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Where Do We Go From Here?! China's Infiltration of American Culture EXPOSED!


From Hollywood to COVID-19 to Joe Biden, China has been getting its hands on every aspect of American culture. We expose how and why that’s a problem. Also, this may surprise you, but Biden’s nominee to lead the ATF is a complete imbecile when it comes to guns. With special guest RUDY GULIANI.

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Ok, audio, listen, I'm gonna! Keep us a twenty seconds, just leave a rating on Apple Android, Spotify and do consider sending out from uncle because really only goes on for another. Forty five minutes, I couldn't stop him and you understand what he's America's we are also he may or may not have admitted to committing a crime. Joking eating community crumbs, young entrepreneurs, grants dronushka louder with crowd or is brought to you, and I do not support the fight by merchandise. At the shop, great conversations retains the right people.
the oil slick, because it was really hot and I only realised it once I brought the cup to my mouth like. Oh, how am I going to figure this out in horribly factor, That's how you started you guys, I'm I'm I'm eggs! I haven't slept like two days, which sometimes these are the best shows. But
always is Rudy Giuliani on, though, shows- and he asked her fun but crazy little bit in a good way crazy. We're going relevant, mostly Abraham live an echo Harry, perform better when your stress- yes, even so jealous you, hey, look is back credit. yeah like them. I heard you say Jane. I dont at all. Thank God we're not on Youtube we'd be off already. You know us ass men claims to be. lucky she they went after Lander Landau for saying that done lemon dresses like a pedophile, which he does I mean, I think, I'm after India. They said it was a racist on what only like nibbler pedophile is that would they're trying to say is just it's just so silly. What did you do? You think they matter in the media law that they put it in? Brent. Actually, that was me actually fell. Lemmings is in no way is there racist Dave whenever you monsieur winnowing Ahoy
I do I ll be the Edison improper that is so that, although both here and in rare of so well so the Houston as we get some taketh left in Houston. Next, I believe it's the second ok so I will have an advance. I admire the way. Next, I would like at some point we're going to be back on. You too, I dont know exactly how my guess is Tuesday. Ok, I'm not sure, after memorial, I will, let you guys know, but I've been watching on rumble you thank you very much smash that run button: it I'm watching their and, of course you can join my copycat next or forty five minutes today with Rudy Giuliani, I know we switch from going to open a weird sounds deaf. Their time are, although other MIKE's are turned off right, because we we predict an ash Wednesday yesterday with a large black gentlemen, but just to be clear. I'm right here. Ok sure about that say on it. I just want to be clear eyes. the diamonds casual where there is that of a powerful
Well, yes, I say all the time: that's who you were ok, dunwoodie or who are you wearing? I am wearing Brooks Pedophile, heavens Abasing designed outfits. Actually, it's Brooks Pedophile kids They were worried about how many times he wore a day of another. That was the problem. Don't think frequency was the issue, so speaking frequency we're gonna be talking to take as a touch them this yesterday and people had hey. You know what we'd like to talk about this more the undue influence of China, not only in our media, not only in the timber industry but, of course, in politics, but the most important is its cultural. The cultural influence Johnson is to set up a fight. Don't lie to me with a real as our number one export United States is not oil sent raw materials is pop culture, it has for a long time and that's being really sort of subverted. For international communist interest. Let's just be clear: we don't share the same values as China and we have an entire pretty much everyone with a platform
Getting it wrong with us. Mainstream show everyone in film television, Rick that they will have an incentive, Renate pander to communist, and when I think about some of the stuff we ve sent over understand why Muslims want to kill us sometimes. So a lot of tat two years that lesson Wop, that's all Yes, yes, and by way of we're talking about you, know what we took with these really promised almost israeli Palestine, Israel, Hamas, ok, they were elected there and control their terrorists. They hit the Jews, its Israel, Hamas, it's two governments at work and talk about that and mistreatment of, of Muslims, the Wiggers, among other things, it no one talks with theirs actual genocide going on actual forced labour in something that's interesting about that. We'll talk him out of my healing, I c p faint threat. This is
This is something by the way I actually happened to be in Reno. When there is the ice, the jug, hello, fest, I remind the jugs through. I absolutely do not eyes them introspection and less for saying. Come! Let them. Let me go on with illegal shipments matters with it, with with wiggers isn't, and I forgot my point- we could not do this right now, I'll wiggers go back to where I dont remember, remember: wiggers. Remember anything else about love, it's an actual side going on right now, I said just now. This is important to note to China and obviously the mistreatment of workers should be condemned, and we should kick China's S, but it does oh you something that people in the west and certainly liberals to understand that the real that China has a problem with with Muslims theirs. They do see the threat of Islam as a political prescription, narrow, obvious it's wrong, no one should be persecuted for their faith. That's why we have the first amendment here in the United States. However, in a communist authoritarian government, which is what you haven't, China, they
not found any other political Eddie, I'm just like they would capitalism just like they would any kind of republican regions. Chris was Christians morsel for religion with it. They treat Islam. Inevitably barbariously you're different. They treat Christians and that's because they see it as trying to subvert the political system able addressed guerrilla they're wrong in the way they address it. But when you just look at you, crushed is you got your eyes and ok, they see it as a political faction, not as a religious group. What I understood what's going on in places like Germany and in England right now or their setting up their own kind of court systems and economists zones of people. We ve seen the host country autonomous own sex they don't really work that well not so much, usually not autonomous, now like a very long out of five days. Did they try to chop once they closed star, both a scene and renounce covering the shooting? But we don't. You look odyssey her body parts break. who were involved, thoughts and prayers got now. They, alas,
our two politicizing, even for the bodies, are called, but still no mention of the shooting at TAT took place at the short forty times around just natural and let's move on here fathers day is coming at, which means of course, we can be celebrating debts everywhere and you can go to crush opt out, can't get yourself fathers day merged, like best at ever, China, nine Will these uttering lotta dance, but some will not be celebrated I have something in me: I've got what you want. Let the rest, and in light of that, I've got the connection. You get your interaction, I'm gonna trade, all your trouble, my does is more knives buys elation. You're gonna be late. Now, it's not just that he is offensive, shot it's yes!
where's David and I would say, as I start everyone would say, let's there's a lot to unpack your Everyone involved. They slid right, you see the he's. Haven't you cause, you see other women there. You know how you see, multiple camera angles lighting, so I'm going. There is at least fifteen people involved in that production crew in not one of them had the empathy for that matter. That I have to say
now, that's a commercial for all of garden sector and by the way the sexual ordered my big inoculation now raising or as the only if we want to give you a double dosage. Yes or no shopping done lemon rack like another minute. I don't want to see horrific. Now, all right are really quickly. What we're talking about all look out there. We go sheriffs or Toma to semi automatic weapons. Eleven magazines we're gonna, get to the eighty idle, but yes, semi automatic for people who don't know who don't on fire onto Anchorage I've won out there just go by a rudimentary firearm, all hand, guns, the automatic handguns pretty much outside of revolvers and very much all rifle shot guns outside of pamper lever actions. Most firearms are semi automatic and, if not actually better in practice and they still are covered under lavish legislation, anyways so this. When they say semi automatic is trying to people think machine guns. What they want you to do is give up your rights to all firearms, and I'm just saying that we'll get to the cliff.
