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WAR FOR OIL?! Thanks, Joe!

2022-03-07 | 🔗

If you thought Joe Biden was incompetent in Afghanistan, wait until we catch you up on this past weekend, when our enemies had their way with him. Biden just created a new war for oil. Also, the media is lying about Donald Trump. Again. And are we really banning Russian cats? #Biden #Putin #GasPrices

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Argued this really short of Unilever Rating review with the key word bombastic on apple or android or wherever you are? If, if not, if you can't be bothered, you that are joined Michael, look let us Canada comes westward. Dave and I are coming to your city go check. We have Tulsa, we have Colorado springs somewhere in some place in Minnesota, that I don't really care about. But if you live there could be good lot of credit accomplished, wonder, Joe
hey, that's a sound of Monday, because it in here that sound are weakened. I know you missed it before I mention anything else is a duty. So if they show is not on Youtube Monday through Thursday, ten m Eastern. That means we're still available on the rumble, free show or full additional one hour to the show, a mug libretto could not come slash, my club so dont. Unless we tell you this show, you're going on, I just want to be very, very clear because we ve had some time. Foolery happening with with the Youtube and before three eighty nine, freely alone account for gas in Texas? I know it's a selfish through patriotic. As I drive and suv you know, because I want to be safe. My kids, not today, but It was three sixty nine yesterday awhile yesterday, so of this gas station is pulling some shenanigans, but three sitting under three eighty nine, which brings me to my question before anything else, question of the day
What what do you really think about buttons foreign policy and in what happened with all the people, saying no wars for oil, we're going to get into the inner national govern, in their interest in oil and us not being energy independent today, but first off. If you want to be able to avoid wars when you to be energy independence and of you do not pay three. Eighty nine, like all for gas, it's not a man they in detail. We also to be energy. Undependable be talking about that will be talking about Russia before we get to all that. I'm pissed you gonna think, there's a lot of other stuff. I've relative Renault has cancer, not as bothering us three eighty nine gas. True, it's a mild cancer. Well, we have to drive this person. I'm not gonna drive anymore, so you have to over for their chemo Co. Pay is actually less than the Gatt. The Copa is less than the gas. Don't he started on the deductible. Can I should do you accept seeds from Chevron Good
so you're, so seven, eleven NOS seven, eleven yeah venezuelan gas do so more seminal ignores the fact that it looks like an episode of lock up in their bathrooms. Quick trip, I'm a quick, man Gerald A is here with me. How are you, sir? I am well you're like racetrack, don't even bring that. exactly where alone upon his track. Of course, just piss you off further. Really it's a wonderful start. An arm. You love em, you can follow me on Twitter, Linda Dave, Dave Landau. How are you, Sir Ahoy could have I? U I'm good, yet a birthday we can. We can. I did misunderstood seven. That's funny age in your kids. Try to lift his gifts. I had one trying to leave with one of his gifts, and I was like yeah? No, I think we're gonna. Keep though yeah I like it. I, like that's nice. Where are your parents who are you my parents, to be our annex, neither method, one kid, the thing were nobody's looking. He went over to the cake and searches fingering up the frosty yakking and I was just a kid. You need an app yeah answered where's, your dad, why? Why are you in here doing
I saw the president during those ok, wonderful. ample for the children this? Ninety? I've, you're old former vice president. Ok, the work of on anything else an end. This is you know, here's one thing I will say this show if this is the only show that you watch it should not be beneficial the only show that you watched you been definitely better form. The ninety five percent of the people in this country, namely because we provide all references that lot of credit outcome in depend. Comment in the description the Gaullist to be able to be informed and not want to kill yourself, so you stand no, it's tough to doing we're. Talking about gas prices today and I dont why you for those of you who have fire? If you look if you're firearms in close proximity, I just ask that you locked them up because I'm about to show you the San Francisco Walgreens Robbery, let s related dramatically into China. Be careful that,
If someone chooses to act in a way that would be perceived as racist of some described like if I were to describe this incident that you're about to see to a police officer, I would be up there. You know with a picture of at Norton American History Ex so seeing see if you can catch why this is a problem that I dont want to describe the robbery incident before you watch the clip yes, everything from that now what you're, watching as Walgreens theft action, Tuesday, it's not what professional photographer Nicholas Stern. It is used to capturing because behind the counter cyclical, I think maybe some covert ass, the tray of batteries, I beg you, maybe some electrons Several employees at the outer Richmond store. Where now pretty standard roderick to arrive at all, while the sausage, I with a sharp rise in nobody around Lord Yard, I failed or about for the workers. At one point another customer begins to record,
has his comes mapped out of his hand. The customer then tries to intervene. Andrews blasted by analysing everywhere, when the customer tries to fight back? Don't do it? You can throw banana baby boy. That is fair, oh boy, You know if someone just walked in at the return throw the like. I was with you yeah bananas. At that guy shopping, I see, is bad. throwing bananas and they started thrown the. Just for men. That shows me, I know, sort of throwing the razor bump Should we not put left behind the glass its amazed? you can casually sharp while committing a rough. Yes in twenty twenty two lackeys deciding what he wants it s exactly that could you move so that I could get you that one right there, the others
extra long life batteries day. I like us, I'm gonna need a ten and a half for my planners for shade. It's just. Pimp, walking and there's only one thing. I lack Malden clams and that's where my mother? How does your mounted them in an out and out with open a boomerang Does anybody have like some stone fruit, and yet you can have thrown an orange, you gotta be races. Yeah, I've used to surprise I only we adjust. If I were to describe this man throws a banana the point. It is no good way from describe it now, it's it's bad behind them. Cash register circuit is less cash in the register than there isn't as Goody Bal. Bravo heirs to be like. Yes, that was what that is what you would say if you were ignorant New did not understand the problem without centralized banking and fear current the current price, with the current rate of inflation and the Federal Reserve that's why I'm crypto currency, an educator batch showed that was it
oh, I got my name. Rains wrong soon, have double lay batteries that have definitely Tripoli triple. I know I just made it feel like a silly. I thought it was a doubling the remotest replacing erhard, a tale cosmetic return home as for the other ones are still. Yes. Can I get a store credit? Let me steal. The triple is thank you. If not, I do have a gonna be ok, you're, so kind of you are my favorite victor, This is America well well sort of, I wonder what the Russians big. I wonder the russian think when they look at us right now you're there, then I have choice in their grocery stores news. Look. We only have one you're throwing banana innocent people. I would love somebody threw open anatomy. I would save them. I would hoard like donkey gong. I will check my muff thug. Three s exactly so good.
