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Wonder why your social media has been invaded by rainbows lately? HINT: There’s a score corporations worry about that judges their wokeness. Brian Williams claims Antifa is just like D-Day soldiers, which makes him an idiot. And which is more embarrassing: Logan Paul vs. Floyd Mayweather? Or Ethan from H3H3?#MayweatherPaul #Pride #H3H3

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Hey there. Audio listener don't skip, because I want to two lies you with the smooth sounds of a Texas thunderstorm, ignore that car crash at present had it coming anyway. It simply a culling that takes place every spring, leave a rating on Apple Android Spotify and enjoy the show incredibly childish louder with crowd or is brought to you in part. Drug support defined by merchandise, shop, great conversations, theory face the right people
yeah let us all boy, that's really lot. I think the interval to lower the MIKE's here a little louder. It's raining canyons dietary there, yes, raining, which I dont know. That term came from cats and dogs and the whole lot of sense. But we are not at all. It took a big September. We can see there's a bunch of sediment in their release, gusting water, I spent their lives, they probably burning Britain. Bernie Sanders goes a Starbucks because it doesn't Tippin, Stephen, just
return. Bernie Sanders doesn't really. To be here with you now it's weird being on Youtube It is a lesson we can. We did at one time last week so far we're still here we are right ear, but it I am not yet for which also happens to coincide with cultural appropriation month so thing can happen, she can their fellows over there to make sure that we will not start with an arrogant and not the NFL new wilderness. How they're out there anti racism in Unifil, which that when you have seventy percent black and I'm going to get worse in the end html needed to have that. We need this you're right. We need to work with us or perhaps lacrosse MBA. I don't really think that we need the necessary changes. Dammit, I think you're doing pretty good. Are we talking about the east geological Unwisest credit score of companies? You don't assuming a why some of this weakness, happening. There is something going on behind the scenes, debts,
a little more involved and, of course, the the each three eight three productions, I guess decided to address us and really disappointed to a man wants to be it. rest and invited under this programme and then what never addressing again, namely because of trying to disbanding autism, which is, of course our body, so they don T. Look. We have your lay her. You I'm well her you, I'm ok, prego how're ya, quarter like I'm doing good see what the other way you want. The three quarters did. I want to know the way you know I gotta spread it out. I got the shirt for the other quarters. Airy. Nice, you shouldn't make, makes him some some samples, finance policy. She can wrap it around her face. Death could end Dave. Let s hear Hawaii. How are you good about you. You know I had I admit, but it was the baby shower and all of my wife's cousins and family were over and its For that I want to help the very some of them back to the how young enough either it's just. I can't I can hear him to give cards have no idea what I got.
I have no clue got. You didn't get anything that no, I didn't get anything life gets always like those guys, we're probably get some usually parasitic were pregnant. I know everything I need to know about your work. Redneck really you're pregnant your with child, but now we know men can breastfeed. Do Women use men's raises in the moustache and it had. This is where we are Hake before if anything else antiphon. This just happened over the weekend. Emily aunt of activists were testing they showed up and couldn't even the name of the person for whom throughout protest stay here so late? but we're all the space, obviously for mobile advertising. She's out over what was his name? only really know about Mars holds a hare. Dubai knows about this, so is unicorn ride. A brand name is
was soon dismay, then it. Why, since May they measure our amendment is going to say is that I live over George for its I've, never seen a more clear example of him, repeating it to himself motorcycle Winston Smith. You remember that I remember wincing Smith, which have two vowels and wind stand Smith. You didn't know right, mother need Sanctuary Winston segments. I've read that in a book you have to say it thrice six tonnes, I'll, never forget it. It's an Psmith, writs man. It would be better if I didn't Microsoft them strewn with what Churchill Skype son of a bitch you're doses melted zeal. Some raises Walgreens Gotham Racist eight by the way rhythmic. Let me just let you know about this to some people were confused last week. Why episode, let me just show you seen and right live and you'll notice that if we go to sea and right now, we bring it up life, it's like five or ten seconds delayed, so we
five year, because we don't know the policies with when we read the policies, but they dont enforce them consistently. We have. What is the Youtube dump button. So if anyone says something here, for example, last week, people thought to show is over Gerald had the gall to decide Someone else saying that asking our nurse was saying that a mask. If you touch your face touch the door here disease. another nurse who is totally in the wrong said that and because that would go against Youtube's guidelines right. That's whenever you see this, which for people on my club, this is playing for about five sex, right now and then it's gonna end right about here see now we're back on you to tell me someone said something that really is an offensive but isn't allowed on Youtube. Just so you know, but it's always available on monk. Look that's right! So we have to have that now is a failure to spicy for you to vice like crazy, to be the F c c. You knew the rules right out there,
No gatekeeper. Now it's like you can't say that the World Health Organization gets things wrong and I was so pissed last week. We were talking about this and it wasn't anybody here like. I can't believe that that might possibly like live a world where what I said last, we could possibly gets you ban from you to what you are. You are the poster boy for areas as well What's it hardly it's basically man, gonna meddling and then Gerald yet Carlin, seven dirty words or an opinion. It right aren't accordingly, just quoting medical, fair court or quoting there misquotes from two weeks ago we have the iron. When I was in the FCC, where other radio show you have indicated, and I Can I weren't massacring call Obama Prick, there's a guy you can you can't you just can't say that Obama has a small prick Michael fund. Could we knew the rule that was very another line here? It's data can call him a dumb. You can call me shithead round, you can't say Barack Obama, shits red card,
let's get a logical, so we knew the rules, they were silly, but we understood them but radio station. No tell us programme would have ever removed you or hit the censure button, because you're saying you know what I think Health organisation was wrong when they said that covered couldn't, transmit human human little indian popular. I didn't do that to shut off place that our spangled banner measures we order rises, rose color, packing twine white by the way you can follow me on instrument. But as we go on here and the best thing you can do it, it's a weekly shows about sectors, data daily show anymore, not just on Thursday, ten m Eastern. You don't need a way that notifications, you can watch unlikely. You watch you, you can it's over rumble. Do not let us lose touch with you. Ok, and questions where you want to know why you guys think all of these corporations are are going in for work too by actually hurting their pocket, but before we get, that, though, oh my gosh. I got this this
sent me from an angry veteran. Yes, and I will tell you this. I get like veterans what come up. It shows if you ve had this yet we're like people are given me, like their Navy cross or something like a guy. Had a coin for me just the other day and a few other things- and I just I dont because, as you know, you want a respected, but you also normally, I already have some on display have room for it and I don't want to reject it yeah you know. So I just keep I basically have a drawer with these metals that I have no business only, and I really appreciate it, but please people's up keep it give it your grandkids, because it's going in a drawer there, myself has no more space. How we're going to keep my Thyssen's biography, strew area important. So during sent this to me, I gotta refolded flag for real yeah. I get it's like two and then I got some anyway. I don't neighbor who got because our flag is old and they that is a summons anonymously said: that's disrespectful, o O. You're crazy budget unheard of ragged old flag until a cool
that's the beauty of it. So it's an old leg. Ok, so anyway, right veterans, we're furious about this brain Williams. I'm just thought of. As a journalist, I just love anyone's MSNBC, because that's everyone who is currently Emerson be currently at NBC. They think, like Graham MSNBC, but that is they dont, say the quite hard out loud, it's like you go there and he had cancelled from honesty rags. Yes, we're gonna lose so he can ere the allied troops of D Day in Normandy to Antiphon. He said that just watch this, and I had so many veteran send me letters and the folks at Lincoln Project our out with a reminder to all is the intifada The beaches of Normandy parachute into the french countryside.
