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We AGREE with the CDC! Why Tucker Carlson Is Right About Masking Kids


Liberals are big mad over Tucker Carlson's recent mask comments. Here’s the thing: He’s 100% RIGHT! We explain why. Also, why don’t cops “shoot the leg”?? Well, today, we run a controlled experiment, mimicking recent police shootings with precision paintball guns.

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Hey there, weird audio listener. I appreciate it. Remember, there's no stream tomorrow, because only life backtracking former Vice President Joe Biden Joint addressed to Congress, but with a harsh in today to motivation Bill regiment and please you consider joining mug club where we play that movie lines, because we watch the film column balls column balls, knew these white supremacist, nazi sympathisers care nazi frogs flags juice.
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There was no sir. I have no idea what does it, but we don't want to talk all she'd anymore, because you know cocoa butter Connemara, that's true! So whatever this is it's wonderful becoming Lastly, it is its but just stop just like your personality. Thank you also vapid. How are you Gerald Day? I was doing better minute ago. Now, I'm doing a better developed since three. What about girls do good good? We bid for some yeah for an approval lot to get do today. We actually we ve especial appear in exclusive school, with Jerry Seinfeld drilling in the show yeah he's on location. We got an interview with him, so that'll becoming that's awesome and later on will be doing conducting live and experiment Schuman alike. Ok, good, because no joy, they heard one million and all the other people. People who referred to the flag is fags they think that you can shoot people in the leg, and so I would ask that it with different people and the elderly citizens when we actually created the exact little homicide scenario. Ok and next will do Mackay, O Brien, so that'll be coming up. Ad hoc twins are here which, when peace, which ones cabin of Keith of Gear,
doesn't really not sure you are. I don't either micro, though the hot, their audio TIM, what's worse, displaced people to find you could serve to on you too. Will you are bombing through the voice of God? Why it s so loud so light voyage? Take a step back force company exert locally loud, there's really land for anybody else. I mean it's ok for me. What does it have to be black? We couldn't just be a deep like their blankets when there's a reason they are genes are old Jones. Do Darth Vader right not Milton Barrel, got a head divorce. A baby, Jerry Jerry, Louis guy new, ok,
just jump down to get away from him. Louis we get it. You wear a paper machine hat and some buck teeth go to France, where they think you're funny it's true, the French they have Horrible's, they love him, juggernaut, Tucker, curls and quite a bit police or quitting the force and record numbers right now. This yachts completely unprecedented, as well as Michigan being the worst state right now there were seven day period since the beginning. This pandemic, ironic, in the full lockdown, including for toddler, so we have a lot to get too. But first, if you guys, C mon man knows not necessarily new camonica, days ago there is a man who went down to a protest where you can in case you don't you can see the ant for people by the all blackened and pink ski masks are usually a good sign. Usually if you're not blackened scheme, ask you probably the asshole folks, probably but a guy goes down there right now is referring to whom is as as based frying pan man. Ok end. If you haven't seen this it made my day
the guy with the cigarette watch a good way to get gleefully the boy with a dumb, while played again presented, rounding up guidelines that guy with sub areas like the court to do, but it wasn't no, we want both. We do not know about the guy, just dropped and lose another exact copy, global dragon. That's the same! Back the same guy, how wonderful stairway and pink
well, it's a merging of pussy had economics from the Romans March. I dont know the point look out for France. Don't condone violence, but we laugh at it after we're. Gonna get Asia because you didn't find, for he wasn't just walking around an answer. I like hey, ok, We worked out there with a frying pan out. We had to have a conversation with his wife, you doing you're on stake and eggs. Ok, but that's got fry bad day. I'm good front rank tone you and he knew that he notices on strength has decided to forego the skill it too. Heavy greasy face is also pleasing it. Well it ok, something else to the FBI director Chris Reg, you guys may not, but you probably remember he was questioned by congressmen, Mullen
antiphon again and he was read his exact quote, and he said well, I didn't say that so this is something I've seen it we'll talk about this, but I haven't seen people bring up. His actual past quotes here is a thing? I director Chris Racing. I never said that knowing that anti for was behind that Yet you said in his statement and teeth. It does not exist as NASH, authorization, return, explain away and teeth in their definition or deeply. Twenty four actually exists, no sir anti. If, as a real thing, it is not a fiction, and we then why did you say that there is to be? This? Is your quote? Antifraud does not exist as a national organisation. That's your coat! I dont believe. That's it I quote from me, but what I have heard it actually is and theirs several times and then he gradually softened it. But I think we have a clip here, at least from one of the several instances where he said that we look at Antigua as more an ideology or how organization Google lose, which much like
antivirus, more of a movement or an ideology that it is a young, a group itself. Ok, that's not a group beer you by the way they're going to try- and that no say well, no look don't understand a nuance right. That's what I'm gonna take the neurons, we're saying it's an ideology, not a group. Now I know that he's lying. Do you know how I know, because we were communicating with the FBI from three years ago, when we inaugurated Antiphon, they were asking how we got em they're encrypted messages led to people's arrests because they work coordinating as a group. Have out knives ice picks and going to get a sawed off shot gun in the parking lot for Ben Shapiro, I called then he was very concerns. It is hot Africans that data that increase the spread of because it does, but you need not concern itself with the bullet Dinah right now. The way it's not good RO. I would, by the way, no its white supremacist that we have to worry about that. But I want you to leave right now. The moment they recognize aunt of as a group to like I will yet there were much more dangerous, I kind of everywhere, so you know it turns out of office now, so they can admit that aunt further thing now,
still it signals the out think weeks. I hope that we have an official policy of four in every house: a frying pan right now, I don't feel, go in there any free and fair enough rampage yeah. It's like a block. Parents stick around the world only as a frying pan and a black masses. Just like open period. Rioting cartoon eurocrats, ass, the walk into a public down immediately dry immediately drop right at either way you watching me now pay. You know it. You should do smash that, like button just met, like button right now this there, you go smash it right now. If you're watching generated, ok North Carolina right a little Andrew Brown, is it Elizabeth, Citrate Lisbon city in Lisbon, city, North Carolina
So this is giving everyone is talking about and we don't have a lot of information when a preface it with this. Now, if you guys have some information that maybe we miss here, please let us know I'm trying to provide you with some information that I haven't seen on mainstream outlets and also for the aggregate what you can find elsewhere online. Sometimes some tools available to us like running criminal background checks, so yes your day for people who haven't seen this Andrew Brown Juniors family. They claim they were able to view only twenty seconds of the body. I am footage and this is also important if it wasn't for why did they only be twenty seconds? You now high violent these view? The whole thing will look. This is something people understand they could during faces, not just because our other people involved, but there could also be undercover officers involved right bracelet years, their lot of variables here, and it doesn't mean that it's going to take weeks just to edit out the faces someday. You can use a blur tool and you too well not really, because you tube sucks
