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It must be wonderful for the Establishment Republicans led by Mitch McConnell knowing the facts and truth about Roy Moore and then beating their chest over morality. These same people who lecture us on morality won’t talk about Ted Kennedy, Bob Menende...

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Now run only underground in the bowels of a hidden somewhere, another brick in steel of nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader, everybody Mark Levine. Here I number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one: three: one line. It must be wonderful. Writing at the weekly standard, David, French, national review, being Midge Mcconnell being. So many the establishment Republicans and it must be wonderful, knowing the facts and knowing the truth.
Video chat about your superior morality to people are trying to sort these things out. The Senate, Raisin Alabama at the Washington Post at the allegation About the timing and all the rest. This isn't so easy, not so easy for the people, our pyramid side, so easy for a lot of people. I'm glad it's easy for these other folks mode of whom live inside about way and write about others, and so I am glad that they were able to resolve the so quickly, and I get a coincidence of so many of them have despised Roy or from day one the people of Alabama, get to decide this. The people of Alabama will decide this better
people, trying to intervene to prevent the people from Alabama deciding this in a hence the people of Alabama, the judge and jury in this case, not legally, but politically, not bad writers, not editorial paid riders. Not senators from other states. Had. He been senators where a senator from that stay there. By Alabama will decide if they believe recital. I find it incredible that we actually Had a couple of senators, one republican One Democrats, one of whom Hepsey nationally Publican senatorial Committee, which spent millions trying to defeat Come out the safe he's elected they're, going to expel him for at least be some kind of a hearing at committee review to determine the facts. I don't mean the facts by press.
Conference, the facts by Gloria, all red and so forth, and so on, These something more if in fact, the p Of Alabama lack Roy more to the Senate should be something more Kennedy is deciding to expel somebody. I can tell you, I don't look forward. But for the coming on the air to Diana look for any of this, I despise it. I can't stand it. We are surrounded by this. We re Washington, Post newspaper, who you dont trust, and I don't trust because it as an ideological and political agenda- and it has for fifty years more than fifty years. You have glory already? Who is a hack lawyer? who always shows up like an ambulance chaser at the scene of inaction,. You ve got the timing of all this, which really stinks. Even if the women are
Telling the truth, crops What is in two cases they tell us why Wait till now. Why have Courage now and you didn't the courage a few months ago in them during the republican primer Why ensure Democratic said see I'm just bringing because they bring it up? I'm a trump support if they feel but parliament I'm analyzing. It. And then, of course, we have all kinds of scheming going on you see, who's will weaken. Do we can expect Ah him, if he's elected, then we can appoint their Jeff sessions, get him out of the attorney General slot clear the way for trumpet justice or how about this we can write in Luther strange who he beat, he's gonna, Conaway. And I have him as a right and as we did listen Rakowski in Alaska and who knows, we may win.
How can we allow the people of Alabama to decide. And how can you say in advance that you're gonna Sputnik expel somebody from the Senate if their elected, when you don't have all the evidence or fax? This is real tawdry from top to bottom and all around it is really tawdry. On reading these things, I'm looking at these things, they all pretty much say the same thing. Evangelicals are being Why don't you really believe in what you preach everybody else? Yes, they do. Yes, I do. And people try to sort these things out. You have to decide who you thanks, telling the truth. Who may not be telling the truth who might be? Who knows what it was, dropped him our laps, we're doing the best we can.
But when you have coy gardener, the chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, Who is basically in appointing a camels, and that is my candles baby she in the morning, the expelled of his elected asthma come he should be accepted, if elected, let me ask you something, What do you think they want to expel more? If he's elected. As I think he's gonna be a royal pain in the neck. Now, just to say how distasteful things become, There's a story at that time. Probably with the magazine anymore. It's a website so failed magazine. And says George W Bush groped her when she was sixteen. I was a child glory, I do not allow Vanessa
there is a single establishment republic. Not a single establishment Republican is denouncing this not a single establishment republican on our favorite able channel or anywhere else has said that We should all denounced George W Bush. I haven't heard coy gardener say a word I haven't heard Mitch. Mcconnell say a word. I haven't John Mccain say a word. Nobody has said anything because it's unbelievable. It's unbelievable, even though the six woman has come forward. Rosalind Corrigan was sixteen years old. When she got a chance to me, George W Bush excited to be introduced for former president having grown.
Swimming going into politics, she was crushed by her encounter Bush than seventy nine years old. I'm not gonna get into I'm just telling you you can read it about groping and so for nobody wants the Tosh that it's an open secret that talk, There was a piece I believe it was Salams, town Hall or maybe was it an hour, but nothing was town Hall he which one right said. Leave him alone. Leave George W Bush alone. I have left him alone by the way is talking about, six people have come Six, he issued an apology. Last week, six six people came forward.
I'm the only one last week to talk about this incredible thing that the site it did. They passed a resolution compelling themselves. To participate in on a mandatory basis and anti sexual harassment train. And I asked them in Alaska and worthy in the data reporters which senators actually harassing which senators, which senators sexually harassing, which staffers, which Voters have sexually harassed constituents. Why? for any major media outlets, reporting on this, if it so bad that they have to pass a resolution against themselves that they don't how to behave among themselves. Why? No they're talking about no, we don't do that now. I can't do that. So? I am arguing that this is a big deal,
and that we ought to know more about who is involved and nobody cares. Nobody cares, and you ve heard me talk about this. And I am sure many of your drawing the same conclusion whatever the year The resolution with Roy more whatever the facts I will write more Is it only really more? I even thought about this. Is there no sexual harassment whatsoever and has there been no sexual harassment whatsoever? It CNN is even possible. But hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of employees and over the past twenty five years really employs com, employs, go thousands of employees. You hear nothing zero, it's all a fox. But nothing at sea in it about MSNBC. Oh how
When we heard about him how about anybody else, that's it haven't on the network. The news programmes are new sites. Cbs Abc Nbc, nothing, nothing whatsoever, zero, and yet these same people tell us. You know this. Their sexual harassment is an epidemic, it's an epidemic and somehow virtually every other news outlets avoids the epidemic. Is it possible is a true journey. Sexual harassment, that's going on her has go on at the New York Times with the Washington post. Modern, I'm aware of using any reports on that. Her report on the report. Michael ducking me Roy Moorish that, unlike ducking anything I'm explaining in his best aside and comprehensible,
It's not my world! I don't live like this. I find it outrageous that Senator is talking about expelling somebody. If he's elected the United States Senate and the only informed Can I have the information they have in the media? That's the only As you may have noticed,. I'm only under all nothing, nothing! Tat! one time. I beg better treatment. And there is glory, are- and I knew she'd sharp eventually and you do scratch your head on the man's been alive for over seventy years, a man's been in politics for what, for years,. The man has been an evangelical christian. The man has fought battles with establishment, Republicans with the federal courts over the ten commandments, among other things,.
The amazing how, in less than a week in less than a week, there's a completely different portrait being painted starting at the Washington Post and what s interesting about some of these writers and some of these news outlets pseudo conservative as they are quickly on the left to within twenty four hours they had their hatchets within twenty four hours. They had their knives matter fact. So damage MECCA was almost immediate and I'm not the only one who notices I not the only one who noticed this. Here's Chuck Todd of all people and meet the depressed this Sunday cut forego is missing. Colonel the way he's been is clearly felt almost orchestrated a minute. Within an hour, this came out many of them, O Connell allies came out, said he's gotta go The national economy has decided, it's worse, employ more whence yeah exactly now my supposed to accuse
Chuck tired of being a massage finished. Making it uses of being a more I a man of a fake faith and fake religion. Now he's making an obvious point, appoint a point I made a few days earlier. And you and I are supposed to pretend none of this is going on and if we want at that, just on process at all. I will not immediately Jennifer lacking to these demands and group think there's something wrong. Ass. Now, there's nothing wrong with us be right back then boy a gardener and arrested They run out.
