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Top Five Things You DIDN'T KNOW About MLK!

2022-01-17 | 🔗

Is it really a happy Martin Luther King Day? We present five facts about the man you may not know. Also, Dana White defends Joe Rogan against 270 "doctors." And a shocking new poll shows just how far Democrats would go if we let them.

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Okay, honey, listen. I will keep this short and sweet if you're, not a member of my club, you're, going to miss a story from pop's Crowder today, I'll just take, it involves Talladega Speedway, one thousand nine hundred and eighty six, Strata drunkenly, stealing the pace, car I've said too much. happy, I'm ok day. Everybody we work louder was crowded. We
still work. We also believe you're, not what's this I have had from. We also on Columbus day. Well, yes, that we don't take any. Indeed people's day- and you know lot lot lot to like about Amerika prostitutes crack and orgies, not amongst them now program you just gotta that today, yes for having introduced you? Yes, you get that you just a quick now, this embroiled its spoil the surprise Jello us getting your place, he moving out he's like screw. That he's like this is a bad start. The whigs, though it is M L, K Junior day right because often people Nope senior, now there are no other than eighty nailed. The Neil deserve use a day of that worm dieting a theological thing. No, no we're talking about. I have a dream today that guy figure will be talking about that. Quite a bit. Also, some new updates here on not only covered but to hay half of Europe.
Country- wants to incarcerate you. If you deny that mandate lights, terrifying, terrifying, a little bit of a call back to last week, where I said hey, do you think for a second that if we didn't have people standing guard in this country, checks and balances that we would be Australia. We would be. Canada turns out that almost the entire Dnc wants that for you- and this is or- and this is what we're going to be talking about the theme here today- is bridled power, and if you live in a country of pacifists in a place like Australia, replace like Canada, guess who wins the one person who isn't a pacifist? That's the problem! If you have people who don't and up if you have people who don't say, look this. This is going too far and do the right thing guess what Won't you do the wrong thing winds and we're just TAT S right now and dear God. I hope we can correct it, but before we go on, I will let you know the lifestyle every Monday through Thursday. Ten M Eastern. If we're not you're on youtube- and we don't tell you that means that you
watch it on rumble. You can watch it on my club, it's going on. We ve just been suspended, which from what I understand right, no suspension not so far, we haven't gotten any facts. Yet from like CDC or anybody else like that, none of us going to that do not die. But the CDC training the guidelines to him, nor indeed, for five days, I would never We never ever discuss out of my question before the monetary somebody. What are you about him: ok, Junior! What are you about? What are you dislike about, and what do you think you know about him because I think I don't know. Maybe putting your mouth go. Donald TUSK, thinkin about to kick hit you in the teeth. There's a lot of info today, some of some of which was surprising to me very but before we move on and talk about the rest of the news Gerald A is here. How are you I am well, sir? How are you I'm fine, adjusted negative for that for the Koran. Good, you tried to direct from a quarantine. Also have echo well it was about as effective as Joel Schumacher directing anything. Well, that's only on the rubber nipples
and we have done the two men here, helping untried Astro because Insert chair where we have two people who we have quarter black here, whose back, even though I don't know why, as cyclicality still hangs out back later, he was going out leather door when I came out of my guy gets allergy and it's only been a week. It's ok, it's a cultural thing. They just like hanging loitering. They just want to show up late, though I'm running a black. He is running Canadian and if you hear that theme song, you know that means that he's here we also have in third or fourth chair. I believe where is its, whereas it where is stronger than the place which really do in that regard, I can't stop not all over Europe in the past, with all the Op Strata vague diviner calls. You cried out. That's your next year I like products hasn't stuck known. I don't think it's. Don't you think it's weird angle here, looking at its crawdads Zizi over here it is fifty of them you're still hungry were those
You mean reality references there when we work. Oh no, but I gotta get tanks ruining. My thanks for reducing my reference to a crappy, be calm and terrible. Who was it now. It is saying we work on him. Ok to some of the lagoon moves national holiday, make sure yeah you can be fired a national holiday, it's a yours holiday, and it got sorry labour day whether it what about the crypto minors, are they work and they are always going to extend. Yes, I will always working. I went to the bank and the guy I was hoping you with. My account was yeah I'm getting out of working for. I wanted the names I am mining crypto us you do it like. I don't know. I have computer Oda mine for me. I swear to you. I think what anyone here you must have such little confidence in this product. He's like this bad this, but not last long, indian fellow, you are speaking this man not to make the time we asked Phronsie
before we move on to talk about tat anything else. I have not seen this yet, but Tik Tok is still cancer, and here is we ve also got about going to want to tell me what you have your show too. Yes, idea to chain: ok, court of Liquor Caswell, but I'm working with Guy Gary Beaker on the erotic, Channel Nerd Vograat aired stuff, ok, very real s. What we do well count me interested Ladys like that they do. Are we still racing on our Youtube followers two thousand are. That is correct. No, no! I'm way past two thousand and four eggs. I went restated erasing. Do a hundred, ok, guys a thing this, though, is that nobody cares so pathetic is cancer, and here is further proof of what a wonderful is Birdy, What are we
I see you, never drama teacher. So it's a shame. We don't just lock people up anymore how wait, wait, wait, okay, so, first off, if I'm ever prosecuting her for cereal killing, I just go exhibit a random. I dont have a beat. I rest my case secret runner, gosh for crying out loud, I know, and I dont want complains about the next generation, music or whatever, but where mean certain where do you mean you're, not scraping the bottom of the barrel? You ve scripture way to change its art, as has like my york. It really is like that
