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On Wednesday's Mark Levin Show, Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Minority Leader Chuck Schumer walked out of their meeting with President Trump today, which resulted in Trump calling Pelosi a third-rate politician. This adds more tension to the illegitimate impeachment inquiry Pelosi has been leading and contradicts the precedent set forth by many of these same Democrats during the impeachment of President Bill Clinton. The House explicitly agreed that a resolution voted on by the full House of Representatives "was necessary" to proceed with such a serious process. Later, It was a mistake to remove the 50-100 troops stationed in Syria. Now Erdogan feels he has the green light to slaughter the Kurds despite multiple admonishments from the U.S. Afterward, reports now indicate that Adam Schiff pushed Kurt Volker to say he felt pressure from Trump. This is typical of the Democrats and explains why they want to conduct all of these hearings behind closed doors, in secret from the American people. Afterward, Jimmy Kimmel insulted Lara Trump's appearance for defending the President's position on Syria. Were comments like this ever made about President Obama's children or Chelsea Clinton?

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surprised and intellectual enthusiasm is valued. Thank you for listening and my sincere appreciation to hills. Dale brother sponsorship now run casting on roaming underground command, both from the bowels of a hidden somewhere under Britain, steel of among the script building. We have once again made contact with our leader. Well, let us stay below sea and shut Shermer hello. America Mark Levant, our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three eight one one they walked out of the meeting with the president. Some Democrats back with the Republicans and the president to talk about Syria and they run. Right to the microphone talk about. The president is losing it in
terrible things he said. So they had to leave me while care Carthage whose definitely improving as there. I leader in the house, I have to tell you I'm becoming more impressed with the guy and I, stuff his critic. He came out- and he said now now whether the The behaviour and conduct a policy and humour was unacceptable. Gee Hutu believe hello, No, I don't think so shimmering! No, I don't think so. Am I The David Brody Overt C B and Christian broadcasting network each weeded out. He said, while you now considering the names they have called tromp and the things have accused him up Criminal on all these other things there awfully, skin policy in shimmered thing. So this just happen a little while ago and at once, something like this cut three. What is it cut to go?
He was insulting particularly to the speaker. She capture pool completely, but he called her a third rate politician. He said that the there are communists involved in you guys might like that. I mean this was not a dire. Let's stop. I've had said Discussions with the present over the course of a few years and he's a gibbet and he jokes, any needles I wasn't, there become Mccarthy a number Republicans were there. And they say it was Schuman and policy, particularly policy. It was Who did the president. As for a third rate politician, he probably told her that when she got up to leave, I'm just guessing, but she There is also a serious Pathological liar policies this being the other one go ahead.
It was sort of diatribe nasty diatribe, not focus on the facts, particularly the fact of how to curtail ISIS, a terrorist organisation that aims to hurt the United States in our homeland, southern why'd. You walk out Did you walk out like children. Mccarthy saying the opposite what you're saying that it was actually Nancy Policy was rude to the President and why I believe that true concerned think she's doing the haven't saying to him. And saying to the american people about him: cut three go
So far that the president was a meltdown sad to say you think about receiving didn't say you know, did not write on Monday that did not come out. He called you ready, they post communists. He said your lordship glove, whether he said the communists are trading. Unless I look look, look you stop. So shimmer. Had certainly imply that, Call them he said: there's communists involved Did not allow she didn't creating collars communists, see The concern about now that there is some kind of recording the meeting. I don't know that to be true, go ahead.
You know what I am I beg you will make your pictures. We walk TAT Lady, when he's already calling sleeker Pelosi RE evaluation. I say I place, you are a politician, Mr President, then you will know the art of the possible use of some of the other members on both sides stayed behind. They want two questions. I waited a moment we wanted and asking the question about intelligence reports on the Turks were now so so even some of the Democrats stay behind. And yet Pelosi shimmer walked out. That's all. I know stage or the Democrats soda water, but the media love it. This today's shocking trump behaviour. So clowns, like Mr Deliverance Joe,
About tomorrow morning can talk about how the present in his mentally ill and unhinged just goes on and on and on. This is pretty much the way it works. I'm sure you're sick of it. God knows I'm sick of it. On these show Sunday night fuck show. I talked about what the Republicans did. In the Clinton impeachment in the house, the committee on the judiciary. And the formal impeachment inquiry vote and I know where Some of you heard it, but you know it's a very interesting thing. To observe radio and tv or so different, People speak on radio, easier to remember because. Television is about. The visual on radio is about. What's imagined and
you speak on radio. People who here you process it differently than when they process people they see on tv theirs so distraction when you speak on radio, just the way it is. And so I felt I should dress this on radio, so I dug up. October seven nineteen. Ninety eight, the report the House Judiciary Committee, which was control by the Republican, storing the Clinton period on the rest back to its impeachment inquiry. In its recommendation to the full house of Representatives- and I want you to hear some of this you're not gonna, get into the rest of the media and and really it's my goal. The millions of you who listen to this programme to be
the kind of information you need to really understand. What's going on in this country, cause you're not gonna, get it from newsrooms. Now As part of the purpose and summary of this for seven nineteen. Ninety eight, the Judiciary Committee is, according to the full house. And what they say in part for the reason that there, Reporting to the farm house and seeking a resolution from the full house. They say it is the intention of the committee that its investigation will be conducted in all respects on a fair, impartial and by partisan or non partisan basis. In this spirit, Howard to authorize subpoenas and other compulsory process is committed.
This resolution in the first instance to the chairman and the ranking minority member. So do both parties acting jointly if either declines to act. The other may act alone. To the right of either to refer the question to the committee for decision private issuance. A meeting of the committee will be convened promptly to consider the question. You have nothing like that today; nothing, then they point out, there is a need for the resolution. For the full house. Why is that? And they explain it. Because the issue of impeachment is of such overwhelming importance, the did. He decided that it must receive authorization from the full house are proceeding on any further course of action, because page minutes delegated solely to the House of Representatives by the constitution.
The full house of Representatives should be involved in credit decision making regarding various stages of impeachment. This is crucial to understand a republican committee. A republican House of Representatives. How its treating a Democrat President Bill Clinton, making Clear that the four house representatives must be involved in every critical decision regarding air stages of impeachment. Clearly not what's taking place today with secret testimony and leaked. They picked information they go on, Also, I resolution authorizing impeachment inquiry into the conduct of a president. His consists, With past practice,. According to Heinz precedents. The impeachment
President Johnson was set in motion by a resolution authorizing a general investigation has to the execution of the laws The process followed generally when the first press, faced in impeachment cream Andrew Johnson. Go on the impeachment investigation of President Nixon. The second president was Explicitly authorized by the four house joint debate Of house resolution eight three and nineteen seventy four com men. Rode Dino Democrat then Member of the committee on the judiciary stated. We have reached Point when it is important that the house, explicitly confirm our responsibility under the constitution. We asking the house to authorize and direct the committee on the judiciary to investigate the conduct of the press in the United States.
Such a resolution has always been passed by the house. They can He has voted unanimously to recommend that the House of Representatives adopt this resolution. It is a necessary step if we are to meet our obligations, but these commit- whether was Johnson whether was Nixon, whether with Clinton Did even more. The House Judiciary Committee, under Henry hide under the Republicans dealing with Bill clan did even more to demonstrate fairness of the process to involve the full body politic, including the opposite Party and the american people. When I come I'll explain what we right that you hear me
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You ever wondered why I love hailstones college. Now you know visit hills, Del DOT, Edi you, that's hills, Del DOT, Ye D, you for more information, Hills Del College, showing truth and defending liberty since eighteen. Forty four remember that hills Del DOT Edi you hills, they'll, DOT, Eddie you returning to the October seven ninety ninety eight hundred fifth Congress second session. Involving the formal It's raining into the matter. Bill Clinton. The House Judiciary Committee. Both parties. Put together resolution and among other things, they talked about rights of the minority and the majority, wanted to handle this fairly and they wanted to vote from the full house.
