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While there are good things in President Trump’s tax plan, there are some serious poison pills to watch out for. The first problem is that fewer and fewer people will pay federal income taxes, while still receiving government benefits. The second probl...

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Now run only underground the bowels of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader, everybody, Michael of in here I number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one I live in an odd space, I guess and political I may consistent constitution serve them. You know what I think, why? I think what I think I spend an enormous amount of time explaining and yet some days and accused of being all in four Trump Sundays and accused of being a never trumpet
and so forth, and so I am not at all in four tromp and a modern ever trumpery I promote Americanism, as I wrote about in my book, rediscovering Americans and I fight progressive it. As I wrote my book, the tyranny of progressive it, it sat simple now these are not simple battles. But I'm not positioning myself, I wear my views on my sleeves both of them. So I was listening attentively to the president's speech on his tax plan. Then I went back and read some of the specifics. Just to make sure I understood what some of the specific were. And then they go well, it's very good plant, but there's two things had trouble me least right now, as best as I can understand, it.
Number one more more people will pay no federal income taxes. Do you think that's healthy. You think it's healthy, that more and more people Even title Mintz and federal subsidies and federal benefits, but don't pay a plugin nickel in federal income taxes and then he had this little nugget. He will drop the top rate from third. Nine point: six percent, the thirty five percent buddies open to a fourth brac. That is a bracket That truck Schuman, eighty Pelosi can create for rich people course they not defined which people can be body or any families or its two hundred thousand dollars enough for all. I know Leave it to the leftists, the anti capitalist left us to decide what that, if we have no idea what income levels, the presence.
Talking about they- throw these terms around these ambiguous terms. You know the rich, the wealthy, whatever that means and more more of you who do not believe Rachel. Whilst they are gonna, get caught up in this, because the government, once more from you period,. And you're a smaller percentage of the population than the people who See government largesse- and this is coming. A growing problem in this country so for stating these two things, which I think are quite obvious, that more more people shouldn't, be able to get away with pay, no federal income taxes while receiving more more federal benefits and there should be a fourth bracket, jesting, Chuck Shermer wants to use that negotiating tool took but on coach ticket to the rich,
prince between the populists and conservative, whether you're progressive populist or some other. To populist or some other form of populist, we don't play this class warfare again. We believe an individual we believe in individual freedom. We believe and property rights. So even if you're going to have a pact progressive income tax which I reject- but there it is it's in the car Adoption of the sixteenth amendment, even if you're gonna have a progressive income tax, you should use the language of marks Bernie Sanders saw Linsky and all the the class warfare warfare keep hearing an analogy with appearing and analogy with red and first were told
you get about rag, and this is the greatest tax cut. Ever first world hasn't happened yet so it's not the greatest anything, but, secondly, can you imagine dropping the top tax rate from seventy percent to twenty eight percent. There was none of this talk about the class warfare. Reagan talked about slashing taxes across the board, that's exactly what he did. And while he created the alternative, minimum tax and taxes? Are that sort? Unfortunately- and it was done overwhelmingly by Democrats and Republicans, you learn- that's the about concern. You learn from human experience, ideas that may be good ideas. Thirty forty Go may not be a good idea today, because we have experienced them. We ve experienced them
another thing I notice is the president had originally proposed as a candidate dropping the corporate tax rate from shoot me to fifteen percent. Now they ve already pushed back up to twenty percent a lot less than twenty five percent. So you negotiating against yourself, should go to twenty percent. You want the negotiated down to twenty percent over time with people like Schuman in order to get it through. I get that, but why would you negotiate? Would yourself and rapid twenty percent more quickly stick it in a bomb corporations, really folks corporations or pass through financial mean they create things. The smile you have jobs and
patients, many people corporations can be small, medium or international multinational. But if a corporation pays more in taxes to the federal government in invest, invest less and capital, it has less capital to invest in r and D. In infrastructure, in product development and on and on and on and on it has s money to pay salaries to pay and bonuses pensions because they got it's like the mob government gets the actor percentage and we know from report after report after report various government watchdog agencies, government watchdog agencies that the federal government wastes give or take a hundred times. Five billion dollars a year and that stuff never gets address never gets address.
Cause. You don't ask the mob to clean up attacked right. So we get this class warfare stuff. So there's this fourth bracket, it would obviously truck. She was gonna grab a fourth bracket And we keep talking about these are tax cuts for the middle class middle class, rather than saying we believe in tax cuts for everybody across the board, that is people who actually pay taxes across the board, but we don't hear that we here, there's gonna, be a fourth racket. So, even if we here, this is the most sweeping sweetening overhaul since Ronald Reagan notes, There's thirst, there's no poison pills in here and if the president, his advisers and his surrogates on tv and radio think that Mollify Schuman Democrats. By playing this class, warfare game with the fourth bracket and more more
Mama paying any taxes they're dead wrong. Don't they ever learn? Don't they ever learn? I guess the answer is: no. They don't ever learn. Now one man I have enormous respect for- and I have enormous respect for many people, not many but others is a year is, is a phd in economics and his name is marked Perry. He's a great website to contract. Mark Perry yourself. To work, see sleep. I assume you start ass, for the american enterprises to peace in our body. Ben ship Europe has on his sight, you ready for this. This is gonna upset people and upset people, but let's not be deniers like the year like the climate types that is the year, the families who pushed their climate change agenda. There are the real deniers, let's take with the facts,. The richest twenty percent of Americans by income, when I turn up
billionaires, even minors here, the richest twenty percent by income, and that can be people who were you know over eighty five thousand dollars a year. The richest twenty percent of Americans by income, I just paying a share of federal taxes that would be considered fair, goes way beyond fair, parry their shouldering almost one hundred percent of the entire federal tax burden of transfer payments and all Other non financial governments spend the richest twenty percent of Americans buying I just paying a share of federal taxes that will be considered fair.
Their shouldering almost one hundred percent of the entire federal tax burden of transfer payments and other non financial government spending. This is what actual statistics tell us actual statistics from the congressional budget office. Among others. And those top twenty percent receive the smallest percentage of federal largess Jesse. You know the smallest percentage of federal, larger and yet the president throws in this this fourth bracket. Why did you do that? Why did he do that? What political tells us why he did it and the other day, president tromp, eager to work with Democrats on
Ex Reform appended republican leaders plans to cut taxes for the rich justice. The party is set to unveil it's much awaited tax propose not listen to the way the left right and talks, the rich who are the rich. Who are they. Many of you fall into that category and you're, not rich relation. I think you are During a meeting at the White House, this Tuesday Trump made a point of Republican and democratic law makers said his top tax advisers. Gary Con Treasury sectaries Stephen Munchkin, I mean manoeuvring both very affluent individuals, both liberal Democrats from New York won't see their taxpayers reduce both men nodding in agreement sources in the room top political. So this is a sop for the radical, after Bernie Sanders types. Elizabeth wine types in our work.
