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On Thursday's Mark Levin show, Charlton Heston explained that the Second Amendment must be considered more essential than the First Amendment. The Second Amendment is the first freedom that defends the rest of our liberties. The Left seeks the destruct...

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Now. Let me underline the bowels of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader body, marvel of in here our number eight seven Three, I won three eight one, one Seven: seven three, eight one, three, eight one, one thanks to my Body Brian, my Debbie GINO fulfilling and last night do the best I can today. In early antis. Second, amendment ideologues radicals, they signal post nightly controls over guns. But controls over speech about guns, to intimidation
whoop thank relentless media propaganda. So they're attacking not just the second amendment, but the first amount and they make it difficult almost impossible. To discuss the wide array of potentially. Active life, saving options, school officials and local enforcement, actually have today physically protect children classroom they can do today. We ve been talking about this from day. One Then I noticed is picking up steam in this business. Tv and radio sprang up steam with the president. Extent the present it is talking about training, teachers or other personnel to be in our public schools to protect.
Our children and our classroom she's right on his absolutely right on. I sent MR producer link this morning, which included Charlton Heston at the National Press club February nineteen. Eighty seven twenty one years ago, almost to the day. Only Missus voice in voices like his cause, you're being drowned out by leftists and other forms. Schools in Hollywood Area in the Democratic Party and even in the Republican Party, so I thought we take a few minutes, that's three or four clips and are not long, three mine you What a statement on this issue sounds like children.
Past and that the National Press, Club February nineteen, ninety seven cut one go today. I want to die Do you, like guns? Why we have them? Why the rights guarantees that we can have them and why my right to have a gun is more important than Europe to rail against it in the press. I very good journalist needs to know why the second amendment must be considered more essential than the first amendment is made. You better tell the swallow, but the right and bear arms is not our. It's not an outdated. Dusty idealism. All dead white I dreamed up in fear of the redcoats now it's just as essential deliberately today, as it was in seventeen. Seventy six, Words may not play while its press club, but it still the gospel down at the corner bar and grab your
threats to undermine the second amendment, to do two, it and denigrated degraded too readily accept diluting it and they promote redefining. Threatened, not only the physical wellbeing of millions Americans, but also that poor com Captive, individual liberty are found fathers struggled to perfect and protect. I agree wholeheartedly a free press, is vital to a free society, but I wondered How many of you will agree with me that the right to keep and bear arms is not just equally vital but the most vital to protect? All the other rights we enjoy- I say The second amendment is in order of importance the first amendment. It is America's first freedom, one right others among freedom of speech of the press.
Region of assembly of redress. Grievances hit is the first among equals it alone offers. The absolute capacity to live without fear the right to keep in their arms is the one right that allows rights to exist at all now that you believe that here don't- and you must decide- because this no such thing as a free nation or police and military are allowed by force of arms, but in Did you all citizens are night, that's it brother knows best theatre of the absurd. It is her bodes well for the present, as implies the working class or even for reporting. Now! I doubt any of you would prefer a rolled up newspaper as a weapon against a dictator or criminal intruder. Yet in essence, that's what you vast our loved ones to do through an ill? Can
arrived and totally naive campaign against the second amendment, How can we entrust to you the second amendment when yours, Stingy with your own first amendment, I say this because of the In recent days you treated your own, those journalists. Do you consider the least among you how quick you ve been to finger the proper at sea with blame? and why the tabloids, with disdain Our eager you bend draw a line where there is none demand some distinction within the first of many the snares they are not one of us I readily you let your lesser brethren. Take, therefore, is it there we're not as worthy and their purpose not is pure and their freedom not is sacred as yours, so
as politicians consider new laws to shackle and gagged. I who, among you, will speak out who here will stand and defend them. Or if you want, I will, because you do not define the first amendment. It defines you and it is bigger than you big enough to embrace All of you plus, although you would exclude that's how freedom works clearly too many have freedom of the press as a weapon not only to strangle our free speech but to a road and ultimately destroy the right to keep in their arms as well. In doing so. You promoted Europe, I that of constitutional judge and jury more power. But even then our Supreme Court, more prejudiced than the Inquisition
tribunals, the frightening misuse of constitutional privilege and I pray if you will come to your senses, and see that these abuses are current. As a veteran of world war, two freedom, marshall- who stood with Doktor Martin Luther King, long before it was fashionable and as a grandfather, once the coming century to be free and full of promise. For my grandchildren, I am troubled. The right to keep and bear arms is threatened by political, the outbreaks. Meal lawmaking talk, shows psychology, extreme bad taste in the entertainment industry and ever I mean educational chasm in our schools and a conniving media that all add up to cultural warfare against the idea that gun ever had or should now have
Honourable and proud place in our society, absolutely brilliant, absolutely profound. When I first heard it today, repeated heard it today, Polly the second time. First time was wanted. I said my Lord: we must this man boy. Was he right on absolutely right on. Oaks, we're dealing with Anti constitutional, radical Eddie locked, care about the history, the second moment any more than they care about the history. The first moment they think they get to decide which parts of the constitution are good. And should be retained, should remain in which parts are not good and should not remain, and you can He republicans falling all over themselves, one after another, trying to find ways to cut the me and have none of them being Solomon.
How many amendments are we going to cut in half? amendments are we going to kind of have to get to decide. Now we all know the way you protect. Schools is to protect schools, not to advance the radical progressives ideology that doesn't protect schools. Besides radical progressed, Which are taken over the Democratic Party in over much like law enforcement? Wasn't it long ago, but there Trashing local law enforcement there certainly not for water. Therefore, activists, leftwing judges who are soft on crime. So crying judges undermining local law enforcement, attacking Second amendment: these the radicals that we are dealing with CNN
has an enormous damage to itself. Cnn is now defining itself as further less than MSNBC emphasis This is even more honest and CNN and I'll tell you why everybody knows less NBC was created to be the left wing cook cattle wiles higher the Scarborough Matthews Red Sharp them and the rest of the Congo line of malcontents and more on CNN has pretend journalists pretend reporters who dressed up as objective truth tellers. Whether not then once again demonstrated that last night. That wasn't a town hall meeting on guns. There was a rally against the constitution. There was an affront to the american people to an affront to anybody who was watching. I programme
And I would strongly suggest that is not courageous. One Republicans and conservatives continue to go on these programmes and act like foiled now, and they should be encouraged to read, confront them and debate them. Confront them and debate them, let them and debate them. There was the Roman Colosseum market. Ruby. I went there and they needed. A trash them? Why? Because most of the people and that arena are children of Democrats or our parents, who our Democrat.
Now we cannot rely on the progressive left and the media and Hollywood and tenured marxist professors to protect our children. They're not going to do it. They hate the cops they tell us. Our criminal justice system is systemically racist, so they hate our criminal justice system. We know they ate the constitution because Progressive it's all about destroying the constitution, that's why they will not. A boy constitutional rationalism, and I was supposed to rely on them to protect our kids when they hate the cops when their supportive of soft on crime trudges. You protect our kids by protecting our kids,
If somebody's going to come into your house and harm your family, you will use deadly force to protect them. You're not going to start debating gun control, you're, not gonna start wishing. Congress did something. We reached a strange place, a dangerous place where there is a uniformity, consolidation of thought that leads to an inevitable, supposedly rational outcome, with little or no tolerance for debate. Curiosity, even alternatives, climate change, abortion, immigration, gun control and the progressive hard left voice has near monopolistic control and will not tolerate differing opinions. It's gotten so bad that the media do not hide it anymore.