of the new gentlemen at the atm handpicked by buying who, by the way was there in the the Waco debacle. Also look nothin like nothing like picking the fine prestigious career we talked about the swamp. We could not have foreseen someone from the Waco the her that the or of a being in charge of the eighties Islam, swamp your dad's posts. The Netflix move, your whatever was a came out about it, like natural synthetics, so just a hypocritically currently items binds first budget. Now the proposal is a call for six trillion dollars, we spent by twenty twenty two and eight point two to be spent annually by twenty thirty one who now it sounds like a lot of what I have a bunch of info here and deficits. And what do you guys? Don't really you know it sucks, right is that enough, but you know there's no way to balance that she'd like in a certain points. Don't we just acknowledged? Ok, we're in the red can move on when fifteen to twenty five percent of that spending is deficit
bending every single year. Thank you for analysing it off. I got two: can we spend some of its on stopping vaccine daddy? Whose goal is now those? Yes, I think, there's gonna be president twenty thirty one can be button. all are probably not going to be former vice President Joe Biden, it's gonna be his corpse, which has undertaken daring, yeah he's asking them by the way, not only that they like now. He has even he puts this out amidst a big call, the Arizona wasting money on their audit when their spending one million dollars yeah. I guess, fit that in the sixth come on one million six trillion at that point that it? Let's not split hairs, our unease, printing Brett Spare no actual back, this like one thing now, and let me ask you this, and I now look forward were kind being around here little, but this is one thing that no one else ever asks. Ok, if we're just going to print a few more trillion dollars right, why increase taxes at all
I don't like you. Don't you clearly dont care the idea, No one would need to increase taxes because what we need to balance the budget some out when you have right, which we then we can get the economic, our arguments and houses long live the laughter carbon out. You increase taxes. There's still ends up being about sixteen. Seventeen percent of the GDP tax revenue, no matter what you do, but that's not even get their workers please make more only would not Republicans would be. The only ones should be talking. Tax policy Democrats don't care the worst inflation that we ve had a belief is thirty years. Another numbers in front of me, thirty, forty cookies. Biden, was born or trying to avoid children being interracial jungle as evil it ever since the early nineteen Asia believe in their not worried about inflation rate, and they got it well under control. They just tell you what to do. Is it really is not a Monday detail, Michael, I don't have to think about it. You don't have to think about us. What do you think about? It ranks hunter?
right famous, that guy will ever be as yet exactly so. The new eighty director, one of his name, is David shipment. And we're gonna go to equipment as your yesterday, where he is being questioned, e supports abandoning our fifteen's, but he couldn't even define to be Clear, and I encourage you to go, watch the entire clip its long and it's very repetitive. He couldn't even define what an assault weapon is, but a believer lionize. Your public position is that you want to banning our fifteen. Is that correct? With respect to the Earl of Stockton on ice water into a second matter now, Mister Chipmunk, you have called for, and salt weapons ban, I've a simple question for you: what is an assault weapon senator arm and assault weapon would be in the context of the question. You asked what Congress that defines it s
Why are you asking us to abandon its whenever we have the right legislation? Can you tell me what is an assault weapon if I wanted combined assault weapon, and I walked into Walmart or Kabila's or some other form dealers and I looked up on the wall where they were labeling their weapons were there on the wall for assault weapon into the question, Redfield believe Senator and thank you for this question that the firearms industry has used the term assault rifle in their marketing, since there was a ban on I've been and what happened in Kabila's up saying that why sections four pistol, let me real rhamnus, another very clear wackles, because those your actual kinds of firearms thing exchange here illustrates that there really is no such thing as an alt weapon, and if you go back and watched by the way, he's is very clear that he's comfortable with regulating rifles at Americans currently have
It's because anyone around yes, they do. They want to round up your guns. They want you to register and if you don't, they will come in and take your guns. Who will do it other men with guns I just like that. He looks like Beavis and butt head Murphy, again lover is like, and thank you for that question like he just harpooned you like. Thank you, sir. May I please have another you in charge of gunpowder. Please tell us what constitutes an assault weapon. Because a lot of the rules of the assault weapons ban were aesthetic, for example, a collapsible stock, as a farmer, in other words, in a non collapsing butter you'd, have to offer you some bought, but I leave gunwale barbarity zero right. This way me, I'm sorry, did you just? Did you just eat a bug, raspberry, genuine smell, a virgin blood. There go out at night
Cornfields you can find in both ghostbusters to like you that helping count Vigo. Yet he said I laid renovated in a movie, reduce our actual David Shipman. Just to give you a quick brief from twenty five years special agent. The eighty ethnic currently works, the senior policy adviser Giffords, a researcher, I acknowledge that promotes gun control. and for being anti gun. You know it's funny the need the named David shipment. I think we were taught us it. It ring. A bell reminds me of Mark David shipment chip. Who shot John Lennon, which the what so with the kids. I didn't you. The cases for the eighty f in the wake of grants, two billion trial as Photoshop over. He was also a case agent during Ruby Ridge. The hits keep come with me and he was also working for the EU to have during Obama's fast and furious gator. That's honestly remarkable. He managed to be involved with every
We have to kindle Edibles Debbie, like Swell ral actually were banging the chinese spy on the capital steps in January. Sixth, while interfering with an election that Oh yeah, that's true! Basically, if guns Waco? What should we do? Get the guy? Who knows nothing about them? Yes, exactly and shoot the dog. That's what I hear works well, every time that always help you mean the guy with the hum. Well, he has a brace he's corrected it now. You don't know shit, but yes, the man with the hump set eyes on a mountain sunlight as he did. He know scandals well he's been on them by ever put the garlic away spaghetti! So don't let the good thing is look. People are flawed, but we have failed things now and a former vice president, Joe Biden of Course, made it very clear that he does not want to take your age. Fourteen
so lovely from robustly the free world. Edison german right will adhere fourteen a our stance for assault rifle, though Stephen it's right, the name, you know I hate in a suit in a hard has and he's the only ones in writing with Biden yeah unharmed and actually hit all demographics dude and worth when the shrewd Odessa today like face this Africans, and thank you for your time. Ok, we gotta move our we gotta. Go now. Talk about the flare fourteen, some command the thing you know all about you, but I didn't do pushups over
If you ask him any question whether when we do the throat even slightly Hill ACT, violent disappeared, I finally, under its very very going fairly easily irritated like Wilfer Brimley without insulin, Pierre Anthony Hopkins, and it was at the grandfather- was a talking about this right now, really quickly unseen and you got to me, I don't know if this really matters much vaccination interest increased after CDC, new mask gardens, I'll get a great guy Mozilla, our third, about by giving them the ninety day deadline. Well, then, just kindly gave us ok unless there's something really important unseen and there never is you can subscribe to the park cast. Of course everyone is washing here in rumble. We don't want we back on you too, but I tunes certain items is apt Android modify its a good way for us to stay in touch with you can Just listen! Adi. I know you want Montevideo Sultan tune into my club, make sense, and I dont like for you, as you guys can just I am cure. as to at what point Americans are set enough when it comes to the kowtowing to China
and what went one do you think we ve crossed that line? When do you think there's undue influence over a constitutional republic? I don't know if there's come. back from this, and until someone takes a serious stand, we made so much headway with China under Donald Roma, and now it's just you, there are no drawn. Don't trust is oh that men gets it and so no love. Let me just so now what we're talking about this right, it seems like it may have originated from we're on the virus. software it may, but the way they ve been friends. You touched on this yesterday, but it's it's. Much worse than you even touched on a really good. mental gymnastics or haven't. We don't leave a clip from the view in a little bit because its everything that's wrong, with media ammunition that the view not the people should die a slow, painful death, the shell. Yes, the show Yes, I want to watch the show suffer the Washington Post you now they're saying it suddenly credible fuels. who hunt very end
This is how they frame it does because they want they have to acknowledge and by the way, how much do you want to bet when Doktor felt she's saying you know we're not a hundred percent sure it means they're, pretty confident that from my lab vector we just said we didn't know kind like Jesse Venture, just asking for the facts. I dont know what George W Bush outside of tower seven with me, plunder, I'm just asking questions, I'm off the grid watch. My TV, PA, interesting available in the story of the grid. I talk about topics manner, fluoride, in your two hundred car dash fake deaths, so this is unwashed impose. Some Republicans pushed the idea early on that the war on lab, rather than a natural transmission from animals. Humans were at fault. among them was former President Donald Trump, who often used in laboratory language to describe the virus origins in China. I see them couch, a little bit and it gets worse but that no
was dismissed by democrats, end many scientists who viewed the focus on the lab as part of a larger attack on China that fuelled an increase and hate crimes against Asian Americans wing. All our second, I thought sign You shall be. Science was incorruptible by politics like this be making decisions on investigations and scientific merits, because eighty five percent of all four thus all crimes in the Bay area occur from black Americans against Asian Americans. They should we allow that to halt science, but wait there's more. There was so much in accurate information. Flung from the White House that many view this as just another thing that was not true and away from White House to divert attention from a fledgling covered response, said Chris means of former health. An ok look after it's a new conspiracy theories can run out Did you hear all save only come true? They just use a psychological ever took my hobby they! Well now you don't have anything to do it's over. It's done there.