Because already all over tv telling us that were trumpets proposed is tax cuts for the rich, any screws, the middle class. They do this every single time, every single time. An effort made to allow you to keep more of your money and the government to keep its hand at your pocket. They did it with reckon they did it with Bush. They always do it. This is a mantra to be expected, but here's the point: if you play the class warfare game, becomes increasingly more difficult to fight the class warfare game. Now they were Compare this to Reagan ring it didn't play the class warfare game. He wasn't in economic, populist nationalist. He had spent decades in the public sector in the private sector, as a private citizen and as a public official
crossing the country, speaking the small groups and large group speaking privately and did the tv cameras about capitalism about capitalism. I hear people talk about economic growth, we need economic growth, one of they defend capitalist. Why don't they objective class warfare propaganda? We came That argument. We don't have one one that argue spot americanism and capital is one we're talking about. Tax cuts spent about populism and progressive is sorry about class warfare. It's about talking to all Americans. Human beings talking all Americans as individuals. Up, assigning them fictional organizational titles creative. The internal revenue service stop assigning our fellow citizens, fictional group titles
assigned to them by politicians and public relations firms. I don't know about you, but when I work, I'm not working for a classroom, group or whatever a try. Suppose a project upon us any the deal. Neither do these Phony categories they stick, I said it is a artists, mentality that we need to reject and the only way you get past Democrats and Republicans and Congress a full throated across the boy tax cut to create true job growth. True wealth creation, true economic success in a country is the time on the left to take on the carnival barkers, the marxist lights in Chad, wants them with our principles. We want a vibrant, a vibrant economy, You get a vibrant economy by unleashing the american people so called rich, the so called miracle
ass, the so called upper middle class, so called blue collar, so called white collar unleash the american people change of taxation, the chain to regulate and a change of government. That's how you create jobs, that's how you create wealth. What's this? Fourth, category that sort. I hang out, therefore, for the liberals grab onto so we have by partisan tax reform What try not to listen to the howling Democrats. When it comes to this, they are marched, propagandist. Who will decide? government, no matter, what defend every
more government programme, the matter what every single government departments, agency, district Region unit office, division, no matter what they don't care about, the private sector. They don't care about private citizens who have private jobs. Or breaking their backs to make ends meet their all about government government, more government. They want? More more of your liberty and more more of your wealth. Redesign the country in their image and their image vetting gray. Pretty. Ladies and gentlemen, What are some good things? And here too, as far as I'm concerned, and that is in They are going to try and lower the corporate tax rate. I just think to give up five percent of it like that. The fibre, sadly, was gonna, be fifteen twenty percent, so you're really giving up twenty five percent five percent of the twenty.
The big mistake through other things in here that I like there are deductions for your mortgage interest. There are deductions for terrible contributions, but they would eliminate deductions for property taxes. So if you pay property taxes, state and local, taxes and so forth, and you haven't itemised deduction itemised deductions, those will be eliminated nap em. He asked I can see eliminating things like that. If you're gonna go for the big, the big brass ring a national flat tax. Where everybody's taxes are lowered and already a standard rate And are so low that you don't really have to wear?
So much about these itemised deductions or a fair tax where there's a forebore effort, to amend the constitution, eliminate the sixteenth amendment. And go with a national tax. So what I agree with those who are not. I can see if you're gonna really push for a serious changes when it comes to federal taxation, then I can say: ok, we're gonna get rid of your tea. You can't duck stay local taxes and, furthermore, interest agenda and travel expenses? But why not doing that?. Doing then at all. This is not nearly as radical as the Reagan. Tat cuts. I'm sorry, Stephen more! I'm sorry, Larry. Hey I just not
get rid of the estate tax, which is smart. So more more. You small business people, including farmers of your kids,. Harry your profit, the more cloven show where we create the talking points, call now seven, seven, three, eight one, three eight one one Thinking about a surcharge on the well, you know the blue sublime states do this and what happened! the wealthy leave or their money leaves Merrill This done this New Jersey has done this. Other states have done it and people and their money fleda. Other states.
If the goal is to keep money in this country to keep capital in this country to invest in this country, then why adopt the policies of the blue blue state leftists in this regard? Why adopt the class warfare propaganda? Why are we probably speaking out about markets? Here's the deal If we don't educate the american people, they're not gonna, hear about this stuff. They're, not gonna, hear about it from the media. They're not gonna, get in most colleges or universities then I can, I read about it in most newspapers, How can a year about it from Democrat politicians, certainly and most republican politicians, so We have been conquered in many respects by marks by Hegel.
By was so the more contemporary there, their offspring, their progeny, saw, Linsky and so forth. We ve been cut because we're even afraid to use the language. Instead, we mimic them or gonna get their rich when the new bracket new subsidies. This is a task for the middle class. This is America, ladies and gentlemen, a miracle ass, lower class upper class. This is America. People are rich one day their poor. The next people are poor one day, the rich, the next, the vast majority People in this country few themselves, this class or that class or another class and we're not victims. We don't need to be pander to we just
The government they get the hell out of our face, we could do what we do. Please would you call me tonight, please don't gimme the soft marxism. This. Guy deserves this. This guy deserves that. Now we should have across the board income tax, slashing that's what we should have went out. Problem about the rich and the poor in the middle class in this class. In that class, this mentality is just the start: It's absolutely disrupt, and when I hear Republicans and so called conservatives, but consider using the language of the left, there's nothing more frustrating nothing. The President needs a win, were tall we'll get away. Now
fashion way make the case, and you know what I don't mean to be presumptuous. But if I were the present, you know what I would say on these political problems he's having. I would say this: I got fifty two Republicans in this But there's about a half a dozen of them die an undoubted working against my Jim. I wanted to repeal Obama CARE, but they voted with the Democrats and they blew I wanted to build a wall, but they voted with the Democrats and they block me there's many other things I want to do. This is Nature politics: under a constitution: this is a nature. The republican Party, it's in a sad state of affairs, so here what we're gonna do we're going more conservative in more republican primaries who agree with me. And so this is going to take a little bit longer than I thought, because, apparently the
Same entrenched, Republicans haven't gotten a message, so there they get the message now anyway. By the way. If Donald Trump Wooden back candidates like Luther strange, it would help a lot. Back in Arizona. We have an opportunity with care bored and they'll be other opportunities and other state put at all on the line and fight for them. So your fight for your agenda when their done. You're not gonna win with John Mccain Susan Collins's and early summer caskeys, and on and on and on. We have many Republicans who are from Sun, conservative states who are progressing. I don't care why they are, but they are and they must be defeated, He wants a majority, he's gotta go out there and get it he's, I'm gonna be able to eliminate the fellow ass a rule not going to be able to eliminate.
But I agree with it are not he's not going be able to do it. You need a super majority to do just get fifty five, fifty six Republicans Make sure that no one's coming in a substantial percentage of them are conservatives hold back your concern that conservative part of your agenda at least and then you'll get your agenda through the least police big chunks of it? But I can tell you already: you're gonna have Susan Collins, only the Mc Caskey and John Mccain there's one in that one. That needs to be more this and more that a more this and they're gonna be talking about redistributing wealth and less tax cuts, and
more and more of the same crap all are that we get from these Republicans all the time all the time and just make the case in other. These Republicans, you just fill seats like this guy Johnson from South Dakota stance were absolutely nothing. Nothing! Absolute rhino and there's more than that, you know Strolling about backing or an hatch if he wants to run for his four hundred the seventeenth time. Now why the hell would you do that? like the last five years ago, he lied to us now. Why would you support him when he's not going to lead on the president's conservative agenda item? So there's a lot of stupid politics going on here, bad decisions going on here:
If you want adventure agenda now that said, we are going to line up behind this tromp proposal. If there are aspects that are seriously wanting market. Eighty percent it's not about eighty percent. As I say, there are a number of good things in this proposal, but there are a number of bad things in this proposal. What is this. What is this surcharge on the wealthy? With this worth brow? the hanging around out there and what do they mean by wealthy? Can somebody give us a definition? Is eighty eight to income famine, What is this wealthy? I want to know what it is who are they talking about. You know there are people in this country who are wealthy Caught on call but they're, not billionaires and they're, not millionaires, maybe it's a the two income families learning two hundred thousand dollars a year, eight one hundred and eighty nine thousand twelve send to Europe or three hundred.
Eleven thousand dollars a year, they're paying a hell of a lot of taxes, a lot of taxes. This document Perry pointed out in my reference drilling in the programme, the top twenty percent income earners in this cause, and we're not talking about all billionaires millionaires returned about a lot of people and far less than that. Maybe a hundred thousand one hundred twenty unwritten fit whatever their carrying the load for this country, virtually one hundred percent when you consider entitlements in subsidies and all the rest, that's unacceptable. Absolutely unacceptable. So if you raise taxes on the people who are in these incomes or invest this kind of money and small businesses and so forth, you're not going to create a bunch, a new job. That's why. Megan rejected they wanna keep comparing it dragon. Cod low and more and others cattle.