But if you could peel banana and throw me it make mess, but it would make it easier for me to get necessary. Nutria are speaking of Russia, so hungry. I don't have enough, but this russian cats. Now we talk about cancer. Quite a bit, but russian cats have a fish. Been cancelled in endless in studying, frankly, stunning rebuke of Russia and they're gonna feel this absence? the International CAT Federation band russian cats from their competitions. This comes from Washington. The federation, which considers itself quote the knighted nations of CAT federation, our second altruism things. I hate the United Nations and cats, put them together Thank you and by the way, I think the United Nations to be more effective if they just had cats. What are you
think Moldova arising fight, see new, and I agree. It's not worth a war. There are champions sitting care. around a table? I'm the key addressed as Garfield one's got it about Alaska, the Moscow, little russian nesting Dalia. Alright, it can, itself the United Nations of cats generations that set in a statement that it was quote, shocked and horrified that russian forces had invaded Ukraine and started a war. No belonging to exhibitors, living in Russia may be entered, and now at any federal show, Indiana Nationale Feelin Show outside of Russia? It should also be noted now that russian cats are also going to be banned from the cat Olympics. So that's a big come on. That's not real basis, can't be real. I've seen em into Jim. Yes, they are terribly.
works out all the time it goes in order. It goes russian strength. Icelandic strength was our russian strength icelandic strength reach our strength in ascending order, drove out again down syndrome in grade school. Pick me up and throw me across the hallway, because he was looking for the other guys aspect. I saw one of those cats kick Oda for table Del them well that cat had down syndrome. Oh yeah, bigtime that Canada Big watery head was it royalty ass. It was so blue blood, blue urine, yes, by the way a lot of Canada complex. Your Dave and I are on tour, we're going to toss Oklahoma may fourteenth and unity in Colorado springs that show is almost sold out. So I have itself we will be adding another show in Colorado springs that depends on if we sought out because we're little far out from it. But if it sells out this,
will definitely have to shoulder a lot of people say they want to make it out so good. A lot of cholera come slash. Tour. ok and other news, can I dont know if you, a firearm nearby block it up, because we are going to end this. An opponent on a positive note: knives earned even good, no knives and even got a desert way. Don't make a sandwich right now, don't swallowing, although it such a profession of your sorts welfare shortly or of any other we're. I want to stop you from practising he'd, know, judge. Bananas at that guy he's a professional Let me make em half years, if you through sex wings, Adam who do it again, but I don't know what the pricing is on, that if you can still allow going in he's throwing a device at him from burn after reading the floor model. I must secretary for I'd like a used one, but I feel I can tell you to judge walks into the secretary as you would expect. A secretary from a nineteen fifty's
a locker booty shaking and all the men are slap in his ass yet the two Manhattan lunch, not including myself. I was pretty gaming. You just sit down drapery, closing the blind because like to share the world a coke and perfect my me or is like the first when they had to hire outside of like this. You know massage any of that. Yes, words I ever get. Can you bring me my coffee discount stay in my still long what you're like what you like Kramer or Sugar tweet on you I'd like you to leave us like you right now have corner office, and I dont you destroying it. I want people seeing you in here.
so the Boston Marathon bomber him yeah? He had of life the brothers right here, the brothers I'm I'm, so I thought they were dead too. One of about one of the brothers yeah yeah, but I thought they were both dead end. If I saw tat, I thought there are both dead because hopefully we had killed them now turns out. We hadn't turns that that's surround upon alive. So on Friday, Supreme Court reinstated the death penalty for the remaining boss, a marathon bomber, the other sovereign, have brother Erika. The Supreme Court has just re, impose the death sentence for Boston Bomber, Joe Har, SAR Nigh of now. You recall that he was convicted of planting one of two pressure cooker bombs at the Boston Marathon, finish His bomb killed. Two people also he's a reason that you it's illegal bed that has a new policy. That change are returned. say, because I would return everything they also ginger palsied dont, send pressure cookers or into parts to people named sort of general. They have a thirty day way
period for a pressure could not have a node bag wait program. You can't get a pressure cooker. None, especially if you shut with a bag of nails, strokes, make it even harder to pressure cooker if your name sign Avenue short with a bag of nails. You're, Goin Home empty handed as everyone else that you brought well yeah. You can get a wolf lawmaker yeah! You can get a form of your want, not as effective that once that I get one is a gift from like doing, no me like he can make ever gonna waffle Magri, you can make sandwiches you can, or I can make a sandwich not in a waffle mega of a sandwich. Migrants like this in a sandwich maker. This is just a sandwich eater yeah if I wanted to make us I have to make the sandwich, is not a maker, doesn't make it all, just what you mean, or even a single penny press boy. Oh, that changes the entire dynamic shut up. I had a sandwich and then I burnt my face with the cheeses grey thing give. Thank you. Stick to the bottom throat, but are there only three things at burn? Your throat like cheese from a penny? Yes, cheese from up in any its rules, pop piece by piece, ass, theirs for
pop tart out of her coming, is one of them and napalm enable and basically it's their synonyms. I'd rather have the name I'd rather than upon that. Aren't you never talked about that. You left in for a little too long and all feel confident, because there's a guy pocket and then you get to that middle hot pocket of the pop tart and the exterior throw you can't do anything about it. It doesn't designed to trick. You is you're like when I touch it feel so, who yes and in the middle in the middle his hair lobbies. Here's the thing with the boss, a marathon bomber. A lot of people do this as well with the vaguest shooting, but a lot of people are not aware of the follow up. Just how many curious coincidence is have taken place with our most Rested on our institutions, in which I would never want to, and we weigh break apart your face. I want you to have faith in our institutions, but this brings us to this week's curious coincidences.
Mark Roberts gonna hate this segment I remember the past, a marathon bomb, ok was there wouldn't go down right for a two hour looked. I won't even had, however, to from one town, the face he was set up, but the bombing. Ok, that's a good good! That's good decision! I heard an asian guy. We we just pretend it didn't happen I committed to Hake from against an ok church now find now so curious Incidentally, the boss, America memory, Meda, noticed the FBI, surely denied ever knowing anything about the suspects, but there sort of mother said that the F b I had in fact interviewed her son Timberline prior to the vote. is exactly what she said. The FBI I knew what he was doing on Skype and counselled him. Every step of the way they told me
ever information. He is getting. He gets from these extremists sites. There controlling m. Never controlling is every step They say that this is a terrorist act. Never However, is this true? My sons are innocent. Now I don't know if that's true, because the last part certainly isn't, but so are sort of claim that he and his brother made the bombs alone. This is a clear you probably heard. The FBI originally said that there were no trace. Evidences of bomb making fun of their homes, meaning powder, meaning materials, nothing at all, then, nearly two years later, if we exploit analysed gave him, and here he said that the experts residue was found at the brothers apartment. So far, no evidence to lots of evidence, but then he also said that he could determine where the bombs were made. Maybe it's Are you found closer residue I'd start looking at their apartment, God he'd would suck it where's Walter
something else. Finally, the F B, I suspected the brothers me been trained by jihadism, Chechnya and Dagestan. The FBI, though, apparently missed the Son of SAM both to those regions, countries because variants of his name in first date. War. not long at all. The FBI couldn't keep track of What is effectively a fake idea that could be brought to a pub. So that's been this which cares coincidences, I guess we'll never know who has the death penalty even before was the cover of rolling stone. That's right!
the cover whirling and which makes him like the sixtieth worse person to be on the cover of rowing. I think the Yoko John Lennon one was probably the worse for doing what do we have that yeah gosh, you don't do that. That's no! No everywhere, I said, is a very oh now either. Second, banana through or in that, and she doesn't even have like there's one thing I will says: I'm very open minded with women, as for I find all women attractive. The only thing that I can't get past is if you're glued just look like a crevice, legs like images of Hungary rack like the cone heads, but only without flap. Now I don't know how he looked at her and was losing somebody stole her ass. Yet stick a crack at that. I was a kid at your son, further problems at this. I take these ass quibbling that picture back up, looks like a spider. Muggy breastfeeding homer face its zone. Bath salts deep,
like her, I will say with the Boston bomber guy was on those like. Is that a young Bob Dylan? Is this a retroactive? That's it comes as a Basque. By now you don't get to you. Don't get a parody of song, while you're committing a terrorist act now didn't die shortly after the photo shoot. Wasn't that one of the last? I hope I don't. How did he die? I don't know, hopefully with radical Out of balance fan, I have great hopes, for I was in the past was. I escaped Twentyman grabbed me and now I wear a mask. You to them, It's not a mere did something. That's us is that an Arab is that mass, like is poisoned. It keeps a payment bay after so much shorter keeps my jaw together after a long prison person.
