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Woke ‘COMEDIANS’ Push Anti-Freedom Trucker PROPAGANDA!

2022-02-21 | 🔗

The Left has turned comedy into government propaganda. Look no further than the Daily Show's "coverage" of the Freedom Convoy. There was also an insane fight in Ukraine, though not the one you were expecting. And is Bill Maher a closeted fan of Louder with Crowder? #FreeedomConvoy #TheDailyShow #BillMaher

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Oh hello, there audio listener lit. We really do you this. What black and white urinate. who all over we'll have to join my cab to find out as well gas, the royal families long standing history of inbreeding, Theirs a thing like true sisters, kiss pleasing rating overview and in that for the key word- cotton slash sister. We will accept backslashes
Oh, it's lash, enjoy the share listen, I'm coming in a little hot, my own hears, but that's because I I haven't. Had a allergies, do you answer my Israel poppy, you know had someone just offer me? No one knows about that form. I had someone offer me a boat load of money to sip tee for the a summer. They call it that
but that's how can you just let me now come at below? What's the ace murmur, held a s and eminent an hour and they were asked, to do this. The whisper, They were going to send me like tokens I don't know one guy you'd want as their weird recognize me. Is it just the two sisters from my thousand pound life? Whatever they produce every when they sit next to each other. They clean up. and will on webcam people paid a watch wash them eat like whoppers and stuff. So in case you hadn't already realised that society is broken. Look. We have a lot to get you today. The thing today is comedy dead now John Oliver will talk about him tomorrow, but he does basically imply that comedy is in a was dead under Trump, which I disagree with, but we are, to be addressing Jordan clapper? I know some of you saying he, we're a daily show and
after the canadian truckers- and I think there's a certain look- I have no promise of having a point of view and comedy, but when does it devolve into propaganda? I think we ve reached that point Stephen Colbert Trevor. No, and will also be talking about Burma, Myanmar, taking some stances that should not be considered controversial, catching a lot of flak for it. So, finally, coming to it is interesting to see comedians right now. Is that this time in history, where I can you don't I'll talk what they ve about this really quickly action one of the top. I can't remember a time or comedians decide to kick pro asters demanding freedom, mother down. Now, that's that's the realm of calm and eminent. If you go back in UK, Lenny Bruce was more liberal sure, K Bill, Hicks, classical liberal. The idea. that comedians would join in to demand that the government silence voice of dissent. That's a really really weird time and histories manifest the only time in when history that I can think of an obviously stand up as a uniquely american art. So before we move on,
If you, MRS on Youtube, every Monday, through Thursday, rumble or mud club, ten, a M eastern ten. M Eastern, enabling people to pull up. Maybe that's are apt to change, because people and Pacific complaining about it. We have a whole additional. Our show today on my club and my question of the day. Let me ask you this: do you watch any late night comedians any late night hosts at all, come it will not, including your surely we use it as a night. We just did in the morning because realize it, nobody wants it and they walked in the morning is moving technology changes things along with a smaller all right, you NOME generally. How are you I am well, sir? How are you feeling happy to be here sounds good. But to be here and fight for our constitutional republic farrago end. I do also point out the hackers. It's it's bothersome and you know him. Eleven and I'll be unto her with him actually may fourteen
Tulsa, Oklahoma June, eighteenth and Pikes be Colorado. This Colorado Springs pop Colorado. If you want to see these shows, they sell out really quickly so get your tickets, Let us cut. It becomes less tour De Linda area. Ahoy, I'm good anymore, weekend. I just want a big yells and Emily Minister, I'm good the back. My head hurts, but why did what did you do? ice. I fell ice skating YO. Is that what we call on what happens in this house saw yeah, he's gonna, snubs factor on issues like Germany. I was ice skating and I was doing really well right up until I cracked my head on the ice like that, I'm doing really. Well, that's the opposite of doing out of a sailing em. If you bend your knee after you do a pole of all Tito you're saying goes from attend down to a too so if you smashed you're cranium on the ice, its answer. As you know, the judges have given me nines, and I thought it was because of my local address sand that wasn't. I brought my son. Is friends we're ice skating end? in the vote and I want my son's front fell. So I went to him than my son fell and
bodies like I'll take care of both these things, so my legs fell out and then I flew back and somehow my entire body when in the air I just cracked my skull an eye, but there's a silver lining to this he got recognise. Did you leave blood on the idea of like Fargo no fortune? I wasn't bleeding would not, which was my first question to the many people that gather and then I want into the escape rental shop and the guy goes June, Judas even crowd and I go I do and he's holding has had the whole tongue at wanting ice any like meeting on their I'm like I am. I comedian on their I'm also in pain, because you're not now go. I I am Dave Linda. Could I have some ice we gotta go, there's plenty. You just fell on budget line b. I swear to God knows no, you
I really believe Amanda is a show me some I d times, I'm like an item really I'm so violent already and ask you to vote. I know all gemlike here's my idea when I'm hanging in use in normal life. That's usually a good out for me where I'm like. No, I get that all the time, so I don't have to talk cuz, I'm alright. So I'm like some showing someone. My data prove I made while I'm just for some ice and somebody's egg. Is that, like David check, the freedom? I know that's local radio, this link and internet shook. You see my splits aspirin somebody over the school nurse. You don't get an aspirin, but you can get a bowl of Magnum condoms, real Magnum condom of suitable public health at work. For me What if you along lunch when it along lunch hour, had failed when you think about that needed a glad along lunch hour out still need one was met with you guys. I thought why why they're bringing Magnum, because that's what they wish to have a team pregnancy problem, look leave
You got the gorgeous like David Skating, yet nothing worse than renting skates at escape. You can skate, except for the the blades aims Do you think you can skate on butter knives? No! No! I don't think I can well in the two kids. He was trying to help you actually killed when his skates came down on their torn and by how I was actually passing out candy asking him to come to an old man. No, the two kids, my son and his friend, who needed help. I ended up in wayward conjectures out. They were fine by comparison, eternal echo with which I am not ahead. Wake up our who I think I twisted my ankle back there. Yet it's very when you can just some here. Everyone in a ring scream has found your exactly the opposite of you know. If ever you were to dispose of a body in the winter. Time is great, because snow is sound, dampening ice, the exact opposite differently. as such the screeches echo like a ban? She beheld?
