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By their pockets listener. You're doing this whole thing on audio, despite it being a tv show, because I gave you ever fun- is for radio in days gone by, but work I do see you were here. You were going to the first show back good morning, Mug club, every Monday, through Thursday, up until election, along with special strings to read, Debate town hall. Will you really hope that you enjoy this program as much as we did making it that Wasn't that much hope you enjoy more,
Wikipedia. Oh I've ever known, let's go to the Israel. People didn't know the intro you, oh my god. This is the first ran back to the internal market. They say but you have with you and we haven't now is: are you saying that playing its Boeing? Is it not?
through? Do we have to look let's go and through? Let me just say entries really: my quarter court will not quarterback. Who are you certain failure? Asian lawyer here Horta reference? How are you build a lad of fishermen and we have read the bandit a researcher here in that research or second share, because Gerald A had his baby out, at least so he will not be back here with us after the lot and we couldn't get Gerald be because we ve we ran out a budget for the quarter. Also he's busy he's busy. Verrier is also having a baby. It's got. Other worry me. A great lamp re impression is part of our midst was story to zero metres camera spare anybody. I am particularly in the territory of the history of like sampling, he's going plastic in that region, where we gotta be time allotted when we're going to the entire George Floyd video that many people have not necessarily seen going through. Why CNN is anything wrong with journalism? Why apparently register bandit cannot get
bandit mask on proper Mallika banned it. That was in a furnace he's like a hamburger, but I really have a burglar but can't decide if you would prefer grilled He's like everyone expects this of me, but I have. I have a lot more appreciation for bandits and what they do with significant JANET's its impressive. I also alot more appreciation for reckons during about it and our integrity trash Banda. Thank you know, that's absolutely correct. I don't think so, because they're not me in the road and family probably are. Let me get you a does, not usually private tracker bits, pleas. Of course, the Pike S are now available and apple Android spotting, my wherever pockets are everyone we doing good morning uncle of every morning Monday, through Thursday, all whip until election outside of knights were there will be debates. Town halls by the wave
still by the one prediction. If someone out there can pull this from a year ago to nine months ago, to a month, I said the only protection I will make you don't know who this is. It was a Joe Biden will not appear onstage debate, Donald Trump, LO and behold they're coming up, and you're, not just reasons. Reason alike. Yes, you know what this is clearly an attack against the olden disabled. That's the problem of AIDS It's out did they might be able to remember that we can have an ear piece. You like windows, you will like a mega church flesh. Colored microbes opens up now and it's like left Jeez ass right. That's what I forgot there's nothing more, that I want you to be wrong. Than the no debates I mean. I know all thine violet zoom debate does not count. Zoomed does not count if they do it by the little face time, like Stephen Colbert as late night show, it doesn't count were also going beginning into Antiphon burning down Chicago, which was
last night, but first hasty in Amazon: let's see what they are talking about. Oh Amy, curvature she's alive than cause. This idea that you're gonna roll back the peril tax then put that on the backs of seniors and their social security. Truly, I use it. I don't think that's a way to go I know you're a lawyer in addition to being a scenario, so you, while even your Hobbes lawyers, I'm a lawyer call off Bobby's working from Wikipedia. You're, a liar. Everything is whenever I hear someone talk about Poppy Harlow show of you, but I never think of that. I think I'd like ipods, piglet, Tino guy. You know daddy, like a sea and say that racist you're going tonight, I bought being not harlow different parties, the best of all about the legislative period by real, easy we're showing our generation of Europeans that considered someone called me a boomerang either.
Just because I didn't like to caution six nine July. We are right to say that, and by the way we are going to be, of course, live exclusive on the place after the Youtube who don't know, sharing with you, so please do consider joining where we're going my club right, no general is calling on. How are you? Are you calling in those eggs for things? So let me call in today actually can see we have little Luke Morgan re coming to us. This is slower guys out of the now he's been sleeping, so but I miss you guys. I can't wait to get back in the studio we now the overdue out turn back into the millennium bug Club with Edward. You can you? we're doing ok without stay with me, their general that thank you very much. One held an advertisement for Dyson.
Right sticker still. Happily then birth control- and I don't know you Didn'T- give us a proposal. Clone powered, vacuous I've seen the guy who engineers he's gonna commercial vary from back eulogies UK clean up. This is when I went into engineers Dyson Lucky's. Iran must therefore set aside. I realise that I still had some my thought, and so I would as a typical bag vacuum buzzing working. So I need say, he's a path to decide to clean up this bit that UK our authorities, passionate about diet, is german. I think the EU becomes off as aggressively would have my question the date. We remember what the question and I was expecting and throw. Border but yeah, I don't remember exactly with black as better. Listen, just tell us what you think about the right.
How about not even gone for a while in the changeover tomorrow or we, I almost was attempted murder to buy antiphon. So I want to know at what point you think the riots are actually riots because see this tomorrow to change our minds, but not now man? They protests wrote what points at what point to consider right, how many been tipped over all of them on the street cars answer in the chamber even a little bit, but first I just love. I love droopy. I love Mr Bildt. Let's go to the most recent violence. That's been going on in Africa in a statement from none other than Bill bar who has in this guy just he clients when he walks he's got that There is a form of of sorted, it's a new form of urban guerrilla warfare and are now used to speak MAO Tse Tung used to speak about the gorilla being like fish.
