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On Wednesday's Mark Levin Show, The House of Representatives shall have the sole power of impeachment according to Article 1 Section 2 of the Constitution. It was designed to include the entire house by a vote, not just the democrats. What Speaker Pelosi is doing is lawless and rejects the spirit of the constitution and the precedent that's been established by a vote. This unilateral move by Pelosi and a few committees violates the doctrine of separation of powers outlined in the Constitution. This is why Pelosi and her committee Chairs haven't issued letters instead of subpoenas because they fear they'd be unenforceable in federal court since the courts have already ruled on this. Then, with respect to Ukraine, we know that Adam Schiff lied saying he had no contact with the so-called whistleblower. We know that Ukraine was investigating Burisma months before the call between President Trump and president of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky. We know that Ukraine didn't know about the U.S withholding any funds until a month after the call. We know that the Zelensky has said on the record that he was not being pushed or pressured in their phone call. Afterward, Mitt Romney continues trying to take out President Trump while Joe Biden is actually interfering in our election by promoting the use of the impeachment inquiry process for his own political gain and should be criminally investigated for his Ukrainian collusion. Finally, the Kurds should not be abandoned and Turkey should not be allowed to destroy the Kurds.

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Ladies and gentlemen, the following segment of the pod cast as presented exclusively by Hills Del College. Now in its hundred and seventy fifth year here, there is a truly independent institution where learning Surprised and intellectual enthusiasm is valued. Thank you for listening, and my sincere appreciation to hills. Dale brother sponsorship now run them only underground command, both in the bowels of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We have once again made contact with our leader, America, mark of an era number eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one I was it took place last night, but my wife.
First in the oval office worth the president awarded the metal of freedom former attorney general enemies, which was, Agnes ceremony and I was wonderful to see the president and. It means go bar and others who were in the room there too many dimension. And also that night last night began We support the holiest of the Holy holidays in the jewish faith, but I'm back thank Brian Mud, my body for sitting it. This mothers letter from the President's Whitehouse councils- unbelievable I'm sure it's been talked about, but not by me. I went Look at article one section: two in the United States constitution. There is a lot in there, but are one section, two and specific
they called it to you and relevant part. The House of Representatives shall have the sole power of impeachment. Let me repeat that for Joe Scarborough, their slow larder, the House of Representatives. Shall have the sole power of impeachment, not the speaker, the house, not one party in the house, the House of Representatives, you see the intent which has been followed. Three pastimes is to involve the house of Representatives in a peach when inquiry
obviously on an impeachment vote if one should occur. That is why they had a vote on the floor of the house by all the members present when it came to the impeachment inquiry and Andrew Johnson and Richard Nixon, And Bill Clinton is Nancy Pelosi who was lawless. It is now The policy that believes that she's about the law. It is anti Pelosi who is politicized a constitutional process. And she's done great harm President Natalie had no choice but to do what he did. He needed to do what he did in order not just to protect himself but protect the office of the present
the constitution, and yes, even the impeachment clause. Even the impeachment clause that we ve talked about this. In the present its White House Council put together brilliant letter, Pat sit baloney. And he points out and the reason they won't have this vote as we discuss before, at least not yet is in doing it. This way they deny that As you know, the right to cross examined witnesses says sip baloney, In his letter to call witnesses to receive transcripts of testimony to have access to evidence to have council present In many of the other guarantees that have existed before four presidents of the United States, this isn't a court proceeding. So civil proceeding, it's not a criminal proceeding, so there's nodded
wreck parallel with such a proceeding. But there are direct parallels and past impeachment increase. Now Nancy pose, who says, were not required to do this under the constitution, but she is. The house representatives shall have the sole power of impeachment. While Mark we're going to have a vote. Ultimately on impeachment. That's not what that means. The entire process. The house of Representatives is supposed to be involved. They didn't want one party as a mob using the p May clause as a way to reverse the past election into effect, a future election so close to the general election. The general election, ladies and gentlemen, is low. Then I loved it less than thirteen months away its lesson Thirteen months away. Can tell you somebody who's looked at the history of impeachment in this country and look at what the framers d
aided and look what they relied on in terms of british common law on actual british conduct in the House of Parliament's first The monarchy: there is no way that this was the intent of anybody. An eighty Pelosi can quote Benjamin Franklin all she wants, but she's, not according bench, Franklin about impeachment. Dear me, said nothing about impeachment just has platitude, she obviously went to a chinese red restaurant opened a fortune cookies and saw the Benjamin Franklin Can't get it out of her small people right now. Process is necessary. The right. To call witnesses, is necessary. The white cross, examine other witnesses is necessary. The right it will have council is necessary, the right to part To fully in the process is necessary.
The president of the United States, the House of Representatives, even if the whole house is acting Cannot deny those principles, western civilization ideals. If you're going to try and remove a present of the United States, let alone one party, let alone person the speaker, the house, it's a very, very big deal. Now, in this letter, among other things, they point out under Roman one you're increase Institutionally invalided violates basic due process rights and the separation of powers. Of course, the president's right we ve talked about this. That violate basic separation of powers, separate powers, exist between the branches of government, not the executive branch and one committee or a handful of committees under the Democrats in the house are represented.
So the way the courts have seen this in the past, separation of powers could involve might involve, say the executive branch, one house of Congress shortly both houses of Congress, but not one committee of Congress or a handful of committees of Congress, in other words, separation of powers is not the doctrine of the executive branch. Survey, the Democrat Party, its executive branch and instead Ocean leisurely, another institution, both house, The Congress or one house of Commons Does why they're not issuing subpoenas for the most part, because they're afraid they won't be able to enforcement federal court, because courts have made this point? so they're issuing letters again for the most part. And then there saying, if the administration is a comply with their letters, not subpoenas their letters, they will include this as an observer
Of justice charge in the impeachment charges, first of all Congress, the House policy- doesn't get to accuse somebody of obstruction of justice, the technical, I would be obstruction of Congress or obstruction of the house, this About the justice system, and yet there firstly, throwing these phrases around because they know with the media, as is today then get away with it. There's no obstruction of justice issue here, there's no Structure of Congress issue here, there's not obstruct the house issue here, since they pay She's not formally or officially involved in this process, Diplomacy has cut the house out. We were there to raise this, and I will continue pointed out, and I am well that the large over the White House.
Listening to what we have to say over here, although this is such basic stuff. Quite frankly, due process rights. In every pass case involving a present the United States A house of representatives. And a resolution of impeachment inquiry, the rules of the house have provided four folsom ability of the present the United States, the head of the executive branch to participate in the process. Under NATO policies. Fascistic fear. The president States has no ability. None whatsoever. To participate in this process. Not none. Chitra Singh to hear the reporting on this it's been as lousy is. The reporting is on everything else that the present United States is creating a constitutional crisis. Presently, United States is a bird, is obstructing a house impeachment inquiry
President of the United States is doing this or that even on some of our favorite websites. Their headlines or Bs Ninety Pelosi brought us down this path, not the present the United States, NATO policy. The Republicans are mostly cut out of the process as well. There are not A subpoena witnesses in the past The majority party has, in the last three three presidential impeachment craves increase not allowed to conduct the kind of investigative activity that the democratic that the democratic. Now there is no legitimate basis, has a point out front: impeachment increase none pray, hasn't committed any high crimes. Are misdemeanours, no bribe
You know, treason their working but time to try and figure out some argument, and so I thought I would take a few minutes in the opening this programme after the break to go through some of what we know. Some of the highlights involving Ukraine, They used to talk about Russia for two and a half years. They used to talk about the Mulder report. They used to talk about value to the Mulder report, the used to demand grand jury information. They have failed on every single front so now that ukraine- and they intend to fail this time you see because they are going to vote
late violate. The procedures have been in place in the House of Representatives for Andrew Johnson, Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton. It is they, where this rating our system of law, it is they who need to be held to account so we're going to circle back, and we will look at this Ukraine matter at me to do in a very interesting. I think, simple, to follow entertaining way right back when you hear me talk about Hilda College, a lot that is rigorous, classical liberal arts curriculum about its exceptionally bright and patriotic students, one. Seventy five years ago. Hailstones college was with a mission defined by four enduring purposes: learning character, faith and freedom.
