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Worst President EVER? Joe Biden vs. Jimmy Carter!

2022-03-10 | 🔗

We settle once and for all who is the worst president: Joe Biden or Jimmy Carter? Also, Tess Holliday doesn't know what "anorexic" means. And we're still trying to get deplatformed from TikTok. #JoeBiden #JimmyCarter #TikTok

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Who you see that steam gone now? Who know you can't I gotta get hey. I forgot I'd forgotten creepy, the Willy walk. A film is not always a terrible, and I do hope it on an and generally did very similar, but not seeing Europe it off, but I would do it for years. So we all know about the Grandpa
and how awful they are in the fact that there was basically child slave labour for years and then all of a sudden with some free chocolate bar grandfather can walk what a piece of crap, but will he woke up I now have to be in prison. Yes, Oh you are you? U acre. You wait the guy when I told you not to so now, I'm killing you all the other test. Candy just hurts children yeah! That's all it is these poisoning it. Yet every time a few drink, the soda you'll go up into the chopper fan. Now, just don't given sort of that sent into the chopper fan seems pretty simple. It's almost like it's your factory, and you know exactly what you're doing we have to weed out everyone else. Yeah, all the other kids that one then take it is about this, There is some point wasn't just like we did was we a tour was so I good games. I don't even want to leave as a kid with a chocolate factory be like. I really don't know how to run something like this. I appreciate the offer
inherited this. I don't even know not to mention. I looked at your sheets and I mean just riddled with death. I can't even take a personal loan. You want me to run a chocolate factory onawandah with with tiny dwarves. I get the kids. It's too late for a socially what I'm supposed to be. Ok with effect, you just kidnapped a bunch of pygmies, and then you just going to have some after me solution. It like it is looking for a fall guy, Willie Croats, adequately, river of blood sworder. oh a chocolate. That's a river of chocolate divinity how expensive that is. New gas is going for right now, due to how much more expensive gallons of chocolate in a river which, by the way you only set up so that you could round a child and second, at a tube around my plan, it'll, never last
Billy forgotten about until it wants the knowledge or aright areas. So it a lot to talk about today we're great. This is one thing, and I know it's not ok, people Ozma, what's trending would somehow take look. Go with me on this. We are to be talking about and comparing prices President Jimmy former present Jimmy Carter with former Vice President Joe Biden and obvious the short of the standard bearer President Jimmy Carter for worse press and ever wealth worst posts presidency ever and then worse present. Never both yields. Both titles he's a to wait. Class title, holder and Biden is really really close and its happen really quickly and some of the comparisons we're gonna. Try and draw straight line not only economically nunneley militarily, but are shocking so that, in other words, if it you're, if you're watching right now, and yet we your parents most likely remembered, me Carter. This is your Jimmy Carter and keep in mind Jimmy Carter led to Ronald Reagan and will
That's so my question to you right now. First question today is who, you think, is actually worse. Not who do you dislike more and I'd like to see a comment before we get to the segment former. Vice president, Jimmy Carter and then, after the segment fear. Your opinion is change. Shocking former vice president has his eyes on the prize. Yes, he too has its top contender here. He says: Jimmy Carter hold my beer exactly this. I feel that, as Jimmy could nowhere habitat for Humane hey, I don't know he was a. He wants you to know that you as a peanut farmer, I created a for two years between ninety years of being a career politician. We get it you're, a great man, you put a sweater on in the White House, put a seller panel up and then Reagan was like. Go get that off the Rubia first order business
that down throw it on him. Why Breathin Reagan, because I'm not a push. This isn't a big calculator in its nineteen eighty here, unless it can spell boobs up on that thing, which you can't. I tried Nancy's over the crystal ball. Let me try. Ok, that's overboard! Also if, unless we let you- look that we are not doing a show, because sometimes we just get banned from Youtube, but what has happened six times in the last? for two years until Monday through Thursday, ten, a m eastern you can watch us on my club, ladders, credit accomplished my club at sixty nine for students, veterans, military
we're gonna do an extra hour of show today and, of course, rumble rumble. The free show is on rumble. Nothing would make me happier than to never have to stream on Youtube again. Just imagine what truth. We could actually speak. Well, people who subscribe to Muslim now they do just yesterday that the manufacturer spitting on sick freedom, Roy Plough totally drew on your, but actually completely to one hundred percent drew he was he was he was killed. He was asked he was after the guy. He was sick, free, whichever one secretary who was killed by the terror, was killed by the other blubber. I dont the point as go watch it yesterday we had a van diagram for aid to that Gerald, a. How are you, sir? I am well, how are you you know? I'm ok, and a land out. You know museum foment what are at Landau Dave, how user ahoy good about you little concern? but do you know if we need to stick around the thing? I will talk about that later this year. It's not it's! It's the off brand,
frank, yeah, it's reverse, although associate yes out alone. Is the act of your actually one of the few non billionaires who place polo? Oh yeah, that's true! I do play water polo mainly. Yes, exactly Marco Polo really have really an honest as you cheat he cheats and we have to cover his face in a wet bays? It's just so it doesn't look any then it's a peasant. He drowned like all the women and Charlie. there are various okay. So before that, though, here something is that we want to watch is this. Is this? Is the state of insanity in our country little bit of a political answer now know before Is it really? I was a bitching on Monday or Tuesday that gas went from three sixty nine to three. Eighty, nine overnight idea: well, four hundred nine on the way in here. The coroner, I'm it's like five bucks for a premium yeah, I thought higher.
