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We’re starting to see signs that President Trump is buckling on his Iran deal promise. The reason? Obama holdovers in the Trump administration are reportedly threatening Trump’s promises to repeal the Iran nuclear deal, but the commander in chief shoul...

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Now run only underground in the bowels of a hidden somewhere under Britain, steel of a nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader, everybody Mark Levine, here our number eight seven, seven one three eight one, one, eight seven, seven three one create one, when we will get the Hollywood, we will get the boy scouts will get all the attacks on our culture. And the mass of massive public in Hollywood, the Hollywood, an entertainment media and notches. Then the New York Times in two thousand for NBC other media outlets, the massive cover up by liars, who now arc
Forward in saying, while we we heard rumors by we didn't know and, of course, Senior members of the Democratic Party. You spend enormous amount of time, but their Hollywood path as if they didn't know anything. The sole beneficiaries of Hollywood large ass when it comes to campaigns and so forth, and the value of the attorney General California but Sarah the I have had to open a thorough and complete investigation of what what a Hollywood is and has become, the conspiracy of silence, all kinds of state and federal laws are violated in the. U S attorney should too, when it comes, sexual harassment, physical abuse, Then even right, and where is the attorney general in New York that left wing slob? Where is he now? What
we heard him talk about Hollywood Walmart. That's how they would have to do with anything. Well I'll, tell you what a lot of these producers actually are in New York, so I left wing slob attorney general in New York during about nothing. What's the plan, governor in New York, saying about it. Nothing! What's that Governor in California saying about it, nothing, the clowns, senators from New York and the clan senators from California saying about it. Nothing. These are dark blue oh strongholds, New York and Angeles in massive cover up mode four. Why is a huge scale? The abuse of women from the and power. On a large scale. You think this guy Harvey winding heavy
having your mammies calling you think Heavy Weinstein's, the only one, but look at them, I could gain clowns these fools. They come up at the academy awards and they tell us what the believe in what they think they're progressive agenda. Their group think how they lecture you and me about every? Can EVIL cause, and yet the car we need to address is them more. Later the boy scouts? While you know the cub scotch, met girls. Ah how forward thinking, how progressive that's, not the purpose of the CUB Scouts insight The boys gets, but it doesn't matter anymore. You don't know what bathroom to use, doesn't matter we'll get at it.
But before we do, you know there is a serious matter coming up and I've been talking about it for several days last couple of weeks, presently United States gonna make a decision. He's gonna make a decision on whether he certifies, as he must every nine days are decertify as he should he be. Ninety days, How did he ran deal that you are ran, sell out? They saw the appeasement of all time. The Obama deal the Obama IRAN deal a weather. At the present United States is going to decertify that that that that decision thing deal is not in our national security interests and multiple material it is by the Iranians and then abrogated that is back out of the tree at the idea of it should have been. It is a treaty. It's not a treaty. Can Obama deal where Corker Greece,
Kids to help him get it, and yet we are starting to see signs of an all too often signed by the way that the president is buckling as he buckled on vodka as he buckled on moving the United States due to the capital of Israel. Jerusalem. Now and a buckle on IRAN? we'll find out one o soon enough, but according to Adam Credo, who is a good reporter, looks like we may have a problem, I hope is wrong. The Trump administration will not commit the designated the Islamic Revolutionary Guard CORE or our eye Gc Iran's elite fighting force as terrorists. Despite the congressional mandate to do so by the end of the month. According to multiple yours officials and other
illustration, insiders who told the washed and free beacon that hold overs from the Obama administration are working. This tiny, the effort who are these hole of what one is president. Why is there a single Obama hold over anywhere nearly oval office, both as a matter of fact any Ellie ministries. I can tell you, as a matter of fact, there one Ronald Reagan was elected president. The first time notices went out to every single political appointee at the White House in every department in every agency, all it all over. The country, All over the world that there turn in their resignation, letters there out when the Bush administration came and push forty one The vice president to Ronald Reagan, vague, I saw pinks lips. I reckon appointees and figure out the trap of industry
it comes in where the pangs lips- Obama hold average everywhere. Every Well, what the housework that that's irresponsibility! That's incompetence outside acceptable, while President Donald complex Spected, to announce this week that he will not certify IRAN is in compliance with the landmark nuclear deal It remains unclear if he will follow through with congressional prove plans to extend a terror designation, iranian Revolutionary Guard CORE, a move that prompted a ran to threaten greater attacks on you forces in the Middle EAST. Imagine what to do with nuclear warheads on icy beehives course. I don't even think this is enough you D say to finally get the hell out and then use every resource you have to destroy, this regime to push it out of power.
The eye. Aren t she is responsible for numerous terror attacks on american troops over the years and has played a key role in interfering with: U S, operations in Syria top law. There's an insiders who spoke to the free beacon about a growing uncertainty over how best to hold a ran accountable for their activities express restoration of but they views the administrations inability to follow through with its farm ass promises, particularly as they later ran, which is increasingly targeted. Yours forces with military action. The emerged today that transplants speech and around maybe scaled back and not take place until Friday. If it does, it will not. Let me warn you what's going happen when trompe certifies is the left is gonna, go cuckoo for cocoa puff member that when MR producing cookies,
cocoa butter anyway, they will go cocoa for coca past, but they always go cocoa, propose whatever all over tv. This. This is unreasonable in relieving candy. I said I don't know about this on now. I don't know and you'll be led to believe that Trump and his administration have taken a hard core states, not a heart, stance, IRAN as a mortal enemy, they ve said repeatedly death to America, they ve said repeatedly: they're gonna get there. I see the aims of the nuclear warheads, they have allied repeatedly in prior deals. But they ve been doing. They will not allow the, U N inspectors to get into their military bases. Where much of this activity is taking place, they have narrowly threatened I can forces they captured our and sailors off the high seas, they're doing other instead of prohibited when it comes to conventional when it comes to the spread of terrorism when it comes to occupy Archer Syria, when it comes to building missile sites, when it comes
the backing Hezbollah and Hamas to terrorist organisations, primarily only when talking about this am I the only one about this. Why am I the only one talking about this? Can I encourage the back ventures in this business to start paying attention to big stuff fairly, not. Tromp last week, sign new sanctions legislation mandate in the: U S extend a tear; it doesn't nation to the eye, are gc making marking the first time in? U S, history, fine cunt not a branch would be hit with such a designation, but the stage She'd apartments would not confirm Wednesday that the administration intends to make good on this law, which was approved by Congress, but partisan support. I'm only bringing this up to give countervailing pressure on the administration, and hopefully the president to stick to its guns,
fair enough, if you decertify on this deal nets, but let's fix it because you know will fix it will reform it and then they re. Well actually listened to us how many, our patients paper, what must we sign with the Islam? the regime in Tehran to realize they have no intention of complying with it. We sign document after document document what that fat little slob in bread and North Korea. That didn't seem the word Now we're going to sign them with these guys in Tehran. What's going on here, honest to God, why are there Obama hold over? We got a state department, that's completely out of control and me. What's with this I'll be right back.
This has not happened yet, but it's gonna have pressure on this administration. Now, let me show you how bad this is over the State Department, the Trump State Department with Rex, tell us in a sector estate every her Chris for none of the former basketball player coach, though most of you haven't Chris Ford was the former chief Council for Senator Bob Corker. You ve heard above Corker spend a lot of time talking about him here. All Bob Corker he's like the british colonel in the movie bridge over the river. Quite you know that bridge they build. They were prepared to blow it up. When the japanese troop train was coming across, where war to respect would peeled abuse.
I remember the colonel one blow it up because it was so in love with his bridge and eventually a blue. Because he was shot or whenever any fell on the plunder and blow up, while whatever that's Bob Corker. When it comes to your Randal Bob Corker created the path for Obama, to get the around deal to violate article two section, two clause to the treaty clause of the constitution. Even worse, the process they put in place, the Republicans put in place under Corker and Mcconnell. Almost every single Republican voted This is when this genius Ben Sash call me on the phone and I haven't talked themselves. Tell me: Marcie Gesture understand how this works? You, not, I told em, don't I recall me again: genius sold out now old, Mister conservative, but anyway,. Back to the point so rather than too
the senators present edifying this as a treaty it became too Thirdly, the senators: what, after override presidential veto, which would never happen. So oh bomber got his deal now, one of the people at finding Bob quarter at the time as a guideline anymore, Chris Forward his former chief Council Chris Ford, simple name. Council for Bob Porker. Do you know he's been nominated, he's been nominated to be assistant secretary of state for proliferation,. This guy's been nominated to be assistant secretary of state for proliferation when he was Ah, the knee Obama, Corker Randy I'll, give you another one every year, Why leave? Are you lame properly, while of course not? I came here and pronounce it, but anyway.
