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On Monday’s Mark Levin show, Iran has always denied that they had a nuclear weapons project, but now Israel has found tens of thousands of pages of evidence that says otherwise. How in the world could any American president cut a deal like the Iran one? Barack Obama didn’t just appease them, he provided them the money to get their nuclear weapons and his people today are running around saying the fact that Iran lied about what it was doing is more reason we need the deal - that’s completely llogical. From domestic surveillance to the unmasking of American citizens to this Iran deal, the Obama administration has to be the worst administration in American history.  Israel's Ambassador to the United States, Ron Dermer, calls is to discuss the new findings from Israel, which was not just a smoking gun, but it was a smoking bomb. This Iran deal brought war much closer for Israel and their allies in the region. Meanwhile, Mitch McConnell is like a mob boss, why does the Republicans keep electing him as Senate majority leader?  Despite increasing threats of a trade war between the Trump Administration and the Chinese government, McConnell's wife, Commerce Secretary Elaine Chao's family’s ties to the Chinese government do not seem to have cooled.  Finally, David Berlinski was the guest on Fox News’ Life Liberty and Levin to discuss atheism and Darwinism.

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He's here now run only underground in the bowels of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader, Everybody Park, Levine. Here our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one. Three, eight one one. Let me ask you quite vacation, in the next three hours. Talking about the White House correspondence. Is anybody care about the White House, correspondence.
Should I spend the next two hours talking about how about the next one hour, the next fifteen minutes? What happened to Kanye West? I thought we were supposed to talk about him. I'm only bringing this up because it's a very odd think how concerned was gone. Radio Emmi they despise maybe they spices, Whitehouse Correspondence Dinner, that I've never going to happen and why you twice and I would never step fallen and then they spend all day talking about, and then they take that phony communion with our hates me Trashing the president's staff, most of whom she's trashing, are women. And played over and over and over again, just in case you didn't hear we want to make sure you hear it using I'm putting any one down adjust its unless Nepal to me.
So, yes, we know the media are left wing. We know the media hate trump. We know that their loathsome. We know their part of this entire progressive movement. We know all that So you don't need to hear me three hours using audio from the White House responded still going on and on and on about, but here's what we do need to talk about. Here's what we do need to talk about. There's one country several, but one in particular lack Saying it wants to destroy America and that IRAN in IRAN has Oh, I see be aims. Trying to perfect them in IRAN has wanted to build nuclear warheads to put on their eyes. The aims and you don't need an icy- be em to hit TEL Aviv Redruth Slim. You need an icy empty hit loss Angela cargo, New York and so forth.
The Islam or Nazis, who control Tehran through corruption through brute force and so forth, and so on there quite serious by what they're doing quite serious. And so there was a remarkable precedent: the Prime Minister of Israel. This is me really about Israel. This is about us about the whole world and Israel. We have a country here which is a row country which is ideological, the idiot which are ideologically jihadist, which is and are trying to get noakes where I prior presently United States who didn't just appease them: he provided than the money to get the nooks, so he affirmatively assisted them. And his people today are running around saying the fact. Better run lied about what it was
is more reason we need the deal. Have you ever think so stupid in your life? The logic is unbelievable. So I had to make a choice today. Do I play clip after clip every clip of Michel Wolf, who most of us never heard it before. Who is a mere she's, when people on an elephant's but she's, not even a footnote, to a footnote to footnote or Do we spend a little bit of time listening to what Netanyahu had to say about what they found them aside there? equivalent of the CIA Leslie somehow from IRAN got tens of thousands of pages of evidence. Files, cds, you name, it blueprints. And, let's listen and Netanyahu himself cut one go I m here to tell you one thing: IRAN lied big time
for signing the nuclear deal in two thousand and fifteen IRAN intensified its efforts to hide its secret nuclear files. In two thousand, seventeen IRAN moved its nuclear weapons files to a highly secret location in Tehran. This is a sure about district in southern Tehran, where they kept the atomic Arcos lighter fuel. Iranians new word was very few and also a few Israelis now from the outside. This wasn't it Looking compound, it looks like a dilapidated warehouse.
But from the inside it contained IRAN, secret atomic archives, locked and massive files, actually the little bigger than this. A few weeks ago, in a great intelligence achievement, Israel obtained half a ton of the material inside these vault and here's what we got Fifty five thousand pages another fifty five thousand files on one hundred and eighty three cities everything about to see is an exact copy the original iranian material, Where are the originals I can say that are now in a very safe place, because Israel has let what that means. Ok, go ahead, balls included incriminating documents, incriminating, charts.
Having presentations incriminating blueprints incriminating photos incriminating videos and more. We ve sure this material with the United States and the United States can vouch for its authenticity. We will also switch with other countries and will shared with the International Atomic Energy Agency seem folks. The key here is that the Iranians of always denied that they had a nuclear weapons project. They always denied it even before when the? U N inspectors They denied it. And so the point here is you have a house of cards, a pile of lies that were
spoken again and again and again by our own administration as a basis for getting a deal, in my view, an unconstitutional deal whose these slip pass the treaty provision to get a deal with IRAN. I mean this is when you think about the Obama administration in the domestic surveillance and the abuse by. The FBI, the highest levels, but the face a warrant, the unmasked of american citizens, including like Flynn when you think about the Obama administration and the lies at perpetrated against the american people. Serious very serious lies violations of law, obstruction of provision of informed.
Mission lies partly of rain deal in their side deals. It has to be the worst administration amount in american history BAR none, if not in american history, and President Trump is trying to unravel the damage Burma did whether its with IRAN, North Korea, China, Russia or what have you, and so this is a huge revelation by the israeli government on what the Iranians were doing in the lead up to the judge in the lead up to the deal and the deal itself ok cut to go. We have known for years that IRAN had a secret nuclear weapons programme called project them out. We cannot prove that project. Ahmad was a comprehensive programme,
To design build and test nuclear weapons, we can also prove that IRAN is secretly storing project Ahmad material to use at a time of its choice, to develop nuclear weapons. Here's what project Ahmad Explicit goal was creating. Nuclear weapons. This is an original iranian presentation from these files and the mission statement, design. Produce and test five warheads, each with ten kiloton teenty yield for integration on a missile. You don't have to read Farsi to see ten kiloton here. The into this is the specific
goal of Project Ahmad, that's like five Hiroshima bonds to be put on ballistic missile, and this, of course, is why the israeli government, the saudi arabian government, the jordanian government, the egyptian government and other governments in that area are very very concerned about. This are very very concerned about this is why the crown prince of Saudi Arabia- and, if he's the king it, but he will be the king, told the Palestinians luck either. You get serious about peace or shut up was basically what he said be quiet, because it's bigger things here going or no. With respect to these Arab Gulf countries, it's their own survival, it's their own survival.
At three. Go: here's a design for a nuclear payload on a sharp three missile from the archive. There's the warhead, here's the bomb. And I don't have to remind you of that. Everyone is concerned. Expanding the range of its ballistic missiles, its nuclear capable missiles. They started with a thousand kilometers and up to two thousand roughly, they can reach Riad TEL Aviv, Moscow, but their working on far far greater ranges, their planning much longer range missiles to carry nuclear weapons, so these files conclusively prove that IRAN is brazenly lying when it says never had a nuclear weapons programme. The files prove that we have to take it.