The present version is it hurts. I can chew. Anything's prison but if you let the bananas, it still hurts to forget from its they lined up- and I said- but I couldn't hear makers. My mouth was saved fired, but that's what I hope yeah moulded into by the way, a smash that like button, if you're watching on you too, because we know what's going on right now what the algorithms I know you tube like and leave a comment, because if type in the name of the show. After the show you contested newcomer blow, you won't find this show their divided,
about an hour. I dunno you type in the net if you type in the title some of our videos. You won't find it on you to what they want to do that by June, what everybody know that they shouldn T, told our video that, because there is no use in the title or if certain words will hide that one year is that happen. It does and they cross reference. Will they can you see DC unless they line to just off centre of the political? Let's just split just now, so that we can see that, so you can also following an instrument by the way, because I'm on there and apparently it's ladder with greater apparently restaurant Tik Tok, I don't know how I was possibly have to try really are to get banned. This is weird they're. Making us look bad they're playing a game of its three chess. some time. Your mother is just. Let me take a break for form this works so,
now, I remember this is something else has been going on our talk about privacy, Russia. Ukraine has been happening in spoiler, Andalusian going over, but the mainstream media mocked Donald Trump, and also actually they tried to paint as an extremist Putin apologists for some, his comments about Vladimir Putin, Then I'm going to give you some contacts and show you other people to the exact same thing, but they specifically when, after President Donald Trump his comments about Putin, Etsy Back former President Donald Trump spoken. Conservative political looks like a literal, weasel Lando last then the invasion of Ukraine but repeated his praise for Russia President Vladimir Putin additive Donald Trump read the words they put in the teleprompter Were him saying that the invasion of Ukraine was was bad, but he did not retract his comments about Flemmer potent being a genius at the idea that put and understood he doesn't play games all now
from does is play games, hosted a game show Bartoloni now well better than the former vice president can't plaguing Well, that's true! Even try to play jangle with him. His Volvo even get three blocks. Get three blocks can for he can't even assembled agenda now. Let us try, go fish, nothing twister, AAA! Guess who has just left with a picture of him? an Oriana area Allah, so they're trying to say the Donald Trump praise, prudent, look! Here's what Donald Trump actually said Yesterday reporters asked me if I thought President Putin was smart. I said, of course, he's smart. TAT was greeted with all that such a terrible thing to say I'd like to tell the true yes, he smiled The NATO nations, and indeed the world as he looks over, what's happening strategically
with no repercussions or threats whatsoever there, not so smart, they looking the opposite of smart. If you take over Ukraine going to sanction you. They say sanction. Well, that's a pretty weak statement. I love how rather than say dumb. He goes this first word and says the opposite of the word yeah like, listen, they say that the ok then a very smart there, the opposite of smart. Ok, I'm not. Saying that take whose is dead, kill, J, F K, but people say the opposite, not kill in tears. Came I would have us is what they will get, what they say they cover. They say the opposite of what I staked. Are you saying they killed that he killed you? Have they say we're not shake, then he did not just what is it could be guilty earth is the
I think, he's the opposite of guilty. Ok, frankly, gives me he's the opposite of that gives me. No one single excuse me, you just says it for fun. Why is it a bad thing? to say somebody a smart or sure that's not praising them. That is just calling it like you see it. They I'd be an evil genius. Yeah ever heard the phrase well say: you're, Smart Alla time when he wrote the power and the guy we obviously in. what lessons have been one of the wealthiest people on a hiss in the history of the world? We basically get rid of all the legislative power that existed erratic country and he just I'm pretty sure you, peace, peace, had people whacked. They like him to tell him stupid here, would be a defence, he's just a dummy right if he called them. But they would talk about down trump underestimate now. Here's the thing it lets first go to this, the hypocrisy here, because sunny hosting who is ironic Leah host. I use that term loosely with it
and when I watch the view I was guy owes us the remake of hocus. Pocus surnames spelled Sonny, I guess you and yes, yes, I sunny hurts it does hurt, but Sonny. If it's like sunny green with enable sure go skiing, yet we can arrange, has crossed all right, so I hosted a view said the exact same thing: it was a strategic mouth, bye, bye, potent! I understand that people say the maniac, but may he's this kind of matter. You know no moral maniac was idle because when you take over a non working nuclear plant but there's nuclear fuel inside and amid the threats that he has made about nuclear war in taking this nuclear. I think he's sending the message to everyone that not only can biscuit worse, it will get worse. You know it's not.
sport. Is the Brigitte Nielsen Shoulder pets? Ok, so you might take it smart, but it's the opposite of that you left your outshine ganglia. Nineteen fifty did you just say that he needed the nuclear basically to make a threat to us when he has no value relaxing is unclear, and I think that thousand hundreds of going to push him over the edge nuclear fuel- and you only have to do- is go over here to download or just reveal yes like what you have all of these men are no it's the judge, gobbles that they are a good start, but do you think we need that all great president, all great leader Putin, because we too have enough nuclear bombs to blow up country like Skynet five times over a little play it safe table or all buttons, we're all Bob's gone table. That's why they said you hit every Barton. I have another but that's all remember all I like this
goodbye because they be five good flame and push it table is big, apparently, is being asked to that's. Also on yes, that's three: four! is big Dave, its refrain to my bombs are now Sonny Home to be fair Comments actually and also to be fair cause. Joy Bay are to have a very dramatic reaction to stamp out an interview them up. The bringing the male eighty remain. Racial slurs days shares move Chinese like up another one. Have I
taken a spill like an olympic Jude. Ok, I mean how she knows. You only sits there every day after the last twenty years, she slides it out. Slides today will be different in this year will be to see the actual follow. really hoping there was the behind the seats with it and it we could slow it down we're all strong, I'm matured and squabbles every day. Everyday. Please get a man help me help me up get it fallen. I I broke glaze is least my shows filler Peggy from Lord, otherwise someone's gives us reason to make fire without my glasses. I was hurt my feelings in my face. usually only my views are myopic. Now here's the thing, He saying that Putin Donald Present now proposing that Putin is Martin was using the comments he saying you know genes that don't mean anything without any teeth. He's, obviously implying that if your
