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WAKE UP! Columbus Police Shooting of #MaKhiaBryant​ Was JUSTIFIED!


No sooner was the Derek Chauvin verdict announced than the media started trying to create a new story. We take you to Columbus, introduce you to Ma’Khia Bryant, and expose all the things the media’s lying about. We also give our thoughts on the Chauvin trial. Can someone say “mistrial”? Also, the cringiest liberal reactions to the results.

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my reaction to the announcement of the the verdict yesterday, but other tastes like tastes, like justice, really it tastes like justice, unaffected by the power of Mobutu Liliana from hey, where we have a lot to talk about today with you. We obviously have to doubt whether they are cha, vain and George Floyd of deepening shut up in a job, and you know it to torment- must take that thing off. My might get his message me up. We fix the air conditioning sound and now downs, like I just bizarre, even here, like ever said, Emily dead silence with Look was dummy, yep and return, it gets quiet. This can be the lady into the stairs. So we have a lot to talk about. We have the Derek Chapman trial. Of course, what happened? Columbus, Ohio? We were a little late today because we have some evidence that a lot of people didn't wait for sorry about. If the governors and Gregg fell. Does a lot of people are not to be outdone by Nancy policy? Look there's we're going to be a mistrial will be talking about that too, and I want to hear from all of you. What do you think are the most? I guess
He would say valid ground for Mr Alber go through four. Five reasons that is likely to happen just comment below, but first Joe Lazy, her! You I'm! Well. How do you know? I know I mourn for America, but I'm happy to justice was served rifle that's that's. The word of today is justice. Yes, just just despite its just a start, haven't heard just start, it's a start of justice, not the mid point not the end, its the start of guys, so we ought to make sure we understand. This was really about George fled their job. It was about the start of something new when another two billion dollars in damages and now the address and hundreds of people deadened hundred boxer casualties, but who knows tomato riot? Guard is here with me entries, heroism, Nike, so tat in his wallet he's black and we land out day of your show, coming up a high. I do this week and I want to be at the Cairo befalls funny. Stop
in Ohio Gray Club honestly like it when they name comedy clubs, funny anything right now. Let's assume it hey, hey funny! Stop enough to try so hard, just put yourself just be the man who owns it is Larry yet easier of any man. All the time, just like I dont go on cereals in my club, air, but you repeat yourself. Yes, right before we get to everything else, men, people lousy. Let's start with this here now, the policy thanked. George Floyd, the Spirit of George Floyd. I guess the powers that be George Floyd. I know you would think this was fake news and I read it. I read the transcript, but I thought that can't be right. She's, not you not that far around the bend, turns out you she thanked George flaw. for sacrificing himself Virgil. Stiff this may be the now this
several of the stupidest thing, she said, there's something that she said. That's offended leftist, the most but dumb with good reason, ranking by sacrificing your life for gas. for being there, your mom, how how heartbreaking was that all out for your mom. I can't read, but because of you and because of thousands millions million Vorhees resize world who came out for justice, your name will always be synonymous with justice. Thank you the food we eat. Thank you for the birds at thing. Thank you Floyd for everything. I cannot believe that this is her prayer and thanks. However, she looked audience like. Thank you, George. While she was gonna port of forty, but that idea Madame IBM, she was about to pull it out me, the lady of car, behind one of etiquette
You, George Floyd, forsake! Listen where were you line up whether whether you think that this verdict is is correct, justice or not? No one should be thanking Loading sacrifice himself. Now he didn't mean it that she's, just she so out of touch she's thinking. She wanted to thank the six million Jews, the Holocaust, for thank you for keeping the lights on. Thank you, Nicole, Brian Simpson, for letting us know OJ is a killer. Yes, you without letting us know we would have never known. Thank you. Victims of Jeffrey Dahmer for teaching us that diets hi and saturated ass fat. It's not a muttering! Thank you. Dahmer! Thank you, adrenal chrome, for keeping me alive, but these have decent equated. This guy would like the soldier the jumps on the grenade. The save as platoon ride like that we come on this guy, didn't sacrifice anyone here. The t, his name will not be associated with justice. It'll be associated with being a criminal right at me.
What you'd you dont have to memorialize this guy's, though he were a saint in right, they're doing its and say, look no one to Saint in this, whether it's out Shovin or Floyd, but none of them seem like great guys, but we did. We do look before anyone. We did at least have a time in this country at all. You are good all do what good, what or whatever There was a time in this country where we at least would look at and say: ok, cereal, violent Phelan, someone who repeatedly harmed their fellow man and woman targeted a woman at home alone with their child and gang robbed. Her then, was continuing to do drugs pass counterfeit bills, vile and his whole. It probably was going to be a danger to the community for a long time, and we would balance that with the appropriate level of police authority in force. But now we have moved to a society that it entirely almost exclusively feels empathy, and praises criminals. This legal had up with guys you're going to end with a society that doesnt protect good guys from bad guys.
we want an open society that protects lie. Equally bad guys from potential vigilantes. That's that's where we're out right now. mobile move on and talk about all this, but not about awaiting their credit shop. That comes in wars when they fight like Healthcare. George Washington, not inciting violence like Maxine. What do you mean fight like hell, figuratively, go out, their information is Churchill available. Yet church has not available on treaty with Thank you, Sir a life show Monday through Thursday. By the way, to tell me, I mean that's the best way to just add tuna, because subscriptions don't work were demanded, as we don't show up and featured end up money that will be taking a chair. A little later on. Lot of Canada comes from Uclaf, ok, so this something else that emerged in the wake of, because I thought you know the good thing I thought and this kind of silly me when Barack Obama was elected by that hate. What least one good thing here is we'll, have re Oh healing that needs to take place and worked like a charm did not perfect all the heel, and I thought, maybe
With the shop and your people thought okay? Well, then there won't be any rioting and looting- and at least now we understand that listen before they even had the costs on shovin. There was another story that emerge and is still running by the way. Columbus Ohio, and this was trending red alongside abolish the police. It was never about Derek Shop and it was never about George Floyd. It was about abolishing the police. Now they're convert gather their pivoting to systemic racism, a piece in the mob is futile case in Point Columbus, Ohio K. There was sixteen year old girl market I'm probably get it wrong lesson here have a rough. I dont care, Mckibben, Marcie Mafia. Had a knife So, let's be clear. This is how it was sold. shot a sixteen year old girl, right, yeah girl, again, what racism people are even saying it. We can't even go on our without this happening and, of course it led to protests riots, violence, but- and I think it was a mistake,
The police department and Columbus Ohio because of the mob surrounding them release the body came footage yesterday. I don't think they should have, because I think what we ve now. At this trial is the mob goes. Oh, if we mob- and we protest, we committed a violence, will be praised by the President, will make sure that we get the verdict we want. If we model protest. We threaten the police department, their release, the body came, footage set it doesnt matter. The body came footage entirely. Vindicates this police officer: it sets a bad precedent it. Like giving candy two kids because they throw a tantrum. No, you don't get body came footage because you throw a tantrum. It goes through the time that is required. It goes through the process. However, that being said, they didn't try quell the violence, doesn't matter because it still training today on twitter and people still believe that it's not what it is, but it be, Yet turning the news and a snuff film- and it really is- and they did it in Detroit over the summer where they had to show body, can put its right of a kid who was shot by a police officer completely justified to prevent arrive.