Many institutions have lost their way hills. Dale college maintains an unwavering commitment to learning character, faith and freedom. I've also talked about the Doktor Larry are the President of Helstone College. So one of the finest begins I've ever known- and he explained said these for purposes, learning character, faith in freedom remain inseparable in the activity of education at Helstone College. He says, learning is difficult. Eggs more than talented takes hard work, which requires character. Freedom is essential for learning, but it is fragile and constantly under threat, so its principles must be set it by all. For the sake of its defence and Hills deal Nathan learning our integrated towards God, because he is the first authority. Folks, if you Ever wondered why I love hailstones college now you know visit hills, DOT Edi. You that's hills, doubt that e? U for more information, hills, they'll college, pursuing truth and defending liberty, since
Eighteen, forty four remember that hills Del DOT Edi you hills, they'll, dot. Eighty you. For the present, I release the actual phone transcript relations, the actual phone transcript. Nancy Pelosi relies on a so called whistleblowers, punch, cuz, she's ticked off by ship about this, so called whistleblower who's. We know as a rogue Democrats, CIA operative has some link to one of the candidates running for President Democrat Party, still a secret. Stella a secret as Byron York, wrote. The idea said the whistle blower worker had some type of professional relationship or one of the democratic candidates. The idea said
sublime had a professional relationship with one of the twenty twenty candidates said another person. This isn't testimony with the inspector general a few days ago, when Atkinson, the inspector generally intelligence community said, was that the whistle blower stop disclose that he was a registered democratic that he had prior working relationship with the current twenty twenty democratic president presidential candidate, a third person said That's exactly why I said that Henry: don't you want to know who this person is? We all want to know who this person is Jake, Tapper, Mott, the fact That this rogue CIA operative was a democratic said. That's all there is caution and has no intention of investigating, takes the democratic, talking points regurgitate them. The Democrats take CNN talking points regurgitate them not just Sienna.
So the whistle blower had a professional tie to one of the democratic candidate. What else do we learn from this inspect generals testimony. This inspector general seems pretty lousy to me by the way, Michael Atkinson, there was an eighteen day window. Eight, In day window, almost three weeks between July twenty five, the call that this Ro Democrats, CIA operative, made.
On the issue more state, only a shift staff and the August twelve complaint filing took eighteen days to make the filing. Why eighteen days will the inspector general doesn't know? I guess you didn't ask now at no time did the rogue CIA Democrat operative. We connections to warn of the democratic candidates disclosed the inspector general that he had had contact with shifting at no point. That seems at no point so then the House Democrats call for a quick deposition behind closed doors. The
Former? U S special envoy for the Ukraine Kurd Vulgar any testifying for over ten hours. And shift releases, a text message, conversation between vulgar and and others in which Schiff Andor surrogates in the media make the case that this is very, very bad The president is all over CNN Oliver MSNBC ships Smith Chris, whilst they all went for pushed it hard except there's one problem they were cherry picked. There was no contacts. There was no full explanation. Mr shift format release the full transcript. Of the deposition. Testimony that took place in this doesn't seem to borrow the media in the least. Presently United States release the phone call the executive
Release the so called whistleblowers complaint that Mr Shift Wanna release. What. Really that's really sad transcript, which the whole lie to this quid pro quo, but he won't do what else she fly to the american people when he said we have not talk to had contact with this whistle blower when we had his stare had Astaire for breathed him, so he knew that they had so. She lied about that. What else do we know? Well, John Solomon, told vanity on Tuesday that he had newly under attack and showing that Ukraine officials had open a new probing, the firm linked two hundred months before President Trump's phone call with the country's leader. But what does that mean.
The. U S, government had open source intelligence was aware, as early as February of this year, that the ukrainian government was plain to reopen their proof. Charisma, investigate again what is at me It doesn't matter what Donald Trump, so it doesn't matter. There are already starting to look into it in the Ukraine back in February, there's a lot more: a lot more I'll, be right back bringing in learning and a healthy democracy. These two things are mutually supportive in a man. Today, however, that bond is broken to help prepare the breach, hills, Doc, I just want the Van and oh graduate school of government in the nations capital and, unlike other graduate programmes, hills dealt, teaches politics as a human activity, oriented towards justice, a series of choice.
Guided in the best case by right principles, but made an ever changing circumstances. They require prudence to achieve the best attainable results, tales, dales, career and I'm combines the careful reading, a primary sources and serious historical inquiry. Students learn how to apply the principles of free government and advance the cause of institutional, is in the context of ever changing circumstances. Tells New Van school of government is program, unlike any other in Washington, Dc Hills Del College, pursuing Then defending liberty, since eighteen forty four learn more of Infra hills, Delbert COM, that's l,. In Vienna for Hills, Del Backup systems, nations, town Hall Meeting You can join in at eight seven seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one. So what do we know so far? The whistle blower had a professional tie
there were twenty twenty democratic candidate, the way a blower Azalea registered Democrat. So blower never told the inspector general of his contacts with shift staff, And they whistleblower blower had an eighteen days delay from the time he met the shifts, effort to the time he filed his complaint and the whistles lower had the assistance of a law firm, what eyes to a left wing non profit, organization which receive seed money from George Soros when all that. At the whistle blower- and we know that his lawyers are trying to treat him like a veal, that is, they will not LISA's identity because they say he's in danger. You are anything so stupid in your life, the Democrats or trying to keep it under the cover too unless, of course, they create a dramatic moment. Three choreographed hearing like they did, what Blasi Ford and just spring it on
But nonetheless this is why Apparently, a Congo line a whistle blowers by in this one, and, as I said earlier on, and so, am I. As social sites on Sunday. Why do we need a whistle blower when we have the transcript of the function. What are they blowing a whistle about? I mean this clown. She's me this great, noble, courageous patriot. He had second, an information. He had nothing, nothing, there's more The ukrainian government didn't know about trumps aid freeze until the month after the car, the President said yeah. I will hold the funding it with Helmut someone. Make sure they weren't so corrupt over there that we lose our money. This is typical trump. This is trumps pattern. It's actually quite wise and there's nothing to prove otherwise.
The daily colleague ukrainian government reportedly did not know that President Donald Trump froze military aid to that country until a month after the phone call them central to lay so called whistleblower complaint. The detail further carpet its allegations that Trump engaged in a quid pro quo arrangement with the ukrainian President by no withhold the eight until Ukraine agreed to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden and the data was first put it in the New York Times, but one relatively unnoticed until The release of the joy twenty five called transcript and the whistle blower complaint the time Originally drop the news in the thirteenth paragraph of a story about the eight freeze, sauce Are they treated the Holocaust by the way snow quid pro quo? How can there be a quid pro quo. When it rain government, and even though there was a quid pro quo and what about this pressure well from the weak dot com september.
