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10/18/17-Mark Levin Audio Rewind

We are thrilled about President Trump’s decision to distance himself from a bipartisan Obamacare bailout deal for insurance companies. We support the president by supporting our principles. He’s under plenty of pressure by the RINOs, by the progressive...

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Now let me underline the bowels of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader, Then here our number. Eight, seven, seven, three, one, three, eight one, one, eight seven, seven three, eight one three at one can wait a little merchants here. Can you tell MR produce it scared him the death? He thought I had a heart attack so Barney is while he's not cages. Changed into a very large area, on another floor. The bunker any keeps escape, he's figured out how to escape and he's not allowed to, because he's got a bad back.
Ran up and down the steps and all the rest. So he escaped twice size up they're trying to figure out how to stop him. I think I have I'll check again during the next break. Hurried thanks, forbearing with me: hey I've goes on that's the way it is. That's the way it is, first of all, the present a United States. I want to thank the present a United States. He came out today against the year. I can fully fine, but he came out today against the Obama CARE compromise or by partisan deal that the Senate had announced. Yesterday. This is one of the reasons I say, ladies and gentlemen, that it is important that we not join the palm palm boys and girls or the Rockets, and we support our president, by supporting our principles, he's under Lonnie Oppression,
By the rhinos by the progressive Democrats by many of his vices to capitulated, buckle, it doesnt do us any good as a country good as a country. Does your family's any good, and it doesn't do him any good to do that, and that's why? Yes, we spent an hour, maybe more than an hour. All of us really ask in the present, why he would subsidizes insurance companies when, in fact that reason their hurting is because they in turn- are subsidizing a big portion of the population under Obamacare. Through this redistribution model Can never work. This can never. And when you hear Bernie Sanders talking about a single pair system and in many other
Colleagues in the Senate working and we want other things, but I just want to close the circle, and this is very, very important. I give an example. This is really propitious on the seventeenth of October yesterday and on the eighteenth of October, there were two big stories about the National Health Service and Britain. The first is by the Telegraph and Hs National Health service. Britain's socialist health care. Single pair system provokes fury within death, It surgery ban for smokers and obese dna This will ban patients from surgery indefinitely unless they lose weight or quit smoking at a controversial plans drawn up in Hertfordshire, their research actions thought to be the most extensive and extreme need to be introduced by health services immediately came under Check from the Royal College of surgeons and on and on and on the point, is this
happens where the bureaucracy is, the bureaucracy becomes important into and of itself It just like you here we have a compromise to save Obamacare. We don't want to compromise to save Oak Burma care we wanted. Compromise or a deal or whatever you want to call it to improve our healthcare system mark the quality of our health care, access to health care, drive, down costs, more competition, more choice and you can only achieve that in one way through the private sector, that's the only way we spend, we're a course of your trillions of dollars. Subsidizing the poor subsidizing people who are our handicaps as subsidizing people who who cannot pay for healthcare themselves and others who can but what we already spent trillions of dollars of their last many years. All we're saying is leave our house Kerala, but they don't want to leave our house, Caroline they want
national eyes, and they make all these phony arguments about equal it is not about equality, equality. They want in a lousy, a system in the world that can be devised by bureaucrats in Washington DC. That's not equality! That's disaster, that poverty, and so in Britain, of course, If they can find ways to cut their cost and say If the national Health Service, that's what they're going to do, and what that means is people who are unhealthy as a matter of fact, even if their behaviour causes of the bee unhealthy, they're still unhealthy. They still need help, even though they they they conduct them. In some ways they may not or should not, the fact is Where you save money in a massive centralized bureaucratic healthcare system is by cutting spending on those who receive help.
Here. There's no other way to do it. And so you see these, these arguments in these debates are cutting off healthcare to people who are over seventy or seventy five, not giving it placements, her knee surgery, aura or the various. Devices we ve come up with now or bypass surgery to people who are over seventy because after all, then I can live there long anyway and of course, there looking at it in some aspects but she data spreadsheet. All of a sudden we cease to be individual human beings. I can assure you that the stuff you hear from Bernie today and his ilk was said, fifty six Two years ago, seventy years ago, when they started the British, if not healthcare system, I believe of nineteen. Forty eight. Same with all these other failing european systems there, not humane they're, not compassionate.
And these stories are important. Their important remind us about what's going on with the, I know about. What's going on with the within a given. That is health care right. Then there was a peace today in the daily mail an Hs national health service. Britain waiting times crisis, as just one hospital in England, hits cancer and ii and operations targets in the past year. Yes, one hospital England has had its targets for cancer operations and today, an emergency over the past year it was claimed a day grow. Demand is leaving the any chase struggling to serve patients with Luton and unstable, a chase trust in Bedfordshire the only service to have achieved its goals England, Wales, Northern Ireland, have not had any of their three targets for eighteen months was. Scotland has only had six as with its any in the last year
England, Wales and Northern Ireland have not had any of their top three targets for eighteen months. Hospital stand, told the BBC, which conducted the research of their concern drivers, shortages of doctors and nurses, a lack of money, insufficient rooms, shortages of doctors and nurses- not meeting time deadline. Could you need, You know rationing and waiting period in order for this them to survive? This is exactly why the president should not have a now well not participate in subsidizing Obama care because you're going to subsidize failure, you can continue to two to hold up. Its failure as the left expands it an extensive and further refines it in terms of centralized single pair government healthcare and sewing boy got cause last night.
And I keep telling some of those who were claiming to be four tromp, but also claiming to be for this, While we only have so many members in Congress really this morning that it has nothing to do with that, the present does not have to agree to these subsidies either bureaucratically. Why should they pass a statue? He can veto it it will not be able to override. This also has the benefit. Putting our case on the table. What do we want? We want system that has more free markets. We want a system that has more competition. We want a system that attracts more doctors and more nurses and more competition leading to more choices. Lowered policy costs lowered, deductibles you're, not gonna, get it through government. I don't believe it usually blarney escaped for a third time, MR producer, it's time to take a break anyway. I'm at the thing
this out, because we don't want prisoners figuring out what bodies figured out now doing so I'll be right back. All right, but also announced earlier today, actually for the president that he could not support this deal, that the centre came up Rotten lousy deal you got Lamar Alexander in their name. Waiting for the Republicans absolutely rotten deal. I we ve got a lot. Yet we have the sessions testimony today. We have the NFL today, but this one thing that I want to address because the meteor out of control and these politicians are out of control.
The present it makes a call look look out. We have to spend time on this. The president makes a call to the widow at one of those four brave men who died in Nigeria with the special forces. An allegedly the call is put on speaker for some reason. Sitting in the car happens to be representative Frederico Wilson Democratic, Florida who spend Shapiro points out has been calling for trumps impeachment. She happens to be in the car. Maybe some others are too, as I understand and claims that The discussion and she said the president was out of line. President was out of line didn't says I didn't say the things that this. Congressmen says I said.
I certainly didn't, say them the way she says I did and you know it. Ladies and gentlemen, I believe the President You want to know why, because they would you will he loves his country, he loves the soldiers, he loves law enforcement, and he has shown no indication whatsoever. I like other political hacks today grade members of the military, let alone men who have died in kind the service to this country. This would be the first case and this congresswoman just happens to be listening in on the speaker- for some reason she's put on so she can hear in the speaker the calls made to occur in the car. I find this now Lee Congresswoman, who is politicize this.
