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Undercover EXCLUSIVE: WTF Is Going on with NYC's Migrant Crisis?

2023-11-02 | 🔗
Today, we are diving into one of the most important news stories hardly anyone will touch, which is the migrant crisis that's happening in NYC. We have a Mug Club exclusive. What's really going on? Also, we'll be talking about Joe Biden’s scandalous dealings overseas. Lastly, would you be okay with your wife having on Only Fans? Tune in.Join MugClub to watch this show every day! http://louderwithcrowder.com/mugclubWatch the FREE show on MugClub NOW:GET TODAY'S SHOW NOTES with SOURCES: https://www.louderwithcrowder.com/sources/NEW MERCH! https://crowdershop.com/Subscribe to my podcast: https://rss.com/podcasts/louder-with-crowder/FOLLOW ME: Website: https://louderwithcrowder.com Twitter: https://twitter.com/scrowder Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/louderwithcrowder Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/stevencrowderofficialMusic by @Pogo
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Hey there, audio list are glad to have some things, of course won't make sense, because this is largely a visual medium leave a rating review, but if not do consider joining a mug club mere this week, because there is a big exe. of my club, undercover story in today showing none of that happens without your support. Lot of Canada comes much more of a judge the So william, thank you for coming gay, william, I'm gay william, thank you for coming to my office today. I did this office fabulous minimal. Was You're. Like a thank you so much, you know you pick up a charge me here. Why am I here? Well, the rest I brought you here is because we have received several complaints from staffers that you been heavily disparaging. We can support arrigo, and I think that this is I've character for its very self deprecating self deprecating hold on a second I'm not for rican, but
in on the show stephen set all the time you keep my stevens name at your damn mouth, willingly: ok, forcing back down and I'm sorry I didn't go off on the wrong foot there. So you're telling me that you're not from predatory kept. Do I look stupid knuckling? No, no, not at all. I see you're you're not, The island to we can then I just want to make sure this horror rican one more time, samuel and I were to god. So you're you're not from that island from incorrect, I'm cuban, I'm not a murderer, and I'm not ricky. Martin, ok well, The point I made still stands. He catches disparagement higher island. The people have made a very important contribution, name, one jennifer low pig. You mention ricky, martin sucker, oh shit, you're up!
Puerto rico wishes five or six million people, I'm sure there's. Someone else is important. Five or six million stupid people. Okay! Well, are you jewish? Yes? Yes, I am sam, sammy samuel, you wouldn't rate number However, the call for a joke with you how absolutely not he's in there treasure. So comments. You said earlier- were all maiden justin right serious is art, attack, puerto ricans or worse, but let me be the first: say your suit is fabulous. Europe It needs a raise, a right who's, the snitching quartering. What just happened out here. and soon None of this is possible without you join the fight and sign up for my club today, at ladder with credit dot com, slash my club for eighty nine dollars annually joined the fight it loud with credit outcome. Slash my club today
glad to be with you on ok speakers off good sorry about us information. Are we actually we'll have a gay william later on the show, of course, the error resident cuban? gay conservative to the right of attila the hun so prepare your questions later on mug lot to get it today. Hit the rundown summer.
some new information that confirmation, former vice presidents. Males. Eighty two thousand emails now have been uncovered from former vice president Joe Biden take a guess. tat. Yes, what's in there, go through that? Yeah confirms everything we talked about this yesterday, but we wanted to take some time to go through the information a little bit more. We also have exclusive, today a muslim undercover with the illegal migrant title way, It has been taking place across the country. What's very surprising is you might think, look put your minds, I, what do you think of when you think of illegal immigrants? The latest caravans? That's not it! and we had someone on the ground who, by the way, gun trouble with the authorities for filming, even though he had the right to so. I just want you to stay. to infer that will promote someone after the youtube dump on watch on rumble and from cancer. We discussing today as well. So Let me ask you this
You know what they're my limited to just introduce everybody. First, when you hear this, you know you know who it is. He's gonna, be account complex of november fifth, oklahoma city, Oklahoma, mister john fire stein her you morning, I'm good site overthrow cancer. Secondly, assessments not really a segment I mean it never is like the n gerald visit to mar a lago right now and I believe, we'll be doing debate stream next week too. So we might like some exclusive interviews on there. So that is why Josh is in kind of second year and then in third chair. When you hear this, it's perhaps crowder. How are you I'm great. It's more of a deep dive. Josh segment like that, we're gonna, get wet folks, feta cheese. Sorry, we may see Gerald big idea, nobody there,
that my father would come on the shore and make it worse. People listening on audio in four minutes, you're going to retroactively, go: oh god, So I guess I have a question for you before I run this clip well do you think that most husbands are upset let's say their wives created only fans. There's a problem right now throughout the country is an epidemic. I guess I should say that really is just happening guys are getting upset. And how would you react? I guess if you are a husband and wife, is that something that you would consider? I guess if you needed to pay the bills because there's been going viral but there's a few dynamics at play here. former nba player Joe Psmith he found out and then his wife has a good. Does videotaped his reaction are fulfilled and sorry it's not videotaped some iphone camera. Recently videotape film anyways, I dare say a throwback