real? I thought a desire for on I'm yesterday and I think it's a little higher. Today I came in the problem as a job, a relatively large vehicles. I keep to its like trying to pick a stock Roma gonna want to fill up now, it'll, it has to go down at some point I shall about. Yesterday you go enough video on this side of the road without gas. What goes I must come? It's still going upper while Nokia or ups are right, so anyway addresses an angry. Really yeah, I'm mad about a lot of mad about the state of the country. I hurt my knee but mainly the country. So I feel it gets the opposite now it really is it's not it's! It's a country I give too much that's the problem that they just take. Em again give just take. I'm gonna be like a pod lying on the sole chair by the
This see what you're doing all right. Let's go to the state as countries apparently answer this lunatic interpretive dancer, which is not a thing. Despite than trying to make it a thing, it just means that could make the dancing cut. Actually has a point You think I am wrong. The world nine glass. Ninety seventies, shoe corporations have gobbled up most of earths companies there. So have a monopoly inside of monopoly with better what's in black rock own Kirby in their own Patsy, they own, and they watching Mary hath Gallagher get less sexy your own daughter, why they also call me
dangle bury bring about its own. All competing companies in the free market, then I'll take The market is not all that three great thing is she's insane, but is actually right? That's where it that's the best. The tipping point, the country when all the crazy people are correct, I think a cycle finally get the name right when they ve said, like nine bees like Harry Bruno Bob, that's how did you know now looks familiar there, yet you say Mary Catherine, Mary Gallagher, the writer, yet you have that. I see flashed it. I thought it was the action of thought it was. It was Vieira De Milo, three wrong with her
an interest it's just he was hilarious on his prime and today he would consider that sketch cruel. Yet as an unusual very funny, I want it was very for the no one was more aware of their physical body in space than Jim CARE Loan of unbelievable company and now he's unaware of any space body drank I'm ways, almost a sort of viable as that broad and the inadequate of dance video, but he's think she's not completely wrong. So let me give you a little recap here of what she said, But let me give you some substantiation, because she hasn't provider. References like we do. A lot of Canada come through four trillion dollars and asset assets are managed by five companies at Vanguard, lacking state street fidelity and capital grip. That's round One and a half times the United States GDP
rock alone. These are the people who, in buying up all these homes right. That's why the housing market is not an actual market. They want to create a permanent class of renters. They are screwing you out of purchasing a home anyway, their who owns a home. You know it you can come and below how many offers have gotten on your house. I know I have way way above asking price. Allow market value. It's not coming from a person it's coming from a company like Blackrock, so these five companies do. Run way. More of your life, then is appropriate. Now before you say also that the problem of capitalism, phenomena that can't happen without the into
Ference of government and dont worry there to fix. It is socialist for the little Guy Elizabeth, worn who believes that black rock needs to be designated and keep in mind what this means. It means bailed out with your tax dollars, blackrock according to more needs to be deemed too big to fail designation and what is what gives the FED its increased our sight powers that correct? Is that correct, yes and is Blackrock currently designated said that receives increased oversight it. It is investing needed, but I think it's important to understand that it is not receiving the increased oversight from the FED. So my question is: are you currently looking at designation for companies like Black Rock nine trillion dollar companies like this, when the party is going strong? It's the job of the regulators to take away the punctual, ok, so here's the thing
She believed in this is the current democratic Party that it's worth it with more regulation and more oversight. But what does that come with that comes with shackles? That comes this, never ending supplies of tax dollars. You know who needs more oversight. Big banks. Are you in nary a bail out in their history. No, who needs more oversight, airlines. You know four side healthy, God. Oh all of these can auto manufacturers. They all events get bailed out by you, the american taxpayer, so you get screwed housing market. Then it true: when they screw you other housing market, they can't pay their bills. You get screwed three or four times that you go, but it's worth the oversight. Cotta like gas prices, But if you want to honour home now, it has to be at least half a million dollars and your heart, eighty thousand. Yet where are they go to the american dream? I don't care if you have a nice car and I need to go selling an electric one and spend more money we erect. Let's face it s out, I've got some. will have eighty thousand Carter night does not, of course,
These are my Galileo Leno and when no one else assault edge is just dealing with China. With my stand up money, you're, no one cares. We spend all the money I mean you money could take and I think he's going to kill you see my nine nine million Jennifer, meaning spot on suffer will but much better than the current annual need so mean wanting you hate me me me me, ok, preparing obsessed with the real housewife, can't get enough of below deck and summerhouse watchword. Crap ends upon cast about. Bravo we'll be live at the film worthily on March. Seventeen spend your Saint Patrick stay enjoying Bravo relapse gossip and shady mess with hosts, spend man Docker and Ronnie Kara, as they dice and joyfully mark nearly every detail of every show on. Bravo get your tickets now add ticketmaster dot com. So years on, it is happening internationally loan. You should know about this surprise even cover this mornin media
but are you as soon as the words left my mouth? I wanted a punch myself. Yesterday candidate in South Korea. Is it is it you used to kill you and so I swear to God Damn saying at the english way, because an American elected as the New South Korea brother so concerned which makes sense, because conservatives are hard or North Korea. If you actually look, they break these people actually can look across the fence, and it's it's like Communist Wilson like it. you gonna, kill us got it so wanting to send a message. So that's what actually happened in new? Ok, we can talk about their Morton next week The funny part as North Korea released a statement and photos of Kim Jong own inspecting the country's space agency
look at that this look at what he's doing what I love that he's five foot, nothing in his pants are still too short and maize. It should have a tailor by now you too soon bright ITALY, but also better try to do what the hair it's like he's trying to do. James dean, but didn't quite get it right to have. That's really strata do here in the jacket your time MIKE down, get the cigarette like I'm cool vipers, that lower ease, dress there. Could we get back up Kim Jong on bringing back up that he's gonna make We should set lower EAST side story right. There is a right over the Danube Roscoe's at this, a sunny brac, I'm sunny rice I needed, If these satellites are rear offered for gas ease its, our year of the dragon sale, to my say hello to my middling, very average friend. What do you mean? funny wreck, a crown,
meals, yelping bow bomb paying rent. Maybe we can take the fortune cookies. Take off your shoes or culture, I ain't taken of my shoes for me, Nobody, probably he gained that way back. Look at that? I, as a little bit chubby, now get something as I already measures never kicked in our I escaped. These smoking, I ve, never seen an asian men. Do that now and I'll leave a ton healthy unless it doesn't want. You have your god.
You were these immortal, don't you know the first time you play golf, he got you got eighteen holes in no, he got like twelve holes and will come out of that would be unbelievable if you said eighty one is still when you try to convince me. How do I convince people that animal rearing Danny like twelve holes, and why did he worships losing movie with Ray Romano and Jean Hackmen, raise a precedent? Take you through the ball or the moosehead or somebody? Let you watch that music. That's how I want every as a whole. two, maybe but there's a couple here, just a couple: I stepped onto power, even I'm still scratch What is essential is really Euro eleven holes alive first twitch enough. while useless. Is this? How use
Does this knowledge? Why do I retain? Why don't I retain that? I don't know hilarious, there's something important you're, forgetting because of that now has its shocking, how stupid something like an earth, the gap between those who are eleven holes and why it just. Why would We believe that will because he'll kill them. If they don't write out exactly what MRS Merkel them sit. Marriage spring it up one more time: he sprang up the picture of crimson and one more tat. This is so funny that delay our rapporteur acting someone coming hot on as quick, bring out the Burma jacket to access these all turns into a break day card boring. this anchor manner there about to get into the fight me out anything due to spend so he was ground and by his feet, aren't you let me go, clarifies gonna grab. What we didn't wishing to present mother was a saint. So things without your things, heating up with North Korea, you never
This is true. You never know. One can might decide that it's a perfect time to unleash one of his jukes. Ok! Well, maybe not so this just brings back to light more so that Russia has nukes. It might actually function right. So there is no better time. Look a lot Don't realize that the stuff can happen. Ok, and you need to be prepared at another time to prepare the now. the hell. Are you doing man? Thank you for asking, I'm saving your life there's aliens outside. Oh, it's good, so you're crazy, and you have me in a super yes a bunker. No I'm not crazy crazy would Building the ark after the floods gum Take advantage of me
already did then hours ago when you're asleep. That explained the aim. Would you please just let me go. I could let you go, but the aliens or kill you how about you stay for dinner. A little less word about the aliens and more worried about you. Touching me when I'm asleep there are. aliens and I have bunker fuel. Oh good bunker. Food great is bunker foods gross, and I wanted to try and it's ready our from my putrid supply. This is not just some run of the mill bunker this the real deal. If you don't like it, let's go you you'll. Let me go. I don't like your bunker. Food issues. Deals. Do ok This is marvellous right
or my eating in a restaurant, whereas the Maitre d wow. What I think I will stay awhile when she gets more sleep. I would like a happy ending Venezia gladly unlike Willie, Walker, worse, worship, the death of whatever nine children and one whose grossly qualified no manages foodstuffs, and tat Gonna, kill more children like yeah, really want to list area for Gillian in debt being hoarded off on a little good luck. Working but seriously, though you can go to prep with crowded dot com and Fifty dollars offer for weak emergency food. Kicked that kid kick kick Kim Jong under the cap.