and this girl was swinging a night sitting. They could use some analysis like what do you want? Do? Swash Buckler, like you, have to shoot her death, a knife and she's needs that flash can jump you between debt flat on the payroll, see that you are attacking you develop version of can have a weapon raw mother fucker. grandma less body just crucifying, so this is what actually happened now we know this is police body came footage it so that there is no better footage that we could find. This is recorded from a tv kind of like Seinfeld in death, but deathblow here is attempting to stab another girl before she is shot. I warn you for people who could be disturbing. It's not super clearing graphic, but still the mere concept of this is just
we're going to go. He saved your life, yet here he said well, if we're going to go back to a screen grab and second, the first the median barks didn't matter before before the I came for it was released and get it still twenty, because a body can put has been released and they don't care, and by that I mean the mob and I mean the media who incites the mob, who encourages map and the president and the vice president's we'll get to. Second. They claimed the media that thus far they reported that the girl me Catwoman here. Magua high, Kyar, heifer. All right look, I'm sure there's an option that tape, who would have a hard time with Landau
I know they would lend legally that she was the one who called the cops rent right. She was going to call the cops she was being abused. The lot of the ant claim that she had dropped the knife before the police ever shorter and then, of course, So please, Trinity, the result. You can find a click where someone tat you should just cause. She tried to stab you first off you're wrong. You can try instead, the cup second. right if someone is going to try and stop one than themselves for further be shot the where was this little worker during all this to tie now? Well, you know it's pretty tough, because we have this right here. Just to be clear, here's a still she was shot me Skype right. Not only do I think, that's justified, I would be more upset. Had the cup shot her now. Absolutely and by the way, put yourself in that girls position who was about to be stab? What do you want the Cotonou wreck, our
Software is supposed to just let things at all. What is this like hockey? Will let you go into you hit the ground and then, if you die, whoops are our bad. We could have saved your life he didn't do anything in she died, they'd, be pissed off about that right. This is an absolute need for violent acts, about saving the black ladys life in the pink in the pink sweatsuit or taking the life of the granted. We sixteen, but you didn't thirty pounds to the whole of the problem. It will get you in a second Jordan and thirty pounds swinging a belated weapon said she would have stabbed that girl. The only question is, would have been a fatal stabbing, ok, looking over the gut? Yes, is why police officers have guns? I couldn't user taser look assaulting people understand about taser. You want to know why taser isn't the best option picture picture gun Kay we, the bullets, are non lethal and you ve got one shot. That's a taser details are in a scenario is that they must all the time when a lady is actively stabbing right. A college girl has a knife she's getting kind of Maybe you don't
we have established a stab state of mind, ok, call the cops, you sure She is currently winding up to stab somebody. That is why police have guns, and that is exactly when they are required to shoot right now. Officers afraid to shoot people mid step. Is that country that you want and by the way, all of the things that don't matter, I hope it works. It hasn't way like you do. I have a plan, it doesn't matter if she called the cops doesn't matter if she was the one being attacked it. None of that matters the moment that you run out and start attacking one girl and then go for another one with a knife in here and now that matters in our your age doesn't matter what was happening a minute ago, there's a matter you're about to try to kill somebody, and you need to be stopped. I heard I also life. I had little cousin achievement on the kitchen was five years old: the knife, because tat parents, you didn't thank you enough tissue freaked out life,
I disarmed and my slapped him around a little bit, but it was a very scary for about six seconds. Anyone can hurt elsewhere the nightmare. Absolutely and look at what happened. I mean the reality, as is the girls being stabbed. She called the police there's a lot of stuff going on the other girls fifth door dash had just shown up real them ass. I am here to make delivering the lot fusion moves like a gazelle for that kind of weight. sorry, if you're mad, but now here is she was stabbing someone stabbing and what is now needed is like an old foreman. You know I mean she's like doesn't look the same, but she's got that power can still throw that overhand knife. Look. I named dollar kids George S get started hip invocation bell by the way, if you subscribe, because subscriptions don't necessarily work and the notification ballots. You know what things got that's Monday through Thursday every morning at ten. Ok now here something also to it. Doesn't matter what the truth is. The mother went on record
describing the daughter as mostly peaceful, Matthias, had a motherly nature about her. She promoting peace It s something tat I once and always be remembered to administer justice out, sacrifice a rooster. Aren't you When did I deserve it, vocational joy? They have helped to destroy the country. He s. A good work I said work. We appreciate, I hope you are on the receiving end of it one day. Well, they don't have. I believe said it said the mother is making good point. That's sad thing to say, but She wasn't motherly when she was Sweden, and I am sorry I have to judge her by that peer of tyre he's. I will tell you this look. George flowed. We talk about this in when I talk about like David, I disagree. We disagreed in this room, that's the beauty of it. Now we can have destroyed What's that a reasonable price? I forget I've always however, it was sad. Georgia did not.
to die? That's it you and was a tragedy. All the way around doesn't mean that someone is guilty of murder. However, here I feel I have gotten a limp zero parts, bad, how much maybe one part one one. one part per million zero parts per million. You are, simply trying to stab someone else. You must be shot. It is a requirement that you be shot at. It is a requirement. the criminals who think about stabbing. Someone else know that the very least if they happen to find themselves in this scenario where a police officer is called and he shows up mid stab. There should be the fear of being shot mid step, and I know all the stars have to align their your most likely gonna get away. one share virtue. Fear being should act as you stab report. I think that's justified I'd we may have disappeared and George Foot, I'm with you you're swinging a knife not only that you're putting it into another girls leg, and I do
figured sad, but at the time he wasn't looking at her going where she might be. Sixteen, I can't write, certainly cannot be the situation here. Come on what happened? Can somebody tell me who's on the right side of the staffing? Sixteen, our own image or other to true fits in teen, Benny Martin, I shouldn't stamp. The Pew T queen is only see Janice in Cheesy. Their Janis, who did rock anyway. No stop none of their staff. The riots in the protests, regardless because appeasing the mob is futile here you go, this is what started happening. As a police precinct demanding the body can footage and please hears about again, for it just don't hurt us
was there and then he goes on to say point to the cops you shoot us. We shoot you ok, you're missing first part of that equation the opening have out you don't stab people first, and the danger here right is of course people right now, and you hear this from Kemal Harrison. You hear this from Joe Biden we're going to their speech and I set them and destroy them later on, don't mean to be arrogant, but it was just pure race baiting. When I can't tell the difference between Jesse
Jackson, Al Sharp dinner, Joe Biden, if I'm just going by transcript nowhere in a rough situation- interchange you do the guy in the corners is leaving his wife going. I think we should uphold the Kurds in the garage me under the awning. Is that why you said the wife's totally just why? Why are you expecting Hale damage get now getting a house gets cometh hurry, honey? I told you the karaoke set would come in handy hale damage. We can just put awaited blanket on it's, not the hailed him interest. Not only should we solve the stairs shut up, I married in it. work has been restored to draw them here. Is people are selling right now, just what their lot of people out there? When using these speeches thinking it, fucking, while black right its dangers in Amerika. I can get pulled over because everywhere freshener then I don't know you What overview of an active warrant for a serious violent crime and a cop can shoot you if you are currently
trying to jam kitchen I've through someone's juicy labelled, sweat pets. That's the issue so that being black, Then, if we talk about showing an interest, what grace had nothing to do with this far We know what people say: where's the ants, look at the evidence when the talking about anything scientific Guess we abandoned trends, gender across hormone sex therapy, but right now to look outwards evidence it. It was rice related. Nor is the evidence that this was race related because the victim was also black and one of the copse who showed up Also black. The copyright there is the cop right there, The guy who shot her was. We was very white was yet a light, he could be a shovel defensive Abuja. You can tell it was like that good aim at black, the right yeah on arable land and one yeah. Let's move on whatever. No it's just this once I want people to think they want people to think hunted down, you're being hunted. For me that the message not you're, not don't stab people document violent, felonies people watching right now, look you have choices to make