She found her husband's reaction when he found out that she had in only fans and he reacted in a way that shouldn't be surprising. it doesn't have the page and he's mad because he's just now finding out about it, cause I'm not doing it with anybody, but my thoughts. My mind, the company I was talking to about mad things. I've been asked in person, it was just and why solution not an apple pause, a better wait! The
he's referring to is Joe Smith's guide on how to not be a lying whore, that's going to have a bias with his book. Did it make to have tendency? Matt was an amazon bestseller, but it wasn't new york times on Oprah's reading lynette one note yeah, although our next segment is one of our favorite things, let's continue breaking me off, no matter what they bring you all the disrespect, Will you come and talk to me about? Ok? Well, we're talking about it. Ok If Syria may live around it was when you're caught. It does not have an apple in two. In the front of my team started. At that time, it was. The apples were promised office with ample aura. Here's the problem it used to be an end? You guys can come and below, and I understand none. This one was an adult video star before he married her. Ok, so guys you need to make better decisions. You can't be ex me. You can't be surprised as its
spected. If you married someone who was an adult thumb star, ok, now for the rest of the guys who do run into these situations, and we ve run these clips before, where all of a sudden, the wife, starting only fans or a girl it used to be if you're, one of those guys in you used to say you you're going to pick up marry a stripper or a hooker, can you kind of accept you're. Ok, our you were a guy who wanted a nice womanhood not those enough. You can be a nice one, but you wanted a non stripper. Let's put it that way. I want a section you wanted to non hooker as as someone when you talk about the betrothed. Ok, but it's ok! You marian isolate you. You know, I got a nice wife amount owed, she's a strip or now I guess that's just changed. You're a hook you weren't now she is hot, that change is the entire landscape that if a man Its upset, the video- if it by the way, you know she wasn't filming and he would have been way and rightfully so yeah
he knows you can't go, he can say what he wants to is famous in these honour is unlikely jane, a pink it at her, except he wants, but its very different, what's wrong, which what is wrong? It ain't? Nobody wants to see to it that I just all. That's like. I said that she would be worse to throwing crap a vase. Would Against the wall at some point in time, so Surprisingly Joe smith, left the house, but this woman. The perfect angel that she is a subtle, placing the blame on him. Yes, the first question is. Where's how our, whereas doing where's joe. he's pretty per stopping me. So he's dead. I think he's only sisters. I do have so to gonna be? Ok, let's move over here website working director, almost data so I just have one day when I had to do
and he do it. So I had you and I'm sorry you knew I was an adult video star when you met me. So if my in the, if allergy anything from our survival, then what makes you think that would change you should have paid attention when your teacher told you that able of the frog in the porn actress Oh, I remember that one. I was asleep when you rescued me, so my question is used Who do you think is to blame here again that there's a dynamic that she was an adult videos? Ok, fine got it, but the issues complete lack of accountability notice. How you'll hear this a lot with people who those five fingered this out in san francisco it's. Why had to do what we were gonna get kicked out. My civil yeah case? It's his fault. He wasn't pay the bills, he wasn't so he's he's doing nothing, he's not control and the only way the only way to pay the bills. when you're married to a former nba star was too
sell yourself naked online, pornographic there's, no other option. It's all I know line up. What am I supposed to get get a job at a library might have learned to shut up as there are libraries, but as a couple it's all. I know what you don't know that good, that's what would have happened if the camera wasn't running and I cannot believe it's his fault, it's his fault, and so now we have to accept it accepted. However, cards may like I've got this. spots on ever she's elderly rob, like you, added? She had a lake. She said she had a link for months yeah. He didn't even though he's not even looking at her instagram he's had he was
As a mother girl at it they're both yeah, it seems like they may. Maybe they deserve each other, but there are left him and took some money with her now and in context, though marley was a porn star to begin with, I mean he knew what he was yeah. He didn't know he was being filmed today. Did he know he's being filmed or streamed tim I assume you can, of course only we saw he's he's out there. Is did he say is what did I just Oh hey! I do not agree with this decision now then. I do not respectfully and then you might think that it would be best for the family unit. If you shut up answer, my Let me I'm marrying dickens and corn start right away. He reacted as like. East she's done this before yeah yeah the camera, there's no privacy anymore. As the issue there's no privacy like this is the thing a marital dispute. I mean we lived through with it with Johnny depp an amber heard, and then everyone else found out o with context. What they knew was wrong and
it's an entire talk, guy have a big big star some point was here good player, I dunno, I never was wearing a golden state warriors shirt, so I gotta assume he was like a bench player on the team yeah I dunno he made the show, but doesn't mean he's, you know still wealthy, but he's thrilled with our choice. Naturally, this next study so again, where is the pity thirteen show for children, but this is true: a new study shows that a kind of this is now the leading cause of throat cancer or doctors are discussing this. According to some new research, the higher incidence of americans engaged an oral sex, specifically cunnilingus there is a greater risk of oral hpv contraction and now statistically, leads to a higher probability risk of developing cancer. Then smoking tobacco or hard alcohol use scams maneuver. It is now being referred to as the god hate