Constitution doesn't talk about a committee or committees or the speaker having the power Tal Power belongs to the House of Representatives and they logically concluded the way they concluded. The Nixon impeachment era and your Johnson for that matter that there This means the house and the house should be involved in all the key call decisions, or at least be aware of them, and as I speak, grit. Testimony is being elicited each and every day by Adam shift in the majority in the house. Origins, committee: air determining what leaks out. What does not businesses are in the entire process and they keep american people from it and keeping the president from it I want you to listen to this in there explanation for why they want the full house involved and the various rules they want to implement Davis Sex,
Call President's procedural Rights President's see rights. Raise concerns about procedural fairness and encourage the committee too rule similar those adopted by the committee in nineteen. Seventy four involving Nixon, which were the president was certain procedural rights the committee adopted by ice vote, a number protections for the president. Have you heard of any protections for the president in the process is going on now the as an end in his council shall be invited. To attend all executive session and open committee hearings. The President's council may cross examine witnesses, President's council may make objections regarding the pertinent sea of evidence, The president's council shall be invited to suggest committee receive additional evidence less
the president and the President's council shall be in to respond to the evidence adduced by the committee and an appropriate time. The provisions will ensure that the impeachment inquiry is fair to the president. It took me a while to find this document took me a while to dig it up. I don't have a real church armor hundreds Porters on my staff, the way that NBC Abc Cbs do The New York Times of the Washington post of these various cable channels. We don't have a research department doing MR bidders. I am the research department now and with some help from my buddies here,.
But I worked into the night late into the night and found this and they have to know, Because I used it on Fox, I've used it now. They have access to this too. You know Alsace access to this, the speaker of the house, had a shift in the other Democrats. And they are rejecting this as they have region. The process under Nixon as they rejected the process under Andrew Johnson. It is a disgrace and it can. And you only hear news particularly network news, cable news and the main left wing newspapers report, Terry picked information provided to them by the Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee, MR Shift staff. Just treating it is as news
questioning anything, not questioning the process, none of it. Thereby combination. That's not news. This is driven by the Democratic Party. Now they expectation removing this president in the Senate,. Mitch Mcconnell, said today to his credit. If this comes over to the Senate for trial, he does not want to go past Christmas. He has the power to ensure That doesn't happen to enforce that deadline. And I sure, as Hell hope he does. Because this is a a fraud, from beginning to end factually procedurally,.
That's what it is, and the media of course have no problem with it. But I thought you should hear exactly what took place Almost twenty one years to the day August, seventh, one thousand nine hundred and ninety eight August, seventh, one thousand nine hundred and ninety eight. This was referred to the House of representatives for a vote and it was a I told myself what did I say: I told her seven mighty ninety eight October seven, ninety ninety we'll be right back liberty and learning and a healthy democracy. These two things are mutually supportive in America.
Today, however, that bond is broken to help prepare the breach. Hailstone colleges wants the Van and oh graduate school of government in the nations capital and, unlike other graduate programmes, hills dealt, teaches politics as a human activity, oriented towards justice, a series of choices guided in the best case by right principles, but made an ever changing circumstances. They require prudence to achieve the best attainable results. Tales, Dales Curriculum, combines the careful reading, a primary sources and serious historical inquiry. Students learn how to apply the principles of free government, an advance The cause of constitutional is in the context of ever changing circumstances, heels dales, new, vain, Ando School of government is a program, unlike any other, in Washington Dc Hills Del college. Pursuing
both in defending liberty since eighteen forty four learn more at Lavigne: Frank Hills, delta com. That's l, easy! I am free hills Del backup for then provide of America, dial em, now every seven seven four year, one for years what was hurt So the debate last night Most of us didn't watch it. But we ve listened to some clips of it. I have. I'm going to have some fun with it. This to be, as I have said many times before, the weakest group of Canada, Running for any parties nomination for president in modern history. In modern history, who is the stand out among these force.
There isn't a stand out among these forces are all lightweight they're, not even second tier the third. Fourth, fifth here. But before we get to that. Joe Biden isn't Ohio today. And I want you to listen to their city at any. Is an idiot he's always been an idiot. Ladies and gentlemen, was an idiot. As a senator, he was an idiot when he was chairman of the Senate, traditional committee. He was an eighty, when he tried to match which, with Bob Work, which of course is in power, for most of Us Senate, when he went after Clarence Thomas is an idiot cut forget This is a constitutional issue, so he's talking about impeachment right, it's a constitutional issue go ahead
the constitution, the I lie the irony is the very day the constitution was signed when Benjamin Franklin came out and said what have you given us, Mr Frankly said a republic if you can keep it and right after that, when George Washington was sworn in, he talked about the greatest concern. A new republic has influence from foreign. I, let's, let's, let's, let's stop as he comes this up. He says in right after that, when George Washington was sworn in. Now, ladies and gentlemen, the institutional convention. The very. Delegates they adopted, I wrote and adopt The constitution that had to be ratified by the states. George Washington wasn't sworn in right after that Constitutional convention.
There wasn't even an election. He says: focus on the constitution. So the constitution had been ratified. It wasn't in force. Yet there hadn't been an election and he says and right after the convention, when George Washington was sworn in. In terms of the influence of foreign powers, he's talking about George Washington's farewell address. Farewell address. Near the end of his second term,. Near the end of his second term, go ahead And that's a gigantic issue was ironic that we learned about Mr Trump asking for foreign powers to intervene on the same day that the constitution was signed. This is a constitutional issue.
He didn't ask for foreign powers to intervene in the election. I've read over and over to you to myself. But the telephone transcript says. He asked them to look into Hunter Biden. These are this: is public information about Hunter binding? Look information about what Joe Biden did was bragging about on a video. In the present United States points that out as at something they ought to look into it Some new I'm a favour that had nothing to do with that section of the car There was no more this whole military funds from you. Unless you do none of that, they ve all lied about that. So they didn't, he didn't ask them to interfere on the other hand,
Joe Biden seems to think he's immune from any investigation because he chooses to run for office. Will Joe Biden always running for offices? Entire life has been running for office. He gets out Ask runs for the Wilmington City Council. Then he runs for the: U S and then he runs for the: U S: Senate every. Excessive cycle six times. Then he runs for vice president. Then he runs for vice president again, then he runs for the nomination. Four presently united States this time. So he's always running cylinder. His theory he can never be invest. Because I would be interfering with an election. But trump than even say, investigate him trumped. Instead, It begin a criminal examination here. From the look into it. And what is wrong with that? Nothing at all is wrong with that, which is why they have to lying about it.
That he wanted them to interfere in the election. Are they sick? Irony of this is that the Democratic Party is interfering in the election by to pervert the impeachment clause of the constitution. And railroad and impeachment and throw it into the Senate. Create some sort of chaos to trying Can the president. Nay, general action which they know he will be the nominee of the river. Look. I'm Party and Joe Biden has asked for his impeachment so Joe Biden is asking the house. I to interfere in the election, It's his party that controls our representative. That's all this is about. Appearing in the election trying to hair down the President
The general election they want to run against unimpeached president and they want to save over and over again that he was impeached. This has always been about twenty twenty. This is it's been about opposition research to abuse power by the house under their control of the Democratic Party. That's what it is. An abuse of power. We have Adam Schiff, we'll get to the debate. To some extent we're not gonna just redo at here at a press Conference yesterday I About this being a soviet style investigation? I heard any bigs chairs the freedom cock. Mention that today any shut up, because it is a soviet style investigation.
