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John Kelly spent a lot of time talking about the President’s call to the widow of a brave hero killed in Niger and the politicization surrounding it. There is no way that President Trump called to be disrespectful. The left wing Frederica Wilson, who h...

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Now, let me underline the bowels of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader, everybody mark living here. Our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, one one by the way. Folks, do you want to know who the favourable favorite tv show in America is further North Korea in General, the favorite tv show form A north korean generals in America is the morning Joe on I myself the morning, smile. And we see no corresponding cure Simmons. He landed a rare interview with the north korean military official rights, the hill.
That officials in the communist country Watch morning, Joe specifically for reports in discussions about their country, so the north korean general store advising the inbred who runs a country are good. And their information from the morning small MRS Schmo and the Congo line of freaks and more answer on that panel, though that's pretty scary, very scared. I bet they watch Rachel Matt out too, that could explain her ratings, she very very popular among the communists, all over the world. So what I hear k there were two Although the case a giant Kelly was in a speech, was a statement that there were two statements today that I want to talk about, one is by former
Why should we tired forced our general John Kelly, Marine General chief of staff, to the president, and one is by former President George W Bush, And I want to start with John Calicoes was only couple hours ago. We spent a lot. Time. Talking about the president's call to the widow of the year. Of the brave hero who was killed in action in Niger. I told you, then we all agree. Most of us there's no way the present a call to be disrespectful. It was very odd that we had a left wing. Could congressmen who hates the military. Listening to the show her listening to the Colorado and but the congressman's own comments about what was said in the car contradicted themselves in. This
second instance of what she said. I thought it was actually a very appropriate. President said which he said he said, but what's general, Kelly think General Kelly who lost a son in Afghanistan, but he went to the I want him today because he wanted to talk about this and he is disgusted with the congresswoman he's disgusted. The political situation in this process, which we all are in a course Kaliko, under attack on their favorite network of my three and generals. I would be Emma sell US day and, of course, the constipated news network General Kelly cut three go, who are these young men and women. They are the best one percent is country produces most of you, Americans dont know them Many of you don't know anyone who knows any one of them there. This country produces and they volunteered. Your country, when there's,
Nothing in our country, anymore, seems to suggest that also service to the nation. Is not only appropriate but required, but that's all right who writes letters to the families Typically, the company commander in my case is a marine. The complex manner botanicum manner, regimental, commander, division, commander, secular defence, Typically, the service chief ve come around the Marine corps and present typically write a letter today, the only phone calls a family receives the most important phone calls they can imagine and it is from their bodies. In my case. After my son was killed, his friends will call on us from Afghanistan us. What a great guy was the only Phone calls are really matter The letters count to a degree by but much that really can take the edge off
family members, going through tat forego so some president's heavily Did you call all presidents, I believe, have elected to send letters? If you elected call a family like this? It is about the most difficult thing you could imagine, there's no perfect way to make their phone call. When I took this job and talked to president from about how to do it. My first recommendation was he not do it. Because it's not Phone call, the parents, family members, are looking forward to its to do in my opinion. In any event, ask me about privy previous presence- and I said I can tell you that President Obama was my planet, if I was on active duty, did not
my family. That was not a criticism, is just simply say. I dont believe further Obama called That's not a negative thing, I dont believe President Bush called in all cases I don't believe any president, particularly when the casualty rates are very, very high. That presents call I believe all right, so am I, explanation to our president. Three days ago, he elected to make phone calls in the case of the four young men closure of the earlier part of this month. Then he said yes, what how do you make these calls? if not in the family. You never want to uniform if you ve never been in combat, You can't even imagine how to make that call bravely does make those calls
So you can see a phoney scandal was created by left wing congressmen and it didn't matter to the media. They ran with it anything the trains. Near the present, the United States. There thinking criticized the present of about this- is not one of them. Go ahead. I'll see, I can work yesterday might be broken hearted ad what I saw remember farmers doing memory card issue. Listening a phone call from the president states to young wife. And in his way, try to express that opinion is a brave man. Fallen hero He knew he was division himself into because he enlisted does no reasonable unless the endless where he wanted to be
exactly where he wanted to be with exactly the people he wanted to be with when his like mistaken. That was the message. That was a message is transmitted stunts me Remember partners but listened in conversation- absolutely stands me and I thought, at least that was sacred, as a kid grown up the ladder sacred in country women will shake, looked, with great honor- that's obviously not the case at more. As we see from recent cases, life, the dignity of life is sacred, that's gone religion seems to be gone as well our families. I think that left in the convention over the summer, but just start selfless devotion brings a man or woman, a die on battlefield,
that might be sacred and not to the left. Nothing sacred, except the left, less clear, cut six and I thought, rather of twenty fifteen stolen The duty I went to the dedication of the new FBI ice office in Miami, and he was dead, the two men who were killed in firefight in my with surgeons drug traffickers in eighteen. Eighty six governing grogan in broken almost retired fifty three years old too. I think less than a year on a job anyways, I got the gun fight and they were killed. Three others the agents were there, won't now retired, so
down Jim call me get an absolutely brilliant memorial speech to those fallen men and, in addition to all of the men and women of the F B, I survive country, so wealth enlarged for their family members, some of the children that would only three four years old when the debts were killed. Street in Miami Freedom in its the fight with their gave, of outbreak, those men were now they gave their lives. Congresswoman stood up, in the long traditions of empty barrels, making the most noise stood up there and all of that and talk about how she was instrumental in getting the funding that building
now she took care her constituents because she got the money and she just called up President Obama and on a phone call. He gave the money that twenty million dollars to building she sat down and we were stunned, stunned that you done it even for someone that that empty about who was stung the journal, none of us the pressure. Stood up and were appalled. We just feel ok, fine. So I still hope is you Rachel stories, to America let's not let this may be lost thing to tell sacred in our in our society a young man, young woman, going out and giving his or her life for our country with its practice. Somehow he said he tat sacred, but in a road it a great deal yesterday
there's a man speaking from his heart from his soul from experience and theres many in this listening audience, his heart from his soul from experience and theres many in this listening audience. You know exactly what he's talking about and the sad fact is- and I willingness that, while the vast majority Americans really do sincerely cherish these, the people who died in the line of duty there a percentage of people among us who does just don't give a damn. They just don't care doesn't effect. There lie it doesn't affect their welfare. They don't think it's all about politics, all about power, all about Gimme, all about redistribution.
