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In a strange turn of events, Tucker Carlson & Don Lemon both got fired. This was no coincidence. We break down the reasoning behind why. Also, Joe Biden announced he's running for re-election in 2024. Not only is he lying but he's also coming for your kids. A trans couple gives each other hormones, you'll want to see this. It's gross. Tune in! Nick Di Paolo guest.
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Hey will be with your regular programming and nicht apollo and third chair and a little bit but needs to take a moment here to address some issues out there that are circulating, it's never fun, but Tom I guess let me be clear here. I have living with a proverbial boot, a neck foregoing on years now since twenty twenty one I've been living through has increasingly been a horrendous device now, let me send the outset to be clear: there is, infidelity any kind of physical abuse at all? on either side and know. This was not my choice. My then wife decided that she didn't want to be married anymore, and in this if taxes that is completely permitted even the most harbouring experience, my life, what I can to be my deepest personal failure- and just so you know,
Opinions on parenting and families have not changed. I've always believes that children need a mom and dad that divorce is horrible, and I still leave the children in a moment, a dam that divorce is horrible. but in today's legal system my beliefs, don't matter. In texas divorces permitted when one pot wants it period, so for well over a year well over a year in the best interest as well physical safety of my children. We, we decided to keep this issue private and to resolve it privately with the appropriate attorneys. What have you legal job and all this one thing I want to be really clear about is certain true north here is that my children are blameless, complete without fault- and so we decided to resolve these issues privately as its in their best interests. both emotionally and physically. To do so now, the other issue is
and this is something that I've kept private for life clay far too long, Many other people knew about this behind the scenes. Some not all, but some of them in positions of power influence. Leverage knew of this They also knew that the safety my children, included keeping at private. So, if you're familiar with the idea of extortion, Then you know the feeling well now some of these threats we're so suddenly veiled that I'm frankly surprised you didn't all guess immediately stephen has a lot going on. I guess it's the best way to say he has lot going on in that you. Clear, because people don't do stuff like this. If there is not allowed. What's going on in their lives. I would like to implore my audience and everybody that doesn't pay tax.
the situation not to condemned him but to pray for him. Sometimes people need a prayer. Son I was people need a scripture receiving support to be a question. I am unsure at this moment it if it is my place to say more than that. Maybe if I feel in further defence, something should be sad or maybe, if I feel at the public has to understand certain circumstances: My children have a right to privacy now, some other, issues have been, or by should say inferences, then more pernicious behind the scenes with demands and threats to use this information that they believe would be so pub we embarrassing to me and my wife and a difficult time. It could be used knowingly putting my children in harm's way, so
those self styled christians, conservatives and allies, not my book now. If you find yourself get into details of this is going to leap likely, be the only time have to address this or want to address us if you're asking yourself hated ex post, it's did why person know the answers likely. Yes, It will be made alarmingly clear as this process discovery continues, but also by the way, makes me that much more appreciative of those who did know about this and in understanding the best interests of my family, my children kept their word and use discretion, but I can't thank you enough. Sincerely. I appreciate it. Won't forget it. It's it's pretty simple. I loved a woman. So much that I married her. woman who, despite all of this. Still love. As the mother, my children and she wanted something else for her life, that's not my choice,
She simply wanted out and the law says that that's how it works now, of course, look I get it there. multiple sides to every story, but one thing It is undeniable in this that's no one's fault, but my own in that I picked wrong that certainly not the fault of my children, and I will say that, what's in the best Just my children is not at drama speculation, certainly not blade, tour, veiled, shakedowns or dragging their father or mother mechanically. That's or their mother through the mud, and anyone who tries it. I'm no longer going to pacify capitulate or sidestep, because I love I'm a whole lot more than I love you I will continue to do whatever is necessary to protect my children. Discuss the divorce any further on social media or on the show or in any public spaces, not what's best for them
I'll be handling this through the proper legal avenues and channels available. As a matter of record in which I have more than full confidence, so As I understand the need for and respect her privacy in What is obviously a pretty tough time, and I hope that This has to go any further than that. Now on what the reason you're all actually here, the The Steve prouder is.
A gross person irene died even crowd. I mean this is what you can expect from raw flight near to drag its feet before taking any action against conservative, I'm Stephen crowdin, who is that even greater broader is youtube. Ideal. Greater makes cheap long concept. tons of evil. What was right, voices are really funny. You know what you can do with your copyright strikes.
if you're worried enough to do with your shelf, I'd be happy to oblige the region at me. I really would going on their shows and say all kinds of things. When the sun is shining, the can get. The sun is shining the
the court. What was that next? You spill something I just saw you look down as we are now trying to block the horrible sucking of your coffee. Ok I think that we can take a vote on it and why do I think of you, counters working rumble yesterday night crashed again so we'll talk about that today. Like to get to buy- some of us present binary announced his re announced his re election. The point is no one cares, but we'll talk about it because he delivered a commie speech in which everything is verifiable. False yours, don lemon out yesterday, we, the funding of scoop cnn dead accidentally, that Tucker is out I will tell you this: it's not just about tucker Carlson. You know you see the horrible attacks that that took place on Matt walsh. You see Dan valentino, leaving apparently obviously and mutually mutually, owe kay terms, but there's been a shift. thing: landscape in media and my question, to you, is you think, that's an accident and you think that there's a concerted effort, At this point you can comment below, will sort
make the case. It's definitely been put into overdrive d d, o s, attacks, of course, on rumbold, You ve seen so many things go on and also we talk about the gay throttle. What gay throttle adopting it. Shall I just I just I don't wanna. Let people know much more than that, because I think that picture interest it's a it's a it's a show monday through friday. By the way, ten am eastern. If you want to tune in head on over to rumble, if you're watching on youtube, it's live. Ten am eastern. Don't rely on modifications or any of that crap. Alright gerald. Hey. I really a lot of people don't know joby, because if it missed a day of work in a long time and drew replaced, my son was born a year ago and I miss some work and all of a sudden, I'm be yes. How are you good yeah, I'm good? We got a fun show to do it's it's one of the funniest shows and we have the man who you know. I refer to him as the goat for a very long time. If you have not seen his stand up, recommended enough may twelfth held an ocean front.
