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On Monday's Mark Levin Show, the Kurds have fought side by side with American Marines and Army and they have been our allies for decades. President Trump pulling troops out of the Northern part of Syria is not about endless war, it's about not abandoning the Kurds now that ISIS has been defeated in Syria. This exposes this loyal group of Muslims, that have aligned themselves with the United States, to the threat that Erdogan in Turkey poses to the Kurds. What's next, pulling our Navy out of foreign waters, ending the Monroe Doctrine, or pulling out of NATO? We must stick by our allies! Then, the second whistleblower is as insignificant as the first, since we know what was said from the transcript memo. This is simply the Democrats trying to create the appearance of a scandal. The media should focus on the comments of the actual parties to the call. Later, Democrats are attempting to mask the identity of the whistleblower from their Republican counterparts. The American people deserve to have their president face his accuser if they're legitimately planning impeachment. So far, they are absconding his identity to protect him from scrutiny so they can bamboozle as many citizens as they can get away with. Afterward, from a legal perspective, this case would never stand up in court. This whole thing is a phony cover-up being accepted, on its face, without scrutiny from the media.

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surprised and intellectual enthusiasm is valued. Thank you for listening and my sincere appreciation to hills. Dale brother sponsorship now run casting lamentably underground demand, both in the bowels of a hidden bunker somewhere under Britain, steel of among the script building. We once again made contact with our leader, my man near our number three, eight one, one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one we ate one one. We had a wonderful time in care, ally country and allay, took the what is called the I'm back. My wife- and I am here But it was wonderful sold out crowd over seventeen hundred great pay
rich, and I want to thank them all with a wonderful time. Lots to discuss today. Some you'll like Samuel getting a lot of trying to persuade me. One Position or another when it comes to the Kurds. And I wasn't going to start with this, but I am going to start with this. The Kurds are Muslims, targeted by Saddam Hussein. When he was alive, guitar by ETA. One time by the Syrians. They. Ve been our allies for decades. They fought side by side with the United States soldiers, Marines, an army and special forces in fighting ISIS.
And they lost a heavy number of men and women and their women fight and their teenagers fight. Now that we have arguably ISIS control not completely, but in that region, where banning them, we're leaving them era, one Who hates the United States, whose aligning himself with Russia whose undermining NATO who threatens the Israeli. The threatens other arab countries? Although Turkey is not an arab country gets his way? What does he want? He wants to wipe them out, and northern Syria.
And as soon as the president announced, they were withdrawing our troops from that sector. In his only five thousand two hundred troops in that particular sector. He sent his jets in there and started to attack them. I dont know another time in american history. When we ve had allies, will fort side by side with us and Are we accomplish the mission we wanted to accomplish? We just drawn tell him you're on your own. I dont know another time in american history that we ve done such as this isn't about wars. How in the world are we ever going to get allies in these countries or even spies in these countries, if we just abandoned them? If we,
the ban on them. This isn't about an endless war. This is allowing turkey. Another Islam or nazi dictatorship to call the shots. Are we aware turkey? I don't think so, and it's not just the Kurds. It's not just the Kurds. There have been an tie, Assad forces in Syria who have fought alongside us there now exposed. There are christian. Fighters and communities. There now exposed not saying anything publicly that until the present in a few months ago, but it's not our fight.
You have every other country and every other freedom force takes a position with the United States. We are in deep trouble. We are in deep trouble and I am very trouble, By this I am very, very troubled by this: it's just the moral thing to do. It's, not the! Why Thing to do militarily for our national security and to let these people now. Fine on their own in their own defence, Defence of their own homes, around families, their own communities and so forth. It troubles me a lot. Especially after they were so helpful to us again
Ten America's interests to be able to find allies like this, we needed to feed ISIS and they helped us. They were crucial as a matter of fact, and these are good fighters. These are good people. And as I say there, Muslims. The line with the United States. And this will send a message throughout the world- I think the others who have thrown in Thus our would throw in with us. We're not gonna stand by them. We. We wouldn't lose a single soldier. Not a single soldier if we let the status quo said as it is, air. No one wanted to attack. He wanted to attack.
So, basically that's what he's going to be able to understand the president tweeted out, you know, will obliterate their economy and so forth and so on, but that's not what we're doing fifty soldiers to a hundred soldiers. I don't believe that's the way we conduct ourselves and, of course, ran pause out there saying enough for these endless wars. This isn't a war, that's our ally, that's our ally! Now, there being attacked by the Turks. Because we announced where withdrawing from this particular sector and Syria, some very troubled by this. He's not in America's best interests. In my humble opinion,. My comments are not intended to attack. The president did not intended for them
I have to see oh look at this. The Republicans are lining up against the president. This isn't a game smart about politics, the the court's hates the president's on my what they'll attack on this is about policy. In this is about reality, this is about endless wars about fighting endless horse. You know. People who help us, you don't have to help us new. Look. The revolutionary war Could not have won the revolutionary war in the end without the help of France and it bankrupted. France in the end ended in power there, their enemy, the british Bankrupt.
The French I'm just pointing this out, you'd, go throughout history. Alliances, allies. People behind enemy lines, fight side by side and so forth and so on, and I don't think this is a gold moment. American foreign policy- I really doubt it's not and interventionism, it's not about endless wars. It's not about some overall strategy is about right and wrong. President says we gave the Kurds a lot of money, we didn't give them a lot of money to buy cars and homes and take vacations. We were,
arm them they help us defeat. Isis, that's what we were doing. We cannot say that we defeated ISIS without also acknowledging the fact that the Kurds helped us to fill out because it, exactly what they did if the feeding ISIS was a great thing, but we also need to thank the Kurds. And I'm sure there thinking today will. This is some thanks. Now a NATO member nation is going to try and wipe us out at least wipe out a portion of our of our forces and our population. I just I just to me this is not under
Animal president said I was going an endless wars. Will this was an award? This is an ally. And the only war they were involved in is to help us to feed ISIS. Then maybe they ve been with the Turks were hundreds and hundreds of years. What does that matter? The Turks were not free to attack them until we decided to move fifty two hundred troops, and now they feel free to attack them. I'd be curious to know what the men out there and women who fought side by side with the Kurds in the Middle EAST to be curious to know what they think about this. I suspect there not very happy about funny how we never talked in them stay. We talk to people
condition buildings in Washington or on tv sets on various cable channels and so forth, and saw talk to them, asked them what they think about the Kurds. I have, I think, very highly of the Kurds. I just don't think this is something America should do or has Donner would do so calmly, strongly most for whatever it's worth proudly, not much. When we return, I got there's a second whistle blower. Second whistleblower the sides credence to the attacks on the present now it does I'll explain when we return, when you hear me talk about hills, to college, a lot that its rigorous classical liberal arts curriculum about its exceptionally bright and patriotic students, one hundred and seventy five years ago, Hailstone college
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And defending liberty since eighteen, forty four remember: that's hills, Del DOT, Edi you hills, they'll, DOT, Eddie, you Well, we can't he robbed awards forever. That's my love, helpless defeat ice and it's an interesting We don't start the say we should be involved and wars forever, which work specifically you talking about which one just curious.
So there we are mining our own business Sunday morning, California, and the report comes out- follows cited. A report from the nearest slimy that the lawyers for the first so called whistle blower have a second so called whistleblower, then the next day, of course, towards definite plus Democrat Clint annoyed with hemorrhoids. I assume here he announced that the. Second whistleblower has in fact come Fort same law, firm, I'm sitting here, thinking to myself and I post something on my social site. Why does any of this matter with these so called whistleblowers? First, I said to my wife: I'm going to post something because it's important others will repeat it. That's, okay!
It's just important to get the point out. Here's what I posted and I would recommend you my social sites, if you're on the internet from time to time because. When a man on the air I post a number of things, there. And here's what I said since the first. So whistle, blower flop. Now the same lawyers reportedly and suddenly have a second, so called whistle blower. The choreography with this left wing law firm. The Democrats and the media goes on But we all have the transcript of the phone call. We have the transcript of the phone call So why does it matter how many so called whistleblowers are printed out by this lover? In other words, we know what took place in that phone call.