I'll be right back Flora, Democrat Congresswoman, Frederick, was we know from the goofy. Has the floor to democratic. This is from who criticise President Donald Trump this week for being insensitive toward the widow of a? U S. Soldiers slain in Africa might be facing similar concerns and criticisms herself turns out. She is frequent, We voted against measures intended to have veterans and their families according to vote. Marked out or a vote tracking site whose founding board members include former presidents Jimmy Carter Gerald Ford them
here's that Wilson opposed included a bill. They could have ensured that families of the Force- all of us for soldiers slain in Afghanistan, in twenty thirteen received death and burial benefits. In fact, Wilson's voting record on veterans issues may call The question the sincerity of her recent defence of? U S, service members in their families, despite claims He committed to honouring our service members not only with words but deeds. Quadrant quoth. She has voted against most bills and continued funding for veterans benefits. When he payments to widows of foreign soldiers, the vote tracking site shove, she is also Measures designed to improve the Department of Entrance affairs in March, thirteen Wilson oppose the consolidated and further concerning appropriations ACT which prevented a government. Data provided funds for the: U S: military and the visa. The bill which pass whereby part
And support and was signed in a law by the Obama administration provided funding to the military NBA until the next government shut down shoulder, she despises the military, She stands by her statement that the president was insensitive and all the rest of it in all arrested, but that two. She has also. She has been repeatedly calling for trumps impeachment, so the north, green generals who are such big fan of the morning smile and MRS smile, I'm sure they were big big fans. Congress, will monitor she's a disgrace. She's a cook and absolute coke. And the fact that the media take this. Shall I guess I'll stay and CNN and run with it. You know, ladies and gentlemen, we're gonna have to have a long discussion about the first amendment one day who actually supports the first amendment and freedom of press, we, U Levant nights or those who who drake themselves
and pretend to support you and I believe, strongly in a vibrant, objective media that holds the government to account. A vibrant objective media that stands by our car, institutional system, not only freedom of the press, but all the other aspects of the constitution is out She get premise NBC or CNN. Is that what you get from CBS Abc Nbc? Now you get partisanship, left wing partisanship propaganda dressed up as meat. And there they wrapped themselves. In the first amendment. We now as citizens, not have the hold our government to account. We have all the media to account in them You tried all the media to account not through any legal schemes, are trickery anything of the sort pointing them out by condemning them by naming them all of a sudden. It is you
Opposed freedom of the press, when it is you who reveres freedom of the press and all the rest of the constitution. In a large, why we don't have freedom of the press in this country, a freedom of progressives who are in the press now, unlike some callers, who call into this programme? No, I don't believe the government can step in and do anything. That's why we have a first amendment. That said you and I we can step in. We can call them. We call out the perpetrators by name. We will have to listen to them. We don't have the watch, then we don't believe them and more more, you don't and more more you don't, but they take this issue. This issue of this brave soldier who was killed in Niger
Free congressmen, it was so weird we pointed out yesterday in General Kelly pointed out today. What is she doing? Listening in on a phone call from the press, The United States nor widow she's political hack, the president, is talking from his heart to a widow, and this congresswoman is listening in and immediately politicize. Is it mediately and she celebrated by the liberal media in this country. Celebrate she should be condemned. Where's Bob Corker today aware where John Mccain condemning are nowhere about George W Bush? Nowhere, none of them. This congresswoman should be condemned whose condemning or other than me other than you any Republicans condemn here. I've been heard them either.
I'll, be right back mark of in patent talk, radio call women aged seven, seven, three, eight one rate, one one, that's a seven, seven, three one bringing one one. Our aid is, we have you heard chief of staff, Kelly heard forced our Marine Journal one is to listen. Not in comparison is a different matter, but still a speech in part like The whole thing by George W Bush now George W Bush, doesn't give a lot of political speeches. He was very, very quiet, if not completely silent when it came to the Obama administration, and it always bother me at always. Other me, that he never came out and defended
foreign policy. Considering all the men and women who fought to advance Foreign policy really never came out in time. Show bomb on those issues. I'm a repeatedly violated the constitutional skirted the constitution. He never gave a speech about that I'm familiar with. If he did, it certainly didn't get a lot of attention and that bothered me bother me a lot. But he was the year president. George W Bush at the George W Bush Institute in City today and in all Genesis suggest some clips of what he said during the course of his each kind, eleven go
often we judge other groups by their worst examples, while judging ourselves, by our best intentions, getting the image of God, we shall see in each other. We see nationalism distorted in the native is forgotten the dynamism that immigration is always brought to. American stop, stop stop nationalism, verses native now he's talking about nationalism per se or for much more generally tongue about nationalism, as it applies to immigration. So now those of us In other signed, this is an attack on Trump and that this is an on all of us who said throughout the Bush years and before and after We need to control our border, needs to be managed. We need to have a simulation.
We cannot have a nation state if you do not have effective, secure borders, Benevolent people, weary, talented people and what troubles? How about a statement like this is too often we judge or other groups. Either. Worst examples. Is that not exactly what he's doing. To those of us who raised legitimate questions about the violations of existing immigration law, is that Not when you call us native IST doing it exactly what you just said you shouldn't do. I'm not a nationalist, I believe in I reckon it go ahead. In confidence in the value of free markets in international trade, forgetting that conflict is building in poverty, follow in the wake of protectionism. Stop there. I have been agree with that. I had been agreed with the go ahead:
we see the return of isolation is sentiments forgetting that american security is directly threatened by the chaos in the sphere of distant places or threats such as terrorism, infectious disease, criminal gangs and drug trafficking tend to emerge. Well, let's stop level, let's, let's try and Unravel some of this. Isolationism Honesty, ladies and gentlemen, the present a Trump pair like an isolationist here. Do we not do we not have nuclear submarines and nuclear aircraft carriers off the shores of North Korea. Now, why are there? Because our isolation is no because this president has to deal with the failures of Obama, a Bush and Clinton and Bush so forth in dealing with North Korea. Does he get any proof?
for his dealing with a ran what he did the other day, I'm talking about Trump. Does that sound like an isolationist sward nationalist and nationalism, is being thrown around by people who criticised and people who wear it on their foreheads democracy. Private project that President Bush championed was a disaster, because it's not it's not a traditional american foreign policy process. Pink republicanism. On the other hand, isn't traditional americanism either there's a a war. I'd area in between right
I call interventionism, which is pretty much with the Bush position, has been and pretty much what the Mccain Lindsey Grand position Has been an isolationism. And maybe there's been a lot of talk about isolationism and their shores. How are a lot of code pink Republicans, but in fact, when you look at the Trump record, I dont see isolationism. Nor do I see rank of interventionism, inherits decisive problem? He goes after it. He inherited. Taliban problem, he goes after I urge that North Korea problem he confronted apparently around problem. He confronts it. He said everything responsibly and I think part of the problem here here is the Mccain Lindsey Grand George W Bush fact: The republican party really is out of sync with traditional republicanism, let alone traditional conservatism
The problem is the language you girl, globalism and nationalism. These are words have minimal meaning because they have all kinds of me. All kinds of me when it comes to trade, of course, is right, of course, right. It is bizarre to hear some people promote the Bernie Sanders Economic Protectionism programme. Which is exactly what the Chinese want, so they can fill the void exactly what the Russians want, so they can fill the void and some of our so called allies same thing in Europe. Why would use render all these markets their produce. Things that you and I want, and many have Companies need to internal produce and products. It's never made any sense to me now. Of course you have exe controls and you should I want to sell cutting edge technology. You don't want to sell uranium.
To your enemies, your adversaries and you shouldn't and we shouldn't, but we have an x our control regime in place? That is supposed to stop those things from happening, but I have to say President Bush's comments are a little bit self serving just saying and I'm not attacking. I think the man is a very genuine nice man go ahead, we need you recall and recover our own identity american separate advantage to renew our country. We only need to remember our values our values. I get behind this microphone alike about them all the time I write books about them as it sound like the Republican Party, seeks to renew our values is: Corker seeking to renew our values is Miss MC. Colonel seeking to renew our values, institutional ism.
Individualism liberty, Unalienable right family in faith, exactly exactly what is the Republican Party doing to advance any of those issues anything I dont see our present George W Bush continues cut twelve go. The american dream of upward mobility seems out of reach for some of the behind in a changing economy. Discontent deepen Taiwan. Well, we ve all Had a changing economy This is another thing why you use left wing phraseology. We ve always had a changing economy. Ladies and gentlemen,. They're always will be a changing economy. As long as men and women are free to participate in the economy, you're always going to have a changing economy. Some people,
is the left behind, but the great thing about freedom is there. I have to stay left behind with some effort. With some education, but most of all its, F, replied the motivation. You don't Have to be left behind, particularly in this country, private property rights, capitalism, that is trade among between ourselves, isn't that an important value, go ahead. Partisan conflict, bigotry seems involving apology, seems more vulnerable to conspiracy theories and outright fabrication. I wish you but a little bit more meat on that phrase cause not sure what he means. I mean I understand the fabrication.
I understand that I understand the conspiracy theories, but what exactly is he talking about and to whom is this address? The media say it addressed a trump did. He say Trump made He mantra I dont know what I mean. I don't know who is talking about outright failure, Patients are policy, more vulnerable than contempt conspiracy theories and outright fabrication. Bigotry, seems emboldened John Mccain thinks he was talking about from the media, think he was talking about trap, but the president doesnt sailor. Why did you give this speech during Ferguson? Why don't you give this speech during Baltimore? Why didn't he give this speech during the Obama administration
What I find incredible to me, it's incredible to me: cut thirteen go our as a nation. Unlike many other nations is not determined by geography or or ethnicity my soil or blown? Our can involves the high ideals and civic responsibility. Become the heirs of Thomas Jefferson by the ideal of human dignity found in the declaration of independence. Become ears, James Madison you're standing the juniors and values of the Eu S constitution. Become the heirs of Martin Luther King Jr, recognising one another not by the color of their skin but by the content of their character, is made. People of every racial relation ethnicity can be fully and equally american. It makes it.