daytona beach. Florida may nineteenth twentieth hyenas in dallas and dear god, do not heckle. Do not know it is a part of me wants you, because I want to see that viral video nick depaulo. How are you, sir, very good? Thank you Gerald. I have no kids that I'm in the third seat, as the guy below you know, you made the choice. Yes, I did. A napkin is much easier than you've ever been here. We've replaced it when he's not. There he's replaced with a blow up doll. And the real aid and we actually have a weight and people prefer it. Where do you keep that? How do we get to the hotel I'll? Believe me? We have plenty. I can give you a loner us be sure to dry cleaner, to pay the cleaning phoenix adhering to click. I don't know how that works. My aunt was talking about she's in here she from wisconsin she's. Talking to my dad and Joe Louis, couldn't go out in the back, because was money does just lead, gosh just let them go outside my dad cause he's going to get all the money she just put a tarp down. I said yeah like whatever
Atlanta are good, I got types all, but because you live next to the avery's, we don't have tarps swaying around and we certainly don't have six thousand square feet of tarps, no, not for a dog that size anyway. Here's a quick thing that you guys need to see in case you haven't been enraged enough. The last few days, but this is a transient a couple ironically greeting one of the more heterosexual videos. I know a twist turn giving hormones to each other, and of course this is beautiful and brave,
the man say want to get aids, the I'm guessing, that's not testosterone shots. The next is going to be the. I don't even know what that is on the labs. I'm serious here's the thing it's meant to play on your your emotional strength. This is not these people do this. This is not actually the first attempt they tried initially with a different song, but it was struck for copyright. where a guy like that I'd be planted outpost data as this page,
Thirteen light I do dick always goes. It goes what you're getting mad at me, because I said you did that's the darkest shit I've ever seen in my life yeah. What thirteen thirteen old kids were post on the internet. It's true that standard has to change a little bit, but anyway, I don't even know what it means, but me either it's beautiful! Isn't it it's wonderful, we're all supposed to just say: hey! Isn't that what's beautiful about injecting your spouse with a hormone that is foreign to their body? Well, that was the the correct me. If I'm wrong, there was a girl. The became a guy to gather became a girl a correctly because I don't. Nobody does science The point is, the point is whatever is being injected if they're a man and his estrogen kant's it's bad. If there are women and it's just ass rome who knows possibly cancer, definitely some right rage and no sex. Well, I don't know but in what are you saying that love he could? he became a she committed than there's no sexual things down there to have sex east. I dont know they're, not monks.
That's the thing we don't know how far they go a lot of these people. It's true. You got well over ninety percent. Don't go through the bottom half they didn't until before, and most of them just put an address and they say barely possible, and by that I mean you're not possible. again. That's why I love caitlin jenner juices. That's bruce general address bus to my blog big harry forms, a software that for next time is on. I love caitlin general use that whenever it said the fact that he would welcome to my work, she set world records broke that glass ceiling in the male cattle on it. She said a few not laughing at me now, when you are afraid of my when I was a kid she, member that she said you crazy. I think I can ever not allowing a pumpkin pie. Hair cut it free so that a number of aspects of this highly williams I'm going to keep your mouth shut. If you know it was good for your buddy boy go and noble
it's a he's, a national hero- and I love em hate by the way- watching too, that the end of the fremont club months- and I am sure you can imagine expensive to keep this ring on people like nick that info doesn't just happen. Click the button watching on rumble today, there's a button right there you just got boom click it and you get to continue watching for the remaining, our ok do it. So this one is Gerald Sally well, because you know you're already networks this morning at six, a m eastern joe binding. That's when you that's when you announce important news. Well, that's when he's halfway through his day. So yes, exactly he's taken. His fortieth is yes, he did this from bob evans and joe up this morning, former vice president Joe Biden respect the office former. Vice president Joe Biden announced on twitter that he would be running for reelection and is going gonna be a bit of a longer clip because we will go through it point by point d: then claim in truth, he announced his new campaign in video format.
the Michael they do this world freedom. The other transforms the fundamental who are as americans, but he said freedom he just doesn't get his belt bites. That's been one of my first to fight for democracy. It shouldn't be reviewed to protect our rights, to make sure that everyone in this country is treated equally and everyone is given a fair shot at making a liar. it will get back to the country. My your extremists are lining up to work on the matter of my social security number or your entire life that could evolve every wealth, health care decisions that women can make banning books and telling people who they can love all. I am making it more difficult for you to be able to vote
to be able to show your daughter s, everybody else's daughter, parent, dick about his nasal decontaminated for prison, who use it was pounds from the soul of america and we still are. The question we're facing is whether, in the years ahead, we have more freedom or less for lower rates or fees, the freedom guy, unbelievably the freedom guy. At my blood pressure- and I know I can see bb right to pray to the need for reelection. I don't know why he became bigger diet being one of my favorite moments before I move out of the claims. The truth, one of my favorite moments in the history of the show, as yesterday nick so mad and it refers joy, read all I can do. I fervently hope admire your soul group, but here's the thing: let's go.
that's! Ok, let's go through this point by point: the claims that he makes here's a claim former vice president Joe Biden, makes in there that freedom is integral to binds ethos and, first off Click like if you're watching on youtube right now- and you know that in fact, as you said, is bullshit. Ok, because here's the truth, Joe by former vice president, is all about freedom. Unless you want to start a business of course, because he added regulations that are unprecedented or if you want to protect you. For your family with a firearm or, if you believe, in parental rights, and you don't want a transition, your children or, of course, if Don't you believe that you should be able to drive a car that uses the evil fossil fuel so outside of that he's all about freedom? Also, if your credit score is a little too high you're going to be punished for it. So it's it's freedom. If you understand that freedom means it's not that I think your average struggle of the horizon. We can always jump in jail if you had I thought I thought
Why are there no bucket another claim, I'm looking at you for this one: zero live there. You see fine says that he was fighting for. Democracy has been fighting for democracy former vice president by ok, here's the truth. and all of these references, are made publicly available so that you can fact checkers he signed to. At the two executive orders in the first week, the most since the nineteen seventies. The majority of those is a good point to jump, and the majority of those were actually just to undo trump write all the stuff that trump did first, one keystone xl pipeline. So it's going to be energy, independent he's not so much your guy, while you're also free to pay twice the amount for gas. That is a freedom, yeah freedom. More for needs, freedom, if we don't actually call if you dont, use the definition of freedom
if we're changing them like male female, it's not a thing anymore, and I think if the research team can grab it, I think he did one hundred and he saw a sign one hundred and sixty in his first years about one hundred and sixty in the first years. So we wanted to have a good comparison for you compared to obama and trump. I think it was almost thirty five and thirty five is like fifty five, fifty fire yeah. So so that's I'm not a math asian but three times as managed three times, but I think the key point that they made here was that typically in the first week, you may get one to three of these twenty two, the first thing he did when he walked into the oval office essentially was revoke the keystone pipeline approval yeah and have them have them involved toddler scratch snaps. He doesn't even like the executive orders, it's almost like. They have nothing to do with policy, seven of the exactly they were banning kids from the oval office, which he repealed immediately, but I dunno, I don't have a degree in political science. So don't take my word for it. Then he blew something up be banned. The paper the exactly that there are no allegedly alleged We have no idea who did that night and I actually right. You know north
employed itself up Jacques bestows gaudy was looking over the spotted octopus. There's a pipeline is energy independence, not how I was just jesse venture was where I was in an underwater demolition. Fine thanks. Just one question only argued that the here's another claim that he makes in his video that he wants to make sure everyone is treated equally boy. when buying this, I mean I'm at the point where nope is anyone buy this? If you're watching on rumble smash the rumble button here is it's and you can comment below it does actually work with anybody. Because here's the thing, if you look at democratic voters there not demanding more freedom of choice. This is, as I've said, the left Biden. Democrats also have to run as centrist. They always have to present as centrists in order to be elected. Contrast that with the right
If you look at even the primary right now to santas, you look a trump. They have to present themselves to be as conservative as possible and do the same in a general election. Otherwise they stand no chance at one. In one side is actually in, then devised. Who deceive you. So he says Mr Mitchell, I want a street equally, ok, here's the truth, former vice by Some of us present binds justice department right. It urged the supreme port to drop the formative action case against harboured from asian americans, where you know Asian said, hey Harvard told us we're full up to many of you deservedly are scoring off the charts and we're going to reject you from the schools, because affirmative action, unfortunately bit them in the ass. When asians, who come from strong family households who value studying I'm getting the grades, they were being denied entry. There are being discriminated against based on their race, then I said. No, no. Let's keep that going keep you asians out of hierarchy.