This, is all about trying to create the impression of a scandal trying to influence public opinion trying to pick off congressional republicans as they begin to fall. You could see and trying to build momentum towards impeachment. Look at all these whistleblowers like it matters since we have the transcript, since we have the transcript. What does it matter. It doesn't matter, except for the optics, enter these people truly whistleblowers. Ladies and gentlemen, a whistle blowers, are these people. So the CIA, fella or officer at the White House snooping gathering information, that's gonna, whistleblower. Then files a complaint after.
Coordinating in collaborating with Adam Shift staffer. Uses, a law from that includes a lawyer who worked for tumor and Clinton and so The best this guy or gal can do is to say that they spoke to half a dozen or a dozen people. Polluted news articles in their complaint. That's a whistle blower. And then this whistle blower is it me, ITALY, embraced by the Democrats in the media. Though they claim not even know who it is, as we talked about days ago, the way a blowers, courageous and noble, and wonderful and gambling. Ever seen, a whistle blower. So wonderful.
Who is well we're not going to tell you, might get a protect the whistle blower. Ah I see what you mean. You politicized the statue but you did not give this guy or gal cover, but then you see they're gonna start to present these whistle blowers when they think the timings propitious saw choreographed you see when its propitious like a with Blasi Ford they held that back that letter, for I don't know how long a couple of months and how dare you question the whistleblowers and then you start to see news articles attacking people like me for questioning the whistle blower. How can you do this trash such a Abstaining person, who is, I don't know, and yet I dunno till the Democrats tell us were allowed to know only the Democrats,
House Intelligence Committee, Nancy Policy, can tell us when we get to know who Users are. Even though we have the transcript of the phone call already. I've never seen a whistle blowers situation like this. Have you never heard of such a thing, Moreover, these whistle blowers, they have no threats. There's no danger. It's not like that. Finally, turning over something that hasn't been turned over, while Is it an endangered? The Milly hasn't. The president, whose endangered with all the the language used against him. So they try and create this image of this noble, courageous person just doing there Business and another threat now they're, not They're not normally courageous for slime off. Actually
More the Saint Maur, the Brennan CIA operation, man, oh man, I got More- will be right that liberty and learning and a healthy democracy. These two things are mutually supportive in America, today, however, that bond is broken to help prepare the breach hills. De colleges wants the van and or graduate school of government in the nations capital and, unlike other graduate programmes, hills dealt, teaches politics as a human activity, oriented towards justice a silly choices, guided in the best case by right principles, but made an ever changing circumstances. They require prudence to achieve the best attainable results tells deals, curriculum combines the careful reading of primary sources and serious historical inquiry. Students learn how to apply the principles of free government. An advance
The cause of constitutional is in the context of ever changing circumstances. Hailstones new vandal school of government is a pro unlike any other in Washington, Dc Hills. Del college pursuing both in defending liberty since eighteen forty four learn more at Lavigne for Hills, delta com, that's avian flu hills. Del backup goes tyranny hotter call now, eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one, this guy again. Well, I've told you he's in ABC Legal analysed and He also has found of media a hard core leftwing, anti trump site any. So has a another website really is loaded. I guess call law and
I'm dot com, and so they got wind of my post. The daily collar ran with it, and so they wanted to neutralize my comments, not owner of this law, must not left wing not in the least, so they go to the head of the law from the sky by name a mark as aid, and this is their article today, recent actually about an hour to ours. Whistleblowers attorney response to right wing media tax. I couldn't care less about political ideology, says the daily collar today published. It detailing conservator radio hosts Mark Levin statements, characterizing the attorney representing the whistle blowing the Donald Trump Ukraine. Controversy has left wing activists, later marks aid, one of the attorneys representing Whistleblower responded the daily collar and live pointing out Its errors of omission, Levinsky Let's came in response to news at a second whistleblower, had come forward and would also be represented by the same attorneys, including Zayd horse.
I mention the other lawyer who in fact did work for Schwimmer and Clinton, but that's ok called since the first so called whistleblower flop. Now same Lars, reportedly and suddenly have a second, so called whistleblower. The choreography with. Left wing law firm. The Democrats in the media goes on the bench waited, but we all have the transcript of the fund So what does it matter? How many so called whistleblowers are paraded out by this often Levinus rhetorically. I didn't ask rhetorically I asked factually this is all about trying to create Repression of a scandal trying to influence public opinion included. He concluded Zayd founded Monday afternoon, pointing out that live in and the daily collar omitted that he as firm represented the Daily Collar NEWS Foundation and one of their since depart. Report is in a twenty fifteen lawsuit of the State Department. Only to release record showing that former secretary of State, Hillary Clinton and our topic
past. All mandatory security courses on handing classified material- I don't know anything about this- has nothing to do with me or my point, but will go on Indeed, he also represented the orange seen a twenty fifteen lawsuit involving Clinton's emails and work closely with weapons. Diamond Nunez on the Benghazi case. I have no idea what that means, but that's ok, say said: money was interesting that when the daily quarter runs a negative article on the whistleblowers case and someone asserts I'm a liberal activists lawyers, they never review but we were their lawyer and twenty fifteen foyer case involving Hillary Clinton. Training on handling classified information in any to law and crimes aid, said a simple look at his twenty five year. Career would immediately debunk any portrayal of his partisanship. Has a partisan actor rather choose me ah long crime and then there's this from our incline. A bright bart.
Non partisan group aiding lawyers for whistle blower tied to Democrats far left organizations. They didn't cover this alone crime. Mr Zalm did mention this either. One of the co founders of whistle blower aid previously worked at several liberal activists organisations financed by donor activists and Democrat Party Bangor donor. George Soros The other co founder, currently leads a separate organization that both on its four person advisory board, jump at who led Hilary two. Twenty sixteen presidential campaign served his chief of staff, did Bill Clinton and founded the sorrows funded centre for american progress. Pushing a progressive agenda, working with the so called Deasey whistleblowers lawyers? Whistleblower aid set up a go fuck me page seeking to raise funds for the purported whistleblowers defence, the page already brought in some two hundred and six thousand with a gallery. Three hundred thousand John tie coffee Whistleblower aid told Fox NEWS that he is
working with the so called whistleblowers lawyers at the compass rose legal group, so this whistleblower aid is working with the compass rose, legal group, which represents the whistle blower, we're very had to be supporting this whistle blower, it's very stressful thing to be a whistle blower. He said. I did not immediately return a bright Bart news, interview, request and, of course, long crime. Dan Abrams, the legal analysed over there ABC News course. He didn't ask, he could care less he's got his narrative to push whistle Our aid was founded in September. Twenty seventeen, in the wake of trumps president To encourage government whistleblowers to come forward when whistleblower aid was first formed. The main banner for the mission statement of its website contained clearly anti trump language. It said quote today: I Republic is under threat.
Whistleblower aid is committed to protecting the rule of law in the United States and around the world. That part of the she stated received attention in the conservative media the scent today. Our republic is under threat has since been scrub from the website, the mission State now only reads: whistleblower aid is committed to protecting the rule of law and the United States and around the world speaking to the Washington Post, just after Whistleblower AIDS founding cofounder tie claim. There is not a partisan effort and then went on to express seemingly partisan alarm about Trump. He continued at the same time. Yes, the rule of law starts with the Office of President, like many other people were definitely concern. Things that are happening in the administration decision to fire. James call me: the lack of transparency, a lot of people, of course, is about whether the administration respects the rule of law. Now this group is assisting.
Financially and or legally, as I understand it. Accordingly, this article by bright part, the Comtesse rose legal group. Now, why wasn't that in the law and crime websites set up, The legal analyse for ABC News Dan Abrams made them There's eight has some comments about this, since, wherever I say, obviously echoes throughout the nation, please just love to write it down, will write it down and ask them and ask him and that's wonderful, noble whistleblower. He has he, of course, random shift staff. Why don't you run a boast When the House Intelligence Committee, this guy's, not a whistle blower- is a phoney souci other one. As I said, we have a dance transcript only way
interpretations by anybody, certainly not after the fact. We don't need any of tramps speaks for itself, and we don't need lawyers and phony journal. Interpreting it foresee the which is what they ve been doing. Many of the men lying about it absolutely lying about it. Now. I want you to listen to some of this from yesterday, and I know you ve heard about Chuck Todd today. But you haven't heard from me about Chuck Todd and a lot of you probably haven't been listening to radio cuz. You work for a living during the day. I don't know but Chuck Todd. I've been pointing out for a long time. Now is a reprobate. Please, a Democrat. He worked on Time Harkin's campaign years ago when he was in college. His wife is a democrat consultant, an activist.
