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2023-08-28 | 🔗
Donald Trump's mug shot dropped over the weekend & the hood is loving it. Philly bike riders get naked and confuse onlookers. Climate protestors tried to block traffic into Burning Man & found out Nevada Sheriff's don’t play. Target is back to its evil ways, selling a book called "Bye Bye Binary." Lastly, a man shot three people in Jacksonville, Florida yesterday & we already know A LOT, but nothing about the Nashville shooting? Interesting. Tune in. Guest: Josh Firestine Join MugClub to watch this show every day! http://louderwithcrowder.com/mugclub Watch the FREE show on MugClub NOW: GET TODAY'S SHOW NOTES with SOURCES: https://www.louderwithcrowder.com/sou... NEW MERCH! https://crowdershop.com/ Music by @Pogo
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Hey there audio, listen, I'm going to ask you for a small favour today. Last week this package was not uploading where it was only once every three days, if it is, working and you are now receiving at every single day. Please leave view and clarify that It also helps with the algorithm other spotify, whether you're an apple Google stature, you Are the sample size? We need to hear this information from you, because every now then some folks, a big task, still try and screw the coach. I dunno why I said poach, but you know look good it'll make sense when you watch or listen to today's show go watch it on rumble, enjoy the show. The the look at my life
last night
all men take a look at my last like take a look at fifty four years of crap game stumbling around the country is still really now. Why years language you will get completely new, can look in your eyes, fallen down. Your pants on spending is in some ways and totally and completely at the time that also feel my hands when the number to the country.
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the I got all that one that one was a good sip dna goods, but my head was a little bit foggy here today. It's my fault. It's my headphones. I turn identity this. I dunno why? This is what I trained for Let me give you a little more of a regular schedule here this week. Last week we did a four and a half hour live stream of the debate. If you're going to call it that lot to talk about today, not to be.
by their five trillion dollar market cap loss target is continuing to indoctrinate your kids look before getting anything else by the way if you see this, if you're watching on youtube, if you see this that means head on over the rumble and people healthy to dump on be sure to hit it, because I will use the term trainee today. Does it really really really quickly? I told him that, make sure they're on their toes, but talking about that donald trump, can't stop losing with the merchandise of his mugshot who'd have seen that one coming but important that I would like to really get to today. You know, obviously, it's a tragedy. What happened in in Jacksonville k, people say all that and prayers stupid you to ban guns shut up, but I do It's interesting to look at the dynamic between nashville. What happened where we had a radical gender theorist happening jacksonville. Based on the information we have someone who probably is a disturbed mentally deranged racist made on them a free country, if you have laws, but if the laws are applied,
equally and the same thing with the standards of media right. We can have trials, but we also have trial by opinion right now, nanda, that's it we're saying with president from which the question of the day, what would didn't donald trump sybil com from our presence and compensating present. I com sitting president. What would he have to do are- you do not vote for him at this point. What would You need to do for you to not vote from and I don't just mean in the primary you can vote for whoever I mean in the general you read my mind: are we talking about that and more Gerald a number two, how you, sir, I am doing well, I'm happy to be back in the normal week last
it goes a little crazy, but it was fun and I was trying to bring energy up because it's monday morning and yeah to npr news update city, then how are you did you have a good weekend we're going today to the poughkeepsie playhouse to hear this jazz funk afro? Do the thing I dunno. I listen to npr because I love state run media vegas, so you're doing well you're doing fine, Brinkley yeah. No, I'm doing fine. It was a very very do you guys ever do this the head of a really really boring weekend? Where, because plans were kind of mixed, I right right, so I made sure they just sat on the house doing nothing. So, by the end of the occasion we're going I want. I want to go back to work, and now I dont like that and learn. When you hear this, you know who it is. You love him
he's going to be this saturday or not wait. Sorry september. Twenty third, at the rosalind theater in rosalynn, wash rosalyn washington, rosalind rosalyn. I dunno big and farm at josh underscore fire stein on the instagram to see all of his day Josh. How are you, sir? I'm good good it's monday morning, Gerald get excited, look at look at him all color, coordinated, I'd, look into the fatigue, three six mafia yeah three hundred and sixty pow mafia mate. Look like shaggy from scooby doo. I realized I dressed like Finally, an abortion camp, my targets, profits caused. You think a target would help, but almost four hundred well and black. Now I guess it's the disappearing rubber.
I don't know I never watched cause. We didn't have it when I was a kid we didn't have school in canada now so our our corn pops canadians comment below your car corn. Pops are basically spherical. Captain crunches, I dunno why it's a silly place and I hope that someday we nuke it. Ok, whoa, waste the bombs they used to get all their weed from canada, though now they just get it from anywhere yeah yeah, the mystery van is unless you're in a weed legal state. I dunno, if you know this, so they ban thc from hemp like I out another. Those big we'd is always looking out for you. It hasn't evolved into a naked. We farmer nostra. There's eleven states where they teach see from hemp is illegal, legal from canada, legal from marijuana in those states or states where marijuana is legal because they can't tax it and regulate it comment if you guys know that- and you know what right now this one. The few times will ask if you're in rumble go in here I can you do this week, we're going to be doing an experiment because of the shadow banning so like on you, too. We want to see how that affects the algorithm, just as many of you boom go hit like then go back to rumble because we're going to using that dump button a lot
because you might need to hit this for youtube, they are coming for your children. Remember when anyone said that was a slippery slope, wilton's really more of a lubed slip. It's an astral glider, because then, if you have kids, they shouldn't be here watching this right. We want you to see the evil that is out there in the world so that you can protect your family from it. This is not a g rated show trigger warning just age appropriate here, some philly bike writers who get naked and say, from the mouths of babes, watch this until the end and here at little child asks- and you know what they're more reasonable than the queer? The queen a party friends and the bikes
right that after that, the only sane one of the group finished the question below comments. Why is this person gross and that person and why are they all gross who- and why is this man holding a saxophone which is clearly a two headed instrument while trying to ride a bicycle? It's almost as though this is disingenuous and they're all just a bunch of illogical degenerates. Right, mom, that's fair! I didn't think about that yeah,
blew my mind next Kenny gee on a bicycle, I mean it's a tandem yeah you can see. You can see the moment reflect the decision to make don't want to ride or do I want to play this thing, I dunno I'm just really gay and talentless yeah. I've always got a flute on me. This is a lot of skin flute playing there. That man has also master of the oregon. I guess it's not always sunny in philadelphia and sometimes it's gloomy and folate, because you assume they're too fat to actually see them so their ugly and make its art as if they were dragged it. It would be poured over there. That's true pay that you're gonna, that's appropriate. Stay just take your kids to strip club. Right, of course, of course, don't take your children to know I'm just saying it's just what? What really that for wales? Is this? What Ezra Miller?