The and then they blame us first saying that we are promoting hate towards asians. Unlike you literally want them to have a worse life because they don't get the etiquette. And they deserve. Isn't it, freeing to just be consistent to say that it's a meritocracy, I don't care if you're asian, if you're black, if you're white, you get the best grades, you get going to college there, because I dunno, but if you're black, but if you're asian, but not if you're tuition, if you do too well as an asian, it can never be consistent because progress for progress sake has to self destruct The way the only one saying these inconsistency, Xuan, unbelievable, the let the rest country is that stupid know and if they are the other, should on trump supporters about people support this shit. What you know when this pope here, what is a rock that set out yet at several on various, for I mean come on? Let's not better, I dont know is it supporting this a feces or romance languages. I don't know where I come from this to say no, but you know what it's a good point and here's sort of a contrast. People on the right expect some kind of truth from their candidates, people on the left. They know that. Do you think any
credit voters actually by this island loading. For I don't know, I don't think democratically. There's one thing I just know: I really don't know I mean the younger kids, so brain they ve been marinating and this crap save as they dont didn't vote in mass. They don't vote or not. People do right so when they do something like this, like. Oh here's. What happened? Oh must know better than I do. It's social engineering, yeah asian hate from the left, so we have to support asians in just about every single thing they do. Unless we talk about black on asian crime and then we have to stand out of the way, because that's the other minority of them
the game that hey the oppression olympics that we have to play and then by the way and minority olympics the blacks, always when they do. Yes, that's the actual olympics, I should say in minority olympics the trans win, but an actual olympics oppression. On the other hand, it's such a spending, the blackout yeah exactly unless it's world's strongest man, then it's iceland, but then they do the school thing and they go oh well. They must know best. Of course we don't want just asians to go to this. We we need diversity, not diversity of thought diversity of skin color this what they want. Yeah! No, I understand your point nick, but here's the thing. I think this is the unwritten agreement between former vice president Biden. His voter base is gone. You know that I don't really mean this, but I have to appeal to the middle enough to win an election, whereas again and was donald trump dissenters or whoever the nominees they have to make sure that their base, trust them. Would you vote for a public and like a lindsey grammar, miss mc caully, private, wouldn't, but not with a guy, has no chin its exact legit
I am yeah, it goes back to harlan Williams there he goes no chair. If I draw it goes straight down to my underpants under my honor yeah ever seeing them live. Is my favorite joke? He goes I like to cook. recently I bought a fire power base beef tongue- I cut it, vegetable oil. You know what I call that there's let my gracie as the joke just make sure your bagua. If it's friggin love to know, I think that they have to appeal to this sort of middle ground, whereas conservatives have to appeal to the base to some degree, and I love that you can comment below if you think that I'm wrong, I think nick brings up a valid point. I just see the world a similarly but differently I am probably you no more angry. I beneath the surface, the nick, but his is there for all to see, which is fun, about how to text. So here is the truth.
now another truth rightly determine the harbor case. Nine invited this, of course, black, shooting the ralph yard, to the white house, not invited six year old, kingsley white white girl who was shot for trying to retrieve a basketball. So you have the empirical as a matter of policy. Of course he supports equity and have been very clear about this. You can either support equality or Couldn't you cannot support both equality means equality of opportunity Equity means, in short outcomes, which has to forbid equal opportunity. For certain groups like asians and harvard yes exactly and people that have them net last name white and happened to also be wide, the problem therewith Last. One, though, is that it was a black man who shot her father her, and I think one of the person was hit. Some kind of a fragment in their family as well. This person was shut, black man, no headlines black man, shoes, white girl, blood in the previous story, white man shoots black,
I didn't want to draw attention to it and they wanted to pull white man shoots blackouts, a novelty, so they like it in the media. It's a statistical novelty, let's be honest here as far as interracial crime I mean, I know the d o J stopped recording the victims of the crimes, the perpetrators, or at least they stopped recording, interracial crime statistics. You can get the perpetrator or the victim, but not both They used to register them accurately. So there's a novelty of you know of a white man shooting a black man. Despite what you believe, it's actually not nearly common here's another claim in binds wonderful, rambling video that republicans want to control women's bodies.
