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Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 11/12/18

On Monday's Mark Levin Show, the media decided decades ago that they were going to report the news and interpret it for you from a liberal perspective and that’s what we are seeing today. Now the media is claiming we lost the suburbs in the election because of President Trump but that's wrong, its immigration that cost us the suburbs and consequentially some House seats in the election. When Ronald Reagan and the Bush's won, Florida, Texas, and Colorado, they were solid red states. Back then the media wondered how the Democrats would ever win the presidency without physically changing the electorate. Well they're doing it! As assimilation has become extinct, we continue to lose because the population is changing. Mark reiterated his thoughts from his book Liberty and Tyranny in 2008 outline that birthright citizenship is not guaranteed by the 14th Amendment and it is immigration, both legal and illegal, which is fueling our problem with assimilation. Then, we look at new pseudo-events in the media, through the lens of Daniel Boorstin's book "A Guide to Pseudo Events in the Media". Boorstin describes pseudo-events as events that are not spontaneous, not train wrecks, but are planned and planted and exist solely to be reproduced by the media. Ambiguity is also a telltale sign of a pseudo-event. What Jim Acosta did last week at the Presidential press conference is exactly what a pseudo-event is. Later, California is on fire and the media blames Trump for his comments on forest management. Yet, Governor Jerry Brown makes comments blaming climate change deniers and does not get criticized by the media.

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Now run only underground than the bowels of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader. Everybody Mark Levine, here, number, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three eight one, one laptop: it renews out their color When he's burning again and of course, for the media about politics, president talked about the forest management, it may be the need to cut I ain't, he was attacked. The governor. Jerry Brown blame the climate change.
The failure of the Republicans, among others, to recognize it. He was not attack nine. Presidents, talking about the timings off, but I know what he's talking about these left wing groups. I have succeeded in many respects a preventing state and federal government. The local governments too, from cleaning out the What are these forests? You can go good a swimming there, there's been litigation on their, so the left fights very, very hard and says fires or necessary it's just a natural part of of growth to natural part of death and life and They ve had the upper hand That's one of the reasons these fires have been worse than they have been in the past and that's worth a debate later. Not now. Right now, it's all hands on deck and that's exactly what's taking place, has nothing to a climate change. The climate didn't create that fire.
But I guess everything has something to do with climate change. Doesn't it Wednesday. Of course we want to salute all the vets out there, as we do every day program, because every day veterans days for his work concern every day, respect the military day. Police and firefighters and emergency personnel, but we do want to thank our veterans today, then salute them All kinds of things going on in Florida, Arizona looks like it's over the Democrat. Well when- and she is key- he's using antibiotic she's absolute leftwing coat, but its harder and harder to tell her. Apart from other left wing. Cooks are getting elected now and they did play tricks,
urgency voting centres. He read about them in Florida. You have these ballots. People cast And they Cassius bows, because you know that they can't tell right There's somebody is who they say they are if they don't have the appropriate the identified issue with them, they com, provisional ballots on more more with the Democrats during these democratic counties and they quickly mix them with the other ballots. And you can't tell them apart one from the other. And in Georgia the kindest Like governors racer, too looks like wars breaking out now with Hamas shooting a hundred missiles into israeli cities and towns. We're gonna get into that can we can wait for the news coverage from Jake, a fake tapir and the rest. We have a individuals who have been elected to Congress to women
you are said to be the two first muslim women elected to Congress. One of them has but again today, said she's, a big support of the media movement. This an anti semitic movement against the Jews in Israel. And there's not a word of coverage on CNN, not a word of coverage on MSNBC, not a word of coverage on any major news network. Her cable station, not a word, nothing. While they throw the word racist around and Hitler around the Nazis around somehow they miss these, these wonderful Ladys and we'll get it there too.
But the first thing I want to talk about, ladies and gentlemen, is the nature of the media and the Democrats, and we have to go back to this. I got page after page of clip after clip of what took place of the last two days on television. The thing is that the Democrats say the things that the media say, the things that the media, guests and contributors say they are so outrageous. So outrageous. And you know me, I try to get to the bottom of these. Things are what is going on and on and what is going on here. He's not in the nineteen Sixtys and Seventys in the early eighties, the media decided.
Then it wasn't enough to report the news. This has been documented in the let you interpret it that they were going to report court on quotas. And interpreted and Natalie where they going to interpret it. They were going to end but from a liberal perspective, and so that's what you see them. India is part of this entire progressive movement that has devour really all of our interests. Patients, many view your synagogues and churches are entertainment. Even late at night, you see it. Academia is now all for one and one for all and the media, And the media. This is why you're frustrated, but editors and publishers they spoke about and they wrote about it open in the
Sixty seventies and early eighties decided that they were going to advance. What they call liberal values, but what it is leftwing bias and they're doing it. And they're doing a lot of it now I've heard. Interpretations of the selection that it, sir, we ve lost. Numbers because a trump lost the suburbs, because a trump, that's not why we lost the suburbs We ve lost the suburbs because of single white women. That's not why we lost the suburbs. We lost a sovereign because of married white women. These are only argument. That's not why we lost the suburbs. What's happening or the metropolitan areas we're getting bigger and bigger and bigger, you have publicly this protection moving further and further out into these suburbs in and out
suburb, suburban areas. But the real reason is immigration. I must say I am so busy would live in tv and fox and writing my next book. I don't have the chance to listen to talk radio anymore. I really dont unless it's about a half hour, before- I go on the air, so I don't want everybody else's is doing, but I a lot of back and forth with a couple of my talk, radio bodies and made them. Maybe they raises- I don't know, but in that back and forth we discussed- and I raised his I live in a state Virginia Virginia, ten years ago, was a solid red state, its now a blue state in ten years. Colorado ten years ago was a solid red state. Its blue state.
