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Who ACTUALLY Divides Americans?? Don Lemon Pushes Race-Baiting Narrative


Don Lemon says America is racist. We say Don Lemon is an idiot. Who’s right? It also appears that fans of Greta Thunberg are racist, and Megan Rapinoe may want to "Stop Asian Hate" on her own Twitter feed. Oh, and people are trying to make fat fitness clothes a thing. Good luck with that! #DonLemon #GretaThunberg #MeganRapinoe

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A boy made is its Dave Landau on louder, with crowded with Gerald Morgan. That's right Now we're happy to be here boat and Siemens Uninstall he's getting himself some sort of pills for a heart surgery coming I'd, really so any talks, but I guess he's dying anyway. You can listen when I talk, though, today on the spot, a fine, where else all the places that you get your podcast apple, Google, lay yeah we're everywhere. Please leave us review, preferably a positive review. I don't need your stupid yelp review about what you thought of Mcdonald, its Mcdonald's. We noted tastes like ok. Also, you know I just on rumble, go to rumbles louder with Crowder.
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Oh disgust sit idly disgusting. Seven up now spread. They go moon, Miss you Jack, allows and jagged, let's out there anyway, welcome to louder with crowded with Dave Land out. Today. That's Stephen is our right. Now is pre taping some stuff because, as you know, is, can be going into surgery. Given that lampoon hard put in all right. Let her heart now a better how much better there were bigger, harsh, and I know that you can get him a bigger heart. I think that's the problem. There is none space and others? Now it has to a large skilling, it's just you big of a heart. That's what I think he's the Grinch at the end of the story. Yes, he is yes. When it
three sizes and anyone would collapse actually diagnostic tool. They use and Stephen was that magnifying glass, rail, road and labour, running a crying little girl, that's it. I did ever three size in dealing with. What's today We are, we ve got Gerald Day. Howdy we ve got angel ay, I there. You go oil everyone a year ass, we got tiny TIM Tito, what data we got a quarter black with scorn. My personal save, no fancy you guys, daddy, where you add a where you well, I do I do it do not awkward were now underlying its. I get the end of the wizard of OZ, where its am issued. The most whatever lie and what about the rest? Yet I knew the banks and it gives you the most
you knew them about school, commit suicide return. It just goes and stands in. That's a cowardly lions way out. I am glad to be back here today that anyone here today will be talking about June thirteenth being made a federal holiday time. It's right, gig regulations, the quarter black, and what was and what that means for America will also be hitting bite in german Shepherd Champ Don Lemon, pushing critical race theory, and climate organization, inspired by Gretta Sunburnt shutting down over racism, will also be hitting newest Victoria's secret model. Megan RAP Uno is correct, as direct rapid, no being cancelled for an old tweets the Michigan. many general going, full totalitarian mode and fair Lennox, ended deed is newest advertisements, ravages, so go ahead. Watch
and right now we're gonna see this. If you were a few, get ready, just don't throw up. its James Cordon. And his vaccine video. Let's check it out guys
well I've seen enough, I already woke up while the theory that door clauses that his wife now like those outside the robot lunch and I've got they had time to address the most gonna be were vaccinated, let's get dangerous goods. That is why, my goodness here is not the boy. Is what cities disposed to bail city that looks like this? Now? It's the New York Street in because New York there'd be fecal matter everywhere, dodging like due to rapidly in that's cool and makes your bounce up and down like the way he goes with this instruction. I never actually wish for a drive now airy. Why maybe not stop you do not go to the Jim Jim he could pursue? Is it just? Has a pool and a towel boys puddings and worked out too? Who is this I'll go faster car was that Ricky Lake exert their back now, throw that couch away? It's what we know it's not in Oklahoma, because they have the right to move, and yet that's good. What does that also luggage card? Eighty point: let me know- and I can turn the tide of now now- good,
Well, that was terrible. I'm sorry, I feel I feel polyp. How do you know what I don't understand what is with every armies. I hope were allowed to say this. I hear casinos around to say what is with every talk, show host, say about vaccines and doing cartoons and such things about it. It's counted. It's just weird, it's strange that, can you ever imagined Johnny Carson coming out like the new polio vaccine, you maybe dates, and while I probably do I weren't around it, I just remember Johnny sign off episode, those about it broad and Leno and letter man and then ever since its Alvin Crap, always just endless What are you saying finally go to a movie is, I said he you know not live in a movie I'm gonna go to that region,
Nobody went to that. I think they should combine cats and rent and co, Feline AIDS, that Rights it's that I've got that Broadway play for anyway? that's. What lay down has become is a guy singing and dancing on a lie. We deliver watch the carpool karaoke, and you just like. I just I'm not saying this should happen. I say would be interesting to see the cargo he bone. Events in an ax you like is just the in there with you too, and all of them out a garbage rockets this if it doesn't have to get in the driver side just done. However, the ghastly as that's the rating and just watch James Cordon dandled out of the room I'm not bleeding it anymore.