She's been nominated to be assistant secretary of state to for what verification in compliance. Now, what about her every here her. Well, let me tell you a little bit about her. She was chief of staff. The Ross lightness of Florida and people were not free to testify before the house. A foreign affairs committee who oppose the iranian regime. All she sanctions sanctions. What what needed to be done there again was to allow people to testify openly About what the iranian regime was doing and its violations. Now what she was sent off from the transition team do when they travel administration? She was pushed out while she's back
been nominated to be assistant secretary of state for verification of compliance and look at this you got populate. That's how you pronounce it and Chris for to be two top people at the sector for the sector's day and where the conservative or other hey. You know what what Harvey Wang staying! Yeah we'll get to him. What about this? Well. It's not up on my favorite website. It's not there to have something. I'm prepared to discuss, not gonna but, as I have said many many times about verandah and that's what they do, they sit back and they wait. But you can't sit back and. These things are going on right now,. The iranian regime is a mortal threat to our country and your kids at my kids or your grandkids, my grandkids one day, one
go to war to stop that regime. I am not in favour of it, I'm not promoting it. I'm telling you that this regime with icy be aims at nuclear warheads will be a mortal prior to the United States. Look at North Korea! That's Little inbred he's a mortal threat to the United States, but what's interesting is the Islam A more nazi regime in Tehran is already trying to build. Its caliphate is already a powerful, powerful force in the region. They have succeeded themselves within the iraqi armed forces there involved in Syria in a significant way. They ve top of the government The legitimate government in Yemen they're giving hundreds of millions dollars that we gave them billions it ours.
As and there's a testimony the other day that Hezbollah now has operatives within our country, terrorist wing of the iranian regime and we're gonna decertify, but can I get down do this and you don't have to do that? I won't make it looked ass. You see whatever happened to this was the Still remain and I'm gonna get rid of whatever happened to that, whatever happens, the conservative jumping up and down upset about this all a sudden. It's ok. I will just decertify under a noble trying to make it better make it better only with a hit Larry and regime in Tehran, and I mean that literally no, you don't understand what make it better Albino Obama just messed up I'll be right back.
Mark Lover, America's Tyranny Hunter call in now, eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three eight one one I may add another piece of Hollywood you wanna talk about Hollywood. Ok, we'll talk about her. There should be a mass of FBI Investigation of what they can place in Hollywood and what is taking place in Hollywood and all these phony actors and actresses. Who claim they didn't know anything. They d be interviewed.
In order to determine the extent of Harvey, Weinstein's, allegedly criminal conduct, those who conspired with those who took steps to protect should all be now It should all be now might want to use the word collusion hook. Loaded with Harvey Wednesday, which actors and actresses which directors which produce Colluded with Harvey Wednesday. You said yesterday in it's been picked up by some. They hilarity of hearing people like George Clooney and others in effect, say heard women is? Of course I didn't know personally naked no personally, you idiot, because he didn't do things in front of you
Nobody said you're an eye witness, but you knew about it. Didn't you dummy course did dummy. The best piece written on this so far in my humble opinion, is by Carl Smith. National view online unequal but as I have called it, the Hollywood conspiracy of silence and Subtitle is it's nearly impossible to believe the big stars who say they didn't know about Harvey Weinstein's, revolting acts, and that's true here is one example. You know they serve watch a lot of movies by cluentius oceans, eleven twelve thirteen co star Brad Pitt he knew very well points out Smith. What are we waiting was up to pit had once threatened Wine Stena Missouri whipping after the producer actually harassed. Is then girlfriend Gwen Paltrow ninety nine.
All those months. The Paris spent that's together. They never thought to compare notes on Weinstein's behaviour. That is you mean pit. There were told cloning. And other oceans body Matt Damon. This guy comes out like a complete punk. Personally, hold up Sharon Waxman. Then in New York Times reported to intercede against a story there would have been. Flattering to wine city. Was Damon, also not curious about what was on his producer mentor. What was going on with it? Ben Damon started or maybe in between and between, takes unhappy fate too, in which pit and Damon played ASEAN pet produced and diamond started or maybe in between and between, takes unhappy feet too, in which pit and Women play zany pair of gay crustaceans curiously limited wording of the denials from Damon Clooney, though entertainment reporting tending attending
about a and all their subjects and be unskilled and washed and style spot a spot. The loophole weasel talk haven't quite EL down what either of them knew. I never I've seen any this behaviour ever Clooney told the daily been really you never pay we saw it. I George nobody said you did George, but you heard all about dinner. Course day. Many Clooney never saw the miss behaviour when wine steam once a tete, a tete with Ashley Judd in his bath road Damon, clearing and be invited Alai pointed that out yesterday. The question is: do they know what Winston was up to answers. I had no idea that it had gone to the level of having to pay off eight women for their site. So that these women were threatening victimize comments It to be limited to these women, the eight who were paid like a politician clean,
Answering a question: nobody asked. Did you know. Wine city was inviting actresses to business meetings that turned into bed room meetings that turned into sexual overtures and career implications. Why scene In for more than two decades, one of the most talked about figures in Hollywood, good news, revolting acts really never have reached cluentius years seems more like The Clooney was part of a conspiracy of silence. Yes,. Movie Clooney is very interested in exposing the pernicious actions of oil companies. Chemical companies, too, You hucksters max Theism in the masterminds are the First Gulf WAR realise clones, Plugs Wazirs when people in Hollywood gossip about a subject that has happened. We ve been a hot topic of conversation spots and Polly Shore was considered a movie star. Why scenes habits were such an open secret? They were joked about on thirty rock and the aspect telecast. What about Merrill Streep
no doubt believe she was speaking truth a power when, upon receipt of a career, honoured the Golan Globe ceremony this year, she spent her entire speech heaving. What size against President Trump there's trump cards. To power in her world, although it is it like Trump do much of anything in response except send a couple. A grumpy tweets power to stream is someone like wine steam. Someone who could cast her or not her possibly influenced by hiring decisions of others and why sneeze skilling campaigning for Oscars is unparalleled. He was why the credit for winning her a third Oscar for the iron lady, notably by street, strap purse sweep herself who said in her except speech. I want to thank God Harvey wisely and it goes on its a great piece of managed review. I Kyle Smith, I want to commend to you, might want to check it out, and what about this.
Jane Krakowski on the tv show, thirty rock mentioned by Carl Smith and twenty twelve listen to this cut. Eight go Please, I'm not afraid of anyone in show business. I turned down intercourse with Harvey wines the and are no less than three occasions size. I know how form and lovers can ever hold over you long after they are gone ways I'm still pin under a passed out Harvey wines, dean and its thanks getting funny her then there's set Macfarlane during the Asker nominations in January. Twenty thirteen not so long ago, cut nine go through a thousand twelve nominated for best performance. By an actress in a supporting role, are Sally Feel in Lincoln. Hathaway in Layman's Rob Jackie however, in silver linings, playbook, Hunt in the sessions and Amy
atoms in the master and do five. Ladys no longer have to pretend to be attracted the hearty ones being noticed there not only laughing. They are my under their breath most of them are many other new, many them too big. A Hollywood joke. Big Hollywood joke sexual abuse. Actual misconduct,. Abusing women think that's funny, it's funny! That's just what you do. It's Hollywood, and Jimmy camels been all about the tongue tied on this, because I guess truck has been whispering in his ears lately by what to say. Maybe he'll have more to say about this. Maybe our new called, or commentator great comedian. Jimmy Camel on late night, with the other
third rate comedians. Thank you. Miss Johnny, Carson. I, MR cars. Gotta, listen to this shock, the second line of work of leftists than anyone funny, Then anyone smart anyway Jimmy Kimmel. I'm sure he'll, be commenting. He'll be very upset about what Hollywood has done and what Hollywood's been about. Abuses of women by Harvey COM Harvey, but probably not Jimmy came along Kommeni central. The man show in two thousand to now look, you might say my command. Fifteen years ago. Excuse me for a look of the founding fathers. We're gonna be pulling down confederate statues weaken, looked into I wasn't too when it comes to leftist with big mouth on tv. Jimmy came, on comedy central. The man show in two thousand to has
My guess what in his pants had to media cut tango, Something in my pants Feel around on the outside of the pants ten seconds: guess what is in my pants We still have to maybe we'll be easier. If you put your mouth, ok, I snapped. So he saying this donated you. While he did know the eight will. She sounds like she's fifteen. It's. Ok, you sure that guy had Uncle Jimmy doesn't mean you didn't I'm fine, why Basque and your guess is my brain vibrator. No, it is actually is
Here was a rubber band on this issue: a game and I comedy sancho- it's funny very, very funny place. Don't you think? Meanwhile, you heard that effort, undercover tape. I played yesterday with Harvey Vines, dean on it and a young Her would be actress pretty grotesque and people are wondering. Why did the Manhattan District attorney Cyrus Vance do anything about? What did you do anything about.