He wants to control the water right there. He wants to control the water temperature for girls in the shower. So I like it called that remember that, and I recently wrote about it in her diary and they said this isn't real and then they decided to re james o'keefe gone okay, all right, but it's real that you stolen he's like I didn't steal it like wow the stories passed away. Did she shower with her dad the former vice president yeah? Yes, that would serious question, yes, Adele his claims that republicans, one controllers by here's, the truth dobbs versus jack, the most egregious example that they want to give you ever supreme court decision, it returned abortion to the states. Women are still free to abort a baby in a majority of states and then others, it's. The thank you know for babies I am all for example, or of unlike virginia, they don't believe up until an including birth or after birth period.
frida implement the laws that they want to, and just so you know that this is true. You can see their rhetoric were now they have abortion tourism, so they know that there are states that have radically pro abortion laws and people are giving their state to go, get a abortion performed in those states which, of course, they want to subsidize on the left, so their arguments hold no water when you see their own arguments that they make depending on the audience at any given time, I think you said you meant to say that we are depriving people of healthcare stephen. But yes, yes, that's, that's currently used by the way I apologize?
as an irish, miss gore depriving women of healthcare, yes, science, because I saw net just standing up for the clinic, just slapping insulin, needles out of a beast bitches hand, just like get adequate health care and not the more held it in sticking to quote, hang or not, kids, I guess shaggily knots high. That's a blip anti abortion joke lack of new pictures. It's the new women's jim, it's curved hangers! On this budget. The conquered sets. So here's another aim, wait remembers. We can go all day Another claim that republicans want to tell people They can love which is, I know so stupid. I know a lot of your angry that I'm addressing it I want to get my own ass, what kind of have to because he said it ordered it. So here's doesn't
And does anyone actually believe this? Do you actually believe that republicans want to tell people who they can love, even if you could go back to the most homophobic redneck, who didn't think that choir should get married and you guys all wanted a label and hateful doesn't care who they love Elton John believin civil unions, because he said marriages for boring heterosexual people. There is no republican. To tell you who you can love some of them, think its growth, here's the truth is I'm guessing referring to a florida bill that prevent the other dont say which, by the way, adheres nowhere in that bill correct it just says that you cannot teach hyper sexual lies issues right here. Actual wording instruction in the classroom by school or personnel or third parties on sexual orientation or gender identity may not occur in kindergarten through grade three or in a manner that is not that age appropriate. That's a through three eight year olds, exactly that's going too far
how about a twenty one b, exactly we all knew about our sex lives. Yeah. Can you tell me how great can you tell me how you plowed your partner over the weekend? Exactly has a laundry or a sandbox, We all remember our second great donna banana monkey bars. Handing out dick picks with stem cells, how in the world, can you fight for something like this and not be viewed as a despicable person or pedophile Can you be like what no kindergarten coquet me to be able to hear about the sex lives of their tea. I feel like I've been talking to you that you are too much if I would really like to see a common below, don't you think, stranger binds pedophile like come on in your heart to heart. Don't you think he's a man file of snow. bringing snipping for part or herbal esa those plans Kids know more tears now, but I'm through with you
Yes, yeah. I think everyone thinks it's enough that if he was doing with your kids, what he does with other people's kids you'd want to kick his ass and so people say hey: are they coming for you only, maybe not everyone's coming for my kids, just the former vice president Joe Biden, I have to lock up the shower and by the way, the bio administration is just to be clear, in contrast that forcing a notably algae, thank you, I agenda on an area by appointing algae bt key who was it not because they are, but actually in spite of the fact that their supremely under qualified and have a long and short history being bad at their jobs. He all by the way told a dealer. Albania that not the person responsible for but light sales thanking amendment, not transitioning. Kids is immoral. I it's really important
I continue to speak out about basic fundamental rights of all human beings and the idea and my good the idea that are going to have a shadow, my apple, exhausted, someone can undo the politics of a book in some states exist it's outrageous and I it's an immoral the trains parts, not a moral? Yet right trying to do to train persons is immoral. Means by trying to do is parental rights, where you have the right to prevent your six seven eight year old child from permanently rendering themselves infertile, that's immoral, and she looks like the ship. He whatever it dilemma very tired. We probably by the way, if you see this button when you're watching on youtube. If you see and hear this,
That means that we're still live on rumble because I don't live it up, because I was watching that and I dont know how to even mr burns and the cornfield. That's what that looks like right. There is a lot to be done, but we actually keep track of when we hit it, and it's just like road going down the list now, because I am on you. Oh yes, there's no, but why are you watching on youtube anyway? Guttural? Yet another rumble jays, even though with there have been, of course, video us a text because of how noise I've rumble has become so That shows that you guys are doing something right. Biden is not only a liar and a failed former vice president. No one wants him to run again, this is not yet in sight. Percent of americans, fifty one, percent of democrats holy cow, just to be clear if you want, the Democrats, if don't one percent of democrats to go and he's not gonna impressive, you can't get fifty one There are democrats to agree on anything outside of castration. He's not gonna make you don't like you get up to piss them and overnight trip on some bust, his head on the tub, I'm telling you it's up, but anybody here,
I say that they were going to come up with something that gonna come up with something I'd autograph I think he probably has one of those tubs that the door opens that he have around to the grand canyon. I want that an acorn stairlifts, yes, the command ship face that staircase looks like a bow mount mount charles at the club. I just play the bathtub with the door yeah like to say it looks like someone just came out of that room from the event horizon in Biden's case. It probably looks very much the same and lift my leg now to get in the tub. You see your balls in the mirror. Look like a great dad. Why do you look like Joe Louis? but getting your lifting your like. That would mean you have a mere in the bottom of your tie. Do or are you Joe, behind at sea love? That's my niece lives right, but under the exact I thought there was something odd with a mere genuine. As you know we have.
Most people announced their reelection stadium, a tour bensinger ad hoc giant, rout appeared so put five did a video or that I can you just use a lot of what I did say already, so don't have to say it a guy got it set up many words like those of theirs there's a marathon matlock. Remember his campaign like four toyota out there and each other she confused when you watch has met my wife, my locks in khartoum, what no hey where's perry, mason yeah by the way, smash the rebel button. If you are watching on rumble, because we want as many people to go over there as possible, no one really wants you on youtube and some point. We won't be there at all. Now: here's the others before his announcement Biden made. his most in a lot of tangible, throw this term around. I mean it. What I they communist- I mean communist A communist statement, as as goes to communism. Is I've ever seen from an american former vice president to date, rebecca point
teachers, creed into words when she said there is no such thing using something like China. Now no such thing as someone else's child Our nations? Children are all our children, no such thing as someone else's child well, in their view, takes a village to raise a child and so that's how that's how we deal with it. There was former vice president Biden, yeah they're, good good to the draw there to a man with good looks at the village people having coney in it. I don't know what that we expanded done. You know actually nick you made this point yesterday, and so we decided to sort of reiterate it for people who miss yesterday's show a lot. What you are saying why? Why are they doing this? Why are they trying to destroy these institutions and it starts with destroying the pham? No play a family. I really their enemy, because before and I felt like this more before your federal government before you have stated at municipal government, you have self governance and that can only happen through the family. That's why they're alive! to encourage families. That's why they're tax incentives to encourage families, because a straw,
family unit encourages a moral society and we fail to have a society that can function without strong family units and that's why you're the rhetoric from the left it takes a village there is no other persons child and then, of course they want the government to take your children away. Don't transition them now, here's something you're, not no marks and angles. There are huge proponents of abolish the family unit, that, as a matter of fact, was step number one. Let me read you a in this. One doesn't include the edward from Karl Marx, like we ve loved, using that we had to search through a lot of course artist norman I want, and I welcome that and not one foundation is present families, a bush. Why family, based on capital on private gain in it's completely develop forms of family exists, only among the bourgeoisie, the subordinate Emily will vanish as a matter of course, when it's come, treatment vanishes and both will vanish with the vanishing of capital. They wanted no family,
unit and you just heard Biden say: there's no such thing as someone else's get. Actually there is mine why because you shower with yours when she was reading teen beat one look every every kind of desperate leader who's, trying to please change society is try to use it. So there's kennedys famous stories in cambodia when I was over there. I found it about this. I had no idea how terrifying the killer fields where there is over a million people killed. Everybody was pushed out of the cities into countryside and what the government actually did. There is a chilling seen in. I think the killing filled the movie that came out it. I simply showed a kid walking up to a chalkboard. I my pants row, you're, fine people. You can't see your pants right up in the seat and gets in the wrong place. I'm sorry go ahead and talk about the killing field. Camera is killing my ball fields. They were chalkboard figures of a family like two two adults and two kids, but they were all holding hands and a child walks up grabs, eraser erases the hand holding between the. parents and children and the state officer starts Clinton. Basically, your law-
guilty is not to parents. There no family. Your loyalty is to the state. There is Nobody else that you should be loyalty or take direction from its shilling the think about that, as parents here that the state too eyes to make it their jobs and important point general that wasn't other killing fields. That was porky too.