so we are unable to grand were also on Tik Tok, because, unfortunately, that exists so like show Monday through Thursday, at ten a m you gotta, Mug Slash, live chat and please come in come in common after this, and I want to go home plugged myself. You can see me this weekend. Comment comment comment about arm about you there's a meeting this week about seeing me this. We had where data follow New York and the next week at Big Elles and Emily many Emily Minnesota Data. Big Elles, I'm looking forward to the guy runs, is really really nice. Guy speech a lie one in two, then I'm gonna be like D mine and a few other places over this little breakaway advocates. For this we can show, because people keep you now finding out, that sells how really quick they sell out. He had recently for a paycheck very go, so here we go guys. Are you ready for this either of you? Ve heard the Big news last
In June, thirteenth was made a federal holiday oil YAP. So that me nothing yeah. Alright, congratulations, Everyone will determine. How do you feel about that Cuba? Rural again, you know like reparations, have been paid and we can move on Macedonia are we just not taking the time to say nineteenth demonic spoken, I mean, I think, I've s wanna be curbed.
Ass, the algae betake you IP, plus agitated desire to take on in their day and in the Middle EAST. I artificial intelligence. I don't believe so. It is. I don't know what anything means anymore. What no one does no one. Does it get in trouble for everything right? It's all a riddle areas to make something up. I bet you could offence embodied in the middle of a store and be like you didn't call that a peep uck what Well, as a person who eats pistachios of color speaking of the people of color, just some alleged Jesse, Jollies Justice Mallette, while just Millay, happy birthday. He turns thirty. Nine. Isn't that great? You still have a career. I don't know he barely made it, though. If we remember that story glad he was able to survive.
in honour of his birthday. Subway is actually decided to indulge Jesse onto its hall of fame alongside other prestigious inductive like Jared share its pan, and crying children such country, but also in the Hall of Fame, which meets have you ever had a dry meat in a subway aligning enemies in wet slow anything see a subway. I just think you're, spokesperson, head kiddie porn, like that sea can have a place as they still do in time. What happened the jury's gotta stubby do out. I'm already beat the crap out of him tariff. Only really forbidden What do you know? Who always only laughed at him and present a sort of Jerry, they're holding down his head of a gang and he's got his face. Two oh yeah made a hard turn you just cold, cut, com, libraries,
nobody's just gettin rates. If there's any justice heavy whatever you say, this is every time sweating it soon present hey. I do You want to write the subway guy. We do that virtually here. You're gonna make the way the right of hamlet either way he is still in prison. Is here we go. I hope stays there while he deserves to stay there for quite a while yet were. I would say quite so I would say to till death yeah till the end of that would be, I think, when he dies his bones should stay within the prison walls. I agree they show that sentenced to fifteen years in eight months. That's it that's it! Well! fifteen years, that's pretty old for him. all the kids you looked at will of age out by the piazza out here, That is, he he can. the three five year olds ass, he put it up your ass for generation strides double that age, it
disgusting right! So there's this guy! so the day. What are you Thank is actually driving racial tension in America, systemic races, but let us now is it systemic racism is It's the movie White Man's burn with John Travolta bad. it's one of those that is one of the two. If anyone had seen it, it might be a year I watched it now is like this is good Here's me after any movie, John Travolta terrible. You keep going back expecting a different yeah? Do you see gardeners me, I didn't all. You have to know what here it's terror, it's! Why stop it? one of the eight his his performance in the Oj Simpson. That was stellar that made like you! So bad that made it use just Teheran or watch my lord? but here was good the guy the played Cochrane. Yes, yes, he was, He made a watch. You will let you know