Politicizing, the gold star family. I find this debate disgusting. I find her to be disgusting same whether stupid count I had all what did he say. I said saying whether stupid cowboy had. I want you to listen to this Congress she said, and you tell me if this sounds like trump talking to a, a woman whose pregnant, whose husband was killed by the enemy in Nigeria. You tell me if this actually sounds like something trump would say or do, and if it is it's, the first time nobody's ever said that, and by the way the media were fucking trump the other day when he said he cause, as often, She can't in almost every case
considers it a duty to call the spouse or the family of a soldier sailor Marine whomever, whose killed, in alone dude here spread Rica, Wilson, not job Florida, cotton,
go then, is that even though the labour market must be near, you know what I know believe Trump said that that way at all. Summarily believe I dont believe her she's, a left wing oh she's, already politicizing, there she's already made it public. She wants. It impeachment cut I haven't go well.
Here. The whole Hong Kong, but I did hear him say. He knew what he was signing up for and but it still hurts now all if he isn't quite different than her first comment, MR producer Where he says that trumpet, She says trumpet sarcastic. You must have now when you sign up for. In the mind of a left us who wants is impeachment sounds like she's twisted it because Even here, she's not considered. I think it is fair to say your but nobody sign up for, but this right We in this house are heard, I'm so terribly sorry for this very dangerous whatever he said,. That doesn't sound sarcastic to me.
I'm not a special pleader, I'm just trying to work this stuff through all we get her bits and pieces anymore, the media's fraud. Congresswoman as a left wing hack. All of a sudden she's made a national issue out of this. This poor goals- Our family still grieving and suffering in this Then politicized go ahead them to lead speak with him and the master, and said now you can speak with him about it, but I want to speak with him because I wait a minute. The master sergeant was he in the car to in the car Horsewoman says. Let me speak to him when the president's speaking to the widow. Don't you find this a little odd? I really do I mean that in these circumstances it in my mind's eye, thinking about whose, in this car, wisely congresswoman in the car go ahead. At thankfully,.
Well, there's a woman by the name, a Gina Green and she response to this. Father was killed in action in Iraq when she was ten years old and she's disgusted by this whole thing, member Trump didn't go to the media. Trumpet start this trap as a counter countries. The to what this his congresswoman had to say. But I want you to hear what Jean Green had to say as a gold star family member who lost her father in Iraq in combat which he was years, I'll be right back,
Let me show why national at eight seven, seven, three eight one, three eight one one perish the president reacting to let this not job Congresswoman had to say it say it said they will politicize everything. Tat twelve go, did you say what that guy this woman said? Did you say it at all and she now is not saying it. I did not say what she said and I'd like to make the same again, because I did not say what she said at a very nice conversation with the woman with the wife always sounded like a lovely woman did not say what the congresswoman said and most people aren't. You surprised to hear unbelievable. His congressmen Frederico Wilson,
Vienna, Green wrote a piece in the daily call and my dad was killed in action in Iraq. Here's why we shouldn't bicker over phone call. There's a ton of controversy surrounding the recent allegations that the present called a war widow and bluster that her husband quote knew what he signed up for Unquote Democrat. Like Representative Frederico Wilson is inserted herself into the mud slinging claiming was present when the conversation took place. Trumpery taught reported that I retorted that he has proved that this is fabricated. Meanwhile, new widow, my ear Johnson is vacuum in doing narrative. She probably prefer not to be part of any. Can thank the congresswoman for this warping tragedy befallen soldier into a pr stunt, is I would then allow its dismal I can certified. First hear my father was a marine corps helicopter pilot and was by hostile fired two thousand for Ten years old, at the time I
There was one of the highest ranking soldiers to dine Iraq. Press around at our house for days hoping to get a glimpse of the newly bereaved family flowers. Large casserole sport in where received exact, one letter written and signed by President Bush and the. Firstly, we didn't get a phone call From the president- and we didn't expect to it- was not protocols, the commander cheaper personally found a gold star family, I know does families who have lost loved ones in the war since two thousand for none every seem far clause from Bush or Obama. It wasn't programme And still isn't to call families have death of their soldier unless it is a very high profile matter and in that case, you're probably meet them as an impersonal Dover to receive the remains together, and I impersonally guarantee that a phone call is the last thing on a families mine after they learn their soldier won't be returning
going to walk well. Who is going to walk me down the aisle when I got married Sunday, I wasn't sitting by the phone waiting for the president to drop alone. Pay for college without him there, what was to walk well. Who is going to walk me down the aisle when I got married? someday. I wasn't sitting by the phone waiting for the president to drop, align the fact that trouble, even even attempting to call every new gold star family is itself? Honourable, it's one of the toughest things happen. So they can do to turn. The ultimate sacrifice into a war of words is nothing more than sought in the womb they see. Soldiers deserve our respect and bickering over this kind of protocol. Rare the ends. Well, congresswoman I'd, Riga, Wilson,. How boy had an all left? This cook. Her story doesn't sound right at all to me, not in the least her for
version differs from her second version Brooklyn? They aren't, they re W Abc, go ahead, her mark. Thank you very much. Taking a call thank a boy, you do continue on that personally outrage in that: somebody up somebody's, The political gap of a soldier Have you who is tired, lieutenant colonel tourism, Iraq and Afghanistan, a torn Djibouti, torn Somalia and had he God, thank God, nothing, but had he been killed? call me tell me: well, he knew it. Do I but he didn't just say that, even according to what this congresswoman said, hold on hold on. I know I know, but you are not the only one listening let's, but a cut eleven again MR reduce and hold on a second Tony go ahead. While
Here the whole Hong Kong, but I did hear him say and he knew what he was signing up for and but it still hurts now stop. Why is that? If I don't even know why that's offensive Tony go ahead? Why What about this? it had to my family? I would take that as a compliment, not an insult because he's not regular soldier, our only special forces, maybe she'll, which means that he took with life and ambitions every mission with a high with commission, and so I would take that he meant well, he knew what he was pretty into Having heard all the money, I want you to listen, I urge you to listen to the first version of what this congresswoman said. You do this with me, tony and country.
Then I want you to listen to the second version of what she said. Ok, listen carefully cut ten saying that even love life far can now, let's go to cut eleven, go well here, the whole Hong Kong, but I did hear him say he knew what he was signing up for. And but it still hurts, I stop. Again, ladies and gentlemen, what is happening here why is this a national story?
The media running, while this answer is the media are a bunch of hateful jackals. That's why. They don't care about. The soldier give this soldier two seconds thought. They don't give this soldier two seconds thought. Just like the almost sixty wonderful, arrogance who are slaughtered in LAS Vegas. The second gender, do under gun control thing. Two seconds they're doing a gun, control thing. This red, Riga, Wilson, chose to publicize this. She chose to pull it. Then she was going to interfere with the president's speaking to the widow of the deceased hero and the president has strenuous he said this. Isn't what happened, what she says? It's not what happened. First,.
What what she says is changed the way she has said it is changed. The order what she has said, it is changed and she said Like an idiot to me, with all due respect, of course, back to you Tony I agree on the fact that I was feeling again. I think if they had shown one one hundred other concerns our guys who died and guys you left their often is a portfolio. Is here all young. Then it wouldn't look how bad, but their total hypocrites. I think you're going a little bit haywire The issue here is the present. Reached out as past presidents are, for the most part have not made a cause not to have been gazing. Cause wants to talk to the widow she's grieving, Even when you listen to the second residents this left this congresswoman in what she said. If the press,
and then said, She says he said President said it wasn't like that, I'm trying to determine. What's so hard about it. He says he signed up. This, but I know it still hurts that's my point. Thank you for your call time. Ghana Indianapolis the Great W F, P M harry user markets You manage to many more people like you. Thank you, sir. I retired military in July. In two years of active duty service, I merely chasms casualty officer, The times what I've had to knock on the door of a family to let them know that their soldiers died as the heart is german, all you could possibly imagine, his family know that that is where they signed up here and away present trumps sat down with them.