a lot of processing times. Yes, but it's the paperwork right. If you blow out the face and I have to go to a superior, so we all know look. This is one thing we can agree upon that police officers generally bureaucratic, and they could probably benefit from some efficiency from Clyde, nor efficiency, expert who say they also said there was only about thirty seconds of body. Came footage available, that's not confirmed, but that's what the family, I think was told and the right of their only shown twenty. It's not a snippet. If that's true, it's too through Words of what was available is what they were shown right here you go, a core values poking around he's, just moving something taken off the ground in northern Iraq, so anyways the yesterday were completely only twenty seconds to view, and so fishing things in this video that some people have miss. They claim it was an execution, but they also mentioned that it was blocked in the driveway, which I think you need to ruin warrants a little more attention here. We go he's a clip. That's why the execution
the ground with any driveway the sheriff shop. Let him in rob way, but even that exit his driveway Andrew and you. As I will? He was that region for anything. He was touching anything whether binding thing about out of hand firmly on the scale will be right, to have vehicle shooting showed it instead there has been a go with his hair on this day, will lapse You're sat opening a couple of things here. We don't have all the information, but right away by antenna went up when I watch that clip The moment someone acts as though hands on the steering wheel negates all other extenuating circumstances. Like look, it's not like like tag where you had assessments. I got I analyse doing well we're done, though, your hands on the steering wheel again, she said they blocked him in the driveway, where your hands on the steering wheel,
motioning, as you were, trying to ram the police car behind you or in front of you, were you actively trying to evade arrests and maybe pudding other citizens? Other civilians endanger let alone officers doesn't just he's doing will sometimes also this like. Well, look. You say you are keeping Dragon Samuel. I was promised shortfall in its hands, we're on a string with that. Wasn't the only problem, the speed ball right, the violent criminal history hands on the wheel, depending what you're doing with said we'll I don't want. You know this. Many people, the country every day, with uncovered has killed ever if you'd total it all up are killed by with their hands attempt to I grew by the way are showing a snippet are making a comment about the last thing that that's what we heard about to lead the guy the interests of those shot right. I think we're gonna go where his hands were in the air
lovers hand doing right before that, all matters. What was happening right now or that- and we have that experiment later today, row in the lower right is little homicide in some respect on his name. He went by different aims. To do will also accept L, Diablo these were self fashion? the negative side of it Eric? He was like thirteen with the gang members: hey hey, I don't have what you call me like. I was thinking like Lou homicide retort and about how those stupid about that, although it might be herbage, go get me a beer homicide. The oblong came in with a thick layer. Homicide pervaded public geared to pity. You know that a public out of brown. Now now we're going to get a felonies. Maybe was users cars a weapon? Suddenly I haven't you ever know it just doesn't,
coming out in saying it was an execution he was just sitting. There paints this picture literally that you're sitting in your car mind your own business. Ten two cops pull up, they start firing for no reason. You sit there like a deer scared and not move at all, while their shooting at you. That's the picture that their play. My thank God. He was planning a road which are not just turned on his hollowed out and he was just getting Baskerville and you go I'll. Damn that's not what that's not what happened from everything that we know and it still by the way we still allow room for the fact that there have been some mistakes made yet, but an execution are so first off, saying that all these officers resigned. Well, that's not entirely true. Some of them are really near pension already near resigning. Dont know why some other officers may have resigned. Some digging found criminal record Mr Brown. Ok, you guys know this thirty two offences since ninety ninety six
two years five months, and none of this means of someone deserve to die. Now. However, when the police officers, including one black officer, said, look that we have to wait for a judge, release the tape. Also, this was with a long history of resisting arrest of violent behaviour that does matter. Times, police officers, including a black one, so I know you'd want to say erase traders and you want to call him uncle Tom and I feel really bad for those folks, because there are trying to better serve their communities when they can and say: look. We have some information that you dont crazy, thirty Tita, thirty two offences, two years five months and incarceration this a lot by the way, all this unavailable lot of credit card. We always make the sources available. Ten felonies total aid charges of possession of schedule to drugs again not a reason to die, speeding, illusion of arrest, assault, violation of a restraining order, domestic we'll trespass: possession of stolen goods, one injury to property. So this is a guy who had a long and story history of Natalie committing crimes. Sometimes violent crimes but resisting arrest and giving cops a hard time
doesn't mean that mistakes haven't been made. We dont know, Europe doesn't mean that officers or are in the right. We don't now you are wrong and they should therefore be punished if they are. This information matters the Emirates. Much money? I want a bit but if you mafias that you're trying to run over a copper that he was thrown up its gdp and broke up more likely unless some I accidently, Porter TASER resentment those again yeah, I'm not what they had been running up to the car yelling and somebody could he yelled gun right? I was thinking about that, like a cop thought that they saw a weapon in that they would potentially reaching for that they could have gotten. That's that's one of those figures for cops. If you hear that that's right, more likely, he was fleeing refugees and cause a weapon and they shut and because maybe gonna run them over some it's entirely impossible. We re really don't know at this point by the way, I remember when I was on Youtube like two thousand ninety thousand early on in a lot of the complaints
police brutality or about gun, not guns not being used, but taser. Vietnam say why they use it it. Member Dantes we broke, I really invitations they're, sending that cops, we're getting a little trigger happy with teachers, and so this was that. Paint and so due to the public backlash from not mistaken, someone can programme this up in the edit bed and planet. Speaking about this, they are We change and some police departments where you had to achieve a certain rank or have a certain level of experienced before you even allowed to have a taser aware, so they started using taser less because people said taters police brutality. They cause long from complications. We don't know the the implications here and long term health outcomes rats, and so now there saying why can't we use tailors? Ok, so
some places, announcing no guns, no tailors. We don't want chokehold, while others have them walk around with a little other black jack like jail and analyze. That's what do you expect at this point? There cops I know, imagine making the argument that teachers have long term health implications that we don't know, but I'm like y know what a gun does yeah. That's the argument, you're saying don't use that will. The only thing I have left is a gun. Would you like the gun, or they don't know what a gun to? As greens, I introduced I'll shoot him in the lab yeah. Well, that's true! Now I can't why, because your head comes to appoint that's why the rape within its own problems, some of those rate vessels if you get him I'm at the wrong store leaders, com or this will do not by Adam and Eve Shop river.
