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On Tuesday's Mark Levin Show, do ‘We The People’ have a right to participate in this impeachment process? All day long we've heard reports of secret closed-door testimony from witness after witness and we are only fed whatever cherry-picked information the democrats want to leak. The media and the Democrats have a symbiotic relationship but that does nothing for the American people. The media as an institution exists to serve as a check on our government and let us know what they are doing. However, the media is allowing history to be made while a star-chamber styled impeachment inquiry is underway and the press could care less — in some instances, they're leading it. Now the media is fixated on setting up Rudy Giuliani, meanwhile, Hunter Biden sits with reporters on morning television and doesn't even have to go under oath. The American people need more media options, more technology, and more competition within the press. Then, Nancy Pelosi held a press conference to announce that the full House will hold off on a vote for an impeachment inquiry right now. Later, Hong Kong continues to suffer at the hand of China and NBA players like Lebron James give their voice to China. Afterward, Fox News Anchor and Author Bret Baier join the show to discuss his new book "Three Days At The Brink: FDR’s Daring Gamble to Win World War II."

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Ladies and gentlemen, the following segment of the pod cast as presented exclusively by Hills Del College now in its hundred and seventy fifth year here, There is a truly independent institution where learning as prized in Intellectual enthusiasm is valued. Thank you for listening. My sincere appreciation to hills their brother sponsorship, now broadcasting on roaming underground command, both in the bowels of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We have once again made contact with our leader, hello, everybody Mark Levant. Here I number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, we ate one three:
Eight one one do we, the people have a right to participate in this impeachment process. All day long we're getting reports out of a I dont know what we Paul, a testimony that was taken behind closed doors from a former so called advisor to the as an add on Russia, and when you look at this ladys background, you can see that it goes much beyond her time with Trump and her various connections and she wrote a book in which Joe Biden blurb her book and various other pieces of information In a normal process, we would know more about this woman. We would know about her testimony.
Heavy cross examination right now our being FED is cherry, picked information. This is happening every single day, witness afterwards and the media, happily regurgitate which being fed to them by Adam shift for the can this committee just cause the media and the Democratic Party. Have this biotic relationship doesn't mean we. The people are to be Out of this process altogether,. The media used to be relied on to dig up information to check the government. Now the media just goes after Republicans, and particularly this President Democrat parties advance. Tom political agenda, usually the impeachment process and the high and the hijacking of that process
sir representatives. We get snarking comments from very foolish, an ignorant people on these various cable shows and these colonists, who just our scribes, who just regurgitate which being. Handed them, but we lack serious reporters and the restatement and it's really quite remarkable, Now all were hearing about his Rudy Giuliani, investing Patients are roadie Giuliani or did John Bonham Lake and people. Think John Bolton leaked, but what does this have to do with the impeachment process? What does this have to do with what is being done to us. We, the people were not being served by the institution of the press, were being propaganda too
We're not being served by the institution of the House of Representatives, it is a Oh God, operation an enormous amount at stake here, the press, and see the United States, not fuck. You are witnesses to history here. This has never happened before in american history. This process being applied against a president in this manner. It has never happened before in american history, the conduct of the speaker of the House and the intelligence committee. The lack of a president's council being available in these verse formats. And then being kept from the american people, this has never happened in american history, a media that is so thoroughly part of a political party That representing itself as such, but nearly monopoly? And in that regard this is never huh,
and in american history and we sit here each day were fed the information. It's like. What's the big deal, meanwhile, the Democrats have their debate tonight and the media for the most part while they want a little bit of fighting between them and that sort of thing to juice, up their ratings and so forth. The media I'm gonna be tough on them, as they would be republican candidates running for president, though, through our future So the swimming pool here are there to stir the pot shake it up, but nothing very serious. We never have a discussion in this country. Where envy the ABC Cbs Pbs NPR Emerson, you see CNN are involved, we never ever serious discussion about the constitution always,
this level there? Not a fan, in any way at sea and enter MSNBC about this process. As proletarian as it is cheering at odd fact of many bachelor, leading it cable tv. Practically MSNBC and have failed the american people you her project vera toss. Yesterday we played the clips on the air. Well, you know what scene and it's up to, and you know it suckers up to that's, not journalism. In the back rooms at the New York Times, pushing racism and pushing the right, collusion narrative, TAT journalism they're all linked to each other, there are tied to each other. If you do not
a truly free press, you cannot have a republic if their bought and paid for by one party effectively or vice versa. You cannot have a republic. Now we knew this was the case, but when it comes to tromp, it's really crystallize hasn't it. It's really crystalline so another investigating Giuliani. Giuliani, they are. Our interest and Giuliani than they do in Joe Biden and Hunter by with softball question No real serious follow up looking our interest and Giuliani now. Now they want to know everything there is to know about Julia. Look, I barely know Rudy Giuliani. I think we met years ago once it is social event. I've spoken to him since not against them, I'm not a special plea.
Form, but I see now he's being set up so now Giuliani. They go after that no intensity, not even any curiosity hundred binding spoke to a reporter hundred buying should be under oath. He should be testifying under oath turbine where Republic in a job. I wear republic instruction river beyond the Senate floor today, demanding a special council and so Democrats in this house now we people have to sit here and watch this with a democratic agenda and the democratic political agenda is shoved in our face And blasted into our ears every single day, and we know
injustice of this. We know the partisanship that's involved in this, so what can we do about it? Well, for one we should not be opposing new technologies. Platforms: we should be supporting them, because competition is a way out of this, the more competition as the more news platforms, whether there on the union, you're somewhere else, the better, the better. That's number one number two. We should seriously look at our antitrust laws when it comes to the media, I'm not a big antitrust guy, but they are suffering and apply antitrust law. Companies have built toasters and want to combine when it took a very serious look at companies like Comcast, which owns NBC and MSNBC in companies like eighteen tee
Don't CNN and so forth, and companies like Amazon, which owns the Washington post? My It is even more than antitrust, monopolistic issues. These major multi billion dollar corporations worth hundreds of billions of dollars, and this is not a tight capitalism. This is fro pro free market and free speech. Immunize these Whose rooms from the market from the public from the citizenry from the consumer they protect them and by owning they protect themselves. Msnbc Nbc, are never going to do a story about Comcast. CNN is never going to do a story about eighty anti washed imposed. Isn't gonna do a story not many about Amazon and basis and so forth down the road.
When they talk about the second amendment on the left, they say you know the framers of the constitution, every contemplated some Automatic weapons: first, all the framers of the constitution, didn't write the second amendment they did propose that they sent it to the states for ratification. Those ideas actually came out of the states for most of the bill. The the amendments and the bill of rights. But that said, the same can be said of the media. The framers of the constant put constitution, never contemplated Comcast or news network or a cable channel. Did they. No they didn't. So why do we apply the same logic? The freedom of the press, that they apply to the right to bear firearms, arms.
No, I dont say this is somebody who is opposed to freedom of the press. I say this as somebody who is a full throated supporter of freedom of the press, But that's not what we have today: it's not what we have today. You know the original concern was he's. Major corporations would be Fairly conservative pro capitalist and they have an influence on these very news rooms, a media outlets that they would acquire that were move them more to the conservative side, but they're, not conservative. They don't believe in these things. There perfectly happy with big government. It big government,
put their competition at a disadvantage or out of business or somehow subsidize them. Whole crony capitalism, one our way of crony journalism, crony journalism subsidize by crony capitalist relations. Again, I'm on a tight corporation, not eighty capless. Quite the contrary, I am pro corporations and on private capitalism, but what's happening here is their building these protective bubbles around themselves, You can have clown after clown after clan on CNN. Some BC, one partisan Democrat after another, one partisan left us after another and they can fumble over each other. They can make mistakes. They can make fools of themselves. They can make the most anti.
