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YouTube Bows to the WHO! | Ep #11 Good Morning Mug Club


Talking Susan Wojcicki's interview with Brian Stelter and Youtube's bowing to WHO, calling BS on CNN's coverage of the press briefing, and some new updates on COVID death rates. We also check in with our team in the office and Steven gives some inside baseball about the time he met Clint Eastwood.

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Hello, audio listener, you're a unicorn. You hurt me so that before because you're you're you listening to a television show effectively, but actually, the month of April, all month, Mug Club quarantine entered the promo code, quarantining at thirty dollars off, haven't yet joint Muslim, we're giving everything away for free lot of you're used to hearing one show on Thursday. Here we do shows everyday Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday Thursday will that's four day, so we're going to be putting then from the Paypal for you guys to encourage you not only to join but also to to commiserate with you. I guess a little bit amidst this MRS pandemic. So morning, as well Monday, Wednesday Friday live on Youtube, you can listen to you in Europe. Have live on Youtube good morning. Live chat with you and go through stories of the morning really appreciated. Please do stay with us and we hope that you enjoy this month. It's all we can do because we can create testing
Yes, I wasn't dream now now. How do we J thrown a luminous sponsorship. Many complex ninety percent of the garden with you can work. My club in us back now, you're getting just don't spoil all my, which is an airline from a grandfather, but you can't do this by really bothers me. Have regional bill is not here today. So chair, Unitarian paranoid about the agenda button in his crotch Wikipedia fixing his role. What does the militarily fabric now use? I'm doing we're order. Blackguard is here. We have an instrument. H are
doing audio, of course, and I hold on really quickly before we go to fetch mornings. Let's see what they haven't seen any real quick state with nearly twenty eight thousand cases. Overall, the girl, how dare that some states to reopen this morning's reopening from home italian and pride? morning at the onion. Don't you don't think it's a good idea. We will be talking today about a quite a bit will become a doctor Burke's. Who ten only talking about the death rates, but first again the promo code is quarantining at thirty dollars off. This is huge hashtag, my club, quarantine months. We ve doubled up the content, for hopefully let let us now. Hopefully this has been of use to you, hopefully to act as a Sal for you, you don't, if not it's a big we're kindly unemployment and live chat, of course, or people who are watching life at the blaze exclusively month. Membership list your names and, for some reason I don't know without the millions of dollars developed in the platform,
but your user names like now and will be reading some of those from your damn Crenshaw anymore right. I was, I was too beyond, but he couldn't he's a busy. He d, never death perception to hit the video call wasn't available. Now he can see he just gave the depth like you was color it'll through no one argument would enter and Shaw should spend, spend a year. Colorblind he's up issues, but together you would be like that Karen culture from the mighty yet we're one complete person together. But anyone remember the mighty really to disable People down there wasn't really. I don't know retarded. Is disabled turrible get your nerdy like me, the mighty know they were themselves clothes in Bali, a big bully and, I think, was and colleague, Mccall Catering was, but I don't remember any. I don't know what you did was on his shoulders and so too Kaliko Little Rascals try out only they lived my life that way together.
They look like now, and you know as much about the physical limitations, but they also learned about themselves emotionally spiritually, intellectually parliament, is highly recommended. Actually I don't remember- and I dont know watching it up here about handling when I did that with the page master recommended it entails, the tweets were were radically upset I got my emotions that, oh I get it miles movie successes that it's fine film, eternal to demonstrate is the one. That is the reason why that is so secretive what that is up to You can never tell me what's. Your secret is now its positive thing wisely and labour. We now comes to you really quickly at one effect check this. This has been going on in the morning knew so others Sixty million dollar pop hospital people talk about this because it was necessary since June.
That's a lie. It's now been sitting empty for two weeks will be shut down: the expenses safety officers. The day rates were Twenty eight hundred dollars, twenty three in or out in two thousand dollars are financed section chief, a twenty eight, seventy five, a day to public information officers at two thousand. They basically thousand european aid. They were making over two thousand a day between two and three, and to sit in an empty so that CNN could Bahrain Donald Trump for not? U building enough of our you, I'm trying to do math and my head. Yet two thousand a day is a lot. Yeah math with the asian RAP will prove a fruitless and even on a temporary basis. That's why we run come on now. We're gonna be talking about the you, too and now all of a social media and what their their new rules now because of the World Health organisation? So my question to you actually out: there is actually them into half a day, often good morning. Sir, I just saw the broken headline here. Why do you care I care about taxes? I care what Texas does Jerry?
they talk about Houston earlier lottery out, live in Dallas, not that I know I don't live in Alice, but still the dragon decline for making teeth. Why he said you know what we now need to make a stand against this quick trip you're the only to make large pivot right? Don't we for those seven eleven Johnny Quest bodies to come on in there and beyond it. There was a lot of. It is a highly self. Or racist or almost we're, raising Iraq for out loud Avelines track. What are they terrible, exact, let's all they are the essence of the shop lobby ass ends in ruminants.
Look at it from a mighty. We can have another shouldering the mighty in antonym matter fact for this programme. So what do you think anybody social media role during the whole outbreak of the corona virus? It? There is a balance right thinking you to shut down fake conspiracy theories report deliberately trying to mislead the public into selling them something. You know some snake oil. I understand that. But are you also little bit leary of you to Facebook Twitter, the alphabet networks here just after that is, the parent company of Google, but they might as well be the alphabet networks and that's how he's ever further ABC Nbc Cbs? That is able see Embassy CBS, that is, Google, Youtube, Brent, Facebook, Twitter, Facebook Guns, Instagram paranoid. On twitter they're gonna go, I don't know, I'm amazed. Twitter is still. Is there not a third way, Jack right, nor my wife- and I were talking about this last night, like that's one of the major differences with what we have now and what we hadn't, two thousand nine, what we had in two thousand and three and we ve seen
every five to ten years. There is an outbreak somewhere of something like this right, maybe not the exact same thing. What was different and it's like the immediate access to information, is so much different. I still remember the the o three outbreak of Zodanga. No, no, you don't need still feeling the havoc reconnaissance, Graham Gothic, Moors. Anger too or Zimmer imaginations, finding ways to bypass pornography filters surrender, and then there was my days which brought us the likes of tentacular anything Jeffrey STAR so loud theoretically, thank you Tom, you wasn't, I didn't send genuine. Really. You pick up a lot Maybe if you in a way to get you can be the mighty as it comes like, hitting Social Cuba Ass, we ve, gotten punching snipers area,
opponents of funding is weight. As you know this about Wade, I audio way, but audio way sometimes can he will say the most so steam, shatteringly, brutal insult ass and, like you, strong it in the trash continues walking about anyway. But I love you guys was what you fall to your knees as he passes by Believe Yang Family issues that I can about what we can ruin you just you, ok all right. So let me know what you think of what is the role of social media if at all, hey iced tea is doing so smart and let me say that I think it's an actor musician actor. That's why,
they get a car. She called me that clause only you can say this at the next best thing max. I know a lot of different regulatory, weakly and renewing car shield helps the differences are good and Thomas. We just talk this guy who's car. How I used to jack my car was jack. It's only have no regard for my personal property right here right now. I have car shield and he does ads for me. He right my bank directors background with ice tease, name on it. Currency knew who it was
these guys are something I will say it. We have to move on actual news, but if, if Pencroft bans member, if they became popular ain't, had unpopular where it's only been there for other people like their music, there is considered, sell out, get with wrappers. That's the goal eventually to allow. So let us think about it if, if green day, for example, Joe. What Billy to our Israeli? He made a cameo in in deep blue sea nor desk. That's gonna be good for you that if good Charlotte made a dynamic Charlotte, we're doing advertising for our she'll you're careers done at that point, you ve taken a different path. The casually well look they're doing a commercial, it's pretty much about on par with the writing of all the other side's good Charlotte, which one of you is the evil twin not entirely sure Israel is held by the hair do, but now neither one of them have here. So let what is this
this was chilling. I don't think I could watch this clip. I want to set this up for you. I would have to livestream. Yesterday I was we will see you at the doctor Brooks who just Well, Now this is us from seeing- and I think this clip this is Susan, which Youtube see where we talk about social media. We talk about their role. I indoors in that they have a bias. We notice this when I first started doing the any of the covert videos back, then it was still call them still called who flew. Then corona virus unknown, says virus anymore. They also call that cover the disk. They ve, gotten lazy, I don't know, but I have also heard people epidemiologists refer to it as a disease as opposed to a virus. I thought I thought, there's like HIV is the virus and AIDS is a disease HIV is on average. The dominance and AIDS is Tom, Hanks in Philadelphia right, and then I dont know if there is somewhere in between year later Dallas buyers club, I have no idea, I do know the progression, but there's a difference and have a virus on a disease. So I will tell you this matter a p d knowledge just
but I believe it's a virus but tat. This was sitting which is key talking about their approach here at Google and Youtube. What's really scary hears what she flat out to see? If you can spot what she flat out declares to be a violation of policy which will directly affect let's go that we talk about. That is raising authoritative information, but then we also talk about removing information that is problematic and reinforcing anything that is medically unsubstantiated to people's daily life or take vitamin c in a bag. Like those are all will curious. Those are the main US, not the clashes. That would be a violation of our policy. Anything that go against World Health Organisation recommendations would be a violation of our policy, and so remove is another really important part of our policy zero, not just putting in that the truth. Next civil, I you're, taking the lie down. That's a pretty aggressive approach.