Reference is made by the way. So we do have actually Thomas Finnegan. He live at a location, Jerry Sampled is performing greater access and we will have an exclusive with Jerry Seinfeld. So let's go now to Thomas Finnegan, all right, your Finnegan, are you there, Sir, Stephen Good morning good morning? How are you doing doing well? Thank you, hurry God! So tell us what so what's going on here today. Outside of the the comedy theater and I'm waiting for an exclusive interview with Jerry Seinfeld. Really you are ok shot, but first I finally he's a little bit hot there. There TIM the tumor Thomas Finnegan. What kind of this kind bout given exclusive with him after the show yes, sir, and what I expect we asking them out about how we got started in comedy what he plans for the future in in questions of that sort, o k
well, you know I will check back in with you once you actually have Jerry there, because, frankly, this isn't doll that interesting, I'm looking forward to open thanks, Thomas Big right back. For two competent, the army's kind of funny now ass. If nothing else is confidence. Speaking of confidence, the catalogue baby, Tucker Karlsson trending right now, this very second because had some commentary on masks more specifically on forcing show Dron to wear masks and people are now saying that he is a national health hazard here, you go as reform. Children to mass outside that should be illegal, yours, When you see children whirring masses, they play should be no different from your response to seeing someone beat it kid in Walmart call them
contact child protective service. It keep calling until someone arrives. What you're looking at is views, its child abuse, and you are morally obligated to attempt to prevent it own children being abused then act accordingly? What's your kids school email Juno announced that every day after lunch, yours Screening we're gonna, get punished in the face by a teacher happen. How would you respond to that precisely how you should respond when they tell you that your kids have to wear masks on the soccer field. That is unacceptable. It is dangerous and we should act like it, because it is it's our job to brush them back and restore the society. We were in it. The next time you see someone in a mask on the sidewalk on the Bypath. Do not hesitate, asked politely, but firmly. Would you please take off your mass look over criticism for, Tucker Karlsson, before name that you know he was over. The boat eye, and then you get rid of it. Many acts like it never happens that we remember the boat. I guess absolutely right here,
I don't know this is an outrage again, keep in mind the technocrats in their said. Please tell them peacefully, be respectful, that they should have now he's just he's just imploring you too, what the left us only to do it more politely. This is not like Maxine Water, say and find. The guy is a mess up that day whatever it is that she's a department store noted. I welcome you, gotta Bloomingdale's and may season, I believe in South America, and far reaching call people? Do violence repeatedly peacefully? Ask people if they are outside wearing a mask that it offends you that they should and move it because its scope? It is beyond to put it is beyond stupid. I will say this: it's really valuable. I always about how sort of you know when people talk about wars today, words, not necessarily nation, verses, nation, at least they look like the Pacific later right, you knew Americans and because there is a good one foot high difference, but you had seen jerseys demand now act as team drove these. If I see someone out in public out in a park
yeah alone in their car. With a mask. I know, they're, not my friend. This probably don't have anything in common. I think the problem with what he said, though, was calling child protective services. I know he's trying to make a point. I think actually expects you to call child protective services, but seeing it- getting beat by their parents and having a mask on the little difference, either he left himself an open for a bit of parity on that. I think he put out there so that people would bite on. I know, but I think he was assumes a train and on twitter. Does we probably good press for him? Is just people being mad at him right now, specifically, he was so much children wearing masks right now because of you tubes policies, especially you jerk. We cannot say at all that masks are unnecessary for grades roar again, we ve had covered videos, remove
because at one point Gerald wrongfully Gerald and wrongfully said that Cove it was less lethal than the than the common flew to young people wrongfully phone. I would never coral day that masks for children are useless. I would never say that I would never reflect any political realities that may compared to the flu. The thing is, I don't have two cities see. Thank you very ago, though. That's the mirrors, that's easy. Just CDC Centre for Disease Control in the United States right just making sure that the era, whereas I dont, know who's gonna, fuck em, they all their organization, little change. You know already Taiwan with New York last week, everybody on the street had almost everybody here, I wouldn't miss Hazel Moscow, where the good thing is it makes makes them harder to identify when they commit homicide. To. Second, a drastic increase in homicide, Rebecca Jenkins Levels,
the white. Despite all the data from the CDC uncovered, Hake Michigan is still enacting a toddler mask policy over two years old godlike good luck with the terrible twos and putting on a double ply, mask vermin. Gonna. Keep that I was that exactly that's my point. Delegations a lick their right to take it off like everything else they try to do. This means common sense, but are useless for hardliners because masks, don't block Booker's. It s mind toddlers when it comes eating. Buggers life finds a way. Just as they are, it is ok. It's love the frying pan, the caravans from Tucker girls and, of course, sparked mass outrage. Ted Lou, which violate look. I almost dont want to reference him, and I research
What? Now? Because there is an epidemic of Anti Asian, the Hague rooms centuries true, and so that our report, because we didn't say hey by the Asians, remember how we're the hot ticket like two weeks ago as a fuel to be used, no one target and any more worthy drug. You imply that we were in the Asian at one or two you, I threw a disproportionate amount of agents. I feel guilty for out sourcing. I know marginalized, and so had Lou, tweeted, czech girl, and wants to cancel parents who make the decision to have their child where a mask the right wing cancel culture is out of control. I slow why these Hansel culture, who or what are they going to try and cancel next major league baseball away. Tucker must go the democratic, Pat Pack, MIDAS Touch tweeted of technocrats and thinks master, so bad why's. He comfortable wearing his hood. I get there location. What he's a day