in Cuba. Moonlight OJ, even though you know it was you I forget his name. I he's from Detroit anyway, at least when the Wednesday University, the guy, who plays em, but no, Cuba was he's a muslim sexual troubles. I believe her. Ah, well, let's snow daily sees me baby though, ABC that's his character, he won't an Oscar the worst performance ever put. What do you want? An Oscar, Jerry, Maguire oil- I thank goodness no, no! No, he was not just show me the money in their like well. I guess here if it was re, sequels, dens, Ellen Glory with different look over their only the amicable caliber, who is the upper gets that yours at it, but that is those at that level. Denzil. Now, that's I gave you that located what people of one for media- I don't. I just wasn't a big fan of Jerry Maguire by Think Tom Cruise is a bit weird
I don't mind his height. What a hot take thank you I try it took about us anyway, speaking of king speaking of anything being cancelled and cancelled. Bite in German. Shepherd champ died a week in Britain. of his beloved german shepherds Champ eyes, which is sad, but we actually have a lead on the cause of Champs death from a deleted, tweet exclusively release to this show about to go on a walk with the Clinton's worth. He MRS Egg, Jim Yan, all just so trusting They really are. They really are, and you know it's a dog who tweeted it because it says Wulf the authentic yeah I just a champ hemp already, is that the one that broke his leg by putting him
that's jack. Remember Joe broke his leg re, while playing with a dog. That's heroic, how'd, you break it. Well, I bent over the pet champ yeah, die touched a poodle and my knee went out also, I'm gonna be president again Joe. We have people for that now, yet my dog, is the worst aright so anyway Don Lemon about this on the mown down LA mon. Now less We done lemon and Chris Cuomo talked about the great critical race that were great. How great how great time interpol gray, critical race theory, because it is but how how great critical raised areas and that white people should just stop making everything about themselves. So, if you are the person who happens to be telling the history you going to tell it in your favour and the best way to correct that, so that
people art over indexed in the history of the country is to have all voices as many voices as possible that eroded in that history. People don't like to have their pleasure, interrupted their peace interrupted, and so people think that it should be the way that it should be because they ve been taught that in in this country. But you know telling people having people come to. The realisation is Bessie ancestors of slaves. That day they were enslaved, and that they were beating it. That were sold at they weren't able to accrue well that they weren't even go to school. They want to go vote. You think that makes him feel good. So the folks on the other, it's not making it about you and be curious instead of Judge mental right. So I get that you know for sure, that's a fourth of July around I'm still gonna have my June thirteenth decorations. What exactly are those
I'll tell you you can't central materialise. We said that folks, on the other side that mean yes, you can't say whitefoot why people you can't do that for Many others that its very strange at one on Sunday Don Lemon said in an interview with Washington Post magazine that I don't know if America sees black people and especially black gay man is fully human as and as deserving of the american dream. What? Where are you getting this information? this is. That is obviously not true. Right America's, not an inherently race and racist nation, and everyone is fully human, regardless of race. I think we can agree even you rosy, o Donnell, we make, I mean stretching it we're direction at a better she's rose, but what what's so bad about critical race theory with lemon
pushing in my pen. You know we ve learned, we ve talked about it on the show, a bunch butts it's coming up so frequently. We want to explain in a little bit more in depth. nickel race theories based on the idea that racism is systemically embedded in a Institutions just the result of individual prejudices and stereotypes the conclusions are drawn from decades old palace, He's like red lining and segregation, which you know, bit of outright jazz. So I understand that there are definitely instances where red lining was a bad. You, where you just circle than area on the map and said what, regardless for not giving people from this area alone and we're not going to do it based on the color of skin. But I was thinking about this this morning and I thought you might be a hundred percent right or you might be fifty percent right or twenty five percent right. Maybe people that did go, get the estimate alone application trying to get a hormone couldn't get the loan because it can afford it hate by the way I move thirteen times before graduated high school,