Be ready, fifty dollars off prep with credit. I come you don't have talked about this before to you, don't have to be a doomsday proper. I lived the ice storm in Montreal and we didn't have any food, so I always have just at least four weeks. I typically have like three months of emergency food water. And a little can I what we call a gas burner yeah. It's a good idea to have. You guys have now live through the pandemic. You see. What's it I dont think Russia is going to do anything here in the United States, especially if we step off, but it's always a good idea anyway, to be prepared. Ok, speaking of prepared seems like society at large wasn't prepared for the experiment. That was the vaccine. I don't give a rat's ass. If I get kicked off Youtube dear faggots screw you I only using fact- yes, sir, so Remember the FDA! Actually, they said They will need seventy five years to reject and release documents on their conversations with with Pfizer. They, I think Pfizer was pushing
That is right to just all releases, for you know like ever. You know, DR phased information will have that before right. We will have not yet well look soil earlier. It was ten cruises dad where we know that. Now, whether you took a month ago, the vaccine, its action, five years, the health of the others, a lot of paperwork about a lot of them, so a so this has happened. I think yesterday the FDA was ordered to release ten thousand pages on the first of every month and happened or whether a first of every month, okay, so March, saw the first release of these documents are good, so maybe some highlights here. On the vaccine and some of the results this is Us from December twenty twenty two february- twenty twenty one. Well I, rather than do the math, that's not a lot of months. Forty two thousand people were confirmed to have over a hundred and fifty eight thousand.
adverse reactions. That's over twelve of a hundred fatalities, and this is only a couple of months that they really really didn't want to release, is a house that some people are having like two and three adverse react. Yes, I'm if I'm earlier on Morty, two thousand, but a hundred fifty eight thousand adverse reactions to it over a three month. Period ha at seems Sidney again. I saw that on CNN. Probably during that time, if we went back in the way back machine and look well inlets, for example blocked and thus able to boost, or you have to get out. You have to get a flu shot every year right. So that's what I'm sayin compared to now, even though its am rna, it's not suggesting things of ex. Actually, you don't have to people just scream at you, yes, doesnt mean as legitimate right again, but I'm I'm a people pleaser when I say, let's go with the man of the people: let's go with the flu vaccine. Let's compare it. There were forty five hundred adverse events in twenty months. What the future not fatalities
fifty eight thousand adverse reactions from December to February was Covid twenty months, four thousand five hundred that's four thousand five hundred and two one hundred and fifty something thousand wow now here's the thing. How many of what this is In fact, if you look at the chart enough, you can bring this up. One of our researchers found this. This is our of how many vaccines to write your ridable reactions out of jail. Many vaccine secular percentage could be a million from December right from December twenty twenty two February, twenty twenty one that information is rejected. So I don't know the total number of acts ain't we have now. idea as to what percentage judge of administered vaccines, resulted in these forty some thousand people a hundred and fifty something thousand adverse events. Now, I'm not saying that means you are likely to have a bad reaction, but it's not outside the realm of possibility
Fifty eight I've got a Monday in detail, Michael what would be helpful to know so that we could go yet another. It's no problem at all. Why would you rejected like? What's the well it's just slightly less than most of them right, yes, just ITALY's less than all of the other month, well or no, The total number of vaccines, if they want to say this is the question that needs to be asked. If you know how many adverse reactions have occurred, and, by the way, you're only releasing this, because you were ordered to. Why do you not know how many banks informers? Don't also? You would know that number first as a baseline, because your injecting people I want invent a drug and goat After I ain't gonna, listen, it's only killed. Almost fifty thousand people write an egg hundred every twelve hundred adverse reactions I mean, can I make about fifty thousand adverse reactions? Twelve thousand or dead, already think put it on. How do you feel about no legal liability sold done your top
what is it I don't know, I'm not a low over a it thousand francs wondered if any other action, no legislative. Oh, we will get the fund and by all of the shots you produce. Yes, you can t profit the efta is the movie casino, where they keep taking the application, putting it on the bottom of the pile up. All that is what the FDA than you have other drugs that are said to have been sitting on the shelf for a decade because it have the right lobbyists. They don't have someone who's powerful in Washington DC, and I think that people should look. I think people should have the right to take patients may harm them. I think it's the government's job to make sure that people know the risk their taking. The job of the government is very simple. It's to keep the people say from external and internal, that's a legitimate purview of government that things like wars for invaded. That means making sure that nobody internally is
abusing our system what could cause irreparable harm, but if we physical harm to other citizen, so it's the government's job to say, alright, look. This can hurt you whether it's a vaccine, whether it's a chemo drug, whether it's tylenol the point- is that a legitimate oh of theirs K. They shouldn't be able to tell you that you can put some in your body. If you want to take that risk there doing the exact opposite not letting you know the risk and they are forbidden you from in drugs, should you want to take that risk and by the way, We know that there is this. There's reduction in here. It's based on federal exemptions from the fire requests, a fly request for you, but don't know so. In other words, the government isn't even requiring of them, but ones the government should require of them transparency here, transparency I would be very. None are asking that you ban the vaccine Andrews asking that you make sure we know People are reacting to it right at what point? Is it not
crazy for someone like I don't ever want to take the risk. You lose confers a hundred fifty eight thousand in three months hundred fifty thousand and three months. I don't think that's insane bullet Stephen that I think they than the one that they selected is that this would hurt our stock price. Therefore, we need to reject it. Yes, that's that I mean don't call me I'm just an inference. I'd always guessing again, I was, if I was going. Wager. If you get hindsight of right now, I wish I could just go before a court or a judge. did you know, did you run this car off the road and shoot to Sir Pedophile on nine February? Twenty second, as amusing people ask as an example, but I'm putting the first person perspective. I would say you know what I think that might hurt my stock value in the community, and so I choose to reject that information. Good enough for me,
you're on theirs of YO, YO of it, but were actually gonna gray out the persons he can't see who it is an easy way to second seem important. No, we can't do that you're, not black rock. You actually have to obey the law. We just firehouse, yes by bottom installed, but the integrated that, whatever it is it whatever it anyway, or, if you ever want to back. You know I just because I don't like you, I'm gonna run out to a penny it'll, be like a battered women shelter only for the pedophile called the Red Dots street. Everybody gets one and let you know what just just a rubs, ultimately its now Ronald Mcdonald House, how do you feel about the benefit of others are still there? sort of a hybrid red dot, pedophile, Slash Ronald Mcdonald, Ronald son was upstairs the real crisis, Please you didn t want to kill them. Our air gave him gum, solid fire, you looking the wallpaper,