Clearly it is not an insult to a family, but it's an absolute badge of honor for these people to have an There is an absolute zero into this woman to gaspingly who at present a bad light that in its entirety. Every single American alive in the present and is being trash he's being trashed on Emma sell Us D by the morning. Schmo he's being Crashed anyway, you turn: why does the president have to do this? Why does he added he didn't do anything except make a phone call, which is very, very rare, apparently for president to try and may cause too to all these. These I'll jerseys heroes who their families who die. And is, as their gold star daughter Road she
It's not even in the protocol on she never got a call. Her family never got a call from the president. And so here we have a congresswoman whose known to be a cook Fred Go wealth and runs around with that cowboy as I read or white cowboy, had what's goin on there and and trying to create a controversy out of this we're really. There is no contrary to what the media lab in the media, the media, pretending care about this young man who was killed in action, they pretend, the care about him in order to to trash and put him in the worst light. Now spend all day on this, but I not like somebody had to speak logically about this rational. About it I Daniel anything else. Where is he turned away the next Maxie waters
he's achieved it I thank you. My friend gave Houston Texas, the great Katy our age country, go right ahead, yeah point make with? That is completely illogical for him to call and be name because it just common sense as well, but he waste the effort to call and make an ass. It fell it's it's so ridiculous is not yet at the end of it just makes no sense. I mean there's no purpose to an end and, as I say, when you listen to what you listen to both clips, I played right Yeah, I can see how our story is adjusted right. Oh yeah, a hundred percent, because under other bacon back and say something Or if there was a another soldier in the car is not clear to me who was in the Car
You might say something right, but the fact The matter is you ve heard the president. There she is on tv here This time with a white cowboy hat because she's on CNN see Then seen and loves this stuff MSNBC they loved this stuff. Thank you for you call my friend a few months ago, I pointed out that the media and in its been picked up today by others, I mean in recent times. The media are not about the media reporting. The news anymore. The media are like local organisations? They have their base, that's their audience. Tracy Jimmy Kimberly's blown off Republicans, what the Hell Stephen Colbert, a k, a Colbert, Sir in thanking go right, analysed seeing and is decided it's really not in the news business. It's in the appeal to the left wing cook based business,
some of them as well as the same thing matter fact their hosts or from the cook left wing base. That's their decision sower. She got a call from president tromp. She got a letter from President Trump I don't I don't really know what else the president can do. Now the media are running around like the Associated Press, trying to get the other widows and widowers to get answers from them why me now that the President call you did he get? You know when it's been months more most president's, don't call nobody, except in very rare or exceptional cases, in this as it is trying to call as many people as he can, and he should. In my view, because they deserve it, and this congresswoman is a disgrace and she's all over the media and she's loving every bit of it
back then in others, some big elections in some states, including Virginia, and the other day that, finally, the Gillespie campaign is not interested in having a Gillespie on the show turns out. That's not true. I apologized fora for being tardy that David, Under due and they're trying to work out of date, but. Related to that you know during the break, I have were the two Leon, I haven't mute and Eric Hence our running in Virginia to show you how to left, doesn't sky running. His name is John Bell: he's a delicate John Bell. Once make it harder to make it impossible to get bazookas and machine guns. Now. Does John Bell thank all
Constituents are more anti clearly does whoever this guy is. I know nothing about this guy. You can get Zog, is a machine guns. If you want a machine gun and automatic weapons have to go through the feds and under no, patients? Can you get a bazooka, so this guy throws this stuff out there. As a result of what took place in LAS Vegas. He thinks his constituency is stupid enough to buy this I want my neighbour having a bazooka, why a bizarre go for and a machine gun this little torp. This state delegate in Virginia has no say over. Machine guns has at federal level, and then I watch these other commercials by this Idiot Lieutenant Governor Norton, whose done nothing for the Commonwealth nothing, nobody even knows what he is, except for these propaganda commercials, where the hard left, outside the state is point tens of millions, multi millions of dollars in those campaign guys been in government
ten years I never heard on before when they're running commercials about him versus Gillespie Gillespie wins, outlaw abortion, no governor has the power to outlaw abortion. I guess they haven't heard of Rome, II, weight and subsequent decisions government as another power to outlaw abortion and they bring these women on clearly leftwing, dynamic, democratic or ideologues. They come out and say I am voting against the less we because abortion needs to be safely as things that answer ask: is right of centre he's no real, strong concern Herman, and he doesn't even talk about abortion. As far as I know, but they play these things all the time They'll never run on the record and I'll never run on their true ideology. Never run on their true ideology.
Lieutenant Governor who's running for governor auto site. Not only do I believe, an abortion on demand, I believe that you all should pay for what is we can say that I believe the taxpayers of Virginia should pay for cars are liars. That's why? Let's talk about education for women? Did you know that more than fifteen states have begun requiring high school students to pass a basic citizenship test in order to grant It said that such a test is even necessary, and it shows me that to the extent american civic education even exist anymore, something has gone very wrong with it. That's why, besides their free online courses in Primus Hills De Colleges make an impact and k through twelve education, now here's how hills tat helps found and provide ongoing support and guidance. The classical k through twelve charter schools, nationwide thousand. The elementary in high school students are enrolled already and here
Does it all without taking a single penny of taxpayer funding or money from the schools themselves? It's called the Barney charge. School initiative, Its revolutionizing came through. Twelve education You can learn more at Levine for Hills, DAB, dotcom, L, easy I and Free Helstone darker watch the brief powerful video At this exciting work and witness the difference, Helstone is making thousands of lives across the country, that's in four hills, Delbert com Levine from Helstone Backup. There's still more on shit out their smart people in Virginia like any other state, then there's the moron, while my delegates gonna make it I support from my name, but I have a bazooka, I'm gonna vote for him, any fraud that speaks like that thinks you're a clown. You should vote against Or her on that basis alone at Governor, has the power right now under the Supreme Court ruling Outlaw abortion
I'll be right back now run only underground than the bowels of a hidden somewhere under a brick and steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader, everybody mark living here. Our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one: there is a mass of scandal going on to the FBI and the Department of Justice, Mr Commie, covering up maybe obstructed. The unmasked any of em I can citizens he misleading of a face. A court judge who was furious. You recall when she wrote an admonition to the FBI, the Department of Justice Mystic
only covering up maybe obstructing, for Hillary Clinton. Documents. In my view, that certainly indicate that. A massive scandal with me, back to uranium payoffs bribes. By a uranium company that State Run, and thereby Putin's controlled in Russia that bought a canadian company and impart use the canadian company by in essence, an american company and Wyoming long story short to get twenty percent of American. Of America's uranium to control the access to it. And the control the sale of it. There was an investigation at the time going on prior to the approval of this deal by holder by Hillary Clinton by this committee. In essence,
Or any them could have stopped it and they didn't they approved effectively. Russian control over this. While the FBI was investigating it first under Mahler and then later under call me Molly, these special counsel. You know if you ve, listen to this around that I have nothing but condemnation for this man and so I would call me and same call me. The then chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, MIKE Rogers, was never informed of what the rush Had been doing with respect to the lead up to the act was Of twenty percent of american uranium now are informed of the investigations I were taking place, both criminal counter intelligence, the assistance F B, I directed at the time in charge of counter untold
its investigations. He was never informed about it. He was completely flabbergasted. Meanwhile. Meanwhile, the Russians made sure that Hillary Clinton husband, DJ, built Jefferson Clinton. She's an enormous amount of money for speeches he gave, thereby assisting the Clinton Foundation and Library and assisting the acquaintance directly. This is the long and short of it. This is a long and short of it. It involves Mahler, it involves call me. It involves the acquaintance. And one other man made but he turning journal. The United States Robinson a rustling, whatever his name is.