didn't rent houses and move from apartment to apartment go for two three third grades, because people looked at my dad said: is white. I'm not gonna get MILAN. We couldn't make the payments on the lawn, so they were like this is money we're not gonna give it to you, because it's not a good investment for us. There were probably tons of that. Or not, and I am sure tons of racism going on back in the nineteen thirty, what they're talking about with red line, even sometimes after that, but you can't just look at one instance, other teaching it would. This is because of red lining, not because people couldn't afford the homes, not because they didn't have enough income to show. It was just racism across the board, and I think it's a penny were too broad of a stroke. You don't really get at the ash problem, if you do that, so now is re well put especially I'm pretending to know more about this than I do daddy what shape. I just had no idea that third grade was three hard
here's on Gerald. I know where any move, thirteen none. I went to one third one third rate year, three different schools, emphasis on YO cash. I mean eyes my always surprised, use like you having now these kids really like you to move thirteen times everywhere you once you could make a friend five every parliamentary schools through middle schools, one highschool thought flunking, Still, you fly Carter drinking or we call them a little behind or Bessie was held back. I was ever didn't fail failing, but I fled the jurisdiction to avoid accountability, to escape their care fairly about I'll. Go here, say: yeah, it's even like housing loans and all that it drives me
That's because we also give out terrible housing left from it decided to make sure was all equal. The two thousand eight housing crisis is what happened. There was predatory homeland and getting backed up with the right. You just that, and then we blame the American. We blame the black American, the weight American, any american homebuyers by saying always fault for buying something that was way out of your price range. When you are this by a company and then backed by a bank like it was your fault then all this stuff collapse, and who do we bail out the banks? Yes, yes, that's true. There alone to do whatever they want. You predatory, lending, dodgy, lower wages, there were some loans out there were people sold them a bill of goods right, accurate, like they they should now. We have gotten alone, but it was also because they were pushed too at the wrong. This is what happens when you try to fix something by going out today, will just the exact opposite of what we had back then and that'll fix everything. That's not how you fix. That's a create other problems are just in a different direction. Yet that's how
begun. Not now you right is it it's just you can't doing the polar opposite of the way things have always done and make it so sudden that The problem of everything going on. I think right now in the country. Is you want this sudden, abrupt one, eighty with absolutely everything and then punish the people that are confused by it yeah? I think I'm in a butcher, this quote, but I think it was just ass, a leader who said Anne and maybe not in May or may not have been allayed us up. Forgive me if it wasn't said that it's kind of hard to fix racism with more racism, right when, when trying to address those Chandler being, ah, yes, a Supreme court, but I am convinced that the current drunk pelican, it looks rough, but it looks very union should have been an intervention. Really that's what he said. In the dollar's, YO brain no discernible down what's that for yeah me too anyway, so it, let's put it
schools, we really just discussed schools they just last week road. Schoolteacher, Alison, Greco there right Draco here I can't not not Geico, almost that I've heard of his House and Geico she no need to be taken. When I a cash Cadillac a man money. So just last week around schoolteacher Allison Greco offered extra credit for students who testified testified that right again is the fast or other Alright students who testified against, I would sum tested and put its testify. as against how spill sixty seventy a bill that space ethically bans. Teachers from making individuals feel distressed on account of their race or sex, so we don't want that you're. What I m just that various there, it s there and actually concentrated. Thank you Bernie. Why would you get
read for that. I wish I went to school now I will get all is so what now look getting credit for participating in public discourse is fine right, like a garden like be actively clean, is better than sitting in the class, sometimes and doing nothing corresponding in doing like stupid, busy work homework, but she actively sent people to do this so that they would protest, something that was keeping teachers for making people feel distress on account of their race or sex. That weird you dont want them to fight something like that right or jump into a political argument for it. Like How about this you'll get extra credit if you go testify on whichever side you come down on of sixty seventy and here's the bill Are you all right here? How do you feel some make? Somebody feel better about their sexuality, like