Thematic statements. The most outrageous statements about a president about the people who voted for him and none of it registers, none of it matters their immunized from the public, their immune eyes from the market from the citizenry. This is a hue, huge problem. I'll be right back then hear me talk about Hilda College, a lot about its rigorous, classical liberal arts, curriculum about its exceptionally bright and patriotic students. One seventy. Five years ago, Hailstone College was And with a mission defined by four enduring purposes: learning character, faith and freedom, while many answers patients have lost their way hills. Dale college maintains an unwavering commitment to learning character, faith and freedom. I've also talked about the
Doktor Larry aren't the President of Helstone College, so one of the finest begins. I've ever known- and he explained said these for purposes- learning character, faith in freedom, remain inseparable and the activity of education at Helstone College. He says learning is difficult and takes more than talent. It takes hard work which requires care Freedom is essential for learning, but it is fragile and constantly under threat, so its principles must be Aid by are, for the sake of its defence and hills, Dale. Nathan learning our integrated toward God, because he is the first authority folks, if you ever wondered why I love hailstones college. Now you know visit hills there Don T, you that's hills, doubt that e? U for more information, hills, they'll college, pursuing true and defending liberty, since eighteen, Forty four, I remember- that's hills Del dot Edi you Hills, Dale, DOT, Eddie! You
in our earlier. We had what was called a patriot Chris, this country. It was a patriot press, that promoted the revolution and the principles behind the revolution. Oh conglomerates, nothing of the sort, individuals with newspapers. No more than thirty thirty five newspapers, And flat tears, Thomas Pain being one but not the earliest. One. Promoting the ideas of liberty and property and representative government and that sort of stuff, all of which is attacked today by the left in there were crucial
And what happened early on was the British tried to shut them down? Much like seeing an MSNBC near tyres, Washington Post, do these stories that try to shut down town, Radio or try to shut down the Fox NEWS Channel. Because they really have. Finally, the same mindset take totalitarian mindset. These rears newsrooms do not promote freedom of the press, they promote themselves, they do not promote free speech. They promote themselves if guarantee, where some kind of republican a conservative operation running round bashing the brains in of leftists there be all Stories and investigations who runs it, who funds it? Who are they where's their headquarters? You never hear any of that.
If, after any event of any these democratic candidates, we had the kind of spectacle we saw Minneapolis few nights ago same thing One another's behind it: what did the mayor do? Why were there was very dull? it from my house and met in Minnesota participating whose funding them I went on the left. He could see the headlines now, but there's none other none of it. And the same applies to the impeachment process: could impeachment process like this have been launched against Barack Obama or even Bill Clinton. The press would have gone crazy that the latter. Due process and they would brought in their expert Ivy League law professors to tell us why, and there would be guests all over cable tv
And cited in their newspapers, how this is an abomination, but none of it today, none of it. There's an effort here to cut the presence of the United States out of the process in which he has targeted. That's pretty damn shocking. And right now they are leaking secret testimony that they took they. They take each day to the New York Times. Abc news. Or CNN or their favorite outlets. Leaking cherry pick, information. One party controlling the entire process. Now we know for a fact that wasn't the intention of the framers. We know that for a fact that we know for a fact,
and the three prior impeachment processes involving president's they didn't conducted this way. So, rather than shining a light on what policies doing very fast drastic manner, just here and there courting republic but really shining alike, exposing it in a significant way, with serious headlines and so forth and serious guests. There's none of that, none of it at all. I'll be right back bringing in learning and a healthy democracy. These two things are mutually supportive in a man. Today, however, that bond is broken to help prepare the breach, hills, Doc.
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with your outrage, eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one eighteen tee Warner, media maritime Warner and the Oversea, CNN circles, eighteen tee then their unit, one or media Their Warner media is CNN, such protected and cushioned multiple levels, and eighteen tease perfectly happy with this. I heard the top executive eighteen t speak in the past and he said we're all support of Santa and of course they are, they buy themselves, their own protection sin and whenever attack
in Tee Comcast come care, sounds NBC and its little sister, MSNBC and so their protected. You're never going to see Comcast be the subject of any kind of ex post by NBC, MSNBC you're, just not what's happened, is the standards have been lost, accountability is gone, When you talk about companies like Comcast and many of you have Comcast cable, extremity. Emily who use eighteen tee in one form or another, while their massive and so the accountabilities lost weighed down at the newsroom level and its of no consequence.
Whether these companies make a lot of money or not you see MSNBC scene and I'm not saying they don't it just doesn't matter to companies that are worth the billions of dollars and have more concern, and focus on real profit centred on real profit centres. And so these these enterprises unites likes. Much else! You look at these these non profit organization. For these very wealthy men and women have passed away in these families, the Rockefellers, the forwards, the Ford Foundation, the Rockefeller Foundation. Other foundations these individuals were not left this. They weren't progressive and yet Chinese now used almost exclusively for left us and progressive causes, because the left insinuates themselves
themselves into these entities because they know how to do these things they devour them. Then they manage them to force their agendas. Is the same with these large corporations, when you have these newsrooms that are really small entities within these mass of corporations? Same thing happens. Damn lemon couldn't get a serious job. As a journalist anywhere on CNN Msnbc, Jake, tapirs has been he's washed up. We go down the line same as applies to these network news programmes to a b c. Television is not an independent entity, it's been bound. Around Disney and so forth,. Have already talked about NBC Cbs too,
Yes, as part of a massive conglomerate again Mobility is lost, its gone in these newsrooms are protected, pretty much their protected And what's happening in these newsrooms? In addition, how much else that I've written about on freedom of the press is the co mingling of opinion. In fact,. Little over a hundred years ago or give or take the progress. Was decided. They wanted new standards for journalists.
And the new standards were that you- and I ve talked about this- are just too busy or too stupid to understand news, objective truth, the gathering of information and that it needs to be explained to us that needs to be explained to us by people who are experts have become experts in doing such things, and this began the progressive era of journalists. What happened in the last thirty years and very intensely under the last ten years. Is that the progressive ear? Journalism, excuse me has turned into these social activism era of joy. Was a man. This is being taught on our journalism. Schools now as well. And so social activism is the goal, and that's why you have people with very little expense.
It's your substance, and not even that bright having major positions in these protected, newsroom, Chuck, tired. Forty fifty years ago, a guy like truck Todd can never be a host. An acre for anyway, he's not very bright. He doesn't have the experience. Education wiser hands on. And when you watch em on tv he's, basically an opinion maker, you can see that across the board The entire line up over there had seen it and MSNBC be concealed. F, anomalous. Same thing that happens in academia with faculty to faculty, is involved,
In the higher and process for a future faculty and faculty, to choose individuals who have like mine and, like pledges in universities and so can see where Ivy League schools and particular continue to choose Ivy League people for faculty position To come out of the same classrooms, in many cases taught by the same tenure left his professors. The same thing, goes on in journalism. A guy like sucker. Or the people who them BC, they're gonna hire people who have like mine, who are familiar with their comfortable with. We're going to advance and eighty agenda so becomes it in Gesture was kind of thing and that's exactly what's happening. That's exactly what's happening.