I got a lot that guy should have to face the wall, considering what he's done and I was reading up on it, because I was forced to watch this stupid flash film and I dunno how he's ever convinced any straight shut up. It was an. It was on h, b, o for him. That was a word I was going to hone in on forced it. The whole thing it is then running really getting hungry. He left the automobile and then I'm reading up on this guy who was kidnapped, people who he was there. He was of course, groomed children who are under age was committed violent assault the king and entering men, I'm leaving us rolling, stone and vanity fair, newer, oppose variety right all these matters and keeps him and they were arrested, and he must have like a really loyal accomplice? No, it's because he's where and uses they them pronouns. What led with that meet the carve up for it. ro grammatically. It makes no sense with these guys they their pushing body positivity and making sure that nudity is just a way of life, but is interesting thing they can
old thereafter party and what they said was well because everybody's naked in their drinking it creates a lot of problems and, like you the whole thing goes away. At that point, you can't have needed to be part of life, but they dont don't ride. downtown philadelphia around all of the the city landmarks where kids are naked, that's like they did. This was not out of the country. This was at the other rocky steps that they go up there. They ride right past. There there's kid there with families and they don't get a choice to say had I want to see that they don't care about in the street because it doesn't affect them, but then, when they had a bunch of poppers and shots, they don't want to shit there thong it's hard to have a party and now getting drunk with those with us is there not those dixie, not just ruins the vital monsieur, read through the hood that guts
that's bear if they make it out. I've never been done about the right to learn right, meek, mills houses, how gonna live show monday through friday, ten, a m eastern where you can watch it on rumble, of course, for those you listening and audio, you can listen to an apple, spotify, stitching, Google, pod amazon river. Those things are in doubt. You can leave a rating there as it were in auto man. Is it? Is it because it for awhile was only uploading like every three days? Yes, it is working. You don't sound, confident, alright, yeah, that's all you! Actually, so this weekend, climate protesters because everything they tried to block traffic, the burning them send they found out They quickly that nevada, sheriffs, don't don't play that game, and so this brings us to a segment meant that ve been done in awhile, and it's just a protest or fail.
here they are pulling up it's a good old chain ourselves to something we think is a movement. Did you get that? Yes, we argue that the more the Glen you said, you'd, better move, not just watch Why
god let or setting sitting the boy you assholes, we covering the girl ridge, lloyd's, clear girls, pissed yeah, I didn't think of whether or not someone might need to get to the. I see you or someone was delivering a baby, because I'm a selfish way in the end by the way I love cause, I cut might have been some people might argue, was a little rough. I think it was completely appropriate comment below, but let's take a look at the cop right. There is a guy I'll. Keep watch and looks out into the desert is looking to get into backgrounds like oh I'll, make sure this is just to say that he has full confidence that the other guy's hacienda or he's like
I love this because its its climate protest, there's an I'm, pretty sure, that's tribal police. Is it I'm gonna, certain that the nevada rangers are like a tribal police? I think they are, and I watched a documentary about ailing, don't worry about it. There's a documentary by nato at arrival. Police came up, he had in about an hour injuries, they had to investigate it and that those guys don't fuck around, and I love sorry about the cursing that I love the defective somebody's pillar processing and they can be made about the and then assume they find out that the tribal and native their milk, all warm light in there just doing their job shows up on that. But when the x rays equipment but yeah tribal police, I'm sorry, seven owner so little mess around. Do I don't know it was six protesters from extinction? Rebellion exceed
in rebellion in seven circles they were arrested the house and they wanted burning man, organizers to ban private jets and single use plastics at the festival, so they're going to hate those zip ties. That's going to yeah they're real handcuffs on me. If you want the recyclable steel, let me put it in a perpendicular. I would wait till they find out while the gasoline they burn to burn that man just rap. My little anemic rests in plastic straws. I don't care about the turtles, I wonder what happens when the protests were happening and people were mad, that the cops were shooting what one man had his his wife and his son were in a burning building. I believe it was ferguson, oh yeah, it might have been in there might have been in milwaukee at that point in time, and there are unintended people need to use that road. You are a danger to people who are in emergency needing to use the road that dimension. You are. These are the same people by the way who talk
socialism. They always use those arguments. Look what do you want? You wrote one year item bench: do you like but you feel as though you can simply block them by the way, of course, retirement and non rather, is not like that. This is an she was socialism roads or something that's a valid form of government, depending how it's done in the military. It's a silly lazy argument. Yet these are the people who always act as though the roads are their own hit. The road jack that's it. I say yes jack and jill exactly it's, it's not so mad max these guys make there. Entire campaign, is pissing people off we're going to go block roads for people who are just trying to get to work in most cases and we're going to go, destroy priceless works of art to make a point imagine doing anything to piss the entire world off at you more to try to make a point. I want to have a further. Their point is anymore. I just care that they don't get like. I just get to
rip the hand off of the pavement. That's been glued downriver that guy or is the chisel and accidently got next. It is like the guy. The extinction we're gonna glued walter cement. I want any right round like nedda just eat, pulling till it comes our guys. It's that he chose. That answer your question. I think they rode there on a tenant bicycle in thongs hopkins god, because I was afraid they use fossil fuels. They realise that this is done is actually a pretty big, pretty big influence of co2 in the atmosphere like we have to put us in a fund block. I dont have got out there. They are ninety rough. They left in the bag, it they were dragged after these gulped crazy, that's around in the matter, just ended like the remnant of again. So this is where we ve talked about this year. Boycotts work when combined with by cuts and it works, especially when it's a company where there's an easy alternative. So target is one of them, but not to be dead.