there and make him feel good like this all right. Does Israel good work forward? Suppose you know my way around here is where the union is dressed. We don't want to imagine being in school. Vague mentioned Stephen in school today, I'm just after rent space in the principles I have to leave school. This is U words. He said what did he say? This is why it is easier to challenge I couldn't go to school. Then I left at every single divide. Everything now I will just be like John you'd. Be engaged you'd be really be the top student, because you'd be pissed violent, going on in an neckerchief looking like Paul Lindh and State AIDS. This shows that so much propounded lately really really help where you can doug how my guy would decide by a wheelchair and blow in it an ideal extra days
fats, Davies handicapped him. To saying there seems to be favouritism in some ways. Look it's like water. Finding its level you'll find the favouritism wherever it happy yet can lead a horse to water, but you can't beat it to death ha. Why don't they? Sunday Gazette right. I think ass, deep, oh, no, it's but make it ok. So the federal government on the first day in office bite and resumed the workplace, diversity, training, trumpet banned from federal agencies. I'm sorry, do anything he doesn't even know where he is so I dont really. This is what he did. Dont know you didn't do this handle ass if a price building he did was dig a shower, while sitting in a chair.
the guards rail, but when we do like an hour and Joe, I told you, how do the tips in here? No, you don't know that of the chair with european water, doesn't count zoonotic agents more random bruises than one of her magic picture and we're supposed to go. Oh yes, this is what he did today when one star just jumped out of bed with no pain and fixed everything, so trunks picnic trainings sought to eliminate words like white supremacist, systemic racism as well as root out idea allergies, that label entire groups of people inherently evil or racist, also known as white people. Yet, yes, oh you mean racist rubbing. Just racist thing on after divine it, it's just raise race to put a word, you swore so white, quite quiet. A whole speech plan to about three dance in a skull anyway by
by its executive order resuming this training mandated the federal government s advance racial equality? I wish I could ever unity racial agro disco- I really should do so after this one, it's the close one, Rachel equity in government institutions, the eggs, negative order, stated the federal government governments, to advancing Equity- is to provide everyone with the opportunity to reach their full potential. because advancing equity requires. This is a systematic approach to embedding fairness in decision making processes execute Negative departments and agencies must recognise and work to read to redress in a adequate. Why is this so stupid? It's nonsense! Italy is nonsense. By the way I will read it out only on retire registers and sharing of what is in their policy
in programmes that serve as bear equal opportunity, taking a look at that we equity an opportunity to come back to that guy doesn't mean anything it does to a lawyer. that's the only pursue it makes sense to consistent with these aims: IDA media, I'm sorry too. The baby sitter remotely certainly resistant to this aim. Each agency must assess whether and to what extent is programmes and policies perpetuate systemic barriers to opportunities, and benefits for people of color and other undeserved. Her underserved groups Dave's moving around like this jacket it. When I moved back like looking like you can't reach, but it's really it's doublespeak. They should go on Carson and would would spears and say nothing. The words worked syntax. They made no sense, that's what they're every policy
and that's why? When I read it, I get frustrate because you're saying the same words over and over and over again that's how you manipulate people, that's hyena shove, something into somebody's brain to get them to believe. You is by repeating the same thing over and over and over and over and over and over, but look they said they said opportunity and they said equity Those are two very different. Things was as equality outcome right, you're, trying to ensure the outcome for people the other, one is saying, everybody needs the same opportunity at some level right where were they had the for two needed gotta make their life graded doesn't mean. You won't, have challenges almost thirteen times at challenges and third grade. We talked about it. Yet you were, everybody has jailed, don't they. Challenges that they have to overcome? The government is, So they say no, no! No! It's about opportunity, but its equity. If you're trying to ensure equity, the only way that you can do that is to bring everybody down it moves will ever to align like recently yeah exactly and so you're gonna see them, say, equity and then talk about