It will continue. When I return will be right back, Anybody here care about the White House, correspondence. Anybody watch tv horsemen anybody not aware that the media loathsome, of course, now that the media hate Trump and everybody associated with troop of course. Now so I won't Question your intelligence: by going over it over and over and over again fact, what we're doing here now story about something great significance. The Israelis obviously wanted to IRAN some
some way or happy people here, working for them. But to be able to remove tens of thousands of documents at quite an enterprise. That's quite an enterprise, here's Netanyahu, for today cut forego. Iran was required by the IRA to come clean by the nuclear deal. Come clean to the internet. Atomic Energy Agency about its nuclear programme? This wasn't was condition for him many the nuclear deal. Iran has to come clean. So in December two thousand and fifteen the ice published two final assessment of what all the military aspects of IRAN's nuclear programme. This is the report. This was IRAN's chance to fully
I'm cling to the eye. They could tell the truth. They could say we had this programme, the secret programme. It's over. We showed that it doesn't exist. We destroy The material here's, what you are actually told the it said: IRAN, The existence of a coordinated programme aimed at that movement of a nuclear, explosive device and supervision. Denied that this specific, quickly denied existence of the Ahmad plan. The material proves otherwise that IRAN off initiated and funded project Ahmad. A coordinated programme aimed at the development of an your explosive device and a point also, as you can't trust them-
the Islam or Nazi regime in Tehran. You cannot trust them. They lie, lie lie they buy time by time by time, and so any court on call deal with them is unenforceable. It truly unenforceable cut five go he's just a friend. Of the total material than we have, but even from this sample, you can draw four main conclusions. First,. I lied about never having a nuclear weapons programme. One hundred thousand secret files prove that they second, even after IRAN continues to preserve and expand its nuclear weapons, nor for future use. Why the terrorist regime hide and meticulously catalogue, its secret nuclear files, if not to use them at a later date.
Third, IRAN light again in two thousand and fifteen when it didn't come, come, Into the ice, as required by the nuclear deal and finally the IRAN Deal nuclear deal is based lies its based on iranian lies anyway, interception a hundred thousand files right here prove that their lied and waved her Africa section it. Let it go ahead, so the bottom line. Iran continues to lie just last week. So reef said this: we never wanted to produce a bomb again. We never wanted to produce a bomb. Yes, you did. Yes, you do, and the atomic archive proves it The nuclear deal gives IRAN a clear path, tuna I'm a car from it does so,
It gives them the three components that are necessary to produce this arsenal. First unlimited enrichment in a few years, and they plan to do that. I have several hundred thousand advance refugees with which they can reach mountains of you For that core, that I shall you before for many many such course. Second, completely fails to address it. Wants development of development of ballistic missiles and third- and this is due. Completely fails to address IRAN's secret Nuclear bomb programme and its vance work on weapons zation. We just did so? This is a terrible deal. It should never have been concluded. And, in a few days time President Trump will design I will make a decision on what to do the nuclear deal, I'm we'll do the right thing: the right thing
for the peace of the world. So I have to ask yourself folks: how in the world could any America folks how in the world could any american President cut a deal like this. Now we knew that the Iranians we're doing everything possible to build a nuclear weapon, whether warheads, whether a bomb- we knew they were working on ice. He began We entered into this deal with a bomb in these other countries in IRAN and its art. That's gonna, suffer as a result of this because, as I said, these icy beams. Built for the neighbourhood, their intercontinental ballistic missiles, to build for us
I'll, be right back My blood, proud phonetic constitution, galling now At eight hundred and seventy seven, three hundred and eighty one four thousand eight hundred and eleven ask yourselves: why did the Germans and the French, and even the Russians, but particularly the european countries? Why did they still want this deal cause they're, making hundreds of billions of dollars? That's why they have opened up The commercial ties to IRAN in so where Europe is making a fortune from this deal. When the sanctions were on their very upset and here's which troubling when the sanctions wrong during the administration to George W Bush. There are actually working the rain.
Economy was beginning to collapse. The currency was beginning to shoot through the roof in terms of inflation. Are you saw what Obama took over the people? There rose up. For ten days, a Mamma said nothing as they rose up, and so really tough sanctions were working, but France, Germany, other countries they make a fortune of this need of this deal. What is present a trump? Think about what Israel uncovered cut seven go. I want to ask if you're have made up your mind to pull out of that deal and if you do pull out of that deal, do you think You worried that sends the wrong message to North Korea. Accuracy to enter nuclear talks with, can jargon No, I think I send the right message. You know in seven years that deal with
expired and ran is free to go ahead and crew. Nuclear weapons. That's not acceptable! Seven years is tomorrow. That's not acceptable. No of anything. It's proven right. What Israel is done today with the news conference and Prime Minister Netanyahu, just If ever out, another everybody seen it, but I've got to see a little bit of it and that just not an acceptable situation and I've been saying: that's happening there, not sitting back their setting off missiles, which they say television purposes? I don't think so so we'll see what happens? I'm not telling you what I'm doing a lot of people think they know and order before that I will make a decision That doesn't mean we won't negotiate a real agreement in others, an agreement that was approved by too many people and its heart. Full agreement for the United States, including the fact? Mr President, we gave around one hundred and fifty billion dollars and
in point eight billion in cash, Algeria would like some of that. One point: eight billion, Josh and a hundred and Fifty million dollars, you know we got, we got nothing, we got nothing but that doesn't mean I wouldn't negotiate. A new agreement will see what happens but I think, give anything what's happening today and what's happened over the last little while and what we ve learned has really shown that I've been one hundred percent right You know, anomalies have been one hundred percent right, his phone, policy is superb transform policy. A superb So I don't understand these guys writing these books. Are these articles about conservatism, Euro notes, our Trump ISM, not conservatism. You can disagree with Trump on some issues, as I do that I don't think. There's any thing so
Ernest foreign policy that I disagree with. I also think it comes at these things with a very sober attitude. He know To and what is dealing with. I mean he understands around. He understands which colonel wood, North, Korea and so forth. He gets it. Stop. He wants to build up the United States military to confront these threats that we fix from China. Russia among others, so I I read these guy, some of whom are NEO conservatives. They should be very pleased with the power muttered the he's a NEO conservative, but that he's American first or in that sense, these about America. First, when it comes to international and national security, and I would this is something all concern lives can rally round. Neo conservatives. Today
conservatives like me, populist nationalist conservatives, presidents. Foreign policy has been absolutely superb. He's been right on looking got to third world countries, one not just in North Korea. Demonstrated that in fact has nuclear weapons and can fire off the nuclear weapons and he's got another third world countries around which driven by a dream? distant terrorist motives,. It is an ideology, this law Nazis are run their country and he has to deal with that. There was a time when everybody understood that we were to fight for Non proliferation, meaning proliferation nukes, but we actually President Obama
Nobody who was worse than other Chamberlain, because Chamberlain appeased the Nazis. He didn't fund Obama, funded. The little Nazis were call the regime, they call us big in Israel little same while there the little Nazis. So it's really. Incredible when you think about the Obama administration and its willingness to to want to sell out the country. And that's what they did. Can you imagine if Hillary Clinton or President today, what will be going on? Can you imagine, let's take some calls its hear. What you have to say Burke Virginia the great Wmal
did not do if you look at the idea: CIA, an essay central command J to the reader, incompetent or corrupt. They were unable to uncover what the right, these uncovered, or they deliberately did not collect the intelligence or missing a the entire. If they did collect well. You know you raise a great point to the six new. In my opinion, he got clapper then Brennan and combing out there and before Comin Mahler. And they, at least in part, had a responsibility to track down the intelligence information to gather it and preserve that
just the president, but to the relevant people on the relevant committees, a Congress and, frankly, they need to be. They had seen the house. Some special committee on Intelligence and the Senate Special Committee on intelligence need to conduct an investigation special investigation of this, because this is a strategic supply the fact that our intelligence agencies failed clear. Let me ask you this: do you think they found or the higher echelon? We ve seen these these jerks Oliver TV? Do you think the higher echelon concealed it covered about even one the one they should investigate either one they should either be investigating it for corruption or incompetence. I bob thanks for your car Scott, Staten Island New York, the Great W Abc, go ahead. A mark. I agree with the other. I just called.