Swimming in the ocean, the way the gorilla move through the people that they, the grill hijacked among the people as a fish and no end. And what they do is. They are essentially Shielding themselves are shrouding themselves and first amendment activity. They go into the demonstrations, which are exercising first minute, first amendment activity and they insinuate themselves in their. Does she them selves, that's where they swim by the way, unlike was it was needed, was needed done. Who is a need, a hill? Who is it who invoked now? You can play a fund that regularly. I look to inspiration. Now I need a Hill- was- was Clarence, Thomas, where you know that's, not my mother, no untried! Think of someone who he was basically saying. Hey mouse says this, and these people are Maoist. I love how we started out with a male quote: where'd, you go in there
full of fish, and then I got eyes it back around Joe Biden, s like there's a guy. You know this, but Kim Jong mouths said that their there can be fitted fish in some of the fish, because guerrillas and then an eight, but then they went back and its evolution folks, what story alive who'd? It happened closer to my mind, it's over and then and then a black I walked into the garden. Practice, your brother doesn't look at Domingo Leather, Joe Biden assumed on like people do crack when it is being made. We are on the rise you assume that job by black cause your black I live in a different than what I would say if I were look around the fish Swimming Europe's potential future president folks Who was it wasn't time our did you find it and
done is a crazy batch trees in the fish. So, let's go to Chicago who, let's go to Chicago dont know there been so many riots and assets fragrant, get off by the recent we're late this morning is because we couldn't get scene in the play for some reason, and it's not good. This show without the CNN Plank, there's been a lot Portland, obviously Austin, but Chicago last night was a very special place in the hearts of Antiphon India Lemon. Let's see the peaceful protests, occurred as they exercise their first amendment Walgreens. That's! Never a good sign Furthermore, zillion hoping the irony is that what they look like,
really nobody wants that. I know some people who would be grateful for a hundred and seventy five dollars. Hungary's. I love this what are they doing incessantly the steward wall charger? I mean no idea. What do you hear tests they don't have anything to have them, testify discards right, but put them in century mo yeah? How are you gonna get it over? The government does not been back away. Whipped up people, maybe our trade, a man for- would have what I have read the bandit. What would a blind people where you were professor there in Memphis violent, intellect lucky back? An idea was that the food yeah. I see that you don't even know where I can get me. I know right now. Are we didn't? I didn't talk about clothes so much so that that there was an atomic conversation,
You know I'm, I don't regret it. So this is what let's go through this really quickly when people say peaceful protests and people say riots. Of course, not everybody out. There is writing we know that right and cover not. Everyone is right, erect, but one you have nine Hon. Law enforcement casualties? We have at least six hundred million dollars in damages when you have over twenty people who have died as a direct result of indirect result of these protests having its at least fourteen as a direct result of these protests. Fourteen thousand arrests. Can you point me to any any where this is the thing for any right wing exam that any one I know there are two points to shortage is it will listen shows there was a group of guys with tiki torches, and someone ran one person over the car tragedy. Of course, terrible should have never happened, but it wasn't a group of people who went out mass across the country to intimidate the other half of the country into silence and commit rip hated. Acts of pre meditated violence often
damaging, of course, those in their own community, the mouse in the black community. I don't know who owns that Walgreens. I know in Baltimore we had examples of back. Then black business owners who didn't want their stuff being burned to the ground, and if you want to talk about entitlement can a rioting, looter turned down lucky Jean. I want What did James once connected Romans, chinese Theatre, in LOS Angeles, other work? This is a hundred and eighty four dollars for a belt buckle that says lucky, while their arms are already full on the other arms, were already spent their cup runneth over judge. In the long run it over with fast chargers, but there's pro biodiversity, while in my motto as I do love adieu of, I would love to have seen them just carrying out like a group of a fifteen is knowing that, like one finger, trust plague thing whereby, with carrying the Tesla Harriet
what those things are heavier than you think that if you will sell out and then you ve got the chess done little. I am battery against monitored by Dyson. The wonderful shows I on battery technology looking into action were going to go back to you on must I hope that he stays in the rights he's gonna veer back left as soon as its anyone army. We alone. I don't know, I don't trust the man we ve been other clip here. This is one that I find incredible because only talked about. Of course you ve gone to the riots quite a bit in the past. We have gone point by point through what was going on in these lives dreams, but this is just what's been happened. Last twenty four hours, I dont know this specific video. Things in Chicago as well, where their blocking street and the man pulls out his fire arm. In a manner which will have my half asian Longbill, Richmond chairman, I believe, is illegal. Let's run this clip you bet
His finger is on the trigger it's on the trigger. Let it be clear that wasn't self defence that wasn't a dodge challenger companies, where that was just a truck going through a road which some would say, Z originally intended. The purpose of the road handling. We talk about original intent with a founding fathers constitution for seven second women. We go back to the original intent of roads, Stephen, it sounds like you're way village. It does not undermine it. Absolutely yes, yacht YA. Werent now go on our roads to write and we're lucky in ship building, roads, who build these roads, the I don't I get that the guy I mean the gun is white and I understand that you now listen, I would say: there's antiphon, there's black lives matter. I think it's important to now understand the organizations are inextricably linked. I think a lot of republican politicians out there have been absent
pansies because they're afraid to call black lives matter out as a terrorist organisation. Not people saying black lives matter, just like people saying I believe in treating animals ethically is not the same as Peter right same thing, there's a difference, but would you like Peter that there actually let it alone this about Peter they actually don't even originally believing pets. Why people living in one plea: animal liberation there against pet animal liver which, if its total animal liberation, you don't know you have had the animal you would just have to like. You would euthanize more dog and every year may be in Texas, with the death penalty, how lever happy they are pissing zeroing all over the place, but Don T have the right to vote down. That's that's the ultimate goal. Thirdly, as an actually went over and Grandpa S, but Peter actually dials Loader Idee necessary. If you ve got a microchip, you can vote you. Would you voting by mail.