opportunity, but that's not the goal. The goal is to ensure outcomes, and the only way to do that is to say, oh reparations. Oh, we gotta get risk uhlans. Oh, we ve gotta get rid of paying for healthcare because that's it, you can write all we ve got to get rid of this or that we have to tax the rich and bring them down so that everybody is equal. That's not the! citing whenever we want everybody to have the opportunity to go up, not stay at a tear the level and everybody just equally terrible, Betsy America. rate than none of this is the purview of government. Now the referee needs to keep his whistle in his pocket right now. I may get crazy their involved in every call They screw stuff up more than they make it better. How often look iris de envy, go. Look at those things tell me they work. Well, every government thing you're part of has just made a show of solidarity, bankrupt you think you're doing a good job. Have them Hillocky said right, we spend billions, have a public education. Are you satisfied with? twelve to fifteen thousand dollars a year that we're spending on each do melodic a lot of states and have terrible results
yes, they are like. I fully support the programme, be. I know I love, I think everything, that's why I think we should have governed government health care. We should all make the same weight, Overman, cheese, Silverman, Cheetah, yeah, that's good! like a lighted arms, a good royal government chains, good grilled cheese anyway, most move on sharing is caring in May. Documents revealed a mother, say sorry, pathetic. Unifil squarely who share AIDS is not airing its legal in California. You don't you genital wards, Yazzi disclose now AIDS legal in California to share. Well, you don't have to say anything. Anybody, even if you know that you have the word you don't have to tell somebody of it now what my doing lab, zip it. I don't even know how to do is: go to California and spread my demons.
Ladys LAN up for AIDS, Dave Aright It's not Madonna good. I know I'm getting the wrap up. Thank Jingle was engaged on. You're doing is cut. This part. Now will do this when it maybe has. Alas, no I like the last one Alright road. She rather got Loretta right. in May documents revealed by Chris Roof of Manhattan Institute, showed Lockheed Martin sent executives to it. we d white male re education camps in order to what deconstruct throat white male culture full blown in tone for their white male privilege. While my on sounds benign and what's going on, I want to meet any guy from the audits any guy just talk to. I can't imagine
look at it would go to that. Does anybody have any halls anymore? It's really does anyone have the balls to be like I don't know the horrible do not recognise just sitting there in your cub scout universe. To go to a white reform. Can where's your data Zob, shame badges for nearly oh. This is this is via Ally badge, This is my doesn't say the inward anymore bad they get. My girlfriend has avoided, mandrake ass my rugs or oriental, not people badge, my car parts, as events were told, to associate the term white men with old racist guilty ache, a and founding fathers. Ah, oh that's good. Now, why think the fog founding fathers and K K, K, that's done says, is the natural connection. Right just makes common sense, algae dammit, he's everywhere
It's your favorite k and Clan Gerald there when there's, none of them do you, like the clocks are used to go to baseball games. It was really awkward when the pitcher had three strike out, because it was just three k side. I was suddenly area titillating worth which they force strike system. Here we don't start until you get to know this weird. The programme also made participants repeat hundreds of privilege statements. Chaz. My culture teaches Meda minimize the perspectives and powers of people of other races, brainwash right. There can commit acts of terrorism, violence or crime and not have it attributed to my race. I lacked people, do I dont know what would it be? Are their black terrorists we just did. The MP are no reword. They did that exact thing they we did race to the white guy in an alibi. My we ok, I like it happens to everybody.
