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On Tuesday's Mark Levin show, one of the greatest dangers to this country is the media. We can’t get the truth to our fellow citizens; they decide what to focus on and what to ignore. There are very few stories on sheriffs in counties doing what needs ...

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Now run only underground the bowels of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader by Mark Levine. Here our number Seven: seven three, eight one three eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three one We ate one once I wanted upon analogous this morning, good guy, he says. Well, I gotta tell you said so. What you'd pneumonia pneumonia.
Yes, your left along the lower lobe, and so that's the story that we press ahead so like I'm, Breakin rocks microphone, but are from a little short of breath, coughing here and there I hope you will bear with me. I think one of the greatest dangers to this country, quite frankly, is the media, the media. We can't get the truth to our fellow citizens. The media decides what the focus on.
He decides what to ignore. Very few stories are very sporadic on these sheriffs, Missouri and Texas in Florida, who actually doing what I believe needs to be done to protect our students in our schools as best as a human being can, and that is putting train armed, innovate I was in high school president wants to allow the Bundestag find. I like em all worked up about it, but I have no consequence just walk and as we talk about at the time, if I'm stocks can be handmade making our warm all they want fairly the varies and make so some people will be happy. Keep hearing levels call up and say you don't need thirty.
You don't need ten rounds, you don't need fifteen rounds. And, as I have said over, the years has been repeated by others without footnotes. Of course, it's the bill of rights, not the bill of needs, its the bill of rights, it's not the bill of need and the solutions that Washington comes up, whether these other folks, just her pathetic. Absolutely pathetic how many people lost their lives last year, an automobile accident, thirty seven thousand. Now killings last year and by and by the way, not all with guns.
And out all by strangers- quite the contrary, big chunk without guns, the big chunk by husbands, wives, family members and so forth, with seventeen thousand two hundred and fifty reported in twenty sixty. So I don't get me wrong, but thirty, seven thousand people died in their cars And part of the reason, so many people die in car accidents, because the lotteries, but certainly part of it, is physics. The EPA exactly branch with the support of Congress continues to make cars and trucks lighter and lighter and life to meet. These cafe standards were put in place, a nineteen seventy when old, OPEC, the arab nations.
The cartel, with driving up the price of gas, only like everything else, the federal government does they never surrendered care facing this matter. Fact it's not become part of the illogical left. A gene drive people out of vehicles. They use gasoline. Into electric vehicles, but you have to plug into a war and generate energy using gasoline, among other things,. Twenty time the federal government Micro manages things, lots of people are harmed, lots of people are hurt, lots of people are killed. And nobody wants an answer from politicians who lay despise the media keeps saying what is Donald Trump going to do,
My mother was along it all. They said he was mentally deranged. Have a bunch of liberal historian thing is the worst president over Shanghai Stupid, they are James became was by far the worst president ever, but that's homer. Are we trying to these same politicians who we do not trust, who screw up I'll scare? You screwed up immigration of screwed up the bower who screwed up our debt for answers on protecting our children? Whatever happened, appearance protecting their children. Whatever happens, local schools controlling what goes on a local schools well, when I'm allowed even talk about anywhere you want here. This is.
Russian a most of the national tv networks and you can see them publicans buckling in their surrogates in the media buckling. There has to be something we can do in Washington. There has to be something we can do here is literally nuts You can do in Washington all the action on this that the most local level, the school building. They have communities in this country which are very left wing, including in southward, including most metropolitan areas. And you'll hear them talk about what we don't: wanna militarized our schools, it s easier for them to talk about gun control,.
I just saw a news report saying there were one hundred children from the School District Ford and Tallahassee loving for gun control, one hundred children. Now I'm. Tell you. One hundred children is more than ninety nine children, but one hundred children is not a lot and they are getting massive national attention. And I want to say something to my colleagues in this business and radio and have said it before these children might be misguided. They might be brainwash, they might be indoctrinated, they might think the right stop. Trashing In fact, stop trashing millennials stop trashing young people, they didn't Craig
Over two hundred trillion dollars an unfounded lie. We did that created. Twenty one trillion our debt, the Republicans just added to that we did. We call them on made in creating that are forced to pay and do like pansy schemes, the Republicans and Democrats in the present. I don't want to reform them. We did that they didn't create our current immigration policies with open borders. We do that bathing cut a deal with a ram, giving them a hundred and fifty billion hours.
I am sure that I can go to war with us with Israel with the Gulf States, the arab states. We do that they didn't eviscerate, the United States, military, smarter fact matter of fact. We have hundreds and hundreds of thousands of volunteers and Oliver Military Service either all young people, the vast majority of them, are millennium. I'm sick and tired of people sitting on there ass a microphone or in front of the television cameras telling us what's wrong with the next generation, those tenured marxist professors in colleges and universities.
He put them there. We created the tenure system, we gave them union protection, the students didn't those students who have to take out mass of laws on order just to get a for your college education. We did that by driving up the cost of these empires. These universities and colleges. The unravelling of our constitution so in many respects we live in a post constitutional period, these children, in do this. Millennials didn't do this. We did it so the site, the Mony slobbering, bleeding heart sanctimonious from conservative writers, conservative broadcasters, conservative politicians about young people in this country is appalling to me. You want to persuade young people to your point
view and treat them with respect and now every child every millennials not mentally ill. Romania was not on drugs every millennials, not about the shoot up. A classroom. They ve got a hell of a lot of really fine young people out there and its our job to protect them from their forces. Are, these government schools I'll, be right back Ladies and gentlemen, the weather's indictment of thirteen russian troll nor in Russia,
by Mr Mulder and Mr Rose and stay in the late great Department for Justice and much has been made to this, but, as you know, immediately on Friday evening, I said this is kind of a joke, since they can't get these people in the United States will never see justice and there are serious constitutional questions about them. Even more. Cyber warfare needs to respond to a cyber warfare and, if you're, going to somebody: why would you indict the person behind the whole thing Glad Amir Putin's, because it was a press release? Basically, that's what it was. Now, the time Friday, I went through a list of things that the Russians done to us who have tried to do to us over the years? It was in this country who worked with her sounder at his top state, a permanent wiser They are the rosenbergs and, of course, tat. Kennedy now take care
based on the indictment. There was just level what have been indicted. As an agent of the russian government, and I want to talk to the number next morning. The country on this issue friend, my professor political science grow city college grow city is your threw up, doesn't books most recently in with doing my best PA most recently, including a pope and a president trample the second on already the extraordinary untold story. The twentieth century paw. How are you good mark? Are you do it? Well, I'm doing ok. Now I want to get to the bottom of this because you're the expert on this. And it seems to me a really gonna get to the bottom of Russia, interference in our election were really gonna get to the bottom of collusion. It is time
once and for all to set the record straight. We ve done it before, but today is a propitious moment with TAT Kennedy. What did TAT Kennedy do with this union well the way we found out about this mark. It was either we do. The document will be classified under the boy Shelton government. It was first Covered it was possible, I surely in an article in the London Times February. Second, eighteen, ninety two and it wasn't how petty the KGB in the top secret file that the porter reporter named ten Sebastian very good british reporter aviation mentioned. Imagine and a little bit didn't obviously actual document talk about it. Well, when I was there was a rush on the archives to tee since Russia, at the time by different researchers who tried get a copy of the document and