You hear a guy like Joe Scarborough Joe Scarborough, is a failed member of Congress. He's a failed radio host. In eighties paid millions of dollars on MSNBC for a programme that has very few viewers is a fact that has very low ratings. What is it he sits there with his wife formally his girlfriend in a circle. We guests that agree with them and mouth off, like he's in a mental institution. Insane asylum
The same damn thing every day: this is what I'm told Everyday Trump Bear Trump Bear Trump bad Trump Bear Trump Bear Trump: bad Russia, Ukraine, Stormy Daniels, mentally ill Hitler, Stalin Trump bet a guy like this. We couldn't make it in Congress who couldn't make it in radio, could make it on regular tv he's got a niche This is no accountability whatsoever for him or his wife doesn't matter given example, Caught one go Willie what's also interesting is where I am fascinated over that, except for weeks to see how deep, in the stupid sum of Prompts talk, radio allies want away down even this stupid, because you
actually have every one of their theories going up in smoke. Remember is rather hearsay. Poor working. He runs this and judiciary Committee that he would have got an ass can first year evidence in any law school in America, years either. He didn't even understand the concept of your same when its admissible in court, let alone there, but everything was using knows that we actually, we have in the room where the quid pro quo going on. We ve got tax messages, I let me, let me explain to justice brand. It's here. When you talk.
About hearsay. When he's talking about hearsay, he's talking about the so called whistle blower at second hand, information, not people who were in the room, who would have first hand information. You Idiot, you don't even know what hearsay is and yes therein snored through that bulbous w c fields, massive snores of yours, no idea, what the hell you're talking about use such an idiot. You, women, but here say yes, we ve got text message is, this from an former on voice to the Ukraine Volker. These text messages were put out cherry picked by the Democrats for more on, like morning, Joe Deliverance Scarborough. But notice he never asked for the full transcript. How would that go in your evidence, clay,
first year, evidence class. You idiot you complete clown In areas on MSNBC. And they wonder how deepened doping. Somebody's trope radio allies went away everywhere. Who knows what a sleaze ball this guy is and what a chameleon he is used to have his head so far up trumps, but it would come out of his mouth now he's attacking Trump. Now he text him the money be good cause. That's one thing, Joe knows: Jonas, how to be a year? I won't say: whore,
it's a bad word, isn't it, MR producer, but he knows how to dance for a few bucks that much he knows sick, chameleon. Guy like this, It's ok to have an opinion show, but a new show. What are they? Can people get out of a show like that again, nothing, nothing cut three So the question is when a republican senators on the hill winner, trumpet biologists on tv and radio and online, when are they going to do the right thing? When are we going to do the right thing, ladies and gentlemen, in turn on Trump enjoying Joe, a meagre and policy, an Schiff enabler, when are you gonna? Do the right thing folks,
And throw in with the others: when are you going to do the right thing and agree with Joe Scarborough? How stupid is this. You're not learning anything you're, not informed about anything, there's, nothing, intelligence, they don't even entertaining that's. Why has no ratings edgewise on MSNBC? That's? Why is protected by the bubble of Comcast? Go ahead. And demand change the way they so scared of my pants I understand why there's really scared in my pants, you moron says nothing to do with being scare might pay. He knows this. They have happy hour there in the morning on I myself day, Mister producer. Is the amount of flowing freely go ahead. Like talking to actually I don't get. The fear of triumph was the conservative right, so
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Illness and the American Medical insurance system, and because America's founding principles are so important. Hills, though, offers Primus Absolute. Free of charge. To anyone who requested that's right, you can subscribe to Primus for Free here's. What I want you to do, I want you to visit in Primus thought Hills, they'll, dot. Eighty you for your free subscription, that's him Miss I m p r. I am I S. Dot Hills deal that EU welcome to health you ask any acre, or journalists have seen under MSNBC Rainy Report,
the New York Times, or the Washington, Post or NBC, or ABC or CBS, about the explicit details involving Hunter Biden and his father in China. I don't believe they can tell you Because they dismiss it, they have no interest in looking at. I dont think they can tell you what even took place what they will tell. You is there's no evidence wrong. Doing people looked at it. While the investigating Rudy Giuliani. Now these news organisations and newsrooms, I can walk untrue come at the same time. They can look into these things. Then here I'm still an original story with this. This clown Vogel, which was a pretty good story for him shockingly and they did it.
Up, which kind of said you know six one half a dozen, the other and they pretty much have dropped it because it's not a priority. Just like it's, not a priority was CNN. Is there Single reporter at sea and in whose working on the Joe and Hunter Biden issues related to Ukraine in China. No, but they'll, tell you, there's there. Now there is nothing in the Russia collusion stuff for two and a half hours, but the utterly incurious, because their pushing a narrative like soccer said Jeffrey There's a car that had a cnn like he said, impeachment push the impeachment narrative twenty said: that's what they're doing near at times is no dear Msnbc no different with this Phil Griffith same thing Andrew lack, but why look at this embassy.
How many people are being molested? People are being re These are the allegations weapon. Exposing themselves and the man Still there This is how protected these people are over its CBS. Yet Charlie rose. Management still there over on them. Its most shall yeah this guy happen, who is accused of sexually harassing people morning smell and his wife. There are still there nobody's affected. There's no change just go if the trump? That's all yes. Yes, yes, if we had a real serious standard for journalism, there is no way to clowns like Joe Scarborough make it Brzezinski would be on MSNBC
There is simply no way, frankly, there's no way that scene and would exist today in its current form. Having gone from a news organization. Basically an arm of the Democratic Party or vice versa. None of these people would be on the air None of other lesser was comedy central and they were foil, I'll, be right back.
Easy now broadcasting permanently underground can impose than the bowels of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building? We have once again made contact with our leader, everybody mark living. Here I come back. Eight seven, seven create one three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three eight one one: sometimes Some was unseen and last night you think he'd avenue to pay. I mean it's more than obvious Emine plasters at onto his forehead, but that doesn't matter and he attacks you. He attacks
this cut for your phone of Americans, because Remember Trump has thirty thirty. Percent of hard Coronel, followed him to Hell. Wherever he's going, they don't care about the facts. They don't know about the facts. Ok, they're, fine people except their ague it about the. Things that we're talking about- and they will not but should not see and this is the attitude- the spin- the attitude from any day. AIDS and certainly the attitude now it is the brig. Some mindset? You too stupid to pick your own health care you too, stupid to educate your children. Choose me. You just too stupid to understand how society should be re, engineered and so the. People by ideology and position. They will do it for you. That's why, This is all about same with the news. He says: you're
when people accept your ignorant and these things were talking about they? They won't budge on that So unless you agree with them, unless you join them The same thing from a deliverance boy. The morning small I should agree with them unless you turn on your president, less you turn on your party joining with the mob. They knew to be denounced in and you're detested. Now, to show you how on serious this process is this impeachment process, Come Allah Harris has been in the Senate two and a half years give or take and she's been running for president for about half of that. So she doesn't know damn thing she
is about a record. His attorney General California and she's like in fourth place among Democrats in California,. And she- talking to the United Food and Commercial Workers union. Cut sir, what does it cut five go? Would you prefer? This case for impeachment so I intend to do about the ballot lots issue or so here. There are also right to say this mark, so here's the thing I've been calling for the IMF on everything. I know yes, They saw everything I know yes, yes and here's, how I think about it because a confession and unknowns prosecuted and see that wasn't conversion We have a confession. We have a camera right,
then they tried to hide the thing in the other computer right, and then there's a concept, call consciousness of guilt which, as you know like we know what our kids like. Oh I didn't. I didn't eat that thing. You know you didn't think you weren't supposed to do right, and so this in fact, when people say will you how long do you think this impeachment process under very long convinced I mean, did it out loud hellish? She talking about rich, I mean incoherent noxious. Truly stupid. I have no idea what she's talking about. Does anybody Murphy is this guy from Connecticut he's from elected office.
And she Graduate Alaska the age of twenty five to the state house than the state Senate than yours com. Person than the United States Senate. That's all he knows partisan, politics, he doesn't know anything else. That's all you ever been in Europe keep going to him for information, whether its gun, control or impeachment, and he doesn't know anything. And this is a guy who threatened the ukrainian government. That is, they dare to instigate, Joe and or a hundred Biden. I write. Ukraine enjoys by partisan support and they won't if they go after the pines. Sky course. The irony is lost on almost everyone. He should be investigated by the Ethics Committee, the Senate, and if the presidency be impeach for what he did and this cash be expelled for what he said.