Little comrade Adam Schiff is leading the effort on behalf. Of his friend and his boss, Nancy Pelosi, here's what he said cut eight go. Thank you figure want to give you a brief update on the investigation in the latter want an update on the investigation. You and I eyes and ears as this investigation is being undertaken. We People were the citizenry of this country, what are mere Servers I don't know, what's going on in these secret hearings with the secret, Testimony than that which is just released by Schiffer, shifts press conferences I had exultingly made dramatic progress in answering some of the questions surrounding that joy telephone call between present Trump and presents a linsky in which the present I'd states.
To coerce a vulnerable ally. Listen, listen to how he explains this, So detestable go ahead. Acting? I think what can best be described as sham investigations involving as an opponent, into involving a debunk. Piracy theory about the twenty sixteen election, I let slowdown said listen, The man heading this investigation says Have made dramatic progress and answering some of the questions surrounding the July. Twenty twelve telephone call. With a president sought to coerce a vulnerable ally in the conducting. What can be contrived as a an investigation with his opponent and involving debunk conspiracy theory with the twenty sixteen election. You just stated to you what their impeachment is going to be all about this.
Is how they are going to contrive the information go ahead. We have learned that call was not an isolation. There was a great deal of preparatory work that was done before the call. There was a lot of follow up work that was done after the call and. We have learned much of this thanks to the courageous testimony of State department officials now what they ve done and safeguard to disgruntled state department officials, who are angry that President Trump went around the State Department, bureaucracy. The former ambassador, who was appointed by Obama last week, a careerists. Who had been reporting to payer resigned. That individuals testimony others they're going to disgruntled former, state department, employees and others.
One sided information, apparently information- that's not available to us, the is, it is not present the american people not present no US examination Contrary information, nothing. I think this is a railroad, job, absolute railroad job and I This hope there's enough of us left. We, the people. I just hope: there's enough of us left her to reason through this, and she exact what's taking place here, because this is a very very sad day very, very sad period in american history truly is obvious, back then
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I want you to do. I want you to visit in Primus Dad Hills, they'll, DOT Edi you for your free subscription. That's, Primus I M p r. I am I S daughter. Still that EU welcome too. Still back to this issue of Turkey, Syria and the Kurds and himself. As you know, my position from day. One has in that we should not have withdrawn the fish He too one hundred troops, special forces, really unintelligence forces. How to that area of Syria. They were fight, ladies and gentlemen, they were gathering intelligence. That's why they're there.
We have all kinds of intelligence, some of its taken logical, some of its cyber they satellites, and some of it is human. Where human intelligence that's, why they were there to keep, Lack of what's taking place as best they can. Everyone has repeatedly threatened to invade Syria in order to slaughter the Kurds. That is the Kurds in that part of Syria and we, repeatedly told him now and they were not moving our forces. But this time the president decided to move in the argument he and others made to support this position is that we champion, wars forever, some point gotta get out of them. But we weren't in an act of war in that part of Syria and we haven't been.
Except against ISIS,. So what war were these men fighting. They were fighting any war, they were Preventing war. Just like we have basis all over the world in Germany,. All throughout Europe. South of our hemisphere, we All kinds of basis in Africa. Because we ve basis because, where military personnel on the ground, as me were in a war. We're not in a war. They had fought ISIS. They monitored ISIS. They were monitoring IRAN. The Russians, The Syrians, among others,.
So they were not in a war. That's number one. Number two: I just cannot accept. The way were treating the Kurds. Now we're saying there is bad as ISIS another not. They're not as bad as ISIS There are a two weeks ago. In fighting ISIS. They were ally. In fighting ISIS. They ve been a better ally them. Turkey's been an ally. You ve, been a better ally than Turkey's, but an ally. And so now. This quite a mess over there, even a bigger mess than there was before. Some of you, are listening. Other people, you're saying you. So what's the problem at seven thousand miles away,
kind of a pre eleven mentality. When a relative handful of terrorists. Tat our soil, a grievous attack on american soil. Billion modern times. Certainly Hence the revolutionary war That's the warm eighth eighteen, twelve. I would say. But certainly in modern times. How do these things happen? These things happen when we let our guard down there, they think. Happen when we return isolationist, that's how they happen, I think this was a mistake. I don't that harm the president who I consider friend, I not say it to sabotage him in any respect. But I speak my mind and I expect that you expect me to do so.
He very easy to sit here and say was the right decision. They, however,. And yet what's happening now the president has sent the vice president and the Secretary of State to his closest cough last to sit down, but better one and Tom the cut it out. A wise telling him that if it's none of our business. We're putting economic sanctions on Turkey or about two enormous economic sanctions that are intended to cripple his economy overdue. Our business, why are we doing that. Why are we doing here, a thousand miles away. And other Russians, unmoved. So territory that used to be controlled by others, including us, will not be controlled by the Russians and you, Say well, that's their problem. Let them fight it out.
Ladies and gentlemen, this is how Other powers get more more powerful, more more provocative, more more aggressive. We have a lot of interests in the Middle EAST. We have a lotta allies in the Middle EAST. We just can't wash our hands pretend otherwise it's gonna become very. Very lonely in this world. Of this is how we conduct foreign policy. We, Need help from other countries too intent since national security and military I'll be right back.
He's here now: broadcasting them only underground command, both than the bowels of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We have once again made contact with our leader, hello, everybody Mark Levant era, number, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one. I want you to understand why these depositions are being taken in secret. There's a piece now tonight wash examiner by Byron York. And I want to listen carefully to this end. Secret interview, presented of Adam Shift leader, the House Democratic effort to impeach President Trump. Pressed former United States special representative to Ukraine, Kurt vulgar. To testify.
The craning officials fell pressured to investigate former vice President Joe Biden, Son Hunter as raised. Tromp withholding? U S military aid to Ukraine. Vulgar denied that was Case noted, ukrainian leaders did not even know the aid was being withheld and that they believe the relationship of the. U S, Was moving along satisfactorily at them. Having done anything trump mentioned in his Torres July if I've found conversation with Ukraine. In President Zalewski Rights York notorious his word? Not mine. One vulgar Repeatedly declined to agree to shift characterisation of events shift said ambassador. Making this much more complicated than it has. To be the If you took place October three and a secure room in the: U S, capital,
while the session covered several topics, the issue of an alleged quid pro quo. Yours military aid in exchange for ukrainian Investigation of the burdens and a public and now But that such an investigation is under way was a signal. Part of the discussion shift. Vulgar the Ukrainians didn't want to be drawn into investigating a democratic candidate for president, which would in only peril for Ukraine. Is that fair to say that. Be true vulgar said that may He trail. They didn't express that to me course. I didn't know that was the context that the time part the other context, is vital. Military support is being with out from the Ukraine during this period right she fast. Was not part of the context at that time, vulgar said Least, to my knowledge, they, the ukrainian leaders, were not even aware that.