Again the theme today as they are coming for your children very aggressively fifteen. was around fifteen billion. I think I said nineteen trillion, but you know it's. A rounding error has close to fifteen billion billion dollar market cap last target on their back, of course, to their evil ways, and this time selling a board book called bye, bye, binary, that's the new book it's going to be at stores nationwide. It's what they call a board book which was new to me. I know what you're thinking I get bored It's about br, Edu, the and also remember by the way. This is why this is so important member on youtube. We were suspended at one point. They made us change our title, even though they are a platform, not a publisher regarding I guess that they are coming for your children. I said you can't say that what what when they write books that are marketed toward your children, just to be clear babies, it seems
so the synopsis on targets website and even though they showed a website, it says that they went brick and mortar. They bet wrongs as our little done, full of joy, has arrived to dismantle gender norms. it does not violate child labour laws. Like you mean you already tasking an infant, I don't know yet. The fires in the job. You have no idea live over time I mean something like what what conditions so that dismay It'll gender norms, a joyful baby, refuses to conform to the gender binary and instead chooses toys, colors and clothes that make them happy. You mean, like all babies, science. I think this is tongue in cheek. Yes, but enough about yourself board book is perfect. pool to encourage children to love what they love, and it's also a great baby shower gift for all soon to be parents by the way encourage what they mean is indoctrinate, what they mean is essentially groom. What they mean is to propagandize and by the way, this up obviously
It shouldn't be a surprise, considering it's it's released on the heels of the horribly received moby dick. That target also used, and that didn't go very good book, though they also had a poor selling a young adult novel up. A tranny street whore named desire that way, but the good news is they have to dump that one really quickly, just a short dump: hey welcome back if you've done a rumble, but Actually we were with my club or starting your own publishing company and we have a. We have our own children's book for the non binary infants more so teenage focused on coming out to pushback yeah. Oh, that's, perfect, it's a perfect board book. I don't want to read it out loud because it sounds like it would read refer to people who are very rough. Listening on audio, I love targets,
description of a joyful baby, dismantling, something look how joyful I am dismantling your parents' relationship and everything that you do your parents, because they have a binary gender yeah. I know dismantle all you joyful, pete bundle of you know how I could tell that babies happy is the blue, hair and nasal piercing that lesbian, like milk just comes out shrieking like a baby bird, an oil spill. This is that gabor hundred and you are not- and by the way, hey look. If you want to know that gender and sex gender interchangeable? I'm not going to buy your stupid grammatical, gender theorist bullshit. I don't care that you read simone de beauvoir, john money. Who's twins by the way both ended up killing themselves. What we've done a whole segment on that you can go back and watch. There are only two genders change my mind, but I have go and have boy girl twins going to have boy girl, twins and tell me let us not in- and you know what else do their very different: the way that the developed you see this happen and often they will fight over. For example,
the pink rocking there. There's a pink like it, it's like kind like a hippo, the gray one is right: ass respiration, dull, its top like your shirt, it's not bright, and so both the boy and girl fight over the one that has the kind of right now, sir, is horn. Men, its pink. It's not be enough for a second go all that its main their guy. Nobody like bright, didn't, know anything you you're, the one who is copy pasting, your stupid values? If your child happens to like what have you, if you're sunlike, lucky charms, you think that he should be out there in the gay pride parades with a ten at nice article without a seat, he will, if I say he will yes simpler than our line, that applying sexual norms to babies. I got kids like it took its big differences, even bigger one, my son loves play was venus. Yes, otter, never get the easy way. I figure it up started, not about that's what it's ok to light. Let me go
relations between donors that was it like twitter. They will do that yet. What's that the very areas there very, very curious and doesn't mean they want state like. What's that, that's that looks fun. That's what a girl will say that looks fun great. It doesn't mean that we're going to surgically attach one by the way this is written by Eric you garonne, I've could be pronounces name incorrectly. I dont care a former editor of disney books and by the way, is totally not a pedophile up. Definitely looks like then overly are really a three. Definitely not a pet, oh we're serious, really add a pet. Oh whoa, hey, hey, hey, hey! I said not a pedophile, not a writer that he has to be photographed exclusively in libraries and children's rooms. I'm sorry, but that the second to last photo he looked like circumcised. You know what I want: no tell me
ten women could be one to yeah gerald, he looks like it's the cloud of it didn't put it in any effort, every kind of thought out here. I know that there are no real kind of low by smash rumble button. If you watch me right now on rumble, let them know that you love them, because they don't ban us and, of course, more global. They going I'm doing they dont. Let make em like they used to today by the way here, some other books. By this lovely contributor includes poultry guys Where are the document right? That's the worst! It it's not aware rejoiced poultry, the chicken across the road is killed and wakes up in the afterlife, because you neat made: that's what I am
I would just love it if he was like promoting kids. Why are they? Why did the chicken cross the road, because you're a faggot yeah youtube jump on that one? I thought the chicken walked into an old graveyard that the house was built on only with poultry guy, something like at least go that direction. Poultry guys go to the afterlife you jerks. I thought the book was about somebody going to chick fillet as they walk in there. He yeah, I know they're caught in the deep fryer. He also wrote a tale of two princes about two long lost brothers who are gay. Of course I had various and by the way, that is recommended for seventh graters and up and just in case again. This is the purser running this for target fifteen, billion dollar market cat loss, marketing it towards baby and Here he is promoting the two. I'll have to homo princes on twitter, hey,
If you like, ran away and boil blue and want more than I guarantee you like my under doll, novel, a tale of differences, an adult- I don't like it- I don't want any more rights for disney. This is the unholy alliance that Europe, against, with our sorrow, used to write for days myself went from disney to target that's what we call a lateral homo separate in writing. The children's. It's interesting he's writing books for kids. That strange, also well understand that stories stores, art of untold spin doctors, it's bad want to call me he him, I better not now I'd yeah, I wasn't sure of the conclusion, but yeah when you, when you buy what would you try and buy, buy, buy binary book at target? You also are given these other choices, including the pronoun book, should be two pages