I worked in the Allenby. While I worked in the regular ministration to. Let me tell you he didn't uses propaganda, he talked about creating jobs, good paying jobs. He talked about cutting taxes for alone across the board and he took it out and took it out and took it out. President has a wonderful opportunity with the United States Senate this election cycle, two thirds of the candidates up are incumbent, a Democrat and already a guy, like Corker, has announced he's not gonna, run ok I'll, get involved in the selection process and Tennessee and find a conservative whose capitalists who will support your agenda. Mr President, on these conservatives. Go for it and there's going to be others who don't run others who don't run.
And don't allow the headlines in the New York slime and the watchman car post and all the liberal colleagues who show up on cable tv and the rest influence you about what's going on here, here's they near Exclaimed Trot proposes the most sweeping tax over on decade that many of you might be cheering them, but this is not written for you. This is written for left wing Democrats. That's it! That's a a whistle a dog was allowed to stop on staff and we don't want the most sweeping tax overhand decade. For us, can I have a surcharge on wealthy people, whatever? That means the wealthy businesses, small buzz whatever that means or fourth bracket whatever. That means that's not the most sweeping tax overhauling decades. That say: yeah, that's a tool that will be used by the democratic,
In this whole process, anyway, again area, there are several good things in this proposal like like. Let's take this one eliminating the estate tax were told. This is this is a real. This. This is outrageous really is, for the rich were torn by three million four million five million dollars no estate tax at all people hundred million. Let me tell you something folks: these state tax doesn't help poor people, it doesn't help corner called the middle class. It doesn't help anybody. Tat money goes to the federal government, the dish out as the politicians and bureaucrats decided dish it out. It's not like somebody pays forty. Fifty sixty percent total an estate taxes and it goes to you know the Red Cross. But the salvation army aura for saving dogs are going to her in a veteran shit. That's not what happens. It goes to the mob
And then there's a moral issue here when you die you, you ve All these taxes that they're trying to get there. Panza, this is nothing more than a wealth packs right at the end of a big. You know when you, life is over. You ve created all this with your hands. With your mind, with your capacity with your ability for your family, you want to leave it the family. You not the federal government is now you leave it to us now course. They they close this in again, they march as propaganda. Why tax cuts for the rich? What about the poor said nothing to do with the poor? Nothing. It's either more money is left to a family which may be more business which may have a fight.
Whatever it is, so they can continue. It continue producing products, pretending providing services. Continuing employment of of individuals are expanding and put the private sector's capitalism's private property that one of the reasons we were founded as a nation or a customer overlords in government to the bureaucrats in the politicians should get to decide what to do with the wealth your family created during its lifetime, It's the death tax, that's why we call it the deck packs, it's one more way to screw the american people now, if you're, not in a bracket. Quadrant quote that is affected by that you might say. But what do I care because you're, an American? That's my point forget about the class warfare. What's right as right, which moral is moral. In addition, what's good policy is good policy, which bad policy is bad policy. Good policy is the more
money left in private hands thy hands. I created the money, the better, the more money left and the private sector, the better. After all, we have all these ETA football players multimillionaires virtually to a man. We don't want to take all their money away now doing I'll be right back more on sports versus the american people. When I click back, where should I call it professional sports versus the american people? That's what we're gonna! Let me
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eight hundred skin six, o four, eight hundred skin six, oh for double up on genocide. Get there firming serum Vanessa, take all free while supplies last. What are now Germany will include a special luxury, give that's actually five free gifts, yours free just retrying, genocide. Eight hundred skin six o four at eight hundred skin six o four, sporting news, one on the behind the sea, one behind the scenes, tv staffer at another state him. This is that red state. Tal sporting news that camera operators were ordered to avoid crowd shots in case they showed fans counter protesting. The protests sudden how the media are involved in censorship, sensors. I've been propaganda on behalf of the Unifil embassy, sport, CBS Sports Fox Porcine espionage pay bills each year to televised, live NFL games
the leg saw this weakens unprecedented anthem courage as a golden opportunity to demonstrate unity among players, coaches and owners and opposition to trams comments. So if you folks kind of football games rightly protest the protesters. Blue, the millionaires on the field for this. Expecting you in this country- oh yes, they are well. The sports media peers wants the centre left. In other dig a hole for themselves so deeply Adam. I thought we get out of this. Ok, So we ve talked about some of the good aspects of the trunk proposal, but there's some deuces in there and these so called pro growth or who, that's around from radio station. A radio station cable tv show the cable tv show they'll, be the Rockets I'll, be the pompous dancers and tat. This is swell swell swell, while big chunk of it is well but a big chocolates.
They're not going to tell you again, half a loaf is better than none, not when you're talking like marxists. No one you using the Hague, alien and marxist dialectics, the economic stoicism that I wrote about not to confuse people in rediscovering American. It try talking like a capitalist. Try talking like somebody who believes in private property rights tried talk like somebody who believes in individualism, you're gonna hear them go on in for the middle class. This is really great soon, as they utter words like that. You know they ve lost their way, substitute the phrase middle class with american people for the american people. And ass for the middle class is not enough for the I can people, boys and girls not pay for the middle class. Now the red there's a poor that then you know you're deal but not by its very let's take a car MIKE Saint Clair Shores Michigan on the market of an apple trucker. You sure
a billion? Are a millionaire might know, sir. I live a paycheck I'm so tired, be with your radio once again. Thank you. Thank you MIKE. Thank you, Sir couple things here. First of all, in my personal opinion, consumer confidence is what truly spark the economy, I want people ever jingle inner pocket. They spend their money, I'm you can, locally in Detroit, when the big three give out their profit. Sharing checks of people spend like crazy. You could go back to Obama, administration Apple parking. With the new found tat people. Around the corner, by better spent seven hundred I was born in a particular month. The consumer but it was through the roof tat more than men, of course, of the left was saying our lucky's turning the economy around they'll, just one only one product. If the government which has cut loose letter,
Did you back the network and make money Out of our way, this country would shy, like never before MIKE love, you baby common sense, absolute common sense from a man who drives the roads this country. Thank you MIKE we'll be right now run only underground the bowels of a hidden somewhere under Britain, steel of among the script building. We once again made contact with our leader how everybody Mark Levin, here our number, eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, one, three eight one one and I'm sick of being told argue in our
mark eighty percent better than nothing. Half a loaf is better than a great. So let's get eighty percent, and we do not yet know that we can have of anywhere. Yet, no so one of these, these are experts in platitudes. Just shut up Do what you get eighty percent or half a loaf is fighting on principle fight for a hundred years then you might get eighty percent or half a loaf, but if you're fired, for I have a love or less than a hundred percent you're, not gonna get crap. You gonna get Butkus. Now we can, this on the year on the table, and many of you want to discuss it based on the call screens here or the call screen. But I want a circle back again to what we were discussing yesterday. Professional sports versus the american people. There's an outstanding piece by everybody down your Horwitz. And it has a provocative title.
But I'm parliamentary, most of it till you, so you can process This yourself says black lives. Actually Don't matter to the NFL left. Black lives matter violent crime, black times are highest level in twenty five years. Any rights lost in the embargo the inner disrespect for a national anthem. As the irony of the original impetus for common capron excellent players are, protesting suppose it police brutality one daddy shows. There is a growing epidemic violent crime in America, which is likely to resolve this waiting police from proactive law enforcement work. Sadly, the biggest victims of this rebounding african Americans. Where's the protest, her outrage of violent crime in inner cities, rather than the police response to it.
To overstate the importance of yesterday's release of crime data from the FBI, showing a second straight year with rising violent crime after plummeting, twenty three years, and we can thank Obama and holder and the rest of the left. For this afternoon, meaning for twenty three years vial. The crime rose and twenty fifteen and again and twenty sixteen bending, the only as social trajectory. We witnessed over the past generation. According to the FBI. Violent crime rose by four point. One percent in the murder rate, spite by eight points two percent the single greatest year increase in twenty five years. Also why the murder rate spike in all city size groups it skyrocketed by over twenty percent in cities with over one million people this after increasing. I a similar right in twenty fifteen while the overall violent crime rate is still relatively low compared to the seventies dude.