rude now, you're. Looking this now is very right here, something else too holiday and then we're running the we're gonna get to bind versus Carter. But I'm sure this is just. What do you think would isn't the founding fathers would think? Looking at this? this country- and you will understand once I show the stupid thing- we're just talked about Pfizer and vaccines touch on gas prices, okay with TAT about one and a half times the United States GDP being managed to run assets under that you know the purview of five companies and then being too big to fail we're going to do, talk about Biden, Carter and the single biggest intrusions and our economy that we ve seen in modern american life and all that bad but this is really bad, so test holiday when tamarind halls show too. it just as some other examples. Doesn't matter to talk about her
Now in case you were gone like before, we run the clip, timid, two men, because people are going to make an assumption. S holiday, went on this show to disclose and sort of help the public talk about her struggle with Anorexia, I know what you're saying all must be taken of the wrong test. How would I know you're thinking of the exactly correct tests holiday and, yes, she claims to be interacts. Ec Eureka. I was like I'm fat like when you think of the term Anorexia you associated with them ass. He ate bodies. Like you said earlier, we won't have so many people saying things to online, I'm tough as now It gets to you and you kind of you it's. I would be lying if I said that I didn't to man so luxury their level of Fang. All you do. Is you later you look her usual, even though I know I'm not was extremely. selecting a wise lonely
that I won't even in Poland or back now says skies feel wonderful. I just wiggle from day my damn bunch like today I tried their feed myself. that into that great lasers rallies your guy. I'm just trying to cheat Android May without class signs are now we all everybody deserves food. Everybody deserves. The EU needs to be a can, take her, there's always always living illegally. Do you know if a body Could talk sick? We deserve care of ourselves body. Like Ellen house we deserve to live without judgment. Will that's the whole point we're trying to stop you from becoming gives Ellen? I have to live with lying LE. I dont. Most people think that anoraks here is interaction. Is an eating disorder where you dont were either you lose too much weight or you lose too much weight to quickly. That's what an erection is
they all nutrition of your entire body right, get hair falling eyelids. It's very said: just dreaded jump on not well jump. slowly, walk under yes and wagons, right, waddle, beak! I would now like to change the definition of anorexia to include this. What wonder doktor to say no do that. Why? Because that's what anorexia is you're the opposite of that went to visit them? They have They got a wall in your house. Yes, you know what have been helpful when you were younger and instead of hearing that. It's ok to be you all shapes and sizes. Do you you deserve. If you'd heard heard somebody say, hey need, work out, need to be careful, because this is gonna be upon for years- and I continue to get bigger. If you just keep eating, don't listen these people that say it's totally fine and totally healthy, which is exactly what we're doing and why we bring this up yet so this doesn't happen to another person we used to acknowledge is universally. I can't believe I'm saying this, because I am actually implying that that cheap serves a useful purpose, can
one get Michelle Obama in there with the lets me look at you, I mean yeah. She was right ass as it it's fine. Now you now No, I don't mean to pass judgment. Looked the problem here is a your diminishing right people with actual Anorexia K, it's a problem, and it is a problem that requires care and help by the way, the care that someone with Anorexia would require, is not the same as you would. Ok, just to be clear, also it's wrong to tell people that all body types are Our healthy, I'm not saying that you can have different body types, of course, but there's a pretty wide spectrum that fits within the parameters of health. Do we do we really not see how this ends up generationally? when there are there's no one there to say. No. Yes, yes, and I was anorexic. Yes, yes, and I really had to make sure you know, I'd pay you caught you probably cut out any of your friends who told you you're not
and Iraq. Second, that's why you're still allowed to go around saying you're anorexic, because that host didn't you know the whole response should have been. No one's could say that What kind of host what typically you something's with me. I think this will be in other words, even may move Yolanda, not to deliver yadda yadda lay in a game with each other's hurry. Real, then whole movie tragic, true story of Anorexia II. What are you so enjoy your target? Better response? This is like, I think, we're skipping over the elephant in the room, the hostess but there is a big problem, but it's it's gotta, but it's like they knew the problem, isn't that you just eat too much. The problem is that you think
That was a healthy lifestyle for so long and new. Didn't make a change to it in that sad for people, but it is, you have to be honest about it. Anymore, the Colorado they look. The problem is that you not right now, of course you deserve to eat. You know what Disney below these people never do. You know these people average and what I mean by these people, I mean grossly overweight people who want to tell you that its healthy wreck, no one's picking on chubby people here, what I mean is, Rosalie overweight people who also ironically, not ironically, just entire. Predictably Believin Socialized health care and that you shouldn't be denied for praise in conditions even That's an top out a pre existing conditions entirely preventable. How about that you all this? We will never do in riding with calorie luck. They never provide you with food an exercise, they always tell you and I exercise and I eat healthy and well then you are a miracle of science which Don't know what to do and they paint themselves into an octagonal corner when they say
Everything else is fine. You don't have anything wrong with me. Well then, what well then? What's I'm stumped? Yes, we are all stump. Be one thing if you said I have a thyroid condition which still wouldn't look I was the blood of you left IRA conditions. That's not just glandular or bodies treats Kailash shudder. Yes, yes, it's obesity! You where's, the eucharist, that is, if somebody there wade like seventy five pounds and was dying, was like well, I morbidly, obese and readjust played along. Yes, it's the exact, it's crazy that anybody just sit. There goes here. You are incorrect, sick. We people need food We shall we should plan a boy you're, just like that, a carpenter singer! Well, you suffer from the same affliction. It's weird member. What they were saying. The doktor shouldn't you and well money has contributed a problem right. Doctors like out along auditors. What do you need to fight
Dave because I was literally about this- this is two times and the sending of sex aim. Thank him. Mama, Catherine, right away. Ok, scary! Go ahead now powers that is, actors can even ask you about your weight being a problem when you committed like yeah just generally, don't feel good, ok! Well, let's start with them. I don't know where to start. I can't say the thing: that's obvious! I can't I can't even have you fill out a questionnaire that include think about its age? That's rude! To ask a woman! Ok, sex! You re! want to go down that route. Wait, you know what Just! Do here's a bunch of pills? Good luck! It good luck, there's only three spaces for numbers and seats on the cap. There were two lovers around couch. What kind of stupid shares this? It's a gigantic pull out of the US! That's what it's! What we used to transport whales
it's a horizontal hammock, really how they get them back in the ocean. Now I want to love, see Madame seats. I love in this. They love have nine seats. Really more of a guy bad Annie had an Iraq a Saturday of all days, so Mom brought her to minute clinic at sea vs, where you can see a provider Philip prescription and grab essentials like pain relief products, all in one visit, even on evenings and weekends. you can't even see us online with pale health options for quality, affordable care on your schedule. Visit minute clinic at sea vs, That's how healthier happens together. Services very eloquent prescriptions can be attained at pharmacy of choice. Visit mechanic accompanied house when God, so alright, we're gonna start talking to about which is none of these matters. To lift this is the issue. The key issue of our time is truth in the media, be the media is just as complicit and beg tech with the free.