lesbians, but loves black guys, research yeah, it's a sliver of respect. The black guys were standing there. True, that's a manifest destiny that survival of the fittest by the way he pointed out, but it hasn't been hit. Yet you see this that you took dumbarton means had on over to other means? Had another two rumble and of course I will continue in my group today gave william in your chats. Then we have some we have some exclusive footage today from the latest migrant caravan fiasco what's happening in new york city, and you never know, you never know with youtube, they might have you strike, they might tell you to remove it, even though its well within
the parameters of the law. So you may see that by quite a bit today. Ok can we send their that decoupling a story? Can I get a link send that wife and I think that what you like, Joe smith, video you like you're, safe I should have used the other terrorist, more pixels husband, divide my mom jokes today, tat s all right, so former vice president Biden. You know we grow right. You know that now that we ve talked about the hunter Biden story, that's been suppressed, ok, but it doesn't example of I guess you? they corroborating research that the media has been fundamentally an interesting covering at all. Now this just about hilarity, that his son wears an ascot and smokes parmesan cheese. This is about the tat, the man sitting in the oval office napping in the oval office. Has used his office uses vice presidential office back then, for
political gain in a way that is undoubtedly corrupt and illegal. You would think the media would be interested in this member watergate member. The errand our committee was about tap water that nothing media silence. So, first, let's set this up all references available at www, dot, com. This is a new lawsuit by these southern lee foundation. It's real Joe Biden sent eighty two thousand emails, pseudonyms. During his tenure as vice president and As far as we have seen, and Actually ask you to help out here, because we ve looked at me haven't level if anything, so far. Only fox business is broadcast it it's a sterling about eighty two thousand emails they produce fourteen they have eighty one thousand nine hundred and eighty six more to go, but this is it how many it is Joe Biden used a fake name too. Could that government business on his government email? So here we have a president that use a fake name.
a pseudonym in a government email at least eighty two thousand now for four context: Hillary's private server. It only had thirty three thousand emails sort on my own, eighty thousand emails. largely with pseudonyms and endowed with some of the systems have raised, concerns themselves. Regarding him leading a double life it turns out. He took us I gig as charles e cheese and he also works temporarily in good humour, delivery. Man, and as we of has movement as a nigerian prince asking for money and I'm more sad. If that's true, to come on, I'm with myself for sending money well, western union. Didn't am I value your degenerates, alan? Yet why do you dress efforts and email he's out of mangi velocity
a convincing! Yes, ok! So here's a lot of the content is unknown. That's part of what we want to just cover it? Yes, really wanted to a see if we can get more information on its content in pc, how the media would cover it. So here's what we do know as far as what is included in these emails, there's em, there's emails, others there there are emails that coincide. I should say that at least the right now, twenty fortune nineteen, you know hunter served on the board of britain. That seems to be who these e mail some information. Regarding that twenty fifty, with a view, Pierre John flynn included hunter on e mails far. Going show former vice Joe Biden's threats to withhold aid. From ukraine. Again, bereavement, ukraine, right company hunter, serves on that board for people who don't remember, and then you Joe Biden, threatened to with the aid at this same period of time, and I went over, I guess the twelve thirteen time to keep
and I was gone supposed to announce that there is another billion dollar loan guarantee and I had gotten a commit from portion anko and from watching you did. They would take action against the state prosecutor and they did so. in the end of their walk out prescott, show us allow marketing or we're we're not going to give it a billion dollars. I said no authority you're, not the president, the presidency. I should call em I'm telling you not getting a billion dollars right. Now remember. This is why I think this is the year the prosecutor he's referring to his is vector shokhin right who was dismissed eventually so this all ties in two hunter vine investigations going on twenty Sixteen there are at least ten emails at sea seed hunter by comes from a new york post, it says at least ten missives were sent between may eighteenth and june fifteenth point. Sixteen in seed first son hunter binding with one twenty six notifying hunter of a scheduled phone call. The next day between the vice president and you
indian president, petrol, preferring approach anko. I may not pronounce properly and others archives said that it will quote produce not exempt files on a monthly rolling basis going forward, and rumour has it that over two thousand amendment obama asking to be let out of the white house laundry room, so we don't know thanks. so think, hey corruption, right that should be like catnip for the media, corrupt an international. It's basically of james bond was a geriatric I would like to see that movie- and here is the kind of outrage that you see from the media yesterday when this happened and through today, as he covering the story. As you would imagine, nonstop we turn out.