That's six go! If we have that, we felt we would take on individuals rambled. Obviously he s a serious issues, his eyes, the guided by his bride and my experts in the office and if I start being guided by any of those things and start that's enough. Helen Keller, ladies and gentlemen, Helen Keller,. But it's not only. The Hollywood industry that covers and covered for the Hollywood industry,
not only the Hollywood media that covers and covered for the Hollywood industry is so called mainstream media, which has never been mainstream. In my view, its the big led me. Including the New York limes itself, which, more than a decade ago, killed the story. You ve no came out with a story this time which includes the National Broadcasting Corporation NBC his I'll explain in a moment why I say Obama will be coming into the camel. Virginia next week, a campaign for
Sir Lieutenant governor, pretends to be a moderate northern. I wasn't gonna do this, but I'm gonna do this. Mr producer reach out to EDGAR less be his campaign, will bring a glass beyond the show trying to help a mouth he's And a dog he's running behind, although not by a lot, but if Obama's I come into my state to push for this Democrat. He must be a radical left wing cook. And so we will see if we can't level the playing field just a little bit just a lover. It's not as conservatives I am using decent person. Who will do a very good job as governor, but an idea about this guy noisome lieutenant given Ross North and these offer sanctuary cities and other I've had enough of it. I've had it I've had enough of that enough and a big spender another one, big spender,
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That the F b I set up a special sex crimes unit for Hollywood. I'm not getting a special sex crimes. To get to the bottom of this Hollywood is an industry. Ladies and gentlemen, the entertainment industry, Catholics balls in industry or calls in industry or whatever. If you have one, I'd spread potential credit. I'll be taking place in this community. Are you a widespread cover up a conspiracy of silence just because these people are famous powerful and have an enormous amount of money just because eighty percent of them are left wing Democrats does mean they shouldn't have to comply with the law in the law. In this case here As to yourself keep your pants up. Don't do things we told you not to do this is based
staff basic morality. Now I know basic morality sounds rather incongruous when it comes to Hollywood, but some sorry, the law applies to them I don't know where they left wing democratic Tourney General in California is he's. Nowhere is nowhere. Well, that's not true. He's probably down by the border in California, with Mexico, making sure the border stays wide, open, he's Are we making sure the confederate statues in California pulled down? You know is very very busy this guy, but the federal Your of investigation of the United States Justice Department needs to set up a special sex crimes unit properly. What an interview these actors and actresses. In our view, these directors interview these producers there's no way Harvey Wine, Steen is the only one there's no way. I look at
spoke cars. We stuff absolutely unbelievable. Absolutely unbelievable, the allegory hence involved with him. And we could go on and on and on now, what's unique, this in Hollywood is what you need. It is the widespread cover up the massive cover up the conspiracy of silence. A special sex crimes unit for Hollywood needs to be set up by the FBI, and then go in there and get to the bottom of this. You have young women are being abused. We're being threat. You know I thought this was behind us. I mean I'm, I'm not a pollyanna. I know this kind of stuff goes on, but the x, and to which it apparently goes on. In Hollywood and the extent to which. These social warriors in Hollywood are prepared They keep their mouths shut while that
to me is over the top and by the way, this triumvirate of cover up is the media again get to that. My right at the top of the hour, and not just the Hollywood and entertainment media, big media Democrats and, of course, Hollywood itself I'll be right back, now run only underground in the bowels of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader, everybody mark living here. Our number eight seven, seven, three one, three, eight one, one, eight seven, Seven three, eight one, three, eight one one,
all you have to admit that the nearest slime or is it anyway, when it comes to the media, they call it the paper record. You have to admit NBC is a very, very big company, very big news network. Apparently both of them, were involved and covering up Harvey. Why steams activities as media enablers. And another media say or war, you can't attack us you'll, be attacking the first amendment or get over yourselves, but a bunch of crap. What a bunch of crap. If the media were involved in a conspiracy to cover a criminal activity than the Eu they drove in these media cooperation should be held to account as well, if an
Act, they are violated any law. I don't know. In the washed in Examiner Emily, Jaruzelski rights Journalists, Sharon Waxman. Journalists, Sharon Waxman accusing the New York Times of killing a store that documented Harvey Weinstein's mistreatment of women more than a decade ago said by a New York Times, article that attack Weinstein's media enablers in the wake the papers. Revelations about his history misconduct wax Founder and see all of the rap described her Forestry getting experience reporting on his behaviour for the New York Times thirteen years ago. Imagine how many young women, or even that's a young women would not been abused by Harvey wasting, allegedly if the New York Times it hadn't covered up for him. In Sunday article Waxman said she got the green light to look.
No off repeated allegations of sexual misconduct by wine steam back in two And for an assignment that tuckered about London and Rome, where she apparently on legitimate evidence pointing to the producers pattern of abuse, but the story never ran the story never round from Waxman account after intense pressure from wine, which included having Matt, Damon and run crow call me frankly, to vouch for Bardo an unknown discussions? Well, above my head at the times, the story was guarded most of the time the wines dean had visited the newsroom in person to make us displeasure know. I know a major advertiser in the times, and then he was four person overall John Landsmen former editor at the New York Times, Waxman implicated in the killing of risk, responded in a statement issued yesterday or the day before yesterday. That said why, if she had,
the goods on wine year, two thousand for has she'd been unable or unwilling to publish something in the rap where she, Can charge could it be because you actually had the goods then now or in between a lax responded to similar equation and update to her Sunday, article arguing? She thought the issues in the past course that would make them both wrong? Wouldn't it. After the New York Times published its bombshell report last week, some describe one instance, reputations one of Hollywood biggest open secrets. So why did it take DEC? It's for the story to come out true, once Waxman account one that implicated major newspaper into major celebrities, could provide some insight into that process certainly sounds credible.
Given that wine Steen essentially admitted to at least some of the allegations in his apology last week, he obviously found a way to keep their contact out of the media over the years so who help the New York Times cover up it's the allegation What about NBC Roman fur who was centrally failed, Einstein MSNBC, but nonetheless, I believe be stolen. Their Beira here it was on Emma Zella stay on Rachel Matthau shall marry her mad used to be the number one show in news. Talk on cable she's, not she's, been defeated. Handily by Sean Hannity. You don't see that written anywhere either. Do you now, of course, not. Is Ronan Pharaoh s LSD yesterday, speaking to Rachel Matthau cut five, go reporting, this story for the new Yorker and offer NBC it like. You would have to ask.
ABC Nbc executives about the details of that story. I am going to comment on any news organization story. That day run I will say that over many years many organizations have circled this story and faced a great deal of pressure in doing so, and there are now reports emerging publicly about the kinds of pressure that news organisations face in this, and that is real and in the course of this reporting I was threatened with a lawsuit personally by Mr Loins Dean, and we have already seen that the times has been publicly threatened with a suit. I do want to describe any suits levelled at other organisations that work with, but certainly a considerable amount of pressure that outlets get assigned. Nbc says that you didn't that the story wasn't punishable, that I wasn't ready to go by the time that you brought it to them. Obviously, is ready to go about the timing and the new Yorker I Walked into the door at the New Yorker with a explosively reportable peace that should have been public earlier,
and I immediately obviously new Yorker- recognise that, and it is not accurate to say that it was not reportable. In fact, there are multiple determine that was a busy boy, Rachel manner. What happened to the left wing radical Rachel manner? I know that Emma Lsd as part of NBC, I believe it's all part of Comcast as rich, but whatever fact of the matter Press Rachel, Madame seemed all temperate intolerant. Didn't she, when her employer essentially is accused of a cover up this guy she's, what I mean the phones in There- Brought on the left, the phone is in the frauds and the Democrats Party, the phones in the fraud in the media and the funds the frauds in Hollywood,.