system, fairest and most secure election in history. It is agreed that Jimmy Carter, just like their complicit with russian, russian pissing tapes on President Trump, which they ve now admitted product, wrote us just at a segment on that ethical, maybe bringing up next week. It doesn't exist. and they made has been complicit, it's it's. It's been complicit in a lie. Just They are when they say. Yes, yes, your healthy, also you're, all your anorexic, but now you healthy good, good, great you're, lying to people and you're killing them. Do you that do you that that? the sound of tests, holiday dying as we speak, and you're doing nothing and you're telling more kids. equality telling gives a light up. Did that forward that work. We did that now, just replacing that with little Debbie's we get people walk around thanks. It was a great
it has not been here. You're earn needs, pallbearers, doctrinal, Paul there, He could be that we undertake there would have to be lifting it come on a little guys not hold met when it had its own heart harness with better yes, smoking are itself, look that was not a slight to own harder. No, of course not know. Look David: I live in Canada, com slashed or, if you are watching and you like but you see you can see, more of this in worse, live with David, I say: happened and also some summer. Some do
a dual access. All may fourteen will be until October. That's almost sold out in big news. We just added another show in Colorado Springs June. Eighteen or we are adding the chickens are gonna, go on sale very soon, very we're adding it right. We can't really updated check back on the website. For that. So stop complaining. We hear you Although solo thing you go, and I know you have not even begun and Juliet Illinois is Juliet Juliet Juliet I really Julia Jake from Blues brothers. I assume its size, its outside of Chicago write, her name's gonna be Julia Goya, that's funny Julia than we really are like the wedding sing like that's. A great movies are grateful judge, I'm jerked jails, morbid Jack and Jill guy. He laughs at how dare you yes, I'm a woman now who care about whether we would do the same voice that module character than all my other workers toll booth. We our scope of big Al Qaeda.
enjoy now, God why we have to have already about agree about that? you love that it goes on vacations with all his friends the company's dime technology. Like this romantic comedy, but should it be set of an african safari its next? Next, you on mosques, space, Longitude, Adam Sandler, David's aid and Terry crews. Go pro that's what are they right through the mob? that's one hell of a licensing deal edge. What's Kevin James Fit right into their Farley role, Ok, so this is something I was. I was going over the idle member exactly when I started going over this, but let me start to self, with Jimmy Carter's, awful yeah, just a piss worst president histories, a modern american autonomy, Mr Fischer, go that far enough. I don't I don't Woodrow Wilson and others that are really know a lot about William Mckinley, but I assume he wasn't very good because their one for, like a day for a week, was the shortest
Well, that was the you're thinking of the less than one dollar a clips and you're actually get that was just death holiday on the diving. There was where I dont look directly at her right. I thought she was. The press is breaking board. Yes, I thought you were in a high dive. I was well almost but you're in the water. Yes, that's a heifer all. How does not happen Can't you see, I'm anorexic. Oh that's! While the waters out of who is that Louie? What name. Neither did the high dive thing when they did splash with all the things any like rolled off and that was his die. No it's back to school. For me, I don't know it's a game shows Louis something really really big comedian guy, I elderly Intercity Louisiana and they had a guy, and I got a surety. They were like you, gotta do a dive and they actually judged for it. I don't think it made it more than nine since how to find it.
William. Harrison was present for almost a month. Thirty one days, William. That's what I was thinking yeah, it's like someone say, no number, that's right! So many kidnaps, daughters! I'll have to act here like we really know a lot about William Heroes and heroines. of nine million Harrison. Someone else, and some more at this to me once that I have listened to, and I regard it as if I knew something like many remembering how many holes in one Kim Jong yet no reason. I should retain that knowledge, but I did look at the big brain on day for no again, if I could remember how to identify the coral snake versus impostor, suddenly red next, a yellow can kill a fellow rednecks the black. The point is, I dont. Remember it as much as I remember, Kim Jong goons holes in one, so I'm going to die well hell if its next biting union, just thinking about rhymes, you're, gonna, die welt awfully it's one of those dry bites. That's what I do with bombs now blue wire mark. But why
which, by the way, no more attacks by in the studio dear Manifesto, still, ok, just nor hoodies glasses will quality So Jimmy Carter is sucks to begin with, K. Marley was dead to begin with. I know that he was a horrible president and we all know that he is the reason that Ronald Reagan came in and was one of the most beloved presence in modern Americans. despite not being all that conservative Ronald Reagan. Ok, there's no hero, worship for on a rag- and here I shouldn't think, was better than Jimmy Carter. Now. This is not just something that I'm saying. I know if you read the New York Times that they now try and sort of bee apologists and say actually Jimmy Carter. Wasn't that bad, but that's about as good as they can give you, because it's been pretty widely agreed upon. That he's been bad, but now how even the media, and not because our being truthful, but because they're trying to save their own ass. is acknowledging that former vice President Biden
maybe inching Carter out, Americans have lost their confidence and President Biden and their optimism for the country at least they have right now, just twenty two percent of adults say we're headed right direction as shocking. Seventy one percent say we're on the wrong track. Only three intend Americans, only thirty percent say binds. Policies have improved the economy, nobody percent saving the hell. You think, but no wonder the President a raven. According to a survey release this week by Quinnapin University, stands it just thirty three percent confidence in the economy and dropped ten point over the last year to just thirty three. Percent. That is a major decline from sixty eight percent satisfaction back in twenty twenty more than half of the Americans think President Biden will go down as one of the worst present in american history. Maybe that's crazy. That's that's! Eleven! points more than President Trump? Well, yes, if he tweeted more be twelve or fifteen,
points me yeah that's right and I was really bad yeah. So I'm trying to think here of exactly how to look. I don't put much faith in poles. Ok, just to be clear about the fact that those poles change drama equally, which means that, even if you dont trust Paul's, you have to acknowledge the media. At some point is it's either the poles have shifted or the media is going, who we want to distance ourselves this guy either way objectively, he is doing pretty badly right so, for he was doing anything, we thought sixty eight percent thought he was doing good the minute he started twixt ever that that's not so bad in the minute. Those things started, having the effect on you that they're having now you're like okra, so let's go for a few, The Elles exactly how they compare and it's it's it's it's almost a mirroring of Jimmy Carter and I think, is important because I've talked about this in the past, where especially with Millennials generations ii. We never really had arrived we never really had a more conservative or limited government president, we had George W Bush, which we have built when we urgently
with Morocco, on whether they were all relatively similar write them are all sort of this to citizen point we're yet a pretty clear contrast with Carter and Regular say: ok, Boomer, keep in mind. This is the flower power generation. They were putting daisies in military rifles, just to be clear, then they became the most conservative generation are one of the most concern of generations ever. Why? Because I saw the contrast Boom Carter, they said Reagan, like that, I'm in a landslide, reelected, even a landslide, and then they said. Ok, that's that's the ticket that that it that I want now hear from you. This generation hasn't really had that yet, but I think there's a pretty clear contrast now, yet ears of rock Obama. Everyone just Donald Trump, certainly a different three years, I'm not getting that last year because our them anymore because there was an owner blown up the crisis aunt em exhorted came from a bat
somewhere in the world and now we're back to. Basically similar restoration met this guy. This is the former vice president. So eight years three, and now we have another four there's value in that now. Let's compare Biden too Carter. What do we have sky high gas crisis right? prices overall oil well over a hundred dollars a barrel as of this morning, it's for thirty one. as the national cash average price for a gallon of guests. Ford where's and thirty one since the highest that it has been in this country. I think it's like five eighty something right now in California, the average under the highest is like seven in certain places right five, eighty, something as the average, I believe, is what I looked at this, which, by the way did you and John Stewart Pie Gasser soon therein they couldn't find an answer. they were saying I: why do you think that what you think it's so high so high in California in the gas because began DR everywhere? Have you heard of Texas Guess by would bring it back up like this map? Look look at the place
their eyes red is the highest in the middle of the kind free there in the conservative places the low there's a lot of land to cover their which, by the way, is a really shitty map because are showing the blue states is red yacht. While trying to trick you that's just a little subtlety, so this this is a direct result right with buying. Of course, we know about Keystone, not just Keystone, Mosquito Keystone, that we know about his limiting of, willing, United States, no more onshore leases and, of course, look it's more complicated than how much oil we have right. Now, it's a speculative market, but the point is oil is more expense Can we have a president who wants to tranche two green energy that just isn't in the cards right now. That's why everything is more expensive. How do you know because he said it? Ok now as a result- and this is what I just saw this report this week- this- that's it that's the exacting, that's the Jimmy Carter set as a result, the media.