I regret the Lincoln Project professional banger rumour and cover up of kids tweeted Tucker girls and is a national security threat pass it on. You had sex with children. I know it's not the Lincoln product. There was a guy there, but people who here's the thing. It's one, what say, you're pushing. I don't know, let's say earmarking a bill for some kind of coal subsidy and you happen to have sexual intercourse with children. It's another one, your entire platform, the Lincoln product, is built around the idea that That person is immoral, we're the reply. Look into are not immoral, and you groom and sexually abused children. I dont know why you're allowed to still be a thing. I think you should go wouldn't be someone bring a frying pan your left. There are literally. That is not Malta violence. No, of course not
Luke, you know what you're drill at his door there, like you, you process things extra quickly. So you know before that happened. He turned and says Shit is that a frying pan returned a friend. That's what that anyone can worry me I'll, get drafted media grave, never to cigarettes for two which brings us you're talkin about the mask with toddlers comment come in submitting applications which they do, you think had the worst coded response. Now that we have a lot of data, I want you to come and will do you think it was New York, initially the basically all those states in the Atlantic. You think if Florida you think I wouldn't the case for my home state of Michigan. It's a tough competition. New York Michigan in California all had really bad. What you know. It's interesting as people out there look and I'm not saying that there is no use for mascot, although when people say the science shows masks, work
This is important to sort of no. I now have to be careful, but you look at all the states that have had mask mandates us dad about Lockdown Sundays, obviously done far worse now, doesn't necessarily mean that there's a causation, however, has there. A study conducted this is when people say mass we're. Has there ever been a study conducted? You send this to me. I'm not talking about people putting a brand new fresh mask, breathing on to some sort of a piece of paper or something that reflects microbes than putting under a microscope has ever been in. An experiment conducted in the way that people wear masks in real life. Another was taking a mass has been stuffed in the glove compartment or reuse. Putting it on her face and then putting twenty people in a room and monitoring the air and seeing how it recirculated. There is no study like that. It does not exist. Send me if I'm wrong, we have think about what are again the sources it. Let us cut it out comes when people say the masks work. The science shows what the really looking at our very Specific studies are not necessarily apply to the scenarios are not comparable to how we use them or mega analysis of states and countries, and so on.
It's perfectly fair to say? Well, if that's what you're, using to substantiate your argument, saying masks, work, ok, good, then, let's look at the totality of Data New Jersey, New York, Michigan, Texas, Florida bright and compare them. Oregon, because we don't have that gold standard trial. It doesn't exist, so I think it matters and then have to balance safety versus freedom in Europe, individual God, given rights, so Michigan right now last week. This is us before we go in and enough. You saw this before we get to the cupboard stuff Michigan State that there is a Democrat, a jewel Jones. You was arrested for do you. I mean he threatened to call Governor Gretchen. We were there. One. Last you told me, you wouldn't lie to me.
Although I am a representative of the people Bob someone's gonna doing you turn on the freedom to decide on him like what is this just a kid for an audio only available that you go up like the colors react, Argius racy rifts, who loves you like baby environment, Governor Whittemore heard, is calls but give more light sense and did sense into three and sixty five days in an old folks, Governor Whittemore tone, deaf sweetheart, so Michigan is leading. Look it's taking something incredibly painful for all of us, and processing in Michigan is leading America's having the worst outbreak right now with higher
over cases? High death right recently right now, it's the worse in a seven day period and it could be the worst percentage increase. I think, since the viruses has obviously reared its ugly head and it, of jealous sounded, in other words, that we get we ban and drove him because he had some bumps from seasonal, our. So let's compare, though Michigan right now how bad it is, there's no place else, that's as bad as machine. When I can look at these amounts in the hot spots. No New York is unsurpassed. Michigan as I said in the Euro area and the United States, now what we all care about our country just like Bill gates right in what he wants to maintain the patents for the vaccines, are able to help the guys in India. No, no, no, no, no! No! No! It's gotta be Microsoft. Two thousand and twenty four. That's what I'm calling the new vaccine that seems a little like your confusing running, we're still worsted work shopping at. We have Franklin students, focus groups with a stupid sneakers into pay, so Michigan compare these numbers. This is undeniable Michigan one of the worst dates, the lock down the toddler mask mandate. They ve just
destroy the economy in comparison tie. I dont think I need to provide resources again for you, Florida in Texas who write another economically Michigan Right now has three hundred and thirty eight point six cases in two point: eight deaths per one hundred thousand the last seven days. Now, let's compare that to both. Axis in Florida. Access has one point: two deaths, sixty cases per two thousand and seven days and floor a hundred eighty one point, eight and one point: nine desperate. So it's not even close. It's in some cases is less than half in some cases less than a third of the cases where the debts, but a significantly less than mission, without the economic devastation. Now, why does this matter? What where's, because everyone knows that they tried to blame Florida right, saying that it was irresponsible, but that's just sort of in societies, whipping posts, certainly as far as a mainstreaming, but it matters because the governor of in Governor Whittemore is the one she. Now how she she sleeps upside down wrong or You're, a house in roles up her stuff, she blamed the spike in Michigan.