Quarter century long decline, the right has now climb back to twenty twelve levels, setting up back a setting us back five years worth of progress. These latest numbers demonstrate that the twenty fifteen increase was not a blip on the right are, but a likely tradition, Do we change? Unlike most other statistics, which fluctuating? Time to time, this new trend is very alarming. One vital. Crime drops every year for over two decades, there are clearly some fixed, an inveterate macro factors are at play. Criminologists grit disagree over the causes behind the drop, more aggressive policing and tougher sentences. Ably a major part of the equation but no one believes that great crime reduction miracles, the result of tough on crime laws or other sociological reasons- takes a pretty train, Then, the countervailing factor to reverse this twenties, you're trend by even a small percentage, much less a significant increase. This is
why it's dishonest, when some Adrian media outlets? Tat the fact that crime is still politically low compared to the pre ninety zero theirs? A generational see shift in violent crime that is almost permanent. Of course, take many years of dismantling law in order to return to the pre Giuliani days. Do we really want to wait for another few years, spikes and crime? The pull the fire alarm it's hard to deny that the war on the police of the past few years has affected policing practices and performance nationwide? Also the choice, of the endless criminal releases and unleash- and seasoned sentencing sweeping the nation are coming home to roost. We observe last year and our series of articles on the effort to promote jailbreak and conservative review now so First time to begin rolling back all the factors that led to the miracle to the miraculous decline and violent crime, which is why
having Jerry cushion to work with the left on criminal justice reform? Is another disaster waiting to happen on a par with his collaboration liberation, Senator Decker Durban on amnesty. Thus, it is clear that a black lives matter. War on police has done more to fuel crew. Than any other fact of this generation, Why does it hurt the most the very lives for They claim the clique took care, will accord The Wall Street Journal in twenty forty six hundred nine, a more blacks were killed them whites and that's. According the appeal statistics and twenty fifty. One thousand one hundred and eighty five more blacks were killed and whites according to the same data, Based on the new tables in the FBI's crime in the United States Report, one thousand Some three hundred and five more blacks were killed and whites and twenty sixteen It is simply an astounding statistic, given the blacks comprise just thirteen percent of the population and their tradition, It's gotten worse.
Where, since inception of the war on the police, not the result of police brutality, This is a result of the war on the police and preventing them from addressing the real issues plaguing American Citys Black on black crime. For almost eleven hundred more black murder offenders than white, even though they compromise a fraction, the population blacks. Can we blacks? We shut down every police department in America and all we do as legal more bloodletting for everyone, but most devastatingly for black communities. Even if we were to accept them. I most of the black lives matter, limit that all sixteen unarmed black shot by police last year were not in self defence that account we're? Just zero point: zero: zero, two per cent of the seventh, Eight hundred and eighty one black homicide victims the overwhelming majority of whom were killed by black criminals, not whites or police.
We are seeing today and popular culture protesting the police since it kinda protesting the firefighters instead of the arsonists do black. I'm really matter. If they do, the hard data show controversially, that the Ferguson dismantling the police and the criminal justice system in inner cities is the most Wreck way to ensuring that their lives- indeed don't matter. Perhaps we alongside NFL players and perpetually outrage, be island groups should agony for the missing seven thousand, eight hundred and eighty one black victims of twenty sixteen, and just my during the nurse just not during the national anthem. It really makes this. Take the knee during the national anthem even more outrageous. It's not only thoroughly disrespectful to this country and the many women who fight for it and fought for the men and women
who protect us in our streets and in our communities, but look what they're taking a need for anti cop at I system to law and order there taking a need for the right reason, let alone the timing of the day. This is a pathetic movement. This is a movement that has no justification. None followed Does it certainly not a rational one? I know this isn't about the first amendment, there's no first, I know this isn't about free speech. Is these men are free to speak all they want, but then again
The men and women who own these teams their free to speak and act to so far they ve done almost nothing. Is this outrage continuous, but the protest, a protest as best we can figure, because there seem to be desperate issues. And have disparate meanings, but if the protests are as Capron Ec Cap a crazed. Then he has it and they have it all wrong birthday, the police authorities, enemy, the criminals are the enemy in Madrid black communities. Es Majority, a murder, his black on black murder,. Have we taken me against that I'll be right back. Then
I have a question for you: how is it possible for people who have no connection? Conservatives, no connection with the grass roots? on tv and radio and tell the nation what you and I are thinking and doing and say: how is it possible that they are interpreted what's taking place for us and telling the rest of the night? they don't know us. They don't want to know us there, I note the among us to amazing thing. And, by the way, ever I have a message for the big media through the New York's limes political, the washed and compost all the rest.
What did you do a little bit of fact gallery before you burn up your stuff, I, what am I talking about this suggest me here? me speaking, don't throw my name over the whole bunch, hooray, your hosts her out there, their chests when in fact they have their If you affiliates and a very small audience. I mean I'm tired of this. It is bizarre. There certainly also have massive audiences that have three hundred four hundred five hundred affiliates. Satellite radio who are on apps, who are on millions of noise, Ipod Download- and this isn't to put any body down Why put my name in with them as if they had some here Jen Florence with a day, brat election when they didn't they only when affiliate in there. They have some huge influence, ten Alabama too? It's just.
Mind boggling to me all the false reporting, the false narratives, the positioning and the myths that pushed out there. It really is, I know you know, I don't blame you for not caring. We ve got a number things on the table and there's more. I want to get too there's just a lot going on out there and I think it's important. Let us go to MIKE, at an island New York, the Great W Abc Go. One, it is truly an honor to speak to you. I just want to quickly. Thank you and say I really appreciate your steadfastness. The usual conservative. You really I bedrock rock crazy times we live in and it's really refreshing to hear your voice. Every day. I can't keep me honour. I write at that being said here I am a police officer. Then for almost ten years in the EU,
Then you, dear there port authority for thirty police, just wanted to point out that speaking here cause greener. Debunk. This whole matter that its First, amendment right in the fell for players, the meal and and and but they're doing make their demonstrations either enforcement officer, I'm not allowed by the NFL restriction, to bring my duty weapon to a game. It is against their policy They will not. Let me in the stadium. I would have to check it somewhere I cannot take it to a seat in the in any NFL stadium across the country. Could I've research that I looked it up? I just Find it ironic that. They are claiming. Everyone has a right to the first amendment, but somehow I, as a law enforcement officers, dont have a right to the second amendment, Very interesting that, first of all, as you know, we know the bill of rights and apply here, but what you are saying is other people are so
The first amendment does apply right or wrong. Ok. What about my second amendment right? Isn't that fascinate right? I just but it was a real, real interesting take on our own but nowhere where we're gonna, pick and choose which lies in the bill of rights. We want Boys and believe in and hold sacred, so it's an excellent point MIKE. So how far do they want to take this? Can the fans were in the field and kneel down when they disagree with what their, what the players are doing. Nothing. Can also I'm aiming in most major export. There's rules of conduct that regulate your speech as a fan. I mean you can say thing in everything you want. Otherwise you get it up on the shoulder by security and air, scoring you out of the stadium, so just find a very funny when your first amendment is allowed and whose to utilise the first amendment is clearly not across the board, and it's not all the bill of rights,
they, but but but the same thing applies to the NFL speech could Wendy. Dallas cowboys wanted aware symbol I believe it was on their shoes, but it made in another part of the uniform, honor and those police officers who were brutally murdered The NFL said now that to absolute absolutely ridiculous, and I want to thank you for bringing attention. That and always being a strong supporter of another God bless the men and women in uniform myself watchman officers, firefighters, him ass. You say that every pride I love listen to our Rachel Democratic. It's a beautiful, You do and come from the bottom of my heart. I want to thank you for reminding keeping I saw on a national state tat stage, so I do appreciate everything you do. I, my God bless you be careful out there. Yes, indeed be careful out there came. The vast majority of us are not police officers,
MAGIC, Vienna, police officer, you know you go to work each day. You know what the hell you're gonna confront and one of the things you have to worry about is getting caught up in a horrific in our political storm, a horrific political storm meet a guy call. Yesterday. My remember Bolivia was from Chicago any attack police. They attack juries. Any attack prosecuting attack the court's attack. The whole thing. Sid, it's all set up, and this is a mentality that is spreading. This is a mentality that is perpetuated by a morons like our sharpen among others. It's a lie. It's a big lie. And it undermines our society, Let us continue Jerry,