to carry the water for former vice present Joe Biden, but rather than tell you look, this is a major stir up from this administration, and you know these. Seventy something per cent of you who think that were worse off are correct. They want you, They want you, the other, not the bourgeoisie, though the proletariat I believe, I'm using the correctly. They want you to change a driving at the pain at the palm heating Americans in the pocket book. First of all, you know it's gives going up, prices reaching a record high, an average of four seventeen, a gallon some tips to keep your wallet from hating e, otters, dining with the way you drive AAA try to group your trips together, accelerate, gradually avoiding jack, rabbit, startled and paint your sites when approaching a red light. Let your foot off the gas as early as possible on the interstate experts recommend blow senior speed. I just drove back from temperature Chicago. I went sixty miles an hour. I got thirty two miles a gallon when I bumped it up Six miles an hour. It went down.
twenty nine miles a and try your car idling ultra to live, how many, how many miles per gallon do I get. If I run you reporters over shift into neutral when you hit a hill and lightning you're like a penny on a train track, learn I don't I figured if I figured if they want to do a slow acceleration. What if I have to go real fats, I'm innocent I can always just slowly accelerator over your foot. Sometimes I have to get somewhere furtively, I drove Ridiculous amount at sixty miles an hour long strive in my life, the utter gas mileage, yeah yeah yeah. I was going to wonder everyone was angry. Yes, that's how you should draw up all that's also because I'm because I'm an absolute pussy, I was driving in the left lane. I got a ticket, foregoing slow in the left, lame- and I didn't know this, but they can officially revoke my actual birth certificate as a male they tore and the officer slugged. Yes, it's totally legal, yet completely legal. I was very
prize, because I'm very white said you know. I am a cigar, asshole who told us to drive eight miles slower to save money on gas hear me with his knights deck now, so you see it. right, ginger driving change. Your driving up. It's here that this is the first time in its happened itself. Warned us us people who I'm in my early thirties rendered. Maybe you and your twenties it's for us because we have experience. I guess what gas shortages gas lines soaring gas prices you're, parents remember this under Jimmy Carter happened and it happened. Vermont the recent internationally we'll get to that too. Some failed international policies, but it also because of domestic policy and what happened as a result of that there was a actual fifty five miles per hour, speed limit where it came from? Yes, it wasn't there before that you're saying it was something else legal. As you have said, there are some places that didn't have speed limits. They just have safe insane was considered a policy. That's that's another, like you know, bargaining worth fifty five I have at sixty five and in some places got seventy. What we say
we don't have. We don't have. There should be places of no speed limits, so we don't have an odd bond basically bet with this. Now it yeah I'll because which she reporter and its scope, four miles less per hour. I am going to take every nine eleven people were arrested for jacking up the gas prices to lower than it is now right here amazing, give everyone oil, Baron from Fern golly blanks, Severe Yakima Admettre, heard every right, let's rock Obama, said during his gas bike. It's weird how this happens under democratic control regime at understand it he said. that just make sure you earlier tyres? Yeah, you remember that right now, not a hundred percent wrong. It is like ok, fine that'll, take what two cents, often like our game point. Oh two percent fine So it's just make sure your tyres and, like all you tell that to half the Senate. Is I'm stabbing them Well, I figured if a lot of guys untidy men, don't know how to do that. Right, just be Claremont tyres to
not stabbing person even then its negative. I we want eyelash a tire. Yes, just prices right, outta, face. I won't foreign policy will compare binding Jimmy Carter Ex Irish laughing as we are that's a report would save average prices for forced seventy four seventy days ago. I think it's for thirty something today about fifty sixty cents in the last week I believe yeah! Well, I ll get fat checked by writers just because, since coming on the show the gas prices actually change, you'd be closer to the price at the beginning of the show playing plank up now pay fourteen dollars ago, and as long as I can drive
Tesla, yeah I'll pay, an extra few dollars a gallon so long as my driver gets me to my place on time. I don't care, I don't mind if my Uber's one thousand four hundred dollars to go to the grocery store all right, that foreign policy. This is an important thing, there's a lot of a similar, it's not just Russia. We ve talked about Russia quite a bit so I'd just in a rehash all that today, I think you know where I stand now binding. forget Afghanistan, because it's a pretty good parallel here with What happened in Afghanistan? What happened? Happily Jimmy Carter Interim he's or a hundred to two hundred Americans left in Afghanistan, former vice President Obama, Then at a house you and Kevin Mccarthy said that only fifty four hundred of eleven to fifteen thousand Americans had been evacuated. Here's the thing we no the official number. I want to be clear before you fat check. We don't know. The official number of Americans have been evacuated versus the number of Americans who were there remained there. I said there wouldn't be one
and it certainly more than an hour give or take a couple. Doesn't that former vice President Biden gave you ok, so there's El Americans, Trinity, Afghanistan, let's just agree- and it's more than former Vice President Biden predicted or told you about that parallels exactly again. worst, president history, up until now Jimmy Carter, the iranian hostage crisis, if you guys are oh, you know about the crisis. You know about the hostage situation. You know what happened. You know how it started going. probably dont know, is sixty something hostages. Firstly, six ordered something down: p, o er, let go, but if these more hydrogen forty four days, forty four disease, sera more hunted for you. They were only released one Ronald took office along with the solar panels. So I'm leaving effectively hostages, right and then Carter same exact thing. same exact scenario, just to be, which is also emblematic of the respect that we have internationally keep in mind. I get that you think lotta people didn't like Donald Trump personally, but they,
body was crazy enough to do the crazy shit. He said he was gonna. Do there he would have p, would have gotten us out of Afghanistan in a much more planned. Look. If you ve heard him talk about it's like guys, this was not rocket science, you don't pull out of the country at this time of year. That's when people go to war like you, do it in a different time of year and its much safer for everybody and all- and you know what else even just talk just really quickly: Russia, Ukraine, lotta people, don't like this, I don't even know how much we ve talked about this and show you know Donald Trump said no. If you gonna do gonna. Do the Keystone North. Nor should that's got you're going to do this through Ukraine right. Why cause forces them to their, not bomb them, and if it and if you don't k, I'm gonna burn you. I hope that's what I just the agreed time agitating I hope and Crystal clear who does not like your leg, talk he's! Not all talk. Just he's crazy enough with three years to see what happens. Internationally. This is what happens when you are dependent on the end
