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Wealthy NFL players have abused their positions. They get on their knee for a minute and cause all this tumult and go home thinking they have done something great. They have really done zero to participate in the social justice cause. NFL surrogates ke...

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Now run only underground the bowels of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader, everybody mark living here, our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one. First of all these fires in California unbelief. We really ought to be paying attention every bit as bad as a hurricane and hopefully weren't set by man and man made disasters, although that doesn't seem to matter, I'm sure to those who are suffering under this in
in California, you have Sonoma Napa Valley, in particular De Rossa. Homes are being wiped out. You ve got tens of thousands of acres out of control on fire differ. Fires I heard of the fifteen different fires taking place right now,. And it is horrific, Southern California, you also have a major fire. Seventy five hundred acres. Over five thousand people or homes. I should say people in homes have been told to evacuate. Orange County. Then I know for a fact. What's going on there, because I have two kids. Daughter, my son, my son in law and my granddaughter who live in that area and it is frightening. Not an amazing thing. I have parents who live in sudden Florida, South Florida
and my wife and I went down there to bring them back. Junior. During the hurricane down Luckily, we did because they lost electricity for at least five days, Now I have two kids and a son in LAW a granddaughter modern, not an immediate harm, but Keeping my eye on things and Orange County Kelly So these are very, very serious matters, and I want it Bring to your attention And at least fifteen people have died, hundreds or missing, so it could be much worse. In the winter, so strong the fires moving very very quickly. He'd like giving moment's notice to get out, I said to my son: what have you get noticed evacuated said helicopters fly around till you to get out.
All right! Why is this NFL stuff a big deal? Why the big deal. Do we really care what football players thing? I don't give a damn what any them think. Maybe Nothing to me their wealthy, not because of their. I q they're not wealthy because of of their philosophy that I wealthy because they invented things are produced things there wealthy, because their entertainers their athletes. And even abuse their position in the american people are reacting in the american people by and large I repulsed. Then you'll hear callers under this programme. You'll hear surrogates for the players by the way, not all players and users The player stated that this is against police brutality is not against the flag. It's not against the national anthem. Really. We know what, ladies and gentlemen, let me tell you something: I am tired of the abuse that the police officers take
Sick and tired of the abuse that the police officers, tape Criminals in this country or what the criminals in this country, I'm sick. Entire to the abuse police officers take from pseudo civil rights organizations that are looking for a cause. What do you think about that? I'm sorry, I'm tired of the police in this country, taking crap demagogic politicians. Now there are tens of thousands of police officers in this country. There are sound the police department,. We don't have systemic oppressed in this country we don't have systemic police. Abuse in these countries as some kind of a joke. There's no evidence for this whatsoever in any of the objective legitimate. Reputable surveys have been done in their done endlessly. I am tired police officers in this country getting Bomb rap.
No, nobody saying that the police departments are perfect. There's nothing perfect matter of fact: football I saw a perfect The percentage of the football players are thought such beyond it legally, so legally identified as lux. The owners are perfect: either summit Better than others go ahead and google them you'll see, Exactly what I mean. So the bottom line is this:. The reason the NFL battle flag over the anthem? Where our beloved police, isn't it Britain battle is because it's part of the culture war, part of the culture war and you and I decided that we are going to draw red line that we ve had enough. They fight over the bathrooms they fight over the school lunch programme. They fight over pronouns. They fight over everything they seek. Opposed, are well on our small and large met.
The consequences are not. Whether its Hollywood and perversions that take place there? cover them up I'll, get to that in a minute. I school systems are colleges and universities, you and I raw supposed to get in a feed opposition and concerned about the rights of the football players, what rights and are far poplars there They talk about you. Got me and you're a mechanic. You're fired, get me in the middle of a school and your teacher, you're fired take me in the middle of any business. You're fired football, A business- it's not the government so that about free speech, it's about premier down as a narcissist, getting on their need for sixty seconds. Then they pretend their social warriors. That social warriors their football players hoop and pampered. Their entire professional lives, any further amateur live.
In some of them have gotten away with kinds of stuff, and then we told if we speak like I just did it's about race So did I talk about re snow I've, About the owners are most of them minority snow. Commissioner, the ETA Fellowmen already know not about race, about decency, to by respect for your country. You decide to protest doing there, national anthem, one million but people are watching television when Thousands of people are attending football games on a Sunday on a Monday night or say, or whatever Sunday night, then Yo Yo I've decided to poke America in the eye. And then you wonder why America responds what are they responding about? Look how their twisting what we said like where stopping we don't know exactly what's taking place,
Does a phoney moment, ladies and gentlemen, a phoney movement absolutely, phony moment that will get nowhere. The foot, A players are not suddenly more active in civil rights issues. Are they who is which one. The owners aren't suddenly more active in civil rights issues and exactly what civil rights issues delays. To be active in time top anti cop. Now most of these football players may have come out of Certain community site or poor, whether there our wider brown or wherever they are. But most of them don't live in those communities anymore. Do they. The owners don't live in those communities, do they. So what exactly is this other rights issue? We're supposed to be worked up about.
The american people, Eric and people make up. America. We have people going around telling us how Latin America is. But they're saying is how rotten the american people are. America now is more than an idea. It's a reality. That's why they call us Americans. And as a whole as a matter of how we are not races, we are tolerant. We're not supremacists. Not in the least not in the least If somebody had a bad experience with the cops so be it so bad. Maybe somebody a bad experience with the cops, because but he's pretty bad and should have had a bad experience with the cops. I don't know. I don't know.
But all I know is this: in and day out, I gotta, hear endlessly about Police brutality, prettiest, police brutality, police brutality systemic were told. Where an oppressive society on told. I don't know about you folks, but if I thought Brutality was systemic and I thought we lived in an oppressive society. I would stay here saying, thing about. American called mobility can get off your ass and you can leave. Italy's communist paradises Paradise in South EAST Asia and the Middle EAST and Africa in Central and South America. Paradise is in your father. All over the place. You can leave America for anywhere. You want to go anywhere. You wanna- know a police state, North Korea, You're, not police, State China, you wanna, know please stay Russia, you wanted
A police state most of the countries in Africa, most of the countries in central and South America, most of countries of the Middle EAST, that is most of the countries in the world. Eric is not a police state, America's, not oppressive. The american people are a remarkable people, a remarkable peep. What has happened here is clear: malcontents, miscreants. Malcontents miscreant some people have been taught to be met. Tension miscreants by our public school system. By colleges and universities, The left this in a marxist and other Forms a radicals who have ten in our public school systems and tenure in our colleges and universities, Davis. Actually devour them and hijacking monopoly
an academic freedom, they believe in totalitarianism. They don't believe in open and free debate. They believe in driving ideological objective and what else. One as it is called the joint costs, don't you know it's cool the joint costs. You get on your knee for sixty seconds during the national anthem, get off This publicity or less attention, because all this all this tumult, then after the game he got home here, Your palace, what is starkly would be a palace theorist state and you feel, like you, ve done something when you ve done nothing: zero. Europe, as they say, the proof of the pudding. The vast majority, these football players haven't done a damn thing seriously.
In the social justice wars have they know they haven't? This is a fraud, Suffering from day, one started by a fraud, this guy Capron Nick. Don't tell me it's not anti american, don't tell me it's not anti flag, anti national anthem. Because it's not a tie flag, another time national anthem! Why here and now why there on the football field during the national anthem. Why, when you know full well the men and women who have actually put their lives on the line to ensure the freedom of football players in their ability to make millions are offended by. Don't tell me: it's not anti american. Sad and worse of Iraq.
Ben, I believe America is a good place in american people, people either. He can't pretend that you do when you you, The occasion of a solemn tradition. Two per ten years, civil rights and Social Justice Warrior COS, football players or not. There's no evidence that they are as a group. They belong to a players union. I've, never quite understood this These are union members who are multi minors for the most part, psych baseball, these other sport. You got union members plus there.