How's? That is your nineteenth turn. Would it politically in the fish? Is that legal? By the way, this point but I want to be clear: open carrying, is legal and then stopped so there's a difference right in you know in a lot it reset your brandishing laws, and that becomes a question particularly in that state is when someone is approaching the vehicle you were in the way of their vehicle, their stopped. I mean it would have been a different story if it was, you know, had hit. Some honor was approaching or looked menacing, but nothing about that situation even earlier in the clip shows anything that would be menacing. So certainly people are allowed to defend themselves, but that gentlemen is the one in the mask with the gun is clearly trying to provoke a situation by brandishing his weapon in a threatening way and not to say that that would justify you know it starts to get raised, there's a really hard line to determining when you need to defend yourself. It's a split second session and
lab that truck driver. You know felt safe enough that they could back away and try and do something different but you're getting to the point where you really look like you're threatening another person, and that is the definition of a living login again yet and yet, among the writer, lay dead right Iraqi when, when the truck moves they move with rapidly, so there obviously turnip provoked s like Austin powers with a golf cart only Gub Gub Gub will be hilarious. I would just love someone to go in with their dogs there like train sheets and dogs and just let them in the car. Let him dog bite one handed evidence about what was that it was a dog man. There's look at them in lower down all the windows with a kind of dogs there can't be a judge in the world will be mad at someone of people were reaching in the car and dug protected it right. Probably wouldn't be so good for the people who stuck their hands nobody's gonna die right. That's just good tv, yeah you're. Just entertaining the contrasts in that
bad tv we have seen in and tell them the truth here, dates and happy he's numbers. What the email said is that between July twenty seven thousand, really by election. While, oh, I wanted that matter at a time like this is the medical timely that we gauge flues Asians, usually like well. Actually, if you look at this season of two thousand eight, which of course ranged from the previous, fluency and in May to Al Gore, one the recount you can't. I apologise that was John Kerry, but two thousand we haven't got committee will be about a very pretty much we're confident that we want a vaccine can election day and so we're going to continue crippling the economy back to you. Pappy This is not right that, and this is what I have talked with. Oh by the way, that's just globally death then. Does the United States hundred sixty two thousand? What did I tell you guys ready you live here?
tat broken down the computer I'm doing anyway. Doing though much it only to deal I'm looking up is the interesting thing about these vaccines. People keep saying we need a covert vaccine and then we can open things up, but we already have a flu vaccine. Tens of thousands of people get flew every year, so I was just trying to look up. I think, especially with schools. I think that I'm just I would be interested to see what the rates are with children getting a flu and children getting hope, because because you know that young people too to get covered as much in its much less severe, but my feeling is that kids do get influenza quite a bit. The actually have to die from the flu then covert and many when we're looking at the data. How to be as our so few young people with Covin. It's not erotic, I'm somebody hipster, but something that is interesting as co, but is far more deadly for older people. Then
I flew not as deadly something like pneumonia Rob, but it seems to be significantly from what we know right now: less deadly to young people, because babies, young people die from the flew all the time. This is kind of part and parcel of a new virus that people dont totally understand, but they did remove Donald Trump. I believe on Facebook. Was it because you didn't interview, I think it was on Fox NEWS that listed it. I will say this, however, you about it. Children are almost almost completely. Say almost immune virtual immune in New Jersey. There were six thousand cases of people and there was one person under eighteen who died with diabetes. So I say virtually like he's. Donald Trump Download manager really hard to educate, right minded and say like say added preset represent Patsy IDA procurement and each year I too wish to it.
That is right, but very hard. Statistically, that is zero. Yeah yeah is as it should, The euro per cent- oh, I do have the number here so the CDC according to them since February we ve had fifteen, does under age fifteen from covered in the? U S compared to about two hundred from fluent ammonia. So again, that's that's! That's Yeah, I can do the math, my habitats, that's exponentially yeah, it's one of those days. If we're going to talk about a place where PETE, like the only place where people could maybe socially distance, less than a school might be like a bound. Hop gather, break out will probably be effort, saying because you could re them down with pure l once they come out because really are concerned about them transmitting to older people guilty of the rule for everyone about care there there about a sacred can can be. This is an example of helicopter parenting. At this point, if you are talking about that is not even close right now from the numbers we have two as deadly as
common flew, and I need to be really clear about this, because death rates have changed John Oliver second! It piss me off to note the oh, my gosh, I'm so glad to be back. I was watching when John Oliver talk about that video from us to doctors in California who they were removed for talking about and downplaying death rates that will worldly inaccurate. Ok, relentless Bombast John Albert I was, I was pretty so integrated. They say it was. It was about zero point, three percent right, which is the death rate. Now the revised deathrays, He just said these doctors were removed from its information. When the fact is they workers to be had. At that point, there are still saying to point: whatever million people could die from the Imperial College Study Imperial College of London, I believe study, and They were sitting at. The death rate was anywhere from one to seven percent, but the- John Oliver released a whole segment about how wrong he was right, You gotta. Let me tell you I was wrong. I got it wrong and my writers, who use slight or ironically,
as a soft have corrected. We're not gonna happen. This is their around there's: no accountability from the media whatsoever, so I'm so glad to be back, and so because one five Well then, I'm coming to its former educated covered is overblown there still counting the desk, despite the fact that flew season death always end somewhere in this ring, their accounting them in their totality are giving us a time, went up to election time and nine hundred. Officer casualties, six million and probably damage likely billions now. Fourteen thousand rest carbon is these aren't protests their rights there We call upon all the news, dont believe CNN, but watch them anyways go had two things: one winter people gonna take start taking down the John Oliver original video render those clips gonna come down. Oh it's totally wrong. Oh ok! Where it will we have you admitting that you are spreading false information set for me as worthless in these medical providers and its from second thing is, I always guaranteed
by an wins. The Roby account from the election. That's when the new count will start right. Well since, since the American anyway, like age, Joe Biden Right Covert DES, have gone down, we ignore that we now have a vaccine building better and ignore the fact that its first executive action for some reason putting guerrillas into the middle of the ocean. We don't really now he was talking with needed, done wires got cross. So let's go back to the riots here and then I then we'll get to the George floated, which I think is the most. I want to know how many people there have seen the full Lord Floyd, deep and effort people comment on it that we are going to show you the entire George Floyd tape. Warning you don't need a warning. It's not graphic at all, no indictment, it's actually the least combative ups adding police interaction that I can think of a modern memory less so than my last ticket knock it off with a warning. You guys are downright risk.