As part of brains out there. You wanted to go down the line from a regular stating what you are saying now, just I was just thinking like our audience. Usually see one of those in a video is enough for poison yanks out and balls, etc. We polish CS, and you were saying that of an old ones- Ryan stouter he's what he's is age, yeah, Brian right to sell to? Let me have it, but you said you know I got my own. I totally forever this yes, brain seller is two years older than you. Well, why isn't it just gets four years younger, although that paddling essence, I just heard it. I think I think you're done enough to believe that vitamin c will cure you of a disease by this point, like My images are actually some intravenous vitamin c that it is effective against a lot of viruses at high doses. Now
taking Arab, it's not right, you're. Anything Fraser. One thing also had to have, conversely, had to have conversations off air with doktor joy and other medical experts. You got Elmo's we'll have a problem that we're taking here based on the recommendation of a doctor, we, this is a more who had preventative or to take cigar or guarantee nowhere, but I need to talk about IRAN, air, because if I tell you we're taking, we will be considered running fake news, and it's not here and what I did a preventative measure that their studying right now that has been showing a lotta promise gaps takes repeals the day here that are supplements that are lab tested. We get from a certified lap can't area so good luck. The signatories they clean their stuff very frequently at quickly you need. I understand I all my danish colleague do this. I could stop hearing this chinese parts of this they sponsoring here it is so she said you anything that goes against the World Health Organization will be removed. Really I heard a collective
from Taiwan. That's from it used to be What are they? Gonna sound nice word of World Health Organisation, but go back to our our video that we ve done on this. They dont recognise Taiwan at all, and that wouldn't be so sinister, for example, it lets it didn't recognize Palestine as a country, because of course it's not a country and never has been in the rest of the world. Don T, you go over there and the usual like how about us and they know no, we want it backs. Anyone could point in its diversity. Little play the point is Taiwan. The reason that Taiwan is Taiwan is because of gross abuses of human rights when they talk about you see like Hotel Rwanda with the second
I for my to the first job, because you Terrans Howard s for too much money that that gap for use in hotel Rwanda people talk about Jennifer. They talk about all these humanitarian crises right abroad in years. I am more convinced now that when when they don't have a dog and fight, that's one liberals us when they left fiends outrage, because right here this is rendered doorstep. World health organisation they the opportunity to take a stand and say hello to second, you reviews even acknowledge that Taiwan exists or representative hung up on a Skype call when asked about Taiwan it matters, because why, let's say, let's say when in Taiwan, let's say government from Taiwan Government official from Taiwan released of it, that was equivalent to the emails that they sent to the Well health organisation, I believe in December, if not mistaken, anonymous infinitely December yellow December, they sent them emails to the World Health Organization thing here You know how you're saying that corona virus can be transmitted from human human contact. We have studies or Europe
viable data. That proves that's not true. They ignored it worth also world health or nation. They do not incorporate it. Imagine if Taiwan create a Youtube video saying, hey So you know right. World health organisation is wrong. It can be transferred from human to human contact. This broad doesn't want you scheme would remove it because political motivation. That is terrifying well and they become the arbiters of truth. Who do you do? Could you trust you trust an organization like the W h YO, whose now being looked at to be defended by the United States because they coddled up next to China in the face of we're welding evidence that they should have been a little bit more critical of how they were approaching the thinking. This is coddled up, they coddled child. They can you up until they cling
China, and then they were arrested by a policeman for not just are not as a reasonable response with that Susan Whiskey in and their crude now get to tell you what information is real and what is not sorry, but I I'd like free speech. I like the ability to go through, I hate stuff, that's fake, on on Youtube and other places like the court. I everybody does right. Can we just agree on that of ours? I still want the opportunity to see. Is you guys would be saying that its fake the stuff that Taiwan was Saint just like to your point, if that's what they ve had. Our stuff is vague when our children are the only correct. Yes, when we talk about the World Health Organisation by the way, this is out you wanna talk about identity, politics, the head of the World Health Organization said that it was racist for Taiwan to criticise. Oh well, go! What the left has made it clear that they will just listen to some somebody, because they have some kind of authoritative name, yeah rely or China is looming, so amount of authority, for there are thousands of their listen to them. The debate show claims, as has the world health,
innovation it as their name and the left will go. Ok and the people on the right tend to have a. Some part of them. There goes no. No I don't know about. It now seems to be a direct correlation with the left in credibility with given spokesperson yeah with vowels number now, madam, but has also melanin sure these are the egg determining factors said. So let me get this straight. A Taiwan puts out a report that could have helped the entire world that every Rachel ignores them in Taiwan says: hey, you probably shouldn't ignored us and he said racy ass, our own area, making motor ahead at all raised spring that don't negative. I've never got back World Health day economics but the overall outcome on going about their giddy garboils. This is why you son of a bitch set about how to I think you are that you just pulling up party. I had that overlay middys, maybe you'll, do it if your column in nazi propaganda, that's good whisper,
by the way I have seen and everyone else with highly idly. Taiwan also huge didn't Finally, we come on. That's a given. We know he's got something going for the interest. It raises. Compliment thinks I'm sure he jumps I'm sure that guy has given us today you move curious to see if they bring up Florida again unseen and because they just dropped their death rate estimate myself, that's the first on what are you going to see the death rate, my right under the drop like flies? I'll get into that a little bit later, which, but here you're selling us, I think, was a cold dragon fly. This is something important, Dragonfly, Google and Youtube. So when you talk about the World health organization- and you talk about Taiwan, you talk about the grosbeak abuses of human rights. You talk about them, silencing voices of dissent. Then it's important to note that
Google and Youtube. They were working on a search engine where they could sensor people. I think I've called dragon fly to work with the government of China. As far as I'm concerned crazy, you can't do business in the United States. If you do that, and they were playing on launching it this year without being a book. Would that be made use of power? If I were present that for me would be an executive order, any business that decides to actually cater to chinese government censorship. Not you can't sell your products in China. Of course, not not. You can have an import export coordinator based in China, of course not, but if a company is creating a subsidiary to specifically appease and work with China, government censorship laws. You can't you businessmen, you ass, if to pick that they make sense. To me right- and so, if are in. China is doing this exact same thing if you or if you recognise Taiwan, if your multinational corporation or fear somebody's trying to go, and you can't go in there and say yet I want an independent nation and let in China let you do business with now. They won't. Let you do that right and it's not They were censoring small things right like beer
means about their leaders. It was about freedom, democracy, dissenters, religion, right all of these topics that people are gonna talk about all over the world milk. We don't want any of that, because every time we have some of that stuff, a whistle comes out. We have to kill up. We have to kill him everywhere that you know why? Don't you to Google and end of the alphabet networks in the World Health Organization there, the figurative tank running on the guy auntie em. It's what they really are right now. It is remarkable tat their making it possible for them to do that, but I don't think they are obviously they'll make that possible. It comes down to that, but I mean in the realm of speech around more discourse. They actually assisting the big whatever their we're there, attempting to bring a separate nations tyrannical rules here right away and operate in the digital space. So much increasingly because of this covered thing has become the only space, and I share yeah? I got point you made a point of the day we were talking about this, like if you do that, if you play that game it. Basically, it's the lowest common denominator becomes the rules for everybody argued.