I would say a corruption, but also what I think Mark whoever approved of that nuclear deal, They must have forgot about the. How is How I ran is one of our archenemies and they must have forgot about the four hundred and forty four days you telling about where they held Americans hostage. Sir, how about they also you, these sophisticated ideas to kill. A number of our soldiers in Iraq, believable and don't forget more the man, those that were killed in the helicopter crash, trying to rescue the full forty four you're a goddamn. The hostages that wealth four hundred forty four days it's so much Malkovich each unreal. What the man has gotten away with Obama, and it was horrible that that deal with
RO, and he was considered an amazing president to somehow crazy left wing is about and by the way, let's not forget, all the democratic lined up behind them all the democratic. Lying behind them and went on, right down the password with, and I dont understand a lock and now pretty tromp is trying to get out of this. He doesn't It only wants to just say no right he's the bad guy. You will Meanwhile, as countries really going crazy, we it's going crazy, could left this cooks have so much power in this country, including over the media. I'd Scott procedural Car. Let's go to Jacob Tom Reverend New Jersey, the Great W Abc, go Mark. I just want to say every single their thank God here and I hope you have good health and other things for show showed that he's a real leader has lots of courage and trump
even though maybe he's out appropriate person, he said the true any better. Weight of all the political correctness of other countries. What they gonna say. And dreams matters today you I'll be out. It was not. You know. I do not agree. What he was saying that he didn't read it even though I provided all the intelligence to you as an end and Madison I've found manage to be very unimpressive. Have you I agree with you? Yes, We was even their wares mad dog, I don't see, may a dog deal exert exactly mark. I don't know exactly how old you are marked by you. Come in every single, There was a fire. You got lots of energy, he an Jeff session they I don't mean to be that respect. Will they do seem too old for the job, and I just want to say one other thing about tat the clown she was a comedian or something you know
you wanna make fun of the thumb on, but she was just so vulgar and so low. I understand they understand and that's who they are. It is really no point in going over and over and over and over and over it that are, the media and we talk about it all the time and I'm not going to give them voice on this programme and start playing her bit. I right back next our seven thirty's time we will have on the programme? The ambassador to the United States from Israel run diamond to discuss this further now, whether its?
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I won't be your Pierre guy. I just wanted to make a quick point. Remember you are referring to an article and political, the left wing newspaper. Yes, they made a good point about Hezbollah and the cover up. That's our former president made over there and they just showed us that he would stop at nothing to have this deal and I'm pretty sure the intelligence community knew about the activities in IRAN, but they just turned a blind eye. And why? Why aren't a James Clapper and John Brennan in Jim co me how account for why? Why do? Why will nobody asked them about any of them because We live in a system of double standards. There is no one standard I'd better than anyone? You speak the truth, you being attacked heard it everyday. Just for speaking the truth, so they were not speaking the truth and they will have
having any responsibility for there are a young us actually call appreciate a body MIKE Fargo North Dakota, the Great W C, F G, the flag go ahead, try to say that for some kind of two just tell you really proud to be, I hope with President Trump decides to end this nuclear. Do that here about the treaty caused takes us back to the Senate because I cannot forget about quota for this quota amendment which Stucconia this rabble trader uranium raw, It couldn't agree more I know the moment diatribe chooses to get out of this treaty. Try him under the bus. So far, So we need to do is tell us anything you do just like you do
at the same sixty days, ninety days, whatever we're out of this, unless the Senate both get everyone, senators on record boarding core special Democrats may suit up we'll lectures, especially Republicans me. How great would be to be a republican Goodbye Jones things they have killed is unconstitutional, illegal and immoral around here. I don't think he has to do any that he can just killing, but I kind of like your idea. Also that says, are you. Gonna fix is treated as a treaty and run it the Senate. Let's even get your sixty seven vote, because you're saying you like our Trump data, to enable throw them out of the box, it's like by post the Senate. To stand, counted. Basically, the two letters they die: brethren, another great car, appreciate where the world has Barbara from Harlem New York been my friend for years in a bar, Where have you been? I have been sick, but I'm still above ground. My lord yet
I've been to think. That's why you I'm sorry, I'm soon as all right, I'm I'm back! I'm back! I back, thank God by the great, the God. Listen I've been listening to you, but you know I just haven't felt well enough to call here, but I am so proud of our president. So proud of Netanyahu put telling it like it is, and we u right, we were sold down the river. The previous administration, including the FBI. Barbara, just want the whole nation to recall your broken american lady. Yes, I am an you back this president, before Conway West it. Yet it. I just want to point this out that if you want Ok. Well, can you really know? I know from Harlem by long time, long hanging- and I even have a book- that's coming out to Martinek- really escaping by racism- are blowing
Recognition will you make sure you to return producer design when it have you wanna talk about it? Ok, oh my goodness, wonderful, but mark and so happy to be able to get into back. To talk to you. You know I love you and keep up the fight, you're a sweetheart, and we feel the same about you. You take care yourself, armor, let's go to Joe Dallas Texas. I greater failure. W B a pay go Mart ear of a great one. Love you long arm listener. Think again yes, the question I want to you know we here in the media we hear about. What's possibly, and the Russians have on trial? But my question is what, The uranium have on the Obama administration to make them get into such a bad deal, so you think they may have had something
I mean it, I'm being hypothetical Denham speculating bird, I mean to give them so much money to make. So many concessions on their behalf and nothing on ours. What do they have over his head that we don't know about Well, you know who knows in Vietnam but they had anything over. His head could be ideologically driven by about me. As I say, he took no Chamberlain one step further interest appease the Iranians. He help fund their nuclear plants, he helped ensure that they would have nuclear weapons and, as the President, our president, says now. In seven years, their free to build moose. Here's a minute from now tomorrow I'll be right, back
he's here now run only underground command, the bowels of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader. Anybody might hear number eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one rig what now there's a p Peter Schweizer and Jacob Macleod at bright bark, and I have to go and what their writing. I don't have any first hand knowledge of what they have said here, but it's quite troubling. If
send a majority leader Mitch. Mc Connell's in laws have ordered ten mass of cargo ships from the chinese government. Since the senators, wife, Elaine Chow became sector transportation. The deep financial ties between the child family shipping business for group and the chinese regime refers revealed a number one neckties bestseller secret empires, and we had twice her on the programme to discusses, and it really was stunning foremost group which, by sectoral Lane Child's father, father and Centre, Mcconnell Father LAW, James as Sea Chow sign contracts with a subsidiary of the state owned China State Shipping Corporation for four bulk cargo ships in June and September, twenty I'm a team in December. Twenty seventeen, Charles Then he signed and other contract was stain own see, as I see it foremost New York Office for two massive two hundred and ten tonnes, Ships
James S e chow into a lane. Sister we're in attendance! So too was the council general of China in New York as well. Representatives from the sea, ass, a sea terms, grimmer, we're not slower than on January thirty, one. Twenty eight teen foremost group ordered for more two hundred and ten thousand tonnes ships. From CS? I see Angela Chow System, the second, Elaine, trout and foremost, deputy chairman, said she expects cooperation between the two entities to extend into the future. In January, twenty seventeen Angela child joined the board of the state owned Bank of China. This is incredible. The finances of Senator Lane Chow and her husband, Senator Mitch. Mcconnell are closely tied. The foremost group now Mcconnell spent on the public purse. Almost the entire life right.