I'm Florida area day? This is gonna come down to other. Now everyone does their per that's the most important thing: listen variant, be one one. Seven variant as white is growing so quickly here in Michigan with the second most, and this was the right after floored. At least that was the last data that I saw issued in Florida last data each other, but this luxury snowboard. It's I'm home from Florida where people are going on spring break in all of these things can contribute to celebrate a man, so I were imploring people to take. This seriously mask up, get tested. Ok, so again, for you're a liar. Second, it would make it. Why would Florida be better off than you? If you are they percentage of people who have visited Florida Amy brought back the virus? Why Would you be so much so significantly further along the trail, then floor, not only that she was complaining about people vacationing in Florida. But she was checking last week's data just like
She didn't get your Delorean, because this last week you Governor Whittemore, you? What to Florida? she went to Florida. Everything was what I needed Florida things it is able to go. Then she said she defended assumptions that, while my critics are trying to politicized, they say I am not hiding in Miami. No one saying you are parting and I am you visited your father who you said was sick. Now, here's the thing. I think you have every right to an you should take care of your father. However, you didn't allow other citizens do go visit their family in Florida and you blamed your crappy handling of the virus on those people going forward again, rules the not for me so why is she show shining I feel like? I should put her in might like my windshield when I put my card just keep the to reflect the agreed with me. These powder by all honest wireless card, gets heart, has a son of. Let me put my unfold, my whittemore there. By the way I don't just put, I don't just blame her.
Well, actually I do I entirely, but because the vaccine, rollout Michigan, is the worst in the country tools or not only the lockdown sally the mask for toddlers- and this is a perfect example, were right now, of course, we have a surplus of vaccines are saying that People are taking the vaccines, and so they blame you for not taking the vaccine, for I would blame the federal government for telling you that the vaccines don't work know what I mean by that they ve said. If you take the vaccines, you also to double mask I also have to socially distant and they told us they told you by the way, doesn't protect you from transferring the virus and introduce the symptoms, and so you have people think they haunt second take the vaccine, and I still have too little mask s other socially distance. Why did the vaccine? however small that risk. Maybe there is a risk of complications, very, very small, but at that point you're saying it's almost got only to take because you're still making like myself, so I wouldn't blame Americans for not taking the vaccine. I would blame you But what is important as we have more vaccines than we need so what that tell you about the absent. Lately abysmal Michigan vaccine roll out. It's not fair,
moral issue, its us. Issue, you The ability to get vaccines. You screwed up the roll out. Just like you, screwed up the state. I know when she I learn how she says my critics are trying to politicize this. You just said that you guys were right, neck and neck with Florida. You just try to make Florida, look bad right and you you yourself as the comparison fair as bad as we are look right that those rules are fair and then you, I think, she's watching a numbers go down like yeah and teenage principle Rooney's computer Florida Furthermore, it has its exact. I think I have a solution if we could just like carve off most Detroit in the surrounding area, new, to get an exit, give give that give it to Canada as a gift of a free gift if we can give it all higher. Yet we either one in Michigan would be wonderful if you like the homicide of the month club of your two gave them to lead a heavy metals or just give.
The holes in one of those sponsors they wanted a sponsor a show and they said no, where they send. You, like a random box description boxes of that look like they have Detroit over to Canada. What am I get? What am I getting this week? Rape and murder hit our we re not amidst far soil, complete with lithium arsenic levels. Very nice anti, I hope my Caille girls crooked, by the way notification, though. If you watch it s right now, because subscriptions don't mean a whole lot in the best you can do. Is comments just comment below we're not talking about Michigan. And you something to that's pretty interesting, knowing that these states that are open are doing a lot better. It shouldn't come as a surprise that that, Now, since there is a census Texas in full, again, this is the soul of the game. Congressional seats, good hers, you for and then Florida, and if you look at the net gain for Donald Trump.
Which of course means that we need to do away with the electoral college. You can't just go watch at that, and I think they have you covered New York, California, Michigan lost seats, Yes, it is your turn in me. I think about now that you know, I think, if only if only you wouldn't have supported the riots in Europe, they lost a seat by eighty nine in a headcount eighty, nine real heads. If you just you wouldn't? Let me just ignore them to kill us terrible for opening a seat in Congress. Right now, like your seat, doesn't exist anymore. Gay Lena, like you, John, examine pull that outlay raised. If you're the kick them for I break horrible day, doesn't change for a decade. You're gonna have to let its gonna sting for ten need. Just saying I know people always say, and I try and be positive in the show. So New York Health, yeah Michigan. I will say it gets better. It doesn't.