So I eventually got a copy of the document and I I stood in a black. We came out two thousand sex I published in English at the time, also published a book in two thousand ten Bertha, English and Russian, but it's a may fourteen nineteen, eighty three document and its written. I the head of the KGB, Victor Chebec and its addressed today head of the Soviet Union Yuri and drop off, so baby. I, like the other, that the head of the table. Stay here whatever in Russia today directly to the latter mere Putin, I accepted the Asian couldn't getting higher than this: The subject had carried under the words special importance and its committee on States purity of the USSR, which is KGB. Regarding senator candidates, request to the general secretary of the Communist Party. Why v and drop off
right off? I mean this is a memo about Senator Kennedys, glitter, old, direct request to the head of the sea. The union and drop off and in the memo Kennedy says Chekhov says Canada is very troubled about: U S, Sylvia Relations, the deterioration you are so the relations and Kennedy Mark blame somebody called Reagan's belligerent them. I, the song, the soviet dictator, blame the sun, Reagan's belligerence and This was made worse by wagons stubbornness and in the exact words fabric, carbon have a document right here. It said a call Kennedy. The current threat is due to the President: gotta be Reagan. The president's reef therefore paid engage in any modification to his politics, unquote and which really interesting. This marked the more. I think about this in the context of we're talking about the two thousand sixteen presidential election Today
This was done by Kennedy in the context of a coming one thousand nine hundred and eighty four presidential election and and his the greatest concern here with the Reagan's political success had made him, I'm not sure of his course, but worst of all, we electable itself at the forefront, I don't know why I'm by offering us not fond of you. It is ludicrous than the fourth and fifth paragraphs of cheaper cars, memo too to drop by they get to the thrust of Kennedys offer and he said there there. The only real threats to Reagan or problems of war and peace and soviet american relations. Quorum quote these. Shoes according to the senator, will without a doubt, become the most important of the election campaign, and so with that MARC Chagall It would heart of the offer here quote timely to undertake the fowl
of current affairs and in the interests of peace it would prove- and timely, to undertake the following steps. Let me start by their professor yeah a little time after the bottom of the hour so kind, he is telling The head of the Soviet Union, through the head of the KGB using a surrogate what they need to do. To help influence the american election and defeat Reagan. Is that correct, copyright and I use the word influence Americans. So the following steps with a view to undertake the following steps to counter Reagan, and then he lets oracular, let's, let's, let's way right there in the music means, I'm gonna take a break when you folks to listen to this So you understand what small potatoes took place. Last Friday Unless it is now back, stepped a nobody. When it comes to our future,
This guy Mahler as a pathetic joke, as the Democrats will be right back. If you turn off your radio and open the window, you can probably hear him straight from the studio call marshal of an eight seven, seven, three aid, one three, eight one. One knows we continue with Professor Paul Congo, which keep something in mind: somewhere. Nineteen. Eighty three, I believe the face a court was started. In nineteen. Seventy nine thereabouts. And I dont believe there were any surveillance- serve actions any warrants against take whether professor they we know of nothing me, nobody talk about. There's nobody reporting on it. Nobody follow bonnet and
it's funny we mark- we ve- talked about this a number of times in every time. There is some sort of new abbot ability to what's going on in american politics, and as I was just reviewing this again today before coming on, you shall I thought- and this is oh sure, narrowly relevant to the comparative comparison today, because this is all about the nineteen, eighty four of action and then at its also a media campaign of all things be because what they did memo, is an amazing thing. If you Tom, I ever saw TAT Kennedy acknowledge the Reaganomics was working in the Soviets as well, and it did that. You're being flag in this memo, understand get away. Economics working the economy is doing so well. Wagons hi. What's my what might but here's here's? What here is what I wanted really Well, down on
did he had specific ideas for how the Soviet Union should interfere with our election in nineteen? Eighty four to stop ragged? What we're I'm his idea. Well, so they got to the actual steps that are suggested, Chappaqua gets an empty and draw up, and so he said one would be for a drawback to invite had Kennedy to Moscow for anything for a personal meaning. Ok, and we don't know that ever happen, because no one ever said Kennedy about it. Even after this memo was released in making any do I bit decade unhappy boiling, I died and what my book came out. Kennedy was still alive for several years, but Cavaco Silva said, if the main, the meeting according to the senator would be to arm Sylvia official, what explanations regarding problems of nuclear disarmament, so they would be better prepared and more convincing during appearances in the USA, the maggots idiotic.
So the second step here. Let me ask you this. With all the allegation swelling around today, the Logan which has never been effectively use successfully used, So there will be a violation. Logan, I coordinate Will you have a Will you have an official was: partly administration conducting foreign policy around me, a fish? foreign policy of the United States government. I'm just die out, not answer. The question could even referred to me on yeah exactly, but by the time the next point of such havoc caused Kennedy believes that, in order to influence American look at those words Right Kennedy, in order to influence Americans. Rather the KGB talking, it would be important. Organised in August of September this year. Nineteen eighty three televised interviews with and drop off in the USA,
it can even recommended that an drop Bob seek a direct appeal to the american people and on their territory Kennedy and plans in here understood what your aunt, Kate and Barbara letters about. Listen. By name in the memo Cronkite Unbuyable Welders remained in the memo listed good candidates, brand drawback, to sit down where things in view interviews within the United States. So wicked info the Americans and CAN The Americans would still be a peaceful intentions, contrary. This wild, belligerent Reagan and his militaristic policies. And then the memo even says the Reagan is good at propaganda deck and solely due to the word: propaganda Reagan's, good of propaganda, and so with bad can, it was offering now, but I'm an even deeper mark, not just within rob
You could arrange interviews not only for Andrew above the clouds, level soviet officials, particularly from the military who had also we have an opportunity to appeal directly to the american people about the peaceful intentions of the USSR. This is just to bring it home her This is more than Are we trying to influence our election? This is the number one liberal icon Lion Democrat in the United States Senate would run for President democratic Primary nineteen lost two Carter. Who is soliciting the Soviets interference in our election radio, This, would be like a canopy, keep in mind when considering wanting a nineteen. Eighty four about seven a memo that his popularity is a very good? He probably won't run, but I would think that this would be more.
Having a literal, direct memo from the current head of soviet intelligence, the current KGB, the current efforts be deregulated burden with a subject pending at the part that says the enemy just a just a quarter verbatim. It would, it would say special importance, regarding Donald Charms request. Two had a Russia, the land and AIR Putin Unquote about it, and it would be able to be comparable to that. This is not even a low level person representing the campaign in this sitting, you are centre yeah, as you said, the why another Senate, probably the most influential liberal, Senator in the United. May I please I wondered at first him out again. It was first report, by the London Times since February. Second, eighteen, ninety two: what do I say so? Ninety ninety two Kennedy is alive: department, justice, still functioning intelligence committee, sofa,
Tommy did anybody investigators. Now nobody did and the way that I got a memo, a ukrainian individual Senate. To me when I was doing research on that, I read and look at the time the crusader he said. I hear that you're doing a follow up work, our way again, you're. Looking at the cold war, I usage This member that I have about Kennedy, the KGB and he described to me- I said I'll- come on. It doesn't really say that professor one, once it came out and you wrote a fabulous book and you talk about the great length. There were no intelligence committee hearings, no Judy. Committing hearings, no ethics committee hearings, the media really didn't give a damn, did complete silence didn't give a web. Let me ask you a question: when you wrote your family spoken, you highlighted a number three including this we don't need the press. Now, We are facing nation, no we're on
this week on ABC Workshop, you were none of these shows cause. I don't wanna talk about it like. I was despatched to the good luck in Siberia, complete cycle, The girl there may be one Barbara boxer ready to storm out there. Now think, and here we are today and you ve got liberal. Suddenly, who are all of the sudden just like that, their wash right, Maxie in modern Day, Durban be wine. Barbara boxer, ready to storm out the sack headquarters in border Super fortress, Moscow ready ready to do a doctor Strangelove, strap themselves to the bottom of a bomb and go into our so russian territory. It's amazing! It's really Complete a complete fundamental transformation, a liberal attitude to Russia. How we have members of Congress who said that the attempt by right they interfere with our election with these trials and so forth was the equivalent of Pearl harbor.