If there's a writing candidate, which Mcconnell suggested that would pull votes away from the republic, and I would like this guy the Democrat there were elected Democrat. There's no question about that worn hatched thanks sets us our strategy, he back steam majority leader, which is what he does his laptop, course the writing candidate. One is loser. Strange was another laptop. Is he this is the people are very troubled by all this. I second guessing Alice. Just seems to fall into their hands Mcdonald has then he had this guy, coy gardener, who is truly lightweight from cholera! I'm sorry as he just as he runs the National Republic, senator committing he's out there talking about expulsion, Turkey gets
like the Dell expel another doing that for two reasons number want to send a message to the people Alabama. You can vote a member were thrown about another two because they want the governor to replace him, probably with Luther strange and even Jeff sessions, But does this sound like people who care about the truth is that some people want to get to the bottom of things. No, it doesn't sound like people were trying to exploit a situation, and I don't care about Washington. I don't care about the GEO P in the Senate, I don't care about the Washington Post in the need in the National review and weaken standard and all the lecturing of you and me, and the others, while they all said absolutely silent with these grotesque allocated against an old man, Georgius W but which is pathetic, had sat but lecturing us all. Morality and I say nothing about the method.
Actually I've. Lindsey graham- and I talked about this testifying at the trial from an endless men- is. An accused of all kinds of graph and corruption, apparently the jury, can make up its mind by Google. His name is meant he was about how a lot more than that look at it. Look at what has been accused of. The prostitutes and all the rest of it. I don't know if it's true, but nobody is called for his expulsion. Nobody there not an excuse. It's an observation team observation, the United States Senator tolerated for decades said Kennedy annually. They knew he harassed, women, he molested woman in the case of Chappaqua, He left a woman in the year in the canal,
Maybe they all know what everybody knows that he's the line of the sun. The line of the Senate select a morality is what we are saying in hearing by the chest: farmers and the backslapping selective. If they find Roy more they the allegations without anything more so repugnant. That they want to expel, they want, I'm dropped and so forth and so on. Why haven't? They said the same thing about minute. And if they are so repulse an island, The problem with that Why do they ignore what George W Bush has I've been doing for years
even hate, bringing that I hate bringing it up, but I have to bring it up. Right back, Mark love in search of liberty and through conservatism, call mark now, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, no notice, by the way, the Republicans and ascended the republican establishment their surrogate media knows they're, not mentioning, then I mentioning Mo Brooks then I'd say. Let's get behind a mole, Brooks writin. That's saying in oh, if, if Roy more would just drop out, we back my Brooks none at another. Cannot Oh Brooks Either why Cosmo Brooks as a solid conservative who would vote
ants Mcconnell, as majority leader in the Senate, so notice they don't bring more brooks the Republicans want. Their stranger, they want somebody, they can control, that's what they want. That's what they're about. They're so appalled by the allegations, are they kid me these Same senators, who had a vote for a resolution. Control themselves from sexual harassment activity? It's bizarre! It's absolutely bizarre. I do want to congratulate the Washington Post, those three report, as you have taken, the focus offer of Hollywood. And put it on and evangelical Christian Roy more. That is it that is amazing how they pulled out off. As MR producer, that's remarkable. That's incredible.
But the timing doesn't matter means nothing, you do you join in or there's something wrong with you. It's as simple. I dont know the facts. In this case I ve been a lawyer too long to draw conclusions from the sort of thing. When you look at the hearty Weinstein's situation, it's not hard to draw conclusions from that. It really is, he didn't spend a lifetime, fighting for the ten commandments fighting for social conservatism per fighting, the establishment in Hollywood Bible. But he is Hollywood. I mean, I think, all of our jobs said the floor when we read that very, very long, Washington, Post peace and we started scratching our heads and analyzing the pace. It just makes sense.
Now you have another woman comes forward. She seems fairly credible, still doesn't make sense she is with glory or it that makes sense right. It's just impossible the sort through this right now and time for this general election, but it doesn't Chuck Todd said, as I said before him, but he said, and on Sunday and meet the press. He says this could match, played again cut for MR producer. Go as Ms Mcconnell. The way he's been clearly felt almost orchestrated the minute with an hour. This came out many. Of the Mcconnell allies came out said, he's gotta go something missing colonel has decided it's worshippers more once Mitch Mercantilism Power, ladies and gentlemen, because he is a sleazy behind the scenes operative. He leaks to live, Media he manipulates conservative media he uses and
almost amounts of monies collected for his pacts. In his front organisations raised by lobbyists, K Street and others he's in Greece, the amount of money that he can get to the NASH Republican Senator Committee, he uses. Others! I Korea, what's his name gardener here from Colorado who runs the nationally Publican senatorial Committee, but it is really Mcconnell committee to talk about expulsion. He's got car all about their own tv, one of his operatives. All this stuff goes on behind the scenes, while you're hard at work during the day, and I'm still wondering how the story came to be a we heard about it when we were in the end, our them, and it is
Obvious to me, it is obvious to me that they will help elected democratically. After for the reasons I said earlier, he cannot have somebody within his Miss Weathers Rex through he cannot control, but I can't verify Roy Moors life. I have no idea, none whatsoever, And so you have to draw judgment, it is the people of Alabama, I'm not a citizen of Alabama. I knew not reside in Alabama. It is the wonderful people, Alabama and they are wonderful people. They're gonna make this decision. There are going to decide not Mitch Mcconnell, not Corey gardener, not the wash them
past and not all the Chester Bankers and, unlike farmers, but their pushing. This lose their strange now, not Holbrooke's novel bra. Should they reveal themselves in their own way to nothing? I think they do when I can spend all day on this because it doesn't deserve it. Dawn, Silt Colorado, the gray Cagey Ellen go back from a lurch. I called cod recovery what you're talking about with Korea Gardiner. I call these offices afternoon and told him flat out did primary. I will vote for his opponent and, if he's the image I will not vote for him. No less. It's gonna have the work, because the only thing
people understand as voting and the only thing. These people understand my friend appreciate Yakov VIC, lust Angeles, California, the mark living. I go back to her and then you will have your class. I love you. I was listening to us this morning and without them it was on the judge, any said that he cannot be exceeded: what is elected by the people, there's nothing you can really do. According to the constitution, I think he's right to judge by the way I got it. He said They committed a crime. It had to be while he was a senator not and again- and I will be very interesting case wooden because you have a new Supreme Court and I have been agreed but I'm not. I don't know if this Supreme Court would agree with us, it would depend, but I think that's correct because he's been elected and you
and they can't just deny the people of Alabama there, their selection the Supreme Court ruling when seen orders and you went back and we're heading one and I dare say, there's a new Supreme Court right. Ah, yes, I don't know how they would decide how you got began. I say, cried, they could say it's a political question. The prior court was wrong when I get involved and for they could say, the prior court was wrong. We're taking a different position, I am idea. Neither does he so at all. How'd you get here, we go, but I've been. I do agree. If you look at judicial precedent is right Let me ask you a question, So why would coy garden on behalf of Mitch? Mcconnell say well, if he's elected and want to expel him, they know the same Supreme Court case the rest of us now. So I would say that because they try, To railroad the people in Alabama, they do not want.
Make an independent objective decision on the wrong track, telling them what they want them to do, but here's the alarming unrealistic. What do they want on the bill? Hope for the democratic. You know, I really believe I believe If they are willing to sacrifice almost everyone in so much that they were gotta, be attacked by a parasite. By really dumb, I don't got newsboy is its wanted. If it's the house recent attacks plan, I don't wanna tax point, we agree as these guys are nuts? They want to see ash taxes for corporations. I don't have a problem with that, but then they want to go. Recover revenue on the backs of individual taxpayers, and they can talk about. Oh look at this. You're gonna get a lower tax rate while they taken away state and local LE property, tax deductions and state local income tax actions and they're, trying to limit interests. Radio, now that you guys through this everybody you gotta read through this. They talk about this being the greatest,
I've got the middle and in american history that is a flat out, lie creating a new higher tax rate. You know what that means less jobs. That's what that means, because the people are giving more money to Uncle SAM they're gonna say, less money and invest less money. That's what they're going to do about Iraq, My brother, thank you very much. I appreciate that's continue Lee Washington DC the Great w em a I'll. Go green remark. You have, I think, the taxpayer here. This is a good example. I'll miss Mc Clellan, all looks out for themselves, and I tell you I mean since about this. They are trying to take away the decision. That people of Alabama we're gonna make to represent themselves. This Senate does not belong
Mitch Mcconnell, and this is what I really. I almost think that he's behind us. You know my my god is that he's he's involved for their somehow, but he is this and it not to him and that's: Senate seat does not belong to him, and I I my my two points. I hope more did not does not imply any of us, but I hope at the same time that the people of Alabama. Go out and there I just what I hope they do. The right thing by colonel had at the people of Alabama get to decide this much Mcconnell. Corey gardener the Washington Post, certain writers certain news AL, they don't get to decide this. They seem to be wanting to steal their decision away. I just hate this idea, Washington, D C. Bring down to some state or another and tell them this is how you Without a word and have we, Let me let me as your question. I continue to ask this question: how
I'm all these these inside but about. Why are near the bout way, think tanks, media outlets broadcasters? How come they not mentioning the fact that the United States Senate actually passed away pollution damning the United States. When it comes to sexual harassment, How in their hadn't, went about Corey Garden? Has he involved in sexual harassment now? Ok, fine, and why did I vote for it? a much more mature what what about John Mccain. What about all these senators? I mean I find this amazing to me and it goes without notice. It goes without common, except by my microphone. Why keep bringing it up? Because I'm set you gonna? Let me ask you something, so you need to pass a resolution vote for a resolution spot. Your resolution, tell you that you need mandatory ties, sexual harassment, training. We need to pass a resolution approved at your other sleaze bag.