He was involved in it was aware the investigations will pretty cosy him. Mahler call me, don't you think? Yes, I do so they can spare I'm basing it on published reports now and they'll newspaper, which is a the centre newspaper for the most part. Who was married to Jody Jennifer. I should say he's married to her. She. And then we later learn that one of the whistle blowers who kept his cover but wanted it, Congress wanted to go public represented by. Excellent lawyer Victoria time, seeing an old friend of mine, who is Mary, Jody Jennifer. I should say he's married to her she's indicated today that her client, Throws put down by the FBI, among others, that he better
I'd, go public thirty, better, not bring a law so that it better not gonna Congress or whatever he was going to do other punish him all this occurred during the Obama administration, Hillary Clinton, Eric holder, Mahler, call me a deputy attorney general today. This is a another massive scan up put that on top of the domestic espionage activities are, which renewal And now we're supposed to believe that the former ambassador, the? U N, Samantha Power, a leftist, a radical leftist, our supposed to believe the to a galley. Then all the unmasked she did wasn't.
El the unmasked she did, she did someone masking, but she says the USA attributed heard of some of the other unmask, but it wasn't her. So there was. Masking done in our name by somebody else. This gets state rynch deeper and you know what We can get to the bottom and I. I also know that call me: they call me weeks and weeks before his infamous press conference in July, I had already determined in his own mind that Hillary Clinton was not going to charge he hadn't viewed over twenty witnesses, including Hillary Clinton. At that point, which explains everything. It explains everything why Hillary Clinton Interview was a three hour. The formal interview, no taping, no, no taking no video, nothing,
virtually immediately after her interview. He felt he was clean and he would and he would go public and we were told. That there were no notes. No FBI, information, none with respect to the tarmac incident, hope you keep track of all, isn't going to write off the top of my head, the target incident where Bill Clinton, and they then attorney General Loretta Lynch met on his private jet for about thirty minutes talk the talk about God and a grand cage. Oh such bs, everybody knew it, but we were told when call me at the director. There's no documents. While there are documents.
Our documents heavily reductive, but there are documents and there's more there's more Chuck Ross at the daily call. I want you to listen as member this fusion she'd be as partners group, the city organization that had a higher this this former Brett spy and that they used information in their dossier which was founded, by the Kremlin by russian spies and apparatchiks catch. Ash Donald Trump I mean. The irony here is the collusion was between inside instances anyway. The Russians and the Democrats, the Russians and their little operative the Russians got to deal with century when it came to uranium because nowhere near it all Democrats that's Obama. Mauler call me.
This guy raw staying in a course Hilary now Republicans now tromp no tromp operative. None, zero and the Russians get twenty percent of our hearing fusion GPS to cut this is important Two of the co founders of Fusion GPS, the opposition research firm behind the infamous Trump dossier invoke their fifth amendment. Rights during a meeting with the House Intelligence Committee on Wednesday to day. A person familiar with the matter told the daily Collar Peter, fresh and Thomas cotton. The two fusion gps partners play the fifth every question asked: but I ve Devon Nunez, who I really really like earlier this week, fusion's attorney suggests Simpson by the way former liberal report today ass, their involvement in the dossier which was compiled last year,
Former British by Christopher Steel in a letter California, representative Devon Nunez, who I really really like earlier this week. Fusion Its attorney suggested that the three partners- Our former Wall Street Journal reporters would refuse to collapse It the committee citing first remember protections and confidentiality agreement, first, a member protections how so they're, not in the press any longer. This is defamation. This is planning false information. What where's the I'm sorry, what's the first amendment issue here. And confidentiality agreements course who funded this organization, who directed this organization to do what it did Ladys in general, And why was the f b I so smitten by this organization that under call me they actually thought about higher the people involved in
in this dossier, this Moscow fed dossier. They actually thought about hiring fusion gps. Call me the genius. Now. I M fusion was working for an ally of Hillary Clinton last June when they firm hired steel to investigate Donald Trump Personal business activities in Russia. The result is a thirty five page doc, full of salacious and uncorroborated allegations about tromp in his campaign associate The dossier has been cited by the FBI's part of its investigation in the passport collusion between the trunk campaign and the russian operatives. Congressional republicans have questioned the FBI's decision to rely on the dossier, given that its mouth sensation obligations have not been proved. There also Mr Putin, who hired fusion wisest
the hard to find out, because the FBI is a cover up mode again, but the agents, the senior management, the FBI's and for cover up Mode- and it is my contention that the FBI has been leaking against Trump since the campaign. Why mark because Commie was the director It was the director and all this talk about. How call me killed the Clinton campaign in you, the idiot and she is an idiot. She needs help Hilary clay. In commenting on this, as I said at the time, call me saved Hillary Clinton. He saved her campaign. She was never charged with their multiple see violations of the espionage act Alexander Circle back. We know that he made decisions weeks and weeks and weeks before that press conference Eddie was never going to touch her before the investigation was even
pleaded real, even started in the sense that lets continued? Let's they focus, this dossier fusion cheap. He thirty five page document. In August Simpson, one of the three from the Wall Street Journal at founded this operation, The point man on the dossier project met with the Senate Judiciary Committee for ten hours the meeting was held after Simpson, infusion threatened to play the fifth and responds to subpoena a subpoena threat from the judiciary panel leaving an attorney for fusion blasted the intelligence Khamenei unknown as following ones. They session today, nor American should have to experience today's indignity we have a slip and for a lawyer, Norma It should be required to appear before Congress simply to invoke as constitutional rights. Well maybe he should invoke this constitutional rights. Why is concerned about being charged some crime seriously, but what
But that is what German Nunez did today, with our clients of fusion gps, breaking with the practice of his committee in his investigate. So now known as you see has to be attacked. That is the problem right. All those geniuses on the Senate, Intelligent Committee, trying to this since themselves, from noon as well known as has done more to try and get to the bottom of all. This, then, all those not our heads in the sand a combined this lawyer, these slip and fall guy called the committee's disparate treatment of the fusion part as an abuse of power and unethical. This jerk, this hired slip and fall lawyer. Trash I think those who are trying to get to the bottom of this lazy activities of fusion. GPS, the rest, and connections real russian connections and their efforts to influence investigation and even watch a criminal investigation against the now
the United States, that's what took place here and they played the fifth well. If they have something the high than their lawyers right, they should plead the fifth right. I'll be right, back this is going to fury you recently. Lamar, Alexander, useless, Senator from Tennessee, then as a whole bunch of them, you know Mcconnell lights. Well, let me tell you something: he's pointed out today and they ve been leading to political all over the place, which is what the rhinos do in Congress that, even though trap has said he will not support.
This is bail bill which will cost you an enormous sum of money. Ladies and gentlemen, Were the insurance companies bailing out certain individual when this society and we bailing out the insurance companies and nobody billing us out with our previous to the roof, nodded Octopus through the roof. Our Alexander said, there's plenty and his party in planning the Democratic Party to bring this up about and in any event what they might do, is slipping into a bill. You know a bigger budget be or maybe a tax could be or some kind of bill in the future. You see make sure passes. They come up with trickery. They come up with every legislative angle they can. They come up with every argument. They can not to repeal Obama care not to unleash the private sector.
With more insurance companies, more policies, more choices, more competition, lower costs; no, they will fight to the end. These Republicans for big government and for Obamacare. I would ask the people of Tennessee did Lamar Alexander run for reelection arguing? He would spend an enormous amount of his time, making sure that Obamacare survives, or did you run on repealing and replacing Lamar Alexander, spend a lot of time before his election effort working with tea party groups trying to convince how solid he was trying to force opposition they work really really hard to be liberal and be progressive. So we now have multiple republican senators insignificant leadership position figuring out.