Arizona was a solid red state, its now purple state and by the way. The reason we lost Arizona was not only because these emergency voting centres that they set up before the election, which is a real farce, but because my The mix Sally failed to build bridges to conservatives after a vicious primary fight. Cyrus Zone is a little different, but still immigration has hugely affected. That state Florida is very, very close. Why Emily California, which Ronald Reagan only one twice in a landslide by George W Bush, one in a landslide, did you know that California is gone? It's a dark blue one party state and they knocked out three or four more republicans along the way.
Because of changing demographics because of immigration, not because a trump not because of what. In the suburbs or anything of the kind interesting that almost none of the media analysis, Koran quote. In the big media mentions immigration, and yet that's what's going and people are, about this over the years I ve talk about. What's coming and its come in here, it is. Many of you are old enough to remember. Some of you are not Reagan, one first race in a land sliding one is second race and a landslide George W Bush, one very comfortably in the next race against Dukakis, talk back then was how will the Democrats ever when the presidency? How will they ever when the present they can't win? Feel about and they came when they electoral college therapy,
and as long as I keep one in California, Texas in Florida,. As well as Colorado in the south. There Please no way that the Democrats can win. So what did they do?. They changed a number of the states and their changing a number of states. That is why they will fight to the bitter end, to secure against securing the southern bore wall fence mode. It doesn't matter it doesn't matter, they will fight to the bitter end, that is, there are at least five hundred sanctuary cities in this country, five hundred, which are illegal. This nullify case- a federal law.
That is why, when Obama was president, they stuff the courts, they packed the courts with the most radical Democrats. They possibly could at the district court and circuit levels in particular because I knew that's where most of these cases would be heard and that's where most of the cases. Loving immigration are her. And so this is the problem in back when doing so called comprehensive immigration reform when George Bush, with pushing it I believe it was two thousand six two thousand seven. I spoke at great length on this programme great length on this programme that the clock was taken. This isn't about brown people, yellow people, white people read people Albino Barnaby, whatever, About reality, in your sing, it.
Because without assimilation- and this really is the first- period in american history, so the last thirty to forty years we ve had immigration without assimilation, loud assimilation, people coming to this country have no connection to this country people Coming to this country of no connection to the american culture, that is why you, accusing anybody who talks about securing the border or Anybody who talks about securing the border. Or ensuring that our voting lists are correct or anything like that as being racist racist
balkanization tribal zation. Diversity of cultures is exactly what they want. That's the name of the Democratic Party a cobbled together. These coalitions doesn't want assimilation. It needs us at each other's throats. That's the problem. I country faces not Donald Trump, not Donald Trump tweets. And the truth is I ve Job Bush for president, are one of these other guys was president, we be in a worse position today, worse and we are right now. It is very superficial, it's very easy to just keep dumping on Wall Trump, the dish and trump the dish, the suburbs there. So the inner suburbs- and it's not correct. It's me jerk. Population is changing.
And that is why you keep hearing the re stating. That is why He peering a white privilege its supremacy from the left. That is why you keep hearing the most outrageous, things from the left to trial. Prevent the discussion that I'm having now with you for the last twenty minutes, they don't want it. That is why the media doesn't talk about it, but it's happening right in front of your face. I'll be right back Also in this business- and it was not
About how in Texas we have a big problem, Governor Abbot does a great governor. He only got fifty five percent of the vote. Folks who's got a little over fifty one percent of our crews at eighty million dollars spent against them Even today are heard on our favorite cable channel. He was a terrible candidate. Crews. Now wasn't. Eighty million dollars is a lot of money. I think he raised twenty five million, which should have been plenty their fourteen, a pellet courts in Texas. The vast majority of her head majority republicans on now. Seven have Democrats and seven have Republicans. The metropolitan areas in Texas in the Sis,
Yes and the immediate suburbs are all Democrat Fort Worth was the last hold out in Fort Worth went Democrat slightly this last election. This has nothing to do with suburban white women, immigration, immigration, the fact the Democratic California, has nothing to do with Superman White women they bemoaning it. For years and is getting worse. Immigration. And you also have migration within the United States. Save immigration, and you also have migration. This has important second part of it. You have individuals in population centres like New York City or Philadelphia or Baltimore so forth,
many of whom are Democrats. And then they move in Washington DC. You know Chicago than they move into the immediate suburbs and they continue their voting patterns, Even though their escaping these particular areas. Really for a better life or different life. But they bring their same voting habit. Hardcore Democrats in New York moving the Florida hard CORE Democrats in Washington, Dc Movement Virginia or hard core them. Crash in Maryland. Moving to Virginia that everybody, but you know what I mean hard core democratic choice I can't move into the suburbs and the immediate area around Chicago, so you have two forces you Immigration and then you have migration within the United States what's happening to these red state, it came.