I mean really isn't that the bottom line and the funny thing is there must be a problem because they keep saying there's a problem and yet we don't know The problem is they don't tell us who is involved? What's the problem there see why, before it comes. I noticed the Washington Post doesn't do a story on who are they political, New York Times Embassy ABC Cbs Emerson, wearily growin point growing. Quite sir, thank you for your car. I mean, if we're gonna, clean the sun we're going to really get to the bottom of the thing get to the bottom of it? Do it. I'll be right back then
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the genocide that come This call in the next twenty minutes and you also get the athletic are of college in builder and the deep firming serum app. Totally free with your order that eight hundred skin six o four that's for best I was free with your order, while Supply As less so Harry, eight hundred skin six o four eight hundred skin six o four or go to genocide about come. Let me giving Example of how the media cover the media. This is from CNN Oliver Darcy. I don't know Oliver Darcy, he has contacted me several times wanting to meet with me and I haven't met will have no, I it would- he looks like I guess I googled it and as an entire story? Here he talks about bright barked applying to reporters, and about Sean Hannity coverage and rush limbos coverage, which of course raises the Do they have reporters covering liberal media liberal outlets we'll talk, show house and how they cover events,
so I am not familiar with it. Over there CNN, but here's what Oliver Darcy rights of me mark living, a top conservative talk, show host, took us pillar approach when reacting to the post story, saying it's impossible to judge the facts before the election, while our conscience I shall he then chose the zero on the post, credibility in question the timing of such report. While that's just Common sense, I would think any journalists were too. He called me I believe these washing compose report has just happened to hear about this. They went down Burma from some of supporters, and now they were just able to draw the truth out of these when the particular the former fourteen year old is now fifty three years old. Is that will believe Levin asked on his radio programme. Last week, the newspaper I endorse the Democrat? Already that's: what's going on, Levin was referring to the post editorial boys, endorsement of moist democratic rival. He, however EL. The note that the newspapers newsroom fun independently of editorial board.
Down by the same person the young. Managing editor. Is the man and Gunnar the entire newspaper in I know they pretend they have this war between the two, but they really don't they all talk to each. I don't think I soon they already each other's pages. But none of that matters. I actually said a whole lot more than this. Oliver a whole lot more. And are you chose to ignore it didn't go back and listen to what we say. These we archive these- that is my show on Mars. Then show that can't my radio web website also, I doubt that I thought opposition research was behind the said. It was very odd that we come up it after thirty eight years. And nobody, no local reporters would have known about it. No local camp. And would have known about it, but it comes out now after the a book and primary? Don't you find that odd? Oliver Darcy your journalists? Don't you find a weird? It's very weird.
And if they would dig a little bit further, they learn a little bit more, but they're not going to they're, not gonna do didn't just fall under the lack of a rapporteur for the Washington Post, who happened to be covering Roy more supporters. Fallen into somebody's lap. I held a long time ago. An earlier. As I pointed out, the original writing the washed and possible didn't make any sense that somebody told them about multiple teenagers. The teenagers didn't know each other as adults. They didn't know each other. With someone be someone new the names of all the women, the identities of all the women. But the women didn't know each other that smells of opposition research if I'm right or wrong. But CNN and Oliver their free to go dig into it through the reporters, I'm not a reporter, but then I'm going to stay. They went to sleep.
Right right, wing media and cast out a more sexual misconduct. Delegations- and this is I used to be a news organization scene and it's not a news organization. They don't write this stuff about liberals and our right to stuff about level. While we all ago allegations against Menendez by the way. But I mean they don't write this about. You know them monitoring, liberal media, liberal outlets. Fact in this peace there d level media the washed impose. It is a knee jerk reaction, no questions whatsoever about the time, In fact, if you ask about the timing there, something wrong with you now. This get to the issue of the liberality of the allegations of the veracity of the defence against the allegation, and I didn't say it did, but I did The timing of this is very, very strange, and it really is
pointing to discuss other things too. As soon as I return I'll be right back, now run- only underground in the bowels of a hidden somewhere under Britain steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader, everybody mark living here, our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one! Let me show you how this work It's very, very ugly, outlined very, very vicious out there. I will defend it. Anyone Then what have I? Mr Barroso? I just
Rather analyzes almost like adjure, she will. But here is a year in opinion: peace by aim the media colonists for the Washington Post of all places, Margaret Solomon, here's, the headline of peace, the ugly echo chamber of her. Did he and bright by his why women wait so long to report abuse so Kennedy and bright bar Why women wait so long report of youth. What happens is the live media in within a single newspaper, or you see the guy CNN, and these are they just. Unleashing their horns, unleashing unleashing unleashing, if you dont line up- and you don't get it- you know- and you don't get get this right from their perspective than you Stay Ripetta Celia New must paper thirty two year old. Eyes dating fourteen year old. You must favour,
abusing women. You must not want women to come forward its ass, such devious, evil, diabolical lying and propaganda. And the same level media outlets for decades, protected Hollywood for decades prevent protected TED Kennedy. Even today, protect men and women on Capitol Hill or predators, obviously they decide to pass a resolution against sexual harassment among themselves. They sought to protect them Clinton for years with a right Yonah despite the rape allegation, crash wanted a broader they trash carefully, unwilling they too, Ash, Paula Jones. When I go on down the list. Remember that How about Hillary Clinton is a paragon of womanhood, even though she led the war room tracking these women. We don't need she's from levels we do they like.
He's from liberal media outlets about how to treat women the vast majority of us. The overwhelming majority of us. With our mothers sisters, wives, daughters, we know how to treat women. I like members of the Senate, we don't eat at eighty sexual harassment, training course, but that's the way it works at Margaret Sovereign rights. Lee Kaufman mustard, her courage, although reluctant to go Public what she says happened to her at age, fourteen at the hands of Roy more. She decided it was important to tell her story so marked Solomon is made up her mind, she's the judge, she's a jury, that's fine, I'm just pointing it out I lied to point that out Margaret I prayed over, this Kaufman told the Washington Post
theory of opposed opinion, writer defending the Post news area right. Oliver just want to make Are you see? That's all I know is that I can't sit back and let this continue. Let him continue without the mass being removed, but that's not what happened. The post found her. She didn't come forward. She had three other women decided that the voters of Alabama had a right to know about the former Alabama Supreme Court judge you, after winning the republican primary appeared to be headed for you ascendancy. That's not what happened. They didn't aside this. The Washington Post decided to reveal them into contact them. That's what the post story said. Let's go on out there, we ward for this public spirited bravery. To be. Smeared is liars to be the
objects of vicious criticism about their private lives, there marriages the voices and bankruptcies and to be described as political. Also the Democratic Party Course Managua. Fifty three year old, consider customer service representative says she voted for republican candidates in the list the presidential elections. Yes, but Miss Gibson is a democrat operative. Again Sullivan, doesn't want us to discuss that you're. Not I don't know if you do know, you must hate women. You must be trying to trash people you must not want them to come forward at preposterous. This incident happened almost forty years ago. Goes. The outrage refrain. Why? these women only coming forward now, while I think that's a good question, here's a better question. She said Why would any other woman seeing what happened in the past week ever come forward again? Well, there's a lot of people coming forward, Miss Solomon throughout Hollywood, maybe you're not keeping track.