So we have a guy. That is all we are, but we got it. We gonna throw it away because they have a really shitting system over there right now, exactly than to have to play by their own people say: that's ethnocentric! Ok, ok, sorry central to say that our system that afford citizens rights is better than the system of China. Ok, I think I shall stick suck. You think you're right, I know you did you hear that any interpreted the winds of ethnicity or silly person, rather than much like my comments about the World Health organisation? so it was nothing to do with race and everything to do with culture to the ears of the. Flanders culture? Can you hear the dogmas of exit? We're ready, not, I think, actually written the whole on right now. Study no benefits potentially danger was hydroxide. Clerical you. It wasn't possible ideals
too much again: Michel Minority families, Dinah talking about Grand John said yesterday. This will be a death sentence for people of color, in the United States, if we reopen the economy and all at once- about. Is that even mean they want us to think that its ignoring resolve here? Would you people of color not have jobs? Yes, they do their work. Actually. Does the assumption that a lot of those in Latvia, where they lay benefit disproportionately from just one, is that they are just going to die that right? This is the only change that will happen. Well, yes, people will die. People are constantly dying of different things, but yes, they also have jobs. They also we'll be showing up to work or not depending on whether or not people will. They also have kids need to feed rice, a cat than anyone else too tremendous pleasure, knowing that Van Jones is the man who is ultimately trying to appease obviously the black base, but has no fan whatsoever on the reality that many black Americans are watching CNN
parliament, has its own show, is buried on Anderson Cooper, burying death comedy GM is a commercial breakin, Mary Tyler, more monogamy retarded. I bet she got spoke away who that more Oh now, almost daily photos that development alone goes hand in every case, where my bill, because you still got the stick on it. You because you know I've gotten read. I just know that yesterday's railings warrant yet stickers on his hat, but scylfing taxation is being a shoes, were read his pants for read his belt was read. His hat was read his shirt. Black and then had a gold backpack on just put a gateway. You had said,
On one, how expensive is that? Because you know all about, it must be just as color coordinated, which I can appreciate like we're we're getting this month, you just had recently stolen them all cash. I d like gold, and I for one sixty four: can you imagine if how to get new new kicks every time there was a grand opening and people waited outside their own parliaments and enable you to see our action will be one entitled Congo Uptown. What the actual pup Tenzin Congolmerates, really Congo, intensely threw up and prevent asked again, and then I think they were they really work. I don't we used to have them at Canadian, Tiring, Canada. I really just wanted that soil itself, tracking guns some that was canadian tire was our was like our home depot on that something called canadian tire money Canadians and there will notice, and I had a good school who tried to counterfeit canadian tire money and what was that I don't know something go wrong: arms of Aragon. Here we only to duck under a desk in their history, goodbye without a desk solely in time when you try to counterfeit canadian tire money and then try to counterfeit tickets to the school talent show, really it wasn't
It was immediately discovered early, it wasn't, it didn't exist, gatling islamic start at night. It was there Thank you just use like normal construction than re, putting aside crayon L Abbadie, my did something like that used to collect baseball cards and he signed a no one. Ryan baseball cards like in like almost print person off any trying to fathom outlined in, like indecently that bottom of woody shoe, like Millennia Letter like Europe, be able to see your kid alive again rightness those blocks and, like that's, that's not signed by me. That's not really. It is on seventy four hundred bucks. Then you you, you were wise when you saw that he signed your Hank Aaron card making mantle. Yes, that's what did it not I'm impressed in Europe and those nail engines that I've watched sand lot. When I do so before I move on. We do have to know that many of you have been affected by this estate homeward or the quarantine, and so I think we have among the line from not mistaken it's time for a traffic report with our vote
senior traveller progress Bonnet, Thomas Finnegan right? Mister Finn again, are you there, sir? How area? I am here Stephen successfully crash. When did the helicopter good as well? To tell you about yet tat. What you tell me about the traffic this morning, Thomas and that's why you're on the payroll? I can't tell you much about traffic, but I'm going to let you go. I got some need us to deal with. We're gets less and the lights out, but in the background times what's it would sound. Oh, my tweet is always always got, unlike in Bulgaria
we may have to deal in somewhat belated. I think he said natives, wherewith, warehouses, helicopter designer traveller politicians. Take us move on. This makes you so much don't worry! No one in this house to feed, I guess silver lining and one of these days will need to get some traffic report, though yeah It would be helpful if one of these is only to get at legitimate traffic reporter and a new health starting point. The classic Thyssen shuts down Waterloo Iowa plant linked to virus outbreak. Unless it is Thyssen on the right, we'd be surprised, guest, Buster Douglas. That's going to start with the minimal porter than what they forty Katy with you. She probably shot putting me in the quadroon view. Unless you want, you know, we support here's, the thing they about floor to this morning, they were talking about Florida,
Why no mention of it? Now? Why don't you join tat about organ, how horrible it is right that reopening Florida can you believe this, the beach it, but now that Florida has lowered its death estimate by seventy percent, not a peep, this guy, you, I don't know who he is, but there's something really bothers me. I realise what it has figured out his nose and you know he's not tough enough to have had broken in a boxing fight Rangitata the host. We had a whole area way. It does seem like you like, maybe with snow, behind the wrong golf club, yeah, something I get the unpleasant something something girls croquet occur, visited Iraq. We have figured out it's a man with a mallet malady now you're, not China, rising steak with it looks like a man with a xylophone mount up. Maybe I will immediately find Gallagher Shit. I don't care what anyone says. We need these measures that one
time everyday lives over those arrangements, be if Rhine, humor, its genre stuff. This is something I wanted are we did our life stream yesterday of the press briefing and tonight so much people we. Finally, I hate to say because actually, good friends, if we Pink Fox NEWS, you really Similarly it what does we drew together last minute, because people are desperate. People are thirsting for these press briefings and I think you have a lot of people. A Fox news runs them. I think they're on their channel, but most of them a news channels that are appearing here, they're Youtube friendly, that don't Dara World Health Organization. There not just broadcasting. It so had a ton of people tuning in. So thank you very much. We ve actually this important by the way if you're Mug club is up for renewal, plea, do consider renewing and if you're subscribed Notification Bell hit all notifications, tube and, of course, crowd are better than other channel right now in the park hazard elbow on audio all this month, all the good morning, my club, as well as its on Itunes anymore example,
guess Android all over the planet to find you- and I dont know we're everywhere, but after we did, CNN stream? So I went home, you know so little. You always know that wired right line doubtless looks easy, but it should be, but is that and I went on, reading the news and so right away. I saw this article at sea and include bringing up this overlay given it said Margaret calls out Doktor Burke's, it's a mixed message. First, I didn't have an initial thumbnail, so the border was that there was a hockey player Ray Borg, commenting on doktor books, and how did you get this is already so quickly very level. This is want to be really clear about that. This is going to be a little bit long, but it's a three minute clip, but I want you to see the clip in its hired you, because this is remarkable to be when seen in when they talk about. You know these other outlets it's important to have.
Shit? I'm at new? That's right! After all the effort we justly Smollett, it's important trading bloc imposed information. Then I see this headline Borg. What does it Borg swaths Downloader border border order? Morning usage burglars essay, given I came, a border calls zero to follow us out their good, and if I get a little calls out doktor books, it might well be a young Turks title exactly. I expected to see a side by side with MIKE Tyson an anarchist variant. Like, I said, ok. Well, I need to wash the circling around. So it's going to be maybe, like some life fat, that's my fact. Checking loitering did this morning, maybe like movies yesterday, right, maybe Burke's, whose very fetching, by the way, missed something out there and wow. This is so that's the title, and this was a kind of mine to this was the article. This was the headline, that's the title. It was.