They claim to be the first amendment they claim to be defending against the presence of the United States. They are abusing the first amendment. They know not the history, the first amendment or any other the bill of rights, and they don't give a damn the fact that they have cameras in their faces a microphones in their mouths. Does it mean that protecting the first amendment- and it doesn't mean other press either just because they claim to be seen and is it space we allow the progressive left and including the media, define us. They get to define capitalism and they have nothing but contempt for. They got to define individual liberty and they ve nothing but contempt for they get the defined the constitution. They are nothing but contempt for gonna now define security.
Security. They won't secure the border, the eviscerate, the military, they attack police officers, I'll be right back the left Wing Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, trying to deliver the Democrats five seats. Do you think the framers. Constitution, ladies and gentlemen, will recognise this country. What do you think they'd said when you think they'd say. In a way of politicians in Washington DC, their largely loathe by you pull after poll shows yet more Then the not we hear, why doesn't Washington do this? Why doesn't work
Don't do that when it comes to the economy, the workplace, retirement, healthcare, housing, race and guns, schizophrenia, schizophrenia, I don't have the answers Nancy suppose he doesn't have the answers truck Schumann. Now the answers, moreover, now nothing but love for me, New York city, really, my second hometown. I started my radio career and saying we say Francisco humor and policy. One project under this nation, what they have in those cities really I've heard it said time and again. The original meaning of the second amendment. You know they didn't have rapid fire weapons back then going to straighten this out once and for all.
It is amazing to me that the progressive leftists. Claim to turn to the original meaning of the constitutional. It comes to the second amendment when, in fact, they reject the original meaning of the constitution when it comes to everything else, but they lemon comprehend the original meaning in the constitution, Yet the CNN event, there was no I once there were no efforts to bring indifferent views, people Hey there's two sides to this issue: not really there's those of us who believe in the constitution and those of us who doubt if, in fact, theirs Such a juggernaut in this country to do something truly radical and anti constitutional when it comes to the second, let me ask you a question: why, haven't the house of Representatives in the United States Senate cobbled together Post amendment to the constitution passed by two thirds
thousands of the house in the Senate and send it to the states for ratification by thirty eight stay if there is an overwhelming demand, or rather a gun, control, And confiscation, why they try to amend the constitution. You know why, because I wouldn't work they rather do it through the back door through the courts. That's why I'll be right back and unapologetic patriot and on a thought: Jeddak constitutional. Lest you, can region at eight seven, seven, three aid, one three, eight one, one, my inaugural programme, Sunday, ten p m this Sunday, Water Williams, was gonna, be great. Is there any proof whatsoever that gun control works in this country.
They ask about any other country. Ask about our country. Is there any proof whatsoever that gun control works in this country. A lot of people killed knives blunt instrument. They say they want to outlaw the IRA fifteen or increase the age which you can purchase, how many people Country last year will kill one than they are fifty. Fifty twenty most people were killed with firearms. I killed with handouts, as I keep saying, and I will keep said. I'll pick, one form of weapon than another form, a weapon, one form a magazine than another form, a magazine, one form a bullet than another form. A bullet will go into the courts and tribal too will have the key tool search, something unconstitutional the girl in the civil war.
And try to make the backs of the manufacturers of weapons and bullets. Because progressive is in the end, is about totalitarianism, about centralisation. The anti constitution ideology, and even though I put fac after act after fact out here and I've been doing now? What ten days the left really doesn't care left talks out? Both sides of its mouth doesn't care. One thing we do now: they want to protect our children in schools, they will have a single idea for doing that. Whereas we turn a law enforcement, local law enforcement, school districts, they market, they laugh it. I don't know if I have the ability get through this article, but I'm gonna try.
Cuz, you know substance is important to me. I'm afraid he has Jackie Mason. I leave that to the experts, and return on any young. Men are my great friend, he has Jackie Mason. I leave that to the expert. But when you come here, because you have so many other things we can do at six p m Eastern three p M Western Pacific. Therefore, you gonna give him on his work. How can our founding period they would couple, were next some peace back in April twenty. Seventy I'm going to do this because I don't know that I can the Independent institute. He said one of the men to credit. Well, let me start at the top gun control advocates
often argued they can control laws must be more restrictive then the original meaning in the second amendment would allow because Firearms are so different. The firearms relate eighteenth century. This argument is based on ignorance of the history of firearms. It's true and in seventeen ninety one, the most common firearms were hang onto a longer. Maybe we loaded with every shot, but it's not true repeating arms, which confer multiple times without real, We're unimagined in seventeen ninety one to the contrary, repeating arms long predate. The sixteen o six founding of the first british colony in America at that As of seventeen. Ninety one repeating arms were available, but expensive, one of the men to create
For why repeating our became much less expensive, due in the nineteenth century, is the father of the constitution. James Madison, who is also the author? The second amendment to the Belarus this presidency, eighteen, o nine, eighteen, seventy six The war James Monroe, who would succeed, medicine, is present. Six as fully promoted legislation to foster the development of firearms technology. I hope your sticking with its in particular the federal arm Recent Springfield Massachusetts and Harper S Ferry Virginia. I thought the West Virginia. When a one point it was a region were ordered to then the means of producing firearms with interchangeable parts, to function, reliably repeating firearms. Internal components that fit together very precisely. Much more precisely than is necessary for single shot firearms,
Before Madison as president and his sectors. Dave Monroe started the manufacturing revolution, firearms rebuilt one at the time by craftsman. Making a repeating arm required much more time and expert expertise to making a single shot firearm. How to me: Repeating arms was well known, making them at a labour cost. The average person could afford was impossible. Thanks to the technology innovation lapse, Creative Springfield, Harper S, ferry inventors found ways to manufacture farms, components higher rate and we're more consistency for each part. Instead of every part, Having made my hand, parts Romania, actual machine tools. It also made other tools, for example, the one Stocks for right
repetitively manufacture with such position that any stock from afar We would find any rifle from the factory was no need, four craftsman to shave readjust the stock, skip through some of these put us rather lengthy, an absolutely excellent. What kind of repeating arms were available before eighteen, fifty When a man of some Monroe Mass Production Innovation programme began the state of the art. The german Donnie arrival then it around seventeen. Seventy nine for austrian frock. For austrian army sharpshooters anyway, I can complete this mister bellew. So once you put this up on Facebook and Twitter, I want you folks to read at bottom line followed the you who may not read it. Yes, there were repeat weapons. Long before the family. This country long me
The first colony in this country in Madison Follow the constitution, a Monroe they Decided that we needed repeating ornaments repeating rifle country that we're fordable the average citizen. I want you to read the article, even if you don't next time you hear to say where we only had muskets back, then it's a lie. It's an absolute lie, but then I So turned out on the first amendment. We didn't have me, corporations The founding the nation. We don't have mass produced technologies for newspapers, And magazines. At the founding the nation.
We didn't radio, television, cable, satellite, iphones telephones, we don't have any those it. And so again the left, Bob's and weave like a drunk they Bob and weave. They try to cite the constitution if they think it'll help. They claim to be true. Original is when it comes to the second amendment. It doesn't help them, they don't know what you're talking about and then they reverse course. Well, it doesn't matter it's too restrictive, We need to do things to save people like Obamacare right that saved. People like open borders, we're killers can And that save people write like liberal sought, don't cry judges had salespeople right. I give this right.