but the hips on the drag queen go swish swish, which actually, due to the estrogen replacement therapy in the masculine endocrine system, it goes crack cracks. Nat, twas the night before pride, which, by the way, is pretty much the same as every night for people who are turning private events. It involves group sex, I mean every creature, was stirring, as like, very fast yeah, not even the mouse, it's a guy in a costume, but this is how they do it right. They say they said: no, no, that's not where no one's coming for your kids. As a matter of fact, that suspect, that's babel, that's bandit! are not coming for your kids, we ve done the age restricted or I want to do. I need to go we're going to do another segment based on that at some point in the future. I think we were, but so look I I I looked in. I saw the people blood. These books What kind of other suggestions- and I thought- okay, like this book- is bad enough- but maybe it's a one off. It's not a one off like every,
single. One of those books that we showed in that overlay are targeted towards children to confuse the hell out of them right, the the the the the hips on the transgender persona. Transgender aside, I said it the right way they have on the drag, we ngo swiss that's wheels on the bus. They like that's before are your three years old. Think about that. I we have right now they kind of get out of the wheels on the bus state pretty quickly and they go and other things and that's a super super young, kids, here's the worst part guess who there banking on doing this parent. because the kids can't read these books. Yet it's the they're banking on white and suburban myers Zaire yet read to the kids. Yes, but if that's not, child abuse. I dont know what a hip son the drag queen go. Swish swish wish, and the teacher goes don't thank! It's like you It almost thereof, not reading the book now reading a book I now ever. I never thought that I would say you better you'd, better clothes, that book and go watch death. Wish
The last thing I want is your face in one of those school books. Go lift up a few barbie dull skirt, see what happens Mike someplace bark is a lucky plates, have supper, he played if the little boobies yeah, my friends like, are you worried about your son playing with barbies? I was like, I don't think he's doing it wrong. I think he's nailing. It is arbitrary numbers and ruin his life as a future casanova. What kind of parenting do you do in your household or outfits? Don't match, I'm like he's, nailing it to good care or third birthday. I got him a poster of selma hayek who, from dusk till dawn style, selma, hiring a pretty lady, a beautiful woman shut up that breeding, a beautiful bang, the new mug shot down Of course, you know, as has happened last week, but he was arrested and foreign county and using its like the left. They just peace, talk about eleven DHS
to play eleven de chess. You just need to thank honor to moves ahead, because the left wasn't glee at no. point, considering that maybe this mug shot my back fire, hear them celebrated its an image. for before seen in american history, a mug shot of former president donald trump released over I'd, buy the sheriff's office in Bolton county georgia, so as a teenager living in new york I'd, say about what has resigned ever watched the apprentice. I despise donald trump big He to me signified the rich white guy Hatton that absolute, we hated and despite certain via hardware and look right now, you just did the like button or comment again because to test the youtube algorithms. If you're there right now
I think the mug shot is pretty bad ass. It is yeah, I mean think johnny cash right. How bad as he was made out to be just given the finger right, yet I mean MEL gibson's mugshot is out there. There are some that are ok, not great, and then there are some kind of man, party with that guy, so donald trump on the tables tweeted out the mug shot himself, any tweet it out out sorry election. Words? Never surrender he doesn't look bad. It is much heed nail that there is a fantastic to evaluating the interactions and that word through the room. A quick look at this guy immediately violate turned it into merchandise, including shirts, mugs detail, The strategy must be thrilled with ever know why he is accusing every one of these five in his car also has a rich and they just you, you just put them on cups. He put on tumblr, is it don't even need a good? And you did you do that? I love you, but it's like. I know for sure.
If you're going to like hey today we are, we are offering a complementary, because he said you know more than me. I am filling out the survey in the back of this receipt. You can never have enough The officer said it's like sharks. Yes, the bar is yes, the feel of it. Seven million dollars is what he's raised since the launch to you. It's tens of millions. If you're, looking at the cottage industries out there that are selling his mugshot on merchandise or just the kind of support he's getting from it We everybody sees it for what it is, what they see fight in his eyes, a he's fire in his eyes and here's the thing. I would like free to guess what do you think this is? going to back fire the biggest for democrats and think again, don't you guys know, but dont need I dunno. If you know this, but a lot of black Americans, like people, weren't going in as niches they like people who share some of that experience, and this is its backfired, so bigley at the hood
is now going all in for trump from the land of the irish spring couplets the face where the cables to your place on the matter. Please come to do no good lep in the hood come to do no sorry that was a wrong click and buy the argument that the film is intensely racist, lep in the hood yeah. That's the wrong clip, but here's a montage of, of course, people in the black americans. Some people say african american. I don't here's a montage donald trump's gaining ground to black, one of these being demons. It was all vote down from the black forgave him. ah, my dear, we are back which this you're kidding Lula. Earth about alike do dropped his brother. Now, I'm sorry, you got it
You go to jail, is all six atlanta you rather straight up said van jones protection, and you guys can comment here below, I think, he's going to I think, Donald trump, if he, the republican, how many will get more black higher prices. A black votes, the republican party, then any yet republican in the last forty years just to be I think he did by the way he improved by four from twenty. Sixteen twenty twenty would only have a context, but in some areas he won significant portion of the black belt. Now I know that that doesn't really win elections, because black americans only make up twelve thirteen percent of the population, but it's