Twenty second, Ukraine's Foreign Minister says there was no pressure in Trumpeton wood. Ukraine's president says he would now the more the ukrainian President himself, one September, twenty fifth, nobody pushed me do Mania president denies tromp pressure to him to investigate, binds the foreign minister, the ukrainian President, the american president, no pressure, no quite programme These are the primary witnesses. These are the material witnesses. These are they actors and their powers it is consistent its system and what else do we know again bet. He's conduct. Ship was aware of this, so called, so blower, there's so cool What's a blur went to the democratic staffer reports, the ship shift never told the Republicans she
went on tv and lied on. I somebody to see the american people live. Knowledge of this whistle blower beforehand and at his staff for I had met with the West our flight. I lied about it course, there's more Republicans because they won't have a vote on the House floor group. Against have no rights whatsoever, none and, of course, This special envoy, former special envoy to the Ukraine, vulgar he testified for ten hours and the closed door deposition, and shift starts leaking out. Cherry pick text messages. The media run with every day. The country, despite the fact Republicans Amanda, I'd, say meeting in and demand that Jeffrey leaves the entire transcript you don't trains currency the entire transcript we heard,
Democrats. Go on about grand jury information they about damn right to Molly the they got. Ninety nine point nine percent of the report, but it wasn't enough here They won't release the transcript of the deposition of an EU special envoy for Ukraine, this fellow vulgar which those are entire narrative. Instead, they leak text messages. Media not upset about that and then of course, yesterday on Eddie with our friend John Solomon Batman deserves a Pulitzer prize is under attack. Of course, our document shows Ukraine. Officials had opened a new probe. Another firm, like two hundred by months before President trumps phone call. So they say there was no pressure. There's no quid pro quo. The military aid was forthcoming
By the way under Obama was, and in any event,. Ukraine, it already reopen the proverb hunter binding and the linked firm in February of this year months before we're trumps phone calls. So there's nothing here. Ladies and gentlemen, there is nothing of any kind, zero, zero and the lawlessness, the violation of of past established traditional rules. When it comes to an impeachment inquiry, and violated all over the place all over the place. But look at the headlines and you're recalled the This! We were told by the Wall Street Journal that the president mentioned by eight to nine times of the phone call lie. We were told, I believe, others by NBC
or another media outlets that there was a quid pro quo lie, lie. Curious media when it comes to the identity of this road, democratically, Listen. Cia operative is remarkable. But we don't want to endanger him. He's not in danger, not like other whistleblowers happened in the past, any more than is he Ford is in danger? we need a hill was endanger. Anybody else was endanger their not endangered. That's just bs I'd love to have. This rogue CIA Democrat partisan operatives phone records when you text messages emails, I sit
Active the Republicans had subpoena power. That's one of the things I be seeking. Isn't it you better? It is one of the things I assume the president's lorries would be seeking a blow the lid off this phony impeachment inquiry. This democratic party impeachment angry to above a little. But until and unless Nancy Pelosi does, if that's not going to happen, and now I hear reporters and hosts or what, if ninety those who says: ok, let's have a vote on the floor of the house, I'm trying to figure out how you put the toothpaste, backed in the back into the end of the year tooth container paste, contain back in the tube I'm trying. So how do you do that heavy unscramble, the egg to quote the data
about water guarantee because have already gone so far. This is also why I originally and others have picked it up and running arms about, and so far there. That's that's fine! Why Italy said the it's to happen, is these Senate needs to employ the nuclear option. So they have a simple majority vote when this so called impeachment comes to the Senate. They vote to dismiss it, but there could be a problem. There's a wonderful piece, a conservative review done by our folks at blaze. You dont Romney's been working behind the scenes on the impeachment of this president. According to this peace.
Their Romney's been strategizing behind the scenes when the matter comes to the Senate, if and when it comes to the Senate on trial, did you notice this is where Romney's die. Romney's. Basically, Hillary Clinton and drag Romney is frequent in indirect Romney hasn't and over the fact that he lost the presidency to blackmail House Benito Obama and how he blew off that third, they help. He ran such a lousy campaign. How other software one poof on election day when there are trying to get out the vote. Romney blew it. Romney's embarrassed that he had visited Donald trumpet.
His place in New Jersey and was interview interviewing per sector estate and Donald Trump didn't choose. He still furious about that. I believe that Donald Trump didn't choose. He feels humiliated that he was turned away. And yet he sought Donald Trump endorsement when he was running for the Senate. Anita and did seem to be so true state under Donald Trump, but he's a very thin skinned man In the end, that's what he is He wants to make nice with the media, to the media. Can write wonderful pieces about him, so Chuck Todd can promote him and power. To him as an independent thinking Republican who wants to clean up Donald Trump mess? You know that sort of thing.
That May Romney's actually working behind the scenes. This cutting vanity, fair, Of course they lie with their he's, Behind the scenes on the Trump impeachment ensured that impeachment reach the Senate, because he wants to take out Donald Trump, he wants to take out Donald Trump I'll be right back then, since its foundation Eighteen, forty four hills, they'll call. It is provided students with sound learning of the kind of central to preserving our civil and religious liberty. Now I want to tell you about an Primus, the free monthly speech, digestive hailstones college in price this is dedicated to educating citizens and promoting and religious liberty, by covering important cultural, economic, political and educational issues first published in
one. Seventy two in primacy is one of America's most widely read: publications in support of liberty with more subscribers three point: nine million than the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times and recent Primus publications have addressed issues like free speech. The regulation, a big tech, mental illness and the American Medical insurance system, and because America's founding. Examples are so important hills no offers and Primus absolutely free of charge. To anyone who requested that's right. You can subscribe to Primus for Free here's. What I want you to do, I want you to visit in Primus thought Hills, they'll, dot. Eighty you for your free subscription, that's it! I miss I m p r. I am I S. Dodd hills deal that eighty welcome to help.
Mitt Romney vanity, fair by kind the mass when it comes to impeachment the republic and said Resting on the bedrock of Donald Trump Space Member, this a left wing rag but still has been it s an unbridgable war. But what would it look like if had started to crack The first sign might be an ominous quiet, the emergence of a second, intelligence agency whistleblower this one. Totally, with a first hand, account that Trop withheld military aid from Ukraine pressure its government to investigate John Honor, but none of that happen complicates the pay, in its deep state, conspiracy, defence and the senators on whom trumps political survival arrests are mostly lying low. Everything I just told you demonstrate,
the dishonesty of this report, but, let's go Messaging is missing this time a former West Wing official told me even sent a majority leader Mitch Mcconnell said last week that he would be. Where's the whole. They sent a triumph, the House impeach Trump, no he's not, he can do it. I said he can do no flood of GNP refugees yet, but there is another a couple drift trumpet overriding among Republicans, eighty seven percent, a drop of four point since MID September. He goes on in the Senate Ben sash and Susan Collins had made the usual equivocal noises, but not surprisingly, its Mitt Romney long time, Trump antagonist and sometimes sucker, whose become the standard bearer. Leading to questions as to what is his game. According to sources. Donors have in recent days call the youth senator any care. To run it gets trumpet the primary quote: there's a head
Billion dollars on the sidelines from guys are fed up with trumpet GB done. It told me that such a lie, but let's play along their hopes arrays went round the attack trump trading, by all appearances, the presents brazen and As an appeal to China and Ukraine to investigate mine is wrong and appalling. I'm looking for a tweet about fine and his son, but I cant find it by the way and it goes on calling to people. Strongly he's firmly decided against primary trump and enterprise. He believes to be ashore loser given trumps enduring gnp. Support is also told That is an unsuccessful to time presidential candidates, the wrong person it take tramp on instead around me told me Romney believes as more potential power as a senator who will decide trumps fate in an impeachment trial quote he could have tremendous
in flights in the appeasement processes, the long voice of conscience and the republican caucus. The advisor said this guy's a real backstop recently. This guy's really precious incredible. Rami is the one guy who could bring along Susan Collins, Corey, gardener Ben says He is the pressure pointing the peach meant process. That's why they Things he saying or Freaking Republicans out freaked me out. He's a very disloyal soft, promoting individual who stay for virtually nothing in almost very conservative, now you're severe pain in the ass actually know what is the conservatives to you, Mr Barroso, if you of this there is severe converge contribute here. You ve got a severe ego problem because nobody, as there is severe concern? So that's why I'm not doing, ladies and gentlemen he's here
the Clinton and drag Hillary Clinton out there saying you, don't you think, running against Trump. Again. She beat him the first time. I guess Hilary doesn't have a constitution works He lost in an electoral college landslide, just because you run a votes in California Doesn't mean you win. Doesn't mean you when you didn't win the first time Hilary but psychotic, may I say but she psychotic, MR producer, we're not supposed to make any distinguishing comments about genitalia right everybody and tat is the same or a tall different or whatever it is. So we won't. We won't hold back and talking about Hillary Clinton just because of regenerative area. She needs to be treated like everybody else, she's a psycho and absolute psycho. She wants to again she can run again who stopping her. She could
idle rather than run. I recall that. And I remember her doing that very well in Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota in his soul, She ran allows a campaign she's, a lousy Kennedy to be a lousy president, and you talk about collusion. With Russia, she's cool Up the wazir, may I say that I think I will she's colluded up the wiser and not just with Russia. Will you more when I return.