Chief ass, whether vulgar had discussed the withholding of aid with the ukrainian officials vulgar said he had not. First time a talk with the Ukrainians about that was when a story appeared in the press and article on politico trampled Ukrainian military aid meant to confront Russia twenty, eight twenty nine, while after the July, twenty five phone call. But the first conversation I had was when they deplore like adviser to Zalewski Protocol, I believe it was texted me a copy. The politico article about the hold on assistance vulgar testified. Site I've had my conversations with him in the months prior to that, and this did not come up from him to me, which make We believe that this was not on his radar until that time, when he saw the article. Vulgar said he already knew about the suspension of aid. Having learned on eight July eighteen, a week before the trumps Olenska call
good testify that he asked around about the suspension why it was being done but was not able to find out what was going on ship began socially quid pro quo allegation he s vulgar weather. We would agree that no presently, the United States should ever ask of foreign leader. Intervene in the? U S election. I agree with that said vulgar and that would be put Lay egregious if you can see how shift. Is leading the witness and putting words in his mouth to create the narrative? It is eight. SK dusting Spectre, and this is why they don't want it public. For you and me to see how this is going down shift continued and they were Particularly Greece, if it was done in the context of withholding foreign assistance, vulgar box they now into you know a conflation. These things that I didn't think was actually their ship wanted,
I too agree that, if it's an appropriate for president to seek foreign help in a U S election, it will be doubly so if the president was doing that at a time when the United States was withholding military support from my country again, v Where did not agree? I can't really speak too that he said my Standing their security assistance issue is shifting erupted. Why can't you see Did ambassador your career diplomat, you can understand the enormous leverage or president, what how withholding military support from an ally at war But Russia you can enter, And just how significant that would be correct tried to go along without actually agreeing. I can understand that that would be significant. He said she persisted And when that suspension of aid became known to that country to Ukraine,. Would be all the more weighty to consider what the President asked them? Wouldn't it so and congressmen. I dont believe vulgar began, Schiff interrupted, so pretty For a question, but I don't really
the Ukrainians were aware that the assistance was being held up Became aware of a chief said, became aware later vulgar said, but Believe they were aware at the time, so there was no leverage implied the two, Then continue to argue about the chronology of events by the time the Ukrainians learned about the withheld aid and late August, Hocker set. All sides had dropped the idea of making a statement announcing an investigation of the vines and events during the twenty sixteen election, but ship. Kept pushing the notion that once the Ukrainians did learn about the withheld aid. Then they would A tremendous pressure from Trump she fast at that point. They. The Ukrainians learn that window Given the matter and to meet the presents request when the binds, I don't know, answer to that vulgar said she pressed for to agree one more time. In response folk, I tried explained that the Ukrainians did not seem to be feeling pressure from trumpeting
states vulgar said Congress This is why I am trying to say the context is different because, the time. They learn that if we use That's August, twenty nine they just a visit from the national security adviser, John Bolton. That's our high level meeting already he was recommending and working on scheduling into visited presidential Linsky to Washington. We are also working on a bilateral meeting today, Place in Warsaw in the margins, commemoration of beginning a word or two, and in that context I think the UK it felt, like things, are going in the right direction and they had done anything on. They had not done anything on an investigation. They had not done. Anything on a statement and things Wrapping up in terms of their engagement with the administration, so I think there actually feeling pretty good them at that point shift gave up. Why
is vulgar resisting ambassador. I find it remarkable as a career diplomat that you have difficulty acknowledging that, when Ukraine learn that their aid had been suspended for unknown reasons that this would Additional urgency to request by the present in the United States, I find the remarkable later public and Scott Perry. Question vulgar returning to the colloquy was Schiff Parry vulgar whether he vulgar had close relations with Ukraine officials and whether, if those official That's something was amiss, they would tell vulgar the foe, So you don't within Ukraine at the very highest level. I don't know, but I'm going to ask, do you feel they A fair amount of trust in you absolutely said, vulgar It would confide things in you: they had a question they would confer things, while graduate they would questions I would ask for help with I can't a relationship. Your conversation with Representative Schiff kind of plied and want to do it to intimate that there were,
Agreement based on thy conversation that it You do the investigation than you can have a meeting with trumpet. Maybe will consider this military aid if they But the case from the car do you feel because they had some trust in you, that day come to you and said, hey. How do we handle this? Is this what the present the United States is asking what they confide when they ask, you yes, said vulgar I have asked me exactly that you know how do we handle this much? The coverage of vulgar testimony focused on his opening statement, which made its way to the media, but there much more to the testimony than the opening statement and, among other things, it showed how Schiff a powerful I'm in charge of impeachment pursues his theory. The case even when a witness gives testimony that does not support it. Shift, has scheduled more interviews for this week and next.
This is why this is being done in secret ship is a true sleaze bar. With his soviet tactics, pressing, intimidating, truly threatening. Using his position of power, putting words in the mouth of people, unbelievable. This man is disgusting. This is taking place in your country. Just so you know I'll be right. Back with a daily fake news, Don pouring through your tv, mobile phones and computers. You may have missed some real news, like the recent study in the journal saw metabolism, scientists suspected a correlation between growing rates of obesity and processed foods, but what
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Ten percent off your first order with the offer code Levin, you know you're not going to start cooking, fresh fruits and vegetables. So let's not pretend just get one full cup of fruits and one full cup of vegetables. Every day with field of greens, gotta brick House, Levine, DOT, com, brick House, Levin, DOT, com offered code Levin for something special about Eric swore. Well, MR producer Steve Gesture, typical back bencher low life. It is constantly or cable tv. I can What the clowns gonna say before even speaks. Let's jump and a little bit we got a lotta calls, hang in there folks out of circle back but Anderson Cooper. Anderson, Cooper member. All these guys again orders. Now we know this is a matter of fact from.
Jeffrey mothers after the year. The man in charge of CNN, among other things, but listen, listen, this question too Biden cut fourteen go. The imprint for an inquiry is centred on present troms attempts to get political dirt from Ukraine on Vice President Biden, Edison Hunter, Mr Vice president, president Tromp has falsely Accused your son of doing something wrong while serving an accompanying boarding. Ukraine one point out: there's no evidence of wrong doing by either. One of you now just stop right hold the place right. There. This is just incredible wherefore, of incredible information today, areaway incredible clips, incredible, what's taking place with these Democrats, this Democratic party just remember the history, this party and them yeah just remember on freedom of the press, those of you have read at half a million of you. You know
Zactly what's taking place here. As one pundit said, Information out of my book, these are basically Democrats in the media. The Democrat Party Press That's what I've been calling it? The modern Democratic Party Press Democrats and the media. But also progress, video, like social activists, it's it's more thorough than that In order to ask a question Anderson Cooper, exonerates oh Biden and his son has no interest in looking into it. They ve never looked into. Have they not know anything about it other than what there there hearing from others, and that's it Meanwhile, Rudy Giuliani already there and they are prepared to put him in sing, sing them, Put down junior incensing has it goes on and on and on go ahead.
On Sunday you announced that if your president, no one in your family or associated with you, will be involved in any foreign businesses. My question is: if it's not ok, free president's family to be involved in foreign businesses. Why was it ok for your son, when you were vice president? Vice President Biden block. My son did nothing wrong I did nothing wrong. I carried out the policy on the United States government Rudy now. Corruption in in Ukraine and in fact we should be focusing on Well, he's telling his friend Anderson Cooper what they should be focusing on. He didn't answer the question. Daddy. Now there was a real reporter. There be a few more quest, It's about this. Have you ever heard a policeman? The point man on Ukraine, you never heard a policeman.
Did you know I was under investigation. Are you telling us at no time did you or your son ever discuss trips to the Ukraine has serving on the board, and you expect the american people to believe it. Presently United States released a transcript discussion. He had with the newly elected President of Ukraine. Are you prepared? Call for the release of all transcripts, Our discussions you had with her Officials of Ukraine. That's what a reporter would do and are not even a reporter. That's what a lawyer would do in a deposition you would think a report. It would do something similar right, not at all. Look we now you're innocent We know your sons innocent, we know nothing wrong. We know he did nothing wrong. We know you did nothing wrong. We know that
isn't? It falsely accused your son of doing something wrong. Now I have a question. Pretty shocking, isn't it Pete, Budapest Judge Debate last night, Elizabeth, many care for our plan. She will not explain what money is going to come from all. Of course, it's gonna come from the public. She won't get away with this forever. But she's not a leading Democrat for the nomination. These things can change, of course, she's treated. We kick lots by the media. They Lubber cut fifth,
go mayor, moody judge, you say Senator WAR and has been called a vase says about how she's gonna pay for Medicare. For all. What's your response, we heard it tonight, oh yes or no question that didn't get a yes or no answer, but this is why people here in the MID West are so frustrated with Washington in general and Capital Hill in particular, while the same color frustrated with Washington in General, Capitol Hill in particular may asking you folks. Why do every single one of them up there, including p buddhas edge, want more Washington and more Capitol Hill? Why do they want to centralize more decision making in Washington DC this always fascinated me: they trash Washington, they trash system and yet want to expand and empower Washington even further as as the system going
It is to have a plan for everything, except this no plan has been laid out to explain. I will multiply trillion dollar hole in this Medicare for all planned that Senator WAR and is putting forward is supposed to get filled in and the thing is we really can deliver health care for every american and move forward with the boldest biggest transformation since the inception of Medicare itself, but the way to do it without a giant months, actually dollar hole and without having to avoid a yes or no question is Medicare for all who wants it? We take a version of Medicare. We let you access it if you want to, and if you prefer to stay on your private plan, you can do that. Don't let's stop there. This is their fall back position, their plan B, its medical care for all. So you know you can keep your private plan if you have at your employer based plan your union by whatever it is, but if people want to choose Medicare That will expand Medicare for people who want to be automatic, Medicare.