Their lives to face down and fight back against Russia's. They took down nazi machine willingness to a part of the third Reich. Strongholds ran down to Finland the brutal machine gun as ITALY, Belgium, HOLLAND anywhere, chief assault, fascism they fearlessly and relentless, then in the purple here, lesbian down into that trap, see how it works out was defeated because of the patriots like these proud Americans knew that the five pence sphinx useful, simply a battle between opposing nations. Just as you know it was your pain, Bang rang and held up her legs outcome to human bowling ball with nice, but cannot be lost of war. We still find today, no still I guess I ll drop. Yet, where do you see the american flags rallies who wears the American denied, pin who actually,
he pulled down american flags and monuments to analyse, not act as a commodity. Everything about that is fantastic. Except for the commentary and opinions in claiming that Antiphon today would be fighting against fascism by using fascism rights. islands in political opinions and other people who disagree in getting rid of him. That's exactly what Mussolini did you did look up the definition Lincoln projects are stepping on the swastika. The other example is the last president reiterate. Yes, that great. When ya know exactly The guy had eight as you a son in law and was the single biggest supporter of Israel of any modern residents here, but they signed up with you. This is why I say to you by the way, if you look back into the air, the Nazi regime look and see what the level these middle eastern countries, where they learned up, they they hated just to you just Jews you're, just like the Mohammed, though, because it has its because I'm a pagan vote, you know different sports, but we all choose. Yes, that's correct
I know what I want to talk about it. I don't want to talk about it and by the way it's there's still, I would argue there are still remnants of that in the Middle EAST, but remnants with now Also. There was from a Lincoln project to note some wranglings showing that, from the Lincoln Credit to worse, they remember in front of their public organization and then they enough the file, organizing and now they're just nutrients and struggling but tomorrow is actually a one year anniversary of chairs in Seattle by current aunt. If I remember very well, and so they showed us on Brine Williams, but coming out today, we actually have, I think, an exclusive, the other. the New Lincoln Project video on Anti. For today, who is Antigua in twenty one? the storm, the city of Seattle and created the autonomous zone Chaz, but then change the name to chop because they needed stuff
stuff, like CAFE: lodgings Gluten, free bread and super cool sunglasses in the last year and a half all over this country. Everywhere antivirus soft fascism they relentlessly annihilated it. In many eblis they liberated a black firefighter from his bar in New York. They freed shipowners from their goods and, in a way, to do suburb of Detroit. This, Roger told his mom to shut the fuck up stupid when she asked him to. Please were a jacket because it was getting chile fascism was almost defeated because of Adrian like Anti, but fascism still exist today and the fight against it is still strong. Anti fascism is interested. Cable news talking point it's an american ideal that should be memorialize, because,
paid for in blood and skateboards you know, sometimes you don't realize you mock someone. You realize we are moving senator they don't realize we hurt now. I know eight were also when we were gonna meet on a strategy which will be fun but tat before this went really viral. Yesterday I dunno anyone wash it, but Logan Paul thought. Lloyd may weather, and we just have to touch on a real, quick there's, some things that you may, MRS time for our asian sports correspondent to break it down right. Junior Choi, how are you, sir, I'm doing Good Stephen you, I'm ok in your fan of combat sports. I guess yeah actually enjoy a good fight every now and then do you know what you're of korean right. So you up in it but one day when I was younger, so real experience than low fighting, you throw mean kick. I think so
while not neglect them- is now at an early hour, so folk who didn't tuna- and this was a Youtube video, Jake, Logan Poetical service. I give the guy respect forgetting in there. I am saddened by doing the work. There was no story to be told here, because everyone who was the best defence a box of all time, maybe they're, Ali Thyssen, no one's even close verses, a guy who's fought three terms. I think twice, and so it ended exactly how you thought would end, but you were seen there's more to the story here, though, in breaking down. Yes, I, like obviously like, for those of you know like to fight when four eight rounds, but now a knock out, so that was actually surprisingly huge upset. You was there let when the bell was ringing, you still yeah exactly, and there were no judges, everything's unknown, kept track of the scores. Gazelles exhibition match, so it doesn't go on either of the record right, but yet so. But the important point here is that, like do the riveting part about this, defensive strategy right that events of yet exactly what is known as a defence boxer, exactly so
go into the first click. Ok, so you can tell them they haven't seen each other in a while excited. Clearly happy tv together, obvious chemistry right there look at them together. Now I suppose, and right there there. It is perfect technique all is got his fist gently on the small of May weathers back yeah. I don't owe caressing. I don't know about her and relevance of you know the time apart, but this is the heart Dro Fonder tech I mean like it's more like a loving embrace like Paul's got his arm underneath. Ok, holding there were, none of us are boxers really silly breaking down. Ok, that defence are on our let let's get into the second clip actual ok that, moreover, in here You can see here that the loins are burning here, Stephen, okay, this is a really good hug very snow right in Paul's, ear may weather is letting him. No. I can't I can't quit you just fine a defensive today. I don't think you're. Ok, don't I'm not entirely sure that you really are a combat sports adepts. This does lets you concluded.