We said, many people believe that this is just conspiracy theories to set up that. No, I said that. I wonder why I think the articles paper said that so you're quoting outgrown paper. This is a circular logic. Well, people didn't take it as credible because they believe that Donald Trump was saying this to spread anti asian hatred, because we ve said that he uses this to spread Anti Asian Haiti. So you're not gonna cover it. Do you know it Donald Trump said he said virus comes from China will on it. What are right, the he didn't, he wasn't using inflammatory language right out of the gate and then they started pushing back and he's like. No John, gee. That's where it comes up, didn't have the least J, so it was a little over the top little they wouldn t be in our coke. In my guide, he wanted to start the trout, not even an utterly. When I say it was a travel ban to shut down trout,
from China briefly? He was called Xenophobe in her and they allowed him to do that. It would have completely change the course of this week I was called xenophobia because at that point the World Health Organization was saying Not now, there's no need to do that. Doesn't travel is no humanism encounter, don't evidence. So, let's make you the temperature son a play. What is and what is that that we see on Google earth? Is, I don't know it's for crematorium? So it's odd who we are migration is missing, Jesse so I dont know as those rifles, but I know crematoria work me: silk. His house let's go to and will be watching, reacted to longer clip, but I feel, like you guys, need to see all of this from the view, because there's an entire panel of people and none of them just speak slaying like that's one for Europe,
no come on. I've got it wrong. Can you just say- or I'd take me out? So let's watch this on the view and we'll just reacting in real time, because this- pandemic heads in the way that it has that everybody had an idea of where it came from, but nobody knew for sure, and no one nation learning the science roll out to find out. Do you think that might The reason was investigating them, so many different theory we do. I do. I think that is partially, and I think also there was some there were people that had raised, sir, is early who couple years before saying member these safety precautions in this particular lab want contain, always followed, and when that theory came out that it could have come from a lab came out under the former administration, and I think the messenger matters during that time, because you ve really started to be told it was bare. And in an administration and former president who often kind of troops in kind of race,
stir Lavoisier Rehab April that kind of oilseed them ass. They should inventor draw reasonable, but no one's a centrally. During my note, because France, Hungary, rums administrate, share trash ways, you go, the time was used to what he doled out and they were going to push back on that right. Think born instigation is needed, but I think there is whether that the World Health Organization is the one of the greatest political again. They seem to have some partner. sir, or with China has undue influence on them, and I dont quite understand that, and I think that we know let us look at the root of international committee. Economies have been toppled over three million people have died. We need people from all over the globe to come together and get in there, because China has not been transparent. This being so, we would be able joins Robert Shred of what will be the size vouch for knowing exact answer when everyone wanted it
No, how science good guys will with tromp has been criticising from the giddy app as if he's I'm kind of material of Delphi instead of a scientist. Let's do now, gentlemen to you. They let you wouldn't Oracle Donny. Rob was one is that we need to investigate this. I believe at least from a lab in China and thought you said no and he's gonna from anywhere in the world. Are you alone you accuse Donald Trump rumbling Anti Science, because he he believed and wanted to investigate into what you now acknowledging is likely true by the way. You know what this means, if you're just the scientific process. Ok, Donald Trump said list. I think you're not being transparent. I think it may have come from. We need to investigate data and thought you should know it. There's no way. That means that Donald Trump was
better scientist brass at more effective way. Then he for look sow J it. Forming a hypothesis that assizes told him that right in Europe's interest, get out of thin air that it came from a laugh now, then we would have to be well. What do you say rise of, but then he's like these seem to be emanating from whew hand. China, ok! Is there something cereal winners? This it's so hilarious. He's waiting outside of our forests eclipsed the Johnny cash sheet. Then we go to study. Was it not sunny list and sunny hosting we gotta Sonny, I don't we gotta Saudi. Listen accrues, really pissed, should go to slowly black, it's Michael Mass. She doesn't look like a dear and the headlights just hold conversation there, also their training a well. You know it's just a messenger matters, and here we should have known better, but who could have known
everyone in this room, so they keep ongoing. Look as to why this is everything that's wrong with media and then we'll talk about how these people, meaning people who run these companies with the parties, multi conglomerate corporations and up multi international holding an add on rate, whatever the point as use. Instead other buzzwords here and they get to force out independent content creators to make sure that this the kind of content. You are forced to watch like scarface with his friend in the shower Gus gotta sunny sized ones. Hank away for you here now, but I think it will be highly politicize because his joy just reference, be prior administration bungle. You know the handling of of the pandemic. There is no question about it. Retire administration head a lot of information from
You know that it is the bank's linen from human matters bungled, you know any any, but that we understand that we were able to follow the Obama. What are you talking about? You show me did help bird scientists from sharing infirmity, lesser trafficking in saying things like you know, you could be swallowed, bleach and and and pure they were facing Thabo Mbeki up. It will be highly prized philosophical here's the thing. I think there is any justification they go. Well, look you don't we obviously didn't believe the possibility that it could have come, because we believe that the chinese government our approach and we didn't believe it because you're talking about a president who did not do
things we lied about like said, drink bleach and praise white NEO nazis, so of course we couldn't give it validity and because we are scientists, we blindly trust fatty who, by the way, most likely committed perjury in saying that there is no funding for the wheel, Hon LAB and functional instincts. Yeah he's gonna have to walk that back This is why we defended Donald Trump when we did not want to defend him there, times where he said stuff that we didn't agree with, but then the media jumped far beyond that. We're like none at all. We didn't actually say that yeah. This is wide dangerous to say that the leader of the free world, which was Donald Trump at the time, is always lying is always a racist, is always doing something to promote hate from one group to another, because then you, not even listen when the facts line up with reality. She just said in there that the immense She didn't have a plan, didn't Roma. axioms, all Let me go. Let me get to that operation warp speed their diversity,
first via never have iser within examined respect. It was within six months and by the way, Kemal Hares and Joe Biden inheres while well, who was in the process of banging Chinese by said thirty would not take the vaccine because it would be rushed to quickly him. They had thirteen point five million people who are well. This is before, of course, from the office as December thirty, first, twenty twenty, the federal government already at a contract by at least eight hundred million vaccine doses till he delivered by July thirty. First, twenty twenty one look! If it is, if you actually believe that Joe Biden Right Joe I moved along the vaccines and Joe Biden was the man who cut red tape and regulations so that you could get a vaccine more quickly. You should probably worked for the view, Ok, you should also be really really worried, because that means they made a vaccine and, like eight days,
There is already millions of people being vaccinated like by my first hundred days, we're gonna get to a million people, they joe their ordinary that lets. You know that I can. I lied. Let's keep it like that for just a little water safely, screwed up, not we're not screwed up, that's gotta, two billion it s like when the bill comes in at Chile's, and someone else leaves a tip because I've been waiting for nineteen minutes to see if burn he's going to accept an ice like put mining Monday trumps one hundred million and one hundred dates and Bernie came in and when one million the day for one hundred. Everyone was like they. I like that better Europe so stupid and is also like. We can create a vaccine by donor about November right before they elect October. Maybe it s off. I went to weeks yeah. Well, then, they said no way crazy. They said no way and we wouldn't take it. If there's no well like Trump made the vets if his lab is an early beakers, all I'd agent, salient solution, a couple tanker ties and that no Esperanto, guy, ok, he's use