A multiple ways to save Obamacare, which means to destroy what's left of our health care system. Led by Lamar Alexander now, Alexander is a front for Mitch Mcconnell. Need. I understand this. Put Mcconnell puts these pushes these people, I fought, and that's what's going on. Unbelievable how much time I have heard MR producer? Well, I don't have time to jump into Jeff sessions hearing yet, but we do have time for Donald Trump at the Heritage Foundation, to MR produce ago. Everyone here tonight understands courtroom for America to have confidence in our future. We must Pride in our As arrogance we have inherited: a special legacy of freedom, culture, laws, traditions and values.
Innovation is named Heritage foundation because you, stand that our glorious heritage is the foundation of everything we hope to achieve you understand that human progress must be built upon a firm foundation timeless truths. Let's not raise we can we can. We agree that sometimes we strongly disagree with the president. But that has turned out to be far more conservative or many matters, including his commentaries like this then many of us are anticipated. Can we agree on that? I think we can Now we can be disappointed at times. I think we can all To be very, very please I'll be right.
Where's is radio America, of NGO call now copy of the complete conceal carrying family defence guy and honest sunlight at current events. The need to protect yourself in your family legally and responsibly, is more important than which is why? The? U S? Ccs, wants to be your guide on a simple, The warning journey to complete, conceal, carried home defence confidence and you're, not alone they want to give you a one hundred percent free copy of the complete, conceal carrying family defence guy and
please it's more of a book bringing you one hundred and sixty four pages of everything you need to know about protecting us of an your family in an ever changing and dangerous world. Your quickly discover how the detective tat before they see you, the safest and most dangerous play just sit in a restaurant address possibly own and story gun what to do and how to survive a man shooting and a whole lot more leaving them the bonus audio version for your car, this life entering guide is one hundred percent free, but only for a limited time visit, defend them, dotcom right now for your free copy. Once again, that's defend them dot, com, defend them that calm! Okay, I hear a little bit better. Let me pull at here. Ok, I want you to hear again or started at the top trumpet,
Each foundation last night about freedom, its go cut to everyone here tonight understands a for America to have confidence in our future. We must pride in our history as I guess we have inherited a special legacy of freedom, culture, laws, traditions and values. Innovation is named Heritage foundation because you, stand that our glorious heritage is, foundation of everything we hope to achieve. You understand that human progress must be built upon a firm foundation. Time was truths. These truce immortalized in our founding documents, and the most important Our founders under shared was this free, is not a gift from government. Freedom is a gift from
now that deserves wide applause seriously That's a really really important statement That is why we are here tonight. You rededicate ourselves to the defence. Of our God. Given rights. We're here to ensure that we defend this legacy from any threat. Foreigner a state that would seek to weaken our values, diminish our freedoms or dissolve the bonds that whole does so strongly and firmly together. One more clip, one more clip from the president at the Heritage Foundation: lesson
cut three go as our nation has responded in recent weeks to a series of heart breaking tragedies from the catastrophic storms to the devastating wildfires to the horrific mare shooting in LAS Vegas. We are reminded that no destructive force on earth is stronger than the curve, its character and love of the american people this is a time of great challenge for the world. But also a time of great opportunity You can unleash the creative power of our citizens, unlock new frontiers and science and medicine, an Usher prosperity, communities all across our land, but to it gave these great things. We must hold fast to the values that define who we are as a people. And as a nation, everyone.
Here. Tonight is united. By these same enduring beliefs We believe that the constitution is the greatest political document in human history and should interpret. The constitution has been absolutely urgent any course. Thee the democratic media, the progressive media. They don't really want she here that they pay the run to a left wing coup congresswoman from South Florida, Who was sitting in a car and claims that what the President said, the widow having fallen Euro was sarcastic, was nasty and that's what I've been doing all day long. So we do things differently here. We do things differently here, get to Vienna fell in the third error, and I want to get to the hearing today or an attorney General Jeff sessions.
It was in many respects a freak show, because our frank and was there as with other level democrats public instead, a decent job. But I want you to listen to this Jeff sessions at the hearing today, I added This line, I mean I'm working you're working most of us are working, so I thought it would be productive for you to hear and cut forego. Was. I did not have communications with Russians, which was not true. Then it was. I never met with any Russians to discuss any political campaign. Which may or may not be true. Now is I did not discuss interference in the campaign further narrows your initial blanket denial about meeting with the Russians. Since you, Our five year denial, the Chinese, have this at the hilarity of a left wing could Democrat. Just
says he, gentlemen, worried about meeting and talking to Russians. I mean it's just so over the top preposterous be used to love the Russians when they recalled the Soviets when they were in force. A powerful force all over the world threatening United States. The democratic party was the appeasement port. Neither Our concern about the Russians are not concerned about the Russians when it comes to our uranium heavens. Now, then. Concern about the Russians when Hillary Clinton, head and unsecured private server, classified information coming to and fro through her server man enough said the about the Russians. What do you want here Joe Mccarthy Germ line you german car, they re read in every bad whereby let's go here now, go ahead. I quote: discuss issues of the king and where the Russians,
One, in your view, constitutes issues of the campaign, let me just cite as for that. The temptation that I conducted no improper came out. Discussions with Russians at any time. We're goin, combine, or any other item facing this country, ok hardline, outside at birth, and that's The suggestion give rise in others. It is somehow we conversations that were improper, as there are. No. Are you an alarm Ganz zone to frighten, like the response no doubt the Santa Cruz went to men is oversell. I don't Well, we're gonna cut me off, and so I want to ask you some questions. Mr chairman, I don't have to sit here and listen to two years
you're, the one who tell argues without having a chance to respond? Gimme a break near a frank of noxious? he'll be due to his past. As many years averse sniffing coke GO had Google it going Google, it. Jeff sessions at the hearing today, question by John Kennedy. Joe Kennedy is a centre. I believe, Louisiana cut five go. Conspire with Russia or an agent of the russian government to influence the outcome of the two thousand. Sixteen presidential election, New wants the special council whose investigating those matters. Seed
to complete his investigation professionally. Yes, if he asked you for your cooperation, would you give it yes He asked me with you to discuss What anything. You know about all that. Would you agree that worthy absolutely well, it seems pretty emphatic. Does it not now what about Oh me, Mister attorney, general call me in his investigation of Hillary Clinton. Had six go. I don't think he's been fully understood. This significant someday era that MR comments made on the Clinton matter. Before. I am aware of and all of my experience- and I don't think I've heard of a situation in which a man your case and wasted of justice prosecutors were involved in. Then investigation that they enjoy
the gate of agency announces the closure of the investigation, and then a few weeks before this happened, he was dead. Defying on before the Congress, does the colony was, and he said, I thought you did the right thing and would do it again. So the deputy attorney general rose and stand he's got why, seven years in the Department of Justice Harvard Graduate serve eight years as: U S attorney yonder on the pro oh and Four years on the President Bush, he said that was a usurpation of the past vision of the Department of Justice that the attorney general opposition and take. We were concerned that he reaffirmed that he would do it again. So I think that was a basis that call
or a fresh start. They are like. That's, let's be absolutely clear. The Democrats didn't want call me they didn't like me. They detested comedy denounced, call me because they felt that he caused Hillary Clinton Sure they wanted to use him as one other four hundred twelve scapegoats and the minute Donald Trump. I call me and should have fired call me. They saw a ass of opportunity to pivot and which is it exactly what they did. Suddenly they come the commies defence. Suddenly, comic can do no wrong. Suddenly call me, as an angel. Because they want to use the firing to pretend that there were some kind of cover up the push for a special council with respect to the collusion, which currently only exists on the Democrats, so this was a fake fraud right from the day right right from day one right from day one. I can't play all this, but I want