shock. Zulu stuff, like I thought we ain't already you're, never understand. Interpretive dance, at least, is the my my nose in a box. He's planet a rope, but this would it. What are you to get out? Clydesdale to drag them. Somebody else involved in this. There was a second victim here. And that was in her hand no everybody's, a victim We are all victims, so here's something else I want to talk about. This happened this weekend. There was a? U S event and the that into the sea by the way did Dana White here's. The thing that you have see was the only sporting event that continued through covert. We talked about that and house. Rather there was a deal testing had their own island and it was very Where did they know? The president was just go like this is this is ridiculous. You just can't stop the world, you can't top exactly the economy and, of course he caught a lot of flak and you have see over, took a lot of other mainstream sports when that happened. But here's the thing: oh wait, never met will talk about that new it. Let's talk about this first and we'll talk about Australia,
so get tease me like now, and so Dana White was asked actually about. You know this recent controversy with Joe Rogan. Now two hundred seventy doctors were saying. Lord of the doctors say order. Doc was gay. I like I, was like Phd people Phd in philosophy, yeah how's, that the page, the philosophy of migration was choking on a plane. Do we have a doctor? I will save him. Oh my god, what you gonna do: Rita Kinsey! What's your relations mother, a word I've read Freud. I believe he wants to have sex with his mother yeah and he's dead. While he was choking. That's all you just attack his character, is just gonna open the plane door in flight. Ok, Dame Greeks so Dana white was asked about this letter written to Joe Rogan, about the doctors trying to silence him. In not what I want to show you a sequence of clips here, because this reporter who asked him a follow up question I know works at Yahoo NEWS. I think, as in this case I think the second question
here's from a guy named Kevin at Yahoo, NEWS Kevin. I only something like that and they try and catch him and then, of course, when he responds on covert and on the treatment that he's taken, because he did discuss this with Joe Rogan, I remarked in Call any bodies, the reporters tuck tail. So this is the issue here. Is they want to take part when they say hey the science and they bring you nothing and you retort with science they want to have a discussion. They don't want to have an argument. That's a perfect example again of having bridle strength. You need to have your information at the ready. These people don't want it. What do I mean by these people? The people who want to follow the science that people who want to follow the doctors and asked: are you a doctor, as your opinion means nothing for simple retorted? Are you? We just need to be clear about this? either we can have discussions or not, and if you don't want to die, Gimme, the bull shit about all were indivisible, Allworthy United States of America really about heartbeat built now. Ok, for them are not in a visible we're, not in the same team anymore, kill babies up into one, including birth. You want to
people who believe you make your own medical decisions for themselves and shame someone publicly for it. So let's go to the first answer and I when a note, Dana White has many years disease so as he has trouble hearings if you're like, if you think that he's not super quick everything, what use is it to all reporters? He can't here is a special earpiece, the guy's, a sharp as they here is responding to the fascist, totality in supporting press trying to catch a monk of it or how about this ever since I came out, and so what I did, it's almost impossible now to get monoclonal antibodies. I don't want to get to political and start in and ivermectin and monoclonal antibodies have been around for a long time. Now of a sudden, you can't sudden you can't, you can't dig him up to save your life. The doctors won't given TIA, even when I did it when I did hear in Vegas, which is our many weeks ago, that I had it like right before Christmas. I think or something I made. One phone call was able to get it to get. It
that's not like some enrich famous guys like anybody. Could I could yelled and cut that african about a brilliant idea or make a phone call get bullshit everybody. Could I gotta back then yeah and even in the comments section underneath history will go near your current. If your multi millionaire literally addressed it right, there are the way you know else got it pops greater, MRS crowded, I got it. You got it up. It was very, very easy to get now it's impossible now that things that it may not work against the Mccrone, because some of the treatment that we're effective may no longer work begun limitation of the virus. You can blame the on backs. I don't think that's why we have all the mutations, but you know I'm not a doktor, so he answers here and then listen to this follow up. We're smart, ass reporter doesn't address what he just presented, which, if we all want to Common ground is entirely reason. Is there anything unreasonable of about what he just said? You just said this. Is
that was accessible. No one. No one denies Monica little anybody's we're effective entreating, no one, including former vice President Biden, including vouchers That's not one of those treatments where people saying all we don't think it works. He was just talking. How it's no longer available? Anyone here think if there's anything at all out of bounds in what he said. No and this question that so many people that had covered in we're on on be looking at on a asking? Why can I please get model? I anybody's cannot. Please get some kind of trees, other than going down this road that doesn't be ethically and well for my wife, my wife got it and she added here pre hard. She get pneumonia and the first couple times you wanted to hear nothing they in our home with no tree title and author, no, not even not even talent. Up to now, suggestions on what to do right and it took us. We had to go out on own and find a doctor that would prescribe a treatment for in it if it was too late. Eventually. She had to go the doktor again be mechanism, the emergency Roman than they admitted her. She had pneumonia and then they treat
with the same treatment of vitamin c. Might vitamin d zinc right? Yeah they're going to work this out of the stuff that, as you know, which doktor medicines anyway, because we might die so much better than nothing. Oh well. Wouldn't that have been better than before. She could have almost died. I don't know man, I don't don't push your politics on me pal and we should say to monoclonal anybody's free free. we move is making their little bit. I think he's a little, but I want to say immediately that the wealth one here that I was now absolutely free and I think I've sent a dozen people to the site here. Yeah so
We, as a follow up report, are trying to catch Dana White, asking him a smart, ass remark and then tux tail and does not in fact stand and substantiated argument. Here you got our use. Are you surprised at the back less that people? Don't even wine, allow you to discuss options and pre treatment? It's disgusting or to put up no talking about experimental drugs are things that uses the stuff spent around and they got the ivory makin the doktor, the guy won the Nobel Peace Prize. he's gotta watch us no, but there's plenary doktor they go at new theory comes, but but but I took them on their work for me, so why shouldn't I be able to take em again or other people? I wanted not welcome the die. Then the questions out around this is, you know it's scary, but I could get some pain pills.