They have so much control over our culture. So much to say about the issues. Where this country's headed and why? This is why this is important, ladies and gentlemen, to expose us as fully as possible. To spend as much time and effort on this, as we have on the Russia collusion issue which, As far has borne no fruit, just fruit, cakes. So this needs to be pursued aggressively. These institutions is power, all institutions in our society. If so much say over the course of this country, the media and the cover up Hollywood and the criminality and the Democratic Party so far, which is largely on
by this and yet Harvey wine scene was arraignment. For the Democratic Party Hollywood The is a rain maker for the Democratic Party, the media, for the vast majority, so called journalist and hosts and commentators are appendages of the Democratic Party. There is really no question about it and yet are not done. Remove from Hollywood to the boy scout. So we won't be calling them the boy scouts will just be calling them. The Scouts NBC News boys That's will admit, girls allow them to earn Eagle scout rank. Well, isn't that magnanimous of them.
The boy Scouts of America announced on Wednesday. The girls will soon be allowed to become cub scouts and earn the coveted rank of equal scout, the organizations highest honor. We believe it is correct a critical to evolve this new this, we believe is critical to evolve, how our programmes meet the need. First of all how about literacy? At the boy said, for the chief executive of the boy Scouts, Michael Serbia, we believe it is. Critical to evolve how our programmes meet the needs of families interested and positive in lifelong experiences for their children. This is a rambling buffoon. This Michael server Chief executive of the boy could boyscout The scouting board of directors voted unanimously to make the historic change in an organisation that has been primarily for boys since its founding. For then Years ago are not allowed to be anymore boys organizations further not allowed to be men, organizations, man
Organization. Starting next year, young girls, Conjoint Cubs, how units known as dense Scouting organizations can choose to have dens for girls and dense for boys cop scout, we'll be single gender. All boys are I got one single gender, the sudden, You can't procreate Toby, Single gender thats, not that's, not the correct, characterisation, What they're trying to say is will be both genders not only single gender. It was single gender. When it was all boys, you idiot, you don't even know what you're saying a separate programme for older girls will be available in twenty nineteen. The boy scout said enabling them to earn the rank of legal scope, The scout said the moves reflect the changing nature of America life adding two. The appeal of scouting program that can serve the end.
Our family. Oh that's, right! It's about the family! Now it's about progressive as it is a poison, and it is seated every walk of life. The boy shouts of America said a committee. And two nationwide service had show parents not involved in scowling at high interest in getting their daughters signed up for both cub scouts and boy scouts. Why would you s parents who are not involved in scouting. Not that tells me, ladies and gentlemen, Davis survey, name Why survey of parents who are involved in scouting and they voted thumbs down? That's my guess. Girls are now part of forest scouting programmes, venturing and see scouting geared towards your activities, exploring a career, oriented mentoring programme and stem focus, science and math, but those Programmes had not offered a path: the Eagle sky for girls earlier this year, the National Organization for women, what a disruption,
organization urged the boy catch to admit girls to the entire programme, supporting the efforts of a near teenager, Sidney. Ireland to it. In the rank of Vigo Scout as her older brother did. Let me ask you Does the national Organization for women have a problem if males make up the majority of its board of directors, I'm just curious. He no single gender. I just want to do with the boy scouts during the merit, badges and earn the Eagle award. She told him be seen as well to bad no offense, but it's called the boy scouts. The boy scouts. The girl Scouts as a great organization, but it's just not the programme that I want to be part of. I'm sorry too bad I'd like to be a professional basketball player, but I can't be I'd like to be part of it, but I can't be part of it. So what.
And by the way I would. I think we should have the opportunity to be a member of any organisation they want, regardless of gender really in the past. The girl scouts had been called to the idea of admitting girls into the boy scout, citing research that show many girls learn best in an all female environment. Well, that's over there not can allow at anymore, whatever the left once the left get. And they get to impose their will by law. They'll. Sally wants to be a boy scout wall, then we have to change our hundred years, a tradition because nobody wants to offend little Sally. Now I can't do that. That would be unfair. We unfair happen if a fat short guy wants to be about is it ok? I mean a professional ballerina who performed on state a factual Guy wants to be a ballerina. You know, like a fact short.
Rama Manual type, who was a ballerina by the way. I'll, be right back let's get it on and take, let's get it all out. You collars, hang in there I promise I'll get Michael will only yes, Michael will, ban has been, I swore, trainers, sport, castor, for around the Washington Airy and all over the place these days and he's a leftist. Occasionally hide it is left us he's. No even a Smith, in my view, Stephen a Smith whose become a friend you another point, we scares they. However him in him and of other people he's an independent.
Sometimes he's with you sometimes is against you he's not necessarily predictable. We can agree with them. You can disagree with them, and so are these enormously intelligent is enormously entertaining. I don't find MIKE aware Barnaby any those things he's on. I shot him off its because Jack S, comments like this cut. Eleven go. We go Jerry, Jones, displaced and leadership, you seem to understand compromising. I need to be my players. We got down and link arms and all these does at least another. He didn't get down illegal arms, women, he got on his knee and that's why you liked he got it. On his knee, he was a social warrior. Go ahead! You like that was where he was gone, but now seems like it was only as a three dollar bill and the word comes to my mind, an old shoe doesn't like me using it.
Plantation players are here to serve me and they will do what I want, no matter how much I'd pay them. They are not equal, you so full of crap. It's not even funny. It's called. Business genius the owner he's the boss, so not every places? A plantation is at it, because there lost because there's an owner because the Board of directors, because there's management house but how moronic that's a plant Patient would multimillionaires voluntarily doing what they want to do on a football field becoming. Have famous and wealthy supply, attention? You idiot business, it's entertainment, their chasing a football. You never mind. The players are here to serve me. No action.