New Jersey, the Great W Abc. Go. I've told you before you about that. There should be a port rack, four percent for people who don't pay anything that would really help. Basically straighten out the economy. While whether it strange how the economy or not morally, it seems everybody at a pace, something if everybody- and I mean it believe in the federal income tax. It shouldn't just be: oh those citizens over there should pay, but those citizens over their own into panic. Meanwhile, All citizens can can participate in the largest and yet the p. Who pay the most get the least, and I pay over here in Jersey, over eleven thousand between Waterman real estate, yeah you're? U States, nuts by the way- that's why here New Jersey lives in Florida. Just so you know. Well I'm contemplating moving either the Carolinas or taxes at some point, because I'm getting sick obey a goddamn cellphone wait and whenever I am, I put away my own money, yes
when you pass away. Apparently the government's gonna get a big chunk of it, because you see otherwise your among the rich and you don't deserve that sickly. What the left is all about- right, find other money which places the find it a fine other money cut the size the damn government already thank you for your car. Any money money. Frederick Maryland the great w I may I go. I more. I just want to say one word I'm hearing thrown around all over the place. Everything chunk got elected. It happened when we get any with applicant nearly every year. We Democrats an office is the word by partisan by tat. We should be the ones who should pay and went with it. And I'm not talking about the national pointy level pyres. I'm talking about people
men of it and we need it, Why Republican allow anybody ever do you have a handful of these books like Susan cowards and so forth? It only takes a few and that's why since the beginning. The programme trump needs to go out there and say: look. I've got an obstacle here. Make sure in the next election we can have a great opportunity in the Senate and call out by names and help consumers when in these primaries thank you die. I'll, be back mug within America's
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Concerns so I won't be ordering another three myself very very soon. I tomorrow morning, aright Joe Washington D C, the Great W mail he likes the year. The estate tax or the death taxes, I can't go right ahead, a mark, here, have me on here and where it, my great pleasure, go right ahead, No, no! No! I I appreciate it and you know I think it's important if you want to do your job of informing your audience about about the intricacies of the estate tax. How important yet willing point that you point out the math exemption that involved here and go out Helen. I left slow. Now you must be a lead. The way you talk, they met, and let me finish- and although you finish the mass of exemption, that money thanks to a family exemption from what so, while somebody's already pay taxes, multiple taxes on that on that properly
on that money in them when they die that I told you, I'm gonna, let you speak here, it lives, don't understand. This is called the Congress and what you gonna do taken me now. Will you let me finish you used the word that I find preposterous UK. But they get a mass of exemption pal. It's called wealth creation once it might taxes in this, for everybody wants I have followed the law as a good citizen. Invested in a business or in a farm reported in the bank. The government comes back from all there's no exemption! Unless you live through the Internal Revenue Code, the Internal Revenue code isn't isn't the end, don't be a constitution is declaration. Is individualism is lit. Yes now go ahead and tell us tell us where we're all wrong I don't think, you're wrong it all, and certainly we can use the legislative process if you feel as though the estate tax order listeners view it largely improper. I just wanted to make the point that a merry
apple, get a ten point: nine million dollar exemption, meaning that a first date is worth less than that they are not going to be subject to this fact, and it was well someone you may well be that when we finish now explain why this matter so will tell us how quickly you. Yes, at a very nice person calling from new jersey- and you said you know- he's not the Pavia state. I I guarantee that if you look at your knee some data, personal New Jersey has a horrific estate tax of euro looked in New Jersey to stay tax. No! No! No! I am hung about what about the other from the following contact. I got it, so I am sure that you will get your your demographic data and the income gap the average. Listen that you have. The pearl cares. That's now We do here, Sir, now that nobody, Please listen to the average demographic data. That person who listened to the show doesn't need the ten point. One million dollar ten point: nine million other threshold. We dont care when I'm jealous at the screw other people- maybe they work.
For somebody who has the ten point: nine million dollar threshold you ever think of that so what we maybe they get. Maybe they excuse me, maybe they get products or services from somebody who had the ten point: nine million dollar threshold, maybe that person at that in point, nine million dollar threshold has created a fabulous drug that saves lives, or maybe there rating products that people want to hear your concept is wrong, but go ahead. HU the example that you point out largely they're gonna be incorporated anyway. I met the not going to be affected by the praise of terrible that you mention, but you know I didn't mention a parade terrible's I said if their individuals who are you know, near by this devoured. By this not going to have the money they did have to invest, Aren, T, capital and so forth into and by the way most of them are incorporated, why you than bothering calling me about this Oh no. No! I I just want you to play your viewers further. Your list
that tell me what you want me to point out, just make your case, which you have not so far, but not like my cases that we are. There are too many Americans who have absolute wage stagnation and that the government is dressed. Trying are there some people in the government now or thing you know what people to see fordable healthcare that a lot of people can afford. Crap, I believe, an affordable health care to do. I gotta get the government out of the way. Medicaid, not enough care is not enough. Child subsidies for health care, not enough apparent. Twenty five percent of every dollar that that every state spends goes towards Medicaid and so forth. But you don't think that's it. And so you here, but let's take this, might now. Why don't you tell everybody how much money? Actually the gunman collects from the state tax much money together. I honestly and much less a collector here. I don't know the number Does it got me, connect enough to massively expand healthcare? Hardly not certainly not but its once Morpheus,
No, it's not one small piece of the puzzle. Problem, sir? We come at this from a different perspective. Your government centric and despite the fact that government is Twenty trillion dollars in fiscal, fiscal operating in the hall and over two rejoice in the hall, despite the fact that social security trustees trustees. Said social security is done in twelve years, and the medication I still say fifteen. Sixteen may be seventeen years, you're stall, our government government government like them up Somebody dies. They live in a state that over ten point nine million dollars I'd say it's over a hundred million dollars I have no idea what that business does and you don't care You have no idea what that farmer or that of the new foreign businesses, and you don't care that gun It needs to take money to redistribute pretty much right now,
Now I dont believe I for pretty much on the on the centre here. I just believe that really really have fallen the center. I already told us managing the theory. Well, I'm not posted this. I'm just saying my problem. You know I'll give an example. When there was no estate tax, George Steinbrenner pay The way and his family inherited the Yankees. You were the straw I am familiar with. It was a one year whether that you're, that whoop North hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars when Jack can cook died. There was a significant estate tax. And his family did everything they could to hold onto the Redskins they had the seller Redskins. Do you know why you go on. The Philippines, I didn't have the liquid assets to pay the taxes, the estate taxes, so that the seller business, something they ate their developed for decades, You don't care about any that you don't understand how hard it is to create something to make it very
A successful even widely successful and people make things. Successful widely successful, not because they are able to do. By passing laws and forcing people to buy their product, forcing people to buy their services because they create things that people want. And you just want to step in and say: ok, but here's what I want. I want this kind of healthcare programme and I went around the through this agency and I want to give this guy there's this guy, even though Nobody has earned it, but the people who actually are paying the taxes and that to me, Joe from a fundamental point of view, is immoral. Particularly when you consider with a progressive income tat, particularly when you consider we pay an enormous amount of taxes in this country, trillions, trillions of dollars worth and I'm not even include States localities motive, including property taxes and else: taxes and excise taxes and all kinds of taxes. You wanna take the money after somebody's this wealth and this is a wealth tax. That's what it is. Let me ask you this
question Joe Wanna, take it from the people, whether alive war, without scattered, I pay a lot of tax over here. I didn't ask you that father sing bar ice This is a wealth tax. Why wait till but he dies. Why not take it from the mouth there? There are people in I guess you want or company I didn't ask you that lie said you Joe, why not from a wonder alive rather than when they die? I believe People are learning. Ten million a year could cut back inextricable, presented a learning ten million a year, Don T ten million a year now and what have somebody's earning ten million dollars a year because they invented a drug that saves fifty people or a hundred people. It's still take the money from them, run it through the bureaucracy. Laundered through the governor, which takes twenty or thirty percent off the top. Fitted out into some federal programme. It doesnt work. There's Jos idea right job you do a disservice to your eye. In spite of the phone you idiot, I don't.
