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Warning, this video is likely going to get taken off of YouTube. But you need to know that the United Nations is full of pedophiles & they're not hiding it! We uncover decades of sexual assault conduct & pedo policies that the UN actively implementing. Also, we dive into the crime in NYC & teachers at a middle school got in trouble for a lick-off with students. Tune in!Join MugClub to watch this show every day! http://louderwithcrowder.com/mugclubWatch the FREE show on MugClub NOW: https://mugclub.rumble.com/post/3871327/uncovered-proof-the-united-nations-is-promoting-pedophiliaGET TODAY'S SHOW NOTES with SOURCES: https://www.louderwithcrowder.com/sources/ NEW MERCH! https://crowdershop.com/ Subscribe to my podcast: https://rss.com/podcasts/louder-with-crowder/FOLLOW ME:Website: https://louderwithcrowder.comTwitter: https://twitter.com/scrowderInstagram: http://www.instagram.com/louderwithcrowderFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/stevencrowderofficialMusic by @Pogo
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Hey there. My apologies to you watching on a mug club and rumble. This is the second call open, because we don't know what was going on with youtube. Doesn't surprise me: the stream wouldn't work. We had kind of kind of jerry Yet we had some workarounds, but look. This is important for the folks out there. You know I've told you in the past This is a pity. Thirteen show this not a trigger morning. That's a silly silly term for show. people this is, however, an age appropriate warning we are going to be discussing and laying out the historical case in what is going on now with the eu and not only their involvement with under. Sex trafficking in Irrefutable way, all the references are available, but now there their actual encouraging of sexual minors and because important for you as apparent it's important for you as an american as attacks. Support for you as an adult to have this information that you can protect the most vulnerable innocent among us children. I also I know that this is not appropriate for those children. They should be
from his information. You know it so that they dont have do so. If you have children, I have recommended don't watch this programme today, there'll be some serious. Subject matter along with very on serious subject matter and look we ve been suspend, and you too, for simply including the words pedophilia or map in the title, so there's a good chance that this gets from you to before the stream is even done anything you go new to share post, let other people now, where they can watch is. Ideally I'm rumble tonight we're to no one ro. The dice here, we're gonna. Let the cards forward. They may it's an important subjects, not a conspiracy theory. It is something that has been unilaterally agreed upon. Cross nations, but no one talks about it, so pritchett support hold on your butts. margaret mark reads: real german folk stories to kids. That's fine! I kids,
They wanted me to read you a story today, so I pick one out of doktor heinrich Kaufman's book pretty stories and funny pictures it's red one. Today this one works. This Looks nice the story of the inky boys as often done before the women headed black and more. One nice fine summer's day went out to see the shops and walk about. Then edward little noisy wag ran out and laughed and waved his flag and william came in jacket, trim and brought his wooden hoop with him and arthur to snatched up his toys and join the other naughty boys and kept on singing. The only thing open here is black is ache,
you guys wanna, hear the rest of this talking now My group, I live close by so tall. He almost touched the sky and a mighty inkstand too, in which news, fed here. All down in an angry two boys leave the black a more alone for easily tries with all these mighty cannot change from black dwight. Pcs is arthur. Diseases ned takes william by little head and they may scream and kicking call into the ink dip them all. The aged air one, two three black as black can be. Because they set up such a roar and teased the harmless black and more
It's me, listen to you today. they were, the tea does nothing. I saw that red tape, it's, the reds hide, there's no way get rid of it. I feel better. It's
phase where everything is no kind of working its way out. So I I'll be hitting the cough button, a lot so you're, probably singly talking and got it a bit that hasty? gagging. Vs. Glad to be with you a lot to get to today, if you watch the called open look. I appreciate your sharing posting, because this is the view we have of morocco, has been able to discuss these issues in and not caring. We don't gotta be removed from you too, but we will allow ourselves to be punished at the cost of truth. If that phrase makes any sense, so we'll be talking today that teachers playing the looking game with your kids, that's all thing. While we talk about the fox news dominion settlement and I think, people conflicting issue as far as election interference and what's happening with fox, they screwed up on some specifics that We warned against when it happened. However, there are some ripple effect through that could enable effectively. without? Let's and really the meat of what will be discussing today is the? U n, they just had a
Maybe it's tough, because it you and has sort of these no contractors, but let's just use the term you and the umbrella term. They now our approving they propose. That's that's sex with minors is appropriate they can consent, and this is the same organisation that has been involved for decades. Its well known with sex trafficking, largely under age. People in third world country So my question to you is: did you know about this? When you first here, do you think it's one of those? spirits see for change you and on things, are done. know about this and that we actually had to act investigations or trials. People have been well. Famine because you and does it themselves as well as we to take measures, legislative measures to ensure that doesn't happen, and it still happening that summit out of you may not know about, and the reason we decide to talk about today is because just this week they said hey sex with minors is a good thing. Others if there's a slip.
and it's not even slippery anymore. It's not even loomed it's just it's just a slope, because so many of us have slid down so My question there are for you and what measures? Also another question: who have what measures do you think should be taken to protect our children from sexual predators? think that's one of the most important issues. We didn't think that we will be facing it, but here we It is a live show monday through friday, at ten a m eastern. Just so you know, if ever there are complications and you dont see us on youtube, just tune intent. had on over the rumble friday, of course, Macleod. This is the last week of free, my club, ladders, canada, com, slash mug club, and then where she can join up, and you can t get access to all the things that you are missing, all right, we'll get a move on gerald a for two ceo. How are you I am doing? Well? How are you man? It's it's tough for me to breathe a little bit, because I have the drip, guys know what I'm telling you. It almost feels like a submarine door that when you try and talk- and you keep Do you is the closest about
like. So in the end, what you it's a high note which knows like this, but is it really does make sense there, I'm with you you're all right, you're better, and I am now is doing well what I had to complain about. Look yeah and the sea and nectar I was going to be here in third year tomorrow. You guys obviously loved amuses, tough, so fine rough as they can and it shows about five pm eastern here unlikely, but today in third chair we brought Pakistan he was like. You know him. You love him. I come from his his his I came from his wiener. It is perhaps crowder disclaimer the brutal. I did how's that feel and I love you look at me and think
because the women all the time, alright pounds credit. I was going to go in a direction that clearly isn't productive. Yeah. Don't worry about your comments about the red tide, have single handedly, destroyed tourism, the Oh no soda, wonder visiting it. Yeah yeah yeah, but I do have the right to except when there's dead fish on it This is a lotta dead paper fish all right, so that's it up the like, but my guess so This is one of our first stories and at first, when I read the headline, I thought k come on This is your being little sensationalist and then I watched it ran ass. I could make sense of it. I don't have. My brain dislike doesn't have a chip for it, which probably doesn't matter no, hasn't so teachers at desert hills, middle school. They hosted a fundraiser which went viral for playing what is referred to as the licking game, with their students
the kids are gone. This isn't right. at the the biggest in all this by the way, our social distancing. I guess covers not just what I do and a covert thing anymore, but they gonna repurchase. Those divided these teachers are so brave ice. You know they just stay. whenever they there at the front lines right now, looking for whatever that is off of a sneeze. Yet the sunny shield from golden corral that white substance yeah, it wasn't a screen. It was plexiglass plexiglass yeah, it was the last guy. There was the school security officer yeah watch, it must protect and the kids. Now he was he's like the lights off. I don't like that. Don't I got. I sat he waited the impasse it wasn't even looking for
ass to kind of win the game he waited until the other person was looking to look at the same time, and this could just see a game. But again it's like you know shouldn't you just be aware of the fact that so many people are concerned with you being pedophiles that you say is there again we could do where we're not pantomimic licking. The other is a possibility that maybe two red rover british bulldog. No, dodgeball for china? Ok, we're gonna go looking aright died. I think I would sum a groan grounds, keeper willie. We didn't we if you want one we had smear the queer and middle school. We didn't, we well know you mean yeah reputation yet you smear reputation, right yeah! You don't actually like you know just are just slander, the homo right out, and that is dependent on whether it was our integration there behaving, as is its own oral presentation with his teeth.
It's all oral, but a completely grows nowadays and examine that should never happen. Of course we have in a civilised workplace or that of their working The art guy's rules are super simple. All we're going to do is lick it from both sides like just lick it yeah just look at the kind of duck I mean it's a trend. What least we assign mean that new planking well below what we had about the adults? They did it with a twelve year olds around what doesn't help that I forced the adults to do it. That's an whoever lost will actually clever one would be cool
but what we do we do looking we mix it with little spartacus jeez, very biblical of you, because in sea spartacus limits fight to the death tony curtis center in douglas, and then whoever wins gets crucified. It's a fantastic scene, because we just let because they're trying, but mercifully kill their friend. It's a terrific movie. You say Brutus, I said I'd rather lose the old one spartacus. There is only one. What do you think? What are you thinking about your thinking about tackler, cory, booker's party? That's not a real movie, it's just things that he says word somehow. That's him appearing okay! This is the closest I get to the I am spartacus moment. You mean never getting close to an. I am spartacus that is pre tom cruise when other leading men could be five five good. Yes, he was muscled like a greek god. at all five feet: five inches of five foot. Nothing hundred and nothing are you him are you he shot up spartacus bay,
you see it by pronounced so yeah. You are biding time until we have to get to the u n pedophile thing, because it's uncomfortable, but it's one that we have to do so before that. Let's have a little pick me up. crime, news, n Y p chief. I guess chief of crime after terms mean, let's His name is Michael, a petri reported that three, Twenty seven people, here's the thing you wanna talk about it. drift have said this. Their goal is to create what Also turn law abiding citizens into criminals right with you. I really do like in the state of washington, if you're going to take children away from their parents, if they don't conduct a sex change operation right, you will turn those parents into criminals because they're going to protect their children by any means necessary, so new york, they really are further along the trail. turning law abiding citizens into criminals and criminals in de voters. You create a culture of criminality because, for this is picture, perfect proof that people who disobey laws won't obey new
ah, no matter how many you create, because as a percentage of the population who have decided that they are going to be criminals for the rest of it This is why, when people say the war, drugs has failed and it has, but there it legalizing lies in all. Drugs will end. No, no drug cartels are not drug cartels, their criminal who happened to make money off of drugs on put them made money off a week and they made money of cocaine depending who you're dealing with now they made money to make money off effect, no illegal legalize. At the going. Money off of under age, sex trafficking like there's some kind of a u inefficiently point, is they decided that they want to live a life of crime tax free regardless of the mechanism that is used, that's shown very cool really here in europe or three hundred and twenty seven people all references at three hundred and twenty seven people in york is a big city. I don't know if you know it's a lot of freedom. Twenty seven is not a lot of people in new york. There's a lot. That's that's not a lot! Three hundred and twenty seven people committed and of all the shoplifting three hundred and twenty seven people and account for thirty percent.