why is this grab the recreational centre? Thank God he still I, these are moving as literally s going like Chechen for insurance. Are you Hence no, I'm not, I'm not all state at all. How is he getting up wrath right here, while in the line and to talk about comedy here today? Ok, this is from sight davits Colbert. off the bat road Mitchum arrival there we're gonna be to comedy central and we're going to be to build more and what s interesting is seeing how they all cover the events of our time. It's just it really. is disturbing, because we use to believe that it was the last bastion of free speech, it's not or because you have to look at late night comedy and then a lot these comedians, who are behold into this, these late night sort of circuits. They have to be careful with what they say if they want to get their air time. It wasn't like that Johnny, Carson. It wasn't like Johnny, Carson or even Dave Early Letterman, where people's hey, who want a second piece of some unpopular at the chuckle hot, we're not going to book you so attention
see them all toeing the same line with the exception of surprisingly now Bill MAR. Who, of course, is catching Haiti's been labelled a right wing extremist, which is what he labelled us a year ago? So first will go to Colbert and if your white and you hate it if your weight and you hate, but if you hate yourself specifically, you might find this sketch fun Even then, I doubt it. Let's see what forty writers and nineteen thousand Emily's at Colbert can do. Do you find it difficult to talk about Wraith now, unshorn, what words might offend others? Definitely cigarette. We ve turned to cutting blackest into a fun party game when introducing taboo wait for
the game that lets you, disgust like history without a global couldn't just what is lacking is a warning to slay. That's a book at the airport right no problem. There were famous abolitionist seriously yeah it's on the guard. Ok, how about they fought against. Injustice. Sorry, saying and justice implies that there wasn't justice. There was. If you want to stay, makes you know less about black history. So what you mean? I can't sleep I'm back, if you told us, weakens the euro. This is like critical raised very hand. Look from the public school curriculum entities that must make us get pretty much taboo white virginity addition from the major
we're not sorry what are they could? possibly have used a straight african american to simply looking go. This is terrible and civilian just do a buzzer over most of it. I'm gonna fix this year, while those awful need more buzzer, always the joke. The joke was white. People are dying, bad all year and we can't at anything that makes us look like were bad either you couldn't worried Black was that this person scientists believe we want be like. Oh any race ever Ottawa, like I'm gonna, live I'm result of civic. It made him, look like a million slaves right, a million people in a way that the Mediterranean, you look from north african slave traders, a million a lot a british relate to the game. Ok, they got there when they could yeah North Africans were hipsters are like well, we ve people before it was good only that iraqi sack us
Ladys, that's pretty much all we can afford. You find a paper cup attack like they got here. That's why we're very good at soccer hotline to my money is by my friend a brand, and I You think it's all knuckle puck an easterly like I did executing, but we can actually afford that equipment snatcher. You know why for him. I had a nice. I kept thinking about knuckle puck for some reason and how upset I was like demonstrate in others. Students Annesley we're going on with latin American. I kept thinking about that. I kept thinking of Keenan Thompson hitting a knuckle park and I was getting mad where they went into the local basketball court at Saint he's delay right to set up trash cans to play hockey where they would have gotten their asses kick by the actual St Malo. We its knuckle parttime. Now it's mine. Now you get in the knuckles. I wouldn't worry about it. You three basketball court, the movies Ex, but fortunately did shreck.
They will memories, are coming back and he does remember being assaulted by a priest. Now the idea of media unearthing, I heard at unlocked the Volga along the repressed memories, also, the logical intoxication, I told you about that. Robot. Doesn't that is true, so nay that movie reference can name it below here's something else. Another story before we got a lot to get to a clever and bill more science now is making Mete out of thin air, so this company airport, It has found a way to turn carbon dioxide into meat that that's. That sounds pretty stupid Why do we have that? Libya that everyone wants? Everyone wants someone's beer farts turned into their full. I've heard, like the soil, thinks you're actually saying now. They're trying to make Mete out of thin air, like this sunlike bill gates like mind, voodoo trick that we're seeing what the hell is going on here. While you know you're thinking, like no other going to turn. Ok, so you mister
but the artist that they make mete out of thin air, yet another not making itself bill gates making burgers. That's it it's a different, yet a different kind of meat that it happened. You ve been you gotta make living like lasted right, Doktor Adams taken all the medications.
Ok, get interaction. Why don't you ever see young man? Have you tried sleeping with better looking women or men, no judgment, Giuseppe feeling a little lighten the lovers now doktor? I liked woman, you see the problem. The problem is not that the problems that I have this stupid refused to heart and Venus that just refuses to hard at well canoes. Oh, I have just a remedy for MR happy: have you ever heard of bone, though Poland? So it's an error rate, erection, medication, some good, wouldn't lumberjack, hope. How does it work? beats me, but I did you read it. Is it safe, go yeah, doktor thanks for this, but if you're my me asking why we in our way, I got me to last year, zero per second practice. Medicine low also may cause popping entering facing cancelling multiple sclerosis in we want better wearing Holocaust, annoying, Indulge Logan
residency in maker loans with opens up on those have unobserved at the April, How to deal with crime dioxide, whoo, hoo We are not playing God. It barely works. it never wear advantage over the sketch. Is we have a Robin Williams? Impersonator entertain a rigid area like illegally. Really gardener monies worth hey look. Jim Shouto right now unseen, undecided a dress up, wonderful, you know it put on that hood and walk through the streets at night see what happens is in Ukraine. Give him yeah, that's why they drag right. Yeah! That's right! You see you see. How far is it the furthest western portion of you Grady possible Fridays in the elevator? Get he just grab one foot in Ukraine if gets here sort of way, IFOR corners he's got that at the moment about safe. I'm, not let me throughout So this actually brings us something in international politics which I don't usually like to discuss, but this this is worth it
so Russia using reported what to increase their troops, so they ve they definite. researchers they ve done nothing to slow down. As I see it is telling us right now, nothing to Slota is only a hundred ninety thousand at the ukrainian Border hundred ninety thousand. after saying troops are leaving and releasing videos that apparently one actually real right yet with tanks leaving that are at school. So here's something interesting, though, completely irrelevant to that tensions are obviously hired on Friday. I fight broke out between a journalist. I wanna make sure I'm getting this name correct, Ray and Ukraine means you guys can come, and let me know unity but to solve, and parliamentary debt debt parliamentary deputy Nestorius should freak the Ukrainian Television Programme Freedom of speech- so that's nice- they have that show how good so, but you solve attacked so Frick. They fight on shows and this guy a pro Russia member of parliament, took out a clear and what happened is I guess he refused to condemn,
Mr Putin, and so we're gonna do is show you the whole clip ccs in context, and you see just how different it is that governments function abroad. compared to the United States and then we're going to do a fight play by play breakdown, because that will give us an insight into the geopolitics. So here you go fight on ukrainian television. Guess compellingly! I've gotta keep us all the Balkan at that will be he stood near even yet, but the most one and exceed all eleven other translators looks like a women raised, but I have been sending will do the job they are pretty spoke. Newcomb boosted, pretty LISA with a hopeless who creates was a little playing anyone condemned guideline aside exorbitant, all whom I had never given right here comes ease, Gagnon Guillotine
What did nothing to stop the kids go and contract that keeps God it was highly technical due to a breakdown after this grandam, you are you are you? Are you going to do? Is not Jerry Spring and what is it with the other? What would bodyguard Ricky like please just just one kiss just one lesson: we don't have to repress this any longer. Don't on oil, it we ve
they have no water? I dont know what I didn't want to deserve yield, but somewhere Eden lie. You let's go through headdress sexual men while we're all unrest and they go for some reason or yes, but let's make sure not Bethel's. That policy is always. He looked at me sideways and maybe I'm coming. He says diseases airborne, that's right, but I don't believe so because you get by injection from me. Men with glasses knows to stay out of it. Then we will kill family in Russia. You get one pair every ten years, it's just so. There's a lot that went on there and it's time for this week's fight breakdown so Spain is out so that this working translated because lotta people specially for listening and audio first. If I apologise that your listing and audio, because this makes no sense
as you will share my life, you are new to smash like button right now, smashed the like button. It helps with the algorithm Kennedy hisses off the Youtube overlords. If there's you know what five five thousand lights five minutes behind my club. We will do an entire segment on the inbreeding of the Royal family David. I vow silent on the in bringing the rope and there's gotta be five thousand likes, and I don't know how will be able to find evidence. I don't know you have given a legal limit, a through z and then a through Z. Twenty five more time exhibit a and exhibit a them to talking about the bloodline. Right, yes, and then we're exhibit a forty two lepers say be our feet so that we got it for the highlights I'll explain to you. What actually led up to this? The actual translation shorts play. It here and yes, company, we have curricula tempers georgian flare when he bees asking to condemn who knew shoestring it. But then he says,
excellent. Ukraine's authorities nights real with him about what he said, and I think you put your beats a ethernet now, the former presidents petrol. Yet there any actually says there's a russian agents right here. That's what he's only thought so look there, they're all just a little bit wilma to show me the emblem, my with the glass is, if you shapeless, beer would look exactly like Moby. Yes, sir I'm all right, they're, posit! Ok, keep it there. That's so it starts leave a left slap in the face. That was open Palm Vernon, Russian, very russian. That's allayed left slammed that's what they call. That's what they call the Moscow slap. You don't hurt the knuckles see what you do want to make hunt. Also it's more disrespectful. Yes, and that's really the point, the attitude are treated like russian gas, yeah yeah exactly three July.