quicker than I could get monoclonal antibodies? Now, not, maybe that's a maybe that's a fact. They may end bills like that, like the tick tax yeah there. You go. That's exactly how you handle it. He just does not care. You are you a doctor or you are not going to answer that then shut up don't come diverse any says. Maybe in the pain, pilfering out, his industry is pain. He would know you what it meant well, athletes get pay, entails an injection so that they can garden perform, even though they have injuries that would make the rest of us crawled back into bed. In the morning you haven't: don't deny the lions and take our monocle anybody's off for the taking of the progressive sniffles. Plus you don't c, b, D or dont use credit matter. That could be a democratic. If I couldn't yea its barrier, don't take a leaf opium zodanga doktor shop, so it's just, I just go. Send the guy some
some support because he's been catch and flag from those on the left of the decay ass. I dont think that anyone can argue at that point that you are not a contest. If you think that that back and forth went anyway other than complete verbal domination of some was trying to be smart ass, but here's a sand, the left. They don't this thing with the show: all references are available that kind of outcome right. We talk about this all the time we try to serve to not existed and echo chamber because we will be attacked were attacked constantly. The left, usually just as are you a doctor make mouth. No, that's not exactly how it works. You're gonna have to come with a little bit more than that. I won't answer that. Why? Because you're a stranger, ah things because Europe several standard, it's unbelievable really quickly. Can we bring up CNN. I just want to. I want to highlight this. This UK man thing that they're talking about here with the synagogue thing. I do me a favor to can we bring up the name of the person because that name has been released and the person in the name of the synagogue, highlighted AGA and took people hostage,
It's a premises right. Exactly not an UK man he's a breadth, said very little. British many wanted to. I guess. Fewer thing is forty year old, UK man. What does just want to highlight something here in a few minutes ago? I mean interrupt. No, that's ok, you're, not interrupting. You know. I feel pretty coming to any point, so they haven't mention the name here on CNN known is Texas. Synagogue was a forty four year old UK men all right, but does that make you think of what is for example, as you can imagine what comes to my first, Mr Bean, when, in their eyes airy went into a synagogue. That's right, you couldn't possibly be anything else. We are on the Sabbath to a synagogue, met a random place. It happened to have for jewish people walking round, including a rabbi. A cynic on a separate, but he's a UK I've been using a guard on the Sabbath once I don't know he has now. This is positively crawling with jute lots of them decay, the hand throw a penny without creating a jewish person. You mean, and the american
They go to church on the Sabbath Ha Pentagon. Cynical like it synagogue, let's general, during up that name and cut the Naples, website. Then no one reads in Arabic: there is also something that no, I cannot completely. Our rights are ass, pull up his black lives matter, actual aid. Is it ok? If February already adopted it, I've heard of letter box? Is that only box? What does that you're? Bringing up we'll gravitons like India? So here's something also as far as terrifying I talk, that this not only last year, but I talked about it last week- regarding the United States, being the last bastion of freedom and peace. say: oh you now where there were all Americans and well, you know the right has gone too far. You want to know how far the left would go. People to the right has gone too far right. Compare Roy I reckon too compare him to anyone today. Actually, the right is like more moderate in a lot of ways. India, the right has become more. and the left has become more extreme. If you,
want to know what the mainstream live would have in the United States as it relates to cover. This relates to personal liberties. It's very easy. Just look at with mainstream left mainstream liberals. What they've achieved in other countries places like Australia places like Canada Place like the UK, that's what they would have here now Knueppel came out that was shocking, with double triple quadruple check it available a link in the description, Lotto, scatter, dot com, but first hear is me talking about this last week. Keep in mind the only fail safe that you have here in the United States is there is still some semblance of a conservative wing when people say both sides number one side wants you to be forced into lock down. One side wants a kind of concentration camps that they have sorry quarantine camps in Australia. now I dont want to, but under the Ox Jones willing. I told you about this. I don't want this for years. Gonna have got to take human eight juvenile cod rights; ok, they are, they are duck. Taping
Swine scale to rats portion intimate with humans gave us all correct but they are turning. The frogs today brings up a picture is a frog in the life of an early failure. I told you, I don't silver, the signs are there back. Yes, we have a real helicopter gunships Alex hears about. It happens to us when we do that. I was not only correct, I just didn't know how quickly and how severely it would escalate Rasmussen. Survey just came out so in surprise you. Seventy eight percent of Democrats support a vaccine mandate. The ok we get our overlays networking, insist a black box guys doing. I think we had a black spot black box issue like biology in I'm. Ok, ok come on. Well, let me know when you think that affects all read this here from the map of the overlays in front of me, I can you bring it up and all references on the honor websites with fifty nine percent, though of Democrats favour on backs people being confined to their homes
all tat. They would go very nice young, hey forty five percent. This surprised me. Forty five percent of Democrats favour internment. that special facilities for those who refuse to vex- that's basically half of all Democrats, and by the way this includes a crack voters who think that former vice President Biden has gone too far This includes half of democratic voters who think that work. The point we should we pass the curve. This includes half of democratic voters who think that we ve gone too far, but this is not the Democratic party representatives. You know that. This is more moderate. Then the party, Nancy Policy, and I see this as the voting base. Half of them believe that you should be in turned. You should be proportionate environment camp if you don't take the bats, the vat the fact that we also want that has its that's another site. This is the reason that, when we started talking about the internment camps in Australia, everybody was like. Oh come on you're over blowing it this ever come to the United States. We are ignoring that were voluntary. Dramatic in summer camp sits,
summer of love in Portland. It can be summer, cams, islands, area, quarantine, services, evidence by the way have no say there's a man hunt what yeah, but let us also not voluntary. That's the that's! That's out of the thing. What they do is they shop they go. I wish we had a positive taste for Calvin India. If he is, you can drive yourself to the internment can't voluntarily or the police car can drive you and you have to pay fifty four dollars. Just as yours, it's voluntary and well. Crap too, have to watch the net. It's part of the voluntary some area noted Amy other than just cancel your scholarship, if you're sure, but its voluntary estimate bad shrimp, I'd voluntary diarrhoea. These places have no stop gap. There is no powers and- and that's what we're looking so valiantly negotiating, not start us now, forty five. percent of Democrats, favour internment special forces
In a word. That means it Democrats want some. They want this, but this I'm warning you warning that you have just done about better yet why these guidelines, cabin, that's right, need a faint at nice and I say: stop there. I leave you about me to go to the things to talk to somebody else, so I don't know it's now and it's not our view that the opposite belongs everywhere. You go on you know and something else to think about how we can very someone else will make very faint for distance Iraq that is allowed and therefore, if I were you going to do that, I wasn't next time of the father at the park avenue What, if you reach again, if a boy will care onto that pass without we trust that yellow line that. I'm breaking the rules on safety, with the fact that no one so limited
really clear here. We use the term voluntary. A voluntary quarantine camp. Where you are against your will. You are forced to behind the yellow line of your porch against your will. less you're wearing a mask and exclusively going to do laundry or your fine five thousand dollars. That's what violent It looks like I just want to make sure that it's not comment below. Do have. I misunderstood this entire time. The concept of voluntary so under it from compulsion, voluntary phase in the meaning words. You know you can't go past the balcony obvious here, but that is the it's what you can't go home. We expect to be able to go for a walk. Always we can't do that. We expect you gonna get a feed yourself. A personal freedom would not so urea mind
this is, as I thought this was click bait. When I saw some of the stats on this come out, I was like oh, my gosh, hey guys, take a look at this. Make sure your research, We confirm this stuff because I'm like there's no way that this is true life and it is already percent this. This one did make it in there, but if out of forty seven percent favour a government tracking programme for the unbalanced in it, they want the government to know where you are at all times you that looking about him- and it is only that look it's a big thing. Look all could do that trick. We can make anything soon being if you say it like that, like all good, so gang rape, our site, like that, it's inspired but a forcing gang rape, I'm gonna say and like it. I like applaud you like an old you to day. You know, K would be it. We know, Australians word we're hardy folk. I really Debbie out anybody that that acquiesce to the crown look at Canada, these people there their different they align differently in this is the perfect test
gave up the gods are all societies. Eighty saying that Canada is the perfect control test versus what we're doing here. Well, here's another step been willing to give up any right. Forty eight percent of demo It's either the Democrat voters against this is going to be far more moderate and the people in charge the people who want to do it with a filibuster. The people who want to make it illegal for states require I d to vote. This is the voting base, so this is moderate, as you are going to get forty. Eight percent of Democrats favour finding or imprisoning people who publicly wash gent faxing efficacy of half of the devil. Frank voting base- believe in imprisoning you if you question the efficacy of the vaccine which, by the way forward, just that everyone's gonna get home across the frickin Pfizer. Yo R C came out and said he doesn't provide a lotta protection, a little bit like the third or fourth post or whether it was they love their transactions. They love the trump vexing. That's crazy, yeah! Well it gets worse, never know how many boast of dna thoughts. Nineteen, certainly when people say
the earth is worms, zero point, seven degrees, I got what what's what what temperature should the earth be our forum to answer the question this should be, the wisest are your doctors even it should be, it should be less than point. Seven increase should be less than that through your doctor, you ok, so vapor, even imprisoning people for public, washing that I know you're saying all this is just a pole. Ok, on a second, where Have we seen people be imprisoned for questioning people be imprisoned for speech, people be imprisoned simply for not complying? Well. Wait. A couple for yet, let's go on back to the out back yesterday, things really stepped up a notch when offices arrived at the time fairly, physical, fairly quickly and the shop fifty three year old man from we shot was arrested as people watched on and filmed on their mobile phones in our faces several charges, including obstructs police, and also how you to comply.