Independent contractors with multi million dollar contracts. Would you love that. My case I have to belong to a union. Work here. I don't even want to. Now that saying, unions are good or bad, depending on your situation, I'm getting into that. That's not even my point, their United not because their social justice Warriors the United, not because they suffer rights activists cause they're, not. Their united because there, the players union. Now those players union, members have declared WAR, if you will on the football field Hence the football viewers and the american people they basically said Scrooge Yo Weed give a damn. If you like the national anthem veterans, we don't give a damn. If you like, the national anthem active, do Military personnel- we don't give a damn if you like, the national anthem, american people, football fans. Just
about you. There can people about us Players Union and the players. And if we want again on a day on our knees, regret the black power sign a year or so but then so on, you'll like it and you you'll accept it If you dont accepted screw, you Game, bad in time, the charging you know a hundred bucks for a she ate bucks for a beer. Hundred twenty dollars a month for cable What now. I family members who have served in the military still in a military or my there's a cop anything. Some brutalize, anybody or island- my country and arms. Then tireless crap, I continue to be told my kid us to go to the despair for him or that bathroom, I'm sick and tired of being told what my kid gets to eat and school. I'm sick and tired of being told him a racist, I'm sick
Tired of being told how America sacks, I'm not paying for it. And I'm not paying for it. And they are not always see, pay jump in Why will gives a day on what they earn? Double ac pay has to say. The arguments about freedom of speech, Freedom of speech is there they are controlled by the government is the I felt part of the government if it was under the government. These players would be earning a hell of a lot less money than they are in right now. Now it's not part of the government. This is private enterprise. That's what the unbelievably pay watch their problem. You can't tell the flares they had to stand or in the national anthem sure, as hell can
make a fire you know, that's called and double icy pay called liberty capital. Is What it's called bed rocks of american society for all p, of all right and background of Iraq that this is done. The nations town Hall Meeting and you can join in at eight seven seven, three aid, one three, eight one, one we're not a nation of it: we're not a nation of oppressed overview increasingly angry knave discussed with those among us who.
Destroy this country at every turn and in every way. My wife Julias a marathon. His fellow she likes me said it is very bad back in it. She runs. Causes she believes in. Army ten mile run was Sunday, it was warm and it was wet raining and she ran. And she ran It's the army marathon And she's run in the marine Marathon and she's run. Another marathon. She also ran for her beloved uncle banks, but that said.
I don't know how many professional football athletes. Have ever run in that marathon, you might have a mark they're playing football and sunny, not all of them. Not all of them I mean, if you're gonna be a you're, gonna die A stray your patriotism. How so? How are you gonna demonstrate your patriot, people can demonstrated in many ways. Are you gonna demonstrate. I am not against the national anthem, are not against the flag really well. How are you for them Before them, when you know your offending and disrespecting millions and millions of Americans. When you know your offending and disrespecting football fans all over this country Do these football players in this football union and now, apparently the underbelly sleepy, do they understand they have united the fans of every team in this country.
And people who don't even followed football. I understand that they have united fans, On teams. That hate each other, as teams. The Redskins fans they eat, Oh stance. Giant, fanned the Dallas. The green Bay fans, the Chicago fan. And I could go on and on and on they ve done Or to unite people ironically against them for that country, For the symbols of that country. It's called the national anthem. I wonder and some how all of our country, in some. That's all you're! Thinking That's the folks back com and you're thinking about your country, backup and you're thinking.
The national anthem and think about the american flag. Well, you know what you're fighting for in your pride full about. Then you have a couple of punks or a lot of punks. Tough guy on a football field not on The old combat real combat, but where football uniforms, not real uniforms who carry. Equipment. Not real equipment for pro Caution against police brutality, don't you know? Well, it's disgusting, her money football players. Have everyone not only the national cemetery, some I'm sure, they have quietly in their own time, without any fanfare without any media have walked. Those rose.
Of young men and women younger than ever. But don't worry you see when their protesting during the national anthem? It's not about the national anthem, it's not about the flag, it's not about patriotism! It's about them!. It's about the sixty seconds social warriors sixty seconds. You're, the sky Eiger Robert Eiger, who runs Disney and run it for a long time, but. It make Disney what it was Eisner made Disney what it was, of course, before him Disney himself. Hackers have big left us, and now we are going to run for president This is a man who's in charge, ultimately vs Pierre, he s, pen,. And he's driven ESPN into the gutter into the dirt
defended the most radical statements by one, if not more, of their hosts. Even Disney has become politicized by the left, for the left The for the left. My family loves Disney. Loves Disneyworld, loves Disneyland visits them all the time I visited many times. But everywhere you go not politics. Its progressive is its rubbed in your face Trapped in the face, your kids, it's rented the face of the veterans, its rubbed into the face of the cops. Now it is a fact that the cops commit. Systemic acts of brutality, the fact you gotta believe But don't you know? Oh yeah,
Choose me: it's a fact. This poor put upon football players. Every day, and one of them has experience not once but multiple times, police brutality. They never did anything, not gonna, run it Cops are not, therefore, and so they taken me During the national anthem or the black powerfulest, nor the course of the game, how brave and courageous And there is the left wing sports, castor lightweight. And there is the left wing sports media cheering amount, but the country's bigger then football, the country's bigger than sports, the country's bigger than sports cars. There is in the country's bigger than the sports media theirs,
the rest of us have you used me, I'm apparently getting a cold, The rest of us around here the rest, but those who pay for all this who pay For the stadium, hey the player salaries who pay the owners who pay all the while the contractors in the south we pay for all this Paypal, the subsidies, that football gets. You and I Who pay for the road that leads to the stadiums and lead from the stadiums we pay for all this and apparently Tomb to expect multi, millionaire entertainers who play football. The treat us with respect. To treat our country the respect. No we're not a nation of victims. We're, not a nation of oppressed
we're not a nation of abuse where not those nations exist. And they exist by the scores. But it's not United States. The evidence is I've said repeatedly: Emigration and immigration, we don't heaven immigration problem in this country? That is we don't of people leaving by the thousand the tens of thousands, the hundreds of thousands or millions Because we're nation of systemic police brutality or oppression- Because we're a nation of victims. Borders wide open. And yet nobody leaves certainly Multi Niner football players, there's not other place on the face of the earth, were they men could make the kind of money they make doing what they do for Bali. Uniquely american then
came about in France or Germany or even England, for that matter? we're not gonna make the kind of salaries they make. Have the because she lives they get, that's not gonna happen. So we don't have an immigration problem, an exit problem of our populations. And when it comes to immigration constantly debating how to secure the people in order. When people coming here illegally from every corner of the world, Africa Central and South America, Europe South EAST Asia, the Pacific, the Middle EAST, you name it and we can stop. We won't be a war. Why would they come to a country that is racist. Why would they come to a country that is has stomach police brutality when there's
keeping police states themselves? Why would they A country where they can't make it Well, there's discrimination: abuse and oppression, why would they come to such a country? So why are these people, We complain about America stay in America and why other people come to remark because This is a complete fraud. To propaganda- A big lie in its federal Day after day after day after day the progressive left waiting an unwilling by Our contention, miscreants in the media, colleges and universities would tenure. A country cannot survive. Ladies and gentlemen, if something like this continuous and that's it politically understood by the american people of all races and backgrounds, the American,
people get it. That's why. Finally, the american people have said: that's enough, that and I get out of our faces- get out of our bathrooms- get out of our lunch. Troves stop abuse. Our children, with your propaganda, we're gonna work today, a football game. If you want to see this war, this crap, what do something else, and we are? the DOW Roderick Adele and by the way I warn Mr Adele, and I warn the owners you'd better, get on top of this new better get on top of this fast, because this will not stand there How can people love their country. This will not stand, Roger the DOW woke up from asleep. Private slumber and he said players It stand or in the national anthem, while we're really But upon the players are we Some israeli abusing a players
And all the national aren't, we can't do that were taken in me. While the team owners will discuss a plan when they meet next week for dealing with the raging national controversy? So why, imposed over players programme storing the national anthem, adding that, while the leg respects the right of its place to express their opinions, believes they, stand during the planning of the anthem, while what force, what leadership, what statesmanship. What's stopping short of seeing the NFL would require players who stand I strongly suggest in a letter, Diana fell teams that at next week's meeting the liquid proposed the owners their place be rich. To do so, while also providing a platform to recognise their community activism. You'll need a platform directly. As the community activism their community activists? Are there not or they're, not. You don't need a rule to compel players.