In writing the car bury me. We re registered the car, my wife didn't put on a new sticker Nicaragua's. Why are you not up to date? as I am, and I showed him whatever the registration, the tag egos, but you just didn't put on your car. The hell is wrong with you. Now they are discussion. Ok, you're, fine, just stay here till morning. At that point I thought like hands on nothing's wrong with me officer, I'm an entirely functioning adult. I'm ok. Can I read over here and show you my written declaration, no sudden movements. Ok, I thought I could do it because it was white. My mistake we live but yeah. This is that we live as white people when we get pull them by the cops bitch slap em. That's it, I ll. Let you do what I got your ticket, right and pick up a couple. Always a winner with those I don't laugh and there like those guys gonna promises yeah via the suicide rate that doesn't have other ethnicities, its middle age, white man
problem. I know I looked down the barrel of a gun and a bottle of Jack Daniels every night, so you know what you're free to go with a warning. Sir, thank you up. I share european, even though the media doesn't care. Let's go back to that, got to already. I have never looked down the barrel of a gun because a practice, firearm safety. What Other ship, this is by the way what happened just as part of a sliver of good news. Before we move on to George, what, when Anti tries to take over you could either the wrong neighbourhood great, but this is the sort of perspectives from Antiphon perspective, the wrong neighbourhood from everybody else's perspective. Namely those in the neighborhood the perfect opportunity. Here you go. We are currently in the anti for commie bastards out of the navy. Nobody wants eighty. Nobody wants a remarkably long way from the house
this is kind of like when Spiderman goes. The suburbs and if we do not always to block Then they starting punching them and choking them. It's a lot of fun, but it doesn't have iron and the suburbs virtually gauges runs up and down curbs you know, but like hops, overzealously they label. Will we get it? Do you dare block a cul de sac? There's nothing, it's a crescent, it's a real sense
there's nothing. You can do with a roll out his aunt, if I'm not, but there are things going up there, but I will say this: when people talk about our election, this goes Kazanovitch is moving out to the suburbs in the country. Are I wasn't a distinctly red district in Michigan, which I was totally wrong about this in in twenty sixteen? The election I did not think of Michigan was gonna, go for four Donald Trump and I was largely because I didn't see any from signs. I didn't see many Hillary Clinton signs. I saw some local election signs, but Michigan was consistently blue and it's been run by the union's right, but at this point they want really big on not Hillary Clinton. So I won't be surprising mission goes against our trump? I think that, because some people anticipate, however, I wasn't a very, very red rural districts that went unbelievably trump, something like seventy or eighty percent. The last election I didn't see any trump signs. I saw a handful of vital signs. I saw a lot of science thanking their sheriff. I saw a lot of signs thanking the governor for
keeping their lives safe. Someone asked me that when I was in Michigan, they said you're not burden Texas, their house at work it out for you, I somewhat three times a population about one third, the death rate. So I guess I should think my governor for not screwing up our economy, I'm not afraid to leave my house of regular minor houses. I do really go to quick trip and no one is show me your pay pass and because the dice hidden guy there was one from sign that I saw lot of acreage, and it was a bit- was covered in razor wire, above the same because it had been Droid and burned down in that country, now we have right now we have no trouble get to his approval. Ratings you're, going up considerably and surprisingly in the black community, and conservatives have been forced underground. Why? Because listen people can put up abide inside without consequence? No one here is going to burn that down. No one needs
protect thereby sign with razor wire against audio weight or half asian Lawyer Bill Richmond or even myself. After a few daiquiri. She don't need to lower the it, was a long break. I'm gonna get you one to two feel like it: So there is one from sign, covered and razor. Why are so? I dont think consumers announcing the poles. I dont think that you can take into account the enthusiasm. I think it's very very hard to gauge where this election is going and they are doing everything I can try manipulated by the way. Speaking of of all this trying to keep yourself say when you go online, like you get tracked everywhere, this feeling is that they accept cookies. What you don't realize it when you just accept cookies, you just said you can have my debt picks. So express Vps they protectorate and VP end, but we actually trust them as we appeal because it in some degree peons out there that are actually had some breaches and didn't let today which almost defeats the purpose of each year
don't use the free. What a great American your data, which breaches of the appeal in what, but I thought you were a vip n. We were we just didn't. We didn't vps oops, none of the solar and takes a minute to sit up on your phone express ppm, their wonderful sponsored, the sugar to express Vps. Dot, com, Slash crowded, it's what we use. We use it when we didn't know Youtube searches with toxic than ever, and all that and actually helped us with some of the Youtube algorithms figure. What was going on so resolutely and accomplished? Try to get the first three months free, protect your your data online. That's it! Let's move on to the George Floyd full tape. Anyone here, as everyone here watched all this. I was yes yet right! Yes did, I know, but that's the way of the white privilege, but a little later that correctly it is united. We don't have it today, I mean we don't have anyone ring it. We might have heard of that offer to early ok, we're going to have to really governments, George Floyd, the full take. So again, my question to you is: who is watch the full taken is a change of context. Here's what I will say in
seeing this tape? Now I want you to issue a warning, because it's not disturbing going to watch it in its entirety and posit at places that, I think, are, I guess notable. The entire tape itself is notable. What is most interesting to me is the most notable portions of this tape, as it relates to the narrative we're never released when you Keith, when you have Keith Ellison, who never let the public know about this. They had access to the state this entire time and it took someone on the UK to videotape their screen, like it was Jerry Seinfeld with death blow. That's the only way we got our hands on this. Listen, it reiterate what we said before. Reinforces the idea that the problem with the police is training right, the knee on the neck, but after watching this full tape, not only do I not think that other gonna make murder to stick. I think that these police officers are going to walk, which is if aid have released take that you're about to why its organs there never would ve been right. That's why the tape was never released.