All the arrests of all europe's three under twenty seven people have There are thirty believe our twenty thousand get off the phone, acknowledges a shot. have you ever heard of the concept of other people like me meeting the used to found it out. Here's the odd thing in new york post reported as in january and There are times covered it only last week, and so my guess is, of course, new posts. finally, throttled by most of social me written member than york post was considered legitimate. Now they say it's not because they broke winter button, laptop story which was true. Yes, as it was and would have affected the outcome of the election. That's all you need done so, of course, the DA alvin bragg has said that he's going to be coming down hard on these recidivists, which is progress by, can he's going to be convincing the state legislature to pass a firm sixteen strikes law yeah.
I think that each time don't make me count to twenty four may. Sixteen sixteen time means that it contains a corrupt soros, funded d I believe, the colonial some idiom whatever that brings us to this week. Instalment of empire state crime, if it was, well yeah, true song. That would be yes that song I like the beat yeah does them. He does rap about how he used to sell a used to sell drugs, not in bed. Stuy now is up in tribeca right next to deniro, oh well, that's good for them and with Robert deniro. I don't know things that you see you're playing music too loud. yeah nah. I'm not yes, you're issue,
playing your music very much too loud by the way, just just something that I missed in that story. Three hundred and twenty seven people, if you do, the math, were responsible for over seven thousand arrests, It's also seven thousand release a setup, yeah you're missing that you're missing the happy ending. That's right, they're, really not for the ladies. They raped, but yes go ahead. They literally they that's twenty times roughly on average per person is plus or minus deacon. Like a frequent flyer, something like a punch card that you give to the detective every time you get arrested for shoplifting. They just let you go, but the hell, you think, those seven thousand out. That's a pretty good stead for city that size and you're not going to bed. They take him out, take out at a trash, eight speaking of which doesn't. It must have cnn right now, speaking of of criminals, who should be in jail, there's not much alec Baldwin's phil rushed to resume production tomorrow, bring about really with nerd, and we know that dave halls, the assistants are actor you you know. Alec Baldwin maintains handed him
I'm gonna, they re title to murder, smarter, so monday, night not in the bronx is again what we're talking about new york just again a microcosm of what they want to bring to your country. There was a, by shooting the happened right in front of Karl hasty office who, as the speaker of the state assembly, a dry by shooting in the bronx left one person hospitalized this morning to chart the shooting took place right outside the office of state assembly. Speaker call hasty, has been an advocate for what I consider the state's lenient criminal justice reforms. That's right! Diversity hire nice tits. As we talk about that. Did you see his eyes? Look at this command because this guy got caught come on that scientific evidence they're both stunning, he doesn't the lights. Are, let's talk today we suggest me she could just be me. Ok little dark. I was the dark church,
here's. This is this is hasty. Is this? Is the second shooting in front of his local office in new york One of the leading proponents of criminal justice reforms in new york state that critics have slammed as too lenient and a half back. In october, the president of the detectives endowment association appeared on good day new york and said that there was another shooting outside Haiti's his office earlier in twenty twenty two and that office was not cooperating cooperative with the detectives investigating a crime wow. That guy sounds exactly like how I would have thought he sounded in a silly impression is yakking. Can you manage shooting again how many times I didn't know we'd already seen one too many bad, but yeah change your voice. If you look that way, roll off the scent. So here's the thing:
The contrast is what matters here right than other crime. It deserves attention in new york Kalen gillis was a twenty year old woman. She shot and killed into a driveway and upset me. Ok, Kevin Mona hand. Sixty five is charge and arrested arrested in june, try CBS somewhat with secondary murder. Now this shooting occurred saturday kay There was no mention of race, wonder why we ve been we ve been hearing about it. And here's. The thing was contrast that, with the candle city, shooting that you know about This comes from CNN white homeowners accused of shooting black teen who went into the wrong house in Kansas city will face to face. Charges officials announce right. There was another one that was seen in new york held on there was, it was all racially motivated. We should This morning we did a whole signalled that yesterday we search cnn's on honour mentions of the shooter kevin mo monaghan, and we credit with andrew lester from Monday, who today seen it more than twenty times twenty three times and lester forty seven times over
twice as many times and in the first case this girl was killed, was killed. The second case they just made it about. grace and the guy was released from the hospital. The next day, now, obviously the first one by the way, or is it it seems like the cops right away, said: yeah, that's murder, it's murder, because murder, you can't do it wears in the second case, the it oh yeah he was, he was grabbing your door jamb, and this is self defense. So again one should be. going to discuss common ground. Ok, that's all I'm coming round here and the other is. We need to wait for some information this just tells you that the media is not doing the job they're supposed to their job is to provide you with information so that, ultimately, not just providing information. Why? Why does the news exist? It is supposed to improve your life. It is supposed to, give you information that you can apply a useful way so that you can be safer so that you can be more info so you can make better decisions that can be more efficient and in
Instead, they've decided that they want to re engineer you socially, that's why they're useless? That's why they need to die figuratively. I mean media, of course, not anyone physically known the first word in the story was white yeah now talk about making it all, but it was the way you white, you're white. You can search stories and never find a description of a perp ever the lead it was white man, shoots black it right unbelievable and what happened new york that anyone covered and a new york's not coming back to see. No they'll transnational crime has gone down a little bit well, yeah, that's because of the the opposite rebound effect. It went up so high there's really nowhere else to go. It is a horrible how scape and if you live you're a silly person, as has been empire state of crime
all right well, either way, really quickly, pull it up really quickly. I just want to see that there are pansies to resume production tomorrow. Didn't norman they. They resume, shooting this class yeah to they're going to produce things. They are going to turn the little button on the cameras. All right. What shoot the lives of these people fear no account and by the way it could be an accident that took place because our problem is incredibly, ignorant though he was certainly violating the guidelines, a firearm safety, but I'm willing to I understand the idea that it was an accent. The problem is there such a lack of self awareness that he still going out trying to take away your guns, but then we're gonna have to deal with see gee, I gun blast on every yeah, exactly it's just. but now every animal is cg. Does this bother? You comment below what was it? I was just watching. I watched cocaine. Bear I don't recommend it but same thing.
Yeah same thing with Idris Elba and the lions? But what was it called? I dunno, but you compare that with the ghost and the darkness. You compare that with the edge where they used a real bear, where they use real lines and then sometimes these animate, like it's, no longer we're at a point where film is definitively becoming worse. Yes, when when the lion park goes through the card of feels a telegram to know what you are going to do, Michael bay. I blame peter, the whole segment of them tomorrow. Both are correct, biggest euthanize or of other animals enlarged nemean ones that are supposed to save animal yeah, and yet they have they. They have a youth innovation rate. That's give or take a times the rate of other shelters. yeah I gotta pee. So alright, let's move on here to talk about a fox news, o lord there's some issues here, look just to be clear and if we're on youtube If you see this button today, if you see this you're watching on youtube- and you see this, that means
It's still available on rumble. That is not centered on rumble, but you know youtube. We have no idea what they're gonna do, especially as we get to the u n segment of, or they don't wanna hear this, of course, I think this was a free and fair election. You know that as well as anybody who's ever tune into the show we actually went out to voting, presses that didn't exist right. We did a lot of work on that. Some of it was removed from youtube. We can still see it on my club all of the band content. that being said, because it is something but people knew was a wrong. People knew that I had been misled. People knew that they had been manipulated. You had some good just come in. You had people so in some cases drifters. Yet some people who knowingly spread misinformation to train capitalize on it. In cases where people who just didn't know any better than they didn't only better, so they were fooled by the charlatans. So we need to separate the fact that yes, election, they are the most important of which is the media, and then I would second, most important as mass mail. In voting in changing your states, laws, verses people who, made information up or didn't do
are due diligence and then fox news decided to the summit. That information and an inn where they screwed up is the record, show that fox news knew that it wasn't legitimate First off, if you haven't in following this the network. Now, well, they just had to settle with dominion. Here's a clip, so you don't have to take my word for it. As part of this when fox agreed to pay dominion. Seven hundred and eighty seven point: five million dollars just less and half of the one point six billion they were suing for fox, has it is a telling lies about dominion caused enormous damage to my company are employees and customers that we serve ok so, and just as this is always a third rail today were tongue about this and the? U n, please do hit the like button or share on youtube. Right now and had on over the rumble, if you can just tell him the hit the button there are too many got him the other one gotta rumble, but do help appeared, helped with the utmost because you want me to find it. Ok, here's the problem, the half, we're foxes and will content.