restoring, oh by the way they will be able to do is just something we always talk about the white. You premises to claim that fine people on both sides, which is what one lie there just so easy to debunk extended by ten seconds, does something people to feel they feel total comfortable repeating again, because it's not that they lie its debt. There, is no accountability. It's it's the issue like I brought up with that, MR vaccine singer, Gaia. He let no one there around him now thought Maybe one of us should speak up. It's the same issue here that they feel so comfortable lying because they know that no one is going to hold them accountable and three companies who are control of all nation will do their betting on social media and do the bidding of the World Health Organisation. So, let's go to this clip right now. Did Donald Trump tell people to drink bleach, as I just said, are here's the clipboard talking so Supposing we hit the body with a tremendous, whether its ultraviolet or just very powerful light
that's right, I think you said it is a year. We in the leaves you ve languages, so that those are you both and they use for red light for killing two through the schooner in some other way- and I think you said you than it has to say, trusting right, and then I see the disinfectant with Nazi that in a minute, and is your way we can do something like that the ways yet right now you can get a nebulous or with the risk that you can get a prescription, hydrogen peroxide, its among them utilizing solution to an area from them because it knocks our existing dejected so that you can have to use medical doctors but a chance. Suggesting to me. So what but the whole concept of the light. The way kills it in one minute that sir, that's pretty power forever up by these. They drink things first and clean up
I think I said, give your husband fish tank less efficiently. This segment brought you buy Clorox. I believe what he said was all you can figure out how to inject something into the body. They could kill it right away. Right next to me, sounds like drink bleach, any we always you're crazy. I gave up everything I tried you shake looked originally. Was that no he's not a duck Let us try and he's a job is up there. You are taking a late, something where you guys are carrying water for the World Health organization. Think about this before even gets too. Simple solutions which you refuted, and you were wrong about like a dropsy clerk which, by the way here get through you guy saying there is no human human transmission. Why do you have a ban on travel document even had to you guys were arguing that it must be exhausting to be president if you're not a far left us? I can't imagine anyone who would want to do that job
not at all. He he took so much like. He said we're going to have doctors work on this there's something that kills the virus. Let's see, if there's something like that that medically we can create that will go inside the body and cab that same kind of effectiveness. I don't know like a vaccine which we did create right, so I think he was but if there's no human human to dress fiction? What are we to about, masks and locked down, we're talking about, it would not exist as a virus. Well do you know that is a good thing is now were allowed to speak out against the World Health Organisation on Facebook still not on Youtube while the view, lady, she said and the deputy? like some khitai is. I think I don't really like. Oh come on, you know it. What do you mean by ties that their chinese finger trapped to the communist government with our debt with their ping? Now it's a chinese ping trap me again, I will follow reiterate that the last president was raised. Gas lemme collect my check. An path glue
follow me on Instagram we're a with go. You can follow us there. We have some content that goes up and lift the best way turning to the shop, so life shall monitor Thursday at ten, a M Eastern, so that we do need to worry about notifications about situations whether on you to it. always live on my club and we hope they will be live on. Honourable once they get this. This feature were worked out more take your chaplain, but let it I didn't even say it. We really Giuliani. This is by the way, that's ignite shirt statement. We have available you're going to show you cool only their only to gender. There are only two June and I mean sure I don't believe it, but our where you have to pay that gave the Czechs cash just the same. I actually I'm old fashioned. I believe there's three, but I believe there is male female and but I don't think that we need to fragment that fifty four seventy two temper. Now you tell me if you can
virgins origins and haven't yet I'm gonna get area. However, is alone. We don't. Let's not talk about it, because I didn't They would be worth a shot like shit. Some ugly benches horse, nobody vessels Goby Mr Vaccine, welcome to the north? Is there a looming up? You five examples here China, infiltrating and dictating american culture, because we just talked about John seeing that the other day guy one but not necessarily investor back in December Young shewn Ching. We can say that the main wrong fine get him to pronounce crowded indifference. So this here's while ago the media acronym are being removed, it being removed from platforms not because of what he said, but because conservatives happened to be sharing it, where he too,
about China having enormous influence in the United States and also talking about how they will have much more insolent and united States with abide administrations. This is a chinese professor, talking about it back in this house to make war path leads and Rachel. Please, I'm counting on your way to wrench human flee from falling down. The visual proposal accident could elaborate you that children gentlemen, come up by them, something bade them. There was an additive trials. What needs edge French, who yours my a chinese audience, laughed three opportunity once you are so good to me for listing audio when you hear it because our doing so at gunpoint, I think he just said we couldn't fixed. Trump, but now the bottom is elected and they all laugh said by not a sound bite sound bite. His facial expression was like. entire room was wearing mask and children or
Bulk and then a joke. I dont bother remember talking about this is politically Dian Feinstein and, of course, you know Eric swallow. How had ties to chinese buys energy while I was fornicating with them hanging one. Lines, but it's not just limited to politics, and I think this is important because a lot of people don't know when their being lied to. They don't know when their being led by the nose as it relates to China and so what they try and do its intrinsic. But this is actually you're trying to to create more anti asian sentinel, No, actually not the best thing you can do for the chinese people. Little on all of the other agents by the way is to
make sure that there is no respect for and continually mock the communist chinese government. You cannot be kind to the communist chinese government. You cannot appease the Chinese, come his government and claim that you care about the chinese people have to pick one. Let's be clear, I think that if you choose the government who runs, are people over with tanks and puts their Muslims in indentured servitude, basically slave labour camps and then kill them. I think that you probably care less gotta will, you would say, Asians, but in this case Chinese, obviously chinese, what we're so he's. I daresay Asians, because they're not used to be where a large amount of Chinese watching was wrong, but come on so John Signor yesterday we can't he was apologizing to China simply for acknowledging Taiwan as a country. Hey here's, a question today by the way, if I I. that's all I would ask every single politician, but now the rapporteur, to take a quick question, so I want to country checking, that's it Andrews, just let it right and if they do that,
speak, go. Oh yeah, followup is Taiwan, a country If someone can answer, of course, and we stand with them. They don't give up yet absolutely just carry the flagrant keep somewhat flag. This is, that's Taiwan's. Just really quick in understanding can get into geopolitical and history, but they are there in theory. Sovereign state and certainly we should support that. We absolutely should airport that ok, so anyway, not Johnson, key apologise for having the gall to insinuate accidentally. Taiwan was a country if you missed it, here's a little Mandarin approach which will go through these reservations. I just don't know what I can do in June go come join Worryin were hung biology. They would at to achieve a hum about her
Bijou the algae war. How and even mind. This is for the chinese government, not the people, because they threatened to punish him and pull his movie. That's important, too, to note also by the way, all this for: the changes, his w B, ignite at nicknamed the Ets is now called the natural. So that's good yeah, what's the matter all natural match, and you might there a handful of cut. So I've talked about big tack, and that is the big issue. Obviously the day, the in nation online, is controlled by really, let's say five companies amicably, other really not social. Amazon, but Amazon Apple Alphabet, which is Google in you to phase out twitter. Ok, some autonomous social media. It's really three, its alphabet, Google, you tube Facebook, Twitter now those. Three companies run nearly all of the information. They determine what you can't get ready, you see, media is effectively five conglomerates. You ve got in, so universal righteous it with which is owned by Comcast you ve got Disney, you ve got via com.