In a BBC news exclusive involving former president trump and nuclear secrets. Closing arguments are expected to take place today in the trial of stx founder sandbank been phrase. The united states congress began this week with the speaker of the house and both of its chambers in session. Britain's king, charles and queen camilla are in kenya for a state visit. Sorry, I screwed up I showed you the opposite of that now: story yeah well yesterday, or can CNN Msnbc a b c abc see NBC cover the story. Guess how you not comment below pause if using an audio guess zero times, not not one now, facts don't exist in a vacuum. Let's contrast that provides in contacts with the treatment of president trumps documents, we're learning today that trumps lawyer has receipts and that special jack's men, allures overseas,
the trunk handling of classified documents after he left office for months. Mr refused to return the documents, despite multiple request that lead to array of his moral, a estate back in august tonight, storage shake up in the race for the wider pots, they do that, or did we do that that shake. I hope we did, that we read and not do that that Jacob. Would you look at the sketch that was that gerald in the background yeah someone of the opposite goes to shake and bake while you're fired, but I, like the etch a sketch thing marla rosy, then storage room Where's waldo, I have no idea is worrying his tax. Alright, let's continue. I just was bothered by religion new screen. There was an intern more president trump facing federal
criminal charges begin tonight with breaking news. We have obtained what is expected to be a central piece of the government's case against donald trump. The act audio recording recording of the former president talking as if he is showing a highly classified document on you as war plans against iran, and by the way. Yesterday morning, cnn with Can the eighty two thousand new emails under pseudonyms. We must present Joe Biden, streamlining seamen was still covering the document need. I tell you this because you'd watch and think. Oh that's four months ago now you today morning when the story broke, CNN wasn't covering this present crook of hearing the morrow logo classified documents case lawyers for former president tromp expected a formal make another attempt to try to delay this until after the election. Nothing trump has repeatedly complained to the judge that they haven't had proper access to classified evidence in the case as they prepare for the trial. So eighty two
that just to be clear. Eighty two thousand emails under pseudonyms We did our own search, not just on air. We say these websites, nothing, here's proof. In an amazon bc, ABC Cbs, NBC. and I'm going to ask you please come at europe. This is crowd sourcing. This crowd sourcing information, run your own searches for the buying email stories on this from yesterday on these mainstream outlets. Let me know what you find comment below and hitler if you'd rather watch paint dry than than than than cnn. At this point, you can hit that like fuck. It helps with the algorithm, but imagine that's nothing. People trying to me and corporate medium and they try make it sound like it's right wing because of corporations. Again cnn MSNBC, ABC Cbs, NBC, nothing, nothing They all received an email from charles each cheese. Yes, get highly, not run the story. Has it isn't carter! You open up, you're, saying your birthday yeah! It's not news like nothing that would
We have now is news hour and then, and then later gaslight you and say also we what happened to legitimate news in this country innocent people who didn't cover this level of corruption. With these sitting vice president, and at the same time also to Joe rogan, was taking a horse medication and then demands it. Big tech: three companies fetch and determined misinformation basin. But of course, the white house as well are federal government and you Msnbc Cnn Cbs Abc Nbc, nothing and then they hell. Can you believe that donald trump, so the media is the enemy yeah, and this isn't just to conservatives dont. Does it not matter at this point this directly affect national security. This actually that's your day to day life, especially when you're talking about over a hundred billion dollars committed to ukraine, Just what does it take it? Isn't it
political parties that points about down yourself into country, be deceived, yeah, We were this is that we know every single mistake. The donald trump has ever met. We know all about it. We know. Every single mistake we don't know about Two thousand emails the price, the largest there, that hunter worked, on the border charisma for five years, I thought it was a short stint in one they kind of slapped us and he was off but five years and he largely worked from home yeah never sure He was a very much longer than you don't crack noise died out. I mean you know he's pro, you still don't my crack every now and then shot who doesn't. He was entered another three years after they fired the the prosecutor workers at that point, ok! Obviously I guess I'm through the worst, So I will have remained a month talk eminency, speaker, Michael Johnson, holding his first formal news conference and the reason for that same when it comes to access them. That's your look
right. That's what he learn that there there too said in that they have to make on their own, but our decision is the reason we pulled it from the Israel is that of a pilot money, sixty seven billion dollars it sitting over there too. reverse, build up and and higher new iris agents and the rest. If you'd have to look at this, the scope and the importance of our commitments. Right now, my belief, is that these this dire situation in Israel is so important all right. Well, I'm glad that he but we'll see how that develops, but I'm glad that he's talking about building up the irs's mean it's. It's talked about how remarkable the media is at lying. People, no one likes the ira's yeah like if people knew that do you say eighty seven billion dollars at eighty, seven billion dollars was going to refer, the irish. No one would be on board with that. So what happens as they just don't really covered? They give you a fact check. Nope that say now there are not going to be eighty some thousand new irs agents employ