with a health directive, its expected he'll vice court in March, isn't funny huh, that's obstructing police, but George Flood was compliant very compliant. Look at it! It area that compliance it was believed that nuclear energy is did a speed bull before a scolding peacefully in the police club them like a baby seal. It do, but you know then try to get off his belt any with a yellow long. What are we currently have? A society will just pull up the thread and then in Canada, my horrible homeland, I'm I'm ashamed. I used to have a dual citizenship. I dont think that have renewed it. I don't plan on ever going back at this point. I wish I could be proud of Canada than I am gets four lifestyle machine. Well, I don't care, I replied. I remedy aigrettes I defective Canadians or after Naples, or any Canadian who was not discuss it with what's going on your country right now, shame on you absolutely and I dont use that term lightly. You should be
you guys should be. I shouldn't say, just a shame. You should be embarrassed men of Canada right now? Yes, you honestly should feel embarrassed. This embarrassing for you, because in Canada they do present, here's that past or who was arrested. This like the third time he's been arrested. Here you go, this is orders corrupted politicians, corrupted leaders, and this is what you do but also through their head Josie Goldstone, orderlies officers head there. Is this what they sign up for you here that all the time in these videos is this? What you sign it when you signed up to protect and serve to arrest Patty, taking a vote by the way, the rest I'll have letters, arresting business owners arresting just citizens, people for walking their doctors
after its greatest following orders, has never been accepted. Never you're doing stuff like that says that, if I don't think it's always the last line of Yad get that the of the coward bad guy and a film who's, the second in command to the real bad guy right, almost all his lastline forgets blown away is usually I must just doing my job you're mine earlier about, like some forty percent of Democrats being favoured the tracking system in Canada also from kinda. This is from mission control, the searches on in Kinda for an entire vaccination dead, whose accused of having his seven year old daughter to keep her from being vaccinated against, given the searches lurches, what in the hell object of your words? Yes, darling I'll bet, you replied, I would beg my bottom. I bit my bottom euro one another he's in you dont earning dollar my bottom knife. They either a form that kid underneath it alone on the balcony. It's obvious in the attic. Sorry
stupid cowards from a stupid penal colony. That's where we are now hide your kid in the attic so that they don't get forcibly vaccinated yeah. Why it here, states we have mothers their children in the trunk of there are because they want to quarantine them near. You gotta hinted that pass through, though you know, you have kids little ninja move with a little limp, yes, I make a better I'm not yet, and I cannot, but rather up the goose. That's really he's going! It's like when you trying you have thing: do you get only dollar tree the toy that keeps slipping out your hands uncircumcised when you to bring all way we're? Really I'm sorry, I thought we were looking at Communist China arresting passwords. That was Canada, yes, just to be just a year ok. This is like a repressive regime known for in human rights, I get it european yourself. So twenty nine percent, while we're talking about kids, favour removing custody of Democrat voters now twenty nine percent. So let's call it thus rounded to thirty. If I make their run into thirty, I figger resurging custody
of children from parents or on vaccinated favour, removing custody just because the children are on vaccinated- and I know you know he's. Ok, that's happened. We just showed some clubs from things have happened elsewhere, but something like this. This is a bridge you find, I would never happen in the United States right. I miss my son, Then I it's been very difficult. I haven't seen him since August tenth August. That's the day, Rebecca Lit appeared in court. These room, along with her ex husband for a child support hearing involving their eleven year old Son, neither to share today or had shared custody and parenting time. Fifty fifty she says out of the blue, cook how they judge. James Shapiro asked her whether she'd been vaccinated. She told them. No, she had not because she's had bad reactions to vaccines in the past.