Now? Broadcasting them only underground than the bowels of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building? We have once again made contact with our leader, everybody liked living here. I number seven. Seven, three, eight one create one one. Eighty seven, seven three, eight one create one Want Joe Biden until after today trying Interfere with our election calling for the impeachment of his opponent, should he be the nominee.
Is calling on the Democratic Party in the House of Representatives to remove the president of the United States. So could smooth the way should he be the democratic nominee to be for him to become presently United States nobody's explained it this way, so I am Joe Biden is trying to oust his approach. The general election should Joe Biden become the norm in the Democratic Party, very, very unlikely nonetheless, and so he's openly telling the democratic majority in the house to keep at it and do impeach him, and even if he isn't removed by the Senate, which is very, very unlikely, you will have damn His opponent in the general election so does now Joe Biden.
Was trying to use the constitutional process of impeachment bastardize by Nancy Policy against his possible opponent in the general election. You'll hear that repeated tonight and tomorrow, but that's what's going on job. I individual who should be under criminal investigation, if not the Ukraine in our country, quite frankly, some should be investigating the buying crime family hunter. His stooge brother, that is Joe Biden, stooge brother. How they made millions of dollars off of the by name. Isn't it entry saying that those who say Ukraine should invest
Gate in China should investigate. Not one of them says that the United States should investigate, but why shouldn't whose Joe Biden in New Hampshire today, I think he knew he was in his new Hampshire, dating Colored Vermont like it did last month, but who knows who knows? What's going on in that brain we call spaghetti caught one go. We believe Americans should decide american elections period. And will do anything to get reelected include. While it is the most basic forms of democracy. I don't know what that means when it's his party that attacks electoral college, when it's his party that opposes every effort to clean up our voting rules when it's his party that opposes every effort to have voter. I D.
I have no idea what he's talking about course. He doesn't know what he's talking about somebody wrote. This form go ahead story. It is dangerous because directly threatens. Our democracy black directly threatens our democracy. What is dangerous, that Donald Trump is doing. These platitudes are incredible. It's dangerous! It's dangerous directly threatens our democracy. What directly threatens our democracy. Go is not hyperbole, it's a fact: its bs you're Fulla BS, no prison american history has ever dared Gauge and such unimaginable behaviour, when he what kind of animal? What are you talking about? You mean Linda That's using the IRS enough be against his political opponents. John.
Using the IRA in the FBI against his political opponents, your administration, using the IRS against the tea party in your political opponents. Hence what are you talking about? Go ahead with this work, In his actions, prison tromp has indicted himself by extra injustice that start he's not upset sky.
Chairman of the Senate. Judiciary committee has been a lawyer for most of his lot very bad one, but he's been in government president in obstruct justice. How does the president obstruct justice were not in the justice system? It's the impeachment process. Maybe you can obstruct Congress or obstruct the house or something that soil and he hasn't, but she's, not obstructing justice, like the House of Representatives or the Democrats controlling it are in charge of justice. Clearly there not. This is a battle that the President is waging a perfectly legitimate legal, slash, constitutional battle, which is challenging the authority of Nancy Policy and the way in which the Democrats in the house for managing this and they can pull out every egghead profess
for many liberal law school they want and get their quotes and others, was born in the constitution. There, Already in the constitution constitution does that the House, a representative, shall have the solar power on a peach meant and eighty policies, not the House of Representatives and the Democratic Party, is not the house of Representatives. There on party and what they're doing here, using our tax dollars and using the institution of the House of Representatives to try to affect the next election is appalling and Joe Biden sit on it now Joe Biden once the Democrats.
To use the House of Representatives to use our tax dollars to use the impeachment process to eliminate, should he be the nominee, his opponent, the present, the United States or the damage his opponent, the presently United States, so severely that he thinks he can beat him. That's what Joe Biden doing If we had a real present this country, they be all over it, go ahead. Refusing to comply with grossly include he's already convicted himself.
In full view of the world in the american people convicted himself of anything, no matter how dramatic you get, it's got a little energy drink there. I think most reducer he's already convicted himself. What they're trying to do is turn the tables reverse the script, because it's been said here and elsewhere. That buying is convicted himself with his own words on that video that he ordered you trying to fire their prosecutor or he was going to withhold a billion dollars a night. That's truly obstruction of justice that truly the indictment of himself for the whole world to view go ahead. Europe is violated his oath of office, be no, it isn't betrayed the nation guy it.
This nation and committed unimpeachable actually has a lot of the least cut too. To preserve our constitution? Our democracy are basically. I always live at. One left us and Democrats talk about preserving our constitution there They want to attack. The second amendment try to rip it out of the bill of rights that their say,
once denying this president due process, the ability cross examined witnesses again, it's not the criminal trial or civil case, but it is basic fairness, basic justice. This is what western civilization does, of which apparently the democratic parties non member basic fairness. The constitution are democracy. Basic integrity go ahead, he should be impeached, while Joe Biden thinks the president should be impeached. So he's one of the gag le Democrats running for president who think the wisest newsworthy.
Joe Biden should be criminally investigated. Forget about the Ukraine in China shouldn't you s attorney open investigation of Hunter, Joe Biden and eurobonds. Brother. I would think so, but you watch had ever occurred. Media would go not you can investigate a Democrat running for president, whether tiller Clinton or Joe Biden go ahead as not only because what is done to answer Whether is committed acts of sufficient to warrant impeachment is obvious. We trumps onwards we see
text from states. So we have this Kangaroo court in the house this in the so called intelligent Committee, and that's good enough for Biden. He should be impeached, they're, not even done collecting there. One sided information, like the Soviets used to do not even done but Joe Biden like Joe stolen, is ready to convict at least to prosecute and then convict go ahead, that had been made public. We see in his point much of the United States government into is corrupt schemes, individuals and then the government's appointees has corrupt schemes. The skies is a complete cook.
Why? Because the attorney general and a U S attorney, are investigating what took place at the highest levels of the FBI. Folks, isn't this amazing every senior official at the highest levels of the FBI was forced to resign and its under some form of investigation. Everyone on every one of them, the and masking of american citizens under the bombing campaign, Abiden administration, all this took place from buying was vice president. I states nobody ever questions buying about what he knows and when he knew it. Nobody gets a free ride caught on tape, threatening the ukrainian government blackmailing the ukrainian government, and he thinks he can turn it on Trump. That's not gonna happen,
not what most of us go ahead. Impeachment isn't only is only about what the present stun it's about, the present imposes donation, it's a lot of basically now this man who so desperate that he's insisting that the Democrats in this house do as dirty work form that they smear Trump. Impeach trump that they send it to the Senate worry hopes the senators her so brain dead, but they won't do some that. I suggested or something like it, but we'll have a full trial leading right. Up to the general election eliminating a number republican, senators, who will not have time to campaign and so forth. Credit is negative spectacle for the Republicans,
for the present, with a media celebrating and cheering them on. The Joe Biden holds himself out like this kind of aid, a wise man, solemn type, solemn dusk,. Of course, he's the dumbest man, probably one of the dumbest man ever to be in public office. This is also his way of diverting attention from himself. The binds are corrupt, their corrupt go ahead of us. One thing about this: present action clear, nothing! Anyone can contradict this. He's. Seen no limits.
