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Ye Calls Out Elon Musk for Being a Chinese Clone!

2022-12-05 | 🔗

According to Kanye, Elon Musk is half a Chinese guy. That ISN'T true ... though Musk is dependent on China. Also, the Balenciaga scandal manages to get more gross. And Western media shilled for the Iranian regime.

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Ahoy out their land hose? It's me, Dave landau and I'm taken over the show today, louder with crowded, with Dave, we're gonna die in about elon musk, balenciaga and some other fun stuff, so listen
listen and tell your friends tell your mom. I, like your mom, ah ahoy, I can hear anything in my headphones. I now understand what stevens complaining keeps.
really low. He does. It has won a blow airs outside. Oh, I have man years. I today very exciting therein. We talk a lot. eli mosque. Is he try me? Oh my goodness, balenciaga update, involves a penis knows dow seriously. I know their own backwater. I've been waiting for me. Your report's fake news. I ran theirs. oh heartwarming story of a canadian woman offered assistance by the government and mug club wigand, play, they don't make em like they used to those on connery devil, o seven, additional and also question the day. On a scale of one to ten. How insane do you think he is he yea? Whatever is as kenya west? How insane do you think I knew west is everything his appearance on Alex Jones raving psycho No gazelle jones will actually be here tomorrow.
Make Alex Jones feel uncomfortable on that ship you're like will. Okay, he may have said something spicy. He was laughing in discomfort and it was is fun to watch you file the file for bankruptcy the very next day. I don't think that timing had anything to do with it, but the show was a blow to the ego. I but you can see me the summer Sixteen, the seventeenth at the funny bone in syracuse, new york and the other things out. This weekend, I'll be at the comedy castle in Detroit come out in Detroit. They do over castle. if they have a few castles they do, but before we get into this, let's go ahead, geral de. How are you doing today? Well, sir? How are you I'm fine, I'm alive? How was the the the finishing leg of the fall tour? The rebels with a cause tour? It was amazing. The people injures in baltimore were absolutely incredible awesome. I can't thank you guys enough for coming out boring and everybody here who has supported us. This whole tour. Thank you so much
were. It means the world ass. It really does an except one play. We know it's over every place was good. Every place was fun token. Now, and how are you today? A haughty you accuser good morning. car, that's better to TIM, the tool man good morning, sir good morning, he was with us all weekend. Yeah somebody actually gave me. This hat was oh really. When they are in jerseys, he was operating the spot. Oh that's also everything camera. Let's read that their whole it up Don't blame me. I voted for trauma. I like it. I like it. And someone gave us some some stuff too will but our peace there as well will say that this surely I will save that discussion over another day, warts anyway, and we also have one of my favorite people.
Daddy how you doing today? Well great david! Thank you. Yes, you are also on the tour. Thus this week I wasn't. Everyone slept in a plane, but you and I sat up and talked yesterday- you crapped out on me eventually and snored. I passed out for like a good twenty minutes, but I woke up just to hear the stories of the people that had been on the plane recently and I liked that you were very confused when you woke up. Yes, it was like george, no brother were out dark. You know your like I'd go, I thought I was a seat and she's a minute ago, my dapper dan, in your area and people love taking photos with you. You know the odd photo come on. You guys take thousands yet within their legs. brought daddy getting this photo or they randy. You take the picture, they love you and I got stephen college out in baltimore because he saw your silhouette. I was standing right behind TIM yeah had been assigned oughta give stashed enough light. Yeah they said, get get up
he literally just saw your outline its like nothing. Better than I do, I, like John bailed on make just took off when I left home about yet another fans are great, though there such great people and I love to see how they interact with you guys in there just so fiercely loyal, it's great. They really are nice people and we had thomas finnegan smoking a cigarette in every historic theatre, so that was a first down. This place was built in eighteen, ninety eight and he lights up yep, it's an addiction. Darren I mean. Let's be, india, you can't get through an eight minutes. So about this? This year? Is twenty honey to that's a good answer, honest people became more set by the day? Here we have a female tik tok or whose growing out of her body
we're going airing out her body here I saw enough that wasn't there it's going to be fun today, I know I have lasik, but I also get starburst. We were talking about this, so everything to me has a glare. Oh, no yeah christmas lights must kill you their fun, though, if my as ppd kicks in it's like a little acid trip young for reading glasses. Yet you don't need them to read, not yet. No, I definitely gonna need them, though. It's a good trade off distance vision with lasik for the deal, but now they can with the whole bionic icing with a new lens, so I dunno, if I'm there yet, but I didn't do the laser thing and everybody's like a laser in your eyes and I'm like it's awesome, a piece of cake yeah, I think mine took six minutes and then after they, you sleep for eight hours, it's done of greatest recoup time ever you can get is it by me at days later Yeah he's a professional. Yes, I, while I try to ignore what don't worry about it, I'll fix your eyes extra that casey cater
We have a yo yo, here's a female tik tok or whose during our body here wants you to know about it you're so observant yeah. I do have belly here. I also have aren't you ere. You back here is a bit like here, and our hair. She's a ties area, How do you live in a data data really where it like grows hair and then I don't do anything about it, because there is no rules emulate you have to that's it. As your trail, because it doesn't go up to her mouth. He says uptown, yeah everything's a fan There is no law that says I have to have body hair yeah, but you know shaven,
now having a little bit of arm hair. Okay, fine! That's! I don't think that's a big deal know that chest belly like the trail hair, I'm like that's a little weird when you're doing it, you're literally wearing a shirt that shows off that particular area of the body and then you're complaining that people notice that you're, like hey. Are you italian, something where they have air oliver, the boys and she let her know, I'm a dick, that's just not involving little austin powers. Tuft Yes, it is a nice again. She has a giant just bert reynolds carpet, just just a bear skin rug of a of a cleavage. I don't understand the virtue in it. I just don't be pissed off that people like that's a little weird, which is why young lady we're sending you a free man's sky yeah. There you go, you can enjoy that and stop grossing out your boyfriend, this holiday season, but wait kids that have family
Oh yes, us also good news manner, disgusting and don't really care if they are drunk enough, you're drunk enough you're gonna get bank. alright, I'm just being honest like if I was hammered in high school, the executor. It looks like shredding in college, and somebody was like. I have some chest: hair and pet hair it'd be like the whatever My forms, though that's a bridge to hear this one's here. This is but looking like a really yeah might possibly be arm good, oh she's, or ask watches what happened No good luck to her. I think you're gonna make a man very miserable, yes, on Friday night elon musk drafted slew of files that showed Democrats directly colluding with twitter to censor information. They didn't like this was hugh.