going to take actions against potent they be more severe. That's not a guy who sang hell of potent! You don't say: hey. I want my friend to feel the full. Brought of international military force. that what he sang as this is a guy who's, pretty smart. This is a guy who thinks This is someone who you shouldn't underestimate: look was Hitler dumb like a I'm saying is already too might to my not according to yours, which, by the way shouldn't have on the chess. Let's turn it into that started in peace, symbol, doing cartwheels, ok and make it a kite? Yes, it is one of those issues where Why would you ever underestimate some Hitler of all the issues that I have with Hitler, him having a low. I q is not its not at the top of my list. I think you to be sharp enough to committed genocide like that, and I think you have to be sharp enough, like stolen, to effectively commit genocide just based on class, as opposed to based on. a specific race or ethnicity of people, so this idea that, if you don't,
estimate. Somebody you are somehow praising him is silly its ill advised. What leads us to this kind of a conflict in the first place. Remember, say: member someone said not the aid is called by, want their foreign policy back and said Russia wasn't a threat that was broke. He missed him, PMS, underestimated Putin and what happened Crimea, but what happened Joe binding? What happened? Ok, Ukraine, we're Georgia under George W Bush. The only president who you can think of is the only president who praised Putin's intellect not his moral fibre is the only period of time where Putin didn't act up. Also. This is something a good parallel hears, their issues with athletes and the athletes flew. You see that stay at the top of their game for a very, very long time. meaning consistency which is important,
He's judge african people say who is the best? I think you have to look at people who are consistently the best over a period of time, so I think it, for example, mix martial arts that would be georgian Pierre. He was, he was constantly emphatic about not under estimating his opponents. I've got married, and I have learned from that mistake because it taught me that never underestimate anybody. There you go now. George appears a pervert example. He was not a lot of people say he wasn't the best, because you have a crazy knockouts, like Anderson Sylvan, although he wasn't it I shall ask what you can have all of these great attribute. It wasn't that big for a while to it, but guess what he came in the one thing that that actually for people who don't know No we're following the may do research, he was for having in master game plan. He was able to take all of this approach, to arguably could have been better fighters to the place where they were weakest, because he would definitely take account of
Are they strongest? Okay? This is where they are most capable. Don't underestimate that this guy has really solid. I better take him down to the ground and put him worries weakest and use my advantages? That's why you have to accurately. Analyze Ben assess your enemies and, of course, Putin is an enemy. I This is a perfect example of why people don't trust the media, don't blame Donald Trump or us. First miss Trust in the institutions. When you are blaming and raking president drove over the calls simply for saying two hundred to make this guy he. Pretty smart and you obviously all agree with it, because you're pretty pissed off about the situation in the Ukraine and he's peace, pretty well sized up his opponents in the to knowing that are not really go back at all. On the lid on that table, every table has to fit all about jesting kicks. You never know when it's gonna happen, but he knows what we're going to do, and he does it anyway because he's ok, I know exactly what they're going to do. I have I'm not underestimating my opponents at all and I'm not praising him for that. That's not praising him! That's having a fair understanding of who you
dealing with you know who never underestimate it. His opponents, Putin, Putin, looked at Trump Putin Deal with Trump and despite the media lying about Russia, gate and russian spies and stealing the election. Guess what Putin saw something brother trump that he didn't want to play with when await this out, he didn't see that Obama, and he surely doesn't see that in President Joe Biden he saw President Joe Biden as weak enough that he could make a move and guess what here we are. Admonish Indra Blue. How to deal with a negro mania yeah, because he's been in this business for how long row he knew how to talk to him. It's way somebody says the opposite it, so he never used the word dumb, heal your smart in reference to its good points, but I mean that it makes perfect sense. Though it also Bill MAR was kicked off of politically incorrect. They cancel that show over a similar comment about the world great centre and a kind of shows you that the people in charge of television and median everything they ve always been about the divide, regardless of political stance and yes, kind of frightening to me, because he said the same thing where is like
You can say that there are cowards or whatever, but you do have to worry about them, which reminds me actually, if we can have the control and bring up, we get fat checked by writers. That is out of their great point seriously the political divide, yea. I fancy. I confirm that we never actually set so called up out of love. I guess you know comment, that's one of us is, you can do for the other common and if you think that Donald Trump is shearing vote reboot, and if you think that he's a supporter, Vladimir Putin, I'm willing to, but I can't I know the answer. But why do you think Donald Trump was saying what he said and why is a different than when someone on the view says it? This is, if you were an alien and you lead on this planet, you wouldn't be able to you, wouldn't able to make sense of it. Ok. Now, let's move up to Joe Biden, failed foreign policy specifically I want to focus tomorrow- focus on ran tomorrow- will focus on the devaluing of a dollar because it affects everybody. But I really wanted to focus today, They concern. What's going on with Venezuela and gasped three eighty nine today, three eighty nine
read it. I traced illegal denying yesterday I fill up this morning to, and I have a pretty small tank in this car and it's like fifty sixty hours while yeah that's eggs, Joe Biden whatever, a premium now really yeah my carload amendment two thousand eight theirs Median Rocky Laporte Eddie interlocutor in Iraqi, and he said you went- and this was funny at that point in time. Research work Jersey cause they feel you take this as a unit of Philip I up by put in like eighty I didn't happen enables an absurd enough number that just got a roar from the crowd. Now people moving around eighty sounds good. Oliver, California, viewers right narrow, like three eighty nine that Bethink have ever used to say five on want we're going to happen again in your life would happen under the first two years of Donald Trump. Getaway would have always well. You would have gotten everywhere, get five dollars. I've ever watching diamond dumber the second year Donald Trump Presidency, and I saw in the film yes this parliament has the same process now I remember
less same thing where you're like a while these moves from the neck and is of the same. It's almost like inflation is happening, and now you're like this is like blade. Runner, yes took five minutes, jeez yea put five bucks and you don't even make it out of the excess of gas station in what I want to talk about with. With energy. Look wherever you line up after an environmentalist or you are not we're using oil can now and I'll get to what some of us present Joe Biden is due. right now to try and ensure that we're not maybe as dependent on russian foreigner. We are using oil. We are not at the point where we are not using oil and petroleum products. Ok period, that's just not just not the world that we live in. It would be nice If we were at that point, I want to share, even though this necessary shortly at any time in the future, when we understand what really with special now how we find petroleum is perhaps more cleaning that more clean methods that we have for extra.