There's no way he should be rich buddies, rich into I was in a James. Chow gave a five million to twenty five million dollar gift to Senator Mcconnell more tripling the net worth contracts. The chinese state owned enterprises make up a significant portion of foremost business. James and Angela Chow, previously served on the Board of Sea SS, see holdings as the chinese company, a major conch, for the chinese military. In a keen supporter of the p l, a Navy, despite increased threats of a trade war between the Trump Administration and the chinese government, the chow families ties chinese government do not seem to have called to the contrary as the ten shipboard suggest they have accelerated morbid aims? Chow was recently in China for an event promoting as new chinese language biography in the event, my answer by Jihad,
any state owned media outlets and the chinese people, Association for friendship with fine countries, a branch of the Communist Party not to be active in Florence, will influence operation spots. Praise James Chow as a great promoter of China, broad referring to him as a vanguard of China. U S exchanges Guinness amazing. So we should talk about Michel, Wolf and the White House whenever correspondence than right. I don't think so. I dont think anybody's touch this, but it needs to be touched. It goes on. The Charles chinese counterparties are often closely aligned with and his farm policy elite. The President Liege Berlin attended the book event with the Charles. She is the daughter of former trainees business and wife of former major general in the people's Liberation Army and other official in attendance. Now, sir,
as deputy director the United Front Work Department, a division of the Communist Party involved in managing fine relationships. Trade infrastructure deals around the globe are becoming centre piece of China's foreign policy in recent years. These deals are part of the strategic one bout. One road initiative, a mass of plans to expand China sphere of influence across Asia and Africa. U S analyse view as both a military and economic challenge to the United States. One detailed study regards it as a state directed effort to bolster chinese political influence. Are very important not only to China's development further many surrounding a neighbouring countries and thus the World I would also be able to contribute to this important initiative that has the potential to, teen statement, Angela Chow, called o b o are very important not only to trying to divide but for the many surrounding a neighbouring countries and thus the world. I would also be able to contribute to this
port initiative, that has the potential to raise the standard of living. For so many The United States has so far declined to participate directly in this or joint China's Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, but the Trump Administration and a delegation to the twenty seventeen bout and wrote forum in a notable deviation from previous policy Elaine Charles position is transportation secretary, her great influence over yours policy regarding central components of the plant sector- a spearheading the trump administrations to her a billion dollar infrastructure proposal now this company, foremost that's owned by Alain chance. Father and sisters has yet to disclose the financial details of its latest deals with the sea ssc. Similar transactions have recently cost over forty seven million dollars per vessel. The price I wits,
the place. The total value of the foremost deals that nearly half a billion dollars under current federal disclosure laws which do not apply to adult relatives sector Chowne Senator Mcconnell, are not required to report their families dealings with a major foreign military. Contractor sector chow was known to be extremely close with her father, who claims because I'm nightly nabobs him in official administration events quotas, often if she can sue peace and bright barred by Peter Schweizer in Jacob Macleod. Now this to me is hugely important. We used to reach stories about dying Feinstein and her husband, who had all these dealings with rage. You remember apartment buildings and so Fourth, and so on the Chinese,
Everyone is very good at this is very good at this, so the fine steam family, the fine Stein family, may not like bandits and deals with China and she sits on the intelligence committee. Among other committees of the United States Senate has for a couple of decades more than that now and now we're Mcconnell. Now am I now. This is very troubling to me, and I dont know why the Republicans keep electing this guy Mcconnell to be their so called leader in the Senate. He is an awful leader, but he's like a man boss and in many ways the way he controls funds that go into campaigns. The way he trying to reach in the various states and affect their their primaries. Oh he's a senator from Kentucky needs and it was day and business he's lost us more seats in the. Dates and he likes to go around and blame it on the tea party, really do some research on all these, so called establish republican candidates. They get there
SL kicked over and over and over again that's Mcconnell, the great thinker, much like car Rove, the architect. The architect who lost us, the House and the Senate, two thousand six, the architect who in two thousand lost the popular vote. Al Gore, the architect the leaning Tower Pisa. I dont know what he's the architect up, but these the establishment guys when these are the consequences, and I think this is a big deal, the Mcconnell firmly in the lane, chow and so forth, and so we'll be right back Are you hiring hosting a position that jobs?
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Right now, you, my listeners, contrive zip recruiter for free. That's right, free, just go to zip recruiter, dotcom, Slash, Levin, that zip recruiter, dotcom, Slash, l e and zip recruited outcome. Slash, Levin, zip recruiter is the smartest way to higher. No question about that now? There's a senator from kinetic by the name. What actually this guy's from dollar his name is Chris comes, and he was on Fox NEWS Sunday on the surrounding Ellen here's. What he had to say cut nine go. I think this is a terrific. The opportunity for president from who made his reputation as a builder to build on the iranian Nuclear deal. That's very clever and he's a builder, so we should build on the iranian Nuclear deal. I wonder if that idiot he thinks he should build on the iranian Nuclear deal. Given what the Israelis, the Prime Minister Netanyahu, came forward today, go ahead,
you just said, the areas that were not fully resolved through the European Nuclear. Do the ballistic missile programme, their support for terrorism and the region, their terrible human rights record. The iranian regime is a dangerous threatening regime and, if President Klaus, so why did we give him a hundred fifty billion dollars if there are dangers threatening regime? They ve ballistic missile programmes these for terrorism in the region. Why? In the hell would we get on and fifty billion dollars when they Bush sanctions were working, go ahead successfully lead and effort with our european allies turanian or to end their ballistic missile programme. To put to change the outcome, the current iranian D also that there isn't a sunset clause. I think this would be positive things that I would support. Well, then, if you would support them, we should do them.
The problem is the Iranians aren't going to move backwards, they're not going to support them. The problem is that the French, the Germans and the rest of the Europeans are in this. For the money, And we should be following their lead, as I recall, their been some horrific wars on their own their continent. We should be following our lead me enough Islam or not. The regime in IRAN. In Tehran does not represent the people of IRAN, that regime has caused enormous bloodshed and genocide and neighbouring countries dream is killed, an enormous number of american troops and that regime. Once
looks for one reason and one reason only to use them not to defend itself but to use them. Now, let's go to Cathy in New Jersey, the Great W Abc go ahead, yeah mark. Well then I love you and I tell you everything you tell us because I know what the true again all living in Serbia manipulator in the deep day- and I agree with you on their Randy, AHA Already- and I just wanted to tell you that I love you too well. Thank you my why you got me that, every day, by the way, what I'm sure gently does beside her name
that's right, yeah right! I love you bow. I can't thank you enough. Thank you very much. We appreciate the Kazi we had somebody who wanted to call in here, I said forget it: should we investigate determine if these documents are legitimate, no over half a ton of documents. They ve already share the information with our government, and now we need to make sure that these documents are legitimate. Why? Because you link Israel's planning them so absurd. John Newark Delaware Go Siri, saddling R S. First of all, I I notice that you have some respiratory problems cough everyone's. While I pray for hearing for you, I, like you, I can use it by my comment is regarding
Last year's article in Jerusalem Post, where some israeli operatives from the begging said that centre said that there is a high connection and communication between North Korea and IRAN. Now miss Paine a little scenario. North Korea blows up its mountain. It's basically done it's. It's finished with its nuclear testing, though, and so it pushes the buttons and all of its research and met to IRAN and whose this an immense says to the? U S in South Korea, hey I give up when you say that arrived, isn't, gonna give them some of that hundred fifty billion dollars. I dont disagree with you and you know I don't pay
very very excited about the talks with boom in President Trump and so forth. I do not believe that the North Koreans will give up their nuclear, no I do not. I do not believe they were de nuclear eyes and first, where we have to define what that means. Is that mean give up their existing weapons, give up their research, and how do you put that toothpaste back in the tube saw or not as celebratory as so many other people. I do believe that it is absolute you going in the right direction with the present in his journeys had an outstanding foreign policy, and that includes, of course, North Korea. But I have also seen, quite frankly, George W Bush Bill Clinton. George
the EU both Burma. They all had all these wonderful deals with North Korea in North Korea. Like IRAN lies they lie, go ahead, yes, I'm I'm, I'm just. I think it's too easy they gave up. Who easy it is interesting. Isn't it also sunny, smiling face? All of us These meeting with the President of South Korea in the dmz- and this is after meets with China Right signing. China said no dummy little boy. This is how you do it, and you know that's what he's doing yes and who's to say yes I'll who's to say that can does give up his weapons and technology, but who's to say that he didn't push a copy button and send it to the arrangements, because of that connection, that the the begging, the dot centre
answers and, and operatives said that there is, I trust I am on. The north Koreans have sold certain material and end the technology. Information to the Iranians, yes, and they got much of what they have from the Chinese. And the Chinese got much of what they have by stealing it from us and I'm looking I'm I'm thing. President tromp, please have your people look into transfers from Iraq of financial transfers from a ran tonight, Korea, pajama button? If there is, then they ve got him, but I also believe this massive stash of documents and other information. These rallies have there's a korean connection. I think we all know that to park, like a body I appreciate it can LOS Angeles very quickly, serious satellite. What we don't have time can hang in there. We have thirty. Did you say Ruth? I wouldn't want
Time can just hang on. Everybody else. Hang on scheduled. I have run Burma the ambassador to the United States from Israel, and I want to get to all of you what I'm done talk that will be right back What, then, There are no right calling now. Seven seven four year. One for you want one wants an honour to have rules and faster than the United States run Dermot with us. How are you, Sir good good, could be with you? Well, my lord half a ton of documents of evidence of IRAN's nuclear activity. I thought they said they were doing anything with nuclear weapons while at what price, for now did today in his presentation, he presented more than a smoking gun it with smoking bomb with massive amounts of hard evidence.