The local police forces, I've saved people right. And, of course, undermining the United States military at every turn. Who is it Marches industry against the cops who is at the mall she's in the streets against the military, and yet they tell us, the cops when you need help, you mean the cops at you, hate. You wanna know what a progressive liberal, CNN Msnbc. How looks like look what's going on Baltimore Maryland bachelor Paradise, look going on in the shower cider Chicago, that's their paradise, look what Going on and corners of our cities, all over the country, that's their paradise level. Judges, slam, cops. Oh and, while you're at it, carnival felonies. So when they get out you given the right to vote and they won't for Democrats.
When it comes to protecting human life, the left Nothing to say zero weather. Life is in the warm or thy life is out of the room. And no other heroes. Ultimately, I told you this many times before. Progressive vision is the bastard child Marxism, which is the bastard child of Hegel. A centralized ubiquitous government soldiers- populism? Have you noticed there. On us? Their is never enough laws. Never enough regulations. I, for my pointed this out yesterday. The populace rhetoric or the left is used to disguise the true nature of the government that they want to impose on us theirs. Enough laws, never enough regulations. So when I hear these debates-
I really do vetting this time. Who's gonna do the very the same departments, the same individuals who did the varying before throughs. And these mass murderer slipped, Much time was spent on that of the sea in a town hall last night, almost none. Instead, shouting down Rubio shy, down Dana and others. What a disgrace. We're losing our second amendment. Rights were losing our first a memo right, because the people who are supposed to uphold freedom of the press are the people by the press and yet
this so called new generation- are journalists, knave abuse the constitution institution. They don't even believe in bodily Jake Tapir, MR producer We have a saying in article on this: doesn't Jake Tapir used to be the communications director for hang on, controlling or something or other. I guess I didn't hear talk rated a day. I've actually been trying to get my energy up through this programme today have kept my mouth shut. I am loaded up on coughs presents now, so I can try and do this programme. Yes, legal legal over the counter legal. Jake Tapir did they have a little cry lawn under his name, former communications director spokes mouth for a handgun agar, what our hang on controlling what are? They were, of course, not just assumed that these people are leftist
It's just assume that are Democrats. I've ass day in and day out. What with this new law look like, that would prevent what took place in that school and Brower County. There isn't one, and so, in order for the politicians to play to the audience and to play politics, they pretend they have. The key to Utopia got an entire Poconos collar merit opium, whether it's the health care, the economy, whatever it is there that snakes, oil salesman, mankind has ever seen and where the greatest suckers mankind has ever had I'll, be right back
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Ah there there right now, eight hundred five, my nine eighty three. Ninety one. Eight hundred five, nine nine. Three nine one start planning for a time it now to enjoy your buckle list around the corner again get the report, get it for free and mark living gold. That. Ok, one eight hundred, five, nine, nine, eight, three, nine one, the twenty two hundred five, my line: Eight three, nine one. What's on your bucket list, make achieving it the most important item in your financial planning as the senator a senator from Florida he's really a pathetic demagogue. What's with all the left, us in any goes back to Florida. Pretends is a moderate. Listen to this from Ass night, seen in town or southern town Hall, the Colosseum had to write school, There are so many other things we can do. Certainly, mental health.
Certainly the question as the sheriff and brought about putting arm deputies while there, where have you been, you been an elected member of the House of Representatives and the Senate forever where's your bill. I believe and local trot, but these guys believer national control where's the bill. Now we're gonna damned thing about our Japanese in the schools which they can do tonight tomorrow morning, go ahead, but When you do right down to it the gun, Is what is going to do the killing this emanated Floridians? I grew up on a ranch. I've always had yawns hunted. All my life still hot with my son.
Forty seven and eight are fifteen is not for hunt it's for. You see, you see, that's lives. He knows he's had guns all life that an air fifteen is enough for killing human beings. In our fifteen it is a fairly low caliber rifle which I used to hunt mostly dear and a targeted, but he can't help himself. And so this is what happened. Let me just say where a country in decline we're trying to river Of course you and I will do everything we can but were clearly a country and could decline one almost all the instrumentality of government or devouring our traditions and our institutions,
said simple I'll, be right. Back
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Code, Levin now only underground the bowels of the hidden somewhere under Britain, steel of alarm description. We once again made contact with our leader. Tell everybody mark living here. Our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one Seven, three, eight one, three eight one one, What did I tell you rich? What are they tie, America that the any Ain t with getting a full gear and oppose any effort to train teeth? to protect students like they haven't Israel, like they have in other countries and shit enough the anyway and I have tea, opposed the idea That's why it's not getting done the
ray contributions. The politicians not come close to the kind of cloud the anyway and empty, have one Capitol Hill and in your stay capitals and in your school districts. These are massive corporate enemy. That is your enemies to which had been. Control over our schools and our school systems control of our school boards and our pda scipios. So they don't, they dont support. They ve made it abundantly clear arm protection within our schools and they hear the tab Theo. Choose me they near the top of our news: arrived listen to its disgustingly, pathetic PAMELA Brown, whoever that is basically mockery.
Voice snugness in her voice, president wants to port more guns in the school she says, and even yet bonuses to encourage training teachers. I think it's a great idea, personal work, but you have to have the right people in place and there's a shocking report. Now that's coming out of Florida. This is from Fox they're gonna. Take some your cause. The sheriffs deputy. Listen to this, the surest deputy who is on Patrol Marjorie Stomata was Highschool Parkland Florida, so they had one on patrol at the school resign. Today, No, why did he resigned.
Video surveillance showed he never The school even We clearly knew there was a shooting taking place. You believe this debate, Scott Petersen Brower County Sheriff's office was stationed on the schools campus when Nicholas crews Open fire, leaving seventeen people dead and others would. Sheriff Scott Israel during the press conference said video show Petersen arriving at the west side of the building where the shooting took place. Petersen, Israel said, took up a position, but never went in. I have said he believes Petersen remain outside of the building for four minutes, while the shooting in total lasted six minutes in battle
Israel said the officer never fired his weapon. Is cities devastated called said to my stomach? There are no words. This is really pathetic. Sickening. When asked about the law enforcement agencies entering the building first and at what time Israel said, it doesn't matter When, in first, when what already wanted, what matters is that, when we enlarge horsemen arriving in act, should we go in and addressed the target and that's what happened? should have been done, he should have gone in the dress, the killer kill the killer. Israel said.
Now this coward, that's what he is, this cowards name is Peters, Deputy Scott Peters. I now we know the FBI, Mr Liese, to direct leads to the mass killer, that there were potentially three dozen direct contacts with the potential killer. The sheriff's office and that there was a deputy sheriff at the school building in uniform Armed who never went inside. He stayed outside and took a position, quorum quote and we're debate gun, control.
We're debating things that have nothing to do with what took place. Senator Marker Rubio, who was brutally last night, the scene and cause event. Christian thrown to the lions meanings and then being alliance. A Rubio, starts to buckle as the President has started a buckle. As Republicans all over the place are the buckle. Cod No, I absolutely believe that in this country, If you are eighteen years of age, you should not be able to buy a rifle, and I will support a law that takes that right away. I really am, I, would you believe it Tommy. Senator Rubia, eighteen years old. Do you believe that you should be a little?