And they in in the end their true to form. In the end they cannot be obtrude, objective, true towers and chuck. Todd is no TIM. Russet! That's for sure She brings on Senator Johnson Senator Johnson who happens debate. A big now debates on a lot of what's been going on his train. Explain to the audience some background. The foundation about Ukraine, where you can it was doing twenty, sixteen and so forth, and Truck Todd just give yelling. Cut three go. You ve got John bright and on your diaspora director Brennan. What did Peter drop mean when you LISA page December fifteen, two thousand six tease out? What can we not just? Let me finish think what are we gonna leaking? Why you, nine scorned, and what does this have to do with Ukraine there, their king, it has within both Ukraine? Now listen stink,
Our sisters had begun league linking like leaking like mad score, and in word and political, their kicking into Dr now, some fifteen phase before that for a start hearing the c I a leaking about Russia supporting the Trump campaign that there is That is why tromp was so upset. He had. False narrative. There is, after they had been set up by Jean? Call me in January, sixteen than here The Senator Council pointed that out. This entire investors and his entire his entire administration and now once she's been. That was proof. Falls. He would like to Know- and I would like to Know- and I know his supporters would like to know: where did this come from. That's what I'm saying is. We just went through this Russia thing and now all of a sudden, Ukraine pops up all of a sudden it pops up.
Now? I had actually popped up earlier when the Dnc was working with Ukraine and the Obama administration, but now it's being used against Trump Oliver son, but none of its political model. Collaboration, none of its any of it and by the way, in the lead up to his interview of Senator Johnson Chuck, dad did one of the most outrageous bits of propaganda. I've ever seen lie through his teeth about a quid pro quo lied through his teeth. All three of them go ahead and do I have a I have my third letter into the inspector general beheld. The centenary ass thinking, This confirm just confirmed, are you thus getting those links to Peter struck.
I have no idea how events that set up wondering. Why is this point? Why a Fox news, conspiracy, propaganda stuff is perfect, argues, conspiracy, propaganda, stuff. You clown it's what you do with Russia from four years. And now you're doing it with Ukraine. Folks that back a second, there were two people who are the primary people in that call? There were people listening in the sector. Stay was urgent, but to the presence of the United States. In the present EU, Ukraine Present United States transcript as public. Presently, Ukraine's has. He never felt pressured ever presently brain said that, as far as he knows, a military and other support was not withheld, but there are ignored the two principles around the phone matter. What matters is a and a non whistleblower, who will be disclosed to us, will be disclosed to us when the Democrats decide to disclose the name or
go ahead. You know I really I vat is I've. No idea here is that is sent it has an exact, I must present Rob is upset, and why is that. Where's rupture, what news media? good media's, Johns insiders geometry! If we listen to this, he screaming at senator dreamt he's unhinged. He's unhinge Could Johnson's no telling what he thought Johnson were taught he's unhinged going Please answer the question that I asked you instead of trying to make Donald Trump feel better here that you're not criticise, look how he look Kelly condescend to the sender that he's trying to make Donald Trump feel better the senators. The educated you moron he's trying to give you more of a contextual history of what took place. But you want none of it. It's like one outlets
To the man made climate change, deniers you're ill informed, had a simple question, very biased regime's. What made you will see the senator said very biased, open and it was the opening. Was outrageous go ahead. Let me call The article it says ukrainian government officials try to help Hillary Clinton and, under my trump they just somebody Documents is not much, I did you hear that trap set interested Chuck, Do a segment on that truck? You can invest yeah that you're gonna pursue that truck now. You're. Not, of course, now must be a Fox news. Conspiracy and faction is propaganda. What a joke, Go ahead from aid and corruption suggesting they were dressed in the matter first of all, for important health plan allies research, damaging information from his advisers. There is potential
interference in the party. Sixteen M asked it s political. By the way, I believe it's what is reading from go ahead, the bottom up the press doesn't want to ambassador. This article are being pilloried, I'm being called conspiracy theories. Johnson. Being called contributes conspiracy theories, because the press is horribly biased in Trump and support is clearly, and I understand that the way to avoid answering the question is to attack us and oppress. I'm well aware of that are on track. Try me, I think you know I really had to take a break break, but you know a check. Your a coward. You talk in these shibboleth these platitudes. I understand attacking the press. First, will you need to be attacked? You disgrace. Secondly, why haven't you covered this truck. That is your name! Why haven't you covered this ukrainian issue?.
I mean it has been in the New York Times. It has been a politico that ought to get your juiced up. We know why cause you're a Democrat cause your progressive inside your wife, I'll, be right back then shit, founding in eighteen, forty four hills, they'll call it has provided students with sound learning of the kind of central to preserving our civil and religious liberty. Now I want to tell you about an Primus, the free monthly speech, digestive hailstone college, in primacy, dedicated to educating citizens and promoting civil and religious liberty by covering important cultural, economic, political and educational issues first published, and nineteen. Seventy two in primacy is one of America's most widely read: publications in support of liberty with more subscribers three point: nine million than the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times and recent Primus publications have a job Issues like free speech there,
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You little munchkin, why don't you come on their show, Chuck TAT Sure you more respect the new treated senator Johnson, but then there Jake Tapir with Amy Cloe left Wing Democrat. Running for president on CNN yesterday and he pressing her on whether or not as a senator she would vote taken, the president, who has been impeach, get caught, one go would. You wrote to convict President tromp right now. I think I have been very clear this is in principle, that the case should be heard by the house, and it should. The Senate now I dont know what to think. They're, gonna have or how they're going to do this, but my focus is on the facts you ve gotta, president. That's acting like a global gangster. He is basically going to one leader after another trying to get dirt and his political opponents. She had no problem at all with a Hillary Clinton
the DMZ washing their money through a left wing, democratic law from another one and a left wing. Democratic, Laura named Elias, who goes too far, in GPS and then they A foreign agent in Britain to dig up during the president with Others russian apparatchiks. She's- never raised an objection to that at all and that those are facts that I just gave you facts, but that my point in playing this she's a Democrat. We expect to do well to bear up what she burps up, but its tapir senator. Would you vote to convict President Trump right now? There are any charges they're not set out. There has been any kind of trial and Jake Tapirs trying to push the narrative push the nerve Just like truck Todd is trying to push the narrative through censorship and by shouting down the United States. Senator these
as I really really damaging press This country really doing it, but Jake Tapirs and all democratically work for Marjorie, Margolis husband Ski was a democratic this moment? The thirteenth this? In Pennsylvania, my own home town, also a spokesman for hang on control like again, they resort to form under circumstances like this. That's Democratic I'll, be back.
Now- broadcasting number may underground than the bowels of the hidden bunker somewhere under Britain, steel of among the script fielding we have once again made contact with leader. Everybody mark living here are numbered. Take seven seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight seven, seven one one when I want to weaken the taps print, This literally came out three minutes ago, Mr Produce. From me Washington, compost when I read this to you, because the two sides to this house,
Democrats consider masking identity of whistle blower from trumps republican allies in Congress House Democrats eager to protect a whistle blower who raised alarms over President Trump pressuring a foreign leader to investigate a political rival. That's not what happened. He didn't pressure the President of Ukraine and the President of Ukraine said he didn't feel pressured and that's not in the transcript. We're being allied to with the big lie with the propaganda from the Democratic party media constantly. House Democrats, eager to protect a whistle blower erased alarms have a present from pressuring a foreign leader to investigate Political rival are considering testimony at a remote location and possum the obscuring the individual's appearance and voice extraordinary moves to revenge, trumps
international allies from regular the identity. According to three officials, familiar with the discussions knowledge to slow down here,. There's all kinds of whistleblowers, the identity of whom we know, and we know that faces. We know their names. Now, ladies and gentlemen, the idea that the so called whistleblower say a democrat rogue CIA agents or any of the others they bring in their Congo like that info Asian about these individuals, including their identities, could be kept from the american people. When this is being used as the hammered to narrow the present? The United States is so appalling. Its fascistic. Democratic investigators are concerned. Without such rare precautions report
the concern the House Intelligence Committee could learn and then leaked the identity. The whistle blower was agreed. Answer. Questions for the intelligence committees in both the House and Senate them. Why should they be leaking just tell us who it is so the american people control, our own conclusions are asking us to go along with your phony impeachment process. This is our kind this is our Congress. Its CIA, it's our President Weaver to know these things, the idea of a tree. Keep somebody's identity secret in the pursuit of a presidential Piedmont so outrageous, but it could also be set up which will get too in a minute. Democrats overseeing the logistics of the testimony for the house. Impeachment inquiry slaughterhouse impeachment the house to vote on it. It's a Democrat Party, impeachment ink rate languages everything
discussing a location away from the capital as well as a state. Only session there would prevent law makers from attending and asking questions. How is this? Even so, staff were there questions. Not our representatives are representatives. Don't even get the vote on the floor of the house about impeachment in the first instance. This is unbelievable. Age of considered having the whistle blower testify from a separate location via a video hook, up which the camera would obscure the whistleblowers image and authorise voice, possibly with modification technology. There also talk but having the whistle blower sit behind a screen or partition. A third option being floated includes audio. Only testament isn't this convenient. Shift, does not want to burn his identity. A senior congressional official said there are lots of differ.