To his power, regardless of the constitution. What does he swung in about present has been challenged and courtiers one somebody's lost some flowers with court rulings. Are he follows the president whether the National Murden sees act, president of prior President's, including Obama? He didn't issue a fear on Dhaka where few years before he said he couldn't think you ve turned about and violating the constitution. What has you violated in the constitution? Absolutely nothing. While this party, the Democratic Party attacks the constitution's founders of slaveowners, framers, ratifies in order to demean it and degraded and showed disrespect, for there are the ones who attack separation of powers they're, the ones who try to put right serve activists on the court's. Rather,
regular so interpret the constitution. It is they who attack the Electoral College, who attacked the second amendment. So many of our amendments, and yet very, is Joe by decades of shredding our constitution and his body, TAT, Kennedy and Patrick lay. He just an aim to telling us whose. Lightning the constitution, a democracy. What a joke I'll be right back the daily Fake news Don pouring through your tv, mobile phones and computers? You may have missed some real news, like the recent study in the journal saw metabolism, sir, Tis suspected a correlation between growing rates of obesity and processed food, but what this are they discover was that these foods also appear to lead people to over eight years,
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but a brick house, Levine Dotcom, Brick House, Levine, dot com offered code live in one more little clip combined. I don't wanna saw the ghostly cut, forego the people around the president, That what he was doing was wrong profoundly wrong so I don't know. I try to cover by hiding the evidence. So, finally, like no other present agenda, classify these conversations. One conversation they put it in a classified location, classified server. The president release this, ladies and gentlemen, Adam Schiff Warning will release the transcript of the ten, our deposition of the former envoy to the Ukraine, the present United States
least this doesn't matter where he put it. No he's trying to cover up the present in the United States, as I've said repeatedly, could have put this trend. Anywhere he wanted, because ultimately he could have asserted executive privilege over any would have won her court. What order a president to release a phone call to a committee of this kind? Why wouldn't last of Wurno Bomb, a judge eventually get to the circuit court in the Supreme Court, so would have asserted exact? a privilege. It doesn't matter what server he put it on sought a cover up. This is the extremes to which they'll go to try and create an impression, and that's what it's all about an impression. This is our choreographed. This is all choreographed, no pressure, no quid pro quo.
No cover up. Now, though, whistle blowers even needed. We have the transcript nothing. There is nothing here, nothing except that the media are creating in the Party is creating an Romney and other opportunists are trying to create. There's nothing and the transcript of the phone call doesn't say quote the President said: you favour on Biden and I'll get your military. I know it doesn't fit. Has to do with the twenty sixteen investigation. There is no linkage why never mention Biden, ladies and gentlemen, but did so what so. What I hear this is the big should never mentioned by if his attorney general, eventually what to look abiden where that's different, what
But U S attorney, did you understand oaks. If the United States attorney in our own country, but the public integrity section of the criminal division of main justice decided to investigate the bites. Baby going to the Ukraine and China for information you, whether they be going to the Ukraine and China for it- A nation they would need the assistance and cooperation and collaboration may say, collaboration. The chinese government and the ukrainian government and our government. Does this all the time and embezzlement cases, drug cases, terrorism, cases, your name it we do it all the time you're just not allowed to do with biting.
That's not the part that you, the argument they're trying to make it, as the president is a listening these foreign countries to go after a political opponent. No, that's actually what three Democrats in the Senate, we're doing when they wrote a letter to the general prosecutor in Ukraine, demanding that they help Mahler get Trump. And the cover up is really the senator from Connecticut this guy Murphy who's been in public office, since he was, ninety five never held a real job when he threatened Craniums better not look into Joe Biden, I don't know how much longer we, the people going to put up with this crap I'll be right back you wake up in the morning feeling sluggish and have to drag yourself through your day. Do you feel better oh tired and add a shape eating healthy as a habit, but most of us don't really know exactly what we should be eating right, how
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I can financing that met american Financing Animal S, one two, three, four, nobody, nobody, nobody, not animal, less consumer access, dot, Org, where we ve covered a lot, I think pretty much. Now we should listen to a few other voices. I think before we move on and I do once the bringing out Susan Rice to attack Trump and defend Biden. Does it get any dumber than that? Mr producer, Susan Rice goes on I've. Sunday shows and lies five times. Five Sunday shows and lies five times. Here's what she said five of this September, twenty seven twenty nineteen important goal.
What they did instead of storing it in the normal system which is protected classified even though there was no classifies substance discussion, instead of putting it normally resign. The head on a very highly sensitive, highly comport managed very few people in the. U S, government have access to in order to bury it sounded and listening legitimately in their contents, classified presidential conversation we'd be classified that highest is not impossible, is very real. Very rare
another which tromp was covering up folks. This is the worst cover up in world history. The transcript was put out, so this is all bogus. This is all in our shall game. With the Democrats, I I want to move on Syria and the Kurds seems like a lot of my friends are usually so but on this issue are not today. What are we gonna go to war forever? We're gonna go to war forever,. Move. Fifty two hundred troops had a northern Syria will mark. The Turks were going to attack anyway, so we had to get out of their way a really that's an interesting new rewrite and spin of events. The Turks were never going to attack american troops.
But that's the latest lying were hearing from apparatchiks who support this position. First of all, do we have the ran Paul Audio MR producer? From a few years back? We don't have it ok. I thought I said that I will get it. I believe it was on the right scoop, or at least they statement from him at sea. We can find that we're ran Paul said we should arm the Kurds. And, though fight vigorously, though fight vigorously, because they want their own country, and that's what we should do but of course ran parliament believe them anymore. So I want you to know what is taking place without any the spin.
I'm pulling this up this agenda for a Griffin from Fox NEWS Real reporter on national security. She just tweeted, as our friends are right. Scoop noted. I just spoke to destroy you S special forces soldier, who is among the thousand or so U S, troops and SIRI tonight. The serving alongside the Sd F kurdish forces was one of the hardest phone calls I've ever taken. He said, I am ashamed for the first time in my career. And here's what she tweeted further. This veteran U S. Special forces soldier has trained indigenous forces a multiple cunt he's on the front line And I said they are witnessing turkish atrocities Turkey's not doing what did agree to. It's horrible, this military source on the ground told me we met every.
Single security agreement. The Kurds met every single agreement. There was no threat to the Turks. None from this I did the border. This is insanity. They concern you a service member told me, I dont know what they call atrocities, but they are happening now. This american soldiers told me the Kurds have not left their positions guarding the ices prisoners. In fact, they pay And at a prison break last night without us there abandoning our side yet, but the Kurds are pleading for our support and we are doing nothing. Troops on the ground and Syria and their commanders were surprised by the decision. Sunday night business decision. He says he doesn't understand the problem. He doesn't understand the repercussions of this. I want to say in Islam is not. A level headed actor.
As to this you a soldier in the ground tonight in Syria. He said. According to him, the Kurds are as close Western thinking in the Middle EAST as anyone, it is a shame, it's horrible, this helping the ices fight regarding the ISIS prisoners, he said many of them will be free in the coming days and weeks. This year special forces soldier wanted me to know the courage sticking by us no other partner? I've ever done we stand by us disappointed visions coming from their senior litter leaders. So, according to the report by foxes, Jennifer Griffin, the Turks are committing atrocities against the Kurds now or mark. We can't fight wars. Fervent. Let me ask you a question folks. When you hear that
Chris weighted by this argument that we can't fight wars forever. Is that our goal to fight wars forever, when the Kurds were helping us against ISIS it we inform them that when it's over we're leaving? No, but why didn't we. Did we tell them we're going to remove our troops from from the northern part of Syria that borders Turkey after they're done helping us fight ISIS, and we didn't tell him that? Why didn't we tell them that you can make the argument that were tired of wars as a basis for a drawing from every corner of the
every corner of the globe in the Chinese and the Iranians and the North Koreans and the Russians would thank you. America goes through periods like this and what happens? Typically, we have to fight our. Adamant, because their evil genocide of individuals and regimes that try to take advantage of it. They fill these vacuums and are not satisfied, and now I'm like war war to even these relatively poor backward countries. Nuclear weapons, so when you hear somebody say that seven thousand miles away, so what would you think it Intercontinental Ballistic
this is all about an icy beer. It's the hit locations IDA, thousands of miles away, we're not talking about conventional warfare. I really don't know what else to say. If I can persuade you What I believe the the wrong headed is an actual immorality of this than I'm never going to be able to it. Doesn't matter gunning bother calling it's ok, we disagree, but in my own personal life I can't treat people this way to my own personal life. If somebody help- Me fend off somebody who is solving or attempting to sought me when it's over and that person now needs to be protected at all. Just walk away.