I am not accused of having made a choice to be heterosexual guidelines, accusing you there and in case you didn't know Lockheed Martin is the biggest defence contractor in the world. All my good. This is this. Is it terrible, you gotta go there and we need you to associate old white man because those will be the ones we aren't hitting with bombs rides by the way. If you can I find the series of tweets that revealed all this information go out there on twitter. I think that the links will be on the website ray through all the other things like it's like saying, hard working in a personal responsibility and things are are like date, they oppressed black people It literally said Beth, like oh, my god, even anymore. That is the most racist thing that I have her. I've ever heard a thing or two, a black man would be oppressive. How well, how do what do you think of black people their hard working to what
the Hell's, the matter with bigotry. It's so truly unbelievable are even of its. It is soft bigotry, but it's now become hard power than are noticing that they're doing at the latter. Well straight phobia there to Genoa, oh yeah, there the irish phobic? Why do not enjoy people accusing me of being heterosexual? I mean I am usually and by myself ass. I wasn't, I think, we're going to skip the college was rather nine bird thing how, let's just go right through it. Ok, we're gonna get well, that's why I didn't mean to ranten round a letter. I just like avenue chattered. Let me sum up yet it assume bergs race Oh no, not heard not ours, as organization has claimed that they are racist and New Zealand and has decided to disband that's we need to what's, let's get rid of it than how dare you heard it? I dare Why are we still is going to her? Well,
Don't she cried lion? Monism, her biggest fans were like yuck, yet we don't hear it followed her very quickly from prison area here any more about what was it acid rain that still big thing or is that the aid is? I think that was the number Toto bless. The reins down in Africa is the reins to great song. We get tories at the gym, but to work out how we gonna do and tat is. Why do people work out and listen? This is what I was doing. I peak through the windows of a gym. Fifty me around everyone's allow, for you guys, know rate Megan wrap it around. There was yet was she she but I'd sweet, and while we covered her last week with her role as replacing the Victoria secret angels and after the show, however, she was cancelled for a tweet.
Involving the. U S: soccer player Natasha. I believe me it from May twenty, Levin. They found the sweet and what this red was yeah. I kin is no. I can't do that. This is you know, I believe in it, I believe in cancer culture, but I don't believe in cancer culture I should say, but some things. Some things are just hate speech some answered lacrosse alive. I'm gonna go ahead and bring in Choi Junior could join Junior come in and maybe field this one, because I don't wanna be be a part of the actual, hey Austin Well, I exiles around here. I read this, Ok, what's this It's it's a tweets from agony of mega okay, I made a new Victoria's secret model. anyway, this
Megan revenue at Tosh underscoring. eyes, euro, zero. You look asian with those closed eyes. I don't understand home Sheikh how, it save astern, sorry, hope you saw that Megan we'll wait, an apology to broken asian boys spirit, congratulations and we tried to and couldn't I can't we ve got here that quickly with those binds feet they look at I know they really are nice tiny. So let us know what you think of Megan Rapid knows. Tweet comment comment: and below
and go ahead and say you know if you want to tell us how you feel he is really seriously hurt right now you need time. Any broken is broken, so do we, to jump, urging we ve got a couple minutes. We can do this rope, we gotta issue. We do the bottom, one idea, let's ride, I we go that yeah. Let's do this one s like this one around so much fun. We just end up not having an. We start, chit chat and right. Craw daddy is right. We do the old church, Hale grannies chant wearing a Joe shared by the way, your Louis eyes, and I got the rank right in the middle there. It's not Are there any more? Ah, but if it wherever it in a monster truck rallies, have they turned I'm sure I don't know. I had that without really knowing is laying in. They were certainly talking about how they were going to do it again