everyone has choices: domestic, let's, walk through this really quickly. George Floyd, sharpen, ok, there's a lot of things that we don't know. Here's what we do know if your flight had not refused to give back a pack of cigarettes if he had not passed a counterfeit twenty regarding some kind of an o d between then and now, be alive today? If he got the van, which is where they asked him to get course. They sits too small a man s uv. He knows I guess I'm full size beneath an extended cab. He would be alive today, and take the speed ball. He'd be spent several speedboats he'd be alive today, now grant we got to a situation where yap several parties involved made mistakes. Here's what is beyond question of George I continued living the way that he was living with drugs, violent crime. It's a matter of time. It's a matter of time! when people ask is would have died. Had he not met the direction that day woody have lived continue doing what he was doing and how many other people would have been harmed just like right here. How many
We are the people would be stabbed by the sixteen year old, who becomes a seventeen year old and an eighteen year old, how many people those questions matter too, and the hired and doubly cp released a statement in response to the shooting said: what threat did this ten year old girl pose to the police officer what steps were taken to ds? like the situation, why wasn't a taser pepper spray used. Finally, how does a call for help result in the day of a sixteen year old Chap noticed that now switch the narrative words only if the officers life is in a me danger, in other words, the only way a police using any kind of force, would be justified if that lady was gone. For you know, sure wound number four on the cab horse. I thought you said you wanted police reform because they should be focused on serving in protecting. Cops also showed your homicide and go look
kill me, that's a similar or suffering a good luck. If this between at home at its refusal, serve and protect its more important than he defends the person being stab than himself exactly, but that does not enter the equation. Sending with Jake Blake I think, a woman, he rate any went back was killed bring the children who likely hadn't seen in a long time, but the enabling sleepy, acting like a sixteen year old can't be immortal, threat is moronic. They could think a thread of their well trained right. They could be it if they have a knife. Had an I've had a gun or not? the number that matters nothing of it could be a nine year old. Going to stab this person. Would matter I would hate to see it, but if somebody about to get stabbed. You have to intervene. Sorry case closed done. That's if you can get a knife from a nine year Old Europe bitch
seeds of big nine year olds. There that's true building one of them. I want to use all the warring four hundred pounds. Accidently is this: this morning you, your natural genetic talent, cannot play football by profound want to play. The food was born. I want you to do my like Rudy Route is the best is not the most undeserving athlete ever wasn't just then he wasn't basically general I've heard this. He was told him spot little its bother people into they. Let you played listen. He was Persano thirty, five and vertical I'm here for forty forty, but turn you know ass, leaping broom clause limit play coach, janitors clamp amendment is opening up. Local have agreed that a sound really is kind of a jerk. This is what they want. You, Madam President, what they want in Ohio,
which, by the way I love you don't realize this is a change of culture. Fundamentally, member, they unceremoniously cancelled cops, but now in trying to not be tone deaf, they ve brought it back and we actually have we actually snippets of the latest episode of no cops No! in doing so. In the thing is they were beating up a cop. That's a cop right there. He has no gun and he's, but Lucy was going to phone lingering pillow me yes, me makes me needs backup Can you bring back up? I'm you. I know me: what are you a fist
I really horses pepper, spread through one of the people hurting you feel it. They have bad allergies and that's not really a problem. A bare use bear me like I'm, not an animal, you told me you'd be expressed and mackerel sprayed dear piss on you. I love the announcement in the background. Let's keep it. I hope that a tape like if somebody's literally standing there s an in built up and it doesn't doesn't change. This is an unlawful assembly. Oh damn, not not enough, just to say that it is from the movie Brazil, this is normal. This is unlawful assembly. Please vacate the area and pick his skull up on your way out right, really quickly. Right now, let's go to Joe Biden on CNN with a thing: it's a step toward Rachel's Greystone, Rachel Delta, generation, are waiting to join us in Washington, John of warning to you that one school of thought in the other school of thought, even from some senior democratic aids, I understand, is these answered in a lonely. Dominatrix is question counts here
lessons the urgency for reform. What I'm going with the outfit. Fifty shades of anchor gets a theory Democratic aids were rejected only her an attorney general garland without pattern in practice. Investigation indeed ass a few more right. Ok, so for people who don't know and again, I really want to you from everyone out there what what your reaction was to the the Shopman verdict, as you probably heard, if you haven't clipper yet comment that the message and by the way, you're watching live right now just hit but smash that, like Bulgaria Jude S, it's just hopes master like button cups head just now, and so no no the cops head just now, not ok, you can do about it. It's like up getting be: oh, ok, the bodily fine! I don't know the line is sometimes I don't know anyone why either line is where it is in his skull right? Yes, why the color matters ray. I took it and then also the line for this, even radio that runs down his shirt, which they snipped wire cutters. It's a bit. If it's, I don't know how
but I didn't think you would be like you, let your big it would come in Austria. I could earn slide, pull the Billy club out from under his hand, go wishes. The grange was his only drug use who are so here is for people who missed it. This is the actual verdict being read in the direct Shovin trial, we- the jury in the above entitle matter as count one intentional, secondary murder, while committing a felony find that if, guilty verdict agreed This twentieth day of April twenty twenty one at one, forty four p m sign jerk or person you're number nineteenth. same caption verdict count to we, the during the above, entail matter as count too third degree murderer perpetrating an eminently dangerous act, find the defendant guilty verdict: greed- this twentieth day of April twenty twenty one at once,
five p m, signed by a jury, four person, you're number, nineteen captain verdict count. Three. We the during the above, have inside I like an amateur ventriloquist carpal movie eyes. Do migrating risk, look his envisioning, how many people going to surround him in the shower at one? Forty five p m
Sorry to do the job, yeah! Sorry! He wants a hey you in some. You lose some man. This doesn't look good for me. There buddy, I gets a, not taste, weird stuff from MILAN. Really I now listen. I mean this isn't gonna be great from my client base, but at least I maintain my sense of smell, we're both struggling, dare we both have across to bear also, I would recommend tattooing across on your back because it may make you some friends but, let's be honest: you're probably gonna be alone, Wolf, ominous bringing a pencil and if you can find something to sort of duct tape to it. So call, a shiver, or a shank, I'm not sure about the verbiage, but I'll get back to you can find the toughest guy try and make him you're bitch. First, that's your best shot will follow an appeal.
Kick somebody's ass, bare Betcher Maria. What are we gonna? Do that's about your choice here, Derek that handkerchief such back back again familiar available and unless you're ready for have just don't use the yellow handkerchief its call. It's a color coded system. The truth is people. gets totally lawless and there they have got rule very able to bald guys there on your side, the jury, here's the thing: ok, there's gonna be a mistral, I would be shy. Think it's very likely that there will be a mistrial now. we'll get into what we think about this verdict. Let me Plain to you why there will be a Miss traveller, a few reasons, not least of which the judge himself even mentioned, who, by the way, is obviously prosecution. He had worked with same club Charlotte. The judge was not really people thought it was a right winger. I love him Judge said there should be a mistrial, but then didn't do it
well. He said you'll have something you have something, but I know what you think, I'm afraid to do it, and obviously we know that's going on with the jurors. They all know that people are looking to docks them the issue here is a few things was a fair trial, you're a fool I think that we should have any sort of public trials broadcast on camera right now and in right now, certainly with social media. You need to have sequestered juries because it is important to have a jury It is unbiased, a jury of your peers and an untainted consensus among the jury. So why we're there, be a mistrial likely go to appeal, in which case we are dealing with a very first. The intimidation? Not just from the mob but from Elect officials I dont know that this has happened before we had, I mean we had Keith Allison. I believe we had. They were protesting, not only Dante right right, those other violent, prototyping down the street and blow Brooklyn Center. We also had Maxine waters actively saying hey look unless its murder. This is
going to stop period up. This is intimidation because now industry we ve, got to get more, that we want to make sure that, regardless of the outcome of this trial regardless, of the decisive Moby signing a reality, which is that Every flaws goes at the hands of one arise on the tab, Mozilla announce a simple matter: so there you go making their intentions clear. Not only that, but the actual
vice president of the United States weight in that morning before them, verdict was rendered. There- are good family law called peace and tranquillity, no matter what their train the verdict is right for you. I wouldn't say that jury sequestered they still have their smart phones down as we just talk to. I want to know how they were doing this personally person. Thank you very much for coming. They were not fully supports. It wasn't like that movie, the jury junkie.