No they're up, it's worse, nourishment losing seat since two thousand, like they have just lost every single time. I mean pitted succeeded was in the area, and I was watching the scale go up and boost going down a strange said you ve just been charged to doubt. Eighty three said the street a congested at this time of year, congestion tax may not eventually it was saying and we would like a black and it was like fifty books like not to mention the bio. There is also It's a sense. Too early in the studio for my liking, but by the way, if you guys aren't I subscribe to the pot gases available, an android on Apple Spotify, messing, you do it's alive, show right, motherfuckers, eighteen in at ten, a m Eastern though we aren't doing it tomorrow, because, where life fact checking of farmers
president binds you joint address is furthermore, as president was math open later is always live weight a lot more about that. Always that's actually got two VP she's talking about, over that victims on. That's that's how she does it hurt. Everlasting gobs stopper, because, as MRS Pack mentioned just now really well, what's the matter everything gloves. So this brings us to the next segment here and we're going to be doing about it. Like I said later, on, we are going to be conducting an experiment. Is our shooting in the leg? Oh good, yet something that everybody talks about. I don't have you know this, it's not a thing. You can't do it come on very difficult. Whenever someone says there are no background checks with fight, you owe you, about a fire whenever they say wants you to shoot him? The leg you owe you ve, never fired. You ve never
got you ve. Never been too to a shooting rage at us. That's it! You ve, never fired a gun under controlled circumstances where your life is on the line and you're not chasing somebody. I can't do it that yeah right like collide. It's like the country master. Talking about like that, you have see champion right ever see. I was like a tiger first and I got monkey claw. No, you get your ass cashier areas. We ve seen graces, kill you guys. Now I cant use my technique. I took deadly. Ok, so, police are quitting and record numbers the resigning across the country and by and by large, because of suspects like this, we're gonna kill me like macabre somebody, blogger oh see where she call job has come back. You tell no goofy ever. Did you say that all Camertus combat really
I love you by the way is that it is at a rat battle, is at a cypher. You go step. Simulator no police also go further Cacena decorate. Did he go far lower? We need to double check, but I think he lost did not control room but lost his job. Forcing you get trained, stab someone like she did, but if anything that guy should be locked up for poor comebacks back up, if you didn't tell Somalis raised despite the voice involved, this ban is not only to have someone like you didn't know
I don't know why, but up to now, as I said that cop actually looks to be meridian little color, they again, we have more than just a little. Doesn't that doesn't save him from old Uncle SAM taken his job right because it is it's open season there didn't you don't even others cops are hunting. People of color, we are not widen glass area ever deadline for everything. I say on tv that when that cop on the cameras not running, is roleplaying on where's that pesky person of color you gonna be
As for your black, you didn't hurt, Adela you'd be, does not mean that gun of colonists, like he's, been arrested, how many times and he's not in jail. Thirty waited two years for thirty six offences like black privilege to read what he should understand the process at this point at the very least of how an arrest works like to know how come they arrest you they take your book, you, then they let you go apparently right, I'll, hey Jeff! If you again, ok, Ramona he's telling a story by the way he's telling us right later tonight, you're saying what happened We have our stem and I said now go ahead because you stupid issue, not I've gotta go now. Can I ask why it is that they will not come back, no need with all our year olds letter comebacks than you,
they're all the same that cop lost his job by the way controllers and you need to send them. A message are taken out if that losses job. That is an absolute tragedy, but the point is these cops are residing. Why? Because it that scenario, that guy is doing nothing wrong. He broke a fact you going try and stab somebody just like macabre who, by the way, those we may lose their jobs and the guy's gonna know This is going viral. You would talk about a guy regional you, they should stop resisting arrest needed said no. This is not so I guess that settles that work. Ok, sorry I'll ask again: If that is how it works, gets away egg then. Guess I sets out working hours would have been a very different show. Just be an empty old prison, but let there be no one in there, But what we can do they all resisted, arrest, What was that just come out and say: do not resist. Arrests was too easily well, they do
say it here and then their fired. These people are please remember that invest game the video by the way again yellow yours and that's part of the problem, so I don't think he lost his job. I think he these being investigated, which why would you be investigated for saying, trained staff? Someone like sheeted near here, seems like it should be raised. But let me give you some numbers here and why pity? Seventy five percent increase in officer departures, Many apple, is more than a hundred and fifty officers file for disability most were for PTSD Portland, a hundred and fifteen officers left just in July buffer the entire emergency response team resigned after two officers were disciplined for following orders and pushing for an elderly that elderly protest. Remember that guy look, maybe maybe you don't like it, but the point is sometimes your problems at the higher up? Sometimes your problem but with the officers sometimes or problems with restraint techniques, it they teach the department, Seattle at least two hundred and ten resigned by August, including the black female, cheap,
Carmen best now, and I wonder what are you guys live out their? Let me know, and what have you seen as far as police presence, I've got a lot of messages from people sitting right now. The response time is terrible or cops are, does really gunshot. Well, you know what that's anecdotal. But it seems like you could make the argument that it reflected in the crime data. So, let's look at New York. We just talk about the departures they shootings up ninety seven percent from twenty nine I don't know how you do that, where they they don't even like. You have guns That's so weird, almost logical disconnect homicides. Forty four percent increase in two thousand nineteen burglaries forty two percent from one nineteen. If you wanted, if you're gonna be burglar, though I would rather be in the UK because they still use burgled as a verb. Oh go to your being a gold all right. Ok thousand my wedding ring it's more of a kind of priceless, but can you say it one more time go old, gonna get your