I can't stand on this corner forever, getting in fights all the time and then I guy gets beaten to a pulp. It's not my problem, that's not how Americans think. That's not how Americans think you know it's too bad that we have to fight crime all the time that we do it's too bad. We have to have as many jails and prisons, but we do it's too bad. It's a terrible thing. But there are evil people, some them take control of countries, some of them take control of neighbourhood, some of them trying to take control of seven allowance. You just can't become an ostrich and hide from their stuff And I understand the arguments of others who who try in Miss characterize
near me and others as having some bizarre outside interests or something or we can't just fight forever. Nobody wants to fight forever, They weren't even fighting the Turks here. I don't even know what that means in this case, but fighting anybody back. It was a great success, but we just open the door to the Turks this piece of S and on to let these people out. So I've heard it said that we have given them a lot of money for arms and so forth. Here we have because its our best interests. You was to fight ISIS, They don't have any factories, they don't have simply lines, access to committee.
The owl and so forth. Their helping us fight terrorists. Their damn good fighters and they ve been extremely loyal. According to this report by Jennifer Griffin Fox, there are atrocities taking place. Also, what kind of message this ascend all over the world to people who are helping us and one hellhole after another, so we don't have to send troops, so we don't have to send more troops. It tells them we're unreliable, that won't work done with our business were out we're out. While mark you know, our troops were in harm's way. Now they weren't
They knew argument that was invented today. It was invented today. It wasn't said yesterday or the day before yesterday. It was invented today. The troops in harm's way from the Turks and NATO ally now they work. The Turks one of us out of the way, so they could do exactly what they're doing right now. You know why I adore this president, my aim to sabotage or harm them in any way, and I'm not going to consider my good friend. But I strongly disagree on this, as I do other friends, even family members in my wife, on different issues here and there. But this is a big one and I'm not going to adopt. The Bernie Sanders ran Paul Code, pink republican position.
Isolationism leads to the killing. A more american forces Collation ISM leads to threat to their homeland. Radical interventionism leads to the death of american soldiers, why you won't find me on either side of this. I'm not an idiot lock. A magic word here is prudence. This was a huge Taken my view I'll be right back then.
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the Kurdistan region into a country, would be easier said than done, but he tottered the benefits of his proposal. Listen to this crackpot, this guy. Crackpot, even as it Sir Communications director, writing crack puckery out there if you well. Yes, I invented it. I, MR producer, who do you recommend I speak too. Amy. Colorado springs, serious satellite go high mark. Thank you. Can I call you got your quick comment about the letter from the west. How are the term border out here is your regular girl. I was so happy to see that the presidency has In him I don't know how you, when I saw the president yesterday, he's got more than item. He is energetic person. I've ever met.
Stars going to mention that. Also that you know, if you talk to him again, just tell him that people are behind him to understand. I already told him I put the video of this on my social sites. You'll see that if you take a look at it, I have argued that mark, and you know why were behind him. I am glad that he talking about due process or we can see that happening, and we we back pay project in that country of Burgos do and where I think half the voters do. The other have just don't give them, and we are about. Find out when they election comes out Thank you we'll be right back
he's here now: broadcasting them only underground can impose than the bowels of a hidden somewhere under Britain steal over nondescript building. We have once again made contact with our leader, everybody Mark Levine. Here our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight seven, seven create one three, eight one one member calling cabinet can all the protest at the foot Games and the liberal NBA coaches, like Stephen. Currently, let's had jerk with San Antonio care members name, but doesn't matter member protesting social injustice in the United States It's easy to do folks
for very, very wealthy coaches and players easy to make a spectacle. It's easy to draw attention to yourself to be so braided by the sports media shore. Then, if you suck- and you can't get a job, it's because you're being discriminated against because of your views and blah blah blah. But even Lebron James and others. And suddenly, with the lab liberal attacks. But not when it comes to Communist China. Communist China has two million Muslims in gulags, where they are raped. Where they are a solid where they are tortured.
Or they are murdered where they are indoctrinated, yunkers same with Fallon gone sanely Christians, anybody else who doesn't fit in who doesn't comply, commune China, they ve yank the ten commandments, IDA churches, they have the sanctions regime in these churches have no say it is the greatest Monitoring police state on the face of the earth. He gets social credit numbers. He's right, good soldier, the Communist Party, you get a higher number than others who are some of them a warrant, don't even though they are your constantly tracked adverse,
points. If you want to go into a store or more, they have police stations on every other black. Now, I'm quite serious. If you solve in tv and they go was last night. You will have seen this as we talked about it at some length and showed the video But it is amazing that tolerance that these tat people in our country, athletes, sports legs and other cooperation Have free genocidal, murderous regime like Red China, like China and so. Motivated. Are they to do business in China? surrender any pretence, anymore of morality and ethics,.
These seventy six years, this is my home team, the Philadelphia seventy Sixers, eject fans for free Hong Kong sign there and to have a free Hong Kong sign there sitting in the stands in their thrown out of the stadium. A pair of spectators at the seventy six his match up with the guy to learn. Lions submits a chinese thing we're erected on Tuesday after holding signs. I read free Hong Kong. According to ABC six Philadelphia SAM Walks, his wife reportedly had their signs confiscated at the as far as centre in Philadelphia. They then began to voice their support for protesters in Hong Kong and were rejected ejected out of the arena. There's no foul language. No politics walks told ABC six. I think shameful harsh reaction
walks and his wife were not arrested after being escorted out of the arena. Hornaday be Sixes Christie, illegible. Their signs were not return without fear, responded. The incident with the statement on Wednesday quote. My last evenings game, falling multiple complaints from guests and verbal Fr intentions with others on attendance too: visuals were worn by whilst Fargo Centre staff about continuing disruption of the fan experience. The seventy six wrote. I believe the decision was made. Whilst Fargo Centre personnel to move the Gatt, from the premises which was accomplished without incident. This seems quite odd to me, because if you look at the picture these two, MR producer, looks like a very empty stadium. Doesn't it. Does it look like anybody's bother.
Now, they're sitting, thereby themselves. The people in front of them are smiling and laughing. I don't see any disruption whatsoever. The NBA relationship with China has fractured over the last week after rockets tree, I'm dead More, I tweeted is support of protesters and ongoing. We touched on this, but let's continue parent yea cares events in China, where can about Tuesday and Wednesday. I preceding contests against the nets in Shanghai are in jeopardy being cancel. This is because The G M of the Houston Rockets headed a tweet. And you didn't write that macho is mostly a graphic supporting the Hong Kong protestors. Mba commissioner, Adam similar dress the rift between the leg and China on Monday, I think, as a values based organisation, I want to make it clear that Darrow Moray is supporting them
of his ability to exercise their freedom of expression, sovereignty, apologized,. Chinese State Television Cctv suspended its broadcasts of MBA preceding games than I work at it. It will immediately investigate all cooperation and exchanges involving the NBA. This is how a took Torreon Communist regime conducts itself and look how players and teams are buckling under. Despite what this lake President says, ESPN, buckled under patently a memo went out to its house? Hosts, don't get involved in this too, left wing network. Don't get involved with a protest protest against your own country, where we don't have gulags. This is appalling. I look. What's Goin on the Kurds are looking with its going on here.
Certain think we're losing our soul All these companies operating in trying to get the hell out of China somewhere or go to India. Yes, as many people as China, they don't threaten us like this. China's the enemy. Look how China reacts working punish the NBA. And James Harden, who I used to like on the rockets. He proved to be a gutless wonder he buckled immediately. He buckled immediately. We like China, we love China vital. Not in the least. It's really quite amazing to me the same people. Bad mouth, their own country, a magnificent country. You see what's going on in this in this country, China, in internet and see for yourselves
eleven tv from last night. There was a brutal brutal regime. Many these are the same players same coach, You don't want to go to the White House can't be were true, he's a dictator- you know I can't go with him man. Stomach racism law. You know, that's not call, but China. We like China. China is ok, And if they want to stop exercising our first, a member right here in Amerika, will them by God we will comply. In fact, we'll apologised to China, we're sorry if we upset you. Look like a bunch of cities of these big tough athletes. That's what they look like to me Just when the rubber hits the road they can't be counted on
And I am ashamed of my Philadelphia. Seventy six hours. And if you were me, I'd never go to another game, certainly not this year. Another game this year. That's for sure. That's all you have to deal with these sorts of things. What do you think they're in China. I'll be right back Let me tell you something about the book industry and the publishing industry, publishers, woman publishers want their authors to push out their books in October and November before the holidays. Now my books,
I'll come out typically in October or November, because I have a writing cycle guenaud that riding writing. And I right the way I ride. Typically, the book will be done, may be in February March April May August, something like that, and we put it out immediately. We don't wait for October or November holiday season, but Out of them are hoping to ride the Christmas and Hanukkah season. You know to sell books, got it. Ok, fine, no brown. Then I become inundated with books And authors and they're all my friends. Mr producer will tell you every one of them. What's an hour, any view of my radio show they want to go and life liberty and leave him. I just can't do that. I can't turn life liberty and Levine into C Span book notes. I have no problem with C Span book notes. That's not the point of the Sunday shop.