Disney Disney is, is Disney, ABC, thereabout organizational, obviously, company Disney any expanded, ABC Arroyo's five companies and by the way, all of them. have relationships with the three companies on line who determine what you can and cannot see. That's why you watch this and you get an auto play, sets Myers Video on Youtube, so fast nefarious movies, just for them their distributed, ABC Universal Comcast. Ok, let's just Toby and by the way I guess can subscribe to this part, guess we're not a rotten dead with any those go. So then, let's go to another, culturally the NBA. Yes, Piana jails cannot just common agenda. Go ahead, surrenders runners added. I knows what are we gonna get John John Siena basically just said: I want my movie to succeed so badly in your country that I'm willing to overlook the fact that my words might actually help you subjugate invade destroy an entire country I am sorry that I said that these people have a right to exist. He's go see my movie. Can you imagine that, like Lebron James tweets,
stop saying your next about to hunt the say two hundred and fifty two three hundred people being shot by Kobza here, let's just say it, that's the number. That's what Lebron James is willing to stand on. The line for an entire a nation of young people that just want to exist right. And you're celebration as we were aiming at eight, I don't have the lead. I dont have these poles in front of you, but if you look at actual reading about this either day and will prevent assorted kind of I'm sure you guys can find this that that you know that the taiwanese people, if you look at them, majority of them a dentist ethnically chinese but yet and if I as part of a separate state and a majority them when they talk about their biggest concerns with some. Kind of invasion from China is whether the United States would step in and how protect them. A lot of em don't feel confident that can you imagine abide administration, intercepting some kind of a warship from China come on the phone. and when I think it is important to know that a lot of a lot of people do get shot by cops like what he stands up for, and you know people that that is important, but it is I'm not as importance
that we all see fast in the furious up. Yet very now, but I'm out of here get in. I agree right Dave you can. You can be for both things. I'm not saying that one initiative in mostly for fastened the furies. Yes, if, if you're worried about people or shown positive right If you're worried about people being oppressed, you should not, on the one hand, say that these three hundred people are worth me, sacrificing anything that I have for and that these people over here. I will even let somebody say something negative about big the NBA says I can't, if we're going to use your platform for the greatest good, isn't that the greater and it's not like the pitch, came to him. It's not like it's a hyper
ethical situation, you're mixing, metaphor, the prerogative basketball player. I understand I have a serious retorted. What I said about. I was just going to sit and wait to take you back run with girls. I agree. Look, I think, you're absolutely right about both things. I was just trying to converse interfering with increasing patient carpets. Second you're much smarter, you re before he opened my mouth. I wasn't. I disagree behind. I hate liberal James and not just in every inch a player to the end I started through. Doesn't nineteen they regard as if he had any NBA from even talking about the Hong Kong protests have as numerous chucks electoral donor. I thought you did. Of course they have this. Rather european and a memo was actually sent out a mandate in any discussion of job that he had to avoid mentioning China, Hong Kong. I was a guy who work for them, who tweeted something and then had to delete it right away again. This is just acknowledging. The existence
of the struggle of people in Hong Kong as reminder, Houston, right, by the way, their general manager Darrell Morey item, not a sports guesses, one makes names rang. While the sources are available out of Canada Campari, he got all kinds of countries that he trotted out stand for: freedom, fight for Hong Kong course. I believe that that was removed and he was read the riot ACT and this, of course cause numerous chinese companies to withdraw support Absolutely and then people understand that held up signs in in the United States of America. Yet people the stands who held upsides, set free Hong Kong were removed from the arenas elegant Disney odious we're talking about all of these things, we're talking about really three to five companies, three to five companies who control it. These memos are all coming from the top down from three to five companies in the earth. companies who control what those three to five companies get to deliver to you. You re think about this. For a second year you could put, you could count the amount of people who
call the final shots on everything that you read or here on both hands. You could problem between six and nine scenarios, and maybe some vice president. You could put Zuckerberg but would gypsy on their whatever. I forget the guy's name, the Google, the garage who doesn't want you to know you could put Dorsey on their. You could put whoever whoever is replaced Walt Disney's corpse Frozen Court Disney. I don't know they put his brain put in some night, but really six to nine what control historically, when you sacrifice standing up for, right for money. Do you know what happened? War were to Germany, the reason that we can go into Germany? Probably that's two reasons one is we were neutral and two we didn't want to go. first, because they Oda a ton of money right everyone, aerial tape back that was it that's the same. Thing that's happening in China. We ve got so much business into
they are the we're not willing to take a stand for people's right to dismiss individual tweeting summing up right about Hong Kong and actual, then the entire NBA? Really, the organisation got binding posted to different statements, reacting timorese tweet, one English and one in Chinese, because thereby link propaganda spirit. Could Chinese was posted on we bow and said the NBA was extremely disappointed by the quote, inappropriate comment and said that more is view severely hurt the feelings of chinese fans, The english version a little bit different given by the NBA spokesperson, MIKE Bass, said we re Now that the views expressed by Houston Rockets, general manager, Darrow more, have deeply offended many of our friend and fans in China, which is regrettable. It never you was extremely disappointed or inappropriate. We're talking to adjust its diversions, aren't the same. The versions are not the same, and I don't think there's anything regrettable about saying, stop killing people
testers onto your agreements. You said Hong Kong could be free and have their own government if they wanted it we really must actually might basses statement, but C span did alive stream issuing the algae. Again, I will say it was issued at this is really surprising, surprise there. It's always a loop on c span. Brooded you just trying to get on it. You haven't you, Let me tell you my God: I'm that's a good deal reclaiming my time honourable judge, so the whole itself sensitive for China by the way before got politicize, we're Donald I would say no when you to keep your eye on China's, we want to know exactly opposite, because our terms is one thing I think we'd go back to two thousand fifteen even called there was talking about this but it makes sense that the Martian would include approach. I need plot point, because the Chinese,
and only allows a small number of foreign movies into China each year and after America, China is the number two biggest movie going country in the world. So if only natural for american moviemakers who try to please the cultural gatekeepers of the chinese government, they ve been doing it for years the disaster movie twenty twelve humane- say both the chinese government had the foresight to build lifesaving arcs and Gravity Sandra Bullock survives by getting herself to the chinese space station We have now had a nice, no problem of liaison. Just to be clear that orgy was bought and paid for his really funny. He did ass. He really ones that show was funny he by the way this is actually the such exchanged and twenty twenty China surpass the United States that every summer. Second, yes of the top for market, So, let's go through some of these other changes by the way that might have to have been make us all seem benign, but again there
there are actual through political components to this, which Americans may not realize you don't realize that the people were making these films now for the biggest market there, making again these. How to be the values that they have to appease the communist chinese government or antithetical to american dies. You can't be Pro America and pro coming chinese it cannot be done, will not all going to be holding hands and we are the role it will not happen. You can't do it. This is one. So where does the village on over we're used? Exe all I want to say that I think we need a violent war to free the slaves in this country right. I think you guys ran over your citizens with tanks. I dont think that the two are moral they're, not you can equate the morally. So, let's China owns a good chunk of Hollywood. Two people realise that, but I dont know of him on the money and a good chatter America two year. Yet twenty nineteen so good gun had remover Taiwan's lack from Tom Cruise Jacket, though really that town, if your property happy about that,
just deal. They played a quick. Now you take off our fragment we rough time doing stymie score. How dare you it was such a story, the guy we're outside Tommy. Dare he always meet the height requirement? He he can. but you can go right because he's been is I'll, get the news that we remain. He is around I asian twenty March at all he ran at you didn't run like one step riding Tom Cruise, we get it produced by Viacom courts that gun slogan. Three companies producing Coming up get rid of the time we get rid. The talent like MIKE Then that's just a change from the eighties. Let's just we really are so in today's eleven MGM studios had to digitally edit lags logos of the villains to replace the chinese flag with the north korean flag in its remake of red. Not only was incredibly unrealistic. It also made the movie stupid again
And be seen a virtual Comcast still within the framework of three companies with they're gone through billions of dollars in production costs and revenue start and starting to get the picture. this is vital if the is also back when North Korea was testing missiles under alone to letting but that wasn't yeah. They didn't really. They were still more afraid of offending China. North Korea still trying to see what oh, oh, oh, this is one this is some of the lot of you don't realize and want to go back to the lab IRAN issue we built so first off racism, isn't just black and white Russia, conditionally the United States, but if you look at the racism that occurs between asian people, for example the Chinese in the Japanese, you look at what happened. I mean really just in the interment camps and look at world war to any one of the imperial they believe that they were a superior race now, certainly me and took an hour for simple look, much more different or me and take your pick of any but a meal. Iran look significantly more on a quarter. Black must balance and the ideal test here as much now
Who that Mexican knows we get a wallet outdated black. We look. We look racially different up that await a lot more in common, the chinese and japanese media. who to the untrained. I look more similar knots and you look exactly like, but they shouldn't look more like than me and the Braun James Racism, Isn't just a black or white thing, and not only do they turn a blind eye to that as a relates to China,
American levels turn a blind eye to the still anti black racism that you see in China, so they shouldn't get away with that. But how can you just care about the anti black racism coming from the government? Will they think solemn inferior and they do it so much that they won't even put the month yet now exactly minimize black people and movie audience posters, since all the time leave that up a second, let's burial, yeah, that's real! They took last star wars, character out in black pay, the one you know they are smaller. Helium therein of ways are wars, care names, Lando, charisma and how, How are you gonna lie like lanthorn? What are you gonna do, but now in China just called painter? and tat in one imagines: hired a black Panther movie in your like what it takes office or it's it's about
a civilization have people in Africa. What did you do, scrub it and make them Asians lay all working time in the film. You know it's funny that when I went so Turkey Disney as a kid along time where they have the Indiana Jones reddened Bulgarian Disneyland yeah ends they still have Harrison for its voice in the Indiana Jones read. But it's a japanese animatronic he's got Asia life. It's really funny here Harrison. I want to see that a serious and forts ways, but it's like a japanese like Asian I'd animatronic while it's better than the other way around having a japanese voice and Harrison that kind of demanded. More so weird, I still love it's a small world bouck as you go through new, like are released as a little bit of races that's happy. So that's just the one the people know about racism. Our researchers actually found some pretty rob exactly like the poster change for the Academy award, winning film we'll glory. the change that one of our aims.