no, it wasn't a state and a crappy motel they weren't allowed to leave. It wasn't good film did he say he taught with a view to the he's talking about the shop and fell out. I've gotta go and you need to read between the lines me saying it's overwhelming. He told them that, of course, justice was being served. The president give Maxine waters who travelled what two thousand miles just to show up in Stoke violence of any kind of people protesting committing violence here. Some other reasons for mischief the jury was never sequestered. Joe Biden does know what that means. It's not like that's outlier, let's compared to OJ during their sequestered Fortuna sixty five days LA actually success sequestered, that was without Twitter, without Instagram, without social media right. So they feel. weren't wasn't sequestered means you don't even have accurate if they invented in their, though invention what a waiter and laxity. That's. Why we dont, unless we don't do anymore Quadra invented,
Jack doors. Is there not guilty, but you know what I wish I could have gotten us message out. Sooner goes like yours, writers, as much as I do by the way regarding floods, family, the researchers? They confirm what you were tied matter earlier: ok got it now. We have an sure thing. So they weren't sequestered here's a region number three judge: can Hill refused to move the trial out of Minneapolis cynicism and they requested a mistrial, the defence because they didn't think an unbiased jury. Right now that happens. a bit. If you say hey when you too, Mr Out, we need to bring it to a new venue because I couldn't be that happened with Bernie in. If you guess, I've ever seen the link letter from Bernie with Jack Black was a guy. You saw that right, we're against Shirley, Maclean and actually really good, it's a great gallop and he lived in Richard Liquidators Garage yeah. That's what I hear that its assistance, guy's name the name of the movie burning, burn, you called renegade, I'm other law sought and wrote him letters in prison, privilege-
ass he made such a good with such a great villa, but he would happen. Is it was like a long, your Tyler Texas, and he was I'll, be loved by the town. They knew they could not find a jury to convict him, so they moved it either. One can, two counties over. So the reason for changing venue having indifferent juries? If you believe that you may not have a truly unbiased jury, like I don't know, say in Minneapolis, where everyone fears that their homes will be set ablaze, maybe that's what you think they were fearing doc, sing from the angry mop me or Maxine waters. Once you learn how to use your vcr than shall move on to the tweet deck now. Here's another reason that there could be a mistrial pretrial publicity, that's what it's called can actually lead to a mistrial. This is actually there is a case for pressing. I don't like this a long time ago and now look it up. Nineteen sixty one, the Supreme Court, case urban versus down the court agreed that pre trial media coverage prevented,
even from receiving a fair trial, because eight yours decided he was guilty before the trial even began, so. These are four reasons: right: intimidation from elected officials also from the mob. If you want to call that too, then you have venue that didn't take place than you obviously have the prey. while publicity and the jury not being sequestered too, there are a lot of reasons that there be a mistrial. As a matter of fact, the do we have the clear from the judge. Yeah. The judge even said as much right right here. Here's the club. I am aware of the media reports. I am aware that tyres when waters was talking specifically about this trial and about the attic leaped ability of anything less than a murder conviction and talk about being. Confrontational, but you can submit the press articles while that this goes back to what I have been saying for the beginning. I wish elected officials would say talking about this case, especially in a manner that is disrespectful to the rule,
of law and to the judicial branch and our function. Oh he's pissed, but fast enough to do anything cry. I dont know what I don't know if he could have there. I don't know if he could have thrown it out. I think he did the right thing by waiting for the appeal, because it does give him grounds for an appeal. That's the good thing right. He knows that that jury is probably gonna, come back to the guilty verdict for fear, and at least this gives him an opportunity to get justice. Look, I want to say a good thing, because I just I will say this- I prayed for justice and another differing opinions on this. I dont think that in the second degree, was justice, but we also yes it look. I can understand manslaughter. I understand- and I would like toward not guilty, and I think, however, justice was not served because of all of these confounded actors here with the mob mentality, the intimidation, elected officials, and so what ever you line up if you are to be found guilty or a few think that job and should work
you want to do it the right way it sort of like you not. Why fighters they talk about? Well, you know what I dont want to beat. I don't want to beat a fighter who sick and injured I wanna be we're. Gonna beat the best Mohammed Ali. This ever been to, I can say the greatest you want to win it honestly, you don't want to win it by a cheat, and this is not how trial should go and it sets a really bad precedent for everyone else, and I will listen to me what this message since the wanting this loud and clear, regardless of The mistrial, regardless of whether goes to an appeal, is the mob, can get what they want. The mob can get what they what it would have been the same if it was a jury that TED deliberated, ok, manslaughter, just talk, on and on every single sense that they can do this. shows the mob they'll get what they want. Now take this. What will be the results of this? This is lotta people up look I'll. Stick my reputation in this I'll make this prediction won't happen tomorrow, long term. You have of police officers, walk off the force already guess what gets you they? Typically, the good
to below the good ones are walking off right. Now I don't know oh, why anyone would become a police officer today, I dont know especially in again, this isn't just Derek shoved who always shouldn't do that? Ok, but you also know things Cobb should shoot somebody who is actively stabbing a member their community. So it's done don't make it about job, and you don't think cops should ever have the right to eliminate it's to their fellow member of society, so why would you ever become a cop? If you know, if you know, for a fact that you or one decision away even justified. You are one of viral video moment away, meaning you justifiably shoot someone who stabbed someone else, but that person happens black and you haven't we light. You are one decision away from you to going home to your family or being locked up for the rest of your life. Rug, lists of whether you did the right thing. Why would Who ever become a cup and so what's going to happen, good cops leave and who, You can be left with the lazy. Yes, man, you're gonna be left with the cops
really care. They just want a paycheck and Europe in your neighbors are gonna be safer. What you'll see is what we saw this last year, you so violent crime. Go up. Yes, a homicide. Go up. You'll, see this, namely in black communities were right. Now they want the same amount or more police presence. That's a fact that something you don't see in the media and you're going to see more black, unlike crime, go up as well, and you are going to see more vigilante justice and then at that point your gun, to really need that police reform, because our goal, to be left with. Shitty cops who are lazy and guess what the lazy and the cowardly who you think you want, because you don't want them, act, doing policing, they're just more per the corruption, approaching the Democratic Party. Well lazy, cowards as well, will just result in more violence eventually, because there will be a situation where they need to use it Riah and they will use in improperly exactly this. This is what's gonna happen. We want a good cop walk off. Ok, this is what will be left with see if you're safer now I mean in work even better.