Oh, yes, you, lady, Tina Turner, I'm mill, I that's it. You're like Gulag Concubine years as I get above your pleasure boats, I git smile now river, for my So this happens. Ok, we're gonna continue playing in most places. You would say that's the end of it right here in the states about ok assault. You call it lawyer with a lot of ours and last name- that's not what happens here. We continue right continue and the man responds with gets looked at him and bank book, but I dare okay, so venom of fighting tell what happens. Is he then leads with sort of the modified job more of a lead right straight because ending in a south proposition which, by the way, little known fact more Ukrainians are self, but really I have no idea the water. So this is a following a long words. If he is not, we need to find a site if he's not left handed he's leaving with his power head
he decided. I wanted to show that this is not a slap he's been mistaken. That is, he's he's got some snap on that right. You know, he's pull over that per now. Whittaker actually got his hand up. Ok, now, continue and the fight continues to escalate design in the South Father right right there, our knockdown, ok, so you would think this guy has the upper hand. This is the beauty of politics and civil disagreement because the men on bottom. Has a disagreement, We will see right now as we continue, this man is underneath he gets up and look bomb reverses it with a modified body lock. Take down. I don't know what you would call it a sort of yeah just need. You know effectively at that point, and
continue because the fight continues and, of course, the most interesting part you're you what this is highly technical, getting aside, control, neon belly and very important, groundless gentlemen right here is just sitting. I got nothing sitting by a fireplace he looks like he paid them to do it right. Oh, yes, more! Yes, we can see your right hand either, so we have no idea enjoying light for me like they used to before. I was permanently in the eurozone to try out the valleys continuing here, he's holding him in a modified, scarf they're all drawn a separate and think about this. They can not separate these men. This is how much these guys hate each other. Is these guys this guy hold public office and you can take it. VOX there TIM, because people? What's really most impressive, continue playing this translator just never knowing he's dislike? Does
What to do now, she's translated at each other, like will be my bitch. I will make three my name. translating look up a given that they that lady is a robot, and you know what I give her an HP one visa. you had the charcoal gonna use a dull yeah, he was it you get. He was going. This guy has some fight training that translator. I tell you what she's been in some domestic the situation, because her cages not rattled whatsoever. What I love about this is its every real fight in the world, because when you watch a movie right, its awesome real fights
Are you two wrong on the ground like Jack asses era, everyone's embarrassed, especially you right? That's all that, but there's still talking trash the guy bottom is like I've got. You write what I want you to have these being out dry, my phrase for your fists. I'll hurts. Doesn't it's so I'm going to throw your knee with mine, that's the guy who I regret to say, cheap, shouted, em and then ended up getting knock down with the south pole by an old man. Any reversed did, I know, but still still the point is they both got their legs and they did- and this is how disagreement should take place. That's how democracy works out. Another democracy in Ukraine is I've, been this week's fight breakdown but also funded by, I should note the pedal discussion. It continued after a real
what about my router sulphur quote scratch should like a girl. I reckon imagine that savings. That sounds like ok, yes, yes, you scratch a girl anytime, easy to find out about the border troops. I think that we have to fear. our house right after the S hair you from the tvs? I can I just get this for pain. I need to see I'd I'd like to know how you potent plant from TVS, No, I just sleep on ice. It's fun. It happens. It's got girly clodagh face. Why did you let him do that to you? That's embarrassing! Elixir you have actually bought is really just your skittles villages. Your nails, bye, bye, you're, skin models like peach. Are you showed up working cabbage, pitched all actors
this? Do you honestly think Ukraine and Russia aren't going to fight what you meant I've having as a civil conversation that also mad as it's not gonna happen, the billion right now so banal unjust front kicked Dave to the face you get out. I have foot come in and then Dave Jump Silver and pop safer than afterwards have to sit here and joke about John Oliver. I our guys so silly look. I promise where I can actually invade we're. Just fighting on air, like our, I really hate each other as a good example of how this is going to India. Exactly here: we call it an insurrection if some people just walk in there invited into the White House, you mention those people, imagine those big capital build pictures. I don't know that, incite what did I say. One thousand White House, our capital building, the curtains were down. The White House gets feminist jerks, but the thing is Madame ok, imagine those people and I dont know what often our states are in Ukraine. Exactly ok, but imagine if, let's say at one in the morning, those guys
Ukraine went to bed where their state had been called for one guy and then woke up at three p m and all of a sudden weight. One hundred and sixty thousand votes change in one hour. How do you think they would have approached totally from elected representatives where the guy to pull the cliff from eastern promises. Yes exact. It would have been so many magazines loading they could have done a song, the Bloom Andrew. Yes, Mr Harbour, shops clip clip clipped gods. Dingle bells is taken time. Now we can put a minister I'm saying them in you know, and I was saying that it is we didn't have. A prime minister is what we are seeing now It's just. I m peace because I shot is just be a chair. Yes, exactly
underneath we I didn't know the sponge was supposed to be web. Whoops it upsets head is on fire. Ok, let's go to general over. He was on with Stephen Colbert up boy here, allergies, I know, that's just my hate getting out. climbs out of you wrote climbs out, assign not sorry the game. So over the weekend, John Oliver was almost even Colbert at first off how much funny. Can you fit in the room, they try and all of us? Yes, you till you like a girl is gradually gelatin done. Funny seems to congregate there so we're talking about how comedians are no longer in absolute despair. Now that if this a managed and now the trumpets out of office, because first off we're one conservatives that Alan trumpets office? We will have to make fun of any more like brought about, and I never felt that way, because I know that the media, the entertainment industry establishment they were really the they were the
me they were the people right. They were the establishment. We were railing against matters in the White House and, of course, now can't stand for Vice President Joe Biden, but I'm not in despair. So I don't understand how John Oliver and Stephen Kobe Don't acknowledge that truck was a gift for them to because they can't right yeah without trumpet offers. Ray story was Trump right in front of you. They can't right watch their show today and then as the only clips that get any kind of play is when they reference Trump, although they do only use tromp rights Paul, they live name it made from trumpet the last year, because all I can do is put propaganda for former vice presidential by so here's John Oliver saying is no longer an absolute despair and now the trumps out of office with unfunded collar. How, as doing the show, felt during this administration, as opposed to the last man, could certainly, I feel a great difference in my in my daily folk it's much is much more fun. To do. Right is something this is not fund. Writing company from absolute despair
and for us he's been able, so my even we were getting Chauvelin gang sucked into dealing with the fire out of what was coming on that ministries and all the time. So it is nice to return to do what we do best I think what you stories about pace loans are, I know, their English should they not pronounce there right you just say we're. Why? Let me see what he just said on that last part. It is nice to return to do what we do best I think what you stories about, pace, loans stories about hey, slow. You know what control that smells like I too, can we control room? Can we figure out exactly let's get, let's find out what he said here? He well what children.