Proved by Apple NEWS, because I saw my apple news, the official at first before we run. If I click the video and actually stopped it and I scroll down- because I thought maybe this is those things like a video at rest. Clearly, not what I'm supposed to be shown that, like everybody else, legitimate news, titled border calls out doktor books right after the press conference approved by Apple NEWS. This is the entirety. Of content from real news, but are you six safely hair salon to nail salons and tat? Don't worry, there's worry border, whereas it eventually would hardly be close to get what I ve been trying to communicate every last several days. It's it's really info that the governors and mayors communicate critical information to their communities and show very clearly
data we women. We wanted this data and evidence. We can see why someone Linda rise, DR deserves, and those that are made. No material notice. It knows just live, it is, as it on Hawaii community, I community opening, because there are different communities in different places, even in Georgia, and so I believe people in Atlanta would stand that if their cases are not going down that they need to conduct continue everything that we says going to involvement of washing your hand. Wearing a madman, relevant copyright laws, Sally and there wireless keep on social distance and do those things then can do those things I dont know how, but people are very creative, so I'm not pre judge, but we had told people very clearly in the President guidelines made it very clear about the expectations of phase one,
I remember phase one also echoed in item shortly on Saudi roused around. So this is the original see and I say that we want to retain meant and keeping your own individual social groups to less than ten and in very clear in the guidelines, and I think it's up to. Our nerves and mayor, is to ensure that their following the best they can each of those phases to make sure that both the public goods come. And I got a line for damages and higher salaries in the original gone with Eric this. Is it there is for decision making and make that transparent and available to their community and again it is a mixed dont worry, don't pay attention to the guidelines that we have offered you from. The administration. I understand the need to kind of be correct. Here and not be, you know, attack people etc. But I think when people are looking for
Great answers from the medical community shameless. My answer is a danger right, but I think that an answer would have been look if I were the governor of that state, I'm not so sure I would do this Could there look at their look at their curve, let's see where there, We are relying on three turned and virtue. Clean wander around me. I was, but the president indicated that he's gonna talk to the Georgia governor about the opening of beauty, salons etc, but I think in this circumstance and maybe I'm wrong Sancho baby, maybe there was no sound, but I'm not even sure catcher Sancho intuitively smiling. I marks health care for nothing. We spent a lot of time on this we're trying to help you save lives.
In your communities that is tired of border calling your words which, by the way, how is that not anti science? When people say nice, I wanted to further the experts border. First by the experts we had, I think two and a half minutes of just running a clip from the press conference, rent and then border, repeating yourself saying nothing well- is not this evening what I like, what you are so the clip in the clear doktor Burg said we want people to follow the guy. And we ve said that, as I said not well well, she's just going to say, don't pay attention to our guidelines. Why did he of what he's outside as it read. Let me rang out because you are talking about the face for is what would you do new component to the guy? But I want to be clear because on Youtube, we ve done the Asker stream, where we frankly have games. We have guests, have people in fishing, ass, tombs and cocktail hour of the early transformative we get thing than taken down Runs basically agree that from the White House, with thirty seconds of let's find
something to say: there's no one here super intelligent to say it. I don't know, lets us. Let's Tarzan, Wolf, Slash son John Wayne is, if you don't look like a border, so guess what what you just said is bullshit and right. Now we just the exact same job that you'd only a little more thorough. Let's see if this gets taken down from Youtube sets clear for crowd, arrives and see. We're just gonna see em right. It's important that there are, intimate news outlets out their willing to call out non expert border for Stephen, laid out a case where she said look if you can come up with a creative way to do this and to dry appropriately. I think you should be able to have an vertical border comes audiences. Oh my gosh. If I was the part, doing it while you're not and there's a reason or creative wrench that apply
aren't sanitizing masks, so their reuse of exerting locks, Donald Trump mercilessly, as well as a private sector, saying it is no possible way to the two to disinfect to Santa ties. Mass and now, in two thousand I you're, not creative Europe, political hack, your somebody who's put in a quadrant you and by the way you're in the same room you just want to make it seem a little more international. You have nothing to other, and so you just say what she said this, but I don't like that. She said this. We really need you legacy media right in. That was really the only thing that they could pull from yesterday's conference, because when we talked about it, the press briefing was very cordial for the most part dollar from
the questions very I'll. He asking a lot invite clear anything like that. There weren't really any fireworks and we're like a what are they gonna pick for tomorrow, because they're gonna have to pick something right to say. I can't black Donald, isn't what I did it for she said creating, should know exactly what they are going to do right. Some people get creative. That was a nice little toss, unlike some we'll get creative I've seen people wearing. You know like masts that look like bumblebee see now we're so again. People on the right are no doctor, birches political persuasion, but people on the right believe in american ingenuity, but they believe in personal creativity and not that they need to be managed from the from rather heights of power outdated. So the right has an entirely different. Foundation for their world, the exact any the argument from authority in the logical thousands when these at sea and in a lot, and I think this case, though, in India in Borders, defence, he doesn't want to defer to the medical experts doktor, because She didn't know what it is. You think she's talking to one right, Zante, Blitzer, Wolf, Lois,
score ever, which means one of high value, either a cheese colorblind which greatly you progress or see it in not be bothered with a budget of making sure that their co host has in operating Skype or because I am sure that they don't sound the same either as ever. The ringing has ringing in their own. There are real. It's like like insane arrive at Ryan when, when Tom Hanks looking around its carrying his army, as that tonight is that's that's the best you have to Many different distracted from really dollar. Twenty four seven eight is easy to mix up. It is son. Jai Gupta, with the why this person is a person who is a doktor from Wolf Lois parents loaded Jeopardize Anja Gupta doctors under good to the first of the name, let alone the look round would be like confusing Larry Bird with Morocco,
was half brother. You got a little like spicy too, and she did at rights on J and I started to get a little janshah connecting like. I was expecting a shadow ass, but instead wealth. Why do you? What do you think would happen in a fight between was literally Joe Biden he's going to make, telling me the job I rocket actually hold would just both forget to get off the stool and they think that they her what he should do as much tell them that are going to fight, but actually display someone a treadmill and he's got great footwork a treadmill in front of a merely punishment. This guy s words this miracle boy, look at him he's
eight hours k out. You know what actually before we move on we're going to be talking about the death rate sent me to actually fix some statements that I made yesterday, but before that, actually we know the lot of you and let us know if we have some chats there, given Blair chat with so of course it ablaze tv live. Let us know what you'd like to see. Let us know if you want to buy the way taken too Good morning, my club, we can't you two shows a day every day, but after that I will be looking at what it is. You guys, like. We ve thought about doing too late nights per week to good morning my clubs splitting them up some people kind of like both they take that you know you might go through withdrawals, but the point is always more com. And if you join my club, but I know a lot of you like some people here who work in the office, and so we really do. None of this happens without this wonderful team of people going- and I say this because I give people flak a lot. I really dont. Actually, I'm more open,
Jeddak than really the flag kind of us was the rise of the lines like give runs away. I was in your way really is: it can just walking past each I'm right and waits? Thus, don't don't ever let it happen, and that is the second time this week I'll except it once once. But I will say this. I know we're not all in this together and we really are in fact largely because I think people here, I think we all probably had grown a virus in January and Linux, in July, given here lovely patients. We lovingly refer to Mr Goebbels. I dont know why fight then be lovingly only
Second, you and warns pandemic. Will cause famines of biblical proportions, despite what you read, the Bible, no whore unto death rates, no report on the new New England of Medicine Journal we're going to get you in a second. We have minded Ladys and look at the actual anybody know reporting of the seventy percent reduced death rate in Florida. This is, and by the way, are not citing somebody here. There's someone in Britain. It could be just someone in Britain yeah now all thank for. Actually, if you not with economy yeah you can have. You can have a big problem. That sounds more. My gosh Aaron out what they choose to cover, it's, what they choose not to cover exactly, but I am very sore not all in this together. I think we did have corona virus and explain to you why, because Gibbon Goebbels had but I am very sore not all in this together. I think we did have corona virus and explain to you why? Because given Goebbels had its, we think so did price. You works out.