what how we covered election interference, which, of course is one of the biggest issues of our time just want to say sure the people are you're selling out. No, I'm saying fox news screwed up. Here's how there are many people at fox news who did not leave the claims that they were making, and that includes murdoch that included allegedly sean handy. Perhaps lord Ingram right. These were people who We shouldn't be covering this. This isn't accurate, which we set about dominion just to be clear: Michael, seems like a nice guy who loves his country. He was wrong when the infant first came out. We said he's actually wrong in the way he's trying to track some of these That's the way, the software this actually doesn't make any sense, and so we decided to focus- exclusively on things that we could prove doesn't mean that their the issues with dominion voting, of course, but there is no way to prove it: I also understand it. That's a problem, it's almost impossible to prove, but you can't go out on a news network and knowingly espouse views that you understand at that point to be false. That was the issue with fox news and that's why they settle
seven hundred something million dollars. To give an example, one of the claims by sidney power the voting. Machines were tampered with an twenty twenty by order, dead, venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez, agrees even to make a joke served us about but that's what some people actually said yeah. Why is it so lazy? Because there are solid arguments, the right to be made, and instead of dismissing this kind of like we didn't get to that in a second they ran with it? Yes, of course, This is exactly what the left wants. They want you to get outlandish claims that they see. Everything they're saying is a lie right, aerialist and here's the thing, I'm not saying that sidney powell was lying right. I think so this happens anywhere. You know it's hard to find an honest mechanic. they been in any type of hyper early technical field right. You have to rely expertise, for example, if you're, not someone who knows how to code you're going to count on people who can code for ample, we were setting up the muslim forever email, lest we had someone say, I'm an expert and then a crash. Oh, you want, and more than three hundred email sign up, we're like yeah Dinas, that twenty we're thinking, twelve thousand
We have to rely on people in they can present you with a bunch of information. It sounds highly technical and you say why don't understand this, but why this person lie to me. This happens. lot. It happens with mechanics. It happens, for example, in a lot of happens with regional trainers all the time I don't have you know this going to the gym is not there. I created a personal trainer's goal should be you never have to see them again after four weeks. It's really simple: they want you to believe that they know something. You don't and that's what we saw happening with the dominion voting kind of and the messaging was just awful yeah. It was terrible. Yes, you send a guy who you know maybe makes a great pillow, but he's he it was almost unintelligible messaging. You couldn't vets the finest trajectory burking peanuts and then we're going to find from voting machine. Unbelievable here, Hugo chavez protection here the phrase the big lie: we'll come back now after the settlement,
you know, you're just a big like you can hear here to say in a big you don't like my bill. He ever taken styrofoam cups from race track. You're breaking up. You put him on a pillow, helped your neck thanks, edison worst pillow man. Ever! Oh, don't do that, but I think the sheets are made of indian cotton, regular america. We find no indian hands, two hundred thread count is a take okay. Actually, I don't give a shit about yeah or not that big. I look I'd, say now. That's what I think that his heart is in the right. I think his heart isn't the wasn't right last lazily here, but he was wrong and let's contrast that with This is what we are, and I know some of you will be upset. Why didn't you talk about dominion? Actually, we did. We talked about demeaning and we,
What about the dominion systems can absolutely be hacked and hbo prove that beyond any shadow of a doubt which will get too, but when it related to that effect, didn't coverage? We specifically focused on things that we could prove and also provided you with the metrics and how that would have affected the outcome of the election. Has guess what, before getting into, I mean you can't prove there's already enough that changed about Zack with just underline laptop story, and then certainly that's mail in voting and then certainly, if you just look at the state, that's a machine that didn't work that day. If you look up. happened in georgia, the pipe that burst right, where these were in these things were enough. So here's referred, sure in case you've forgotten, you can go back and watch them all out. My mug club, a lot of them, are not available on youtube. They were removed, our our coverage of the election interference, just for now we're going through a twenty thirty of your votes being cancelled. If you live in nevada that cancer each one of these cancels out a legitimate folk five, seven, nine jackson.
a new. Let's show the clear. This is where it is, that is five: seven, nine jackson avenue in bone it get, who susan array emory seventy in thirty two yale street apartment for oh nine right now I can but does nothing. Michael Travis carmen voted from too who fifteen south casino centre boulevard and that's- I know you Thinking. Oh, he voted from one of those buildings. No no he's voting from the the lawn correct, yeah, pretty nice, christina joy awry. Our group hopes that we have now voted from three fifty three west. On avail avenue now Charles della god, voted from five. I've won two dough avenue and not just an empty lot. John Williams. So John, this will show a clip here. John Williams vote
from nine eight six. This is in michigan central street here kay, nine eight six central as is apparently a media in and then over? There is a restaurant, so I believe it was apparent company of dominion saying that it was a ghost if Hugo chavez who came extort the election but saying hey, these machines are not secure in what we buy in the standards that we require for national election so that by the way I dunno rumble if you're on youtube right now this is the last. I highly recommend you watch on mug club later when it comes to my club, because these some of those segments, just you know, were removed forever from youtube. You didn't say, was wrong. removing it, because you are allowed to discuss election and just like at the time. Removed episodes, because we said that the virus.
For some reason we had a hunted. It came from a lab, so the rules always change and so had on over two rumble or montclair, because this might be removed, guess what we don't care were supported by the oars. Like you, that's what allows us to discuss these issues, changes to state, state election procedures, mass mail and brings right absentee valets there were ballots, there were voter role, discrepancies and, of course the biggest is the media their ference? If I've ever else had been done by the book: the meat, he had decided to collude against you, the american people. The media at this point is the enemy of the american people, the traditional media, because they are lying to you in all. or to install the people they want in power rent and then, when we came the fact that any kind of mentioned this, but when we came to fast immediately anything that came out about election we could not say one word about it, not being safe and secure so much so that we actually joked around. Like savers, scarce election, we very light our history. Never ever ever had anything happen. Nobody could fact check right because the media said well. This is the truth and youtube said what they say. That's the truth. I,
indifferent it s easy to money. Monday morning, quarterback we're not seeing the guy's a wrong about the machines. They can prove it ready. There are leffingwells. Some of the claims are made more wrong. Michigan, yes, but Democrats could prove that those machines, weren't necessarily trust or no. This is exactly what s a lot I don't even know if they still have it on h, b o. He might have gotten rid of the surprised, but we talked about this awhile ago. They did prove democrats. There was a man who created a documentary on h, b, o to prove that Most was the rightful governor of georgia in this film called kill chain in this documentary on hbo, he specifically prick his dominion. Voting machines, calls him out by name hacks them outside devoting precinct and then breaks through the security threshold, while we actual action is going on. This is a duck inventory that existed before the twenty twond
election? Here's some clips. We have a variety of voting machines available here. One of the reasons they're doing this is to broaden the community of people who are going to be experts in how voting machines work hurry. If you want to say yes, every voting machine in this room in a use in next elections Every single one. Every single model is a model steal any use. We are actually asking your help because We don't know much about those devices. The basic idea here is all the meshes. Are there to be tested to be used? You can open and don't break all of them, but if something breaks up, that's fine. Furthermore, from ebay- and they do have the previous alex- and even if you see something say something tell what do you found everything? covering every information you have please let them know so that we can inform people. What do you have the covered and what do you have found
we are here to help so that you can have fun and explore and discover new things. Then those experience the I can turn the machine off from years ago that I want to now. I can exit the machine and you know, what's going to happen, I'm turning off the machine for them. They're, going to be very surprised that you want the exit, the machine, the disconnected now, let's see what their faces look like this was released, tried to tell you that these machines are not hackable. They are safe. I dunno, if you knew, but the act, that machine, which is us here, called it called a long time ago. Two thousand and six utc showed that the machine can be hacked and here today to in those years later now hacking twenty years later, you that's a machine still in use and still habitable wow, why didn't they sue h, b, o? Why didn't they shoot that? Guy, oh by the way, just to be clear that was released? It was released preemptively before the two thousand and twenty election
try and say the donald trump might try and use these, because he was suggesting that camp use those machines to screw abrams she's, never conceded that governorship just to be clear still, then afterwards he said on twitter. Actually it was from two thousand six until twenty two still, it was still hackle to two thousand and eighteen, but it seems like they fix it now, so the election has got exactly and pad prominent democrats, Isn't that isn't that film basically saying like yeah? This is a problem that he actually went in and showed people. He said here vote for who you want to vote for and just write it down. He flipped every of their votes and they had no idea like It was well known. He said since two thousand and six we knew these machines were hackamore right still hack, although that is provable, but my point is, where's the lawsuit, but I'm sure fire you screwed up, because they went on tangents that by the way they knew weren't, true that as a problem just like when they did this with Carl rittenhouse but when they did it with mixed salmon right, they found cnn washing post
They knew that it was false and they ran with it anyway. That's why they had to pay out the ass. That's justice. That is, if you knowingly lie restaurants, someone's life not saying fox news, no only destroyed someone's life, but they didn't knowingly mislead people because they did it for ratings, and you know what it's tough rested compete with, that its tougher drift to compete with a lie not only from right, verses left, but if you're too to be honest, about, what's happening with the elections, then there's the double standard portion of this equation Y know: lawsuit with hbo yeah. Why no lawsuit was that frumpy guy yeah? Well we're about to say that who did you get so yeah to answer your question earlier? It still is available on h, b o. It still is available. Gotcha yeah go and watch kill chain, but then afterwards he trinity. It's all good. Now they fixed everything. We should use exclusively dominion reasonable, too and I'll say. Ninety is probably one hundred. Why did all of the empty lots vote for democrats? Why do all dead people vote for democrats?
Well mean it's a demographic nightmare, it's a demographic issue. It's like white, suburban women, that's measurable and provable yeah across white, suburban women vote, largely democrat and soda. You know the deceased, also the lazy, ireland for no good but all the empty lots. We visited what some something to note too, by the way foxes not out of the woods yet there two point: four billion dollar lawsuit still pending with another machine company right now, if they end up settling that fox at about four point: one billion dollars and free cash before this settlement and the sediment dan you came from world. This makes no sense to me and twenty thousand and eighteen. This company was actually purchased by private equity for eighty million dollar, their argument in favour of a use for allocated in the next ten years of the government contracts that I could lose that money, but my arm it would be ok. So what are you using as a multiplier for this? You said one point: six billion dollars. They claim they lost like a hundred and something me a million dollars using a text multiplier for company, there's gonna be hyper growth, not like a three four five times revenue purchase like.
the smartest, so he firefox it would be just by the vienna when india squeaky mallet their Jim Kramer, I've just ass. I had it, doesn't make any sense to me the money to do You know why they settled to murder I was going to be in person. He had to take the stand in person and testify. They did not want This was going to cost them way more than that, I think in pr yeah, so But again this is the issue right. This is the wonder, being independently, supported by viewers like you please, I consider I know a lot of you have been taking advantage of this free month in my club, lotto ticket that comes to my club. We are friday. Of course, if you miss an additional hour to the show every single day and new shows nick depaulo, we had Jim breuer and Brian Cowen. Of course we have more and more people coming in. We even have a treatment for that to that end, cereal farmers and yeah, we said we found it. We found a two more they'll tackle that will cost millions to produce to get it on a twelve episode season, It is also why we can discuss issues like this next subject. So look I hate it.
I hate to be as a guy hitler, but it does make hit like share whatever smash the rumble button. Anything you can do because This is the kind of subjects that for certainly you tube to go doc If ever you don't see us on youtube, and we haven't told you monday, through friday, ten am just head on over to rumble or my clip. Okay, so, first question in setting this up. I know all of us coughing and remember that did it keep it up, and my concern is that you're gonna get and I did a good job and he talked about how many of you, if you don't, have a puke bucket right now, who is thrown shade? Does that make a gag shade it's easy to see Peter mad at peter pan when he sees his shadow or not yeah. So here's my question to you, during the time of the second, Are you aware of just how prolific the problem of sex crimes? within the eu and within the organisation and the cover ups are all there.
