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On Wednesday's Mark Levin Show, Bill Cunningham fills in for Mark. Did President Trump and Jared Kuschner kill Jamal Khashoggi? The media is in overdrive to blame Trump or Kuschner for this. They are looking at this and wondering how they can use this event, which didn’t involve Trump, to smear him? Then, the midterm elections are looking like a red wave for Republicans in the Senate and the attacks on the President and first lady remain unrelenting. Despite Melania Trump being misogynistically portrayed as an exotic dancer in Rapper T.I.'s new music video, none of the former First Lady's came to her defense. They allowed the scorn and ridicule to continue against her. Later, why is Pope Francis meeting with the extremist Michael Moore?

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Now run only underground than the bowels of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader running at the great American once again for the gray, one and Markel event will be back on Monday. It's not him. He's got a family member having some medical issues Those issues need to be resolved because Mark Levine's, a great american and a great family member family. Member having medical issues demands markleham attention we back with the on Monday. Till then, as you may in the american people, I want to thank, of course the pro Sean crew Mark Leavin, the greatest in the business rich cement. Rick Valdez. For what they're doing for me to night makes it easy makes it simple someone stuff going on: there possibility, down the road
maybe about an hour and a half that could be very special guess joining us because we ve developed develop better. Never friendship. We might be the most important person in America The world may be joining us about seven thirty, then I will say that develops, but first of I'm trying to watch CNN the Clinton NEWS Network, the last several hours and I'm suffering from bridge Tal vomiting then explore two and I before my eyeballs thinking. What the hell am I watch, and here they did Jared Kirshner, and the president himself decapitate and kill German. Ankara's yogi did somehow did we the american people have something to do with the model murder, a journalist whose saudi arabian citizen who and himself in in Turkey and their content And somehow, I think objective evidence will show that it brutally murdered, Somehow America is
sincerity involve somehow we did that we're responsible. How is that possible for my way of thinking, It's not going when someone gets killed. It wasn't good one cage timely was killed, is not a good thing when Hundreds of Americans are key. But every year through the actions of illegal aliens inside of America is not good when six, seven hundred Chicago's outside residents, are murdered every year, sixty seven out and murdered, and maybe four thousand shot. You know it's really bad thing when I familiar Syrians are bare, bombed by my Assad who was killed goodbye Hillary Clinton, a one point, a patriot, None These things are good saying what happened due caution. This is good. I'm telling you, I know was awful. Those report they have to know Turkey now If that was going on down quote his fingers were cut off
gruesome fashion and he was decapitated capital Blood is fiance, waited outside terrible awful. Let's face it. Saudi Arabia is one of the best. Countries in the Middle EAST, one of our friends, but it is awful place to live, especially if you're, a woman or a dissident Com in Saudi Arabia, for a woman. Who is worrying certain western retire to be beaten, half to death on the streets. It is quite clear. View. I tweet rabies, something negative about the law isn't that great country that tell you to be put in prison for months or years until you repent and is quite common too be hanged, bottleneck until you're dead or going through a fire. Squad fundamentalist behaviors, in Saudi Arabia and that still the best countries them always comparatively wrong. Syria sum compared Iraq. Joint is one of the best places debate and there, friend, and are necessarily our enemy
assuming these terrible things happen to good people major mark and was really a great guy brutally murdered at his finger sawed off, and he was decapitated according to me, The accounts, that's what I'm doing quote cut off picture show geese fingers and then decapitated, terrible those responsible everyone will be held to account, but it happened in a car. Which you and I know, the saudi arabian territory. So this Here's the saudi arabian kill, a saudi Arabian on Saudi, maybe in territory then probably took, is body away in a van or put it es it or something. This is terrible. It's awful I couldn't Cates timely, was gunned down by somebody who alien, but for the last your ten days, the media is an overdrive, the blame trump, our shared here some relationship
they're saying somehow we did that where response that drove somehow with with had been some on so called, am bs, then envy This is somehow consulting with Trump died. What to do at a time which is a bunch of crap, noble. Is in favour of this? We have a western mine, judeo christian ethic. We even due process, always Republicans do so. What we do in fairness, so whatever happened to a saudi Arabian the saudi arabian government, in a saudi arabian consulate in Turkey, is interesting but hail. At ten thousand murders in this country every year, not being investigated by CNN or upset by the New York Times the Washington Post, reworked as a contributor kid can we go a little bit and see what happened, and why it comes out. Be asked directly or indirectly hackers.
Ok murdered in a horrible way, because he was a dissident totalitarian four regime in Saudi Arabia. That's what's gonna come out, I guess trouble possible. For that too, it never stop never ends. I can't take it. Well, it's awful and so We move on from that. The answer, of course, is no. This is the the event Does your the event this week and next week they keep coming up, whether its Evan, all or Julie but Nick Ramirez or much of other incidents that have arisen the past several months. It's tramp tramp tramp tramp tramp tramp. How can we use this event actually take Christina, for how can we use this event? they didn't involve, drop at all, and so watch this upon him, Dane or smear him when some news event the trumpet nuts there were doing nothing. Zero, zilch Nata didn't happen, how's that double, but it goes on and on I try to
four hours will What's your and others on CNN, it's impossible to watch is if m bs zones, he died with Kirshner and Trump taking orders Assuming a did it. What does that mean? What might be behind it, as is There are many in this country and in the media the iranian deal was wonderful for our country and that boy a crusade. Obama delivered one point: eight billion dollars in cash on govern pilots to be you. For terrorism by IRAN, man. That was a great idea. We do more that in because Saudi Arabia is the pitched b of IRAN we- those in the media ones to get there to the iranian deal in, you can Saudi Arabia in the Middle EAST. So that IRAN takes over larger chunks of the Middle EAST. Iran Can Syria not being enough? Maybe that's what's behind plus, as you may know, if you ve been paying attention Israel,
and Saudi Arabia have become brothers, they become sisters, they become free, they were the each other, because their enemy is IRAN. The enemy of my enemy as my friend so because Israel, any wrong, our enemies, Saudi Arabia and IRAN are enemies. Now is in Saudi Arabia, are working together and lots of areas. So that may be parts of America that wants to get rid of that, that budding friendship, twenty Israel and Syria. Serbia, by beginning the Saudis, but, however it is, we don't have it organ. This fight you may well and strengthen IRAN when the media does, or can Israel, which the media does, but by doing we're hurting our country after not eleven, which I think fifteen of the nineteen hijackers gave from Saudi Arabia. We Gallo sideways who Saudi Arabia for a while, but now we're back together and their spending think that president said
other day something the range of a hundred and ten billion, with a total cost of fire hundred billion dollars of taking military hardware to upgrade their military defied IRAN whose our enemy- they bitter enemy since since we help get rid of this I've. Iran look what happened air and so whatever happen happen. It occurred let the saudi Arabian deal with it. If the government ordered the killing of someone which rather America itself has done on a regular basis, countries these kinds of things if saudi arabian government decides the murder, Germanicus ok and stupid. Later side to pick a consulate in Turkey to do nationally deed and That's a violation of some criminal or somewhere to that so they sods? You know what I say have at it, but according do diplomatic law, the consulate is really saudi arabian territory and so on, happen. There stays in Saudi Arabia,
so whatever happens happens, it is it is, can we move on. Absolutely not you see the mid term sure now only about what twenty days away. Twenty days from now the midterms and things, are heading toward the republic. Way in many states, especially in Arizona, Nevada and dad Montana the President is going to make a greater parents, their North Dakota Height Camp. That allows you thing with the disclosing the names sexual assault victims so The red wave appears to be building in the Senate and now The big news story, so the last several days the news media so wait a minute. This thing is heading for the Republicans day, I'll drop? We can have that So we started this other thing about Jamal Cash Yogi who was killed in Turkey and he's a Saudi now as we speak the last several days there have been hunt Americans, Reuben, killed a futile by illegal aliens. There was a high
have some two or three thousand central American: making their way up to America paying their pay. Teach them as thirteen without girls being raped and men being killed. Putting right now, Others other news stories going on in the world and because it was kind of toward trumps direction and is this motion. Purple writing was up to fifty one per the media might have said you know what is going in the wrong direction. If we can go, if there are somehow the sobs and you and in their place put Arid Kirshner and true, somehow responsible for the murder of cash yogi, maybe that'll be a good thing. Maybe we can start the building red wave in the Senate. Let's go, I've been in the house. I have no idea so so us continue with more I'm becomes available. If you're never does seven seven three eight one, three eight one. One eight seven, seven, the eight one, three eight one one and now my
live animal, be I will be back with you on Monday is dealing with a family member whose quite ale we back on Monday. So let us continue with more bill, and the great American in for the gray one mark live in Ben cutting emigrate. America must continue now marked within back on Monday, God willing don't rise. We have key than Israel, many others calling a couple lines opening. We call on our line, em up now like pins in a bowling alley tonight, eight seven, Seven, three, eight three, eight one, one couple ass thoughts before turn things over to you. The up. France's is walks in the shoes of the fishermen of practising. When Catholic, I believe that he is a he's ever
action of God himself, despite all the foibles and problems of the roman Catholic Church, of which he might have some, but it is me greatly this afternoon, when I learned the Pope, Francis has huddled with film. After a month, Michael more, there is with generosity and sinner same factories Square. Now I don't know the Pope, who doesn't red current events done. Read newspapers, maybe did no Michael, more was no more simply worked his way to the front and huddled what the Pope, as if he was having a meeting with him. More is left wing radical extremist he's, a contributor plan, parenthood that kills about three thousand developing babies every day. He's a certainly individual. That does not reflect Merrick values, hard work, perseverance, fear of God, love of country. So, if the knowingly unwittingly met with Michael more, I got problem with that because, especially as abortion feelings, but nonetheless, until I find the pub knew who he was sorry to criticise them?