Stand during the national anthem either they stand for. They find another line of work like community activists. They can be community activists now I do have a rule as it turns out. The NFL rulebook makes no mention of the national anthem, but the game operations man, nor does. Here's what the games they game operations Manual says. According to an unofficial spokesman, and I quote, showing must be played prior to every NFL gay and all players must be on the sidelines for the national anthem. Ok, now you have some of them in the tunnel, some man back, but the word is much. During the national anthem, players in the field of bench area should stand at attention. Faced a flag hold him it's in there left hand and refrain from talking what do we do? with their graters here what their greatest here, what they would. The players in the players Union stand up face the flag.
Show respect keep your mouth shut, put their home at my right hand. In the left hand, rather, I'm team should ensure that the american flag is in good condition. It should be pointed The players and coaches that we continue to be judged by the public in this era of respect. For the flag and our country very to be on the field by the start of the national anthem may result and disciplines such as fine suspensions and over the four protective draft choices. Violations of the above, including first offences as any of that happened. None of this happened. Out of the game operations- man, none of that has happened. Instead, we get. Woe is me while I was the players have rights players have damn right. No more or less than any other employ given a ploy. The bottom line of business, even employed disrespects, the customers they employ goes they get the axe. That's what needs to happen.
I'll be right back What's going on with his Jerry Jones, The Dallas cowboys one days on his knees, stay sang everybody's to stand. I really don't get it This is an extremely patriotic town. You get in front of this. I don't know what he's up to just being honest. It's rather perplexed. One of the questions I hear the most is: how is Levine TV different than everything else you do well, this is a very interesting inquiry. The deserves some attention and here's the plain and simple truth. Each medium has its strengths and theirs.
Things we can do in living tv that we can't do anywhere else. Levin tv, bringing new and exclusive digital content every night that is one hundred percent, uncensored, unfiltered and commercial free. We have and compelling interviews segments features and incorporate the latest technologies. And we bring your views and questions envy a Facebook twitter, making the show a true televised town hall They're no restraints, no middlemen it's nothing like it anywhere else on tv, it's a whole new way to getting them important news in a rare pro american way. Think of it high definition, patriotism you can still check it out risk free for seven days at sea. Our tv dot com that sea our tv dot com or call eight
wherefore Levine TV, that's eight! For four l e g! I am tv, look I don't Joy coming behind this microphone and having to talk about the NFL, as often as I haven't I've done. Unless the most. I really don't. I happen to like Dad Snyder the owner of the Washington Redskins. Very, very much. I happen to know he's a big patriot. Always been nice to me. I believe I've always been supportive of the Redskins as well as the Eagles, as well as any other team out there, but this is different. This has nothing to do with one owner or one team, Players are out of control. Fires have taken over the field: the peace you're taking over their business. Does the player union surrogates.
Are projecting their own idea, allergies and policies. On top of these player. Players in many respects for confounded about this there. Being told what the And for what the stand on. By certain leaders, the players movement, the players union. As well as certain outside organizations like the end of a lazy, p,. So if they have now finally coalesced around an issue that their great patriots who support the flag and support the national anthem, then stand up and show them respect. And if you seek to persuade us all to despise the cops That's just ain't gonna happen. Most of us admire, Profession of law enforcement. In my case I admired far more than I admire the football player profession, far more
Not even close. I don't know how you folks well, when I have a problem, that requires law enforcement I call the police, I don't call my local. A player, I don't even know how to call my local football player I, ladies and gentlemen, I shall return.
Now let me underline the bowels of a hidden somewhere under Britain, steel of a nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader, everybody Mark Levant. Here our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three eight one one will Harvey blind seen I've not really common, I'm a member these screening to in the first now, not because I want to be because I have the companies I work for compel it in order to bring you the mark, Levin in. The very powerful union. The screen active skill to very wealthy.
I pay, fortunately, this union and I have no idea what the hell it does. Certainly doesn't represent me, I get endless Junk mail from them, but they don't do it a thing for me and yet Forced to pay them. And it is a member of the screen actors girl. I get mailings from Pushing their movies people push, votes on the academy awards. The weirdest thing. I never send a ballot back. I read them up and throw away on a watch movies. And. I am ashamed of the screen actors guild. Apparently this Harvey wine steam and Perversions and worse had been known for decades. They ve been known for decades by there's some of the biggest names in Hollywood, men and women. They ve known decades.
By Hollywood, reporters and journalists so called for decades. They ve been known by the New York Times. Which killed a story the New York Times was lobby by a couple of top level actors. Now tonight we learn that there are allegations against Harvey Wine stain of rape. That doesn't mean their true, but there is allegations of all kinds are not pouring in. And made them actually have names attached to them. Yet why, today, why, yesterday, why, last week, if this has been going on for twenty years at this sight, but the football gas, if these brutality is systemic and we live in an oppressive society, why did you decide this season? What happened last season? The season before intend seasons before that.
Harvey wisely, I believe, Is the tip of the iceberg, Tripoli? There is massive cover up in Hollywood and I love it. When guys, like George Clooney, say, hey look. I heard rumours about this, but I never saw anything. Oh you never saw him rape. Anybody! I see You never saw him fondle anybody. You never saw him sexually harassed. Somebody otherwise digits So, in other words, if you're not an eye witness you don't do anything. Hollywood is filled with their accept But Hollywood is filled with coward with fraught with sakes. Pretend to stand for women's rights for human Its and all the rest, some do most stone. Here in their own community. In our own community. Massive cover up massive cover up.
And the best the Democrat mouthpieces can do on tv on cable tv is to bring up Donald Trump tonight. As if this has anything to do with Donald Trump. It has nothing to do it now. Oh, but the actual Hollywood take really the access Hollywood tape survival, Her statement as compared with allegations of rape and fondling and all the rest really Maybe you better comparison would be with Bill Clinton, Began Hollywood has slobber dollar Bill Clinton. Hollywood contributed enormous amounts of money today Clinton Foundation and library. Hollywood contribute in an enormous amount of money to build cleanse campaign as they did, they Hillary Clinton campaign and Hilary. What did who's been writing about going all over the country and Amy. Any media outlets will have her talking about massage she lost the election of partly massaging and
associate Supreme Court justice rules, better Ginsburg, Well, of course, had something to do with it with her loss, and it takes her five days. Taken them Harvey Wednesday. In about one or two sentences. A thing emotional, nothing, passionate nothing of the kind. Everybody's been wondering where the Obama's, where the bomb as well, just a few minutes ago, the Obama's released to stable, took them longer than Hillary Clinton. Being the civil rights leaders at all. Being concerned about women's pay in. They finally issued a joint statement. Isn't that swell We have hardly wine steam, we have been caused by all kinds of stuff: Ghana, we have federal investigations of other institutions where,
Practices of this kind or similar enough had been alleged. And so the question is, when a boy? Bout, the Hollywood community. What about the Hollywood community in this massive cover up. The silence of the lips, as I call it on my facebook say this: I once of the lips Be a federal investigation. Ass in settlements, we know there were some. That's the allegation that the report tarnish when it comes to Harvey Weinstein's time. So is Hollywood criminal enterprise. You even have these hacks LISA blown on attorney, don't you know and offspring of Glory Albright.