Scenario: you go home, but nobody cares if you're right, they're gonna shop in protest at your house, dogs are going to sharpen men demand that you be fire. They're gonna make your life a living hell, even if you do right thing and that's that's the way society is right. Now I don't wait for any evidence at all. We just go with a narrative in even when evidence comes out. We dont care what we don't take. The I am to go back. You go oh crap. Actually she was about to stab somebody, so this is justified its like now we're gonna burn. down anyway. Let's just go do that. Why would you Again. I just reiterating probably ever put yourself in that position at the cops are mostly peace cats, Have you got your mostly peaceful? More than be Elam was mostly people what its prone chooser saying. It took three her in thirty days, recounting the math is right to to convict something that we all saw alive so you want not only that you want a knee jerk reaction of a mob mentality. You want them to be judge and jury, an executioner, the second,
something happens and are you insane and vital interests that they don't care of its lack of what we just starting with Macao, whatever Brian, whatever name? Is? I'm not gonna, get it right there want the barbicane footage they got about a game. Forsake didn't go, oh, fair play good shot. good shot, because she was stabbing another about what have been another black female life lost all good. No, instead they go We know we want more justice there. There's! No look! The point is That's there's an irish and a lot of people are depressing. You feel like it gets lost for a country you, there I think that you can't control, but here's what I will say everyone out there. you have to live your life without fear of the mob you have not even acknowledge our existence, beat be aware, be vigilant, but you not make decisions based on the mob. It's just Just like a hey, have a cigarette. We're all do it. That's what's happening right now. It's hey think what we think do what we demand we'll stab here. That's where we all right now
do not appease the mob, and I wait, let's sit that stage now, you you were you on a different set of the queen with George Floyd. Think, yes, but we're? U surprise because from what I remember you said you thought manslaughter would be appropriate did, but I also said that I think he's gonna be there convicted of all counts or let go right, and I thought that because fear right and I think that really were played into it. Now I do think he does deserve manslaughter. I think that he did. I look. I think that he abusers power eyed him. Did he looked into the camera? The way that he was I it whatever was. It was worth it was neglectful. It was wrong. What do I think he actually killed him? No now, so you shock of the verdict. I believe, as I figure that's, what would happen because you have people that are terrified. and people to live in their own community. How are you gonna go and then, if I'm not How did they have cameras in the core in the actual judges or in the jury? liberation room. No, no, no, ok, that's all the others
their faces have been shown. The entire trial. Ok, go on purpose site, you get, will rapidly worry bugging docks and you were right. I understand that this situation is a sensitive one and there is a lot different size to this, but the The thing that I mean, I think, there's part of this where they go, let's make him guilty because there's gonna be a mistrial and move from the horn appeal right right, our appeal, I really think it was so I do. I dont think that that's the honest vote, though, but I do think the first two guilty is were legitimate in the third one was like we might as well just save ourselves about that's all I'm saying is gonna be an appeal because we should have enormous trial on the ground with the ass. I do He deserves to serve time. I do but my point when you heard second degree Murdereth forty years, you think that's justice, no now I do think the the other one and yet I died. I think a lot of people feel that way. The point is
manages to satisfy nobody and look, I'm going to die and ill for Fucking Derek showed up, but I now I know nor, nor should you, but I think justice here and so the the reactionary had was I was shocked. I was shocked that all three came down. I could see one or two red I could see you could getting third degree or getting manslaughter. I could have seen those and I would have been shocked. I would have disagreed, but I would have been shocked. I was shocked they came back with that top charges like there's no way right, there's no way that that is justice, and if our society starts to go towards, like you said the mob mentality or I'm so afraid of can't render a correct verdict. Legal energy systems, like the only thing that is giving me hope, and I'm not for Shovin at all, I'm not hoping that this guy's out walking the streets I'm hoping that justice is served and I feel like that can only happen with a judge deciding this now
with a jury with all of the things that we ve singling out, there's no way they can be unbiased and even in some other buyers they said I tend to think shovin was a bad guy or attend to lean towards a fact that here he if you think that was in thereby or that they release to the media when they talked about each one of the jurors, was like shouldn't get you disqualified for this case, you would think every now, and then, though this is it just feels like society needs that you now you throw I will just seen outdated. It's the only thing or anything else, you know, so we just have to throw this out there and its very day. because we are giving into the mob and were giving into them more and more every single day you look at it with China, purchased or whatever we allowed. Yes them to take over what six blocks. One major city, that's terrorism, and we just let it. I tell you what I love Dave Summer, Latchet out moment when that happened right wing sites. I thought that I was maybe in us. It is a dream. I rose was real life and I freaked out I've heard about Chaz. Chop sort was chop and I was just
challenge as an autonomous zone, Wretch right here right and then I heard about Chaz Chance jump chest bone, Irma, Oprah anyway bone, and I heard about the way the second. This raid into higher does an entire municipal, no eight blocks. and they're letting them take it, and so I freaked echoed I thought. Oh my gosh, all the gun, in the face of the earth, must have disappeared and capital. Now that I'm going on, then it turned out that nevertheless need so then I understood it wherever secondary like there must be what there's, no all the tear gas it just disappearances and times only instead of you know that the saved ones disappearing. Ascending to Heaven, by Safer- and I mean people except a crisis- we reject them. You know how I hope you enjoy a shred of us ascending and, with all the weapons interior turns out data.
Going to do anything because they just place as they are the least their issued Birchen stocks. First thing there too, about this: a finger wagging idiots. Yet were letting people take, oh and that's. The problem is were also letting, and this is across the board black White, whatever your letting low educated people believe that their being hunted- and that's not true, right it's going to cause way more violent altercations between, police officers by the way of all races. Course, but I believe, the black out there in the video, the video we shout Sheila, where he's going, I awoke thought LA mining and why I do not be pointing to a screen that I can see. Why do know what that guy is, but he doesn't look that human, I don't know why this is so that this is a really mean yeah. I'm talking to the first patriot looks like he looks like
Chris infrared clouds, even look of others that I have been able to move on to a good point, its connects so saying there there investigatory go, there's a good pilot country, ages, Merom, who hell they're all alien. I can hear you perfectly giants. Dubious everybody knows about their announcing this deal. J investigation into Minneapolis policing practices hold on I'm sorry. I thought it was sharpen the races to girls at faulty or not the police practices in Minneapolis, and I don't think it was race related that I really don't. I rose believes we already. We decided that day, one one that was awful. I think he was racist and I think that I think the man shooting the lady in Colombia who stab the other lady, I think only shot her because she was a slightly shea darker.
it's hard to tell when they rang a giant that nobody wants to see a sixteen year old. He had shot the idea that anybody thinks that it is absurd. Nobody wants to shoot a sixteen year old idea, stabbing someone. I also want to see a sixteen year old gets. I am, I don't even know. No one wants to see in general, but right that clip had played out and the police officer didn't shoot her in the illegal got stab. I would be washing gone. Oh I just wish would have shot. Yet. What do you do it I'm sure that broke? I understand your mother. I understand you're, saying that I she was a peaceful girl, good. Whatever. I understand that most of the time she probably was a good person. The problem is: is yours stabbing someone right now because you're so angry right, that's going to get you shots, yeah, yeah, yeah! Why? see what happens when you don't remember that video of the cop and his partner had gotten taken, but a guy with a knife, and you just a week it during the summer and I cannot, but all the detailed airmail we find it that was like, did you see the other one where the one guy who hates cops ran after him with no three females and they just run now?