And I can't turn my radio show in the radio book notes. I'm going to have various authors on who have written to. And this box and sober that's fine, but not for an hour. And I do the best- we can but this is not an infomercial, because I can't I've got literally right now, mister. What do we have? Twelve ten there piling up and I want the publishers to know something out there. When you send a book to my home you're authors now come on the programme. You're not supposed to be using my home address and sending me books to my home address. The process they not the processes they go to MR producer rich Then he sends them on to me and then we, I work things out with most of the authors, their view,
a few national radio house anymore, that have authors on I'm, not just That syndicated shows something that really big syndicated shows very few of them. Put authors on anymore. I do the best I can, but I can't have this programme turn into a publishers, wet dream. I just can't do it. Some of the books are very Much related to current events, some of them are not so have the way and balance these things, because the bottom line is the bottom line. Is you. I want you to be here. I want you to listen to the programme. I want you to be here. Feel what I'm saying or what we're doing is least relatively compelling. So I just can't run Congo line through here, so I am speaking to the authors now speaking to the publishers. Now inundating nothing's going to happen, because I'm just
I'm going to do it, you send stuff to my house. It's not gonna happen. And then. Some people I never hear from unless they they wanted to talk about their, but now I'm not opposed talking about books. God knows I talk about mine, but I can bring in ten twelve fifteen authors in a period of four five six weeks. I can't do it other shows, can't I can't do it. Just a little inside information. Let us go to Jacqueline, Arizona on the mark living power- you and I want to congratulate you for being why and Not only do you put out the truth that damned behind it, you don't
waffle back and forth on issues you take the stand of truth, Annie in regard to the current. You are right, and ninety nine percent of any thing I've ever heard, come out of your mouth on any subject is right. In my opinion, well You'Re- very very kind. I appreciate that I am very worried about the Kurds suggested it just is to have people stand thus battling this. This unbelievable enemy isis- they took thousands of casualties And now the Turks, trying to wipe them out and committing atrocities calling to Jennifer Griffin Foxes Chester turns my stomach, absolutely
My stomach. I don't believe this is part of the jail judeo christian mindset to you Jaclyn. Now I do not. I I appreciate you have to offer them while thank you, I think I haven't read your your books on your dog every other one I like to. I happen to have no visit left, but I get them audio and I Listen and I try and get everybody that I can t listen to you to open their minds and listen to trim. Well. Thank you. God bless you! well Eric Cheyenne Wyoming on the mark, Levant power. You. Well MAR carry you didn't write very well. Thank you. It's an honor to get a chance to speak with you to listen at her over ten years now through our along eight years. So
like a prison term. Didn't yes, I felt like a Briton turn. You bet Well I'll, be quick, but I've been scratching my head through through the pastor day or so now we are hearing about these atrocities and its heartbreaking. I mean You know what people say. This is not about endless wars or anything like that. This, never once more, I think this is really about water. I think we ve got a duty to protect these folks and you know, Another priority treated at one point about the validity Because economy something happen in Europe, betrayed the word, but I I I just think it wait here to have it and help these people out? I think girl in seventeen eighty true, provide a presence there.
The total for domestic, while the new line is that they were going to attack even where those troops, and now they weren't now never Never they would have never risk bringing sir attacking hearing about it. This is a new line. You didn't hear that line yesterday. You didn't hear the day before wasn't waded out. It's just a new line, that's being put out, it said you know it, so I hope I hope you know the precedent that she's been. He's strange course before, and I really hope that you know Did you find a way and justifies this? Had these people out, because they refer to something we Do Hider act can be much harder now the Turks are on the move. Are you take care of yourself? An era one is nobody's friend,
he is in Islam is that's what he is he's an Islam is not an ally. Bob choose me Rob Charlotte North Carolina Ex M satellite of that Harry User Mercury were banned. Gotta talk to your wise man. Thank you, but they did not. We boarded the down about recovering or Afghanistan did not come at the rat. You right We pull them out. Precipitously. Red, I'm afraid that might that might happen over their digital bit off topic. Garber truck driver what does tat about the war down without border, but they keep wouldn't you desire, buried up on the highway, On the highway Sierra put far barrier,
thirty foot, I vow sound carried away by the way. Aren't they attractive probable my friend thank you will be right back mark love, first. All, that's why I like barnacle event and I'm not sure a lot of people like me stuff- is what I like him. I love now seven, seven, thirty, eight one, three, eight one one you see if I wanted to sabotage or our president, we will be discussing this the way we are with respect and civility and expressing our opinions matter, but this is something that really caused me, the staple little bed last night thinking about,
The Kurt's, you know you may be distracted with all that is going on Nancy Pelosi. The Democrats hope so cuz they haven't given up on their plan to socialize medicine. They hope you won't pay too close attention when they claimed that international price index e is the answer to lower drug costs. Because what international price indexing really does is shift our health care system from a care based model to a european cost based model. But a cost based system is the in Europe, like so far behind in cancer survival rates and by the way their costs go through the roof. A cancer patient in the: U S has access to more cancer treatment, drugs and anywhere in the world, because our incentive based competitive free market provides the enormous investments
Did it developed these lifesaving in life? Extending drugs cost based systems focus on cost first, instead of care, and that's what this many care for all which is Medicare for no one plan all about what carries a lower priority than cost when care. This is important when care is a lower priority than cost. The result is right. Sitting, waiting periods and denied access to cutting edge drugs. At the system we want to adopt were Washington, bureaucrats can deny the treatment unique because they determined to closely in a Republican we're getting behind this to international price indexing. It's another unhealthy distraction. We don't need get the facts, go to true healthcare, facts that come true: health
in fact start com. That's true healthcare fact start. Can we have a lot of people who want to get in here and they call Board has been for so. Let's start, let us to John Madison, Ohio, serious satellite. How are you, sir? It's an honor to prosecute the weapon, I've been really scared to call. You don't be scared package. Ok, I'm ready to cry ok, because in the First Gulf WAR we gave the kurdish rebels and medical supplies because they said before we left your president is going to help us and then, when they tried rebellions down under the encouragement Present your cover walk a bush. He promised an air cover and cover never came and yet still remained loyal, and now this is the second time would be in those people they wore black people leave in us and are you were there?