No reasonable jar in watching this NEO watch. It with me tell me think: I'm wrong could actually a tribute motive, malicious motive or certainly racism here, I'll set the tone when I watch the full tables. George, what I see someone who's high out of his mind, who is he's not even someone's comprehensible and people police officers who feel kind of bad form, will feel sympathetic form this idea that their referendum up from the gecko now so with that being said, let's watch the George Floyd full tape for people who missed it, and then you tell me if this changes a context. Let's start with the pull over. On the other hand, is reaching back there. My pc now
You rightly inciting back looking at reaching back reaching them what we do and got Ojala folks and this is the only time we're gun makes an appearance as cancer. In that we are satisfied, wipes out. Ok! Well, what I say. Let me feel AIDS thought. Now many complies and you see when you finally does complying keep his hands ass. The gun goes away, never comes back out about a lot of the vehicle step away from their own face aware that we are not going to use their cars,
Let us please don't shoot me. His gun is already away not about you is entirely appropriate when a guy's reaching back and you say, hands on the wheel and he is now applying it all. You have to have a firearm out, because let me change one thing: ok: hands on the wheel up their answer, bad? Bang? Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang click back! That's what happened! It does happen by the way. We have this statistic that an officers actually eighteen times more likely to be killed by a young blackmail than they are to be killed by an officer so me to keep that statistic in mind then intent their matters? Please don't shoot me, I'm not going to shoot you, and you will see this as a recurring theme, because a lot of you were saying why aren't police trained in de escalation? This is it. This is picture, perfect, disco and if you watch where this will end up as a civilian, if I'm watching I'm, it looks like an escalation when he pulls the gun out, because I no writers had away that situation, but yeah. If you can't see one of his hands he's opening the door without being asked to run like these that have protectionist have let me I broke up
broke down. You broken to address, I'm broke into a list are brought down, and then I was trying to fix my car. I'm a cop pulled up behind me and I get out of my car and walk towards them. Wasn't thinking that stew, he was like get back in the car. Get back in the cart I mean cause, he doesn't know I am obviously they took is gonna known he just email. And on his guard, could you say it like that goes far beyond the cardinal use, pointing give economic argument, gardening put his hand on his gun cause. You know, no actually does enough. That's the only point that gun is their right and what I want people understand as he says, I'm not going to shoot you and that's repeated. Along with instructions and amenities that will we provided for Georgia flight actually mean that you'll see as we continue to one other thing I find to be interesting. Is that, regardless of the rays of the occupant, that is how officers are trained across the board like regardless, like if you're reaching around in your vehicle you or do you are putting yourself at risk and you are indicating that you are not like, so it would be a different or if he was reaching around the office, is that you they re situation, which one is reaching back
if you're reaching around in your vehicle, mounted lesson, I wanted to say later that others wave our love are concerned about this motion. Then they are this motion. We write the motorway, the back. You have to swing all the way back around right sure you could pull out and do this, but you can do this one just as well run. Most people are storing the firearms for ready used right back and at first he was rich of the side, and then he was reach exactly associates. Who is reaching here Andy's reaching back in this is the thing he doesn't comply, not once not twice like ten times. He doesn't comply in Sudan. That becomes a place where, when you're an officer you have to resume the worse because of the deadly sent just to be clear, I think anyone here who's been pulled over. We don't do that so and if that of white privilege thing, I just go all police officer hands on the wheel and I let him know ever conceal, carry if there's a fireman the car or not really happen once it had a conceal k of the options. Thank you very much. There's no need to move your fire, my appreciated and change your registration, you Dick! I am sorry, I that's one for you,
Let us continue with the tape. We just ended it I'm not going to shoot you again, not shooting pause, didn't just lose Islam that was two years ago. Ok can do so again. This shows that aegis and I don't think he's lying. I think I mean you and you look at the toxicology report, which has two to three times what people said. The legal or lethal amount of funding in a system he had morphine, he had met them. Feder mean I'm not a doktor, so I've heard that there have been sort of arguments as to whether it's a lethal amount or legal or not, when, as there was a lot of french NOME morphine and methamphetamine and assist me just so just so happens me at this point. The downers counteracted the uppers. This could have been a far more violent altercation really up until the end of it. It's really just kind of more nonsensical erratic how to face away
It was all about me more, not third time, I'm not shooting ruins away where is reaching over the side of delicate talk about that's his girlfriend. Women start resistance, notably not yelling, about the artist s young it at our car may harm as a forward our been with you
While this is not only to keep, one has got me nothing, Secondly, there are: are you good there's time in Dr Floyd, that was already now cause, this is important. You can't see cause eminent little corner, he s a man to drop the bag, which is totally be totally reasonable. He said, drop the backdrop to back. Can I get some mighty them and handed over? He doesn't deal with this guy again after that rail networks, that's how you handle it with a police officer. So if you're gonna say racially motivated black man there and, by the way, significantly black man, I wouldn't that he's a curling rice, you know at least Ben Carson, Plaza and lastly, Snipy go right, puts his Baghdad
advancing years. But now I dont go get officer. Haired armies are doubly would just reading the people who are not being exact, Nicholas exactly just two examples of ways. Now, the woman, when we think we just told MR resisting one point, three motions you can't really see here like eat, something like maybe George Willard, might be crazy. The other gentlemen, the little John Yea Guy drops the bag. I believe you say, goes: ok, do you have a job? I d Those who had not at this moment when we don't need that. Sir sorry job yet say skin color very different behaves aim skin color different behaviour again the idea here reason for the riots is police brutality going out and hunting down black people for no reason based on what we
from the George Floyd tape. I don't think you're going to convince a jury that this was a racist officer encounter or malicious intent. Let's continue, but what can we say? One thing: you notice that the only person who talked about resisting was one of the observers, who is a friend of the person being arrested. George Floyd right, the officer doesn't even talk about resisting until later, he continues to doesn't focus on reducing resisting right, because you often hear this narrative, the cops will just say he was suggesting you is resisting, and then you know just start. Beating people write like as Baton now just start hit them rail. He actually, even after the woman, acknowledges that this is resisting he does. It focus on the resisting rightist talks and then in Georgia continues to resist any finally says it, and yet still does not beat him senseless as right. Left in the timeline is important, because once you get, the handcuffs are resisting increases. The DE escalation increases from the officers were you you can almost here and their voice the voice of like a father like