This is our available ladder of credit. I can we put the lincoln the descriptions that you can read this for yourself. We have a bunch of documents, a bunch of briefings there This is not something just because this is not something that anyone debates, including those at the. U n. The degree to which it occurs is where the debate is taking place. it is very hard to prove something when you have an organisation that has unaccountable and is funded by, never ending international taxpayer dollars you so many sectors. So, firstly can see where the priorities are on Monday, you and secretary general Antonio Gutierrez lecture the assembly on my never pedophile from on indigenous rights and the climate in these These peoples have done nothing to cause the climate crisis, but often faced the worse, and most immediate impacts. These are a little bit about what am I going to leave you gotta make lined with justice and scale of finance and capacities for adaptation and the loss and damage
yeah yeah. That's it! I get it that's a priority. What about the fact that your organization just supported pedophilia here I have the reference for you on march eighth, international committee of jurists, the I c J and the united nations programme on hiv aids, the the the the acronym, is on aids, are you and agents on you dont on aids? That's with you for life. Now can. Maybe there should like pre, circumvent, vent aids and then don't have unprotected anal sexual estrangement benefit. You also don't get monkey box. Vessels over the side benefits. Writing. I also don't get monkey parks in order to someone who will raves. That's an inner marshall to a it's. The aids avoiding device do find it hard to avoid aids.
put your penis literally anywhere else. a universal ramona is oh Diana joint united nations programme. This was their proposal proper number were saying hey. This is moving towards sex with minors you should have seen it with maps, you should see it with queen story, our it really goes back to same sex marriage by the way, but this is what you and we'll talk about adoption more in the future. I don't think we did that segment yet. Did we an adoption on that now they've refused to adopt gay couples to say they refused to adopt children to christian couples in certain states if they don't recognize their gender cheese or irish gay just one would ok. So this is where we are now with the? U n. I also think we should be a part of EU principles. this is the the the the headline. There are signs that the head of the title principles for a human rights base,
approach to criminal law prescribing conduct associate with sex reproduction drug use, hiv homelessness, and poverty jeez by the way. Do you know how to recognize when a supplement doesn't work is when they say that it fix everything, because everything you can get that like in your in your instruments, it's like think more clearly be stronger sleep better at night. after death, you know, do all that. What is it? Magnesium come on yeah, it's the same thing here, where they just throw everything you're going to. So let me let me you're going to eat. Let's take this off your to solve criminal law prescribing conduct, social with sex, reproduction drug use, hiv homelessness and poverty that six items that this one.
The thing is going to cover this memo, unless it's more of a mission statement yeah by the way in africa, are you doing a bang up job with HIV poverty as well? Yes, so harried in a report that many people may not have seen, because it's boring and it comes from the? U n and no one actually cares. We give them money, and then we don't have. Any oversight was specific guidelines aimed at decriminalizing sex with minors. Now they don't specify the age exactly. but here's me making an inference considering that I believe the lowest age of consent in certain countries in europe is fourteen. The younger than that yams. So here's a quote: The I see J sexual com. that involving persons below the domestically prescribed minimum age of consent to sex may be, can central, in fact, if not in law, the info percent of criminal law should reflect the rights and capacity of persons under eighteen years of age to make decision about engaging in consent. All sexual conduct, so just like it,
bangor social studies, teacher for better great unduly. Well there I even asked when we, when we went through the cic okay, so they had to put like a floor in there right. They had to put like a full course. We don't mean, under this age, yeah no floor. What tend to be clear I also understand- and I say this in the past- I do not think, for example, if a guy who is Nineteen sleep with him nineteen year old girlfriend or a guy who was eighteen sleeps sleep for the sixteen, your girlfriend, that man is not a pedophile, not be put in the same way. I understand that or understand of two sixteen year old sleep together, rather than that we have a problem with promiscuity and people sleeping having sex it I'm goin younger ages, because the left to submit its in inconsequential stand that ok, I'm not putting them on the same category. This is not specific enough and if you are not going to provide specificity as it deals with sex with minors that has to be by design. That's not my inaccurate, he's so here's the thing this should come as a surprise. If you understand and that the union has a at at least a decades old problem.
with sexual assault and being involved, sex trafficking, particularly minors. So don't take my word for it here, and this is blood remember you had a friend who would talk about this you're like get off of it. Are you going off the deep end and I was telling you it's absolutely true ahead of the curve on it? We didn't know what this was sort of the last piece of the puzzle word now we see that they are advocating for this globally, where you you know about what they ve been up to some former obama. Deputy secretary of homeland security current un envoy to Cyprus. Let's call her dane because I don't know how to pronounce her last jane hall, lute admitted this we're going to lay out the case, there's a bunch of people, but this is the first one: The problem of sexual exploitation and abuse is not new to the EU when not, nor is it unique, The u n has become uniquely associated with this issue. It happens in every single part of our system.
In every society around the world. It's not just exclusive to military is in fact one of the things that we know is that you terry and operations: humanitarian assistance operations creates a higher risk because of the clause. continuing and deep involvement with highly vulnerable populations. Ok, even though, as recently as twenty seventeen you in advance Nicky Healy was acknowledged, This was a serious problem and said: what are we going to do about it? There were international calls for transparency and accountability. She said what do we say these kids? Did these peacekeepers keep him safe? Now we- I have a few other instances and we do have some estimates have been made as far as how many people have been sexually abused. We don't know the exact number just to be clear, but I'll tell you why we tend to believe the numbers that we do: full disclosure, the most damning thing to me.
And doing. Research on this and all the references are available, and I highly recommend that you you look this up, because a lot of people still think it's virtuous to be a part of the? U n or to be a peacekeeper. It says peace in the name. was that a scratched up it used to be rape, soap, nineteen. Ninety six, this to me, is what is most damning and ninety. Ninety six there was report compiled for the u n by believe it's grocer, Michel Krakatoa. I don't have to pronounce only read it just to be clear. She was a former. First lady and mozambique and south africa. Ninety ninety six. and this was a warning because it had already been so widespread that was cause for concern. Here's a quote in six of twelve countries, studies on sexual exploitation, the arrival of is keeping troops has been associated with a rapid raw as in child prostitution, in other words
This wasn't just someone posting it on a message board, because there were no message boards, maybe they're, technically, where ninety ninety six, but very few people go back, go back. The motion will be hackers. It looked like that The point is ninety. Ninety six. This was circulated and printed as a warning saying: hey if peace because our coming into your area understand what we ve had to deal with. You need to protect yourself. They were actually advising measures for people in these countries? protect themselves against sexual exploitation and child prostitution, twenty seventeen former senior you, an official Andrew Macleod, just to be clear, he'd, a dossier that estimated and explained its destiny over sixty thousand sexual assaults over a ten year period wow. He also estimated at the u unemployed up to thirty three hundred pedophiles now and there are tens of thousands of aid workers around the world with pedophile tendencies. But if you are a unicef t shirt, nobody will ask you what you're up to, and he did this estimate because he talked about how many pedophiles actually get caught. Verse
how many sex crimes go under reported and then extrapolated that so yes, there has to be an estimate, but the reason has to be an estimate is because Nothing is ever done about this with the reason nothing's ever done about. This is the way that the? U n sets this outbreak, the very people that are supposed to go and protect yet to be resolved sensible for making sure that peace is kept in these places. There's no. Accountability with the u n, because their soldiers or people from other countries, and so all they literally Andre, do is send them home right the punishment for these crimes, their say with her the country has to take care of that. We can't do it home country almost never does a then this is it's just like public schools throwing more money at it, doesn't help we'll get to the money. Your taxpayer dollars are funding funding the support of child prostitution just to be clear, but we're not involved much in the peacekeeping missions that you know. I know canada frozen in a big way. Where's. The blue helmet goes in and idea because they They claim that their peacekeepers had guns. You know who does more peace, keeping the united states military yeah yeah, but I dunno, if we're involved in that,
We get a lot of money to you out, and that is why it's all fungible, which we'll get to and we're going to give parking tickets. Yes, yes exactly! I forget exactly on the east side: I used to spend some time there. There was actually no boot for you. There was a decent pub, but I saw a lot of un officials with them. You know kids dressed up like corey haim, which I thought was weird. It is weird yeah, so these people now advising internationally hey sex with minors should be. Ok needs to be acceptable. These people have been surprised They have been involved, or certainly now involved directly involve child prostitution of It's a new york times ran cover for them by the way the new york times. If you look at where they are in europe, not to fall our from the? U n district, not too far from where these ambassadors would live. They all go to this in parties have been to a lot of these parties. When I worked at fox news, they I'll hang out with each other, and this is not some kind of crazy conspiracy or cabal. It's about people who have heard of the terminus networking. What do you think when you're networking with horrible people, Jeffrey Epstein, ok, so dear near
time is try to run interference and discredit the dossier running an article called lies lies, and one very misleading statistic now, whether that's two thousand numbers completely accurate, not there. as a laundry list. There is a long history of the EU and having a huge problem, but that so I cannot take the sixty thousand number is right. I would actually gets its probably higher just to be clear, but I cannot prove that just like we talk about a fox news and dominion everything else. It I've told you I can prove any more than I can prove. Let me give you just had the empirical had the warnings that came from ambassadors. Now, let me give you some case. Studies in haiti. You and peacekeepers were accused and again I did this in the cold open. If you have children, they should not be here some of them. I'm going to be showing usa rape on camera. But there are some disturbing videos that I think you need to know because it's always presented right, that the devil always shows up as a friend you, un peacekeepers in haiti were accused, and then there was proof, but first accused of a multitude
of sexual crimes. Any haitian can tell you about new and peacekeeper sexually mistranslation, location, women and children, with almost no consequences peacekeepers. were abusing women and girls and traded food or or cash fur for sexual favours the united nations peacekeepers there to help are accused of adding to the harm a study claims. They thought that hundreds of babies then abandoned the young mothers some only children themselves. We had. give stories off Keep us engaging lived with young young girls and young women under the age of eighteen, which is this, as we all know, statutory right now I mean this rape but hold on, and not according to what the? U and is now saying that changing the rules on this act. Like you know, it's not raise the goalposts. If it's like ass,
murderers to vote on the laws of murder, that, u n, should have no say in the normalizing of pedophilia they fish because they ve committed. these crimes against humanity that term through these are crimes against humanity? Let me give you some more numbers here that are irrefutable. You can go and check these. For yourself. We sought an thirty or shall I peacekeepers exploited nine haitian children in a sex writ children, children in a sexual. That's why they don't put a floor to it. basement level. We don't know how low there willing to go. It's like pedophile limbo for assholes at the: u n, here's another thing again. This is a disturbing video you're not going to see any actual sexual assault, but you will see the led up to it: peacekeepers from Uruguay filmed their sexual assault of aviation man about all this, Part of the mobile phone footage showing an eighteen year old, patient man, a legit he being assaulted by uruguay and peacekeepers in uniform
and then I ll read you. The result is unheard laughing throughout the one minute two of them hold down. Victim and another? One who will see with his shirt off then appears to engage in some kind of sexual assault. The rest of this project is too graphic too. Now here's the thing. I don't know that men were, you know, burned alive, I'm guessing that that would be my preference. weren't alive any pedophiles who sexually assault children. You know, yes, you know and we're not them: okay, yeah. Let's listen to the laugh yeah listen little after ITALY's pearl clutching believers, it's a. How could you kill someone shoot them in the face and have breakfast yeah padlocked basque that comfortably walk outta, that having breakfast with a calm, stomach, no remorse shoot. I mean I'm serious. Yes, me mighty valor have to protect the children you're responsible to do that. It's a call to do that. What have you done with our good guy with a guy? That's right! That's the only thing hurriedly
Stop these criminals who are raping someone under age who are sexually exploiting who are laughing about it. How are you going to stop them good man? need to be willing to do violent things, and yet it's I don't care. You too wants your move us, That's why I ask you had an over rumble right now, pedophiles people like that deserve to die. They deserved, I don't mean forfeited the right to live. They deserve. I have to die now I dunno. If those men were arrested, I certainly don't think they were burned alive or don't even know if they're arrested, I can't tell you that they weren't arrested, there's no record of it. I wasn't able to find it, but I did find the un's head of field support around that time, told the a p The eighth, the international body, was aware of shortcomings in the system. That is not a mundane detail. Michael, that's! Not enough of response when you combine that with the fact that you are advocating for pedophilia across the globe, makes me think you kind of like the pedophilia makes me think you kind of like the under age, sex trafficking, no justice for the victims. As far as I know, no arrests, no one went to jail, but hundred fourteen peacekeepers.
