's the thing when they say.
That to you in their email. They say we want you to correct your mistakes. We want you to recognise the air of your ways right and then they dont tell you what you did. They do say you violated this policy and, unlike ok with somebody not watching this video and said o o this moment right here at time code. Blank, hey boss, come here. Take a look at this. Is this a hard drive? Boss says: yes, that's a hard circlets notify the content creator, nothing by the way. Every time or our lawyer emails and asks hey. Can you tell us the time odds, so that we can understand where we broke your rules, it's on never given right. We have to press and press and press and press to get the information. They don't want this fixed They just want to be able to arbitrarily say: you're broke our rules, you can't be on our platform and it's just weird I mean it will. The timing is weird or I would say, actually perfect on their part, but here's the deal. Look if we're at this point and am incredibly great. What I want to at some point be able to step back.
I've talked about that. I'm not going to step back from what I'm doing until I see someone else who can carry the mantle fill this void that we're not seeing that I want to see those kids coming up. But what she is too they have if, when we were at this point there still being so flagrant with it, that's what work Me I never want to be targeted. And comedy like the Sarah. Suddenly was hilarious. Could have shot comedy and then pulling a ladder up behind them and say: actually you can't use those we're, never gonna, be that guy, I don't! I'll be the guy's as well. I got mine, that's why we sit we continue to fight. That's why we still want to be on youtube in some capacity to be a lot easier for us. If we never were again it's a pain in my ass, but We make sure that the next it has the opportunity to grow their chill they want to make. They want you to be afraid to even try that's what it as its taking someone out back in executing them. Everyone else sees that as an example. Alright, let's bring We have er, I believe, ok, we,
have her. I dont know into the chamber: do the segment with her two men? Are we would that be too tough to do you ever be able to see it? would you be able to see it yeah? Can you ok? I'd make sure that can see right. Never one ready if ever everyone to bend you, but I'm ready, be on your best behavior as future governor. Remember tongues back in your mouth. Don't do the mask thing: it's temperature like MR like. How are you I'd do well, there's still let new guys broadcast out there did they completely cancel. You yeah know have completely remove this renewed we're just on rumble today, now? I know. Well, that's all right What really youtube with one of them is because of you and then we still don't know the reason for the second strike. What if we get three were permanently removed? They have not given us a reason, and I dont think that its by chance that you, whose winning governorship right now that that was the first episode they removed. I'm sorry
add to my list of things. We can talk about anymore as americans, and maybe it was because we did you talk about vaccines, election pelosi. You can't talk about policy anymore, cove id. The genders right hand. Talk about binds mental state. The laptop did you talk about. Ukraine has fifty four states. Yes, fifty forces We have entitled in right, iver maxim, that's another one, I remarked and hydrochloric when we actually segment, rebutting trevor, Noah kind of now for you, but if you want, we can do it. Few here but or we can just sit here and talk because we have his claims and then the truth. Who is that who is trevor. Noah answer. Take I understand, I'm I'm serious, trapped. Now. No, that's a fair! Quite well. You know what he's retiring and it's kind of have to retire when no one knows that you were on retired that you are king in the first place. Oh, my gosh right well
was through the same thing as always where you are to sit. He says: oh you flipped from Democrat to Republican. We have the clip where you explain that he claims all. You were friends with a drag queen. We know that that's not true so, tries to claim that you are pushing conspiracy theories by the way I dropsy chloric, when and by the way. Just to be clear on that of the soviet union have to respond. Your tweet was peer reviewed, covered. Nineteen thirty lotos had also working with thinking. As for my son, is an effective therapeutic tree. And against govern nineteen. Ok, here that his show and said crazy, conspiracies Now we have an overlay from pub med, z pack and in fact, did it did show a bunch of promise and clinical trials. You can make that statement faction. We now, but they want to try and label it conspiratorial like you saying hey, we want to tighten the security of our actions in arizona sets. Assembled attack I know it is, and I mean I don't know our people watching this stuff. I guess I'm out there with the people every day, Stephen and we're drawing massive crowds- and these are everyday people who are working hard to try to make ends, meet and they're not
and about what the It is talking about they're talking about. Can we please get our borders secure? Can we please make sure arizona doesn't turn into California? Please make sure they stop teaching our kids fifty different genders at school. Please make sure that we can cut crime and help people who are struggling with this economy. There not talking about whatever this guy's name, not know or whatever they talking about the issue. That are affecting them, and so I think the meat Is it on their last gasp of breath? I know I say this all the time no one's watching. I get hold up the ratings here in town of our local tv stations, and some of them have less. A thousand viewers No. We run they reach they reached that they have the each of seven million right lesson. Thanks in our watching. Well, that's why sitting of this is that it's no chair, no happenstance, by the way that this is occurring with our now going into the election. We talked about this last election sixteen million people who tuned in more than