To serve in the United States military see the problem of these broad brush approaches. Those of you who are eighteen years old nineteen years old twenty years old, And almost twenty one years I'll, let you being talk till here like how are you being treated here and he's being applauded for this? The present ones do the same thing: rifles can kill. In about five or six hundred people, an entire year kill their rifles as Mr Rubia does. He think people. Eighteen years of age should be able to buy a pistol since more like over pistols. You see it's a slippery slope. There are cut off there, Cut off her Carlos baseline.
S, decisions and so forth which are difficult to unravel, but now we're talking about going forward with restrictions. Go ahead, I will support the banning of stocks and they know that the president's ordered the attorney general to do it and it doesn't. We should do ok. There would have been absolutely nothing in this case, so. Create new laws and those new laws will be violated and will create more laws. On top of that, though, be violated, for instance, the bump stock wouldn't stop this murder and not being able to buy a rifle. The aggravating windows start. The murder.
In LAS Vegas. It's a yak category bearing LAW on tap a law on tap a law is the evade one law after another after another. After another. Tell me something, ladies and gentlemen, we Lost today against murder, every state has them defines different types of murders, different types of ways, but there still heinous evil sub humans out to kill people. How many more laws can you right against murder If some states would capital punishment, flood of being one of the other states stone of capital punishment, should all states have capital punishment? If not, why not. I don't know when I buy my weapons thee. The form I saw goes directly to the federal government are not sure what you're talking about, but in any event,
All states across the country are required or incentivize the report, all the information into it. Well, listen that, and only we know what that means, but states required to report the information into I don't know when I buy my weapons Lee the former goes directly to the federal government are not sure what you're talking about. But in any event, let me ask you folks something. Why we always on defence on this when they're wrong, we're right. The market will be a way of going to this scene and Roman Colosseum event and comes out more liberal. Now we know the incredible failures of government at all levels. The federal level at local level. I dont want law. You can put in place to tell a deputy sheriff there when he hears.
Repeated rounds being fired in a school. I can tell you about you, pull out your gun and you. For the killer. You gotta go inside the school. What kind of law we can write about that? I don't have any more laws. We have the right to tell. Yet FBI. When you get it, our lead, something about a dance I don't have laws. We have the right to tell the anyway and I have to take, but the ass, to determine how we're going to protect our children? They don't own our children and they don't know those classrooms either. This is about servant. Terrorism are two sides of anything it is about reality. Reality. Incredible and now we're supposed to hate Vienna Ray Vienna Ray I ate the any. I really I have three LEO
The earlier of trees would be aided a thousand more prominently in our own. What they in our schools. What they're doing to our children? They stand as an obstacle. Now they standards are not for protecting our children. The other writers and stand as an obstacle to send the cops and train the teachers The SBA says now known on known on them. Top of the hour and networking listening to some jerk report. Sounds like she's about eleven years. All mocking the president. He wants to put more. Guns in the school she says what the left says. Anything it bonuses to teachers to encourage him to be train wow. What a knock the president must be. You mean protect our schools. The way Congress protects itself, protect
and rush. Yes, it's like Pearl harbor calling. Could it one congressional not job for Manhattan? Yes, it's like Prob what's the idea in any I any business man, none whatsoever, happy eyes, budget. Down, collusion and rush. Yes, it's like Pearl harbor according to data, one congressional, not job for Manhattan. Yes, it's like Prob Pearl Harbor. You dumb fell in the blank Jake Tapir you're on ethical. Every time we discuss this issue, there should be a cry aloud. Oh you should be saying I used to be the spokes idiot. Hang on controlling or whatever they held a group of car. But you don't do it. Do you know you don't.
Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama. Michelle Obama put outward supporting the students, travel with secret service protection, secret service, What their lives on a line for them, their armed people, can get near them without permission. And they are more protection and our children. Their lives large, apparently more than our own children's lives. I'll be right back The way is, is endless, endless pushing
left agenda by the media, and then they take a pole after five or six, they say: look at this Sixty seven percent of Americans want this. Seventy seven percent of Americans want this. This is going to sound self serving, but trust me I don't need another job either. Your programme, my first love, eleven tv I write books and I'm going to her. My Sunday shown Fox first, that last title now ten p m the Sunday. One hour out of a whole week, I'm hoping That we can try and centre things again, at least for those who watch. There is no discussion Our belief systems now, Oh discussion,
about our values, no discussion about first principles. No explanation about there ST behind institutions and traditions. Watching tv, where people are shouted down. You know that was last night. Some of you are old enough to remember. Morton, Downy, Junior. Thousands of Morton Downy juniors screaming at Dana Loaf. Spokeswoman for the energy, and I happened in our very lovely lady, very intelligent, Marco Rubio, watching him so thoroughly disrespected and then watching start a buck.
Its painful watching the mouse, and the Democrats Senator repeatedly applauded for making these idiots statements. Made has been Congress forever, has an accomplished dancing we're losing country and these forces are arrayed to advance their agenda. They ve attack the first amendment we ve talked about this. Tumor actually proposed changes to the first amendment, not to the press, of course, to free speech, because the left doesn't like free speech but left demands conformity. The left has gotten increasing violent anti for black lives matter.
On and on and on violent rejects, debate taking over college campuses. Or at least it used to be able to debate whether we wanted a debate. And so we just keep passing laws laws, fly to every law by every law by innocent American ostensibly applied. They say to these killers. These bad people
They don't give a damn what laws Congress pairs thing when we know that a Congress exists and that's the point of tea in any. I oppose training teachers to defend their students. Joe. Instead, teachers have to put their lives on a line by trying to lock the door for by standing between the killer and students. The teachers should rise up against these unions. The
Originally school districts should rise up against these unions or more their kids. You gonna get killed no question about it. So when only having an attack on the second, my mother's attack the first amendment. As I started the programme. They see. To monopolize. Not just the issue of the second amendment, but whether or not there is going to be a debate. They don't want to debate I want the second amendment. They only say there's a free press, apparently from the left. Haven't I.
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Listen. We live in critical times, as you are obviously where let me share with you. Listen is what happens when we got on a slippery gun control slope here Massachusetts YAP amateur. Work on all EU weapons. Twenty four hours a day You can be charged with illegals stored, you're, a firearm, some someone breaks in the home. You have the floor out of a deep sleep. The key and the changes going to hang on a minute. This is ridiculous. It did a registry of mass compliant You can buy and it's not based on any logic, the is blocked, written by people who don't know, watch and enough firearms and put up against their shoulder? I know a guy, was actually charged criminal because at a bayonet log on the end of a rifle there wasn't a ban. Why, even if he had abandoned, we know how many people are slaughter with ban rifles, ridiculous mark I gave the wonder what older Jerry would think of always America do that he wouldn't like it,
You wouldn't do you look at the other end. Everyone here, in my opinion, islamic extremists, it kill more, then we can come, but no one no one can these levels are suggesting that you have to be licensed to have a background check the practise their religion? This is often seen as well. That's right, you're, making the point to show just how crazy this can get. What, without course You ve done a great job and I just keep I have no idea when these politicians, and especially who most get ahold of Europe be constitute, shall privileges they do. You think people care about limiting anymore Other then, having their remit. At once, made it met and and and subsistence and sword, giving people appreciate, understand or even want liberty, because things happen under The vast majority is good, but some things happen that we don't like, sadly, Mark. I think that people only, Mr Liberty, when they He didn't, they don't have it, they don't have.