catch. Your crap together man- and this is also important because a context they work together at the club break the idea right around together at the club, and this cop was a racist who had it in four George Floyd, or maybe it's a cop who knew the George floated spent the majority of US adult life in jail in new that after this arrest, he was probably going to be going back to the Big House for a long time and is going because, if you take into account that they know each other, it certainly doesn't it. Seem like this is a guy with a vendetta. It seems like a guy who know someone who cannot get his shit together. Let's continue, asked right. What about it. I already know I'd overcame
Am I not lots of unnecessary information Waste LISA. There's time has enough why people watching nothing wrong, just aggravated go in there. Station? You gotta thing going on so now we change it. She's got this thing and then she tell the answer. He got a thing going on. So if you're not observe those eyes, this This is the information that you now and he's I he's acting around here we go back to George
tuna voice garden, its adornments ingress it it's a dog whistle for inward he's go over here. I want to know what they ask him if he's on something which we now have a car were you ever listen we're listening. Congressmen carried no. Here we go with you man. I'm not I'm not resistant, as he's resisting very clearly positive. By the way how you mentioned, like some officers, we ve been told the story of how after say, he's resisting the waxwork quack, quack quack. There's a flip side of that work. Ngos falls down, as is The officer was strong arm me, man, how many
have we seen George Floyd there before anything, try to fall? I haven't him to make get up man we're, let's get up, stop following that's a kid kung fu rear models to talk about this right. You gotta put at risk for bedtime. Slither actually, I think, grab em they're gonna those bars around twenty times heavier all those toys. Look at dollar romantic that we know that looks like an uncircumcised penis, more those things, I'm tired of their noble and Yes, I know exactly what gets what it looks like it's weird and it's off putting I blame chinese production. Thank you. It is to have a quality control. You had was elzevir advertising. Let's continue watching this he's tried to fall down multiple times. Will you cannot do is hold the officers to a perfect standard and hold someone like George.
Or these writers are protesters to know, stand and whatsoever to a standard lower than actual criminality. In the cases of many of these protesters and we'll find out in a court of law, that's a case with George Floyd. This is where it gets. I think it's very important again because you talk about ruining people's lives, these police officers, where they keep trying to two years we're it you we're with you were with you rolled on the window, we're going to turn on the air. I want you to watch this carefully and look into your heart and think. I think that we might have been too harsh on show very early on cars outside of the training that allegedly was taught to him before that. Not a lot was done wrong here and
escalated and you'll see why it s created, unfortunately, by demand from Georgia, who demanded to be put in a grand refused to get in the car. So an unfortunate situation not saying right now, whose right and wrong will see that in a court of law, but this tells of very different contextual story than we were sold, which inspired the riots continue. I'm not gonna guy I've gotta go mostly ran your idea. They know your executive coming I'd, like that's words, relevant render idead anomalies. Have you been arrested for violent crimes in New York sector that Canada Really I mean I don't know, but the guy November are higher. I won't tell me like that,
We are trying to fall behind this. According them up eight thousand place back if they thought they were. I will stay with you. I will stay with. You is what he's saying look POL pot's postponement possible. That right there that to me for anyone out there was a resolution done grappling he's grabbing an under hook. Now you can graven under and make an aggressive Engraven unbroken up. You can grab somebody and shoulder bumped them like a punch. Look at that he's grabbing human away, so he has control because hands or cuffed, but it registered as a hub and this is while he sang to stay with you. Man come on man. Fleet is get in the car we're staying with. You were staying with you that does look like a man who's going out there to burn across on a lot again, you can find off. There's, using an under hook with someone who's coughed and using it to commit. She could just as easily use that right now, because he has a lever bone pound him into the car
door and no outside of a camera, people would be none the wiser. The point is: if the intent was there, it would be very easy to account this literally looks like a man trying to comfort. Someone using we're here meant we're here with you stop, especially especially as this mission is he's asking to be stayed with. Some rightly ask someone is he's asking that he stayed with any said that he's claustrophobic, picket situational colossal phobia, which applies when the vehicle is going to present their night, because it's much more roomy, then the old Metro GEO that he was driving or whatever whenever wasn't has pulled out of another was now is claustrophobic, sell us, and we know that it's not really accurate. This point no one wants to get into a cop car to be taken to jail, especially with a rap sheet that long keep in mind. This is often statistically when situations get more violent. We start with Brooks
right it when we start in Georgia, someone who doesn't want to go back to prison. Someone was a rap sheet, someone who might be under three strike rule it. It's someone with nothing to lose and the region overgrown document we're going to stay with you in this repeats itself. Let's continue I'm listening at the root of the problem and is now a thing of foreign aid without them
I gotta go we're not only about the amount began again, our die right now. Only another came a guy like that, It doesn't look like you didn't just using already repeated without rather windows, down twice in a row, the windows data we can now put the air on yeah. That's a car service. Yeah! I'm sorry, I'm surprised, that's not a link in town and country at that point. What is it I can also assure me that my boy, I'm just saying this this up until here the officers at this point more commendable, in my opinion, up until this point not talking about what happened at that, but this is pretty. Good de escalation. I can't imagine a scenario where I wouldn't be punished in the face at this point. We're
wooden already be on the ground. In the case, you only ends up on the ground by request, as you'll see later on. I cannot imagine resisting falling pushing against an officer refusing getting into a car with out an escalating signals, more than this matter. Of fact, I would wager these cops are aware of the body can enter trying. Avoid being the nightly news at this point, because this is not really protocol. A lot of the time, especially in a battery of ten police officers, are too
to try and neutralize potential- rightly because I don't know what's going on around them- some could argue that their spending too much time trying to get a man into a car in the first place that should happen quickly door close to your safe one of the other. Things is remember just just a minute ago, one of the companions in the car was giving the indication about a mental issue. Yes, yes, I'm gonna you when you think about how these offices or training it I mean five. Six seven times he actively gets out of the vehicle rang they're trying to get a bit. You know you're not even seeing the stuff you see on cop shows, like fake Cobb shows where they like shove in your head down and pushing year. Russia vignette me none of that sum, and I think that is at least some evidence to show that they were aware that they were dealing with someone. There wasn't in the right mine and they were acting on that in a positive way and not remember, were asking officers anomaly risk their lives every day.