Players, are there to serve us. Mr Wilburn, that's we, the fans, Though they to serve us can't explain Jerry Jones one days, no one on his knee the next day he's are putting out this order. I, like the second part, not the first part, Explain that to our wonderful, wonderful patriot in an hour I'm Dallas Fort Worth, that's not for me, but that said. To use that lie plantation. Reminds me of people using Hitler or the third Reich over and over and over again to advance their political agenda, and you think about what Hitler was like in the third Reich, This is why I call the regime in IRAN, Islam or Nazi, because these are Islam on matters the way they Slaughter people the way they they. They murder gay people, the way they throw people,
torture chambers the white Paper rape there. Under this regime. But their intentions are what their comments are. The same, Jerry Georgia's, like a running a plantation is so contemptible some ironic, and what's that and is the players of listen, the guys like Michael Wilburn, and got them Bye Players union, which has left Wing Scott itself by Now the owners are trying to figure out. What are we do about this. When this broke on day one. I said the owners better get on top of this. It's gonna get away from them. Otherwise, those like Michael Wilburn will believe the charge and he has no skin in the game. He doesn't have anything in this game. Paid no matter what he's a sports gaster if there's no football, a basketball, there's, no basketball. How cover baseball, there's no baseball covered tidily links that matter to him I'll, be right:
Grain prices laugh prices wrong. Call. My good eighty, seven, seven, three, eight one three One one nothing is off limits. I reckon crew of the progressive movement is out there. I got there, I can balls all over the place destroying the Unifil, destroying the boy scouts had been after the boys girls for decades, destroying while what institutions think of any institution that that you care about and tell me if their destroying internet course there
Course there in our friends it's hard to believe that twenty seventeen is almost over you believer. Doesn't stand still so don't waste another minute join a MAC right now, Amy because the association and mature american citizens, its lonely, didn't conservative voice for Americans age fifty and up and their resolve to continue their mission, to restore America's moral compass, to make America better place for children in the Save America. From the left and. A MAC member and as an aim. I remember you to gain access to a variety of exclusive benefits and discounts that are held save a lot of money from current Current Medicare plans to discounts on hotels, car runnels are more a MAC. Is the organisation to join a voice for conservatives in Washington, exceptional benefits. Now that an organization you wanna be a member of joy,
MAC right now go to W W W died, a M, a sea dot. U S! That's w done w that aim ACT, that U S or in call them on Tal free number, eight, eight, eight to six too two: zero zero! Six at eight, eight, eight to six to twenty hours, the Association of mature american citizens. The benefits are great, but the causes even greater joint aim at today. Eighty eight to sixty two zero, zero six or a MAC dot. U S certainly worth it. What Mr Wellborn thought his comments were absolutely profoundly the courageous he being another social justice warrior from his position of the broadcasting,
and he was on something called the damn Patrick and he doubles down he's very proud of himself catch well go I have not had any body. Tell me what I can't get bales pitiful justly. I used the phrase plantation in our. Let me repeat: it. That's what it comes off, Jerry Jones comes back and criticise me autobahns knows or anybody else why you are tough guy, well, bonds, a tough guy! That's right! Take the knee, the native and if the owner tells you you can't take the nay the man who hoop is the salaries, the man who, whose people draft the players. If he tells you need to stand up for the anthem which, by the way, is in their operating regulations over there, the NFL. Well, then, you must be a plantation. Because a moron absolute clown,
and let me say it again: if you haven't heard, let me say it again: say it wants to be stupid? Pow go ahead, you do need to be open gosh, it is sometimes hard open discussion by your discussion. Isn't it fashion. You make stupid comments, go ahead and I don't have it fastest. Tell me what this baby my participate, not enough, but if you're in front a tv- and you decide, mr- whereby you know what I'm gonna take my shirt off and I'm gonna take my sure, because I believe the cops in this country are abusive and I'm a social justice war. I'm gonna take my shirt, you beggar s, I'll, be fine and I have nothing to do with race. Either nothing go ahead. Are you postal Tory what to say? I am not I'm not thinking about wait for you called. Eight, though, is how you want to say dummy, nobody's telling you what to say,
please tell me what to say. No stolen these players. What to say before the guy, even after the game, they say whatever they want. Say whatever they want. They can be real social justice warrior, but for sixty, seconds, or so there an employee employee when the there on that feel sad, a plantation MR, whereby you're quite confused unwittingly so you're intentionally confused, and you think your audience was stupid. Not why you're throwing up provocative terms like My invitation, it's a plantation mentality, actually, the first time you didn't say plantation mentality. You said it is a plantation. Now you ve modified. Just pointing it out, I'm a man of words there you have it
great mica, wellborn, everybody, great Malcolm Michael, whereby every sailing profound nothing I can think of just another liberal sport, castor, Papa off. That's can Jerry Prosaic New Jersey, the great w I d say, go Ronald Jerry. Yes,. Jerry when I say go, that means your on the air. Millions of people are waiting in anticipation and you need to speak out. But nobody spoke up on two things that that there is a second one and Israel opposed to say he's not to build a wall. Now it does that that's dry previous wars. I am concerned. I will never win again. He's based We violated everything. You said he basically, it basically Let's let slow down the side of the wall. Needs help. We need an appropriation from Congress, you recall when he was running for peace,
I kept saying: I'm gonna make the Mexicans pay for it and so forth, and so on. I said back then, despite the group think that I said now, he's not gonna get the Mexicans to pay for it. That is the mexican government he's gonna need an appropriation from Congress and I'm not going to go back and replay free. The multiple as I said this and he's gonna have a fella, buster problem of the Democrats, and I said Oh it's not so easy may not build the war and that's exactly what's happened. Number two on Dhaka on Bobby this has nothing to do with the Republicans in Congress. The Democrats in Congress, the President, has unilaterally decided that he's going to break his campaign promise hesitate he's unilaterally decided is gonna break his campaign that promise, and what is done? Is he circled back and tried to force Congress? Whether with seventy point plan. Of doing some very, very important things in exchange for relenting or, I should say, breaking his promise on doc.
Some of those things, many them I could live with, but the entire. Let's see, let's see if he gets it down. Bodies created this box for himself Now we have the point about him, moving the the American embassy to the heir to the israeli com, Jerusalem again, he decided on his own. Neither do I campaign over and over and over again that he would do the timing right? Well, the timings! Never right! They expect the Palestinians to come to the table, for peace will never do and then now when it comes to this array, India, which has a direct threat to this country, I c B what nuclear warheads a direct threat to this country from this regime. Where They said if I will see what he does but upturn about the reporting, sofa, decertify bad. It all appear that he's being strong and it may not be strong and I'll throw the Congress. That's not what he said: when the campaign. Get rid of this deal, it's the worse deal in history and he's right. Obama
he Corker sought out the country. Let me repeat: Obama Corker sought out the country, that's what they did, and I know not on the Damn Patrick show whatever that is, but I am on the mark Levin Show and that sir, and that's where we stand. Thank you for your car. That's continue showing. Let's go to Jacob San Francisco the great K S S, oh, go! Mark God! Greater! attacked you like you, and I want to talk about the whole, letting us the girls into the boy Scouts in America. Just say that I think the boy scout have opened up a can of worms because one Our budget I remember having to earn to get the rank of Eagle step is the cooking merit, Badge am guessing, it could be Instead, a little access to have a bunch of girls have to take that merit badge jokingly, speaking,
Oh you mean they should be forced to cook the ethics think that less than it, I'm sure that's gonna be the next target. I my friend. It is a little frustrating isn t he the extent to which this dangerous bleak backwards our call progressive ism locally. They they then wait themselves with their own nomenclature or progressives when, in fact, the regressive their throw backs the extent to which they have done Devoured so many of our traditions and customs and our institutions. The difficulties in getting them back and trust me. I don't care conservatives we want and republican primaries we're not gonna get a culture back that way, we must come. Pain, the federal government. We must contain the federal government through article five convention of the states. Otherwise, here we are these.
These just an insane issues, absolute Insane Issues Dan Fredericksburg Reggie. The great w I may I'll go they and for taking your call I wanna go back there. I ran deal you over to my ear about around infuriated because I was a marine. The boy rack, two thousand seventy there. And our number one threat. There was the ideas manufactured in. I ran there. All the explosively form, penetrators, yes keys, and they things killed more. Service members. In any other idea that point for a while, and they were being manufactured in and deployed by the acute force acute Iranians Guard teeth worse without The training on these things and people to stop your stand. How many Americans I ran has killed and you know what they want compound that Mr Bin Roads, a million day leverage there.