What the back and forth between little decked urban, a senator from Illinois and the attorney General Jeff sessions, listen to this back and forth cut eight go the money we are going to get. We hope to get from the foger burn grants for putting into something a program called shots butter. You probably know what that is, but it's a moderating device in our city, blocked by black sick until instant ten years later, when the guns been shot in sore These can respond instantaneously, to try to get the shooters and to save the life of the victim. You want to cut back these funds because you want to tell you that that the polarity there is, of course, is determined, doesn't support the cops and the Democratic Party is made part of its. I think official mission to destroy local on for you, not any
democratic elected Democrat in Washington DC? We come out against the football players, taking a knee against the cops you no one. I don't have one. The case of determined. If he took an enormous would know because he's about three feet. Two inches talk: go ahead: play the role of emigration police on federal civil laws. Turning general you're, not helping us solve the murder problem in the city of Chicago by taking were these federal funds and the superintendent says that your pursuit of undocumented immigrants has little or nothing to do with gun violence while ago they ago, because you know Chicago's, Sanctuary city, I take it and it's a lawbreaker under the. Creepy ballerina former ballerina. RAM Manual and by the way, if you ever look closely aroma manuals hands. I don't like your doing his nails. I mean when he's in a waving his hands around one of his
EL fingers is missing in part one. Middle fingers is missing in part, and I Stan. What happened was. He was slicing, meets like a daily or something. This is at least what I'm told and He cut off part of one of his middle fingers. And then he put it on the two pieces arise. Solid is pastrami You watch keeping Capron nickel pickle from playing football, the collusion,
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Red Austin, Texas, on the market of in a hurry. You, sir, I'm very well marked iceberg like an economical. Yes, her get right to the point. First, on the big fan really Loescher will appreciate what you did the father and son. Maybe he does a very dangerous job. Maybe he's lost ground and yet radical I'll, tell what we're gonna take. Your number, MR caused me to take breath number I'm a good you share, your I got camp, has taught mark
and tell you these guys are not afraid of a house did not write about all they know. Word said Anne and their brave. My friend listen my best to your son, my best to your family and God bless you, sir. It's gonna John, can Awake Washington state the Great care l d go right ahead, sir. Please mark Father and do what the president the dead was very honourable in or out, I got a phone call from him. You know you don't really think about those things when your son or anything like that, but to turn it into a political thing. It's it read my God. You know these soldiers, they know they know. My son knew what he was
then he neither rest I'll. Tell you what Don't hang up John! I want you to tell us what of it about your son when we come back so please don't hang up. I bet.
He's here now run them only underground, the bowels of the hidden somewhere under Britain, steel of among the script building. We once again made contact with our leader how everybody mark live in here. This is our three, our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three eight one! One last hour we were talking to John from CAN a week, Washington State he's a gold star father and unfortunately, we had to take a break John. I wanted you to continue. Tell us what you were saying the eyes like they make a call. It should me that way Werner.
Amber what the sacrifices these men and women do for us to put aside this, it's not like, I said I've been honoured with the present were called in, even if he did say he knew my son knew what he was getting into conversations with this before he joined. I said: do you understand what you're doing of? Yes? You you're the understanding and sacrifices. Where our country knows. I know that many people would understand mad in why don't you go in? I know the rest that I'm taking what was your son's name, Robert? Robert Y know, if it was a special, I see that a fort Carson. I was a motor pool operator, yeah transported materials from one place to another doubt forwarding base,
And what he had, however, was he was twenty one and what happened to him was killed and Barbarism air base, even when the base come under attack me got hit by a rocket or even got killed that night and twenty ever more her dear nephew. They were really knew that attack and then at the night at night,. And how long ago, was there any thirteen June? Eighteen, twenty thirty? Not that long ago now like you in my country in our various countries, are stay state anthem watching them even the political. People tried to get involved, and I said now this is not about any political issue- is about my son back slightly made for this country
what a remarkable young man! Yet you read with these, get him on the shoulder. He was so strong person. Do you have any other children? I have a younger son, I read a joint do and we are not too because new with this misunderstanding, we couldn't we would be able to make it, but it turns out, I guess and a point of order. It is that's wrong. No you're right, you're, absolutely right! Well, I want to thank you for having the courage to Call- and I am sorry your family had to sacrifice its way in your son, but
I know there are millions and millions of people listening who are enormously grateful and thankful and sympathise with what you're going through a job or getting my call you back and God bless you, tough, tough, Roger trucker in flight on the market within a how are you Roger, go well marked thanks get my car, and I really enjoyed listening to your show. One reason why colonies are death in Morocco Right was one the special forces bring borri. That was that they lost his life on the fourth of October, the here first, in the here, and now this congresswoman being offended by what Donald Trump share that may as a veteran my son and does his best friend, who is also in the army, whose mid term for the latter
Eight years does the name were supposed to go into the army together unfortunate thanks made ago two years apart, but does not be ended, work is brother will set it best. Guess same thing down from said, said: destiny. That's what he was doing when he went in the here and said he would do it again. It would not trade places with a single one of his team members and this path Sunday they had thus is sheer one, the most emotional things in my life and his team leader, pretty much the same thing about Deston that he knew what he was doing, that he was willing to fight for an end date for his country. If need be unnecessarily. What does indeed have a veteran I knew that is well founded. I that this formal politicize, this whole situation, yeah and in the present didn't say anything wrong. Apparently in hers, conversion of what she claims to have heard. He made your point. He said that, didn't you
He knew what he was signing up for, but it still hurts true hurts every one of us. Yes, it's true statement is in it. I just mopping. Is it hurts my heart, this young black assigned to me? He lived in our house for a while, and I have cried for two weeks but mere Mombasa both agreed. The only thing that angered us is that we would ask Dana by his side, fought with him, is better and better your stand, that feeling people who have served may not, but those of us who have served were angry Debbie what their willing, or rather I much appreciate your car, and I hope you will give his family are best here on the programme. Ok, I sure mark thank you now you take here. This is real America. You're, real American.
Right! Let's go to Kimberly, Scottsdale, Arizona, serious satellite harry you! I looked so get back at us. Collared young man- and I am- I actually had called in earlier to talk about the two articles. You reference from the UK about the UK, not make I'm making their high quality measures and your failure to do so, and then off those without rationing and as third with a ban on surgery for people who are close obese or smokers. The effort, but the S hand away what a slippery slope. How does that judgment get made? Merry hind their coffers so down in his eyes? Money. Okay, well you're not be faster, but we need the lower that threshold. Now you are.
I mean it's really scary thing and arbitrary, isn't it very and for all the people who got when the detractors, like myself have about the care for casting rationing, Daniel Hannan, coming over from Eu Casing block out where what you will become carriers right now, no you're right, I can believe appreciates recall I, let's get this started before the programme ends this Roger get down a fan of this Roger. You do, I think, he's in Absolute lightweight, he spent almost all his career in the executive officers of the national football. Lady was a lawyer. There. Then it becomes. Commissioner, almost by attrition in this guy leaves this guy retires, not many and there's Roger it lets. Let's that's turn him and he's not a leader, not a statesman scouts, zero charisma,
The players in the Player Union walk all over the guy and by the way owners like everybody else, there's some owners who are smart, some owners, her kind of dumb some owners who are who are conservative, some owners, who are liberal some owners who were who respect the flag and the anthem. Some who don't just true it's true. He got this guy lorry with the Eagles This guy's big leftwing cook. Meanwhile, you got a guy like Dance Snyder, whose a super patriot their other super patriots, another leftwing cooks, Pope. And you know it works like anything else, they vote in the majority wins so apparently there's a majority of left wing, cooks.