See that they are like loving each other like loving inviting ideas, and I think this programme admiration for competition. That respect, I don't know about an angli line, into the final clearly and finally, ready are very good. I hear that famous. So this is brilliant. That's the defensive technique being used here by both fighters, who clearly touching tips. What well well well well! Well, that did not touching tips alone on gloves general gloves, ships a turn of gloves and clearly there are going to spend many happy years together and I, for one, couldn't be more excited for their future together, really but yeah. You can't teach better defensive technique than this naturally, I believe you can write asian sports correspondent. You ve helped zero I will inform them. I'd die, don't good fight, eyes matter. If I now feel less safe,
Julie's think he could karate. I feel like I feel like if we're going to instruct com the art of combat you need it, reconstruct it with something useful. He just deconstructed it and left it. There like tinker toys that someone got bored with nothing. You little gate in Cairo originally the Gaza, so bypassing you can do, is just comment come it will really be talking through and I wanna hear. What do you think is going on right now with gay pride like it's one thing to keep, but all these core patients going all in and, at the same time, obviously calling basic idea. Climate for voting to be voters suppressed. it is like you know, with with Dating Donald Trump at Facebook. Twitter Youtube the same, both Alex Jones and out of his pocket sector. They have a meeting everybody has have a meeting and say this sexual press This is the thing we need like memorial day. We we just jump right past, oh yeah. It jumps right into
naturalisation of children and other things that we think are highly highly important to do for an entire month with the Cheerios fruitless, have the movie on the pool of movies? On the plain that accusation, which was actually one of them, was brought back everything whose sitting down to go what? What's this cowboy lying on his lady on a really bad for the person who is well, I liked unforgiving western instructors. Sort of a spiritual component. Is that causes an area on horseback, watching them in a tent heavens, just my goodness. Parliament's inconsiderate, it's crazy as they do beep it's it's for its visual plain, but where they take out the swearing, but they leave everything before violence than sex on the screen whatsoever. I watch anything in people having sex them. Like can people see this. This agenda hard core sexual music yeah, I'm enjoying
laying fish you, that's not the part where those concerning than is now the part that makes me embarrassed that someone is sitting in the middle see just show my socks, so myself, ardor, like now face off when they had on tv member was Nicholas, gives a fuck you what's a good cause, he's gonna grow up thinking, that's what it means to exert greater You Dave you want to forget all right. Let's go here now you know about this. I know nothing about sports, you don't so don't matter the NFL. Now you were, you were in a tizzy about this, yet I fell is doing this thing called it's called during their halting race. Norming in a billion dollar settlement. I don't even know what this means. I kind of thought that sports were one of the things that obviously minorities not not eating, but but you know black and regional minorities. Lack Americans felt like these and Jake what you would think so
rights of Seattle ass. We go the NFL Pledge to end race. Norming, like you, said, the practice of assuming black players start off with a lower you an end reading. This is like crazy. What that does elevation do that. I shouldn't right enthusiastically doing that when determining kind of the compensation for brain issues right or India, is that they may be had from getting hit too many times, which obviously happens and fell. Okay, and this move as part of a one billion dollars settlement for brain injury claims, race, norming made it more difficult for black players to show a deficit and qualify for relief. It sounds that since then we like, but it actually. I will say this. I really says on the show tat sounds kind of racist it.
As for the idea that one hundred percent colonel how much of that curve was thrown off by Vince Young, whose scored lower than a statistical random on the beat like you said, closer three quarters of them are black, they might take offence. If I were, you know, I just doesn't seem like a good way to run your leak. Their workforce might be when I hope OJ gets a giant check hey. You know I don't even think about my memorabilia on Ebay, no literally, if I didn't like mabarak my husband like the ones Adam Sandler got on the golf course that can it I'll get in our southern unifil. Don't worry, though, that do you not, like you said, sounds pretty bad weather still woke. They also just revealed their new pride logo rights, yes, We know that european logo read an obstacle to free here. Happy pride month, Unifil is proud to unveil, are new and I fell pride shield to show our support solidarity with the algae, BT, Q plus community. We stand with algae boutique. You plus people this month and you're, along with a commitment to our players, are fans and our staff to live proudly and
authentically. Unless, of course, you happen to be black and brain injury, and we link you start off stupider than white people. Now let me tell you that some people may say all this was just a medical thing that they did to determine a kind of a baseline for dementia and that's true, but maybe that cotton, mobility tests that you gave them when they came into the league would be a better way to use this because you can have idiots and servants in different categories of race doesn't matter if the right lack wider hispanic, two people brought suit again. Because they said if they had been white and the Unifil agreed, they would have received a claim. because they were black in storming was eyes. They didn't receive a claim in its five hundred thousand dollars to start with, and if you have kind of a more severe.
case of dementia, seventh, and also that this round so bad that out that almost don't believe it I feel I can you do to our dignity, like maybe raise your means as to claim that it and actually happen. I'm sorry, we gotta give the white people more money for such an abrupt whale mad. Exactly the redistribution during the inner failed, you're sure it would work. There are not enough. White people are not paid nearly enough arrogant, fraught Tom rated. A couple of Manning's outside that won the ETA resolutely defended this up. To your point, saying all this is probably no. No. They recently defended this saying that it actually hadn't harmed anybody, and then they came back in the well. You know our bad so well, how did this it was LEO's die from Jangle. Let me explain on the score of getting our audience now. The algae beat you. I tell you what the that wouldn't be bad, just get on the alliance right right before you're about to face our final left gorgeous. Go, I'm gonna! Forget you
Why is there a pride shield? I bet anybody in high school who is getting stuck in a locker by a football player which they feel. I don't think that's happening anymore. I think the problem is, I think, right now in school, if you, if you are gay or fewer trans, it is Carte Blanche. You'd go get in trouble, zero zero, and you can say whatever you want like that. Guy called me. The F word suspended There are the team all right. Ok, Oh, I don't usually like doing this, but in things of cheap, because it's Ethan, Clank actor H three, This brought on a lawyer which would when I pray you to cripple at which we're not going to get into because look, I'm going to do anything legal in the court of public opinion. Let's let that happen, the courts, but there's this program and people than asking us to address it in. You may not be familiar with eighty three. Eighty three, the guy's name, is Ethan we laughed not long ago about him, saying that people shouldn't think