Then IRAN has a military nuclear programme and also Hence of IRAN's plan to deceive the international community. You know they violated the J C p away by the fighting their statements to the International Atomic Energy Agency. You remember that before they could begin this deal the so called nuclear deal, Iran had to basically pass the test by the idea and the eight essentially water, IRAN, activity, IRAN, We never had a nuclear programme, a nuclear weapons programme, Information is false. While now it's been shown proven All of these restrictions on IRAN that people had been question marks about them, they're all exclamation point and they a military nuclear programme and even A thing is done more to stop this deal if we're just continue to go on cruise control. We're gonna end up over a cliff, because
The deal allows IRAN in a few short years to enrich uranium through its heart's content, are continuing to develop their ballistic missiles, and now they leave town They have Are you advance Weapon ASEAN Programme and they can bring all of those elements together, so they won't need to sneak in or break into the nuclear club in the future in a few short years they can simply walk into the Nuclear Club edition, to happen, finally President Trump, I think, Gunderson early on and hope. He will lead us towards a different outcome in people to turn back fixing this dear I wake up call. When you're dealing with a regime like this, eyes and lies and covers up and covers up. How do you fix a deal? Well, the question is: is the international community gonna go back and what its policy was five years ago before? Basically, the United States in the previous administration gave up a prob
the policy should be before we dismantle their entire nuclear programme. Reason why IRAN should have a single centrifuge, a single ounce of enriched uranium in that country. If they want to have a peaceful nuclear programme, that's fine. They do. I need to enrich uranium any wrong and we're, given that ability to enrich uranium and to allow that combined with a weapon ASEAN combined, With the advance ballistic missile programmes, is to endanger the peace and security in the world I think that the policy should be fully dismantle your programme and, if they don't Dorothy had gradually pressures and keep up pressure, you remember that there were quickly sanctions on IRAN for a very short amount of time. Only about eighteen months, any I came to the table, but instead of saying that they were going fully dismantle their programme, they were allowed to keep their programme and then negotiations- basically work
How much of their programme would they be allowed to keep and for how long would the restraints on the programme last? That was? It look what's happening North Korea, you have the President the nuclear ratcheting up sanctions, I think there's a has. Military threat and at the same time, Rushing up economic pressures with old allies in the region and other parties in the region against North Korea, and then North Korea comes to the table and declares that urban nuclear power is not whether or not that happens or not is a separate question, but at least they have committed nuclear eyes, and I think the president has been rightly sceptical about whether they the proof will be in the pudding. What happened in the IRAN deal is that the price there was ratchet up against IRAN and instead of demanding that they d nuclear arise that they dismantle completely their nuclear programme?
they were allowed to get away with keeping a huge chunk of it, and this was a big mistake. It's a fatal flaw in the deal and I think that the programme should be fully dismantle. In addition to this deal, the Iranians are taking very provocative steps and Syria and Lebanon and so forth? Threading, the security of Israel? Can you tell us bother yeah! Well, you remember a few years ago when people told us you know, if we sign this deal with IRAN, they will join the community of nations that they will moderate. Instead, they've been gobbling up the nations and their more extreme than ever, all this money, that's pouring into uranium coffers coppers their use, the fuel, their war machine in the region in Iraq through Sheer Molly, is there in theory, trying to establish a military base from which to attack Israel through Hezbollah their terror proxy in Lebanon and through the Hutus in where there are they're essentially doing in Yemen, what they did to Israel through Lebanon, which is a four base?
in order to attack the Saudis so the whole thanks and relief has effectively fuelled the uranium, war machine. It did not make the moderate I'd love to tell you mark, they went this money was boring, Andy's tens of billions. Ultimately, hundreds of billions of dollars are pouring into raining. Coppers, they're gonna use that May for Gee Bill for returning members of the Iranian Revolutionary Guardian, you're, not they're, doing it There was a shame and it's made the chance of war, much to people promised peace. Because of this deal it actually is brought war much much closer for Israel and our neighbours in the region, the prime, stirs revelations today, how's it going down in Israel eyes from the people there are, many of them are shocked Yeah look there's a certain pride in our intelligence services, which is one of the best in the world and a kudos israeli intelligence for this, but it also tells you
what side of that is impelled him failures, how for many years, people did not have this information. How when people signed, did you know this agreement? They didn't have this information in IRAN is a very big. It is half the size of Europe and to assume that inspectors The international Atomic Energy Agency would be able fine these sites and and and and be able to hatch iranian deception in a country of such vast size is ridiculous. All the inspection regime does in IRAN. Easy tells inspectors that they can look at the key under the wife of the lamp post, but all the dark, places any wrong. No one sees. Fortunately, we found one of those dark places. There be many more other dark places. We don't know many other things that IRAN has an. I would tell your list or something else mark what the Prime Minister presented today would only a tiny sliver of what we It wasn't even the most damning evidence that he presented, but we ve we give
that evidence to your. Intelligence agencies and we are to pass it on in the next few days. Also to the intelligence agencies of the british about French. Germans and other parties in the international community, and no one challenge the authenticity of this information. Do you think the Europeans who, quite frankly, been pretty weak there trying to lobby the present United States the stick with steel? Pretty much, you think the Europeans will be moved at all I do. They didn't have this information yesterday. This is new for them. An mccrone and market were here in the United States and other so called Europe week in Washington did not have any of this information. New information for that there, the relevant aid. He's in their countries will have to work through it. They'll have to process it, but if they I'm looking for a bridge to walk away from this deal and go towards America to go. President Trump, I
Prime Minister Netanyahu just gave it to end the Russians. Do they much care whenever to come up with, I dont know have to see, but also new information for them I mean look. There's you had a situation mark were eight the girl. Nine days ago he had before minister of IRAN, saying that IRAN never wanted to have nuclear weapons tickets, a joke absolute yoke- and I think this just exposes it in such a dramatic way and do you believe that it's gonna have an impact It will help unite Europe and the United States by a position. What Russia and China will do remains to be seen, but I think President has winded his back afore. His decision before May twelve? What would I mean? I can google it, but what is the gross domestic product of Israel,
similarly Tina about four hundred billion dollars at four hundred billion dollars. In IRAN gets a hundred, and fifty billion really in a year's time, when all these sanctions are lifted, such an enormous amount of money for them to use for their military machine. It's just unfathomable that this would have been a greater yellow Israel and IRAN. If it you said Israel, CD pay, but IRAN, CD peace around is around the same thing, maybe finally bigger than his shoulder a much bigger country about ten times the size of our population may be eighty times the size of our care, but I wanted to know Israel's because in comparison you know four hundred billion. In the end, they just got a hundred fifty billion puffs. I mean it's amazing here, but let me explain That's your listeners, the money that they got when they signed a deal was frankly only defining bonus
was the frozen assets that IRAN had from selling oil in the past. When these all these sanctions were put on those assets which accumulating in banks around the world anyway, got tens of billions of dollars. The exact number is not clear, but the big money of the uranium deal is it now they're free, a lot more oil Wendy sanctions were on IRAN five years ago after for the deal with thought, they were only Going about a million barrels a day after the deal, The maid IRAN now is already up to beyond two and a half million barrels. That's an extra one and a half million barrels a day every single day at the price, Seventy dollars a barrel, do the math Hundred million dollars a day, then billion dollars a month, that's over thirty. Five billion dollars a year right every here now that if the production stage two and a half beryl today, but his investment pausing to IRAN. That product,
we'll go up. Iran was once exploring four million barrel today, so you can Heavy wrong, getting not thirty, five may be sixty, maybe a hundred billion, depending on the price of oil every single year and over ten year period, you're talking about a trillion dollars to go a regime that has killed huh, The Americans did lead masses of people in Spain and in chance of death to America, and it is the greatest threat to peace and security in the world today and that white so imports to reverse this, to ratchet up pressure on IRAN and to put a real squeeze on them, particularly because the iranian people, can't stand our own regime. You saw that a few months ago, when they all rose up in The iranian people are not anti American her aunt either regime and the more pressure is bought. They are on the outside. I think the more support will give the people on the inside who are fighting that regime as well, will
This is really remarkable revelation not that we didn't. Think least, I didn't think that IRAN was and rather than nuclear business, but the extent of it. I have to say- and I am going to ask you- how your intelligence service gather this information. I mean it. I feel, like you, need a truck to remove all this information, I mean it's, it's so massive, but may be too Well, one day when they tell the story, I think people will be incredibly impressed with with Israelis intelligence Service, Israel's intelligence services. That is truly one of the finest. World in the same people around the world every day, including Americans, and were blessed with it. But it's not for proof. We had and held him failures in the past year for the european seas of that intelligent failures, and there may be many more things going on IRAN that we don't know about, which is why it is so important,
up the pressures on them today, while we appreciate your joining us in their God bless and good luck. Thank you, sir. I take care that is the brilliant ambassador to the United States. From Israel will be right back If you were you shower or brush your teeth, try to make your hair look presentable. Some really good news dollar shape club has a lot of stuff to help. You out dollar shape, Bob delivers everything you need to look feeling smell your best shampoo, conditioner body, wash toothpaste and hair job. All a dollar shape. Clubs products are made with top shelf ingredients that won't break your budget. You'll feel the difference plus shipping is apps.