Three or why supremacy in any form is blasphemy against the american creed. What this what amazes me doing it, lectures about white supremacy. Is there some Great juggernaut in this country. Building the ranks of the NEO Nazis in clansmen is her son Great juggernaut in this country, cheerleaders for white supremacy- I dont even understand this, whereas this grey, movement of white supremacy. Where's. This great movement for white supremacy ladies and gentlemen, all said it does not exist. It does not exist. And I understand why the President says this- consider draw the attack The liberal median I'll get a pat on the head. I really do but
I ve been more courageous if he spoke to all the groups that promote bigotry, and racism and division and balkanization, but he didn't do that. Where's, ETA, where's black lives matter. You gonna list the group's list. Them Listen, there is no room in this country for bigotry or white supremacy, nor is any room. This country for antiphon noises it warm in this country for why nationalism below nationalism organ, patients and growth promoting segregation- none of it, but he didn't say that did it. I can't I'm not doing this to condemn President Bush, I'm doing it to address what he said. I'll be right back
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not a bush with Trump. I think less of Bush looks like trying to get the stuff dornbusch just got along played the game. If you will, I paid a people tell me live between politicians and professional wrestler. You know, other than the uniforms. One guy labs once thing over the fence on the other side through something else comes not plan that you just do what needs to be done Don't you find this to below this speech? I mean I mean. I know the the bushy said the trumpeters think this is well, but I mean when you try the objective about this. We had eight years of disasters presidency in Barack Obama way. Flaunted the rule of law, the constitution before he ran through this horrendous healthcare bill which has harmed millions and millions of American hee hee
balkan eyes, the nation interracial way, and he did it intentionally. He was very destructive. To our military, Evaporated aspects of r and d and so varied, directive of law enforcement and he did many lawless things, including darker and so an ambush, largely. Then say work into it now How he gives this speech now you the speech I think this speech is, is Philip Attitudes, there's not a lot of explanation about exactly what he's talking about. And in some ways its contradictory because he's doing some of the thing he's criticising and speed. But all that said, the timing of the speech, as opposed to doing any this jointly Obama administrate same Corker same I'm, making there's not a day,
if it goes by now, John Mccain isn't trashing something or anything this president does anything. This president does anyway go ahead, but I feel sure thing, but I'm not a smart issue. From my perspective, its trump is the outside. In he's upsetting the guy, so now push feel free to take shots. Aware it wasn't part of the script with Obama. Well, that's true. That's a good point. I shot. I appreciate your call, that's true to get points, but I think it more than that It gets a little bit more than that. May their upset, the bushes they- No, I haven't gotten over the attacks on job, like Mccain, still hasn't gotten over the attacks on him, but you you're gonna, put country first, you gonna, put policies first and so forth, and so on. You get over this stuff. This speech that George Bush gave that somebody wrote for him.
I'm sure he added, and so we could have been given by anybody. I mean Anybody who is attacking tromp, I soon the tagging trump right back. Easy now run only underground than the bowels of the hidden somewhere under Britain, steel of among the script building. We once again made contact with our leader, everybody mark living here. Our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one: three
If one were now. I would like to address President George W Bush from this immigration issue. He is obsessed with massive immigration obsessed with the entire Bush family. As John Mccain is Jeff flake is, in fact I daresay majority. The Republicans in Congress have no problem. But it is not healthy for a country to have endless immigration. An immigration without assimilation and we're not. Having assimilation in this country, our schools. I teach assimilation, our schools trash our history, our media trash, our history. Politicians trash our history, the NFL ashes our history,
our body, gang your Horowitz over conservative review. He says in your pc wrote that today, here's five m Morton take away from the information centre for immigration studies released in a new report this week, which of course, is all but censured by the big live media all but ignored by my. Tunnel, Mccain, Lamar, Alexander and, of course, the Bush family. Number one record number of immigrants: the data. According to sensors figures, the name Immigration, population, legal and illegal hit a record. Forty three point: seven million in July twenty sixteen, but the authors, reports, I e a chest: data that show the census leaves out an estimated one point: nine million immigrants, meaning the immigrant Elation is really about forty five point: six million when you account
For immigrants: U S born minor children, number rises to sixty point four million. Nearly one in five people live in the entire United States, seventeen years ago there were Thirty one million immigrants eighteen. Ninety there are nineteen point: eight million now they're, sixty million. We ve never seen. We ve never seen it see here. We ve never seen such growth before never. While the percentage of immigrate immigrants as a share of the population. Thirteen point five percent is in a record high the highest level since nineteen ten, which was at the height of the great wave. That was at a time when the country was still relatively new and and filling up the code It was relatively new and filling up
simulation was successful there was no welfare state and, most importantly, there was a shut off. Ten years later, a shut off number two: transformative trajectory now, rather than a shut off, the trajectory undercurrent law will make even the current wave of immigration appear ordinary, where they have century after the great wave thanks to the shut off the farm boy. Population trying to just four point: seven percent of the population we flecked, if a successful generation of assimilation. We are projected to go from thirteen point five percent farm, at present to almost one in every five individuals by twenty sixty. Why does it matter. Assimilation is a numbers game much like the melting pot analogy immigration Great for everyone, when there is a patriotic assimilation, but with one in five into it was already part of an immigrant family and the trajectory slate
two skyrocket, it's hard to see how America is not fundamentally transformed the on anything that happened during the great wave according to Pew by twenty sixty five by twenty sixty five thirty's six point: five percent of all individuals in America will be from immigrant families from twenty percent right now put another way: Although immigration spite between eighteen, eighteen, nineteen, twenty two shut off created a dynamic and which are net the foreign bore, population in the country went down so that by now eighteen, seventy nine years after the beginning of this great wave, the immigration Violation, it only increase forty four percent in raw numbers over the same period. The native born population increase by three hundred and six percent contrast this too.
Current wave and it is coinciding with an even larger wave of new immigrants coming to reinforce the new citizens, anchoring them back to their own culture and values, rights Horwitz by twenty, sixty twenty sixty by twenty five or how many years reserve, where we, about forty five years from now. Ninety years after that benchmark and nineteen, seventy, the immigrant population is projected to be seven hundred and fifteen percent larger in raw numbers. Over the same period. The native born populations projected increase by only seventy seven percent. Putting aside the numerous factors that make assimilation much less likely than it was doing. Great wave. The sheer numbers alone will avoid out the concept of a melting pot. Anyone whom comparisons to the great wave is not paying attention number three, Mexico's still the king of our immigration system mexican emigrants. Since the report legal
Illegal were by far the largest farm born population of that country. Twenty sixteen Mexico, as the top sending country with one point, one million new immigrants arriving from Mexico between twenty one and twenty sixteen or one out of it new arrivals. Now, what is that matter says? Hurwitz were always told by advocates of open borders, that ease, and we have a legal immigration- is because there's not enough legal immigration. Yet Mexico, which is that I just source of illegal immigration is also the largest source of legal immigration. What twice as many green cards and citizenship papers are handed out to Mexican National every year as to immigrants from the second and third large Groups, China and India. Trend, has persisted for several decades. There is no room for complaint. It is insulting to suggest that America must grant more and more amnesty to illegal aliens and that we have not been
generous enough by my counts as Horowitz that data in the De Hs yearbook and immigration statistics. Over the past forty four years, six point: six: five million people have emigrated from Mexico. Legally, not including the six million or so illegal immigrants compared to form half million who emigrated from ITALY, the previous record, keeping country of origin from eighteen. Eighty, two, nineteen, twenty nine: why does this matter number for certain areas are already salad, balls and melting pot? According to the CS, the states, with the largest numerical increases in the number of immigrants from twenty tended twenty. Sixteen were Texas of almost six hundred thousand Florida up. Almost six hundred thousand California, over five hundred thousand New York, almost a quarter of a million New Jersey over a hundred and seventy thousand Massachusetts,
Up over a hundred and forty thousand Washington state up over a hundred and thirty four thousand Pennsylvania up a hundred thirty two thousand Virginia and by the way this has had a major impact on Virginia election outcomes up a hundred twenty thousand Marilyn up, almost a hundred and twenty thousand Georgia and so forth, and so.