but usually they save it for a terrible events and many clauses which, as yet monster truck rallies and super crossover across bring your mullet, bring your t, bring your black eyed wife and needs bring her bring up. We bottle filled with mountain. Do Sundays days on the early jolt call for baby trash. Is Detroit driveway still there at our work on a rabbit? I dont know if Detroit regulation that was did in the country for oh yeah, I was there, I don't know if it's too, they do still have the grand Prix. Then they have that you know various boat shows yeah, but racist all races. They did. My friend is dead rivalry, Bo Rixey, Lanai, modern race away from Detroit. Yes, it's of its it's right on the Detroit River They do these bo races. My friends dad honestly brought us. There was the first time I've ever had someone's father, drink and dry
me somewhere in the whole time, eat his head. I hid a coke cruiser, around his bud lion he's just slam Adam and if we knew of a cab. Son was I'd. Better keep dead. Hidden theory learn agree. There is preventable, see most. speaking of athletes and being athletic Adidas and FAB Lennox have decided to put out. I guess for lack of a better term. They call it this fat promos Adidas in FAB, Lennox, freezing, morbidly obese models to show off their new work out gear Adidas will now actually feature advertisements with the band key. Run. Dmz I think we have the arrogance. By bees? Whatever happened cars,
the real white male on that it is so many empty calories. Starch Yours is racism is filled with empty galloping suffragist balloon is what it is there now we're not now we're not sing that people should work out hours now, actually, where we encourage it's, just not a good message to send a young girls that being morbidly obesity, healthier normal, but a bunch of other athletics companies have also followed allowed. So I think we should mention that like Foresaw, Nike New Slogan is just donut. No bad idea. Puma is rebranding itself as Foma. Ok do math amount, that is at upper p area. Ah, oh, have we met
I did it for its extensive or, as I call it for some reason, every substitute teacher I've ever had there was a female always had their genes here in your like how big helping you let China to where you have to earlier pants like every one of us would like a patio buckle in asylum. New balance will now be called no bounds. and it's its packaging slogan from Let's make excellent happen to let's make excellent waffles I'm on board I want I, like the one eyed levels. Ended they. Do you wanna field, this one sure under armor use these slogan. The only ways through it will now be. The only way to the hospital is removed wall and a crane, hunting lad what papers about my Garcia. This is my six hundred pound life, its wording everywhere it is, it is wordy, but that's what happens when you you have to.
a hole in the wall and crane people, our general lotteries, Richard Simmons will be their spokesman. Yoshino he's pull a few people out of picture windows He has done it, but I signed his trained in a basement with deal a meal kites dear luxuries. Like it has some guy kidnapped, M Nazis, housekeepers House yeah right Angela, their hearing. It's gotta, be weird to look for a housekeeper you're like what he looked for. Besides a clean house either I did you do Use me that what would you do me a favor and light? Don't abduct me in all areas, go my money go higher You know you swore to the all these. I wanna sweat wondering if I'm going to make it through the day. It's a different kind. Wouldn't groove and lose so
some? We gonna jump off this platform of we're still on it. I notice so far so good. We didn't say anything that events and I was raised with Gm C4 monday- aims element that on the show boats, why not? Because our the name drop my Adidas? Look, it's too cool the ban, not to say you know that I am on my feet. They in they basically invented modern Day, rapid and then RAP Rock, with walk this way with Aerosmith Lovett yea that you actually Sq desolate. I dont like when I she goes on. I talk shown as I hear you're you'd like to sit down into the interview Daddy Day camp. So anyway, we're gonna go ahead. Jump off here. Remember you can see me live Dave! Landau dot com again we Minnesota all kinds of places, also key a common comment go to this. We also have awesome new shirts that are really really great. I described a few myself shark We gotta fight like hell of justified Lucco redo.
yeah ones. One of my favorites salesmen again Our Finnegan needs that enormous Finnegan be sure by that one because Thomas doesn't like it. So and, like MRS him, oh yeah in speaking of piss off. Why are we go ahead and piss off you tube
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