I fail to find the idea of those eleven years. It's three female copses. Two female cops in this store can be used when the guy's walkin in and he has LISA, global Jack, Russell Terrier and and I see these companies are written in the right, I think actually about George Floyd and he actually the door this behind him. So the dogs in the least kind like stuck like it and polio stored under the female caught, goes to open that door, one of them and then the other female is facing him and he takes out a knife and shoot. Backs up she shooter I swear to you, she future taser. It misses and the guy about George and she goes like this and she runs and then the guy goes shopkeeper, who I think has korean and he's
waving his knife and a shopkeeper pullao pulls out his knife, or they have one do shopkeepers like it, don't bring me and if you want to pack a smoke, fear and gives a pack is multi that ten dollars or the guy puts the knife down and painted to pay for advocating that now you walked out of the convenience store and then there are three police officers, one of whom was a blonde female again. He runs up to her tackles. She does nothing runs away and then finally, he shot by another male officer, twenty three, the officers they went like this jeez anyway, what are you supposed to do, though, show up and put Mr Rogers Sweater and have a good two legs? I? So what is your past? Let go you normally decent. Are you normally this much of a nick, the secular state? ah well, another one but too well. This is going to be a lot of paperwork. It's a civil matter. You know so Gregg got felled. I was trying to avoid talking about this. I try
avoid talking about this have especially when, as someone who has personally known had our relationship with deeds, but this was making them DR got felt tat. He was glad Shovin was found guilty on all counts, even if he wasn't guilty on all counts and so on. actually read it, and I set in we're jumping autumn, and I Look I haven't inadequate. I'd know he can be sarcastic. Joe is probably taken out of context. Are no bench appear so that he screwed up other? We work talking about. I look at this is one of those things are people just not understanding the sarcasm, and I want to clear, so I wanted to given the benefit of the doubt, because on a personal level, I know that I've spent demonstrate that, for not a huge fan, not a man known to be of that he's very much quisling for the higher ups, we'll say whatever you need to say to be paid, and probably the biggest gossip I've ever known. So Even then you ve never heard me say anything because I've just try to remove myself, but here the clip from great God felled in its entire context- and it doesn't get better that was
was creating the perception. division. Everybody agreed this case was disgusting, an ugly and there should be justice, but there was a Other story being played a lot just get really selfish, I'm glad than he was guilty on all charges, even if he might not be guilty of all charges. I am glad that he is guilty of all charges, because I want a verdict that keeps this country from going. All aims might go now. What do you mean look Greg What do we know? How Billy's being honest my tat, my neighborhood was looted, everyone knows that again. We do not sacrifice individuals, for sake, I'm thinking how to involve glad about the verdict by ok but the bottom line. Is you get his record? That core is a place where the evidence is
brought in and it is persisting in terms of the way it's handled. Everything outside of it does not enter it. Ok, we'll go. Did you wait? A second did you hear what top, but by two When said when he was interviewing some people and they said: hey- we're not gonna do tonight we're going to celebrate. So we were dealing with what we thought was a sense of of extortion that if this didn't go a certain way, speaking the truth, everything certain way. There's gotta be destruct. There's gonna be destruction. We know that. Why pretend otherwise come on so a couple things or he is speaking. randy is be. Everything it easier said, was something that I agree: if we start yet pressure he's talking about them, would have day what our hair trigger gave hair trigger, put it down with our. Surely this is not good? I got right ass. We can't let it attempting what
Okinawa upwards from again: Finnegan look just have an immense yeah just get this two people talk with right down they're? Ok, I think you're gonna get good. I nothing! I'm wearing this armor really sometimes feel it at all. Nothing gets incorrect, ribs nothing. Spartan level, sponsor to the show us partner, meaning that a spartan armor systems that come and actually feel that from a democratic at ten percent off this thing supersede inflexible is forty four Magnum proof, the rifle proof stuff and I J sort of and those real guns just reflect all the real firearms and their willing to allow me to be a human experiments of pretty great gross violation of firearms safety. But that's one for you guys. Here's the thing Gregg felt is
amongst the everything, if you just said, we all agree with disarmament unless an unjust being honest, the threat of the mob speaking. The reason people are outraged is because the truth, then leads to his conclusion, which is cowardice. Now that's the issue, all those things can be true: the mob right people- saying that this would be the city was gonna burn. You watch them on CNN, saying you could catch cut. The tension with an eye Everything that he just said was accurate. Now a man I would say, and we need to do the right thing now. He's to think that that Shovin was entirely guilty. He said he'd know anyone who doesn't think the children deserve that verdict again. This is You have being in New York City being out of touch of keep in mind the lilies people at Fox NEWS lobbies, even conservative pundits at the other networks. They choose, was to live in new. city and they are somewhat out of touch. I know plenty of people who two Derek Shovin didn't deserve anything. I know plenty of people who thought he deserved manslaughter but of the unfortunate situation and people like Dave, Landau Gregg knows no one who thought that this was
maybe not justice being carried out and he doesn't care as long as he gets his truth. Truth. Truth, truth, and then conclusion determined by cowardice. That's why people are outraged just to be clear what people have said, and I am outraged. I just think it said what I think it's out when one I wouldn't want to be that guy's wife, he set up terribly sad. I don't care whether he's guilty or not. I am glad that he was confirming that should stop you in your tracks. What, if you're on trial, Gregg and being I'm just being honest- I don't like it, you think, he's the toady them from Christmas story. History towards that combines work is still needed. Come you better, come like bad health. You anymore right! Thank please, can be employed. That's just it's just! absolute wrong way of thinking, because now you put these put the mob more control of everything rights of whatever that, whatever keeps them appeased, is okay, now yeah Gerald right! The way when you see the beginning of a clip, he does say that. But then he here ends up saying or I
because I think he was guilty he's just covering his ass. He does nothing gets very obvious to see his mind working to that end. I You know, I've never met the man, I've done plenty stuff for fox, but I've never had the. it already on its tough to know, because I very much his it's like you see you can see him trying to make sure it fits in with enough of the cool that that determines its opinion. he's guilty once he feels enough push back ass. They tried to try that an election night the out, were, let lack an arm. So here's some of the reaction to the shop and verdict its again. It's not enough right away right away. We're gonna get to the binding Kemal Harris Speech, former vice president and President Kemal Harris Accordant seem rather than real. No one else caught that they refer to hers. President Elect presently present is warming up right now, I'm ready the Roman up for six months from now. That's a lot
we have so little ambitious, more the guilty verdict, not enough. So there you go, you have our Keith Alison. You have, I don't know who else we are. I know we have seen this them saying this is also happens. This is just the first step, because you can't have an actual summer of peace. Then Would you would you have mass mail in voting? If you dont have these going into the men terms? How would you make sure that you do on the police and you remove an entire voting body? Are you do not? You gonna make sure that you have some at least a little early summer, just a sketch of writing so here is the reaction from the left. Lest you thought, okay, we can all breathe a sigh of relief. I would call today's verdict justice, however, because this implies true restoration,
this is not the system working. This is eight make a call. This is the justice system trying to say hey. This is one bad apple cassettes. How this is gonna be interpreted. Amnesia have test is ever going to name as equal justice. This very it brings us a step closer to what profound and provocative still have work to do, we still must reform the system or never gonna be satisfied, Lapland Matter friend. She saw that were not enough for parliament to keep going. It's not justice. Link EU wide. Some justice is because justice. Is George Floyd. Going home tonight to be with his family justice is Adam Toledo, getting talk to him by his mom tonight,
justice would be. My insurance would have covered my eye transplant from somewhere other than Michael's needed every year by the way, really quickly was there like a promo code or something smaller number to get ten percent ideas. Engine proud of our normal system that outcome crowd or you get ten percent oil faintly right now, the covering unseen and we're gonna go back this right now, the covering the shooting in Ohio. Let's see if they say, hey the police, shot in active, repeated cereal, Stabber holding, and I learned from just holding what Can I just limiting it? She was about to choose not to serve herself a nice bit of strudel Gerald Baby wouldn't have I'm tryin to think it can carry out, come up
after a year of pain and suffering of next, while there was a brief statement, just hold a knife, and do you know anything about that either way white is ever so. Let me say that this matter is right. You made a point about not releasing. The body came footage in Toledo case. What we saw is body came footage released me Columbus, none, about Toledo. First right, so Toledo Reload, the guy whose aim is to later now regime, divert Argo, yeah, exact, I'm sorry! Sorry, Mr Toledo, Gotcha Toledo in Colombia. No, he went to Toledo. Toledo, wasn't Columbus Detroit, Frank Detroit, no matter what Toledo sucks rightly right, so they release the body. Can footage there's still shot this right here? Police? You kid wit right