but they're, not all agents, that's it! That's all you get so not just the stories that they lie to you about it, what they choose not to cover. That's the most corrosive form of lie would say happens in the media. The most consistent lie. The every single day is just what they choose absolutely not to cover before you say that we're biased assert. Yes, we absolutely I just don't like you about it. We provide references. but the lincoln description. I of course unbiased. I revile? The left? It's not. this data is not enough to just believe in the country you, two revile? What people are doing to the country? At this point, you have to have great dismay. In fork. If we're going to change anything, that's why I don't try and fake middle ground it. But you know speaking of corruption, and what the media chooses not to cover. We want you tell us about it. You can send your tips to elderly easy tips at proton male dot com. This is what my club The ports, if you guys, are not members lot of credit. I come such my club you get to. I'm a show every day you get a friday show Alex Jones on friday. You get an active part
every day, hot twins, Brian Cowen, MR guns and gear, and you support a lot of these endeavours that, frankly, if this was just business, wouldn't make sense, but it matters is impact on the country, so we, an undercover investigative unit and Did you send something and will protect our source, but their lives or people here, when you go to jail to protect their source, so you will be your privacy is paramount. Us. Let me set this up as far as this story a bit of a refresher, so another huge caravan of illegal? When we and then I want to say: no human beings are illegal. You not just illegal people, they're, making your regular irregular atypical, unmonitored actually know we're gonna get to they. Having honours that's what they do. We pay for anko monitors so another caravan illegals is making its way to our southern border, to take advantage of the open border policy and right now we actually gasp having exclusive clip at the southern border.
The run clip sorry the net, the newest clip endlessly peaceful of migrant caravan, a cure, the estimated five thousand migrants are heading north, The? U s the movement, the heels of a record breaking year for migrant encounters along the south west border in recent city leaders experiencing a spike in migrant crossings sought support from the federal government or so before. I did refresher on what has been happening in our country with illegal immigrants and how its crisis. While you know what this is, my club, undercover. Ok, so remedial how bad, as the border policy been ok
and will give you some contrast to again facts. Don't exist in just a vacuum, comparing this with donald trump presidency, where I also wonder what point do we say? Ok, all right. It's gotten worse. The economy international turmoil certain are our policy at the border. So, since january, twenty twenty one that approach only seven million encounters at the southern border. Now that's a record is too Twenty three alone, there have been two point: four, eight million encounters at the southern border. Again, a record now Just go to a month september twenty three children, sixty nine thousand seven hundred and thirty five encounters at the southern border. Again, a record this four times. Four times, The monthly arrivals com air to under president trumps watch under president from flush, the average monthly encounters with from forty One thousand now we're somewhere around one hundred and seventy nine hundred and eighty thousand
to give you some scale, raising vitally important more illegals than the population of thirty five states, thirty four, stake now, ten years Rosa before in your minds. I, when you illegal immigrants- and you rightfully think this It has left his labelled you as racist, you, probably of that's not it, you think of an ex immigrants crossing the border, with these numbers: twenty two thousand of them from january to january, to September twenty three chinese generally two september venice hundred sixty thousand venezuelan fish. one thousand people from the middle east as dangerous, and these by the don't gotta ways and I'm pretty sure that there are a lot of because they really dont, want these numbers getting out, and now you have the fbi warning of arrests coming through the border. I thought I was mostly families. Yes,
was most, if all that, guy right, mostly women and children, terrorists can be families, do they can't so that they can be families, especially through middle aged military mail and single related hitler loved his kids at their bad hitler back. it would just everyone knows: hitler better anytime reference, hitler, hitler, hitler, very bad so here's chris ray and I have to say, f b, I director, because you wouldn't believe it unless I said so, but you know this if you looked at him like no way yeah He warned american about Hamas inspired terrorism just this week. The reality is that the terrorism threat has been elevated throughout twenty two, three, but the ongoing war in the Middle east has raised the threat of an attack against americans in the united states to hold another level. You don't you just wish that you could actually get these people in like a deposition,