But we know it doesn't work that way, but listen to him cut six go for before. We left for break. Remember we haven't been here in Washington for two weeks. Many Republicans said that there wasn't a quid pro quo and it's not just many Republicans genius. The president of Ukraine said at the present the United States Senate, the sector's state said it before Industry, the Ukraine said it A fine transcript underscores the there was no quid pro quo, something for something, let's hear it, Her politician has to say: go ahead, no reason to move forward What we have learned in the last two weeks is that their absolute it was a quid pro quo likely there was an aid for interference quid pro quo, but what we know first, now, especially after Fiona goals. Testimony yesterday clever, I dont know what for
my Hills testimony was yesterday. Neither does he other than what's been put out by the Democrats in the press. We don't have Fiona, no hills, testimony, it wasn't public and they have an issued. A transcript in this doesn't bother. The genius politician in the least because it's a set up. It's been a set up from the beginning, with a joy, by CIA Operative a Democrat, running to Adam Shift staff. Hiring a law framework connections to another legal group. But since twenty seventeen is headed out for Trump tell us it's all been set up and under the Chris Murphy- is telling us that the Information that was put out in this closed door testimony persuades him,
Overwhelmingly that there was a quid pro quo is not interested in the transcript doesn't want to know. Anymore sounds like they did it Joe Biden or that Idiot just Garber go ahead. There was. Quid pro quo in which the White House was telling Zalewski. He could not get a meeting with the United States unless. Start, investigating the violence and there's this extraordinary seen that she describes in which Gordon Silent tells the Ukrainians they need to do Juliet is asking them if they want to meeting in any follows them out there should I mean this guy's now cited is passionate, he's telling bout testimony he never heard putting it. Door together, much like Adam, shifted couple away. To go in that committee, how the tearing the acting director of a national.
Listen him go on and on and on. He wasn't in the room and he doesn't have a transcript. Go ahead. Tell them specifically another hundred Biden, investigation, Vigo, Chris Murphy,. There's no need for a process of any kind when you have people like Khumalo Harris and Chris Murphy, none whatsoever, at least statesmen, their hacks. I'm just pointing this out: they could be anchors it sooner MSNBC. Reporters Maggie Harriman were Jeremy. What is his name? I don't remember, however, that the New York Times are fully bump at the washing compost. Jamie Rascal as a left wing kooky- was left wing coop before he was a member of the house a member from Maryland.
And they have a reason you see for the tyrannical approach that policies taking cut. Seven go, Do you need to hear from this whistle blower and do you think this person will testify or not Well, if there's one contemporaneous Nemo created by the White House officials, corroborated everything, the whistle blower, we're saying every now it doesn't know what does doesnt corroborate everything. That's in these so called whistle blowers, complaint. Their Natalie mistakes in the whistle blowers complaint, but its vague conclusion. It makes allegations uses newspaper articles, so it does not do that and if MRS Jackson had done our homework, she would know that go ahead without, the withholding of the military aid, also confirms what the whistle blower said in all four witnesses. I don't know
that's not the role of a whistle blower and generally. What we try to do is protection whistleblowers, saying oh, say it's very convenient. He was told to go through the tumblr process by the committee. He goes for your. She goes to the whistle blower process. Now their protected, you say so impeachment preceding at present is not allowed to confront the accuser, but even more. The american peoples not allowed are not allowed to know about the accuser folks. This is it. Back on you on your republic on your vote. We're gonna be voting at another thirteen months and these people going to try and upset it if we win these for not conducting themselves in any rational manner, there are mob. Their mob with the media. And so now you don't have the role of a whistle blower.
Whistle blower. You know we try to protect whistleblowers. Now, there's no way this guy should get away with this. Any these people, with these secret tests, would, secret testimony in a secret, whistle blower and the democratic Party only drive in the entire process. If we Tourists, journalists in this country- they be jumping up and down about this, but we don't. I'll, be right back with a daily fake news, Don pouring through your tv, mobile phones and computers. You may have missed some real news, like the recent study in the journal saw metabolism, sir tis suspected a correlation between growing rates of obesity and processed food, but what this but he discover was that these foods also appear to lead people to over eight years. The bottom line? You need fresh fruits and
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a brick house, Levine, Dotcom, brick House, Levine, dot com offered code, Levin area have a moment ago. TIM Bc. House Democrats will not hold a vote authorizing impeachment probe, which White House sought. As Democrats will not hold a vote authorizing impeachment ingrained President Donald Trump, as of now which the war how sad sought, according to a person familiar with the discussions Tuesday evening now, look. If you're not gonna, have a vote as of now than you'd only to have a vote at all costs. Bring all the dirty work now without Students. Council available without posing party being able to call witnesses without cross examination without all those things that are supposed to take place there already conducting interviews pulling together, transcript and keeping him
in people out of the process and keeping the present United States out of the process in keeping the Republicans out of most of the process? So they way three weeks from now so you know, let's hold a vote on a peach, would agree that is a sham, because it's going in fact had been going on for a long long time. It's not impeachment ink, we, of course it is whatever their doing, but they dressed up as an impeachment inquiry. If near the end, again have a vote in order to put a label on and say see that the house voted for an when inquiry and then Poland, everything they ve already done under that nomenclature that won't get past us. The decision to hold off on a form of welcomes, amid growing pressure from report The law makers and White House officials- who have house Democrats efforts as an illegitimate attempt to undermine trumps presidency. The many members are policies caucus one avoid the perception
at the White House is dictating how the house is part of a separate unequal branch, a garment conducts itself the person old CNBC, so that's the spin. You see the Democrats for protecting separation of powers. By destroying separation of powers. Lucy is dismissed the cause for a vote. As a republican talking point and set an interview earlier this month. We certainly were certainly not going to do it because of the president, but you're supposed to do it because of the president. We have rules of evidence in courts for the parties we procedures and practices that have in place when it comes to President's and inform, inquiries into impeachment she's back. It all down.
Close, who was set the hold a press conference of the capitalist six thirty pm eastern time just before the democratic presidential candidates reset to take state but you didn't have that. Did she, Mr Petition? There was no press conference. That's the big report were not ready to do it now, maybe in the future, when it serves purposes and the media will dutifully report what she does. Rather, they questioned her and her tactics because that's where we are in this country today, that's where we are Let's go to Gregg Baltimore Maryland Ex M satellite hurry. You waited for a Thank you, sir. Well, I've only been on the year. Sixteen
so you know, those five hours were pointless. Five years before were anyway go right ahead. Greg obviously, there can file and Bob Bob I thought the here and now the thing like that I bought what happens when, when two thousand body do when we get there That must be quick. Sir! We're having its problem hearing you and I know I lose half the audience here. I got you don't like what happened then wanting body wire yeah, oh boy, when the yard wrapper
at that point, it I'll have the same. All that wouldn't lose your question so quickly the media, along what my presence here, I want to dabble ABC News. I think. Three, a car folks. I know it's very very hard to hear and that's why. To get to his question, but he didn't want to get those questions. I'm sorry buddy. But the connection is awful. And you needed yet your question on the barely that was impossible, John Brandon Mississippi on the mark, live in power. You took over like we're. Taking my call you back this woman was your car. That's all I'm very on my part. Ledges data progressives traced her. An intellectual lineage too. We saw a marked besides well in this relates to SAM Donald, He's comin earlier than average.