Chambers in the media, to to push this. I Randal every time, you're better understood created. Firstly, I want to thank you for your service. That mean really, I mean it's a wonderful thing. You ve done for you, country and now my question you down this. So why won't trump? Who campaign on dropping this deal drop. This deal well my observation clear and I dont know enough money deal, but the swamp is totally bored and in bed with you know the people who have perpetrated this, this ok, I got it, but why won't trump. What he said he would do. I want to do the right thing, the question you know from from all my observations standing out from the other, what an end it seems onto the door
more than these drinks cooperate, and that's the thing and if you say that when you are talking about ever read, choose me you want to get behind the president, then you need to make your voice is heard in trying to hold his feet the fire already I must during the campaign, this was a big issue. Was it not, then it was here to invite affair. I hear about it. I'm upset, I think her. Thirdly, a huge then fan, but you know he's got them to the country and in you know matters. I can be with these establishment Republicans no single look for his website jumping in on this yeah. I was over there. I was over there a little patent while ago and there's nothing on. There are a great many other challenges. You are. I my friend thank you for your call very much. Let's can
new Craig Dallas Georgia, Syria, satellite Harry you at all, sir, are you on a speaker found No sir, I'm almost all on God and all the more urgent. Put your mouth right up, put your mouth right up to the mouthpiece! So we can here you go I'm on my way from home right now from work I must be lady every night on the way home For some reason I feel, like I woke up in some crazy, no Brooks movie. Where were you? right is no longer watch. What was wrong is now right, You ve got men. Identifying is female, I was going to female bathrooms, you got women that want to girls that want to be in by gas unequal scout the military we ve got anything moving with the gift to play a game
even stairs a minute and respect the country and the flag and the individuals who are thought and died, this country, they don't even know the meaning of the stock spangled banner and I never thought in future. For years alive. I wake up and all those crazy they just born on in this world. Here in the United States, but that's the way it happens. Doesn't it isn't it that's the way it happens, these things creep up, onion and all the sun. They put me in the eye That's why we have to be resolute. The left is resolute about fundamentally transforming America and, in the course of fundamental inch fundamentally tree. Forming America. They like to tell you how how patriotic they are we're not taken any because we disrespect a country or the flag or they are they and though not because of that's over here and there about their this over. There are my ran again. I want to thank you for your service and I much much appreciate and thank you for listening
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a proportion is bodies like Rhode Island in the head is like Montana. Just unbelievable, then he's got that can a woodpecker hair do what do the woodpecker? If you. And then I don't mean to offend. Then he has a face like the air. The kid I, as I have said many times in delivering on the bridge, planned a banjo. But you that doesn't even bother me. What bothers me as well, between his heirs, pretty much mashed potatoes. And a Scarborough in the morning Schmo today nuclear weapons, nuclear weapons, the President said we need Increase our nuclear weapons tenfold and less a person than general matter said. No. I didn't. More leaks, though Morlaix had a top level meetings. I dont know what that's all about, but anyway, the morning schmo and misery smoke and wait to jump on it cut forego
but a delegation of Republicans need to go over the White House until president either you assured Ice that the chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee, the United States Senate, is long. Are we going to take immediate action, the limit, your ability to launch nuclear weapons now stand it to show you what a more on this is. What this this negative, I q. How will Congress. Limit the president's ability to launch a nuclear weapon such this too. This is a theoretical man. He's the commander in chief pass. A statute will who has decided in the law. While you know he can make it. Ass, he can veto it make an overriding Zita really. Moreover, There are constitutional system who has the power to make their determination? I would argue the present libertarians would argue. Nobody of course,
go ahead. I said last year it will no longer be a system that is built more for speed then for rationality these for public and senators and I'd stop? He goes droning on and on and on because that's what they do it. I myself I state, but then he said something called the twenty fifth amendment that they're going to, to start looking at they been looking the twenty fifth amendment forever if, as a member of it, back
now? Let me underline that the bowels of a hidden somewhere under Britain, steel of a nondescript building. We have once again made contact with our leader, everybody Mark Levine. Here our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one: now we ve talked about refreshes necessary twenty four: what's this about using the twenty fifth amendment together, Donald, let's go back the cut for. And Mister negative IQ the morning Schmo this morning cut for But a delegation of Republicans need to go the White House until President Are you sure
ice, The chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee, the United States Senate, is long, are going to take immediate action, the limit, your ability to launch nuclear weapons, and it wont- what General Hagen said last year. It will no longer be a system that is built more for speed Four rationality these Applicants: senators in the middle of October, thousand seventeen have. That was stability for millions and millions of Americans and others across the globe. Anything can't do that, then there's something called it. This amendment that they're going at the start. Looking at twenty fifth amendment, what does it say section one in case of the removal of the president from office or of his
after resignation, the vice president shall become presently United States section two. Whenever there is a vacancy in the office of the vice president, the president shall nominated vice president, who shall take off his upon conference by majority, vote both houses, a conference section three The president transmit to the present a protest of the Senate and the speaker of the house is written creation that he's unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office in Oregon. Did this a few times when he was shot and when Zander Surgery and ITALY trains. It's too, there may written declaration to the contrary. Such powers and duty shall be destroyed by the vice president is acting President now then section in the longest section for what however, the vice president and a majority of either the principal officers of the executive departments,
Or have such other body is Congress made by law provide and they ve provided by the cabinet transmit to the president protests of the sea and the speaker of the House of Representatives. There written declaration that the President unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office vice president, shall immediately assume the powers and duties of the office of Acting president. First of all, there is in their about mental incapacitation. There's nothing in there about health of any kind. This is purely a political decision if it were to be made the vice president, a majority in this case majority of his cabinet. That is that the President can that's Rita. Thereafter, when the President transmit to the present approach him of the Senate and the speaker of the House of Representatives, his writ Declaration that no
inability exists, okay, so, let's say Trump right into nine: I'm not disabled, inability exists. He shall resume the powers and duties of his office have less the vice president, the majority of either the principal officers, the executive branch or have such other, this congress may by law, provide transmit within four days to the president, protests of the Senate and the speaker, their written declare the president is unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office. Thereupon, and we shall decide the issue. Assembling within forty eight hours for that purpose, if not in session, if they can, where's within twenty one days, have the receipt of the latter written declaration. Stick with me. I've Congress is not in session within twenty,
some days after congresses required to assemble listen. This is the key determined by two thirds vote above houses that the president is unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office. The vice presidential continued to discharge the same as acting president. Otherwise the president shall resume the powers and duties of his offs. Are all this mumbo jumbo? What's the key to three both of the house in the scent right. When push comes to shove at the very end of the process, we need a two thirds vote of the house and a two thirds vote of the Senate, determined that the president is unable to discharge, has powers in his duties and that the vice president shall continue as the acting president. United States got that MR bidders are two thirds of the house and sent right twenty fifth amendment.
Ladies and gentlemen, even if your of an evil mindset like the Democrats, they chose Garber, I wish waited twenty Fifth Amendment fairer MSNBC. By the way. Those who seek to remove the president have given the sun You're never gonna use article five. I should say: you're. Never gonna use the twenty fifth man now. Why is that? Because they need two thirds vote of both houses of Congress in order to Sustained the vice president, is the acting president. The impeachment process, Merely requires a majority of the House of Representatives to impeach and two thirds of the Senate to convict. A majority of the House of Representatives to impeach and
two thirds of the Senate after a trial to convict, so the impeachment standard is our than the twenty fifth amendment standing. So it's not the twenty fifth amendment. It would result in this president's removal. Now this next election. If the Democrats take the House of Representatives- and I've told you this from day one day, one at some point during the term of the House of representatives that to your turn, they will vote to impeach Donald Trump. They dont need to. Third, they need a majority.