She's glory, all red, whatever. A fighter for women's rights, a fighter for abused women and yet When the price was right,. Ass, she was By Harvey Wine steam side. Then she resigned after she realized whoops. A pr mistake was she was trashed. And social media is being another fraud. Fakes and frauds all around, ladies and gentlemen, all around. Harvey Weinstein's Stein would have these massive. Fund raising events for Democrats of all kinds Suspect it's not because he was some kind of a leftist. No, it's hush money. You see folks, if you're leftist and you can
Maybe the left his causes, their organisations and their party, the Democratic Party he gave Has for the most part It took twenty years more for this to catch up with wine steam. Twenty years of war and the Manhattan district attorney at the time. Wasn't that long ago. Wired one of the young Ladys Amre, but I wanna Gutierrez honestly adamantly follow the bubble that is Hollywood sign. I mispronounced did I apologize. Said about right, rich in it. Police sting operation. We're Harvey Wine Steen amidst the groping, but the man district attorney decides. I don't have enough as evidence to charge he being like the Democrat as well. Turn up your volume, you're gonna have to listen carefully to this cut aid,
What do you want the buyer? Please? Yes, there was a kind of supplying. Please I swear I want just who is one minute. I don't want to listen to me. I want to make everything coming now, one minute when the day comes. When do you want us to review the minutes? Your friendship for five years now.
So he confessed touching her breast right. As he does. I kind of thing. In that wasn't enough for the man, hadn t New York LAW or what Finally, our law, and to be an expert in any this. Thank goodness. Now I'm not gonna get to graphic, as I don't do that on the show will leave it for other shows, but. He wanted her to sit with him for five minutes, because To do things to himself. While these women were with him for five minutes, why he kept desperately asking her to go with him to go with him to go with him While touch you, I won't do anything, but coming They come of the you're, embarrassing me so forth and so on. This is why wasn't twenty fifteen just two years ago had Tipp right scope,
so amidst a groping, her. Mr groping, her know: why did it take five days for Hillary Clinton condemned this man. Given the information that has come out in the last five years, and why did it take the shell and Barack Obama five days? and I will tell you why, because, Progressive vision is a poison. It's a poison. It's about the dry for power, the drive for control. Over the individual over Since its citizens. They will cut a guy like Harvey Wine steam loose if they have to. Although they rather not cycle- Clinton bill Clinton should have been trained. We Hey what many things about the Republicans? But if Bill Clinton had been a Republican
he never be able to show his face, had a presidential debate again, he never be able to show his face. Had a republican national convention. He just wouldn't. But it's not true of the Democrats in the progressive it's just not. Now. If I could, I would resign from the screen ichorous. But if I resigned from the screen actors Gerda my lad broadcasting. Call a union shop or, if you prefer a closed shop, I think there are many ways in represent a damn thing about me. And negotiate my own contracts make my own deals, make my own money and then they get there the cream off the top. For some reason,. But the question is: is Hollywood a criminal enterprise. Are there more men like Harvey Wine Steen in Hollywood, other women. Like Harvey Wine steam in Hollywood, but even more.
His actors and actresses? They know. They're not only frauds in real life course they their play actor The movies on tv commercials and so forth, but their frauds and real life there actors in real life. Again there are exceptions Well: exception:. But the vast majority. He knew about Harvey Wine steam, they know about his reputation. It wasn't a secret but kept it from you and me, can you ever? ass. These actors again. Can you ever trust them again. They're all involved in politics. Overwhelming majority, on the left there, Close shop. If you're, a conservative and you're out spoken and you're an actor you're, not gonna, get work or you're, not gonna get much work
I can hear much work. His Hollywood criminal enterprise. And do you trust these people anymore again with rare exceptions, I'll be right back Ben and I've been having computer problems throughout the course of this programme, but I think I have gotten it back, but Mister Mister producer Gimme a good collar good bad, given in terms of Paul in New York. The great W Abc Go I met you and a wife and the jury boxing ring then you know I very nice guess I appreciate it.
You got any book. Governance It's actually. And I saw that they would cabinet you- have this guy, who is being put on a pedestal, a martyr for his cause, a guy, made. It donations to assert his daughters, nor organization that support the cop killer guidance Want a casual shirt supporting a marxist dictate check with era, and if I am evil places, he wears a gun in Miami. Hopefully we want a shirt then where's the wears a top My question to you is: it and I fell- supports cabin active antics. You know what what? What does that mean? Here's here's the game plan whose What's happening, we don't stop what a guy like him does, or other players do, but we
support their right to do it now is not a joke, The year implies or your customers. The federal government has nine, do the constitution of the bill of rights under the first amendment of free speech,. If you can allow your player to offend, You know the vast majority of your fans who are paying his salary repay. Your profit and so forth, and so on. Then you can assume If you go to war politically, if you go to war with your own fan, base than the fan base has gone respond. And I'm glad people have and they really have not even organized it's just its it is. It is just People who have had enough. Many men were Americans. We're Americans, we love our country, we love our fly, we love the national anthem and that's the way it is and if their people out there who want it, oh test them protests, nobody stopping you, but if you can,
protest against the door against the backdrop of the flag of the national anthem, then you're a flag burner as far as I'm concerned, and- and we ll have to tolerate you only not to pay your damn multimillionaire salary either in the garage second time tell them telling us the country hate the flag, and until you want some now, I'm things I'm sick and tired of it and telling us they have a right to free speech. Did somebody say they don't have a right to free speech Paul and I guarantee you who asked them that means or have they got that we got to that point in its history. They have no clue most of my friend thank you for your car. As I say, the only reason I have circle back to this end a foul issues. It's obviously a part of the cultural battle that weren't we can ignore. It and you're, not ignoring it, and I'm not going to ignore, same with his Hollywood Hollywood, you ve got these.
He's frauds who preach lecture who condescend to us. About the left's agenda about Progressive ISM about women's rights, when in fact you and I treat our wives and mothers and our daughters and our sisters with absolute respect, Apparently these people do not only some of them down and a whole lot of them have no problem, no problem with the conspiracy of silence. I'll, be right back America's most powerful conservative voice. The mark loving, show dial now eight, seventy seven, three, eight one, three eight one one you know, ladies and gentlemen, MRS It is terrible vouch for this, Mr Call screener as well, when this oh began going.
I kept going to the website of the National Organization for women. Didn't I rich deny Charlie I was looking for a statement. By now about Harvey Wednesday. And during the last break, this current break. I looked again at one pop up. So the national Organization for women waited fight days to put out a statement five days. First came Hilary, then the Obama's than the National Organization for women all waited five days. Now is calling for sexual predator Harvey wine steam to be removed from the Academy of Motion picture arts and sciences after Decades of abusing its power to prey on women the lead Place he should be here is in Hollywood, most powerful club this week, New York Times reported. This is now that why
Being silenced, numerous women who accused him of sexual harassment and many more came forward after the article application, including actors, Gwen how pro and Angelina Jolie, where we This thing the downfall of a powerful man at the hands of empowered women, a tremendous carriage for these survivors to come forward in spite of the looming through their personal legal retribution from wine steam their shame that so many survivors experience really, if they're gonna mention, as I read on the twenty years or more of conspiracy in silence by All these powerful men and women in Hollywood. The bravery is inspired others to share their story, squelching the toxic culture of silence around sexual assault, Tensely sparing other women the same fate wisely. And is proven himself to be the worst kind of workplace monster, powerful and predatory? This week
the report's radio Weinstein's called calculated pattern of sexual harassment and assault with his own employees. Eustace ponds to manipulate women, can together. These accounts illustrated disgusting abuse of power, whether by wine seen as an individual with the weight of his company sex. A predator doesn't deserve the privilege of an economy, membership and all the opportunities to wield outside power. Outside power that come with it, if wines his parents, Hollywood women, are at risk stripping is membership. Is the obvious next step achieving justice police accused of rape. If this statute, a limbs haves and run actually prosecuting him would be the way to deal with them, but not a word, The national organization for women about conspiracy of silence that went on for decades by them powerful men and women in Hollywood, multi millionaire.