what you got, what you say: nothing, Stephen! Ok! I understand that. Ok,. We'll cover tomorrow, John Oliver, he did a whole segment. Uncritical race theory will cover that tomorrow we will use to. you're, still look on your phone, trying to figure it out just doesn't exist, but doesn't exist. Tcp Sloan's and I know that is pay song perfectly slow. We pronounce it properly, it's all out for that. Really, how do you? How do you say are? Ah, are you hurt rough, but one you don't write comedy from absolute despair. Now you write it from looking back on it right. You know, tragedy plus time right now. I would call it the tragedy. Yes, I've. Just judging by you know, bank accounts jobs. We know
what are you going to kill a man like that? You know I mean if you're looking at it that way right. You know but unbelievable, that yes PETE, but gig has a job and government right there's. You know hashtag black face Hitler right, but you know what you know I understand, but that's not a strong case now in other socially, were about to break out. There are only just between two guys on tv, but right not to concern over the scratch each other like girls. Now it's fun and will end with that is a critical race theory segment, John Oliver, that just one we're gonna do a rebuttal that tomorrow, because everything this guy, and I think we can be funny, but at what point- and please you guys can comical at what point does comedy become again. It look as though lost on me that I have- if you, but I'm very open about it, and we try to We know all references are available lot with colored outcome. We provide those in the description. I think it's pretty easy to tell when you see it Patch Adams, penis, doktor, Sketch or David.
a joke about men fighting in the Ukraine Scratchingly girls, although that's actually that actually happened. We did so did the patch Adam Sketch, allegedly That happened, so there was a real that's a real doktor he's us The elder, technically, if you want to get you know, none, but you know, is accurate, as many doctors have been yes, exactly laughter is the best met in who he's did or or or not, or not over So I don't know when is it become propaganda? I did it. I really do wonder at a certain point, when you see John Oliver and are using sources likes slate salon. Well, let's get to this guy Jordan. Clever, I found I did have a show in company sexual was cancelled, so now Trevor NO is carrying water by the way token on. Trevor. Noah ever Kostroma when we were on air said he wanted to come on the shelves into doubt, Melhem. What's
Is he Commander show we're gonna, MRS Beckett? He said like that. Are the management his management will be hit. His people be in touch with our people, so we got nothing and said. Yes, yes, he said why don't jemmy on so we say yes and I have no idea. But who is watching the last time. Tell him this time. Let's go mister know if you're drunk texting. We welcome them again. Now, I have already early dinner, is getting fired right. I did say that of itself. close. I don't know. What am I dont know. What it is I dont have everything about. Him is just ugly. I mean element. My impressions is shit much like issue. I do not to do it or imminent Breslau. Because the state or think about it, I don't want to do an impression. Is next Guy Jordan, Clapper, so Jordan Clapper is, I guess, a corresponding to the daily show, what you love her with a daily show. The worst correspondence got their own shows like Samantha, B and Tremor Noah. They were never
the stand out, correspondence notice, great ones on an errand raining funny Comic, I'm only think they had stepped rail was a corresponding when Rob wriggled was a correspondent. Stephen Colbert was a correspondent, Helms was held with the corresponding Josh GAD was corresponded his name, the other language. Not you know there is a corresponding. Must I think right? Would you rather juniors funny? I would you know you can get a show. Now is another correspondent you should have gotten the daily rob. Hungary was a corresponding was a feeder league for talent, and then the only shows to come out of the previous daily show with John Stewart Trevor, no one cement the big now. This is a good example. What talents have they created? What a list talents of their wares Trevor Noah's Steve, corrupt, where cement the bees rob wriggle where's their rob Cordery where's their at home John Stewart created stars, because why he looked People who are funding for crying out loud rub wriggle is probably at the very at worst he's a moderate. He was a marine
Guys hilarious. John Stewart look for funny, first, he's being condemned for that now, Trevor, Noah and Samantha, be they have to look for propagandists. And so they literally can't even get get a guy like this Jordan, Clever, to have a show it's a once a week half hour week and show to work on comedy central because they're not actually looking for talent, they're not actually working, for the funniest people. That should be what matters most. Instead, we have diversity matters, most meaning race, diversely, meaning under diversities. And then we say what matters most is that people have the right point of view, because we can have intellectual diversity and weigh down analysed somewhere of Europe for it. If you scratch, like pigs king, for truffles or of ukrainian broadcasters scratching the face of a potent plant, you maybe find talent and funding there. So here's Jordan, Clapper comedian right comedian, are supposed to be the voice against authority. Rum going down
gonna Jimmy S, though right alarm and yellow cement, the b where they killed Conan. The last funny late night show host yeah went that, but they also murdered, and yet it has great justice, feminist ailment, tedious. To said one day they were a comedy station right, yeah exactly we were supposed to believe it. I d anti. Naturally, they wanna thank semi, walking, dead and large Romano now plays with. I am puppet. Let's take Conan off the air and then we'll leave everything else. Your eight could call reruns of Tyler Perry. Oh boy, Joel Telepath, Yoda reruns. Let's be honest, I do not know the exact same show. Someone goes the dentist, they're scared and they don't want to and then come back and they went about life great much the character, ok, so, Jordan Club. Went down to the canadian Freedom convoying. You would think speak out against authority speak out against the police who are abusing protein Why? Because the guy you know supported, but instead he went down to the free convoy to crap member people say don't punched:
and they say we're punching down after L, GB, Takeaway, IP or Dave Chapelle? That's right, I can't anything more punch, down than literally going to a protest where people have had their rights infringed upon, have been locked up, have their businesses shut down and mocking them, but that's what during clapper said is the ticket for him. we're convoy has arrived in Ottawa. This city in downtown poor remains gridlocked. Some residents here say that they really can take. No more so I travelled to Ottawa expecting to find some Canada, nice, but their message reed was a bit more. Of course, these trucks our businesses and made road impasse. Why did you blur that out when the maple leaf was ready blurring of the F word, while not because I want to make sure that you think it's more aggressive, all accepted seems painfully obvious. They were doing that right because, unlike black lives matter, who just girl like we're, gonna burn Walgreens down at eight sounds good. These people cleverly had the f o,
belief, see, K Trudeau because you know just like: let's go Brandon right. Don't why most of these people, who have jobs and children different strokes, only can it is a big eight were not there. Man, we're, not gonna use your that mad, but you know we're not gonna, be we're not gonna become animal or not any. I had a sort of course language amendment cannot use every other area by the way you scratch. Like a girl, you know, I'm not your buddy either complains these vehicles shut down business Corsican, so that bothers they shut down, as is doing like premonition, Trudeau lockdown shut down visit which, by the way, resulted in three million jobs lost another two hundred thousand lost in January, and Canada only has. What is it that we gotta? Do we take thirty something milliner deep, a million people really something milk. That's almost ten percent of Canada lost their jobs while it's crazy but you're mad because of it rocks. Hi wild birds. Ok, so again this