and grimace. Minneapolis homicide, Europe, seventy percent. Enjoy nineteen robberies up forty six percent arson up. Sixty nine percent and I think that one's important, because my yeah that's divorcee city- was ablaze year. It's like left behind it'll be down next year, most likely Ba Ba Ba Ash. There's nothing. I've, never exactly, and out of any atlas will rise. The city of Phoenix, a Buffalo homicides up forty percent shootings up ninety percent Seattle? Homicides at forty eight percent barks enough? Fifty five percent burglary up thirty five percent Portland, shooting up on twenty nine percent homicides up fifty two percent: this is something, and we have all the sources available again at louder with crowded dot com, This is undeniable. We have to look at police resigning, emboldened criminal underground right now throughout the United States, and cops not being able to do their job. This is how you ended up with dirty Harry and Charles Bronze and death, wish that serves a fountain people filling up law enforcement. They can't do there
job. Their hands are tied in law. Abiding citizens start getting sick, but this is not a good thing. It's really a bad thing, especially when you look at the Democrats in power have tried to tie this to race cops. Resigning is because their white supremacist, but one second All of them are black, If you say that then what are you saying about the crime? You are now implying that the crime has been committed by Black Americans This is the problem when you see everything through the Prism of rice. It's almost like they're trying to stoke racial division, and I dont want to a tribute motive. But if you are try and divide this country and get get white people. Black people to dislike each other brother against brother. If you are trying to devise a plan, I dont think you could create one more effective. Then locking everybody in their homes. Complete we decimating the economy. Labeling all and for
years of law and order as white supremacist Unsympathizing exclusive of criminals, who you allow to return to crime in revolving door, to the point where citizens who had never even thought that- idea of racism had never cross their mind now start feeling like they need the key there has been a swivel for someone. Black or so an officer whose light so horrible that year and when you lie to black man and say when you're pulled over by a police officer, you're more likely to be shot you're, not if you're, a white guy, you are likely to be shot right in all situations, whether your armed or unarmed, right, when you lie to them and say that this is a systemic problem that cannot be fixed, this is not a few bad apples. The entire system must be taken down when you lie the people and tell them those there. What do you expect them to do if that's what they believe, because it everything they hear from seeing the here from everybody on the news they hear from everybody on social media that these things are true here from Lebron James at your next right. They, the accountability, set up it. He said
Of course, you can say all we have to get rid of the police, won't get rid of the police, guess what happens yeah. Somebody will feel the void bullets. Let's do a mental exercise here. To sum up, we ve just sort of outlined how, if you are trying to create a plan to divide people and create tension that can't intentions in this country that we ve never seen before you couldn't have devised at more effectively. But if, we're trying to create a solution right now. Ok, what would you We looking to accomplish. Ok, you would be looking to ease tensions specifically in communities of color. Black people write with self there's you'd, say: ok, we need to try and have some out what you can't do that now, because record low applicants of black black people applying for the force right now, because if why would they want to be a part of white supremacy, right, you'd want to have people, be less violent with police officers and hopefully get to the point where fewer people resisting arrest, knock that happened because you ve told everybody, secondly, get arrested by a cop. They have that they have an open licence, tissue and hunt you so now people who are going to resist rest even more violently. You would want to have more PETE when you
talk about her police departments. Right, you say: hey look! What are more effective methods grace just talked about some risk assessment with Jujitsu, not only injuries incurred by officers when they are and how to subdue opponents, but also by the perpetrators by the victims. In some of these circumstances themselves, so if you were to say We will have better relations between these police departments in the community. Will that's out one your people resist arrest. Well, that's out. We want better police training about sorry, you D funded them and case in point. If you want to see this working in real time, let's go to Portland who, right now they ve seen record high crime. We just went through all sources, the latter are scattered. I can't I just repeated ad nauseam because other people don't give you their sources and they have record low police funding. Of course, applicants they're losing police officers and now the Portland Mayor TED Wheeler not to be confused with tell you about a video clip just told unless you're colorblind, in which case he just eat
had this to say about antiphon and black lives matter. Now he's taken a stand, our job, is to unmask Bob to shave, arrest them. I wanna personally, neighbours, family friends and others who have come forward with file evidence. People know who these criminals are. They know what they're up too. If you have any information, please contact the police, I can see what the legal provides Ecevit shortly. Acting. I also want to know that these people often arrive at their so called direct actions in cars and they're all dressed in all black? If you saw this, can you make them these if you can provide a license plate do so safely that information and help later together, we can make us steer we're doing what
Today. I am also asking for your help to shape the standard in TAT person back I just love totally remit, teleprinted Rita dates. We can take us today. They dressed in black through dresses and black layer, but traders hall the police get a license plate where we are you encouraging people to report the way, so they can pull folks over given the boys. I just This is a solution will be found. The cops, removing hello, more cops just help us out here. I really thought I was gonna, see a head fake it the inroads like, and we can prevent January six up rose from happening again ruled out. That adds up for a minute. No, no, no, no he's not that tone deaf, because people now and his own city, if you have any idea how hot how badly you must screw up for white liberal hipster in Portland about come on man
like me, we're down with Chaz the zone and entire eight square blocks, not paying taxes, even when kids got shot there, but right now they just took out the whole foods and we're we're coming for traders, Josie, Naylor Wheeler, draw the last time you saw them recall, Newsome and they're, putting in the woman of the year. What do you think will replace you with Do we have the video to of wheeler from back into? This is a really stark contrast again now. He said we need to take a stand: tough on crime plus compared to what he was saying when the riots restarting and raging- no, why no matter what you do? It's really gas against me
and by the logical, canister, tear gas bounce off of its way and workable you'd spilling after that they just someone. There is no political, Japan and a bunch of tickets and got a wooden airplane stuff. What have you hit? Five thousand anthem brass. You get this a novelty slack bracelet There goes out even buster sponsorship, creating more we go on to shoot them in the leg. This segment, I believe, rejecting we I'm really excited, because our group watching Seinfeld Thomas Finnegan Force has exclusive he's down there very central performing. I think at the majestic great state of Texas he's made some time for us. Let's go to tat.