And so are all dragged down by the lowest common denominator. Capper nickel pickle, a man was hateful. A man has been directed to remain as a lousy football players in the wrong business. Then he hired slip and forlorn mark farragos. They dragged him back from the warring. Why water days. So the league has decided, whoever that is the law. Has decided that you know what we have an idea, institutionalize this social justice agenda, because we really need to better understand what Capra nickel in the rest of them happen to be sent like. We don't already know. We really have to understand what it means to be unequal. We have to understand what it means to the deal: lousy cops you know on and on and on the usual leftwing agenda. So the
how has decided to embrace the left wing agenda? It's it's maddening! It's it's Sad, if anything you want to save the NFL has an answer. We're going to embrace the left wing agenda. The union's life weighing most of the players are left wing, so we'll be left wing now most of the audiences, those who watch football. As I said before, those who watch football. It's not too far. You know it's not there, the ACL you it's not George short. Boys now its regular people, normal people, that's right. I said it patriotic Americans who love this country and I'll be damned if they're going to spend money The stand and watch these millionaires- and I say it- many of them are false frauds and phony. Taken me. Well, maybe they served in the military. Are they know somebody who served in the military or their father served
a military whatever, whatever the NFL used to be proud of its association with the military, the collar guard, the fly over with the jets the year the broadcast the video cast firmer from Afghanistan and Iraq and silver? I guess it was all funny. Because those of us who endorse that applauded that celebrated that I discussed it discussed it
so here is here the late great Roderick Adele in New York today cut fourteen go well. I think one of the things we need to keep a focus on is that we believe are a player should stand for the nationalism, that's an important part of our or game and our moment, and we believe in that. I think we all set key focus on as we have about six or seven players. The revolver, this protest at this point. Now you don't, I guess math is not really his. His big area seven players. That's on one team, the forty Niners theres, many more than that. Now some of the teams really I'm. I have to say again I'm in Virginia so the team. I I watch her the Redskins. I don't think any Redskins have been taken enemies. Have they? Mr producer?
I haven't seen any I mean I embedded the games, but when I, when I look, I haven't seen any haven't heard about any go ahead, and this is something that we threaten it will deal with the underlying issue and understand what did it was? What underlying issue? Don't you understand you're playing football there no underlying issues there! no underlying issues. What
The underlying issues that the police suck is that the underlying issue go ahead. Further redress that matter, and so let me finish Africa. So the important thing for August speak up like a man again, wounding speak up go ahead, but we do that and take that opportunity to make real differences in our community, and that is what is our community? Where does the skylight sky lead? Nowhere? Does he live in camp that? What is this guy live in our community? What community is he talking about the football players at a community? Another employees, you that's the problem, not a community, their employer.
Aids you're. The employer go ahead, ultimately be the important aspect for us long term, because this is a long term issue. We need to make sure we do that in the right way. I have no idea what is mumbling about do any of you. We want them to stand for the national anthem. Well, that's that's! Wonderful!. Fifteen go where we believe doing. The right thing is what you ultimately have to do and I think, listening to our players, understanding, where's noticed no word about listening to the fence. No word about what the fans one. The whole reason for football is the fans. Some of these stadiums have been subsidized by the fans. Some of these teams have been subsidized by government took out the
dance. It would be like me coming on the radio in saying it out. I need to know what my community sex You do know all the general manners and programme direct and, of course, we want to know what they think, but if there. I'll taken a knee. I got a sigh within. Against the audience now, you can't do that. You can't do that's ridiculous. Go ahead addresses underlying issues and making our communities underlying issues that America sucks? That's the underlying issue, America sucks. But we don't want to see America sex because we actually support the military. It's the cops without why we support the national anthem and the flag, even though it this way by keeping them in the eyes of millions and millions of people. Why can't people just understand there were victims? Go ahead, believes that long term he's gonna benefit us, and so that's what we're focuses on the traveller
What about that split up between data between the parties? I don't like that surprise, Aber we're trying to do stay out of politics aside that we're not we're not. Where are you going to find job of a power? Fine job and Sleep? I don't know what the deal is with you. I don't know what the contractors with you, but if I were a billion, an eye on the team, and you fail to get on top of this when you should have gotten on top of it immediately I'd fire, your s. Yes, I would, and I take it he too I'll be right back one more Roger did their New York today clears everything, a cut. Sixteen go!
you understand what their protests in, and can you explain your understanding of that? Yes, there are very clear about in their actually incredibly knowledgeable articulate and they spend their time to go into the committees and. About them, and so they really truly understand it. They're talking about criminal justice reform when its bail reform, whether its talking about assessing what in the hell does this have to do a supper. What the hell does this have to do a full, but absolutely nothing Already the players talking about securing the boar irony, the players talking about. Our second amendment right aren't the play, concern about how Barack Obama violate the constitutional doctor, I mean they're, extremely knowledge. One are taken that I'm just curious. I am concerned about any right now. It's an hard core left wing agenda
and now the NFL through this more on this, so called commissioner, has embraced it go at other talking. Changes that I think, will make our means better than theirs by Parson. Support for Cross our nation in need focus their talk There's a yiddish wait for this guy he's car, it's called Nevis, disguising Nevis, her look it up in his by partisan support from us. When you get three republican supporting it. It mostly dairy will arrive for national. Some embarrassment to sky make a year keeps they keep silent about the community, their community. What is their community we got the players, they have a union, you get the owners. What's the community course He had. The fans are left out of this community. I don't know how that happened. What about our issues?
What about our communities? What about where we believe are there that Plastic conservative higher I love and show call, and now at eight seven, seven three eight one three eight one one and I went to circle back the Trump and this not job congresswoman. This left us with the cowboy hat is constantly trying to teach him Who somehow was in the automobile when the president was calling the widow and was put on Speaker fine. Can anybody tell me what this not job, leftwing congressman this ever done for the military, when she's ever defended the military have the prior present.
You look at trompe, hires general. You may agree with that. You may disagree with that. Like somebody is contempt for the military said satellites. But he's gonna make go out. His way make a call, like other presidents, have not to a widow and my Her husband. Does that sound like something that even close the possible? If certain rational and you wouldn't do it. This is a president, a commander in chief who trust his military. He only the military on ices and ices is being defeated, unlike under the prior president, unlike under the prior present. And this is a ludicrous allegation, by a more on that
I said it. Trees are more on left wing cook like so many left wing cooks morons it. What does she done for the United States Military ever ever? She so concerned. Just about a year ago, I made a major announcement to you right here telling you about the upcoming launch of conservative review tv, see our tv. Well since then see our tv is grown beyond our expectations. We ve met a tremendous amount of programming options to provide you with a strong, independent pro american television platform Today I have another major announcement and this one's big on October thirtieth. Listen to this see our tv launching a brand new show, storing Phil Robertson from Duck dynasty cod
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You know I'm old enough to remember Dick Tracy and you know the year the televisions and watch the comic books and sulphur. Let me tell you you can watch Levine TV On your handheld device on your Iphone as an example, it really quite incredible. You can also watching on your big tv screen through welcome and will tell you how to do that. We have the best customer service anywhere and don't help you with anything. You can call eight hundred what the hell is. The number Levine TV eight for four Levine TV, eight aid for four Levin tv, eight for four l e g I and Tv- and I should have told you earlier eight for four now easier
And tv and you can sign up his well, I didn't know Mr Adele earned around thirty five million dollars a year a year. Around thirty five million dollars a year may have an art Oh here from February twenty sixteen and he was paid up to that point. One hundred and seventy four billion dollars by the lake and seven season. But you know, ladies and gentlemen, he's gonna leave the effort for the NFL to talk about social justice and inequality in his community in his community. This thing is such a fraud. This whole propaganda effort and we're supposed to display along play along playing along its repulsive,
unconscionable play along now, all of a sudden we buy into the left wing cook agenda. The cops are bad and too, criminals are in prison and what else I can remember everything Gender gets longer and longer longer it's the Democratic party agenda. It is the progressive left agenda, and now the NFL has embraced it. I hope he got to see my little facebook, post and twitter posts. We post simultaneously that I put up their today and was picked up whereby Paul but guard over the wash and examined, as well as a conservative review, and it has an enormous number of people who ve been looking at it and sharing it. Did you notice that MR producer. Rather significant, and I'm workin like hell to try and get to her side and read it to you on a SEC Mark Levine Show faced
Oh, I know where that is a rich can using some show turns. While I find this thing, please tell anybody Hagen sing. Actually he can't it's grotesque I'd here. We are boys, have posted a lot. I posted a lot kimono, I'm sorry, folks, I'm I'm I'm about to set the pace at which you can look for what he said. Look at your age. Ok. Here we go, I'm looking at my aim. Damn email won't work there. It is when you read this to you briefly and now that I've spent two minutes talking about it It's only ninety eight words just think. In the last few weeks the left has ruined the NFL late night, tv and the boy In the last few years they ve severely damaged campus free speech and academic freedom, the private health care market, military readiness and law and local law enforcement.