individual programme period in the country and they want make sure that we do not have that reach because, specifically, we have people like you and the programme by the way. This is something it's interesting to me. I want you to get your opinion really quickly you hear this in the media. Are they say? Oh it's, a dead tie with you in in in in hobbs. So here's the thing. New york times. Has it forty eight forty, eight, the arcy pierre for people who know that's the aggregation of poles. Has it you up three point: eight percent, the best Paul. Has you actually up by eleven points? how much credence do you give the polls? Where do you have any internal data to give an idea of how far ahead you are by the way, I think you'll be winning this well, I I do. No, this I have some people who are incredibly good understanding methodology and in europe Think I'm just saying this, because I like the eleven points. Paul, but I've had my people. Look at that- and this is the methodology- was incredible- poll earlier this week, which just had me up barely anything they had. I think
it pulled about four hundred to five hundred people- that's not enough to pull in this state and the methodology was bad. We got another pull today. Just came out, I got look up to see who was, if you want me to look it up, I will actually have my husband look at for me so I'd. I can focus on this. It showed us up eleven. We had a poem couple days ago, showing us up nine. These are poles are pulling more than a thousand people they're pulling People using cell phones texting just landlines. I mean how many people out there in your audience, actually answer that She found, I think many people have a kitchen phone. We have you skeleton mascots in our office kitchen right now, because of halloween. I think that's, the closest you'd find it's right. Ok, this the philips academy, Paul It was my people. Looked at this of the methodology method jeez incredible? It was pulled october, twenty, ninth and october. Thirty two, the last couple days: they were the field. I met fifty three percent hobbs the race
This is at forty two I assume that you we're anticipating follow question hobbs, the racist you have my curiosity. I thought we talked about this before twice convicted racist to juries into twenty one. This isn't like fifteen years ago, two juries and twenty twenty one unanimous. Lee convicted her of racism for paying men of color in her office, thirty thousand dollars less than white men who do the same job. Yes, talking about a Democrat and all the crap, they say about us He paid women of color, thirty, thousand dollars less than the men in her office, and when this woman came to katy hobson said hey, I just found out in thirty thousand less than the men doing the same job. Guess what katy hobbs did fired her on the spot. This is a single mother, a single black mud.
Was fired on the spot for asking why she's, making thirty thousand less to juries unanimously found katy hobbs guilty of that and. The award. The settlement was nearly three million dollars. The people of arizona are paying that settlement and you think about what we could do with that three million dollars. We could give every state trooper five thousand dollar raise, or at least bonus, it's really speak and then we found out when she forum that they threw her softball questions. Of course, they gave me the tough ones, which I don't mind right, but they asked her to name one good thing: that she's learn from the latino community, which comprises a third of our state population. She couldn't come up with one thing she spent a minute with arms and ass. It was then, when a black male reporter showed up and saw her at a restaurant and went to ask for some questions about her record. She
not get away from him fast enough. She spilled or food spilled a drink. I ran from this black reporter and hid in the bathroom She is racist. She doesn't like people of color I have a hypocrite because I bet you she didn't run to a gender neutral bathroom, that's how she got away you're, absolutely right. Granted to a women's bathroom empty. Probably cried in there waiting for her staff to come and retrieve her, and so I believe, the old, showing her down, because I know If people in arizona don't want to hire a racist they're, not going to hire a coward, we've got a lot of big issues facing us and we need somebody. Who's got the as they say, Calhoun a's, to handle it Well, I don't know about that. I don't know about that. Miss miss care that future governor, like because fox ten phoenix ran election results, the numbers actually last week and they declared rehab is the winner so become a gun that, yes,
twelve days out. They declare the winner and it's the person knew no one's voting for They blame that, on the ably shocking, If you notice this happens every once in a while you'll see this is like a last election. It, though pop up some numbers, they say, oh, we were just practising, we were preparing, graphics package or whatever it always Goes the Democrats way. We notice that, yes, you, Merci, a mistake like that, where they show me winning by seventy percent right and hobbs Lou. By thirty, with the red check mark by my name? You never see that by the republican and its into wishful thinking by the liberals at the AP and the liberals in the fake news skill. That's a good point. However. Stakes always go one. Direction one hundred percent of the time, and I ass, you well for some one asked you a couple of things and then go to turn to my club, excessive. But look
Now we have a law on taxes, theirs alone florida, where people, if they are wrongly discriminated against by social media companies, big tech companies. I believe it start. In florida, where political candidates, for example, if they were removed from the platforms, could suit and that, I believe, was actually citizens in texas, I'm not sure as to the status of the law. But states are able to make it so that big tech companies in those states can be held accountable if they centre on political view. This is something has been done by governors if what, when you're, governor of arizona. Do you plans to do something like that to fight the big tech issue on state level? Yes, we do, then. I think that look governor de santas did was great. We, we have some great governors out there, all republicans by the way, from Glenn young, and threw out some great executive borders in these put some great legislation. I'll get some great legislation passed in virginia he's really gone after this woke garbage the santa the great things at every level and put out some great