To be analyzed by you. You're the their needs analysis. Not me he's upset you see, ladies and gentlemen, because he lost. I love doing this. Love it Richard, try, cities, Washington, the great K, L, L D, go back I love it argue about thing. They had your entertainers. I dont think they should be allowed to voice their opinions taken in me ah, on national television line on leaders tell us that they are allowed to do it as long as their employer allows them to the exact lap, while the other think they about the employers. Ok, they do have a lot of restrictions on everything else, but you know what I hate to go this way with it. Let's start with adjacent: let's go Calvin, let's go as equal Elliot. I don't wanna go go, go what lay talking about the percentage,
thanks for your car, I'm gone where you're gone Bro, you call somebody else. Let us gonNA, Robert all long Island, the Great W Abc Go. My call mark your great American, you can call me diagonally. Ok now I should come in disagree but agree with you at the same time overcomes pact plan. Ok, I gotta hear this. A conservative amber for lowering taxes, but at the same time the leading the reduction for your sake, mogul taxes, especially your property taxes. It can be an answer or between everybody. I agree with you and if so, how do you do if you got a push for that? I said at least push for a fair tax or a flat tax or in other words, there's something truly monumental, that you're doing
That has an enormously positive effect on the vast majority american people, and then you can explain it and promoted, and even if you're not gonna get it. Build the foundations so down the road, something like that occurs. But if you're just gonna say you know what we're gonna well here and about here and then we're gonna get rid of a state, local tax that lead deduction for state local tax. So what you lose a lot of people that are needed, when I ve never county on allowing would you, a huge amount of civil servants, police officers, firefighters, and you get a little only knows an election, that we should be looking at board. I'm gonna tell you I possess was hatched in part by a couple of Goldman Sachs guys was hatched in part by politicians who really don't spend enough time with their constituents,
you going to take a risk like this not take a risk like this for more iris mush. You gonna take a risk like this. There needs to be a huge benefit, a big benefit and nobody talks about the fair trade, the flat tax anymore. They just don't do it instead. It, sir and I won T why the estate tax is a good thing, and let me tell you why, material. Why anybody? Anyway, I robbed So we really not disagree I'll, be right back Ben I suppose, do something. Oh yes, I is, I mean yes, I am. Where is it? is it: where is Mister
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software and September thirtieth. It's very soon. I believe today's, the twenty seventh so soon while you still can't right now, girdle of infra hills, they are that car. Ok, so wealth tax it'll never end who had never end The matter, if we all pay these taxes are not as a matter of morality as a matter of principle, we know where we're heading with these things were taking the disagreeable Bruce. Virginia the mark, Levant that go with it. I'm great! Thank you. I beg your pardon, but let me are you: shall I wanna call Europe you know that I support, taking one we support They are taking one knee now who's connect the fabric, nutritional right Well, I don't know I'm limit lemme, ask you quite frayed it's on a constitutional right. This has nothing to do with the first. When the governments not about wait. When I think you wanna, say
but what you are saying you tell me if I'm right or wrong, is like people the right to speak, the truth, because they have the right to demonstrate ok and we have the right to denounce them, and we have not to watch them away. The right to know when I talk about fun, mental constitutional right. You were just talking about the right to debate, tell me something, sir. How far would you take this? People have a right to go on their knee on on the field, vague I am quite sure that do they have the right to all yell. The F word in unison, when the feel reassured by the Do they have the right to run around naked on the field? No, why not? Because that girl that pick em all it's not respects elicit a respectful
hey. So if people believe that getting down on the knee in protest, during the national anthem is different. Back full to men and women who have fought and died for this country. Not they were born, I have a point that I do not know why not their hair read their neck and neck gas, who falsely country an american flag. We couldn't happen, It propaganda a while ago, while their cinemas we'll dance on the field naked, then, as far as I'm concerned, because if you are saying the flag of the national anthem propaganda, then in the bowels of a hidden Number one in Europe yourself and the flag and the national anthem talking about free. Based on the other hand, you have rhetorically spit flag of the national call them propaganda.
Aye, sir thanks for your call I'll be right. Back now run only underground than the bowels of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader, everybody Markland in here. This is our three, eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight seven. Three eight one three one will obviously there was a big election Alabama enjoy more one and Roy more was supposed to what made it really interesting was the amount of money that Miss Connell. The boys,
poured into the race to try and destroy more, not just defeated but destroy the man. And they ve gotten away with this many many times, and the people of Alabama said no. We love you, Mr President, we're gonna vote for Roy more, we ve known him longer than you are, but that doesn't mean we still wish that all of you and all kinds of peace, all in all kinds of media types and all kinds of operatives have tried to protect themselves into the middle of this income. But these grants statements how the country, Will look for evermore? Politics has been changed for evermore. This movements on the rise at movements on the rise in its, good I'll conservative values of the american people coming to the fore.
And these values of the american people will never be destroyed. The movement Started and twenty turn the tea party movement has never died, it has never died. That's why you ever public how such waiver republican Senate? That's why you have this particular republican president. Sudden no movement, signed a new force, its the same people. It's the same force. The media, the live media will never get it and they don't care. One drama. They went personalities, they went characters but you- and I know this to be true- the people of Alabama others to be true. And of course, we are headed for this Lawrence O Donnell
The man who abuses staff when he doesn't think the cameras, rolling and truly a bizarre knucklehead He was gone. I myself rusty last night and you can see he cuts off more victory speech right in the middle of one is talking about God cut. Fourteen Go creating the image of God. I recall what Truman said it is not. Dress, the mirror people stand firm in the faith which is far destination from the beginning. We believe it all people are created in the image of God, and from that phase we will not be moved. We move looking back into the city over this conversation, what I've been told by the control room is that he has been speaking about. God and about God, almost exclusively with, I think so, for no real reference to
untoward Donald Trump Roy, more mcmurphy. Roy more has said sexual conduct should be illegal. He said that just a few you it's the can't. You know I led let Lit let's stop, He said it maybe didn't. But I do remember it wasn't that longer what was it twenty Twond, MR producer, when one I'm always running for president, was two thousand eight. Whenever one, when one Barack Obama didn't say the same thing, but he said something that should have offended, certainly Lawrence her down which was he didn't believe in same sex. Marriage. Remember that rich. Oh, I remember he didn't believe it, but of course he won't be attacked for that. In fact, I myself rusty has a personal use.
Agriculture? Maybe he still I gotta shown the weekend. I don't wanna watch that wasted carbon footprint. Said some very awful things about Jews, and yet they paid a salary member that folks, as better Back Lawrence Madonna belongs to a political party that is famous for infamous for its stand hundred fifty years ago. So for slavery, for segregation for Jim Crow for Paul taxes for illiteracy tax test Now, let's go to this montage ABC Cbs, NBC about the x really conservative Roy. What do they ever talk about the extremely liberal Bernie Sanders? There would talk about how dangerous Bernie Sanders. TAT. Fifteen montage had Tipp NEWS, busters go. They held an ultra conservative kit.