Whether there twenty five years, all thirty five. Forty fifty years now, ladies and gentlemen,. That's an absurdity too. How we gonna pay for that. The trustees. The Medicare programme tell sits going broke, it's going broke. Some plan b is to add more people to it, including people who ve never paid into it or paid sparsely into it. How is that going to work? I was I going to say Medicare. It won't It's another lie there. Plan B is a lie: go out. That is what most Americans want, Medicare for all who want it, trusting you to make the right decision for your health care and for your family and it can be delivered, keep made out in presented area status. But there are not people.
So called journalists in house and so forth. Who are intelligent enough or honest enough for objective enough to even Some questions were buddhas age. On that medical, Going broke mayor, you're going expanded the tens of millions of people, putting tens of millions of people who ve never paid, including to illegal aliens how Zack going to survive mayor,
want other right back. If you have a moment, I want you all to go to brick. House Levin, dot com just go there and click on the by now button. So you can read the reviews over twelve hundred five star reviews, I might add, but this one caught my attention from Steve in Denver. I'm upset with mark because he's got me hooked on field of greens. What a great product! Thank you, brick house for your amazing product and great customer service. I may monthly subscriber and I won't live without it, and your welcome Stephen subscribing smart. You save money that way. Field of greens is made with real USDA organic fruits and vegetables and helps boost your immunity using antioxidants, prebiotic, some probiotics plus they offer a one hundred percent satisfaction guarantee or your money back gotta brick House, Levine, DOT, com or call eight three three ring be h and get fifteen percent off your first daughter with Promo Code Levin. That's brick house, L, easy! I am dot com or call a three three ring be H. End promo code love in the establishment worst nightmare
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Can or cannot do it's just open door. And here's Andrew Yang, his latest ideas, cut sixteen Go Senator WAR and is under present right. There were in the midst of the most extreme winner. Takes all economies in history. Highlights: let's let Slota, I don't even know what that means. The most extreme winner takes all economy in history. Aren't you tired of these people trashing our country? A very, very strong economy. All levels in all income levels are feeling it all people of Backgrounds faiths maintain our all feeling Keep talking down, they keep hoping for recession, they keep talking about. This massive gap between the rich and the poor, the winner, takes all economy every
Other economy in the world would exchange place with Us They would exchange places with us, they would take our economy in a second source why people are poring over our border, attempting to pore over our border to part participate in this economy. It's not a winner takes all economy. It is a cause, a free market economy, Becoming less and less free market as a result, a morons like him, winner takes all economy. This absurd go here. Well tax makes a lot of sense in principle, so the net the question, I should say how is that constitutional. There's nothing about a wealth tax in the constitution and
The way the framers words with action fled flipped out over such an idea, but there is no Constitutional, What's the for wealth tax. But it doesn't even come into question. Because a journalist don't care and the Democrats don't care, go ahead. Problem is that it's been tried in Germany, France, Denmark, Sweden and all those countries ended up repealing because it had massive implementation problems and did not generate the revenue that they projected why but the problem isn't Germany, France, Denmark and Sweden. All those other countries. The problem is our constitution. You see in it since the economic insanity, he says massive implementation problems had dinner generate the revenue they projected just about the consequences of a well tax,
already: pay taxes on the income that say your wealthy and you buy something. And then they keep taxing the something that you buy. What then you do with your money that MR producer. Movement, offshore. You're gonna, find somebody put it had it keep doing this anyway. I had earned from the failed experiences of other countries. What can we learn from? We should not be looking to other countries mistakes. Instead, we should look at what Germany, France, Denmark and Sweden still have, which is of value added tax on labour value, added tax. That's. A national sales tax is even worse. Its eight actually hidden tax that is applied at every level of service or production. So let's say its fifteen or twenty percent member, all this we talked about
I pencil that is viable manufacturing a pencil. What every step would be taxed And so the cost to you for a particular product where food item for a beverage or whatever it is, will be, significantly higher. As a result of a national vat tax. Now, a national that tax where's that supported in the constitution. In effect international sales tax that no constitutional support either doesn't matter go ahead. We get the american people a tiny slice of every Amazon sale. Every Google search every rule about truck mile you not giving the american people anything you a taxing, the american people when they when there is when there is at an Amazon, every level of service is tat. So the price of a book or what
Your purchases, Amazon will be much more expensive. Doesn't pay it. You pay, it. The price of the product or service go ahead, we can generate hundreds of billions of dollars and then put it into our hands because we know best how to use it. Our hands the government's hand. He wants to tax even says every Google search every truck mile Every facebook ad. We can generate hundreds of billions of dollars, then put it into our hands because we know best how to use it. How many of you have ever met Andrew Gang. Then a general resume. What do you know about this man? but his background. When you know about it, but you don't know anything. So why would we give him and the hundreds of billions of dollars that are currently in the private sector. Currently in Europe.
Get in your bank account and your paycheck tomorrow because he knows better how to use it. That's the insanity of all this look at stage these are Dixon Frauds and Foley's, why would we. Why we confirm them all this power, all of our liberty, all these money, your hard earned income for them Side what to do with it Are they more noble than you know, their less noble than you? Are they more elegant than you listen to them. Are they know their less intelligent than you are? our experience than you. How are they more experience than you. They managed to get elected Yang, but elected anything. But he sounds like an idiot its dummy after another. One dummy after another.
Then there's come our Harris Is obsessed with no and from twitter. Do you know why she wants Trump banned from Twitter, because he has tens of millions of followers, as I will. We call them on Twitter. Tens of millions of followers he gets around the media that way So come Allah Harris is noble person, she's, not a statesman ahead. To ban from Twitter, so he has no way of communicating Sixty seventy million people, Going through the media turned out realistic. Cut eighteen go When I called on Twitter to suspend doll trumps account that you did not hear you saying you Elizabeth warn, you did not agree. Go ahead
I would urge you to join me, because here we have Donald Trump, sixty five million twitter followers and is using that platform, as the President of the United States to openly intimidate witnesses to threaten witnesses to obstruct justice dishes incredible so. Two hundred and sixty five million people he's obstructing justice. To sixty five million people is intimidating witnesses. He has an intimidating any witness. Wants to know who the whistleblowers soda. Why? We, the people. But for come all Harris, it doesn't matter how to be thrown off twitter. They all have this fascist dna, don't they, ladies and gentlemen, there I have this narcissistic. You go, maniacal fascistic dna
on the hard left go ahead. And he and his account should be taken down. We saw in El Paso shoves luxury of China, take it down. Now they're going to tie him, they I'll pass on the mass murder there go ahead, The fat sugar in his manifesto was informed by how Donald Trump uses that platform- and this is a matter of corporate response- was a socialist. The guy Daytona was a flat out Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warrant supporter Killer in El Paso trash Trump. He was not a trump supporter Daytona was a Bernie Sanders Elizabeth warned supporter. The shooter and Alexandria, Virginia that baseball, Philip that's gullies among others? he was a Bernie Sanders. Supporter Antigua.