Now these same achieve a Democrat members of Congress. Never ever said such a thing about TAT Kennedy did they now none whatsoever. I dont know that anybody even brought it up it and I prepared myself market be interrogated, pictured, going on C d S with Katy Courage or sixty minutes tracking down to two shoot off through this memo and ruined my life right to say that I have to worry about a date is completely ignored: it I didn't even called issued a downward which, by the way, told me that on the bed the one I had was accurate because their response wasn't issued a down. It was to ignore it and it tells me TAT Kennedy. His office did respond when, when the book was published in two thousand and end, they argued with the internal
creation of the document, which was really interesting because they didn't say who's interpretation. They were arguing with my interpretation or better cheaper cars. Interpretation of the offer from Kennedy had at its very clever because Chap recover that dead. Now you get the blame it on the dead guy Blandin on any one other thing we don't know how to turn out you're his familiar without his now. This was a confident enough, the hours he it was working out of the state department. He was a soviet spy. And of course we know he was uncovered by Whittaker chambers and also Nixon, was involved in helping expose this. He was, I gotta
Is it not so he was giving, he was playing. Both size basically was playing the russian side against the american side, while he's advising the american present bats treason. The democratic party continues to defend out your has. The democratic party continues to attack Whittaker Chambers and Richard Nixon. For what they did. Do they not only do, and anybody that brings up a cause. Mccarthy, I and now all of a sudden, yeah everything's completely changed now their cold war rocks forty years ago and for A war hawks, they don't want to know anything about Hillary Clinton campaign in the DMZ, using their money through go between to fund a fine ex british spy who work with albeit accuse me russian apparatchiks to put together this pro. Began to smear sheet, which even yet the I was involved in at some point here that they don't. Have a problem with apparently do they know
I am also too in the eighteen, eighty Bulgaria drop off with you. Remember that this was a nasty individual level today, who you couldn't is now their public enemy number one drop. I've made couldn't look like Mr Rogers I made a drop of titles, the TED Kennedy and Drama Put out the I gave the green light to the Sylvia. Are you military intelligence to shoot, and Karen assassinated Kennedys, Pope John Paul II I get a date eighteen, eighty one or two years before exactly two years actually before this mammal, this may in eighty three memo. These were really bad. Do me this was truly the evil empire. In those days one awakened her, calling it evil. I guess I think what happened with Kennedy is
Is worse that, then, then we have so much of what they're trying to oblige today. What professor is usually when a huge help- and I want to thank you for Spain your time and educating us well sure thing mark. You know where to get me. The noise me you know where to get a half hour you to pay All that matters is you're here with me. I prophetic you take care of yourself that is Professor park angler. He is tops he's professed political science, Grove City College Grove City pants. I'll, be right back college mean its partnership. Place were professors and students worked together respectfully to exchange ideas and search for what is true
Unless colleges today, just indoctrinate students and liberal ideology then allow students to think for themselves or speak freely hills. The college is different: wholesale students debate, ideas openly and honestly they pursue truth. Together, but the professors and respectful manner I'll tell you something it's different hills. They may not have right. Why? Because every state he'll never lose by another cup here. It is here college soon as honourable and conduct honest and war, Indeed beautiful and study in service respect for the rights of others through education, the stew, rises to self government, that's it they study business economics, history, music, dozens of other major tail still, students also become excellent. Citizens are the star education, they receive copper without honor Code produces some pretty darn. Amazing human beings learn more
Love Infra helstone about come: let's alleviation for hills, they'll, backup, all right. The word is out factions, but Press release out, I wasn't aware they weren't. That's, ok, Sunday, ten p M Eastern Sevenpm Pacific I M p M Central, Melina ones, and they will be. My first show the Fox NEWS Channel and my guest from the entire. Our lay the great factor, Professor water Williams, and we're gonna talk about all kinds of. Staff, have exclaimed the interview yet, but we're going talk about Liberty, the constitution, capitalism, property rights, the future, the country what's taking place. The country today in the water Williams, has been a hero mine for for decades there's been writing a wonderful column for decades, and
besides. It was time to talk to. I have never met water worms, not that I can recall, and yet I feel like I know him well, so I think you're gonna have a lot of fun. It'll, be intellectual it'll, be substantive. Let be sunny ten p m, Liberty and within its war, calling it a lot of fun and I think you're gonna find it extremely education. Hope you and your kids in your grandkids or watching her you devote time. Pm eastern time. On Sunday the Fox NEWS Channel can't wait. I can't wait enemy noticing the guess. We wind up and will keep my mouth closed and hopefully, one week out. The present United States, riders. The White House said
on Tuesday setting an age limit for buying a our fifteen type assault rifles. Now look at the language there, not assault rifles, the type purchase legally by teenager was shot dead. Seventeen people are flawed. Icicle last week was under consideration. I look folks. If this is what the president's gonna do, if this is where we're gone, everybody's gonna be bullied into these positions. If an eighteen year old can't drink, in an eighty year old- can purchase a weapon there are twenty one year old can purchase and I believe we should raise the age for innovation. The serving the military to twenty one, I'm sorry these easy answers. There brutalized these young people's people, their unacceptable to me. So this is the answer that our fifteenth type rifles, which are essentially
jazzed up twenty two rifles. It that's the position. The Trump Administration the position of the Republicans, the position of the Democrats, great. We need to raise the age of people who are eligible to serve in the United States, military to twenty one, the drinking age and the right to buy an hour here's the facts, yet the eyes on database and statistics that put out there? You go on the internet and five and twenty fourteen is the best data ass majority of actual murders. Let's talk about Accidents are not talking about suicides. Mother asked her with handguns, not rifles, not even close. The vast majority of killings, murders, murders, are downward, hangings Not rifle so many things can it be next.
As we go down the list knives. Cutting instruments. Kill well over fifteen hundred people a year, but one objects over four hundred people a year hands fist. Feet. Almost seven hundred people a year rifles under three hundred shop times under three hundred hand guns the vast majority. Air fifteen's a small fraction within a fraction. They cannot all these bombs stocks. Now all these are fifteen's had a certain age level, and it's not going to stop a damn thing.
I would like to see leadership out of this White House leadership out of the Republican Party. That is serious that doesn't just play course to the radical left. Progressive And serious would be strong, encouraging school districts, particularly in violent community, to allow trained personnel, police, military former military former police. What have you to be in the schools and sealed, or otherwise, with after the committee of that's how you get to protect those kids. I take protect the schools just Pretendedst Capital Building, that's what they do, I'll be back
now run only underground in the bowels of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader body martlet in here our number eight seven, seven, three one three, eight one: one seven, seven, three one! Three, eight one one! Now we to the idiots who call themselves reporters and after that will turn to the idiots who call themselves politicians who know it nothing but have answers for everything, and I find it appalling conservatives all of a sudden when it comes to hardest issues, the most difficult issues, the most complex issues referred to. Progressive ISM
centralisation. The federal government. That's not where these issues are gonna be solved. Some school districts are safer than other school district sums just are safer than other school districts. Some school districts learn from these measures. And they will not allow their schools to be soft target. Other school districts dump Send their kids to Tallahassee or Washington to lobby forgot. Unfortunately, our president, unfortunately members of Congress are falling all over themselves. Coming up the legislation to fix this, I got it, something you're gonna fix. Is we bounced back and forth like Ping Pong Paul's between this and the russian matter?
You know where the indictment says. Russia was involve an anti trump rallies November, twenty one Sixteen. You find a trunk on the internet. Thanks to our friends in news, busters encouragement, all day? I have no idea. We see I training as a lawyer requires me to give credit where credit is due. This is from news. Busters, Brent Group. Is Montage MSNBC and seen in covering the Russian had tied trumpet how do you do know the Russians were behind it, but doesn't matter they thought it was great, and she had been playing these fools for fools her eighteen months, the right
Since play the FBI for fools for two years,. The Russians have played the democrat part. The Russians have play this and, if created Tom, in turmoil. Here's the more intolerable keep something in mind again. This is almost and be seen scene and covering this anti tramp rally, which was essentially put in place by the Russians Come on go embassies morning, Radford, as a union in New York City that is worthy antitrust. Protest is just about to kick off, what's happening there right now, while it is already starting back, you can see hundreds of people behind me here in union square. I want to show you some of the five and the poster they're holding up here. Didn't we one year that knowledge, Tron pay protect our public school teacher is again
Can you tell who is organised this rally? It has been suggested that so many of the protests across the country have been impromptu. Rallies amines been supported by very diverse array of constituencies. There's someone in charge here very vast array of Russians have supported these roguish going The people who have come here together will know necessarily official leader in magazines and cover in quite a few protests from the black lives matter. Protests, and this is something different aid. Something you need. Energy here is electric doubt. Moving on every one of these reports should be far too general reporters through the willing, dupes, you're, just stupid, Every one of them should be fired. Cnn and MSNBC O the american people apology. Very excited about what was taking place because it was antitrust.
But it will never happen these her fraudulent phony new, operations, the word new shooting begin, their diet and she's concern that black people will be shot in the street. Did she came back from that at all, or is that a legitimate concern for her? Because users, reporter so called the black people, will be shot in the street. I mean MSNBC Cnn, essentially Russia, tv then go on and on and on, and I will look at the rushes handle Russia's scandal, but they have done more. Advanced than narrative that the Russians have placed in this election. Then anybody else go ahead. I did not get it may concern about IRAN's role. Lotta people. There are thousands of evil right now taking over phasing out of the new way.