Put their careers ahead of their principles, who put their careers ahead of these women. Isn't that interesting and it took Tony Van path deep. Carter schools nationwide. With more opening for women, they provide curricula training, their. I guess they really had a work on it really really hard over there for five days there a joke, absolute joke, left his democrat operation. That's what now is, in my humble opinion, just my opinion. Have you ever thought of Hills Del College in terms of impacting k, three twelve education? While they are in proving young lives and the process hills that was found in more than a dozen charter schools nationwide. With more opening every year they provide curricula, training their faculty and offers support and advice and get this here, doesn't take a penny for these services. They do it absolutely free.
Called the Barney Charter School Initiative and its funded entirely by donors. You know that a Hills Del college education produces graduate short cut above the rest, yeah And they are young adults of character who know how to good citizens. Now these Jane teaching methods are. Principles are now used for primary education to learn. About this important work, very simple girl of Infra hills, Del COM, l e g, I n from Helstone outcome. A video their shows you how hills deals, building character in children all across the country teaching these young people have fallen flourishing human lives. Those that does all this without taking one penny a government money, not one penny from the schools, either learn more and sealed more at Levine, Free hills, back, come l e g. I am for hills, thereby come.
I ve got a lot on the table. Let's take your take, let's see what you're thinking Manassas Virginia the great w I may I'll go. Mark. How are you feeling, ok Thank you, sir. It reminded him come across as possible. Vienna part of now, and that is that is completely incorrect. Oh that's, Tony with an eye, not a why excellent I was polity, and I dont know if you'd heard about this already earlier today, but they had asked more Michael Sue. Is the producer press as well as arms fur Madison, then, and so forth. They had asked him how come said Anne I alive had not taken any shots at wines. In his response to that was New York thing, which is altered? it was a New York thing, they wouldn't be passed in top up every time they get a second every time they have a chance. They by its no dissidents, went what's in New York thing. Actually solving and raping Elise. That's the allegation of women that unearthing. You know what I,
take a shot at him, but that was his actual responses on him. He's a fool if I dont know what he said, I didn't hear. Chissano anymore, because I don't care about it that's what he said. He is a. He is an ignorant. I could We wish you any horror rather than their night, then our inequality about but here funny how tromp wasn't sergeant is there wasn t a racist? He wasn't a xenophobe all dressed up until you ran for hours because he's in Serbia they passed him. Are you happy people like why? Let me sleep in your right when he was a liberal Democrat donating money too liberal Democrats, he could do no wrong now even though it does no wrong he's trash. Yes, yes and then you get people like Lord Michael's, who has shoot poor within the left environment within the Democrats, and he gets a free pass, they're, not gonna, and so do the actors and actresses on us another route leaving.
Meanwhile, they say shots at everybody else that actually try to do the right thing, and I was just wondering if you're, so why logic? I don't this will look into that I'd heard through us through the news and someone I write about today and I didn't know you aware about it attached. The type of stuff is going on. They keep Sweden these things under the carpet because they are the things that they are right to preach nature com. Let's keep going. Dan Travers City Michigan, the greater The tc I'm go. And I believe they mark pleasure the talk here, My call all of the sum up about the national anthem and using standard and stuff reminded me of a few years ago. You friends of mine, I myself took of road. The Mediterranean area, the Toronto Ontario to watch our redwings play the mouth, the maple Leafs and when a grey and yet is it just in the most
Amazing thing about it is that when the national anthem came about, everybody Stadium stood and they were one. The precise respectful of the United States anthem, they went first, No, who our imbuing history completely wrong, that's. When Canada came on I'll. Tell you mark if there was a hundred people understand that one singing I would have been amazed. There was catch again. They sing it till the end. Before these the Hollerin whistling Nan. All I could think was. How embarrassing it is. Sometimes, when you see even at our Superbowl, the people can't show enough restraint, We know the end of the sword. Now let us hear just just amazing your eye Dan, change your car steed in Fort Worth Texas. They re W B Ap Go archive. Org what I've got away from my family
there our work, the Catalans? Why I ask a question: do you? Can you talk into a handheld device into the mouthpiece, mark Do you hear me No not well but go ahead. You sacrifice. They ve taken away from us and then we're finally start the faggot back. I canceled my fell suddenly taken it, I'm not by the products and today the can here so late letter to everybody that make them all? and hopefully, all through the really say make em all stand. He didn't say, make em all stand will see what they do. I mean the truth. Is the leg is gonna have to deal with this players union? That's why I'm comment as ice because I know this to be the case- The biggest concern about the players Union, the owners and concern about the pleasure in because the players Union is left wing like her,
I learned about the wise, like Michael, better than analysed the that lied about Batter LAS Vegas police. Broadening the shooting and all videos come out, they had the body. Can that show that it wasn't true, it was all fall, I'm tired of wires, I'm tired of liberals- and I just won't break. Hours to relax the anyway? I'm with you. I'm with you? Thank you, Are you call, sir. That's gonna, Jerry Atlanta, Georgia, the great W. Why a? Why go on your greater merit? Thanks for all you do to quit thing. What makes you so great why people want to come here at the american dream. It's locked you dream about the australian dream up a communist China dream that maybe get out there, but it's him. I can dream, attacked the come here to level.
I can make an opportunity resolve it. If you work hard and play by the rules, you can do something special I'll, say the only need- and I want to see in any a ball game it my core back on the winning and with it, thirty seconds left taken only in the fourth core, jointly the leading to see in the NFL. You know these guys are taken a knee and allow the fans are taken, a parasite. They, Sir, you're right, I'm a prototype without I think you said that you said it very well at you, Sir, I appreciate your cover. Much we're having gray call it. I've great, listen, Sheila Knights of the best here, the best wrong All the Virginia, the great w I may I go. We must all their like you, ve, taken my call I retired the marshal. I was also cannibalism. Sir, and my boys above the authorities in Virginia
the comment on a couple days there you know, Let the whole thing with their hearty. Why Stein reminded me of me when I was in forcing the animals act, It just disgust me and I'm sure you know what that's all about with a one only mean the sex crimes against young people. The enforcement of animals act near the hardly wise thing thing. Just absolutely disgusting he's a predator Absolutely, but The point I like to make is allegedly, of course, go ahead As a now retired officer, The sound but our wives, all known we stood up this call them A profound of when I put it, he's gone, and I'm sure, there's football players they put their bad on my way, got to hear me put that vest on if she knew what that meant every night when I headed out and
This is why the public, obviously your time at a bullet proof best go ahead. Yes, sir, I am, but My point would be there, sir, to those. All players, and I hope there listen. What I would tell them is, even though you may not like us, may you may not like me as an individual. I would still. RO code to your nine one one, if you needed help that now we are found. My boys are that are currently deputies and Sir, I'm now retired, I reflected eyes on the lending. That's how we are, and I wish that they will stand up for that flag. It represents not that not just the military it done just represent US law enforcement done; they represent all of us, The funny thing is they used to but all of a sudden there is social, This warriors all of a sudden. They have a cause. All of a sudden many them are united in their cause. And maybe one day the actual, explain us what their causes
Thank you for your service. My friend, I appreciate it I'll be right. Back Ben the next hour by the way will continue with these subjects, but I want to discuss. Another issue was not at all. About primary every republican establishment incumbent. I've used his microphone over the years like nobody else, the challenge, Republican, establishment incumbents by backing- conservatives in reply and primary, and I will continue to do that. I don't believe in doing it in a blanket way, because animal even dividing our resources, we got a really target about a half a dozen races. Maybe eight race is something like that.