Immigrants now represent more than thirteen percent of the population. The national average in fifteen states and more than seventeen percent in seven states topping up ready at twenty seven point two percent in California. This is why Republican can everyone, California. It is amazing to me that we have people like George W Bush and John Mccain and others who don't understand. We don't have assimilation taking place more more people are coming here with an identity for leftist agenda socialist agenda. More more people who come here become part of the welfare state. This is a recipe for absolute national suicide. There's no way to encourage patriotic assimilation when the numbers are so high and concentrated in certain areas. That is playing common sense. That.
How makers and both parties understood until this generation of policymakers there are seven hundred and eight counties, almost one. Fourth of all counties. Ten percent of the population, speak Spanish at home that numbers I'm higher, ensuring counties in California eleven dates, have emerging english learning, enrollments composing more than ten percent of total k, twelve student population in California, that number is almost twenty five percent, where you have to teach English fundamental transformation indeed. Finally, item five, the data, the sending country with the law this percentage increase, increase in the number of immigrants living in the United States and twenty ten Saudi Arabia up. One hundred and twenty two percent seven more predominantly muslim countries were in the top fifteen list: Afghanistan, Syria, Bangladesh Syria, Iraq, Egypt and Pakistan to more
Ghana and India have a substantial muslim minority. Overall, the immigrant pop Relation from predominantly muslim countries is two point: eight million up twenty nine percent from twenty ten a sharp is increases of any group of any group, it simply astounding that there's no modicum of debate or even recognition over how on predicted on immigration system has changed from its traditional norms and the fact that nobody ever voted for this transformation, I'm responding to George W Bush. Calling all of you native IST, in effect. Or what goes on in nineteen twenty one, the where unanimity of opinion there was among both the general public and politicians that there was an urgent need to curtail immigration in order to pass legislation to restructure our immigration system, as happened in eighteen, twenty four at the time,
in order to jump, start debate, the house unanimously both parties past They all curtailing immigration across the board, there was no recorded vote. The bill as the Senate seventy eight to one expressed. In the universe of you at the time, the accompanying report from the House Committee on immigration and naturalisation said quote: there is able to our power of assimilation unquote, so this long term bill was passed in nineteen twenty four, its goal was nearly unanimously supported. Him was enthusiastically signed by President College.
The general success of that effort in ensuring that the great way was a net positive to America's indisputable, how our history drudgery policymakers. However, fifty years from now George Bush dismisses all this is native, his native is his doesn't do native his native is called reason. It's called rationality. It's called looking at the statistics. I guess to use the phrase of the left. George Bush is a denier when it comes to the facts related the immigration. Of course, immigration can be successful. And helpful to a country, massive unbridled immigration, never specially without assimilation. How is that possible
Be right back there's a couple things going on here: the Bush Cain and people of this man town when it comes to immigration. First of all, if you take up The radical left position on immigration, your allotted as he humanitarian has compassionate you know and so forth, and so on. You just are, and people like that. Secondly, there is a political calculation which they wanted met. They have. Polluted that it is inevitable, inevitable. That America will never stop. They. Mass
flow of legal and illegal immigration into this country and the vast majority of a coming from spanish speaking countries, because those cuts Greece in many cases, are despotic. They are dysfunctional. Our communist. They are socialist whenever they are, and so they are failed countries and failed societies. Which is one of the reasons why simulation is so important in this country. Gets caught, him quote and they know that people who wrote right most of our history. Those folks need to assimilate into our culture, but guys Bush, I'm convinced Cain and the others? They know They believe that it is inevitable that the United States will be fundamentally and forever transformed. So they want to get out in front of it. They don't want the history books to save them. Fifty years from now that their native lists, Quadrant, quote Horatio lists current quote or big
cotton cloth and they know the people who wrote right most of our history books and teach most of our history are leftist. I left So it's much easier to adopt them. The mentality and to adopt those policies, the not then not, even though their destructive of a nation state. A destructive of a nation state, and I will say this- it is unfair. To me that we have passed president's Republicans Impasse Republic, presidential candidates who claim who claim to represent, what's best about America, but fundamentally do not understand Americanism I mentally do not understand it. Otherwise they would have rejected obviousness, whether it's an immigration or any other air of our era of our government and society, mean They should be giving speeches about the
following the rule of law, when was passes in it, a president signs that foreigners should all of the rule of law, if they wish to come to this country, there's still debating I guess we have some minimum level of immigration. Of minimal level of immigration. As this report from serious point. Sadly, the article by who which points out Never seen levels like this before and its clear they, like assimilation. That's going on in this country. Look at the inner the NFL just. Hold out to the left just so back to the left. More and more of our institutions are good on their devoured, the media, the media's gone? Meteor, God, look at Hollywood gone, surround defence and we have individuals who don't really have a price.
They don't really have a problem with it, and they want to be in their minds on the right side of history, on the right side of history and what they mean by the right side of history is not actually being on the right side of history, but being on the right side of historians of historians. These policies, if they continue going to sink the country, there is simply no question about it. There is simply no question about it if you believe the american culture in the American civil society is worth defending. The EU should support securing our border, deporting people who are supposed to be here at least some of them and enforcing your immigration laws, but they won't do it and by the way, the worst perpetrators of the courts We have a federal court in Hawaii who, basically that, where the judge a Obama pointy embody is basically taken over,
immigration system and related national security issues. From the present, the United States is north. How did you do that he's one out of a thousand judges, but it doesn't matter to him. He's running immigration, he will determine Whether or not it is safe to allow immigrants in one country or another and so forth, and so not the present United States and prior to the presidency of Donald Trump. The prey It made those decisions, there was never any issue, there was almost no judicial review. Its unfortunately George W Bush doesn't talk about that its unfortunate about John Mccain doesn't talk about that. Now it, sir very frustrating they say they want to talk about american values. Well, let's hear it lawless, aliens coming into the country. That american value? Failing secure the border to protect the people in this country? That's an american value rat!
interventionism all over the oh that's an american burial. Now, Since one is an American, since one is any of that region, tentative of american values I'll be right back just in time for Halloween the church, humor and Nancy policy nightmare continues call now eight seven, seven, three eight one, three eight one one Morocco I'm a slashed, the defence department slashed it. He tie the hands of our troops in the field in Afghanistan and Iraq. He tied their hands when they were fighting ISIS.
Barack Obama signed a deal with around that ensure that they would have icy be aims with nuclear warheads. He could strike the United States, but Come on tobacco is undermining law enforcement through his capo, the attorney general, the United States. I recalled her. Brok Obama violated the constitution of the United States. Doc is a prime example of federal judge said so. He violated the constitutional law again with illegal subsidies to insurance companies under Obamacare, and a federal judge said so fast and furious no time During this Obama, may him don't you,
A bomb, a wrecking border, this society and our rule of law and the constitution did George Bush give a speech like he gave today at no time. Can someone explain that to me, then its appalling. Its appalling and when he was silent, you recall on this programme even said why's. He silent. Why is he silent What is being done to the military, about what down to his his military, Foreign policies and the men and women who fought for them. Should be speaking out in defending them, remember their rich. I talked about that. I was stunned. You dont criticise the line. In the bushes. President says he's not going to criticise as mentalities out of office, but it's not true
Because he knew the applications will be drawn in the speech he gave today on Trump and the left is running Wildwood. I think it's I told and cheap to be quite frank about it? I really do talks about native is Native ism enforcing the rule of law is now negativism. I'm sick of those names. Meanwhile, he says we should treat everybody like human beings. I agree with that. So why are you calling us native is why. And I could go on and on, but he was silent throughout the Obama administration. Pretty much pretty much was just weird because it's easy to attack trump, not so easy to attack Obama.