Which it has not happened and violated they didn't meet the deadlines. Are they got? They got lazy with rush hour when you see what they actually did yeah. It's just that and I think the most blatant one was obviously Tyler. Parrys meant Medea goes to jail, that's just not to say now I am not at all, and that is not what I mean Lord Polly Lou your heard over my gas. By the way I bet you, the Chinese love earnest David. Please allow just like that of the horrendous love Jerry Louis. I bet you. The Chinese is lover calf to Spain over and I think it is very like does well over their verses here. It's like the fastened furiously is a perfect example of how it I'm sure there's like millions of unlike the cage. Everybody second act once they can't act anymore, to go to China and produce films that suck evidence just like out. This is fantastic work. I want to find a video of Nicholas Cage speaking manner and it's got
internal area pop pop pop tamassia juncture, Hey Man Rostock Dante s spanish negative spanish voice San Remo Button for those who are watching on rumble if this, if you're still here, here and now we go from these companies to big tech who again keep in mind when we had the vocs at pockets of boxes. What NBC right, who have co produce shows with both Netflix, and you too, and, of course, their favorite any algorithms, because you know that their content sucks and you can see the view counts, being inflated and interaction rates being low. So you ve got these production companies spend billions of dollars in advertising and influence with these baked. With these new media companies writes a legacy, media and big tech, so twenty nineteen
Apple, pulled a police tracking at each came map. Dot live used by the Hong Kong protesters from the Appstore after facing criticism from China, and that's one of the Bosnia about TIM Cook, Those we will give him. At least he doesn't know violate your privacy. Rights is still pretty bad for these standards that we have at this point. That goes you know, but how would it be how many Hong Kong protesters got killed? You know baby steps what's so, it's also important conquering protesters tracking chinese countries. Please it's it's not the same. Let's be really clear here, I know I know people going. Are you nuts willissimus blockers matter protests? No, no! No! It's not! There are actually being killed and trying to fight their country. Well, I'm just warning if you have kids watching right now cases, this content is about to be a little bit graphic. So that's. Why wanted to set this up and give you a little bit of time, because I want to see universe of this before. Like show me one video. Why Video of a cop showing up to accredit unjust start sprang, but right now
whether isn't at least I'm not saying that the police are always right. I'm certainly fortunate, and every week we talked about your Floyd. There are many mistakes that were made and I think that we need better police training, but also show me the one example that actually matches the narrative of a black guy being pulled over in the United States here. After all, I set out. What was I speeding I'll just being lit? It doesn't happen right. There is usually someone trying to drive away the cab right, there's a knife, we go to my brown broke, the cops orbital to mere rice aiming, would it to be a gun at a passers by in the park. He goes well these examples and there is at least some room to go o k a call had to be made right. That's not the case here here, let me show you footage that you can watch right now that be worse than that narrative from the police and what they did to Hong Kong protesters. Please him generally the room
and keep in mind. Those are the people. Johnson is apologetic. The people in the government uniform one with the next in Jonesy monitors. The tells us people, I'm so so so so sorry for even acknowledging that anything like this could ever happen. I know this document. I want the same thing with with Hong Kong he's apologizing he's appeasing the people in the outfits, the government officials, let's be clear about that, doesn't help the citizens of and you only see this because its international right in Hong Kong- this happens in China all the time it happens in China. If you're found with a bible- and it emboldens them, they know that binds not going to do anything.
New that Donald Trump was not screwing around whether you liked him or not. He was not going to give China free pass if they did something stupid. Huge army Leon scissors- oh see, he's also he's only appeasing them for money like Dave's Red, oh yeah, if you like many many movies like in the opening credits, you'll see a lot of chinese words that, as they are funding the movies, but also The only two markets in the world where their domestic films make more than like foreign, which form would be the: U S, India, which has bollywood re in China, and so we might like the Hollywood companies. They want to go into China because trying to set in a Big box office records the only way that they can do, that is by tapping into a murder like India, China or they can make more money, and also the only for money, keep in mind that you're going to be you're gonna get far more ticket sales in China, the United States, because people in China dont have access free streaming up the same way that we do because they are controlled by the government. So it's a lot easier for the government to control what people can see as we should from minimizing black people on the posters, whereas people
have nearly as much access to the kind of entertainment at home, so they have a lot more control and the ability to determine that market and they'll be no way to know you know when I see that poster I know I don't want to see the bill, and I got animals like like now show like those people are getting just made me really set does, but we got look, we got it. Gotta showed no, you know, is not absolutely, and I think that it's important that you do because nobody else well. I just think it's really red dragon, it breaks your heart, you know where they does its its extraordinarily and they want to say that work were punching down by going after NBC. Vocs right. If you go, if you say that hormone blockers, two children to preview Besson, children, if you make the climate that is checked use your bullying trans children, nor therefore your punching down if you, if you insult blacklist amount of these, are what they call immutable characteristics and social media right disable. Your punching down you punching down with black here, punch
gonna minorities. No! Now we're talking about domestic servants ordination blacklisting! Ok, are you not pun, king down in refusing to acknowledge the existence of Taiwan and supporting the I mean the chinese government. What what? What let me ask you this in what world guess. Where else in the world could you be more of a bully? If not according to common Chinese. Coming, I don't know how could you be a more effective role? In other words, if you are evil person today, instead, look I want to be able to build. I just get off on ports, could often subjugating I just get off on human rights abuses in four for a moment. Pretend that you're Whittemore where could go to commit more bullying then siding with the commonest chinese gum. It is the most powerful Eve communist regime that exists today globally right, and John Similar did that for a movie that will make plenty
money right here in the United States, coarse and will come on the porch lately. There are only now idly in the american people. Yes, this is one of those things that were extorting that we're not proud. As I'm sorry, you come on, usually Americans, you shall ride. You bought a ticket anyway after fastened a furious for even what beneath, because they like they're, stupid little cars there like a look of fast, because their pieces shit step wording spoiler on a toy Yoda yet I would like on the bottom, doesn't make it fast here we go again today: I'm gonna do my country tab out yet by graduating, then this that triple x, but I'm following your point strong drink. We have just I'm sorry, make this attic this comparison right. We have companies and and people threatening to pull out of Georgia, because they
have voting rights right as the come into effect in a valley really didn't write and will not now, but they ve, they ve got the major baseball you ve got you ve got the immediate threatening not have also games and things like that. Their major baseball moved there's not a peep on China. they're gonna movie doesn't really outlet is Coke trying to be sold in the chinese market I'm pretty sure they are working out, but it's called milk I already made the PPP joke: have a baby so Disney. This is the worst one in twenty member that awful MILAN remained ass. Terrible. You know at the only thing- and this I never thought I would say this- the only valuable in the original MILAN was Donnie Osmond wow, can even make it even make the cut here. So now, just a bunch of Alabama shakes performing you no strings and wires crouching tiger style, so they actually filmed the live action MILAN in changing next to the weaker muslim yams, and that which is not just bad on the outside
I think you know you have to walk past at every day. If you want to know from the craft, are I can't I wanna go into my trailer now? Will you know you made it and have some major valley and act like you? Don't do this, so they walk past the date they film this rennick that weaker muslim camps to add insult to injury, they thanked the chinese government in the end credits, even Jake, Tapir, Jake Tapir. How to would it not only the Disney film this movie, MILAN in the epicenter of the part of China, where the? U S State Department has debates. The chinese government has detained as many is. Two million while ethnic, weaker muslim minority groups in internment camps places China claims are for re education and job training, but the? U S: government says that they are subjecting wiggers to torture, and cruel and inhumane treatment
but not only did they film MILAN their debts. Also thanks: a local police department. In their credit, some police department is sanctioned by the: U S government for its role in running these concentration camps, but you still for buying anyway! So fuck you up with that Sorry guys don't look, look working to act as though or you being reductive. You know I think, on this one we can't just like, I said, look when I say eight trillion too, name it again to the ins and outs here. Do you care about the earmarks? It's written when we're saying did you really need me to explain to you or can even the left, acknowledging obviously is short of time We do and say well. Donald Trump with Anti Chinese raises can acknowledge, ok, our stance on China, Donald Trump, tough on China, not taken their crap Joe Biden bending over.