just right: black lives matter. They sit there, they Neil they talk about. How important is, if you look, you can go back and just while you can search it on Youtube, but on Magua haven't even crowded black matter tat ever know. What also you'll see we ve covered. It many times neighbour, supportive of it. Well how many businesses did blacklist matter shut down, I mean we're talking, about you, don't burned, burn or shut down. There was a car lot or two yes, well already had the same owner or they just ransacked them or made them unsafe for patrons to go out ideas. Do not the connection will cut. Foods is the real loser and all this what they really are now I call it a clear answer: yes, nine hundred and ninety nine dollar, but no more yes, Lear and say that we have standards. Please just like me go to the t, shirt rack and you get last year's political. It's like a mid happens with the picture of Mitt Romney. Now the same thing will leave burned out of all greens and taking a nine hundred outward aquatic, no better one amid happen shirt now, so in a crowd of applicants So then he knows on
to interview in this sort of selective editing, nosey right to find one per in a crowd who seems crazy is this? Guy doesn't seem all that crazy when you taken in context and implies that they're just paranoid, so here's during clapper doing people's work you committed to be being here for two years. Two years is nothing. I gotta keep up the energy to be here for to night problem. People bring stimulates not the people bring about some people. Are we ok, great yeah, but this is a call me down to keeping and keeping center. I order you deal with we paranoia now. I prepared no note of getting the government is coming for it only costs. There are duly might night Eleanor tactics travelling round. They move in, they add more. Are you better now? Ok, so, first up, it's funny that this is the guy is obviously ro, weeding the passing go and researches pieces in the past and are not only high right now is probably high right there, but he says
not pair is is trying to. Of course. This implication when you dont make an argument right if somebody says guy, think the Germans coming after me, but you're, not paranoid, that's just what it's like Fred Petr. Let me explain: I have to pay for it, for my twins. I don't know how that guy ever got a job. It's just lazy, songwriting, Fred, better! You wasn't child, lasers got em, all God? Oh my god! Oh no, there's a bug in my mug, but it's not so I'm gonna drink from my mug red panurge place. You should be fired. Its lazy. It's for four consists mother who is predicated uttered even know. I don't want a lot of old. You met my point roughly your life son, it's lazy, lazy, arguing, and it's too soon at an uneducated audience will go home parent or the garments. Gonna come after. Well, I guess those viewers viewer of this
our the Jordan clapper segments are, as you know, during clapper segments Trevor Noah as our common, you know the referred to in the Nielsen ratings they to as pissed break. So the Jordan Clever segment I guess the viewers maybe didn't actually track down this clip of the crew, Easy Ottawa police chief, saying that even if protesters go home after this and other words, just right now, if protestors homer. Anyone has been involved in these protests at all, and you can see this in a second, and I hope it's terrifying to you as it is to me that this is happening in the western world. He says afterwards, they will be tracked down and punished no mention of due process if the protesters point retreats and go home. Are they going to be repercussions down the road? Are you going to be sort of actively pursuing the people that you've been so is documenting and just tell me, you were still out there protesting, but your plans after this, after the
this is over standards of great question, and the answer is yes. If you are involved in this protest, we will actively look to identify you and follow up with financial sanctions and criminal charges absolute. Will. This investigation will go on for months to come. Many many different streams, both from a federal fund, actual level from April venture licensing level from a criminal code level from municipal breach of court order, breach, court injunction level, Rhine, Marty, Mcfly's, Playboy, left. Yes, that is terrified and by the way, first off This is an even smart because you're not giving these people about. What do you think is going to happen today want these people to become violent, because when you say hey by the way you made your Peters per heard, any protest it and nobody was hurt. We're going. you harm you once you leave its nothing apartment, If they're trying to get people to say well, there's nothing, lose. Now. If you want peace
you give somebody and out by the way the out would have just been ok, you don't have to show up a vaccine passport to go to restaurant there would have been a nice out, but at least at this point give them out where, if you go home, we're not going to freeze your bank account and harm or family. This is something else that I, but again just crazy paranoia for Alex Jones and seeming more and more like an Oracle Alex Jones. What I tell you this, not log, listen, here's was going to happen, you're gonna show up and if you ve been so much is protests, label. Freeze your bank accounts, Fraser Banking, discover your family and they will follow you to the ends of the earth. I have seen the camps in Canada. I have seen the camps. You know I've been around, I'm talking about. I know what I'm talking about, and this is also something where you know a lot of conservatives abandon public schools. They abandoned right public office, so the police chief before this guy left reside before
now, I understand probably I've. I dont know why I'm inferring here cake just to be clear not wanting to propaganda. I'm letting you know that I am making this is. This is conjecture probably didn't want to be involved with the complete destruction of basic human rights in Canada, but the problem is: if you abandon your post, a lot of conservatives Lee they leave these places, they can see that territory guess what Trudeau or whoever is in charge of that office, whatever Patsy for the higher ups can plant whoever they want their and now you ve got a guy who's going to the bidding for that government and follow people after the protests to punish them. Now, just think about this. For a second, because they're saying, like you set in Alex Jones Voice, Siena freezing your bank accounts like seriously. That is happening two people right now who are doing nothing more than protesting, and by protesting I mean parking a truck in downtown. Ottawa and dancing right. That's it well they're, pretty wild test
rather dance moves. I will say the black does matter protest. They were better. They were much better for that. Also, the style points for the giant fires, but it just imagine right now here now a business owner and you have no access to capital? It's your expanding lesser trying to run your small business. Let's say appointed, try to pay your frickin rent and they are like. Oh by the way your accounts frozen woollen will I get it back when we get around and by the way. This is how you affect protestors, who are employed or want to be employed, whereas another protests in the summer of love. Guess what there was a rent moratoriums like we're going to find your money. I don't give a shit, oh yeah, and if you ever done with any government agency are like the DMZ. You definitely want ass. They care your bank account. Yes, I'm waiting on attacks refund that is over year and a half late, yes, well, the I wait. I saw a lot of final that separate taken two years. Yes, I didn't do anything wrong. Well, you know what they'll find something its awesome well, but to go back to the truck even part of that. When he said one is propaganda, you going will place it's freezing cold. You find a guy who's. Scared he's never been unkind, before clearly is a little bit twitchy he's lovin nervous,
never been interviewed like that. In that situation you find the exact I who your mocking, because you know you can that's when it stops being comedy and begins to be propaganda by the way because its hunting the Essex and it doesn't even work, because the guys oh you mean he's parent or that the government might come after. I wonder where he could have seen that within a five block ray. as of where you interviewed him what Oh, you said: there's more nor police what a what a crazy guy! What allude arrested man we need to their senses, make sense for your health data,
worse, some people should require jails. My accident, certainly I just read- was that exactly four horsemen pages no followed with what is wrong with this world now uses I understand that horses this happen. Sometimes it's an answer. You guys should clear, but what were they? They were clearing a path for what no resolve it happened. Was the horses went binding? Ok, who are they? What is it an ambulance behind them, because no one black mass murderer pm people die because it went houses and meet the violence is of the fire trucks couldn't get there. I thought. Oh we're going to see a fire truck. Those horses just stay just went through.