How much longer until it's the Republicans who have no way to victory on a presidential election, and I'm quite serious about that. I'm not Tran upset you. China, we had control of the house in the Senate and because me, The people who lost in the house many the rhinos this last election wooden step up on immigration. We We got our wall We back you wake up in the mall. Running feeling sluggish and have to drag yourself through your day. Do you feel blow? tired and attache shape eating healthy as a habit, but most the west, all really know exactly what we should be eating right, how much we should be eating and how to properly prepare it. This is why I drink field of green Every morning before I start my day, just one scoop of fulfilled agreements as a all serving a real USDA. Certified organic fruits and vegetables helps boosted, Kennedy, using antioxidants, probiotics and probiotics. Now
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hearing in about a week with genocide, chin and neck treatment. Now stop imagining call or click right now: eight hundred skin, six o four, eight hundred skin six, o four or genocide that come that genocide dot com. This was all predictable: the Bush administration, Carro the Republicans how's that was just wouldn't do anything about it in. I wrote liberty and turning two thousand eight that's ten years ago, and I talked about how the fourteenth amendment does not provide birthright the Disan ship and so forth, and I laid out all these issues and I concluded the combination of intended and unintended consequences and league, An illegal immigration is transforming american society. Ten years
using the. U S such a Spirit data collected in March, two thousand seven, the centre for gracious studies, reported the nations immigration population, legal and illegal reached a record. Thirty two point: nine million in two thousand seven, it's much worse today, immigrants account for in: U S residence its higher now, but that was the s level on eighty years and now team. Seventy was one in twenty one These. I wrote this it's one in eight and today, and it was one in thirteen than today. It's these. I wrote this it's one in eight and today I bet it's one in six Overall, nearly one in three immigrants as an illegal aliens, half of Mexicans. Central american immigrants and one third of south american immigrants are illegal in the United States of adult immigrants. Thirty one,
This is a ten year old. Eleven year old statistics. Thirty one percent have not completed Highschool compared to eight percent of native Americans. Since two, as an immigration increase the number of workers without a high school diploma by fourteen percent and all other workers by three percent there, origin of immigrant headed household, using at least one major welfare programme, is thirty. Three percent attire now compare digestion. Eighteen percent of native american households that poverty rate immigrants and the? U S born children under eighteen is seventeen percent, nearly fifty percent higher than the rate for native Americans and their children. Immigration accounts for virtually all of the national increase in public school enrollment over the last twenty years and two thousand seven
There are ten point: eight million school age, children for immigrant families in the United States. Now it's far more Pew hispanic centre. Again. This is two thousand for estimates that nine turning to the population of Mexico was living in the United States in two thousand for fifty cents. Percent of all illegal immigrants are mexican another. Twenty four percent are from other latin american countries. Fifty five percent of Mexicans in the United States are here illegally by twenty. Fifty Hispanics will be between twenty nine percent and thirty, two percent of the nation's population. Why trying to impose columnists Robert Jason, again. This is from liberty and tyranny. Ten years ago, allies, the Census Bureaus annual statistical report on poverty and housing in the household income, from two thousand six and found
among other things, that there were thirty six point- five million people in poverty, I'm quoting have that's the figure that translates into twelve point three percent poverty rate and ninety nine, the population with smaller, and there were thirty three point: six million people in poverty rate of thirteen point: five percent The increase from ninety ninety to two thousand nine was two point: nine million people that is Hispanics, he writes, accounted for. The entire game of the increase in poverty and the United States is talking about the immigration. Not if you were to go through these statistics that Robert Samuel A comment for the washed and post went through back then today on any these cable channels. That is seen. MSNBC. You would be accused of being a white supremacist or racist.
Samuelson explain that from nineteen ninety to two thousand six, the number of poor Hispanics increase three point: two million from six million point. Two million me While the number of non hispanic, whites and poverty fell from sixteen Six mine, a ninety. Ninety two, sixteen ninety two thousand six among blacks. There was a decline, nine point, eight million and ninety ninety two nine million in two thousand six white black poverty have risen somewhat since two thousand, but it is down over the longer periods, He said only an act of wilful denial can separate immigration and poverty. It's incredible. This is all in the bucket goes on much further. Rather than american eyes aliens and use public and private institutions to income.
Eight them with the virtues of american culture, language, Maurice history, traditions and customs. The state. Is cultivating a cultural relativism in which the culture from which the aliens fled are given equal accord with the american culture, you saw them do that couple months ago. Would trump, but all cultures are not equal as evidenced in part by the alien fleeing his own country for the American culture and the marriage. Citizens staying put. It is normal unhealthy for ethnic groups to celebrate their diverse heritage, Columbus Day, Saint Patrick, stay, etc, and they have Since the nations phallic most large cities have a China TAT Little ITALY, a german town in many, these neighborhoods, the old language is still spoken, especially among the older generations. Neither the heritage nor home language of the individual has ever competed with the american culture for dominance. The history of immigration in the United States up to now has been there
three of assimilation George Washington in his farewell, address seventeen ninety six, my boring everybody. You owe me just to attack trumpet and why women quote citizens either by birth or choice of a common country. That country has the aid to concentrate your affections, the name of American which belongs to you in your national capacity as always exhort the just pride of patriotism, more than any appellation derive from local discriminations. Assimilation for more than two centuries individuals with diverse. Grounds have come together to form a national melting pot And harmonious society sustained by allegiance to the country and its founding principles, but today
this open ended mass migration, coupled with the destructive influences of buying ladder by culturalism multiculturalism, bilingualism, multilingual ism tools Some ship can't shoot me, then affirmative action, Combined a form the building blocks of a different kind of society, where alien. Taught to hold tightly to their former cultures and languages, organization grows, antagonism and conflict aroused and victimhood is claimed, as at perceive slight. Four nation does not show and teach respect for its own identity, supposin institutions that role of attitude is conveyed to the rest of the world, including newly arriving aliens, and if this John check, the nation will ultimately cease to exist. Doktor Samuel Huntington the late Doktor Samuel, honey,
threatens to divide United States and the two peoples, two cultures and two languages. The United States ignored this challenge had its partly because of the lack of assimilation, not because these folks earth hispanic. By the way he argued that Languages, the United States ignored this challenge at its parent that, because of the lack of assimilation, not because these folks, who spent by the way, he argued that, Second, immigration differs from past immigration, amongst others. Temporary immigration, due to a combination of six factors, scale illegality, regional concentration in the southwest, contiguity persistence and historical presence. The consequences he believed or stark demographically, so country. This is him the requiring that is the reconquest of the South West United States by mix And immigrants is well under way.
Can you imagine a man from Harvard writing this today? He wrote this in two thousand. Six can imagine he be. Well, it be beating on his door and writing things on his driveway besides? How can an alien participate fully in american society? She does not share the language that binds citizen the citizens. How can you I better skills pursue higher learning Earner ACT effectively in the market place. We doesn't speaking how can we assess the benefit of entering into contracts or other legal arrangements if he cannot understand the terms and conditions to which he commits himself a most important.