Shapiro then ordered that she be stripped of all parenting time with her son. Until she gets vaccinated tragedy order, judge appear to be stripped cash. I mean I'd, think think about how that's gonna go. Twenty nine percent think that they could just bet your door and not giving parents or willingly giving up their kids. Didn't parents are really gonna. Let you oh up with guns drawn and yet hake their children A lot of parents will unfortunately, and that's a look. This is thing that I just discussed here today: ok- and I think this is important because, let's try to say all the right is calling for civil war and its That'S- that's not all what's happening here. I think it's important. will understand. People often operate based an emotion, aren't they can be rash and you to make sure that you don't do that right. You need to make sure that your disciplined, but then a lot of people on the flip side operate, of fear out of cowardice, how do you know what you're doing then? This is, sort of a litmus test that I use. If something is how
that's very emotionally disturbing something that could obviously get you. Let's say, very heated an you, set a dead, you sort of debt Your time on, you say: look I'm going to sit, I'm going to wait, don't do anything rash, to wait. Two days before I respond or going to wait two days before I make my decision and if you find yourself not honouring your self imposed timeline. That means your thing out of emotion. That means need to get that and check. That means you're not being discipline on the flip side. if you set a line in the sand and use it you know what no one can come to my house and take my children. and you find yourself not honouring your own self imposed line in the sand. You're a coward, then that line gets briefly the well. I guess I'll just taken the kid to the camp for today's. That's not that that the first example you're acting out of emotion, that's a bad thing, but the second example is just as evil you're acting out of cowardice in You need to put those boundaries up. You need to make sure you're not acting out of emotion, you're, not just acting because you're here
or your sad or you're, feeling a certain way. In that moment you makes you're not doing that, but you need to make sure that there is a line and don't allow that line to be crossed figure out what it is or you're acting out of cowardice historically never goes well when they come and take your guns when they come and take your speech when they come and take you to a place, because your other, for whatever reason, vaccinated jewish I'll, say it. Sorry, if you want to talk about Nazi Germany in the nineteen thirty's, it was not far off from what We see today, no was they even said. They currently irish the absolute we did. It was other people, but it's happened was a real increase right. It's happening. Cambodia of almost two million people died in the killing fields. There do you wanna just keep trying. This had happened in Russia. The revolution: do you wanna just keep doing this and see if it may, because better this time right, because we would all looked back at Nazi Germany or look back at pulpit regime and in Cambodia and say I wish the neighbors had stood up for their friends, but they didn't write that when the people can
to take them in a new was wrong. No one pushed back in Euro is going to find people that thing that think that they are on the correct site that I am not going to be affected by these states whenever they get there. children taken away. It's never gonna, be my children right right. Well, there's always united in ITALY eventually get to is the issue to of bridled power you to find yourself in a position of power and very rarely exerting it because guess what if you're not they come and take your kid and there's nothing you can do if your week, you don't have any, in a hole to play. You understand that this is something that people need to understand. You need to be powerful. You need to be capable of acts that might scare people. That might scary You need to be able to. You need a fear, what you're capable of and not act on it until that time comes and I will tell you for me my line in the sand. Kids, when it take my kids away. One
make it. So I can't see my kids comes. Fine words of limited alone, let's move on from this emerald cake Junior day Juno, you clarify Junior. Yes, as some people are like middle child could be the second the second is for- and I think I just now would be like you, George forms that are all names was true, even though, or Zena urged. That's, not a great guy, I'm agonists George Form he's on the level. I would love to remain a show and as an american church, when people say that people can't change. I say George. I love his grill George footnote wildly guerrillas, fine, but then they weren't just plenty and reformed by what that's extra. That's on TAT, that's plus set plan that I sent men and right at regional level grows. The fat goes off the meat and it goes down at his health. It, like you, mean, like all girls, pretty much but lies a battery. Well, what you do is alive. Greece and tasted.
You can always Burma real monarchy got bought it all right. I was by this George former was, if you he was an angry, angry man, retired became Mr Adam near death experience anyone out there. Now case that we have a moat most of you watching really lucky you young, under the age of twenty five, so your impression of George from Do you see him as an angry black man with a scowl or do seem as a happy girl salesmen, one of them Happiest people probably ever seen as an athlete celebrity. That's how he's known? That's the exact opposite of what he was as a person how he was past it has an until he had as actual come to Jesus Mobile. when they say people can't change. I say George Former, so I unfortunately M okay did change as well. Now let me be really clear about this. I, like a lie of what M allocate Junior had to say. I certainly think that his speech has been part, my language,
Shit on by today's left, where he talked about the content of character, and these were values that we would all align ourselves with. However, M l K did become far more radical as life went on and there's a lot that you dont know about ok, Junior and I want to be clear- there are values, of course it he espoused that we agree with, but the man and was flawed, like a lot of men, but the issue here is: if it's going to be a national holiday, while you're tearing down statues of people who fought against slavery like Abraham, Lincoln or even people who freed slaves upon their death, were damaged washing your jefferson, then you can have a statue and you can have an m ok Junior Day, because I'm about to tell you it's a lot worse. I know a lot of this and everything the wife of em. Ok, we gave his letters and all of his writings to somebody at Stanford and he specifically form Emily K in a way that would be palatable. So he
cut out all of the stuff that down on the edge of the rough edges. So that's why we have the end. He advocated for the IMF Ok day right ok. Well, here's thing everything we want to share with. You comes directly from congressional records archive newspapers and well case own speeches, and I the FBI is not an organisation that I trust if they want to be very clear. However, none of this none of the evidence it will be providing for you here has actually been refused. By any one in the american camps, yet they just don't like how they obtained it right. It was surveillance, transcripts, regular report about getting out even Guerrero, but he all so this is the biographer he obtained these transfers from the FBI. He was the official by for I am ok. He won the ninety seven Pulitzer Prize, this is a man who was very pro. Did I say you said ninety eighty seven, eighty seven and the FBI, surveillance audio will be released and twenty twenty seven. I dont know why they pick on here. I have no idea specifically later in a crap, it's getting closer, so
here's something you probably know that and ok, for example, start with this support a peaceful protest. Yet that is true. Sometimes. He also had some pretty. I guess you could say unsavory opinions about riots that I do think need to be considered because a lot of people dont know this part continue to fail to mob Ruggles and that this is not the way Virginia to affirmed about another way, but at the same time it necessary for me to be as bigger rose in condemning the conditions which calls persons to
feel that they must gay engage and arrived, whose activities as it is for me to condemn right. I agree with everything such as I think America must see. Riots do not develop out of thin air. Certain conditions continue to exist in our society, which most condemned as vigorously as we condemn Ryan the ban on a magnitude arrived is the language of the unheard. What is it that America has failed to hear? It has failed to hear that the plight of the negro worsened over few years, it has failed to hear that the promises of freedom and justice have not been met, and it has failed, that mob segment of wide society are more concerned about tranquillity in two stages
and as long as America postpones justice, we stand in the position of having these recurrences of violence and riots over and over again see and that's the problem the open, ended this to it, because what is justice will right now people are saying now injustices. There are too many Asians at Stanford, so, let's burned Well, Greece, where economic? They need to be a little more specific and let me be clear to add another nineteen sixty seven speech and we'll get to the crackers and we'll get to the, we're we'll get to all that which I know about it. Ok, if I've things you don't know about him, ok, but you didn't expect to hear nl K and correct whores what? Today I have a dream of non crack holes at a motel: six, not crackings until I'm, probably just Lotos just holes in general, then so sixty seven speech king said urban.