with his hands up right, even though you had the entire footage, and now CNN runs this headline. Saying girl, holding knife, nothing about girl about to stab another girl within. I showed you wasn't holding it in a show room of a knife store, say this looks like a nice knife balances that you don't know somewhat go up about someone on pvc due in the older again, so nine o clock back Asha. That's a great online can cut through a penny, but that's not what happened cutting a low for and have a look at this deal tat boat, so I apologise. Zero Can someone check and see if it still, because when we started the show was still trending onto energy on this land, her name was the top trend. Can someone waited until the time or and yet still the top trysdale? No, it right now live. Send us the top tweets in that trend. Recent team there in the edit back, we can read him, live because here's the plan, we know that we have. Now? We will have all the facts, but we haven't
If someone is shot men stab MID, guess what its justified it's not only justified its required. If you believe in any kind of rule of law. This is not about shop. This is not about Columbus. This is about pulling a part, the threads of a lawful society. if you cannot shoot someone who stabbing someone else right now, that's because you would think it another scenario: Billig well, did you the shooter she stabbed her before and then then she she was holding. I put you wasn't charging anybody, but well that point, maybe she's a danger, and you still still we have to say. Maybe the cap has to protect himself in or maybe what what did you really have to stab turns out? That did you have to shoot her? She was stabbing someone, but then she she dropped the knife but then ran up the cap and the cop might not know if she has a second knife. Ok, maybe never conversation. This scenario is, she thought she said she was going to stop people. She was trying to stab people and she was in the arc of a stab hook and got
shot, and some of you call it a travesty of justice. I call that some mighty fine shootin frigate but you're just a bit it them less than what a day to find the new posts that they needed to push agenda, but took them us here, and you- that and you look at the people there. You know who's, not their most of the people in Columbus right most of the world. People in Columbus because they understand that there was a protective serve situation. You have twenty people that are pissed off they just want to be pissed off my eye Actually, like you show this body, can footage that guy screaming on the corner. He's not gonna go man. You know what I was wrong. Examining I'm going to take my boxing go home right now? There are not what's happening, he's gonna get. We don't have a little box. You beat parts with your mouth, you dumb White, set out with which I was kind of partly should set the horrible big mouth and go home once you just say: ghetto blaster yeah, I didn't say any of the mining area, RAP
You're right, I do not have an opinion, because I'm blonde hair blue eye and over six we tall track, lie six feet and all these aspects are high Spiderman eyes this well shouldn't sinister walking Hitler use a pop out. I've ever get a voice like give. The world really has gone about direction. For me, I hope the vaccine, Israel's on everybody, but you really rather put out a book live thousand leagues under the shut up. Is it three thousand link into this? I don't know I wish we get the money. Twenty thousand leagues Juanita you areas, son of a bitch. I just think it's a stupid measurement league, more son. You know what I have a better idea. If you told many tell me how many fortnight's it was under the swell. Perhaps a foam
I ve had some illustrates. Thank God you go to at least like Twitter, because sometimes I think that's the best way to see hoping that are we ve? Just we looked at the trend. These are the top ones and then right now this is happening. I lie right now, given my if this doesn't work has cut for a crowd. Orbits people are watching about away hit. The like button. Best thing you can do is comment. Comment comment as you're watching this obviously wants archived here, go look up. The trends in copy paste below the top tweets, because when you're doing this, this is after them became footage has been released where she was actively stabbing someone,
and the cop shudder and right now, this very second. The tap tweets are London Hughes she's, a blue checkmark in a world where the police can safely apprehend white male mass shooters. I would really like to know why a trained police officer assume that the only way to de escalate to fight where a sixteen year old black girl had a knife was Demille shoot her dead, rip gear, brain had a knife. Jihad didn't just have a nice was a cave. It wasn't by the way. This is something else to teach you if you have any one who takes a conceal, carry course or any kind of fire on course cops are it's not bad man with Michael shoot to kill a guy on its full of former shooter colonel got big guy. They want you to feel they should stop. Same thing. If you're in your home, you shoot to stop lottery will die. Twenty two colourable doesn't mean it's about self defense round. Now. Why? Because a person may die too where's later in the ice, you that doesn't help you. You are too to stop the threat. That's why officers aren't shootin for the head.
also can't shoot. The legs are typically aiming for chest, sometimes Elsie Pelvis, depending on how large the personality my way to stop the threaten Let me explain to you the difference. I know I feel that this should be self explanatory, but they say Shooter may talk about this before is actually talk about, don't roof. Ok, the difference is this: I have a knife in my hand, ok and freeze frame I bet you're wondering how I ended up here so Rep here, I'm about to stab somebody with this weapon. That is very different from our own who's. The weapon I put the weapon down, and I walk out my hands, regardless of the crime committed prior people, are not executed, at least in a civil society. They are not supposed to be executed for crimes committed, even five minutes ago they will be. stopped if very current threat to members Their community are sort of someone who, even if they shot fifty people, but they now have. no firearms, nice, I'm coming out with my hands up and they walk out,
Slowly and obey cop commands. The police do not have the right, it would be unlawful for them to shoot them. It would be a failure, it would be and application of duty to not shoot someone who is mid fine about this to have somebody, not the color of their skin. It's the weapon is currently charged and ready yeah. I have another job we and this this person data they don't care about. You just said so. This is really labour blue check, mark a black girls, debt because the cops brought a gun to jam knife it. If you don't know how to the escalating girls who are fighting, you should not be a police officer. I said what I said. Then she says- and I dont want to hear it from the folks who keep on saying the cops protected. Other black girls, I'm glad there say, but must have ya, don't give one f about black girls. You just why you want reasons not even if we look for here is just like. I did use what reasons not brilliantly much higher better standards for policing.
Of course, you can make it you can make for any thing by the way I am I live for all I want. First of all, this is the problem right you see in that clip. There's one of us could throws watching. She was heaving pro stab little that you will surely all go to school should try to stab you. grass you, dont Cox, brought a gun, do a damn knife fight or here's the thing. If I'm a citizen, and I am, and someone is trying to stab me. I want the cops to bring a whatever means necessary to assault it. Wasn't I fight a night fight right now fight is we think we got it just play that's my fight. That's not what happens when one person has a nice that is violent basalt this idea? is what it's supposed to be tit for tat. We want our officers to only be just as effective as the violent criminals who are putting twenty four,
puncture wounds and somebody, no, it's our fight police officers, don't fight! That would be a problem. They're not supposed to fight they're supposed to stop threats, and you have a knife. I had a gun. If I were beings tat, I would have no problem. if red or yellow black or white, any officer in my sight, showed up with a pans a prelude, yellow black and white. Let's stab huge max yeah, they tried became a violent. You can't imagine police officers rolling up other guys weapon of choice. We just need to know you didn't know before we bring our gear lives, but ties and let us now sorry she at the femoral artery, but I did blow my wits rights more about over there. I didn't blow my rate whistle, but then I found out it's actually just a whistle to call more rapist got oddly enough, it's a dog, whistle source. It decide on pearls up is there a month ago. I just want to smell ahead, and I just want to watch and sniff,
and here I got one argument for meat for each year from Cathy Griffins there. She driven somali refugees, warning how the hell does this. Please upstairs think it's a good idea to fair shots blindly into a group of teenagers having a fight yes, one of them has a knife that never haven't in your school. I read and didn't deserve today, sixty years. I know one kid by the way: one kid who stab someone at the burger king on Tatra with potato peeler flats, awful that is and what really crappy as I was given, that guy the business today's priority was given to a bunch of crap, because he made me out an internal sweater, secretive the use and I do know why he used to call it my little Chee sweater sweated, those kind of small, but he thought I was a funny smartass like he was black end. and we don't have many black people. In my Scots intent. We are largely Asians, lotta middle Eastern and he's dead the kid at the burger king on task with a potato pillar- and I was like that- could have been make, if not for my smart mouth, that he thought was God stared with a compass by a kidney worry, are we that's, not a pen yeah pencil,
got said with two here. I am kid, but I why wasn't an actual Bowie knife, so yeah I'd, say it like a pen ballpoint pen not exactly seems to hate. This message is really clear for people out there who think their allies. Ok, if you through no fault of your own, find someone chasing after you with a knife stabbing you all of black lives matter, Cathy Griffin, key thousand these people the world. They believe that you should take it. that's just kids, bang it. Where did Cathy Griffin go to high school? That's those allows learns we're what you never had. First of all there not at school yeah does not, or did I ever heard, it's not a fight. It's a girl stabbing another girl he's trying to save her life catch He built it worse this year. This is my point that I was making earlier member. I said this: what we're talking at the front of his show? We went from a society where look their individual scenario. Sure because I want people to say I take em.