Yes, sir, I was, I was microscope worthy believed them ass. They walked in hot businesses. Thank you for what you're gonna do to help us in this kind of who sign of them. Then I know you have lived this and no, I just wondered at the hall then, what I'm sorry an out and out, I heard a wrong in their yeah and the torture scared of us in the first group would really believed in my part of some other, so do the king from this current war. They are even I talked to curb the king to the United States, with his family under the auspices of the special forces group. You thank you. Thank you proceeding my family. I thank you for happiness. By quite turn,
And I just want to be sure that would you please, God bless you and maybe someone I jumped what what do you make of land Paul in these co? Pink republicans, you just say. They can keep turn these endless wars. I don't know where we are at war with Turkey. We would Why would they hurt? I don't know what you're talking about now. What we are doing is helping establish we're still happening. The Kurds establish their own, Europe requires on and they were greater autonomy is a wasted waste at sea. He really is any of those Republicans. It said we shouldn't be helping the Kurds as whole. Crap and guilt keep my language, your combat veterans. Yes, sir, I am on the com. Mama, I'm a combat medic. I took care of those Kurtz. I took care of might get my own family. I'm sorry
I'm sorry, I know it's not worth natural conveyor, your feelings in her thoughts to the public, our internet. Thank you, sir. You take care. Charlie, would bridge Virginia the great WMD algorithm Thank you for achieving this call and I can compete with the guy. Just called I mean he's one hundred percent correctly as the president is wrong. I don't think that you know they pay for blood in. I am, I think, it's great. I voted for the present. I would confirm again: I love the man, people don't love and put in a lot. I love him. You know that that is what I wanted I've been looking to show, but so many so many years now and you re on the money, you know the one and only thank you Charlie. I appreciate it buddy, let's go
Jeff Waterbury, Connecticut, I'm not lying in these causes. People are calling in as they wish Mark Levant go right ahead. Thank you mark. I am honoured to speak to you on the radio. I am honoured to be among your listeners. No one has presented the case for the Kurds more eloquently on you, but I have to make the point that loyalty is earned it. Quality, I engage with people, I feel Trump every day and I remember when Trot gave a second chance to a beauty queen who had drug and alcohol problems and that impressed me- and they still talk about that case, other people, to prove to them that he has a heart and soul, but this is important walking away from my allies, not only that the wrong thing to do. It has ramification for any allegiance is we might have in the future, and I just want to say I want President trumpet Europe he can lose. My if another alternative conservative comes along
Well, that's not gonna happen and he'll have my vote, but that's why it's important to ITALY. Voice our opinions because he's hearing other opinions to like Grandpa and the code pink Republicans- and I am one of them- or from people who have fought over there and people who ve been. Military and, and just anybody who really thinks this through I mean, I admit I was kind of stand when I heard about it. Are I Jeff? I appreciate your car outlets continue. Let us go to John Roswell New Mexico. The great cave e, F C go. How you doin I'm good. Good. You know I was now really a Trump guy. I concerted tramp guy, but just push me way.
Corner. There may be shared with their lives and stuff like that right, but they think the thing about the thought occurred. Some I've got to talk to him with your comments You know he to give you a lot of praise. You show you repay their grip. Where he loves you Can someone talking council, we can't, we can't leave the ban in the Kurds. Threatened Turkey to work. You are taking them. Apathy, kill anybody there, never our allies. I might. Having I haven't talked like. If you talk to him, you are not going to reveal whether I have or not, but don't listen, don't assume things. Ok you're, not gonna, kill us our term about not necessarily a maniac his own man, you're pretty persuade Euro our eye John Prescience recall
Dan Dover, Tennessee serious Satellite go right ahead, sir. I more I would also, when I rackets by large for years in Iraq, there during the first portion of it, the only people that we could trust when the break factually Philip, a hotel in the hook in northern Iraq and when we got there piglets. Three days of honour, when we they would turn our weapons and kurdish people walking around their town, which was like a vacation town and they would protect us and keep safe from any kind of harm. Three people in that region? We could trust. Soldiers to and take Last They are the most I know all about the politics of the past. How did you meet turkey. You know that, but the kurdish people really just why have their own area,
where to. We just kind of divided weapon left them out in the cold, and it's just what do you think about this latest move I am not happy with it at all: I've got to I flew, emissions over there, the Kurdish, People should really have gotten a piece of Iraq if we had not been politically correct in the way that we handle that war- they hate me example you gonna, there's a mighty mark, is called Molly mark the the only part of my erected. I've ever been to where you can eat off the floor, because it was so cool under their customs and everything is so much better than. From the other cultures at around there. He up I hear your man and I want to thank you for your service, to appreciate it very much.
Let's see, let us go to John came to New Jersey, the Great W Phd in Philadelphia. How are you mark, I read your book better black wall before the toilets and to thank him on the phone army endless Like an appointment was Iraq and our and like every day, don't about twitter election, No, our poor strongest allies in the area are the Israel the kuwaiti Kurds and they did it and other that would these people? Hi, dad Toy you saw me look out there in Germany, the government, when they had made everything they loved American What can we do? I know you will work that way out. What can we do
actually establish a Kurdistan. Nothing now. You and I speak the Turks IRAN to what would have been Kurdistan. I guess. But I dont know in the report from Jennifer Griffin is a very very bleak and miserable report. May special forces senior officer over there that their gettin wiped out. Remember ready the brave NATO in, like manner
there. You have a holiday pointed out with chemical weapons and they thought about it, but not of course, because out of their people got wiped out over their wages. They have sacrificed so much blood, sweat and tears, and we have sat there in this regard. The basement ridiculous. I would love to the report. I would love to set about the Kurdistan down country. I John, I appreciate you calm and women back, then few things of life can change. Your entire outlook on the day a call from your boss asking you to work to weaken, really
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either way: you're safe, save ten percent. That's car, she'll, dot com called LE then or call eight hundred cars. Six thousand a mention code, Levin Deductible, may apply to wonderful, wonderful service. By the way Charles West Palm Beach Florida, the Great W giant, o Brien Mud country Harry you mark thanks for taking my car. I just wanted to come the Navy Bedwin here he's been fighting wars over there from Thomas Jefferson in American Heavy forgets under the bed in eighteen, oh said: well to take on the hierarchy right. He's gonna someone that opposes american Liberty, Saran Paul when he talks about the endless wars YO. We didn't start this and it's been going on for quite a while. But you're right. He lives in kind of a fantasy world. Doesn't it it's not that we start these wars is that there is through so many other? Countries so many other cultures, Are there so many threats to our country? Cannot it's? It's not is
basically going to be the ideology of the deal with four now on. Our hands are gonna, be tied because We don't want to start wars and we d, be in wars and its seven thousand miles away. I mean it's understood that we don't want to start wars and be in wars, but you gotta protect your country. You have to consider the mentality when Thomas Jefferson said forget seven thousand miles away in eighteen, oh sex. I mean that the lot further back than it does now anyhow, wonder what people who want to be allied with America would think today knowing now how we are treating the Kurds. Basically, I think we just took a big hit on that. I do not think we too Big head on that, and also where your Jefferson analogies actually quite interesting because you know John Adams refused to take on the barbary pirates. Jeffrey Jefferson insisted on it. Are I my friend thank you for your service too.
Tom Riverside California serious Satellite go please. Yes, sir, I'm back Russia for operations, a- and I am disgusted at this current situation- reminds me so much what happened to the mountain yards in Vietnam, There are any those left anymore. We fought the side by side with those guys has special commando unit up when we left there were they tried to get a bunch of people there get a golden lobbying to get him back over the country here, but there they were ignored and we're doing the same. The Kurds and I'm really cork, I'm sorry, you're, Vietnam, that you're hurt. Here I mean I remember those pictures to with the helicopter and not thousands and thousands of boat people. They occur in butter large work, the boat people alter Vietnamese long after a whole group. Their role in Northern Ireland.
Where what guerrilla fighters on our behalf, yet her big time in great depth comprise most of the recommendations. We got an american ones: Euro, American One five, but then left the guy. Using mountain yards. Maybe if you long Chinese, Tonia and some nor did we convert but they were loyal. Friends like just like the current, your loyal to enact I'm I'm tired. This kind of behaviour for work we are in other prowling I wiped out prowling out, know that you are dead, because we vietnamese me once they over the country, we're gonna we're gonna, do that our eye Tom thanks for your service. You don't think about. What's going on over there right now think about the arguments. Being made or you persuaded by these arguments,.
Coming from the administration are coming from Capital Hill or coming from the meter even coming from talk, radio you persuaded was heard of these bumper sticker. Arguments we had enough with the long oars we're gonna get out. Should we bring all our special forces back from Africa? Southeast you sure that's where they are south of our border. Out of the Middle EAST are a Europe. You wanna bring all the special forces back folks. This isn't gonna stop our environment in court in court. Worse. This isn't gonna stop at this doesn't have anything vicious leaves these Kurds to fend for themselves, which they're not gonna, be able to do up against. The Turks were heavily armed with tanks, heavy equipment and an air force Ladies and gentlemen, we salute our armed forces, police officers, firefighters and emergency personnel. All you folks, a keeper, safe God bless you! Thank you
I very much and I'll, see you tomorrow, he well from the west. Would one podcast network.
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