For a good old Fashioned Franklin, this was a parade Stephen. They have to get out of the way of the parade, and I love a parade. and they're not gonna rain on Nope no. It's raining. Horseshoes, it's right, Honolulu ring. True because this pair noticing the government might come after I dunno business is that we have seen with the canadian government, of course, that maybe or maybe it's paranoid, this crazy little guy right, Jordan, clever the bull, that you are. Maybe it's crazy for Canadians be paranoid that the government might come after. I don't know pastors seems like an unsafe place to arrest the pastor in the roadway place, an unsafe ways, arrest the pastor, crucial provisions, you're out of your house. David, must be released and conditions conditions conditions will be reversed, and what did I do?
Is this what you really like? Our eyes preachers that a black out I've seen everything's and Canada. You took it all, no better than the Nazi, by the way that cop and the police, even Canada, should be stripped of their badges, like officer and a gentleman just oh there's just doing their job well deserved and that men should be carried out like so yes, if just well able We should stop and sir applause can wear away, but eight, both Jerry. Why? Yes, g of Georgia, we get will do more mucklucks now, Amazon or maybe the Goma conference, contains appointed as it's not paranoia, if its meaning
It's like somebody during the missing out on paranoid that there's a apparent that there's tepid to tee in that I grow really just think. There's gonna be here because it appears almost every morning there have us a horse. Stomp your ribcage in and go are your parents are not that feel a little paranoid? I think you could ask my long nano. That's just that pan! It's that antimony paranoia! You were in the way they were trying to get over there for no reason, when what their stumping network, because tell you there stamping ground, that's how you calm down a crowd by trampling over the peaceful protestors who work doing anything in the fattening them for out loud, there's rules, and there you see a kidney. The head of a downed opponent stop resisted just ask Algernon Stock and Peter yeah, these bleeding on naming gamble, who watched the light waits for the best Riddick Third group. goes to come out of nowhere and say, excuse, may move and then just immediately go in and not care right always said that, although you know that being said, what I would like to see
Is someone just march on end with a Budweiser Clydesdale into a Walgreens or someone's haven't eighty five fingered discount? are you sure these razor bump lotions happened to be my stamping ground, and then you haven't do the Arabian overhear them? while train or just re all magnum on, and believe you sure you want to do that. I horse wants to get to know. We're I think this is pretty allowing watchdog club, because this is the language of a comedian right, an anti authoritarian, about just think about this. They call Donald Trump Fascist this at all. It could be under an authoritarian regime, your choice, about specific. There has never. in a more clear example. Maybe Australia in western world of a tyrant, then screwed up this. I mean this man is not going to stop now he's not going to top he doesn't care about your freedoms and then have the same constitution that we have United States, alimony, Walmart, Jordan, Pieterzen about that portion of language. Well, guess what hears
We are now. You don't think that this who can arrest people and freeze their bank accounts for parking their truck arrest you for using the wrong pronouns, of course he would. This is getting absolutely terrifying and I'll explain to you exactly why the left is now covering this, because I ignored it for a long time, explaining exactly why Jordan Clever feels need to punch tat. He really is a Patsy for that I bet you this came to him as orders from via come. He uses this word here. Finally, and just just here when he said finally, and understand why It sends shivers up my spine and well. Could eighty the thirties have finally enacted emergency measures to try to clear the convoy so far the trucks are still there.
Finally, while he's finally, it acted emergency orders, that's a finally of support now and, of course, taken in context. I recommend you to watch this entire clip. I think it's over the whatever the comedy central channel, they finally enacted emergency orders the bill hit member Lenny Bruce Roma George called Opium taught me how the government wasn't equipped to do anything, and now this comedian right is demanding not only fewer rights for himself right, illicit having sex. for the do that's what they consider Rachel had sex with a dude, killing and unborn baby Aldo up until including birth. When I, when you're talking about things like basic rights and finally, The prime minister has made sure that he can ban travel in the country of Canada to and from today, is force evacuation of people and property. That means steel, people and seal property force. Private companies like tow truck to comply.
Loss of personal commercial licences held a strip of the loss of right to travel internationally at all, let alone within the borders fines of up to a hundred thousand dollars by the way from the government to the truckers and then finds a five thousand dollars. two people who don't move the trucks jail up to five years jail up to five years for parking, a truck when people say insurrection January six I'll tell you what this is. This is a far greater greater tragedy in January sex, and it's what the government is doing to its own people can guess what? Even when there is no January six, you stop them sure bad. It was shot was the only person shot by the way January six, one woman or shot completely unnecessary. Let's be clear, as far as I know, you have the same charges of insurrection against all those people. Here we have protesters and Canada have been entirely peaceful contrast with billions of dollars and damages from blacklist men. Erect Anti how do we were shot and Chaz? At least three would have in five if our produce-
There's were shot when we were filming their life and the governments still beat the shit out of hits them with night sticks stops them with horses, let alone freezing their bank accounts and letting them know that they will continue to ruin their livelihoods for the rest of time should they deem fit. This is far worse. In January you want to blame January six insurrectionists for four four, just going face or institutions- hey, you know, destroys facing your institutions when you're in petitions act like and use animals to harm your own citizens with it. That would enable people to look at what happened. Americans are Boston, tea party they're, losing faith in their institutions while not losing face. If your institution sucks will you have week, tyrant and just introduce that's a problem if there is still an and their weak they're going to do things like this to prove it
are not we killer was a week. Tyrants in the initial beginning of his face. Right here was weak. He was not a strong personality was always weak, always away bedroom. Seventy speaker, though, than well yeah, I'm just saying, but it it's you talk about it with the kind of weak men right. If we put in this situation, they have to violently react where a strong men know that they can handle the situation or other good to go. They don't have to show that force until later, with guys, like Trudeau, no we shaking his hands. Nobody thinks he's a part of the cool club. Nobody likes just introduces a week tyrant whose like ok, I've gotta, do something scared dogs by exactly scared dogs by people often come up they're afraid the terrified of jealous jealous, has never even come close down. Anybody because he's confident little dogs are afraid they they ve got a by catch, is gonna put you on your toes, I've got a scar, my Achilles, that proves that that little bit shown prick now the rest of the second, You gonna basically just selectively edit little thing was a coup. Joe was like a four pound chiujio Bit, my Achille snapped, do serious hate, it killed it
Why would she so not at that moment? I didn't kill it. It was your tie. Your blood I've had my at the time my great dangers dump it needed a clear path. I ride around Joe Louis, like that less my horsey IDA, you can do and I he just we go through parades appeal to you. If you don't trust me So then he goes on in this little Jordan clever. He goes on to just basically selectively added to try and make people on the street like crazy and continues with its Jen Neural. I guess sort of malfeasance and degradation of canadian truckers, but that's so pretty telling, let me say at the end of it and a well funded, never ending Street party infused with misinformation and nationalism feels arguably possible in our own land of the free. Where does this mean, girls, he always new higher than cocaine worldwide, it's gonna go to America