Secondly and lastly, big fight club- let's go Cavanaugh is largely over, but I did I'm statistical work on what Who is one where the cavern bread Cavanaugh on what lies ahead. The Supreme Court, which I have not had the honor you out of appearing before takes about it any cases a year? nations highs cord decides another fifty cases without all arguments journal unanimously and their normal in cases where there is a conflict between the thirteen circuits out is If the second circuit as a conflict with the sixth or the night, with the seven they'll take a case to resolve a conflict just keep your mind? Eighty cases a year they take for all humans, eighty cases a year by car? As the Eu S court of Appeals handled, fifty One thousand eight hundred and thirty two cases: a twelve month period. Fifty thousand eight hour in thirty two compared to eighty so few throw on top of that
the millions of cases and the law or district court. You're talking about. Maybe a million cases below the Supreme Court and green corn handles eighty cases so what it's the hot burning issues of immigration are going to control or or crime abortion whatever it might be the. Ninety nine point, nine nine nine percent of those cases are decided. Surcoat or district court level. Ninety nine above nine, nine, nine, nine percent the breakdown even further theirs. Continuous circuit court of appeals of the thirteen, in eight or controlled by Democrats appointed judges? Only four, or by republican one district is split, and so the most important one is the Eu S. Court of appeals for the District of Columbia, wishes to one bright cabinet, came off up the Democrats, Your point is there of a seventy three majority. Seventy three
on vacancies now available, but that's can be one of the three, so it's gonna stay, seventy three So ninety nine point, ninety nine percent of the federal cases are resolved before the Supreme Court level and of those about sex, percent are controlled by democratically appointed judges so before you get too far up about bread. Cavanaugh I want you to all those figures. In your mind, Supreme Court, eggs. Eighty cases, the? U S court of appeals handled fifty. Two thousand cases this year or about a million, and so there great majority. The action is what well below the. U S, court even would break Heaven all their. The only hope as normal God, fearing Americans history trumped up? and offers another six years, these days in office six more years with a rope quick incentive for all six years
he may get as high as fifty percent of those appointed by Republican. Dodges so that, as the mountain ahead of us don't get too, I don't get too low so what I M saying is if ninety I point: nine. Nine percent of the cases never get zero Supreme Court and those that do generally deal with conflicts, whether Bread Kevin all a gorgeous show there or not, is certainly a great thing encourage more of it. But for ten years and years of republic, controlling the Senate and tromp controlling the White House or pants after Trump to make any dent The fact that about seventy percent of the federal judges or appointed by Democrats away by thirty percent by the Republicans and the reason is the last the three years of Bush. Forty three chuck shimmering. Here's to do anything in the Senate. He shouted completely and should weeks from Tuesday the dumb.
Cried to win? The? U S Senate, which appears to be a pill at this point, but should that happen he's going to shut it down again and there will be any payments for the latter, two years of trumps first office. I said first term, others continue with more find becomes available. We have two lines to call now call now: eight seven, seven, three aid, one three one: one AIDS, seven, three one, three eight one one built Cunningham the girl American Inn for the gray one living
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but love in closely others. But there's only one mark within and you can go in, eight hundred and seventy seven three hundred and eighty one three thousand eight hundred and eleven. Running around the great American and for the great when market, then we have Keith increasing Josh and many others to lines are open We know the gnome reviewed design, rejoin is eight seven, seven, three one three one, one last Before I go to you, I keep babbling, but that's good. Look at it. This way, twenty days from now and I met with the present two or three days ago- we're going to share with you some of his thoughts later on that it appears to me: but the number one issue right now is to court. Same, as I just told you, seventy One of the judges were appointed by Democrats, great midge, in other cases, nine I'm point: nine. Nine percent never get the Supreme Court and so, if and twenty two
is this sad and the Democratic Party Chuck humor will hold back and not confirm, Annie any of the White House is judicial nominees through only twenty, which really is January of twenty twenty one and then adapt tromp was re elected which most of us believe he will. This Democratic is not going to be twenty twenty one. Nobody only twenty three. He will not stop they were not nominated, you denominate, but they were not confirm, one judge. So what on the ballot and twenty days is the court system and what the destruction of our constitutional, several more rights and should no values will continue on our own. We can make the turn somehow back to the middle sex. All the investigations if the house becomes democratic way This appears to be very likely. Instigation of every aspect of Troms life, his wife's life Jared Kirshner life. Everyone's life in the White House will be laid bare and then
two years will not be about legislation, but rather Investigation Sophie want the mob rule that you ve seen. Several months? Where report Hence our shot run off the street cars blown up in Baden, then, otherwise the mob by giving the mob power by putting the back in Georgia, Nancy Pelosi and watch what happens gonna be unbridled gonna, be unbelievable. Another aspect, of course This foreign policy right now, despite Efforts. Have CNN and others to destroy our relationship with Assad's things are pretty good, creates not shooting missiles anywhere right now, IRAN and Iraq are somewhat quiet, I know Syria is heading toward a conclusion of that. You're, insane by the Russians by the Iranian and by I could Saint Obama, who allow the Russians in the Iranian to come into Syria, foreign policy, while these are pretty good. That's about the economy.
According to some national international experts, the american economy right now is the greatest ever been in american history? How? What is Margaret react. Two Pelosi begins. Investigations of every aspect of the executive branch of government. It won't be good, plus she got the impatient she is very down your mind, but the Democrats want to eliminate Trump from office So if you want the next two years, not to be about judges, not to about and only about investigations and impeachment. Hurt the economy. Then that's! What's on the ballot so when Trump comes to one of these states in it? since not a few days ago, I spent some time with them on replay you some of his thoughts later on. If that happens, go there just don't which is all we do go there physically and can fraud and say yes, I am here, as is testimony to what this country can be and should be. Do I like all the
wade's do I, like the horse, said comment about the stripper? No, but the policies, the procedures what's happening with the core, system, what's happening, what the economy what's happened, foreign relations. You knows damn good, it's really good and so think about on the ballot and twenty days, because the Democrats are as incentivize is, I've ever been and it's gonna get more reject serving more incentivize and if you will otherwise the mob by buying them for paying them off is gonna, be nothing but difficulties. So, let's go to your calls. Now we have a common, listen Chris in Atlanta line becomes available. You know routine. Let's continue with more Keith, in LOS Angeles. Welcome Our television show hosted by the great american Bill Cunningham, please go ahead there. Thank you I'll call. You asked a question at the: U S is complicit with the your mark, murder. I murder, I would say two hundred percent yet and I'm saying that, because
Al Jazeera, English than they ve been reporting from day. One that you have entailed on earth is the deep state, but mainly the bad conversations with the body then his entourage around not arranged kidnapped? I've got no end Recently, John Brennan, the laughter of today's within an embassy, confirm it you see, I operative thought back Here we are complete and even though we had an air of involvement in the murder, we did not warn him and that's what a big issue Why do they not point? Do you wave Al Jazeera any more than you believe, CBS what what are you rely upon Al Jazeera, which is an arm of the extreme muslim Palestinian Authority, why do you believe Al Jazeera out a cut, or what do you believe them? I wouldn't believe one word. They said I know what you're saying, but when they are right there at the embassy or twenty boy, you, Madam
information all knowing of reporting the factual information went both on the grounds of them against them because their there fifty when the fifteen member girl, you cannot deny but you see what your boy Keith, assuming those things happen, I had, and I certainly accept their true- is not nearly as bad, few honoured Americans killed every year by illegal aliens. How come are focused, awful murder and all its happening inside of our country, because Randall Have they not? It goes trot which I bought it for you, he's trying to change the merit, of course, of course, That, when oh Jack landed report. Jeff Guy out that authority finally made by that I mean, does what the weapons that they order from its great
put a lot of people to work in her case ten thousand Americans killed every year inside of America. Do you care? Many of them? What's investigate, cage, timely? its investigate about seven hundred murders who sets out Chicago not solve happen. During those martyrs, but then on fit the political diatribe against Trop right now, I'm watching gas the conversion of the media, women we investigate someone just like some other did. You have- about an hour ago in Kurdish arises when I would point out that you have me. If I'm told me what are on your side, we do need to get let's investigate how come a murderer and others sawed citizen in Turkey is big deal here, why man come then went back burner someplace it we're not complicit with cramp we're not. Implicit with anything come on man come on we're not can you? Are you one of those characters, whatever
happens in the World America's complicit. What the hell does that mean complicit? What does that mean? Cuba was further sods to kill him and not fashion. Almost on videotape that was stupid, That was real still but, and I hope or not stupid, but even if It happened the way we think it happened frankly my dear, I don't give a damn comparative happening in their country every year. How many cops are killed? Two hundred Jobs are murdered every year. In this country that scene and go into the murder of police officers, and why that's a horrible thing. How come see, and I will not cover the murderer cops but their covering some sod citizen internally. Why? I totally agree with you we have three hundred and seventy five thousand abortions every year? I'm told me: won't you only with you. No big deal it- is using this as a cudgel debate trumpet ahead with, as if we care, and I don't care camper the murder of cops them the innocents ten I wasn't murders cage die,
many hundreds of Americans killed by illegal aliens, rapes and robberies how about it a steering those things that make sense. Do we want to investigate how the thought it had blown up innocent children and if we get blew about what you have made weapon segouin investigate that don't work and placid You mean in Yemen. Another black? Just gotta kill this guy blue lights. Weapons with Saudi Arabia. Nedda Kabogi wait a minute either using were complicit in that too, because we sought a weapon. Is somebody? Is I've been worsening complicit, unfortunately, weapons, kill somebody you're not coming on enough bomb in a poor country in the Middle EAST. When you have weapon implicit in any event, it is Parada complicit of one of their weapons issues to wrongfully kill. Somebody is Parada, complicit.