Protocols and procedures, were looking into the final. What works and doesn't work to protect the identity? The whistle blower said a different official finance, with the talks on me. While the Democrats are leaking all over the place. The official spoke on condition of anonymity too freely describe private deliberations. Discussion underscores the toxicity between Republicans and Democrats when the House Intelligence Committee, which was one considered among the most by partisan. It goes on said he wants to meet his accuser and warned a big cats. Were you not our country? It's a funny thing. You get to confront your accuser, don't you, MR producer, so funny thing and in the peach my context, the american people get to confront the accuser right, but not if the Democrats have their way
Andrew package, a lawyer representing the whistle blower sunny letter to acting director of national intelligence tourism, acquire expressing fears for his client safety package. Also That certain individuals have issued a fifty thousand dollar bounty for any information relating to clients. I don't. I have no idea what they're talking about, but we, the pub Have a right to know he's been all kinds of people who testified in Congress. Mobsters and so forth whistleblowers. Democratic chairman me, while mediately cried found, accused trumpet witness intimidation, tromp wants to know who's. Accuser is an that's witness. Intimidation, these guys. Make stalinist show trials like actually quite cherry. Even a sum of trumps, staunchest congressional
he'll allies us began pushing for the disclosure the whistleblowers identity see. Ladies and gentlemen, there is something wrong with you, if you want the identity of this person, theirs thing wrong with you must want them. Harm do must want them endangered. The whistle blower allegations are traded on appeasement. Articles imperative the whistle blower be interviewed in public under oath and cross examine Graham said Sunday morning, futures Linsey listens to the show. Obviously. Details for the whistleblowers testimony are still being worked out. The officials caution little can be finalized until security, clear answers for the whistle, as lawyers are resolved, so they can begin more substantial discussions about logistics marks aid. Oh it's him again. One three lorries for the whistle blower set as a Monday. Two of the three have their glances. The third needs only to sign the paperwork. Just a logistic Actually said it will happen,
over the next couple of days. Whistleblowers team legal team is also in discussions with the Senate Intelligence Committee about testifying, according to one familiar with the talks. Panel headed by Richard Bear a mark wonders Democrat some for more by partisan approach, known for nothing. We would know anything about. The start of the Russia nonsense against the president, but for the House Committee, the off campus meetings. Look how the washed impose knows all this, but there were but leaks. The off campus meetings like it will be in a secure room provided by the executive branch. According to one of those individuals, meetings could take place within the next couple of weeks, but no date has been set whistleblower testify from another location. The house panel could ask intelligence committed. Inspector general Michael Atkinson, to confirm the eye Kennedy the whistle blower Atkinson who adjudicated the whistle.
Complain in August determine his allegations were credible cards who did an urgent concern to national security, while there nothing wrong with this inspector general them, because the as it is neither an employee of the intelligence community, Nor were the issues that were raised relevant to the statute congressional We have been discussing the possibility of a transcript from the testimony, but whether the whistleblowers legal team agrees to that depends on whether the individual's identity can be protected. The lorries one information share that could identify the whistle blower. This is absolutely unimaginable to me. The legal team has been higher by a second witness. What it was first hand, knowledge of the events in the complaint so far, there's been no discussed. We capital how about that person speaking, we Congress, the official said that would require permit, from the dna, but that's pro form at this point the official said
Can you imagine a situation in which you cannot confront your accuser, and can you imagine situation in which tens millions of Americans. Able to set their eyes on the accuser to listen to their testimony. And the media, I mean the real media that the Democratic party media has no option. Unity to delve into who this individual actually is that's what they're trying to prevent, or they may give the opposite theory that they plant this kind of a story only to make the eventual appearance of the whistle blower so called that much more dramatic But despite all the negotiations
but all of his attorneys advice, the whistle blower, has decided to come forward and testify. Despite all the threats, the whistle blower has decided to come forward and testify. I suspect the Democrats in their media friends or trying to fear Which is the best approach right now, but I can certainly tell you this the idea that you're going to seek to impeach I presently states will that, with all the other potential political defects in this process set up a Nancy Pelosi and her politburo. The notion that the american people will not know who the accusers is simply unacceptable in a republic period period. As I said on Fox friends Sunday a week ago,.
Eight days ago. I want to know who the sky is. I want to know all about this guy, and so do you we need to be able to judge the person's character. In their motivations. We do not trust the media to tell us in his lawyers, obviously advocates for the robe I cried CIA operative, but this is absolutely shocking to me. Shocking that this is even under discussion and you're gonna These clowns, some of them Republicans in Congress, going on and on, but you gotta protect the whistle blower. That's exactly why they're using this statute, so called whistle blower and his complaint was the second impeachment document. That's what it is. That's what it was. They do not want this person scrutinised or, if their forced to have this person
nice they want to make a dramatic entry to choreograph it like they did were Blasi forward. This is exactly what is taking place later. It's not what's in the best interests of the american people has nothing to do them: some clause of the constitution? This is all about the Democrats. These lawyers- these former CIA officials and the media trying to figure out how best. Damn as many Americans as possible. Are they write? More than you, up in the morning feeling sluggish and have to drag yourself through your day. Do you feel blow tired and out of shape, eating healthy as a habit, but most of us don't really know exactly what we should be eating right, how much we should be eating and how to properly prepare it. This is why I drink field of,
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then they start presently United States says I wasn't pressuring anybody. I made a suggestion to them. They might want to look into this with respect to by president. Ukraine said there was no pressure. He said it repeatedly. You understand. If this were a court case, it would fall immediately, it would fall immediately. Then you have a transcript of a phone call. That's been released that doesn't Shawnee pressure and leisure liberal Democrat. Remember the media and you want to pollute, believe there's pressure. And so they manufacture the words they put him indifferent orders, no pressure,
They they say well that aid was delayed for five or six weeks, but the aid was delivered. Despite the fact, there was no looking into the buttons it had been delivered Without any evidence that day, they were looking into the binds, so the key, Individual they presently Ukraine says no pressure. Aid is delivered, four five six weeks before Anybody was looking into the buttons and we're Toto. Forget about that. Listen, the how we interpret everything and not only that we second hand whistleblower, and now we have a first hand whistle blower, So blower of what we have the transcript as I continue to say even Martha, Mcmullen, listen. The programme and reads my posts- and this is good.
You just said the same thing, Mr Barroso. I want the whole world the say it this was my post on Sunday again yesterday since the so called whistleblower flopped Are the same? Lorries reportedly suddenly have a second, so called whistleblower. The choreography would this left wing law firm. The Democrats in the media goes on, but we all have the transcript of the phone call so, why does it matter how many so called whistleblowers operated up of this law? I wouldn't be surprised, if they're ten more. This is, about, trying to create the impression of a scandal trying to influence public opinion trying to pick off weak congressional republic. And trying to build momentum towards impeachment, that's it and that we have store that came out what twenty minutes ago were so from the washstand compost. The Democrats away about linking the identity of the whistle blower. The whole story is a leak by the way from the Democrats.