You're not gonna attack sitting president as a former president, why start today, whilst somebody's got to stand up to trim all right somebody's got man on earth? Attack constantly- and I don't even agree with everything he does and says, but so what I wanted to succeed. You know I love my twenty two Camaro switch. The age where things are starting to go wrong with it about those problems anymore, though, because I got extended vehicle service protection from car ship. I did. And getting covered by car shield is a great idea. It's affordable protection that Save you thousands of dollars for a covered repair. A new fuel pump, Kosovo five hundred dollars and replacing a water pumps over a thousand dollars. Cars Even as planned, the cover cars computer, the gps, electronics and more cars shields, the ultimate in extended vehicle coverage, and they get your favorite mechanic or dealership paid directly.
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James Huntsville Alabama the Great W Vienna and go hello yes long time was almost a decade. Now you thank, you, prefer for what you do. Thank you, Sir, have been used. For money, certain Gulf WAR, while under by senior and out lessening faint wanted. Thank you, Sir, learning I wanted to point out that only need to You want history lessons, but everything other things that the left has forgotten. Also from history is what it has greatly. About nations with uncontrolled Immigration closed borders and no, it's emulation. Well, we can. They die The roman empire leg was true, and that is exactly What happened to them and if we don't watch ourselves, action financial crisis when it comes down to it.
Can deny all they want. It doesn't make waiters to want to preserve our country? No, I, one hundred percent and We don't have racial quotas in our gratian system, I won't one is too slow it in some cases, stop it because we need assimilation and the same left. In reality that demands open borders is the same left mentality that opposes assimilation, because people have to get this through their thick nuggets. The left does not support America. That's why they talk about fundamental transformation. That's why they are Progressives America, even on the football field, listen to what people are saying, they do revere this country? They do not revere the men who founded this country. They do not reveal our founding documents and they they pay sickly tell us that either by word or action and James, I want to thank for your service. My friend, you be well tat at last,
Georgia, the great W, why, a while ago I wonder why George Bush kept his mouth shut. Wood fire cops worth ass, a black lives matter, a Texas where he lives secondly, would the immigration, illegal and legal. You know these people have no connection to our history, our culture. When I try to talk to them about war war, to what they sacrifice korean war, what my family sacrifice they could care less. There like this is just a bunch of all dead. Why people? What does it matter to us as their attitude? but I think you're right in many respects. Thank you, Sir Joseph Es Memphis Arkansas Serious Satellite go. Mark the reason. Why pushed and criticise Obama's these black it is really a guy. You know I didn't know: Bush was black, ok wall the economy they want that raises label on a blue. You had enough
recovered at the, who would have never- and I found this a baby. Like a sea would never get other video and never ever gave medi time good favour towards them. But it never came back to like it did by keeping his mouth shut. My friend flora, Orlando Florida! How are you flora, a greater speak with you. The african american female course now understand why Birchwood get out there somewhere Please I'm talking to fears and plan our country to gather and saying we need to support our president for here in Orlando and Now that the better I'm a laugh and then cried trot
if it works like a black and looked like a double talk like a duck and why you in there, and I don't appreciate it and no one is standing none of the republic and establish no, no one, and I like it, about holding on here. We ve got enough Bush sat on his hands when Obama was a wrecking bar for eight years. Just sat on his head and you ve got these people here and for now. They call me Oreo. They call me, you know them. Work everything to be aware of the brain, People could gather why organization. Here we re found and the constitution and I'll be the two things are gonna five America. Now what organization.
The same Korean You ve been carryin up quite carry the crop when he was called for by the Constitution The new French will be putting our website, and the people- and we want to cut them to conservatism right where you sound, like a lovely lady. Thank you. Flora much appreciated, Amy Arose Springs Colorado, the great cavy hour ago, my honour to blocking you. Thank you. Thank you. I've got a quick comment about general colleagues. I thought it was very moving on a military wife and he always tried getting that knock on the door. That phone call that there were very moving and Then let's go for a while and your youth education. We felt like a kind of watching the other night. I'm gonna get you thought and why the carpet, let the boy their enemy. You know
I think, of what they do themselves and am I assume the Democrats take the military tell military Barack Obama hate. The military nothing wrong. I don't think and any ill well towards military. What I like, of course, not, of course, neither does it's, not even rational. There's there Eight and the venom for this guy is so out of control. Is irrational attack saw him. It is unbelievable, go ahead at it, and you know I do either. I can't imagine Hillary Clinton handling that kind of situation, though you know I have military wife. I know what the President, and he meant no elbow and general trolling speech. I thought was absolutely wonderful and I'd make you pray for applying them. Well, thank you and thanks to your husband for his services. Well, let slip another one in her.
Maria Parsnip, any New Jersey, the Great W, ABC, go Ok, I just I just find a funny that the left blamed George Bush, for every single day. When the country for over eight years. And now either here or could you speaking out against Donald Trump and our first thesis There are here because he never said a word about Obama. Secondly, he's her hero cause. He gave a speech today and their insisting that their he's talking about Trump, even though Bush, you should have. If that's what he meant should have said what he meant. But obviously it yeah go back and get married, My friend easy My friend, I appreciate your car will be right back
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Even those who were passive toward him, he's clean them all out. Now, he is the dictator of China. Let there be no mistake about it. She is the diktat. China is even worse than that it is there in time. Anyone in the next twenty years to be the most powerful country in the face of the earth under G. Meanwhile, Mccain is attacking Trump bushes, attacking trump quarters attacking Trump. This guy's ye must love every minute of it. It must love every minute of it, but gee, you gave a three hour speech Castro like speech in All kinds of praise was heaped on him in there sharing and crying and talks about it. Prosperous, modern socialist country- for a new era. So that's what we're up against it. Very, very dangerous country, under a very, very dangerous man, made
Ass, a population- and I just want our football play. Understand you taken me over there and you are kneecaps. They won't tolerated for two minutes. Just just one folks to know. So the be central Committee central committee is made comrade g gnp it, sir. Ultimately. Tumblr lay there was a time when Thomas Friedman, why thinkers one twelve Pulitzer Prize, which tells you with those are worth I particularly like three or four: I can't read his stuff, it's so crappy, so so insipid. There was a time when he and I wrote in Vain, courted him in one of my books praised the chinese system wished. Our system was more like it. This is what we're surrender with these remarks I go on and on about freedom of the press
and then they yeah they revere these kinds of hostile regime hostile individuality, liberty and certainly the press. Gigi paying has obtained the heartfelt love in respect of the entire party army and people. Now I want you, listen it so they put the Communist Party first, the Communist Army second and the people. Third, much like our democratic Party except there's, no army support there. They put their party first in the people. Second,. Jeremy officials. Lavishing praise on the parties top leader to Congress is not unusual, but overt displays of emotion or personal adulation are rare, so you see what's going on here,. So here we have another dangerous dictator, communist dictator, fascist mark, those are contradictory, another not really actually love day, I'll explain it, but here we have a fascist communist who is
in charge of all of China. Massively is built up its mouth, Harry is massively aggressive. Stolen, enormous amounts of our technology and is throwing us every way imaginable, very, very dangerous man and, of course, congresses meeting an emergency session increase defence spending. Actually there not wiser what are we, focused on illegal aliens, saving Obama care from the people I'm making sure borders open driving up the debt? You know all that kind of stuff impeaching. The president. While our enemies collude while our enemies become increasing, more powerful and aggressive. Rex Times River New Jersey, the Great W B, say, go remarks about the bush, comments today
username last eight years because its recently summits for wine and some of the others, because they call for another and function survey I'm a little bit, I think, was came out and essential surely family, I didn't get a good he is one of their leaders, right, erects. I like this rex, its tellers and I can't stand we'll be right back
now run only underground than the bowels of a hidden somewhere under Britain, steel of a nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader, everybody mark living here. Our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one. I'll, give you a prime example of how the report Party and Washington work really dont work and why? I listened to bushes criticism and it falls on deaf ears. With me now John Corner of taxes, ray with the Bush family. He is a moderate Republican from a conservative state. This
term, Axioms John Corn, and holds up top Whitehouse nominee Texas. Senator John COIN is frustrate and both administration officials and conservative moment leaders by holding up the conference You should have Russ vote today, make mulvaney right hand, man at the Office of Management and budget, corn and a member of the Senate leadership that has a strong say over the floor schedule has made it clear that it will be held up until he gets more funding for Texas Erica relief according to three closely the situation. Thanks, How coin has phrases demand or how much extra money exactly he's asking for, but his message she's been heard loud and clear by top trump officials, carnage, This didn't respond to multiple request for comment for the story: sources, the next supplemental bill and therefore watch confirmation could be held for at least another month.