waiting to see the cultural shift. Black Democrats and they do largely vote democratic, are the moderate wing of the democratic party today, and this is a way to turn them off really quickly and you act like you side with them in defunding police, which, by the way, a lot of them have more positive views of their local police in their neighborhood. That's an important. That's an import in component here to take into the equation, but they have a negative view of the federal police. They have a negative view of the militarization of police. So it's not so much that they hate the Darren wilsons of the world, even though he was ostracized in the media by largely white liberals, it's that they hate people who would, for example, I'll be involved with this mug shot and donald trump rope. Wrongful prosecution It's not like that by the way donald trump gained support in the black community, because you didn't just talk to the black community or talk at them. He actually did things that helped the black community. Yet two things at all of these other people, the shells out there we'll talk about it, were actually do anything for because they want to constantly have that for elections, that it yeah thought that it was simple
really quickly. Let's go to cnn, where they're saying Donald trump campaign says it re seven point one after george looking to see what they say in dollars since trump surrendered at the faults and county jail. the day after his arrest was the highest grossing day for his campaign. What would happen all you're celebration spoken strategies and former chief strategies for the wrong approach and your campaign stone landing size of the author of the conspiracy to end america. Five ways by old party is rivalry, Well, you should have space strategists nor welcome into the morning being a part of that big fund. Raising Paul is the mug shot merchandise that his team has put out. The trump seem has put out. Is there from your purse? a tipping point where the mounting legal problems start too Agatha, no impact wishful thinking, think that is a point where we're gonna make it stick. We have to look at it in two different universes universe. So if republican primary voters and the universe of the rest of us
Oh, I think she's, not a republican anymore for public and primary both to see the smile emanating I'm so that there is a conspiracy against them that there is a deep state that guy's there votes were stolen. Ok, so I said this is the kind of republican they bring on cnn, just to be clear. It's like it's a human walking straw man just to be clear like I actually might be here. it'd be made of straw. He made me to go to the wizard to get a brain. I have absolutely no idea what that republican voters believe that there is a conspiracy against them, like I don't know words being banned from social media like groomer like like well the vaccine, they say believe, there's a conspiracy against them rarely. Why would they believe that, after being locked down for months and being subject to vaccine mandates, depending on their chosen profession, which have now, of course, admittedly
it's been nearly as effective as we thought and certainly come with more complications. They believe that their votes may have been stolen. Oh, I wonder why that would be considering that some people showed up to vote, let's just use Eric's arizona, for example, and they couldn't vote for four or five Let's just use that as an example or the fact that they had ballot sent to places where they didn't live or their state violated the constitution, and they believe that there is a deep state. I wonder why they might believe that there is a deep state considering for three years of their lives. They heard you talk about as the republic in that you are in an average, they heard you talk about russia, russia, russia collusion, which we now know beyond any shadow of a doubt is verifiable, false that was planted by political oppositions. People. People like Hillary Clinton, fusion, gps to steal dossier for crying out loud. His campaign was actually spied on. You have americans, by the way, with let's go back to Paraca bomb over the iris was weapon, I specifically against people who are members of the tea party group, so why? What americans believe that the deck is stacked against them? That maybe they're vote doesn't count as much as they thought it would, or that the government has a deep
state aid, let's just gaslight you and hope that that continues to work by the way you, I can those ratings, cnn and fox news was taught you wanna do the demo numbers on fox news. People are turning out because you suck, but nothing is honesty, can't keep pissing on people's forehead. Tell him it's not raining. It is raining down on the expression, I don't care angered you tell them? It's raina ago pits p s not ready. Yet your purse is my point now. of the disguise, the former chief strategies for the romany presidential campaign. Now, look I understand, like you win some you loose on, that is a disaster. No, you just lose some medical and will always lose so I'm just saying with the presidential campaign. Fine, you know if you're, the chief strategist, sometimes it's not you, it's the it's the guys. Do you know you working for it? It was you he was doing very very well until you
who got in his ear and said: hey, don't go after Barack obama, so much in the next debate, because you just killed him. She really loved it. She's begging she's like if there are tipping points that there are tipping point where all of us will finally thick know. He just keeps he's like Michael Myers. We stop, as you want to know it might help if we all stopped being such bitches, but then again I'm not a political. A more effective way to blacklist have huge huge impact. machinery, citizen, we're like like folding or like ethel annual lana, the atlanta throw it was a big- was a big one that was asked the arguing about Detroit. You know Detroit. Actually, he was winning. Donald trump was winning. I mean how and by the way, by the same, origin that he was actually outperforming himself and other urban areas mean like if you go to philadelphia, meaning if you go to portland, meaning if you go to los angeles shouldn't, say winning, but he was receiving a huge portion of the vote in weighing county with urban voters by the way in the same proportion that Donald trump was receiving them in all other urban areas. Until there was a vote switch at three in the morning when some red wagons came in,
and ninety nine percent of the votes were four by just. This is one thing to you when you're talking about someone can bring this there from the four mission control. We have this in one of our older epoch, it may have been removed from youtube again hears what matters is you look at major cities across the country and donald trump was outperforming the poles and he was out performing his previous performance, meaning he was gaining ground like we saw with black voters like we shall have a lot of inner city voters, except for cities which cities play just like Phoenix places like detroit places. Get land or, in other words poured over performed right. Seattle over perform. Los angeles, san diego tampa miami cargo, not saying it was winning it, but here performing by a significantly higher margin. Some of these areas, he was winning until in key swing states. It system physical anomaly. Now that could be the case. That's not necessarily proof, but we lived, you can go back and
it's the twelve hour stream that night an election? We went to bed thing. Well, I guess Donald trump wins michigan and the reason why was because we were looking at how he won wayne county or we're looking at how he performed in wayne county, comparing it with Kent county in mission? in a place where I was living at that point hundred at first elections that will look based if we're just Think this is the county that he has to worry about and he's doing far better here than comparable in a lot of the counties that he won. So there's really no way and we went to bed. One hour later, we had to start streaming again because the votes flipped but hey. Why would I can state that their vote doesn't count cnn. I wonder why start working lobbies, but if a marginalized too- and this happens by the present who told them global from you a black. who, when he's a saturday, made a bunch of laws at published, a bunch black prison by the vice president, who did that Putting it presents a d you know, exchange with donald trump and black people are doing this black and white on the gray. Issues will have another one coming out this week or later this week. They always used to think that the system was unjust and by the way, the justice system is it screwed up. Among you tell you this is that we are