I can understand the girl. Well, my windows, the legislature that were supposed to enact laws Society put his good marks the intelligentsia in the class. That's gonna save the proletariat by virtue of its now do the laws of history, and I think that air makes a lot of a progressive striking. They ve been taught that kind of stuff- that's been the intellectual and with your point on Rousseau, and probably Hegel too, and Thank you so you're right on, which has been, quickly. First of all, the individual is not capable of making decisions for the individual and the individual can't be fully realised unless they are part of the state part of the state ethos- and you are quite right and SAM Donaldson is too stupid to understand that he's Rousseau in an you who are so
was to be too stupid or smart as hell. And now a hell of a lot more than SAM Donaldson. Don't you John Well and say that I found it ironic that our state aid is not there I was moderate embedded ironic that he can't say beyond a paradigm? He can't he stuck. He stuck without to pay two apparently thank you we'll be right back
If you have a moment, I want you all to go to brick. House Levine, dot com just go there and click on the by now button. So you can read the reviews over twelve hundred five star reviews, I might add, but this one caught my attention from Steve in Denver. I'm upset with mark because he's got me hooked on field of greens what a great product! Thank you, brick ass for your amazing product and great customer service. I may monthly subscriber and I won't live without it and you're. Welcome Stephen subscribing smart. You save money that way. Field of greens is made with real USDA organic fruits and vegetables and helps boost your immunity using antioxidants, prebiotic some probiotics plus they offer a one hundred percent satisfaction guarantee or your money back. Gotta brick House, Levine, DOT, com or call eight three three ring be h and get fifteen percent off your first daughter with promo code love in that's brick, house, L, easy I am dot com or call a three three ring be H. N.
Promo code, Levant, apologetic, patriot and unapologetic constitutional asked you and region at eight seven, seven, three aid, one three, eight one, one apparently Nancy posts it did have a press conference patently wasn't much we can find anything on it. Forget the forget about that work. Will try and dig it up You know, cyber thieves are stealing american homes. You wear this Cyprus. Thieves are stealing american homes. I guess where your homes, legal title and mortgage documents are kept online, wide open for cyber thieves, your signature and everything thieves need to take over ownership. Your home is Billy, available online, As for your name off your title, then reviled
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defend yourself at home. Title lack dot, com, home title, locked outcome: that home title luck, dot, com, hurry, see here. Let us go to Joe a story in New York. The great W Abc Go remarked our though we support you and I, actually treat played. My for yourself rapidly. I was able to integrate Patria like you, I got two questions for you. I want to get back on. To begin with a show how go after them It made the point about. You know the framers. Never this the second amendment You know you compare it with how will the entity in the framers never invasion these massive conglomerates, zoning newsrooms either? and I notice they don't have any problem with that. You got you there will be more cause. I don't understand you understand my question.
Hello. How do we change those granted? Anything it can be done there you could try Google, now, the only thing worse than that is for the government to step in start making decisions. Can you imagine the f. Elizabeth worn is presently. Stage or come all a hairdresser Cory Booker, what their capable of, What noise? I understand, that being a conservative mom, never once more government and again I actually that vision about was asking you about that I imagine it Joe Biden nor or one of these sounds run and now imagine and having the control but movement. What can we do like? Well, things are being done what's happening. Is there: there are alternative sources of media information and news information, more today than there were yesterday more yesterday than there were twenty thirty forty years ago. The problem is a lot of these, like cable was a competition with network
they ve been. They ve been devoured by the same movement devours, the rest of it, so What you're saying more more of you know twenty years ago there wasn't these various digital for that's whether its blaze or or bright barred, the daily wire, the daily collar or the right scoop, and on on down unless there's a lot of them and a lot of them require good. So that's good and I think the unit and the radio. I also think podcasting is a big part of the future. All these alternative. Forms of information and communication. I suspect Ten years from now many, these cable companies won't even exist. They charge a hell of a lot of money. You know they have labour costs a lot of money, theirs! There is a reason why, more people are getting rid of their cable subscriptions. Just being honest,. No! No! I don't! You know. I've been really to subscribe to the within tv
Wanna hear like more progressive or you get this embassy, and this this cloud show CNN. You know it. While you don't have to buy. We are an alternative and we have put a lot of tears and an enormous amount of resources in this project. Then it did it just people who want to participate in it. They subscribe to And you'll hear me in your here a whole lot of other people. Our conservative, you don't their agree on everything and certainly have a different approach to her to the new entertainment but its. It is a really thoughtful alternative to bang in your head against, saw more kayaking some about minimal. Before I go. It's it's my first one mark I read dumb, don't feel the press twice I just my liberty. Should tyranny, I would warn island and- and I can't find this book anywhere- yeah
You gotta go. You gotta go to Amazon to get a visa because the bookstore stone while in there you know what I am oil the autumn. Quite frankly, they give you all the time when one when you go when you go into shown bookstores what about nine, they should be able to order it in their defence. The book is a comment: two thousand set books- fourteen years old, so I caught they should be able to order and that's what it is like. It I can't find it anywhere and I for one Well I've been wanting to read that every time I look for it do we have when Mr Bidders, Tell you what then I'm the send rich worrying to take Europe, can't keep give. I only have a few left and my own little stack here. Whole Anja, we'll get you a copy, Don't hang up but you don't Amazon dotcom their imprint. All my books are in print
they're more of some. Then there are others, obviously, but men and black was the first one, and I believe it was the first book about the Supreme Court that salt quarter of a million copies. So people were shocked by that. I'm not shocked at all because of you folks, you want the information you want to be able to debate. You want to be able to think things through. That's my audience, the smartest audience of all on it sets. Thank you rich Antioch, California, the great care so far go mark out. We are, yeah I'm here five year live there. I appreciate all the information that you give out you're. Thank you talking my question to you A guy work with telling me that if they take the impeachment, but then the health and go to bed, and then it does happen. They could negate the earth Germany can do two more. Is this Nor is it then the proper. If what
if not manner, they can't do so. In other words, fees removed from office Hagen. Due to more terms, a president can conserve a maximum of ten years, so I guess the theory could be. That he could run for office in their when election. That way, that would be far more years. Then he can run again and serve a certain number of years, but he couldn't survey full, turn beyond that. So the constitution provides for ten years. You know you're it and that's, for example. If somebody is served here, the president and the vice president and something happens to the president and the vice premier moves into the presidency answers for a year year and a half two years, he or she is free to run they. When the first time
for years they can run a second time, that's another four years, but that I don't think that would apply in this case. That would only be applicable applicable through the vice president. That's why I mean, if you technically remove a present he's been there two and a half years, he could run again. Nothing stopped from running again and if he won, he serves out that term and then, if he chooses to run again, you can run at the people elected many can serve out a full term. I would argue he can't do that. I would argue, know nobody can run for president unless they are able to serve out a fortune So I would say no answer. Michael near I would say no and others all kinds of fanciful ideas going on there. We just needed pressure on the Senate to make sure that whatever polite policy, you know burps up
The Senate does its job and protects us from a rogue house of representatives to wake up three men. I rich thank your body, Jason good cause. New Haven, Canada get the mark, Levant Go Mark, hey. I really appreciate your your circles: a your intelligence if you can't even got actually get into the new ones, Don't go to the morning schmo you'll get there's reining in raving from a moron I gotta get what you want. You know listening to you earlier segments, some of the other. You send out another people, here you go a propaganda that they're trying to turn stolen you and just as in the college good earlier, whether it's about ballot box, regulation, the abandonment of a passing media pop culture, the consumer,
move. It doesn't seem to be equipped to push back against this, and my concern is that true die the death of a thousand Kurds, between now and the election, because we, the country don't you particularly interested in having is back in It just seems to me that the tourism any means to combat these people, nor any interest level too, to really take it to them. I think, an interest level. I just don't think people know how to do it. I mean what are you gonna do about CNN and MSNBC and so forth. As I say over time, I think they're gonna undue themselves. I think they ve already begun their process and there will be alternatives. That's what our Jean Capitalism's. All about and that's what's developing cable was It's an alternative now cables the problem in many respects. That said, if, If your argument is many conservatives don't understand the nature of the threat. I would agree with the french and see
a retreat there. So busy Crash in the present the United States. They're, giving aid in comfort to these two, these rogues in journalism and to what's taking place in this country, and they don't much mine because their sob says- And they're, so laser focused the undoing of this present improving themselves right two three four years ago that they, contributing to the problem as far as I'm concerned, but. Yeah I mean I it's like academia. You know if you look at it in a snapshot right now. You say what a conservative supposed to do these battles battles for half a century. These are or a century or more these things. These things didn't happen overnight. So you have a better time in history for the Republican Party were they or maybe more, I guess, progressive and getting their master chowder and trying to have some sort of.