Let's stop a second, MR produce. You ve been in my book signing dry. Are you out of your five or six thousand people show up Median recover that here we have a hunt. Kids go to Tallahassee here. You have a couple thousand people coming to a head: tight Trump rally, a Trump tower, Paid for and supported by, the russian government Ten was coverage. Endless coverage takes nothing to get a few. Thousand people somewhere takes I think it a hundred people somewhere guide, Our president lags the person that organise these protests. A twenty year old student from Saint John Lattimer, Impudent organised in its waiting for the indictment of Lattimer Putin's. By the great rod rose and steam, and Albert Mahler, Mueller, Mullah we're.
The indictment of Vladimir Putin's where's, the indictment of the russian government. Tough guys, are you just like it american citizens and brutalizing there waiting, with their wives in bed in the middle the morning I just like threatening them with four hundred counts tax. This and financial that pathetic disgusting go ahead. Your hands he acts receive you idiot. What is nobody listened to see and enter MSNBC I'll. Tell you why? Because where a country great people, and they were country very it. We got both. Work on the same sidewalks drive on the same street, Gina to say, restaurant.
So I must be seen: CNN were willing dupes in this Russia propaganda against from Hillary Clinton campaign. She's never had to account for this, and the Dnc Debbie Vaseline should never had to account for this, provided the seed money for the russian dossier. In their indictment on Friday, in their pretend indictment, their pretend charges, like something's gonna happen so cowardly, our Mahler end up and roses. That, even in their phony indictments. You didn't indict they Hillary Clinton campaign. Today they didn't the DMZ did they. They did indict acts british by Christopher because they were working when they didn't. I, the russian government. Did they didn't invite indict Cute and did they because.
Since a sham ball, damned thing is a sham. Now, without back gun, control, Don't worry, ladies and gentlemen, I really gun control just went to control this kind of gun for this kind of age, this kind of stock, and that kind of sight. This kind of this, and this kind of that don't worry what out again any Then this clown, Jim Heinz from Connecticut and not from the nutmeg state all over tv. I think what they do is they find the dumbest liberals. They can. The dumbest Republican. They can and they just keep inviting them on tv over and over and over again right Wednesday. Graham. Areas on CNN today, CNN, the Russian from News organization cut forego nobody,
Einstein take away people's guns, we just don't wanna, be any different than Canada or Australia, or Great Britain, where you lady, they take people's guns away. He was. And why they? How do we want to be like Canada, Australia and Great Britain where America, you jerk I want some jerk leftwing democratic progress. A politician Connecticut tell me what you're in Virginia, this guy, I didn't like this guy. I want nothing to do with this guy, Mr Open, Borders, Mr Obama care Mr Eviscerate, the military, Mr Trash local law enforcement. While he speaks for me. Go ahead at guns. You just get checked out, you can't get well.
Of war. They have reasonable, yes, mental health systems that you know what we need: mental health systems for members of Congress. I contend for them grows by the day I despise I use them more and more by the day, what they're doing to my country I'll be right back. What then sweet. I couldn't get in all this, but I was last week and now here we are promoted by the bill of rights lot present of the Crime Prevention Research Centre? How are you John you're? Ok, I hear your law under the weather, but I appreciate you have me. I know my plan Now John,
watch these debates and really just be as frustrated as hell. You written books, you write articles On tv you gone radio trying strange things are so, let's, let's start from the beginning, the FBI status how many people were murdered, a recent statistics for any for a given year was a twenty sixteen twenty fourteen. What year twenty six thing about? Fourteen thousand people kill. How many were killed with the air fifteen's duenna? I tried it for all rifles. They don't break it down by type a rifle you're talking about some night, two hundred seventy five three hundred. So less than three hundred out of fourteen thousand plus correct right, let's pretend we outlined earlier, our fifteen. What would that do? It would do nothing. Wouldn't it.
Why were it wouldn't do anything because people they found the way the gun looks in our function to somehow The criminal joint gonna commit a crime, is the gun, looks in a certain way. Thither my automatic rifle, which means one pulled the trigger one boy comes out which functionally identical to semi automatic hunting, rifle in fact a small game, semi automatic anti rifle. So they want to go and ban all sir my automatically. Thirdly, some large it there but to go and think. They even ban some guys based on how they look, makes makes really know. Sir I don't think they want again to debate Let me let me walk through this. I were, I really want to dignify over forty Thousand people murdered less than three hundred murdered would rifles in twenty sixteen, Some small subset of that must be the.
There are fifteen, was in love, not all rifle murders would have been a committed with an air of fifteen right. And so now they're talking about age, limit creation limitations on air fifteen. Maybe me over twenty one when your purchase it. So let me ask you a question: here of the mind, to kill a whole bunch of people and they say: ok,. You can't buy our fifty other other. Weapons you to buy you a lot of people. Sure I'm in most of these mass public shooting a town. These involve hand, for example, high. Let me somebody there are fourteen out plus murders in twenty? Sixteen? How many involved hang on. Less than six thousand right. Fifty some hundred your servant brought in a about four thousand hey. I got five thousand here. I saw something. Fifty some hundred radio
Two fifty some hundred hang on. Less than three hundred rifles less than three hundred shotgun taken lives and sort blunt instrument, bare hands account for thousands of murders in those countries are correct. Rafale sir. Everything from knives, two cars other things, but many young more than half Bertha It starts in other lightweight people get killed. I'm asking what's an alternative to a so called semi automatic web? What can a weapon? Would it be your friend types of guys. You have manually loaded gun, which you fire board you have today Manually put another bullet in the chamber, the gun, semi automatic switch you pull
trigger. One boy comes out: it reloads itself, you pull the trigger. One boy comes out, reloads itself and so on. Third, they fully automatic or machine guns which, as long as you keep the trigger depressed boss, will become. And how easy isn't it I'm sorry? How is he easiest begin automatic difficult. I mean about the cheapest ones. You can get in these. Don't work are gonna costume, cost about fifteen sixteen thousand dollars to get one at work surprising that one is closer to twenty thousand. You have go through a more detailed background check and their additional fees that you have to pay. You know you don't see crimes amended with Domini Mass murders of alleged twenty years, had been committed with automatic wept workplace zero. Almost none right. Ok,
Now this argument limiting the number of cartridges. Ten, twenty thirty, four here's my question to you If you want to kill a whole lot of people, there is a whole lot of ways to kill a whole lot of people. Doesn't it make more sense to muzzle up soft targets so I can assure the door whom, reconsider your more prepared to pit Little kids in a classroom I would, on the teachers, are the staff that they're a simple way. You know people when I go and have armed guards in schools, but the problem Guard day are some people, somebody in Euro and were somebody who's readily identified as a guard. They're gonna be the first target so buried difficult job like putting them there with me and sign that says, shoot me first and when you see
yeah, but armed guard there. You know you consistently see there. The first people shot and killed in yet the debate over arming teachers. The debate over having others in schools were professionals who are trained as they have misery only have another societies and they ve been able to limit the kind of carnage and it takes place in these schools. And we re debated in Washington, deal now Murphy. Incredibly, frustrating firmly we. What we see happening is that keep I'm bringing up proposed laws I have nothing to do with stopping these attacks. So when nobody was president every time I'm he talked about these mass public shooting during the demonstration on one law that he brought up all the time. We're background check some private transport. Last week it was the first one
you know, Sir Nelson from Florida or others would raise a cat. My quest them, as can name one mass public shooting this century. Having had the lawn effect in headed, been affected, but would have stopped one affected area, but then he had this somehow they have the moral high ground to go an attack other than war? Try and do something will do something that would actually matter here and then I don't know how you get around the fact that what was the attack last week or all the other mass public shootings in Florida, over ninety percent of the mass of shooting mean, I say since nineteen fifty one common factor is that they keep on her in places where that my are from the able to protect themselves. You you re the diary, the pillar for the statements that they left
Mary Jane, I went off carry over four little that don't hang show a warning label. Liberals romantic love angel common, now, seven, seven, three, eight one for aid, one one. So, what's on your bucket list, We have all these things. We want to do not just work till the boy, Branwell. Let's, maybe me the matter where your answer there's only one thing: it definitely need knocked down your populist money, investing for their futures, critical it's more complicated than ever and we're facing a very for retirement reality and sadly Many within the sound of my voice are simply not ready for look, even though we ring with financial uncertainty and GEO political instability.