he executive orders and and help get some legislation, Christy nome has done the same. We don't need to reinvent the wheel of its working in those states. Let's take it, make a carbon copy, put arizona on it, tweak it a little bit and do it here. But we are no longer going to allow these. These left us you taken over the democratic party and Talking about all Democrats, I think there are still some good democrats over there who are probably going what's happened to the democrat party, I'm talking about the leftist taken over this party there marxist were now, letting them chart our future anymore, but they are driving us into, did they want, is to become a communist nation. We're not gonna. Let that happen so will work, to make sure that we protect these rights that we have it is. It is absolutely outrageous and it should be criminal to somebody who's running for office and take their voice away for parliament for political reasons and that's what we need to protect No, if you aren't accompany stephen and you decide- you dont- want certain people on it non lot. I can,
do about that, but we can protect this ability for the social media companies to stop a political candidate, who's legitimately running for office. They tried to do that with with one our guys here yesterday on twitter and think ADI law must step that. Will you should get it? Was you on our show you're talkin about seven figure of euro ship? You on our show right? It was. It was a break out interview and that was removed and it was move, because I said that you you Loaded election conspiracies, I dunno. If you remember, you are talking about the primary that you one that's right, yeah that was right. That's it exact example. I think it should extend not only to politicians, but that's needs, you place a start, but look if they are afforded the right it's about being a platform. Not a publisher then need to be held accountable and if they are in fact a public, Then they can be sued just like the new york times can be suit and they are acting as publishers, and you do have that ability as governor. I would merely to see if it be
we'll look into. It will look into it. You're right it is it's a town square, it's kind of a it's, it's a place where ideas are floated and we need to have freedom of speech and, and you're going to have a especially any help at all from the government. Then they have to abide by the at minimum. The first amendment very important point, because here's something that a lot of people don't fully understand with youtube, and I don't say this as though people are ignorant. I've had to work in the space and there's the law and then there's the youtube rules some pretty sure. The arizona, for example, as a single party consent stay. Another texas is where that means you, record a conversation or video. You can film someone without the permission of it in a public space. That's the law! That's how investigative journalism, is conducted right out. That's how every single sting has taken place. That's how crime is exposed. You two says well doesn't matter. If that's the law we have had people sign releases
their name on camera, with interviews conducted in single party consent states. They didn't like the way the peace went after word even though was an and then went to Youtube said rob. That new types in what way it doesn't matter what the laws we person doesn't want to beyond theirs? We have a release form emma within our rights in that state there is the law and then they right outside of the law, even though they are required to follow the love their plans from these are easy ends. I think a lot of people are missing. While it one of the reasons I'm so excited about blake masters here and I am working with him and were we're trying to get the hall republican ticket a big victory. Is he It's all of this stuff! You know I'll, listen, I'm a middle aged lady. I I still need help, sometimes technically with things on my phone, but what I do, understand is the is the constitution shit and I want our constitutional rights back. We need someone like blake to get in. To the senate, and you know these guys like a mitch Mcconnell, they ve been in there for ever and ever he doesn't
understand these tech. Tyrants, not that if he did understand a humane animal want to do anything about it. They ve had all this chance. These career politicians. We need some young blood in their who understand the tec world. A blade gets it to come, up with the legislation to protect the people of this three in restore our liberties and our freedom and anna first amendment Think he's down right now. There are simply by two point: four which, which is by the way where within the margin of error, and, like you said, some of the mythology with the polls is questionable. I feel pretty confident that you'll win. If someone were to ask me, I think it's a toss up with with masters, but I would like to see that you know it's a good. It's a good way of putting it you can, you can be a spock to your kirk. Not everyone is a spot, you need a leader and then you need good advisers. I'd rather be kirk, yeah, I'm just putting that out there. Yes, he's got a little more kind of swagger. Doesn't he he does, but even in your reporting you are a better actor than shatner. So I don't want to denigrate you with that. We'll look. Did you
the question of gender? Do we need to go to that's gotta get outta my club. So, even though we don't need to be afraid fraid of what we can I was going to ask questions. I need some coffee hold on okay. What are we going to go to mug club everyone we're going to take your chats, we're going to continue with carry like get out and vote in arizona by that I mean in person, will continue to rumble. Thank you very much, my club. We go
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