But that's not how you get your country back, that's nice! you get your country back. And that's not how we will get our country back. I fighting within the confines of the Republican Party exclusively Primarily, out, at the federal level block any effort to secure I don't want you to think that's how we're gonna get our country back. That's how we're gonna get a republic back. That's not how it's gonna happen. But we do it. I want to discuss it with you in the next hour. Because I don't want you to be misled in any particular way. In all, that's going on in this country All the turmoil that's going on in this country. Look at the NFL, you look at Hollywood, but I'm not even talking about that. Nobody, About the dead anymore, not even the Republicans, When he talks about the dead, the dinner that's enough votes in the Senate to block any effort to secure the border, and they
party that believes, and open borders does not believe in a nation state they do, I believe in the american nation States, which is why Democrats come to the defence of the football player Democrats were essentially silent on the widest I man. It's all about power and progressive is. And all this turmoil at some point has, in effect economy has an effect on the nations finances. So what when you do about It's not just what's taking place domestically. You see the regime in Tehran. Full steam ahead with their nuclear programme in there I said the aims you see the receipt regime in North Korea same thing, you see China has controlling me. South China, sea trying They control over these trying to see in order threatened Japan, threatening I every take over Taiwan. You see were Russia's up to. I.
You need to at least protect yourself and protect your family. You need me to at least protect what you learn through your hard work. Is that diversification, the stock, more is through the roof right now. One day I won't be just the way it is. If we, states up one day a comes down, so you need. I just want you to remember gold God has survived financial devastation wars, currency failures throughout the centuries. Throughout the centuries and when you diversify, want to encourage you to be thinking about gold. It's better to gain peace of mind now than look back and wish you did after the fact for Many a time go line is offering price protection for three months on orders as low as twenty five hundred dollars to a deal Radio from Goldmine, eight, seven, seven, three, six, five point: eight, seven: seven, three, six five coin be shorter regal lines, important risk of information to be sure that buying gold is right for you. I want you,
really think about it at least look into it. Eight seven, seven, three, six, five point: eight, seven, seven, three, six! Five too exploring how much time I rich. The peace in the near post. I just mention that if these criminal these rate charges are accurate, or at least prosecutors thanked the eye than Mr Weinstein's could be facing criminal charges if the statute of limitations haven't run and here it is right now in the new posts have you staying could still be on the hook for criminal charges following an actress, horrifying allegation of forced oral sex industry Becker Office and an anonymous employs rate claim. Lucia Evans told the new Yorker their wines dean exposed himself and pushed her ok, whatever in two thousand for. The allegations are true: they would support a prosecution for criminal sexual act and the first degree said Daniel Alonso, a former a prosecutor with Manhattan, DA's office. He can
Action on the charge carries a sense of up to twenty five years in prison, misdemeanor charges of sex abuse, sexual misconduct and for What touching would also likely be, pact on if he committed the act more recently, I know what the statue limitations might be in this case. I do know the Manhattan DA's office was aware of some of this before and took absolutely no steps in twenty. Fifteen. Why is seen as a lot the worry about I'll be right back
now run a mummy underground than the bowels of the hidden somewhere under Britain, steel of among the script building. We once again made contact with everybody mark living here, powerful. Third, our stick with us, our number, eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one! I bet a few other topics I wanna hit the one I mentioned at the last for the next door, but the best way to get a republic back because a long pause for doing it at least primaries. That's not the best way to get our republic back and I'll explain in a moment. But first I want to go to Stephen in Omaha, Nebraska yes even go right ahead. Sir.
Let us show how I'm nervous right now speak mood right, one. First, I'm collar gay listening for for a long time now let us show, My question is what you must be a live. I can tell, but anyway take your time go ahead. I'm wondering why you're so upset with your Vamos on the Clinton not upset Stating that all about facts marking- ok, I guess- You know they gotta get other facts right before they start saying what facts that they need. Why? What about yesterday? They didn't even effects about Harvey Wednesday. That's what I'm saying you know the easy take their five days, none other than the fight in Vegas. They got all this to do with egg. Is it's not even funny when tell you is whose extensively at times article there was an extensive follow up article. This morning the new Yorker
very Clayton waited the Obama's waited to about nine minutes ago. The national organization way to about thirty forty minutes ago and I can assure you Stephen, although I don't think you're a matter that if this were some republican actor, who gave a lot of money to Republicans, It would have been shoot first and ask questions later. I am one hundred percent on your side and lived. Five days is a long time to wait on something like this. It is Ridiculous, I'm the one who waited. I waited to see one Hilary and the Obama would actually say something right They show came right away. Well, I should have come out sooner than this any other issue a sooner than this year to come out right away, but I mean Day five and counting right. Now I my friend, I appreciate your com, try understand it, but I do appreciate it. Guy right again,
the other collars hang in there, So there's a lot of a lot of attention in a lot of talk about taking on all- republican senators, who are running. Or virtually all the republican senators are running. We need clean out the establishment and replace as many these senators who have for election in these important primers with conservative. I happen to believe you should support. Conservatives and republican primer. And most of the senators who are running for reelection Republicans, are not conservatives. Some are further. But here's what I wanna make abundantly clear. It's not gonna, get us her country back. That creates a holding pattern. I am in favour of a holding. Pattern is opposed to this. Continuing a trajectory to the radical left.
The devouring of the american society. So I support that that is fighting. But that's not gonna, get us a republic back. It's not gonna get us. Are constitutional system back. That cannot happen. It will happen in the confines of the federal government, though we ve, About this for years- and I have written about it in the liberty amendments- and there are millions of you at the grassroots level who are working conventional states in article five, and you know exactly what I mean I ll give you a perfect example. Say every single conservative we support in the republican primaries wins we're. Not they get we're not gonna get terminals. You would stony two thirds of both houses of Congress to adopt our proposed in amendment four term limits. In Congress, I've suggested twelve years total
whether how Senator's son combination, but whatever it is you're not gonna, get. I have suggested, restoring the Senate to what the centre was intended to be a representation of the state legislatures right now. It clearly is not its really superfluous. Tell the truth. It is a bizarre entity that has really. Because of the seventeenth Amendment I did purpose in any event,. So we're not gonna, be able to repeal the seventeenth Amendment and give the states their rightful place, Back in the Senate in our bikes, camel Congress, where they have a say, no matter how many conservatives we elect in this next cycle, the feeding republican incumbents, I have called for the term limits for Supreme Court. Justice
they nobly. There ought to be term limits for more judges in that, but ok. And have also talked about, Super majority, the legislatures being over being able to override by three fifths number of legislators a supreme, what opinion within a two year period How can have half term moments for Supreme Court Justices or the ability? for state legislatures to overturn outrageous Supreme Court decision, no matter How many conservatives we liked and republican primaries in the federal government. I have suggested amendments to limiting federal spending and federal tax. Again, I don't care how many conservatives, you elected republican primers. You're, not gonna, be able to limit federal spending as it. Institutional matter, had federal taxing is a constitutional manner.
I've talked about putting in place a system that limits the power of the federal bureaucracy. That is, the threat of bureaucracy. Now can issue regulations on essentially anything it wants the issue regulations on without judicial review. At present, United States has the power to reverse some of those regulations. He does not have the authority according to our courts, to reverse them all. There needs to be a system in place, that's not about reversing anything, a system in place where these regulations don't go into effect. A Congress reviews those who have not have a significant financial effect. Where a significant effect period, you're, not gonna, that no matter how many Republicans conservatives you elect. In reply, Looking prime raised for the United States Senate, the kind the commission needs to reflect this. I have proposed an amendment that word underscore.
The individual right to private property that would protect private property. Because the commerce clause constitution, which was intended to do exactly that to promote commerce in trade and thereby promote what we today, capitalism Protect private property rights has been vis by the courts. I don't care how many Republicans are conservatives when republican primaries back, Not be done gonna save a rift. And a convention of state. I have suggested that the states should have the authority to directly amend the constitution with a super majority, the state legislatures, which, of course they cannot do today. They live at the behest of the federal government. You're not gonna, be able to do that domain How many conservative you liked and republican primaries for the State Senate.