Money is the root of all evil. Ok you're out here Thanks for your call up the Dodgers lose this afternoon. Continue with more way of yours. Go to Chris in Atlanta Georgia. A land are welcome to the mark. Levine shown Chris. Please go ahead Chris. How are you I've no well. Are you going it'll be an American. Please go ahead, amen to that request you mentioned earlier about damp air, what you said about the Pope, specifically about it being Christ or what have you on earth? I bet you did you have a problem with a meeting or appeal. Ok! Well I mean I just just out of curiosity mummy under some sore point that old advocate so did I have an issue where the two, but we believe it, I'm I'm Catholics, I believe him being the the vigour of Christ. Jesus Christ met with with centres What what? What is it? What is Europe was, I agree with two charisma. The difficulty
a thing Margo more went there to get the pope. On video to him ass. If he was a sinner wanting to be, can I think too, and receiving grace from the Pope. I go more went there as stooge to capture the Pope moment that he could use for his own political purposes against Trump and I go more is heard some catharsis like Paul on the road to Damascus and said: ok, I've seen error my waves, I've seen it and we have cause to police officers in american soldiers. I see the damages caused by three thousand innocent babies killed every day in this country and I'm going to the Pope for forgiveness for what I've done with, but I I go more, probably went there with the Pope today in order to get a photo off to use politically against him. That's what I think I agree entirely with you with that. You now just like your ass. You do, feel they had none He already knows you Michael warriors, maybe now part of our souls
in the background curse. The pope was given interviews in what she says. It is not read newspapers, it is not watch television and he came Argentina now in Rome, and we like Then guy in America were the only country that matters, but I guess if you spend your life and Argentina, Brazil and central and South America. Now you live in Rome, you probably read newspapers and Watch Tv Hound We do know Michael Morris and so on I could work my way to the front line and get a picture with the pope, but I would to think that Michael, more is not one of those characters to Pope would be familiar with. And if he was, I would help micro, more razetta, confess to confess is many sins sure, I'm absolutely I think, or of about people, then maybe even credit or
my discovery there there's a little bit about human rights me a lot and you know I like to be supportive. Of of the Pope mean a follower of Catholicism. However, there is there There are a lot of things that really strike me out about him, and this to me is not surprising, with women as the weapons agenda. Minor incidents. Hoisted no question here is not the last pope he's not Benedict ease France's in is a socialist he's left winger and and this whole priestly scandal or something. Hope is not up those eyeballs in it from South America- and I hope these clean, but what he did with Mcferrin when it with world, didn't excite me too much and and just hope there's no there there were Chris, we gotta go thanks to your call. Us continue now calls from text. Virginia New York coming up and about forty five minutes. I spent some time with the president
was in Cincinnati, Ohio I break as from a couple days ago, and I share his thoughts with you coming up about forty five minutes or so Forty eight minutes amply build cunning and the great American and for the great one market, Ben. Go hunting on the great American in for the great when Mark Levin back on money has a family medical issue. That's being wrapped up this way we back with the on Monday by the way Markleham instead Jacqueline. And say the name Jack Lovin as about coming out Toby, the thirty through Amazon, our police, which is a Phyllis Children's book elbows on Amazon, thirty percent off name of the book once again, as our police by acclivity marks dad, a priority, now save up to thirty percent. You talk about police in the way their trade but if CNN
and the national media, one it the killing of police officers all over the country by individuals that have I've been solved, of which there are many not solved. They spent the time their spending on could shaggy. Is Stamboul finding out who killed police officers when the murders have not been resolved, including one in barge down Kentucky with a police officer who, killed about two o clock in the morning and there his murderer. He was, and off a highway at night, clock in the morning a wife and two kids, and someone, day, Lamb across the exit ramp on interstate highway. So I put officer, would stop. He stopped got out put it it's on- but the limb away was shot several times in the back and is dead. There are numerous killings of police, officers in America, As I speak unresolved,
and if you think every life is the same, which I think in God's eyes it might be, Three percent. Of the murders and the south of Chicago go unsolved what, if CNN, instead of bring about, could show me so much found Why did this outside of Chicago to discover? Why there's about four thousand people shot seven hundred murdered every year under the leadership of one of the dailies, aroma manual or bureaucracy Obama Michelle Obama, Jesse Jackson or lose Farrakhan? What if they would come? murders in Chicago or the murder of caged, timely or their mark. Police officers. Unsolved for the same level of interest that they air about, as saudi citizen murdered, Sir We lay bodies, saudi government at an end consulate in Turkey. What what is it? Bout, this event which lay the entire media is in meltdown possibly trying the tide.
To the murder is that's what we are a collar earlier today that Al Jazeera, There is a reliable new source. Is the Eu S. Intelligence agencies knew about the killing to take place at a time and didn't stop it, and not a nice thing to say I open know about it. I hope that we knew nothing and that day He was decapitated complicated, an acid or tortured for That's all airports, bad though responsible should be held. No account by saudi Arabian or by Turks how're. We involved the media trying to on Jared Kosher how cumbersome murders are created more equal than others, cates timely, the the illegal aliens killed. Her got off, basically, nothing to see it. Cover that story, to the extent that a murder, goes by without punishment. Many hundreds of american citizens arms every year by illegal aliens? Can we
coverage of that, or do I get nothing but crickets from industry, media just say We, like some murders, are more creative, equal than other murders, and you didn't know I didn't know I could show you seem like a nice guy had a wife, Some good kids should I have been murdered along half million Syrians murdered by the Iranian and the Russians and end by I saw- who was praised by Hillary Clinton, it's all bad. But outcome so murders this kind of media attention and others do not the real causes. Renew we're gonna go to Josh and John and J D and lay in many others of line. Becomes available. Eight, seven, seven, three aid, one three, eight one, one bill cunning. The great American and for the great one, more women, with a daily fake news. Dump pouring through your tv mobile phone
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employed power than you see a complete renaissance. Of the lives of individuals living under our domain, so they keep saying every two years. Every four years give us give us the reins of power Give us the presidency give us the the Santa give us the Supreme Court while there are several laboratories of democracy that had been fully engaged for the past, not few years, but few decades running north by half a century, talking about almost every major city in this country, control by the Democratic Party first Obviously I can see. Firstly, gaga this outside in Chicago drawn by the dailies by Mere Washington, narrowed Washington controlled by romagnuols. God knows who's next and over that time, going back to the nineteen fifty's you can't find a Republican when searchlight in a search warrant. They don't exist thank you for your republic in Chicago your garbage. Don't get picked up.
Occurs and it gets turned off. The age. Racy suddenly stops working. Just you know, get paper deliveries. You get nothing you're done so everyone in cells, Chicago especially, are all Democrats now Also, we elected from their United States president, we elected forty four, we elected Morocco Erin Obama, who spread, there is adult life in Chicago on the south side is code. I the organizer organizing the community on the south side of Chicago with his wife, Michelle coming out of there was also Rami manual. The chief of staff are Duncan Sector, education more. They had all these theories because practice. So well in Chicago, you go to this outside Chicago we're like a half million people live, you cannot think where the hell hole, then this outside of Chicago
how much job creation exists and this outside of Chicago right under the leadership of the Democratic Party, of Harold Washington, nah, William, daily, richer, Daily Barrack, saying Obama, Michelle Obama aren't Duncan ROM Emmanuel. Just Jackson, throw in Louis Fair gone there. It is There is no argument with anyone in sugar I go about which political party controls Chicago special areas outside the south side of Chicago I've been many times theirs or no job creation. There is little or no education going on the crime, is rampant. Information is non existent. Can you know what I'm Coggan? So we have these theories, of government control your life in full, bad behaviour actually worked You would see Memphis you would see laws agencies? you would see San Francisco, you would see Tampa.