There was a massive. I was watching the whole thing. I was five o clock for andrea, yet he announced severe twitter that the threat that matthew, isn t idea, tybee tybee, I'd ass report creation. Clarification is well yeah, but he put it there more expected to be released today will be covering that tomorrow, when Stevens back at the desk and, of course on that and review, will be none other than Alex drought. Yes and he died because, like you said, there's more coming out today, our guys are going through every single piece of information. They can possibly go through to get all the details, and everybody wants to talk about this story, and we should because it shows dems being caught red handed and also leads to some shenanigans with trumpet we'll talk about tomorrow in his response to all of this, so stay tuned that its
really fascinating. Just what came out on how corrupt says. I ain't it's beautiful, to say finally that the response from everybody one going after this guy and to kind of saying that this is really nothing. It's just all penis pics of hunter Biden, unlike ok yeah, you didn't read any of this because James woods didn't send a pin, His pick and that's not why he was asked to be removed, so yeah you're, going to end up in some really interesting legal he's going to sue the Dnc and, yes, he hopes enough people drafted behind him. I'm sure he's looking at a class action. Oh yeah, yeah, absolutely as he he can't afford to do that. Maybe they'd wear him out, though, for sure yeah yeah. I bet Merrick. Ireland is going to take faction. Yes, you yeah on visa isabel, get I'm so glad you us out of the supreme court. We did good on that. One is an african things frozen this winter daddy's an awful anyone. Today though, we interact a little bit more about elon musk. If he has want
sunday on his instagram congo, worst hypothesized, that elon musk is actually a chinese hybrid experiment each year put out some lovely little messages such as am I the only one who thinks ilan could be half chinese heavy? ever seen as big as a child. A boy alex the triple down? Does all caps too? Oh, yes, not all yelling grandpa, yes, yeah! Also, a road take a chinese genius and make them with and made them with a south african supermodel, and you have elon that's not a bad anywhere else. so far so good on the yeah. I mean I'd, be like sure I'll. Take that now you're saying that yeah, I'm a hot man and we have an elon- and he said we have
and the elon yeah, because the next part is where you know. You thought this was crazy to begin with. Well, he has when he says that I say an elon, because they probably made ten to thirty e lawns and he's the for us genetic. I read the stock. Well, let's forget about obama and humble just science. So I was like, oh okay, so he thinks that chinese spy are a brilliant chinese person, not a spy mated with a south, okay, yeah fine- and that's that's nice because he's smart and he looks good and that's what he's saying and then he's like no you're you're, like part of a hybrid project that from a disturbing and movie that we watched watchword. Most people didn't survive, but you finally dead right one if you won't, go and come and do you think, there's a lot of truth to this. I mean you're an idiot, but go ahead and come what may shriek
you know what you want. You start saying the qualities of hitler: people, don't listen! You anymore, how they shouldn't it's really just the truth. If you think this is all true, just let us know so that we can mark you, the edges I want to know where you are all right, so I can stay away from their. Where we learned is lord. Was that something anyway Speaking of obama. Elon responded to this claim on his twitter, saying I take that as a compliment. Look at that we go. We can see that nice kanya then screen cracked and screencap the tweet and posted it on his instagram. With the reply, was meant as a compliment. My friend now Obama, on the other hand again, it would seem like trolling. Had it not been for the hitler outburst you know are so bad. If I'm going to go ahead and say this, I know takes some guts guys, take some guts go for it, not a fan of hitler. Nor should it be. They thought it was bad habit,
these data hainault near me too. I don't see the point that was simple right and if you can, putting a party. That's been dead for some eggs, ridiculous. If you can see yourself one year you're a silly really I'll say it now, right it's not my silence mean anything other than guys, I'm doing fine. When no, I'm just glad to appear here. Look you don't have to speak our shame. I agree with what a stew we think the side with those somebody's like yeah good qualities, hit the like Of course, if you dont, like hitler, Let us know who you really don't be afraid geiss. Let's do this! It's about time, take the hard stare. He gets his comeuppance,
Now, after his now after countless appearance on Alex Jones, it's pretty clear. He YE is insane, but he might not be completely wrong about elon being part. Chinese elon actually sent us some exclusive footage of him addressing the claims hi. I wonder why, I'm a low ma me money came to europe There was actually three million dollars and he didn't even pick it up. Now you don't band young, pick up pockets now you drop unlikelier like just leave it. That's for the birds is important fortunate soul come along and picked up and have a better day. Yes, If you're wondering about YI's obama comments, I dunno, if it's year, yea it's if it's, why he it's yea, not calling it yea, because that's not how it's spelled it needs. It needs an accent that they have in some languages. Ye have
yeah, maybe an own lot away. So, if you're, what what's that racist, nothing, it's the two pronged at its head is it's a too old things above the o, the online friendships and acts on a group which is a means it goes a instead, it ye english is- and I don't give a damn- that yeah there's a great document called american movie, where the guy calls the movie coven, but he puts an umlaut over the one one of the actresses like well, so it's it's it's coven and it's like no, it's covered. Which was, however, you put an online over the owes its cove keep and waited met, roundabouts What's that you ve been waiting to use that reference. I've used it! That's the only reason I note a new law is one thing I learned at school. So an end. If you're wondering about gaze obama comments, we ve actually obtained an uneducated photo that the former president doesn't want. You to see, I lost, the area of na
betsy, gremlins and the system this morning, I'll get around. That's gonna that was my face before they went up According to morgan stanley, to a morgan. Stanley analysed one half of teslas profitability comes from the chinese market, no wet market. Now out of a market. Oh, do they have drives they do. But so the thing is he's he's, maybe not ethnically chinese, but he is beholden. It seems too, china in a lot away, so we ve touted him as being this free speech advocate an that's right he's in some great thanks for that. But there are some shit comings, and this is something that we always do. We did have a donald trump. We deal with everybody, even if we love you, if you're not kind of doing so is that you should be doing like speaking out on protest or something like that. Then we're gonna call you out just a little bit on end. So that's why we're we're covering these things he kicked depends on a lot of his prophet to come from china. So now is it? Is it, prize that he's been a little silent on things that are happening
Yet one january tell sleeve and open days show room in some they all say that changing. Yet I think that's close. That's that's fair right jingsheng in exact, I think it's that I dont know, what were you gonna put an axe and not the word men after it, you ve lost my way in closing is mine over the right now. Creation right now Ireland has a very good education. I haven't aithra education, so work they do lane. What do you do? What do you do you're, smarter than made us, I mean you're smarter than we must must also praise china for them, progress in hope, there's a word over that a sustainable at her