I never voted for the pig. Will smith fans are parents that don't understand, and then you get slapped, there's no such thing as someone else's kid. That was a john wayne. Gacy quote in the yearbook, scope clown makeup. So the conclusion here is that nobody wants former vice president Joe Biden to run again. You can correct me if you think I'm wrong his campaign. Video is inaccurate, verifiably and almost every single front says he cares about personal freedom. That's a lie because he stands for democracy. That's a lie! Since he wants everyone to be correlated critically, that's a lie, especially if you're asian, if you're white, he says that republicans to try to control women's bodies when that's not true, he says republicans care about who you love. That's not true. He wants to control people on top of all that he is openly advocating for communist ideas right out in the open. Like you
no parental rights and your children are not your own. Did I miss anything if I did miss anything come at below. If I didn't hit the like buttons that the algorithm that's this in front of people who actually mainly to see it, but they probably won't anyway, if you enter in the title on youth and that that is, rumble they do rumble at home. I'm really get to actually see what it is that we want god. I wish I knew you going to talk about, the old something something something families pay. This is wondering to like. No, I mean the tec part job done. I know oh don lemon. What happened to that bitch yeah, I guess it's appropriate monkey pox so proud. Now, that's passe, that's passed is that it's already gone. What's that rash, my balls, it's very easily avoidable. If you want monkey parts you can.
make. An appointment is aware there bit ly norwegian techno music, that, although till I get out of the only way it was like three guys you make it sound, can assume that he got in trouble for the april this year the avery said to get in trouble because less special, I said any straight people to get any papers that their lot straight celebrities who get eighty oh yeah, he throws them into the crowd. I think Elton John award show a gel jaw was their assumption, that's what he became. One of my favorite gum why he threw it out, didn't like that. That was there back then, just like monkey pox, although I would like to go back investigate the golden retriever with monkey gathered
a couple of golden retriever who also developed a latex allergy. I'm just saying it seems like where there's smoke there, and so it's like a monkey pox look at his monkey. Pox yeah, they gotta want it. Yeah I'd, say market down for a sketch, but no one will know what we're talking about because it hasn't been the noodles around. So I brought it up. I remember they said I was going to be the next big pandemic about shingles everybody, while some people get it, but it's just funny Oh my I mean it's funny for the rest of us. Not the appropriate, fragment and had single, though that's not funny like what was more the dual role that was no goose was that guy who does it? he's going to take some are over the rainbow and make it you know is a good sign that good, I don't know I just wanna wired over every graduation after vitamin c. Ok, so darn lemon that bitch, isn't it
I said I will refer to as a proud gay, very gay blackmail, and fit journalist. He was canned by sin, and but it gets funnier, corey, listen. Do you talk, I'm looking at our feed here internally and done. Lemon is now tweeting that he has and informed that he has been terminated by CNN. Did anyone see this coming? Look these waiting for the well. I knew that you don't know when you saw the stunning automatically got the gay clerk and now with at bloomingdales moscow on the hudson that dang, I really will see what a sedative call me. I just told you yeah. I got that from uncle junior, so here's the thing the way it was handled was, course. The only way I could be, which was caddy back and forth
So yeah cnn issued a statement saying we wish them well, we'll be cheering them on in his future endeavors and then don lemon immediately had his own statement. Afterwards. He was like I'm stunned after seventeen years at cnn. I would have thought that someone in management would have had the decency to tell me directly. Other than cnn was like yeah go screw yourself. His statement this morning was an accurate, and so will you you take you take a hike you silly, you silly generically ethnically ambiguous homo, that's what they said, and I don't I dunno why lying bitch, even an outgoing? Oh, I know he was like the view was saying: that's a little too much just it's going to have to crash
I know that since fifth grade that's perfect dog bite that is totally past the english. My teacher love that shit hurts cnn's numbers at prime time. They move in the morning. He's he's like he's the dylan mulvaney and then fully geyer yeah. I know possible, that's what it is you're, absolutely right. They just can't they're like well. We just can't keep hemorrhaging viewers, I mean they were moving this guy around nonsense. Anderson coop makes Dylan mulvaney look like aaron rodgers after seventeen years of sucking see. I had a prime time show that almost failed, so they put me in the morning while they actually took me off of that, because I heard terrible morning number, how did you possibly see it coming? Do you think? What do you think made you do so poorly while I make an innocent cooper, look like jimmy the greek anderson cooper
just in a bathhouse. Yes well, so I have not. I now consider them in your back pocket. He is so tiny how about the front pocket? I mean that's where he'd prefer, but no ice and set boundaries. He's tiny too he's really tiny. He's apps. Only time and anyway, this isn't gonna cousin. But the point is I suck lorens about six three to six: it wasn't it I have no idea of corruption, muck, etc. All right, don't get me started an fortune. So dance firing, this is going to bring us to Tucker karlsson, which you're probably more interesting, but the sole of I guess I would say, odd, timing, coincidental, timing and look. Let me be clear about this. I meant reveling in the fact that don lemon's career isn't going. I actually like having these people when Chris Cuomo was an arab alliance delta, because I think it's import. for people to see all points of view, and what I don't want to have happened is all of this sort of murder into a fake. You know unbiased middle ground of news, which we know not to be true. Let your free site fly, let everybody see it, but in any event, where
Tat the sea don lemon leave and the least that we could do is or him, of course, with his very own time to closed nothing but the utmost respect for my friends at a b c and other things while permitting something that can shoot off a number of round. Those goods are do. You know there are ways not to perform oral sex with you. You do a person, I know people think that I'm some liberal Democrat, I'm not. I said that the biggest terror threat in this country comes from russia. Calls on the far right on the smartest man on television