But that being said, it would be nice. If you know we could run everything on sunshine and farts. I get it. Let's assume in a perfect world, we're not in that world job I know that we're not in that world the Democratic Party, that we're not in that world. if we are in the world where we do use oil, if you want to not have to engage in foreign wars, if you want to help the american people, if you want to actually avoid destabilizing regions across Europe. We should be dependent on our own energy resources and here's a canoes we can be tomorrow. There is no reason for us not to be now will be one thing if we didn't have the reserves, so we had to import oil because it and that's not the case which, The question were using oil. We know that we need oil. We know that we need petroleum products and we have of two never require impact, from anyone at all. If we didn't want to why We still dependent and were all of you
who said no more for oil going to sell here's, the thing by naturally wants to open up potentially oil in policing legal that now Venezuela, so on Saturday you, its officials, travel to Venezuela to meet with members of Nicholas Maduro government. The growing narrative is at their seeking to separate Caracas from Moscow. Here's! What, since downright think about this, I would not meet with Putin. Monsieur LE strengthening your meeting with Maduro didn't give a book to Obama. yeah? I can shake his hand and Sean pens that it was unfair to say that he wasn't democratically elected in the United States is trying to vilify Madeira. This is a man who starved his own people, but they have plenty until the paper just no for these every bit as corrupt and violent is Putin he's. Just I mean in arguably even shitty or country Beauchamp Pennell pension photographer, where they will go meet. L trapper, right, you're radar of Dickhead is really something that
shooting a documentary? I can draw one dad so Ella Crispin, here's thing: lotta people speculating course that Biden is looking to venezuelan oil as what a replacement for russian oil. That's the idea, russian imports. So let me read this actually: Trish Trish Reagan, Tricia Reagan, a fox business was interruptus. It's not just you officials meeting in Venezuela right now. It's also key executives from major. U S, oil companies, including chevron. This is real If agreements are reached, we will replace Putin's oil with me. save oil reserves from the ah Orinoco region of Venezuela, so call it a second here, trading. One evil dictator for another he's just closer to home, so out and easier dictator to work with it is it? May you guys comic. How does anyone see this as a net game? Now? Ok, anyone complain about Vladimir Putin and savings,
put on sanctions and we need to freeze, or, as we need a freezer assets, we innovation they can that business finally, there aren't sanctions on russian oil right now, not just appraisingly, so we're still importing oil and petroleum products Russia just so you know. So what does that we at some point put a stop to that which I would be all for. Rather than becoming dependent on our own resources, which we have, we just shifted to Venezuela, you looking for the shittiest most dictatorial countries like as that is that a is that one of the prerequisites, ethics, is all really that bad that you have to go to a socialist. Maybe it's because it socialism and they think that is that our people write and rightly like socialist, even though they were all talking about replacing a small amount of oil according to the administration right, it's only like ten percent or eight percent of what we actually need for Russia. Three percent comes from Russia right now: road, three percent. While that's that's not even his eyes, I thought it was right. I owe this that you mean that it doesn't take. Turning on much of it
EL supply. In the United States that actually replace Russia right, that's what I'm hearing right now, because we're sending seventy million dollars per day to Russia by the way we're not sending it to Chevron accompany, were sending it to a state run organization that sells oil. Read that as the Kremlin, it goes right in their pockets, were funding both sides of the conflict. Right now we're giving aid to Ukraine and were funds. daily when we could stop it. If sanctions really were meant to stop this tomorrow and we sent something around seventeen billion dollars to the latter were funding the russian State Wage war against Ukraine, and then you bitch about how Donald Trump is praising potent. Donald Trump was one who wanted to make us well we'll get to that stance on an annoying eyes. I've been in a fraction earthquake. Thank you, and I just want to let you know I almost woke up really yeah almost so this is
In almost all of that adults I snooze prevail. I do the white noise and gently rocks and because it makes the bloom I roll out of bed without its, I got my feet stuck in the bars, so at my head, stuck in the hell, you think is this to you, you're, not a now my head stuck it's like, and it's like, I'm totally exposed extremely plan for a while now, ok, so that, well, you say: well, that's one country are right. Sure that's one, and I want to take just one extreme example to make a point because we're not allowing two by the way like you're talking about as far as three percent, how Much of the United States is of our reserves, would you need to it being equivalent to the amount that? U turn on your tap just so the pipes don't break
that's about as much oil as we just could just just open up your knee knighted states to no longer even have to worry about Russia. That's a new house to trickle the tap Joe Trickle, the tap. That's all we, it shut off Russia. Three pick up. My flown now tell hunters. Tincture things to trickle is moving its move. Drivel so we also do know for sure we don't know for sure if they are going to Venezuela for oil, but I can guess We do know beyond any shadow of a doubt that this administration is going to a Raby ah for oil- discussing the spring pumping more oil so lets us. Clear? This is a Saudi Arabia who the left blamed Donald Trump. They said that he was awful because he didn't condemn them enough without a camera pronouncing aka, shaggy the like that of the journalist, a journalist who was killed, the idea, I want to be clear not fan of the Saudis killed, members and taken out of it. Can I say Saudis there's that racist,
is Saudis equipment like minded Pakistani, but then you can't say packets, I'm going to assume its racist just because everything is put on reality royal family, so you can say satellite dish against shouting. Ok, can, I say Sally, but can someone fact check that for me, I just want to make sure that I know as I'm offending people, because many continues anyway, so the left's decided that Saudi Arabia, member Michael more, did all this about bodies right now. I liked what she s eyes. George W Bush is a matter of fact way was beating with saudi princes. Well, right, I don't mean accounting for paddies. just like its annual secret menu, sir, we can't do that at the same price will go bankrupt, treble redneck, so we do not making that for you too ridiculous sandwich here.
you're cholesterol numbers increasing from here dad suggests the cushion unmake I have to wear beads and my chair. Headway still live So let me give you an idea in two thousand twenty one, the United States imported about seventy nine thousand barrels of petroleum products per day from Russia. K sounds like a lot. Nine years, also the major point and we'll get into prices and we'll get into what kind of reserves we have here, and why, if your environmentalist, you actually want us to be dependent on oil, if you- I don't, Let me be careful with the word you dont want us to be dependent on oil. I understand that, but you want us to use oil that is produced domestically. If your and environmentalists just do what I want to use. What will we do? That's not on the table. Let's be clear about that. What's better for the environment, us in our own oil, with our extraction methods and geopolitically, not being dependent on nations who either a wanted, he'll us or be killed her own people, or so
just declare themselves princes because apparently you're allowed to do that in Saudi Arabia, and it's silly, I'm a prince. If I have one more person, tell me how impressive do by or operate as a gas built by slave sorry indentured servants, and some guy takes the money because he's a prince. There is only one trends and he died now. Whatever don't you dare insult prince? Not, I would never get you good? Now we want to be clear about the so, usually only one trump was marked doesn't troubles marked because he said that if the use- and I think everyone ass. He was not interventionist and that's a big problem, people say all you didn't do enough to go after patent rights. I am always wanting we're code pink, went where they sit at work or oil, no war period. They disappeared under brok about it with more drawn strikes and president history and a kind of reappear with Donald Trump, saying, hey, Donald Trump he's not doing enough going afternoon. I guess rage against the machine and I guess no effects. I guess The punk rock bands now are on board with all Democrats and all Republicans by the way two sides of the same coin, who want to restructure
or machine. Basically, all of you people out there all you punk rock rebel, your beer in the same boat as disabled as well for our vice president, John Biden, Kemal Harris Lawrence, O Donnell? John Bolton good Company, so here Donald Trump set about WAR then he would only go any was marked with scorn for this if he tat the oil ices is making a tremendous amount of money because they have certain oil caps right. They have certain areas of work that they took away. They have some serious I'm in Iraq,. I would by the add that is right. I blow up the pipe side blow up the river I blow up every single age. There would be nothing left and you know what you'll get access to come in there in two months. You have see these guys, how good they are. The greater oil companies they'll rebuild that sucker brand new it'll be beautiful and I'd bring it, and I take the oil and, I said I'll, take the oil