lecter joke solely for us. The overlay there in the sustainable energy. Ah, Few seem to realise that china is leading the world and renewable energy generation and electric vehicles, whatever you may think, of china. This is simply, of course, if you like, it is also a fact that when you fly in there's a gray brown cloud over the main and, as you come in off the ocean las used to be, I don't know if it's still that way, but you mean, like jersey, was this weekend? No offense, but that's that's yeah, get some big fans or something blow it into new york. If you have to oh, my god, it's just a joke. It's all these chemical plants, it just pick you're gonna. U, tuna die it's so much love. What we're all gonna die eventually than I am. with a meteor, was coming. It's not even the worst news we would have today. That's true,
get not here lived and now that's what I've always says. That's what the so the doktor told me last week said especially you and he kissed aright, so that china, canary hope that china, curtains polluter, yeah shit, responsibility for the same amount of carbon emissions as the next four countries combined usa, indiana, russia and japan. The indiana is estate in india slave note. In fairness as well. Indiana Indiana, though Will he is dirty? Is india clothes yeah? I don't know why. I just sit in vienna slightly less population just yet under a slight
just like anything about no bigger, raggedly cambodia or the basketball, affable nigh, like good bye, lay parts indiana part of its nice just because they have been deeply. From there watching and I want to perform their, but no you're states great. Go even greater older, we those winger those people are awesome. I do like Indiana jones, They call him indians and without ever it is over they will indians in indiana indianians it's gotta, be because this indian now really is then each lad and a general daylights yeah we're going to get our team on that we're going to find out what people from indiana hoosiers. I knew his years of users, I knew that, but I don't hack them back to the stat. That is pretty amazing. It is countries on that list. What, because altogether, because china doesn't sign onto these climate agreements and everybody's like well, we're committed to doing this like a number. What accounts for one through five like you, would know
the else matters if they sign onto this list. Switzerland's like yes, we signed on and like oh thank you yeah great, that's gonna, make a big difference, but yeah usa, india, which is extremely polluted russia and Japan, which is very industrial yeah. I couldn't believe japan was number five, but yes, maybe scale. That's incredible, though,. I mean that's a lot of I mean greta Thunberg should go over there. You should go to china. Yeah go! Give russia a bit of lip desktop, given us a hard time, yeah we're trying. What's a seizures, two years, but demeaning the indians were texans. That's it they go with whose yours and it also from Indiana, whose, although it makes sense, is there now upon? I'm gonna, go indianians and change. It oakley homelands there. Also sooner sir, I'm saying it can be both cetera. They also jars, would what's india? Is there an indian us state
Diversity is its community college, its mandate from Indiana a threat, and she said we never say indian in indians it does, I know, is desired information again it's right there. We ve never called that. Michiganders michigan great amish gangsters? That's a nice aunt miranda, not michigan! I Indiana means land of indians, tat We say how uncreative the name. What's theology him area just added a defensive. Ok, to change their name next census ice without giving way too much time on that? Well, I don't know, then I think everybody learned a little something today about indiana and I realized china pollutes and they buy a lot of like those hours. Yes, in a nutshell, china's it a terrible place at another, I've been I'm sure that there's parts that are lovely there's a wall. I here that's great. Seventy fourth,
Wasn't babies die in the womb a year in china, from popularity of the population, pollution kind of retarded I didn't sleep. Well, you know, I'm not the only one who was on tour s, seven, that we read that sentence because it was a joy, is sixty. Four thousand a baby's die in the womb a year in china due to pollution. That's insane Dennis alive. Right right. We we complain about the pollution, obviously hurry rules that are the throne bird. I may have a negative. It's called science women out of the nineteen twenty is where you take a gas at how people get saying why baby die. What may we have a black known as I keep through my bottles away in it. A littering killed your baby at once it out. How do you propose? I do want to see you once we got a little bit about. The protests are gonna. Think he's mentioned it at all yet in this,
a bit of a failing right, because there's some protests over what's going on there, especially as it relates to production and covered policies and people being put an interment camps and people being potentially killed or not rescued and fire. Sorry people being that into their apartments, like it's probably one of those things that we should comment on, even if you have business interests there. So what's the good, no helpful, the goodness I don't know, I'm just trying to make it well. The good news is he's doing something fantastic with a twitter files he's opening these things up either allowing people back onto the platform and by the way this is not a complete amnesty, you to say whatever you want from here on out thing: it's come back to the platform play by the rules of the platform that will be opened this time and fair, and if you can and then you can stay on right now, what he's saying- and I think that's a hundred percent reasonable, but he is missing an opportunity. I think, to call something out. Not he doesn't have to speak on every single issue. I get it, but this is one of the biggest issues in the world that every single major cooperation that we talk about
Cutting the nba is silent on and actually silencing people finding coaches, we're talking about a removing fans were talking about hong kong and held up signs like somebody just needs to stand, say this is bad right for give all star link so that they can communicate with us without having to go through the chinese communist party agreement. I would trade, pistons watch, I still like basketball, but you guys really starting to upset me. You put your dave easy. listen, thereby leading right now dave another like this guy right here because they don't want me to play, because, I'm short, I can't do but have ever seen me dunk yea ev you're nuts, but no one has ever seen you'd ever really, I had to do it on my son's fisher price for him and I broke my knee. Ah, I gotta go with little tikes yeah. I want a little tracks. They got
I have a pair of jordans jumped a quarter inch in the arabs and president and a trampoline and dumped yeah. If I could dunk on a trampoline, I wouldn't be here right now. I would be at my house dunking on a trampoline and all the little tikes backboard them yeah yeah. I would school my son when he was like three I'd, be like Bam autumn. I have addressed a competent authority, your room, sadly he's a better athlete than me by a lot now well he's already going into like travel like baseball and stuff, where that wasn't even close they'd like me to travel out of right field and ride the bench or if they cut all know, I sucked I did too at baseball a little bit. I was ok did had been dialogue at all Well, I leaned into the pitches at so that, while gerald crowd time, that is a retard the play the mound year deadline. Now I wasn't I'd kid charges. They lay people