G when you are dependent on these co depend when you're these codes, call it what it is. Co dependency countries that would like to see us wiped off the face of the map. The only reason that they don't is because we're powerful enough to mitigate their power- and we also have Democrats like Carter, like former vice prison by who want to eliminate our powerful standing in the world. It's just is it me? Ok, let's go to inflation. This is one how does affect you under former vice president fine. You all know this, inflation in the consumer price index is. When you hear me to use the term sepia, I that's what it me. that sort of a general measurement- and I ll come back to it, because now it's misleading safety. I now went up
seven point nine percent through February in twenty two. Now you ve all heard this, but just so you don't take my word for it. This is the highest in this key highest inflation rate for a quarter remote in forty years a year over year. Seven point: nine percent is the inflation number that is a forty year high month over month of eight tenths of a percent that shows it even month to month. Inflation is accelerating, it is gas, it is shelter. It is food groceries all these things. You basically can't live without our rising here. So when you dig into, numbers, you can see just why so many Americans are so sour on the economy. On those opinion polls, that's good disagreed from an onion. Very little sour, sound autonomy
what little Tommy gone. Oh job crippling furniture who owes its lists are no home can afford the drying. Canst soccer games, food too expensive in terms of Euro Lades, leaves a bad taste in my mouth snarls there left complete. That's a forty year high do the math forty years, Oh, it's a four year high exactly since the embarrassment that president, Jimmy Carter, where the c I rose, thirteen point five percent thirteen point five percent yet under garden nineteen now here's the thing that matters that a lot of people send because sometimes the way that we should like a vaccine adverse
reactions like we just write my change, the number sort of like out and mortality rate when people, so we have a higher one United States because we actually count the lives that our loss, whereas they just that it's not a life in a lot of other nations, the sepia right, the consumer price index. When we're talking of this inflation under Carter. At thirteen point, five that included the rising cost of housing, which have you paying attention kind of a big deal today, so the rate that you see of seven point whatever percent under by does not include that if you would just for that for an apples to apples comparison, the inflation rate- actually be eleven percent of Monday for all those who have responsibility for what they called Reaganomics entry to like it was a bad thing was like, so you could still by a home after what he did to the country right. Would you know what the interest rates were? Then you
about three four or five percent of these are now you're like that's crazy. It was. It was in the double digits, oh for sure, maybe even some cases. Twenty percent can you met. I was ever use Karla afterwards. I can get a car for only twenty percent data wholly rap, no idea what it's like to live under the mistakes of this kind of administration, but unfortunately, we're about to find out now far in Detroit were a cape and floor around and gave everybody low prices with the twenty percent. and interest rates straight and ultimately, why you got angry sideline units super at the time I would like only twenty percent. It was really they. How do I do it? I'm guessing something illegal. the rise, the wealthiest like business man in the world and he owned a car locked. Sarah,
how're. Jimmy Carter. The presidency was in the motor city is correct. As you are, they go even ship on the roll out of the parking garage I overlooked my bombed out crackdown here, twenty percent- that's a good deal I want to tell you saw me. I told you honey that it'll get done. Gould had elect the sub, letting drugs hookers haven edge didn't want the high interest. They're like you really are taken a lot of cash for brand new elder nope portrayal laid his hand me. A lot of money with blood on your Fleetwood still spends his aunt lecture. Just cochlea rhinos word This episode is Bronte by simple mobile, tired of being tied With a wireless contract switch
simple mobile and stay connected on a powerful nation, wide five g network. Unlimited talk, text and data starts at thirty dollars a month with no contracts, activation fees or credit visit simple mobile dot com. Today, with the old in with the simple compatible five g capable device and simmer where actual availability coverage and speed may vary. Five g network not available in all areas. One month equals thirty dicks, see terms and conditions that simple mobile dotcom, so we'd gone through what we got to inflation. We ve gone through international policy with Gunnar gas prices by themselves. Energy prices because inflation is is something that affects everything and energy prices are some answer of exist. Will exist as a portion of inflation, but it's an entirely different beast altogether. When it's this bad and keep in mind too that, with the rising cost of energy, there is that rubber band effect so we're going to see very likely far worse, inflation and you'll see them trend, massage numbers to tell you that it's not that that kind of like when they told you inflation was a good thing, but now they're telling you that the Gonna do something to get
us down a brilliant. What what do you do that, if it's a good thing to get? None of this makes sense. So this brings us to another comparison. That is Ashraf Results- and this is this: is silver lining folks. Ok, the disastrous results of Jimmy Carter lead to what led to what do what mid term. and in those mid term to have these numbers in front of us plus three right, they gained Republican, came three seats in the Senate again fifteen in the house. and there were six republican governor, wins less six republican governors. That was It until it broke up, allows considered an unbelievable shift in mid terms, while in Europe to see it again. That's that book at big time show. This brings me to my Midterms Jimmy Carter. We don't have them yet even the media at this point is tat. To soften the blow. It's what psychologists call front loading by letting you know that this is gonna, hurt,
invited will enter his second year in office after the new year, but he faces a big test. Can he and Democrats hold onto their power The twenty twenty two mid term elections are expected to be tough for democrats according to an average of poles by five. Thirty eight, Mr Bite. rating has dropped to the local authorities, the NBC useful at the end of last year and I'll show you where things were so on directional country, seventy So once you are not adding in big ties, assembly territory look at a presidential, corroborated as of our most, alas, pull here I meant a minute. You can see is approval sitting at forty two again that would put Democrats initial lacking territory in April, I think we really pretty good about the direction early in a bind administration, they thought covered with getting better. They thought the economy's Gruber. You look at this number long. Seventy point three from April two August that aid that's a big drop
number two, it's worse now, number roughly everybody hello. Eighty, the dark, the income and party needs to worry thirty. One percent of Ireland's approve of how Joe Biden has handling its duties as president, while a whopping sixty two percent disapprove This pole, then, is readily understood as aware, where glaring rent alarm for not lacking, but especially down ballot Democrats, and I worry and elsewhere who will be running in the twenty twenty two measures also love how the media just assumes that this concerns you, because these are warning bells now these are victory bells pitch people don't under though they assume they didn't have terrible in the lot of no sixty. One percent are saying that's why I said what I said on that as active. What are you talking about whom you dropping? Two things are about to get better alarm is what's corona half or thereabouts, get less worse, well, yeah! Well, less!