How can the alien comprehend the nations founding principles and pledge allegiance to them if he cannot be sure of their intended consequences and meaning? And yet we have the Democratic Party in these various ethnic front group thought as we do and they do play down. They do not want unity, these sir he's political forces because unity undermines their power. And apparently unity undermines CNN. MSNBC. And so they engage in practice on these networks that are intended to proscribe debate. As I wrote ten years ago, those who dissent from his immigration policies as the statist are often characterize, Exclusionists native vests, xenophobic, urban, racists. Then
Yo Status, offers no alternative to the status quo and condemns the conservative for not going along. He accommodate balkanization this most year, republican friends but pandering to it, but the good citizens contribute the social cohesion of the civil society for his own benefit and the benefit of that society. Specks of government to do the same. The conservative believe To the extent immigration can be applied to that purpose, it's desirable when it does not. It is destructive of those ends, and unless we address this- and it looks like it's not possible given who can tell The house now in apparently wasn't pass one when the Republicans controlled the house, because about forty or fifty of them had absolutely no interest in turning the border. Many of them lost their races this time around it,
they become increasingly difficult to win the presidency now than ever Trump. And the. The more of what should I say, any, never proper. Who claim now not to be trappers, they'll, never admit this. It's gotta be tromp, he's turning people off, it's gotta be trompe star people are has it ever occurred in them. Then he may actually be speaking the truth. Many times like on this issue, whereas other Republicans, none of the guts to do so. So this has had the biggest influence on the mid term elections, the biggest influence on the nature, this society and it's going to continue and you can hear it. The language is being used by politician by people in the media. The vote What's that you see rising up. The nation is divided very badly divided
It's only gonna to get worse. Be right back, the good the tree, the beautiful. How can one again. I understand these high and noble ideas. It starts with the right if education and that's tough, to find these days, but I know one college that provides a comprehensive education- are the very this kind and education in the philosophical, political, the alive, Because scientific and literary heritage of the west- and that tells the college every student, regardless of the major spends half third time on the same liberal arts, core curriculum, studying science, theology, history, mathematics, philosophy, literature and the constitution,
and hills down all students learn about our great western and american heritage. The result, Helstone alumni our leaders with intelligence and character, making a difference in there families communities in country, but it all starts with a court curriculum that develops moral and intellectual virtue, the CORE helps them understand. The good, the true and the beautiful this is Helstone core curriculum. This is learning for the long run, discovery, Education is meant to be folks just check the matter. Then, for hills, Del dot, com what ye ve iron for Hills, Dale, Dotcom, Levin for wholesale dotcom nationalism I have discussed this probably more than anybody written about a more than anybody. The alternative to me is american. Is. And the reason in part is because of the confusion about what nationalism means
founders of this country in the framers of the constitution were very can turned about and sceptical of nationalism. They created a national government, but they insisted on federalism limiting the power of the national government. You say things like nationalism, you're saying things that programme: upset. At the turn of the last century, I've told you before they arise. I gave this big speech. I was hugely popular back then called the new nationalism, also shining like NEO currents. Well, what do you mean by that mark actually went back to the big, thing of liberty and tyranny. Gaza. I recollected writings. And here's what I wrote. Columnists William Crystal and David Brooks Brooks now, of course, with the New York Times and crystal with himself promote some. Called national greatness, conservatism, national greatness conservatism. That's what they said.
They call often an opinion peace in which they exclaimed that it does not eyes government? How could it this is them? How can american love their nation if they hate its government but the way to risk. Faith in our government is to slash its flabbiness while making it more effective, unquote so Bill Crystal a never trumpery dead end and David Brooks whatever years they first Coin, the phrase national greatness conservatism and I rejected it-. I said the conservative does not despise government he tyranny. This is precisely the conservative reveres the constitution. Insists on adherence to it and effective government that up that operate outside its constitutional limits is a dangerous government, so. We constitutional conservatives are not nationalists, we don't
We don't embrace nationalism, we embrace Americanism. That is our founding principles. Data best and concisely in the declaration and our constitution, that's why call US constitutional conservatives, and my rediscovering Americanism and the tyranny of progressive, as lays it all out, I'm not cog in the book by the way, I have something dimension next hour. You'll stay with, in particular the top of the hour involving the New York Times. Yes, Holocaust denial New York Times. Thinking and I want to hear it- we ve got a hell of a lot more to cover too right back with a daily fake news, Don pouring through your tv mobile phone, owns and computers. You may have missed some real news. Like the recent study in the journal saw metabolism,
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greens, gotta brick House, Levine, dot com, brick House, Levin, dot com offered code, Levin, now run only underground in the bowels of the hidden somewhere under Britain, steel of among the script building. We once again made contact with our leader. Everybody marked with any error number eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one I'm gonna tell you how difficult it is
if you are a conservative writer, a conservative water but greater author, how difficult it is to succeed because they don't mostly succeed now. I just want you to listen to this. To stick with me a little while my father rights and illustrates a book about our police. There's nothing controversial in this book. It's not a propaganda peace just a beautifully illustrated in reddened book for children that is, support of a police and talks about what police do in their different responsibilities. Police on and helicopters, police on boats play some motorcycles police on horseback, the different things they do and so far no politics in this whatsoever. None
So the first attack on this book is had there's none of minorities What there's a minority on the cover? A woman. Who could be hispanic or african, american or middle Eastern for that matter? Who thinks of this course there are properly not enough for the left, then two Barnes novel informs the published so that there are five hundred copies in their books. They ve since the increased it to two thousand. But that's because I said all right: I'm never do another book. Signing a Barnes and about Mr Le Pen honestly say really had to do that seriously. Folks. And here's the icing on the cake.