our short round eyed beans and I ran, and I have the guy in the leg. Then everybody dragged me all of them with the bat yeah I'm supposed to throw them bats. Well, he hit it on purpose and I chased after him and then the refs and my dad and other parents grabbed me. So it was like at the end of casino, for you were beating the crap out of it yeah. He was fat and I kept calling him pie. That was his nickname. Well, that was a nickname to me. So when I got hooked, patty hit me with a ball. That's awesome it's fun it up. A little league prescribes that kind of control. They don't know that it was probably when we were like fourteen or velocity, so they probably do then yeah. It was intentional yeah if I would have hit him harder if they hadn't gotten much. We've gotten my shoulder. Anyway. So we should talk about this, though you guys we're once jago. No, no! the israelis I've never heard of it until the story. I'm like. Oh, it's amazing is the there's a outfit that I don't know you call it. I didn't trying
an outfit, came carnations wearing wishes, ring all black with a face mask and all that that's what conyers wearing on the elves Jones in there splendid reactor of of can't it's him. Sugar production, not yes, one of those degenerates bearing that in the end, what there So many in the family it's hard to distinguish yes between girls playing dumb. He knows all the current, yet he what I said I have now. He loves him all. I do knows the half traditions to yet there are half carnation neighbours that that's ok was wearing yet yet, basically that huh stylish If you want, I shouted cuts. ones, ankles off other tied to a chair ago, either pure traditions in the mills there, half caitlin, jenner, elsewhere, sir, those your full their sharp gauss? Now great thing. I'm part of let's say I've- had poor I guess
None of this world makes them they can cause. You can borrow your face. Manstin come on you get it balenciaga. So demi egg give althea her up here. Media balenciaga creative designer who came up with the kids bondage bear campaign? I love you guys. Remember that he apology, as for it by saying it was inappropriate to have kids promote checks that had nothing to do with them way way way way way hold on hold on. That's it. That's his bar yeah, so two things: one it was inappropriate. It inappropriate is not the right word. It was absolutely evil, demonic and abhorrence of me to allow a child to be an add on media freedom I support instead of objects, it had nothing to do with them with bears in.
Leather, whatever stuff that is a that is just bondage, bears really like you're going to have bondage bears and children. This is not objects that had nothing to do with them. This is not like a pepsi bottle sitting over on the side, nightstand like all that, is really have anything to do, that it was bondage, bears in their hands. Just say that never gone to build a bare and added nipples lamps. I didn't realize an option, no uk bears came with a shiny. Red ball was yes, they did. They. they teddy rocks when except the roma gag bellowed milder reindeer knows that's not what was there was a tag, the gas gotcha. So, as I was saying, I love you. I was safety orders banana, so the right kim kardashian does a lot of black mass face whose another one It's crazy is at her. Yeah of course, the one who's the manage one, the little with the younger one.
actions a managed- maybe that's rude in today's time, in that it could be descriptive. Who knows where there's kit, I don't care, we're not going to get it don't give us who are dashing some of our cue, their crazy, The woman, jokingly that current drowsily I meant more. I love the women right. I'm not I'm not here. To tell you. I think you equal elder nothing or one can only be on that branch by slow. I appreciate that guy snowy, japanese twistin that win revising from balenciaga, no would normally fires, aver purser bondage bear shit the kids shoes so about it- turns out the ceo of balenciaga parent company francois Henry pin ya pino.
Oh I'm, sorry Joanna because you're a wine. How much do you want to go? I haven't read that at least a year ago had no? No, no, no, no, please! Here the company that sells child to get this. I thought this was fake. Child sex pannikins with penises on their face. Look at that I believe the patio injure baddow guys, locker rooms, it would make guys blush with that kind of stuff. This is this is normal in my view, a cell? That's what putting it on an adult would be dumb and stupid, and all of the other words that you can think that mean the same thing we would be. add enough, but you put it on a child why in the world, anybody think that this is a reasonable thing to dinners lie to me lie to me, Pineau, kissing thing that makes the story so much different. Now, that's all it is, though its pinocchio. They made it a penis which
I am sure the fantasy of a lot of people have payments for another note to have hit that they made with one that they wanted to be a real boy, don't get mad at me all you want yeah exactly I'm not saying that. I think the guys should be murdered who invented it, but I mean not murder. I shouldn't say that, because your career was really career, wise should be murder and then later murdered. Not I suddenly and yes, I think you should accidentally die all right, but france. Why guys not the one who invented and we don't want, wish death on? No, no, I mean unless we have today net burma that no other yes well, no story of his cup
But he sells kids with people's desire? No, it's not that I dislike do. I have to pretend I like you got. There should be very, very, very, very, very harsh penalties for things like this. In our society that you know this house on a shelf useless, to me and I'm gonna get more presence by the way I publicly my wife and I went to a mall and she saw like the valencia issues like how is that still up, if somebody should paint that was anybody in it's now I mean it was. It was niemann, marcus, ok, niemann work has had a bunch of that like brand logos on the outside the building that their advertising- and we just couldn't believe it made. My wife's first thought was criminal action, if you know heard witness, get it simply that a character from my wife, criminal thoughts entered her mind. the response. Everybody should have to this war Yang as you going to slash paint on it like you would someone with an operating only that yeah. I hate that stuff right. We hundred people do that, but it's just like our first reaction
How is that even allowed to be here anymore right? Don't they know it's christmas time? This place is filled with families. Don't they know that This is going on well, but look at these photos. It's all just snake eyes from G. I joe like there's not any effort going into it. It's fear or tradition that we ought to ugh that's a good way to trick a guide and not knowing you have anyway, which brings us do why, This brings us to these seven plus one rejected poland I go products the forgotten entertain that there's always in the chamber ever, have you noticed, I did number seven, don't talk boy, I cos. gerald ay number. Six, the call me hayley, jewel, osman,
number five grow. Daddy fiscal potato head the pop up ads aid granted number, for this one is actually pretty hot seller. She MA am a blur fix it number three general. They easy big cough. getting rid of the evident ooh light bulbs. Yet, oh endeavour to crush, I just your cousin, I might not have the worst pubic cube, number one. The Epstein bears out. It's clean
the last spoke you'll ever read. Number one are now. Plus one pog patrol, oh yeah, and this has been seven plus one go ahead and the like button, you think I hitler's bad all right still bad right still back about. I'm undergo voting, still not a fan, still not at all a fan. A big fan of hitler nazis. Neither never had to say now that a good qualities nope. western media reported fake news of four authoritarian regime. Yesterday, the new york times reported that I read way wasn't doing I ran that's the country we we bombed,