Were sent home and the twenty one year old rate victim in this case was not a minor but still a gang rape victims, so its relevant as far the. U n goes they came here to protect us, but all they ve brought is destruction now you and has no moral fund. Not are you going to these countries that are? voodoo nations like allotting Haiti at you have to go. There was some kind of moral standing. You can't send a hotchpotch of folks from different countries. There's gotta be a basis of of basic human gandhi, empowered! So look that the easy solution to this is empower. Whoever is in charge of the troops in that country. You treat them just like. They should be treated as your soldiers. You in that room and there's a gun lying on the night, stand in their laughing and raping a boy: bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang justice is meted out, let's all go out and have some lunch, and this won't happen again if they just yet sent home. That's the punishment!
nothing will which, by the way, also tells you that they live in shit holes. Yes, what what is my punished? we have to go back to your house, or can I have my smartphone? Please there's put a janet I'd like to get yeah exactly. I believe I mean we don't. I dont know how to work. The cloud I just need most seem good I'm sorry that this this this is one of the easiest solution. We ve done no money to the: u n ever none whatsoever, nobody ever until the eu and has a saving that says we will kill all pedophiles in our midst and we will not give anybody to country Is that engage in this or have been found guilty of this out out of them, showing a very swift vice. One solution? No more money! That's what the? U needs to do to be clear and it new york and play house acid or like real countries and by the way we will no longer advocate for under age, sex consent for minors, exile or longer, say ten year olds can consent to set
What will stop you? Here's the problem too. It's the idea of, like with public schools, to throw more money at it. We give plenty of money to you and there's no moral backbone, and you can't just give money to these countries. you're you're you're, trying to help these countries that are corrupt and violent, and they commit rape massive numbers, and you say well what let's contracts to, though, to those folks know. No, that's why you you you either don't go in and you are a nine interventionist and you let them to send it back into the third world or descend deeper into the third world or you. unlike like missionaries where you kill all of their corrupt leaders and convert them to christianity, you don't say: hey, all cultures are equal and let's come in and let's them, you raped a couple of kids, but we understand that. That's how you believe you get rid of age. No, no! It's bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang! You don't get a dime until you come back and you have reverend in your name. Okay, we'll see later exactly by the way we wore these shirts for a reason. Yes, we are very much
A year and a half or every one of these guys raped in this a hundred, I couldn't believe it a hundred and something people involved in this ring. That's not a small secrets, not as my trafficking, kids, a hundred and fifty year old, and these combined is what led to the sixty thousand estimate, which do not. Ok, let's say it's half that all right. Well, then, let's go through with the money in the funding that we provide to the? U n. Let me give you another case study. Africa being the cotton are so many different countries over the central african republic has been salute hotbed for abuse. Yours in the same month? Is the secretary general's visit to the central african republic? The? U n, received a report of a new wait case in bunbury, a young woman was down half naked and barely conscious right here, the foot of the stairs she says you hooking home after a funeral, and the last thing should clearly remembers is being overcome. by you and peacekeepers. At this check point here,
Despite a family then wanted to know what had happened to the mauritania and soldiers, but this is no way to do it and use it as a long diplomatic tools you hold, it will never be a section mounted gave it will mean that we need on page lip and person is cases, so we need to be in some of its policies and its whose invention I gotta stop. That system sometimes right that their heirs, it's that this system, has not worked if they farm this out and their policies. Of course, with the? U n it hasn't it's lead to sexual assault over the course of decades. You saw that document. I showed you from ninety ninety six and they still keep doing it. The same way. Nothing changes. These peacekeepers have been coming from current put rogue nation for a very long time, but they don't change it annual contract from the either nations to burundi to provide peacekeepers, sustains this government's military therein
day, which is a rogue, a country that has been accused of all kinds of human rights abuses. Silly much home. then a little bigger than to the central african republic as peacekeepers and expects them to to behave. They end up, raping and sexually exploited the local population and the government of Burundi does nothing. It doesn't conduct investigations, it doesn't do its job, Then we're going to continue with the problem of foreign aid, because the problem of four aid to this idea that that doesn't have said there is no common ground there, their there's! No, Thus, in finding common ground where there is no common ground, are we going to act We share the same values as the the Are we going to act like we even share the same values as the french government? Why would we link arms? Would you link arms with a pedophile? Would you link arms with someone who thinks it's, ok to have sex with a twelve year old? No, that's what we're doing and we're to the tune of.
billions of dollars. This is why globalism is evil. It's why it has to fail, because all it does is elevate when you are here's the thing united states is far from perfect, but when you know, This is the world's only superpower and we take part in l a. Other nations. Guess what the only value that we get is nothing devalue they get is actually elevating themselves closed level. United states and a lot of these countries are evil as a matter of policy, so they benefit from it. We all we serve to do here is elevate and increase the profile and the power of evil we don't need to do it as americans. We should keep doing at the american way not that you anyway, so I'm going to go on here and in talk about france- and I don't have you know this open borders support and a lot of under age lot of under age, sex slaves, traffic across the open borders, but big
we've been doing this year for this this month. This show is supposed to be an hour on youtube and on rumble, so you can still watch for free is the end of the fremont club week. We're going to continue the segment, but we're going to continue this in the conclusion lot. To discuss we're going, the, u n but exclusively on raw, oh and mucklucks. We have an idea to what you'll be getting so you do. We love you, we thank you. We don't love you not. I say now, that's instinct! Nobody can continue. but right now you to piss off vulnerable The alright, ok you're watching here on rumble, came from you to welcome. Please consider considering my club smash that rumble button or I do it. the a smash. Ok not it like. I wanna smashing french soldier
What might by which I mean that this autumn, in turned into a sexual term, I mean beat mercilessly it out. Their silly bear exactly fill the world might They would be more like a black jack. I would fill it with a second So, u n internal report, also, There is a report that french soldiers who were involved in child sexual abuse in the central african republic. Ninety eight girls in one province reported being sexually assaulted by the way and then than that the report. I believe it was this one I think for the girls were actually tied up and forced to have sex with a dog yeah yeah. I decided that the level of perversion here. You know what it is it's it's like that evil version of lottery winners and let me join its people who have done nothing to earn that favour to earn that power. Right, these people there in countries whose military has been a relevant they haven't, actually won a war in a very long time. They benefited the world at large, zero percent for a very long amount of time, and now it's here
the bunch of money to be a peacekeeper. So now you have evil people with a bunch of on earth, resources and power, and so what do they do? They do evil things with greater. power, and they also know that there is no accountability for right. This is what this is. The whole thing no charges or no charges were brought by a panel of french judges core leave it to the french to suck this close. Now, in the congo, not the film with the crappy white guerrillas and laser guns that was disappointing. Their are pedophiles Maybe they were at an honourable pedophile ring in a volcano of like a really think so if they were all play by IRAN, parliament so in in the well. They did. He know, make up I go sincerely to thousands. There have been more than seven hundred reports of sexual abuse from you and peacekeepers. This is coming from aping from alternative
that's not a single reference. I provided you is conservative today just to be clear that what either all original or coming from placing new york times- maybe you say the sun is somewhat more neutral, but just to be clear, alternative press vice new york times. I We recommend you go and read this information as there is a precedent, but, as you said, alternative fellas overall were using alternative, AP associated press. I get names, I'm horrible of an ill. Does you're right, you're, absolutely right should be ashamed of france. I think ass. It associated press the first time he said a wrong both times I was just waiting to come in. I am, I was thinking of you know the magazines that right up about like arcade fire, so like about there, was an alternative route magazine opera, the whole process in laying the ideas and we used to call p for short, like hey, you catch the newest issue of a p and like no I've moved on from that, I'm into
hybrid eyes, american folk fusion, yet my party, so here's another one, the united states, findings support. All of this, we started with that. Sixty thousand number. We let you know that we can necessarily prove that went through the anecdotal to the tune of many many many, many thousands and again no charges brought no justice. Now we go to the, It states has also investigated this end. They have found that this issue, we told you about. nikki haley, but, more importantly than just having investigated this, the united states is also. Why is the? U s you you're funding? This did everything you just here, comment below we'll be taking your chat too. Are you? It is a term outrage because you, like I'm outrage at this settlement, offensive now. I'm outrage that child rape, I think that's appropriate, to be outraged. I dont think hate is wrong if you hate evil, I hate child right. I think you should die for china but I, as a matter of fact, I not only say I think the punishment should be more severe than death if you rape a child. So if you agree with me,
You feel that way. Just now that you on tax day funded this- u funded in the united states, is the top financial backer for the? U n, peacefully the operation of the six point: five billion dollars in peacekeeping budget. Contributors, united states, twenty six percent, china, eighteen percent, japan, eight percent, you shouldn't Tell you what you need to know. You think that china, as interested in peace keeping nope number one U s. Number two is china. How could we pass Can we be on the same page as it relates to humanitarianism. Yes, as I got what what we think. We think that people should be free to make an in china. They also give two week. They should bow. We will not buy a bud light these days, but they won't, you know, take umbrage to their tax.