Youtube mediums died? Surely, although there was scarcely them of the TED What did Disneyworld, Why would you ever first off, I advise against going to Disneyworld bigoted little and even if she doesn't weight into the crocodile pit, which seems very important to have a decent work by the way, our very dangerous, if she thinks, is coloured, gobbler apples and do not go to Disneyworld. That idea- and she came back with- I was making jokes when you're gonna go to get Sars is at the forefront of our house. Don't know our job and you took it from me. Do Sars jokes from me now what what do? I have wept, jokes about Wove Blitzer, and in the mighty. So we don't want by these. Are we added that doesn't mean everyone else? Has it until you consider you consider that, given along with many Brendan myself and my father
Do you jitsu three times difficult to do social distancing when someone's key is being wrung out into your mouth, like the embodiment fluid in that? What was that horror, films from SAM Raymie I go to Hell That would mean so much better funding the film circling can do it later, so that things I think we all had a prime incredibly grateful for of all the things we ice. I swear you honestly every morning pray, I hit. Monies are think, thank God for my wife, for the ability to make a living. The fact guys gimme the ability and all of us to make a living. The team of people who surrounded and quick trip. I also think that morning prayers and then make a deal with the devil. If he'll get rid of seven eleven unrestricted, roads? The problem is, I don't, I don't play a mean banjo and so little does that make a deal? I didn't rules rare hedge, a little bit Israel perturbed I was more of an inconvenience. They was a fiddle to the prince of darkness. Really Beelzebub is a little bit more amenable.
Build a bubble. Listen if I go like you know what I can play the parachute, ok. Finally, what I can maybe maybe I'll, see what I better get. Seven eleven to you know, run a damp cloth over the bathroom, so they don't look like a turkish prison, but I don't know I've run up the flagpole with Satan and I gotta tell ya Satan's a big fan of seven eleven, so we worked long and hard on the bathroom. My whole high The second is LEO's Jerry like here, make the bathrooms daring put hookers names and numbers, one did short legs are was. Every bathroom automatic nature of San Diego
let's hear and they were not working and say what did I tell you, even though I never spoke with them, you telling me and they very confused, but that because there is a whole team of people who make this happen, you're in that's why you joining Mccormick. Big different s thing, and I want to kind of show you what it is that people do get showing how the sausages made- and so we ve done this bottom, its for people at work. Let's go check it out, why did we make copyrighted song right, Cairo's rosy. Cheap labour, and now we got you had light their smooth many regards, let it we know about what you said about old people, yes
amount of modern ok come on. Let's go here, see the people who are here to two matters looking away because she self rising he as a problem of where's, your man, but on an old woman yeah. Well, let's get really all masking put on them. Sorry about this is embarrassing. I'm sorry about that. Put on the map. Brennan my enemies. I thought he did that in the alley and at a much safer place seemed to that all I didn't you like the mighty hack before we went guy, it's a shame, utterly Spectre causing the fire marshal yeah someday the d? A criminal law is a thing. We're not actually see compliance, so we do have the braer fridge here. Good, whatever makes people more productive and finally, at the fire hazard, this crack make people more
directive generally we're not just wrote an entire season of GOSH the errant organ, I like last year one track. I'm yours, it's worse than bill, something because terrible take that away like a machine is now in some zero lives is league alive uncertainty. Has she has a romantic history before him? Let him now he s a nice lady. I don't mind my pop pop up. Normally, just like those these jobs out for fun and now that we ve put him on the spot is putting it, but I'm gonna get you operate that cannot see us yes, fruits from Colombia and just assume. There's some kind of a cultural gap read there was time what Doktor Burke's.
When whole second summit, but I do want to doktor Bruce Retirement or less night she's, a lovely lady aurex. Is I've used the term patching about it when people talk about rate culture, clearing clearly show the highlight real from yesterday to doktor books should be flattered. We should very fetching such is an attractive older lady. She put yourself together. Well, she's articulates the worst thing. What did you Donald Trump. I just see I like calculating tat. I think I got your first pay their fat as well as the words I guarantee you doctor birch would not be offended. You probably to do that because you are speaking out. You know, There are now like what is going on and landed literally hundreds, but she asked him she really has to make the three tend to you know behalf. L is just another just another thing that bothers me. This idea of Re Kosovo compliment women, even if you can put compliment women overtly in a way that borders
appropriate body. It's ok in someone's compliment, I'm some so anyway brought it up with smooth many. He came by the house because we is equally as a child and they don't. We have a super freezer supersize freezer. In Hawaii They have a lot of breast milk. Knows the thing that one free rein. You had a mandate for I never knew how to approach it is like hey. Can I come and get some using video camera clearly respectively by eighty mega, and let me just say that I am talking about this. You know incorrect women get pregnant, their ran right to date. They have a pregnant wife, and my wife hit me with a trick question about how we manage wife. She goes on. Oh, my gosh, didn't you noticed how big vows bizarre my wife said in his demeanor but no one ever ass. My primary concern was just how much of it Now. Is there on my face that I'm lying near one of these.
Actually, I think I went to form a second I'm, not I'm, not a boot guy notice them to law you. Yes, I saw no early human, whether anyone with my sister in law, she was choose brightened at things when a woman is, is smaller, right, nannies, wife, isn't it might? My sister in law is very tall and slim, like my wife and her those are very large and my there's a picturesque term very rarely everyday rehersal dinner, where our side of the bachelor night and then we also met what was actually both happen. On the same night, we were at an arcade that night. Nor is a picture of my brother with my sister in law and what happened was like she did. She just happens to jump Picture, and so and she was by what she was going, a long, sleeved teacher. There is nothing at all and it could serve, but the first thing you saw or that in my life and my brother on tagged himself
really answer simply based on the fact that there were large breasts in the picture. Really. I am a bit surprised by that. I'm not, they were fully that's ok. I know it exists. Detroit bus driver dies of nineteen days after emotional least, all around great me, Its diamond and Mr Oliver Organizations USA had passed them a wonderful file they may not getting a little black, listen it set out to sea. Maastricht, but you also have a blog being dragged off a bus, rending rough that by police officers, because I didn't put on a mass well, but so this is. The story is obviously designed to put your heart strings of course, said, of course, having an emotional plea. Ninety, what happened to data? What exactly? What? What did this person have? Pre existing
decisions where they say before this like was or something else going on a diabetes. What would this person have died if they had contracted the average strain of influenza like right? All of that information is useful for us. Otherwise we think, oh, my gosh heartless people, guerrillas terrible world doing some chatter get to their girls yeah. We gotta, Mobility, which may have a final story about the death rates and correct myself. Definitely so, first that we got Prince Spencer. Stephen. Do you agree with the decision to shut down the entire country? Do you think that, a year from or to tramp or any other leader is going to be like? I will give you the miracle of this coming through. This is coming through blaze chat, which means as persons muslim member never watched the shots had watched. This idea is looking for a bit more information. I dont have any more about three hours of showing we and other chat. I, as you too good boy.