second, you said that there was no crisis at the southern border. You said that it was not an issue that relate to national security and now, when poetic expedient you say: well, there could be Hamas like tears. What does all even saying not on all you are just racist, will know all on a second people have the right to have the right to be concerned about illegal. Second image. Coming to this country, they have the right to be concerned about estrogen. They have the right to be upset about climate, a southern, but they also have the right to. concerned and, I would say, It fully. So we're going. terrorists going through the boar regarding people coming from any country who don't respect or appreciate the west civil, the american way of life. They absolutely you Well them as racist its racist only as it relates to national security, but it always relates to national security. So just If you more context here- and this is where we go to what is a school people. Your hard at work. Marcobrunner cover lobbies the coming from from african countries like like Senegal getting and then also the middle east, china, we
the montage here. I believe this is from my club undercover at its root, concerning and then we have a lot more and even more. Concerning throughout the sediment, you'll see the authorities police. There's people who are supposed to look out for you instead running interference for them, so
from what we had a baby. I won't cetera just now that I know just how do people from africa coming as about me, I sent it off the last boss. I saw that in an area where that is,
we were talking before so you landed in mexico, then how did you get to this cold place? And why? And how did you get here? They do that. Immigration? california wow so to these people are part of the These caravans, right now going to new york city now. Let's say southern texas. where they basically get the fly. Direct and I go new york city. There hopping over the border and There's no real way to track it, so this going to be the least severe. This is going to be the mildest group. migrants that you can see as far as as as our whither coming from giving you a sample size. So you have Gl migrants, who are now going by the busload arriving and occupying hotels in new york city, and I mean occupying like the rest
all right the people who are especially looking out for you- and this is why I am also not one of those just back the blue period, because you have good police nearby. Police, and unfortunately in cities where there is corruption. You end up with those in charge those with authority who, then looking out for you, are taking part in the systematic abusing you. They were not happy the authorities in new york with our undercover units, filming
The lottery that annoy you take what we can. You can stand there and we don't get in my way. You're not going to be on camera, don't go to the bar for took every standard, call the police to get off your elite one if you're going to get in our way. I can't help it I'm trying to film in there you're in my way, don't touch me, do not tell the truth. If you don't get it my way, I won't tell me with that. Is it and you're, something it gets even worse have to provide some context here. There have been based Finally, these gangs, who use scooters, which sounds hilarious, etc.
Yeah suits boots, go to the fight, the hubbard, crips yeah. Sure they've actually been the vehicle of choice for a lot of criminals in new york city. You've probably read some headlines regarding this. Some of them call them mopeds. Scooters mopeds Why are they just a scooter is an easy getaway. It's you snatch a purse or you committed and boom. You can get off and they just believe them. Sometimes. So here you have our undercover unit finding. a large group, a cash. If you will of scooters legally parked outside the hotel and you would think: hey here's a tip off officer. These legal scooters, illegals, party, police, just you take the scholars because that's about ten or those yours very illegally parties, but we'll get tickets you'll get it
we're going five over They crime wave in your city, it as well occupant, acknowledged by the police department of scooters, ARI, are the transportation, vehicle of choice, which again it's hilarious, but true, there's nothing happens. The guy was nodding in the video. It's like these are illegal screws yeah. I don't think he was a cop or not sure, but there was three other police. Are york and in the winter yeah? This is your vehicle. Is it isn't needs is a guy who appreciate a good vehicles, for that in new york, the busy the busy hassling people sitting down at the train station they? Yes, there very hassling those people die in front. be asking ada. Oh yeah yeah. I thought you like those lime scooters where the illegals have to tap their government issued credit card to
I saw that we might go. Oh yeah. That, though, that's a that's what you called double dipping that using an abt card for a lime scooter and knocking over a liquor store. You know what game respects game I paid for your felony. Claire those new tap guards. Europe pays bear with that. That's right up others, nobel in your nobel. You don't need you need a pail. You don't need to unless you're, unless you're, a white guy who committed a misdemeanor, so if you're thinking this is. This is a consistent pattern. Outside of the unit. it really the largest immigration court in the united states, this federal plus in new york city, the lines for these illegal might they were extraordinarily long. I think we ve had that right. We spent the supper the timely, because I don't want to waste your time all the references are about and by the way will release these clips and their full contacts on twitter on acts those places? So you can follow me there, but we have to
shortness for the sake of a programme the ok that look sped up yet deadlines as long as you're makes exactly? Let's just say, this was added it out of context but it is opened a new our biggest up. Yes, They were there begging smear lurie coffee day, and here's some may not make sense to you and it shouldn't so some of these migrants were sent to new york city from California and they wear what at first glance, Fiona hall. Second, are those ankle monitors, spoiler? Yes, but I'll explain why?