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on for another hour. I wish there were no commercial. I did he earned, though much maybe you could have him one again, some time and continued a conversation with incredible. Well, even at the end. I said I could talk to another five hours, David Byrne. Linsky. That today were Poland is one of the sea. Ask human beings on the face of the earth and when he wasn't on here, he's hilarious, absolutely hilarious but when his honor clicks- and you can see the intellectual mine click in any It is a secular s. Pretty much, he said is a secular do, but he has nothing back. Time for these atheists. And when it comes to religion, faith God, he says. Look, I don't know God or not. I also know the atheists who are adamant in saying there isn't they have nothing to back up they're saying either and then he also talk
How do we did, as you know, evolution and darwinism, and so You know I'm really that this programme, that I'm doing and in bringing in different types of gas and so forth, but sometimes I bring in a guest whose really super smart As I think my audience, you folks were watching Fox ten p M Eastern sent. Him a Pacific Sunday night. I think you want that. I think you want. Intellectually challenge, and you want to hear these folks in some other wraps lily brilliant. If they're not oh, my show, you're never gonna hear true, but thank you for that might well my pleasure. Thank you will play a little better that the third our? What about that? I think that would be caused I may Jimmy Brooklyn New York, the Great W B, say: go hide a threat from right, China. There us were Heroin Fenton. All you have put in my occasion. Kgb mafia would be an attack, withdraw illegal aliens. We ve got the Communist Party of Louis
our culture, our schools, where big trouble The enemy with the nuclear weapons think they and the way to get around mutual assured destruction, and if you brought up a couple of times that John Brennan headed the CIA. We would have been better off with war, but Brennan Heading the CIA, John Brown. And voted for gas Hall, the Communist Party candidate for President, when the Communist Party leader got hall, said the best way to help the cause of communism is through the brutal wing of a democratic party, and now I see the results of their decades, strategizing plodding conspiring now it's pretty much in our faith, Russian. Got a base and Nicaragua the help the drug cartels in non believable its route. You don't agree Job right now so Jimmy Year, Europe, your proposition will be.
Really the call wars just taken on a different look are either yet we wife they went from Fort gear in gear nuclear weapons that they couldn't you, because a mutually destruction when they get those two people who want to die. We have a big problem in their working. Meanwhile have the american population is hard left. Some people even say they bear parole. Communist so would be an attack from within and from infection, in fact a there's, a piece in an it was the near times the guy Rights, happy birthday, Karl Marx,. Mr Marques was right: he was right. A capitalism. It was right about other areas of of society and its The marks was right, I mean a hundred million dead marks was right. I Jimmy appreciate your call buddy
We have a great our left. My condition cause will play a little bit of day, four linsky. Some of you have no idea who that is, you will We just listen to little longer than the third out I'll, be right back. Easy now run only underground, boughs of a hidden somewhere under Britain, steel of among the script filling we once again made contact with our leader here, aren't number eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one! When you know what I forgot all about his rediscovering american maternity progress was an comes out and paper back tomorrow, too
I don't have time to pull it up on the site, Mr Produce, when I wonder how much the paper guess, honour Amazon, maybe contract that during the break, my dog Fox Sunday last night, we are the cleaner pointers for the weak life liberty and live in Tripoli. Oil. Ok, very! sixteen bucks for the paper back. That's the retail up at the discount, a pretty good anyway. So am I feel that what you want- Late on Sunday night is not more the site this concept of doing along form, interview show on the Fox Channel one Sunday night? I didn't invent it because when I was
growing up. I was very much influenced by watching Buckley and MELT Freeman, and even some of the liberal hosts who took touch with their guests to have these discussions about these different issues, and I found it very compelling not repetitive. It's not the same old, same old and you can see by the mix of guests. Then I'm bringing under the programme it needs its intended just to make it interesting and predictable. But there is one thing that is predictable: it is a law perform interview with one or two people tops where we have it caution about issues that I think are profoundly important. This society. This coming Sunday, I'm having Jody Jennifer,
about gene on show, discuss a number of issues, and I believe we ve been together before in this respect, but last Sunday yesterday, Remarkable man on the show, the man who I've really admired from afar for some time. In his name. Is David Berlin Scheme. Most probably never heard a David Bootblue, Linsky Buddy is profoundly important member. What I said when I started this programme, we're gonna, have guests were famous guests here. You ve never heard of before guess, or just compelling from different walks of life, but in the end, people who make a difference and people who can make it
Berlin ski is, as I said, he's a secular drew ease, not religious. He doesn't dismissed the possibility of God. He just says I dont believe there is a God But I also believe I'm in a position to say there is no God and he said and that's the problem of the atheists. There are not in a position to say either, but they insist on and they claim to embrace scientific analysis, like evolution and in his book he He goes through how they have no scientific proof for evolution. He said yes over a very long period of time. There may be some changes. You know insect the insect or something like this, but he's the connection between the chimp and man.
Is less than the connection between man and a flower you so so these are theories that these folks push out not actual. I again- and this is a man who is heavily trained, he's more than just a philosophies. A mathematician is assigned to use all these things, and I thought it was absolutely fast. When we finished, I actually feel bad. I wanted to have another couple hours. I've been said over the end of the programme, which we had five more hours to keep going into this. So here is a little bit of it. That I think, might to those of you who didn't watch it cut. Sixteen go practical, Linsky, so asian Darwinism. They can really tolerate religion. Can they not with any degree of susie, I mean everyone will say ruling as a matter of what you do and the trial.