And a few other suggestions to as I explained in the library amendments, and I went people to read it- I'm not hawking, but particularly people. We were out there all over the place, saying worrying to say the republic buyer taken Establishment of defeating the establishment- we're not gonna, save the republic. By doing any such thing we may slow down the regression. And the degradation of our republic we're not gonna, be able to go off into reverse course, because our Institutions have been perverted, our institutions have been changed. That's why the convention of states in article five should be our primary focus. Our plan I focus that's why it deserves as much attention as possible. Not much is mine. Media publicity as possible, the left is already starting to rise up against it by
constitutional conservatives. They d, be advancing this, The way you advance it is these panes out of taking place throughout the country. Millions of noise, a grass roots activists spy. Painlessly supporting this effort, Wonderful organization, a convention of states, organisation that is firmly behind its now- Supported by conservative think tanks inside about why it's nothing, supported by all the conservative politicians inside the Belgrade side, even supported by some of these so called conservative websites they grow, you believe that. By sending in a new crop of conservatives are Suda Conservatives into Washington DC that somehow will be able to reverse course. Nowhere Can it be able to reverse course. We will be able to slow it down, but we're not gonna be able to reverse course.
The states need the authority that the states have to have in order to trump much of what goes on with our watch with our bureaucracy in Congress in the present. This is a totally different. I totally different avenue- And one that is authorized by the constitution itself, this is Why were constitutional conservative. Voting on the federal level is very important Not the answer to reverse, of course, it's not the answer to restoring this republic, where can fix our institutions. This way. So we should do all these things, but we should focus primarily exclusively but primer. And heavily Efforts in the states all across the country. The whole convention. Snake.
Takes thirty four states we ve got twelve and its They got any attention that it we ve got twelve forget the twenty will get their attention. That's for sure. If we want more bring will be on our way. And now is the time to do this because the river control more state legislatures and they happen. Time in modern history- Hoboken governors, don't even have a say in this process other than to encourage their state. Houses in their state Senate. To us, Port, this effort as a war, magnificent governor of Texas has given a rabbit, Reg abbot. And I ve been others have done the same thing, but not enough. And so this is not simply the theoretical he said, radical action that we must take its one that is authorized by the, institution, and it a realistic and practice.
The only realistic and practical method that we have to restore the republic. I just want to bring this up. It doesn't get the attention it deserves. Unless I talk about Why doesn't get the media attention unless the left is attacking it, What goes on in the media, lot attention, grabbers, alot of people, positioning themselves and so forth, and so that's great, that's wonderful, but for most of you it's gonna have no impact in your lives. None whatsoever, certainly is not going to restore the republic again. I'll just slow down what's taking place, but I won't stop it. Very, very important as I right in the liberty amendments. That's about Storing the American republic I'll be right back Ben
There is a good piece, really good piece by Eli like yesterday, why we stand by trunk. Was party leaders this him. And you I lake is very sceptical of tromp he's not a big fan of triumph. I don't believe it. Correspond. Now, then we ve known each other quite a long time he says he caused the media cycle of deplore and rehabilitate, often republican Fresh from the national stage will say or do something there earns not only the rebuke of liberals and Democrats, but also another Republican. It was once deplored by the same crowd, an old pattern in nineteen Fifty four Senator Barry GO water was to liberals that dangerous ideologues who
that he would leave it up to feel commanders and Europe to determine when the launch nuclear weapons at the Soviet Union, and he align himself with a hard core, anti communist and attacked his party's establishment. By the end of go wars career, he was the conscious, conscientious conservative. And he was the conscientious conservative art, my word. If and when, preachers, gotta control, warning his fellow Republican about the rise of religious law right, in other words, he he attacked the religious rites, and he was praised by the media I like goes on Corker himself as an example of the deplore and rehabilitate cycle this week, he's darling of the thoughtful conservatives and liberals because he The courage to speak plainly about unique danger, the trunk presidency. This is Eli like, but Corker himself was a key validated of Trump and twenty sixteen praising in need.
Candidates, first major foreign policy speech and serving as an adviser to the candidate as recently as MID September corps. Downplayed rumors, but see a rift between himself and the President when he said for people to act is there's daylight between us that justice, not true, need when he first ran for the Senate in two thousand six himself was perceived as a political cynic willing to play on racial resentments against democratic candidate, Harold for junior and African American, republican National Committee ran and add corker that featured a white woman saying I met Harold, forwarded the Playboy Party. Sprang today many scandal at a time when colony. Former republican senator Fermain took to see an end to denounce the add, as a very serious appeal to a racist sentiment was Bob Corker. Irish politicians are allowed to change their minds. But the voters are smarter than most of their representatives, think
they ve seen this cynical play or the excuse me. They ve seen this psycho play out for decades and it is almost all always ends the same way in two thousand, a presidential candidate, John Mccain was dangerous and out of What more warmonger, who wanted to bomb bomb bomb IRAN? Today's statement during his as to save the Republican from the leader of his party and that surprise. Bob Corker perfectly perfectly floor and rehabilitate cycle. That is, he was deplored and now he's rehabilitated any loves. It. He loves, the liberal The media and the liberal media adulation, gets now when he attacks the present in the United States when he attacks President of the United States,. Let us go to Todd Fairfax Virginia the Great W Emmy I'll go
Ok, you don't hear diplomatic. Thank you I trust that you do for a rescue dogs, I've to rescue dog my own agenda. They couldn't be better for us. Well. Thank you. Two points I want to make this one: I ask: what are we gonna pull page out o the Democrat Playbook enforce all aircraft to denounce army in the strongest terms, possible and second of all, unknown others, a good point. All the people going, cable tv should say and demanding that they do and by the way they will now, because I don't mean anything from the guy, but go ahead The second point is is also following on that: what are we going to ask them to return all the money? That is democratic bird, but you don't need it most of them? Are I hears the question? I think tat. What are we can have an investigation to see if this is a it, not just the pattern, but a regular practice of Hollywood moguls. Ivory. I mean why don't Democrats call for their bright well, you know it's. Obviously, it says
I mean you know you ve always got the jokes about the casting couches and what happened and what goes on in there and you ve got a number of points after that same problems. Corey Feldman comes to mind and, above all, the others had problems in this area. Without this, but I tat I get it. I appreciate it excellent points we have a few detractors at their disagreement on conventional states, of course, and I take all comers I back If workers banned you from Morocco, we have a special number. You can call to weaken age. Seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one, you know you ve heard me talk about upside. This really is a war
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I am worried about the Democrats, hijacking, the dimension of the states. How do we know that Bernie Sanders isn't gonna or how can we decampment Bernie Sanders? Isn't gonna, be the chairman that kind of thing my house and possible? Well, they won? The popular will understand the price you understand. The popular vote is nothing. Do anything. Article five convention of states there's two ways: article five there's two ways to amend the constitution. One is two thirds of both houses of Congress, adopt an amendment and then propose it. The states and then it thirty eight states, either through the state legislatures voting or through convention of the state. To ratify the amendment been done twenty seven times. Alternative. Is these states thirty states decide to get together in a meeting. The state legislature send delegates amendments are adopted at the can
engine of states and then again their proposed the state legislatures, renewed thirty, eight state legislatures either direct voter through a convention to ratify so considering the number of states convention there state legislatures at the Republicans, control how in the world with the Democrats hijacked the convention You have now give me my confidence marked. Thank you very much. That's why I didn't. I didn't You think I'd explained then, and I and I appreciate the question because I think there's a lot of questions like that out there Let's take another Lawrence Fort Myers Florida, the Great W S, scope Believe me how you today, I'm doing great. Thank you, Sir,
Why do you all my point? Is that what happened is you'll? Get judicial review come in and will not apply what you're doing just like they are doing now, because the courts are out of control well, and let me just add to that the courts have no more for judicial review than they do through the other process it might. This is my view through the other that was used in to deal with your imagination. What would the courts the you. And I would argue that if the core attacked ultra vires, which means without authority active as judges and so forth. The states have the authority. Under the convention of States, the states are in control, states have the final say. There's nothing! You there's nothing in article five talking about the courts, Thou
Now, if I was doing on the immigration really listening to me,. I'm telling you, then our ever read article five You understand the convention of state process so the states get together and they they propose an amendment for the rest of the states to adopt thirty eight stay legislation. What would the courts do exactly? Well that's the may go I don't. I don't know, that's not the problem. I want to deal with your imagination whether the courts do you said they might not. So I saw a a lawsuit brought by a town, and they say hey the statesmen of the power to do that. Is that what saying Ok. Well, I wouldn't fly, and if this if there's some judge somewhere and ultimately get to the Supreme Court, says the statesmen of the power to do at the states are not listen to the court, because article five, the states, the convention is states process have the final say.