Dollars, going this kind of thing that a lot of gotta haves dollars cause by proxy you're, doing it gallic might get your billion dollars or so is going to this for the peace keeping just in two thousand and nine eight hundred and ninety two million dollars your tax dollars to develop african peacekeeping Israel has just four, and this is a problem like what I'm from bono- oh we're going to fix it and they going to give money to their leaders and that's the thing. Bono was like yeah, yeah yeah give money to county county county county it works, but they say you erase it. If you say not only many foreign aid, you don't care about africa. I don't want them to be raped. I don't want them to be raped, organizations that have no accountability. I think there are better ways to do it and I don't think giving money to corrupt governments actually work, and I certainly don't get my taxpayer dollars should go to it. I also don't think that my taxpayer dollars should even go to good organizations that support africa, because we need support here in the united states. How about that? How about
you don't take any of the money, let alone take so much of my money and use it to help fund what has been verifiable rape of children and also to an organization that is now advocating for pen arresting. Let's be clear about that, that's absolutely in by the way we went back. I'm gonna go back to that report in bahrain when she talked about those soldiers, soft rain, black rain. I think that's what it was. She said this funding takes care of their entire military budget. militaries used for good to think that military are there to serve the people to make sure that they are safe and that they can walk the streets at night that they can make sure everybody is just how he don't know those country If those leaders use the military to keep their populations suppressed holy and they are there as a terror to the people and our funding make sure it continued on not only our funding the united states trained and equipped more than a quarter million african troops, a boy, a quarter million africans will numbers in perspective now here Also why this when people say? Oh, it's a conspiracy. These are things that maybe some people may not connect. But ok.
We started with the. U n is advocating for pedophilia openly now just to be clear openly how long before the united states takes accused from them? I don't think we should be in the eu and if you say we should be Glenn donald trump set. We shouldn't be anyone at all. He was accused of being racist. I just think you doesn't want african children to be raped, but you know what tomato you're a rapist supporter. So the u n condemn, the united states as well for our border policy, whether they have a problem with that leave, of course, that you, when they believe in open borders. Here's a december twenty twenty three from you and high commissioner. So many lives. Low commissioner, hi committee? Yes, the same high commissioner. That's me of the high commissioner from the? U n for refugee said: u S. Border measures are not in line with international standards as there actually where I was not in line with international standards. I want I want to as a general look at what the? U n does into the opposite
always it's not a hard and fast rule. It's more of a generalised precaution. So when you want everybody to come to the: u s: stay a nice manhattan hotels, not get parking tickets and yeah, I'm an enemy, just open to more importantly, shouldn't they able to sex traffic across a border with accountability. Kind like you do in all these other countries in the eu and support european. Don't do anything yet so twenty extended homeland security, estimated at there were fifty seven thousand victims who are trafficked in the united states annually. in june twenty twenty two alone, seventeen fifty two Company minors were apprehended by border patrol every single now? I can't tell you how many of them were meant to be prostitutes, but they were unaccompanied minors, soil and weed. We have the data on all this guess why there too, Is he spending money supporting the supporting the true, in the congo.
we're too busy supporting troops who rape children who gang rape people, so we don't really have accurate reporting on how many of these unaccompanied minors could be. It could be as simple as a questionnaire. What were you going to do? Who sent you over here Similarly, fifty two unaccompanied minors, the border patrol every day and by the way you went says: that's not enough: the child rapist, not only when the organization I should say that runs cover for child rapist, sixty percent, as the estimate, though, that estimate of unaccompanied minors are likely trafficked by the cartel. That's the estimate, I want to be clear. I cannot prove that because there are not very good at keeping these numbers and just to keep in mind we about the evil of slavery, and I want to teach you that in school they are more slaves today on earth than ever in recorded history? There are forty point, something million. I believe with forty point three, it's probably higher than that. Forty point, three million people enslaved,
wave right now. I think we have a side by side of you and peacekeeping operations with a map of modern day slavery. Look at that! Look at that uncanny, so here's the thing What is the? U ends? Go right. The euins go peacekeeping missions. Ok, so few to these countries, as you just go with that map, are they engage in slavery in a lot of that is sex trafficking and the? U n has billions of dollars of resources that are being spent to stop it, and it's got it's not work it. It's not working made it worse and the leaders of these countries, people who have spoken out whistleblowers have said that it has gotten the? U n has said it has gotten worse because having now is there are gaps in the system and they have done nothing to fix it. There is no accountability, you know. What's worse than alone, papist, he'll, it's worse than that, a troop of rapists who are funded by it, international governing body who have a vested interest in a system of open borders that continues gang rape? That's what
worse. If you are in one of these countries- and you see you and peacekeepers coming and guess what protect your kids, because you have all of the authority and they have none of the accountability. So let's run through this income, those near the: u n that you ok, we started with they that minors can consent to sex. They didn't give a floor, so I dont know your guess is as good as mine have thousands of pedophiles in their ranks. U n peacekeepers have been sexually assaulted, thousands across continents. This is all very fine, but there are almost never punish your taxed at your taxpayer dollars you on tax. They are supporting it, but the you and as more concerned with condemning the united states for not closing the borders which, by the way, also lend itself to more underage sex trafficking. Congratulations you and what a great scam that'll give you confetti. Are you serious only president that I know of who said no more. U n was donald trump. You may not like him, but hey that's that policy. Ok by me. When you tell me one thing we should be in the EU and the world, will you don't believe in international peacekeeping? Now you know
now you can send them this now. You can be educated and please do go and read these references. It is its heartbreak. Its heartbreak and I went It's really tough to even find some levity in a segment like this there's, nothing that makes me more sick than pedophiles. I mean like it's like kc with bananas, so there was. There was so many of that that they were talking about this, and one of them was that in one case they brought cholera to the region and killed ten thousand people- oh yeah, by color that was one of the things that we just saw, there's just so much this information there. The other thing is because all cultures are equal, but they don't. You can't condemn enhancing to come from the third world nation. What does it mean means their inferior technologically means are inferior medically, so they have diseases like, for example, bringing polio that we stop a whole lot of. Second, that sounds a lot like colonialism. That sounds a lot like white privilege, hey hold on a second. Let me ask you this. If you're going to compare and sorry gerald, I want you to go white privilege yeah, you know what they're I would say western civilization privilege in that outside of the democratic party. We
generally recognised. Rape of minors is bad. Yes, doesnt, really when many african nations, certainly not in practice. That's today, to engage in slavery in africa. We didn't gate and slavery, we ended up, but we, so to this day, don't tolerate here in the united states, largely not everyone in our government child rapists. They do in africa. So, if you're going to play the white black thing, if that's what you're going to do I'd go with the white people on that issue exactly one of the other points that the congressman made he said. Look if I found out that the human was going to show up to my hometown of charlotte. I would be on the explained down to protect my family from them. That shouldn't be the cakes visually charlotte is a yoga our chattanooga shut, What are those c c names? I have no idea, I want that's. The whole point of this is that these people supposed to be the ones coming in like isn't there a better vetting process? Don't we need not take troops from places that are crap whole countries,
I have no morals like we talked about earlier. Don't we need something better, otherwise the eu and has no legitimacy. I think I got to the point where they have no legitimacy, have no legitimacy, don't do anything better, say they dont and by the way I do need to admonish myself really quickly, because I felt like it. I like correcting myself, because I m remembered it cannot be right. was burundi. There's another nation comments on it in another and will give me grandly. Well, when you see the berlin true march again, that's the guys like silly silly, I was out of marching. There are marching in head to toe military garb, one guy in beige, khakis yeah. I say we start with that, guy yeah most offensive vague about you, don't know what to do. You know he's the outliers diameter, what I to me to your point: all cultures aren't equal now and guess what not and I dunno some can check me, one of the eighty countries of africa, half english, half french yeah, think of a country
isn't from any of them to adhere to modern society. We stole all of their requests. We still just think of the contribution and contribution by the way randy. How about my check? How about you give me a check yeah. I think they hope or nobody there always They're always ready to think up, and this is the what we do and by the way you can of the same thing about a lot of white knit hate about dagestan. What have they contributed? Rent aside from you know, executing people from entering europe contributed in the last three hundred years since the american experiment. Yet we cannot at the bali, ran with it. We say like ok. We appreciate that the environment is, I get rid of it at the most. Recent here is better on the time that thing on the other side of the pond gets yet exactly our people go to europe to see beautiful things that were people coming united states to be a part of the beautiful thing that is and that yeah is absolutely at stake and the only Its at stake is because you I leaders who want us to be more, the nations of ruins that are advocating.
Our policy. Why? Why the number one guy decide that they need to act more like the number for six eighteenth got hundred and forty second god it's silly. It's because guess what those countries. The government has an overwhelming amount of control, we're not supposed to have that here. we're getting two more of that. This is really it's. It's it's! It's an to that it's all about. Impossible, get your head around, but you have to: u have to cut the head off the beast in that starts with taxation nest it with the united states government. I think we can do something with the billions of dollars that we send to the eu in every year and maybe do something a little bit more productive, but by the way that they were quick to respond, develop garnett. Yes, they were quick to research. on the building cholera outbreak they'd. They said our bad.
whoops un admits role in the color outbreak because they were devastating in the water yeah. Oh by the way. Let's also take into account that these people, that in europe and of course the un and of course democrats in the united states, want to revoke the tax exempt status of american christian churches, who do far more for charity than they were less yes. Why would you do about it the open borders. I just want to go back to have you been to europe since they ve had open borders. Nope I went to ireland once I get so this ain't. Just experience of my life is on my honeymoon in twenty other. It's my anniversary too happy in rio congratulations to you! A gerald life, we're sorry admonishes teresa yeah exactly get some cafe. We didn't think it was gonna happen for you for awhile or reason. Remember we had that conversation. I was like I dunno Gerald. You know he's getting up there and and then I met coldplay and after I met her animate. I said I turn you. I was like. Oh wow, you really gerald
marry her you're, not gonna, get the shot out run like actually he's cute, I'm trying to corruption it's beautiful woman, just cheese, funny, cheese, she's accomplished? For some reason she tolerates you. That's out of your great hydrogen, your arms yogi. When she handed the phone back, she was answering a question for you. You go don't screw. So there's that what I set up- the first words you said back to me: why don't you wanted me to meet her? I remember, and I was in the I was in the ranger panties at the house, and I don't think she had met them, but I had a shirt that was too long, so summertime trembled at the front door was wearing no pants. I rose and made it worse, nice. It just suno jails. Your girlfriend, I am wearing parents, and I lifted him up to show a range of some guy just committed sexual assault. I didn't mean to you guys, do swingers gorgeous
they're fantastic, look, blue largest I'd ever seen in my life. Luke. Remember when you brought him over, he was like fourteen months, I said he's. He looks like he's three. I know he's a human being. Sorry, I got off the point now, but we were driving in it. It was the strangest experience because I had heard like okay, there's no borders and I'm like well that, of course, that doesn't mean that it's like no borders, like maybe that's just like some way of saying it, driving from belgium to france. It's just it's like going from texas. oklahoma. There was a sign, it's a strange It's experience that I've had an and now when I look back and like all that's why everybody just take a boating gets in through turkey or comes in through ITALY, because we there on the soil. You can't stop them right. The migrants come in and the problems that they're having its just there is no check point about the magic of the we have fatty, sovereign states, united together under one constitution right, but you're moving from different sovereigns different there. There are super country. Jes without porters have often have vast, vastly different approaches to the ets.