And Cincinnati in Chicago, The other great Citys, Philadelphia, special the black communities in those areas flourishing. Rogliano Williams tells the story. The great african american car, most from George Mason, but it was grade school in a high school kid in Philadelphia Many of these students, many of his classmates, went to college reading ad and above the grade level, family didn't have keys at the front door. People came in and out there, lawyers and black doctors and black pharmacists and black business leaders blackened earns man. No, all over the place for turning black communities, Jenny control by the Republican Party because the debt, republican Party was a home of African Americans from the eighteen these through the nineteen. Thirty then beyond it was functional, and so one of CNN spanish time saying: ok, we're gonna go to an area
and completely controlled by the Democratic Party fora. To have half a century be how those theories are working out to see if its occurring to see if I'm is non existent to see. Job. Creation is happening everywhere. Disease educationally that nor exceeding Adam above their nor great level. Does. He have. Families are being formed, dear families, wanting a move in you, moving to those communities. And we want to see if there's moving trucks bring in a new families and this outsiders Chicago The barriers of Memphis and Tampa in San Francisco, in LOS Angeles, Marilla Texas. We want to go to the poorest areas when the day graduate in charge longest to see a successful their theories have been, I'm waiting for sea, and to do that. Why haven't they done that? he's tramp tramp tramp tramp tramp tramp. What
the lives of average Americans coding According to the Department of Education, about half the black kids, the port it will go through an inner city school. Don't graduate give it up along the route and they have to do graduate there academically read on average of the eighth grade level with all the money being spent in Washington DC good chunk, don't graduate twenty to thirty percent. Don't even go to school any particular day, the vagrancy rates or through the roof, and the reason is not race because most people, People in America, mathematically or white The reason it happens is lacking family formation lack a job opportunities ramp crime, because drugs and the Democrats have been. When was the last time, there is a Republican in charge of Washington DC in this, council or the mayor wonders last time there was a Republican who was the mare Chicago.
What was worse than any this stuff went on. The answer is decades Do a half a century: it doesn't happen so of these theories of church, humor and Nancy pillows. Or operational and they actually work. See a completely different results. When we must continue now go to Josh and Alexandria russian Alexander reworking of the model of Info Josh. Please go ahead I'll! Think of taking my call, I wanted since when did the last start to one of the metal, other country businesses. I mean this guy, I told you what happened but either saudi arabian citizen. It happened, saudi arabian Embassy in Turkey last lap. I my check that they spent decades saying oh, why are we involved in Iraq? Wait out without without a war crimes with with I, I reckon then the same and
now. He wanted to start meddling and just because they would think they can t come but I mean I just crazy to me: what can we, but what should be the reaction? I guess October the second GMO could Shaggy was killed in a horrible way, but in America there are cops, killed. There is an american citizens, murder by illegal aliens, theirs or about domestic violence happening theirs. I'm sharpening tonight. Some were terrible knots, Why do see it in? What are you Brad Crime, a town miles away as cudgel against tromp puts the reason, personally, I think it's because it's horrible story and be a trump is winning on all. That's right now and they are desperate to find a way to bring him down in the sis. One little thing: they're gonna try to throw them, but I personally don't think it's gonna work by its there is desperate for anything to try to try to bring him down in a time of that decision,
Is that what this thing? What is there about? This thing? Workers shaggy I guess you wrote some comes the Washington Post to hit a green card but it is a saudi arabian citizen killed Turkey, I guess on saudi arabian territory and yet in, what it's it's, what it is very interesting Why not when re Motion Lou were murdered, New York city in cold blood by blood nationalists who came from Baltimore Disposition kill in unit arm in their car solve reserves in Europe, setting recital one day story nationally and then it evaporated died because it didn't fit the and of the liberal national media can imagine if some trump wearing may gee. I had down somebody to kill somewhere how big with
big story. How long without going on what have been the past or for weak- and I think you brought bring applicants who do you think the left is wanting to do so quicker, a journalist that one of their own or police officer and other say that all the people who are mad about my police officers, but they can be much quicker to rush to the cases of one of their own who worked at the Washington post rather than as an hour of art police officers is not apparent. I mean what what why do. We spent, I may die seeing tonight. I refuse to watch it. I'm right now. It's a big story on CNN Msnbc. All it is about, could show he what did Kirshner knew, who knew am bs better, was incursion, or was it was Trump Sod spend money, unwanted trump properties at some point. They keep making these connections. You know what I care about is the murder of re motion loo and what that said about
Hussein Obama meeting in the White House. Representatives, a black lives matter, whoever, the murder of police officers. One b, L M God, what they on it? What do we want dead cops? What do you want him now in Rainbow Zulu were tortured and killed. That was one day story and the media quickly, after, because a who did it, what went Officer Jason Alice was murdered in a bar. Kentucky Ambush, killing widow who did it? And at this point What is in the media spend time instead of ECHO's shaggy in Turkey, the calling of a police officer who was Jordan murdered in uniform. Ben time is too, who killed him and why was murdered Rainbow Zulu was killed according news black nationalist. He said that he wants come and killed police officers because it works I've said done to Michael Brown and Airy, garner and so
media covered those stories as if cops, killed, wrongful Michael Brown in Ferguson They did not do Michael Brown tried to kill. Police officer, Darin Wilson, and it was proven beyond a shadow of a doubt by Obama's Justice Department than mine, round should have been killed because of its behaviour and Eric partner killed it was killed. I'd because he was resisting arrest and sober media cover these events? There was take mine in Baltimore, who thought police officers roared fold because of the way I see it and covered the killing of Michael Brown who was an unarmed robber who tried to kill police officer. Daring, Wilson and Grab has gone inside. The police car now was proven. That was proven, but to me cover these events in such a way that causes black murder nationalists down re, most and city and murder them? Why didn't scene and cover that aspect of the story and the fact that
in the White House repeatedly metal, Representatives, a black lives matter that advocated the murder of cops who were killed in. Wasn't bad rouge. Why didn't see in and cover it that way began it doesn't that their narrative and they think it right. They doesn't within era In other words, they can use that as a weapon against dog either John Vainer or George Bush Ronald Reagan. Or now it's not now it's Donald see the media call balls and strikes, but TAT are doing that they take sides in a dispute, for all these other avenues that doesn't fit their agenda. They go after the obscure fact, of some sod being killed in Turkey. Taken, uses a club against Jared Kirshner, because have invested in real estate ventures of tromp years ago. And they spend money at the hotel next to the White House. So they can for reasons that tie
drug to the murder and its second me, George. Thank you view. Always continue with more. We have Kim and John and J D. A couple days ago I met with the President he gave me some cogent thoughts. I want to share with you and about fifteen minutes, Bill Cunning and the great American in four mark live in, running around the great american and remarkable man coming up in several minutes, or we might talk with the President's Donald Trump just to give CNN Msnbc perspective on this one July, seven, twenty sixteen Michael save your Johnson ambush and fired upon and killed a group of Dallas Texas Police, to civilians were also wounded. He stated in postings that the reason he killed the cops was retribution,
for the number of Times Cobb's have killed african american men so he sought out officers who kill who he perceived to be white, any murder them in cold blood, using semi automatic weapons and they went on recourse killed himself. Now it's a big story. Same thing. Admin back room same thing happened with Ray Mosen Lou officers in your city. There is a regular event in our country, rural police officers, your gun down, not. So the color of their skin, but the color there are uniform, which is blue. What is it in the national consciousness. Occasioned by the national media. That causes such utter disrespect for police officers that wig I need national, less than other hate filled individuals mentally ill? take it upon themselves to hunt down officers to kill the murder without good reason, I like to see media coverage of that event. Tell me why that is going on in town why the presence of United States brought
President Obama were knowingly unwillingly repeatedly. In the oval office. The representatives of a group who would the the murder of those same police officers. Black lives matter, they'll re, moccasin and others when in March around in Dallas and elsewhere. What do we want? Dead com What do you want him now? We want to kill cops pigs in a blanket prime like bacon. What what is it and so when we obsess over the death of your or could show CNN and other news organisations are now doing it's terrible there. I guess his fingers were cut off, he was decapitated. He was butchered I saw a citizen killed, Turkey in the worst way give Imagine it needs to do but the only way the media will focus on a murder is if that murder and be used against Donald J, Trump or Mitt Romney or George, or some other Republican. Tell
how this martyr, so the murder of Jason, Alison, barge down Kentucky, butchered murder on an exit ramp, Clock in the morning leaving Why Damien, two beautiful kids without a husband and father, there's no political, and if it foreseen in nothing again, they can't use same way with the murder, re most in New York City or the cops and listen. Batten Rouge advocate the martyr, Welcome to the White House, a group that advocates the killing of cops advocate get them out of the White House, get the pictures taken. What the president has ass possible. So when the media obsesses overture marker choking it's done not because his life had more value, then Missus Ray motion, Lou, it's done cause they can use that to the question, is: Erica Complicit did this. Spies and condominiums from Trump to this go to a hotel.