Where is it on the near times? Less was not on the near times, lest I should wife The publisher, because my father's not here to defend himself my father's now here to enquire so I I'm doing it and I said to the publisher, will then. Where is it on the New York Times? Less was not on the New York Times less. I said wife. How many children's books sold more none or at least not many A wise and on the New York Times list most of the sales were on Amazon. Well most of the cells on Amazon, because Barnes Noble only took five hundred bucks. I said you know why this book is being
is the way to being treated. Ladies and gentlemen, because of the title, our police, I'm glad my dad doesn't have to see this cuz. I know it would upset him. It upsets me quite frankly. The differences are big enough and have a big enough for any answer about issues at her letter compelling. So I can. I can overcome these things, but this is a children's book. In the vast majority of you are not children, this is how the system works. This is how the system tries to smother anybody who has a different point of view. If this had been a book called rather than our police, the Police and if it was loaded with nuanced insinuations about the police and so forth, and so on, if it be called groundbreaking, it would get all kinds of attention
It will be on Sunday morning on CBS would be all over the place, but it's not that it never would be there, because that's not the way. The author, my father thought, I'm just glad he's not around to see this. I wish. Around, but am glad he's not seeing this, and I would encourage you I want to thank Amazon or no. We criticise that they take a lot of criticism, but I want to thank them because they haven't flinched for taking the book and sowing the book, and if your interesting Your copy for Thanksgiving, her hanukkah Christmas or any occasion or no occasion now would be the time to acquire a copy. Just got Amazon, dot, com and type in our? Oh, you are police and it'll pop up and look at the common, sir. I looked at the comments. The other night, their worth
Thirty five stars than the usual three and there had taken their shots, but that's all right. They have to live with himself, but people actually purchased it really liked. It. And have enjoyed the year the bright, drawing illustrations insider in there and so forth. So well,. For those of you who are interested, I would encourage you to go ahead and get it. You won't be in many bookstores apparently, but it will be on Amazon. I've talked about this before pseudo event. And we got a lot to talk about. I want to talk about CNN thinking of suing the White House. I can't wait to get into that. One Whittaker, somehow he threatens the constitution, which is nonsense. The app
Luke clowns show this weekend of these will be chairman and chair women of these committees, what a bunch of radical throwback flame throwers and I hope they do most of what they say they're going to, you're, not smart people, they walk in the doors all the time. Anger. You I mean they think that Cavanaugh Hearings angered you just I can all these other hearings in the media, it's gonna anger you for the presidential election you watch. These are not smart people, they walk in the doors all the time politically, and otherwise definitely want to go on now. What's going on with his rather under attack by Hamas, that would be the Palestinians at a Gaza a During missiles so far over three hundred missiles aimed at their towns and cities, these missiles have further distance capabilities and are far more accuracy.
And I can't wait to see how the american media covers this too and we'll get there in a minute. But we talked about you and I this I do a hell of a lot of reading. As youth is, you know called the image by Daniel J born stunt he's dead, but he was the director of the library Congress repaired time, Borst and B o o r s t I the book as the image the guide to pseudo events in America, and I want you to think about this, the more you- see and hear Jim Costa and on women and fake tapir the more you see the Congo line, a phoney anchors and contributors on CNN and MSNBC. I want you to think about this, but think about a costa at their presidential press conference. Endorsed and wrote. A pseudo event is a happening. The possesses the following characteristics: let's see, if this matches up north,
creating an event. Your creating news, it's not actual news and that's what it costs to did. Number one is not spontaneous but comes about because someone as planned, planted or inside it. It is not a train wreck or an earthquake, but an interview. I meet sat number one element out of four to it: planted primarily not always exclusively for the immediate purpose of being reported or reproduced. Therefore, its occurrences arranged for the convenience the reporting or reproducing media, what a better place for a costly to do. What he's doing then, in front of the media in front of the president in front of the cameras and in front of the scribes, so clear, I element number two from a pseudo event, number three relation to the underlying reality of the situation is ambiguous, its interest arise
largely from this very ambiguity: concern being a sewer. The question: what does it mean has a new dimension news. Interest in a train wreck isn't what happened and in the real consequences the edge. In an interview was always in a sense in whether it really happen and what might have been the motives you see, Mr President, How did you keep calling that an invasion? It's not innovation, sir. Are you trying to divide the country? Do you think that has raised consequences? It's a caravan search, a caravan so clearly what it costs to did met the third element of a. Kyoto event number four. Usually it is intended to be a self fulfilling prophecy. The hotels through if anniversary celebration, say by saying that the hotel us
distinguish institution actually makes it a distinguished institution. Ok, a self fulfilling prophecy. This man's, not acting presidential. While there was a self fulfilling prophecy based on your own conduct in front of the man and how you attacked the president and the way you attacked the present wouldn't give up the microphone which, in Colombia. So in this case clearly, and in many others- and this book I'm trying to get the copyright, It was written in nineteen sixty one and put up by the university Chicago Presley, serious publisher, university, publisher, Daniel Borst and a very serious and intelligent man. The book is, the image perfectly describes Acosta per
It describes much of the media today. He said in the last half century a larger and larger proportion of our experience. Of what we read and see and hear has come to consist of pseudo events. We expect more them and we are given more them. They flood our consciousness. There multiplication has gone on in the United States at a faster rate than anywhere else. Even the rate of increase is increasing every day. This is true of the world of education of consumption and a personal relations that is especially true of the world of public affairs.
Got it much of the media today and he's right is about pseudo events. They write about pseudo events at Trop, as I have bad trap as racists, there's white supremacy, going area. There's this guy that going on Soto events. There lies there not true and they meet those four elements. Stephen Colbert meets those four Many of them do very, very important I'll, be right back some examples. Pseudo events? Casta was soon over created a new start.