as is inspiring beds at America? Pardon me there's an inspiring the dead. Did America inspiring of America see Europe is a shared and their polite scan for bringing up. Ok if they do come to America, but maybe I finally get ok two joint, almost say, what'd bs, exactly sorry, now exactly its opposite day celebrated though it's it's early, pathetic hits the opt outs. If the absence of wit hear something when we did the riots they started. We streams that night and over a hundred? Fifty thousand, if you were watching when the riot started up the peaceful protest, all we did was show you what was happening across country right and clock, much commentary we showed you see and Edward said mostly peaceful. This happened live on our show and now it sort of become a meal. because everyone else I saw what was going on said fiery, but mostly peaceful protests. We just showed you exactly what was going on
ok in this case, you don't think for a second. If this guy could find an example of vial, or insurrection, or something on fire or a crime being committed that he would include it. He cared so we have to say decades in America and he's corrected by most people being interviewed, you know mothers. Used to being on canvassing, while we hope that it inspires people- and this is the point why are they addressing this now I'll? Tell you exactly why their addressing this now they are afraid that this could be a groundswell and that it could come to the United States, because, yes, this I change has been disrupted. That is a wonderful way to peacefully protest and make your voice is heard because you're not directly burning down somebody's business. What you are doing is forcing the government too. Well if they had any sense, take a seat at the table and listen. This is how most great civil rights protests
taken in by the way. What did you tell us if rights we entered my basic human rights, but this is made no mistake: a civil rights protest, regardless of color, and if it's a mixture of Canada What is mixed, as you know, anywhere outside of it, but it still has mixes. You're gonna happen, Canada. They are afraid of this kind. to the states, and I have said this many times. I hope it does and I would like to see a freedom trucker count William. so its absolute, I would love to see the United States, especially its peaceful as it was in Canada. Now I would love to see a freedom convoy here in the United States that a peaceful way to have an impact and, of course we have to address it. I'm pretty sure. That's a show traveller was watching, I think so or the day before them out there, but what? What are we supposed to do? Protest at an inn? active way is that what citizens were back when you're fighting for civil rights? When you took over the Wisconsin State House and basically just all sat in their it's an effective, of getting in the way and making yourself the impediment,
they're doing the same thing with trucks. That's it right. What do you want to hear it? Here's the deal! I got a question for you, truckers you want to do this instead, of course, in downtown Ottawa, go and sit on the side of every single road in Canada and still don't deliver packages in goods still effective. What are they gonna duty? Then? Oh, well, now you're just your blocked when a blocking a thing you can get down an odd. if you would like work, is not doing the job that will make you feel the pain or am I just? I don't want to do that and let them too, can I do What did you do that, but I dont want just introduce hatchet men going in there beating people up Stealing money from their bank accounts, shutting down financial institutions for just funding people and didn't have a problem with doing it for black lives matter, have a problem doing what they raise money for cereal violence with black. That's absolutely will cutting off all funding, taking all their money away it. It's just absolutely using that anybody could be on the side of that, for peace, we let alone probing the committee that any Gemma Lenny Bruce and Karl. Unlike Lenny Bruce and Carlin,
If people on a were arrested together, one right for stuff like this, I'm not they were conservative, but look worse now, I'm different like the timeline. This has nothing to do with politics anymore, rice being taken over by a government right everything's. From you. Why would you ever be on the side of that? Whatever can go? Did like parliament so they're good. goods is what right to an elderly woman, who doesn't even audits, wet or north for people there for people Dona no, no No, we didn't say Dick had that's what you set out. There were saying you know we want. We want them to have a movement so dickhead both stop using fall language would not he's not even educated enough about the joke that he's telling, because he said because if you guys in the coming here, I might add by origin unfunded piece of shit: that's out of her show got cancelled, and so so he has to be a lackey for travel and you would think Trevor not only from South Africa. Wouldn't you think you just go like look just so you know I gotta have
inside later, what happens with unfettered government power, it doesn't come on Trevor. Why don't you just do your job and let this guy? I know that you know. Maybe we don't want to pick on these protests. Also, you know what do you want me something else? What people say? Hey Facebook, Twitter, you too big and do whatever they want. A free speech is only when the government doesn't liberal citizen by the way. Of course, that's that's! That's untrue. When you look at section two thirty, because the government and Twitter Facebook Youtube right there, one and the same when their enacting policies of the government they ve said. We want more curtailing of speech our minds we just recently, since it would just be, but even then it's not an argument that the left actually believes in because right now, when you actually have the government of Canada arresting and punishing people for speech if I was anyway don't act which that when people say what about a dreamer children funded under the dreamer killed Let's say they can all stay. Would you would you get rid of right? Can we evict? Can we kick out all of the illegal criminals were overcrowding in prisons? Can I get rid of centuries
one that women don't say that you care about the kids who are here the April babies, because that's not what it's about when say: abortion rate, the goal, what ripen incest? Ok, if we allowed all abortions for rape and incest, would you be well that woman so it's about rape and adjust. Don't say it's about individual platforms being aim the ban whenever speech. They want. That's, not technically censorship, because you're fine, what they want the government. Does it anyway no, that in Canada they dont have freedom of speech, which is what you would like to bring here to United States. But let's not act like if we crossed that bridge it can have a problem with it. Then You only demand fewer rights and less peach I've never seen it in my lifetime if you're, the same pages may smash that like but smash the like If you have never seen in your lifetime people our generation, people are exposed to flip the bird to figures of authority doing their bidding like we are seeing right now when its own about, in every situation, Simon about what it is abolished, Emma Ribbons has renewed where I stand on it, but it's about
went unto her out, it will not altogether royal families are no, no, no, no, that would just be Reda incest it's worth about european yourself. That's just well really take out the rape you mustn't use. Synonym is, admittedly, with sound redundant even inarticulate instance. If you mean love the is truly guess lavish love, love Yes, the old tale that she should only be awakened by true insists kiss mother wife is about it's all right. It's abortion, there's a difference. We men and doing a tick Tock video of year plan paranoid punch card. That's it Romas! It's it's all these extremes that everybody wants you to be rewarded for the most awful things in the entire world. That's what I dont get right! Everybody wants to be rewarded for this. It's it's this pride and nothing will here's the thing and that's actually could transition because
The left is rewarded for the most extreme right. Next, Governor Ralph Northam saying what we keep the baby comfortable, it's driving abortion and decide what you going to do with that. They believe in abortion up until including birth right there against heartbeat build for a baby. Its own heart- and we know that this is now in a time of life. You can't argue the science evident they want to shout therefore sure that's pretty extreme right. They want to freeze the funds of truckers. That's prediction! Now, on the flip side, bill mar- who absolutely is a liberal just to be clear? and now, as I hate this, I will. I want to support him now, because I know he stepped out on a limb body is getting a taste of his own medicine because he did accuse the team. Any movement of people who are against Iraq, Obama being racist for a long time and now he's got me same kinds of accusations because he said something The only person in late night right who says anything even remotely reasonable. Nearly extreme left what you just said, whichever no enduring clapper but he's being. Scoriae forts! Let me read you some of these tweets. Europa Ulysses remained a comedian. Yes, that's the thing I