Maybe you failed to keep track? Are there any women at the Washington Post are afraid to come forward? And Solomon, do you happen to know if there's any sexual harassment at the wash them I'm not saying there is, I don't know. What's it to you the workplace in America? According to the left, where there isn't any, but don't Capitol Hill, which is it just a few. Ass from where you right, Miss Sullivan at the Washington Post cooperation they just. Passed a resolution condemning themselves to training because of apparently there the epidemic of sexual harassment. Let's go on to be the objects of vicious criticism about their private lives. Are marriages, divorces and bankruptcies. This incident happened almost ok Rebecca. She says: here's a better by question, rather This is exactly why women wait forty years since Gretchen cars in the former Fox NEWS host, who,
Tudor longtime glass, Roger Ass for sexual harassment, and I have to say I have to say. If some peace, a crap, laid a hand on my wife for years. She would slug them in four seconds. And she would tell me, in the whole world. Same with my mother what my daughter. You might say? Well, it's never happen to them. I'm telling you that a lot of a wooden, tolerate this sort of boorish, if not criminal behaviour. Simply would not an hour. Oh see and other. I'll. Stay local offices that look These matters are loaded with complaints, their filled with complaints.
Where women, and in some cases, men Forward and complain about sex throw harassment on the job it does happen. And it is reported in many many many many cases. So I want to point out that two Karlsson was responding not just to what more himself had said. I feel for Gretchen Karlsson. I really do they settle with her and so forth and so on. But I dont go to Gretchen Karlsson for advice on this stuff. She knows about as much of what took place or didn't take place with more Ladys, as I do, and you do so why she an expert on this. What does she know? I knew nothing about her situation. I know nothing about the situation regarding these ladys. I know nothing about the situation involving more its dropped in or out. And were asked to believe and some of us all.
I need to understand. I need to work through. I need a process if it goes on right. Part also gleefully claim last week that it out scooped posed by publishing Moors denial before the story. It's it was published, doesn't take an investigator reporting team to figure out who tipp them, given that more has been asked by the post for his response to its reporting so that it can be including this I see. So it's ok them. Solomon Unopposed want to know who tipped off bright bar. But if you You want to know who tipped off the Washington Post then. Obviously your against women. What did the right rip A bright by report is fine in Alabama. She writes virtually nothing, but they didn't keep the media company headed by former Trump strategies, perpetual bomb thrown more booster, Stephen K Ban boy. That's a mouthful Margaret! I guess we could say the Washington Post
The Democrats supporting Dog Jones Leftwing Bomb, throwing newspaper headed by business. From publishing screaming headlines like this one mother of Roy, more accused are washed imposed, reported convince my daughter to go public. Well, isn't that true. Isn't that true, isn't about what the story said that she You want to come forward, she didn't come for, but they washed and pose contacted. She did not go to them. They called her Kaufman's mother nature. Whilst how bright bar where women The recoil in horror- I guess she writes, is how post journalist committed treasonous acts of journalism. Nobody said you committed treasonous acts of journalism. Nobody said your committee. Journalism at all, since in journalism you heard about Remember you reporter heard about it. They can dig it up, they heard about it.
Ass. They persuaded their sources to go on the record, sometimes making the case that there is a greater good to be served. Ah now A little bit more from the opinion pages, and Margaret Sullivan that was and the original story, that the report is told them the women that there was a greater good to be served by coming public by that by going public. Let me go on. I don't turn the whole thing see where it gets a handy here there was great part alone in its eager victim blaming was their victim. Blaming people are trying to find out who the victims are Fox news has shown: how did he brought the network's legal and analyse Mercedes, Call went on his shoulder last women who accuse Powerful men saying that they mostly do it for money. There are victims creditors Hannity allowed having given more as pointed out time and emphasising their supposedly consensual nature very few and far between
one retorted, oh, that must mean Hannity- is a massage earnest who trashes women right Isn't that what we're supposed to believe this element W b. I may barely here in Birmingham, send a report to put the local people coming back with the news that they didn't believe the women's accounts, but they must all be creepy too. And bringing the trash enforcer- let's just where is the trash. Is this the evidence of the trashing? This is the trashing. Let me tell you: I can't speak for everyone, because I dont speak. To them- and I haven't read everything that everybody said, but aren't these ladys being treated with respect as they should be? I think they are You certainly are by me. I haven't heard anybody going out to trashing, the women are raising questions. The raising questions about timing, the question the fact of the Washington Post report.
If somebody being trashed here who, by all then bringing the trashing full circle ripe our offer these Sinclair owned mega What does Sinclair have to do with it? It is a conservative broadcaster who owns it in our Midst Sullivan Europe, a phone you're, a clown in Europe for and you're very devious. The way that you write, you truly are ignoramus using your your hate, this, your jaw, Mccarthy tactics. Bright bar offer these Sinclair own station a mega found with this headline Alabama ABC affiliate, can't find Voter who believes, why should impose report about Roy more in a man on the street segment? So what so? Well what it way pathetically stupid column.
Pathetically stupid com will you go out of your way, the trial? a stern argument very poorly, so I might add, to trash Hannity and bright bird on this. I don't agree with everything bright Bart right. I don't you see everything bright, Bart rights, but I'm looking at what you out Miss Solomon in its path. Eric, I don't see the smears. I don't see the women being shown disrespect. I see people trying to get information to try and draw conclusions. You not the only media outlets you now, whilst postal I not behind you and your editorial page in your three reporters. What we want to think for ourselves, but even more
Fourthly, the people of Alabama get to think for themselves. The people of Alabama get to make this decision. Not you, Margaret Sullivan, not your editorial page and not your reporters who just happened to hear about this. All for women who never met each other didn't know each other when they were teenage or as adults. You reporters heard, or a reporter heard about the four women from somebody when the four women ever heard about them He color thing is still very strange to me, and I would say there said Margaret Solvent does not say this in her media columnist, peace. If there are women at the Washington Post, who believe they ve been sexually harassed or sexually abused. You should come first,
Margaret Solomon and I agree on this. You should come forward and tell your story come forward and tell your story. I'll be right back then. The Washington Post, smear a MAC, dragging the drudgery ploy. Hi, claiming in essence that he's a propagandist for the Russians. One drudge links to far more washed impose stores, He's ever linked do most other sites. You ve got media matters, which is a front group for the left and Democrats which
Is again trying to take out Sean Hannity trying to boycott the advertisers seasoning that Foxfire him he's the highest raided housed on Any news channel on cable beating regularly Rachel Matter so they're doing MSNBC and Rachel matters bending their doing the democratic parties bidding on the left, spinning and their attacks exempt nonsense. If a charitable organisations. So in one day you have more Solomon who's up at I read, which is incoherent, but a hit job, you ve got Thea you ve got the same. Washington post the smear MAC Drudge. And then, of course, you have medium matters, which is the opposition research arm for the main Dream, liberal media, I guess it is the big live media feeding information and leading
Why carts and censorship campaigns and try like hell, take out Sean Hannity, demanding that Foxfire shown how ready for what? For what so this The totalitarian mindset that we're dealing with They don't want to gauge on a battle of ideas. They don't want. Engage on matters of principle aided by the way by the never trappers weekly standard and the meal never trappers at other sites who have completely abandoned their principles A completely abandon their principal because they're they're they're so furious, and they he can over their obsession, which one would drop again. They don't have to three were there trump does. I don't agree with everything trumped up, but I don't want to sabotage. Him. There's some things I wanted to get done. Very, very but so, which would help.