We have a right to know the identity of their whistle blower, so called so. Does the president of our right to confront your accuser? Do can be all kind people working at the White House could say way whether this guy was unhinge. This guy was no good. This guy this this guy. That. You don't get away with a cover up like this. This is a cover up. It's a cover up. You can't even confront. The accuser, with his second hand, information his back may may reveal motives. This whole thing is just so phony, and yet they push it in the media,
Jake tapper wants to know why people from the White House in the Trump Administration Republicans won't come on the show to discuss these I'll. Tell you why Jake cuz you're a liar cuz you're a hack, Cause you're gall isn't again information. Your goal is to abuse people parent, that's your goal and That's why people on come on. You shall, plus you don't have any ratings nobody's watching Jake, it's a joke!. You dont many ratings, Elliot Angle, Elliot Elliot. Mommy's calling la angles. Another one of these chairmen, one of the six, the gang of six. And he runs one of these committees thrown out these subpoenas left and right, and he was on face the nation S, questions.
Maghreb ran cut ten, go if democratic, the certainty of their own conviction when it comes to going ahead with its impeachment inquiry. Why not put it to a vote? There's historical precedent there, how it's been good for her good for her Maghreb, very good, go ahead and up needed, but why? Do it well my trouble by it, but there's no real, there's no reason to do it. This is the rule that says you have to do it. This guy's another low, I q, moron, liberal, Democrat New York, these new reason the do it there's no rule. It says you have to do with pleasure. Sir, look. We just want to get the tramp, We don't have to have a vote on the floor of the house, air, his lungs. Controlling a committee air. As long as my constituents have a say, let's hope,
but all the rest. Now we're not gonna have a vote on the floor. That has no no, we don't have to do bad? So we're not gonna. Do that when I reveal the name of the whistle blower, we're not do any of these things. Said
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I can say sorry, no brabble yeah and he had a great show tonight. I only get one complaint and I am thinking that I think people are. Don't realize that I don't think there they did. The Turks can necessarily beat the Kurds in Syria. That's just my opinion. I think people nets based on what well I mean there Guerrilla fighters in Turkey haven't been in a war in a year a hundred year, listen, listen, listen, Turkey has an air force and we were talking about wiping out the Kurds you know Saddam Hussein to the same thing. We told them the rise up against Saddam Hussein and ninety ninety one and they rose up and they were, Ass they lost five thousand men, women and children and. Here we asked them the fight with us on ISIS and they fought with US
tell you would treat a friend and well. You know I don't necessarily agree with it, but that's just went dead. Look, look, look, look! but the President Assad is this: how you will treat a friend? No, I wouldn't do that. And if any of you were the viewer in combat. And you were standing next to somebody who, assisting you throughout all these years in all these years, fighting alongside us enemies finally defeated or push back and say you know what you're on your own. You wouldn't do that. Well again, you ve got in in theory, you have the Turks. Russian, the serious enemy? Stop clouding the issue. We turn about fifty two hundred troops. We're talking about an area the country the small area that the Kurds control and also the the Ty Assad forces, that's it we're not but the Russians were not about the Syrians. That's what we're talking about
The other problem is a prison. There were ten thousand ISIS terrorists in there and if the key, Its abandoned that prison and just take off it's gonna happen to them. Now you ve got a point, ten thousand of them, ten thousand of them. Now I get it as if it it seems to me. I think that their over playing The turkish capabilities- I'd- that's the Turks, have very good capabilities, especially against individuals who don't have a AM air force and it's. Not it's, not you not talking about house to House combat here. It's a very deserted air. It's a very death like area and so forth, but the boy there's. A bunch of them are going get wiped out, if not all of them in that particular corridor, and for what Aragon. And I saw bees buying stuff from the Russians, he's undermining NATO. We undermines us here said, destroying his democracy?
Why because he said so what what does he have? Why why? Why do you have to listen to him? No, I agree, I think, if anything, the trumps should be pushing they get the Turkey out of NATO. I mean that's it while the problem is, if you look at Turkey geographically dismal gonna map is very high, they just push them out. A NATO look at the map, the map and I know what they ve done and frankly, I think it may be about time that the Turkey is. Nato should look Turkey to yell. At far the now, I think we can push him absolute control and we can do a hell of a lot more to them. Then we're doing. There's no question about that. I If I appreciate your call, thank you, sir. Here I got: what are we gonna do get all the ran, paw callers now, Mr Produce, we ve had the deal with let em adamantly here's what the guy says current conflicts been going, four hundred years. How long this mark want us to stay there, said about getting involved in the current conflict. The Turks are true:
let them out right now, they're, not because we have fifty hundred troops in this sector. I bring this guy on Justin hey dressed and how come there wasn't your view when they helped us with ISIS Mark How come how come this wasn't your view when they help this with ice? How come you didn't say? No, no, no, no! Don't fight with the Kurds against ISIS, this crap God for four hundred years, let him alone let ISIS Day let the Turks, let em all do their own thing. Did you sailor mark when you know why you're interested, because you got Israel there, you go dumped the guy. Ok, if I could reach, this phone and grab these friggin anti Semites with my fist. You have no idea, no idea, no idea.
How this makes my blood boy. When I talk on behalf of our country, the Kurds have nothing to do with Israel, nothing, but these punks, And they are scores them try to get into the showed out they mister Bellew, sir. They just call and call say things and go online bunch, a friggin, cowards say tell my face, you punk say them. I face you don't agree with them, then obviously its cause you're a Jew sick, I'd Anthony, they hide behind the little phones driving in their cars. Kingston New Hampshire on the market and then go ahead
I have a question that has been addressed in the media are anywhere that I know of. We have to whistle blowers right a and b a came forward first with, secondly, an information and then be comes forward. Second The first hand information why anybody asked if whistle, blower b is responsible for whistle blowers. A information. If that's the case would not just be considered. Arenas linens, wouldn't be the reverse, whistle blower bees responsible for whistle blower, Ays information. Yes, I'm sorry, that's what I meant gear we might be right. I have another question to its good question: we need to confront these people right. We need to know who they are. We need ask them questions. Will. Let me ask you this question too. How do we know that the first so called So didn't violate the various classes. If the laws that we have in place in terms of information, we have no idea if this person had a right to this information. We have.
Idea if he or she shared the information people here, she should have shared the information with or the people who shared with him or her. I use he as a generic hey. I said some of these letters mark wow what a chauvelin he thinks it's a mail. I had no idea, but I want is right here. Gee every time he you know like mankind, it's not relate it's simply to man. So. A lot of good questions here, Anthony I agree with you. I think it's just a cover. But an attempted coup on the President fellows subvert my boat and take it away from either you exactly right. Now, little helter, skelter, Brien Stout there or bs losers, initials little bs knelt there he says: look up the definition of coup, its violent twice The silent could so it's not referring to weigh violent cool, but you can ever we a board room? You can have all kinds of coups in order to be violent. Stout such
Yet I apparently his his house in college education really didn't stick with them. It's disgusting. What we're having to deal with market Unthrifty evolved and I've never seen anything like it. I agree. And the media are the year. Are the lead on this? Let's go to Peter Sioux falls south. Code of the great k, yellow how're, you real good marker and thank you for representing so well the spirit of seventeen. Seventy six with the democratic leadership today, tragic way. They represent two extremes: King George and authoritarianism on the one hand and Robespierre anarchy and the other. Those are the extremes are constantly come forward and in particular market, you're, so right they represent both sides of the french revolution. They really do. They represent the fascist or the monarchy and they represent
the killing mob. They represent that killing, but the crazy mob. Both sides in the tool that they use is something that the scriptures speak of as iniquity, where they twist the true they'll, take an innocent statement and twisted and put the worst possible construction on it without any evidence, Adam shifted that before the whole nation and the public, he just three wrote the narrative had no respect for truth for love, her righteousness for honor. But the commonwealth of the nation, and so it's part of an end justifies the means narrative and when people do that they become very mean and again at something. Undermine freedom, but I want to thank you for all that you do to stand up and show our church humorous shock rumour and all these other things and try to get at the truth in your love for liberty. Thank you very much.