Their judges have seized control over immigration aspects of national security and marriage. Me. Are they left is increasingly violent, antiphon black lives matter etc, and the media are increasingly brazen in their left. This propagandizing and cheerleading. Seems to me. The rest of us should be taking a need, a protest. This insanity he like that you might want to share its up their mark Levin, Show Facebook Mark Livin Show Twitter. I just tried to sum it up in less than a hundred words. Ah, now hope I did. Let's take a call. Jimmy may Bank Texas, the Great w b I pay go, I'm are caused by the new power and forty. Every day. The only reason my wife talked the answer. Is it cuz I get to listen to you for an hour, you're very time. Thank you. I appreciate that
well, what I want to cry is I enjoy it so much when one whenever we do the national anthem therein during a fellow games when these come out on their way than that required. I am you're, my living room with my right and over my are marked by my wife me do that he looked at me like. I was crazy, He thought he was coming down my eyes and see that the whistling and now they won't show than ass a lamp them and it breaks my heart. What is going on. I do not believe that bet that the inner bell now I decided I even than ass a lamp them and then I understand, found they buy grievances
They have issues. Maybe these reasons are true answer a lot of power we are, but this platform fusing could do it are our while our veterans watching Guy after that I want the flag, I cry during the one I'm a game here is rolled out my because I love my country so much, and I appreciate where veterans I've done for our country, all the sacrifices that have been made and it breaks my heart what it and, let me just say, you're right and their disrespecting the vets, their disrespecting active duty, the disrespecting those of us who love this country been told this over and over again in the answers are very selfish, immaturity which, as we have a right to say, we want and we don't mean to attack the flag, will mean to attack the national air. While you are because you chose,
to do it on this occasion. In this way a map place, and in that time that's what you chose to do for sixty seconds and whenever the timeframe is that's what you ve done it his eyes off and you ve succeeded and now as a bunch of cowards, that's right there. Cowards now is a bunch of cowards. About Social Justice, all of a sudden, the NFL for Social Justice, which means a hard core leftwing agenda. I'm for Liberty After the civil society and for property rights, for family on for faith, social justice another way of saying Social ISM. Thank you for your car Jimmy. I appreciate it Russell our taxes, the great W b. I pay you go. Hey hurried on markets is such a such a talk. You have called for a ban on us uses a fence stay you're on the air- and I presume you so much for being a patriot- and I did wonder I could tell you of green eyes want to tell you that I was in the Asian.
And worn division. During a party of war and the first one, and I know a lot of green rates and a lot of former green raise an for green raise died in and in Niger, and knows it proud man. I've ever met. If people don't know your audience, I know it takes a year to become a greenway. It's a computer he's a curling growing coarse and they don't sign at Ford because they want in Congo, I somewhere they sought for medicinal patriot and because they are love your country. That's why I support they know exactly whether sign of war. And they do it because I love his country and for this woman kid to do you did our great presence I don't agree with everything he does, but I agree with him on the military and I agree with the fact that he loves me and left the american people, and we will
do. This is absolutely appalling and she doesn't love him. I think she's done a damn thing to help the military issues left us. She's a social justice warrior just like the football players in the Unifil Russell Thank you for your service, my friend much appreciated and will be right back Ben There is really no other sport in which this meeting is taking place. Now you got a big mouth is Leubronn up and he he doesn't know he's.
Company. He wants to be seen as a really a year, a leader in this left wing activists, America, socks, movement, the Lebron James is hated by half of his own teammates and most of the people who culture any jealous as Hell. I'm Michael Jordan has put down Michael, join in the past. As a talk is quite heavy. You shut up a little beggar southpaw, you have it so tough people in this country
we work hard for what they have. All your card to your play, basketball, your play, a basketball, there's not another place and a face they earn. Will you be worth half a billion dollars playing basketball? Not another one. Have you thought about that? Labour on course now and racist America Incredible Initiative, great talent, for your business, but short on time. You don't have to get lost in a huge stack of resonates to find your perfect hire. You know you just need the right tools, smarter tools zip recruiter. You can post your job to over one hundred of the webs leading job bored with just one click, so you can rest easy. Knowing your job is being seen by the right candidates, then zip recruiter puts it smart matching technology to work active notifying qualified candidates about your job within minutes a posting say, receive the best possible matches.
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I am concerned, and I want to ask you know if it comes. The b that integrity is compromised, we're, not allowing Congress to know about uranium. One in information about it. Then what is it? take for sessions to get rid of our arose and steam, knowing that he could have been conquered. This is as well to think they were. I wouldn't have to arouse instinct, then rose and staying sessions is refused arose and state should fire him. And they were the Congress. Should she cut off the budget to the special council, there's only so many ways we can address this under our system, because, let me tell you a secret. There really is no place technically for a special council and Independent Council in our system. That's not to say one cannot be appointed, but the difficulty in doing so Like this is that their unaccountable I've called for Special council independent counts in the past.
When, in fact, you have an administration like the Obama administration and attorney general, like Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch who are covered my eyes to their ideology, but there's evidence here. That's the case, our eyes, Evan, I appreciate your car. Let's continue Gregg Pensacola a serious satellite go yeah. I got. I was military power for twenty one years after the Navy power happens in your voice up. You want out I'd like to see the president suspend all future fly over to end. Events might seem like a small gesture, but I think that it would. It could have a significant impact- it's not a small fee for us to do that, but I think that this day, why disrespect a flag and veterans Flags stand for. I believe that they have that they have lost a privilege,
but dad motor flowers, and I would like to see Donald Trump, suspend any future ones where the NFL. First of all, thank you for your service. Let me ask you this bring even more what if he said. No color guard, no flowers, no, nothing, You wanna political poetizing serve on Poland, the military out of this. I think it would be a bold move and it would just let them and by the way what would it do to the innocent would kill it. I think it would kill it They like the Jimmy Kennel Show, where only once liberals Gregg. Thank you for your service. My friend. We salute armed forces, police officers, firefighters and american personnel. Thank you, my beloved audience who live in ice check out living. Tonight in two minutes, and I'll see on the radio tomorrow. God bless each and every one of you.
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