Ports the hard left in this country, go down the list, but she wants to ban. She gets to decide. If the president of the United States should have a twitter account. Go ahead. Twitter should be held accountable and shut down that site. It is a matter of safety and corporate accountability. Thank you, senator warn. You can respond so Lord. I don't just want to push Donald Trump off Twitter. I want to push him out of the White House. That's our job, so I like the way you join me in saying that it would actually be set down now She's enough sense to say no, because she believes in speech. Shockingly Elizabeth warmed, leaves and speech free speech. Somalia, Harris is a lawyer. She was a prosecutor kind of.
And she believes in regulating content, beach now can you imagine? Hers present United States with Facebook and twitter and all these other things. And how she would want to control at the government should decide. Washington should decide. These are enormously dangerous people. They are enormously dangerous people. Who do not believe in liberty who do not believe in this country who do not believe in our principles. Back when you wake up in the morning feeling sluggish and have to drag yourself through your day.
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Levin. We were just talking at the brake Rich Richie, and I Facebook, we have almost one point: four million follow I guess we call. On twitter, we have almost one point: eight nine. We have one point, seven nine, for I never promote them. And so many these other hostile So let me suggest this: let's trying at the two million followers on twitter. Oh you, folks, listening who know how to do this, but you're not a follower, yet Let's see if we can get to two million followers on Twitter, all your lover nights out there. Let's see how fast we can do that,
Facebook is very slow. We ve been like one point. Three, almost one point, four million for like two years, I don't know, what's going on there. No, I wasn't invited any dinners with us Zuckerberg either, invited anything. I don't know? Why does a shower MR producer That's all about, anyway. Let us focus on twitter right now, let's see if we can get to two million followers on twitter, I want to do it in any fake way legitimate. We do everything legitimately here real true followers. You haven't joined yet as a follower or you have a family member. I want to see how fast we can do this. Maybe we'll never do see if we can upset come Camelot. So Nancy Pelosi in her politburo. What what am I saying. At Mark Le Venture. At Mark LE venture
That's where we aren't twitter at Mark Le Venture said I you say. They're all laughing at me at Mark Levin sure that's He can get lets. You wouldn't get the two million in a day or two. You folks think you can do it Think you can do that. We have a little bed going here. So Nancy Pelosi in her politburo announced therefore more impeachment increase. Of course they can't do that, but they did do that. Yes, they can do that, but it's a legitimate Don't know the suggestion another sleazy tackling their true. Appeal to their base. Now trying to grow their base. Recently, its taxpayer funded opposition research for the twenty twenty election? We ve talked about that and predictably the on free press,
the leftist media been lavishly supporting the clown chow. And they refuse to push for open hearings, And all the other tactics. Tools that are supposed to be used for the american people can participate in this Of course, they give cover two Biden, Son Hunter. Shady dealings with Ukraine and Red China. They can, Continue to give covered the so called whistleblower who, as a Democrat with ties to bind. And shift staff. Cia operative, who was spying on the president, that's the bottom line. Well, I love in tv. We do cover these things and we're You feel about it. Real news, real analysis. What really matters I purse break it down, while providing context, history, philosophy and a lot more. We don't have sponsors, we don't have commercials, no big brother. Looking over my shoulder,
What to do, I we I completely be home to you. You own live in tv. If you're a subscriber You own the shop, you alone. So give us a try today Give us a try relevant tv that come, L, AV iron tv die come sign up and Code Levin alleviation. You get ten dollars offer annual subscription. It's less than a quarter pounder meal once a month, I made it really is diminishes. The cost. And yet the production is of the highest quality. We have a crew and staff. We worked very hard on this programme. I think you can see the results. Give us a try. That's all we ask. That's Levine, tv dotcom code live in our av iron tv, Dotcom, CO, EL easy. I am for ten dollars off. Your annual subscription
Let me give you the number two, eight for four Levine TV, eight for four l e g I and tv either way aid for four. Easy ion tv. Others. So much more will get the sum of this. The third our. Because it's really a comedy show. When you talk about these Democrats, it's never been a better get elected. It's quite Quite scary,. All right. We lost a couple, a good colours in the meantime, but let's get IRAN Salem or again. The great chaos I'll go. There are only a lot on hold on I buy misjudged, the clock run, you'll be my first collar next hour. Don't hang up Sorry folks, I screw that I'm so excited. I am about Levine TV I'll, be right back
Easy now run them only underground command, both from the bowels of the hidden somewhere under Britain, steel of among the script building, we once again made contact with our leader, everybody mark living near our number, eight seven, seven three. I want re eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one notice in these democratic debate, such as they are the journalist, never asked the Kennedy personal questions like they do a trump. That family members about marriages about their wealth. About rumours, nothing, nothing tactic,
before them presently United States just waited the following. I think it's terrific and hilarious Nancy Pelosi needs help fast There see there's something wrong with her upstairs or she just Plain doesn't like our great country She had a total meltdown in the White House. Today was very sad to watch pray for her Is a very sick person, Why should I live. I mean she and Schuman, go out to the microphone like a drama queen and king. You which is what. I'm not allowed to anymore. I suppose none of us are. And a complete set up, Can the presidency now we'll talk about this for the next twenty four hours on Marcella, thirsty, Where they all seem to be on lsd
project there. It s video, Jeff Sucker. You have Jeff mothers, locker room. Shrink into the control room during the course of an interview, I understand this, MR producer Jake Tapir interviewing Kellynch Conway. He is telling tapir to keep blinking mailing, her right. Keep pressing her. Let's listen couple
go suggests that around the shell is, of course, a thousand one time he has some guy. Why have begun sincere using arguing, told me? You got guns because you're, a janitor justice, Tommy kind of like the fact that gender up sister reserves, as she says, upper season after so, let's, let's break this
So the head of CNN, Under the control or least speaks into the controller and tells Jake Tapir what to do and tell us Jake too, pretty keep attacking Kelly and Conway keep pressing her According to Christian Sierra. Their voice were seen in media coordinator. And, of course, tapir does exactly what he's told to do by Jeff Sucker? Is this a free press, ladies and gentlemen,. Journalists should be independent right. Ladies and gentlemen,. Now this is a group group. Thank Group ideology, a group agenda at sea in it. So they're trying to set up Kellynch Conway its being pushed by Jeff Mothers, soccer and fake Jake Tap tap out.
Is, of course, completely obedient. Like a zombie, I want to thank this project. Their task. For what they ve done here old time, serious investigated reporting, it is incredible. This is supposed to be a newsroom Jeff soccer. Is in many respects public enemy number wonderment, nor number public enemies out there that that are in the number one category. Stephanie one of them based on what's going on here, his programme, Of freedom of speech freedom of the press and the first amendment. His abuse of his position. This is worse than old time, yellow journalism. This is A stop is serious journalism.
And it's not shears journals this guy Jimmy Kimmel. Is a real punk. He was Howard, stern punk for a long time. You may recall, but he's a real punk. And he used to go around sexually harassing women. Did you do that? Mr producer. A comedy central show where he did it. But now because he's a leftists attacking conservatives dress That is a comedian. When he's a court jester people forget that, stuff, you know like joy, reed and so forth. So last night on his show. He attacks Lara TRAP. Lara Tromp as a brilliant young lady she's, a beautiful young lady she's, a mother, wife.