And of itself is not new My friend Adrian a politician of constantly saying that there is a very strong argument that the appointment of Mr Whittaker as the act, Turning journals unconstitutional he's dead wrong. He keeps misreading the statue, but I dont say to try and embarrassing Murray humiliate him, but he says those things, especially in fox its use by the left, and that same idea pushes out there. You can see from trucks humour on CNN yesterday, cut one go the appoint Mister Whittaker should concern every American Democratic Republic in liberal conservative, who believes in rule of law and justice he's already prejudged the Mahler a situation if If he stays there, he will The eight a constitutional crisis: here, Mahler firing Mahler even
it is so. Congress has two bullets up, so you can hear his incoherence he's, trying to figure out the case to make. Ladies and gentlemen,. The attorney general was forced out and replaced with another person legally and constitutionally under the vacancies. It's not a big deal. There's no constitutional crisis. None. But again, I want the justices of the Supreme Court, who listen to this programme to hear. How Mister Mallory talked about entreated by Left him by the media. They do not view him, as some minor apple taken. Some federal department is summoned you're employ sir important is its role according to them, so significant, so powerfully so power of that he needs to be protected. The press
It cannot fire him and he can't even appoint enacting attorney journal to whom he'll report so he's not fear, employ again. My friend Andrew Politician, pointing to the. Nineteen. Eighty eight decision arson verses, also to dismiss the appointments club Now embraces the appointments clause, but he's got it backwards, and so do the leftist. The appointments clauses relevant from. Because he's clearly a principle officer, it's not some minor inferior off. Like an assistant, U S attorney, just listen, what they're saying, but hastily. Acting attorney general is filling a temporary position. You dont nominate people to the Senate for temporary positions. Can you name one no, they can't name. Why does it not done and so now this is a constitutional crisis. It creates a constitutional crested, not doesn't very upset. You see because MR
his voice opinions protected, especially one up ad in an appearance on CNN and they weren't necessarily his own. He was making alternative. Amidst somebody goods could make. You said that, therefore, is disqualified, because we need somebody like Eric holder, you see or many, like Loretta Lynch now I don't know how much more republicans Serious people in the media of which there are fewer and fewer, are going to take of of lectures about ethics and objectivity. From Chuck Shimmer, whose these snaky sleazy a snake in the grass, then there's Nancy Stretch policy. Faced the nation yesterday and they never face tough questions ever. Listen Margaret Brennan by the way lesson in her question she supposed to be a reporter cut three,
do you think underwater her that the integrity of this investigation is in peril? Now? What kind of question is that again? They ask a quest and then go up with you voice and put a after it. So that's gentlemen, these right now, it's not a question, a statement. It's a should. We. I had to do first of all, I think that he should refuse himself for any review of the investigation, because the statements he hesitated already in the public domain, you he's not a judge. Ladies and gentlemen, these are political appointee. If he'd been adjourned. Maybe he should refuse himself. You know much like Ruth Bayer Ginsburg. It makes all these political comments, including during election, never ask her to refuse herself from anything. Do they, but she should that's. Not. Political appointment. That's a lifetime appointments to the Supreme Court of the United States, where you are compelled to be objective, but there are not many of them.
And here we have a guy he's, not a judge, started you're here acting attorney General United States. That is a political position. That's not to say he would be reckless not to say he would he would interfere, but that's by It's a political position again Sarah Cauldron Ass Loretta Lynch go ahead. This investigation should not you don't have confidence in him as America. I know I just don't have stories are really tough questions over there. The deface, the nation, very, very tough questions go ahead I pies editorializing and others not there's not a lot of bi partisanship. Paralyzing about it, but why would you care anyway policy? You don't care about and by the way? for now. Honour name, isn't Nancy policy, its nasty stretch, Pelosi a nasty for Nancy and stretch because of Oliver obvious facelift. Oh may I
Yes, I may go ahead never had been pointed and that that it says there she is constitutional experts in stuttering before. But she goes on the report. That is written by Mahler? That goes to the deputy attorney general or the acting attorney? To excuse me again, the ghost Is supposed to be confidential? Why Ladies and gentlemen, a report of this by a prosecutors always confidential. What policy doesn't think it should be and when we come back you here which, he has to say, will be right back
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there are questions about what will happen when Bob Mahler wraps up investigation, the report and the conclusions he comes to and whether they will ever see the light of day, because we don't know if they're going to be shared with Congress in democratic control has with subpoena power. Would you force that, where we listen to these questions, incredible, the signalling media types. What they want the Democrats to do, go ahead These are the what he will decide and one will be made public about. We do want the truth. The public has a right to know. Public has a right now. You're wanted your leader a little bit the public does not have a right to know when there's a criminal investigation and certain individuals have not been charge, and you I do not better reporting issue. Can anybody tell me of any United States turn you does that allow Supreme Court members pay attention
this guy's nodded and fairer, employs principle officer. Here again we begged him to write a report, we expect to be public, that's not normal! That's not! set the bar on a normal prosecution and he's not How to do it here? Go ahead. And no one is above the law and terms of when you find is above the law. Will you talking about. The law says you know you're the one acting above the law would your pink. I'll go ahead. You don't think it would require a subpoena. Well, I hope I didn't need Congress beauty of our constitution. You idiot you, don't know a damn thing about the. Do. You know how I would pay a. Watch into her favorite charity jest together on this programme. For thirty minutes.
No, but you ll only do shows like the face, the nation or or what meet the depressed. This week with the little dummy you know. That's all they'll do. Don't come on the show. Then we have Jerry Natalie. Gonna be sees this week. He would have been a great prosecutor. In the Soviet Union. Another leading question from Steph Annapolis. The Democrat Quint annoyed cut five. Present just announced that Whittaker. Acting attorney General jubilee that opponent was legal. Why? I want to question Georgie: do you believe in their point was legal g? keep in mind. They picked a guess. They want they determined Questions are gonna ask so this is based. Finally, a ballet in this case I don't over. The ballerina is, but this.