on not I ran yeah around. Why don't you? Let me take this one? Let you have a baby guys, I've gang eureka, with that you know you meet at my mic and I can't even respond. That's right. I see how it is alright, so long as I'm like, you just said it. What now that was not me. That was me, but okay, fine I said yesterday the new york times, Where did that iran will be abolishing it, so called morality, police Common- if you ve seen this out there right now, all of the news organisations have been coming this and we feel like they have been covering this incorrectly, for whatever reason will get just a second. The times actually had a headline that initially read: it ran a ball. His morality, police after months of protest. Now, yes, there had been months of protest and yes, it is because of what the morality police did
but writers at times, drew this conclusion from a speech that was given from IRAN's attorney general. That's funny. They have an attorney general that idiot ruler of the land of egypt. I didn't know that you needed an attorney general to kill your citizens and kind of being a basically up oppress them in several different. I don't it's nice to have titles, that's true they must the koran, his name right off his while his name starts with a familiar net, mohammed jive, that much tis area, right where he said the morality police was abolished, the same authorities whose who installed it so that's what they took and ran with and basically thought o cable ran, is taking some positive steps here and there going to be the morality placed the only problem is it's not true. Right here is the actual I quote from the iranian attorney general the morale the police has nothing to do with the judiciary system, the same source that created it in the past from the same place it has shut down, of course, the judiciary system
will continue its surveillance of social behaviors across in the same sentence. He basically said yes, yes, that same source. It kind of shut down, but they're going to continue to monitor your behavior across society. Do you think that means that morality place where basically going out and making sure, for instance, that paleo is that without me. Well, maybe women were wearing the hijab right as we we covered something, and I dunno that we have it in here, but maybe if, if you know, control room, if you guys can find something on this, do you remember when the rock climber we we climber, not rock climber, she was in a camp competition yeah and she was competing for our iran. She had the climb on short notice like this: it hey europe. Now she didn't have the hijab on she was in the back right. She had to come out and climb without well. I believe that her house has been burned. the ground now thou, but I need to confront that, because I saw some reports of that. There were some footage that was out there about that. So yet their real tolerance, when women don't have had coverings, I get it. Cultures are different.
just saying, maybe don't burn down people's houses for it. That's what a lot of people are asking for. Isn't it hard to climb a mountain with a face not on her as she wasn't on a mountain know, it's hard with a full beard. Gore. Now it's swimming with a full burka that added that's difficult as well. It's called a beach burger, yeah, yeah, yeah yeah. Exactly so on her twitter journalist now hyatt t These are really difficult names, but we are now ravaged stube ass. She outlined its method of your times. Reporting months is not in charge of the regimes. Mortimer, morality, police, I'm said, mortality Please we're not efforts or threat of minors, I stress and if I who allegedly shut down the morality police and when and how and montessori promises to continue enforcement of countries. Is an actuarial laws which we saw right. So these are all the kind of ground reporters journalists, user sources by the way
see and end the new york times, washington post. All these different organisations that are the other, that trusted names, a new scene, democratizing darkness and trust us above all else they could have. really gone out and done some research on this to find out so iranian journalists sana a brahimi, described this as a propaganda effort by the regime. Here. The morality police has not been abolished. Do have temporarily stopped working because a suspension, but we know for a fact: it's not abolished the unknown. Going to change anything, and even if they do that, that's not why people are demanding for people are asking. For freedom and dignity and you're, not gonna rest. Until then, that's only achievable by overthrowing the regime they found. Nothing abolishing the regime, its south. So this is
the regime has again, that is, has been spread it by regimes lobby and its arms in in the west. Ok, so at the very best this looks like a bit apart, agenda of the very worst. Has a treasure drew?
adorable dimples. The insurer issues clearly show those dimples, though you should we airlifted landscapes to IRAN as well. Oh yeah, we should operate in Alec. Humanitarian aid can a thing which normally its food, just landscape prefer rate. I think it's on their air for here. From about trust me, oh thank god they just a break. So it's just an insult. I think of you drop anything out of a plain. I am not speaking of the turbulence got upon here, I'll shoot I mean come on. We have advancements in sectors such as I do. I do have tiny man scale parachute. Second man, that's right! Little army soldier pursuits, I've made it out of what a shave. Ah, this is the data collection says that I need a recharge a little more frequently. Yes, they do my mind when dull, very quick, while you have your the guy at the end of the line testing the product- everytime, yes well as having to see if it works at dave's, got quite a forest. Tropical rain,
in the pharmacy coming out of it like dumb and dumber yeah, the grinder texture of a brillo pad. So look there is speculation that the regime might want to distract from an upcoming planned three day strike like these. These protests are they're not going away the iranian ash nor soccer team. Obviously we talk about them in the world cup, yes, a protest that they had, so that this stuff is not going way. This is a big thorn in the side of the regime, but its unclear. If, if that was NASA barely a factor that was involved in this, but it's the timing is kind of coincidental. So again, that major lobby group and the us call the national rainy and a council. It's been characterized by protesters as an arm of the regime. These guys may have been involves what I'm saying there, but it's on where they were instrumental in getting the iranian nuclear deal past? If you guys remember that it was basically pilots of cash, I believe, but which is not not. The best thing to do is just a by people let them continue doing what they're doing unabated and the new york times to their credit did eventually changes headline too.
The words official says this right, so that's not the bats they they still read the rest of the quote. So it's so, but by the way people there pollyanna dave would miss that says almost gate read over that this has a brilliance right. This is the brilliant veranda. polish morality, police. After months of protests, how do you know that they go to it in the article that somebody would say that is it? Is it normal for someone to say something that is about to happen? Yes? Otherwise, how do you know it either? It's a press release or somebody says it so they put in their unofficial, says it's like yes, but I already assumed that already assumed. Somebody said that that's why you guys found out you sure, erect the story and basically say he also said we're going to continue policing our citizens. So it's basically the same thing right. So in this book we support a lot of awful people. We do. We have of regimes that we are in bed with, or at least our media outlets don't push on quite his heart.