about critical, scientific and medical issues. This was the clip which got him upset I don't think I've ever seen. A more perfect encapsulation of group think and discouraging any sort of critical thinking whatsoever and laughing about. With no self awareness. This is my favorite clip of the year which role it they say you gotta, wear masks, I'm out their wearing a man while big deal and then nowadays You know it's God side, you dont weight to our task. It's pretty simple! You wanna talk about was dumb yeah, I mean there's a whole, there's a whole. The cdc like this or governmental body with scientists to just tell us what to do you have to think about it is about. again. I still think it's funny. I never see nobody so smug about being so ignorant. Now, let me be clear, of course we had some fun
Who is criticising the idea? I do think it's a bad thing to tell people out there. Young impressionable people Finally, a specialty of audience in audiences, like nine years old, when you ve, had to adapt your content to get you to friendly to tell them not to think critically, not to begin earlier. We usually go after Political figures signed a thorn data sources right on this show, usually those people we have to debate changed. My mind is not a debate without politician. Science Pulitzer winners in every now and then a lay up crosses our are our path who we, you know just to just click the stick that you're only capable of eighty three. three right that the only thing I can do is is is do the Youtube drama. So apparently some didn't like it had some harsh criticism for me, namely ISA, and he had this criticism. To issue about us again being smart enough to think critically and double down on the fact that one shouldn't
stupid, wisely questioning, but it took the cdc or fancied yeah seriously bro you're, not a doktor. I only want to think about things brought. Do you question later on, but rather the the guy so down. Don T you go to the doktor and then I could literally do you know the farm see and overlook their work out their medicine. Yes, yes, I do I'm saying we want to give me the wrong medication. I am done Germany, where they got the right. When you don't mean that we read labels and you don't want to do. Is prevention works then you should be listening to doktor, faulty and the and the city it's about a different? Exactly? Is that simple just journeying it's kind of luxury levels. National money would have to make this video, if you just don't even think about it, you're not every day that they gave their whole life to scientific research. You'd, look at all the stress and strain on that could have been prevented. Stephen stressed
we have to think about. The oldest stresses strain on me that you make me: gray and walk recess, that genetic polymorphism among incapable of growing contractile issue. It's taken its total commitment, It's like a thought. Us, like you, were me: Pre, Benjamin Rotten, ok, it's like when you hear too people talk at a party, and you know they're wrong about something, but you just don't get involved because you don't want them like I M, just like they ve far lovingly really clear. Ok, this is underlined here what you really should conversation hour, but I understand what you're saying there and of course you need to trust. You need to aggregate and verify. I never claimed to be a doctor's. That's why we have them on our show that we provide the sources that we do. However, I do read labels of pills that I take and, for example, talking about like supplements, George GNP certified or I make sure that its and assess certified, especially when it is to compete, because you have to make sure that this thing isn't tainted not say that doesn't make me a supplement, manufacture. It makes
cautiously sceptical and by the way, this is what matters the city. He just said Fouch, the CDC. I mean at the fact that look ISA is, you're not aware, I guess of the FAO Chee emails and the fact that he was telling the people one thing while believing another behind the scenes, and this has been released. This should tell you that trusting what person. Blindly is a problem: let's go, you some examples of where we criticised now that your pro you too banning anti platform you'll get to that in a second, because we of our warnings. We accurately cited the CDC Data, but they didn't like that. We don't! Let's go to this, you see, ok, one, let's go, everyone here that c c of World Health Organisation in June, the World Health Organisation, so there was no evidence of human human transmission that was echoed by the cities in January only twenty one, the CDC published a journal in Jamak, nearly sixty percent of cover cases came from asymptomatic carriers there in April differently to see for study found that
internet, it carries were unlikely to substantially contribute deprived of spread of cover. This has happened, I believe today or yesterday Ex California, the scientist Donovan, listen brilliant, though not to think about it. Do south, so fucking, stupid, brow Look they just to reduce their death rate by twenty five percent. In California, because this is a long one and we had it wrong and something that you understand, I'm not saying that in all of these now in these instances I was right as I said, I think it can transmit to humans and, for example, is that I think you can't trust the World Health Organisation because nearly work with China the brakes. And it seems that there might be a lab leak. We work right, but science isn't governed its determined by consensus, is determined by what's true and that's all of different scientific voices. Utah only the cdc and faulty. We aggregate voucher, CDC World Health Organisation, other doctors and qualified immunology epidemiologists. And yes, that's a difference,
in a world view that I have so far cheese emails right here that in case you, you didn't know, I don't think of your members. Have you said he email saying sworn effective, the mass solar drugstores. He also tonight in a function. Research, even though we know that from emails that he actually did know about it. where's, the funding to the war on land. There are a lot of things that happened that they just misleading about so I dont know why you would simply trust a government entity and be so smug about people who think critically by the way will also get to the point that we provide references and sources so that everyone can't you get them cells, which you ve never done. You just go so so fuckin stupid brought nothing. I call you tube executives to get em banned because I bore line do the trend is thrown off our so that we have always arise when content creators side with corporations horse to get people removed. If good hopes that works by the way We have to believe in some kind of conspiracy theory out there. Either I have to do is checked. Debate shows twitter, feed, yeah. Ok, you suggest
where they lay still vehicles on the road. They. I don't get you in a second. By the way, the blatant look. Look, I'm not- going to assume that you didn't blatantly lie in some of the things that you said set your job really lazy or incapable of your due diligence, so he set some we'll get to female Booker reached out to you for the show Did you ever had a female Booker? That's that's! No! Never cabernet! Now you're, either lying or you're, so lazy, can I want a ball you and then you go and drank as yours. How lazy you didn't even just verify the fact that it was complete legally fabricated them. The doubling of tabling a quadrupling down on Andrew grouping which, by the way, and I want to say this to because from an interest, anything wife is his israeli and we ve talked about these conflict, defended them of course, they're right too that's nice and I know that you're probably suffer Anti semitic comments on Youtube: I've seen them, we ve received them just for supporting as real that's horrible support. They also understand that really is just. government agencies, souls
people, some bullshit and, thank God, the how parliament part of the infant for the Holocaust was using health guidelines was telling people of this was for their own public health safety area. I think that the Nazis were wrong. Yes, we want, has the right to criticise an amount of everyone and NATO to Morrow. Yes, tomato goebbels. Yes, everyone has required in obligate mission to do their own research. You believe station. You discouraging actively. We encouraged actively, Almost every line up on our point of view. That's the idea and criticising that, even of course double down on here and it's just I'm sigh for people. watching here who don't want to have to deal with this, but this is the kind of stuff that your kids. A few of them may be watching the loss of life and you get where masks on my left out while big deal and then I dare say you know. It's God side, you dont weight to our task. It's pretty simple!