after California gave me those ITALY as well as raising oh yeah, hey, I'm glad that and take it off yes right and the one of the officers they actually confer one of our cameramen there when he found out the migrants had anko monitors well there, They were ushered right in here you. I love you As you know about the reason yeah. Is it a california communist alike? There was a data why they do the gps, it's crazy. The monitors like why do that on ice
his eyes in California. So if people are asking questions as to why these economic strategy is part of a programme called firm f. I m the family expedited removal management, and it was created back in may. I think I may have twenty twenty three specifically for families right with, and to exploit processing, whether their admitted or whether they end up being sent back. That's what they claim was allegedly for expedited removal. however, through may and august, I believe in the numbers that we have yeah bring up CBS. May, through august only eighty out of twenty eight hundred people were deported. now, here's the thing this is designed for families. There are no children in this video none people who are wearing these ankle bracelets. Now you might Ok, maybe they're not around! At that point, I didn't see wedding rings, I cultural differences, but the can I'm also comes with some restrictions.
what I'm is not being outside. Eleven p m to five m ripe comes like a curfew people there were line it to em, just to be clear, at about one year ago, single adults with ankle monitors were part of what was called an alternative to detention programme, which me yeah instead of repercussions for crimes right this way. So that was some that we also to deal with. So none of this makes a lot of sense. Its muddled and the authorities are running interference. You see there, you have the national guard and then, police officers, who at best, have no idea what's going on and at worst are in a betting, what chrysophora just said was based We are a national security risk, so again be allowed, never it's never again allow them to try to force you to feel guilty for wanting people to sign the guest book on the way into this country. You have no idea you have no idea was coming in and beautiful. Let's say you do have an idea as to who is coming and then you have bumbling
government bureaucracy who is incapable, enforcing their own laws. and this is new york city. Think about that Things happening in EL paso, half of what is happening on our southern border. So much my questions you, it is surprising to you. But it's not just people coming in from mexico, but people from across the world using mexico as an entry point and do you think that we are due for? I know me asked before people said unlikely: do you think that going to be a terrorist attack or that its possible here on american soil, considering the record number two hundred the two in eighty thousand two sixty nine thousand just in the month of september last month to us again and then when a pest gun legislation right yeah. So we really do appreciate those who been doing this work for us and again send us your team.
Especially if you work in a government agency, we ve been working with some on some other stories, senator elderly relatives at proton, male dot, com, You are the eyes and ears everyone, that's what andrew bright percent when he talked about he wanted to watch journalism as it was. For two he was saying traditional back then legacy media die. He said you have an iphone. You have a smartphone, give a camera camera. Wherever you go, you are now the media. You are now journalism. and we want to make sure that we do right by you. This has been my club. Undercover the Why are? We always have to make sure we do justice to those clips on our mics rough, but to any any of that to surprise you, I'm surprised that our people point the monitors to them. Then the cop comes up and gives fast, pass right away when I realized there, but he doesn't even know what it means now or a different a by this.
it seems it seems that none of them really know what's happening. Are they all kind of chubby, puerto ricans or just a well? You know who to this I realise that that crime doesn't pay maybe part of the below had about how we We dallas back. This is so scary, so yeah yeah a massive call. Us racist, you're racist. As you don't want mexicans going across the border. You want brown people coming across the border, that's not it at all I what want little, let going to cross a border out be devastated if somebody come came across the border bomb. A mall, shot up Amal or something in EL paso Ninety percent mexican american and mexicans with visas were heard or killed. Thou devastate cordial. What about race? That's correct, like that arguments, crazy man, oh yeah, and the crazy thing too is in these sanctuary cities. We didn't change my mind, you know who that negatively affects it, affects blah abiding citizens and a lot of those things, because criminals use them as ways, and so we had a lady her. Let's call her
when we were doing. I change our minds that helped you took me said ass, her fate to be pushed, how how can a report these our common neighbours. Now we have a lot of a lot of the migrants entering in there's crime? Remember that you know, I don't know how to report them are in a sanctuary city and the truth is, I didn't fully have an answer. I didn't know the process and by the way I certainly can't still confidence in her that they want, then what we? be back out on the street and looking to find out who snatched was at a new scenario. You are unaware of, because I was I remember, watching them thinking. I didn't think about that and you think about being in the culture of the same of the immigrants at her come, and I mean I was aware of it existing, but I certainly didn't know the steps that she, it'd take to best protect herself. While she You'll have to live in that neighbour. That somebody, you guys, don't you you have to think about and often with the same it's the same type of Problem that into the dynamic, when they return talking defining the police, would you that naturally affects the most. The law abiding citizens and crime ridden areas. It's the people who want to get out of the south,