Near the White House to give try it's all this crap in their heads. Losing out horse but nor coming out of their ears as if tomorrow How much more importance the unsolved murders of police officer inside of America and its second, on its continue with more as we continue. My producer, rid cement is going to play the interview I had with the press a couple days ago, the target national international issues and more of alignment. Is eight hundred eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one! Can you smell when I'm cooking We are counting the great American and for the great one, Margo you wake up and morning feeling sluggish and have to drag yourself. Through your day, do you feel blue loaded, tired and out of shape, eating healthy as a habit
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Levin people about their tea party. We, the tea party colleague, now seven, seven, three aid, one three, eight one, one cunning Great American was continues, always an honor. Do the mark Levin show, as you know, Marcus do a family members had some medical difficulties? Marco, be back with you and I, on Monday of next week until then it's always a kick always a pleasure on the President of United States, Donald J, Tromp, I've interviewed him many times over the years when it was selling a boy you're doing a business deal, and we understand. Sure, but of a friendship, I'm happy to defend that great man and ABC now George monopolise or on CNN I've got a feeling for the president, forty five Donald J Trump and, Mr President, for we need to deepen. There's no Maloney is playing a little bit different quality and is doing quite well. So, instead of dealing with that lets,
talk about Maloney his trip to Africa, how two things go: well, she's, a terrific first lady and a great human being, and she wanted to go and see for herself Africa, because we ve heard so much about it, some very good set, but some very tough stuff. In a sense, if the way people live and she made Forceps. Since you also want to the pyramids in Egypt in there was quite something special, but in poverty is incredible that the level of poverty it was very sad. A beautiful in one way and very sad another, the kids were beautiful, they loved her and she I'm back and she said I hope, you're going to continue to give a lot of money cuz. I need it. It's not a question of it's not a question of defense, it's not a question, but it's just that one of human races they need it and she had a big a man and Rob and Mexico we made a deal and we told him look otherwise. We're gonna have to just tax your car industry, which would have been better for them and
millions of jobs have been created, and you were told a year or two ago by Gary Cone and others that you know the Canada Deal sprawling, not gonna happen. Mexico's too tough NAFTA is ingrained. What did you do that cause? Canada may not be real happy right now in Mexico may not be ripe and in South Korea to kind of play, because, where the big dog in the no, but they don't treat. Is that why? What did you do with the trade deal and were also the piggy Bank that everybody wants to come in and Rob and Mexico? We made a deal and we told him look otherwise. We're gonna have to just tax your car industry, which would have been banned for them and, frankly, I wouldn't have wanted to do it, but we were going to do it and we made a deal with Mexico. We could not make a deal with Canada. They just wouldn't make a deal.
Therefore, us because NAFTA was a total and complete disaster. You know that better than you saw what happened over here with you still have buildings empty with obvious everybody moved out. I don't know what they were thinking. So that's why I refuse to call it after I said the deal were making I refuse, so we caught the? U S, embassy, ay and its works good, but that we made a great deal with with everybody. What happened then, is Canada came along in the end, we were unable to back it. I said we're gonna tax, you cars. And then what happened and they made a deal. I made a deal, they made a deal and it's a deal that were very happy without every happy without everybody is, but it's a fair deal for us and we have now. We just made a deal with South Korea, which is very much a much improved, approve deal. You know: improved. I will say that Hillary Clinton, you remember she made a deal and she said, and two hundred and fifty thousand jobs, and she was right for South Korea. So
the two other ready we didn't get two hundred and fifty it was a terrible deals, Essentially, we terminated that deal and we made a new deal without gristle, whereas I mean jobs. You talk to my every time. I cannot mexico. We talk about. A million was talking about millions of jobs, potential difficult. We ve opened up countries that were just totally closed to right. If you look at Canada, we couldn't seller dairy product there, and if we did, it was a three hundred percent error. People won't talk about that. You know I put on a ten percent or twenty percent error. They make a big deal if they have three hundred actually three hundred percent two hundred and seventy five percent. Two hundred and eighty five percent, these at the tariffs I charge. So, essentially, that's a wall, because if you have to pay a tariff like that, you can't sell the product is too expensive. So we ve opened up Canada and we have a very good
fishing ship now, I think their respective more than they did before, but now at least it's fair and our farmers are in love with it. You see, what's going on it's beautiful now we're working on China and were working on the European Union which have absolutely taken advantage of our country. The European Union has been brutal in the way they took advantage of the United States. For many years I mean they were formed. To take advantage of the USA Set was a reason they were formed. How can we help We take from the United States, so the European Union they formed in the year of the very unfair to as they have barriers where we can sell into their into into their countries. They have this tariffs that make it impossible and yes, they sell Mercedes, Benz and Bmw by the minions. They come in the minions and we charge him essentially no tax, it's two and a half percent, but for the most part they don't even collect it
so we charge and virtually nothing and they sent millions and millions of cars if we want to send a piece of grain. Okay, if we want to send a piece of grain, we can't do it into the European Union, so it's unfair we met with them. I told them. I'm gonna start taxing, you cuz because Obama, they wouldn't you This is very happy the where we are and that there was little bomber just went away and then with us. I said: look we want to talk. I didn't hear from my said: we want to talk at in here. Third Somerset. The sooner call me back, but I'm gonna, give you one more chance, and in here said that took a minute. She cars at twenty five percent coming in, which is frankly, more money right, its devastating to them, but it's more money and they immediately have the planet came over and talking now they want to make a deal. I dont know that would make a deal with him. I can tell you they want to, but we're gonna make it
by the other building right away. I wonder whether you two year five trillion over ten, we built Shanghai. We fail Beijing at some point. We gotta start building America. They got the new airports, we don't have the new airports, they got the new bridges, we'll have the bridges at some point. Our money is going to come back to America, you so right. So China has been taken at five hundred billion dollars. Your people have no idea what that is.
Five hundred billion we have rebuilt. China can't do it, and I have a very good relationship with presidency, but I said we can't do adverse simple. We can't do it anymore, we're not going to do it anymore, so we ve now put on two hundred and fifty billion dollars worth of tariffs and by the way this been no impact has been affect. Not what people don't say is that were taken in billions of dollars in our Treasury, because it's a twenty five percent, so we take it and billions of dollars and we have working to create jobs. Now some of these things that were not buying from China or they become expensive because of the terrorists, they gonna start building these plants here to make the product here, which is the old fashioned way. That's the way we used to do it so has been like China is the biggest ever more. By far it's probably sixty percent of our trade was we lost over last few years, an average of eight hundred b
dollars a year on trade, we lose with everybody. Those days are over bill. Lastly, we have them at terms coming up one of my favorite movies, Jimmy Steward. It's a wonderful life, I look at Bedford falls. Pelosi takes the house, humor takes the Senate, your life becomes miserable, the last here's? What do you say to a middle class Americans all over the country? That say you know what we don't want. Bedford falls away. It looked. We want the new Bedford falls. What do you say to those who say that midterms relax? Take it easy, not important, Renee Seal, whether its black burner how're? We don't have to about. What do you say to motivate the base, while I hope Renee she's gonna? Do welfare is always a great guy, but I just say just country like just forget it could you you have to go out and vote. My Paul numbers are so good, but a lot of people say I'm not running so
got a lively one percent Erasmus unfairly Y know what doing great and and then they say you can add a lot to it, because Workpeople hang up and they say we don't want to talk to you. That means it's a triumphal writer of that's good or bad, but that's what it means we have to Well, I will say, I think we're gonna do very well in the Senate, and a lot of things have happened since justice. Now discovered fifteen Georgia's fifty new judge, many many judges and we're gonna have a hundred and forty five judges fairly soon, when you think about it, I've been hundred and forty five it'll be plus Fifty percent of the whole judiciary, not only to Supreme Court Justice or so, but that was a very big thing- happened over the last couple of weeks with justice. Nor because I have rarely seen a person treated so badly. The man of great distinction, a great life and the way they treated him was horrible, and since that happened, Republicans are looking so as ever
They see what's going on the law of unintended consequences because- and I have had many women whispered Meyer it'll bill, I'm with cabin- I didn't want to say publicly, but if used in a weird sense: Kevin all is motivated the republican base, or otherwise it wouldn't have happened. Then a great friend of mine- and I appreciate you- ve- been very terrific guy. It's also a terrific talent in a lot of people can't do what you do. You know these languages talk. Well, there's russian about that. Not too many Sean, as you know, shows great, but he's a great people, great talents, and I appreciate it though we have to do well. I think we're gonna do well the Senate. I think we could pick ups of seats in the Senate and the Poles. If you look three weeks ago and you look now, it's like personally by prohibiting Blackburn Zone shoes and points down now, she's for five points up Marcia from Tennessee that almost all of them now I dont know how you doing here. I know it's a tough race but its unfortunate, because you such a good man, I mean I don't
shared rounds of socialist banana Heath. Here's your visa ceremonies, Trump voters remote and for shared, but he's going around in a lot of people, think he's my best friend in the world. The ads are like trumpets. He talks while about you. I know it's amazing, except as only during this period of time out six weeks after its oversell it's one of those six, but I hope it does well and I hope that Steve does well. I think, he's doing well for contact little when I hear is doing well. So I think this very important I'm here for I just want to thank you for everything you ve done and, and hopefully people are going to realise that this is a very important election mid terms. I think frankly, I think people are viewing. This is very important, are usually mid. Terms are like sleepers people that they are energized and for those who say that the that the blue is energize, meaning the Democrats, so we're, not who, I think, what a personally I think we're more energy, I've you're, not gonna, believe the energy,
He had it an eerie Pennsylvania, the other night, where twenty five thousand people outside of a twelve thousand arena spend amazing, and if that kind of action shows up in three weeks, magic is a little more than three. We got any energy for the next three weeks, bigger you're, like Elvis LE, but you can only move big equipment so often ok and secret service at all of that. But there were very, very busy and go into the races that are close. Slightly ahead or slightly behind and when A lot of stops is to present a you're the best you're a great American. I say that all you but you're, a great american do what you do in full, the voices you don't hear in the faces. You don't see those people you're the hero. I was with Reagan and eighty four, when it came here, I thought Reagan was a star The rolling stones you're the veto society here on the asylum and show that there are serious about, but I really do appreciate your support. Bilious such an important voice and you ve been with us and just say a load. All you people euro lot of your great American. Thank you like you to relaunch perfect. You can't go it going