I don't think you should go in. I should go and live in Schenectady with a washing machine. He set up. That's viewed, do dove Donnay. Listen. Why don't you to shut down the entire country. If that question, I obviously don't need some people have made the argument that, with the information that they had, that it was a good idea at the time- and I dont know that I think that the time social, distancing Picotte at different rehashing your hands. I think at the time it would have been more prudent, is telling everyone to wear a mask right point as well, but they were now in Ireland about people in medical fills having because that, once the media realises that people are a little fed up with sitting at home for a long time, I think that they'll start saying that Trump overreacted rather be really easy. Habited just go the populace, rotten and the payments that are doing now I saw having imposed yesterday. Their homepage was how covert affects the body long term in covert is just a warm up for what's coming next, rather there. Diverging from this is the worst to you
No you until only having other using every case, or some sad case of somebody dying to illustrate should make this sort of flora of fear, rather than of the Gatt, a driven rather than an objective. It's you get this story and yes line, of course, there's a sad story or I fear, rather than of the data driven rather than it rang objective its yoke at this story, and yes, of course, there's a sad story. You can also find sad stories of people who die from the flu every year. You can finance recipe, from their area, though said stories, exist all over the place in car accidents, because they're going to work every absolute, I'm more minimize any that. But now this is not a sustainable response. They cannot be how we respond, even if there is a two percent death rate which there, absolutely no organ, we'll get into that we'll get, but even if their work, that's not how we can respond and have a functioning society law. Your arm to situations like this is just a bad, I think, even mine. They did say that they hoped we had a recession so that they could later Donald Rumsfeld Mars, or those words basically highlight, gets more that I take them that it is on the gimme another chance.
There are given and then Willa closest thing. Yes, a donors wondering why is that for media, so adamant about keeping the american people locked up in their homes for as long as possible, because Donald Trump created the best economy that we ve seen in modern american era. They have a vested interest in it being crippled, they said as much and they want to keep it that way, going into election. What right and answer aids the opposite position of Donald Trump right. Whatever that position now they tend to take, they knew diatribe. I really think you should continue with that term yesterday, the full employment, but it's not just a low unemployment. It's a high labour force participation rate, its ob surpass it's more people in the workforce. We were at full employment with more raises two, the annual salary- and we talk about this before. To sum up to ask people to state lady you they talk about income I say: well, it's not even outpacing inflation and what the referring to an average hourly earnings, as opposed to average, individual income, rashes, more appropriate and that's always actually
under Barack Obama, even under Clinton. That's always outpaced inflation by significant margins, but for the first time that you have an average outwardly will you did average outwardly earnings, outpacing inflation, I think, outwardly earnings were five percent, which I don't even know how you do that because, as far as I'm concerned, slapping together, fillet of fish today is worth just as much. Was ten years ago, just as much of the work of seventy two negative, but somehow we that has gone up in the age of automation, so we had an economy that wasn't just the stock market. By the way it wasn't just the DOW Jones is people wanted to say what we an economy that undeniably was helping everybody in main street America, and at this point they if it's the economy stupid. They want to be the corona virus stupid and the response yes, and they want you to remember it and here's the thing so do I I want you to remember this. I'd only want you remember this November. I want you to remember this at the fourth of July. I won't you look back and say Remember when Sanjay Gupta Slash, Wolf Blitzer, I can't tell them apart said, but were not going to have the force of July. I want
you to remember this. This was the play and we weren't, don't you as in the primary. I don't think he's he's been a perfect president, areas like this. He is handled superbly and certainly before this he did more for the economy than any modern president. I think utterly Madam president, I would say more than Ronald Reagan. I think they thought that drop this we're gonna destroy Trump He's not gonna be able to handle it right. It's done is brought the presidential like out of him. It's made him look better tat made him. Will it make it makes the american people go? Oh, he can handle crisis and the evening briefings very, very clever on his part, because it was basically a dare and they decided not run it and people. Now let you that people are stuck at home, guess what people are stuck at home and they'll watch anything, but
in its kind like when you have a man hath due to the same was true to positively charging. You can't get it that's what people do at home if it seen and they'll find anything whisperer something the Westminster CAT show. I animals rounders for someone on anything but CNN, and so these stumble across the press briefing and go yeah one- and I think to what we're gonna see, is that in weight you- and I were talking about this before the shy- think we we danced a lot closer to potentially losing democracy and losing freedom in liberty than we, we did in many ways we have the will and it's not will retain its, not the guy in power at the time. Typically, that's the problem right when you do when you make all these concessions with liberties, I go. Another person won't take advantage of it. It's the next guy or the day after that, I will say it out loud, but rather an ocean say anybody who is saying joy. You have to celebrate Fort the independence day from your home sitting around not talking anybody marketing.
Right, you pop poppy Harlow and Jim Progenitor, religious, ok, there's a fourth of July, but yeah again, if, if you're not yes, I really hope that they. Let us leave our homes for independence Day right Syria scary- and these are people by the way and keep in mind as well. They want you to stay home and they want you to be dependent on the government to down We want you to see, I shall not be able to work so that they can implement permanent income permanent. Well, what's the term again now for the universal income at universities, thanks again, they want that to be permanent, so independence day. They want you to stay home and be entirely dependent on daddy, be entirely dependent on pay. Rather, which you know is remarkable, because you would think they wouldn't want people dependent on the federal government with President Donald Trump right, but the problem is not just name on the Czechs overall. There thinking this is going to be short lived, which I think you might be surprised and they want, Ultimately the american people to be dependent on the government. They want to people to control the american people ultimately unable to
this is made me leary of my neighbour and a lot of ways. When I have any actual neighbour, rye neighbours, a really nice guy stop going through my mail. I get it the yard, eighty five, but it's a federal offense, really is sir we actually dignan? I come from a trip. You took your mail, my daughter. The leverage to add. I need that Fredericks of Hollywood catalogue so I'm documented on this year's. I wish list, I hope, to see a doctor Burke's more they sing. If we have that my neighbour mills, manipulation or saying hey? I want to report this guy for not social, distancing, kissing his wife or hey. These people putting my life at Dana First first off of someone goes out to apart from that, putting it life in doubt what our mask and wash your hand and shut up, I'm sorry or you can stay home, but you shouldn't require that everybody else day, I'm a special and we get these numbers here regarding the death rates that nobody
amazing to me, because this should be the story today, because we now have three different studies. Looking at any bodies and all of them by the way are pretty congruent in what they tell us about. Veterinary. Yet what from our common and ultimately, studies that tell us the infection rates at the lowest is twenty five times higher than we thought to sixty the average is about forty eight. So I do actually need to make sure that, right now, I I I fix unlimited yesterday about the death rates. I did speak too soon and I do need a few. I smoked myself thanks brain thanks. If you're looking for Meda recant, World Health Organization commentary you'll be sorely disappointed, but true unless quick trip, one me too, in which sucks I never even heard, as I will ride out a quick. They get their hooks, India, Taiwan and got nothing. You quite trip
No, then you so I talked about that. They were sitting at the death rate was between zero point, five rent and point zero, two percent. I was specifically referring to the: U S: E Los Angeles County study and how that actually short of correlated with these Santa Clara County. Well there's a new one that just came out this? Is they tested pregnant women right? made in New York New York City, a whopping fifteen percent tested positive wow. Fifteen percent of pregnant women tested positive. So, according to this article, that means that the infection rate of the population- I think it's too population that overall, the population is at minimum eleven to fourteen times higher than they bring. I thought the two hundred and something thousand cases they have right now right. So when you take it out and you take that the? U S study by the way where the yeah, I think it was yet a threat. Usc studies show that it was twenty five to fifty eight times more likely the infection with antibiotics that not a bad
If Republicanism USC foresees that America, Canada, they said it was likely fifty two eighty times more likely you added all up, I said the death rate would be between zero. I think zero point, without this zero point will be in joint zero to five point, five no in New York, words at its worst. This means that right now it's between zero point, seven and that's, including all deaths by the way, all that's all. That's including old people, diabetics people typewritten right and then, if you actually eliminate according to the New York Statistics, because we're data driven not talking about granted a tragic, story. Unseen and data does matter. According to New York, they said. Ninety five percent of cases are either old people are people have come or abilities, let scales. Back. Let's just say: ninety in ITALY was ninety. Eight New York was ninety five percent, but let's say that ninety percent of these deaths in York, somewhere between nineteen thousand and twenty thousand right, are old people. So you take that number new times at five point, one that gives you too,
Philip Rank, and that means that a New York, the death rate of zero point, seven percent tops, tops and on the low end for healthy adults, meaning of average age could before you could be fifty point: zero five percent, while yeah, that's it. That's a very low number point: zero its eyes, their sent you and low volume as low as point zero percent, because S room we are using the number I was using eighty percent of cases only the other people of using override they're doing they had it. Every time I beg you to new overlords, keep pushing. We should have listened Taiwan going about for us or quick trip either one you're one egg. Well, I didn't even one of them We I swear to you when you asked me yesterday. What do you think you're gonna talk about? I was sure that their to bring out these studies and say: hey. We probably have a higher inflation rate. I've done some more research since then, some people have said it, but they ve. In a negative way. Everyone
a time they talk about these infection rates being higher there, not using what they're, not using that right now, on CNN they're saying this, many people have been infected. This many people have died. They're, not using that they're saying- or this is worse, far more widespread than we thought what that means. It's actually Larry, there's the lower morbid mortality rate level deadly. That's a good thing that number going up is the bottom number of the fraction row as that number goes up. That means a smaller deathray mathematics you're, not a math asian, something else. It is important to note, as they kept saying and by the way, deaths that have happened at home. Undoubtedly the overall death rate will go higher. No, no! No, I don't know, I don't know what, because most people are dying in home by the way most people are actually doing it right battles and then your adding several and more to the total death rate. If we saw in New York City, randomly three thousand people think we're pretty sure they had cobia. So the death rate honestly is probably higher its inflated, certainly granite.