He doesn't mean we, we can't play a proper retirement. You know what that include all of us enjoying our bucket list, it is past, live the return of lifestyle. You dreamed about the retirement. You deserve download, p M capitals. Free report will approve your bucket listed mark, living gold, dot com or call one eight hundred five, nine. I eighty three, ninety one. It's one hundred five, nine! I three. Ninety one start planning for time now to enjoy your bucket list around the corner. I can get the report it more, living, Godaddy COM, that's mark how easy iron gold, I can recall, wanted, hunt five, my nine eighty three ninety one one, eight hundred five, nine, nine, eight, three, nine one! What's on your back and list cheating, it is the most important item you financial planning, ok, John, what you were saying about these mass murders and their diaries go ahead. I mean
they leave records in many cases about why they planted tax certain places and in you know it's so stern. The way that they say we want to go in and kill people we want to go and kill, as many people as possible know say so. I checked his church and I did all our people to carry permit concealed his gun and soda, Can he easier for me to go and kill people before them? We can arrive there to stop me. You know you look at these Then you figure out. Can anybody not realise that this is an important factor for these guys? My old guess is the entire Eight that we have on guns would be dramatically different. If, even once in awhile, the media would go and mention had an attack in a place where you know is a guy Presume people were allowed to defend themselves, I've taught the people in the media about this and know if they want to be political for us to go and bring it up. Then I said
understand why, by the any more any less political, indigo and mention, obtained a gardener, the types of a gun Were you in fact make it too Anything wrong in the simplest thing to go and check is to see you to see where where the attack occur, but it's just that those sad to say that you have the statistical evidence here. You look at someplace. I. Ninety seven. Ninety eight percent of the figure able to go and carry your permitted concealed hand and with you, then yes, he's mass I'm shooting keep I'm taking place, tiny areas in the stay where people are allowed to protect themselves and the same thing is true for the rest, the country, you wicked, Something like a bad man, movie theater shooter. There were seven movie, Peter showing the premier, the movie within twenty minute, drive the killers apartment only one of those ban for milk and tell
you didn't go the movie fears that were closest to his apartment. You didn't go the large ones that were low largest one and thirty one. The only one that Ban Herman conceal Hannah. You look at more shootings in Omaha, Nebraska, Kansas City or SALT Lake City or Portland Oregon. You see the same tat the thing you may have sex seven or eight more dependent, enclosed mall, depending upon which city you're talking about it. Maybe one or two have signs posted the pan. Permanent concealed, hinder well guess, which once I got it. Here are some: cannot you know you know, John? I don't understand. As a rational people, we break members of Congress. They all kinds of heavy duty prison actions at their capital. Here I mean They even have you know these big metal,
devices have come out of the ground, protect them from trucks carrying fertilizers capital held please they have military, they ve all kinds of peace. And they realize gun control, no gun control people? I heard them don't really give me about uncontrolled there. We have our innocent children and grandchildren. Herein these schools. And you either have a security guard without a more secure, he with a in over. Train force that can handle this without marshals on aeroplanes. We have tea. I say we hard but we want to harden but because but he'd debating bump stocks. We keep debating. They are fifteen's. We don't have grass, discussions about some solutions, the good actually save lives right, right, really tell me, I guess the notion in some people's minds if they really just
Ben Gunn they'll make people safer, almost as you say, I mean you, ll get France, Europe, France, and semi automatic guns, they had machine guns. Keep on being used in the mass public shootings there. They had more casualties from mass public shootings in France in one year. Twice: fifteen them He had in the entire eight years of about the presidency. Taken in France, has a population one fifth of the population in I stay, but you know. It's just a magical notion that, if we just say guns are bad. An inner not allowed here than the bad people will bring the map and the opposite is true. It s. Nay, said a magnet for people to go and do they attacks but even the people who discuss gun control, mostly the media, pushing this very, very hard
they won't even accept. Ok, look will do. Can control plus will secure the schools they die. Want to secure the schools because level, mayors, liberal city, council level, superintendents Level school board many these match partner, as they do not want People who know how to use funds for the right purpose in their schools for illogical reasons. I John Locke presage her help on this. Per day being there. I have to say you start off by. I have rarely been frustrated, rarely seen the media is biased, isn't is right now they they don't. Even I do more TB in Britain and Germany and Turkey. Other places over the last week. The and I've done it. I say I mean I got a call from CNN
producer. Only ask him a question so that they can go and give a bastardize form of the question to a pan aware everybody agrees with each other, but they are not the kind of censure and maybe they feel american. Can't take an argument understand, but I think most of Americans are more sense Although the people on the media there in their evil baby, maybe we need to adjust the first amendment and have much more competition. When it comes to news in order to expand knowledge, freedom and all the rest of it. I mean if the bill right up for grabs. I guess the Boolooroo I tore up for grabs. John Locke. Thank you for your your input. I appreciate that you take care to go to Peter Palm Beach, Lara the Great W Gino go ahead, Miss Oliver I, along with a police officer twenty six years, I'm also retired military at the twenty one years. What several combat cause? Why I'm also have lesson? I thank you, sir.
Thank you for your support and I hope you feel better. Mr Le then we, the security schools, I, currently working as we speak right now on security in uniform at a private eye school. When Palm Beach Gardens Florida, and we can. I say that we need a security schools. My twenty six years, is a police officer in New Jersey. It took a lot of guns in the streets and never wanted. Him was boy legally You can make all the law you want. Baggage of any get guns, and if somebody wants a cosmic him, what a gun they're gonna get him, and I mean you know it is amazing about this Peter. Everybody knows this, and yet here we are playing this fanned answer. Because somebody has a magic piece of legislation, and they all not one behind you that they all right on tv. They all go on and on about how they, Van their stricken control that people don't need this and people don't need. That is the same clown,
destroyed our health care system and our immigration system, and so much. That is wonderful about America. I think these local communities have to step up, and in these liberal communities, people need to start showing school board meetings and City Council meetings and demand that their kids be protected. Peter. Thank you for your call, my friend Sean Miami Florida on the market, even though it good afternoon, So then I want to start off by saying what a privilege it is to be seeking to one of the great Americans and one of the great patriots here of our times. So thank you here for four take my call back to your point. That you made a little while ago, thereabout millennial yeah, I'm a moral. I was born and raised hearings in South Florida, is as they are of a Christian here, and you know this is one of the things that
Yeah, I'm struggling with tears. These taken serve it there utilizing out there. That's like scapegoats here, said the caterpillar of put their their there using us to preserve agenda and get bored so yeah. It's refreshing tat shone here's the thing: what do people, my age, my generation, things gonna happen. When we send our kids and grand kids know public school system. Acarnanian when they turn tv and indoctrination. When they listen to these politicians, indoctrinate them. When they're not exposed to american history when they're not expire, those two issues: debates about liberty and property rights, natural law, unalienable right. What do we think we're going to? Because this is why I dont attack.