For once I too understand one is about to be taken from them, I'll tell you something you are quite right. Let me state this this. Say truism. I won't corner Levine truism at a truism, whether those eleven or not, and it's this. The seeds of tyranny are some within liberty. You understand my point, PETE you, Sir. I certainly do because people who despise liberty people who are unwitting in their attacks on liberty, whatever it is, it's a Also, we ve never been able to figure out. Liberty provides evil limit. Provide whomever the opportunity to destroy itself that it To destroy liberty for the rest of us, so freedom is what we want. Also gives innovation, most ideologues of the left. The freedom.
To deny us freedom over a period of time, and it is a quandary, faint cry. My front yard mark my real quickly, those same people. More proponents drive through abortions again and again, the death penalty, but yet they were deprived war abiding citizens. I agree, but I say it over and over myself, There's no rationale here: these are the people say, call the cops. I hate that these are the people who say your prayers but we have levelled judges all over the place who let people ask him leave sentences her politicized, the bench in some other way. We have the aim of tea in the NBA, which are good for nothing. I certainly not in their education and any significantly intelligent way, now, they're saying: no, we don't want our teachers trained up, who Asda gives a damn what they say. Susan, a union negotiation are about. I paid excellent com, Hey. I didn't need some kind of scholar, so you know that this is the you doing,
hey, listen, the reason I'm calling and want to bring in article to your attention and it, and it was an interesting spin on the second amendment it the second amendment was ratified to preserve slavery by Hartman out a truth out Y know, have to read what that more on says. He's already I was right. Ok, I I didn't see some kind of scholar, so you know this, This is the this. Is the knee jerk left the low I q, knee jerk left The second amendment was was adopted. We support slavery. Which is why I guess. The northern states adopted it even northern states without slavery, correct by fish thing, because I live this and I won't wait. A minute- I can assure you, as you have to say, Justice warriors ghetto although this line of thought got a whole world hurt Common
that is if we already have a whole world of her common that such pastors comment again, I'm read it or whatever. Looking The entire constitution was adopted to up to preserve. Every I've read many many articles on their to this is the program left a wallet. What they will not accept is that their. Therefore, Africa and ideological fathers whether through so who is father, the french terrorism in the french Revolution, ten years of blood in the street, or a hegel who was the godfather to marks, even though we wouldn't a minute and Hegel who were all this sort of populist democracy, stuff really, which was kept. Plans for a tyranny and, in the end, the prussian empire. Then of course marks note
these guys on the left. When they write these pieces, they won't talk about how all these ideological, well fathers of their movement caused others to kill. Tens of millions of people. Tens of millions of people, capitalism didn't kill. Tens of millions of People Republic it hasn't been killed. Tens of millions of people, with the ideology the left. Is they don't accept human beings as they are, as human beings and what they try to do is more it's decentralized, these decisions were in human beings, fewer in number tall. Rest of us what to do, and that is tyranny. Thank you for your coarser good cause to life. I appreciate drew San Francisco. The gray cares fell Gaia good afternoon. Thank you for being the voice of reason out there. I would like to make a case that
Think the second amendment the explicitly protects the marketing another hiding weapon. Before the reason I what is it about its about arms weapons that they use the combat against an up and another opponent. Now now, let me just say this You know why the second man was adopted. To maintain our freely as our own government or foreign. Invading our insurrection, you correct you are correct, but you see now had to say you're, not even allowed to explain history, because then they think you're part. Of some militia What part of the militia you part of a militia the average Joe the average Joe and that the history? The second amendment to protect us from these morons go ahead. Well You again, oh dear ripe or your doesn't get these weapons,
I wouldn't home weapons are more like a fishing pole. There, not purposed defence will advance work. You know being able to fight fighting on which I think the founders intended you know, we'd have half of all weapons to whenever track me brought against us. I don't think they thought our enemies were always be stuck with a musket when you without a sporting weapon out of its purpose for defense. He has to be used when aperture at a disadvantage against opponents who, as a weapon in his purpose, purpose built or down. Let's let, let's cut to the chase here. Seen in his right hand? Msnbc is right if bill Nelson's right, if left to sir right, why would they the second amendment in there at all the wrong they're wrong and NATO care about the constitution, they don't care about one damn argument: you're making they don't care.
What what's going on here, they're, using what took place Florida, this horrific killing, where you and I are sitting here you think about how to protect the kids in the classroom and all that thinking about, is how to advance our agenda, it that's. The truth drew thanks for your call, El Paso, Texas, the gray, Katy S. Him go right ahead. How are you, sir looking hark. I really appreciate your show and I just want to debate with you a little bit. That sheriff? That was on duty act. Therefore, the shooting Really, do you can completely a coward I'm a police up toward the troll and go setting. Gentlemen. I fear he heard the first shot. When everybody else was retreating. He should have been in that direction and end, which brings a point about having gone to in the school I'm
have no problem with having more guns in the school. However, with, if you have people like this gap, so now- decided outlet. Legislator, language, about having more guns in schools, is language of the left and the media at the top. The are that I had to listen to her. We don't talk that way. We talk about protecting our members of Congress. We say I dont support more the capital building. Do we say that now support more guns in the White House. Do we talk that way now We say we want our members protected. We want our present a protected. Well, when our children protected when you go to airport there's a whole lot more guns there than ever before. You got to say all over the place you ass, I wonder, our federal level and state local agents, lots of guns in the airport noticed we don't talk that way. The federal government put the tea. I say in their preferred, take the passengers and to protect the people that the airport, the government put the cops
the capital, police and others in the capital building to operate, the members of Congress, then when it comes to protecting our children, to put the right people trained up in our schools, all of a sudden wow. Having guns to our schools, I am so sick of this phoney debate of our family protect our own kids, I'm sick and tired of the left, I'm sick and tired and positioning themselves and positioning us this way. That's why? When people say might you know they don't like tribesmen, they all get into their own corners and fight wrong. This is a life and death matter, and parents muttered. Its protective. Let me put it this way, at least in the communities were apparent, really want their kids protected then pretend in those communities, whether all too many guns in the classroom. Well, then, that's your problem. I can fix it. Go ahead, will get it. Can I offer applicant guessing.
Add to that is having armed officers in the school did a great idea, if they would add to that I'll. Give you an example. One of one of the guys go there. Edward did is humongous. It's like thirty. Eight hundred students, that's cool over their students. If something very thousand, I'm gonna tell you something and high schools. I beg to control so that stupid to begin with That's just my humble opinion anyway. Go ahead, It is because I'm going out and with a pistol and these hit me with a rifle one shot an unguarded even goes beyond my bullet proof that job. So I offer a suggestion, because if you ve got plenty hundred kids warning from the threatened on one or two that what I have to get through all those people. Well, I'm getting there, he could you fifteen or twenty people, so offer put cameras at every day. In the parking lot, Monica Security Guard, an ant video monitors the way they could watch that an issue they see
somebody coming in with a gas mask a rifle anything then do the lockdown which one button luck all the doors and prevent the dam. Poor from going up. If you can keep him out cried the death toll would stay down and if a simple solution, along with the hand gun, an guards in the schools. I hope I have think that's a bad idea think that something that should be considered a fiery school board member. Quite frankly, sounds like some. We really want to consider We could save a lot alive, lively one like what the big high school Fears about is that is being discussed on CNN now being discussed on MSNBC, is being discussed anywhere now no it taking your gun. Do I that's why they won't talk about it, but it is good common tat, the big yes, it is. You're, a good man be safe out there.