Obviously, certainly higher? If you're just talking about the average healthy American because you're, including people against studied with the clerk, we may have had an average of three pre existing conditions and over sixty five years old now, the death rate really should go down when you eliminate, if you just right now, eliminate all the deaths registered that were never tested for covert boom, you cut that down by I don't know how many thousands there has only been imagined in one day and then you multiply the infection rate by it minimum twenty times, potentially sixty or early times according Santa Clara split down the middle and say forty times your working at a death rate very comparable to the flu, nothing should take precautions it's an animal disease in the flu, but now nearly as deadly as we were led to believe, and I dont believe I make no apology for another reason to shut down the economy. Takeaway ones lively if it's a fraction again the top numbers going down the bone neighbours going up. That means smaller,
there's that there is good news, but instead we have to play a story about a bus driver who died, which is sad. I get it, but there is great news out their guys: hey this probably isn't killing nearly as many people who get this virus as we thought that should be banner headlines, news front page of every newspaper in the country and its not being covered at all and by Y, see different Georgia Corona virus hospitalizations. If we can bring us up actually given as an overly, we had this, yes they were saying monotonous, initially started you only to bring ups. Are that scene end, but we can. We want you to listen to what talking about more hospitalizations in Georgia. Ok, that the nuts, that matters is the deaths per capita The number that matters- that's the only one that you can accurately gauge at this point. Hospitalizations are very subjective because some people go last little early. Some people go to us late now, early on, we ran this, I think is a mean with the then, and now they told what have they tell you. If you are young, you know preexisting, and you thought symptoms face it stay
from the hospital dont go indoors, infect anybody else and then now because they have empty hospitals, they build new hospitals no ones filling them and that their panicking and after first workers have to lay them off. Now they are saying in this was on CNN. I believe yesterday there saying people are getting too long to go to the hospital ready to go to hospital right away. Well, there you got that right, they're kind of act. If you have that on the media broadcast like a morphine driven, go to the hospital, go to the hospital gotta hospital havoc off, go to the hospital running out, last, but right away, take no chances that will increase hospitalizations, have the deaths correlated directly with increased hospitalizations? No, no. They haven't that's what matters! So when they say look at this house, positions are going up. People are resisting open opening up in Jordan, no more people going to hospital because you ve told them now that they should go to the hospital when you told them that they shouldn't just like people are wearing masks now, because your tongue, the man she wear, masks when, before you told them that they shouldn't, but that doesn't mean that the death rate per capita is going up in Georgia. It doesn't mean that is becoming more deadly.
Means that more people are making the decision to go to the hospital. Like living their driving bygone, looks pretty empty protection. Let it pass radically reformed. Let's remember we shut down the economy for one reason: only right it was to make sure that we did not overwhelm the hospital system. The United States, that was it right to flattened, learn the currents. Will I gotta crowds delighting in writing about the curve, the guess what we didn't even come close to bring us back up scene? I look Brutalization are going out and someone bring up the deaths in Georgia. For me, can you do that? Bring up the deaths? Georgia down and I want to say that erectly correlated hospitalizations united deaths have gone up, they can go up, but do they correlate directly with ass positions, because that is the number that matters and the governor is saying we are passed the peak well, if it just goes to show that no matter what numbers you throw at CNN or or CNN puts on it will always be spun into fear
no way of interpreting it in any kind of positive way? You're not allowed to be happy right in context. Matters for this, like a service to the american public, would be to say here the numbers that this is he is putting out, which is that rights are receiving, sees not doing anything wrong by saying here, Lambert CNN doing something wrong, saying not doing this next week's ain't here the numbers and here's what they mean right right, that's what should be being said to the american people to give you an accurate picture, because guess what the next time, if something like this happens and has a six seven, eight percent more time, Europe and its people aren't going to blow pneumatic rival at this time and they they had their one shot, be honest, mirror the little boy who cried pandemic now you Seeing today are point about them. Spinning fear, yeah member. They did this with like Halloween razors. In the end every every few years that comes out right affairs, accelerate separating loads. Think about it if you're crazy enough to put right. Your blade in someone's apple rate, a kind of crazy who wants to see the smile on their face. So why
Would you go right and you don't even see them the apple. It doesn't make sense that like never happened, they set, are certainly wasn't the epidemic of appraisal. Apples. Remember I assume that it was actually true. No that's it now like they wanted us to think that every single giving you money for your UNICEF by Michael Keaton, Pacific Heights, there's hunting one guy did exactly the way those numbers are given just giving me a nod, or now I can't area. So I can't see a in Georgia. Yet we got one. Thirteen hundred Georgians were hospital as no no, I mean the death rates. If we have those wooden get there. Receive Ridge can get the death. I want to see how many people have died in Georgia and if it directly correlate- and we can bring it up, world, a meter and hidden USA in Georgia, ironing out so I just want to ensure that you don't think I'm lying, ok road! You have genuinely snubbed again. Please do consider obviously joining up at my club. We will be tonight do international Wednesday and then tomorrow we have tat crews,
right any Crenshaw now there's! Thank you too, are wonderful sponsors Walter. If you need a fire, is though they baseless, their cool deadly, they sell them Try the why something or your purchase a firearm gave the ball suspension. Shorn black rifle shortly, have you got a sermon? I didn't mean rifle. I've got a few highly ignored. The lash prouder entered a promo code crowded and you get twenty percent off. If you drink coffee and you like good coffee toss them actual house end drink, a veteran owned company drink the product and the veteran on company drink. I gotta run a company that Daniel needs and Pepsi they see when I was a sponsor yet hydrochloric when one of the two year how it's all the same. And when there are also, basically that quick trip. They re, Tripoli, so guns they have a lie. Drugs are so they go internet Roma. Ok time for little. What does this? What's going economist killed Americans weeks earlier than thought? Oh, you mean,
more information than those were long standing that that this is the bees papers are not the same as a paper that is already a young king, looks like humbly hosting into told the story, and Santa Claus is coming to town men should be refined over time, though it can. I can I make one point and she looks like it. He took Helen HANS Van DE shrunk. It and Photoshop without hang shift every single story that I've seen them kind of pivot back to is about how hydrochloric queen and the presidents is wrong. I am none of this works and click. Ok, guys. That was one study right. There's a lot of contacts that you need for that. The president was wrong when he said I don't know, maybe I hope it could be a game changer for us. That's not wrong this I'm just now and smelling almost names bonus I copied it was. It was because you know what happens the bad gets. Puffy, that's not fresh, roasted hasn't carbon arrives, the off gassing. That's so one of the other day, I squeeze it all, I got all the sniffs as very selfish business.