Country is a matter of fact. All this is going on today. All this is going on today, pretty remarkable. Let's see if we have time for real. Great caller, that's gonna marry bound broke New Jersey, the Great W Abc Go, I mark Ok, I love you, my Mary, so like you Hell afraid that we are becoming a failed state, can happen. I'm is everything. What is going on it seems like all of these. Coming out of the woodwork like what you gave your comment and attacking everything Have we rise in a progressive moment? It's the brass, remove every time you turn around. There's some trade
convey or belief system that's under attack and when you have something like desolate dropped in your lap and your bear to take a breath, Talk about it and look at it, your attack for that. I'll, be back so sanity remaining same world angel, calling now heading seven, seven, three one, three, eight one, one ones This time we had a slow Newsday now think about it for well over a year now, we ve been constantly Bombay Were breaking news? Fake news manufactured outrage Fortunately, the antiquated networks continued only cover this with their predictable bias and dangerous agendas. Such tighter, their game
Looking for a strong on his voice outside the mainstream media that look no farther than Levine TV, and see our tv in tv. One of the programmes carried by our conservative review tv network see our tv was created to be different. To be better. No other network provides more of the people. You trust the content. You seek the viewing experience you deserve which shows like live in tv in the woods with so Robertson, Michel Mark and investigates louder crowd or just to name a few you'll get a fresh perspective and unfiltered assessment of the issues at a truly important EU states to cut the core they all guard join the sea, our tv media revolution. Gotta, see our tv dot com and start your free trial and get access to every show. That's your tv offers that sea art
Maybe that com or you sitting in your car one, should pick up his cell phone right now and give us a cop eight for four Levine TV, eight for four l e g, I and Tv We have a great live in tv tonight as a matter of fact, and I go over the tax issues and I want to talk a little bit about that. Right now. Said the other day yesterday and I want to repeat it today been yesterday was Fridays today Monday? Yes, so let me repeat it now: I want House built to fail, and I want the Senate build a fail. These are not serious tax cuts. It's not serious tax reform, the internal cobalt internal revenue. Cutter will remain hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of pages, with thousands of pages and regulations. Hats for one number two: this is not an across the board slashing of taxes. It six, a one half a dozen of the other,
the only slashing of taxes occurs on corporate side and I support them from thirty five percent to twenty percent. But then but then individuals, So called middle class, so called upper middle class, so called upper class or to subsidize the tax cuts for the corporation point: five billion a trillion dollars in tax cuts; one point: five trillion dollars intact: that's over a period of years through hundred billion dollars of which essentially are on the individual side. One point: two trillion on the corporate site: that is preposterous. Preposterous and then they claim this is the biggest tax cuts in american history. Many of you will not be able to adopt the property tax. Did you pay on your homes or the state income taxes.
Which is very, very important here. So while they may reduce your tax rate slightly by eliminating or significantly curtailing that deduction. The tax rate is effectively going up another with the tax rate. Your pay will effect, will it be higher the tyre they have studies and at the end The person within your group- I don't know about you, but when I type pay taxes on that in a group sit down with a sepia, because I can't figure it out. I've never been go with numbers, let alone the eternal The new code- and I certainly don't want to sign anything under penalty of perjury so scared, the hell out of your number one number two warehouses streamlining the taxpayer. It doesnt, streamline anything what happened to the fair tax or the flat tax. What happened to filing your tax return on a single page, I'm not talking about people who don't pay taxes and then get so called
he finds for not paying taxes. Ladies and gentlemen, fifty percent of the people in this country who work are not paying a net federal income. Tat tat is an outrage. Sixty percent of them are paying enough Or five percent forty percent of us carrying the wait for the entire country further Entire welfare state we are, though, if you are burdened with that our children are the ones who are burdened with it. Our grandchildren are the ones who are burdened with forty percent. Us carry the weight for sixty percent and its even worse, its even worse, the vast plurality Have individual income taxes paid by the top five percent many of you, Well, that's not me another that many of you are in the top five percent. You may not know it, but you are. They have seen the
groupings in categories. They ve used language to deceive your man in the middle class. Actually many of you are not in the middle class anymore,. Many of you are not, and so were told. This is the biggest tax cuts in american history. We are creating a new top rate, the creating a new top right. A forty five point: six percent. For an individual who earns over a million dollars in a couple over one point to my last grow them. I don't know that, for many of them are small businessmen and women who do not files corporations, they file is proprietors,
they put filing compact form, like many of you do, they're gonna get clobbered, they're gonna get slammed clobbered and slammed, and what about then competing? What about the difficulty? They're gonna. I reject the house proposal about away. Let me just Agora, because the media keep shoving microphones in their faces. Over of Republicans now,. Asking them about rely more, they now shut microphones in the face of Democrats, asked them about bomb and endless. Why is that? While we know why I'm back so. I understand that this would be a political setback for the president, but I'm not interested in political setbacks, political progress, political, this political, that the present- Should get involved in a directly the prison should control this process the way rang, and if you leave it
These dunderheads he's not gonna heads in Congress is what you get, but my fear if it does pass either the plants. That will be an enormous setback for the Republican Party and conservative generally. And I'm very troubled at allotted conservatism Congress for speaking out against this. I know they call Uncle won a victory. I know they do. I don't blame them, then propose something that he can celebrate and actually have a victory over This isn't it. I was there during the ragged tax cuts. I was in the administration. I lived through that many of you did. This is not that This credit- I know it's amazing, Jake Tapir over their CNN. He had on the Treasury secretary, he liberal Democrat. From Goldman Sachs New York. Looking out for the little guy with Jake TAT.
I got one go. I want to point to the fact that credit from keeps saying that this is the biggest tax cuts in his. So we, to find a way that this is true, but it's not as if you look at the tax could build. As far as a percentage of gross domestic product, it will be the largest. If you look at it and inflation adjusted dollars over the fourth largest. If you look at it dollar for dollar. It would be. Third largest, isn't anymore since then, I have actual debates when discussing these things. Was he just commented? There's lots of different ways of looking at it. This will be the largest change since President Reagan. Farthest change the largest change to the tax system and the largest cuts since Reagan to the tax system think about it. At the beginning, I think one of our biggest tax haggling for thirty five percent. The twenty percent in corporate taxes, if that's not the biggest tax. To make our businesses competitive. What is the past her right, gonna be the lowest rate since the night.
In thirty six, but you may not give me that's not you're, making practical arguments that are different from what president trumps it always on the biggest exploiting this, for it is the biggest tax cutting history on mostly every single part of the time, no, its not in why you keep lying. If you want the biggest tax cut in american history than offer the biggest tax cut in american history, if you're not. After the biggest tax cuts in american history than stop saying you are you're, creating a top racket, atop ragged of mine, a forty. I point six percent and when you out and three point eight percent on the Obamacare tax payers in German Fifty percent on some of our fellow citizens, let's not good, even if you're a class warfare warrior even. You're jealous of other people. That's not good Republicans in my house, and send it in a republican president. You're, actually gonna kick the top right through really Two percent, when you throw the Obamacare tax and if those
people living in blue states have by choice this is where they were raises, where their businesses is desire, this is where their homes are global Europe, punish them because they may have the, fortunate circumstance of living under blue eyed dictatorships? If you will now that's not the way, a tax cuts supposed to work so that states and It's about individuals. And I'll. Tell you something else, ladies and gentlemen: the purpose of taxes. What is the purpose? The purpose of taxes, ass to combat hold a lot more. You and I are funding an ideology. Redistribution of wealth stick to the rich. Stick to this, give it to that. That's all progressive, bs the fund, whatever the government wants to do that, is you I being taxed, those of us who actually pay taxes you and I, Attacks the fund, the progressive agenda in addition to the constitutional aspects where we're being
The fund. I hold a lot more, you and I are funding an ideology. Redistribution of wealth, stick to the rich. Stick to this, give it to that. That's all progressive bs. So much of what you learn, which is covered data by the government, go to the military, doesn't go to roads and bridges doesn't go to them the FBI and all the rest of it. It goes somebody else through Son Department, through some programme, wind up in their bank accounts, they didn't learn it their family dinner. It went on talking about well beyond, while beyond helping people to get a leg up. I'm talking about endlessly. Finding them day in and day out year in and year out, decade, they gave out. It's the right
distribution model we're going brought doing at you and I are paying enormous taxes for so we never have that debate, which is why keep say noticed. We never discuss what the cut in the government never so Jake Tapir was as good as it gets to the point to that point, but he didn't have the other point. Your raising taxes, weren't, you cutting spending your slashing taxes for corporation, but your raising taxes on people who own home And I don't know about you, ladies and gentlemen, Certainly over the years when I purchased a home a residence, you look at The entire liar. You look at ok. What's my mortgage? What's the interest? What's the property taxes, then you look at the net already deducted. I did not that ok, I can afford the home if all over, suddenly going to say the truth is limited and you can't deduct the property tax and by the way, if Ebay, state income tax, you can't do that.