Basically, a ballet act here, that's what it is. And that these are the fan dancers running across the front of the stage. So, Let me ask you something: meddler the just announced that Matt worker will be acting attorney to do you believe the opponent was legal. Now shimmer says it's a constitutional crisis Pelosi. What do you think nobblers gonna say go ahead, think it is legal because there's no vice consent. I don't turn general can begin. Be appointed without event. Acting temporary attorney general absolutely can be. Certainly under these circumstances, you meet all the requirements of the vacancies. Despite what your hearing on tv, why would you appoint a temporary person I need advice and consent from the Senate Meanwhile, there's Mahler Flop and around like a flower on the beach
and they have no concern that he would didn't get to the sight Consensus even make it go ahead of us send it without the consent of the Senate, but go further than the his appointment. It simply part of an attack on the investigation by Robert model. Special girls or now they ve been saying about Florida. There's no proof, there's no evidence of fraud Tommy. What does your evidence of that? Sir? There is none, none whatsoever, none so drop that guy we're done with him, but there is none. And what are trying do is destroy this guy. All the talk about him destroying Mahler. It is they who will try and destroy him,
Now we swing back to our press, who is asking these tremendous questions weren't, they isn't legal, the agreement that will you subpoena them, while they enjoy lunch. That press there very angry with President CNN: they constipated news network very angry and You claim that they are the First Amendment free press right, They have their a man, a cost in the press. Room did you What I posted over the weekend shortened sweet why haven't they brought suit yet CNN? They may well and hope they get an Obama judge, because I changes everything. But let me tell you what the problem is its multi. The government that is the present the United States and the Lee Trump Administration is not preventing Acosta from reporting in any respect.
Picking report on anything. You want. Their preventing him from coming in the press, room and asking a question: The vast majority of reporters in the press room are not asked to provide a question there not call on MR cost as no constitutional right to be called on what? Why were, moreover, he needs to be in eye room for he can Don on TV, like the rest of us. So he loses absolutely nothing. He has the right to report. He has the right to report on what takes place in the press room, but he doesn't have a constitution. The right to be called on to ask a question: he does not have a constitutional right to be called on to ask the question, What about all the others, and, moreover, the others he's interrupting? That's number one, so he does not have a constitutional right to be in the press, room or a constitutional right to ask a question. The president.
Calls on the various reporters number two. When it comes to the constitution, There are two other CNN reporters in the room. So it's not as if CNN is represented in the room. Now I would argue they don't have to be, but the facts as they are. There's two other scene and reporters in the room. So soon and is not affected by this in any significant way. Number Three, you do not have a constitutional right to disrupt the press conference. If you want to be a rabble, rousing Then chain yourself to the White House fence and be a rabble rousing, have some guts and get arrested over it, but it course Acosta has no guts number four. Rather than promoting free speech and freedom of the press, Mr Costa, because of his tactics.
He and his tactics are undermining free speech and freedom of the press. He's getting between us and the president, so that people are not. Learning about events he's having a debate over whether it's an invasion or a caravan and he's some questions that are obviously intended decree what we talked about the first hour pseudo events. He's creating suit of it he's the news. He does not have the constitutional right to be the news or to create pseudo events such a very weak case very weak case, but that didn't stop You know people talking about how he is destroyed. In the first amendment and freedom of speech, not when I was unhappy week or two ago. I explained this I'll. Do it very briefly, so fake tapir can even come handed and Us Camera and down lemon
gather there in the negative I q category, even in the egg accurate this president, unlike John Adams, has not sought to imprison any journalists that would be shocked. This president, unlike Abraham, Lincoln, has not sought to imprison any journals. Both of them did. This president, unlike Woodrow Wilson, is not out to imprison any journalists. Woodrow Wilson did this president, unlike Franklin, Delano Roosevelt created a year an intelligence operation that is intended to keep track of the media so that he can and put political pressure on various elements in the media only gets his a printout. I soon once twice three times a day of of news clips and news reports. Moreover, this president, unlike Effie.
Do not use one of his democratic hacks several modern day meddler running a Senate committee that subpoenaed Athos subpoenas to news organisations to western union. Other telegraph organisations for the purpose of, in publishers and broadcasters, not so much reporters, but publishers and broadcasting companies That didn't go along with his agenda. The new deal. Did you know this? Oh it's true. It's true. All did you say you know what it cost you disrupting the press conference. You ve done it enough. You dont get for quite, Hence the microphone doesn't belong to you. You know. Slap at a at an intern, that's what he did. He kind of poster slapped or whatever you want to call on the arm. You don't get the disrupt my presidential press conference. You have no constitutional right to do that. Joy. I yet I drink your press pass.
So this present, when it comes to the media. And the media that have the hate for him is actually responded in a very simple way. He fights them. By challenging them openly, whereas they have barrels and barrels of ink. Balloons full a hot air on TV he use Twitter to use Twitter big deal. And, of course, on, like Barack Obama hidden. The FBI on twenty Associated Press reporters order a Porter Fox and his parents. An investigative report for the New York Times or any this sort, Barack obama- unleashed more investigations involving the media. Then all his predecessors combined, then all his predecessors combined.
I'll be right back hope you enjoyed life liberty and living on Fox last night was a really great programme, Roger works. Bear a Pennsylvania. The mark Levin GO like I needed to give me a call, thank you for. Let me on their shall always love listening you. I don't always agree with everything, but I think that it would or in the point now, Are you had a lot of conversations about in the vicinity of a question? Go ahead in is So can I know a little nautilus? Rina get what it cost, those right just being in the room. Compared to individual back. Don't get me
data, be on social media after they cause the rugged redfish. When he had won social media, social media? Anybody can get on social media, companies do on. Social media is a completely separate issue here. I have to do with the cost of credit Asia how What does that have to do your faster You're, looking at an individual who have the experience through constructive, really wants presidential a press conference on social media that I missed There was a Senate hearings and house here soon. So, let's change they focus. I know it's tough presidential Prescott The president's White House gives our press passes, some press get some press dump, local presto, weekly press, don't most state presto Many national press start there's not enough room for them Dennis three seats. Now, that said so they had one seat.