We already do things nearly the same, but all of them, like all my guy wouldn't go to europe, are so pissed off about they've asked me to do shows like, and I said, no, I'm not going to do it. Gay William was like seriously you would. I have a theater here is twenty five seats in london and I was like. I know that I could, but I just don't want I. I don't want to upon an isis home video wembley? Would you do Emily? We fill it with you when you get up at them. They saw my head on the show which fill it. They would literally do it at sinner field, where you can go back and watch broadcast from ireland at one time, in a positive way of your listening and the scott. The one scotsman was, of course, drunk and supported donald trump when Crowder yeah he goes, he goes. We hear off camera talking with iron with these areas like well, you know, I don't think I really liked donald trump because he's bombastic and then I hear off camera daddy, What was that, sir? What what it goes? as a world,
is a real fucker man yeah. He was drinking budweiser yeah, not anymore, but as I went to ireland and that's about it, I have no interest in going. It's a surreal experience and when you hear about the problems that they're having and you read- I read a book I think last year about once this- the crazy the amalgamation of that they're having with this and the funding literally italy into a place that has to support almost all of the traffic coming across and they don't have the emperor for at all as italy, does they ship them to another country and skipped shipping on to the next country than they it's somewhere there like well now this entire rural area of town. We're going to take and put I dunno refugees, fifteen thousand of you from Syria there and it's like good luck and by the time they got to finland, they were like. Oh, I think this is a good deal. Maybe I just had a point. This is cold. I can't do this. Let me go to hate, let's see what the chat do. We have a game today, trump released his new nf teas, we have photoshop or not, which we were going to play, or we can take some
tat. So, let's hear from the let's see what the chapters I have to go to the bathroom, because a strategy of animals for like two minutes and then we'll figure out we can play photoshop or not bring intact, depends on what they want. Somebody like everyone else, let's hear if you know what I'll give them I'll give you some advice for the mug club members. A lot of you have have. Let us know about some of the maybe the sinking, issues or tech issues that they have had there and look. They are doing a great job of getting those things solve. They are actually very well on. Like I had some conversations yesterday, they said we know exactly what's gone on, so just give him a little bit of time. They will definitely get that stuff taken care of just wanted to. Let you know Oh that we know about those issues, another thing to let you know too, if it were, as we cannot move into this network of different creators that we're bringing on there's a couple of ways for you to stay in touch with those shows. left hand side of my club, there's a tab that for content. If you click there and organise it by playlist, I'm an attorney That said as your default, but that will give you all have nicked apollo shows in one place all later, with Crowder in one place. All of the friday shows in one place it's a great way to do it, the other.
is on the main feed their their actual is away if you set it to just the team members as before or you'll see logos with Steven's face up. There you'll see nick de palos face up there, there's a couple of ways to make sure that you're staying in touch with all of the different shows. You don't have to scroll and look for, shows playlists right way to do that on content, I know it's a new kind of thing. we're doing, but I wanted to make sure in the process moving to something that's a little bit more, like a network where you see live. previous shows in the content creators there that's a great way to do. So just let us know what you think about that. I The friday shows we just put that playlist together yet yesterday, as that, I have a that's when you add there, so you can go there and watch this friday shows no we're doing really fun show this friday that is our last send off. I agreeing to do some scrap yard stuff. The store sometimes have some pretty silly jokes associate whatever. That is, we don't think we'll necessarily fly, but really I will give it a whirl and see what happens, but no one of the stories that was moved to scrapyard has a a pretty a pretty hardy.
Seven plus one that were. I'm going to yes big up this morning and almost made it into the show today that you're like no one knows what that describe. Bertram of riding, let's get a better, be a lot of work to be hard to top the dalai lama. Some plus now ever made pretty good at that right, jaska, it's one of those things where I live. The wash where he was at a point where everything you know everything is clearing out, feel so good. When you I still want to do it anywhere near Kc. No thanks! We don't get to take a sick day, but yeah we will at the scrapyard show, is just kind of stuff that couldn't fit with the show. Just so you know, maybe, like thirty per cent of what you see is the actual stuff that air there so much lower than the worker behind a writer I know it, I once kind of insensitive because our guide round just last week and I gotta rebel after so many. What, if he's a pedophiles azeri there why doesn't aid airports travelling today? That's what I thought you said only revel in the death of you know the mc guire brian thing, which, as I said, that's mighty good shooting,
if you were right, yes, it was a quick draw and good show if you can't shoot so, if you're responding to a nine one, one call because someone saying hey, I need cops. Why she's trying to stab me, though hey. Why don't you show up, and you go what's going on here and you see the the bitch gone Amistad a bitch and you're like I guess I have to shoot her, so she doesn't stab her. If that's not a justified shooting, then nothing ever is so I say that was like that count: we're doing chatillon play photoshop and chat with want photoshop, and our I want more than I am wearing back up the ipad twenty, my bed for them tat the little. Therefore, you shut up your comments and I thought it was a joke by the way the donald trump is renowned is about so all right. We set this up for you. Donald trump released his second series of nfc trading cards. I have a quote from true self social. This is why pull up again. I please for me that duty
great success of my previously launched digital trading cards, a great success. Everyone tells me, I said I don't think it was they say if the most successful I say, okay ok, we're doing it again here, these two available right now folks, so That brings us that you are here which never could be played on youtube. It is time for photoshop or not by the way, a lot of you wonder that one is not photoshop ryan's stelter know his fat leave this to the basement host.
the cod and is being I'll just be called brien's basement con total. We are right to explain it to us tool, man whose I'm usually sounds a gain for people who are new to this have to do it more off. We ve done in a while, but does the permits. Meanwhile, we have five images. I m going to show you and you have to guess if their actual trump and of tea card or if it was created here in new york, is, are you at the end of january release them did you sell it? I did I'm assuming that eight hundred bucks she s fantastic, like me: none fungible tokens. You can make a lot of money for the one he boy was terribly it was. It was because I was already of slovakia because you didn t know what it was well then I, finally It was just him like standing with a but just a. I was like hunting cap. suit. That was, it knows him like an eagle or anything else. I was very those did for cash. Is it like eighty bucks? I think when you buy a right now
your login renounce if you can buy like on my biosafety, but I'm pretty girl. Now that was made by another. What I live germ of bad decisions can anybody, but as many for trading hate and researchers, let us know what the most expensive one went for, because our digital cards I traded digital cards gosh in two thousand and three the topic of those you let him in literally people it's the stupidest thing in the world I was like. Will if people are gonna pay me three times what I pay for them all. Do this all day well, and a lot of electronic people is likewise and so on so they're like smooth many are still great front heap. He left because he developed videogame patient, leaning on it too. He He made way more money than I make it was like he was a short period of time he was like. I don't want to be, as I kept being disloyal by god. This is more money than god, I'm like yeah take it and he just made his fortune and now is living living. The dream, so are you gonna do in law, student loans lotta? How zones the
time he came back out when we did that show it and in vienna at the dallas magician, with the majority. Hopefully it comes back to texas. We definitely he said he would like to think he did do or the racist police sketch artist. Now I one of my favorite according to manny, was sort of oh yeah, the truth. The current yeah that'd be a lot of fun yeah. I miss. I miss little colombian racist, alright gerald your point of a just anything that people will pay more for you. Then you paid for that. I was well. That is how the lease- and this was right after college, and so I was doing a startup business in cleveland and literally we had a folding table in an office and I was dirt poor and I was like well yes I'll make free money every friday I can't hear you my ears just popped because the sickness you sound like you're underwater yeah like now sounds muffled all right. Ah, series two is sold out of the trump cards. I missed that photoshop or not. We're going to show you and you play along in the chat.