See you, therefore, the confines of your own home as long as it doesn't come in. The academic world and pollute the stream of vigorous sire, you can do whatever you want that is a way of maintaining the fiction of certain kinds of caused constitutional protections and in time upholding the values of the academy, which are frankly Religions is no question about that. What's the title of the of Christopher Regions, book religion, poisons everything, and I look at this and then you look at our declaration of independence, natural rights, natural law, God given unalienable right. How can this- ocean of Darwinism. Hazy is really progressive, it, which I want to get it with you in a moment,
How could they really don't work with constitutional? Some? Do we hold truth to be self evident that all men are endowed by their creator away too sick. That has nothing. Gender is flatly inconsistent with the Darwin. The hypothesis, all men are not endowed by their creative All men are not brought us quite a dick. Scenario is playing out in the biological world if you want to come Harrison look to our nearest neighbors. You would never say all chin and these are brothers endowed by their creator with certain in in alien, noble rights. Why should I They are about it, but we do that's. That's the crucial point. We tolerate the inconsistency because we're forced
absolutely right. On cut seventeen go in America today, these this notion of darwinian, as though you were talking about this push towards. I would argue public aid other words religion out of the public square. We got to clean it off out of the parts we got to clean it out of school as a root of it, wherever whatever it is,. Doesn't this undermine the foundational and suppose from the United States. Probably probably look, let me put the point to you. In a slightly different way, suppose you will come from outer space Euro biologists biologist come to the earth, listen to a long lecture about Darwin, immense importance of when he in biology open your own eyes, say of Mars your eyes. What are the two things that would
strike you about living systems on the face of the earth, not the door We need in rhetoric, but I was just the evidence of your own eyes. One is an all. Life is related to no question about that. Biochemistry is the same throughout life all has very very many of its properties and common there's one living system on the face of the planet, not a multi species one living system, let the first thing you notice, the second thing if you're honest, is it throws a vast inseparable distinction between two kinds of living systems, human beings and all the rest That is something that rarely noticed. Rarely emphasise the distance. When a human being- and our nearest chin?
and you like ancestors common ancestors, is much much much greater. The difference between a chimpanzee and a flower we're talking about a bite for in the manifold and biology human, he's on one side, the rest of the animal, the more the plant kingdom and the other. These are facts that I think that any untroubled observer and by untroubled I mean someone who has not previously adhered to a kind of ideology such as Darwinism would at once recognise life is coming. It's in some sense one living system but proper, profoundly divided between human beings and all the rest. That's the first step towards, some sort of system of reconciliation, because it prompts the inevitable question: hey how come why. Are human beings being so different what
they organise themselves differently? Why did they have mathematics, literature? Why do they speak Why do they have creative thoughts? Chimpanzee is problem. A level Annabelle, but nobody? Nobody ever asked the chimpanzee a question that was possible for the chimpanzee answer. So these these are, I would say, are fog, to the main axis of ideology. So, in other words, like about. Darwinian is which is embraced by progressives, embraced by Woodrow Wilson, and why, and duly at all, the projects of Hegel and marks himself serve with modern, progressive movement. We ve talked
there's, never thought pattern and rediscovering Americanism. I know this stuff sounds hard, but once you get the hang of it, it's actually quite easy. Their attitude is we're going to bring a scientific approach to managing human beings. In Darwin, basically is the survival of the fittest. Species com and species Oh those that are most fit have can adapt to an environment. Whatever it is, will survive and their straw stronger and smarter and smarter and better and better and the progressives adapt that to governance. So we will try this. We will try this. We will try this the time the best system were well out, Hegel embraced it marks, embraced it. They rejected aspects, however, but that's the bottom line that is completely antithetical.
To our founding unalienable Right God, given natural law, These traditions that we hold onto these truisms, these universal truth that we hold onto for the darwinian, since that is. The progressives there are no universal truth other than the latest human experimentation with social engineering, and if that doesn't work Because I didn't try hard enough in a fair trial art and it doesn't work again. They have to adjust it again. Again and again. That's why don't never abandon something like Obamacare with a notion of government run healthcare. And it's interesting, because when we get into this little bit you're here but if you say he likes that, because it helps him
does it really help the guy next homeless, surly and he's just pointing out new might say what will cheesy believes he just pointing out human nature. If somebody, it's something for free or free, I d minimum amount and that actually works and they like it embrace whenever they Does everybody else. And so this leads us to cut. Eighteen, please go to Doktor Polanski. We have these various philosophers. Eighty alone, Their progeny, there is an election the term last century this agenda of human science, they call behavioral science is political scientist and their bill on this notion of science. And yet they also embrace- was so Hegel arcs this sort of thing who really do insisting basically of the decision,
The existing society in order to get to the promised land for varieties, materialism or whatever we ve heard that before we ve heard that before the model incarnations of this attitude belief, system, the progressives, the so called democratic Socialists, is this: where their dragging countries or maybe not dragging them where people want to go in these very countries in Europe and the United States sure everyone wants to go there, provided they can go there with out any person, inconvenience. Me too. I'm not objecting to a universal healthcare in France doesn't work for me, as all I care about and right, and if you have forty other forty million other people say exactly the same thing, you will have a system exactly like the socialist system of medicine in France, which I must say, did a great job on me.
In what order foul guy integrity, it may not be well, that's not relent, and there you ve, touched on the crucial These usual frocks destroy the bonds of solidarity and Don t. You cannot endlessly profit from a state subsidy system and spend a lot of time worrying about your obligations to other people. I'm situation. You can spend a lot of time talking about your obligations, but worrying about them. That's quite open, and that is that you said I'm feeling well, this guy may not be. I got no complaints, but isn't at the point when you, when you're unmoored from these principles, when you're on board from values, belief systems were faith wherever one they come from. That's what it comes down to it. I got what I want you to get it that's your problem.
I'm societies developing more more in that direction. Unfortunately, sector Societies tend to Adam very frequently they dissolve into individual constituents and social sciences that used to be called methodological individualism the unit of analysis is always the individual, but the unit of Agency is also the individual, and I think that is a feature. Secular society, and it seems to be a feature of secular society. This deeply desired by the inhabitants of the secular society. One thing we how to understand and accept. However, reluctantly is something like the second love. Thirdly, thermodynamics second hand, Thermo.
Seven later Eskimo. What is essentially things don't get better, they tend to get worse and of course, maybe that's true. For individuals and society, but it is what we resist as both individuals and society is now. This is the kind of discussion we had. It won't be this way every Sunday night, but now and then because, at least for me, I find this fascinating I think you can too and if for it's a little heavy can always go back and listen again and break it down and software. But as I say I will do it every Sunday night, but I will do it from time to time we'll be right. Back.
Berlin makes the point that Evolution is. As no more of a scientific basis. He argues than creation. And yet evolution is what's tormentors course darwinian is, if you will. You also heard what he said. Religion is fine. If you keep it quiet. Do it in the confines of your own home? He cannot be true. Paraded in academia cannot be tolerated in the classroom, cannot be tolerated the public square, and so it's not, and then we go through the motions, pretending that that still upholds the constitutional imperative of freedom of religion and it's not
So he attacks evolution from a scientific, a mathematical perspective. It's not that he's upholding religion or a recreation is running that of that sort, its ideas Ok, you don't believe in those things, that's fine, but we cannot dismiss that absolute scientific, proven fact the other hand, those of you who promote darwinism and evolution of someone you can promote. As a scientifically proven fact either and that's what I found so compelling the latter point that was making we'll be right back
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the rumour that they were gonna shit, down. The predicted gashes appears from plant which approaches Uranium and he can come in here saying that he was gonna to to keep the the plant open and the workers working cousin been here since six, fifty two and a promise, the workers in the area, because there was a big plan here and the produce area well about I'd, say: two thousand and yeah, but you know, contract somehow and it went Portsmouth. Am I right. The bank on him to be able to work as he kept saying he could keep it open. You know is the Chinese. They inquired. Keep it open or know. Now what
I will stay on the workers start and why you really is a the Houdini politics as me when he gets away with you know also this thing about the uranium being so the Russians, but if you know the kind of bothered me a little bit by bit Gary my friend, I appreciate your car now will go back to a truck driver friend NEO. How are you, sir, I'm fine mark than it's an to sleep? Do you think that Sunday night show where's your birth jeered and the carpet. I've been involved in the creation of pollution discussion for over forty years, and I think it's the most. Important topic we can discuss because it deals with the foundation of the country before going to bed something like that. I disagree with you about your head. Ok, I never do so. More than one occasion that you thank you
then born during the time of the founding, that I would disagree with that, because they didn't mean you we do you're very kind. I don't know about that, but I appreciate how right near was there's something I also use your sat, either there is not a minor. My belief. He said the atheists says there is no good human evolution, because of one burlesquing mention there, that All men are created equal if you dont met. Men are created and in doubt our creator with rights then And the Turin evolution Ass, the commonest, you don't believe that and its fascinating from his perspective, because, as I say here, I believe there is a god, but he says that's my belief. I don't know whether there is not a minor, my belief. He said the atheists says there is no God.