Inconsiderate, but I love sniff. It comes out little about just now. I really would have gotten puffy again because of the oft gassing just got some more so more coffee sniffs. What so? Do you shouldn't you something for Joe Biden, you should put like little girl smell in a bag for Jody, just cheese, to saving on data in the war on either the bag. God you need that it would be helpful to have live you're watching that, just now that she had coming, I and we ve got the numbers edge. Yet what we haven't rang out from the actual nine million or so suddenly as per million seventy nine deaths per million end. But what? But I would like to see if we can bring it up right now, but to see where they shone, looked more hospitalizations that is happening across the border can say across the country I use, but there are we're hospitalizations and in many cases fewer deaths, guitar monograph, yet another aspect of it Away, obviously, if you take away the three
and then your guess is as good as minding tossed up there that never tested positive recovered. You can't just talk about hospitalizations. Just like you can't just talk about infection rates, you have to talk about death, specifically deaths per capita. That is the number that matters. I disagree with Ben Shapiro because he was talking about the mortality rate. Well, guess what then? just change like at Rooney's computer with Ferris Bueller's, absent that Cuba is the only number that you can rely upon without human intervention, human error, the deaths per million at this and even then there is still not that reliable because they are skewed by them, adding to the total debt that at least to put that somewhat in context where's the hospitalizations that can be addressed the affected raised. The same reasoning give insider trading loss. It can be directly affected by Someone going up, Google going wherever they are grown up anymore. There's no state got Saudi going on over to their laptop, but without a microphone and talking about hospitalizations, and people? You need to go to the hospital you need to go to hospital. You needed a hospital. We said
didn't go last, but about now we're thing you need to go to the hospital indigo as soon as possible. What he thinks gonna happen. You have that you have the ability to directly influence the market and force more people into the hospital, and so you say hospitalizations are up, but guess what more people going to hospital has led us to be able to conduct more anti body test rant we referred to, and that has led us now. Oh CNN, that its twenty two sixty times more prevalent than we thought that brings the death rate down to zero point. Five tops potentially point zero too percent right. You only cover the hospitalizations because you told people to do it, but there are two points of one those things lag, sometimes as numbers do and too well. How many people in the icy you that went to the hospital? How many people just came in and were feeling bad, but will be able to be treated normally you how many people needed ventilator, like all of those things, would matter for that number to make any sense for us at all. Otherwise, it's just a random number. Not gonna lie to you. You didn't listen,
it all because for people in another monitors units, a sermon, Laughlin Animal is no disrespect ray what I'm tryin about blinders on psych, I listen. I've rescue, Dodds, ok, I'm on my part, stop bombarding me. How many times can you blaming I just want to laugh at wolves, Blitzer and Sunday, which I think is wrong camps. Was it you're not supposed to last a tune in to laugh at eight very white mongoloid you're not like to see us here, Maclaughlan clip with all of both Blitzer looking said. However, Fletcher asking our human on the nostrils there, some other less I want to see commercial of like out era for the price of a cup of coffee a day you can put wolf.
On a ventilator and even though does not want this, because we want when his doom variables outcome and then I would say what'd. I tell you about this commercial. Even I never really told you anything any link. We saying something I go to the seven eleven stall world. Fletcher was here. We could go to picture simply Gupta, ok So we know that some people think they like a kind of Tellson behind the scenes stories. Access people were not happy about the Amazon BC. I'd say that, but I think I ve told the story for. Do you guys know the story than we have to go and we will see to it that one say about when that Clint Eastwood? Now, ok, Clint Eastwood picture you this big somebody. Madame a couple of china- and this is just sort of an amount of the two different times, but both interactions Exeter technically three interactions were very Clint Eastwood. He. So let me premises by saying I think
now we ve had some celebrities and studio, obviously celebrities and Skype. It's sort of inequality. I haven't, I dont tend to get intimidated by celebrity. You can run call that being on the spectrum, because I pretty much just treat them as I treat most people in this room. That being said, there is a certain level of celebrity in fame, with which I am no longer comfortable, and that basic is like a Clint Eastwood Spielberg and Tom Hanks pretty much in the way you two people in this room is with total disdain. Yes, what's that was my instinct with Chinese would like I loved you and anyone let loose look at ways to finally warming up here and started thrust of jobs, a little late Wade, Zeiss our which went and because I believe that the iranian Tangs performance was more
President Prodi, when it hasn't seen that film anyone ring at least its Clint Eastwood Street fighting is clearly shows the street fighter and there's a motorcycle gang called the black widows and the most inapt pacified motors. I could get the bikes like Sunday folks them over the pork. You now thought, unlike like the wild animals, there is like a pdf comedy, is an asiatic possesses and there's no rang attain named Clyde, But I think up with that he's like a Cato where he goes to the barn and rang it hangs that companies are Clyde. The wrestling among us on how doesnt, how rang a tanker private rifts off your face sitting and let us not play with a bottle of zeal. Line and click on Sunday. I want out of nine these and in like Monkey, Buddy Cobb Movies, familiar, criticise it because I want to see them making a comeback per capita. With a ring attains back day nine with what
involution allowing the column the better Belushi. Take when it comes to pollution, they cannot be gems. Yes, they Miss La Creevy, slow. I hate all that you are now we're at this gathering. I will say this conservatives and how they would surrogacy. It's actually secreting orbits was a secret urbanization Zira and honest for conservatism, Hollywood and I'm looking at a table- and I am at this table- is Clint Eastwood Garrison he's John Voit David Mandate, And there are a few other people- doesnt one that really stuck obsolete manatee. I would- and I okay I'm to go sit I'm like a table sixty four you're right, I was only brought me in wasn't. It has nine, whereas a Phd in Andrews has now lost
come come. Are you going to sit with me? Have you met area? So I go there. I'm sitting in a round table, keep in mind with Greece, needs Jungle, Clint Eastwood and carry it turned out, there on the shelf very very nicely Keith S young man alive gates, needed. I don't think I've ever met a nicer person, the kind of person Kelsey Grandmother the table to I should say he's also vary, but I knew that because my mother broke them a long time ago at the just relapsing he was nice. Brett butler was Satan Beelzebub at least things I already had revived some sitting at a check on ahead. You write Borges Neeson, we're talking so gazed nieces cross talking Ross Andrew with me, that's pretty loud, but Clint is there and eat clearly has no idea, because you don't even know what I'm alive, I'm kind of looking for my spot, and I dont find its than later. He kind of walks on over the bar and dumb. Look. Ok, oh, go any money for them,
I was very proud and he's talking with someone. I never want me that guy takes up too much time so he's at the bar. He gives the guy some cash, which I can only assume was like a hundred bill, wild up and turned around, and I just said He turned around intimate now and then he just look MRS cleaned Let us call it, but that later that night later they there actually would be all stand up like hi, I'm so and so on. The producer hi, I'm in east. You know I realize you there's a lot of you: odors writers, producers in our time, actors, comedians and then Clint Eastwood stands up and introduce yourself because everyone it's like August. I went on same footing, honeys what stands out, because high Clint Eastwood Former mayor of Carmen
an observatory, but that is not a joke he went over to buy. I believe my friend Alex later I was telling you about this, but I wasn't there, but he was playing on his. Is I've only like playing at this point? I know what it might have been like. Flappy, bird and collation, just use walking, writes a picture place. What others do rolling here, he's walking sees Alex over here so is walking stops. They look at me. Look at issues like like he's, disgusted at sea and in Spain for using like these peace in their video you, nobody media. Hey did you rescue the Prince Clint Eastwood has no respect for her maid colonies. To ask. What are you thinking about? My saw former mayor of Carmen pay anything bad little stand office, but he was theirs in Ireland like that's great, the guy
great sense of humor, you seem pretty sharp and I'm pretty grateful that I got to meet him. Ok, listen everybody! We really appreciate your tuning and again ass. A promo code is quarantine. You gets thirty dollars off. If you join throughout this entire month of April, we doubled content to try to serve you, we're not first responders we're, not heroes. We can just tell some jokes and cover the news, so we hope that it's been valuable to you and I be here tonight with Ash Wednesday, and then tomorrow we will be here with TED cruised incorrect. Next Frank, I should tell you next week will be alive: broadcast of sea four hours of fact checking CNN line that'll be the grand finale on Thursday and I'm looking forward to it. But I do this for you good enjoy your day.
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