They're gonna, kill the housing market. There's really gonna hurt it this really gonna hurt many of you. Yes, but here in this group, nodded at a group. I pay my mortgage. I pay my taxes. This isn't a group event say better pay attention, this you'd, better pay attention is very poor And I'm taking the position, I don't care what position anybody else takes that these proposals need to be killed better to have the tax system we have which is a disaster. Then I have one that's a double disaster. I'll, be right back, then
how many of you live in red states, how many of you own homes and with how many were mortgages? How many of you pay interest on your mortgage enrichment? How many of you pay property taxes and red states? How many of you pay sales State income, taxes and red states. This thing we're not gonna subsidized a blue stage. I don't but you, ladies and gentlemen, but my property taxes on my home and slaughter are much higher than my property. Taxes on my home region and Florida is aim, is a nominally red state. But again this is the propaganda. The Washington is going to rise,
now. The point is we're dealing with individuals and theres many many people, conservative republican Sulivan, red states who own homes and pay property taxes. But the Senate has their way the Republicans in the Senate. If they have their way, you will not be able to detect them on your federal income tax return, and yet, when you purchased your home, that was one of the things you took into consideration now. This word subsidize we're talking. Like Marxists left this now nobody subsidizing you that money is your money. It just means your pay a little less to the federal government- and this is my point from point one, which is the point of taxation, is to fund the legitimate activities of the federal government not to redistribute well. Let us support the prey
as of ideology, and this is what most of our money goes towards. Most of our money doesn't go to the military. Most of our money doesn't go to federal highways. Most of our money goes to a mass, a welfare state and redistribution of wealth. The progressive enterprise Oh, my god, you have a couple. Deductions like property taxes were subsidizing. You in the blue states now you're, not subsidizing any by that the money that belongs to the people who actually make this country work. Moreover, people in red states own homes to people and red states pay property taxes to the can we get caught up in the
propaganda. I refuse to any gonna happen here, no way, both these bills in a word sack but don't worry mark they haven't actually come to a conclusion. You know what they're doing. Oh, then we should wait till they do then it's too late, then it's too late. You know my fellow patriots you for me talk about AIM, ACT, the association and mature american citizens and the conservative efforts on the hill the day, macros also your resource for all things Medicare now that they Medicare annual election period is here is the perfect time to visit a MAX website at W W W that a MAC that? U S, if you're searching for a Medicare plan, the meter needs a MAC. Senior resources network is a great pity.
To start with access to multiple, a raided insurance companies. A MAC is able to deliver to you choices more than that a MAC has knowledgeable licensed agents. Who will take the time to answer all your questions, explained your options and help you choose a plant. Its future individual needs, personalized, Medicare guidance from the license, certified professionals plus the ability to choose what right? For you. Another reason why a MAC as better, don't wait. The Medicare annual election period runs through December seven. Then it's over speak to a trusted licensed a MAC agent to discuss your personal needs, learn more W w w that aim. Acta? U S! Hats W w! W got a. I see that you S Sosa Atlanta, Georgia, on the mark, Levanter go bankrupt like I'm a cop, I'm I'm convinced
Republicans excessively Y know. I do not want the majority, because within Majority to actually do something they would prefer to sit back and April, caviar, guerriere parties, only salaries and say we can't do it. Could we don't have the majority time limit we need time limits as the only thing that will fix. Well, guess what you can't get term limits through statutes, the Supreme Court ruled you need to have a constitution. For a moment, and I can assure you, you're, not gonna, get two thirds of house members and two thirds of Senate members to propose a term limits, amendment to the states, the ratified by three fourths of the legislature convention. The only way, listen country. The only way you can get term limits is re convention of states meeting under article five That's how you get term, let our I'd Susan. I appreciate your call very much while two hours are gone already:
man all manischewitz? We got one big power for our left. And I'll be right back. Now let me underline the bowels of the hidden somewhere under Britain, steel of nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader. Can anybody mark Levine here? I number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eighty, seven, seven, three, eight one, three one one! now. Let me show you as a factual matter. How Democrats react. When one of their own is under the gun.
When one of their own has been indicted on multiple federal criminal charges on that site, Senator Menendez is guilty of juries gonna design right now, the jury's deadlock, which means he could be tried again. If that's how it stays. A crisis being tried in a dynamic, county with I'm gonna know that, but that said he's accused of selling Let her go legislative favours in exchange for vacation trips gives valuable not at all for decades. Has been indicted man's on trial. The Democrats say he needs to get out. These are very, very credible accusations by very credible prosecutors. Multiple accusation, multiple charges over a period of time, all kinds of heaven,
He needs to get out and if you won't get out, we should expel him. We gardener said Mendez should be expelled. No, Mitch. Mcconnell said he should resign or be expel, no Lindsey Grand Lindsey Grim, testified on Behalf Menendez at his trial was a character windows, so was coy Booker. Krispijn, HOLLAND, selected the centre recently was a house memorable, longstanding isa, leftist, firmer footing this area mouth and Chris, while as to his credit, but the question yesterday, at nine, go on talking about allegations. A jury in New Jersey is right now, considering not allegations but charges.
Political corruption, against democratic senator Bondman end as if that jury, conviction That's it! I'm not allegations that a convention should he stepped down. Chris Hee Hee we're gonna, leave this decision to the jury and I'm not gonna get ahead of the game. Can I get ahead of this game now go ahead or on the jury will look at the facts. Just like people in Alabama will have to look at the FAO. People in Alabama have to look at the facts, but I just thought everybody said that more. Resign more guilty that the his alleged she's worse than the. The more should be expelled if the people of Alabama do decide go ahead. I have to render a decision, and I can speculate about what the outcome of that jury decision, that it is rather a
all right, then we have little Dick Durban of the great state of Illinois. The stated Lincoln has split up a Dick Durban. And he was on CNN yesterday and Jake Tapir Hats to Jack, that's good, but the question the Durban cut Tango. If your calling senator Bob Menendez New Jersey, Democratic, is convicted on the corruption charges is on trial right now of a jury tell the liberating? Will you vote to expel him? not gonna get into the hypotheticals on either in these situations is he's not anodyne, we're not getting a hypotheticals here brother he's charged he's being tried. If he's convicted, will you vote to expel My question in a non answer: go ahead there most, move before that, when all is said and done, the dominant, as will be returning to side representing the state of New Jersey, allow you hopeful if he's guilty,
but I mean this is how the Democrats protect thorough and there's no, Republican out there are demanding that the Melendez resign. My one now one. Eleven Tom Perez, the Aegean Sea chair he's a rather low some individual. He was unable to seize this week with Martha rabbits. Cut eleven go They say in corruption, charge of the trial of New Jersey, Senator Bondman and as if he is found guilty, do you think he should We will wait and see what happens. The jury has not spoken yet ledges, haglund slowly. We gonna, wait and see what happens here. Let's not, let's not the job. The conclusions he made. The man's indict. Isn't that it matters not say he's guilty, but is indicted for any step down based on our own man. Are you understand due process to press? What do you think this? Alabama, none on another new Jersey, all well and good. Here, let's just let the system work, let the Jew! You decide.