Rights are a special form of violence. They are not insurrections. Disagree that the said the rioters are not seeking to seize territory to attain control of institutions which today they are that Sir stated goal black. They are mainly intended to shock the white community. The looting enables the most enraging deprive using his word here. Negro take hold of consumer goods with the ease the white man does by using his purse, this goes on a lot. If you look at some of his statements regarding riots and regard violent protest. Here, it's worse than I, thought I thought he kind of both sides that he actually more often encouraged violent protesting. Then he discouraged it and that is proper, disappointing to a lot of people. Yeah he's ease, make excuses for people basically losing their minds. Look I get it. There was so much injustice. I have no idea how I would feel, but I probably wouldn't then go and burned down.
or rob a local store owned by other black people in my community rests, and I will never justify and say well, it is just as easy as a white man using his purse will forget all men and purses. This was beginning I am talking about a Europe Gerald, it's not a european man. Bag Stephen around it seems that he doesn't clarify or he's flops, because there is another interview where he specifically says that rights are against the black community coordinator the same thing we ve said before in twenty twenty, it destroys their. community and it does the opposite of what you wanted to do any says you you can you can kill a murder, You can't kill murder. Well, hops start out is those rather Detroit Riots which you are lying or that that really hurt the white man right in his purse feel at all. He needs to be paid out as the rare he should have combined.
with what he said later in a different interview? Is it it hurts the black we need to do this and then say they do this, because that their because their being oppressed so pray. You know what must eighty cannot change as vigorously yet he's not in arming of your own community. That's where exactly them just as vigorously think of the Detroit Right, and then they blamed what White Flight Detroit radical! First up, that's not what happened Second, you burn down your own communities in Detroit. Lack people were hardly know who got the worst end. That stick was lack police officer, go home, an unmarked cars because it are being picked off by snipers on rooftops. There is that you cannot find examples of riots riots in the from eighteen seventies onward that were targeted specifically, let's against just why'd you what which would be racist, but at least would just make maybe sense. Now it ends up her young people in their own community and that needs to be condemned Justice vigorously. Oh, what we don't find that writing. Maybe it's because you are too busy with number two and we're talking about things that you may
I have about Amerika worked with communists. Very closely, and I don't mean that in this sort of censure people like pink, ok, I mean one of its top advisers was again I'm Stanley Levison cake, and he was a member of the Communist Party until nineteen fifty six and he secretly gave em allocate junior junior ten thousand dollars just one year after meeting him, thousands trusted today. Dollars I'd be about. Eighty. Seven thousand that nation we're and other simply cannot number that yeah, I'm getting lady seven thousand dancing around this shit to ninety. I have a feeling that I have a big purse. That's all you like the one we want devils with your gucci is on your Michael cars shock demons. Everywhere I go annual low emissions. I haven't written, so We I counted and call for russian and again this is from the biography just to be clear. So I know that the FBI is and always a reliable source, but I read TAT Wiretap, which I think is a horrible thing. You now
We also have to acknowledge the facts and reality as it relates to a case like you the progression of him becoming more more radical. Some people argue it's because of drug use, so people argue just is corrosive to down when, but he wasn't the guy who a lot of people praise sort of like I've done. this from Ali Hominid, the flip side, where people with me, we don't realize at Mohammed Ali who was a draft dodger who was unknown racist, who was against intermarrying against mixing later on in life, actually moved out to the suburbs and not only supported Ronald Reagan, campaign for White Mormon or in hatch awhile. But one talks about nominally people change. If you change the wrong way, you'll notice is a span of Mohammed Alleys life where he really wasn't a celebrity. He wasn't given the same kind of shine and then, of course, when he died, we go back to when he was young when he would say he was young and I even ignorant how about the time or how about once. You grow up and apologize for the race
in calling Joe Fray Hydra House Negro in an uncle Tom, and he said I shouldn't- have done that and call sunny less than a big ugly guerrilla. This will become an early would do with people who said I was wrong and I moved to the suburbs, because I didn't want to be in communities anymore, because I've children now commerce same thing later in his life. He he was. He rethought his violence attack yeah right. Eric, like. I don't think that was the right way to go and be unconnected with the muslim church, look out the Muslim Brotherhood right, but it is not good. It doesn't give you what you want right, so daring, how many, how many white people looked at the Detroit rights are alike? Are you know what they're probably right now I totally understand how many people from the other side were brought to their cause and like given a chance to see what was going on well, they had to see it through binoculars. Well, that's what I thought about the riots in LOS Angeles, not the first time but the second time that these ornately they're burning down indian villagers, a bunch of screaming game. It doesn't bring peace,
Do you cause our original hate, your cause, because Europe tearing down the city what I'm ok became more rats? What's a flip side, it became more radical and so yeah venerated, whereas when Mohammed Ali became more reasonable, they just sort of ignored him for a while, so FBI, Counteragents Crop Russian wrote in a sworn affidavit to Congress. I furthers and a test that revenue Reverend Martin Luther King Jr was always fourth, as the individual, to whom Communist should look and rally around in the communist struggle on the many racial issues. I hereby also state that Martin Luther King Jr, that it had been a member of or wittingly, has accepted support from over sixty communist fronts. Individuals and organisations which give aid you or espouse communist cause number three things that might surprise you about m l Not only witnessed a rape didn't do anything about it when I think sixty four m l K watched as his friend about this Minister Logan. Is it cursor Kersey? I don't wanna printers raped women at the Willard Hotel in DC. Lot of you know, there's a lot of people. Don't notes from David.
again. This is the biographer and the FBI B Ellen stocks show which will believe be released in twenty twenty seven. The group met in his curses hotel room and discuss. We discussed which women among the parishioners be suitable for natural or unnatural sex acts when one women protests that she did not approve of this. The Baptist minute, Minister, immediately and forcibly raped her quota directly from the FBI, notes, surveillance notes, king looked on laughed and offer vice. That's unbelievable one by one just be clear. The audio tapes will be released. Yet only twenty seven, these notes right now. This is what the author said: cause he's taken all kinds of flag for it. Nobody is challenging. The legitimacy of the claims are JANET, saying they bug did there was a bit is FBI, abuse of power there ever seen because they bugged him, and he didn't know they bugged everything, and then they started to releasing things to try to get. This fact information that they had into the right hand, so they could smear king. That was it not that it was lies right.