Which strong views on Islam and gay marriage when last night and now really more, is on track to becoming the next to a senator from Alabama stuff. Conservative more Thanks America has lost its basic source of morality. Roy more was a character than twice removed from the streets of court scene is extremely conservative, every issue. This is not someone whose national fit for the world's most deliberative body. This is somebody who's been a provocative tour. Someone who's been a culture warrior in an extreme way through. I thought I thought they like provocateurs in culture warriors: don't they like provocateurs and culture warriors like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth worn sharpen turn down the list. Go ahead, this right wing favorite
thrown off Alabama Supreme Court twice. Of course, Alabama is one of the most conservative states in the nation. So even with his conservative extreme conservative views, Roy more is favoured to win, but its is extra Views that really set him apart, more readily by social conservatives, tried to rally his horse supporters by brandishing a gun at his final campaign event Monday, avoiding and he's no stranger to controversy in Hillary Clinton is no stranger to controversy, I mean her. Multiple violations of the espionage act object its long history of moral and unethical behaviour and, of course, big dummy husband- and we know, let's not real Bavaria'S- pretend husband. He was impeached. He was impeached, wasn't convicted many stars impeached and that doesn't it
that beset the left. The Democrats, when they keep trotting this guy out the talk about women's rights and so forth, the mare was impeached. Roy more was forced off the Supreme Court in Alabama because he stood for what he believed and whether you agree with him or not. He stood for what he believed in any suffer the consequences, unlike these football players would not suffer any consequence. He stood for what he believed. It Why is it then again, whether you agree with what he said or what he did, what he stood force? It's not secondary, but I'm not discussing that right now. Why is it when the left us said such things? It's ok, How many times has Luis Gutierrez been arrested for demanding open borders? for demanding citizenship for illegal aliens. Probably How many times we can you encounter? Yet they don't
about Louis Gutierrez has been arrested repeatedly for illegal conduct a left wing extremists, We never hear about Luis Gutierrez Dewey such re, precious, isn't it for the media, this extreme right wing, conservative extremists, this this, this conservative! This he's way out there, this radical, but when it comes to the Democrats, Bernie Sanders has a proposal: free Healthcare, free college wealth tax and he supported by forty five percent of the Democrats. Not marxist clearly is a marxist matter. Radical. Extreme. None of those and, of course, a large or Donald Said that the candidate who one Roy more keeps talking about God, you talking about God,.
She's MSNBC, wouldn't talk about God here, even though we have a minister so call I believe it does, it does show. Until we can show for them, are not do you know, which only doesn't do not time its own. Does a Sunday show here we have a preacher, never talked about God I very rarely nothin wait about that. Is there now, and so we have to. Cut off in MSNBC, because we have so many important topics to talk about which, of course, all have the same threat, which is to attack America to attack american value, to attack the american belief system and, of course, when the can, four Lawrence to attack as krill I'll, be right if the owners of any an affair of the league, if the players jointly are going unity which started
guys I do a lot of thinking going. The brakes course abyla thinking period, Atalanta, notes to myself. Some people talk to themselves. Well have done that yet, but. You re notes to yourself. I guess you're talking to yourself. You certainly thinking I thinking going to break if the owners and the benefit of the league. If the
Jointly a going to stand in unity which started as an outright disrespect of our national anthem of american flag, a police officers and, of course, by implication, the military, because those flags, as you know, they adorn caskets of those who fought and combat and have died of consider die. They are flown at only to national senator I've, seen parents in particular, but also spouses. From time to time I go over there and announced I just go to pay respect. But a small american flag on the grave site where their love one is Barry.
These are young men and women of all backgrounds, all races. Died at a very young age for the most part serving this country. They didn't taken me they volunteered. Some of them were drafted, but they went to war, they want to combat and they must have been scared. The hell can you imagine, but they were tough. They were courageous. These are the people who believe in free speech. Millionaires Narcissus pretenders imposes who draw the attention of other pretenders and posters in the media and on the left
lecture you and me about how we need to be tolerant about free speech. When it is you and I will have no tower four whatsoever whatsoever. They castigate us, they degrade us. They try to humiliate us. We, the people, These football players- they're not renown, are famous because they ve done something important. They don't do anything, they say they stand for the less course. It's on the weekends doesn't interfere with practice or with the game. It's pathetic. It's a joke,
That national anthem to us that flag to us represents us the country is us, it's not something. It's not some object where a great country goes where a great paper, not a perfect people, but a great people. One of the problems is, ladies and gentlemen, the ignorance. That is on display, is taught as a form of doktor indoctrination in our high school. And I colleges and universities and our popular culture, people who despisest country have the upper hand. And other demanding that we comply with their contempt for this
and their content for us and we're not going to comply, is he were free people too. And if they take a knee will take a walk. You know I've had a great honour and a great honour for me from time to time. Go away for game, particularly the Redskins. And I ve gone on my own must have been invited to the owners, but it's been a great honor. I've enjoyed it immensely. I've enjoyed meeting wonderful people, patriots as a matter of fact. But I have to stand united too. And I did with you my listeners: my view is on live in tv United with my parents and my family.
And as long as this goes on, I'm not gonna football gaps, I'm just not I'm not telling you to follow me following anybody. You do which in your heart, in your soul, but I just can't stand it. I cannot stand it. I cannot imagine being at a football game, are watching this. It just takes the joy out of it. Other football games. I've been too, I must say it been very patriotic coming, and snipers manufactory honour. The Redskins is very patriotic through a good man. But I'm not talking about any particular honour, I'm talking an atmosphere that now exists, a mentality that now exists- and I have to be honest with you.
I can't go too early to the cemetery. And, at the same time go to a football game when these players in the I just can't do both. So I won't go again period. Just one, I'm not leaving a revolution are not leading a boycott. I'm not asking you to join arms with me or anything of the sort. You and I are free spirits and were free people members are some big union, where we all have the thank the same and speak the same enact the same, we tolerate different views and look. They want to use a football stating that values of apostate him. That way, I don't think there should be. I got there anymore. I don't think there should be any fly, always by any suggestions. He in any of our military services, I don't think there should be any other. I dont think
Football should be subsidized anymore by the federal taxpayers, state tax, Paris. I don't think The drill stadium should be subsidized by federal state or local taxpayers. If this is what they do the let him do it do it on their own die. I believe this very very strongly. I know too many gold star family to pretend otherwise. And I'm not gonna turn my back on those gold star families and I'm not gonna turn my back. When those young men and women who have given their lives and I'm not gonna turn my back. I'm present day military law enforcement count me out. Come here, there's some things that are more important than sport, and that includes football and includes basketball.
If they started in baseball and include baseball to just the way, it is a family country having about four There I, ladies and gentlemen, I shall return The marshal events show the pool free for their conservative media die there. Now, eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one. By the way you see where Hannity Really whipping: what is your name care, this MSNBC paper? Oh, that's right: man, oh she's, so smart, so smart to Hell. She said it so smart Rachel matter? Oh yes, yes, don't! You know anyway,.
First night, Monday, Hannity ones second night, Tuesday Hannity went tonight's Wednesday. Everyone's anyone's the whole week of everyone's the whole week. And I am sure that will be covered by national meat. I sit up on my web page paddling drudges a great guy, just a great guy. The way he cover stuff. I want Europe agree with everything again, you know during the primary when tensions were high and nerves were. On eight June, all the rest of it, but the yet. The wondered here to yourself. Certain institutions in the draft report is an institution. What will we do without them?.
But we do let them like those Hannity numbers. I wouldn't be known about those Hannity numbers unless he personally called me. I personally call him, but there they are up in the draft report, how come the nowhere else, how come the nowhere else, because Fox B, Msnbc, like a drum and handed it be Rachel matter, like a drawn by the way I could do exactly the same thing that whole damn wine, no offense. I just could practically that Lawrence O Donnell. Were screaming and his crew. That's the real Lawrence her down Well, I learned something shocking from an F b. I report recently. Do you know but with the average property laws from just one home, Breakin it two thousand three hundred and sixteen dollars. Think of it. One burglar over two thousand bucks.
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Simply safe mark dot com, that's how you get the ten percent off. Yes, simply safe! Mark that come it's really a great system. It's incredible easy to install and they do all the right things and the technology is truly cutting edge. Something I want to get too. I think I'll get to a tomorrow. The Kurds there's a great peace, Pga media by David Gorman, I'm a big fan of the Kurds. Ladies and gentlemen, and yes, there, Muslims. And they afford, alongside american troops and european troops, they afford ISIS. They afford the Iranians. They fought the thuggish regime averted in our new body in Turkey. There pro american Their pro our allies that pro Israel and the Muslim World celebrating these people? Why are we? celebrating the Kurds.