What about an Alabama? Let the people decide! Now I don't get to decide. We get to decide but surely resign if he's got a jury has spoken out. So I don't like there's a lot of questions. Were questioned career. He dared to unravel quietly when questions are as high as you do as one of questions, and I know they ass one of questions. Oh yes, let's see here, what, if questions, methods the Republicans coming out now, they're they're, all behind Luther. Strangely people of Alabama enough behind Luther Strange, our friend pad to me he says the strange would be a strong candidate. The colonel things Luther Strange will be a strong candidate when when the Mitch Mcconnell speaks or an hatches there ah
to catches every syllable? He agrees. Lose a strange, bigger Luther strangely restrain. This is why so many people, including in our Burma, repulsed by this whole thing. They don't bring up my Brooks Remo. Now because Brook says he would vote against Mcconnell to be the leader of the Republican by while it can have em it's our buddy Luther strange. He was rich, These are gonna glucose, good guy he's a good guy. That course lose their was caught up in all kinds of ethics issues. Involving the former governor. There were some question about what he did with the former Governor in order to get the position of the United States Senate lots of quest, Japan, but you know it's ok, though accusations are illegitimate. Besides the Washington Post will bring them up. So it's ok, it's ok,
look there's our man. If he can't do it, no one can pathetic top pathetic. I want to get to this issue. I have never discussed fuck off so often on his shop over the last year, or so this guy Roderick Adele around with Jerry Jones strongly on this. This Roderick down needs to go he's a disaster this guy's demanding your problem today. Already today have you seen it Mr producer here, forty nine point, five million dollars a year, he wants lifetime use of a private check and lifetime Healthcare covered
As he knows, a wino Obama cares killing elsewhere. So he wants these billionaire owners, the papers, healthcare and his family the rest time. And these details are leaking out. This guy has now made about two hundred million dollars as commissioner, and which I think about them. And soon it will be a quarter of a million dollars. As commissioner of the National for Bali, which is die In part, thanks to him stay him. This jerk we in the community early community in our community, community member that anyone remedy precedent, the community air community.
And so this guy wants private jet for the rest of his life. He wants lifetime health insurance for whose family in him Anyone forty nine point: five million dollars a year worth every penny. Don't you think In my view, we oughta have his ass, kick right out of the NFL. Well? Here's a piece in the near Post, NFL owners discuss locally option to banish Jerry go as, pensions continued amount over the innovative measures, contract extension sum of Joneses Well, a billion or owners have had enough of a sideshow antics, reportedly looked into the so called nuclear option, a witch polarizing seventy five year old, could forfeit his beloved cowboys franchise. I'm gonna tell you this If these liberal owners, like Floriano, Murphy's behind it, but jerks like him. An eagle, saying that he's the only the Eagles, I can't stand this guy big live.
Huge live, a handful of these goofball lives in the NFL. Of course,. MIKE, I say, I've met no the Washington Redskins only dance tonight. Oh he's a patriot debate, and I mean patriot, knowing when patriots I mean a patriot. But this guy lorry sorry Philly, I'm from Philly what a complete, there. I said it anyway, so. Jerry Jones. You standing up to this is allowed his polarize. An insider tells pro football talk. Multiple owners have converse, About the possibility, which is highlighted in article Senate, seven of the NFL constitution and by laws of taking his team away from a fee, doesnt sharp and set out,
but you should do Jerry taken me. That's right, say I get My speech around here to my back, I'm an owner through the x a plan b, would likely result in years and decades of lawsuits upon lawsuits the possibility of Jones losing his prize franchise, which his answers eighteen. Eighty nine is the result of his speculative invited issues specula. Indeed environment, of the public bashing Vienna fell through Papa John C, O John Schnapps. The league sponsored pizza I grew since twenty ten ripped NFL leadership retaining their national anthem protest, blaming declining rating Decrease as well, I happened to be true, so what and they do now is threatened Jones and silence jobs, because he's one of a handful of owners who actually makes sense. I'm gonna Toby. They rested
the following is going to be sending you and me a signal if they extend this idiot Fidel's contract. Forty nine point, five per I'll make a deal. You wanna hear this, MR produce I'll. Do it for twenty million a year And I don't need a private jet and I'll take her my own healthcare I'll. Do it for twenty million, twenty million a year for five years. That's all that's all twenty million a year for five years once had a hundred million ok hundred million. With the new tax brackets and all the rest I can live on that I can live on. This guy wants fifty million. What did I say? Twenty, my I'll take twenty million here, and you know what I do a job a thousand times better than this guy thousand times better. And whilst I watch in football again to what do you think of that, what do you think of that and I would know how to deal with the players union.
Ah, yes, I would. Yes, I would. So there the offers I had there I'll be right back then, I know the source at the considered, is reporting bizarre other media, which the attorney General Jeff Sessions is in fact considering a special counsel for the uranium scandal. I think they would be outstanding. We're gonna have special council. Then, let's have special. And, among other things, that special council must have as part of its sir Follow the investigation of former FBI director Mahler and his role former FBI director commune his role
A former Obama administration, intelligence officials, Thea be, among others, Brennan and Clapper the roles of honey they had and, of course, Hillary Clinton and Eric holder goes further. Higher levels of the Obama administration when you're talking about the transfer of twenty percent of the control. America's uranium and giving it to a fusion front state run russian company. That is the biggest sell out of America in american history, and I know This is a very complicated for the liberal media, very complicated for the washing. Compost maniacs lives, the constipate it was network sl I stay. I understand they want ignore the story, but it's big news, whether they think so or not.
Let's hope that happens. Under these circumstances, they want special council. Let's give a special council. MAC, green males, Marilyn, the great w em a I'll go market as great a talk here. The pleasure or long term was where first time collar. Thank you, sir. I wanna talk. Tax reform would be a little bit. I completely agree with, with all their heard, about the tax reform bill, put forth by the Republicans? One thing I want to mention is we talked about the duchess quite a bit and how they hurt people like me and other families in the country I don't want you to take account of the need to simplify the tax could take. Does the agri large tax cuts to happen, but it is Is there really limit? Let me tell you something: the Dutch, your property tax deduction doesn't complicate the internal revenue. That's not what complicating the internal revenue could what's complex.
The internal revenue code is the way they treat corporation, most of can file individual income tax return, its relatively simple? Isn't it those who go to work each day. There are the peril that actions are taken up where's left? You know some people than their taxes honour and I can cause I'm an idiot. I just America would members and I dont want to screw up and make a mistake, as I will be targeted, so just get old standard, I hire sepia help me out, but that setting- my taxes are not complicated in that sense, and yet there, There are hundreds and hundreds of pages and thousands of pages when you include regulations in there and that's what standing growth and so were, but not if yours, at least deductions. You know we need to simplify the cat. If they really want to simplify it and they want a flat tax rate for everybody, or they want a sales tax under the fairest. I am all for it because most people will see
taxes go down, but they're not going to do it and they won't do it because they are revenue of test and by revenue obsessed I mean they are spending so much money even where they were who can president and Republican Congress layer spending so much money that adding enormous sums to the debt. The problem is, I don't care how fast your grow this economy, despite what the supply sides, I say I don't care how much they they it'll around with a tax code. If you don't start slashing spending and including reform Entitlements and getting the well, first date under control in the end. None, this is gonna man, it's just not gonna matter. All the pollyanna is out there for growth for growth, but if you control the growth of government somehow some way I mean even Milton
Raymond made the point: we should limit the growth of government to pursue a percentage of GDP, my recollection As he said, seventeen percent could be. Seventy Seventeen have sixteen percent. That's plenty of money, the GDP right now about seventeen point. Six trillion hours, seventeen point six trillion mouth, but they will not do it and the Republicans Wilma doing, and Paul rides on Sunday show sound, sending likes insolvency and Bernie Sanders your little deduction, which has had painted option to individuals and families for property taxes and state income taxes. Is it what's making the difference? It isn't what's making the different anyway? I appreciate your call. I gotta take a break at the bottom of the sea, Ladies and gentlemen, I shall return
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Has been your father, your grandfather, your uncle or for yourself, I think it's a great shared Ives There really really comfortable and their beautiful they're beautiful e T, shirts back home, Slash, l e g. I am Levin. Let's go to the collar Shelly, dana- I was City Iowa, Syria Satellite, go rupture when first I explained culture of drivers, earlier through because of all the actions that we rely on, like four p m. Being able I think, our medical everything mainstreaming end up. Making the truck driver make the taxes, where a lot of the truck drivers law and finally, the different Professional America Wall stop in that way. You know about that
a good deal, but especially for the truck drivers. The second truck driver, whose call me about this, and, I believe, that's correct. You see, these have intended and unintended consequences if they would, slash taxes across the board in your body and give everybody real, effective rate relief, lower rates. If they're not going to do a flat tax or the fair Colleagues, this is the way you do. As I say, as Reagan did it work was the greatest most broad based tax cut in american history. I, my friend, I appreciate your call very much. There is breaking new. Ladies and gentlemen, and here it is from the Daily Collar America. So Maniacs, limes chalk, Ross. John Podesta John Podesta, was there I'm paying German for Hilary Rotten Clinton met with you.