in the country right now where, where where justice is often served, especially in the court of public opinion, but black america, is used to view it as white black and donald trump opened their eyes to its really about the corrupt and well, who they dont, want to be involved. It's about the period for the strings, about the haves and have nots as far as power, not just money, and so I, the transition from the system is corrupt from against black people. by white, but their seeing the most one of the most powerful white men in the world. Through the same kind of shit that their body data, their cousin, who is selling we'd on the corner, and they go make us not black white thing. Maybe we Link arms with other white people asian people Who ve been gained by the system? That's the kind of those are the kinds of inroads that are being made, and that's why you can come back and I think that if trump is the nominee. He is going to receive a record number of black votes, because, again being run a comedy where we have the luxury of being around gender
Speaking far more black people than most white people do right, you're in a green room for doing it, a showcase set its like forty percent black comedy has a lotta and they're, usually better than white comics set boxing. If I have to pick, one that I don't even know them the black guys, probably better. It's capita than a better as an audience, sorry way, people at an audience. I prefer the black people, oh yeah, they're, more fun. They they take a take, a take, a joke. They don't get offended. They write your jokes for you. They do say it out loud. That's cause, I'm a hack. I gotta go on now do hamburger like that brings us to the main. Certainly, today, insomnia went off on a little bit of a rent there. I just I like it. I hate the media so much yes, joe, in view the shootings we want to do a segment here, comparing jacksonville to nashville, both tragedies you can below before posit dont cheated if you're not watching. This live what you think the key
contrasts- are so to set this up, Some man killed three people tragedy of of unbelievable proportions. It's always said jackson, too, yesterday and just to be clear. We already know a lot, but for those of you who may be haven't been recapturing up this afternoon, the latter one p m and individual. We have not. Yet Officially identified in a dollar tree and the new down area jacksonville out fitted with a tactical vest armed with a a style rifle and a handgun, then issued shooter children, people before turning the gun on himself. taking his own life The three individuals killed and the shoe himself, there are. No additional people suffer gunshot wounds. We. Not identifying the deceased vacant at this time, but I can tell you that there are two male victims. One female victims of all of the deceased victims are,
the clock I sheriff's office, who has been assisting our agency with this investigation, received information after the shooting that the shooter I several manifesto one to his parents want to the media and one to federal agents. Portions of these manifesto detailed issues, disgusting, I'd ideology of hate, finally put the shooting was racially motivated and he hated black people. Wanted to kill. This is in the first public state as one and only tom. I use that word The weapons that issue we use today are a clock and they are, start style rival. I saw you that's the whole clip and by the way all references are available at later with credit at common in again, is the rule of law or I guess I should also say are the ethical standards of media because it's never been more applicable than is how often we heard them say. Well, we don't want to. We don't want to wake up, cat so we're not even going to address the manifesto
right there? The very first statement, so is the are the ethics of journalism applied equally well compare this to, national shooting from march, and we actually still don't know things there that some would argue could be pivotal, not which Just to this week's instalment of than enough, Ok, so, oh, it happened last march, so some of you they have forgotten. So let's cannot make sure that we refresh your memory. Let's go back to then. You have that there We are looking for the next clip added that late and in tell me you haven't without eyes, I think I got a driver of consumer grab a really quickly or just then Try this is that we're not life. Ok nashville shooting which brings us back to then
that's the I got to quit. Ok, shooters motive, video, were completely obvious gate it. If you remember in the early reports, I've seen interviews with you when you say that you think the motive here was resentment. What do you mean by resentment? What does that mean resentment about what so the investigation is still ongoing into this whole incident, but what the text as it says so far, is there that's possibly some resentment for having to go to that school. That's a connection that family right now I can't go deeply into that book, because it's unconfirmed yet years a very clear answer which, by the way we were able to confirm and we're not, we don't even have investigative unit. This was someone who was a radical gender ideologists who was targeting specifically what they viewed as a
in school and christian victims they gave a clear answer and he had a manifesto that laid all of that out, yes, which we have never had access. Still the right still Wasn't it I'm woman presto, while it was as if ass to your guess is as good as mine for more of a fifth of my favorite comedian from the vaudeville days old fist. Please tell the cloud images and the blame was then back in the media, the meetly deflector, towards what george, what trans hate right. So here's NBC on march, twenty eight fear per its tendencies: trans community, amid focus on Nashville shooters, gender identity. I dunno fishermen that permeate the community from crazy transgender shooters gets that that's what it's just. In a sky news on the twenty ninth that year, trans community fears backlash after attack by Audrey hale yeah. They fear someone going hey, you dread, you do to try and stop shooting people. He said.
We, of course I know, they hit the manifesto, because the first I the same when they said when they came in the building and it was bye, bye, bye area, its exact, bye, bye, bye. The idea that target now, it's audrey for those who have forgotten and by the way we would have to go around we'd have to avoid on youtube covering anything from manifesto or from his person, social media or by the way people would he suspended on social media. In case you don't. Member for miss gendering a shoulder. well. I defy five forgotten was audrey hell used, he him pronouns, she did her. Yes, she did. I dont care, not fooling anybody you to dump the whoever youtube dump underway their heads schemes like morse code, authentic cumber petrol, which brings us to now with Jacksonville.