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The democratic party media have been lavishly supporting this clown show, while they refuse to cover real needs. News, like Biden, sons, shady dealings with the Ukraine and Red China, or the facts behind these so called whistleblower. While Levin tv we cover this. Nobody else? We just do and we we tell you the ins and outs. What's going on in the shadows, I personally break it down while providing context, history, philosophy and a great deal more. We don't have sponsors are coming. Those nor big brother, looking over her shoulder dictating what we can cover, we're completely beholden to you and to you alone, so give us a try today give us a try by going to live in peace. Hey dad? Come L e Vienna, tv dotcom now more than ever, sign up and code?
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in Florida, the Great W S K. Why? How are you, sir? I'm fine, sir? Am I checked the of the United States with a? U s person? A? U s: venison workers. Fourth, amendment protection against the intelligence community, since twenty fifteen or twenty six, reporting and collecting on him as a private citizen and then, as the president and President Elect, and where is all of the disclosure worth the Fisk on this information that these guys are reporting in this whistle blower report couple things. The fourth amendment doesn't necessarily pliable impeachment and applies to two trials: criminal and civil, That said the broader point, then, when you have a a civilization based on western principles, enlightened principles that there needs to be some kind of due process, there needs to be some ability to confront the witness
that there is no question about that. There needs to be the ability of aid of a president providers on witnesses to provide his own information. This Higher thing has been poisoned from the beginning, the Saying about the leg: You violate the Miranda rules, the fruit from the poisonous tree. You don't get to eat from the fruit of the poisonous tree, while here course Nancy policy started. This ought by just making a declaration like she's, even parole, and you go you know, that's not our tradition, that's not our history. We will vote on the floor of the house. That's a house impeachment inquiry the media are playing what we have something going on now. We have something going on now. We actually have a a republic. In which the media are undermining the republic and part of the republic.
We have a media that undermining the republic. It's an incredible thing. It's turned against us. And that's why none of them will come on here. I make these public offerings all the time for tractors. Jake Tapir, whatever else is out there more than one but come on the programme, but they won't. Because I know I know more about them than anybody else. Tell you what formula sending a signed copy of unfair. The press surround hang up, we're gonna, send you assign copy Maria, Wes Palm Beach Florida, the Great W giant, go Haymarket here. My question as to park number one this sam. If they want by partisan support we we all we hear about it, we We need a strong, How can that wants to put country over party and all the other malarkey then
I don't they allow the Republicans equal seat at the table to cross examined, call witness there. You see what's going on at my birthing. My second thing it where there were What can where is the ethic violation on out and shift? Will you not brought this up and, of course, there won't be one because the media, Kowtowing are forcing the Republicans to kowtow in so they d, Praise Romney, they pray SAS. They pray Susan Collins and are typical behaviour and they trash. Johnson and they trash other conservatives her out there trying to as their voices about what's taking place. There are literally being shouted down by these anchors Tommy. Is there a gift, among between any these newsrooms does not any difference. It's not needed there, there's monopoly of ideology, monopoly of thought and they're all lying there
saying the President said in that transcript to dig up dirt on Biden. You have the transcript as what it says absolutely not does he say on a whole military aid until you investigate bind, as that is what it says that it now that's it it's such a bar. It it is a maddening I written art, my senator I've written my congressmen when we're not hearing a lot from Rick, Scott or Margo Ruby about any of us are now word, not a word in it. It's extremely extremely upsetting and as a stay at home, mom with two kids, I can't go up to Washington, but we haven't had a town hall here it's just really really frustrating and otherwise matter. I love your governor dissenters out. Thank you. We love him pill. We release terrific, right here. I think he has But what is presidential hopes are, but I think he's got a good chance down the road. Being a Republican
for present United States. This guy's, I really believe, he's really talk much right Maria thank you. Very, very much lots more. We're gonna move on to a few other subjects, as well as Trinity deal with this nonsense I'll be right back,
he's here now: broadcasting them only underground commandos than the bowels of a hidden somewhere under Britain, steel of unarmed script building. We have once again made contact with our leader, everybody minded, and here I am seventy three eight one, one one, seven, seventy three, eight one, three, eight one one. You know I noticed actually the coat pink, Republicans gonna call them NEO liberals, but their work too. Of the ran Paul variety in and out of the media notice they like to argue in generalities. So you oppose us abandoning the Kurds you're part of this Washington established. Oh, you must,
Neil can't or liberal why. Do they know what a NEO com is a NEO Connor's, a former Democrat? In some cases, a former socialist or marxist. Was abandoned, the old ideology of the Russians, the soviets. Many became republican, storing the reckoner, so NEO cats now and then the Washington state. Judgment is everybody in the Washington establishment, including those don't live in Washington and don't work in Washington that a part of the Washington establishment too. Two very bizarre overlapping of the radical left and the Coat Pink Republican to agree on the sword. The things they really comes down to one basic thing, ladies and gentlemen,
The Kurds are allies. They help this defeat. Isis. We were told by the president and others that the fee devices was a primary objective and it wasn't, it should have been and they helped us and they supported us And the president's says we spend a lot of money course. We did, we helped on them. There was in our best interests. And other word done. We leave them this isn't a Washington establishment thing or a NEO com thing or liberal thing. This is the wrong thing. You need alliances and you save lives. American lives with alliances. I mean this is basic stuff.
And you will have all kinds of spin doctors and propaganda. Some demagogues who tell you ve been in enough wars, we've been enough words we gotta get out of here. We're not in a war, so not in this part of Syria and those Kurds are in control of a prison at has ten thousand ISIS inmates. One of the co pink Republicans recommend that we do with them. If the Kurds leave fires, we break out. In I've heard this all the time, there's always an element within the republican and democratic Party that serve this ideology. We're isolationist before we were too
and build up the kind of military muscle, though we needed Several people were warning about the rise of the Third Reich, the rise of Japan, what they saw in ITALY. One of the reasons we ve, we so respect Winston Churchill, because in Britain He was one of those fighting against. The same types of arguments Hearing today from ran Paul, the coping Republicans in the hard left same type of art And the only way to and ultimately prove them wrong is one or hell breaks loose after nine eleven after your headed Pearl harbor after fill in the blood And there we have commissioned to try and figure out what took place. How far do we take this ideology, this oddball ideology?
which basically calls people names of union agreement, tries to categorize you in order to appeal to you, the american people. What are you Doing there we ve been there long enough. When we needed the Kurds, they helped us. So now we want to leave and we don't need the Kurds and we leave them. One of the images in my mind, when I was fairly young teenager. One of the images was when the Democratic Congress Colonel funding to jail for it was a week president, and I don't mean impersonally was a week president, because the Democrats had the Watergate Congress and they will Usually outnumbered the Republicans. Are they pretty much. Force their will on forward and they cut off all funding the south enough.
And I remember those photographs. Of people begging to get on the helicopters people taken to the boats. They were called the boat people by the tens. Thousands and thousands of people lost at sea and many of them, many of them Had helped us during the Vietnam WAR generals were executed. Others We see CIA operate executed. Just started slaughtering them. They tried to Open they couldn't hear we left them there. That sticks in my mind, sticks in my mind. I think about the Kurds, the Kurds.
George, W Bush told them the rise up and overthrow. Who say they rose up and they were slaughtered we talk about his use of poison, he used him against the Kurds. There were slaughtered by the thousand men, women and children, has been trying to wipe out the terms the occurred for a very, very long time. And with this are the one who is a genocidal fascist thinks he has this opportunity. Now, when I talk about hundreds of thousands of troops, now we're gonna pull out fifty two hundred pull them back because words but we can't be in these endless wars in what we wanted, crisis we didn't say to the Kurds. You know what we campaigned on this wars when we're done. If you ve helped us after you ve bled for us too,.
We can't be here forever, so we're gonna leave, but they are there forever. That's their home, that's where they want to live what was our deal with them help us, but we want. We want protect. You I'll, just say. About that. How we are aiming at anybody to support us. Please, sir indigenous people defend them and support them, the way they help us about meal coms. This kind of Mickey Mouse Comic book argument. Cyber neo cons, it's not about Entrenched Washington think by right and wrong. It's about an american strategic policy. I believe this hurts american strategic policy.