time to close the endings and begin the ending and be good and probably drink a lot more than I do. He has his hand in his pants rubbing himself aggressively shoves his two fingers up underneath my moustache thrust, my head back, whatever ethnicity you are explaining to me whatever it is like to be black, whatever ethnicity, I'm already what I am, I'm an indian american what we in junior high school what is this amb, Nikki haley, isn't in our prime sorry, when a woman is considered to be in her prime in her twenties and thirties and
before the quake. That's not according to me. You cannot keep a thought if you guys are talking to my ear. So hang on one second, so to say that that black people would say what you said again. I never watch don lemon who I once called the dumbest man on television, bad reporting. That needs to be answer from real journalist, I should say that I know that it's time for things to close and that it's time for things to close the. What was his headshot, the people Herman put its muslim s rays. Can't. You said the word
yeah. I bet you they're going to find him in a dirty theater somewhere that guy got a bad rap. That really wasn't fair. He was in a dirty theater, Paul reubens, and it's like okay, that's not that big of a deal. The point is, it's a little bit of a big deal, but it's kind of that's where you go to do that kind of. I take it over Billy's, where she d been the low cineplex yosemite freight gets frozen to came elsa so moves us to Tucker karlsson. We covered only yesterday where it broke and we were all kind of surprised, as to when this broke, there was a lot of information, and I think we have a clip of us. Reacting yesterday lived when it happened, but now there are some some updates and I think it's part of a larger picture. We have break
news right now, fox news and tucker carlson are going to part ways what get outta here and tucker carlson's going to leave fox news: yup, not just like the crappy streaming service fox watching, but actually fox news, not just fox nation, but like the actual show fox news, media and tucker carlson have agreed to part ways. Mr Carlson's last program was on Friday April, twenty first till it's done, though, he's going to political, even though I that's funny, I use will lose sniper recent efforts. Scooby sit and by like five minutes yeah I know How does that even have? I wish you would think they'd have people orange, so here's what we know now, ok, so the last times reports, and that doesn't really mean that is necessarily true, but I'm just letting you know that karlsson was pushed out by rupert murdoch. so. Our women overlay there from another brief references are about a lot of credit outcome. The firing they say is related to discrimination lawsuit by carlson's, former booking producer.
and Murdoch reportedly was uncomfortable with carlson's january six supporting now. Let me be clear about this. What do you like Tucker or you? Don't This is one thing where all conservatives should be supporting him. Now, the fact he had the balls to cover. I mean we did it long long before that, of course, ongoing. We did a full stream on January six, but we knew there was one, third rail for media. We accepted the strikes on youtube. So for someone like Tucker karlsson, too, I know that he was up against it at the new core offices and I have an immense amount of respect for that. Guy's clanging pendulous ball. So this is a quote from the early times as murdoch was also said to be concerned, Every carlson's coverage of the gene, six, twenty twenty one insurrection. This is what they say insurrections at the: u S capital in which the house has brought of the consumer She theory that was provoked by government agencies, How do you say conspiracy, theory, when its half of the kidnappers and the Whittemore plot when they admitted
there were government agencies that not only where their federal agents there were federal agents, not just in trapping in crimes breaking through the barricade. Now we don't know how many of them were: government agents- we don't know of re epps- was a government and its now, matter of record, and there is no doubt that there were government agents there on January six and they were actively committing the crime of trespassing period. This the problem of legacy media? If, if murdoch and news has a problem with Tucker. Going with that that me, is that they will not allow people to step out of line with opinions. They don't like. This is not a matter of debate, it's a matter of public record and everybody was asking the question about apps: everybody was talking about like what what's going on with this guy here we have put into weaving covered it. We had put it for him, saying I gotta go start the capital that fat fred fed it about the day before. So it was,
it liking. The media started that yeah. It was people there that started it and we just reported on it and he got charged with nothing right. Now he was just on the fbi's most wanted list one day and not the next or something. Maybe they clear them at three separate hear the story now, there's be that guy was just a trump supporter who was there like kerri right yeah? That's why you're on the most wanted he disappeared. You ran away for now. I don't know ups, but here's the thing we don't even need to get into that. There were other federal agents period. It has been widely acknowledged. We just don't know how many and we know that there are committing the crimes of trespassing. You know who we know did not commit trespassing. the coup and on chairman who, by the way, was likely freed because of some of the public sure from tucker girls. So when people say oh, what are you doing? You're just talking em, if you know this tucker karlsson, covering that that probably helps that, guy who was being held right, invite I was right, proper help them get out yesterday,
saved him years behind bars, there's importance behind words, it's not just about when it comes time to shooting for people who live out that fantasy, it's not just read, dawn, guess what shining a light on something, the one thing that these people hate more than anything meaningful. meaning the media. Political entertainment, industrial complex is sunlight. Tucker did that in a lot of ways about alike ex, they lost none of them. Thirty million in market value. After announced tuckers departure from not mistaken, as at the number. Ninety eight lay rebounded lightly after there, but the other was a huge dip on the announcement origin. But like calls at a good day, not that's all. You lost a sadly shit in actually lost their final. Twenty three viewers at the province, town airport, it so they're, both their all feelings stock, went to one of my and gone lemon took a powder bitch anyway.