Cultural shaped like gimme more successful You know I, like you, help me Cholera Jimmy, while I would say Reagan was very, very successful, Loco mean think about where rang and it I don't want to massive landslides. And the one slant slightly when he won every single state but Minnesota, and he lost it by about twenty to two thousand three hundred votes. So it's about one thousand five hundred Switch the other way he would have one every single state in the union One almost sixty percent of the popular vote. And his message got out there: he was an enormously successful enormously popular present in the United States. So my allotted it can be done. My lad, not bad homeowner, but the me even worse than they were thirty five forty years ago, so it could be harder and the demographics and the country change
very, very fast, with open borders with a lack of assimilation and that sort of thing. So this is all working against republicanism. I mean P, He republicanism, I mean a republic go ahead now, if you bought it. However, is that the average every human being guys you wanna come from wants to me we are now living in a kind of go about their affairs. I wanna taken, namely that makes almost any human being a conservative by nature laid down that path wise. It lies in the past. There seem to be so susceptible to this other side of the political spectacles peep most lot of people who have freedom, take it for granted, and so they think they can have freedom and socialism, our freedom and Marxism Freedom and big government and there's a period of time or you can have both, but eventually the latter devours the former
And so you have these periods of time. People feel that their free. They got me, get stronger and stronger and stronger and the little steps by little steps these Of liberty around the individual gets tighter and tighter in Toto and take oh wait a minute. I got little problem here. And so a lot of people think freedom is, Sir, is a permanent state and it's not a primitive stay His Reagan said, and many others have said you did something- that would be very resolute and protecting. I think the one thing we couldn't we can't figure out. I don't think we'll ever figure adders as human beings is The extent to which tyrants hurriedly use liberty against liberty. That is their able to use it A system in order to seize power, and how do you prevent that is very, very difficult.
And I appreciate your very thoughtful questions. Jason, we'll be right back You wake up in the morning feeling sluggish and have to drag yourself through your day. Do you feel Oh did tired and out of shape, eating healthy as a habit, but most of us don't really know exactly what we should be eating right. How much we should be eating and how to properly prepare it. This is why I drink field of greens. Every morning before I start my day, just one school. But filled agreements as a full serving a real USDA certified organic fruits and vegetables. Your amenity using antioxidants, probiotics and probiotics? Now this is real food? Not some fake supplement, lab powder, just right either nutrition facts panel on the side
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come that genocide that come aright flabby are highly Florida. Mark Levant go ravine. Are you doing very well. I would ask that we can do believed that the Democrats are not only about because they don't have concrete evidence on Trump and do you believe that day, He couldn't hearings are not going away. They wanted to go now. I think these secret things are going the way they want him to go, not because the people in
testifying that where they want to, but they can basically twist and turn wherever these people are saying for report that they're going to write issued to the media member they're trying to build a public support for impeachment hats number one number two. I think they do have the votes to move forward with a formal impeachment inquiry, but they don't want to give the president and the Republicans and opportunity to actually deal with the issues, the witnesses and so forth that are raised. And so it's an attempt to obstruct the ability, the president to confront what Taking place and the Republicans to do a Republicans are supposed to do in this process. People say there protecting a handful of moderate sign, a link that says it all they can live without those moderates. What they also might do probably will is near the end of their little escapades here. They're soviet style investigation then
all of a sudden have a vote on an impeachment inquiry on the floor of the House and Russia through they may not. But that way they at least put the label on it say they had the vote. If I've already violated all kinds of historically available tools for president of the and the Majority Party to conduct themselves such all, very diabolical you really have to, Kind of a sick minded do what they're doing and and so they plough ahead. My friend, I appreciate your car will be right back.
He's here now broadcasting permanently underground than the bowels of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We have once again made contact with our leader, everybody Mark Levine. Here, I'd number, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one: communist China. Seventy years of revolution seventy years of mass slaughter and genocide, Slaughtering their own people, I might add,. Tens of millions of them. Can you imagine ten million.
People for an ideology and they still haven't gotten at right and they never will and these mba players National Basketball Association have had very tough time dealing with this. The people in Hong Kong or seeking their freedom. I congratulate sixty minutes. They had a very good the segment on this. I believe it was Sunday and what young people are putting up with, I mean they are really now being beaten. And harmed in many ways, and of course she, the fascist pig that he is. He says he's going to crush them in their bones and
people got to use to doing business with China. I want you to about this. I've been talking about it, I'm trying to figure out the best way. I can articulate this and I'm not sure I've been very good at it. When you look back in various points of history, american history of world history And the rise of tyrants and the rise of regimes. At our genocidal and we we, we respect and when we review the heroes we really understand how Credible these heroes are going against the tide. Going against their own self interest. Going against their own safety, maybe and facing death.
The great heroes who had Jews during the third Reich, doing so many righteous gentiles. In their lives on the line. And you know some of them like Schindler in others,. The people who fought slavery in the south, not turn back in the north and the south. The underground rail road, truly great heroes, great heroes,. And the people who stand up the Communist China G as they stood up against Mount the sea utter of up to ten thousand students on Tiananmen Square, not that long ago, another
Hong Kong facing dire circumstances. They want their freedom, they were promised their freedom, When Hong Kong was effectively released by the british Empire to the Chinese, and the chinese G have widened them, there's they lie to the british, So when we look back In american history, world history. And we're so easy to pass judgment. Maybe we can see how wonderfully is an unbelievable. These heroes really are. You listen to people like Lebron, James and other liberals. Go on and on about social activism when it costs them. Nothing.
Personally financially certain live, our lives are on the line and in fact the opposite is true. There is celebrated, there's celebrated It's nothing you gonna sit down with the NFL Capra, Nick and others had cabinet, but other They're gonna sit down a work out hey social division, social justice agenda that the NFL going to fund, and so when you think that is a joke. When people are putting their next on the line, their lives on the line when their big- beaten? They ve arrested over a thousand of these students. These young people. Man, you know they're gonna ship M after China, there being gassed.
Some of them are being shot. Is it really that hard to speak up in their defence RON James has. Can lose millions of dollars. No question about that. His gun we will be coming out sure he wants to do the air in China, is very big market. Over there. But all of a sudden, the social activists aren't so social anymore. They're, not so activist anymore, and they don't have to put their next on the line.