have already done. I mean there's a whole, there's a whole, the CDC like this all governmental body with scientists, and they just tell us what Do you have to think about it? It obviously my point is that if you're so stupid, then yeah, you should listen to the CDC. it would therefore be you should like. I don't understand this assumption that he'd, like you were saying the same thing in a different tone: doctors, but their whole life studying at, disease amenities, automobile, genealogies, borderland epidemiology is not as the world vaccines just asking questions, a man it makes sense to soldiers to listen to the lodge They're not tie me, I'm go jump off a building and, unlike while this doesn't make sense, but I'll do it. Antonia shutdown businesses are saying that doesn't travelling to humanity Brady
the same logic, pillar, lowering the label- I guess it's pretty rather dry, airs and I'll have a part of this wonderful, Mensa gathering outcome by when they also mean when you look at ingredients on your food, you got the packing plan and ends in an reexamined everything, elegant ingredient, profiling, Suharto's profile, doesn't really ingredients, read the ingredients and little guy that I've? What yeah? Oh, my god, I why man, I can't leave. I wore a master and that pandemic that was so stupid of me. I should never listened to this site. Is that spend whole life studying this, which scientists Think for myself. I don't know what else to do they fitzmaurice filters seriousness as oil. Next to me, I will leave the rapporteur where mad at you do need to wear Basque and, like he changed his mind, based on this
jewish and right- and you may make sure, he's our nationals. But you haven't read those if trust what the what the tissue people tell you. You trust that coffee or drinking you James. It's the only way you can be making decisions that could impact or help forever, by trusting that that coffee. I tasted it ready to fight presently set. They tell you what to do you think about it. Do look. That's good rule of thumb thing in life like matters it good role mean yeah when you're as As you know, I can't understand, pronounced everyday reality out I'll hazard. You should listen the CDC brow. I know that a member of the point of government, if we don't trust these whole institutions, that we ve dropped
fun did regulated way? Don't you did the double line? I led a sack of guard them laugh, follow it even tell you saying Leslie these railroad. You know I have some doubts about that. They handed over in this whole land because they didn't trust government that exist and television, and I support communists in America and debates on that, but to say that, where a man them during my darling pandemic and end with a airborne bar want, so look them or limit the Iranian doesn't look look forward. Ok, let's assume Let's assume that I'm as as dumb as you as dumb as you sound cake, but you you could beat you know, could listen, never know, spectrum could be really entails as dumb as you sound right now. Let's assume we're them. Ok, comes down to a worldview. Let's assume that we're both not doctors. You say
We should trust up these institutions who we ve propped up by the way we haven't necessarily prompt them up spout. She was voting. That's that's what one of the arguments, but even gone that far out from the trunk into the branches. One of the arguments is you have one of the highest paid officials and governments and most highly paid officials and garment, never held private listen, there's never been election so to act as though we should blindly trust these organisations. Your worldview is worse. Oh dumb, we should trust the World Health Organisation who said no human human transmission. Who said no way, there's a lab leaking than you, two band people who suggested you're saying we should block- we trust the CDC, because everyone is too damn out there. You believe that your audience is dumb they couldn't possibly we do their own research and you actively discourage it. So, let's assume neither one of us, our doctors, we're both dumb the difference is we actually provide sources and references,
every single that bring us CDC World Health Organization, Club Med and by the way, every single one of those every single show in good time what'd. I come go to go to actual post of the video We provide all these references below, but we, All of these links below where you can see- and we put em an inscription. Why? Because I dont believe that people should bless me blindly, nor the World Health Organization, nor the CDC nor anyone. My worldview is. You should, of course, aggregate the word and the advice, the wise counsel of scientists, of that is by the way I'm not just fancy. I include doctors who seen a patient. not ass, like air and then verify with your own research. Also, it's not pro science to trust. One person when about half of this and if community, for example, was saying this thing may have leaked in a lab scientists from China who some defected disappeared right. You know that
We could go check out resources on a website. Maybe you'll understand this little bit. Those Scientists were saying one thing, but the organization who you go into bad for you to Twitter Facebook band, information from getting out. So it's just you different worldviews. You believe that you, audiences, so done they couldn't be trusted with the abyss? Peter Research freely. That's the pro censorship mindset that permeates the world right now, I believe in discussion. People, regardless of what they believe and that we provide what a minimum thirty, sometimes a hundred and twenty references per day, almost all Neutral, like pub mad scientific journals or left like New York Times. find a whole lot of conservative sources in there now you do it, but you're thinking about opera, Thank you. I got a driver. Had I gotta go to the medicines cabinet, take whatever the hell graduating, Ellsberg tax and staff see what happens many didn't really have a hot. What you're going to tell you that I feel like to rebut him. We could have just play to him when he's when he said: listen, you don't have to think about it. I know what I mean is that if you're too stupid you just need to,
ask them not to know you just code that yourself about, I don't even know who this guy is here. Our there who isn't even done like videos that used to get minds a place in our pockets to get a few thousand or so I, even though I think you should use that portion of your brain, we may go. You use a ten percent ice fucking eyes. Two percent live, he's ten percent of my brain, like this, it's less willing to do a branch link American Army when Raytheon at some damn Libya that I am glad this is going to be good for our relations.
What happened to trust but verify trust, but where you can even the leaders of you believe that there is a government savior coming for you in every realm and that that you should listen to them. Well, that's a solitary and come to power, but why do you think a doctor doesn't prescribe you some stuff? Isn't look, I'm just going to read it out. Every though it what does it do would by the way Russ inch you're. So pro pharmaceutical company- and I were not anti facts- have talked about how many people should get tax and ethically already put my merciless pneumonia. I think then people here decision. I think people have their own freedoms. Constitution would be an easy reference to start with the big doc. this idea of an anti that's, but since now of a sudden you, this pro pharmaceutical company guy, will listen. the reason that I do actually ask is because the commercial say ask your doktor about a vilify government well there's nothing I can do, is going to have a story ETA, Carthoris terrestrial. If what about mild diplex of your psoriasis? What about bill? If I guess we could try that, so they tell me doctor
following those doctors, the pharmacist. So you know the point is when you just follow one person eventually, you know the blind might get their tails cut off, which can never be told us. A bedtime, Muzzle Armand Jeffrey demonstrate. Opec gray said he short of mocked me you you run out of steam and got too. I guess I guess what is considered in the u to world a roast, there's so much to say, as I have already talked about, but the dude has such small energy that is wearing the holster he wears off. John holster brow like he saw me Thirty five percent of Americans needs. I feel, like matter is doing. It is like an accessory yeah, yeah yeah. Always yes! as a gun holding your brow and he's got tissues next to him in case, you know these thoughts in mind. Finish the job, but in case you know, there's a dilemma. its cry, punchline starts running, evolved this gender such beta energy, with the prince, a guard
all stir all these did. The cigar thing is just the over compensation. Aerial resist Could I just like my remit, flyers, there's lazy and there was a backs. The future seemed episode show sick its demand. We have a big brown, you know about all stared and where the Kleenex just say. First of all, you have you know that's due to allergies keg as wide a bronchial thing, which is community guidelines. mutable condition genetic, but I there's a cease fire here, so we can talk about any genetic conditions like the lack of chin, lack of beer hundred and twenty pounds. Wearing the Cinderella bandanna on his head, trying to compensate with a beard used, not just for men or the eyebrow phrase. Like tea in the corn field, it so still
The point is reactive. Immutable characteristics, let's be careful, but you will not say something you ve, always like cigars, you're, you're, honest show to promote the responsible gun. You ownership, yes, and This is the same way as they have to look like waning Garth transition, a kind of b, the law, the further reach of Youtube censorship to let you you now to kind of put you in Europe. Now we have to be careful because I dont know cause they can say: use of weapons, so stupid broadcasting, we're thinking for yourself. That I'm he's got a small deck but needs the kind of guy who then goes to Youtube and supports people being banned Ethan. I it's gotta, to look yourself in the mere and know that you, totally changed who you are in your content to appease the powers that be look. Maybe you didn't Maybe I had a change of heart. Were all the son, you don't care about free speech and expression and your pro youtube in your protein plants. Romania protein manifestation- but, let's be honest, I was here is changed our point of view and yes, I do carry a holster lie:
many Americans, tens of millions of Americans why to promote to normalize. responsible fire marshal, Bialik liberals with abortions or or you too, you know most normalizing, the discouraged to this urging of of seeking one's own information and resources. Shit about educating people on firearm, use your passionate about people not educating themselves on anything different, strokes or shaving. in every hid it if he had just looked into a little Betty, be like oh yeah, yeah Stephen doesn't need a gun in just about any street fight. He would ever get into all cladding too much and rigid sooner not out I'll, be compensating just like sink eyes like it's not like an entire industry of people have enjoyed cigars passed down for generations, because it's an artist I've got product that is a delicious now. It must be because I haven't
If incline peanuts, right absolutely saw Pinocchio, you can come after five times. Just thinking about your dick Viagra come after us, that's fine just make the arguments ray. I You know that I want you to come after me, that's not because it's just that I dont know that eventually, you'll know how to quit me and now we're back to say, look look! Let me. Let me also one thing to that term. I want to say feel real quick, though just as it it's being, it's a subsidy censorship being disguised as a let's get high and have fun pod right about any right. Well, rust he's like Doug Benson, potter movies, just nothing right, yeah, you don't think too, and I want to say this because we're gonna get to this. We ought first, let's go to the next, but but I guess ran out. You run out of steam even so occupied in its age. Three extra, but it's not like your name, is Ethan. Adjust it's not like share it has got something.