I regret to say something. Nick did so many terrible shows and no one to see it. I know I know what are they talking right now and cnn they're talking about the scientists that potential candidates for president? Are they not know how to address this? Broad honestly and it's perfect she's got a men's suit on with a forty eight inch neck, like Paul stanley, Derek you're, going to like the way you look at where a warehouse yeah she walks in hand. Can we direct you to our bam bam? Bigelow section. Do you prefer junior super foot snooker, so here's the thing tucker also has- and this is going to bring us afterwards securitas coincidences but firing has left us like a yo. and this is why we say like I'm not done. Lemon was because rating for were bad. Let's understand the difference. You write down. Lemons ratings were terrible, no matter where he went primetime bad morning. but he was ratings. Cancer Tucker brought in
record rain whose he did incredibly well? The issue is the boycotting from dry Let a giant leftist corporation. So there's a huge. between the market, determining that your show is not successful and deliberately. Trying to remove someone simply because their points of view that you dislike, and so that's why it's, I don't wanna, say unsettling its expected, but of course it aggravated people like a o c giddy with excitement at the idea of a corporate censorship Tucker karlsson is out at fox news could I happen to a better thy. why are you know it? what I will say. Thou is
I am very glad that the person that is arguably responsible for the mere margarita, with some of the largest driving on the most amounts of death threats and violent rats, not just to my office, better plenty of people like the law that was never play if you were never lay sick and opens the way for the cut scene at the end of a marvel movie. After all the credit of rolled, and then you see, like the airlines like hand, re emerge out to glimpse grief over like the end of a building or something your throat platter forming works, and it is important not to vote in favour, he's drive and what things can happen? Oh no monty. She has a chauffeur. She appears as though she's one of the sexy that leaves with her paws or hind legs or hooks or hooves. Thank you hope. You guys are all on the ball today. D platforming works very well. This is what they want to be clear.
I don't want d platforms of anyone that I disagree with. I want you to see the differ. Point of view of their hearts fall where they may. They want people to be removed, and then they never debate the ideas and by the way I see the danger here is, even though she can do it here. very inspiring young left us across the country with now many others calling for deep flat forming including other people on to talk and, of course, directing it at prominent right wing figures, so I'm sure you have seen boss babes as season new instagram story and as well. on here and say that she is completely right de platform. In words, and I think it's time we start using our feminine voices- inspire a real change in this world in it. For me, honest, I don't really know who took her curls and his. Nor do I really care peasant T. Ninety five tommy have a look the key aim of something it's good, that he's gone anyways, I don't they it's up with him. I think our next,
Program use we elon musk for three reasons. Why? Because his white rose to his from africa- and I like really poor there and three His cars don't even work. I tried filling up my tesla road, sir. The other day acronym, finally get asshole so pour it on the engine because, like when ozma to do so. I saw a new hashtag has shown no more african, so we can get him impeached from being the press, the senate. Aways until next time, by and by the way keeper implements in the chat and a keep them tasteful, because we understand how adorable really is. Ok, we're very protective. Other ladies, gas all that he has no lefty. That looks
I don't know exactly what I do not have a clock shadow that no giant forehead does. She must be a new lefty she's from the new level she made three lapse and so she's back right figure. I think that's how it works out and I had a remote control car. So here's the thing if they ve tuckers exit scene- a little fishy and we don't have all the information you're not alone, and that thus to I want to kind of walk through the other instances? It happened very similar to this, because the left us that d platform in works it's time for curious coincidences was the worst I may come back from the singer because it's like I have a chest: I'm jess burp that isn't quite there yet, but when it is I'll, just hit the I'll just hit the button so
go through coincides. Have you noticed this nick, like the kind of pattern here of of conservative common eight and figures have been getting de platform to attack. An increasing rate. The last two months lens more credence to my theory. This ten people in a room here Eight of a are trans one is gay, and once a puerto rican with a full head dress, I dunno, maybe a puerto rican american, have just up this same accompaniment channel apparently a global movement. Ok, I'm nervous about how could you out being there, but could you acknowledge that could be dominican? Oh yes, alright they're going to be busy doing other stuff yeah. I know like when they're there just to be fair, I'm just saying it could be. I just don't want to be admonished that could be puerto rican. They could be dominican. I dunno I say dominican, so coincidence number one. Ok, we have tucker, he fired but This comes right after less than a week, I guess after fox part of ways
and binding. I know dan bonteen, us it hey, no ill will and an that's likely true, but it it also doesn't really seem to make a lot of ST stand: bon genome for people, whether you like them or don't like him, he's a consistent conservative he's been a friend of the show, a guy absolutely has a backbone he's willing to say things that by the way, certainly would ruffle some feathers from sort of the milk toast people on the right. So I don't necessarily it's a pattern that you're seeing got a pretty good following too. As for some of the other, you know he's your uncle actually right now, if you're right there, I'm sure, there's, probably a link, you can watch them on on rumble because I think he was removed from youtube. Not long ago, well an understanding that he needed another place to be able to go. It's like there. You go absolutely, isn't it murdoch pumps each little guy. Isn't that murdoch's kid who's? The problem I blame it on younger. I dont rats, suzanne Scott, get but a fellow and they have to be careful pass a feller important like you. What like that she's a good broad, gonna, yeah, terrific
know. What am I unable to see? No, I just said you know I don't want to get sued. Oh I dunno. I don't want to get sued, but to go over your briefs, but, whatever you just said, yeah so yeah well ever lie for culpable deniability. I didn't listen to what nick says. I never did I dunno what's going on there, so I said yes, not knowing the coincidence number to look. Matlock was hacked last week in case in case. You dont know that which look and this is not about who you personally like or dislike another lot of concern, as you like, met walsh, What do? I know there are a lot of people who he rubs in the wrong way. Doesn't matter you shouldn't revel in the joy, you shouldn't revel in the hacking and leaking private information. This is a concerted effort and a violation of privacy. It's a crime, also got a coincidence? Number three they have james, o keefe was forced out from here very to us at the end of february, and here's the thing: if you look at it again, whether you like james, ok for not it does the work
filling it seems like he did was he may be, took someone sandwich from the fridge well and he had the audacity to use a private plain to go, raise millions of dollars from donors, so we could make the trip possible come on so this, What happened with the personalities who have written like you have four. There are three that we have well but you're actually missing one. You myself. Yeah that's been happening for a long time. It's it's! Maybe it's because it's happened for the last yeah and all the leaks, but yeah they always happen. Coincidentally, if I get another one pat roberts and they pushing on him, he can leg press eleven hundred pounds seven ring up life all bring upon all rural areas, a guy like pressa leavenworth, and he has helped me rats. He has wrist rhapsodies, put his hands on for Jesus
gonna throw? He said he could only do eight fifty than Jesus came into life right up to exactly I turned it. He turned his water into pre work out this around here. That's gonna be a spot for recovery. its final miracle, the never ending possible at all people love loop, laid special where tucker, Bonn gino other that wasn't really a hack, obviously met walsh, hack, James, o, keefe ousted, you yeah, and then you have a coincidence, number four tucker's firing by the way. It also comes immediately after fox settled this lawsuit with dominion, something else. You may not know coincidence. Number five rumble has been under relentless detail: s attacks since we ve gone over, and this is what happens rather than covering the numbers rather than covering what actually happens. You know this monumental shift notice. You don't really see to places like media matters, really beast what happens as their attacks. behind the scenes like yesterday with a view counter was like erroneous attendants, computer inhibit the debate about so rumbling. Here's a bit