The mental health counselors to be social workers to an end. In that moment, you can see there trying yeah. They are actually trying to write the best. They can internets rental, since they were this right. The results were more harsh with Chris Crinkle and miracle on thirty forestry, while that guy's a criminal finally, on Santa Claus, Joe Biden S talking about guerrillas in coy pon, necessarily that is smelling children ets up there remarkable to me at this point that there is to keep in mind today said again, this companion of his said he we got something going on. He goes I know a guy, their man, so this again starts to become white noise. No hear him say, I'm a guy. I can't breathe long before he's on the grounds that I just buried my mom right, the guy, the guy again you my shoving knows him, probably if they ve worked at the club for years, and everyone is that they work together. Therefore he was a NEO Nazi out with an agenda. Instead, it seems like maybe he's empathetic here, and he certainly
Probably know that what if they know each other, which was an area before that his mama died over two years ago, so they're gone awry. This guy is out of his mind. His companion says so he's in it anarchy is refusing to get in the car. He says he's going to die so then later when he says again, hey I'm in a dire hey, I can't breathe easy, but you said that when we asked you to get into the back of a group- and I think I think they ask me on something he says, I'm not on the other things as well, why having trouble walking right, and so it's like reactivate, they know something's going Well, then I would have been the moment right to say: hey, I can't stand up. I can't write in democracy that officers necessarily believe it, but they're even trying to figure out like why's. He acting. So you re all right again. If he's in a state, he may not even recognize he's gonna stay put in the moment. Like you, that's where you go, I can't walk for this reason. What what reason? But what is the reason why we want to understand? How do we need to support you more or not, when I actually, I will say, appreciates poker face, because if I have anything to drink and I'm going to do something to drink, I immediately go.
Little bit of IRAN's event in L, life goes on a cocktail of methamphetamine morphine inventing I'd say I wouldn't be able to let my wife, but your exactly that gonna guy you're right you're right. You know me all right. Let's continue again more of the will, roll down the window and more accommodation. I want that way. I don't wanna died, a win win over the bombing a roller window, down what affair to a them. That way the bombing. Ok
they. Let em count to three legged going in the first few days of the season when it's cold here, you go where they finally say. Ok enough is enough, and then you get him into the car and by the way you just said. Put me on the ground. Are ok, ok, I know a guy guide, their native country, I got a job, I can't I can't leave ok by me and finally, Poland the car, so we ve seen enough. We can now that's enough, you guys can go and watchful clip. You can search it on Youtube. If it's available, I think you can actually accepted certain separate white. I believe I was
on a separate suitably that was from daily mail, but if anything I can't yoke. I can't breathe something else that people don't take into account. He didn't just not comply, he lied about complying and then would you? Ok. Ok, ok, ok, right yeah, that's very different! That's like every single movie, you ve seen right. Every single Filmore guys been pushed too far, whether temporary Winkler night shift with mushrooms and what should they go. And then the sucker punch right it disarming it's. Ok, I'm going to comply! There's a lot of ok! Ok! One to why are you doing this meant? Listen that happened so often with police officers. You can find security too few going. Ok, ok, I'm going to and they put something out now you have a guy who reached over to assign who reached over to two behind and who didn't put his hands in the wheel. Who didn't put his hands on his head? Who ask please don't shoot me plead. The officer said to three times are not going to shoot. You please comply who lied about being on drugs who had other people there? Who said that the man was resisting and said that here mental issue going on who couldn't stand up? Who then tried to fall down repeatedly? Who said he was going to die in the car who sits?