the conservative drifter this. This is another again. This is what you see on the left, don't educate yourself and then ascribe motive. Rang Erika I was sunk down. I'm like I wish that I would just be a conservative if we'd like easy, the easiest drift nets playing a game every take a so obvious. They it's like everyone, has the same opinion. Am I thought of I thought I was a bandanna. It's it's a wet! Bandits! Beer band! Look! Ok! First of gripped. I've been here since two thousand, ex been doing political videos since two thousand seven. I believe, maybe two thousand eight on you to look there was no money in it. Cake Regardless. Can we at least agree that, regardless of where you line up, One of us was going upstream here and it wasn't. The guy do invade nation bro. Ok, it was wildly unpopular in, unlike yourself, I've never changed. Why I am. This is why our programme is growing in yours. Isn't because people were introduced to your show through a kind of content and I say this to everyone out there, because this happens a lot on you to write. You start with.
Don T give a few viral videos, and then You say what we can do this again, hey, I know which was when podcast I can host like a child. Ring kid. You know, then, all of a sudden doing its social justice issue. Podcast about you know I take Zante, lesbian funk or whatever the hell it as its appointed rainbow thicker affirmative action we're just suddenly. Now it doesnt work, and I and I will say this- I have been an advocate of new me For a very long time, right was a fox for for four years and obviously was debt. Stanhope Dave still does stand. It came up doing New media knows not new media that term a sort of a misnomer, but we ve lived it or whole life, but I use that term to free. New media, verses legacy, media design and ABC Nbc Cbs, and I thought they were wrong, that the good part about new media before the sort of censorship wave was hey. No gatekeepers right people can go out there and create content and find their audience now. The downside to that is, there's a billion podcast, and so when I would have these conversations with legacy media. They would say: yeah
The problem there is at any time take a headache incidental talking to a microphone, and they don't understand that we had an audition process with radio shows and television shows where you had the interesting or some marketable, Chernobyl skill set, that would be valued as some kind of an entertainment commodity and when they were saying that look. This is why the media is never going to go anywhere. They would show a show like yours, and so in providing resources and sketches and guests and we'll have a politician who have Rudy Giuliani on. I know you don't like it, but he was mayor of New York Times manner the year and then we'll have a multiple time peer, reviewed, published matter. the scientists will have an oncologist we'll have an epidemic. Just as the word that you are looking for, because we want to elevate the platform you're incapable of it. The reason that legacy media disrespected new media and for a long time it is because of content like yours, and I think that's why now you ve become their toady, that's why you have to break it. Self to Susan Widgets key in CNN and vocs in an admin
for the removal and deeply forming a people as well. You got look. I don't dislike you, I want to. I criticise and idea: ok you only do you two pissing contest with people? That's not what I do so I'm interested in doing. I just think that it's a bad thing to tell kids that it still. To think about issues or do your own researcher. I disagree with that idea and saying it's easy money that gets a grip. That's easy! Do you understand what democratization is which you add the k exactly do under use of port? They don't pay us. Even though sponsors are ready, willing and able to put ads on our channel, they won't. Let us have it for even the most but nine of powers of research so easy
having as its grip, do we do role which is put on beans? Doesn't it here about how the story with her eyebrows TIM, our laws, show anybody whose even remotely lay in the Hollywood industry has lost everything of argument? What an easy ready to look you tat is what an easy grip and yet all those right wing specials. You see a net flare side, even though you know you're Mr Party Mouth now how many strikes just for actually taking a stand thing like that hate speech. Doesn't it will never been accused of hate speech violent, just taken a stand ever willing to unpopular opinions ever willingness upstream, no instead- and this is where we really differ- and this is where I do think it's actually shameful because once upon a time is inclined would have people. people out there. Who knows the big show on you to poor people, other people watching if they're still watching and most of them, don't care about this, but they have a lot of you people who tuning you would Norton Petersen on and real, You remember court about used to watch him back in the day
was really fight. He was one of the few guy of Anti Este w censorship and then flipped out. It's completely different kind of Europe a totally different person and I don't care if you dont, like the cot, totally different person in that now. You advocate now I've Never ever I want to be clear. I don't think you're channel should we do ties are taken out, even though it gets really really bad to tell kids not to do research. I think that's bad. I think it's almost anti educational popular pronounced about as directly as you did epidemiologist even coming out rode out, is so boring its anti content. Yes, it's fancy bananas and its work, but he goes to die and billboards respect. So I think this is something that no no he's respect for that. Listen I, unlike our friend there is only just like Mortimer Collective done research on this programme very painful. Yet, as the funniest video able, I felt like Scarface, where some was going, you don't want your friend I now The two are ours is actually clockwork
I can do this all night. I can do this all night row can't you just developed some form of narcolepsy colored, but this is the big difference here. I would never the case that you be removed, even though your spouting bad ideas never advocate that other people out there who espouse what I believe are bad ideas and provide no substantiation and frankly Bali, four livings and what he does goes after often smaller channels. I still think that you have the right to do it. The difference here is you Ethan Klein- and this is what happens with liberals- not only lines up with it consistently supports active, deep flat, forming democratizing and removing it's a view which I don't know how you come up as an independent content creator and then do this of the quarter. is, without a doubt, a social justice warrior except the causes he fights for are just different. I sent him to be banned from twitter demonetized twenty billion.