Then it will go to the Senate where you need to third now there won't be two thirds Democrats her, but there are some rhino progressive Republicans there that my throne, with a Democrat, I still believe that they would be able to convict with a two thirds vote required what this would do. However, Is it would undermine the president who would undermine his administration? He be doing battle with the Congress for his political survival North Koreans, her fine missiles left and right, while the Islam
The regime in Tehran is building missiles, left and right and all these other issues are going on as well as domestic issues, and that, of course, would be the purpose of the Democrats, not that they expect the conviction, but they expect to handicap to tie him up so the greatest threat from this constitutional perspective that faces the present. The United States is not the twenty fifth amendment. It's the people. Cause. If the Democrats, when the House of representatives it is a real threat, it is a real threat. In my humble opinion,. So again just Scarborough doesn't know what he's talking about doesn't much manner because he's on MSNBC, where in order to get aren't you really can't know what you're talking about you're? No, nothing here known ass,. The reason why Joe Scarborough was hired by MSNBC. Ladies and gentlemen,
because he was one of these phony. Republicans now is an independent who spent his time. Trashing conservative. I could be on CNN every day, every show. If I were trashing conservative, I retraction conservative. As it is, I'm invited on Fox all the time this week alone, this week alone, three different programmes, but have this programme Then tv, so there you are with the twenty fifth amendment had given this. Some thought had worked into it more deeply. They keep talking about. Twenty four may keep talking about the train this amendment is, if you get a note from a doctor that the present the United States is off his rockers, something which is not, let's be clear, since nothing to do with doctors. The deal with mental issued had nothing do in any other to political decision, whether device praising United States
the majority of cabinet together turn on the president, I dont see my pants doing their period. I simply too So this is a year again a progressive. F wing dream, as it turns out once I thought it was a little more There is now. I just realize it's a joke, but the impeachment clause is not a joke. It is not a joke. The threshold to impeach is relatively low. When it came the Brok Obama, who should have been impeached over the Randal alone, which all the Republicans are gonna this week is sure to follow my guard. The skies falling in lady certifying that through the back door, let's fix the agreement. Let's fixing, because we know we can trust. We know we can press the regime in IRAN to two too
I buy an amended agreement if it's it's its irrational, the, but that position is irrational, but I just wanted to point out the twenty fifth amendment, because the doll tat their key bringing about their trial trumps can. I was gonna, be there twenty four summit now, it's not. The House of Representatives of the Democrats, take it I'll, be right back ok, Catherine Laguna California, on the market of in a hurry. I think for having me I am a mom of two eagle scout. Eighteen, sixteen they listen to you every day they adore you like you,
They have learned- and I have learned so much from you- and I am just absolutely heartbroken that the boy Scouts of America have decided to make this decision and my eating old. He got his ego last year, and my sixteen year old just in the past month and I'm worried that it's not gonna meet. Anything anymore. Nothing is sacred anymore tradition, anything like that and it has it is so hard to become an eagle. I dont think why do people realise how much effort it takes coming eagle scout. We ve been a ten year, probably plus family. My my husband was scout master and it is so much work and is a wonderful place for young
to become to learn how to become men, and our society needs that so much and nothing to fear women and girls, but that's where the girl scouts come in and that's where they have their place and I'm just I'm just beside myself, because I have for all the work that my kids have dying. I just I hope it means something when they put it on their employment application when they go get a job and that some one of the reasons why we we instilled in them that you will get your eagle scout, because Is so very important mean they're, not great great students, they worked really hard. Gosh darting having an eagle scout saving on your application. They ve already gotten summer jobs because of being an eagle scout, and I just hope that need
meaning doesn't go away from here, It is heartening right now I don't think the meaning will go away. I think that the institutions are destroying themselves, but I do. Think the meaning of being an eagle scalpel ever go away. So, hang in there and my best to your ego, scarcer and God bless, you Bob sat there all second I find it a great care Sappho go here. This is about I just wanted to, let him in his is Bob. Yes, this is Bob, didn't hear many Mps. Are you sure you're Bob? I am, This is here it says here your frank, no I'm Bob from Santa Rosa. Oh yeah, sure you not from our county. I promise and you privilege seriously acutely. Can you prove it? Cannot
prove it, your Bob at the rose and not frank from Orange County, very simple request. I cannot prove it that I can tell you what I wanted to say. Your real name, Robert, by the way here It is Robert, yes, I'm calls? So you you say you calling in under a a soon discover. Well, I ve been combined with I gotta, remember You really aims. Robert. Is that correct it is now the cable I've, only thought it's better? To tell the truth, the mat tell the truth. Your names Robert Correct. Well, coming visually, but everybody calls me bombs, mall everybody's wrong. Your name is officially Robert. Ok, are you sure you're not actually frank cause? I don't want to jump the line here. No, I am not frank, I'm not frank, I'm.
I'm Robert Fatima, the caliph when I want to play our guy, had Bob got it out it. Thank you. I was only because of the I really think the feminine realisation. Of course a boy can use. I waited feminist asian again I say around. The feminine innovation of boys is ridiculous and I'm distracted by now and at the same fine, I re boys, but at the same time the girl scout are an embarrassment. I mean it's ridiculous with it then, what they're in place on one occasion them- I don't even know. Well they teach they teach him the liberal things you can ever imagine I mean the girls and I've talked to their involved in it are so liberal and the girl scout is so low. RO than I do. I don't even by the girls gaps, get these anymore doing either things because the teaching them you know abortion on demand in these kind of liberal things,
the aid they are, but I must tell you that the girl scout said I meet selling the cookies they're, pretty silent their sweet. Her parents and their parents or solid when there had the tables ears, but you find that would think liberalism is horrible. And the difference goodbye, Gub, Gub, Gub lessons himself, the former gal. I completely agree with what you said about the boys and about you know that point of the day the place, and I understand that in the boys got pretty amazing things. What I'd like to see, though, is I'd like to see the boys got beyond the end influence the girl maybe not, but they can be joined together so now, but somehow got girls my place, the girl. Not now I mean the boy scout, supported directors, voted unanimously to phenomena, I offer the organization or not
than I liked the fact of them being in the same class, but now that we ve broken, maybe it's true, maybe if they brought the connection between the boy scouts we girls gap, maybe you the boys, gathered up to open a girl scouts papers format. That was more well, but what makes you think that the hierarchy, the boy scouts, has already been poison with leftism. Clearly this act today or yesterday demonstrates that it is, but I hope they ll come back. You know I mean I am frank. I gotta MILAN. Thank you for your car, my friend, that's continue. Shelly Eric Fort Worth Texas, the Great W B, a pay. Go make within its an honor sir. It is, it seems to me one of the things that we have their protests aegis we don't have a unity in this country anymore, the symbols, the flag and anthem, their processing in high school. After the political agents in each and every assembly we said in unison. I am an american citizen response,
of my actions and dedicated principle but make my country free I would stress and guide, and the United States of America we don't have a unified amateur breaking apart. Everything that unifies us as people. There is because, like you said, is really not said, and most schools is no sir, There is no uniform, as you point out, wisely, there's no unifying effort in our path. What school systems there's no assimilation. Effort in our path school systems, and so what we're left Is this radical ideology call progressive it. Thank you May I call my friend will be right back
you're not listening to Molly Craig one, the gray one. Can you can call it now, aid, seven, seven, three, eight one! Three, eight one! One have you I thought of Helstone College in terms of impacting K through twelve education, while they are and their improving on lives in the process hills. I was founded more than a dozen charter schools nation. Why were more opening every year they provide curricula, train their faculty and offers support and advice and get this Hills Del doesn't take a penny for these services. They do it for free to call the Barney Charter School in it in its funded entirely by donors, You know that he hills the college. Education produces graduates who I cut above the rest, their young lots of character who know how to be good citizens and others
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I would hope so. I was born and raised in this town. I grew up with the seventies and eighties cups, but man I was goosebumps for a week after last year. I hope to relive it. This year pretty good team, thou art- oh yeah, I just as good, if not better. In my humble opinion, tat like I want under their girl, we'll be fine. I will see what happens. Guarana had my friend yeah, I'm I'm responding. Something you made reference to the first hour. I, when you said you miss Johnny Carson, hit a bell with me. I mean I'd like your updating your taken sought me, I mean with comedy. It's all left is out. There are at least on the mainstream outlets. You other weak, made answer in other Jimmy Camel. Call bears a found comedy. Control some Samantha. The Trevor know all the other people. Why is it? I've been wondering about this for ten years, but I thought maybe take off your opinion. Why is it that, with our
Stephen crowded, whose hilarious, ten and Adam parole Dennis nor everyone else they can put together an hour program. I'm comedy I imagine there being a do and they are great. I was just on crowded show where this evening, is great. Guy he's part of tv and there's others to the problem. Is the networks the network I do not want anybody who is not out of line with this ideology- and other than Fox. These cable channels are no different and care, a hundred cable channels, there's really only one that relatively conservative right. Our thousand cable channels for that matter, and so you can see that the indeed, the ideology has insinuated itself in entertainment and that's words very powerful and you're right. We need to break the the monarch. It's not so easy, because these
that way. You know it's like it's like the colleges and universities they hire from the same schools, its incestuous, these these networks, they hire people that they know they hire people that have worked with people that they know and they continue they all these out these these layers of bureaucracy, these layers of protection that make it much much more difficult, and you're right, a guy like crowded? He be hilarious on one of these natural right to stop. That's that wait a minute. I can't CPR over the phone? Sir? That's ok with just a little piece of broccoli. Just haven't rightly what the hell are you mad for
a child choke on- and I remember something- I'm you re they're gonna start now they mark yeah. I know the feeling helping you know, I'm just think advertising dollars would might override all what you're saying- and I agree how two percent with what you're saying, but the advertisers, I think, with hop on something like that and its pine, shame that I can now. I was a little bit alone, oh, but I always enjoyed going to bed with Johnny, Carson or Leno, and I can't listen. I go now. I gotta been angry. If I listen to these guys, I kept silent Taiwan. Even watch live in tv differ. I'm gonna give you a subscription well go to bed, eleven tv. I thank you. Think of able arrest is I my brother, excellent call. I thank you and I really my brother, but he's nice guy. Let's continue Steve Waste, constant on a mark living go their market
but the question and at I want to know your opinion about the real you're talking about the boy Scouts and girl by the way I am, I wrote me and said the boy Scouts Scouts rather works, listen, founded on our as a faith based organisation and still are still is rather and the girls That's explicitly were not do you know that to be the case, I do not know. Let me see that you learn something everyday. I didn't know that they did. I anyway go right ahead. I guess what I was next thing you know the boys gas will be signed cupcakes and cookies. I go ahead of you all yet the most large in the Algarve and stuff and other candidates by the wayside. Ducas women want to join us. Well, let me assure the Indian Guide still around. I was an indian guy. I don't know why actually war and we enjoyed the feathers and so forth and that all that stuff- and I guess be considered racist today, correct
and your question sir, I just want. Do you think that try nor tat men and that we just can't hear our own secluded things. Well. First of all, I am really repulsed that the board of directors of the boy scouts itself with ultimately do something like this: I suspect There- trying to pump up the number people who are joining the boy scouts at very short sighted. Organizations- have missions. Organizations are supposed to have principles and values of the euro and so forth, in the end. The people involved in them are supposed to understand them and when they cease to have a mission, when they see They have. Principles are those that are actually followed. They cease to be relevant and I fear, that's where this is headed? I hope I am wrong. Get me wrong. I hope I'm not at the obviously there's been some things that have gone on with fraternity, the college's but they're even trying to get rid of them.