In GPS, founder after trumped dossier was published here we go, hunting campaign, German John Podesta met with a founder, opposition research firm behind the Trump those yea just after the dirty document, was published earlier this year, According to a new report in the New York slides The regulation is significant because Podesta, a long time a democratic operative recently, all the Senate Intelligence Committee that he did not know who paid for the research programme, Fusion GPS, can produce the dossier which Buzzfeed published on China it can now, let's take a step back. The general Council of the Hillary Clinton campaign. Was the bag man, the Gulf between the lawyer, who got the funding his love for him. He and his love her from me
no replied the campaign in the day and see he made the payments. He retained fusion GPS now wait out John Podesta. They can't paint chairman of they Hillary Clinton for President Committee. Yes, he met afterwards with the opposition research founder after they trump dossier was published earlier this year. The revelation is significant because by death is this long time democratic, operative and a soul? It produces told the next lines that he met with Glenn Simpson, the founding pot Fusion gps to compare notes? about Russia's meddling in the election, but does does associate. The nearest limes, that's Simpson, a fusion gps. Was considering whether his friends should continue its investigation of transfer. Alleged ties. Are Russia, the time
Report does not say whether Podesta and Simpson discuss the Glen campaigns. Involvement in the dossier, while I would add this. Why would they be right the stranger they didn't supporter last month that Perkins Coy you know it's coy, but I dont care the law for him. Represented the Clinton campaign, a Dnc hired you, and GPS enable twenty sixteen to investigate Trump, fusion hired former British by Christopher Steal that June to investigate trumps activities in Russia, and it goes on I have said, ladies and gentlemen, over and over again, what's at the bottom of this, what's at the bottom of this, is that they, Hillary Clinton, campaign in the b and C users bag. Man mark allies. This lawyer, who work for this law firm to higher ticket hey Infusion GPS. It in turn routinely floor. A British by the aims.
Whenever it is this by Christopher Steel who work with Kremlin operatives to produce this thirty, I'd pay smear job on drugs and it only by me and others. As I said you weeks, weeks and weeks ago that document served if not the primary source a source in triggering the FBI, investigation, Trump World putting, I believe, requests by the bicycle judge for I warrant, a secret warrant towards tap that is, they serve out. Their tribe world aspects are the Trump world individuals in the trunk world. If this is true You understand what I'm saying what I've been saying since March. That means ACE presidential candidate, The opposition party, the president in charge of the administration Obama, will have you.
The instrumentality of federal law enforcement, federal law in force. The survey on the spot, if you will the republic and candidate for president of the United States? This is a big deal. And I understand that- allows the thugs the buffoons in the media wished to dismiss this, busy in Alabama right now. You are stan- and I understand that- that's exactly what they are these guys they're from CNN Fat, little cowboy ignoramus and are so many of them. So many of them organism the onus is we ve stayed on this for months and months and months and months. I think we have here, if not the greatest
and one of the greatest scandals in american history, along with the uranium scam, tried to keep track that we will keep track that the republican candidate for present the United States was survey held by the Obama administration in part, if not mostly, because. The work of fusion GPS, which was funded by the Hillary Clinton campaign in the decency, to cut down to its basis And now we know John Podesta met with fusion GPS found after the Trump dossier was published. I don't know I haven't. I don't know who pay I dont know. I may know everything.
They know everything and the report now is a Jeff sessions- is considering a special council to investigate the uranium scandal. I wish they would use that special counsel to investigate the uranium scandal and The dossier scandal, uranium scanner and the dossier skin should, I repeat it- I don't think I well that'll become annoying now, let's take some more call showing looking over there anything else I wanted to get to today. I think I hit motion I'll come: let us go to Larry which talk hands is serious: satellite trucker. How are you, sir? I'm fine mark? Are you at my pleasure? Thank you, sir. I just wanted to thank you. Are you do bars? I've learned everything. I know that the consultation and legal
these from you have lived for years. Your ears everything I need to know I get from you. I've learned more than ever learned and skill of law from you. I really appreciate yet I'm out here when I listen to you, I, like you- The guys I like anarchy in that area. The man, while you're very kind of my body to about away. There's an organization funded by leftists and Democrats, which has received data, acts exempt status from the IRS that, as I speak, is trying to have Hannity pushed off the Fox NEWS Channel, trying to destroy him and they ve been working on this for months and months and months and the groups called media matters. What do you think about the item? Am I have heard about him before at yeah bridges there, this left wing liberals, general cook, undertake psycho
the lashes mentality, don't you think trying to shut people down. Destroy them rather than engaging debate? Yes, I pay. Another thing might do. Senator from state gases are supporting Mcconnell again drawing more. I despise that much congressmen Senators, don't do anything for ass. Now, even apart from more they're, both lightweight she got there. Roberts slipped back in and he's really the senator from Alexander Virginia way lives. Ninety eight percent of the time. And you got decided guy Moran or a k moron, and No you're right there, laptops. I Larry thank you for your car and thank you for what you do bringing us all. But is there we need cross the country, all you truckers out there. I love you. Thank you.
Scioto Karen Tuscaloosa, Alabama home of the great tide. The great number one We are so proud of them, and also Nor did we talking to you and thank you enjoyed a law southern. They are their number one go ahead, I'm sorry! I now I never thought I'd be grateful. Auburn guy sat And by the way, I wasn't even close, It was not even closer where you are interested to see what happens in the next couple weeks. But thank you for having me on ideas may make some comments about the judge I'm a worse situation, and then I do think it is pertinent that initially I did support with a strange, but now that dredge more is our candidate. I would give my support to him and you were percent correct your first hour when you said that one thing good
stay about them. I do not like, and we can see, is this double standard and the fact that that other people, the fact that you could accuse it again? You couldn't crime and you don't have to produce proof. Second of all that that the sum I interpret that differently than others and the fact that the people in this it about Burma. Look that differently order and to determine ourselves and you're not going to end actually have due process and just to make folks here, even more angry. I mean even Wiener member winner. Yes many photographs of the same name they gave. The benefit of the doubt, the left- you know they had they- they took off after N Andrew Bright Barton and the bright side and mark them, and so.
And so on, and it turns out it was wieners wiener we leave while the ability to get, facts and to determine for ourselves you're going to going to end- and I think, if there's really any effective effort, should he be elected to expel Not only do I think- and I agree with the napoletano on this one manly- do I think that Son Constitutional based on a supreme Court this although the court can do it ever wants a shouldn't, but could I say that that they will do further damage to the republican Party? The republican establishment and Mitch, Mcconnell and gardener in all these reports. They don't know any more or less than you and I are correct. You don't they don't know any more or less than you and I know they're all run for the hills. Fine, and for the hills, my least, have some integrity in your pushing guys out there.
Well, expel him! Don't you want to get? The fact seems to me please elected then the Senate, or the least the Republicans in the Senate, could could carefully examined what took place and choristers Napoletano point is correct. You really can hold them to account. Four things that took place before he was elected when he wasn't a senator, so there The bottom line is Mcconnell, doesn't want this guy and whether this took place or not become I don't want the guy it so he's not exactly objective about this Karen. Thank you so much for your car. We'll be right back then Shopping online has its plazas also comes with risks,
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These professional fans, which one is it one of the cable companies, does it I think, are you professional, yes, francs and professional football. Think I'm gonna jeez what I heard that before no offense nonsense, Nathan, Colorado Springs Colorado, they grow Cavy O Argo Mark hey first ass. I want to say that my wife, always wonders why I'll see you in she's telling When I tell her you, like I tell you know what it's good to have. Somebody else speak strongly about what I believe, because I I'll have a bigger audience, and it's good to have somebody else being strongly to me for what I believe in. As I can more than five or ten. People about what I think about Nathan, I want you to call tomorrow, but tell your life, the ingredients for this
Cows success is simple brilliance match with passion at all Temper Nathan. Thank you. My brother. We salute all you. Heroes have their ok, see on live in tv in two minutes, I'll see right here on the radio tomorrow, goblets.
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