it with me. A police officer said yes, yes, we're going to stay with, you will roll down the window will turn on the three four five times and then finally started getting him into the car. If you don't believe that there was any way to try and restrain this man. You don't believe that if someone want to be arrested, that you have the right to arrest them as a police officer. He went to the ground because that was by request. He didn't want to get into the car. Written in they consulted and which is an odd practice, but I mean even so it's it's they. They are going above beyond, and the last portion of this type also explains by the way when they say what widen the other officers journey thing. While other officer and you ve been holding him gently thing, we're gonna stay with you. When you know I can't read out
I can't remember the Manders died and these are the ground gone. I can't breathe you're not gone, others guys dying, you're, gonna Magua. He said that further eight minutes. Yet you know, and in when you look at how is getting pulled out of the vehicle again it's what he wanted. He didn't. He was not trying to get in the vehicle and any kind of way didn't want to be an easy, didn't want to be with a windows rolled down one or two, we side of the vehicle. Now, that's not to say that again that Shovin was trained properly was restraining when the right way, because in my mind, I wonder if you really thought the guy was such a danger. Why didn't you have multiple officers holding down as opposed to just one elderly, I'm in our whole chauvinist let's cut grizzly and that in the video with his neck on the knee right, but you know any on the neck neck and then he would be horrible attack. Well, it was unhappy I want you neon mean on the now my that might mean that you wonder why? What do you know where we're we're that situation was a question in that does become the problem when someone is
over and over again, I had this problem at the promise heads from its clear that they are not acting on that problem. When they actually do have the problem, it does make it harder for officers to understand what are they doing? Anything to your point, is there a aim? Was there a malicious intent? Was their bad training clearly only anyone's disagreeing on that? Yet what up into that moment the amount of grace that was given for this gentleman? I think, because the woman in the car told them that he was having problems. That's the only reason why he was treated so well up to that point. All circumstances considered now think you're exactly right now. I think the most important component to this, not the most important, but again the riots happened because member hands up don't shoot micro, just some kid who got shot by a police officer for TAT reason. Now it turns out he actually punchy officer,
reaching for his gun repeatedly in the author was actually somebody who asked to serve the underserved black community daring wasn't. I still feel that, for that, guy does act. I got railroaded didn't do anything wrong. This was used again as another catalyst because it was a racist officer who worked at a club of them who went out who had a vendetta and just put his knee on his neck because he wanted to exterminate a black man that day. That's what spurred the riots against six and a million dollars and property damage. Nine hundred officer casualties, fourteen thousand arrests over twelve people dead. That was the narrative. It's pretty damn clear from this video that they weren't going out lynching or hunting a black person which also something Ruskin questions. What there their officers years. Some of them are minority operators. Yet so wouldn't they stand up if they solar systems, rave racial injustice? I think now it explains the car. Next as to why they may neither you don't. I still think that the training is terrible, that you shouldn't put any internet, but that really is a problem with the training and I had a legit leave. Seminar when someone came in and taught this technique to police officers? It doesn't show any any. I dont see
sign your anything going of racism or looking to harm somebody. I actually see officers who are pretty empathetic, we're pretty tolerant, who noted this is someone who cannot get crap together is high out of his mind, is a walking ticking time bomb by the way. This is a man who wasn't going to live very long and stress that this is not something new. If you're on fair, no more than you could die from federal just from Fetnah. Very you take that no you're dead, the size of a grain of sugar right size or rice, Krispies, fennel, snap crackle pop you died from that now. It's there fat fat. No, it's just a tiny little rice, colonel can kill you fetnah, morphine methamphetamine can kill somebody at covert on top of a pre existing our condition and then stress of an arrest because you're likely getting into the back of her back Howdy wagon go into the big house for a while. I don't even know- and this is what we have to wait to see the coroner's report- that he died from the knee in the neck. Necessarily- and this is why it's important- because this was a catalyst for all the riots and people want to paint the black community with abroad.
New suggested that comes from gallop. Eighty one percent of black Americans either want the same or more police presence in their neighborhoods. Only twenty two percent want to get rid of them. You know why, because most black people sometimes lip give with, I have what they have she's little spittle else, but on what are you looking at Joe Biden with appeared on the role of oil behind this remarkable to me that eighty one percent will be time enough to change my mind around with a gentleman who calls himself king yes, a remnant of luggage matter, king. I will not need, but I appreciate the games are more black Americans. Eighty one percent to be exact according to gallop, probably feel is black man. Did there the little John Black man who put his bag and showed his idea like Ben, never to be heard from again during that Turkey should know. Murals of that,
which is remarkable to me. You think they would at least be a little bit more tense with him concerning, what's going on, they probably afterwards had to bring him in for questioning, but most black Americans. Eighty one percent feels They can probably manage police interactions like that man, where it doesn't escalate to any kind of violence, and they want more or at least same police presence, and this also maybe here's some cold water- might surprise people. This comes from that Rasmussen that Donald Trump has the highest approval rating with black Americans of any modern Republican at thirty six percent outside by the wave of George W Bush caviar right after nine eleven. That's when you crazy ratings, but it didn't last many workers in a few months earlier, the average black vote for the GNP has range from percent by the way, to a high of seventeen percent with Gerald Ford, which surprised me that Gerald Ford was up until Donald Trump, the record holder Sharia, The thing is, I have much at all now with anything, but now you think of them. Ass, Prince Albert, like spokesperson, Falada, half and half pipe tobacco
but you don't think of him as guy black people like you, I connect with four may yeah all about these out about importance and shit MA forward I don't know so. This is something it's actually a pretty pretty big. Surprise me came in this morning. Thirty six percent, a blackened Arians approve of Donald Trump, and this is also why, to those all right, ass, the people who just try and focused exclusively on a graphic. They always ITALY, while you're never going to get immigrants. You never get black people to change enough there votre, but you don't need to get a majority of lack votes to be a problem. Only get a majority of latino those to be republican. You just need to be more than four to seventeen percent, and then you make some unbelievable inroads, and this is why I don't agree with identity and politics on the right. I dont believe that all this is due to melanin in the skin. I believe that a lot of
to do with cultural interactions. With people right now, interacting with police predicated on lies that are being made to them from their parents about that. But by the way I mean the parents are liars, the twenty two percent. The people want to fund the police. That's not the vast majority of black Americans right now that vast majority black Americans in returning to just that allows them well they're. Just the ones were funded by you know, George Orwell's we're, not you like. We do have to go before. We tell you tube to go pick up a kite black rifle copied outcomes. Let's go to blame for coffee. They actually wants to show their wonderful. It's the only coffee that a drink in the morning we're waiting on an order because they D put on pause and vacation and we had to go get some other beans and it you don't like how you have you like a cat at a good pace on your porch mechanism, outlines that and it tasted worse, this is not the lag rivalries.
The black rifle, because we had to go by some coffee. That was other rivals and pretty much anything now. Chock full of cat pisses that wonderful, coffee, wonderful, coffee, Chuck will look at this black rival copied accomplished Carter. I believing it twenty percent off your first order. The coffee is better than any other coffee companies out there in my and it's a better known company and they don't support everything that you hate are not going to tear down everything you stand, which Starbucks Chock full of traps? Thank you so much for right now we're gonna go to Muslims Movement chat with you guys, but you do this
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