You can go to the national archives right now. Anybody with an internet connection can go and look this up. It is public here we have with links to build up any have to deal with a lot of Canada. Com or references available. Offering advice on a rape is almost knocking I'd ever today, some and he had daughters to that. That's a horse or as an intolerable thing. It's funny how they're they're, giving it forty years from the date of the article eighty seven right, they figure he can shine for forty and then we're gonna bring Faxa. You're talking to be available on twenty twenty seven point: four tearing down statues, there's a big him, ok thing that we should probably go take a look at and while we I dont think I don't know if it's as bad as Abe Lincoln, who fought against slavery, you gotta tear that down as like, not now get all get up all nocturnal around see. What's agrees about where we had the like in positions of power, a native american and a black person with his guy had him and had her in positions of rape or that's not power. Well, it's too some say to crime,
power its limits. It's not so much I'm a palace so much a crime that I want to have sex and she didn't have even a statue of that. Well, I don't know I had a lot of iron. Let us now, if you were to alive city old artisans if you'd come alive today due to his dream, which is what people focus up, he would say we're here, exact, but imagine why are you guys and there we last out back- would say exactly in the nineties? We were here we are in the nineties. My dream was never to play the victim carp card in perpetuity and that's what what we have, what we, the next one. So if he were lighted Emma, he participated in massive orgies, which you would have to face up to share report. Just what have they love the talk the following night. This is, after I believe, the rape and when she offered play my play, Mcculloch fragmentary airmail, as for and participated in sex Georgie with about twelve people, approximately twelve p
How do you want an approximate number? I find it an orgy. Its art account this. I would have an exact count. It's like the grid system, you, when you're doing crowd estimation just five feet by I feel in this kind of guess. What do I do a twitter account of as one and a half twins? If the siamese it's one, if they separated, we will count them as one and a half people pretty must end The smell must have been badly or when one woman shied away from engaging in an unnatural sex act king there's discuss how to initiator, and he told her the act would quote. Help her soul lets a clever. I don't think that's true. He also would know any data have but help herself, the advice I dont bank is true I may have am I being. I have something that will soulier. Soul is at the word of God, not exactly better have a drink. First, I'm ok also participate. Another orgy, LAS Vegas with a friend the prostitute and the gospel singer. Clare award
Vegas. What do we know about? This was a stay there, saying about and like all happy day ahead, what it's like email case showed up next year at your right, the biggest point: an oil spill in the thugs don't actually stay at regular. The next day he is given a sermon and, of course, as we all know, is Christians. We are to keep our mouths silent, shut as it relates to race or events that have happened in Vegas. We have solemnly sworn that yet will stay in Vegas, right clamour, right, bitch, that's right, my soul doesn't views. So I didn't. You probably know that now said he king and ward watched kings friend have intercourse with lit with lower Gale a robbery,
who told the FBI investigator. That was the worst orgy of ever gone through right way. How sliding origin gale lesson here within one star orgy Radie would look the yield review here. I would never go back for their orgy. They would not recommend experience that system. That will last time I gotta that orgy their wits and stuff just now much just to order. It was just too or jewish. There was even good food and here's a stripling, the boy had other than TAT are above a wonderful sneeze shield. Yesterday Also, if you know this surprised, I'm ok, Junior was a black man review. Guess he was black another little bit of adjusting
What can I know? You're the videos are black and thought it was great yeah we're black and white. So that's what I know. It's tough. You know it's actually fascinating. If you go back and watch young Joe Louisen Sergio losses, peered, not u younger Louis the fighter, like a white guy o in some of them, the way they color corrected because he be fighting like Georgia, Walcott or something and black eye looks darker, and you just look at him and giving the Hare counterpart of this. You're, like where's Jean Louis, behind that white man Other donor, Jean Louis is this is not brought to you and technicolor, but he was black
and despite using, despite all these little known facts, but I'm ok. I want to be very clear. This is about consistency. This is about if you're going to tear down standards, because something that you deem offensive because people have been imperfect life than you would have to apply it to someone who took part in rapes to someone who was taking part and orgies to someone who is misleading about working with communists right. This is something that we have to be consistent about now. I dont think that we can't actually continue to espouse the words that America espoused in his most. Famous speech was talking about the content of character. I think that there are values there that are worth while that are worth pursuing and, as a matter of fact, I think today the blacklist matter community and the woke left community, who enable them would be well served to heed the words of his speeches as was to his imperfect life, but even we're talking about his speeches. If to the pops trotters points. Nl K, Junior we're alive today. Had to give a speech that would get thunderous applause from today
he's left you would you would you would have to be very different speech. I have a dream that my for gender neutral children will not live in a nation where they are judged by outdated norms like their character but exclusively by the color of his horrors these skin. I have a dream the day. I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and leave out the true meaning of its creed. Fact checkers determine this debate, but generally harmful and misleading information have a dream that little black children, a little white children will stand upon a pride worried. The want a man may involve whether age propriety have a dream that one day, even in a state of Florida,
of all colors and racial identities will cover their bases to learn critical re theory over them, while the scenting teachers are fired for things, they sit on land six years ago and not taken out of context will be the day. This will be the day when all of science is children. Yes, yes, when all of science is children will be able to. Thing with no meaning all right, no other way baby. I would, by the way, the right away she d bring from a ten cities of LOS Angeles, all the land sheet of ring from the safe spaces of Brooklyn Glad she numbering robot tat,
seven Combat Rhineland Sheena Brain when the branches of Santa Monica, when we lead sheet of rain from average, run circle at overlain, then from every remaining app store him Portland, we will be able to speed up the day when all, oh god, pronouns season by the overseas orisons and she caught the six will name a road map we use and the gender queers the algae beating you d e g g, beating you meeting you ain't gonna plan among them soon again for some time and the two spirited here
we'll be able to join hands and sang in the words of the old spiritual stay home. Yes, they say thank science on finding their way, I don't know which one I like more powerful, well impacts, spirit to sound parliamentary below below that's too soon bowed and if you're watching on you too bright enough you if you want to see more smash alike, but right now, informal Paul. If you, if we don't have, let's say five thousand people who smash alike button. Before we got a mug club, we will ever do another. I'm ok can ever have thy rather Tipp spear of comedy. That is so important that love that's. Where am I
faster way to ruin an orgy than a rubber interfere with nothing happens where condoms baby you're. Why do I hate to? Can we can we go to the name of the person who the british man who yes went? colleagues will in and went to a place that happened to have jewish people have an average. You sell you the name of the jewish earnest of man. British man, a leak, Fazl acronym, ah buys all act ram, the guy who played Ferreira fury at that guy. He was. canary traditional? That's a bridge man what you talking about totally for managers fairly United Fan where's, his friends column, rusty send the theme for aught. While we're talking about this again. What would what would be ideal when that man to concentrate the synagogue? What do I do blown away for the rabbi poetic. Yes, for them
have I go death wish on him dead? That's what I believe are not sorry. Now. I dont believe that a rap the rabbi should go out and hunt people, of course not, but if you shut up in a congregation, got? How do we know? It's not gonna, be another Sutherland Springs which the media never talk about over twenty people were killed. The guy took out what Stephen Villefort we had him on this show. First, I would have ever been worn comfort because I didn't I was there. I think you should take some time. He was a muslim member darting form in the media and talk about the fact that this guy went in shut up a church and was going to say he was driving to another church. This man and Interracial Define instructor Stephen Wilfred, shot that to me I'm gone, that's a hero. We had all the term around, not someone who's a nurse and Kapital. It has six covert patients, a man who shoots amass I've, seen it tik Tok, so I've seen it today do dance pretty. I mean really effective
but the ideas again. What Stephen will afford? What we're talking its bridled power? I want those Jews and cynical to be able to protect themselves. I want them to be capable of such protection of their most vulnerable, such violence in protection of people who are being taken hostage that they never have to use it bridled. This is something that people don't understand. We can, we consider strength to be toxic. Masculinity we acquainted with bullying now What is the antithesis of bullying snapping victim, its being able to be a bully and choosing not to everyone out? There should be able to be a horrible bully and you choose not to otherwise the Bali run. The schoolyard the Bali runs Australia. The Bali runs Canada to understand
what it actually you just went through that we just a recent experience with talking about Joe Louis before we got a mug club, we're going to play a game that I can't even say on Youtube. You were walking Joe Louis, the other day problem prouder and to tell the story for people who who don't know. This is a perfect example of bridled power, no first vote contractually the skies and fleet control all the time he has to be. We live by his grace him and if he flipped switch heroin drop. This is every single one of us in this area like every now and then we are sour and speed when he D, sadly, once again on the couch, when he's not allowed in you try and pull them off, and you too, that little Deak you're like oh. If you just wanted to bite me, there's nothing I could do, just let him finish so. I'm walking a guy cushy heels perfectly right on your your left side and totally in control, always looking to you for direction and out of an open door. It's a german shepherd, full speed, not come and all size, adult german shepherd off leash awfully open door right.