They should absolutely liked at thy audio area, let out here where the exactly saudi arabia they would absolutely go after, but a ran for some reason that seems to be a bit of a bridge too far hit the like button by them. if you like us and do not like so we we ve only covered hit, learn the nazis but hippolyte button. If you dont, like. Iranian oppression of their citizens may be in killing. People for not wearing a job here. Go ahead, hit the like button. Instead, it I don't lie on like that, iranians citizens being murdered there I dont day gonna come. the arabs, nine. You know that did that affect a lot of change lasting change. At her I mean I don't know they can legs Maybe, but if we get enough, like civil fix nothing, what looked out for we care this issue. This is not. I don't think this is.
Coincidence, the new york times has carried water before for that mustache. I'm sorry that was completely out of line. How dare you could've kept that to myself but she's interviewing the walrus yeah, especially when you use a flashlight or things like that? Oh that's, good, yeah, great information. If there's a power outage during the winter, yeah slight will certainly keep you warm yeah. That'll be good here, so you'll be frozen, solid, wear it with a flashlight will know how to find. You will see the flashlight adjusted in one direction, that's good to know. We have to wait the spring to barrier do do us a favour, pointed up at your face and went into the snow like a scary, the flash slideshow lantern guy. You know if you plan to ass dick you dead, frozen That's probably word. Wilfer broadly would look like had he not gotten all the beat a cigarette.
a healthy old, fu manchu. Fellow anyway, sorry, I did not know you're route to go ahead without I just like a good fu manchu. So do you remember the new york times after we killed qassim soleimani? Yes, when when Donald trump is that bag, daddy! No different! Guy now case scenario got Your times rebate they smell the like our sorry, they twenty that is a bit with this captain seem solemn, any master of IRAN's intrigue and force die eyes it sixty do you have missed a few things there right now you're of iran's intrigue and force. I don't owe it that means, and I don't think anybody else knows what It means other than he was their chief torture by the way that probably would have been a better catchphrase and die at sixty to a kind of he didn't just a few over and choke on a handy iron peacefully yea.
I'll die peacefully. That I was one of those data surgical strikes where we saw his car and then his car was no more and there was fire on a screen. That's that's how he died as you driving a gremlin Chevy nova yeah really depends on the automobile fuel cell, guys yeah yeah ford said so yeah, it's too bad. He didn't have the catalog where they had the metal plate built into the car. You know it was the new hydrogen from the flame. Yes, the firewall yeah. There was one detroit. that's how I rothstein lived and casinos as they had light tat. He was still burned
Don't blow you up plate just yet these people on a blow you guarantee thou some industry too, is like there's gotta, be a way to set these things from completely exploding yeah what so they also the new york times. They also ran a puff piece on him that same week, and just just so you know solemn any withdrew about puff piece on a torturer torture yet well, and he was also directly responsible for the deaths of americans in iraq. Right now also known information at the time. So it's not like we just on earth, though no age or how to see how did they fluff it up for us to make out of a baby? They basically do omission. They don't tell you everything about this guy. They say he died at sixty two. They say he was a minister of whatever in IRAN's regime master and intrigue, which is a weird name by MR de LUCA dungeons and dragons kind of group, name that you come up with measures, but look at not just the new york's too near times reported the sorry wrong. So did fascination watch I want to start with some breaking news overnight out of IRAN. They have a bomb.
wash the morality police. This is, after months, wrong test following the death of masa armine, who died yesterday, you taken into custody, since our head wasn't adequately covered. Does this stop? alas, that have been raging was that is up to the iranian people. This is about them is not about us, and what we see I don't have a smiling of moscow. Many occurs in iraq in the extraordinary courage of iranian people, especially women who been leader protest standing alone with him for the right to be able to say what they want to say where what they want aware, and so if the regime has now responded in some fashion to the protests, it could be a positive thing, but we have to see how it actually plays out in practice and the iranian people think this is about them and is up to them. Yo some all I know right that was the secretary of state anthony blinkin by the way, so you think these people, our anthony lambkin he could have
this so easily and we stand with them. Yet we stand with her. When he was killed for doing what she was asked to do, arrested and beaten by the police until she died from it, yeah that's pretty clear, didn't for her head, so they removed it yeah right yet it seems fair, there's, not there's no objective right or wrong with these people. They cannot at it's up to them forever. What have they feel is right in it so wrong. That's what's, amazing. Is anything that they even consider objectively right like this is wrong? It's completely wrong and why I hate the fact that you get even pundits like that, though, who are like well, you know I don't wanna. you're gonna, grab on their culture of you know murdering a woman who one where a silly hat. Yes, no look! I got it. I like when you are talking about me, no foreign policy. I understand that there is a bit of a game that you have to play to try to effect change here right as eames into corner. Sometimes they can become more violent, especially against their own citizens, but I dont hold out any hope that
actually what's going on with this administration, because Biden and Burma where the people who did the deal with a ran in the first place, to give them cash all over the place. I don't think that they are really going to push back and say? Well words, plan, the long game Joe you been in office for about fifty issue years now right, you took a little bit of a break because you guys couldn't win and you had ever opportunity, as vice president of the united states, to effect change in iran, and I support the iranian people. They ve been protesting for a very long time in IRAN. At different points in the united states has stood up and said. You know what we back. people of iran nearly enough. I guarantee right now if president Tromp was in office, and this was going on. It wouldn't be that kind of statement that we would be getting. No, we would be getting it might well, and maybe it would get us in a lot of trouble because he would tweeted out with a diet. Coke Canada's one hand yeah, I'm sure they again they may be. I cut out into the hearts they needed to make. It look bad, but looked other outlet,
also not reporting on this accurately as well, so we have the f p. We have daily work. I think is one of these outlets that that we had up there's while the BBC Bloomberg alot of conservative outlets even ran with his story. picking on anybody in particular, but that was one of the ones that we saw and its to say hey. Sometimes, people drop the ball. So this is a great opportunity to come back and correct the record on this right so make sure that we get it right. This is what's going on in IRAN and it's not their abolishing the morality, police and all the sudden changing trust me. I Attila command he's not going to allow the tap. What's the matter fortunately to talk about what should a law based on the ice in the koran? What's the constitution based based on judeo christian principles? Why is one exceptional and one will never advance and just use these opportunities to to show the difference. The huge difference between This american experiment is in these people who are living in the seventh century. Why, in it