Mr President, thank you very much. I'm sure we'll do it again, a very honoured to have you in office and now we're so much better off than we would have been of Hillary Clinton in one. So it's continue. The more bill cunning and the great American and for the great one Markleham. What, then one other issue. Now we would thank the President for coming on one other issue: rich Samantha enrich realities a little bit about earlier, and that is the first lady who say: classy woman he's trying to do good things. Maloney cannot catch a break from anybody at any point in time. Right, shouldn't immediate traits, lately unfairly the last day or two after the president. One is federal court case
against Michael Evan, Eddie and Stormy Daniels Present to use the term horse face to describe stormy day and when he did that the media especially brine, seltzer and tapir and others CNN went crazy meltdown, over the horse face common awful it was in this way about a woman. This is about women in general, see what seeing artfully. Does it take the comments about one person and generically apply everyone in the group, because they believe in group rights in group identity. So, in this case horsefaced Describe Stormy, according to the president and the media, had a virtual melt down for a day day and a half on Nepal. Using the term horse face who describes stormy Daniels that it came a couple days ago. The tea I they wrapper is doing an awful video which two packs Excellent Maloney Tromp, is a in the oval office and
I saw about three seconds of that was it for me and I'm not going to watch it however, CNN spent lit No time on the issue that now important wrappers, our using Maloney Trump and a stripper outfit engage in sexual acts, oval office. If she was workin for Bill Clinton, I'm waiting now for the first. Ladies, so alive, like Rosalind Carter or Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama or Laura Bush Warm ranks around Maloney Trump and say this is a bridge too far you can't sexual eyes, our first lady for commercial benefit and get away with it, which is the late night? Topics have Colbert. The you have constantly sexual icing, making fun of the brain. First, lady, we have Maloney tromp, so how
said worthy of constant unremitting criticism when a porn star is called horse face by the President but when our first lady is depicted essay stripper gay sexual acts in the oval office. That somehow that is not worthy of being covered and that The other first, ladies, do not enveloped her fact have you seen any efforts by Laura Bush or Hillary Clinton or Michelle Obama. Spend time and a little. More legitimate. In the view of the mainstream media, she's legitimate with me, Maloney Tromp, whose by far the most brilliant First Lady, we ve never had she speaks five or six languages, she's wonderful but the media will not allow her to be the president's wife without sexual icing, her calling her an ignoramus doesn't speak correctly
speak English well enough for Stephen Colbert, who makes fond of her on a constant basis. So if we lived in a fair country Fair media in our media calling balls and strikes. It would have criticisms, against those in Hollywood and entertainment industry who the sexual eyes and make deals, settlement and minimize our first lady throughout the world you would have the other first Ladys. The other floaters is together to say: stop it don't do. Can you imagine just think for a moment if country STAR for five years ago sexual Ized, Michelle Obama put her in sexually outfits proof We sex acts in the oval office, Michelle Obama. What do you think the view? Colbert Hollywood, the New York Times every bit
any newspaper every magazine if they still exist websites, to a great president, but the media wants to make the worst thing in the world to make fun of oh, I guess what the audience is an audience out there for this. You know about fifty per se. I want the same behaviour that would apply. Michelle Obama. To apply to Maloney Trump because there, in the same category doing this I'm kinds are good things made today. Earlier today, Maloney Trump supplying filled with smoke on away, I think, to Philadelphia and she's still made the trip. This is a brave, courageous woman whose married to a great praise but the media wants to make deal legitimate both the issue they are and make them three eight one. Three eight one one one one well, I guess what back We back on Monday, build Cunningham the Great American and for the great one
Forbush was nothing compared to this, and so I'm waiting for the apocracy to stop for the news coverage to begin one more big, our room remains us, go back there, all this time allows we have Amarillo tax has been there for an hour and a half in New York City in Illinois in law. I love, love, LAS Vegas, Nevadas Santa Monica LAW becomes available, eight seven, seven three twenty one, three hundred and eighty one, one hundred and eighty seven seven thousand three hundred and eighty one three eight one. One Markel event will be back on Monday built the great American for the great one
now run only underground than the bowels of a hidden somewhere under Britain steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leaders. Continue now done, babbling honour to have on the present, and we thank you very much. I did that interview a couple days ago. Cincinnati and have the president on talking about these issues always a kick but before GO to Amarillo in New York, city and elsewhere to giving grandpa. The mainstream media does in call balls and strikes but take sides on September the now, there's a date that will live in and from eight twenty twelve resorting in Libya militants that overwhelmed? U S, mission and killed for Americans that is Ambassador Stevens, Christopher Stevens was murdered.
Management officer, Sean Smith, development, diplomatic, secure, the agents Tyrone Woods in Glenda Authority for the murdered horribly, This directive knows what that those you're, not salaries living in Turkey we're trying to get into Turkey and get permission to marry these actual the United States Ambassador, U S. Ambassador Libya, Christopher State Two allegedly was a personal friend of then sector they'd. Hillary Clinton and these are real american heroes. Never been there in the first place and that they were there, they needed protection it and get it Here, the over the top media coverage of Jamal could show geese death in Turkey compared lack of media curiosity with the four Americans knots, but Americans murdered on September. The eleventh now, seclusion, airlock, twenty twelve the media completely gave Obama free, Pass
because the election was only eight weeks away, seven weeks away, so they couldn't make it look as if Militant Islam is successfully attacked, or some ten September eleventh again whether a bomb in the White House they couldn't use dad against Obama. Therefore they could, is it against Hilary largely the media dropped it because it didn't put their name. I'm getting Obama elected over Mitt Romney, they not one Mitt Romney in the White House and that event. If it had happened with a group I get jobs and the White House and the term of the eleventh somewhere having been warned the council is overrun by islamic extremists and or american heroes are murdered, killed, tortured and killed. Tromp put it that would be covered as it trump problem for days weeks months years to come Tromp left office, but because it was baroque, Hussein Obama admitted on MTV. They use
hard drugs and other since in crime, made it in cover that either and they had to get em elector over the finish line in twenty twelve. The media quickly drop the murder, not one salary, but for a man Cancer, Benghazi, Can you see now the duplicity, the mainstream media? Let us continue now, let's go to John and Admiral attacks has been there for about an hour and a half John and Amarillo. Welcome to the mark. Levin show hosted by bill. Cunningham John go ahead. I can't believe I got through your producer show me to be brief, so I will try to make this as quick as possible, you. Ve covered a lot of ground, but I called in at the moment that you were talking about our court systems and the risk that it s posed to them Did the Democrats regain control the Senate, Andorra, the House three things? First of all powders. Well, I'm of also a fan out. It's a wonderful life and I'm gonna get back to my point
on the wall hanging behind them in the boardroom, as George Bailey talks is fine, I caught, and I quote that movie all the time and you know what it says: no, it says you can If anything with you, what you haven't given away, gray point Can you imagine the Democrats? Let's take the Senate. There is no more federal judges. Probably either Windsor loses re election with the democratic Senate and on twenty and twenty twenty. That means for the next, forty five to six years, there's no federal judges, theirs. Legislation. There is no offense. What point is there new attorney general. It's over think about that your I'm following the rules that the producer gave me one. I do have a joint venture call its move on and Scott in New York City scouting, your Eddie, welcoming the mark, Levine shows got. Please go ahead, actually taken my call yes, sir. I'm at the game last night arrange a game
my lapel on my jacket. I have a afflicted and dome I'm getting complements. Now I'm just walking around in between theory, animals water or by myself, because I left my bodies up in a box, a sky box and I'm getting out of nowhere, people coming up to me. You know, as I'm working people coming my wing going my way- and you know I mean compliments because at the pin I mean men, women, kids, a boy. Girls? It was. It was a gratifying. You know in any telling me go Trump Go Trump. Northern Ireland there are those ranger fans are special, I spent, five years near city, their hotel Pennsylvania, and I can, how many times I want your rangers game and I saw ranges, fans walking down fifty forty five forty six treat their going crazy right,
your friends are special, oh you can go to the American flagged your rangers game, be complimented. Imagine if we want to other venues doing the same thing. I got it, It's all patriotic. It was fantastic. I really had a great time and I was very proud. The question is how the rangers do asked about the way we want in overtime, thank God good, but the fact is You know what I imagine the trump that I've heard: women whispered my ear, I'm I'm kind of with bread cabinet there is that there is a silent majority of Americans that and it with mob rule. They can't put up with publicans getting shot and off the road beaten, their care put up with cars being a torch to camp. Per chased out a restaurants in elevators and airports there I think, there's a sense. There's lots arrange your friends live in LAS Vegas Nevada, son,
Moreover, California, in Cincinnati, Rangers fans are everywhere, but they can't get their head up because its politically incorrect, it's true but bill. What I'm trying to shave now with disgust soldier guy, I dont think anything's gonna work, but these people, what they ve gone down so far, the left they ve gone down to the good at what they ve been doing that, even though the president's not running There are a lot of people that are coming our way now and I dont think everything's gonna work to them that disgusting and their vile and everybody needs to sketch out. And it's amazing, you ve thought inviting Trump probably got twenty eight percent of the vote in New York City, but I bet among rage or fancy got seventy percent. We gotta run Scott thanks. You recall one more court called and we'll take a break loose go to Cameroon in Illinois and Common Illinois. Welcome to the mark, Levine show hosted by the great American
now. I know you are a great American. Thank you. Let me show you this here since an area here- and I want to say something about this em all show line Ok, I know he's authority, citizen Asia, for you, a resident, but my thing of people we need clear. Media they need to check into the skies history. He joy. My phone brother heard back in the nineteen seventy. If he had the same, had the same ideology that they have today about. You know brain over here to the country and, He works for the Fatty royal family for years as an on one of their papers, as our history with this family, and I do think that Turkey doesn't like president anyway? So now they I like I'd like to see the stuff they keep saying that they have.