and not coming to sniff, and do that you know get acquainted thing coming into fight and so you'd always told me get between Joel. send any young Caroline the dog trainer has been on. The show was amazing. She always said you need to be an advocate for your dog s, so your dog doesn't react, but your dog looks to you, and so, as that is pretty impressive pops crowded out between Joe Louis and a snarling german shepherd yeah! Well, scary! Don't I knew I was packing. No. I was also got up front and I screamed no and try to get in this dog. What right around me like awful linebacker and straight to him and a bit by bit him to take note of that and jammies out some puncture lonesome puncture wounds Julius got bit pretty pretty good. So then what happened? This dog? You could keep him off anymore. I wasn't pause. You re yelling to the owners. Remember I say like get your dog you'd like that in speaking, wish. I don't think that they may have it they. They were Emma Hu, I didn't know about the leash law and justice, let their kit let their dogs. She read aloud and couldn't control at once. It starts you can't now get out of there
and in a nanosecond. Well, yes, you finally dropped a leash wants. The dog had bidden want, wants a dog came in hot. I dropped the least because at that point I can't hold back in revenue and hinder his ability to protect me your himself and in less than half a second. This dog was on its back pinned and yelping, and he had it at the throat but didn't invited you. He didn't collapse, he just pendant and held it and this thing took off running. He followed up on the lawn, and so there was a time there were they were, they were separated and he just look this thing and it looked back at him. He went in a second time on its just pin them again, didn't it could have removed, This thing, even my never by pressure Douglas like five hundred piazza, it's unbelievable, but they they actually are bred to pain like born Cougar right hold for the hunter yeah that they don't go to consume something they gotta hold it for them, and that was
You mustn't, ran in the high speed up close. It wasn't always knows it. Wasn't me rammed the doggies buys a diverse tumbling grab its neck and brute pinned it, and then you pull them as soon as you pulled a leash. He came right back yet well as soon as I yelled and when the least headed skirt through so I could grab yet when it did population said known, he kind of came to his senses came to me in yeah. But here's what I remember we were sitting automata. He came into my dad wishes wired. You're diameter only, but I've been amalgam because both dogs saliva going you know scary. It is- and I wasn't going to the big german shepherd of full size. German shepherd. Here's the issue, how many other dogs do you think that German, effort wreck dulled until he ran in to the brick wall that has shown TAT dog didn't even think about it. It was so kind no less than they owe door. The neighbourhood Brad I'm running Amber just running roughshod over every dog fox by except for that one MIKE and here's the thing and Joe Louis. Has it a bit. You sit here and I was sitting on men if Joe Louis wasn't Joel
Joe Louis is going to do that with a whole lot more than a few puncture wounds and having to take antibiotics, gradual, Louis, might not becoming back if Joe Louis's a shit sue Jean Louis is a big guess. What Jean Louis is at the mercy of the german Shepard and the beauty is before us. We are always talking about going to think children's would do anything because he's so mellow. Well now we know he never has to be made in protecting me to cause. I got in the middle and I got it could have been instinct, but that's that bridled ironwork defence and we have done rules the neighbourhood until someone says that this won't work. Sorry well any need. You need people to behave like that as well Reggie socked about, those lines in and we were joking around saying. Like you know what was jealous, pimple come back. I get to cash. Father like there wasn't one if she's probably jealous, was in a life and death moment yeah and he was common in himself in his abilities, but probably wasn't feeling
the best thing ever re. Yes, that's exactly how I feel like a second amendment like people that stops a church. Or a school shooters rapidly the community. With the active shooter situation, they probably aren't like I'm. The greatest there, like I had to step in a moment, I could have lost my life. Thank God. I was trained and think I did what I but now I'm going to live with that yeah, that's easy for! You didn't! I didn't feel like a victor. He depths traumatic. Members, we walk in back, he was looking over her. Shoulder might have to go again and just you know I, They just see an urgent matter tell about what you're walking about three blocks later. You ran into an old English, yes, and they saw what a beautiful don't welcomed, control. Look it up and it s Adele, even just just gonna fight up the road, her with a dog who was not a leash, you rent
the house? That's what we heard about it I'll? Have the desirable willow sleepless nights migrating to leak that somebody, like you, have a believer in huge. My poor wages were giving all references available that is going to come, we're going to go to smash the like button if by the way, rumble button. If you leave a comment below it, especially if you want to give them some moral support to Joe Joe lose when we're talking about half of democrats- and you know it's more than of the Democratic Party who want to put you into quarantine camp if you're on backs and if you want to take your children away, who wanted you to be imprisoned, not just for not being backs but for speaking out against what might be the efficacy which I'm not doing now. But the CDC has when you're in a country where people want that for you to imprison you too
away you're right. What I'm saying is this there that german shepherd out of control running out running rough shut, and I don't want you to be that german shepherd. I absolutely dont, but guess what I don't want you to be a maltese that that german shepherd rag doll. I want everyone fewer watching the show if you're listening. I want to make very very clear, my world, which you, because we are entering a time where things as more important than ever, don't be a bully. Dont worry that german Shepherd but don't be a victim, Viejo Louis we're going to play a game. We could never play on Youtube. Youtube, you can piss off.
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