This is why Lebron James has done irreversible damage to himself, as have others, Stephen Kerr, Steve Kerr. They ve done irreversible damage to themselves because they come off and are in fact frauds their frauds cheesy to attack trump and the sports world visa to attack a marriage. In the sports, well, there's no consequence, but it's not so easy to stand up to truly diabolical regimes. Equally, when you're making money from them, which is bad enough. So it's in this context. I want you to listen to what Lebron James said last night. Cut eleven go. We all sit back and
the situation I have it. Which you could tweet or could say. We also want this famous speech. Yes, we do have freedom of speech, but at times ramifications for the naked. It happened when you're, not thinking about going on you think much herself. So I don't believe I want again to our word word or sentence fuel wood, Daryl the girl more I, but I believe he wasn't educated on on the situation at hand and any spoke, so many people. Could have been harmed, not only financially physically emotionally spiritually so just be careful, we will between and we say and what we do. Yes, we do have freedom of speech, but there can be a lot of negative because better. This is so outrageous. So outrageous
sanctimonious with which he says it. Durham worry got nothing personally head of his tweet. And nothing was wrong with his tweet standing with the people of Hong Kong fact. Everything was right with it, And when Sir, when, when Lebron James says he wasn't educate and on the situation in hand- and he spoke It is an outrageous smear of Mr Mauro. It is eight this resting smear at Mr Mauro and put them in so many people could have been heard. Not only financially but physic Emotionally and spiritually, What the hell he's talking about. He means financially only so be careful
but we tweet what we say and what we do, even though, yes, we do have freedom of speech, but it can be a lot that comes with that too. These are the words of a gutless fraud of a got this fraud I don't remember being concerned about. Financially, physically, only spiritually when captain I was taken to me. Do you. I want you trashing trump. Talk about not going to the White House. They don't seem to be worried about anyone's emotions are spirituality here. An actual situation.
It looks like Lebron James aside with a communist chinese regime that is brutal, which enslaves people which rapes people which tortures paper and not just a few millions. Millions of people. And in some ways Leubronn games and he's not alone, but is the most famous. In some ways, the Tokyo rose, a red China, giving aid eighty comfort to their enemy as he spews propaganda in their defence. Nor Lebron James, you own huge apology, I ll give a damn if you given her not to the people of Hong Kong.
And you should really understand what freedom of speech is all about. Freedom of speech is all about when it's tough, when it's really tough that you are free to speak. And what you are doing is a disgrace I'll, be right back. In my view- and I don't speak for my guess- is only a handful of real journalists left in one of them is bred, bear Who I really enjoy watching when I'm not on the air and during my breaks I guess I want, I can bring bear. How are you, Sir remarkable area,
it's a pleasure very, very well give a brand new book coming out. You ve got a series here. It's called three days at the brink, yours, daring gamble to win where war to know. You know my history, both too. So I love your books. What three days are you talking about for the three days are the current compromise between, after Churchill and Stalin, it's the first time that after beach stolen face to face
The japanese, crucial part of the war were frankly the allies could have lost or to these three leaders the big Three get together in Tehran: IRAN in secret conference, where they essentially plan D day operation overload and the push and pull the dramatic interchange between these three leaders. During those three days, I got used to show how dangerous that time was bounced back and show how, after gets to that point to the prelude to my other books, which is the virtual January about Doit Eisenhower final three days and his farewell addressed before Canada is an argument.
In the middle of the cold war and then three days in Moscow about Ronald Reagan, spinal summit with the care Gorbachev, Corbett off the end of the cold war- and this is the prelude that is essentially the beginning of the cold war because stolen what he gets out of all of this back conference and then younger ends up producing a devastating consequences for Eastern Europe, and also a cold war with the? U! Now, as I read your book, it's an outstanding book, you actually to the extent you can look at first hand, to tell the audience here. You go about doing your research,
It's a lot of time in the library I have a great researcher. Sidney showed a burglar first founded the eyes and how a librarian ambling Kansas. When I started that process and we found all history diaries, we went to London to the Churchill library we went all over with russian exports and pieced together all these all histories and documents from the commons themselves to as best we can paint a picture of what was happening each one of those three days and it's really dramatic summit. Moments and the extent that, after your tries to charge the court Stalin, even though Churchill is really opposed to that of do what was fifty yards view of stone at this meeting
he's he's waiting for the first time. That is, obviously you know she's not while the good guys is a cruel authoritarian dictator, he's killed millions of his own people, but empty are in his writings and what he talks about feels he has become a swallow his disdain, because he needs stolen to win the war. Ideally, after wants to get the Soviet Union involved in the Pacific against Japan, but he knows that Stalin wants a cross channel invasion which ends, indeed, in any goes out of his way to try to make stolen, feel comfortable, not that of the church or a gang up on him, but that he established his own relationship with the soviet dictator. Pretty amazing is tat. He goes. He really can it makes Churchill upset numerous times in this conference about the are believe
but he could get our relationship back on track and D day comes out of the what else comes out of this three day meeting get out of. It is the beginning of a post war thought process, and during this meeting after comes up with the United Nations idea on the back with napkin. Actually he comes up with. The idea was himself into up Churchill's room: and says Winston I've got it. The United Nations will called the United Nations. The Churchill walked out of the shower buck naked and says that's a good idea, and the british Prime Minister has nothing there's nothing. I can still the leader of the free world. And there you know, there's moments like that and dialogue that goes back to some of these regions. True both of the and churches, in terms a yacht,
In terms of really stolen grabbing, half a Europe: do you think that had impart to do with the fact that after I was, ideal was your naive about style and where they wore weary, because Churchill knew exactly was stolen was up exactly what a worker and his worst nightmares came to tat. Obviously, they won the war, but they lost pre empt. The are, I think, from our research, and I am talking to experts in this this time. I think believe that he personally could carouse stolen, despite the fact that he had agreed to a lot of things I both Tehran and Yalta that he personally could do it. He had that kind of self arrogance or confidence again,
the true, but he died. He was really ill at Yalta. Goes back through a once ranks in Georgia and he dies shortly thereafter, and because of that, Truman does not pick up the boy he wasn't briefed on any of it and stolen takes advantage of that moment and Poland, William the biggest detriment, suffers. One gets it both ways ya now limit. Let me ask you this. So, the after Yalta and after stolen takes over really big chunks of Europe. We won't leave chunks of Europe? What is the mindset then of of how, after him, not this, in other words, at the history I read about this. Is there really wasn't anything he could do that amount, it wasn't really wanting to stay in power.
The famously said. Let sir before he died. We're here already, let's fight the Russians. When we come back the break! I want to pursue the soul, but further with you as our I bring you back there his three days at the brink by our friend, bread, fair, you can get it now: Amazon, dot com. So my social sites folks comes out next week's perfect time to grab a copy, we'll be right back. Mark lover: the champion of liberty and true conservatism, call mark now, eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three eight one, one three days at the brink: fifty hours, daring gamble to win war, a war to buy Brett their bread bear how is after reviewed after Yalta. The events
Gotta make mostly is viewed as a disaster, yeah. I'm in that conference, looking back, he gave away the store and Churchill essentially says it in his die reason. He talks about it, but after believed that that was necessary to keep the Soviet Union on Board number one or two to envision this post World war, postwar United nation yet he had this disability optimism self confidence, but he also had a bit of up a guide complex that he alone was the one that could could lead America through tough times and is the only president elected four times, and he I believe that he could corral Stalin, even though everyone around him could see that is, health was failing and that he was right
really ill at Yalta. About time you get back to stage, Die soon thereafter April twelfth and because what was given up the stolen feels empowered and that begins really devastating time. My by the Serbian you have a chapter on Franklin and Winston. How did they get along They got long really well, except for this. This conference in Tehran, Winston Churchill always said that he was always got. It felt like a jilted mistress when dealing with, after especially when it came to the Stalin, but prior to that they had established this really warm were poor. They had met face to face. They wrote letters to each other back and forth. Churchill was obviously trying to get at the end of the war. Much much sooner Pearl harbor changed everything in the. U S would obviously get into the war soon thereafter
they have this warm relationship, this Tehran conference, Churchill was was jilted them and earlier in the book you talk about. Franklin rows of a kind of looking over his shoulder at cousin, Teddy Roosevelt. What said Oliver Weary grew up, em to crack in Hyde Park. New York, both his parents came from well eyes the distant cousins theatre about he marries, because in the US, are Eleanor. Roosevelt and It is,
a situation where he has aspiring to be tat, he wrote about who dandy becomes president and after your real was not that great of a politician. He was her average and didn't really relate. It was until he's thirty nine and he stricken with polio tat. He goes through that bad effort to get back his strength, and he fights and puts braces on his work to try to walk again what you never will do, what it is that moment that most historians those current good one that others look back, say that really made him a different person and made him away the to Americans, who obviously going through their own hoddan The great depression in I know you don't get into this and in your book I get into my butt, He had a very.