God bless, you will be right back, let me put it this way I am not here to entertain. Jane ideas about how we destroy a part of the bill of rights. This is what the left wants to do, the let them put their proposal forward in the form of an amendment to the constitution. Let them trying to two thirds of the Senate to it's out of the house: send it to the states for Third it states to ratify. I am sick and tired of this creeping tyranny We're excuses are made for killers in a classroom for God's sakes,. So we not only as a nation
if the watch this horror and suffer as the nations kids are slaughtered like this, and they said the powers that be won't, do the right thing as a consequence. The pillar right supposed to take a hit. Now now known that ain't gonna happen, it can happen. Oh, you know, I think we should raise the age of people who own rifles really, so you think people over sixty, Five shouldn't hold our own arrived. I mean, I know not all eighteen to twenty one. My friend writes me: a combat veteran. Mark, as you know it eighteen, I was able to join the army handed and I'm sixteen eighty rifle and semi automatic pistol few months. I turn nineteen I was in combat using both of them Agent, the issue no age, isn't the issue crap slaughter, almost sixty human beings, LAS Vegas, was sick. Before years old notice. It took
but age. There. Then it's the bomb, stop this guy's nineteen! Now they target between eighteen and twenty one, the guy, though he was an eighteen, the guy for what he wasn't. Eighteen. The cough up along over this crap. Well, it's my last breath defend our liberty. I can tell you that. Cybercrime is getting worse. Every day you hear about credit cards that tax fraud, medical identity theft. This goes on and on, but you don't need you know it. Then I'll tell you something else. Why are poet? consultants and commentators all over tv, but an issue. They don't know a damn thing about. What do I care? What somebody deputy associate assistance, campaign manager past us the second amendment cyber.
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pact yourself against cyber war now run only underground, boughs of a hidden somewhere under Britain, steel of a nondescript building, we once again made contact with our leader. Everybody Mark Levine, here number, eight, seven, seventy three, eight one, three eight one, one, eight seven, seven three, eight one three eight one one time, ladies and gentlemen, do you think every single person affected by that shooting in Brower County is left US democrat You think every single person affected by them
shooting brow, county, believes and more gun control. Do you think that town Hall was representative of what took place. Our what's taking place, and I count Irena Coarseness CNN, it's disgusting! It's a propaganda it's our equivalent of russian tv. Now I want you to hear this young man- maybe you ve, heard him all day long and the foggiest idea, but he does to be heard by you, my beloved audience, coltan, Hob, HIV baby a shooting survivor was on double Gee algae tv yesterday and by the way he's he's not the only one. He sought the only one hectic real, clear politics, and let me tell you something how this business
I don't have a staff that goes down and talks to cotton, hobby. This shows after me, don't have on the shows it came before me. Didn't have one you find these on the internet. I give credit where credit to do if there are people out there working hard pulling the stuff down. So what MR produce, when I give them credit where credit to do MR producer, Mr Cosgrove, they do. I have job do tracking down audio that unique that I want to find too and he'll take I tracked down some of myself because we do work research. What we do and want to do it right
I expected to be able to ask my questions and give my opinion on my questions. But Coltan Hob, a member of the Junior Aren T, see who shielded classmates in the midst of terror says he did not get to share. His experience. Cnn had originally asked me to write a speech and questions, and it ended up being Oscar Coltan wrote question about school safety suggested using veterans, is armed school security guards. But claim CNN wanted him to ask us scripted question. Instead, so he decided
to go. I don't think that it's gonna get anything accomplish. It's not going to ask the two questions that all the parents and teachers and students have. Oh, yes, this is the state of play in the country and then there's Rhine, Deutsche hope I pronounced. I correctly other shooting survivor had to start right scoop twenty go. I just like to say that when I see a camera tracking me I cry walking out of a church that is not acceptable. That is just that popular rises. The idea that if these killers are out there, if they have these guns, they will use them get on some leaderboard, I saw this. The next morning after the shooting, there was a top ten, meetings in America and we were at number nine. I believe that should
be some rating store? You should not be able to put in a name at the end of that to say that I'm the one who shot up nineteen, I'm the one who shot twenty three. While I shot fifty these people are looking for infamy. These people are going out there getting attention. America should not stand for that in media. What about your contribution to this media? Are the media killing people? Ladies and gentlemen, let me ask you that are the media killing people in this country, by the way they report by creating fantasies by creating fame for nothing people people who want to kill our kids are the medium. Spots both for any that, ladies and gentlemen, curious. What do you think.
And if the media, let me ask you this: if the media are, in your view responsible in some degree or another Should we curbing the media, luck, arrested, the amendments to the constitution are sacrosanct. Why is the freedom of the press are not advocating? I'm trying to figure this out now, really I'm trying to expose these. Bastards for what they are. I see it and I in the network news shows and their exactly what I said they are presently united States he's gotta down we're gonna do thee livestock we gotta now is emphatically said: we gotta raise the age of twenty one people than the by rifles. Mr President, if that is your position,.
Then I would insist that your position be a consistent one of the young man and yet women under the age of twenty? One should not be eligible to serve in the military until they reach the age of twenty one aims it- can tired of young people in this country being treated like crap too, and that way because they're more liberal there we are. We indoctrinate let our schools, our governments, schools, we indoctrinate amateur colleges and universities, because we turn a moment that tenured marxist they see claptrap on TV day in and day out by the progressive army propaganda on the Praetorian guard of the Democratic Party. And there we go. Oh, what happened to our kids there so liberal, and then we marked them And now what we can send them the war when their eighteen years old
when they hear at home behaving themselves. They can't be trusted with a weapon. They are subsidized our health care, although good for that they are such that Sir entitlement programmes other good for that. So now, as a result of this mass shooting in Florida, we're gonna take guns away. From eighteen year olds, nineteen year old and twenty with Europe wanted eager for anyway, is that what the bill of Rights says, what are they need. Or anyway again it's the bill of rights, not develop, meets looking for scapegoats. Now, aren't we all class of people, eighty nineteen twenty years old, patently cannot rifles. Why
All class of people what about people were sixty in order, then that job in LAS Vegas was sixty four. Should we roll them out? How about that? He's a crap that killed those people in our land a wealthy and authorities. Well, we got a rule out that group too stupid politicians are stupid in both parties I can't stand, and yet we turn to them in a time of grief. Oh, do something do something: do anything goes something and they say you know what they're right, let's exploit So they do something then I'll do something more and not do something more. In twenty years from now, you look over your shoulder and say hey what has happened to the second amendment
He gave it aware you worry it, that's what happened to it or we gotta do something about these magazines. You know there are thirty rounds in them felt when he has had a somebody gonna get around that Anybody haven't idea now we're going to limit them to ten rounds. Really. Without a matter in LAS Vegas a limit on the ten round, so you know what somebody does a Terry, more weapons. They carry our pistols, NATO to reload one in each pocket. About buying your back couple strapped around. I called you read it aloud: that's five right there when you gonna do outlaw belts our pair. I don't know what will they use next attire? What values next.