Truthfully, folks, who is it that operating in in grotesque manners around here matters, because what is a top White House priority and is considered a leader in the conservative movement so conservatives rallied around him and his profile exploded after his confirmation hearing in June. When he could It was Senator Bernie Sanders over his religious beliefs. What wrote a blow post in which he described as christian faith and said that those who done it tat. Jesus Christ is their Lord and savers. Stand. Condemn Sanderson, accused him of racism bigotry because of that post luck, that's fine. People with various religions can can believe certain things and make certain statements What mark? What he may do you feel condemned? Of course, I don't feel condemned on Jewish, just don't feel condemned Buddhist, don't feel condemn, who Hindus don't feel condemned and so forth and so on. But this
The man's belief a senior conservative congressional texted. Actually it is unfortunate, senator coin in his holding Russell Voice, nomination hostage for more emergency funding for Texas. That a member of republican leadership but blocs such an integral member, the present esteem it o b is disturbing. Congress has already proved too branches of emergency supplement appropriations without corresponding offsets, both of which was corner by Senator Corner yet blocking an impasse? nomination like the nominee for deputy director? Omby only breeds further disdain among the conservative movement, and suddenly he doesn't care I'm hoping that we primary John COIN, and why? Because we really need a solid constitutional concern, is a lightweight Mcconnell mouthpieces, a lap dog. Can you think of anything significant John Cornerstone is United States Centre. Can you think of anything? He has said that a significant when he's
if you can even barely hear him at least sixty percent of the vote in his primary, maybe seventy percent against somebody who was barely known and had no money. That's what we call a week candidate, Mr Corn, and of Texas. Now in Virginia. This is even in the washing compost. Listen to this one Virginia Democrat, Gubernatorial hopeful rat, Ralph Noisome disguise a lightweight nobody omitted and mention of just in Fairfax the parties african american candidate for Lieutenant governor from about a thousand some pieces of campaign, literature which Fairfax called a mistake. The insulin Stoke tensions within the democratic ticket. Getting to alienate african american voters three weeks before election. They dont worry that bringing in Obama I'm reading bringing it Obama to help with a black book. I mean, have you ever
you think so, stereotypical in your life, but let us be clear. The Democrat running For governor in Virginia is the lieutenant governor he's done. Nothing he's a notion he's running on a ticket which include an african American just and fair fax is running for lieutenant governor of Virginia. And his name is missing from thousands of peace. Is a campaign literature. You're running May is missing from thousands of pieces of campaign, literature, unsure that we're gonna have a need taken in football. The Sunday in objection, giraffe north the pomp I'm with photos of north them. An attorney general Mark Herring, we're produce for canvas those were the labors International Union of North America, Leona, which ass Thy Fairfax, the excluded because it did I endorse his Fairfax has spoken critically
Proposed natural gas pipelines that the union supports nature? Was a sliver of the one point so washed and compost come to the rescue they gotta report, this the informations out there. Now they come to the defence. The literature was a sliver, in other words downplaying of the one point, five million, this has produced by the northern campaign and home So we see palm cards without Fairfax also receive literature with the entire take it. The noisome campaign said don't worry about it. No big deal there, not republican After all, there, outsiders. Just Democrats, the guy's cut out the lieutenant governor cut off the of the list. I happened to be black man, but don't worry about it. It's not races. It's not bigotry! No big deal has come into town Obama's, come in it. No no sweat, then we have Eric holder. Did you know, I recalled is part of the resistance.
The resistance, so amazing they can use phrases like this. If we in the tea party had said were part of the resistance What are you gonna do. I was thrown a garment and I wonder what it really is. A second amendment overthrown. I wonder what he all armed. So what do you mean the resist and she had a lovely government, you're gonna love your country, don't pray showed all the entitlements- hey, hey. What's that left is in the resistance their system that they ve set up and there in the resistance, but a bunch of morons Eric, holder, unseen and yesterday and that he defends coma. To shore shore dry Design duration, letter of Hillary Clinton well before interviewing her what's wrong with that cut fourteen go what do you make of him more? Can this before he had even interviewed Hillary Clinton, the President supporters and present a trumpet insufferably guessing. See the fix was then he was never gonna. He was ever going come on, You know I mean he assuming the facts are, as you say, so,
the facts are. As we say this. This is information that comes out of the FBI. Go ahead, about where an investigation is likely to go before you actually speak to the subject of that investigation Inquiry had been under way for an extended period of time by resources have been used, a lot of people have been no can do a lot of documents held by the way the money was not attorney general at the time. So he's just like the rest of us, the smallest, just remember, was deputy attorney general collected a ministry just remember what a absolute parson hack this man. And they were detained and our partners like like, like eminence his hand and about hand and our partners, parts left and right too some of the most atrocious people guide and so you can get to know
close to the end of an investigation and understand we're gonna go with it. Hyccaric Eric dummy coming here, you are dummy, cause you're, a hack how'd. You get pretty close at the end of the investigation. Will you don't even interview the targeted, the investigation or over twenty other key witnesses? you save him to the very end. You have an interview them, none of them. Any time at all the resources so he's a special pleader for call me and he's a special pleading for Hilary. That's all he's a fraud is a fake. He always has been. He always has been how we get. They cut twelve go ahead. Has it been difficult for you to hold your tongue, So much so often when strange animal sessions, disagrees with you on so many. Why? Why don't wanna penetrating question? Do they ever asked conservatives Republicans these questions with the Democrats and left us ran off spin difficult for you, too, hold your tongue with Eric holders.
Twenty June. Has the man tapir ever ass? They question of any Republican during that period. Of course, not course that these are leading questions. These are softball questions to a radical left us by the name. A holder go here, it is difficult to do what I thought good work worth it the nation better. While you may have thought that power, but your deadly wrong, what you did in the Baltimore and the people who are paying the price for that much also what you did fast in furious can think of many many more you were disaster notice- noticed Jake Tapir treats him so kindly This is a man who unleashed his investigators against the media against the eight and fox, and probably who unleashed has investigated. Tromp hasn't unleash investigators against the media to any And the were aware of- and yet here
the greatest threat to the media. Ever I didn't hear George Bush talk about that, but Tapir Lou Decries these attacks on the media he's talking to the man who is responsible responsible for attacking the European Fox go ahead. More Just to see those policies being taken apart is something has been hard to wash. At the same time, I try to be respectful and only when certain lines have been cross have I raised my voice, but he has been a difficult thing twice and dumb. I think I have to be a part of the resistance and twice as much of a great work. I think that we did, as is Small enterprises reassured and sets out what a joke see partly resistance. He's making a fortune is an attorney in the private sector. Pushing is left wing crap. I gotta be partly assistant resistance.