I really don't know if I would even trust the information and it happened, I consulate in Turkey, so they should be there negation right, Turkey, an early the consulate they re. Being territory really are, and so, but talk about Christopher Stevens Was U S ambassador to Libya murdered, show Smith. Tyrone words, England, dirty we're all american citizens they weren't than ever green hard and the media largely ignored that in twenty twelve because it was so injurious Throw a bomb is real action if they would have focused on for the last eight weeks, Mitt Romney would have one, but the media couldn't do that because they wanted to make sure there guy one exactly, and I think America's Christine need a stopwatch. What's going on Frankly, I don't wanna see anybody murdered. I dont care fur from Cairo,
the turkey where more than the USA, that I just really think that they need to let this play out. Let me make a gauge happened: what preserving the information I mean over those on it. So I didn't want to say get out to vote. We have a great president and I back in the thousand percent, and we have to keep the house and the Senate and we have to help our President get is beneficial for years about Kim. Thank you very much call we continue and just put a sharper point on this thing that it's almost impossible today too. Tv objective information from the mainstream media that they should balls and strikes though there, business in America that the first amendment protects the constitution, protects one business in America? That is the freedom of the press, and so when the press is protected by the by the? U S, constitution with rights, go responsive
nowadays there is great responsibilities to use objectivity and reporting to Eric and people the information upon which they cast balance, that's I there so that the press and a free press can up. Actively inform the electorate, has two facts: for which they have no control or nor understand, together that information to objectively presented so that we can change government. We go some other direct we can say you know what that's not right, but I can't as the ABC Nbc Cbs, the war deposed, the New York Times Hollywood. I can't trust universities, colleges, late night. Television shows to give me effective information upon which he cares and inform ballot. I love listening Denmark who, in order Hush order Sean order. Laura news is getting a bit liberal. I love see our tv. It's wonderful, I watch it. I receive information that either confirms my view
or leads me in a different direction. Then it can rely upon. Rely upon CNN, giving me anything objective because they are in the business of destroying Donald J Trump. They want rob out of office, then they're going to destroy pence in paints. God bless nice guy former radio, talk, shows Indiana Norm you, I b C and Indianapolis nice guy. We're on a rock star when you are presence of the president. This is a rock star, and can we gotta go thanks to your colleagues? Can too If a line becomes available. Eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three one one. We have two lines open. If you call now and no Mark Leavin, the great one will be back on Monday there's a family member. Having some help difficulties in Bonn, by his daddy Jackal event. Has a book out October the Thirtieth called our police. It's a children's. Then you can pre order and Amazon. Thirty percent off
Amazon, our police by Jack, live in March then, must contain. With more built, Cunningham, the great American and for the great one Ben This came out last night that Natalie Mayflower Edwards forty years old, Natalie, Mayflower Edwards Forty, a senior official at the Treasury financial crimes get enforcement network is now queues of illegally giving a reporter bank reports documenting Sir a suspicious financial transactions having Paul man afford in Richard Gates. This is the deeps. Eight leaking information. She was caught red handed with the with a hard drive flash drive in her hand.
Down illegally committing felonies information. Do reporter and God Bless Tee government for catching this thief. Let's continue with more way of Tom and Santa Monica California than J D alone, Vegas Nevada Tom. Welcome to the mark, Levin show hosted by the great american Bill Cunningham and Tom. Please go ahead. You're off them here You know we I mean Americans are winning on every for every single brought with President Trump, so Why are we getting this negative messaging about Republicans? Losing the house I mean: are the Poles wrong because, we ve got to go there and you know through this emotional roller coaster, and I'm wondering what do you know what your thoughts why our group is opposed to the greatest pulling in the world was done in twenty. Sixteen dozens of people it was all the experts all opponents. It was a done deal, and I'll. Tell you a little story. I had on election day itself,
local radio show in Cincinnati Donald Trump Junior. Like two o six schedule to come, We called on about two o too, where the over the months and months item on several times and junior, says to me you know my nicknames Willie he's a Willie. We could have one this thing and I What do you mean? You sell what we never had case again, Ohio. We never had Rubio and Bush in Florida, never Walker Wisconsin, we couldn't get buying in Michigan, but you know we could have one this thing so the term campaign believed Election Day there we're gonna lose because they pay our attention of the poles method to the crowds and when you talk, at present and he'll. Tell you that you want to Michigan like a one, a m in the morning on Election day morning, and it was packed with thirty thousand people. Every word tromp went I met a state Ohio, unlike you're state, that there's a presidential campaign in Ohio every year. That's really unbelievable!
So I saw the ends. I saw the commercials, Mary came through, tromp came through and they re there was no comparison to the excitement that prompt cause, has opposed to Hilary all the appalling and Ohio Hilary winning five ten percentage points how that turn out? Well, I know that we have a huge turn around and how that is forty, three but the know twenty three to twenty three seats. The Republicans have twenty three seated binge right. I mean where an amazing winning streak, america- and I think you know that the Republicans listen to this negative messaging I just get out is that yeah we're gonna win both their house and the Senate. No problem what if you're a Democrat? What are you running on this cycle? What what is the positive issue? The democratic party has two course voters to come to their. What? What? What does the demo.
Party stand for in a positive way cricket hello had on. I dont get me Jimmy something Gimme. Don't think they're part of their resistance, they stand for nothing positive, it's all negative and are you Today, the new or two years ago, are you betcha how you Bobby stock market job Marylin Military one or more the secret service around Trump, those guys love the president. Are you not that men are gonna talk to me one do nothing good nothin Beth we tell through body language, cops, love, EM soldiers fire fighters, love, em, middle class, bluecoat types, love em tromp- was Annabelle character in person. Replied there was simply on likeable and I don't know who's the head of the Democratic Party too. You know Tom who is in charge of the Democratic Party, Nancy Pelosi Bernie Sanders. Who
Alison? Who, although nobody knows nobody, including the Democrats Tom. Thank you for your college continue with more coming up because in LAS Vegas in San Francisco and blend Ale, in Phoenix We're becomes available. John, never does the number ecology. It. Seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one marks dad's Borg, Jackal event. Coming, I October the thirtieth is called our police, our police, through Amazon, now by October, thirtieth with thirty percent or build Cunningham, the greater, organ in for the great one, more clearly Magua then the voice fear most and you can Walmart at seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one: Cunningham, the great American I want to share with you some of the headlines
the mainstream media about Elizabeth, worn, good friend, a red Samantha Elizabeth, worn ABC New said this on Monday, Elizabeth Worn reveals proof of native american ancestry about that headlines about the AP supposedly objective, independently he quote. War in DNA shows native american heritage. How about CNN you'll love this one? This is, as of Monday lives with worn in our programme code: illusion at war and release is dna. Test was strong evidence of nature. American ancestry, BBC Elizabeth, worn dna tests, fine, strong evidence of native american blood? That's evidence amounts to something less than point. One percent in reality, is less native american blood. Then the tip or so called White American has, american blood, it's unbelievable, and about that the daily based on Monday,
breaking news, Elizabeth WAR and releases our dna tests She has native American about that Boston, Globe, her home down newspaper quote worn, reveals test, confirming ancestry NBC. We see current. No organ resume news quote, Elizabeth worn releases dna results indicating she has native american heritage when you break down the numbers. The testing that this person did involved samples from Colombia and Peru, not from America and that she is something less than one per cent, american blood that she played for DEC, it, has a minority to make money and so it's amazing to me. How the media covers for those protected inside the progressive tribe, if you're part of their group and your Louis fairer, gone using age.
Shhh against Jews, too When our ban you, if you're in the group, like bureaucracy in Obama you admit in the presidency, using drugs, remaining felonies. It's no big story at all. But if your outside the group and your was bred criminal and when for fifteen years old you drink beer at some posting in your yearbook, my God, that's a big story, so Clinton in office as president drugs, no problem, bread, Kevin all drink beer yearbook entries when he was fifteen major major problems, and so I look at the park of what's happening now in Turkey with Jamal. Could major story? trying to find the trump connection using a club against that good man constantly. But for heroes die in Benghazi, with Clinton in charge.