It's the fifteen videos is the misleading thumbnails. It's the joking about killing her. It's encouraging the audience to go right, her discord and try to get banned, giving a cash prize I mean, did there's this whole thing of like they came for leaf and you laughed and next they came for you and nobody was there. It's like do. now, the guys don't Ciba Geigy Balloon had explained because router I wanted is lying. You tube, apparently for de monetizing m. Turkey was locked out of uploading for a time but yeah. I think at the moment he can it's just that if he gets another strike, he'll be completely banned platform and so he's out of an abundance of caution. Not uploaded got it. That's a good idea.
and have seen its content and work. At me, the one about me was bordering on covered misinformation. Wow I like he will see flirting with the how their stairs certain things it shows been saying. That's like dangerous, like the coverage like don't get he's telling his audience, don't get the shot. He sang masters properties, he literally just like any other. Now what you have to correct, Mr Rocard, the add on his bike idea He said young healthy people do need to get the backs. Now, look look, look look. This is important here. I dont know everyone. talk. Today was a long list. We had to shorten down the mountain people, he's attempted to get banned or removed, and maybe maybe some people were actually breaking the law actually kind of. I don't know, but Do you know that doesn't matter sort of like when people say abortion. What about four incest or rape? And you go? Oh, ok right if we allow Working for investors. Can we then get rid of all later? An abortion will know that within don't bring it up, don't bring up that this person was actually breaking the law. What speech, because you think
then it was medical misinformation to laugh at you for saying, don't even think about it broke Commissioner, do you not see the dangerous march toward fascism, not march you're there? If reached, can Cooper of Fascism, you're jumping over them the key? I can't believe this is you don't do This is what so scary is when you have people who have the ear of executives at Youtube. Who get these branding deals and they say also most medical misinformation some of medical misinformation, but to say that you should think about it. Thinking about it would be something that he should definitely looking maybe for its differences over that. Your thoughts for it has oh, I think, he's super. I get a good show. I I think it's ridiculous, because in that clip we just played a second ago. He he didn't quite get to this point is I got out of Unheard of anybody think that the second I can't I don't know who he is he's got this monitor over here, somebody else's on their somebody's immortal as a new produces anyway. Whatever that is safe,
It could be on speed. Dial, basically just said, you, you don't get de platform unless you like ISIS, unlike TAT, do you understand what? But when Words come out of your mouth. Do you think about them? First order they just yet. We realise that, although on Twitter and Donald Trump isn't to realise the Ayatollah still on Twitter and Donald Trump isn't July's there, there are still be heading videos that we were removed from view to yeah. There's a glitter that EMS or dildo video games are still not say. Hey you guys, yeah, listen, it's good to deploy from people if it's like ISIS, but you just said I border line on this by suggesting people think or read a label the label or court the city depending on the date. Oh my gosh, That's insane, I mean really know it's really scary. It really scary not only because it so unbelievably talent, listen and entertaining. But it's scary, because you have kids going. Ok, I will read Fleming and make
one of the saying, but I hope that everyone wants you. This is wearing those behalf, hard boiled egg shooting but will know- and I I you know, I'm not saying it's the three most countless people and allay. I would never say- no, no, no lover now. But the whole thing like that there was nobody left to help. You was built out of an era where there was nobody left to help anyone and it was trying to make sure we didn't get there again and you're a guy advocating for censorship. Saying don't worry about that? that's supposed to be helpful. Quoted they're, not gonna, come after him, because he's in with the elite see thanks. Well, listen! I want you in for it because, as you know, Then why are you went on to say that this is the issue it he had a lorry on here. Yet look about units anxiety about and they got it again. They got it all wrong. I didn't even I think you can get it right as far as what what hath asian bill has filed, and this is the problem. Ok, there are rumours, get started out on video. No, I have a problem with your ideas. I want to be clear about. I did you have a problem with the kind of concepts that you were actually espousing and preaching to young kids. I really
but I also want to be clear here. There's a problem with there. You are so lazy that you are incapable of doing basic research or you are a compulsive liar here. We up. I have a email by the way from his like producers and one of his producers, trying to get me to come on the show here already because there's some funny excerpts in it so high, I'm a celebrity town Booker for louder with prouder, I'd love to book, Ethan, Klein, Ethan, Ethan client, who all David bordered my neighbour users and finally doesn't realizing. Please click on. It probably thinks he has a real letter. Him Santa Claus and with crowd here is a syndicate show hosted by Stephen Crowd or stand up cock, canadian. He was a post for four years on Fox NEWS. He was their youngest contributor. It said Roger Ales even had around with them
there's a laugh you're right, I wasn't natural stink, tivoli conservative style has the rust him into the national six, that we have turns on Mars. Major cable shows and then, when I didn't respond, this Booker was so desperate to get me. She said: He responded such demand with fixed workers with certain aren't, following up on the below request. Can we find a day that works? They will allow you to continue its oil worried me at the original email again. Ok, they overall the email him with a prank call activity. Clear. Let me just you know it under penalty of perjury Gerald have I ever had a female bugger? That would be enough that would be an I've, never had a female Booker. That is either a lie or again you are so late and discuss it. So minded numbingly stupid that you don't or stand or you couldn't be bothered to do you.