Think we should pull out a NATO I would ass ramp. I think we should pull out a NATO wanna Pollyanna NATO. About the Monroe doctrine. Shall we give up the Monroe doctrine that says anything that occurs in our hemisphere? Is our business Should we bother with central and South America Watson? I am Israel. Who cares? It's not America who cares about our navy? she pulled out a farm ports, his parliamentary, far imports. What do we need? A navy for. I mean really this. This needs to be thought through and it's not thought through its just a bunch of bumper sticker, crap bunch, a bumper sticker crap we're not in an endless war Kurds versus Turkey. Fact, there's been relative peace,
As a result of what we're doing. And there are enemies out there that do believe an endless work. There the visuals out there who do believe in endless worse, the Iranians believe an endless their fighting for God. Don't you know Neruda wipe us out, and what do we do about them? What do we do about this? risk groups we just decide. I wouldn't want to be involved in endless why it's not amount of us wanting to be involved and endless wharf We want to be involved in endless worth we're trying to defend ourselves. It's better to defend ourselves. There, yes, seven thousand miles away than in our own backyard. Nine eleven should have taught us less so Mickey Mouse Club will go on and on about the entrench Washington in the NEO cons and blah blah blah blah blah. Meanwhile, the Kurds. Meaning then we're gonna die.
Back then that doesn't matter to me how many slip and followers they bring in Tobin, very sleazy, they ve cut corners, the so called first whistleblowers, in their language. In there RO trailing out. I don't have to I am I going to vision. I will obliged to me. I don't care how they for through the whistle blower statute. Does a man at me. Doesn't matter to me in the least, I don't care how what kind of law from they bring in here at a lawyer, all us up that doesn't matter to me how many slip and followers they bring in. Tobin, very sleazy, they ve cut corners, the so called first so blower, obviously, as a Democrat who work with the Democrats, who sought to win,
equally what's going on here, and I want you to listen the same of the press. I want you to listen to this truck Todd who was utterly unhinged on Sunday, absolutely unhinged, Maybe he's on meds, I don't know, maybe should be Ahmed's may be said of the bottom may be here, needs I don't know SIRI is with John Brennan. Is a complete sleaze bar cut thirteen go. How would the sea assess the stability of the american government right now now magna? Listen to this question, how. But the CIA assess the stability of them. I can government right now, chuck you becoming a real sleaze. Bar honest to goodness kind of a question is
All of a sudden they loved the CIA, they ve hated the CIA. For decades they ve hated the sea. I now they loved the CIA. They hated call me now they love com. You get the picture. Go ahead but where, if it were sixth assessing America, as is another country. We would look at it as a very corrupt government that is under this way, right now of this powerful individual who has been able to just corrupt institutions. It is this the Rachel man I'll show. What is this. MR reducible you again I checked out on the pressure we invited him before right. I want you to invite him again I really want to question him about his view of journalism and standards and tell them. I want to question him about his Sunday show the Sunday.
And tell him: I have every right to question him. He is a news person, a journalist, and we want to know I have some very basic questions. They ask him, Those are my abc, debut, ABC Affiliate, our wonderful station. There were Bernie and said, which is it. It show it's funny show, but he won't come Amicia, perfectly happy to go to tow truck tat on the facts on the evidence, but even more than that, I want to discuss his questions. Go ahead. Laws are that country what you say about the civilian democracy either It's I no longer need a democracy if an autocrat is has it in his hands, and people like Johnson and others are putty in his hands. He, ladies and gentlemen, were now an autocracy because-
We don't agree with Brennan and Todd keeps Pushing this narrative pushing member, I kept telling him, and I still and I wrote in on freedom of the press, the media Are actually leading this leave media are pulling and pushing this. There actually moving the Democrats in this direction because they are radical Democrats go ahead. Principles upon which this country founded are eroding might now for the sea. I would not assess America a stable democracy, I think as well, given the polarization a country is well. First of all, this is a political director. The CIA who voted for a communist when he had his first chance to vote, is a reprobate he's very worried about this investigation. Hopefully, I believe it will expire, so for the sleeves Baldy really is but Chuck Todd asked the file. Questions. How would the CIA assess the stability? The american government right now were assessing America as if it was another country? What would you say
the stability democracy keeps pushing the point than this I would not say to stable democracy. Think about think about this An embassy that is calm care, surrounds NBC in a measure has no problem with this whatsoever. Man with a left wing, Kook lightweight like this and other democratic. We are filled filled with people like this couple. Other quick issues here, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Todd are the headline J Street Conference, most of you don't know. A J street is. J Street was set up by, Tal, fading Jews and left wing secular Jews, not at all ledges left wing, but these are not believe
essentially in design a state of Israel, and so you have individuals, both parties of all kinds who speak a chase tree? You ve had France and James Baker who served in the Bush administration who despises the country despises netting and it is a ultra left wing lobby, ultra leftwing lobby and is an exam Oh here says that the Nancy Policy and Chuck Todd picture chucked, uh, yeah, right and chuck We are going to headline the J Street Conference in June. Street is proud to stay with so many allies who are defending democracy in working towards a better future J Street present Dear me, Ben me said: they hate Netanyahu. They hate Trump.
And so you have the leader of the centre for the Democrats in the least. The democratic. How speaking at this group J Street advocates for thing. Israel's occupation of the West Bank, Israel's occupation of the West Bank, the name West Bank is a phone name. As you know, you listen to this programme. When Jordan took over Judea and Sumeria a claimed, it is its West Bank territory, its geography that called the west. Judea and scenario. Of Judea Sound, said Knight, Judaism, MR producer, I think it does.
Yeah and that's the heart and soul were so much of were who Judaism began thousands and thousands of years ago? I just point this out because that's the nature of this J Street, so Hilary issued may chuck tumor and Nancy pillows your headlines. Will you would expect, because I ve been very critical of the anti semitic wing of the Democratic Party and I ve, been very uncritical fact of the uranium humor pretended he opposed a bit did nothing to stop it and, of course, policy supporting Much more. When I return love in America's passionately. Cerebral voice, talk with them
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Michael LOS Angeles, California, eight seventy. They answer, K R L a go. Yes, Michael, go. If you're not lower your radio, Michael you're, not gonna, be able to hear. Well, we're gonna move on all my beautiful introduction. Look what happened! Elizabeth Winchester Virginia serious satellite go, I mark hide. What is it? with you, I am a military mom. I have a son who apparently and the army cloth of my son, or a Navy have recently got now, and my daughter in law has allowed the Navy it well and that doesn't even touch my when I first got married. My birth husband within the First Gulf WAR wholly mom, and we can go back to back. My father was now. Apart from the matter of family thou on it. I I I
very proud of my family. I'll be honest with you should be. But I am you don't look at this in a very poor thing. I thought I was great therewith, as I heard, of what we were When we were pulling out with the Kurds, we should not be. They are about fifty two hundred troops, not that that's Lena significant I'm just saying we ve been able to keep the peace with that with them their turkey's just choppin it a bit the blow these people off her face the earth. They have fought next door, brother, the brother there now the guards in charge of a prison there that has ten thousand ISIS terrorists there. I just don't get it, I don't either and I just wanted to call let you know that I was one hundred percent behind what you were saying. I completely agree with you. You must be a NEO com
Apart from that, I my friend had thank you and your wonderful family. God bless, you add rivers. Knew TAT. The great k k I take. How are you There are twenty five and a half year veteran The military? Thank you, Sir and I believe that Thank you, but I believe that, eventually, in the long run, it will cost us more american large. We abandon the curd dummy Natalie. We call on the rug out from under our allies, Basically we. I'm sure we made certain promises, but saving money there, people of ten thousand ISIS period, pride up- and that means we don't have key- that's a great really saving money and true.