Personal friend, Ambassador Stevens, oh boy, was running for reelection no big deal, Americans martyred Burundian men, gauzy, no big deal I saw it is killed in Turkey Trump and the White House huge deal was concerned further calls thousands on old millions or listening. Let's go to jail. Vegas Nevada, J welcome to the mark, Levine show hosted by the great american jaded. Please go ahead, Really it's a pleasure to the great American that you're you're, helping out tonight become a model of special to me, and I said before J D there's only one talk shows in America. Can I change my travel plans based upon when he's on the air to make sure I can listen and that's mortal of in God bless your mate
a trumpet. Are you the President President drop on you? It came across over the problem that he respects you quite a bit. It was a great interview in regard to this saudi journalists from the wild imposed. I hear constantly on the media. He is portrayed as a journalist from Washington, Post inferring that he's a mark american citizen, and this is just trying to prove that trumped doesn't care about journalists and YE kisses up to the Saudis. If these are people that have been helping us fight terrorism for years, honour Obama had red lines and ISIS was a J B team of took a Trump one year to get rid of ISIS. You don't hear about that in the news enable cause you know have been because it doesn't How long did Obama deal with ISIS eight years now?
tromp got rid of them a one year. How big story was that, If a blip on the radar her one day ass, he was embezzler Christopher Stevens in American. When does it, clearly we are all the colonel can protect. You No, I don't you have something in your backyard Columbus day your mayor out their decided unilaterally, I guess Jade your federal holiday and and and this all the italian Americans. I have a suggestion- widely renamed Columbus, Ohio, Pocahontas, Ohio. Well, you know all over the country. You are getting rid because political correctness that a mile Columbus Columbus. Discover a place with ten million people. However, That was the spark that cause European immigration into America that began the process hundreds of years later in creating United States of America. Who is
I'd representative on earth, the spark celebrating the italian people. He flew under it portuguese flag paid for by the spanish and it was an italian but he came here and that began the process of colonizing there, this country in the world and what's wrong with that. It doesn't seem to be, I want if they don't want to recognize it anymore. And finally, if I may Billy, you know it's going to take in the words of a mutual friend all hands on deck Dave all hands on deck. I'm a pole, watcher and I go out- and I vote restart start early voting, which I hate, because there are too many opportunities for shenanigans. But I ask- and I implore all of your listeners online Well then show on your Sunday show that I listen to religiously, as you know, to go out and be a poor watcher, even if it only for the day, you vote walk up
the head. Aren't you of that election site, identify yourself as a republic and pull watcher even if he could only stay a couple hours and then sneak out it at all? Let them know you're leaving because able in a give them the knowledge. We are there. We are watching them and that what we need to do in reference to our election year, Senator our went up two days ago from Two wrongs ahead. Don't was seven point that I would to see you guys know I'll go after that shall ride my own, who is a wife beer as socialist and a year the presidency's backing up to him. You know with the sharing deal sure I don't understand how the good people of the back, I state, president drop by eight or nine point and keep elected this pony sure ROD, Brown, please get him out Janni. Let me ask you: this women Evanna Eleven Ohio, unlike many say
its! We actually have political races in Nevada and Ohio trouble. No higher by nine percentage points. The last well done by the code, Ohio pull in twenty six, and had Hilary wanting by six percentage points they missed it by fifteen, and I don't trust the pulling in Havana than has Heller up because I don't know what, in the hell I close one Harry Red tuna: do all the casino workers and in LAS Vegas, and what The buses are gonna, look like on election day, where you got right you're going to get a good memory. You're going back in two thousand and ten when he got elected by bussing, forty, seven thousand casino workers from the M Gm Gran, the head of the Andean Grand Jim mirrored with a box lodge and a piece of paper, a flyer making them. But I still don't understand to this day. They all voted at the same body in place
you know where your whim, everybody has a different story, precept that was so dirty I dont, understand right limber. Yesterday, a line and he didn't follow up on it. Were there three and a half million registered voters in this country more than the population of voters in this country, so another three. Five million legal wandering around, but we have to be careful of it. And now they're trying on the ballot here to pass. Automatic voter registration early in the morning. I did it. I want you to Five thousand people may already admitted that are not legal, suggest, bakers, fourteen states. I believe that I have this and we just now Yeah I'll keep an eye on the ball and I just hope we get through this mid term. I think my prediction billion
down. When we talk further we're gonna win five to six and its it will be, and if these six fifty seven the house, I think it's a crapshoot. Being in LAS Vegas. It could go either way we could beat. I had one or two are behind by want to do, but at least it's not real proof do not even the Poles J D, you do not believe the poles we have to. Through the finish line, we gotta work that countries at stake. The impeachment at stake, the judges are at stake, immigration is on the ballot tax. You're on the ballot. Troms self sufficiency, to President remains on the ballot jerry we gotta go. Thanks for your call, us continue with more calls from California Arizona, hi when all places in between bother way Markel event, the gray one will be back on Monday he's had a fan, member with somber medical issues. Hopefully, will be resolved by Monday. He'll be back with you on Monday and if you can take time
Amazon. Our police is a children's both put together by a jackal of in his dad. It's going to be released, October thirty. If you can buy with a thirty percent discount, though by go Amazon Dotcom. So let's continue with more forty five minutes after they are built. Cunningham. The great American in Further one man, I've got a cunning emigrate American for the growing one market have been back to your calls that I love tat then I summoned the most letter at audiences and radio is the mark Levin show because of the strength of his affiliates. In the end, the reach of visas is intellect and we have called smaller. Country, including San Francisco and Christian San friends, go welcome to the mark. Levin shown crisp. Please go ahead.
I argue you are incredibly articulate and it is a joy to listen to you. You get for listen very favourably. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you but we would like to say, as you know, I keep hearing about the media. Why and that's all we get their information may be other dominating. The news surfers are all liars. Well why don't we get more stations in fog and get a bunch of competing? Concerted stations could like growing people. Colleagues say why don't have it? participation, where I live well see. Aren't you gonna go on about see our tv. You check to your tv. You can Jackson, news max dot com, one american network, gotta check with your cable company. I think so, our tv does a great job fox. I can't watch Shepherd Psmith in the afternoon. If I want to watch crap I watch MSNBC. So I can't- a shepherd Smethurst Parts of Fox that I can't watch I love Hannity I'll watch, em, Laura no problem car
no problem. I love watch and mark on Sunday night, but this news parts of fox that that I can't watch and it's because if I want to watch Shepherd Smith's crap a watch msnbc. Instead, animals will get the true thing, but and I worry about Fox long term because of that after what is doing in concerns, maybe I, like more information, not less I do what I do Chris I get up, I checked out Drudge Report, New max dot com. I check Mark thence website. I gotTa Daily Collar I gotta daily wire. Check out Fox and I go to Six red stay dot com is pretty good. I checked no seven or eight, and I feel fairly, well informed start my day and then throughout the check those websites for information I can Our attention in the so called mainstream media. It's too much for me. I can't I should advise me not, but what I,
There's information out there, but you have to be a little more pro active in finding it. You want to see our tv dad come in and you or NEWS Max Daily COM, Daily Wire Drudge report. I think you're good to go. I agree. Except what I am referring to is the mainstream media worked all don't have the intelligence and meat they don't go to bear fruit because very there on the fence. They don't want more conservative news. We need to get. A very big competing like a local news. In May free media. We need to get in there. Precise Terry. What would happen money controls everything if CBS or ABC said from top to bottom from the top of the tree through the root system, where I have conservative viewpoints channels. Can you imagine the ratings sky the rocketing sage, Phoebe S news if they determine their
do television much like one America's network or news max or see our tv? CBS would say we're going to cover news objectively moderate. To the right side of things. Wouldn't they maiden billions of dollars. As you can NBC Abc Cbs is the same newscast ever nodded six thirty. If one of them would go against the fracas in flag devalues the once in the whims and their wishes the majority of the american people, what we'd be better off than when they make a lot of money. We are well people that are being proactive enough to do that to into the mainstream. Because they these radio chosen. These T2 places are preaching to the choir. We needed change minds like starting go on these mainstream me adding beginners know if he's gotta go there. Yes, located, come and be always it's ok to do Fox or do my friend, John Hannity, now market
might get him on a Sunday night on Fox on the radio, but buddy needs to go out, and this guy is wonderful. Sixty minutes interview he took as we stall apart on Sunday, I thought it was fabulous and he's here. Zone Bell guys amazing. In his presence he looks to be fifty. Seventy in his presence always what it's like being with Elvis nineteen sixty eight and why is like the vetoes on the itself shows like beyond, say it met life stadium, this essay superstar, when you in the presence of Troy, It's like the Messiah It's unbelievable and I've never seen this in politics was an old enough during the Kennedy era? Ronald Reagan? Yes, I want to read rally nineteen eighty four pretty good, but there's not. In politics that equals tromp round and that's why you go to Montana. I want, airy Pennsylvania, Cincinnati Georgia. For
He go anywhere and RO one, however crowd. I wonder what would happen if the trumpeter one two central park anew I wonder what that would be like. I want to ask him that Stalin are you now she she was stooping mighty as stupid. It out. This is obvious, there's some real irony in MID Anders because there are certain where accusing him of going after young prostitutes is, is competitor why is he winding about how unfair- or this is crack in me up what's unfair caresses, when you picture our first lady essay stripper engaging in sex acts in the oval office. Mainstream media doesn't care about it in other floaters is don't gather around Maloney to protector, can Imagine if Michelle Obama was sure any video perform, sex acts in the oval office. What would the Me due to the person who did that to Michelle Obama,
There is none because its trump This is Trump that no outrages sufficient because criticism, because its trump work we gotta go Christian. Three or call. I want to thank once again rich Samantha, rigour Valdez for allowing meta the mark Levine, showed a night and we got other so on Thursday, Friday marker, we back on Mondays, had a bit of a few medical issue is gonna, get resolve and thought him a family member back with you. On Monday night, I've enjoyed this Bill Cunningham, the greater
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