And he says they have no more ability to prove that then than they. Oh science, behind them, nothing whatsoever that just their belief and yet they take their belief in the end they set, and they projected as a fact any says you know, and the many teach their stuff and they push them. Duff and that's why I've always said progressive, isn't really grew out of all this. You know and and and and islamic the and progressive examine the notions of our founding principles. They cannot coexist, they simply cannot. But trot for forty years, I have asked evolutionists give me one fact of evolution and they cannot do it. It's all. If this than that and that's taught as scientific
fact. That is where I appreciate your car. My friend, I really do by the way Adam Credo, who was a great reporter over free beacon. He see tweets out state depart confirms new information. That is the information that the primitive the net Yove Israel talked about- indicates plans for IRAN's Nuclear weapons programme included building five nuclear weapons. The let me ask you a question folks, the prior diminished, entered into this disastrous agreement. They had to know a lot of this. They had an awful lot of us. And they still entered into this deal so they get through
grown administration for a period of time, claim some kind of a great diplomatic accomplishment and then drop this in the lapse of such an president's like they did in in Trump slap. You know Trump could do a pass on this. We could take a pass on this, but he's not. This is why there there's something unique about him, and it really is time than ever trappers understand this. I mean I know they are invested in his failure. There invested in in this way- become an idiot logical obsession over him, but you gotta give credit where credit is due. The Lee hate for trial It amazes me that that hate for trump by these folks isn't a hate for Obama, because look what Obama did here what he did in the random unconscionable
lives that are endangered as a result of this Andrew Aspirin Virginia, the w em a I'll go. You grew up. I'm Goin Listener, and it is on speaking to you, Mr Living. I like you, make one comment There is a hidden agenda, not new guard to all your topic, as so called peace summit coming up. The american people does not realise Kim Jong one dictator had hidden agenda. The hidden agenda one day in a current credit of South Korea. Will be requested all agreed upon. To remove twenty eight thousand? No! U S military personnel from South Korea shortly after dark Leave the office they'll come down take over.
I am very concerned about North Korea very pleased that we have this president in office at this time and not an Obama or somebody like that, but I'm with you We ought to be incredibly Skype given their past forty years of behaviour with respected the deals that they And then violate republican or democrat President that whole peninsula was caught unquote de nuclear eyes. For a we removed one hundred of our nuclear warheads from South Korea, and we did that in the agreement that North Korea would not create any kind of a nuclear presence and clearly they violated that and they did aren't Andrew. Thank you for your car. My friend, Rick, walk Wisconsin on the mark. Lavinia go Yahoo marked, therefore, take him Karla first, you bet I am so loyal to you. I love your show.
I heard you everything you say, but I it pains me to hear hear you but there's diaper linsky quackery when a man says that a chimpanzee. A floured into a human when we can do genetic testing idea That's not what he means. Ninety seven in fact, you're making his point these and a flower is up. Gonna keep talking only different near your met better making his your point, listen amazes me. Listen to me, you're, making his point he's not talking about DNA, but he's not talking DNA he say, chimpanzees. You can sit down and rationalize with a chimpanzee. It's not like the Champ These were left behind, and human beings grew out of the chair and z and so forth, and so on, and in fact we do know time to develop this, but every time there's an
archaeological, finally find it look at this and no gap. We felt a new gap in evolution, The point is: evolution is not a science well. Well it very much science, no dna is a science, but evolution is not a science. Well, you have no idea of human beings came from chimpanzees. I can't I won't say that has proven Well, that's the whole point of science. Isn't it but that's the whole point I am not trying to upset you but we're having a rational debate here. Thou opponents, France. It has to be proven. And you make a leap and Leap, isn't he would say there saying ninety percent. Ninety seven percent of the DNA. So what. What about human beings and they never word human beings and are never going to be human beings. That's not the point. I was saying was that I heard him say that
and these are more related to a flower closer to a flower that a chimpanzee what he means by. That is a chimpanzee. If you ask them, mathematical equation. They can't answer fiasco flower. They can't answer daily. The words all all the qualities and characters of a human being that between the ears we're not talking about. You know the visceral type of behaviour by an item on a human being and so far he says we, simply don't share them with any other creature in the face of the earth, including chimpanzees. That's absolutely true. And he would say you have no scientific proof whatsoever. The man developed from chimpanzees. Now we need common answer just if I could, just as they want They would say you have no proof of that whatsoever. Either constitution. I got it out.
I must say that as an atheist, I believe firmly in the constitution and just because it says we believe in the declaration of Independence declaration of independence. Pardon me Do you believe that our unalienable rights come from a creator? I believe they come that were born with them that their up Why would you believe they come from God, the creator he creator, The declaration talks about a creator. The divinities mention seven times the declaration less I'm not running. To persuade you, otherwise you, your belief some is yours and I get and trust me trying to hammer you or anything else. I'm just saying that in wrote about it and liberty and tyranny that the atheist, if you will benefits from what the the founders did in the declaration of independence In fact, based on the notion,
on a legal rights that are God given a natural rights that are God created. So the eighth is benefits from that, even if they don't embrace it and that's a good thing, everyone should benefit from it. But let's not confuse our history. The fact of our history, which is provable with the CS, proclamations, that's how I feel like an eight year term being made somehow it as the enemy here, no you're not the enemy at all. Let me thank you, control the public Square The enemy at all what they rabid atheist, who lots rohingya with anybody- Your fan a mind. Why would I throw you with a rapid types? I have no problem with religion in the public's, where I don't speak, to ban it but I believe that others do namesake others do and they have succeeded.
What others do and they have succeeded since the Everson decision, which was a each decision in the nineteen forty anyway, my friend, I do appreciate your car, we'll be right back, You know I listen. I was indeed back taxes to the Irish roughly fifteen grand, and he couldn't be just a matter- until they garnished his wages and seized his bank account umpteen times me mention optimum tax relief in Optimal knows that behind every tax primer, good people with families, home savings and paychecks the need protection and umpteen too
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you people on the laughter to spend this. I ran thing you ve already talked about it a lot, but I thought units to bid show for some reason. The John Oliver is on his way or he's an eighty year, but he's gonna talk about this junk, no offense. I really don't care, that's gonna, Paul again, no offense New York, New York that could w having trouble articulating myself, but they are taking to call again we run and at a time when there is talk about a little bit about the way the people on the laughter turn to spend this. I ran thing. You ve already talk about it a lot, but I thought doping show for some reason that John Oliver is on his way or hidden. Eighty eight You're right, I want to talk about this job, no offense. I really don't care, let's go to Paul again no offense, dark New York, the Great W Abc go ahead. Mark
oh I'm, sorry I'll go right ahead. That science cannot prove anything I can do. Is the evidence to support a hypothesis which eventually becomes a theory. It's called evolutionary theory. It's not true. Yeah, this is kind of Berlin Skis Point, isn't it yeah, but the same idea but an acute morning to train young ladys theory explains the path and uprooted for future but a global warming is a happy I parted, but the problem is they re really doesn't explained the past. Well theory: it tries to explain the past to explain some. Do some dope but but its. But it's interesting to me because one of the areas where signs really false flat in
they're not pushing religion. I'm saying one of the areas: science, really false flat, is an evolution guy. I agree. I agree and I went through school at the time when evolution was the central dogma of biological I am everything we learned we learned about with molecular but molecular biology, organic chemistry, wait. I my friend, gotta run excellent, call lotta excellent caused, and I thank you We salute armed forces, police officers, firefighters and emergency personnel, and I will you tomorrow? God bless you here.
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