Was Finnegan, which is exclusively to be essential. Mr Finnegan. Are you there? Sir Stephen here where's, Mr Seinfeld is a mixed up in the shows at nine p m. Ways to a twenty four hour, many shock. Yet why well The issue here is military time. Did you can firm with Jerry beforehand. I try to attract we're. Ok that's not all we got you. Don't you get me you didn't have to get to the show. We don't even know what the show is. What's not now specifically, but I can
Imagine what how it would have gone. So, if u else refer, I guess we have to imagine you ever you ever been to the gas station. You ve got two options for service and Self Service Self service like a buffet you can have as much as you are young you ever you ever by milk at the store you ve got four options you ve got skimming. One percent, two percent homogenized in what their country industry. Can you get way without a single percentage point to a product. I see Looking at the society can interest you slightly what're variety. How much? Where is it percent? What about this? One, two percent water? What's that water in the back, that's dry you were Caesar what is it with our,
fascination with rocks where'd you go away. Creation, Arizona. They see the rocks you the beach say: vacation smaller rocks how was it it was a little rocky. Doubtless this banana further Seinfeld, what bitter Thomas Finnegan, what's the deal, was Erika I drew pair right, that's enough, Thomas litigant. How long is it there was? No? the contract. Liar in twenty. Infinite should have never uploader those pictures of the clay he's got you he does happen
among them. I've everything Lord and shook ok by life, you're watching eight people watching right now. You know you can do right now, like, but just spokesman, like but life and comments and a huge difference here, and that way you don't get a tremor know that effects are right, reported pen that, but This is something that everyone has been talking about, and I know anyone who's a fire. Everyone in this studio, booze ironmonger you get so frustrated. Yes, when here, people on air, it's not that you get frustrated, you hear them saying stupid things. It's that nobody around them. Is even informed enough to we call them and say we're losing you doing to get your things too, but things when you have an entire room of people and someone says: can they shoot him in the leg and somebody than just say your and eighty it yeah. That's the issue, right. It's not just one person, so this is,
We have heard all across media. Obviously, but in case you don't believe me here we go here's a montage of everyone, TAT saying this is after Mccoy, bright and, of course, little homicide, and she should like so said a very anybody. Coming on to the first thing, you do shoot to kill issued in the boy shoot the gun in the air fares on wanting tat is a person should amend the legs should amend them behind the Leipzig Charter curve, the book You know tat. We re church. She today fattening I guess it depends if you are aiming for the arm of forty percent of the view panel. It is alarming that yeah Kersey Psych Ballistics Gelatin but it is one of those who shoot him in electricity or first offshooting year, because Red star is about people and killed by stray bullets. Doing just like this just then they think the mechanics of a fire, I'm just a bullet just of
rates, also let us are now going to. Let us turn now to the heavens- are now going to get windy and it moves in someone's on their porch, and then they have some size hall when their knock at. So why are we shoot them in the leg and this all started with, of course, low homicide self styled, nickname? no homicide elders who him we got em we come What are you gonna say little homicide in shit man? He gets a nominal, so this is where it started, and now gotten, worse, you'd think that with them macabre, they go it. Ok, if ever there are justified, shooting it's when a cop react split, second mid stab. Not only do I think that that was justified. Think it was necessary. I think the officer wouldn't be fulfilling his civic duty if he did not shoot by the way you know if he misses the arm. He hits the girl that she's trying to stab right right if he goes to the arm and hits the girls
I was trying to stab. Are you took, but I mean I was right about to do it yet I do know what you did. I was staring at sake. It's like I just ok, and then you have a decision to make us not as you let one black girl die. Or do you stop one black girl from dying by issuing the other black girl already you're, just not answer to any disputes to end this. You know what? Let's call this all the civil matter upstanding. That's a civil matter! That's a matter for a social worker which, again by the way when they said we need a higher social workers. Try sending a social worker down their mid step. You're gonna come back with thirty percent, less social worker he's gonna just be eaten like death becomes her when she comes down the stairs gates, you're just a gaping hole, This is something that a lot of you guys can comment by the way, if you're, watching. How do people here of government of the range was shocking to you. The first time you tried to shoot a target, even just seven yards away with a hand here that Europe has no shooting are the arm is hard and we decided to put it to the test here. We have some of our producers and
with our interns. We require the exact area with low homicide where someone was running and data no right. Our interns producers didn't know if low homicide in this scenario had a gun. We wanted to see if they took the correct shot. This is, of course, because no police wanted to actually do this on air, and I don't blame them. There's experiment Why has this out or criminal said Miranda analysing. Does he have a gun you ever Radio Sue convening in or no what got me about me.
We still see them is but too often hear time too to shout the law I I see that it's right here, alright round three officer, professor penis. You know about in a blue. It, professor Venus, everyone arrogant, professor penis, the crack shot, but now I'm out of ammo, so good thing. I got that one shot off because another one gun could have jammed with simulates. This is ground for official police officer,
applause. When we put up on tv Do they not be stolen and no gun until until it You don't know now, you know the colombian dogfight little. Something wasted for an hour that does not intimidated through Mary had been fighting off guerrillas Bert, then it's not when cocaine just for Coca TVS, wants to chew it. Like some dip,
and by the way again, you can connect this experiment yourself and I will say we are not officially, let's all point or not all officially trained off. It is very, very difficult to make that decision in this we're in a split second right now, guess unseen and we have to get going here pretty soon, but unseen and the brown face attorneys are revealing. Independent autopsy results or member the independent autopsy results with the was always worked like a charm. Don't love how when people say you can't trust, for example, big pharma, we can't trust their studies. I prefer eastern Medicine Custodial until a comes to em rna vaccine that I trust and hope that they will. You can't trust. You can't trust the year, the actual official report, unless it comes from a third party source whose basically a mercenary for higher than people, and, of course we know that its correct. So again, none of this provides any new information and that we have given you all the accurate information that we have all kind of stay rest of this as it unfolds eight before we get going, what words must be able to find it? Even can you too conservative
Youtube. Conservative twins are right and for people who don't know we're going to go to make up only can join lot of cut it out. Come such mug club. It's like fifty percent more show every day, and this is something I think with ever played on Youtube, we will be playing on mug club, bad movie lines. How yandah you guys know you guys, you guys know the movie will be doing removes it now. You know the movie that we're doing, but here you are, we actually have a tease me. I guess he's rail or or the film are we playing that movie lines with on mug but for you to pay it here's the trailer They rode into our white man's down, bringing black man's he's black. Is brutal S boss remains and is false,
my god. You already are yet another real movie, but only to pronounce no is written in produced by a black guy. I will take this legal regime for the boss, you and I have to let people get more mad that were actually simply playing the trail of the features. The name of the film, as opposed to think of the contest, were ruined for the black against the racist old prospectors, bosses up, or I can upload bad movie loans with the hard twins and balls? They got balls. Piss off.
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