of Chicago yeah. Let's call what is largely black. They eventually want to get out, but right now they still have to be there there stuck there there a teenager their stuck. There and because of you, privilege, white government, the government bureaucrats well we're going to we're going If on the police that kid is now worse off that kid just have to he s, to watch this I can now ok just survive until I get to the point where I can get out of here, because now, men and area, that's riddled with crime and There's, no one coming to help me. What you get ray cities. It's what you get with defining the police you get it it's all. Under the guise of compassion, right century cities compassion for the police compassion right there too? police. Are racist, and these people are seeking a better life the left. It really is. It comes down to its raising a child, giving them everything they want. That's not compassionate! It's a symptom of puberty, purely blockers and and sex change reassignments. That's you just given
kid what they think they want, but they don't actually know what they want and aspires by the way, if you're, allowing one child to get what they want, and it harms the rest of your family. If you have three or four other children, that's not compassionate. What part of There's that you are seeing there seems to be. Check and all the boxes of compassion, even if they come here illegally, make they get the ankle, bracelet removed, but kind of a life. Do you think? That's that's going to be were seen. These people become less compassionate yeah in the cities. It's only a matter of time before parliament it before it is too late, but It's a matter of time before they go, oh yeah. We need to yeah. We need to do something about this right, yeah, it's it's a it'll, be we should have And out of osha, what occurred of judah would have cut of people say all hell, I'm a second. We talk about this to change our minds, but also Actually, you know immigrants here are the most Binding group that exists, I'm sure Michelin broken pulls up? No, that's not true. That would be actually conceal carry holders, but
do as they throw together the list of legal immigrants and illegal immigrants, That's not the same thing. Of course. If someone came here legally, generally are people who now we are on the books, and so they can be the accountable for their actions, but they were to be a part of the united states. They went through a legal process. There naturally likely to be more law abiding. then someone who hasn't they don't want to lose that paper, baby labour, but then, when you factor to you, take into account the elite, migrants that this is a very hard number two to come up with we don't know how many illegal immigrants there are right. That's the math! That's a math trickery that they pull there are many times more likely. Some studies have them four times more likely. Some studies have them up to thirteen times more likely to commit violent crimes, but there no study when accounting for illegal immigrants that shows anything than several multiple several multi.
a higher rate of violent crime, likelihood. Ok, who does not have and this is why you're seeing a reshaping of the map in politics. This is why people are surprised that oh homesick and a lot of voters don't feel like, like the democratic powers, is representing us, but yeah, because even before you get to the fact that you put them at risk, their physical safety, A lot of them are losing jobs to people who are coming from countries who will work for sixteen cents a day in a sweatshop. They don't want to they don't want to lose at first. You call them racist. I also want to see their nephews head on a total I think it's scary. Those numbers are, you know their incentivize to suppress them right. There can be waived. Got a ways that numbers way bigger. Of course, So, even though we had a term gotta get away what we call em we're gonna way I want, to be honest, was a town in Israel. Yes, I could be and it could be it at least yeah a big town.
You never forget the m thirteen who got away that was my luck, could have been those look man. was true homes. You? Wouldn't worldwide names most weed, I don't think so, bro or lowrider. When I hit the switches pop pop me anonymous re, you know, and I thought like what's her name holmes yeah, she said what I said the six year dog yeah by Do your bottom buttons on that? But what are you thinking row row? Well, as it looks like a lay flat. What are you going hundred like a bass pro your button and all your buttons road? It's a thought, button, yeah, alright! Speaking of compassion, we are going to have a man here for my club chat, has none gay, william.
and This is as good a time as any to let you know if you're watching on rumble click that button, where you get to chat with a with all of us. It's chat thursday, but certainly gay william. If you're watching on youtube, there's nothing I can do for you hit the like button, helps with the algorithm gay william. How are you, sir, good morning, I'm good? How are you where you were just doing the the drag queens? good boys, again accidental It was an ugly drag queen. I know that Joe Louis didn't want to go anywhere near yeah, we're going to scare you his tail stop wagging. He just looked at me. Yeah and his tail never stops never stops wary. That was honestly a marvel. Alright, we're going to take some shit. You guys have to have a lot of questions for gay, william and, of course, just like every service you're going to be at breakdown coming Yes, in a lonely city, this sunday who say they city breakdown carbon clangs. Why was this
I am thinking here of the good work we do somehow motives. It'll be a great at sea and gerald is gonna, be back. I think. Next week we will be doing a stream of the debate. I believe Wednesday, but we We may have some exclusive, maybe some special, but I I don't I don't know yet the lawyers always tell me, you can't say things until you confirm all the things, and so this is Let's just go to chat on my club, where I feel, like I'm judge less. Thank you. Rumbled. to piss off
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