Well, I thought we ve. I thought our position was of weaken, have others fight these battles and in and so forth. That would actually be helpful to us. Exactly as I believe that I believe the current helped. If way more in over the years and the german tat If you talk about NATO, I was stationed in Europe for a couple years. I was frustrated That was my opinion. My new point, I'm not speaking for the horrors of the military, the Pentagon or anybody else. But I believe that the Germans, did not help us much at all. I was stationed there during the Bosnia situation but the only support the Germans Eliza gave us was we have the air there, but they help it. They didn t may help. I want to help us we and were Carter. I realise the programme. Frustration with daily. Europeans out forever,
but on the other hand we a situation that we're we're saving lives and money. I believe that I've studied officer There college air command to have called the papers, and I sincerely believe that I sincerely believe you're right. We lost a lot of men, fighting fairer for territory, all throughout Europe and we're not there to conquer it, were there too, ourselves and our new allies. A new allies. And consider how many lives would be lost if we have to go back over that terrain again, how many parents to build a european power, but this is it. This is a big mistake, dead, mistaken I'm pretty require here. I'm sure I might find it Thank you for your service. We appreciate that Jim
Omaha Nebraska, great K, o I l. How are you good mark? They agree with your previous policy. This is a bad the scene in my time would be no one. I point out of Syria. We're pulling out of the northern part with the Kurds are right on uncertain there. Your Craig, but by my point, is what we're gonna cost, which we ought to go to war with Iraq a year ago. We promise that country that, if they drive up again, Their tyrannical government will be there to back up the one million dead and I turned and walked away. This is becoming a bad pattern, whether it's there urgent, ninety, ninety one, there. It is the romanians who rose up during the presidency of Obama joining with the Kurds. Fight ISIS and now abandoning them. This is a bad pattern. This is not the America than I wanna see future
I my friend, I appreciate your car. That's continue, Patrick, gardener Veil Nevada on the market. How are you hours by Martin, Howard by national or european level, I'm doing great error, you buddy boy, Job Walker. I wanted to give you one kilometre sovereign of my three old son for the police has favoured book now any is happy as wonderful tank. Thank him for me I woke up one remark with the Panama ahead about my bed and take you to your doubts about great book. I mean that's it. That's a wonderful work anyway. I want to talk about the Kurds and I want to talk about. Ukraine were losing their Paypal if we back away from the herd, that's just pure nonsense that that would be the grass weakened
do that to them. That's the stupid. Well, I think a lot of people feel that way and if a lot of people actually understood what we're talking about you know people say look at this Paul? They want wanna side of Syria will first, while that's now we're talking about, and secondly, were few explain it to people that these are men and women who fought next to us to help us defeat ices and now we're banning them I'll bet. Eighty to ninety percent of the american people would say no. My second point in I listen to climb back today. Did he gave a great our deal on on Ukraine and we're so screw that dates back to a barber and the money and then Biden Philips about the different people wherever there, so they could all make money and the Syrians arduous glad out that
Honest noteworthy company assisting country are, I, my friend, I appreciate your car, see here. Let's go to mark for work text, on the mark. Lavinia power, you write, Mark part gonna veteran heard. Thank you, or the most important thing to remember is Turkey didn't do anything to help us to go to modern first, the four categories. But if you recall it would not let us come in through the north, they wouldn't let us use our airspace, you don't. I wouldn't. Go ahead, I'm sorry interrupted now. I just want to make the point quick Watch mother college, getting your great when you don't love what you're doin I thirteen, got anything and they have an outlet for the red and they have now been Israel. Then I'm going to
You stay what's going on. We need to make a point. The current animal spoil me, God, net reading fury and their Muslims exactly Why am I saying that? Because here they are backing us and we ve been backing them? These are good people mark. Thank you for Service to my friend we'll be right back then, I'm not aware they single Democrat, whose card for the investigation of hunger or Joe, but are you not a single Democrat. Yet Andrew Carnegie, former chief of staff to George W Bush says he supports the impeachment process, and this is what you'll see among Republicans. Democrats can count on this. The media can count on this.
That's why they're imploring more more Republicans to break off their duty? Don't you know, Sir duty? But I haven't seen a single democratic Congress, not one coffee Thus of Hunter or Joe Biden, I've seen a single one of these media clowns. We ve talked about tonight cough or an investigation of hunger or Joe Biden, not one not one. You don't have the reinterpret or rewrite which all Biden sadder, what Hunter Biden did TAT for everyone to see think about it you know you may be distracted with all that's going on Nancy hosting the democratic hope you are because they haven't given up on their plan to socialize medicine and they hope you, pay close attention when they claim that international price indexing The answer to lower drug costs
because what international price indexing really does his shift our healthcare system from a care model till you are paying close based model, but a call based system is the reason Europe lags so far behind and cancer survival rates. Do Sir Patient in the United States has access to more cancer treatment, drugs and anywhere in the world. Because our incentive based competitive free market Right the enormous investments needed to develop these life saving drugs interesting during the democratic h this never comes up were attacked our medical system, a class based Systems focus on cost first and the person second, if at all, one care is a lower priority than cost. The result is rationing waiting periods and denied access to cutting edge drugs to life saving drugs. Do we really want to adopt the system or Washington bureaucrats can deny the tree man you need because they determine its too closely.
International price indexing. It's another unhealthy distraction. We don't need get the facts, gotta, true, healthcare, facts, dot, com, true healthcare, facts not come true, health care. Faxed outcome. Few other matters here. Elizabeth warn the Riverdale ordered education approved a second, your teaching contract for a young Elizabeth Warren Rights. The free bacon document show contradict the democratic presidential candidates repeated claims that she was not to return to teaching after a single year, because she was visibly pregnant, minute seven April twenty one, nineteen, seventy one Riverside Riverdale Board of Education meeting came by the washing of free beacon, show the board voted unanimously. Choose me on emotion to extend warrant a second year contract for two days per week job that job is similar to what she saw the previous year, her firstly of teaching in
minutes from a board meeting held two months earlier on June. Sixteen, seventy one in it It warrants. Resignation was accepted with regret so here again, Elizabeth worn lied. She was not denied a job, extension of job because she was pregnant inner second year. She was off for the job, But she resigned, which was accepted by the board, quote accepted with regret. Now hopefully these lies will catch up with are not in the my crap primary, not with the media. But if she's the nominee against Trump, Yea kowtowing to China after Rockets. Gm Houston Rockets supports Hong Kong protestors. The NBA sided with Red China after a team executive, express support for pro democracy protesters in Hong Kong We apologise. We love China Rockets Blair. James Harden likewise said
You know all these big, tough guys. Ah these big, tough guy. Make an tens of millions of dollars, many of them some of them very, very political and some of them very, very left wing and some of them talking about systemic racism in American Soforth. Here we have people fighting for their liberty fighting for their liberty he gets a genocidal fascistic regime. That has these re education camps for Muslims RE education camps for Christians? We, like China,. While for the almighty dollar, isn't there something? Isn't there something? It's disgusting it's disgusting, so we have the NBA that endorses communist China and we have certain forward
There's that taken me against America. Now you think about that. A circuit court ruling stays a lower court judges rolling ordering the release of Trump tax return, so in other words in York this clown Cyrus Vance he's the Manhattan district attorney. His father was a awful secretary of state. Just that faster under Jimmy Carter,. So, as you know, we need the eight years of trumps tax returns because we're looking into these Sir on disclosure agreements has campaign violations which is just sick. We ve already done with this And so were eight Obama, appointee federal District Judge said give them everything they asked for your claim to just adjust broad their preposterous that ridiculous, which is outrageous. These Obama judges are the worst. Like Obama himself
and so the Second Circuit Court of Appeals granted the president's emergency motion. Stay. The decision waltz on appeal, press Its accounting firm was facing a Monday afternoon, dead, turnover, tax return, no president, never had to deal with an issue like this. No president lawsuits over their tax returns by republican officials or state republican official and so nobody's had to deal with this. And yet here you have the Bush cheese and the Romney Heights I should say Romney Lloyd's rhymes with Amorrhites there on the Lloyd's. The sash ease and all the rest very, very put out by Trump. They miss all the tyranny that swirling around them. They miss all the the tactic, By the democratic swirling around them, and they don't care and they don't care so rageous.
Being done at this present and by extension, of course, we, the people who voted for, They just in big Sandy Texas, Katy, baby great affiliate. Go! My guy doing denied quickly just complete outside I was here, and you know all about the staff about the impeachment stuff, and I was like ok they're, just desperate now that guy before that in work they got all this stuff
their work and now they're trying to find the most innocent thing. The trumpet view is on importing we with tense and find out about Joe Biden her, I, my friend I gotta run. I followed us, ladies and gentlemen, we salute our imports: police officers, firefighters, emerging personal, all of you, folks, who help this country and protect us and we'll be back tomorrow, full force. God bless you and see that from the west. Would one podcast network.
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