rumble, though they understand this and their building it out, so they are dependent on no one else that just takes more time, but they have been subject to relentless did. Where's the tax. Hopefully today it is still up there right now, if you're watching hit the rumble button and Let him know the eleven comment on rumble, because it happens that at least one so weak. Where there's a concerted effort, all of this at one time, What point you say hey! This is a coincidence when the left, like nato, see these people are saying hey de platform in really works. Well, inside demand transparency, one side precludes it and you know it the guys over there so cry. I was on the phone with them about yesterday in and Chris and his team of engineers, the basically just work around the clock things fixed. So thank you guys for the work you do because look it's hard to get this up. It's not hard because you have to compete. That's hard enough right, it's not hard, because the games not that's not right! It's not hard, because the governments, all kids do they want you to lose its hard, because we you start to win. Other people start to try to take you down
competing fairly by attacking, you behind the scenes by making your tech hard. Begging, your life hard. So thanks while the work as we really appreciate, and by the way this is a very common. I was being with a lawyer who, who is representative of the biggest clients in hollywood. It must come Think. Let me ask you this: if you're like Matt Walsh came, my heart really goes out to the guy. Does anyone out there does anyone out there. Would you want every single one of your private texts or emails or search history to be available to the public but that doesn't mean you're doing anything illegal, but don't you yeah, except like most guys now, you know it's a violation of your privacy. There are people, so there is a celebrity a list female star. This is a story that was really a roselle, kathy griffin, guys to paris, Hilton,
you're, probably like we're like wearing winger territory until like two years, and this is not nearly as varied as we bet on the wrong person she's, no one that banning so this is this is a top star, so and broke into this person's houses, pre internet stall, nude picture? Oh, that's! Right! You to stall nude pictures of this woman and he's going to reveal them to the public? Now here's the thing: that's a crime, but the person who did this was so confident that the celebrity would rather forego the embarrassment of nude pictures being released that she would settle rather than prosecute the crime. This happen all the time shakedowns of people in positions of power. Certainly public positions happen all the time, and I think that that was- What smart, by the way to say I was hacked because you know what they're going to try and do. I think that Tucker karlsson, saying hey look. This is what's going on. It removes a lot of those teeth, but you just need to know that. That's what happens. what time in rumble basically being held hostage by hey. If you're too successful we're going to keep d d o s, ing attacking d deal has helped me out
denial of service tactics where they overload servers they hack in behind it's kind of an umbrella term point is, are being hacked. I get that at a restaurant yeah baba the early bird special where you can go, you can get a stack of pancakes and hear the edward, relentless slob around really yeah bob evans set the address. Only till ten am, though, then they outlaw the inward as they well know. It's just it's just set in code, but they're too loud, so they don't say it in code. They still just say it. By the way, can I admonish you really quickly? Can we get an admonishment? What happened iverson, actually like press two thousand. My word: do we had a very or the pattern of we have an overly your second hooty. What I think we're you guys going with this? What you don't have your microphone anywhere near? Who did he have the picture? Have you done this before yeah? We have robertson leg, press two thousand pounds is an artist
britain, two thousand and six according to the cbm website robinson, worked his way up lifting a ton with the hell. I don't care what some article says do with a picture of the old man breaking his hip. So we have. This is when he was seventy three, oh okay. So, forty years ago, okay, here we go all of this stored away on his is that this is. You can see that
I can see the sheer amount of weight on that thing, but you, you measure the two thousand you measure that is ranger motives. I guarantee you that he did it. He took his miracle water and you know it worked. You'd need that by the way, a leg press is not a real lift. Okay, if you can lift two thousand pounds, I might as well lift it with a forklift, I'm the strongest man. He also shit himself. They don't show that glorified guerrilla campaign dependents. He had the opportunity- god was listening closely. I know god hears the all, don't get me wrong here, but god was listening closely enough to pat Robertson, then use it on lifting two thousand. You couldn't save to learn how nice leg press two thousand pounds. He hearted by red cheeks, never mind yeah funny, I'm ninety eight goodbye, all right! You guys could comment below this has been curious. Coincidences,
picnic linear and ass. It also gives you ve been a lot of ready for long term. Have you ever seen anyone better with a sound board than yaquita? Absolutely who you don't have anything to japanese, oh yeah. No sound board underline unbelievably slay. The keyboard is one area where the monkeys, s, love, and I faked. It knows my point, you know it's absolutely. No sorry now he's got another gerald and ruined your joke. I apologise not now you, you know the monkeys, Jimi hendrix open for them please tell me I made that I guarantee you. I did not make that I am. I imagine this pride swallowing seek. That must have been four hendricks when they went on himself,
Seventh giants ragged! It's about that! You ask once it is. We are when you took ass. If he had flashbacks needed dolphins walking into Michel mike Nesmith methodologies, make it don't. You know Peter Peter is that he was innocent, there's some painter and they're all peter buffers. Am I right what was my although I know you know this guy smart and I might nesmith what was his mother nobbler What I do know his mother was known for inventing white out. Really, yes, that's racist! So let's go I said, and I made a lot of trouble, literal mickey doll and that's how I know my career was in a toilet everywhere I went. I was following him really at the weekend before you, ve been swapped out personalities, freedom to our financial little is picked behind the curtain. Like he's doing Nixon again are so before
go to a mug club here we're going to cover this story there is now three gay man. It's a threat and this is important but want to talk about adoption. Remember it's just about gay people. Getting married! Look behind you! There's a slippery slope: hey gay people should be to adopt kids just like anyone else will now there actually forbidding christian couples from don't think children in certain states. So let's start with this three gay man, it's a threshold. the new to it. I mean it's, not a new term, but I just don't like using it. Stupid are looking through the second one in the united states, ready to adopt cities. Are we going to labour day or do you want the think, kansas because they for the baby here invoke velcro and it swaddled taiwan.
The touching, so we're going to discuss this there's no way we could discuss it on youtube. We could on rumble. But, of course, if you're, not a member of my club, there's another full forty five minutes to hour of show where nick and let it rip that would get forty five more seconds and you can go to nyc dip dot com or is it nick? Is it nick the polish don't come inactive deca, that's a good guess, That's me. It's about my page upheld the funniest. Stand a comedian looked out on state as far as pure stand up. It's like I say: if you watch, if one or another box you watch all those who want to learn how to actually do stand up properly, you wash the apollo and people like louis ck and bill burr will tell you the same thing. So it's not just me saying it. If you are watching on rumble right now, click the button below you just click that button to continue watching from the forty feminist who now, if you're on youtube lottery. That comes much my club youtube? Thank you very much.
We despise you piss off good,
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