You ve seen on tv. She's very, very sharp and she's defending her father in law. Then she does a hell of a good job, but I've never met her. I've never spoke to its irrelevant. But I want you to hear what this clown Jimmy More has to say last night: cut nine go resident does need transparency right now. He has the best people defending him. People like his daughter in law, Leora tribe, bride of Eric, who share this insightful, take on the president's decision to build troops out of Syria
President trumps acquiescence to Turkey's moved to send troops deep inside syrian territory has only in only one week's time, turn into a bloody carnage, forced the abandonment of a successful five year, long american project to keep the peace on a volatile border and give it an unanticipated victory for american adversaries. Russia, IRAN, the syrian government and the Islamic States irresponsible night machine, and I think we should start with the fact that if you ask the average American out there, I think it would have to Google who are the Kurds and wise American even over their fighting. This war leaders, the Google who is the heartless imbecile with live and judges, are my tv right. Let's look, let's stop that. You think that's funny. You think that's funny. Talking about the President's DORA long away way,. Can't just engage. If that's what he wants to do and debated
Comments about her comments. Has anybody ever said that about any the Obama kids? Has anybody ever said that about Chelsea Clinton and you can say a lot about Chelsea Clinton. Just say with all due respect. It's just a open season on the trumps Owen. Jimmy Camel there why, for years Some fashion advice, bag over her head. She be far more attractive plastic bag, either paper bag. You know the kind you can't see through here, MRS Kimmel. This is camel and bits Nice paper bag over her head, then he can take her out and public. You p o s. Just unbelievable what these guys say and Forced the me to movement, not They won't say anything. The view
all the yet does when the view no problem, they won't say anything. All the phoney so used to attack Sarah Palin and so forth. No problem They won't say a word because she's a truck. And Jimmy well, he so CORE Jimmy's, Call it looks like he was hit by a bus. Doesn't MR producer, The key Spencer lunchtime walking into walls. That's one ugly, dude. Any needs ten comedy writers to write that stuff. Right back then, I said you're during the thinking about all these Is a war going
against Donald Trump, a obviously not He shooting worn out a violent war, but a war going on against Donald Trump. Every aspect. Every aspect of Washington D C. His focused on his destruction. What's remarkable is despite all the resources, the thousands of people. In the media. The democratic party democratic party infrastructure, the lobbyists Soforth despite The enormous amount of resources are spent every day, the technology that data. The investigations.
The sharing of information aimed at this present. Aimed at destroying this present aimed at taking out this present, what are they? Have they ve? Nothing, nothing They ve used federal prosecutors. Views the FBI. They use the CIA. They obviously use multiple media outlets. If use the power of Congress Subpoenas and still. Have nothing. I heard eurobonds screeching. Last night I didn't listen last night on one of the clips, I'm not going to play.
But he wasn't the only one that Donald Trump is the most corrupt present in american history, and I thought to myself corrupt how exactly? How is he erupt. What has he done? That's corrupt. If he has done anything, that's corrupt by now, we would know about it. And if they don't stop investigating. And so there left we're trying to set em up over and over and over again trying to set em up, with false narratives. With secret testimony. With far and opposition research. There's a war against this pressure. Like we ve, never seen in american history, never never and the war It is being in a small, small like today, when
And policy. Try to create for effect the idea the president was losing it when they walked out on his meeting today and yet, Democrats did not walk out on the meeting in the republic, instant walk and the Republicans have a completely different story. This would be the same shimmer. Policy who accuse the present are being a criminal and, worse and worse, The president has never accused anyone, Kinds of things that he's been accused of. Despite the language.
On social media that may affect some of you, the language has been used to describe him against. Him has been far worse far worse, but despite the best efforts so far, A politicize criminal justice system. A politicize CIA and intelligence agencies. Have a politicized FBI. Of abuses of authority by the Democrats in the House of representatives by Grass of Democrats, social activism, media by what must be literally billions of dollars. I'd have been spent on salaries, data on computers on you name. It. Trying to take this man out. So far, they have failed.
And so they try to set em up over and over and over again ass. Yourself. This question: how you survive this, you wouldn't. I wouldn't. Your family couldn't put up with it. Any of those other Republicans who were standing on the stage two and a half years ago. It seems like a hundred years ago them, could withstand this. None of them. Nobody could And this is what amazes. Those who hate his guts. So there is a war against this president. Washington is a war with this president and they're doing everything possible To try and destroy him. And this impeachment process so called.
This intended to affect the twenty twenty election, all their talk about. Interfering in an election, it is they who reached out to the Ukrainians Hillary Clinton in the day and see twenty. Sixteen it is they who paid a foreign retired british. I too work with, among others, rush Apparatchiks to put gather opposition research. They call fan fancy they used. The word dossier. It is they who are interfering with this election with the FBI in the past and the intelligence agencies and twenty sixteen and yet again it is a CIA operative who seeks to bring down this president working with shift. Attachments with with Biden. This is why I have called it a silent coup.
This is why others have repeated it their wise to repeat it, because that's what it is, A wise to call the people in the media crash in the media. I wrote an entire book on it. They should continue to cherry pick. What I'm saying it's important there right. But this is an all out war and any tactic By those who are waging a war. Is not only accepted its celebrated Ship is celebrated by the media at Jeff has brought on television shows two pushes propaganda you just heard me read about an hour ago, the Byron York piece about Holly's questioning witnesses in secret, he's following them, he's pressuring them he's threatening them. He's tried Words in their mouth So he can use these quotes when he them to the New York Times the washed and posts in a b c and CNN.
And then you have the useful idiots in the media a purely journalists. But the useful idiots there's Joe Scarborough. Is a mindless stupid cloud. He always he's like the drunk at the bar That he's drunk, but he sounds like the drunk at the bar. And so does his wife, he ha ha laughing repeating themselves, nonsensical. They sit around in a circle and Burke on each other. This guy Jeff mothers Reaching into the control room telling Jake Tapir what to do If Jake tapirs a puppet and he's the puppeteer. We as his hand on the back oh Jake, tapirs head to show Up and down or backwards and forwards.
These are journalists. They should be ashamed of themselves. They have no self respect, then Zactly what they're doing they know exactly who they are. They are caught up in a mob mentality. But this is a war being waged by Washington. Against one man, one man The president of the United States I'll be right back Mark Laverne TAT. First, all that's why I like Markel event and I'm not sure a lot of people like me stuff, is what I like. I love or call no seven, seven. Thirty, eight one, three, eight one one! You know we're learning more about Lebron James and his role.
In this China scandal. This is from the daily collar. The Brown James, reportedly pressure, the NBA, Punish the Rockets general manager, Darrell Moray after he treated support for Hong Kong. So we know J. Made the statement he did in response to a question. Basically, defending the communist regime. Basically trashing this guy moron. Games argue that if something an mba player tweeted, it costs the league money they would have been. Punished in question why the same wasn't happening more aid according to Dave, make management I assume that his name on he s pm. Or pronunciation. Nearly Week ago, today, in Shanghai Hotel Room or showing how high hotel ballroom Adam Sovereign got up and address the players.
And Lebron James is one of the players who got up and spoken said: hey. What doing here. There are more. I made these statements made I'm in recall on air Tuesday, you know damn well. If a player made the same statements and cause such poor ramifications for the leg, There would be some sort of league recourse there be repercussions the player has to pay. You know but actually this tweak, it costs the NBA hundreds of millions of dollars that could come out of the players pockets. And so that's the double standard that was being addressed in the meeting he continued. You know this. This Lebron James is more shallow. Then. I originally thought he was more shallow. He is more shallow today than it was yesterday. I have discussed this at some length, so I'm not gonna, be repetitive.
But just a point out again in a summation. These people say that they are for social justice They support social activism. They frequently referred to America and its founding. They frequently referred to slavery in Amerika. I understand it. But, as I have said to you the last few days, about slavery, ongoing today in communist China, Mass rape, mass torture. The harvesting of organs of human beings, whether alive so part is still beating and so forth. We're talking about events going on right now Most populous nation on the face of the earth. In the same region of that country, where these guys play basketball,
and Lebron James biggest concern is that the players may lose hundreds of millions of dollars. First of all,. This entire concept, a professional sports. Is bizarre to me not perfect sport per se. But how they can be independent contractors and earns tens of millions of dollars and, at the same time be union members. Do you understand that MR producer. Where they negotiate on their own and negotiate. A group have ever seen that before anywhere. They are treated like no other human beings on the face of the earth. Heroes and they're not heroes, they play a sport, that's all they do. That's all they do.