This guy's been in government most of his life. He was a year a judge. He was US attorney, he was a deputy Ernie Journal. He was an attorney jack, I'm gonna be part of the air. We leave the resistance. I actually so weird. I again I gotta justice and are not a good thing that there is also yes, yes Jake. I thank you for this. About question. It's been very, very difficult to watch is very difficult to watch the soggy. I gotta be part of that, yeah resistance. There is as I've that's right. I gotta be you heard of the parlour resistance. Back then, Ladies and gentlemen, real breaking news from the hill newspaper drawn Solomon and Allison spawn ass, he prepared to come
half a million dollars. I half a million dollar parity in Moscow and twenty ten Bill Clinton sought parents from the State Department to meet with a key boy director of the Russian Nuclear Energy firm Ross Adam, which at that I'm needed the Obama administration approval for a controversial uranium deal. Government record show our Katy driver, which a top aid damned computer hold on a second he'd with e there. Their hold on. A top aid to russian President Dmitri Medvedev, good idea and one of the highest ranking government officials to serve on the board. You know what's happening, I'm getting spammed here, on trying to read the story. Is that strange, MR producer? It keeps cutting off must be a rusty out there somewhere. Let me start, I carry off this kill them.
Come in at the door after the break em and at the printed out. My computer will not allow me to read this article spears him saying my dad computer one I'll. Have you read this article, but it's a big deal. You know what I know it's librate here for those of you could get a light. Let me try one more time hit the music here again. Let me try. Ok, we'll get another email ass. He prepared to collect. Honor we have a duty to eighty two. Eighty Harrigan, MR producer. Thank you cut and paste it ass. He prepared to collect. Half a million dollar parity in Moscow, and twenty ten Bill Clinton sought clearance from the state Department. To me with a He bore director. The russian Nuclear Energy Fern rose Adam Ross, Adam, which at the time, The Obama administration approval for it
Provisional uranium deal government record show our Katy drop it top aid to the russian President, Dmitri Medvedev and one Highest ranking government officials to serve on Ross Adams Board of direct several others is massive nuclear power. Russian state run. Company control in essence by latin repute, Ok was listed on May fourteen twenty ten e mail as one of fifteen Russians. The former President Clinton wanted to meet during a late June. Twenty ten trip documents shall quote in the context of a small tripped. A rush at the end of June Clinton is being asked to see the business government folks below which state have concerns about him. Seeing any these folks pointed Foundation our policy adviser. What what's with the natives? I'm a given area the State Department on May fourteen twenty ten using the former as an initial and forty,
list of names to former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton stain the email went to to, our acquaintance most senior advisers, Jake Sullivan and Cheryl Males. I think, I'm part of the resistance now The approval question, however, sat inside state for nearly two weeks. Without an answer prompting the Clinton, Nation Farm policy, adviser to make multiple pleas for decisions, a tale? What I'm gonna do better than this? I'm gonna bring John Sullivan on the programme. The man who broke the story. You have his number, MR bidders go ahead and column. The author of this column on this is a big deal now its aid directly. Ah, what are they gonna go. And where is Mister Mahler and ban of left wing cooks where's, Mr Mahler marry? You killed the music I'll, bring John Solomon on will give it a story straight from the reporter: ok, Joe, the lender,
New Jersey, Great W, ABC, go hey Market We talk about our uphold, a look I can find. It is confirmation hearing in two thousand and nine and who are user. His and my father, was murdered by the USA alone, your job, ok guy area, an unusually for one year later, Oconnor go ahead. And you know when I: U testified against yeah fight against those of us who were invited by the Republicans. Just The time actually voted for him as attorney general, but I test fighter for the Senate. Judiciary bowed his role in the highlands clemency, he's been ahead of the Clinton's mark forever: and to see him piously and listen to him piously speak about the great work that he did over the years. But let me tell you Belief, murderers, because Russia, we work with the american people. He even here
Took value for my god, life and other people by discarding That's what is that? he did and that's what he legacy era called early. When you hear that it had been at home The squire signs off on fast and fears, which costs life of honor of an American an official here you played, Russia will lead by releasing the terrorists, and then people were killed. In fact, the furies, which is another example of russian roulette, so by the way, always talk about resistance, he's the one they propose, the pardon for mark. What was his name mark rich Mark rich, yet yeah yeah, you know he will be a violin was given their calamity. They didn't requested here to them. He he put it together for the questions, and one of these terrorist act alone has turned it down as Hell that Tibet, they were and then went, Obama to carry him. Tell everybody exactly open. The last days it is
administration, gave us Au Pairs, climate, a guy who turned down Sweden before, because he was so dedicated to his car. I jumped Joe, I gotta run. I appreciate your car as you know, always return. We have the intrepid real journalists. John Solomon who's been on these story of the, there may be of the decade mass of uranium scandal. Now it's time to Bill Clinton and additional Hillary Clinton it as a breaking storage, dress, release and help me up right now. The break I'll be back murder. Whoever does interest rate very use, makes their news call them A glaring show now seven, seven, three, eight one, forty eight one one
John Solomon of their illness paper. How are you, Sir doing very well. My can enjoy away heart breaking story right now, you're on top of this uranium scandal? What is new? And I we obtained the documents that are really thunder for that show that the Bill Clinton sought permission from his own. Why State Department to meet with a rich russian Nuclear Fission tat on the very company in the board of the company that Hillary was deciding the fate of its uranium Wendy. Also was the big russian nuclear entity that wanted to buy these uranium assets in the United States of and comes back from a meeting with Putin's met about in March, two thousand banning They waited Belka, yes, an offer for five hundred thousand dollars speech to go to Russia and why
you gonna, let Turkey decide you, maybe it's a good idea. I'll try to meet with this guy just happened to sit on rather come aboard the right hand. Man of the russian President, Dmitri men of metals, and I said it was the pharmacy hey guys. Would you think if I leave in the sky and the State Department says not a good idea and that is the first evidence that we had a deal, could move earlier. You know near someone that has something to do with their uranium. One. Innocent of evidence, John Sound, and that the Clinton's and others exactly what they were doing. In other words they knew how much was at stake for the Russians. They know how much was stake at stake for the United States, the Russians with half million dollars for him in his found asian and so forth? That looks like a very well timed payment. May I put it that way. And Hillary Clinton has always denied knowledge about most of this, hasn't she wrote
How can we not have knowledge about most of this when her state Department at the centre of every piece of love? But my personal currently sent a letter to sing hamburger meet with his russian outta. There should be no my concerns where How are we going to see her staff energy foreign policy, adviser, Cheryl, males and takes all of it, and I know that's pretty high up in the state Department had not have knowledge of what's going on, and you said something markets right. If you go back the quantities in the Eightys and Ninetys markets off there. Now, guy named James Material, that business before the state They are they going to do business with them. Will they be donations? Mollusca Illinois United, we add the copies in Lincoln Bedrooms, but China spider coming up in a light after they had been before the government, because your raising money for them and then the foundation opens, and we have the exact same thing in Manila- get back in the power as secretary of state. It does seem Very often, people have a business before the State Department. I get there When the Curtain Foundation of Milk
coming up with the idea to get a gifts in money and contributions some point a pattern becomes a backlash. You know, I? Why have you let's go back a day or forty eight hours, the the other stories you broke on this subject right, Mahler in Jim Crow, what did they know and when the day, not them out fairly What we do know is that the FBI, then, under Robert Mothers direction in two thousand, I developed Evans, two thousand the mine a whole year before the Obama administration. Have we couldn't lascivious board game approve Russia to get twenty percent of Americans uranium supply. They knew that very russian agency that was sitting. This uranium was engaged through one of its subsidiaries, pfennigs profit. I was engaged in and making brides kickbacks extortion, threats in money laundering across the United States industry and and then and some of us have pretty serious one of the people that Eu Russian
the current compromise. Your bride was the animal company that moved all the enriched uranium in the United States, Russia, job. You dont want to stop going disappearing there under a distortion of the FBI. No there's, no, nine. They wake. Fourteen engines call me finally in charge bring charges in the five years between the Obama minute Well, we got lots of people made very favourable decision over and over again rewarding Russia's Lhasa, Damn big nuclear energy company. With with contracts in decisions and uranium sales, while they knew rapid downs, own official in the United States was engaged and bribery, the pretty interesting story and who knew one is going to become the question over all the asking in the next few weeks and the other they want more than many things were. One of the things that is there is no worthy to me is this also shows the closeness of the relationship with Mahler and call me in oak mothers ending things off the comic commies picking it up.