Millennials, I think millennials are the victims, I generation and generations before an advance, this progressive agenda. And it's very, very important for parents to undo this like we did what our kids they would come home from the weekends over breakfast overdue, Whenever we want something on tv, they know exactly what their mother and father thought and why they thought a specific way and if you take the time to try and do that. You're, gonna wind up at some point, sending your kids to college. They come at a high school you're, not getting recognize any If you put the time in, you may not recognize them. So I consider oh, not all the millennials, but so many of these millennials the victims of this progress movement, that's being advanced by my generation. The generation before my generation and the consequences, look what we're doing so, of course,
most of these kids are many of them anyway. Her knee jerk levels do not understand american history who do not appreciate american traditions and that's not because they were born that wage because they were taught that way and yet, still manage them. Hundreds and hundreds of thousands of young people who served the United States military. They volunteer, thousands of young people who joined local police department they volunteer. We saw a lot of patriots. Among millennials, but I'm not going to say you're, like so many these other guys and gauss unjust our trashing, all these people, I've two kids and our damn good, really for and their damn good and they work hard and they work hard I notice a wonderful mother and wife she's, my wonderful, young man. My son, is a wonderful young men who works very, very hard
Am I stepped son is a wonderful young men who worked very hard, as is step daughter, who is gonna be an animal. The ball. These are all good. Kids. All patriotic kids, Our grandchildren will be raised the same way better, be going against, but there's hang on tv going against what these tenure professors teach them going against what these make up a word on fire of teachers are teaching them in public schools today and how dare people my age? trashing hidden criticise a particular fingers over, but the trash an entire generation. I don't think so anyway. Go ahead I completely agree with you started, and I think your dad on that that many of us to stand shoulder to shoulder and be see eye to eye with with you and and many of our listeners, but the reason why I actually called here, sir One of the things that I have actually been then frustrated with this week is nowhere
hearing on tv and then on social media, especially where are these progressive here that are using the farcical Lindsey in their rhetoric, saying that the conservatives who are concerned about protecting the second amendment? I don't care about saving showed flies, but, by the same token, the same conservative, that approach choice and pro abortion. So It also be may mean the same level via our pro choice and proper yeah right perhaps I asked whether the level that here's the first thing you learn to accept lectures from leftist, the wrong about everything: the wrong about the name, For me, the Natura man, the wrong about our government. The wrong about Liberty, the wrong about private property rights, the wrong about national sovereignty. I can Thank God. Damn thing they're wrong about, so we don't. Ethics lectures from them period. I, my friend, hang in there you doing great I'll, be right back.
Ben, How many? Ladies and gentlemen, I want you to hear the former Bernie Sanders spokeswoman unseen and yesterday cut six go is that why should the lads around we wouldn't be talking about the types of legislation we couldn't could not make happen because he was yelling bar Congress and the President one would been tweed about and they would swell in and did everything about me that didn't you? I got a lot of time when they change the borders. We have banned damage, not only begun laws, but I am saying: is that you cannot you don't have to demagogy now being anything, but what I am saying about re ok, be clear.
We want a clear why the premises have repeatedly slipped through the fingers of the FBI. This is a pattern why doesn't care? And what not me? I do not care for what I am saying it there the pattern and we cannot ignore pattern in this country. So, as someone unified white differences, that, ladies and gentlemen, now's, the chance look. Your best with Chinese extended Valentine's day self are limited. Really how to control our inner city shall never talk about that cause she's alive point hack. They use race to advance their left wing ideology, not to advance race, and this What that passes, conversation on CNN, this kind, sickening nonsense level happening or my show. I can tell you that. Ladies and gentlemen, now's the chance look, your best, which harmonies extended Valentine's day, sell for limited time only entered.
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The price of one summer? You haven't tried this yet I strongly encourage you jump in now the genocide that com that genocide that come her call aid skin six o four eight hundred skin six off So you recall when this mass murder occurred in Florida. It was trumps thought because of cuts in medicate which had nothing to do with anything Or a change in regulation which had nothing to do with any and now its white racism. The inner ray and on and on and on its signal its second beyond belief. What's happening to this country, where are you
now run only underground in the bowels of a hidden somewhere under a brick and steal over nondescript building, we once again made contact with our leader, everybody Mark Levine. Here our number eight seven, seven three, One three eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three one: three, a one won't take your call for two reasons they looking. Personally and I'm running out of breath He hardly at the United Nations today there are other things going on, and she, Sir she's He started this administration. She calls on white. She sees at ten go. The problem, is that the EU and has proven itself time and again to be a grossly by
Organization when it comes to Israel, as The union's disproportionate focus has actually made the problem more difficult to solve. Elevating the tensions and the grievances between them If I Another reason we have attempted to shift the discussion is the vast The challenges facing the region dwarf. The israeli palestinian conflict as made here today. The Middle EAST is plain The many truly horrendous problems, and then there is one of the worst humanitarian disasters on earth with millions of people since and you can thank the Islam or Nazi regime in Tehran for that. Oh yes, you can go ahead. A sure groups, fire iranian Rockets from Yemen into neighbouring countries in Syria, the Assad regime is using chemical weapons to gas, its own people
swore has taken the lives of over half a million Syrians and let me help out a little bit further: the Islam Marty Erdogan in Turkey has destroy that country's secular government and is now trying to wipe out the Kurds and it's about damn time. Weed the Kurds, the Kurds are Muslims to the Kurds, have backed us. When we had significant number troops in more than one war in the Middle EAST. The Kurds are our ally. I think we need to do far more to protect them from that p. O s heard again in Turkey. Images have that one. Can eleven go? I sit here today offering the outstretched hand of the United States to the palestinian people. In the cause of peace, we are fully prepared,
until up to a future of prosperity and co existence we want who is the leader of the palestinian people here today, but I the climb, the advice I was recently given by Europe, Negotiator save Erica I will not shut up rather our respectfully speak. Hard treats the palace. Leadership has a choice to make between two different paths. There's the path: Absolutist demands hateful rhetoric and statement to violence. That path has led and will continue to leave to nothing but hardship for the palestinian people. Are there is the path of negotiation and compromise History has shown that path to be successful for Egypt and Jordan, including answer of territory. That path remains then, to the palestinian leadership
only. It is courageous enough to take it the United States The palestinian leadership was very unhappy with the decision to move our embassy to Jerusalem. You don't have to like that decision. You don't have to praise it. You don't even have to accept it, but no this. That decision will not change or mine now. What will they do?. You know when you look at what takes place with the Arabs, who call themselves Palestinians. When you look at what took takes place, you can
the palestinian leadership as evil, they subsidize tariff terrorism against innocent civilians. He can manage we'll take a mile, There's no amount of negotiation, normal of concessions that will satisfy because they're out to destroy the Jews it's not a perfect parallel, but when you have some lunch tribe who walks into a school and wants to kill, you start banning weapons and so forth, and so on, as if that's going to stop them simply will not. Danny Denon is Israel's embarrassed
Do the United Nations he's at the U N today and he calls out about for running away after his speech catch while go. I expected more about to stay with US dialogue unfortunate. Is once again, Running away, noble just that I knew this room. Mister last came in, he puts is demands on the table any left and expecting you? to deliver results. Going to all that way. The only To move forward negotiations even in the Palestinians. Who was most sad when Obama left office and carry left office. The terrorist regimes around the world.