And this is something that we should now you see massively than two thousand twelve primarily said. I would only go in these countries if we take the oil thank you realize that until really the twentieth century, that was every war. Ever when we're talking war right now with Russia and Ukraine Not even something of an empire could have comprehended gimme those either these two nations that are warning oppressing, there's nothing do with us and with, but not we're, not gonna get involved. We only get involved if we take their stuff. There was no cut their had never been a country, never been an empire that would win a war. And leave the ship just to be clear, when I say no more, for you know what a war for oil looks like when people talk about Iraq when people talk about even desert storm, we left a war for oil and its surrounding oilfields provider, support protected at all costs and take the oil we ve packed up and left and by the western desert storm. You ended up with the absolute travesty. That was, Saddam Hussein went back and you guys complained about rightfully so
but you want to do the same thing with the Ukraine for the second year against going into Iraq, which, what involve limiting the iraqi people from a leader who was killing some of his own but you said we should have been there. It wasn't our business, but now you want to go to the Ukraine. Let's just try and be consistent here now. As far as oil gas, three. Eighty nine today today in Texas, doesn't happen yesterday. It was three sixty nine. This is my dawdle experience, but you can also look at the average gas prices and how they increase the highest. Ever average gas price in Texas happened, in two thousand and three. Ninety not arena gown was so close, so we're right there orange today's dollar. Seventy eight dahlia son in law, dollar, one thousand roubles. Yes, we don't sell roubles anymore. Not only we are a currency is measured and table length. This measure than Luke sexually this these great fruit costs. Ninety eight inch table
some great fruit. I don't want to part with these table, but how much for pomegranate? Well, you need table size of for football field. Lakes, deal physical fruit, but my body needs the entire so burns, ok bring in the world this one's that United Fruit. What story with the is so under Donald Trump in Texas, the Erika oil price, never one above three dollars. I was never criteria yet the average Gazprom, the average gas price I haven't gotten oil and gas- I mean it's, you know and we had met. Many many many months where you know there was well under two dollars area. It was always a wedding. While I remember what I remember seeing that Unthinking Newt Gingrich's an idiot because finger sediment aroma campaign on to dollar gas. Well, ok! That was why
component of what Donald Trump did, that's all you're going to do that and bring back to try and create a real Jurassic park. Newt look. Is it any surprise from the group that thinks that gas prices need to be higher so that will transition off of oil products and go on to the Clean Energy looks like that's exactly oars, able devising or cars any products where power that not I gather Carla delaying actually petroleum. We eyeglass, if you're not doing this on a screen, television, petroleum wearily where you have hearing clips petroleum likely just to be clear. I don't think you have any idea how many of their products require petroleum, let alone guess you're an impediment. All of your food has to be transported so when that gas price those up twenty cents a day? What do you think look at the president if it creates inflation across the board, which by now that is going to bring down by lowering prices hold on a second? How why would you wanna bringin from inflation down when you said inflation was a good thing three weeks, What? How are you going to mandate lower prices that just gonna come in
We want to shake him down like potent, does very well everything that you're looking. I was made by something that they found on earth right, yeah, just pointing that out sometimes it's messy to make yeah everything, a humanist was just for, and staff, and now we have iphones from stuff ear. Lets us from stuff here people people to even realise at a big partners, because a factory fondest whether more trees right now than recorded human history, because because not everybody to have a farm workers, you can actually take down a forest and then replace it and the diktat. Another new place, You know the way you know less than we can always leave a forest, because I can just gonna Kroger get the same thing and I applaud of land. Also arranged ditches utterly about drainage. Did loudness, also care about rain forests? Have you seen the animals there? I don't wanna do spiders. nothing and annoying bats. Snakes are not knowing bats Robin William Voice. I don't care for that and all they sing furniture. Sucked it was an imaginary measurement acceptable in case you forgotten, remember the big chant
against our wars for a long time was what what the word no war for boil. None of the behind the scenes planning for Iraq's oil is publicly known and the station leaves oil out of the public conversational masks, but a large segment of the american public suspects that oil is a motive. No blood for oil becomes an anti war battle, cry Scooby do guys ring the dumb dumber so days is getting sick with me. he's got the born in large. The guy's got the powder blue, with the sign it gonna coordinated by the way.
Lotta people worked hard on those signs lot harder than other people in the group here, hey by the way, no petroleum products involving the sharpest for those signs, a camera that you use or the backpack that you down there or regard I didn't ravaged public, translate public transport. What was that run on? What is run on gambling me it's more people in an hour good, so wait! Here, too, twenty two, it's all about germs, and then in the point that I want to make you look, often say all you're being an idiot theirs, thing more exemplary of an era, a log than someone December. We should just be unclear energy, like gents Aki said, and what we do want our reserves, because we want to transition, agree: energy, but at the same time meeting with Saudi Arabia and Venezuela how about this instead of replacing russian oil with that, we could well still trying to pursue green energy, whatever that means beers and practical things we can don't be John Orangist Betcha not provided us with Asia. We could open up Keystone Pipeline Keystone, accept that word, but that's until then still x,
in fact, by the way, which is actually a much safer way to extract resources and am Toma oil, of course, in natural gas, all this all the energy that we need. We could explore arctic reserves and alive, I ve been not a whole lot of shit to do in Alaska, if not use the oil so on shore drilling leases for oil. We could reduce them. regulations that don't allow people to actually open up more onshore drilling or offshore drilling. Basically, we could allow more people to act. The current unbelievably rich energy reserves that we have and buy them there's something else too. If I'm not mistaken, it isn't it true that as President Joe Biden he's the first president to you allowed any new, onshore drilling places guess can bring another there there every time they get ask that question. They talk about the offshore stuff right so again, each right! Now, that's in regaining fraction! This is right now trending at the moment that I am discussing this for people who are watching watching the archive is eleven twenty,
ex Eastern. This is getting direction right now and twitter that the? U S is pumping more oil under binding than under Donald Trump. Now Unfortunately, I always start from the fact that someone's massaging the numbers and like economists, like when Biden divide by an administration, said actually inflation isn't that that unless it will actually, inflation is a good thing. and actually now we're just gonna- bring down inflation, my fortune to reduce prices. Well, why would you need to bring down a good thing? None of it makes sense. So I assume that was some truth to this tweet. Trying to go, or maybe it's because of residual sort of effects from the previous policies, or maybe it was a supply and demand issue, because a pandemic in people weren't travelling a whole. Well, it turns out. It is a lie, really just an inaccurate tweet, but as a threat of re tweets and likes so right now, This from CNBC, two thousand nineteen you're from about twelve point: twenty nine million per day in twenty twenty eleven point: twenty eight million per day, twenty twenty one, a letter
point one: eight million per day sets consistently been going down and undermine percentage of. U S. Oil imports from Russia has hitherto decade high. So one guy says: hey hey Hey, listen, potent! Not an idiot! Joan, underestimate him in buying goes thing. Potent moron sure how much you show that all was that's incredible, but is absolutely incredible that it's gone down that much and there still out there parroting that we are still in their export or a patrol Products we were staying in right now because of natural gas rising right there. There lumping everything together to make it look better than it is an hey. We have plenty of your drilling leases. There's about two thousand percent said I always have to say the p not bad son, silence right their rights or the like out what about? What about on onshore? What about that, because we we don't have a lot of fuck off shore, with the issues that you think happen all the time and oil with things blowing up and looking into the the Gulf driver. Tesla do see asking questions
we're not gonna hurt environment of America with jobs. Yes, because should trust Venezuela. We should trust China, IRAN and Saudi Arabia to do it right here has much ringer if much more stringent regulation standards. Generally all boy here we better we'd, better make sure our energy extraction is clean because he got a power just throw a hundred people in a binding way. Why are you doing slot on mental impacts? Just as we should have been your brother from from oil coming out of factory simum? It's what call you ever see. I told the sky just go different parts: Africa, Hither, Bianca may the general, but naked Harry'Ll guy yet sell some oil yeah see what coneys selling them for right now. I wonder what it costs to soak a tyrant and put around someone's neck. Let's go to those places, sunburn, attires ceiling. I do fulfil the I know. I know you everyone can understand that energy independence entities, its is its vital for national security.