a horrible gas. If they come in and don't do anything aims, will I gotta give up on you the Republicans? Yes, yes, I'm just laughs at all ass guy out, yes, well at dollar, for gas and money in the bank, So I'll, don't get me started on those snoopy tweets, low unemployment who needs that he said it sexual thing on a bus once you, I know that son of a beast, ing and honest they didn't condom sounded fun, so it was Billy vigour. Thirdly, a Billy who Billy Bush Billy Billy Unemployed, who would want to impress Billy boy he's just trying to make conversation Billy Bush Yoda. Where would you talk at one of you was nervous looking himself in the mere before like cattle Press, Mr Bush only get one first impression I fell results. I did it wrong. Or
Jack Bailey, absent really added frigate have occurred. Was I've incorrigible ray you, I've be my friend. We have to have the just try? Skiff never happened ever exactly. That's all it's what I know, that's why you say a sentence like that gets knots of such acts. I you dont want within a set of homo onto and there like, ok and action bad you out of it. I did it dunwoodie natural oceans, They have even they haven't even check the gate, half way down the hall, it just take em. Now it's fine! So this This is a bonus point here too. They realized tat. Actually, someone else here brought to my attention. You Jimmy Carter, voter fraud, now I am not referring to it all the safest and most secure russian in history every night
Amber a month, a lot of Canada that conflict mocha, we'll talk but a little bit more later, but here on you. For all intents and purposes, on Youtube best election ever best yeah yeah, I'm such a huge fan is the godfather to of elections. of that there can be no debate so Jimmy Carter was very concerned, though, on an unrelated note male voter fraud. He was so concerned with fraud and election integrity that Jimmy Carter actually formed the commission on federal election reform. produced by the way two thousand five fraud voter fraud report. This was something that he was very concerned about and Their parallel up until he was hold to not say these things anymore, and so we set them for a little bit longer, but then eventually stopped former. Vice president Joe Biden, was really concerned with voter fraud election integrity. Secondly,
we're in a situation where we have put together You guys did data for our meeting with the President Obama's administration before this House together. I think the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history. american politics behind a second other. Why would you need that Joe Jimmy the antics Fraud is data, yet it doesn't exist We now know this put together the greatest voter fraud team in the entire world. I mean Anti AIDS. I vote yeah, that's what I like putting a guy in charge of curing cancer who thinks it's a myth. I made it just. The point is right they both, so you can come and below. Let me know if there's comparison here. If there's a similarity that you think I've missed, but to recap it.
Jimmy Carter. We had a horrible economy, it hurt who the middle class the most we had unbelievable taxes, we had unbelievable inflation are, are standing in the way that the global marketplace was far worse to the point, where there is a landslide election, almost unprecedented Ronald Reagan, and then, of course, you saw this reelection with him. We have this exact same contrasts, rain with Donald Trump, only in reverse and President Joe Biden former vice present. by President Barack Obama thing is here, we have Donald Trump outside sandwiched between eight years former Vice President Biden and his ilk and then another four years, and I do think it will be for years. Amid unless you know, unless it is, is voter fraud organization isn't worth it salt? What's it gets into higher gear? I believe you can understand the implication assert he's the most popular president,
You know what pisses me off too. We said this. We knew this going into it. We told you this was going to happen. Donald Trump is looking like he's clairvoyant, calling the shot before it happened. Seven dollars gas is heading. Your way like we knew this was going to happen. How did you think this was going to end? Also. I grabbed clairvoyant What kind of stuff tat come if you want to somebody shirts aside, I hadn't we found I just I couldn't go somewhere that I gave it the old college ears was genuine. His is not now who could have in this coming: half the country. If more people wanted? right now. I may not have not not what I mean is using this. Coming almost half the country more or less all has all this coming and voted for. The guy that thought would prevent than have.
who did for anybody in history other than the guy running rights that the only people that he is coming were eighty nine of the nineteen bellwether counties. Yet no president has won in law. Some election since nineteen. Eighty. My point is: there are some People who could have seen this coming, but not enough to have voted for the man in record numbers who said this was coming. So let's just be really clear references available out of colored outcome. I hate big text so much I that this is where we are where people have to be careful with the truth tat how they have to be less careful telling people that she's anorexic and that people should go to their doctor in it's about discrimination. If he says you not what you might wanna be less than four hundred pounds. She is less work
about medical misinformation, then we are reporting on documents from the FDA by court order. That's the world eleven. What are you sure of actors playing doctors when they go in yeah, like not actual medical, prefer, Patrick Dempsey, David S, work in an hour play and make believe this room yeah exactly in the zones doing actual surgery? How pretender Anorexic and just like some actor who needs a character device whose eyes using the formulated paddling, where we're losing him. I'm just here for George Clooney back when you still going ahead Bob I'm still on you too. By the way we ve said some, I don't truth. Angry truth, Amira stolen. I know we're still on Tik Tok, which is incredible because we are actually trying to yes, excise is something we have actively been trying to get removed from Tiktok and seek it. I dont like the Communist Chinese and unfortunately, we just keep racking up. Could we ve been banned from tectonic four times and now what we started this this mission and his hashtag trash tiktok? We just wreck
Tens of millions of views, so we are going to go and today, because I have failed you it's time to trust doc all right Have you have on the whole, I got. How do they do this on a hot and a cup with nine chicken coop? They don't wear the headphones, but it doesn't make them so you're, so they originally a ban from Tik Tok. Realistically now tick just put in some new rules. I want to try to get it right. Helpful new rules about misinformation, K which helps us here,
this information while Reed, I read it as the writers of rigid as the writers for Tiktok programme. Misinformation is defined as content, that is inaccurate or false. We always information that causes significant harm to our individual community or public, regardless of intent. Significant harm include Syria. Physical injury, newness Beth. psychological, drawn up rather scale damage and also mining of public trust in? public institutions and processes processes holidays. Processes such as governments, erections and scientific bodies, level like a real online or the Communist Party of China other than the son of a bitch. This is a very hard, but a lot of guys you take it. I get off again. I hate budget for another rice, Patty hat I fear that analysis bonnet little fish
I assume you still have the US, the don't go, music is lying. Guess it's alright, tik Tok and it's brilliant. You ready going on Tik Tok right render talk, I guess from one thousand two hundred and seventy nine to one thousand three hundred and sixty eight China was ruled by the Mongols, Tik Tok. during World WAR, two MAO's Commies hid away in the hills like the cowards that they were well. Chinese nationalists fought the Japanese also MAO's carbon Killed millions of people during the Cultural Revolution, title Gdp per capita is nearly three times larger than China's, because They are better than you communist Chinese, partly just to be clear in our decision by coming chinese parliament owners picked up. China is the third world country by the way in the world for human trafficking, at the beginning of the covert outbreak which China cost landlords
one Joe kick dozens of Africans out of their homes for no apparent reason. Just so you guys know so. That's just in case. You thought that there was no racism in China. China steals about six hundred billion dollars worth of IP from the United States every year. Tiktok This is true: Tik Tok, ammonia, PLAID better come out and power make up. Chinese street vendors use gutter oil to cook their food commonly referred to as human shit, China loves harvesting organs from plethora of minority groups bombs. I just thought it was ok. I don't know why gee, Condos diamond MIKE Tyson, would kick the ever loving crap out a brutally. Now here's something I just! This is also a problem at the navigate this. So the next few facts that I have in mind the hashtag is trash Tik Tok. So please go. I want all of you to do your best as well. The next few facts that I pertaining to the new tik Tok rules.
Are actually not only a violation of Tik Tok, but could be a violin in our view to specifically, specifically. So this is a thing you don't think that their work be altogether in Cahoots. Three Georgia We know that we certainly have no letter undermining of public trust in civic institutions and processes such as governments, elections and scientific bodies. Now necessarily know how that works, because some of the things that I want to say about the coming chinese government in the American Congress government one we banned from Tik Tok, but I dont want to be banned from Youtube, so we're going continue this segment and then, of course, uploaded to Tiktok on my club is not on Youtube. So leave occur meant below, if you wanna let the tick tock overlords know that you hate them. It's chat Thursday lot of Canada conflict, of Youtube. You know exactly where you can piss off
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