Our people are murdered, give heard this over and over, and we started talking about a last week with knives, then with rifles in this country knives, but they can't figure out how to outlaw knives. It's like trying to outlaw condensation. They want to carbon dioxide, but they can't figure out how to have condensation in order to control the economy and the environment, while carbon dioxide are now if five hundred and fifty people there about were killed last year with rifles, And we don't know the age of everybody. I've been looking for that statistic, The one thing I read was younger. People are no more likely to use rifles to kill that older people. Ok, let's assume that self organized outlaw rifles being purchased legally by eighteen to twenty one year old. You think that
do anything that was I going to do what the left. They already saw the rising argument which we ve been making now for what, since day, one trainer arm the teachers train or on the police trainer our MAX military, current military, whomever local law enforcement, believes and get him in the school to protect our students now the left has now. What are you? Gonna do bring Morgan as you know the school. Well, if that's the argument that I I've come to disarm on capital here, cause they shouldn't be bringing more guns capital building. If that's the argument, I wouldn't this certainly airports, because we. We bring in more gun generally airports with the USA. We should disarm everywhere because, where you have
women who are trained to protect us. They have weapons and if you're gonna make the case that them there, being in a facility brings more guns in and we can more guns in. Then why did protection? Besides, you left his hate. The cops anyway. You hate them. Software patents will either right the next book. I give it away, you know what happens but if this had their way. Just look at look at them. We need to demilitarize the police, the.
These need to be more community oriented. The police are racist, systemic, the police, less the police. Are we just went through ten years that crack then the judges, the charges? Oh, yes, the charges, the soft on crime drugs are about. I put all over the government all over the country, criminal justice reform there, that's the new one, let people out of prison and then his arm parts of the population or at least prevent them from protecting themselves. So you can call the cops considerations.
Right you can't ever gonna score cause they're gone free zones right. What are you do? Give the central government more power? That's all give the central government power. That's the answer to do what to do whatever he wants to do, because, after all, we, geniuses there, like Germany and policy That's sexually harassing people in Congress. Member that creditors. Now there's no predators, other all King Solomon, King, Solomon, there so smart, so noble, never driven by politics and the rest. That's who are sensible, know what the hell's Goin on we're gonna watch this crap. I'll, be right back
top of the White House today cut six. Mr producer: go With you, we have the hardliners sulphur free zone to kill. Somebody wants to be a killer, that's like going in for the ice cream. That's like here. I am thinking we think its foreign reserves when they see it, as this is a gun freeze, and that means that nobody has ignored except nobody's gonna, be shooting boats in the other direction, and I see that as such a beautiful charge, they live so seems to me if you have an egg iq over seven. This is absolutely right. And yet the media are marking the present for making this comment.
I think the media should go without protection really. Maybe we should pass a law that no obviously one work, but you get the point. Maybe we should pass a law that nobody who works in the media should be able to buy a weapon. Nobody who works in the media should be able to buy weapon. And. Forget about age limits which this do that. Let them try that further building should be protected. They should remain soft heart have a better idea ready for this one. Ladies and gentlemen, do you think of this? This kind of security. That's provided in most schools at America should be The same kind of security Congress gets the same kind of security that media places get like the New York Times, building hats off, but in practice, what they,
Creek Majority's town hall meetings. Ass them has done this. Why is Europe building better protected the most schools, Where's your life more important of my kids life. That's that the question that should have been asked to bill. Nelson half of your family. More important to me how come Congress is more important to my family. You got a problem bringing dungeon the Capitol Hill to protect. You despise these people
seven go ahead. Please will you I d, be focusing very strong. Mental health is a case of mental health. Part of the problem is we use that mental institutions, and I said this yesterday we had a mental institution. Will you take a sick? I like this guy who's, this guy somebody size and bring them to a mental health institution. Those institutions are largely closed, because communities didn't want em communities do now. The real reason there are largely closed is because federal judges shut them. The Asia you did it sturdy work. That's the real reason most of them are close. Did you no more? From a government government disarming the american people, some of them jobs out into the street,
for them, so you don't have any intermediate ground. You can't put him in jail if, as you haven't done anything yet, but you know he's going to do something, but whether we talk Injuriously about opening mental health institutions again, in some cases real market. Good luck with the court's good luck with the court's cost lives, control everything they screw up everything the lips, control. Everything in this group. Everything could I go ahead, Will you make sure the internet? We have to look at the internet because a lot of bad things happening to young, kids and young minds in their minds are being forced to note. That means. Look at the internet there certain things that are already illegal if they be illegal, whether there on the internet are not like corner child pornography in that sort of what are you, Do when we look at the internet. I'm saying we are bringing some of these leftist enterprises and industries, who are
so hell bent on destroying the bill of rights. The second amendment and we ought to say to them: ok, Hollywood. About civil, soon brought against Hollywood actors. Actresses. Movie. Companies incorporation! Yes, how about that? you want to bring lawsuits against gun companies will bring law it's against Hollywood right back my good in America's Think tank and you can go seven seven three one, eight one, one height hiring every business needs great people in a better way to go,
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I'm Slash, Levine, Zip recur Dot com, slash, L, Evie, I am zip recruiter. The smartest way to higher in a really is great. Sponsor must reduce the cost free, just the lap Gimme, a good call it. What you. Danny LOS Angeles, eight. Seventy the answer go I'm off Lastly, the best marketing. I ever thing enough anywhere from media to funding Particularly true, they keep pounding impounding impounding impounding pounding till they get their issue. I just don't see how we can better with standing along I happen to you now: and it really is a big farmers causing the site. My opinion unites only in medicine, Indication that the because are taking is causing the problem,
Sweeney printing is coming, and so, even if we ban gun the, I think in the future, If I just wanna per annum out bid on it What are you gonna than ever unable to take the gun off the street. Just gonna burn things down below things up there I mean look like take a truck modem. Yes, I mean Unfortunately, evil people are re resourceful, and so always we get these broad brush solutions that have no concept its whatsoever Do you know of a single instance? These gun bands actually save lives, I don't know of any man: I'll come back, no gun rally. How come? You never seen a law that the programme is always a law against it again. Take more and more and more and more, I wonder, is never and there's never proclivity rallies and never pro capitalism, rallies and ever poorer, because the people who are
Believers in this country are working there in their families. They don't play the role of victim they're not liking for excuses for failure. It's a complete different mindset about citizenship. You have our eye Danny, I'd call, I appreciate it. Let us go to Doug LA point. Utah. The great cavy Iago market? If you take my call, you truly are the great one. Can I can't believe you showed up and secure our country in the choir. Thank you, day to bring back the draft. I think you would help the client my alternatives. If they do has to be twenty one in older, you can't tell young people they can't on a rifle, but we can draft you, I'm not gonna, put up with that. I ain t there right now, yeah, I think that would help the landfill people, it's all good people joining enough from the service right now,
now the people alone, this country, it would help the people in the dome Liberals and I'm sixty five years are limit dealing with these people. All my life there steeped in. I my friend, appreciated by the way you have a great chance to like Mitt Romney. Are you excited give me a hundred bucks one time, good temper, that's legos, I mean I'm a good, Praetor but I'm not run for office Thank you for taking my call, thank you, Sir, and I don't have court of a billion dollars either, but I'm a good temper. And when I tell young people when I get a tip in their eyes pop openly say while you don't, I tell him, I don't need the government, the Tommy, to redistribute wealth. It's my well son I'll give it to whomever I want to. The wife whose me do this all the time. William Seattle, Washington, the great Syria satellite go on long term
I'm glad you're first time. Car is a pleasure to talk to you, sir. Thank you my friend well without borders and the drugs coming in here. Weapons come in also, and they have found com block fully automatic, ok, forty seven that they have confiscated from criminals, we're not going to stop the guy they're going to come anyway. What you're dealing with Lily. We came and stop the people, let alone the guns right right. What we're dealing with liberals and I'm sixty five years, a lab at dealing with these people, all my life there speaking
academia. They have no real world experience. I can't even share your flat tire and you're trying to tell everybody wanted. I thank Nancy policy should shut up and go back some cookies of cheese. Sir. Thank you. Core poison them. If she knew I was eating one just saying G, Oh Caliph Florida, the Great W S K. Why go mark? Thank you for your show, I really like yourself thanking him for his people very well. And we appreciate, I want your failure there, Ws K. Why go right ahead, that their guns will be gotten Illegally of people want em look at all. These cars that had been broken into and stolen out and look call the gun shop at the gangs, her guardian and taken the guns out of there.