And again what this comes down to, and I hope people honest I'm not saying that it's a good thing that Americans use more oil and I want us to use more. All I want is to destroy the environment. I think it's overblown as to how much the use of fossil fuels destroys the environment. That being said, I also understand that you can only negotiate from a position of strength if you are not dependent on someone else. You can't go she ate with tyrants. If you are beholden to tyrants, because you refuse to use resources that you haven't home, that's a simple the international diplomacy, one or one. So you know who else understands us. Elon musk speak of Africa I found out african. I was ocean determined. What was wasn't he I hate to say it, but we need to increase oil and gas are put immediately ordinary times demand extraordinary measures here. One thing it is a really. I don't really think extraordinary measures I don't know they like hey guys. Can you clean up that he plumet clean up that?
naturally oozing PA puddle of oil it like. You grab a sham. Why or something and instead just like, we could use that That's an extreme measure, I think, is an entirely reasonable measure. You know it is other tree was, and we didn't pull this year, but it was that Europe needed to ramp up nuclear facility. now Robo has its clean. Oh no! It's Surely clean energy any said if you worried about this he's like I will go to any place on the planet that you say is infected with the euro. radiation whatever and I will eat produce produced there live on television.
We'll call people's bodies like I did it with Fouquet laughing and Hill eat produce. They seem like that area has been, you know tainted with radiation. We hear something like that: he's like fine I'll go eat, something that was grown in that area. Just to show you that your concern in central, real ass being like your mamma dont, make anyone wishing it because then he turns into Hulk mosques racked Fetnah Tesla X is all never go to Spain or power. This is it Tesla Triple X, so, Michael more edition flame, galilean headlights, while I accept it just devolves from America alone, if here's the thing, if if a nation is not completely autonomous as it relates to resources, you will have to go to war for, resources and a lot of people to understand, as you know, we talked for example, during the dependent, the lockdown and people not being allowed to work. Well, look let's! Let's look at what that is. What is it? What action are you taking when you tell someone they have to stay home when you tell them that they cannot conduct their business
right, but otherwise they will face the force of government. You are removing their ability to make a living to feed their families. Guess what wars were fought over that period? When you tell somebody hey, you know what actually you're not going to be allowed to be dependent on your own resources that could be farming it could. It could be whatever they need to processed food, it could be hunting grounds. You can't guess what people go to war and not just seen. Look at the data of american tries- and we also give the land back, for example, black hills, a goal which one how many tribes of control different portions of land at different points in and you know why they fought it, partly because some of the tribes were cruel, they would do for sport, but a big part was resources, and the bill. If there was land that was fertile, they would fight you for that land because it made it here to provide for their family and we're just too far removed from this, because we ve had it pretty saw for a good amount of time. I don't love. You know this, but
access to oil and Dutch EAST Indies. There was a huge factor that led to the japanese attacking Pearl Harbor. That's not that far back, then we cut them off They did the math. They knew that if we had cut them off that we were eighty percent of their supply and we were about to To modern day Indonesia and cut them off for the rest of their supply and where we have to bomb now right, I think they were right to do a dummy wrong, but they did math and realized we're going to have to fight this otherwise week we will never have the ability. I was wondering if there are those first kamikaze who came over like actually saw the kinds of fleets that we had at that point o shoot. But you can't turn back because it another oil reserves in his tent going to take a harder left, took no just off your now you're gay. Do that kamikaze setting in one way through just enough to get their good luck. Auto fifty learned, all knowledge are also covered
They murdered there all remote control, maybe it s just I have a virus, just the japanese emperor, with an Arcy, remote Try to pull up all you pull over. Just goes down here. You know all you told them all. The non rank is live. Kamikaze stand for soldiers whose super coup muttering to back up Golgotha, governmental supercool, how come and none of the people to go before is coming under the occasion. Yes, we re wrong a break. After being a super cool ran away The other revenue all pay. A good also have a great time. Welcome open go about your family
I'm about to go supercool bash. Who did and then a kid doesn't really happened. Just matters deafness spending of time with him he's Japanese, her achievement and the cut in the cradle and disseminate it had better boy. when you come home that I don't know when, but you're like a ship, you're a super move now southward dad was just read me by the way you think he knows is impervious to these demands. Remember the reason we're done with Venezuela and return with Saudi Arabia is United States uses nearly twenty million barrels of oil day. China's number two at about twelve point: seven million, not just because a lot of people I mean look, I will say the ring.
Reason that they use less is because they don't really have access to the best cars. Like that's, we'll see an entire family in nineteen chicken coop going up a steep incline. Honda cub well yeah that improved Edwin. I did my first motorcycle with a handicap and you could write, that thing on vegetable oil. It was in destructible and the thing with this handicap for people who don't know you not just come up you out, there were motorcyclists, it's my first by giving us the most sold vehicle of ultimate think something like sixty. Seventy million hunter comes up, it's always because its like a scooter and since its low cc low emissions, but it has gears, but it has no clutch. What you would think makes it easier, nor makes it way harder. because if you have a motorcycle economies out the clutch new shifted when I used to ride this thing- and I would be in traffic if I wanted to shift gears gift to completely off the throttle and kick that clutching punch
and you almost got hit every single time- your brain, nine chicken, coop uphill exec- that's crazy- that even in a first year, even in the first year in dividing our high safety protocols, supercool took important motorcycle super cool and a even though tea is a different kind treatment out. I don't know my world. Taiwan is not a thing. There's a lot of those around to Arthur. Oh yeah, there still down, I usually release actual that way, get it. They also release them and I won't say that I'll do I now say that violate. I order safety laws by they. They they certified Manasseh Scooter, even though it was seventy. Seventy cc's associated fifty, He sees, but I shall sit at the DMV either side there wasn't. There was actually black. Let issues like this. This is going notsohumble cover Emma enough like if Scooter certified as you go you ever do you. I don't got a ride.