so easy. It almost talk about now, because everything is so. I don't know yet so watered down you're so used to hearing such painful things, but like this is a huge, when being this is a woman who did absolutely nothing wrong, murdered her life. was taken away, and this is fine with an entire culture. Why do we want to? pretending, that's, ok, it's it's disgusting and why is that obey? Why a shrill? Why is this the koran koran? Don't say that why, of course, monolithic you know that you can crap on every other religion. The sunlight is what you've got gotta expose the stuff. That's what free speech is about on now. You have con. You say, moreover, neuron you're not gonna, have yeah, that's true, but you don't have you no going at people who their their religion doesn't react like that. It's this problem, your murdering people and like this I just hate it. I find it disgusting that he would kill a human being over face where and were still living in a time where, like we're talking to you,
the internet right now, surrounded by you, know, microphones index guys, building electric cars and this culture still like she's I wearing a face mask, even though she knew what we asked her to do, murder her its earlier is morally, I get that. I know they want to be modest and and late. They see our culture and what that goes with freedom. yet we have megan these stallion, not add. Now we ve got charlie bees, yeah I'd rather have megan stallion, is allowed to shore body than somebody who's murdered because they didn't know. I agree sure. No, that's what you know. Freedom! That's the thing about america is like people don't realize how lucky we are to have this yeah. We'll look and cultures go through their kind of evolutions right and we understand that they are going to be protests along the way. There's going to be a lot of stuff that happens, The regime is not going to want to lose control or lose power. All we're saying is look I get that we can't go and just
replicate american fits announcing the levels overruling area, but when these cultures start to stand up like in china like in IRAN, we need to be there to support then we need to be there to say. Yes, that's a good. They now you're like well these stabilize yeah, but The middle east has been a stable place for the last fifty years. You guys plan has worked so swimmingly well that nary, a war has been fought over there right now to screw it. I'm ton I'm done trying to appease regime that we hate- and this includes saudi arabia, oh by the way this includes qatar in places like that, I'm not a big fan of throwing gay people for buildings and seeing if they can fly for the thousand time just to see if we could prove the point? Ok, I'm also not a fan of throwing death and human suffering at constructing stadiums so that you can host a world cup, not my thing. Six thousand plus people and give died during the construction of those stadiums. I'm just saying stop playing like we like these cultures, lead just call em out when they re. Like all doubt, and let's just what their citizens, when they yearn for freedom, and if you think your
liberal, or have any idea of what that actually meant at one time. You certainly don't support the murder of somebody under nice and under these ridiculous dictatorships. Now absolutely and the people are great, like I, I they're all not knocking people out on the album. That's what I said. No, it's not it's the cultures, it's not just that it's the cultures that are imposed on them. Of course, leaders! That's right! That's what I'm referring To generally held, I love it, you didn't, you didn't, say cutter cutter. I know, I'm not sure which ones correct, but you are, as we said, qatar and they its guitar. I was a movie called qatar. Another matter is us accusing her oh geez, electric o, Lord bach, Let me taken run without one well, you know what gerald the random leisure old nurse stuff,
guys. I them gay, you let it go. He had yet echo. Why don't you did when you re out of exile is working over the weekend, just a screw with me Yeah, you don't like. You know, never piss off the sound board guy. Now I don't know what you did to him. I don't either arguing that back. Rub was watching with my brother, but yeah ya, filthy animal. One thing really fast, lamont from playing guitar says. Four hundred to five hundred migrant workers died due to the world cup. It's actually unrevealed sixty five hundred migrant workers thousand while even gives us the egyptians or blushing, and I can serve as a little more I'm no math marian but I'd, say that's a thousand times more. China is alive. That's about what it takes to build a good wall, yet not seems right, except there took forever. In that one day does he died in a week and half yeah exactly what's a hunt,
Seventy four thousand degrees there, so it gets but I know a lot of people have been station in the middle east and Several people have said: god does want you to live. There is nothing in the family heart. No, no, nothing should be alive. You have cobras that come inside to stay cool. It's not like guys vote in all these call. If we come in here, it's out there, Yeah. Nobody is like. I love the weather, scrape. Yes, it's a step right before hell and spiders. Follow you to rest in your shadow. know whether or not they're ever going to attack you they're. Just like look man, I'm going to need to cool down. As I have my way, they've got like a little white flag just to look at. I know I'm hard to look at, but just I just need some cool rough. I you a nice web. You like webs! No, that's all! I got
I got a house in mind, I'm going to bite, you get a bite you if you move stay put now the size of a dinner plate. Yeah people are going to google it and find out it's true. Oh yeah, it's like a crab. That's following! That's! Why, like every animal there is designed to murder you seconds after it because you're like oh, if you carry water in your skokie, fantastic I'll, drink, your perfect yeah, there's, no, your eyes snow free! You are too. He jab you spiders was probably up on that mountain hm by breach name I don't like spiders at all now say it, you know what spiders only one should watch the show they done. the night eyes I like that either I don't think looking at you have to like your cartoon skin. I don't have any that. Why why the spider? people saviour s god. One question not mad at the speed of the spider. Does not ask him a question you can. Can you make a cool like
If a spider like a hamster you'd be like yeah, I got some spiders in my house said bugs. I kind of like it mosquitoes mosquitoes is the question of saying they shouldn't mosquitoes. You get me all wrong. I'm say make him cute. You want to be like a charlotte's web kind of spider. S ah got it, which is what kind of gross but less gross escrow. Sorry, because I talked and was like. Oh hello, charlotte pig were like wow, you can spell yeah. I've made a way better than me. Think you're, so good, spiders, good anyway, a canadian woman who is also about and called him for support, for her chair la when I heard about this yes and was told that we cannot help you, but they. said offered. Instant suicide. that's right. What they needed to share, lift to go up the stairs and indeed rush out. Literally we cannot get your chair right now. We,
can murder. You forget steam go see the fight to get a wheelchair lifting her home has been help. Help battle. I have crawl down the stairs. Only on my butt window, chair in front of me, too able to access? My my house, while pleading her, pays to a veterans of ferris case manager over the phone and twenty nineteen. She was told something that would leave her feelings shocked if things are so are at this point and you can't get going on, and you know We can assist you with aid to die and she's. the only one Oh. So let's say you support. Assisted suicide for an extreme amount of pain that should be up to the person, not really the doctor going hey want me to kill. You yeah well basic,