within twenty four hours. We know almost everything there is to know about the shooter, including romantic preferences and favorite meals. The early twenties the way cause like white male. He targeted a certain group of people and that's black people. That's what he that's what he said. He wanted to kill, and that's very clear, just to be clear. It is equally disgusting. To me for an individual to shoot black people, because there are black as it as for a crazy transgender individual to shoot christians because they believe in biology and by the fbi, good old fbi, when you're not too busy looking at pornography child pornography whereby, on their laptops, I have already opened up a federal civil rights investigation into a hate crime. I want- and I hope that the southern poverty law center they do doing zilch with them, and we have
opened a federal civil rights investigation and we will pursue this incident as a hate crime. Hate crimes are always and will always remain a top priority for the f b. I because they are not only attack on a victim. They are also meant to threaten and intimidate. An entire community was not hatred. That's terrorism ugly, but say that europe, the guy's dead, yeah. That's what are you going to gaining a poor. What in the hell are you doing, then forgetting what time? What balloons for the celebration party that was my family was shot in a dollar general? I wouldn't be worried about what kind of crime it's been class you've shot I'd, be worried that it might, or my brother or my sister's dead, that's worried about. Thank you f b I for coming in and doing this as a hate crime. The the the purpose over there with half his head gone. He should have done that before he went into the dollar general, but hey didn't happen. What are you going to do? Isn't your job to like? Aren't you suppose, useful
prevent criminals from shooting people not afterwards go guy's dead, custom what is the price for this guy he's real metal cos the mainstream headlines less than twenty four hours after the shooting mobile people Well, this is from ABC in racially motivated, shooting a dollar general in florida. This is from the atlantic. Jacksonville killer wanted everyone to know his message of hey hey. This is all true. By the way same thing with not transgender under shooter in nashville sheriff provides the first first, each other how white man faintly shot three black people at a floor to store and that headlined by the way from eighty was then changed to florida, governor ron, Desantis booed at vigil as hundreds more and more racist killer. They were just trying to fit racist and governor de santos into the same. Hang sat there and said: okay hold on a second. I'm going to headline here is going to be a sheriff, provides the first details
of how a white man fatally shot. Three black people at a florida store. Wow, that's great! Then his boss jameson came into that tired of sex god. I got better. Ah Florida, governor ron de santis booed at vigils, hundreds more and more racist killings. What is good for our country right, then hey next, we'll do a segment about division and how algorithm have social media push people too radical the realities of a piece of shit, later monologue, that's good common below us! You see the inconsistency. They were But you do believe that our response is dividing america and, unlike AP, hey guess what we make the references available. I highly encourage that you go and watch that you go and read them by the way. Watch this show and then turn out you don't need to be scrolling on social media every single day. This is the problem with algorithm culture, so this brings us back to then with nash?
EL. The manifesto was not released by the national press specifically requested, naturally, manifesta holders on. Why do we give a damn what they requested when he's appearance of the victims of the parents, wealth, the shooter appearance of incitement and where I want to make sure they have this important right, etc. No compelling state interest in giving voice to a horrendous criminal. The parents attorney wrote in these documents. Parenthood some sputtered surrounding the victims. Now I millicent I care about what they say, but I'm sorry it does, but that sorry does matter to us. We need to understand this because, right now, what you're saying is white supremacy, wife, supremacy? Why supremacy in this guy was a? premises by every account that we have, and that should be absolutely be. A horizontal persist. Jackson right now is our nashville, but I can answer the males. We need to know what the motivation was. Yet what we know is the media doesn't acts as though they dont and by the way, both left and right wing media. They were claiming the thing to just to be clear? I get that I'm a hypocrite. I understood because you say you know- I don't want these issues to be politicized, guess what that's not me anymore. It's not many more,
for the bodies, even assume it's, not it's not a luxury that we have. Do you guys you can feel same way. You can come and below hit like if you think it's him or just push back right away quite like hell, a myth, that is to say, let's wait and we should for the facts, but I'm not going to wait and allow them to use the graves of children or adults in origin. And push an agenda, it's no longer an option. They want you to think that everyone in this room is responsible for the division in america. No, it's them what they want. It was divide america and have no response and we're not going to play that game anymore. Back then, with nashville both the left- and right wing media. They were claiming that releasing the manifesto or even talking about even mentioning his name, would spur copycat killers. This manifesto
but other people read it and then somehow copycats become involved, and the main thing you are talking about is this called mass shooting contagion and its when the releases of manifestoes then contribute to the other, manifest as some people the copy and paste the manifesto is into it, and it's I get its copycat. If you get people who are doing copycat I was things they see all the attention these things get in the media and they are mentally unbalanced and and they they go about this business possible mighty. There is a manifesto now, I'm sure, there'll, be all sorts of debate whether this manifesto should be made public. I would hype naushad and I think ca we want to be in it's a any more behaviour like this vessel with acquires shit, shooting that manifesto not not be published, and I think that is a sound mood so that was a they didn't want to discuss it, which brings us, now in jacksonville, though, hasn't, officially been released,
mayor, loose lips, sink ships here donna deegan jacksonville laid out pretty much. The entire shooters manifest the entire manifesto of the shooter in situ like japanese, that was japanese, fighting organizational should include a laid out. The shooters manifesto in a press conference like to the letter to often the same folks in this type of of hate. You know this type of you see the the swastikas on the gun. This, as you know, was the anniversary of when we had the the shooting at the landing, and I believe that was also indicated in the in the manifesto that he was aware of that. She looks if more, drew green were rayson. Dried up. What is it with these shooters in white out on guns? I have been too many gun shows many gun ranges. I've never once seen. Someone with a swastika through a sharp your white out on their fire. Then I've done culture. People now see
we believe it boy where's, the fear of of copycats, now where's, the fear of copycat white supremacist, because apparently, according to Joe Biden, that's the largest threat to the union. States or another domestic threat is supremacy, and so what I'm too can t? We just pick a lame one way or the other. Either we never released the manifesto or comment on them, which is what's happening right now, or we always do. I I think now we always were either. I used to not want to because of copycats, but at this point I think it's torrent for you to know where you know that the violence stemming from from where I think that's it, I think that's it because we're a point now where you deserve to I have all the information at your fingertips to keep yourself safe. What if they just hand you something important while they showed the gun at the press conference to you know with with obviously that, the swastika is stuff area. That is the lazy, swastika I ever seen and even good yeah. I may I just don't look I have not. We don't have enough information, but this is the problem. When you only provide information for some time things and not for others. That's how you breed conspiracy theories, because