I don't think it's something. I really need to explain it when I can go to the difference in policies. I could go to the difference in the travel ban. Is this the stuff broke? I could go to that. Their stance in the health organization, down from removed a participation, the World Health Organization, and then Joe Biden immediately included is back and by the way same thing we're going back to big tat, right government Hollywood, big tat tube still has the rule where you are not allowed not to provide medical misinformed, not to circulate medical, lies or falsehood, but you're not allowed to circulate any medical information that might go against the World Health Organisation. That is so scary and amazed just lifting the moratorium. Ok, Now that we know you know Now you somehow burst through all of our gatekeepers. Have to acknowledge that the single likely started in a lab we remove the businesses and livelihoods therein who initially said that it may be originate in the lab to those those people get their accounts back during the story to unfair,
look in China using they were using inferred, the social credit score. Essentially, yeah trying determine whether you could buy a car if you'd like to post from somebody who social credits growers lorry would lower yours, and so at ostracised people out of the sea You weren't pinafore, like that. These tech companies are that you know why, because with regard to big market, we can make a lot of money there, we'll let some of these things happen: yeah we're all for freedom and everything else. United States, we're gonna, take a stance here in these states, but we're not gonna do anything over there by the way on the beside. That's like somebody showing up to Rwanda in the middle of the genocide. I think, like nineteen, ninety four insane, hey guys, look, we're gonna the movie. We really need some like live action. Genocide. Can we just tag along, but they didn't. You dont show that what they did, That's an hour along Grand Hotel, great movie right, but that's exact. What's going on here like its showing up their living going where there was a movie? We have common, hang out right. Think about guys do not what's going on here again and we thank them the credits their bags. We the guy's. It was fun to run around what really machetes and stuff. I don't
look, I don't know. I know we have Juliana coming in your tenants, and I dont know what you do with this. At this point we look. This is this is looming. Let me allow me to present to you this, it is not something in the so everything I've just talk about all the sources are available lot of credit from the movie posters stats right, all the, but everything is available there. This is more like in opinion man sort of talked about. This is that I sing hey. Do you think this maybe would have affected the outcome of the election? If, for example, three companies didn't descended the Hunter Biden story, you couldn't be read by you right, because your children- and yet you can't know the truth, while twelve percent of Democrats or twelve percent of people who voted for Biden said that we have changed our vote and I hate to think it may be- would have affected the elect if, before the election, we knew that Donald Trump was right in China was lying to us and he was right to investigate them. This all happened pre election.
Donald Trump, that I think they're lying, the Mediaset he's just being racist, felt. She said, there's no way it originated in nature and Donald Trump started running an investigation into her lap that'll happen for the election. You didn't know about it. You know about the title: the Ukrainian Hunter Biden and Joe by Hunter Biden in Japan. Let me ask you to solicit, but that she's missing do you think it might have affected the election? Let me ask you this. Since we ve now established, we ve talked about these. These media entities and we ve talked about big tack and we ve shown you the policies and you can not question the World Health Organization and of course, there were proud to Hong Kong protests, videos which were being removed on twitter, and you look the facebook policy on how it's been radically pro China and you look at the appstore likely just talked about that sources available to you where they removed some absorbing used by Hong Kong protesters. You,
see that these people their major market is. China is a very important them five companies, so we have five companies and media NBC Universal Viacom writer Disney and then blotches whittled down to five companies, Amazon, obviously, Amazon, Apple, Google, you to burn Facebook, Twitter, ok, Do you think that it may have played a role in getting rid of Donald Trump, Anti plot room, the most outspoken critic of China. The most powerful international voice, speaking out against human rights abuses and the corruption of the chinese government do you think again, knowing that all these companies that they ve enacting policies that you couldn't question organizations with affiliation to China that you weren't allowed to pose videos of these protests. Do you think that perhaps this is just I'm just ask? This is me just asking the question. I cannot prove this. Do you think it played a role in deep flat, forming Donald Trump, the most vocal critic of China, and it get twenty bucks
in that. Do you do when you begin to the intellectual, the intellectual circle job? Here we will. What do you mean down from outspoken critic? Ok, you know what, let's not say, the absolute most more than by. You just heard it from chinese professor, more president, last through a devil mask you heard is this? Is it Why crazy this conspiratorial, because we were told that we were conspiratorial in believing that it could have originated from allowed? Is against? the toils they all there might be other motives beyond that done tromp said fight like hell yeah. It seems like there's so many financial pressures that are being put on companies. Let's just put it this way. These companies are hurting they're, making great profits right now, because they use chinese slave lay exactly him right. These companies are getting a massive amount of money, but they're saying it's not good enough. I want more
yet one more and I'm willing to sacrifice other people so that I can get more and then they make the Disney film. Where you know the bad guy is the greedy corporate Republican, the guy. You know it's a hairy cheapens on you through an entire nation under the bus for a few extra million on Commish Siena our I used abound, though they did have the information and they people were giving us the information that that's why I believe that it would have changed because were too busy having the left, ear, fight fake made up human rights violations and yet of going after things that actually do exist, a people that are actually being hurt. People that actually being It's insane to look at that and then think that's happening here and American. The closest thing that happened. It's inciting yet their reaction right near the closely What do we now and damages from the protesters who not a peep on Hong Kong are gonna sing for our guest was coming and very happy to have. Of course, you know as a man, as mayor, we have a lot of questions to get too easy. I mean I don't know
Just so many questions and arrogant, bring em in Mayor Giuliani. I write his show is the common sense podcasting on Youtube, and you can follow me on Twitter at Rudy. Giuliani, missed Mayor Giuliani. How are you, sir devour you I am doing well Well, you know I'm a little sick and I was talking about as it turns out that the only thing I know is that I dont have covered. It turns out the common. Hold still a thing so watch out for it, you don't have called it Now I leave it to me to go against the great and you don't have a master. I dont have a mask on difficult to show my schedule. I know it goes. It goes through cameras and we hope will actually, if you're gonna be concerned about any sort of viruses. Transferring digitally from what I understand. You still have Hunter Biden Laptop. I do yeah. Ok,
I have some questions whereby, where my guys, I know you shoulda Michaud first and I was well that's too- I've got to our drive that reproduce. It And it's the only incriminating evidence in my house? We, I didn't, want it right, ok, so this is a question for you, the FBI, rated your house, now and you re miss the upper incriminating evidence was no, they didn't miss were being a little generous with the terminology. What did they say? was there a reason for rating your house? I didn't file a fairer far Agents Registration ACT, form for representing ukrainian, well that I didn't represent, but they I am I did. I guess not. I represent a my retorted, the somebody else to represent willing to certify that China Spain, is that for two years instead day fortunately went into my eye caught account from Europe to have a baby.
the starting date. They would end of the day I began representing frozen chop right, so basically invaded my eye caught account and spy on all of the deliberations I had with the president preparing for no avoiding or beating the Russian collusion, vision right and you're no one's outright, at any other time in american history. This rabies. out is illegal and baby far right- and it's just ironic and of course are talking about the EU. Rain here and leaving Hunter binds laptop, but my question to you I think you know this right. If you had any crack vendors of you, smoking, Parma or child pornography in your cloud that would be released, so quick would make your head spend so I'm guessing they didn't find much or they added for I got about two years right. Maybe they went back to me first, twenty eighty they got in China Cloud, I'm murmur, I'm a lawyer practice will he said. I have a good deal that Icloud US attorney climb privileged right, not
That is why, for breaking into my apartment of six in the morning, They wanted to my wore off. I mean I did their jobs for seventeen years and I prosecute like real criminal right. I never I never. Area and I never would have thought of breaking the dew wears off right unless a man, it was gone on. Others look engineering, lawyers for terrorist lawyers for organised criminal right. Because the sixth amendment in this country that the Democrats have completely trashed for information, whilst they must have been very confused or how we got two. I caught here, just a patient s, rights lawyer, car confidential and lot of abba he's an abba fan What does this have Mummy a two hundred, let slip it worldly bigger they took. It but what you admire my words. They find out, as thirty two thousand songs, mostly up. and classical music, I probably sleep- I probably put a misleading,
I can imagine- and I know you are- you are compliant- and even the media there lookers on this matter, iranian regularly? Let the men said ok, sure, and then you talk about they didn't you offered them the Hunter Biden Heart driver from that. Must I want to make sure not getting this wrong, so they go into your house. They say I guess you represented someone from the Ukraine right who do you say that you don't MRS Sommer novices behind Some of it is not dispute at all, as you offered them a hard drive with from what we understand at the very least, multiple felonies, and potentially serious felonies and they have no interest church That is one little piece on the hard drive in which five before he signs that affidavit under rose that he's not a gigantic in order to get it through. Revolver he changed. Driving a car with a crack pipeline is yeah for that turn that will be attending a felony right out.