If it's a real trump and after a year or two photoshop all right give us. dang number one image number one five by that. Well, here's is tough to sit photoshop or not, because I assume well, have to use our photoshopped right yeah they they are. Photoshop is in actual and an appeal, or is it always or is it a photoshop and we don't they may be right? Is it enough to your not took a little bit of a player yeah? It's it's not quantity. We treat the gateway again a little bit, love to tweak love, it tweak, twig, active jacket yeah no kidding not to say what I say now- I like it- That's It would be a real trading card. That seems like something he let it. What do you think that I say I say no, but just barely, and so if you, if you look at the time that this there's this weird
thank you, but only wound everywhere, tie clip. That's right! You would never allow that. I changed my ears to think. Don't give you just. location until after that's fair what you already major decision. Ok, fine! So I said yes basic dyson, It's real and gerald is clearly writes in there, but there in your your knowledge can't do it because Geral already well. I just think the symbolism is all wrong for anything patriotic, but and and the tie bar you don't do it don't do it guys, don't type accent too busy, ok, it's much grudges. Those guys are fags our rights. Let us now drum roll is a real it. I've. Dear photoshop word. It is not a real, but it was a real love dinosaur to photoshop. stories living image, it says not now something Now we definitely do. I was just being nice near proudly. We haven't overlay, don't do we have an overly foreigner yours
This was a generated, I think. Ok, I couldn't joyride so Gerald. Want me nothing inured it's a draw. We can't we won't considered airing that town pulitzer because it so give it. Let's do it out by that our justification. After that way, the chat doesn't have a game spoiled. I apologize the kind of guy who throws over the candy landlord? I do I backgammon gambit on board games. Thirteen, the injury of dropping a chandelier that cat all right next. One next wonder, is it a real enough t card, and this is never to ok, What just give our answer, I'm gonna say no, not real photoshop, perhaps greater. I say no, it systems, much symbolism there. They have neither have I so! Yes, all right! Ok, animal
or justification drummer all? Is it real an idea or not sick to death of identity that Israel, they various? Ok, it's real. They didn't give me. The answer. Is I just like to address one because I do not making it set up. I buried there has given the answer all right, so that is a real entity that is. can you show it to us. electricity. I don't just tell us your george wash out, as I said, we apologise, guys were usually morgan area. We that is real and every only donald, trump and empty I do er en masse the gold hand it had forty five like it was just narcissistic enough with t t t down the middle and had forty five on the checkers in the white. If you are in the background there, sucker ha love pro wrestling, that's a trump thing wow,
but it was too much symbolism way too much in and george Washington wouldn't have gone far enough. Nor died with the ship. Joy was a push. It wasn't six four six, who, as chief mate of, would grow ginger virus plaque pack, it must have been posed. the next one. Is this an empty or photoshop number? Three I'm just saying I in the lee look out to do nothing, I'm going to say no gerald don't give a justification I have. I just have to agree no pops. I am going to say: yes, really You must losing this quota punishment Zagat
I want to say that this ok, let's give us general, is that a real and I d have photoshop this one is still unwilling to add at this. Even I'm gonna win the lab with a handkerchief assist a great. I didn't think you would have put himself in an apron, so I thought the apron would have been an american flag. It is, is it yeah bring it back as it looks like it's yeah? it's all right: it's not an american flag just because it has stripes resume their set eyes on zaire is the stars s head. Is this not a panther blue background is when you have assured this big, I don't need any good or bad. It's a police. These are the shapes I know that he might actually- say these things, so I dont know it's hard to tell
got a regular article. Hey me: alright, let's grab yeah yeah. Alright. Is this the final one tomorrow alright job or real have tea. This number four. now, as for safe abortion, space force, what he said about greater- I say: no you say now what he's a jail? I say. No, because that's halo outside my god. They. Why does we should all go. I was going to say that I was also going to say because it's poorly photoshopped, the head on there- that's not a very good photoshop. Now that the last one was great yeah, the real one great either. I think no, so we also now ok, general. Is it a real overexposure or its share of rural areas?
You know that just like your own, the jokes are sorry master. I called a spacex a lotta know what I'm glob Dallas break out. The blood libel prefer that I had to correct your dad. Yeah, not spacex, all right final one. Is this real or is it a photoshop as an nfc? It's really hard to tell number five wows into the royalty yeah, I'm going to say that one's real gerald. No, no now you say now. Why do you say to the law and must do that? It's been two wriggles too ok all right. Let's goes it real or is it not romero is real real. I never thought trumpet. ever be caught in his life. Doing this and that's making the who misleading a king, I
extend to them a big avenged sevenfold fan they all voted for trump, no way that was so, I guess yeah. I thought because it's a king that he would like that one of course he's king king trump. I got that and he's the king of hearts, because the ladies, like him, I got a lot, the hearts usually for the other people, and I thought tromp was more focused. Their peak donald trump certainly has a heart for the victims of child rate. By wanting to pull us out of the, u n, that's fail, you know what they I get it looked at from has, but you know what I still I still enjoy the guy if he runs for present. Just gonna be a lot of fun. I don't know what's going on. I think king of spades would have been a real problem for does dominate the black, but I got a more spam ever
mitt romney mitt romney is the tool of spades only just spades voted? How do you get only to spread this photoshop or not all right. Let's grab to jets. Can we go to to pick out through our if we re re seventeen. Seventy six question: when the government is pushing evils, how can you continue to pay taxes to support the things you don't believe in? What do you do? You know we discuss on one? Oh, I guess was an ash wednesday a long time ago before his jewels apologetically when you obey the laws of the land verses when by the laws of god and it's when they conflict. We may be getting to that point. Yeah pay! Your taxes, pay your taxes and then try to effect change. You pay your taxes first and then effects pay your taxes because they will literally locking up it's a stupid thing in the world to go. Well, I just won't pay well, they will lock you up
right. I sail under says your thing exactly even to caesar what is Caesar's does mean. Caesar is righteous. That's right just means you need to work within the system and do what you're supposed to do not like it, try to change, and you don't and what we do say right, obviously, do not follow the laws if they fly in the face of threats antithetical to god law so, for example, The law says you have to allow your child a transition. That's different from paying tax you say no, but paying taxes, the law of the land, and I understand that there's bye, bye degree of separation, doing things that you believe to be reprehensible, and certainly I do as well. When are not only funding. The US government were funding international governments, but you can't be effective from a jail cell on recently and if you ever going to get to a period where you protest and you dont pay taxes certain don't do it when a Democrat is in office because you will be locked up very, very cool yeah. They still owe me a lot of money. The government, I'm sure they'll get right on that. They won't. I know all right final chat and then we will see you tomorrow with nick di paolo from the gears. Why do you think there's
the focus on normalizing sex with minors spell check I rise with the lights. They want to know if my your network underground, it's not the black learning, maybe meant but my man, but from joy, but no rescue mission? Imagine but that he ally in it alright. But what's the end game, I think your one question. I think you answered your own Ashton, and I understand, I think, maybe you're looking for words of comfort and I don't really have many to give. I think there are a lot of people in positions of power. This is not new who are interested in normalizing sex with minors because it will have sex with minors, look not saying that its ace this this group of people who drinks the blood of six- that's not what I'm saying. But you know what you're saying no what it is that I could come up with no matter what conspiracy I could create if it was unsubstantiated. What we everything that we discuss today is substantiated, there's a record of it. There is nothing that I could think to fabricate let's remove all moral shackles kill us remove me, feel
as though me being required to be truthful, doesn't make everything right, but we always try to ensure that while it make all of the raft of publicly available, but let's some peril universe. We didn't care, we just wanted ratings. Ok, I dont believe that I could have fabricated something more outlay, this an unbelievable, then what happened with Jeffrey Epstein, and I think that if I did that- and that was say. Just went crazy, no success, successful this crazy conspiracy and it made us a bunch of money through clicks don't know that I would have had the foresight to make blockbuster sequel and by the way nothing came of it No one else has been put behind bars aside from his one accomplice. We still don't know. I don't think that I could have fabricated a conspiracy of sex island. With some of the world's most powerful politicians, royalty entertained flying on this jet going
to a sex island where there is a specific shower, created right across the portrait of bill Clinton and address where they have sex with minors. Because that's what they're into and this guy has this has this likely kills, which which would sleep be catastrophic for the reputations of those involved hangs himself in a way that is physically impossible. Because cameras in the prison go out for a few elections, in which case it will, during which time he would have a tightrope from bedsheets and killed himself in a cell that we're not allowed for it, and there is no follow up. I don't think I could have ever created something that outlet that happened in the reason that I point that out is. Is it really crazy to say I think there are far more pedophiles and far more d the answer in our midst when, since Jeffrey, I just think about, we really have. Bragwaine story, our pre Epstein. We really have the idea that shoulder
would be taken away from the parent we didn't form under age, sex surgery before Jeff resting. Not have former. Vice president Biden saying that it was evil to not support your child transitioning before deferentially, so all This has transpired, since Jeffrey Epstein does Does it make you believe that there are more or less does it make you believe it? Jeffrey Epstein, who we all know now right This was something that was the people who brought it up work. Used to being conspiracy. Theories will now. We know yesterday's council She threw sort. Today's news broadcasters and we ve, taken steps since then that would indicate there are far more jeff. the Epstein sentiments and, at the very least, irrefutable jeffrey Epstein types in the? U s. So why are they exactly why? I think lot of people out there who are evil who want to normalize sex with minors? Who want to end this all stems by the way it all stems from taking children out of the home right. It takes a village public school,
drag queen story hours. They don't believe in parental rights so that they can raise your children as they see fit and create an entire generation of lackeys of people. Who will follow the government in an easy way to do that is remove them from the parents sexual eyes them young, you, sexual eyes, children, young, and you can control them. Think about that for what it does. That's: grooming, for a reason for stockholm syndrome, the moment glad sex into that equation, or sexual lies language or interaction. Guess what you now have a high. hold on that child. That is very difficult to break. It can take decades of therapy to break so people who are interested in control and achieve Positions of control want to continue. Exerting control want to continue to amass power and a very, very effective way to do. That is to statement. How is the family and normalize pedophilia and we are living with that right now, and I just hope that you remember when people are saying this was coming down the pike a decade ago to deck
ago everyone's. It that's absurd. No one is talking about we're just talking about same sex marriage, even though we have the exact same thing and civilians we're just talking about gay, the option, even though, of course, we're eventually going to force out christians who can adopt, even though they adopted a rate that is twice those of of secular couples, let alone gay couples were just talking or just talking about the eu and in peace. Even really it really we're talking about sex trafficking or just talking about a slap on the risk for Jeffrey epps workers. talking about sniffing kids? Do if you see a president former vice president sniffing children, groping them, and he has a son who had sexual actions with his knees, but by the way and not others, Is that because it's just being memory holed art it? If you were to make an inference, you would take the Biden family. Let me use this as an example. The goal is pedophilia being normalized,
but the media wants to memory hold the media wants to gaslight you with all these words. Let's just take the Biden family. Let's just take what we know. Ok Joe Biden, stiffs kits Joe Biden, stiffs kids, when they dont want to be sniffed. He goes back for a second sniff Joe Biden grabs children. Joe Biden is uncomfortable around children for you and for the child, not for him he's very comfortable. Hunter Biden engaged in sexual relations. I dont member if she was under age at the time, but certainly young niece, right sexting with his niece can find that on the laptop ok, Ashley Biden diary you're, not hearing anyone That's not true! Now, that's why they tried to arrest James o keefe, saying that he stole it. Why? Because it matters its consequential. It is true said my if father certainly showered with me beyond what was age appropriate and talked about likely being sexually assaulted when she was young, so you've got job. What you ve seen you ve got hunter Biden. What you ve seen and you ve got Ashley Biden what she wrote dont, let anyone
make you feel like a conspiracy theory. If you say you know what that's how it is in their family and that's most powerful office in the land you're living it eyes open. you know. I was a cop
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