Molly really needs call me when it comes to these ukrainian stuff and twenty fourteen to help cover his, but, in my you were entered? Another is another forget. It may even have more more more at stake in this way, the current them the journey general of the United States with a guy named rod, rose by forty, Trust there. General. He was Brok, Obama do Journey in Maryland and he was the prosecutor, who always saw this case from the beginning to the end. He had the power hard to decide in two thousand others and will bring charges. Now. Then he waited until twenty four you now is a guy, because just as there is a themselves that oversee the term brush investigation in an open, Senator Grassy Ass, the great question of general session, the other day he said. Do you think How did you get a review this whole when Russia thing than real? ROD rose and think and oversee review of its own conduct and integrated. All of us ask
You also reported that Mr Monti Mr Commie did not inform the appropriate members of Congress about any of this. That rightly, You read my garotters. The chairman of our committee at the time. That's your committee that the current administration ran right away right when they found it there are some meddling going on the twenty. Sixth, you know actually went on all of the intelligence committees, but when the Russians were trying to compromise nuclear security, no one Bob to tell the House intelligence guilty about Oh my god you're. So I knew nothing about this. Isn't an outrage I learned a few hours ago are that the current houses can anyone by damaging, as I began, an investigation into why Congress wasn't alerted and who well They know about the nature of this Nuclear Security Council. They were gonna, but about the Senate Intelligence Committee. With this Richard Bear, they seem to be very slow to jump on these matters. Where are you,
then, at the morgue delimited body? I guess our founding fathers Bobby intended at Sunday they feel so deliberately. Besides a committee meeting, baby culture, in fact the. How can I do if I thought about it? A slow and his plodding entered all this gentleman, but I heard something the other day that I think is going to turn out to be true. I think the committee plans the rapid its work by the end of the year, and if it does, having produced any evidence of collusion by now the chance that they are going to his pretty slim. So I wouldn't be surprised that the funding is our committee wrapping up by December now, where are we on this? This uranium thing? I mean the ears Michael, can't you just sessions, is a friend of mine. The marine, much talking about any disturbance of. Why do I feel like theirs? a passive over. There are beginning to the bottom of a number of these issues. I am I wrong.
I don't know you know, there's an awful lot of investigation going on right is an investigation of the deputy director, the F B. I wager supplies list of seven hundred thousand dollars from acquiring a friend when they were investigating right there there's a lot of different things going on. I think, with justice said the other day yesterday in going to hang grassy, might make sense which, as you know, I am. You're kidding right now back in a leak, everything and the public- the disappointment wanna get all these issues will be answered by an. He assured send the gravity of the human review, this entire matter and get back the committee with answers- and I think, there's a big moment should be watching for the refugees, last lights and grasses. The letter demanding to energy, the undercover the witness who five years at the all the Russians making bribes trying to win influence with the Clinton's get the Obama patient decision may
if he is allowed to testify from my reporting, I think he has enormously explosive allegations that have not yet made the public about what you're, going out what currying favour what's going on and what the Russians were telling him about whom bought off and why they bought him off. I think, if you get the talk with him one after of a hearing in a whole new scenario, for evaluating Russia's, including for the nuclear industry when they met a protected. Guy because a lot of these people some have latin repute and urge the russian government's somehow they disappear. If you know what I mean are somehow they they they don't get up. The next day, I'm not a conspiracy theories, but then again, I'm not in ignoramus. When I see what takes place here is something that the Obama Justice Department didn't try to protect them very my first year. In fact, they threatened him.
We have you now that reported yesterday market show that one German trying to sue the Russian recoup some of the money that they stole from under the kid backing, while he was helping the FBI, the justice I call the boy right away. They said Missus cork from the lawyers member. If your life does not withdraw that loss if we're going to cause harm is reputation and his freedom, peace, liberty, the Justice Department. I two thousand I was so serious that there be undercover withdrew. The laughing gave up his right of recall, money because he's afraid the justice department- I am that doesn't sound the Justice department. Every law be very proud of. Now. That's incredible! That he's got good counsel. The toy tons worked in the ragged me justice department for many many years it as a former colleague over seven thousand can be somebody who knows how to navigate this tricky waters. I know you he D go soon, so that the libyan sixty seconds
These issues get alot very complicated for people and much of the media try to cover it up as long as they possibly can. What is the bottom line here is, as you would explain it, pretty them the United States, made a series of decisions that greatly benefited the russian Nuclear Industry time, when the United States new russian Ukrainian, she was engaged in the wars, type of crimes, extortion, money laundering, bribery and cutbacks. And there's a great question line. That question is: is it because all these people, like the current, was we're getting guess in lobbying, found you're getting hired and kick? combined you're going on. If so, we have six as before anyone invasion that you only sixteen meddling. We had a real meddling with our nuclear security, and people should really care about that. Now I keep up the good work and I'll keep looking over your shoulder. My God bless. You be well. Tell you. This is a very, very serious stuff, which is why
won't see it on Emma, sell a city or CNN might yet No friend, it's hard to believe that twenty seventeen is almost over time doesn't standstill. Sooner Just another minute join a MAC right now, Amy. Is the association of mature american citizens. It's the leading conservative voice for Americans age. Fifty in at least some of you may be members of the eight hour p, You know this is a left wing government, Democrat operation right, you know, you're contributing to it in contributing to their power. Which, of course, is also left wing, you don't need to do that anymore. Haymakers resolved to continue their mission, to restore America's moral compass, to make America a better place for children to save America from the left, as MAC. Member velocity access to a variety of exclusive discounts and benefits that are hope you save a lot of money from cars. Parents and Medicare plans to discounts on hotels and car owners are more a magazine, organization to join a voice
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people. In my committee my well my foisted on one side and a second. I read somewhere that white people cannot give black people advice, I read I read this, it has to be true. I think a sports got. Somebody said Albert. I look all the time- and I listened to afghanistan- listen MAC. I take advice from whoever has smart advice. I don't really care with the races item about yeah yeah We agree with two hundred percent ammonia chow. I'm trying to listen to, educate and flip, as many thousands of American do it. I can't before the next elections does so much at stake. Right All again that I'm talking with evil, they don't have a clue about. The issues will know anything about the uranium one and the quick crimson, and that all scandal
I how Barack Obama dismantled a lot of the american traditional values, marriage being one of the day. Don't have a clue that most of the cities I: must state would murder rate by Democrats, Oh, I'm on a mission to educate as many I can, and I need your help, explain to you earlier last week. You inspired me to. The song scan for minor. But I can't I can't promote your website everything a weakened, here's. What I want to recommend strongly go on ARC Levine Show Facebook and posted posters then people will say it. I can't go to Mark Levine, Show Facebook posted and but he can do this to assuming its logic and that's the best. They do have MAC. I appreciate your call very very much. I appreciate what you doing to Jim Eye Tracker
California SIRI Satellite go great, shall love it long time listener. I have a question. I don't understand why sessions that everyone else ass the queues themselves from an investigation, but then you ve got more whose obviously corrupt and you have come- that's correct, but they don't have to excuse himself. I mean recluse themselves what course of corrupt. Why was her honor if the correct? Why would they refuse themselves? Well? Why were you answered your own question? I don't understand! Why do we Levin happened? Why do we have spy? How do we stop it? Well, I say we remove them. We rarely you and I can't remove anybody. Well, I understand that, but as the population as a folder, they heard my brother had I'm saying we can't remove them, you and I we just have no way. That's not up for a plebiscite gone, but thank you, a car, my friend,
Ladies and gentlemen, we salute our armed forces, police officers, firefighters and american personnel check out and tv, and I know you gonna like in two minutes on the radio tomorrow. Gamblers.
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