China was upset. Russia was upset They got anything they want. Ass was upset at Times upset as below was upset. Uranium, of course, made out like a drunken terrorists, All those regimes, all those entities, and yet we have so called historians, and this country pretend historians leftist. Her right Obama. As the number eight greatest present in american history against number nine. Can somebody please tell me. Somebody please tell me: what did Obama do. There was fundamentally supportive of Amerika. There was historic, smarter fact. Mr Klaus greener pick two or three lines that I won't open up the question after sat. There are democrats are both. Why wouldn't
Burma be the number eight greatest present in American. His. What did he do? That was so great. In pushing Reagan, the number nine. I can't think of any Greg, Tuxedo New York on the market in go ahead. I markets an honor Margo, to bring up a point that I have not heard said anywhere about one starts, and that is that, if you due to fully automatic weapon Cain, rearward pressure on the trigger and the gun keeps firing, and it's the same thing with the bond Doc. The shooters finger is going back and forth, but the list twitter is doing that they're, just keeping the trigger pull I can with antique shooting- and it seems I guess you Something that bypasses this the requirements of a class three light get out. Only aim is an automatic weapon just to be technical cause. You raised the point me does:
Shoot as fast as a machine gun or fully automatic weapon period, it is. A rudimentary way of speed. Up shooting I. Ever even occur to me to purchase, it obviously occurred to this guns for forty years. I know anyone they won't guns for ten years who care to find. Ok, it's a fine line, so I want, and that would have done a damned thing in Florida. What you want. I warned that we need to be ahead of these color, so we need to be outlawing things. But don't you think that it is a really fine line legally, that it is true that a person Peters fingers going back, you see. This is the problem, a fine line legally, when you start writing laws, it's always a fine line legally, what's goin on, panic weapon. What's a semi automatic weapon, haven't you heard
if I'm start before LAS Vegas, even people who own guns for forty years? I know anyone. They won't guns for ten years here too fine line. So I walk in. We have done a dancing in Florida. What do you want our next, we need to be ahead of these colours, so we. The outlawing things before they use them right does not the point. But right now I I'm I'm gonna owner and in fact I own the device that they hold many years ago, girl called a bee eightieth activated and equipped in your figure guard and basically turned the Into our gatling on you at the key cracking the handle, so what happened? before I got rid of it, but each one came when I didn't ask you there were those outlawed. I don't think it is because by definition you have to keep moving it from a gun to keep shoot it. Okay. So what
with a bunch doc? You are not doing that you're, just maintaining a rearward rearward pressure Sarkozy will give way to the Bundestag, and let me tell you something: Thousands and thousands of people are murdered every year for the pistol. The vast majority of people in this country there nobody thinks about ever are murdered with pistols. There are murdered by gay Their murdered in our inner cities, now what where do about TAT has no consequence, no effect whatsoever on the phone. Thousands of people who are slaughtered in the inner cities with only one hand guts now? What do you do that. I agree with that. I don't think the you wanna make a legal hang onto legal. You wanna, make murder a legal body. Where do I dont think the idea, for one thing, does him after the people that are prohibited and still try to buy a lot of the answer. Is more government another government fails more
We are even though the F b I failed here and has failed in about a half a dozen cases, despite the fact last case was handed to them. But can you really Say the F B, I failed what not only have said it. I've said repeatedly and I've said it from day. One. What you mean, can I really say the f b I fail pay said they fail. They fell, follow their protocol but but He made a generic threat, saying I wanna be action school? She wanted to make a generic sweat and see how your treated power? Why did you make a generic, a generic sweat friend, an acquaintance, a family member of his contacts? The FBI Says he's gathering weapons he's very A dangerous he's threatening the kill people at schools to generic threat. Now that's a pretty. And good lead, but one
you know: you're a phoney you're, phony absolute funny, you're a gun, control area and I can tell don't call me about all the gun Joan and how much I love mark. When you aren't I area lock, you won't accept the fact. What's up I hear what took place in Boston, what took place in foreign, but what Place on our Lando, because you don't believe the right of people on weapons, you think you can? You cannot work this device that device and another device and evil will go away. It's not gonna happen, but Gregor fraud. Let's move on guide, I can tell you so fraught because he's actually arguing with me, even though the yeah, I confess I was very sorry about what can you really should the day, MR generically so wanted. All this stuff, generic lead. You got a name, you know he has weapons.
You know he's capable of using that many threatening the use them somebody contact you three something say something and is threatening to shoot up us again, I would say Generic Lee to generically I have time for moronic ideologues. They they should be hosts on CNN and MSNBC or take over for the morning. Schmo amiss Ishmael Forest Minster Ohio on the market in peril, Mark ADA tonight. Ok, I wanted to talk maybe the millennial in one night and alleys Leslie Media hack are oh boy, On the millennium, I think that's wrong. I die it's just wrong
the boy mineral millennials to appoint their using millennium still yeah. So a sixteen year old who wants to speak out whose traumatized seen in right. There an interview them seen and doesn't go into the inner cities in Chicago in Philadelphia the new year LOS Angeles, an interview, victims. There are never going to how many stories of they run on how Gang members and other killers get their weapons. There not go it is a on how many stories are thing in IRAN on individuals who have conceal, carry weapons who actually limited the carnage that a criminal or potential criminal. What do they know trust in any that, that's why they're they're, not news but are not new people. Well, you know in the second amendment was passed, their muskets, which has, thing to do with anything when the first amendment
ratified there were pamphlets. So what's the point, I first thank you for your call goblet. Man I'll be right back, you really gonna love. My new tv show. The fox Can I know you love in TV too pray hard living tv, my new Sean, box when I'm trying to do and what I will do is bring some heavy substance Back to the airwaves, in my view, limit one or two guests. Really Darwin issues. I think you're gonna wanna sit for the whole hour. I want to change.
Sunday night tv at ten p m and make it so you can be proud of something and watch with your kid in your grand kid. So you can say you know- and I spent an hour watching this and it was well worth it something it might actually remember something that may cause you to crack a book. Look on the internet to look something up. When you talk about american principles on american values in american traditions,. We'll talk about american history and capital is. I want to talk about philosophy. Some of my guests you'll be familiar with. Like a great Wall Williams, will be my first gas when I asked him to be my first get. I want you to have a hell of a fine time and I think of it. Informative time. But I guess a mind some you ve heard of some you haven't summer famous. Some are less things:
and over time I hope to bring liberals on two may What the format is. And engage them in debates about politics and philosophy in principle, if the They have those debates and waste phone professional manner. If they are, I would be so that's the goal. The perfect show for watch. The last show Frida Watch on Sunday night, Sir, change late Sunday, night tv, I all please take on the toughest Howard and talk radio. Six pm eastern time is the toughest toughest timeline. People like to brag about the reigning they're, not up against sports, thrown up against dinner.
Run up against a thousand different things that people do to have the colonel audience I do in the kind of ratings I do. The kind of success that you create here is unprecedented. For show at six p m Eastern. I intend to do the same with ten p. An eastern time on the Fox Lucia. Folks there came to me and asked me if I would do it has excited about but I'm doing a lot of things. I don't think about it and I thought about it with them. They would Mr Murdoch among others, and I can't wait. We I ve been thinking about this? For months we ve been organizing it four months getting the lighting just ride in the chairs and all I dont get it all that I get into the substance, but I am proud to say our first gas will be Water Williams, ten Yeah me spend time on the Fox NEWS, travels
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turns I'm pneumonia. The year Left long, lower, lobe blah blah blah so. He's doing fine before the shell, but obviously can hear me. Second wind, that's not a problem. Problem is if it sounds crappy, it's not fair to you. Try and make a decision tomorrow. I dont want this to be a painful exe. It's for you! I want you to enjoy or learn from it. So well It's a decision or make tomorrow Charlie The cello Colorado, serious satellite go Mark first and foremost take the day I thought you deserve. It will survive without you Pneumonia is nothing to play around with, but I was
and the calls greener. Back. In the first week of December, we had a school shooting here, locally and aspect in Mexico to good students. You now lost their lives, it wasn't seventeen, but in the same instance, the FBI had interviewed this kid months before this. Now. My question is: do you know with these two tell you how many other times it up the ball, but with what that means that you you're absolutely right. There's nothing that any law gonna change? If it, for instance, there were ran into a crowd of students with them Am I gonna love driving in all in some of these things, now in Florida, they're coming out, you know Sanna United, having sit ins and things like that. The realisation is, they have a better chance of getting killed in a car accident
getting shot at the mall. Then it is then than they do getting gunned down in the school. Will they definitely have a better chance of dying in an automobile? There's, no question about that. Yeah! That's the point! You know, I don't I three I hit by Charlie here's the thing. There's no reason we can protect these school buildings and these classrooms cantons american stoned to death, with that many women trained up and down from one into the country to the other military police, retired, not retired, as well as others. We can do it, but when I have to do- and you made a perfect boy- it's the liberal, it forever scoreboard- that's the liberal mayors. You know, I know Some of this was actually up. They allow can still carry for their teachers, lesson Brower Counties liberal. Are they. How can we allow the proper
types of personnel and numbers of personal armed and ready to combat this kind of evil in their schools or not The answer is very unlikely me. As you point out, a new community in schools and Texas Schools in Colorado. Schools in Oklahoma, other schools. They do exactly that yeah, and you you baby. I lost Charlie, sorry, Charlie, It's gotTA, Jesse, Santa Barbara, California, eight, seventy eight and the answer go at all. I persuaded you tell us why Barack Obama deserves the number eight point in the actually. Forty four presidents have we ve had since wherever Cleveland Shrove, twice guy, it. I believe that maybe one of the reasons why you, but not by bicycle. That he was able to turn around the economy?