In basic research that this comes from a click fund. People use all that I'm trying to catch himself. The famous people who that is no one reached out to you. Never worked with that person. That's how rumor, get started. This is what happens on our both Hungary stouter These are the Stevens Stephen ducked out a political nature. Let me ask you: political conferences are festivals. What's my policy, you hate them like the play, I've gotta have their hostess, see pack for four years and then never again. I think it's been eleven years. I didn't one with the acts as a favour to a friend look. This is how things are done. from political, it's like if someone says you wanna do political and, like you know my judgment, because I know, if I can call up MIKE Tyson, it doesn't mean he ducked me go look. So desperate to have me on because this this letter MRS clause was saying we want it's, it's just not true, it doesn't exist, and by the way, even if it didn't happen if you'd reached out to him, it basically be destroying his entire point. I want
oh come on the show and say your point of view. It is much easier terrible writers, here's the thing, and- and I want to be really clear about that- you have a solely about Saturday. Oh go, I'm just, join the shark, did you have you don't get yourself as a lady, yes and out of mass email with his name clearly and asserted, and by being I may have got on rocket mail in bed like other citizens. Crusty can't we're. I didn't, I hope, you kids, at a local councillor, black crashed, we love to book even clan I miss my name, your book or so stupid broken you, Mr Klein and bolted it. Yeah I don't. Even those names will just now right, which I guess is another thing you felt about music, a rule that is which is the most meaningless insulting. Can we get these days? The attic look at your show that you will have noted as look in an objective way. I will say: look we ve talked about this deadline,
I is Dave. Lando funding will aid, because people think he's for people pay money to see him be funny right it will have done that for a long time in all directions, pay money to see him be funny, there's humours largely subjective fright, but there are objective. Sort of guard rules have talked about this, where you have ok objectively right. My left you're right, you have like Richard prior George Carlin, Eddie Murphy, Christine Chapelle, those kinds of people, and then you have objectives people who are on funny where nobody likes and the kinds of people who do open MIKE's for years at a time when no one, you have things Ethan right. People like and then in the middle maybe you have your. You know your your people, like you're, Jerry, Seinfeld, your richer Jenny's you're, getting your Dave. And as or maybe it's not for you, you aren't for anyone. We ve just watch to justice. from his pocket. Why does he have a Tisch? Why does have a tissue bro? It's like? Is it for? Yes, yes, is it?
or some type of compensation, master oratory fantasy for dialogue. Is it for some kind of catching? We didn't know that age was aerosol. Having just right. You fifteen punchline, that I'm not saying they'll be goal, but at least we're swing in the back now. Don't know that you can also physically sewing about not accurately so objectively I just in wanting to elevate new media new content, which is why we have guests and sources and videos and and sketches research kits more. The only thing offence. I know I've offended you do anything offensive about. You is the lack of any discernible talent or skill set whatsoever. But I know that nothing I could say here could, sting nearly as much as you knowing the dwindle audience who no longer respects you because of the one. Eighty on your worldview, I'm sure the shame that you feel is punishment enough, but I am benevolence up. Look I will say this time I'll- have my actual Booker my dad.
joke about. You know who's dad broke my dad works for me, because your wife is to show my dad actually worked in relations working. in in customer relations and booking before I dont know that your wife has a resident of hosting. If she does, put your dear. Do they also proud of you and still wants to speak with you? That's is sure, I'm not saying that might be different for other people. I'm just I have no idea, that's entirely conjecture, but if I had the bet brow, I wouldn't even have to think about it. So look I will say this: I will never ever after this address you again, because I do feel like you're trying to bait people out there on a bade us into getting into back and forth. You two pissing contest where we never actually meet in person and have actually have a conversation, and I just you please, I'm going to assume it you're not lying, because I never give debates or interviews to people who lie ran right like He said he was gonna meet me at the towns, where no didn't not can give an interview, Montgomery baited, that that way, I
you got an email and your dumb, I dont think you light. I think that actually believed that a book or reached out to you, but incorrect celebrity book. I write a celebrity Bulgaria yet so you know it's a celebrity in an email, practically none why he was. Unlike Dave Land, he was killed by the email equivalent of a talk boy. This is Peter Mcallister, calling the father I get it at Andromeda Theo later you filthy animals of anything cruel cat. So we'll let you on the show Ethan Klein, I will have I'll, follow you went to it or I will have dare in my book or region we can come on the show and by the way I will always be respectful. I will never interrupts, there's a difference between what we do here. I will just be me here and we can discuss the difference in our world view that you don't believe, but you don't leaving providing references sources, and you think it's stupid to think critically of any sort of government body. I disagree with you and I think it's a bad message to teach kids.
you think it's really bad that I responsibly carry a fire. Let's talk about the issues, When my show I would never. I would never invite myself onto your show, but either way whatever you're comfortable with an even playing field, no editing you and I can talk about it. It is appointed to man wants to be invited on the show Gerald Noses policy as well. We'll get this invitation once it's not what you can come back later to your dandelions take, and I don't know just like somebody hey I'll say this compromise has now you're going to come here. Two years from now say I'll. Take that car he offers once reach out. You can come under this show, I'll go on your show. If you want me to to discuss the issues, I guarantee you that I will keep it respectful as I always. With anyone we debated, whether it's a Pulitzer Prize winner or a scientist or a man, it doesn't matter who it is I'll, make sure that we have a civil discussion and, if you don't, if you d line, and everyone now knows that you will you can keep talking about me. You want, but I will never address you again because I have no end
and going back and forth with them. The kind of hackers that takes place there so that's really I'll ever say about that and I hope- and I hope it takes me up on he's gonna- have to think very interesting. I just like a medium since the guy the kind of guy you can have a beer with UNICEF really enjoy the conversation avail with Brown. I don't drink beer go, get a headache brow and then I just take. Were those doctors is take this and I wake up and I'm really I'm fuckin sore bro. You doctor, I watch the video for this by the way and I was shocked that a million p who had been duped into subscribe, what I will say this like he had confident that was more yeah and millions of hand like he's a lot of that kind of coming by the way like to say this to people. Eight, the Bessie Smash that, like bananas, simple out there who are watching right now and we're about to go to Morrow They will do the second highest scornful, keep for a shop or not for Roma and comment.
What you will if you would like to see this out their cause. I know a lot of you. Don't know you not familiar with this person. If you would like to see that conversation and please, if you go over to it plans general. I don't advocate that you do keep it. Respectful gets show them who we are because we don't want. be trolls. We actually want to have conversations, and we also like to have we like to have a laugh, but, oh my gosh, could you imagine just just like you have to think about it broke Bill Cosby you mention how much you would just being from Ear. If someone said that it like ours day I'll stay away, I don't get it back. The result. We pay the debt relief, he drank the now the years you to drink the coffee, far from home and think about it row and you just look at the camera.
detective show monies his house and, like others, a smell coming from your fortune, is like yeah, you're, really gonna go digging around, though right at present. It is not good enough for me too hot summer may our. I listen. We actually have a whole segment you're we didn't get to on the eschew scores of our people. Familiar with it. I don't know if they are ok, so this Actually I want to make sure they get this. Wouldn't let the mug club we ever do not months of its social credit score for businesses out there will be taking a little but that actually, these huge Theo's are a part of and of course, climate change. oak agenda, DVD Q, All of this is a part of a lot of these fortune, five hundred companies- and it's pretty scary. So talk about it. I dont know that this is the kind of thing people would it wouldn't be a pro and you too, but who knows, maybe you think, I'm going to make a couple of calls on them little clover right now. Thank you so much for people who are watching on Youtube people, We have another hour of Joe lotteries crowded outcome.
Lash mug club and will be taking your chats Youtube Appraisal
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