actually. I was looking for maybe delivery in the next six to eight weeks, you're saying it's going to be longer and that I should accept death. And yet here you got a couple options. We can get you one by July or we can come by and I dunno snuff you out one day there may be a middle ground hey, it sounds like you want to meet god and I pay for expedited shipping. Perhaps I'll pay the fee. You can't get up the stairs then kill yourself. Oh single story, residence, something we could work something out, yeah, there's no middle ground, it's just like yeah. I can't get your chair lift, but I can have a group of people and your life. Yes, we'll help you with the di by a train of the affair? Essay? I don't really care about. If you have to curl up your stairs, I don't iron ore you're a veteran. I thank you for your service mounties. We do appreciate value by the way we will serve you until you yes in a service do you have a firearm, yeah yellow
at this point that it yourself you live and work in a letter. This one's apply because it helps us with the paper. What were you going to swing some somebody by to cut your gas lines and will have you set within the next couple days you you know that bucket maple syrup, we all of it, which your head directly in the bucket so your rose into the carpet and you'll. You act like that. All your way sounds like a miracle wish. I wish is death. We ever got ice fish in July. You gonna try job it's good. What we're! the doors way for it to thaw out and and your shovel out there and how does it work? And I just want to walk right, you're trying to get up the stairs yeah you stood we argue the first I but we're gonna say we're gonna. Send you to hail so, in fact,
This is actually even a bigger story. Canadian authorities are reportedly not only offering that, but now there demanding use of their new chair lip service, the Ah I see levin works or that way they could only were and still are once again condemn, recycle it to every veterans house. I was sire, weigh up the stairs. She knocked the portrait escape out of bed and it freezes on. Like that's the travesty, that's happening it there's a picture out of alignment. My guy canada, you guys you somethin that's four years ago at the server
country some help as opposed people walmart easy electric chairs because their lazy, somalia and I I feel that if, if you are that big You should just run in front of that person and take the cart. Have you ever done that There's really find it there's no law hand. Yes, that's right! Is that a rule that we have all decided to abide by? Have not jerk, but it's not a law? What are they going to catch? It gets your life or, if the gesture somebody's, you knows things aren't that fast. Nobody there like six, it gonna catch him, yeah you're, not gonna catch. You have you ever. Have you ever chipped anybody on it? yeah. You just feel like four guys and tip a walmart scooter I never done. The couch is the one guy that ran to recharge sounds like jump on them. Like super mario brothers, bunch of chocolate coins go parent, parent, parent parent, isn't
like you? I feel going around walmart because your morbidly, albeit no offense, I like em, her feet it, but if you're going around a walmart in one of those using a reaching stick to get you groceries Maybe maybe you need a call from the canadian government about help from the government. I'm here to help you. French, canadian, so she's going to have a tough time with ottawa. What's amazing, though, she's completely of sound, mind yeah, like there's no reason for her to have to die because she would like to get up the stairs easier. She was a little impatient and waiting for her chair lifts right now, which one tends to get when months go by and you can't get upstairs bathroom. That is upstairs well. That was poor planning.
I would just puts down for one death sentence, no chair on a shut up, and I can hear you allow put my while what's with the selection, and it cannot be on selected. I'm sorry, oh, I thought you said grenade showing yeah, I look. I personally am one of the few people and I'm sure a lot of you will be mad, but I'm fine if you aren't massive amounts of pain, and that is your choice. nearby, have some assistance suicide. Let me say in that's your choices that interesting It is an interesting question on this. We could and it just my opinion, I had never thought of work. It was a bad guy. I personally and what I mean when he started doing it for fun. It was weird, but in any it made sense. We made you sign over your will and everything that that was the part that were bad, but this or rational looking van day had. I am, the irish sea, the suicide mission,
it's like he made it with a bike pump and some bleach, oh geez. This is all I heard for about six or seven hours. Yeah, don't worry it's it's kind of like a yeah, it's kind of like the call when they put at edinburgh and they shoot you with the lethal. Jackson looks like that accepted took way longer you gonna pedal. Let yourself be eyes, palatine resuming atalanta us out. Good luck, hammer and that's it. I think, for today's showplace again check me out We can debate the comedy castle, that's it it's what rail oak detroit. Whenever an eighth, while going back your roots, yeah, banks it did. The club I started in nice. Nice made the mistake of sitting front row with them the pitfall of comedy What's his name again, that was yes, Gallagher, no, no, it was, and I can't believe, I'm playing out his name again see him yes, gray, hair very, very vile, readily get talks like that, every
joke, is extremely offensive. The whole night long, my wife and I were joanie and chachi, and he would call back to it. Oh yeah, I'm so mad. I can't think of his name right now, and I know it to the ah look up. pitbull of comedy I'm not leaving till we get it now, for a show. They can listen to us circle of his Bobby's slave, I'm having a late night, you obviously Yes, google, him! It's fun for the whole family sit around during the holidays, listen to for christmas on the nervousness and so never tipp the maitre d to carmody club. To get you good seats. Don't do it now no at its best and not be in the very front row. I have always said that and I'm a comic I don't mean to really go at people though, but sometimes we went on. Why put a clip up In my I hate to say it tick tock, but I got one a couple of weeks ago where I was like: hey what what are those guys crutches and I didn't know they weren't ago. Oh, did you break something gus. Nor have I mess
oh and then I was like well, I mean at least they look cool and he goes I I guess- and I go okay, so I guess you're compliment taking. Skills are handicapped as well yeah. Unfortunately, he was a fan of the show. So far was like I'm going to just go ahead and walk my way out of this. You know, because I can walk and and it's so fun because, like a crowd of fans, get it they laughing he's enjoying it and loving and stuff, so it was fun to play with. But I honestly didn't know what it was He had the acreage of a of a heckler who was a burn victim? Yes, yes, he had yeah yeah the voice, yeah and he's just terrified unst at it
if that was such a brilliant as he started crying right, yeah, yeah, yeah tears, they burn yeah. Well, thank you guys very much for tuning in we're going to be back tomorrow and Steven we back in the big chair, and we will have on, of course, Mr Alex Jones craw daddy. Thank you. For common, I wanna thank always guys for the hard work you do ahoy gerald day. of course he'll be value dave and no. Thank no thank you Hugh. Thank you dave. Thank you. And until tomorrow, piss off, you too
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