and we're deftly not being given the whole truth. Why? Because you refused to tell the truth about nashville also, this could maybe be cut. sort of admission to the fact that too, and gender individuals. Of course, suffering from higher rates of mental instability are more likely to be influenced to be a copycat, whereas white supremacy is intensely unpopular. This brings us back to then with nashville the media by the way censored coverage of the shooter across the board that defy defy there, so here CBS executives right, they barred the use of the word transgender. So, the shooters gender identity has not been confirmed by CBS news, although it was confirmed by the rest of earth as such. We should avoid any mention of it, as it has no known relevance to the crime while, except for the fact that the person said I'm committing this crime, because I'm a chick who wants to be a guy wait hold on a second
Why are you committing a crime, cousin, transgender and I want to come to die, not our now. I think we need to call in colombo, be pulling the old, blatant confession trick of course not. The person was that in time, what everything that they wrote yet, which, when we went through their social, it was not hard to find its, as should that change, we can and will revisit. Oh yes, when did you visit the wake of the shooting. People are reporting on the trans day of vengeance right that was some that was going on. It was planned there also and from social media just to be clear in case you forgotten strands day of vengeance was a day that was planned on April. First, I believe that year. it would have been right when did the shooting occurred in in unnatural? I know it occurred in march and martius would have been right after that shooting and we had been following a lot of these groups. By the way we have investigative journalists. Now we have an entire wing. Please do consider supporting my club lot of qatar dot com, slash, mug club. That's the only way we can actually expand our investigative journalism and there were a lot of people
calling for, we can bring it up there to amend their alot of people who are calling for violence to be clear. There were a lot of people calling for violence for the trans day of vengeance, and one person went out and committed it now. I think that's relevant, because I don't believe that there was a call. for violence on a day at dollar general against black people, tragic crime, but again I slated incident is very different from mobile, lies in galvanizing. A group of people under the banner of evil this brings us to. Now Jacksonville again, national jacksonville big technique that they can't shut up the cat shut up about the shooters race and or sex gender. In terms of what is driving this just epidemic
we have to talk about the hay in and how words matter. When it comes to that law enforcement officials say the shooter is a white male is spent is who is motivated by eight. This is one of the two weapons that was in possession of the white gunman in Jacksonville florida on saturday, when he shot and killed. Three black people at a dollar general store white male white gunman. Why man caucasian man, we go back to nashville unusual thing, white man, doesn't really narrow things down. That's a lot of people. That's one would argue largest demographic in this country insane female to male transgender, individual hell bent on shooting innocent people. Hey you know what that guy that clauses in a little bit better essay if it coincides with a planned trans day of vengeance? Yes, I see the connection now that you're making boeing they're not really talking a lot about the sooner the white supremacist cause. That's exactly what he was. He was a white supremacist he's an idiot. You get my jacksonville
jackson endorse everything we know says as persons apiece, I'm glad obviously no longer wasting oxygen absolutely also had incredibly bad mental health. Challenges had actually been, I think, not committed necessarily a camera, but it was evaluated maybe the right term before for mental health issues. So it's not just cause What they want to do is they want to focus on the one thing that they think will get people to get. Oh, I can't believe it why people are coming after black people. I knew it every single time right. They don't want to go hey this Oh hell thing that we ve been championing this cause further, while because we want mental health to get to get better in the united states ensuring at all here my business just a one factor thing. This guy was out of his mind and also a white supremacist, on the things that will help and matter none of what you're doing right now helps because you're, not, at this train shooter in nashville, to go back to that in march and saying hey that could
see because there's mental illness involved else you're going to have to hit the dump button. I'm sorry yeah that could be no exactly and by the way it'll have to hit the dump button really quickly because here's the thing white, male, alright white, it was not a demographic by the way that necessarily suffers from mental health issues more than another demographic, they use antidepressants at a lower rate than females. You can say: is it nature or nurture whatever men have to tamp it all down their emotions? I understand it and, by the way, don't think, that's necessarily healthy but say white male doesn't immediately set off alarm bells like mental illness. Guess what saying, transgender individual transitioning absolutely does. How do I know forty? percent attempted suicide rate, which does not, by the way, doesn't correlate with any other group of people, including american slaves and Jews in auschwitz, and it doesn't it better after transition. The amount of court than the percentage of co morbidity is for peace, lord transgender individuals of by the way used to beacons. Would you was classified generous, for he has a mental illness until the dsl five or they then classify generous for as the symptoms of someone who was born in the wrong body with no act.
to a biologically supporting evidence that someone is born the wrong bodies, since just because science can be politicized readily Guess what that does that? Does immediately clue in ok. What law, second transgender so very likely, some mental instability. You can't do that with white male. Therefore or white male sort, not mentally unstable, therefore theirs greater chance, a greater chance than not if an individual is transgender, that they have other a more bidders that would indicate mental instability. So the point is: do you want society to be safe if the media supposed to serve the population countries. That is their job and not to not to reap and shall gain from you really want. What? What places we're supposed to be objective journalism thing about this: first, with its abc NBC, CBS people actually think like Walter Cronkite, the per piece of news was supposed to be to inform you that that is the best
was the purpose of news so that you can make an informed decision now? The purpose of news to make money off a few. and in some cases words It is, unfortunately, far more pervasive to try and engineer the population to try me. we'll, let you into believing what they believe that they can create the country in their own image. Why well look the list of contributors to abc NBC Cbs and look at the former heads of Dnc or consultants and understand why they might have a slanted view of the media or just try and go and read up on the crimes as Ezra miller is the flesh of Ezra Miller and try and extensive it with all the very them pronouns while the sky is kidnapping gets body square. So we give him a path, aura, Josh. Fires. Time is going to be. Where are you going to be on september? Took every twenty third reich when washington, the doll general and rosner theatre in roslyn in september, twenty third,
it will feed intimate, we'll get intimate, will have some fun. There's mountain ok, so that our general to dollar tree so your golden- and we're going to continue the show here for another full hour. If you have not joined up again, what do you do when you get mugged? Let you get this the full hour of the show you get nick depaulo monday through thursday, you get Alex Jones on friday, you get a friday, show you're about to get the hodge twins you're about to get brian calling. You support the investigative journalism unit and others we're very as let us Canada come such mocha. If you're watching honourable right now just click that button will be taken, you just click, it click it and you join up and we're about to I don't make em like they used to The two piss off rumble thank you
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