mobile by I don't know you're speaking out of turn. What's the half life on crack, he could be addressed, also you can calculate it sets out a rehabilitation. about every year and a half fragile are not Burma. Not one of them being a drug addict. That's it that's a different kind of rob. What I'm What I'm saying is anybody else who went and got a gun and so they want or that it would have been a realization. Eight times would be rested immediate right. If you a few the hard drive from somebody that word is announced they or danger to children, Psychiatry doesn't want who knew that those children There are some pictures that out there all that other people describe the FBI. it should be in that house in a minute to protect children. The bite children are entitled to do, you know what every act by the crimes that It is interesting to me as before. This story, here's kind of when I read the strikes at all of this explain something because before this
or the media is trying to say that you illegally may be hacked, are stole the hard drive number and you said no moment any law analyzed well. I think it's confirmed through this, because you know he was likely high and gave it to keep quiet burn. Someone called you and you explained the law and the fact that the F b I didn't take. It means to me. Well, if it was true under these kind of circumstances, where you have committed a crime, it would have been their duty to take it, so the FBI doesn't believe that it was obtained illegally. If we, I believe me otherwise they would have taken. I could have been lines a mere food is not just about pictures of him than on. Yet it could have been anybody's hard drive it could have been the most incriminating hard drive. I possess about all the crimes they imagine. I commit you shouldn't take my word, for it didn't say: Hunter by our joint work, you boy? Maybe the guy you gotta break the door down because he's destroy evidence right and I'm showing
These two things don't tell your father dig it up is not the pines, You say: ok, you have one further budget. Will next time You just do as you label your cloud hunter by more than I should have wherever the quantified everything Donald Trump on the year just put just afterwards? If they say what did you do that I say it just kind of my own security code. Yes, and the only thing you label, Rudy Giuliani, is Cabinet full of mouse traps and hold I'm actually. What are my friends, your Jill headed? They have a lot of questions for you, everybody I was excited, so jail go had many Giuliani, so I just want to put this context of their coming in in claiming that you did something wrong regarding Ukraine. How does it make you feel when the Donald Trump was trying to be impeached over comments on Ukraine you're trying to they're trying to yes indict you for something over Ukraine, but then job and can go on camera and brag about bread
being essentially the ukrainian government to fire a prosecutor? How does that make you feel like you're living in bizarre a world at this point yeah. Maybe maybe I'm women in Berlin before that. Came down or the women a Russia before that maybe I wouldn't enshrine remedy. many times during this investigation? I saw tat the repression by have completely completely change the nature of our country with the fact. The fact is that there are clear There are crying out to the FBI. I d always and then, and what they do, their spending time, conducting investigations to try to discover That's what they do under the president. In New York. We just open an investigation right on Africa, they're looking for a crime now minimum you imagine if that was. Instead, we go through the phone book. We got everyone of twenty people, then we just, the whole life. Is it willing to try to find the crime on Acta that woman yeah, that's not the sort America about.
Is this evidence? Will become like real evidence of a regulation somebody's life must we have probably caused agree. They committed a crime. I don't have any because to believe I committed any crime, Roar got autonomy and if they They didn't write me. A year ago, I've had a damned thing for two and a half years right, certain searching searching. Can we find something to nail this guy? What can we find as if you go? after the head of the head of the terrorism, more ahead of organised crime right, but for people just in general a particular present you don't go talk to them an analysis of their entire life? This is very, very dangerous and were turning into a different kind of country. Much more authoritarian. You aren't you looks more like stage being run democratic governments like Hitler and Cuomo next, a model Don't say your name, I believe what you do if you say her name, I throw up a little and I have to swallow but wretched
yeah you have two michiganders here and I gotta tell you re women keeps again It's that I'm gonna have the acid reflex dopamine days, gonna. Hurl, no idea he was born Detroit, and here we still spent a lot of time. Most of my family lives there Dave hears from Michigan Guide. I dont- I don't I just I dont recognise the state anymore, and I have said this before, and people will get really upset people get upset when I simply cannot think Hillary Clinton evil. I think the politician who will say whatever she will. I think she's corrupt, obviously, but I always said back in a much bigger problem of Nancy Pelosi, because she seems to really love exerting power. I dont think ever seen an american politician who enjoys exerting power just to prove that she can more than Governor Gretchen Whittemore. I think it's a really is a different level from politicians. I disagree. your right to say that I would say there are three of them that, that income and her clothes. and and the way
What is that of shimmered autism GMO, though I think what What happens if I see socialism leads the way. I think you believe that govern the call, in this case the government taking over every when you think the guy it takes over everything and can do it better. You become Our jerry, you have thus been evergreens. Do really is some kind of a fool or personally, we all around it, especially where corrupt socialism, twenty seven to twenty seven times and it's happening to us, we will. don't recognize it. We are turning into a social conscience when I think part of that, and I wanted to ask you about this and then we're going to go to to mock laborious than you can say whatever you want. But you know I've talked about this trend, this happens in socialist countries with them. Granted seems right now that they're looking to make criminals of everyday Americans and looking to turn actual criminals into a voting base. What I mean by that well, for example, we talk about the riot Is it illegal to stand in the middle of a freeway yeah, but we don't enforced? Those laws
but if someone tries to make it through the freeway, because their safety is impeded not to mention their ability to simply freely travel, they are now a criminal we want to. criminalize firearms, that actually the air fifteen is most pop a rifle in the United States. Certainly the most popular platform, thereby making Americans into criminals, we release sixty something thousand violent, felons and California? You know: you're home city of New York peaked hundreds these films are released and four hundred If the arrests within, I think it was three months again, so you look at Chris is being released and Americans turned into criminals and that some of you see with every socialist regime not to be extreme, but that's necessary. I mean just look at last summer last summer. I don't know how many roads we had a hundred whatever in every state, run by a Democrat. Every Riah, was released from prison regulation tat? We whatever you want to call. What happened is a Kapital on January six. It was one day of it were not. For example, in Portland one year event,
right or or in New York to weaken it. The one day event was over no damage, Eddie Congressperson right, one person healed, and that was the person who was on armed and engaged in the demonstration, young woman and in that case was sort of buried. We don't even know who did it we don't circumstantial. Nobody will tell regular GOSH is that Europe believe me if that were white officer and a black woman right. A gun come out and a black woman get shot and she's on arms, or does it would have and people should have so without rights right as people should be by that. it's not as if we have equal system adjusted right, we have doubled. Demanded, and until we saw that this country is gonna, be bitterly just gonna write us above all of the people. live with these demonstrations of black lives that demonstrates also they don't,
the where mass, the yellow swimming in spirit that says people gotta charge and of it more than twenty percent the minutes. Arrest right and we ve got the wrong with it yeah or Robert? I'm not like you know in Michigan, Governor Whittemore who says, while I forgot sorry, but there are restaurant owners who ve been actually arrested, actually incarcerated for committing the violations that she has only just before we go. If there's one thing you want people to know about kind of this. This sort of controversy surrounding you right now, because it's tough to keep track. What is it that you think Americans should should pinpoint to be aware of you have to leave keeping an eye on what I'm revealing and what I'm bringing up, because that's more important than what happens to me list. Those are our country is on the way to being a different kind of, different form of government different set of values but different way life, and if you don't that to happen. You gotta get involved. We gotta get involved groups that we stop this and you gotta get involved. Twenty What are you this time? The matter what matter, what they do. We got win and twenty one
a time. Nor yet we are down you got. On twenty two you ve got to stand up for the political process is right that these people are trying to take it away from them. We try to take away fair vote. Russian they want to create a one party nobody is exaggerated. They would not be gone. You have to be like this What I was saying wasn't next year is now: I think it actually rapid or about it and anybody, so they want to do whatever the candidate so am I now. I now listen believe me, some people's all the person who the person is wrong will always say that look we're going the same thing with you to having removed are simply foregoing against the World Health Organization when, with with infirm, that is now all but international. It confirmed so we,
racist you're right. We're gonna keep going here after limit, but right now speaking, which this is where you too, we would tell you unceremoniously, even though right now we're not allowed on Youtube until next week, but you know what to do you tube
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