That's the beauty of this. A complete Lee bypasses the federal government, it bypasses Congress. Ultimately, it bypassed the present it bypasses the federal courts in the federal bureaucracy. States. Meeting in the states are making decisions. I hope you're right on that one. I too, I think, for your kind. I know we might as well give up and all you know get ready for the goulash I get it. I get. I get it. Matching the court's one trying to intervene. I'm saying the states have the listener open right? I know I'm right Brok, Marilla, Texas, Syria Satellite, go right. Thanks marks, huge thrill, talking to an end, I just wanted to ask you a couple. Questions favours if you will actually regarding the whole army wine steam thing
I've been watching this go on for days and days in its just getting worse and worse and worse, it's not gonna go waste, I'm gonna get better anytime. Soon, more and more people keep Goin out and a kind of building. On with what I thought was earlier about one of these people going to denounce wine steam and, along the same lines and ears favour number one, have a chuckle with me about this, because how money is it that these same people for months and months and months had been on the side of taken away our statues because they re then a greater evil. Even though good came out of you, I like the Columbus bathing that's an interesting point. So we should close movie, there's one or we go after their statues, which are there oscars their enemies interesting. Our day. I even think that anything whatsoever to do with the wine production this. There should be no Oscars there, you go
They were next one cause, I'm running out of time have a long time ago, but their favouring. I know it's radioset. I dont want to set a bad precedent and say they mark Chemical request, but, I became a downward listener. Casualness, nor about one or two years ago. Stephanie symbolists shore after her father who die has, even though I am a big fan of her. Yeah. She had either of you and it was beautiful? Compare Hollywood then Hollywood. Now Then you read it on air for about four or five minutes. Just all the different actors that sir The country I knew what Patria again I treated them right now and I'll see. If I can find it, there's no guarantee better Stephanie, listening email me again: send it again, I, my friend, good call. I appreciate your points. I really do. Now, what's missing from Hillary Clinton statement and the Obama statement, I want to read them truly there hot off the presses.
But are we wine? I was shocked and appalled by the revelations about Harvey wine sitting. Clinton said. The behaviour described by women coming forward, not be tolerated their courage and the support of others, is critical and helping to stop. This kind of behaviour notion ever said that about one need a broad Eric Paula Jones, the Kathleen Wily. With a long list of were of a victims at the hands of her husband, be J, they'll, Jefferson Clinton? What's missing from that statement? Here's another The Obama's Michel and I have been SK dusted by recent reports. Mojave Wednesday Any man who demeans integrate women such fashion needs to be condemned and held accountable, regardless of welfare status. We should celebrate the carriage of women who have come forward to tell these painful stories. We all need to build a culture, including by empowering our girls and teaching our boys, decency and respect
so we can make such behaviour less prevalent in the future, of course, the Obama's election you and me like waiting, the two of us. What's missing from their statement. Do you know mister producer. They're, not condemning Hollywood. We'll never condemn Hollywood Hollywood is the Biggest source of the damage parties resources. That slip and for lawyers, among others and the unions, but Hollywood is number one. It's why I was constantly flying out to the LOS Angeles area. That is, Francisco area Hilary doing exactly the same thing? These cash cows. And Hollywood is the cash cow, you dont condemn Hollywood. Don't condemn Hollywood, neither either. Where none of them are thrill for thee conspiracy of silence. For decades
They knew about Harvey Wine sitting, which raises a question with me. It. Hillary Clinton know about Harvey Wine in the past. She's friends with all these Hollywood? it's these actors and actresses actresses with I have told Hillary Clinton, but the Obama's. Who were in Hollywood incessantly. Were they aware of hardy Weinstein's the rumours of Harvey Weinstein's sexual predation, where they, how could they not be How was it the Obama's never know what's going on? You know like in setting a communications and on masking officials. But I think this is an important question. The media will never ask them. Never ever did Hillary Clinton no one? When did she know it about Harvey wine steam? What The Obama's now
and when they know it about Harvey Wine and why their statements. Do they not condemn Hollywood in the culture of Hollywood? which is obviously a culture of abusing women, That's right! I said it and it's true happened. It didn't condemned the culture and Hollywood in Hollywood generally,. Who is the equivalent of the energy they be all over? It I'll be right. What, then Yes, guys Finally, some of the young professionals out there listening important, looking dress her foot, at work. People are You take notice
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No. You saw you saw me when I was a young man with a forehead, a here Aragon on seeing as we see in fact, almost forehead a hare taken on every live that they would throw up and remember that I remember it. Well, I've read liberty and tyranny, accordingly and air fail and it makes article, I loved my Dallas cowboys yeah. I know what I mean well. I've been on hold I'm sick, the eight years old. Thirty one years spread out over forty one years: an army I've got for wars and above them as a storm Bosnia Herzegovina, Kosovo, on Iraq. No answer well, where's my soldiers, God bless, and God bless the ones anywhere in the uniform bakers, their great Americans and while I was on hold, I tried to formulate an intelligent question. I don't know if I will succeed
Currently, waver the constitutional amendment and got in there the at this stage Together for an amendment. My question is die slowly, disgusted with the Republican Party. Do we. I don't think a third party movement is the answer You have to change the Republican Party and make it our conservative. I know that that that that was Reagan's position and what he did and he gave it speech about this at the sea pack. And he said we need a new Republican Party and he was concerned. If we want the way of a third party, we do what they did a hundred years earlier centrally, which was why liking. Somebody like Woodrow Wilson. And you know, Theodore Roosevelt who was quite the progressive, was a big time progressive
It took on Howard, taffy, created his home third party, called the Progressive Party and nickel The bull moose party. And so Woodrow Wilson slip through. It was a complete disaster as far as I'm concerned, as in many respects, was tiara wisdom The guy now, if we can third party, I can assure you we will be electing Democrats all over the place and people say there is no difference between the parties in summary that's that true, but in other respects it's not like a google search on the Supreme Court and and if the Republicans are impotent, they don't do what they say. They're going to do, Democrats United, but in and they do. They say they're going to do, The problem is that too many republicans do with the Democrats say: they're gonna do as well, so the convention of states in the long run. If- There is a long run is the only way to restore the republic in a constitutional system.
Choose me doing their own. These primaries is very important to train Conservatives to the Senate to the House of Representatives Many of them will turn. As they have in the past, that is the throne with the year with the entrenched rhinos I bought a very very quickly where they feel like they need to be part of that group. At the adulation that you get when you are- and so this isn't a sure fire way too were even slow down what's going on a washing, but I'm all for it. But if you want to restore the republic, restore constitutional government and restore the authority of state legislatures and weaken the bureaucracy and weaken the the central government. The only alternative, the only alternative. Is through the convention of state process anyway, go right ahead. Chief. I thank you so much. I am in complete agreement with that. The government is to me it's too bloated and
for seven long years we heard from up like talk the talk and now they can't keep their promises. They ve got to be private. We gotta get rid of the ride out gotta go back to the conservative American Party our I my friend, I appreciate your call very much. If I believed going third party how to fix this I'd go third party, the second I really It may be that they will come as a matter of fact. Ladies and gentlemen, we salute our armed forces, police officers, firefighters and emergency personnel, and I salute you: U, patriotic Americans out there, you live in ice. Thank you for listening check out of in tv tonight. It's very, very good and I ll see on the radio tomorrow. God bless you.
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