about Bill Marilla he's gonna come comedian first threat, that's where you should go to for comedy, not every bit of new right now, the absolute right. So this is actually people were upset, now show you what they were upset there are upset about them, are speaking out against communism in China and genocide and we'll get out a second dear me, metal open. Where did you get this right? So let me read some tweets from you. This. The polar report tweeted at this point, Biltmore holds, Numerous conservative views and few liberal views he's. Therefore, by It is now a conservative liberals. Lose a plot, he did Brooklyn dad tweeted Bill moral. ask me a long time ago- will be sure to read your letter and I don't think he's a liberal. I got sick as phobic stick and whining when his audience didn't laugh. It is quote jokes. Ok again, I don't think, there's ever been someone who's got more of a consistent anti Chris, entire re than bill more body has even handed. He also goes after Islam. I say fine look, doesn't
I agree with them? Never once my my faith is what defines we have been very clear about that Gerald, carefully the funds have you ever once what a billboard off the air for him mocking Jesus regrows, none at all. Now I just don't like some of it, but I'm just like whatever that's fine, yet he had an islamic expert on to talk about why he had a problem with Islam. The tape his hands at the bottom of a desperate didn't want him. Yes, and what about reach out with the old the able by putting knife he took them on their foot. From what I understand, sir, completely where S. So, why was well during the show this week and I couldn't help but notice. Mine too, I have been in communication, have told us inside baseball of people it Bill Morrow, while backlit they reached out from behind a show, and they didn't him in the show. I don't blame you, but they they did. American outburst civically asked me about the Russia scandal. I don't tell whether Russia scandalous- and I think that after so white things pretty fun like what we don't really do, that we want to talk about Russia, yeah private, for you, so
he covered? The Olympics, Eileen Gooey covered quite a few topics here and there are striking similarities between what we have. What we covered how we covered exactly how we covered it last week to three weeks ago and him covering it yesterday, I what you to comment below. If you see that maybe it goes beyond coincidence, because I've got like four five examples here: let's first start with island to us and have him in us, I'm sure you ve heard about american citizen. I lean: go the beautiful model influence or now gold medal, winning Skeer, who was born and raised here in Amerika, but who chose to ski and the limits for China cool is it? Is it
choose to representative tallow Tarrying Police state over American, something you really blame a ten year old, Eileen Goo, whose already made over thirty one million dollars as the face of twenty three brand products in China. Americans freestyle task. Eileen goose go, go go also as it ago smelters. That's! When I made up she why, for breakfast she won't be dying, the stars and stripes, but this is an American. The sickle and hammer her yoga born in Francisco to an american Father and a chinese mother. I lean announced in twenty nineteen that she would ski for China at the Beijing gains. She decided to ski for China in twenty nineteen, so she was preparing for the twenty twenty ethics, so musical I've decided to compete for China in the upcoming twenty twenty two red x ray go
to revolve around this was incredibly taught at least for me to make. But here's the thing in the question is: why like, why would you do that if she could see the United States and for the? U S and stolen nor metals right she's in deals with Victoria's, secret, Tiffany, IDA B, C and, of course, beats by Drake, very big in China? But she has twenty three endorsement deals from chinese companies, including just a few big China, China, mobile and me. I have no idea how to pronounce it, but here's the interesting part each one of those deals is worth roughly about two and a half million dollars, but why do we have them but are Victoria's secret cataloguing? get one forty one wasn't, as do I dont want. I have for in my backpack I'll, give you the chinese addition Boca. Guess it's more of a messenger bag. Really I come with tidings of great chits. Now here's Thank you guys. You that's just one example. Here is another example,
some that we made fun of me. Then Delmore addressed, which had not been addressed anywhere on late night to accommodate this point. As far as I know, but I'm not I mean I'm not only present. I can't watch all of them at the same is true the very steel cooling plant and the Olympics and the facade the blazing saddles down. Here you got no more than us. We knew there were still country, but who know there was a wholesale from power, but on the flip side, though, even us has been a huge propaganda campaign. The Chinese, you know the topography is something really special. It is a beautiful backdrop there in that yeah It's a beautiful place say we ve got some cooling tat, looks like a water park in front of the Simpsons Intro. As put the ski jump. There, ok to this. Just a coincidence. Pew minuses, all one segment and built like these. These are chronological, I think, even well equipped to we're just maybe what does matter here something else. addresses pang shortly.
perpetuate thanks! I don't know we don't remember thanks. That's all things remembering penetration back up I'll, hang sway the ten a star who disappeared. We covered it on our show a while ago, then Delmore made very similar jokes last night: democracy based on freedom, They are an authoritarian surveillance state based on how'd. You like to disappear for a few months, I got a tennis player who recently vanished for a while when she said she had been raped by a government official that former tennis start. If you saw this tube pangs way, she was even planted in the stands. Actually cheer on you as you want. That's how every read my living everything, notably mainly everything's totally, but I don't love you remember that this was the person who basically accuse one of the Chinese Communist Party leaders of sexual assault.
She disappeared for awhile and went to a guess. Reeducation can't because came back and said. I'd never actually said that president after she was being sexually assaulted right, then there was actually is official with his hand up her rearing. Well, I think I think so there's three. She goes comment and then the final one I've been writing for a show. Have you have even moonlighting only shit, somebody as well, not the only example, because now we also have, of course look. I do appreciate that film are, as you know, poached somebody to address an issue. here is him talking about we're camps who did at first perspective matters. China has sickly jailed, an entire ethnic minority, the Wiggers a situation that both the Trump and binding administrations has called a genocide. America is not close to that will give you
access to our billion plus consumers as long as you shut up about the whole police Dave genocide. Thing John saying that took that deal well come on. China accounts for thirty. Four percent of Global Box Office needs a movie star now, so like the Wiggers last year, he learned he needed to get some re education. The weders have been, of course, you know abused. These are Muslims in China, Jaeger rows of been completely tortured, locked away, of course, stripped of their right. So what do they do? They have? a weaker Muslim Skeer like the torch at opening ceremonies and watch the media cover. What a victory that is today is
all some might even say sickening moved by the chinese government. During its highly choreographed opening ceremony, Beijing gave the honour of being one of the two athletes to light the olympic torch to a member of the oppressed weaker, my gun for Jake, tap or shyness far West region and ethnic minority. The chinese government is right now committing genocide against good for Jake Tapir. I'm glad we found that he actually call the balls and strikes and he's dead. Well, where that maybe memories conservative, I don't know- I don't like you were- the two there let the torch by the where they out you'll, never see no, they went in the torch. All I'm sorry. I have to say that I am as the torch for may harm the top, was. I was thou wicked man, they got started. the lodging me won't bring back your honey The conservative bearded he's gonna Anti
why don't you know it's all right now I am going to talk about the queen having covered so you know what I appreciate that Omar as as special but if you want at least to at least see more from Burma, but make maybe, if I want to HBO dollar dollar bills. I just need a host. I just need a hostess shows that is Burma. That would do ok Gerald what, now Gerald sitting there in that chair. Ok, you that cool guys, I'm way more feminism. I know that some of you on you tube, we'll be offended. Ok, Time may be for you to piss off.
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