Fraid Jude out eight there depression of the ad. Boy, you're, gonna, rewriting history. Now how exactly did he turned around the economy where we never had three percent growth well about? Tina we had over seven percent growth under Reagan. How can raggedest Eimer nine under your standard Obama's number eight negative guy? What what's out there? You can try again. Ronald Reagan came a ninth. You said your standard is turning round the economy. He turned around about with a negative number and he was able to add that's you get into the positive side. We lived. How do you know this? Isn't? A hundred and fifty years ago, the economy second under Obama, he was outlining under Obama employing The only reason I got unemployment down is because so many people moved into the welfare lines or altogether
He armed up the Iranians. He did nothing to stop the North Koreans. He did nothing stop the Chinese and the South and EAST China sees he did nothing to stop the Russians, despite talking about a red line on Syria. Hundreds and hundreds of thousands of refugees. Later hundreds of thousands of people slaughtered by ices Al Qaeda Syria, by IRAN, the Middle EAST as a fleet disaster he left a rat majority without cutting a deal you this, right at the United States military undermine local law enforcement? He pushed on institutional back, a law which the borders are still open in his judges, appalled, He deserves number right. You got I don't think so, Sir, you have of Kenya further. Ok, it Why don't you give us your opinion? Other, then hey. He turned economy around never grow at three percent turning the economy around you, get on the phone. You Eddie, don't analyzed me just cause you're.
Stuck in your ideology, your cult of Obama. Facts are facts. That's what liberals will not accept Let me tell you why they love Obama, he did more to advance the progressive agenda. Then Bill Clinton ever did. He created a new deal, the new great society. That's why they're Obama. Cosy. Actively nationalized healthcare through the back door. That's been there number one priority since progressive came on the scene over a hundred years ago, and he did it the others didn't do it this is why they love Obama. Ok, anybody else want to tell us why Obama deserves to be
number eight greatest present in american history. What was it exactly? Did he defeat ISIS now? What did he do? Did you secure America's bore? No, what did he do? Let's try this one any help the black communities no not released, or what did he do exactly right? Let's continue, nothing gets me going like a stupid little. You know that Mr Barroso. Fires, MIA Don Kingstown Virginia the great Debbie. I may I'll go ahead, Gary they mark. Hey. I just got one more thing that we probably should ban its guard rails and airbags because he keep a classic voters alive when they should probably not be on road hurried. That aside, I know the press is protected.
And maybe you can enlighten Oliver Son- is so windows. The press ceased to be the press and become a political arm. They complain about the Russian SAM meddling in election to starve. I think more votes have been thrown by a biased press, then the right and than thought and by the way you're exactly right the liberal media in this country and the Democratic Party, this country of them more damage to this. This country and the Russians could have dreamed of Unilateral disarmament, undermining United States military, the Russians didn't do even I despise Putin in everything he stands for, but the left that down I want to pay there's. Something here is Bernie Sanders. Thank you for your call. All of America or meet the depressed would shut. Gonna Bernie Sanders used to defend gun rights because alive
people in Vermont on guns and, of course, Todd, really catches and minutes hypocrisy, but tractor pushing Bernie Sanders cause he's furious the pony Sanders actually used to support. The second amendment go ahead. Let me move to the tragedy down South Florida. After out new town, He said if you pass the strongest gun control legislation tomorrow, I dont think it will have a profound effect on the tragedies we have seen. And said: are you edit voting for some of those reforms than control measures that they need? One hundred percent sure would solve all the problems where you today, you think now Let me be very clear, Chuck, let's be very clear, leave he took it. Voting record from the end. All right, I was an election, probably for Congress. Here for my not back and nineteen. Eighty eight
I believe that we should not be selling or distributing assault weapons in this country. I am on record and have been for a very long time. It saying we gotta significantly tighten up the background checks. We have and the absurdity of the gunshot loophole. Forty percent of the guns this country sold without my mother. He's a liar attraction of afresh, times are sold Miss rose from one stranger to another. He's a liar and a strong has pointed out- and I pointed out in the past- none of these mass murder. Had been the result of any gunshot loophole. So here you have to liberals fighting with each other. We have to deal with the strong man provision which
people to legally Bygones, then distributed. We gotta take on the energy, and that is why you- and I am will do everything I can to the tragedy that we saw in Portland is unspeakable and all over this country. Parents are scared to death of what might happen when they send their kids school Emma S, Bernie Sanders a different question, ladies and gentlemen, have a communist. Death of a hundred million people. Ok, a soft communist, but a communist nonetheless, Why do you admire Hegel while you, I admire was so. What are you admire? She had loved the debate. Why are you admire marks and angles? What is it about them that you find so compelling. So, let's talk about ideology and let's talk about humanity and let's talk about saving lives as opposed to destroying lives right guy
is like going, you know, I don't go ahead, I'll, be right back. Ben. Somebody please tell me why John Podesta still roaming, the street. And where the new year's resolution you made to put your iris problems behind Us February, the living in fear, the IRS that today is the day they shop work your wages and freezing of bank accounts. Let me carried you with an actual case for my friends- have optimum tax relief so, like you Charles drag desirous problems, while under the new year before calling optimum attacks after my quickly. Between Charles and the arrest protected. It
as its resolve. This tax problems have them knows that behind every tax problem are good people, people with families, homes, savings and paycheck. They need to be protected, which explains how they reside. Over half a billion dollars and tax debt for their clients, the rated a place with a better business, we're so call up them a tax relief right now eight hundred for no nine sixty three hundred eight hundred four nine sixty three at eight hundred one moment. Sorry, that's. Eight hundred four nine sixty three eight hundred forty nine sixty three hundred, let youth explain us home here, which New Orleans Louisiana serious Satellite go You think I'm a com, a huge fan preceding up during the talk you the sailor. Thank you
want to play our wounds and I think it really is that these politicians trying to play on the emotion is especially the parents of the people of poor kids, wonder what they went through this week, because it's not about kind of saving lives with China pass laws if they really want to try and love is by monopoly against the implement. You know that caused the death. Ten thousand people die every year by be wise one, level scream and for us to go back to taking away alcohol for right. They don't do that. Actually promote increasing those sorts of things by saying that the winner of the glass marijuana There are really interested in saving lives by view that sort of thing is really about our control and tyranny, I quite agree that call rich Nick Planes, New York,
was a catalyst another shot, but I just want to try. Talk about your comments about how Obama did he do really aiming for the economy finance or for a big bang on Wall Street, an arm terrain, money that I got. I got money and big banks. I just graduated college, remember Angelo and so on I don't want him and had made him alive. I can't afford it and I shall pay your sour cigarette Leah. Thank you very much, but I It wasn't for the regulation that the Obama administration path effectively, two thousand eight, I have to tell you- people will not be hey there, why regulation to tumblr there were forbade. Basically, bailing out oh thanks and paying my ought not. Only the Bush bailed out. All the banks unfortunately, are important. Yes, it is our resolve homeowner Sophie, giving kudos, which you shouldn't for the coming bailing out banks.
Which were extended. Then you should begin who's the bush, when it Obama have to do that. They absolutely have to be They didn't. Sarah by you praised Obama, I'm playing along with you. Why you praising Obama when he didn't do it. The only thing I'm Obama was busy redistributing wealth. Don't you remember, he's a trillion dollars. We didn't have four shovel ready job. So, whenever ready and the weren't any shovels, member, that notice mark yeah but for that people wouldn't have been able to have their checks out of bounds when they had to do was tanks. What about the american p? I am therefore all american people's checks wouldn't about. Please. Let me explain right back did not have enough cash in the fact that the people are observed. You I understand the banking system and the Federal Reserve Morgan, pay attention to me. I don't know what school you want to. I don't owe the working for its the Federal Reserve that Pumps- cash, Gordon Quote- in the banking system
the President of the United States, Broccoli. I didn't do anything to pump money into the banks. We want you to imagine getting your pay attention, the one I who pump money into the banks in a very unusual way was George W. Bush Second biggest spender in american history behind Obama. So it's the Federal reserve the pumps money into the banks. That under the administration. No, it's not under the administration. It is considered an independent entity within within the executive branch under the year. Of the old. Thanks for your car, I don't know what to say folks. In finance. He must now. I don't know anything I know how to make money and keep it wasn't for saving the banks, Nobody can say many banks, Morocco Bomb, almost destroyed the banking sector.
As you almost destroyed. Our economic system is the almost destroyed our currency. Spending like a drunken marxist housing New York Times for right wing radio We salute armed forces, police officers, firefighters and emerging personnel. Maybe I'll see you tomorrow, maybe I wanted all dependent. I hope so- and I want to thank you for listening tonight. I'm very must have you out? There was.
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