You know you make an interesting point: all it will do is massively increased the black market for weapons. Making it even harder and harder and harder to track? Thinks that way, There won't be any gun control, they say, wouldn't Tough or not the voting process. President says everybody says toughening up to do what I mean right, you can have this whole new black market guns shift in this country, which we won't be able to stop with the poorest or even for human beings and it'll be even harder to tractors banana, prevent truly evil people from getting weapons require right. Thank you for your call. Jim Tad Manhattan, new the Great W b c mark. Thank you. Take my car right to tell me my idea, you know, do they go Doktor, where one off who sang the liberal than everybody were tried. It out Obama either the healthcare.
That everyone had my health insurance. Why not? the other way and have it Mandate that everyone get a gun comment because one, even though it sounds good theoretically, we all know that, on the rabbit, Why not? I mean it because Congress isn't it about for do you know of any body? Who's gonna go further and executive order, not you kid, things by executive order like that, maintaining that every American by They even they had to go through Congress. For that. I would like to know where you're going to get Europe There huge numbers in Congress who are going to support such a thing. Wouldn't be an idea, hearings recall here, we go just do I can and every fantasy no offense. Jimmy Manhattan, New York, tabulating, To go mark the constitutional law
is the constitutional law. I absolutely agree with it. Ok what's written and it should not be altered tampered with. I'm a lot of eighteen year old kid he's a kid our eighteen year old, immature spoil it video games and for once Fight marijuana, video games and by what movies The train and all of a sudden, Sarah, twenty one and all ends right now, actually thought there. Actually babies at twenty. What she's the than their babies are. Twenty two. Also, I see so many more listen to me. Their babies at twenty five right. Let me say: stop Desert, A minority of men at eighteen so the hand bs If there were a minority of men at eighteen years old, this Caribbean a hell of a lot worse shaped in it is the best hootings going on ten times a day. I'm tired
people trashing these young people. If their specific, young people. You want to talk about fine, but these young people make up our military. We don't have, draft right now. Those young People are in Afghanistan, a young people are in Iraq. Now people are in one how whole after another volunteering. Our police forces are also fill with young people, A young person is a drunk a young person is on drugs, Person is enough to video games area. Person is enough to kill people. I was going on here: bar worst enemy The phone you area. I to me listen to what you're trash, a whole generation of people. I should listen to this based on what your own experience again absolutely irrational.
How many eighteen year old, so we don't know right now, have two shot a terrorist. I mean the fact that I have. Wonderful people in this audience who were attacking an entire generation, I'm sick of it. Talk show. How do I know other tv house do it? I dont do it my all caught up rich Let's take a break will be right back hopes. I really want. Let me just say this: if you're going to call the show, mind having a difference of opinion. But if you just start yelling wildly making really
go on and on and on and definitely not going, entertainment. Many of them were my listeners, and I really need your attention, because I have something important to tell you. This isn't a tipping. You just shoot from the hip, what the whole nation in here you scream. It's not gonna happen. In call somebody else and have you gonna get you maybe you're right now, you're, not right. We're conservatives, we believe and individualism we in categorize generations this generation that I have a problem with that. But they say that everybody has dragged video game. We were still alive. It's not true. It's not accurate, so I'm not going to entertain and you can go on and on and on and definitely not can entertainment, let the other how center tat- and I really need your attention, because I have something important to tell you. This isn't a typical message, not some
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Lies in the efficiency of your system right now, you can save five percent when you set up auto delivery so you never need to think about air filters again. You never need to guarantee these wows stores. Again. You just noted it save money. Save time, breathe better with filth, provide dot com. That's filter, be you why that come filter by that country? I can somebody tell me what the point of mothers additional charges against manifold or other thing I can think of, because a deal with things are really Back to before the campaign is he's trying to further destroy man of her to get him to say anything particularly the phrase obstruction of justice on Trump.
This is a very dishonest prosecution is a very politicize prosecution. I read something today: It was the daily car point, they marry single prosecutor From Mahler as a Republican. Out of the seventeen were sixteen thirteen or Democrats and three or four or independence. That's only possible intentionally higher. That way because The changes of that happening, accidental accidentally or zero. And yet you have goofball like this trade out. I've never like this guy keeps defend Mahler doing exactly what he ought to do now is not to face and the mother wants to get the traveller of the EPA administrator, one of the best conservatives there once no ice been traveling first class. So you see this is a trade gouty priority theme. Is travel the
Ministers travel comes to Mahler he's all it. When it came to Benghazi he was a wet noodle which exist. My banya put him in charge. Yvonne you vainer same thing. Put him in charge right, take a call here: LISA. Where are you LISA out where you located? No I'm sorry aware W g m d go out here, you're on I am about to the large trump changing the wanting to change the gun Ownership to twenty one might What are you can have all the debates about it in the world and it would be right and wrong. You can't ever give the Democrats liberals any
opening any opening at all to changing our second amendment, one to do that. Want to come back with something different to change it, while you did, so now? we're gonna, do it, but you're right and look at the facts. You you added deputy sheriff rousing. Going inside. The building was already there and armed to protect those kids Please stay outside look at the facts here. The FBI failed to follow its protocol. The facts here, a social worker raise was a kind of downplayed. This guy's a threat I mean you have contact three score times with local law enforcement contact with the FBI twice. Every sheriff there why the hell we talking about gun control because of Democrats are
to talk about just Democrats. He got these phony republicans too, and there came an into them. You stay because I'm a bad and I never thought Trump would be that one would follow suit. Let me tell you something: long before I ever owned a pistol or rifle. Defended. The second amendment. Now I own several an idea. The second amendment I dont. The second amendment. I'm a gun owner a gun owner, one point not too long ago. Palmer came an office. He get threatening their in this garden that gun and every gunny threatened ban. I went out and bought just because I'd be pushed around All I said, These bans have any consequences, her eye LISA. Thank you for your call. Patrick Eastern Maryland, the great w I may quickly. Please correct her.
I wanted to point out the fact that well, regulated militia has nothing to do with the way the speech mean. Now when the constitution was written. Well right. Well, regulated men worked well well. I'm like a clock ran well. Also armed by their side didn't call me tomorrow at a time well regulated militia. Why did they have a well regulated militia for the states in the second amendment? Anybody know: go look outside tomorrow's well, I've already said in the past, we salute our armed forces, police officers, firefighters and emergency personnel. Thank God for all of you check out. Well, there's nothin, I guess I'll see you tomorrow. Ladies and gentlemen, Nablus.
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