And if they stop entertaining the people there, It's nothing. They can do that matters. On a professional level, all their trained to do. This isn't a put down of athletes. Same can be said, of lawyers are whomever, but very, very well paid in professional basketball. Even the lowest paid professional basketball player with the pensions and healthcare and all the rest. Paid far more than the average American. And to day- and many of them are winning this case and in this case, All they have to do is either shut the hell up. Or defend the people of Hong Kong. Who are seeking the very liberty and the Rights that they claim they want for people- in this country,
frankly already have those rights, but that aside. They can point to slavery. A hundred and fifty years ago. I can point to slavery today. Why won't they look. Because it's Lebron James is a fraud. That's why. He played the game not just on the court, but he the game with the media. He play the game of the left. This is what they do on the left. Many celebrated, but he's been exposed, By his own, big mouth he's been exposed this Cost us millions hundreds of millions of dollars. I don't need to get into it all again. But now, when you watch him playing basketball, you watch Steve Kerr. Another fraud.
At least know you're, watching. Watching a basketball game. That's it. More nothing less. They talk about the greedy corporations, The greedy corporations really. These top athletes, I've never seen greater human beings in my life more marked, top of the top, while so be it I've never seen greater human beings. In my life. Follow the bouncing bar watch them should it into the net. Oh, my goodness,. Look, it's entertaining, I got it, but when you take, entertainment and pretend world, and you put it up against a bleak Horrific a real world and you
Ere, the entertainment and pretend world complain that This is going to cost Us Didn't really be talking in a way that is supportive of the poor. We're trying to be free, it had genocidal country. No, no. We should do that. They might hurt us in the pretend entertainment world for the public's onto public's onto it is grotesque. He's got a movie coming out. That's what he's worried about what guess? What There's something more important than you Lebron James in your career and your movies. It's the lives of tens of millions of people. Hong Kong, millions. I think there's two or three million people on that island who wish to be free. They don't even ass to be rich. They only then seek to be anywhere
Near the celebrity you are, they just want to be free. Why don't you think about that dummy. Now go back to your social activism here right. Here's Juliana from Austin Texas, raving about her amazing transformation thanks to genocide. I cannot get over how much and how quickly genocides help me there. Align cream is made my jaw and act to separate body parts for the first time in a decade. Am I bags and puffing us are gone really is the skins fountain of youth. Thank you, gonna sell for making me look and feel young again folks it's your turn to see results, guaranteed and best of all risk free Germany is clearing out their inventory before the holiday season.
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My brother, you my story, and I want to say to the massive made less than they are sure to shift the well. What's the twin Nancy and Jackie and also the mothers workers at the world, their green paper. Well appointed by the hand my father followed dusky. Here I was gonna, maybe go you want the Philippine Gonna Mcafee a year ago when I've got a complex because they want to be when you hear They offer driven away a born of endless labored. Nobody would middle class work on your Fatima who were to happen the wife over fifty years what fifty seven years they ve got ten years when we got you some day. Want a blind us three when I went to school in California, which were the capital but getting
You're about power, I care about Nord, both of history. I get about respect. What else could I have undertaken to my thanks? I had people that not only do they will make them firmly because there was who build honor. It was like a fairy. Power, like my father, Colleagues here, for you know he was one approach walkin around you know I was thinking about you. What are you going to do this? They go. My problem with people come about coming to Birmingham Alabama because we ve been wound, the liberals talking about twenty years. What Democrat Anyone already they don't talk about me going away. Growing in Oklahoma in eighteen. Ninety, by nineteen, they don't talk about. We're bleed where, Isabel about that sacrifice and the blue is what. Next country, great
One part of what your generation the bottom line is that the world all my point: the farmers could get. No. My dad, who was on the ship on topical cup, an agreement. We wouldn't be what we get the honor, I know why you're here, they think back to the black. The public will make one point. When I read it, read it power, but I'd like Reagan, would say around gotta do. Let me Your fascinating And I ve, much appreciate your call- and I thank you for waiting so long was definitely worth it for us. Tell you what don't hang up? I want to send you a sigh copy of on freedom of the press, and I want to thank you and call again. I've gotta take a break we'll be right.
Ben I've been telling about name she pollution, the Democrats plan to socialize medicine and how they would impose government cost controls at the expense of I quality health care. To put it another way, policies bill may prevent you and your family from having access to the Greatest and most effective drug therapies available, in fact now we have the c b o according to the sea, be oh, that's the congressional Budget office which scores proposed legislation like the policy plan now. Breakthrough medicines may never be discovered at all. They, checked at the policy plan would reduce research and development, investments towards new treatments and cures now wire. We surprised we're not surprised, because,
to impose drug price controls in place private innovators with massive ninety five percent tax penalties you mandate, the financial ability to invest in critically needed research and development. With it the incentives to discover new treatments for cancer and new who has for crushing diseases. Nancy Pelosi told you to work at a government tasted salary for lower than even your cost of living. Then pay ninety five percent of it a new taxes. Run out and buy new car, no, you wouldn't get the facts. Folks go to church Health CARE fact start come true. Health care facts, dot, com, that's true, healthcare, facts that Oh Mamma remembered member that anti semite. Oh, she stood there, alien Omar this, Free bacon proximately thirty percent thirty percent of the money doled out by the campaign of representative Alien Omar in the third quarter
went to digital fund raising communications and advertising services provided by the eastern group. A firm run by her alleged boyfriend oh Mars, Campaign Committee, which raised a total of over one million dollars in the third quarter, span half a million during this time, the eastern group, a firm run by political, consult and TIM. My net o Mars alleged lover receive more money from the campaign than any other vendor. The Omar pain, paid the eastern group about a hundred and fifty thousand between July one in September. Thirty, its violent shows that it Around thirty percent of our March total campaign distribution disbursements over the same period, well, Imagine that I'm sure the new explains the washed and composting the constipated news network, Emma sell Us D, The whole crowd, I'm sure the be all over it. Not Kurt
Buford South Carolina serious satellite area, South carolina- yes, sir, I'm I'm while about yourself very well. Thank you, sir, so anyway, are here's. My thought I've known, you know, you're always talking about powerful here you know, Turn the revolutionary war, how they Hake, Thea therein the publishers and stuff like that that got it. News out anyway. I'm sick and, like all these conservative, ah like yourself, Gallagher You you're the name, everybody here anyway anyway, so I like it like some out a postcard campaign to count The media lies, you know how you you talk about, how to oppose
Our campaign among the radio yeoman send our postcards. Well, you know, I'm just saying I mean every car but in America. If somebody wants to turn it on satellite ray, I'm just saying on every computer, anybody wants to turn on. I should send our postcards well. I mean it could be a way of postcards. Look like any more. To be a way to take the blanket Areas were you know that they are. I kind of like part of what you're saying here. I like the old motion, pamphleteers or newsletters, then that is p in their own communities in their own neighborhoods producing Pamphlets, if you will And distributing that kind of information, I think that's a very good idea, you're sure We await a blanket areas. Were not necessarily reporter gets a radio. You not a plan, I mean after
everywhere. There is a mail box, you get the radio, I'm just SAM, I'm just saying I think I Like the out of the box thinking, and I also think that something like that. Maybe so much pamphlets, but that kind of a notion We can figure out how to deliver that in everybody's home, not talking about old school, I'm talking about electronically, somehow you're on the right track. I think you're on the right track. One wall me to keep totalling over there, but I like it. Ladies and gentlemen, we salute our armed forces, police officers, firefighters, emergency person on all you folks who protect us. Thank you have a wonderful evening, I'll see a right here to Morrow. God bless you from the west. Would one podcast network.
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