Love hate relationship with the press and he was very brutal They was any turn the IRS on a number of press outlets where he disagree with the publishers. Annan Burg get net Any use the IRS against them And I look at it in your book and I saw him in some of the research that we did and and you look at that and now it That was an early day of a president and a brass where it was much different entities to bed nets. But that's what amazes me. This was a man who had who poets International enormous went to power, and he definitely used against the media, even with the FCC and re he'll broadcasts. He puts his communications directorate, his campaign in charge, the FCC reduce the licensing period from two years to six months, they make it abundantly clear,
at these radio stations, better toe the line- I I'm just tired. Do you think he got away with more, but back then because of his his politics as party, because as eventually the war, all those that all of those things are. Thank you think you think a back up. You know assumed her power and really consolidates power and in all the programmes in the new deal he starts off communicating in his own version of twitter. I thank the fireside chats over the radio. He gets a lot of popular support. Again is the only present to be elected for times, but in that gets to a point where he thinks he can do anything. He tries to stack the Supreme Court to increase the number of justices and that falls flat in Congress
Party turns away from them, and that was the first kind of check because it had been unchecked for a long time is grown power choose me so what kind of world that empty early behind? That's what your chapters and he left behind a world that was trying to pick up the pieces from the war. Everything He the three days that I talk about into Iraq war could have gone the other way it could have. We could have lost the eyes. Were terror in the Mediterranean had some winds and Pacific. The soviets had taken it on the chin, hundreds of thousands dead, so he wins the war, but the peace he laughed and, as I mentioned before, Truman was never in his inner circle, so he never even knew about the atomic. Isn't that a huge failure,
you know you're ill and you don't bring your vice president into the process. I mean that's where that you get says, I'm the God Complex B. I can fix it all, really whatever Truman essentially assumed the presidency, not knowing a lot of things. And not knowing how the our plan on dealing with Stalin and his broken promises. He apparently didn't even know about the atomic bomb, you didn't know that at all so wasn't reaped on a man have graduated at your view. You know this is a fascinating book. I won. Thank you for writing these books. I hope you'll keep at it. I know I know how much time is involved in writing a book you're doing very, very excellent scholarship here, and I think we need to keep this up to get books like this to as many people as we
in turn this day in american history like what what drives you, you know, here's one of the things it draws near at first thought that when I did the first book he has now, but I found love with the process you right. It is not it's not easy and it takes a lot of caffeine and weight behind with the current job, but it's something that is a passionate mine and I found Tom through this process. But the biggest thing was. I made sure that the publisher, William, while at the same time this book comes out in the regular version, a young readers addition for young people so my twelve year old and ten year old can read the same book in their version. A young readers addition comes the same day. So I think history is getting lost and I really think that tab
We need to figure out new ways to make it exciting to read about to learn about, because we have to learn from history. It happens too many times that we do the same things in America Well, I think you ve definitely succeeded. I want a strongly encourage. You folks go to Amazon right now. Why can three days at the brink after daring gamble to win. Well, war to buy Brett Bare and You know we don't learn a lot about these different battles in these different events, where war to college and certainly not in high school, and he got it self learn. Sir educate when it comes to this stuff and you're, giving us a big hand in doing that. Bread. I want to thank you for coming on greater account I can appreciate. I take care. A really good guy, isn't he the few in journalism. As far as I'm concerned and these are straight shrewder. He wanted
the agreement, may I won't always agree with him, but he's a very likeable guy tries to do the right thing. He tries to pursue objective truth, which is a rarity for journalism today, but these books said he's writing. I just said they're. All superb. I have a whole shell for them in book, which I have my hands now- and I read three four seven three days at the after staring gamble. Twin well were too, I learned great deal by reading books like this mark, or do you get your knowledge? We are born with it? They gotta go, get it, and this is great book, Amazon dot com, I know, wants Tureen Ronan Pharaoh about the all the sex going on an embassy I don't really get into that. I get into this bread bear three days at the after his daring gamble to win world war. To go to my mark Levine Facebook site
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try and get where they want to go, and hopefully the american people of figure. This out you have, we have, but hopefully the broad mass of the american people, because the media are obsolete, Carrying water for them this is no way to begin, process that has as its purpose not that those succeed through they sitting present in the United States and Thou split this country right down the middle, and that's why you don't conduct herself the way, the speaker and her henchmen? themselves. This is anti. American men have acted on American, it's a grotesque abuse of power. As far as I'm concerned, aright what's a getting away with men, they are getting away with it and their not being admonished in the press, because the press has been leading this charge from day one. Thank you, Scott. One of our trucker. And such got another trucker friend, Terry Syria, satellite. How are you you're on Terry?
Did we lose a year ago your honor yeah go right ahead one time we make admire. Thank you. I do not argue work. Thank you, Jerry I want to say that I think may that big, here it technically people incredibly guilty. If they have face the truth, bud light I mean there's there's no way. I mean they make me some Perry Squad. I got a bite me already a paper where the Meanwhile, how in the world with comparable making a statement There was absolutely no way you can never be prosecuted group look you're right because LE look, what happens? The press already says
There done that, we don't need to look at that. These been investigating all lies. All flat allies. I call you spoke about the impeachment. All the other minor created, often disappear until they came back well, there's you, you make a good point. Let me taken a step further, trying to handicap trump and handicap as agenda that is new cabin. They get more more difficult for him to succeed. Imagine having this burden on your shoulders, while you're trying to to be present the United States, with all that comes with that the democratic You know they used to talk about a honeymoon. The Democrats never gave this man a honeymoon. They just want first throat right out of the box, and I and everyone who voted for him should resent this tremendously, and I do Terry thank you for you.
Call, let us go to Rick, Burlington Texas, the Great W B. I pay GO mark. You may think sphere a monologue at the top, the are about Lebrun and have a bread on best in the business. I'm a listen, I'm I'm just trying to get my had wrapped around the correlation. That seems to be running in my mind between what the Democrats are doing now to a grand jury. There's no due process in that book. In that engagement, the prosecutor can bring any witness in it's not till the trial that defend and gets to channel the only problem is it's not a grand jury. And rather than analogies, it took grand jury. Why don't we analogies at the things that actually occurred in impeachment some president's her attempts
it is what took place for the Andrew Johnson and Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton. A grand jury is secret. This is a public process. We elected the president. We didn't like the persons in the grand jury there there. I hear people say that there is a pre trial trial system, that they have in the House of Representatives, were they bring witnesses? Were the other side can bring witnesses with the president's lorries are available as of today, the president and his people have no idea what's taking place in these secret interviews, these secret secret testimony, and yet the president is the subject of these so called the hearings and and secret hearings, and The side should be able to bring people to the House of Representatives is a separate elected institution from the United States Senate. And it has its process in the Senate has his process. It's not that Having a trial in the House
if such were having a vetting of the issues, a vetting of the facts, a vetting of the accusation. It's not agreeing make better make cuts more dreadful clerk curtain. I got it. You gotta thanks for your car. Buddy appreciative wreck. Ladies and gentlemen, we salute our armed forces, the forces police officers, firefighters and emergency personnel stay strong men and I will see you tomorrow same place same time. Wonder believe in God bless. The westward one podcast network.
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