It really maternity men. What will we do without fraternities. It is an attack on men source, one attack on the culture, every That is exactly equal. Don't you know that I would say exactly equal. But what tat I thought I had to say about atomic bomb attack on white culture, white men, Nine aware there may be an attack on white member. That has nothing to do with this. I thank you for your call. Let's continue here, Kelly Waterford Michigan on the market, then go ahead. High markets, you point. I They cannot spend any more money on the boy Scouts of America because they are now going to break down the masculinity of our young men and we know it's from the lab and we know, from the corporation personally, but I blame left parents also NFL,
The boy players shall, but they don't care about the anthem. They don't about the veterans, then another when they do. They pretend that they care about America, deeply that their great patriots, just the cops, the cops, the problem, ok. What your show yesterday shouted that they didn't care about the better answer. Now I agree with the listen to me. Use what they said. I'm saying what they actually believe. Ok! Well, if they believe this. Right now, then day, I felt this way for years and the NFL fan. Would do well to learn and understand this right now because they are there. Let me tell you they are does why the owners are concerned, which is why the commission is concerned, which is why the phones like well Bonner out there talking about plantations solar,
My friend, I appreciate your car excellent caused tonight. Excellent, so Casey Sand point Idaho: don't blow at Syria Satellite go mark they are, and that was the fact that I believe are facing an epidemic here, and you had a feature it now with sexual assaults. Pedophilia rate culture, all things like that in its rapid Polly weren't what makes you think that it's that that we have this rapid, culture going on. I mean it's clearly the case in Hollywood, but what makes you think it's going on all over the country, just worker, sport, I'm just like in that area the example of numerous example. I'm not, I know, but very tiny, tiny, tiny percentage of the population. You think that the general population more than ever before, is involved and rape and sexual assault sexual abuse. I dont know how to be true.
And if you look at our education system every every week, I think our education system doesn't demonstrate that our teachers, children are allowed us. Well, I don't No, I don't have the stats on that. Whether teachers have been sleeping with children more now than they were before. I just don't know, but I'm about the general population out there. I don't know that to be the case when we look at the statistics. As far as because we're going back to curtail their theory and things like that over a I haven't. We looked at the statistics. What are they? Can we not do the exact number, but I know repeat: offenders are anywhere from eighty to ninety percent and the thing is if we don't revamp art, but how do you know repeat, offenders haven't been repeat offenders from the beginning. You dealt in that why would we are revising the people are not Another thing is if the punishment does not fit the kind like your kids, don't do this
Unless you give him a reason, not to do it, there are going to do it. Thank you for your call was that Frank, Mr Klaus carries out the frank we ve been waiting for. I don't know. Have we gotta Jeremy Portland Oregon a great affiliate their k? You ever go Mart. I appreciate the previous collar? You indicated that he thought that that the boys girls on the greater position. I was a boy scout grown up, but the reality is that we are being expected to participate in a nation, wide psychosis where And can declare themselves to be women and women. Declare themselves to be men and nobody get in the way and because it We have to allow everybody to produce and everything really. This is the foundation of our problem. Is there's no such thing as as a gender anymore and action,
the chromosome doesn't make you mail and you know what that does ultimately destroy. The whole idea of individuality. Doesn't it because I've everybody's, like everybody, that nobody is unique. It's all in the name of equality but exactly right, radical egalitarianism. We can be different but still be equal. We can still have the same value and not be exactly the same. And because of this its being shut down our throats- and you know I think, the boy Scouts America done because they buy. Under this lie there and I think it We get back to a stain culture that accept. Because truth and writers right you're on your last. The days of the boy Scouts of Amerika. You make an excellent point if they think that and expand their membership. Now, because his Apparently there are gonna, say Gee Whiz,.
I'm not going to say my son for that, there's no way Absolutely no way. I would allow my children, children to do in that psychosis. But I love you. Your point is well taken. It is a national psychosis and again it's called progressive ISM Thank you for your call. My friend excellent car, we'll be right back you know my buddy Kyle Cox, an owner of Houston. A blind stirred outcome, is helping a city recover from the ravages of army. A portion of every purchase from Leinster, Dotcom, that's Blinds t r dot com goes to the city of Houston's Hurricane Harvey, really fun
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Einstein Dotcom, Blinds tee. I got com promo code mark, that's cool Can you shall we? Yes, we shout see J flags F, Arizona. Syria satellite go remark about what For the comment is peering over and over again that these guys are rich a nation to shot? I went with eyes of clarity and elsewhere shut up, it reminded me of a balanced. Well, now, J, that's not all your hair, People are also saying that it is. It is alone strange at these men who live in it in luxury like few have before them in few? Do today take the occasion of the national anthem to make their protests
Rightly underlined on out right before: what do you mean? What would I have them? Do they can do it outside the stadium. They can do it in their prey. Lives. They can go to the community's more than a few hours a week. When me, what would I have them? Do? I'd? Have them stand tall and This country Where would you have them do then? He asked something, sir, if they wanted to disrupt on the field as an act of free speech. We have a problem with that. We need excuse me. I said if they wanted to this robe and stand on the field and say look at this I wear to act wisely. Is her? Ok by you go, I know not advocating for their lives me what's wrong with it, I'm telling you what's wrong with it. This is not a place. This is. This is not The stadiums aims are not built these fans. Not pay a fortune for these seats, the cup, the the owners, didn't pay for cable tv rights. They didn't do that.
So some small can decide to go on as need a protest. The police. What would I have undue stand at a time play the damn game there, entertainers they're, not civil rights. Activists. I thank them. It was set up to do that. He also went to prison. Didn't he Why are these guys? Are they going to prison if they commit crimes with elaborate bird now? we require thirty years later. Let me explain something to you. Mohammed Ali was a stand up. Man, he go a boxing ring every time and taken me he was drafted, he said, It was against his religion. They said you're gonna, prison. He said I ll go to prison. He went to prison. How dare you compare him to these frauds, Wi Fi my phone every excuse in the book, Every fully argument in the book by acquiring a hang up, because I,
they had taken anymore but guide us. Call your defending the vets defending the fans, none it all those poor football players. Why do you call the millionaires? Well what to expect? I don't want anyone who I expect them to do. That's gonna Rick long each California, on the market of in a power you Rick can do a great. I want you to know. I carry your book men of black. Whenever I mean the court has just a thought, Well, what are you? Are you a lawyer? p, I work for lawyers, but women want to fight a bit. I care. However, two points about. Thank you My first book- yes great, by the way if we allow the read it but go magnificent book, I want to make two points because I'm an eagle, I'm like an eagle, that's been shot down their consequences, two things never one. This is almost child abuse. Young kids. I be
use by their parents with this liberal protests, You know how long I won't say hold on a second harnessing the Boy Scouts Board of directors. Just voted this in They just voted in it so going forward. You might you might make your argument if that's what you wanted to, but for those who are in there now they, even though this was coming. I dont believe, sir. I am
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