Issue individually, I'm not an ideal assault. None of you need to have some kind of a world. The union have some kind of a moral compass need to have some kind of a centre line through which to filter. This stuff doesn't mean that you, where the Republic in Jersey or the Democrat Jersey, but he can't all take things on an individual basis, because then you're never able to connect the dots. Now I said this earlier. The issue here that we are talking about We were once a society where we said. Ok, look is an unfortunate shore but obvious we we're talking about someone who has a history of violence. We're talking about someone cops recalled was already stabbing. People was actively mid stab. I wish that you, haven't been shot. However, if that didn't happen lie We would have caused harm potentially irreparable to someone else and so let's way that with the
institutional Authority that we permit police officers, and now we have gone as you see, with Catholic Gryffons tweets and all these black lives matter tweets and this being a number one turn right. Now, to exclusively feeling empathy for the criminal, not seeing a lot of empathy for the girl she was about to stab and certainly not for the cops. We exclusively feel bad for the person who is willingly chosen to potentially harm and kill their fellow American. That is a huge cultural shift, and ass time that happened, you lost, haven't we ended with the early seventys. We ended up with Clint Eastwood, dirty harry and death wish now, because people felt power, because the cops had their hands tied, it's going to be bad the pendulum going to swing the other way, and I'm tellin you if you think that the vast majority of Americans are going to continue going along with this, which will again, you know that should have allowed her to stab and and shoot afterwards in user taser you're wrong, and that's why there's record guns
feels more than we ve ever seen in this country, more first, I'm gonna owners than ever and people are going to start protecting their shit. You're region, guys, ok, by the way it opposes movies are hits because a lot of people feel that way at that time, that's what I'm telling you how space Ordinar to feel that? Well, yes, As I will. I will ask my train of thought and I was very little sir Kay won't. I was a good play. Also like you were actually I'm. You are also being actually being sarcastic, not like great Godfrey. I was being sarcastic or whatever. What do you think? I think that was all that live on their like you, ve gotta call that cannot the other woman you just like. No, no, no! No! No look. If he's guilty is guilty and that's how they found with a jerk, you know is put whenever it spears and say with a straight face, I'm the one who thinks that he should be in jail, but ice
they went about it the wrong way. Do you know? I agree with you and I think it's totally reasonable perspectives. Sigma. Ok, I understand the manslaughter, but that this this jury the way was conducted. Wasn't we're not reasonable whole fit. Well is fishing. You asked the president and other politicians do stay out of it and they don't have course they don't they. stay out of it until the black lives matter, revolutions, their telegram posted along with sweet. We just talked about remember whatever the decision is this isn't about a single decision never has been whatever the verdict is. We need abolition, Talkin about George Floyd, and you know what those words seemed to be foreshadowing, because now we see this happening in Columbus Ohio, despite overwhelming video graphic evidence. The protests of course, which we sought wouldn't happen with the guilty verdict still going on. I don't know your want beggars? Why is he
so hard to tell now area. This was the wrong place to obtain. I told you I didn't want Mexican, they have a nice. You said this is arguably the worst patio I've ever been. Let us put the MIKE down and help me out I hope you're really enjoy your Fisher price megaphone body. Oh yeah, right away this happening right outside the Precinct Minneapolis. You don't think that guy was having Reginald any flash penalty, none at all, but reaching in at least in Florida. You can flourish.
There's gonna be a crab fishermen next year. What did you use and arms export music parties trucker? Give me away these. Might I ask you could die by drowning in cold water? I don't care and take the least listen. There's gonna have neither of them to think about what showed a pain in the ass driving. A truck is like this is when people they had no idea what was going on. There are none
Ideas, Germans, further, reaching any other hands, are coming in like a Romero film, I'm sorry and why she thinks there's zombie hitherto done to get out of the way they slowly moving vehicle. I'm sorry they didn't want to get a night, I'm just saying that they want to commit fellow well, you might wanna go twenty miles an hour me like look. If it's safer, kids, it's safer, you twenty miles, don't it's funny! How nicely dress the guy in the hood is nice coat time then I put on my writing to use at the mall he's doing as local modeling shoot four zero. You like we put this on past. Stop
So, let's go to the United in she former vice presidential line and President Kemal hairs their comments. What did they do? People said that at least without Donald Trump, we're going to have less division in this country, roaring, United. So first off interesting aside, I watch this last May's. No one else talked about it. Cnn accidentally referred to Kemal hairs, as president I mean Vice President Hugo president. Vice president hair is right. There was glows network pushing for that. Zachary and the oval office with a pillow. not yet, I said, wait data slightly for twelve seconds and then by and of course said the the quiet part out loud. When this is the problem, he actively reward it in his speech, the protests he said this marks after summers of protests.
Because of that. Now we finally have just over four. He Kiki attributed this jury. This verdict to the protests, I can't think of anything worse murder, George Floyd the summer protest We had seen since the civil rights here in the sixties, proud that unified people of every race and generation in peace and with purpose to say enough is enough enough of this senseless killings today. Today's verdict is this dreadful our environment. We have some more clips here, but was it but I was just talking, live, ok, we'll go back. If we really wanted was a montalais Stephen, don't you think that it was unification, their summer brothers, unification with peace and purpose? What purpose Well, I don't like Walgreens
three make up for our? We all agreed Numa visa can write aid. I gotta watch so many mailed it MA am given. I said I saw them banana, make apposite; She's bore with maybe lot of cocktail. Maybe a gasoline. Maybe up to move. I can do Do the Charleston I can do that. Austin look forward to Ngos where I saw them do the electric slide ones, and I just thought I don't have the skills giant piano that they had in the toy eastern Big, come on I then violent mahars. They also pull the pages when the white Fragility book. America is so wonderful healing, because systemically racist, Erica has a long history of Mc Racism, black, Americans and black men in particular,
have been treated them, holding, hands and guiding us of our history and let you MA am and the systematic racism the voice present just referred to. Has made me a brazilian present day. Our nation soul ok, so let's we really clear a couple of things. Only fifty five black people have been killed this year by police compared to a eleven white people and if you look at the numbers of unarmed black sources, unarmed white shot, it still is proportionate specimen. You take into account the fact that black Americans commit a disproportionate amount of current. So it's not True, here's again what matters is for. You cannot unify under a lie. It cannot happen because invariably there will always be a percentage. As such is dwindling, as it may be, a percentage of people who demand truth. You cannot get em We want to unite under alive every now and then you can get a lot of people to unite under the truth. Sometimes people prefer the lie. It is possible to unite the majority under the truth,
It is impossible to unite the country under alike and when he talks about these protests, This is what your mark Haldeman, then we're going to go to it to my club and we have actually we have if they dont make. I'm like they used to foreigners power that little metal palette cleanse. The protests are okay, the pro the protests with peace in purpose. What's the peace? purpose they wanting mostly peaceful, and I took her them time of this in the view and seen in mostly peaceful, you know, don't don't don't let the outliers and Joe Biden went on and said some radicals who try and put to the front Don't let them paint these peaceful protests as something there? Not ok. Do you mean over two billion dollars in damages and other just insurance claims by the way, if we're going to you like, for example, the public health measures, appearance for gun, violence, which includes hospice bills, which includes how many deployments have to take us from the National Guard or police, I'm just saying two billion dollars at minimum in damages from an SK in Nagoya economizes we're talking on people's lives, you're, not gonna, get that also we're going people's livelihoods are some people who have all
life savings in that business? But I guess you don't care about them because they are not. Criminals are contributing members of society who benefit their community. We're talking about thousands of arrests that these protests were talk about, hundreds of officer casualties, we're talking about dozens death and those are only the number that are reported that have come from this protest or just a fringe. Ok, what we just want to numbers of thousands and billions of dollars, but I understand it the thoroughgoing that's around here. Ok, how about we go through every major city, every single one, well everyone without exception, because these are fringe, it happens every now and then now it becomes the centrepiece of these protests. New York yup allay yeah Detroit yup Chicago Yup, Dallas, yup, Boston, yup, Seattle. Yup Portland yup. You can't find a major city and I don't mean some small march out in a suburb of rural area. You cannot find a major city in this. Century that involve these pro
that's which finally we're a gross violation of social distancing guidelines. Now we're not going into that right now, you find one city that did not contribute to the billions of dollars in damages and dozens dead and thousands injured, maimed arrested. You can't find one so don't tell us that this is the result of peaceful protest in this is the result of coercion. Of intimidation and a complicit administration who wants the mob to carry out their version of justice and the target? Let's be really clear here, the target is you, we're gonna go. Don't you you because I know you know if you ve been only when we talk about thousands. Are we gonna my club and do they dont use em like that they don't make them like they used to jailed, has to pay, the corner shop, dot com, if you want to support the fight, if you don't look whatever you do, doesn't like us anyway, so Youtube. You know what to do.
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