this is a view to an ideal. Yet some points out that the true that this is where we are in this country is, I dont want to go to war I don't think we should go to war unless it benefits us believing nation building- but I do find it surprising that you have a huge group of People- has continued you have people you know day when we grow, but the Pencroft Minerva Iraq against Bush had no reference machine and a war machine, and You know no oil and team up with coat code, pink, ok and rock the vote rock them. Yeah ruinous right, yeah, I'm a recommendation opera said. If you go vote, it's like you're, saying rape should be legal wow. With an eye to make one hit movie. Yes and that's it and then my career will be destroyed by hd cheese, for K coming down the pikes you now, I'm out. So the mass him there like is she rocky deaths? We went through this
We were at a point in a country where, despite him, having an hour next to his name, Donald Trump started no new major wars. He made us a net exporter of petroleum for the first time and, of course, that low, prices and really kept up kept there, a lid on inflation. in a way that we ve never seen in our lifetime. And now we're right back to ok, look, sick, same old, same old when people Republican and Democrats are the same. I think a lot of I think a lot of capacities they aren't allowed respects they certainly are Donald Trump was certainly different. That's why you hey hit him. That's why so many of you hated him because he came here like he was a stick of dynamite, I'll, try to go fishing with dynamite and now we're back to all. Maybe we when I go to work for a second look with a racket was never a word for oil. It was a war for contracts for oil, understand that no bed contracts in that's also a problem and by the way those lobbyists are still in government and also look at some of these executives from oil companies who might be accompanying this administration to visit in Venezuela. So
the idea that, for some reason, because they have deep next to their names, are not looking out for the interests of oil companies will that's obviously completely untrue. These people are thrilled to have Joe Biden back in office, but when you look at this and understand that ok, Iraq was not a war for oil, especially if you look at what happened desert storm. It was Qaeda right, they were struggle for announcing that, though the Taliban that Iraq attacked us, but militarily with ok, we're struggle for a kind of that made it mattered, and they also said the administration that Bush administration at the time it also would serve a value on purpose to liberate these people in Iraq. From this dictator there's some Saddam Hussein and many Democrats opposed it and by the way I think it was a mistake. I supported it at the time, I think it was a mistake why? Because you see the way this works, you just wait. Another power vacuum and I just don't think we should be involved in foreign affairs unless we benefit from it. Does it affect our national security? If not don't go, can we use it to benefit
national interests, if not Duncan. Those are really the only two litmus test, in my opinion, that matter for war the same people who are saying we shouldn't go into Iraq because we shouldn't trying spread democracy abroad and look at all the innocent people who were killed. He's the same, people? Now the George the case of the world, saying hey, we need a way to go to Ukraine to fight for their freedom. First off you not believing because you are supporting locked down here at home, but now you want you to me for a second. What do you think happens. If we it's going to be exactly like, you opposed Iraq. What you support the United States go and gone right now. Do you care you have any idea: how many more innocent people will be killed if the United States engages militarily in Ukraine, one the big scan comes in all the other weapons come on aim it it's going to create more not all damage not to mention potentially could be the catalyst for war. Three God only knows I'm just rumour all the no war for oil people went to, and I would say,
to me that if you are, if you were against Iraq, if you were against nation building- and I am against those things that would certainly be against any kind of engagement in the conflict with Russia and Ukraine right now and you certainly would not want us be dependent not only on oil William from Russia, but if we carry on human rights, You certainly would want our voice that, with what sharia maybe because you hated them only a year ago. Only two years ago, you certainly one one replace it with what Venezuela, with dictator who seized power in starve, his own people you're, going to replace the. International energy deficit, Russia, but where we want all of these international supplies, we have real foreign oil, its use that term, because it's simple, I get get reductive to turn. People understand you're, either going to replace it, Was the oil from a place that abuses its citizens.
And by the way, is less reliable for us or you're going to replace it. with reserves with energy that we have United States that we can control, it's going to be replaced with dignity We weren't where the world wars, no blood for oil, think of a more literal example of blood for oil, then as well as the government Bennet it's from all of the oil resources, while the people starving people in Venezuela quite literally die so that the government can get rich off the oil where's coping where's that work Tom Marilla, but just one little consistency here. Let me tell you what I don't think is inconsistent. We don't go to war unless we take the oil also we should use our own oil and natural gas period, and if we have enough, then look to see what we need to supplement it. That's my point of view as it may. I thank you
absolutely right and we should. We should not be in this situation and that's why we were saying be tough on Russia, be tough on China, and Donald Trump was doing that try to me the cool kid at the table in Europe, because what country Right now is Putin, afraid of in Europe. Name me, one. None of them That is why he did this their reference. There have you seen? The label is not afraid of any of those guys, there's a reason that you can't just try to link arms with every country and say we are the world, and this is all gonna, be fantastic, and let's just go to this, you know commission and everything's gonna be found. No, you can't do that because these guys have never been able to stand up to aggression ever now. You're his area they have not been able to do it. It took the United States both times coming over Europe sex now. Do we bring up that fact check from writers What do we got under way so that to us so writers, because we claimed during one of our shows that the CDC change their mass guidelines yeah?
What about you guys in coming to love? You agree with us on the international will yet the energy policy- and you can smash like if you agree with it and if you don't like that means that you wanted to be oil from Venezuela, where oil thirteen year high right now, oh unseen and right now, gas taps four dollars a gown for the first time since two thousand eight that must be across the country in Texas it stay Andria on Channel is telling you how great Biden Azure ten year high. This is insane Is that guy in a funhouse mere that makes you look warped sideways you that, like horizontal, it's actually the kid from the toy with Richard Brightness Chick you guys. I saw him on four m, focusing on the forty six percent increase. I think tank
alleviating Newman! I are less well already a six percent increase in a week and the average he looks like a dream, but boy they really want. You remember keep in mind. I didn't know him a cabbage patted her segment on this back in two thousand nine, with Brok Obama, just so people. You know, and I had to use the term drifters, but we have a lot of people who just sort of showed up recently and they're not really familiar with what has been going on there. you for a very long time they put on the market. Have I did a segment on Detroit, two thousand nine and talk to me There are effectively mandates where the government was trying to incentivize these domestic companies to make more gas friendly cars, because oil was so expensive. Even at that point, had more gas, for I think that I think the yeah I think so too. The cut off was, if you got thirty miles, the gown they had more than two hundred or two it I believe, come but what happened is a government said we'd, better, stop selling trucks and California? You could only a certain amount of trucks or suvs per lot, bigger, theirs in gas prices, are I see that as an incentive for Democrats right now. Obviously they really want you driving smaller cars. They want you dependent. They want you dependent on on public transportation,
This is worth gas prices going up and inflation out of control is not in conflict with what Democrats want for the country, and why do you say Democrats because Democrats absent I have already told you they want you to be more dependent on the gunman they want. Our central I system as far our economy. They want to be more like Europe, they want. Well, I can't hear you can see. What's happened, all the Only thing that stops this government from being Australia from being Canada from in the UK are the checks and balances are enshrined into our constitution. You say you brought up the fat check their token out either we got it. So it happened is writers, said. Was this social distancing, unmasked was released under trumps term, not binding, and this is why, because you talk about the CDC changing their mask guidelines. We never once said that whenever once said that happened exclusively under by my problem: with the claim that we made was not by my
Rob was with the CDC, changing their garlands. Of course we know it's happened. Many times are useless interesting about that. The left- and this is why I say, I'm not a centrist, a noble in finding common ground with people and no interest in finding common ground, but the left says: oh today, people displaying teams, republican Democrat right, nurture the right is trying to divide everybody corner. Second, you took something which was a fact. But the CDC changed or guidelines on masks- and my problem is with the CDC and writers when the most trusted names news decide did to turn it into something politically divisive and make it about Trump Verses Biden. Wasn't my troubles of I note about this easy, but soon the way people will pay attention to what they say. I think it was writers, Donald Trump in there. I think it was writers who also fact checked us like in two thousand fourteen two dozen. Fifty. Moreover, there is that, When will we ever championing that the whole pandemic happened under by now
never once said anything remotely close to what their claiming. Meanwhile, there like its yet to be determined. If IRAN Omar married her brother, just look at the marriage certificate and the foot her baby Anytime, we do a stream that that out punch the coverage of the mainstream networks, we get fact checked and they, since they can't fax it something we actually said they make it up. Yep great yeah, but look find me where I said of the mask: only changed under Joe Biden and not where I was saying that the CDC is institutional people, trusting less and less because our ambassador fashion, it's a little shit, all right, we're going. And play name that spoon here on mobile live another minute. A lot of God it comes lashed to or will be in total, been Colorado Springs Smash. The like button leave a comment. Gonna see tomorrow right now, mug love another good shunk. Let's do it, because if you do
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