To celebrate them tomorrow because their minority, because they get in the way our deals with turkey- that disgusting despotic good for nothing. Earn again, oh eternal, want. I call him out again. I speak English. I, let's take a call Erin Haiti's Bearing Mississippi serious saddle. I know exactly where that is how I am Then why are you I'm doing well? Thank you, sir. I just want to call on you tell you thank you for what you're doing here. We have serious action. I was its grip. With Levant TV and frankly, I wager tv show almost on a daily basis. You're, very kind of you, gonna get in trouble, probably, but you know what it is taken the backs. It's me fire, then that's why they call to get out of hand
Most there were new areas areas if they do that, because I am fairly resourceful I'd like a guy. Yeah. It was very I guess ironic because this whole week I've been going over the executive branch Castilian, article two with nothing there's an here. The argument about the electoral college came up and I happened to watch your episode last night. I just mean, is private. Coming in I've waited for the day after we didn't but work in all that kind of stuff. In your, whether they actually pay attention or not, is debatable at times, but they dont get these facts. Like my Shoe And it is like trying to explain to the public education system has failed and I'm part of that system, But mom, but on a large scale but Reality? Is you're being parts
and you're not even being taught anything about the constitution, in regard to american history until your senior year, when it comes government and then shoddy at best at that point in these different order, the separation of powers with branches of the going their roles and responsibilities, what they can and kill do I don't know anymore on twenty six year low, and I had a figure for myself for the most part, and by the way I figure it out for the most part by myself I mean it's like I can cut him, you go. Both those basic We currently have an empty your phd or whatever, behind their does it might them. Smart individuals may do so a lot of money to get some initial at the end of their name. Now,. Yes, I have a masters degree in about his grey all that good stuff, but man, We all agree is encouraging by masters degree as a general education,
everything. I know constitutionally answered the initially did. The research myself. And then I went his way. Do I didn't write, and I did Phase where I didn't care, what will go on? I couldn't believe it. You did nothing but frustrate me, I wanted to ignore it. But the fact of the matter is what you get a real job and you start paying taxes, and you see how much money is coming out of your paycheck. That goes to pointless studied I put in a fish on a treadmill to see how will it be a wall? It is absolutely pointless you his office, how much money you're. Putting into that in It will use it to start a fire. In the meantime and EVA me, if I'm wrong, the eighty when I retire curiously bankrupted. That point, because disability comes out of it, so as a result, you have more people would go on the good here
May I ask you this eat you like live in tv right because again in these areas, and we try and take our time to address things times that are out there that need to be addressed in real time. At other times I'll say to me my crew, you know we're not gonna. Do that. I want to talk about the electoral college or you know we're not gonna. Do that. I want to talk about something else it so that format. Me to do that from a tv perspective right, maybe I should go, fuck, you think I'd be going on Fox I mean you would, but they would put so many restrictions on EU be maybe do everything I'd Erin. I appreciate your car very patchy teacher. I meant to give him a book rediscovering. American You call back, I don't either you get through Aaron. Let's continue, let's go to our Bridgewater Virginia on them,
leaving a pair you Ellen it's an honor. I grew up fifteen minutes from where you grow up ten years older than you weren't weapons have sided Philly yeah for township just around. I know exactly course. I noticed they were that has had written in charge. Hammer and my pretty fast I shall try to my parents had a little store out its next to Saint Basis coming near drink there, but anyway back in town, seventy five on nutrition day just passed, and I remember DJ day to day But I remember it gender issues there. May we had people like Robin Robert Darwin is from the Phillies lobby has from the age and generic from the eagles living among us
they were our heroes. They were anything like these guys today know my father played Handle every week which a big Merrick apathy, why I'm sure they were just vote they could the ones we'd be riding by honour by actually be out there, cotton or law there. Nothing like what we're dealing with today. By it. I grew up when I did it is really sad. It is I sat in these guys taken me and the other thing is. I will say this care people get angry at me. I feel like as a group not as individuals, but group. The athletes were more patriotic than to excuse me, they would, they would leave their careers for three four five years had a time. There in world war and call back. He was on big copy was a clown that went down his head would go down every Saturday.
Channel. Ten edited picked up on the top of his head. He looked like him at Kelly, but he did all the energy There are between his desire for the rest of the kind of local Le Philadelphia tv guy had but anyway, and he was in refusing marine Corps pilot onward. And he was ended. Tomorrow morning I go back to the green more just like TED Williams, people there were around us, they weren't or stuck up now I now and I appreciate it and most of these men at that time- grub dirt poor. Nobody handed him anything. I don't care what the race was or if they were dirt, poor. Many of them came from nothing. Some of the greatest have its ever and them died with nothing, and so it is,
very frustrating for some of us, some sixty years old now and others that german with seventy five is very frustrating for us to see. What's going on today,. And we don't need lectures about it either. We don't need interpretations, we know exactly what's gonna height I'll have the ticket. While be right back. I did something this year, but I never thought I could not. That.
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It was in Vietnam and other areas of air force. One branch star Sochi, great, she believed red Light Blue amen its mouth. She felt this got to do with these. These players. Merle Haggard sing a song years ago. If you don't love this country, leave it'll, just don't be a warning, and when you talk about our country manual log on the fightin side of me, Well I just can't you not on apart, because downtrodden we'll wait a period all these people love is for the people, the control controller. Despite samples, boy, maybe not enough. We need to do their job in Dakota people. Let me ask equation guy Rosetta, What in the world whose Donald Trump done as press so horrible what you ve done, it so horrible He has pointed out are all but he's also trying to make it better. I mean a piece Right, but only donors to up to make these guys
the current, but in terms of its policies, he hasn't done anything that hurt anybody. Now, he's gonna fix it may. Well, maybe that's it. That's right! controlling that's what they're right! That's? Why do you want out of the window? Can control down tromp because he has now reached anybody, but America in the paper here I'll bet you race, of any spread to the matinee, none whatsoever. Listen! My best to your wife, ok yeah! I got less be well candy. Pleasant, South Carolina, the Great w p? I may go great t. Thank you so much for what you have done, bad. Finally, someone will say what is the unifil players. Power is unbelievable Canadian Bay Gayer do they are doing and the culture of two You say thank you. I agree one hundred ten percent and I thank you for speaking up and plan the truth. I have now
need to watch football ever again, like you said aside important, but it is important from one factor in respect to people. They are not taking effect or our kids. And I just can't believe that quotas are even when they are not stand for the american flag and again. Are you erase it? You is an important point. Candy Vienna bring your kids to a sporting event, whatever the sport, sporting events and the players, disrespect, the anthem or the flag or the country, you probably not going to want to go back with your kid argue, absolutely night. I can't you take care thanks for your car. Rich shot North Carolina, serious satellite. How are you, sir? I don't know what I'm doing great. Thank you I also like to say that I am a blackmail terms imported from day one because he got up any through the truth, be told the truth
one races thing. People. What is referred to as racist. They gave him tell you what he said is raised, but anyway, I'm calling governing Ebay that got. What are you trying to get out of this contract and he used Ferguson, as a reason to do so. Why you can't landed theme, and now all these other at least the only fallen in line, because they think, like the coup, popular thing to do with our best trunk. But Having said this drama things, I do is helpful and does it really pressed me? The dawn is play, is the play straight out of Solomon? Skis, move around We know what is going on and I wish the Jefferson's somebody will go after joy arose we'll go after DAWN Podesta. You got the weak They got all the ammunition me. They need a thought these people
way it says here. You cancel your subscription to what the council. Must avail subscription not to let me out of it. I told among carefully, because I don't appreciate the politics, then crept rich gotta go thanks, recall, call again prepared Ladies and gentlemen, we salute the forces, the police officers, the fire fighters and the emergency personal? We don't take any. We stand up. Red solid with them check out. Then tv tonight I'll be back on the radio. Tomorrow, God bless you.
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