The issue is whether or not a cost has a right has no right The issue is whether or not the government is interfering with freedom of the press. How's the government interfering with freedom of the press Evidently we allow individuals again for wars, oppressed, get off you idiot. You know you pay attention anything. Wars and social media to do with any of this, nothing, zero. So the guy's, an agenda concept makes an asset himself expecting. Somebody was going to defend certainly has the same right and imagine that conduct that will take place in these press conferences so present. He does, but he has no right to be their per se and he certainly has no right to disrupt they presidential press conference. That's not freedom of the press and think of yourself as a Supreme Court justice. This Kay,
comes to you if you rule that Jim Costa has a constitutional right to be in their press room. Then every single reporter who is not in the press room every single outlet. That's not it! press room, presumably has the same right. And imagine that conduct that will take place in these press conferences, so president won't hole. Press conferences anymore. The supreme Court cannot, compel affirmatively compel a presidency held a press conference. So this is our counter toward if it undermines the first amendment and freedom of the press, a rabble rousing or a private Tor even sabotage or if you will, who sent into the pit- conference by CNN suits by Jeff Sucker for the purpose of disrupting the press conference for the purpose of creating a pseudo event, while you don't have the constitution right to do that. Seen in is a cooperation. It is
by time, water that cooperation has a right to own a news outlets, but it doesn't have a right through that news outlets to disrupt they presidential press conference at all. I am often amazed at how, Little accountability there is in these corporations like Time Warner The time Warner Border directed the CEO of Time Warner. The CFO, the CEO, our time Warner. They must know what's going on. They must like, what's going on site, Comcast. They must know what MSNBC doing they must know. What a fool Andrei Mitchell is what a fraud she as in so many others I would add MSNBC they now, but they must like it. So when people say corporations or in the back pocket a report, I don't see that in the least here's Floyd Abrams a first amendment lawyer. He is the Father Dan Abrams.
Cut. Twelve go, does CNN have grounds to sue over this, It's a really strong lawsuit. You one! was a case in Washington. Robert Cheryl, back in Ninety seven days his pass was revoked. He went to court the court of appeals for the District of Columbia said before happens, you have to, tat notice, they have to have a chance to respond and you have to have a written and yet the White House, what are you doing and why not? At least I don't know anything about that decision, but its irrelevant he's in a court of appeals decision notice, he doesn't dragging a Supreme court decision. I think the White House would be in very, very strong position matter of fact. Encourage, landmark legal foundation where I am chairman to found a make us her friend a corporate
as well. I want to protect freedom of the press, the right of the people to know and these pseudo events by these by these mental midgets have got the end I'll be back now let me underline that the bowels of the hidden somewhere under brick and steal over nondescript building. We have once again made contact with our leader, everybody black women. Here our number eight seven seven create one three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven three, I want create one one. You notice how Take them all these Sunday shows our you notice unpredictable. All the news is, I mean other than Fox. We really do get kind of a fifty. Fifty
You really do and that's according to harbour fifty two percent negative on trust. Forty eight percent positive, yet even that, but the rest of the networks are so predictable. So predictable on their Sunday shows Their new shows they all say the same thing and labour the same kinds of guests and you really cannot tell the news from opinion cause they're, all liberal, the people who used to be fairly good but has obviously really fallen. Of intellectual integrity and honesty will be s tea cup as equals. When she's on CNN, as you might expect and she's there on Saturday fused ever shall, I think, on their sister station, but it didn't cut it cut. Let that lesson of this cut thirteen go in a matter of one week, the president has
act, the rule of law and the constitution on no less than three fronts. The independence of the Department of Justice the first amendment, freedom of the free press, and fourteenth amendment our lives at sea, You really are truly pathetic the Justice Department is not independent. You seen in the constitution. It's a cabinet office, the Justice Department, not independent president minutes the attorney general, the deputy attorney general, the associate attorney general, all the assistant attorney general, emanates all the. U S attorneys. Now, while the president isn't, getting involved in criminal. Investigate in some things of that sort. The idea that this is some independent department is nonsense. This is a republic, it still a republic to some extent. Number two, he didn't attack the first amendment, he told a pro
Diana and a narcissist that he's not coming back until it fixes his ways because that's a colleague of yours and you all circle, the rag and IRAN, a circus clown that just make you guys clowns too, so he didn't attacked the first amendment. Three, the fourteenth amendments. Many of us have been writing about and talking about so called birthright citizenship. So s cup, if you can tell us where Birthright citizenship actually comes from, which Congress passed a statute to enter. The fourteenth amendment that way, which president signed it in a law to interpret the fourteenth amendment that way or which Supreme Court ruled that then why don't you reported on your so called programme? The answer is, there is such rolling, and there was no such decision by any elected officials so year, three strikes and you're out, but of course, you're probably get a bonus,
I had day. But I see you didn't care when Obama threatens the press we yeah, I did plenty of us were critical of the forty four president for seizing phone and email records of reporters from the apron. And then your time lapse. Seizing records from reporters has trumped seized record, but I was critical of it Seizing records from reported, so white records has dropped, seized from reporters go ahead and, of course, other presidents of from more guilty of constitutional overreach in nineteen. Thirty of an empty are infamously attempted to pack the courts with friendly judges. There was the box thirteen and all of nineteen. Forty eight El we J was accused of stuffing two hundred and two additional ballads into a botanist rode up any of this. Now she stopped.
Nor self. They do a lot of that ever seen in the constipated news network. Who did any of this go ahead?. Leslie swung the Texas send an election in his favour at the last minute. I brought that up. I think that's important to know no, you because everything's compared to trumpet. Let's do it. Go ahead force, there was Nixon's Saturday night, mascara, nineteen, seventy three, where he fired oh! If his attorney general and deputy attorney general when they were first, to fire, Archibald Cox, the special prosecutor charged with investigating Watergate. Where is she going with all this? It's so fascinating, not go ahead. While history is replete with greedy and craven presidents, who tried to expand executive power or an undermine the constitution. Here's where and you can tell by her affectation here's where she's very dismissive
don't give me that what about or notes called context don't give it I don't want to hear that I don't hear about half the are determined camps we accused by that I don't want to hear about these presidential violated the first amendment and freedom of the press, that we want to blame tromp for that go ahead. Nine has attacked the rule. And the constitution on so many friends. At the same time, you are a blithering buffoon. Really I blithering before it's sad to see what was one say: he really a potential star. Turning do what just another Rufus go ahead and we haven't even got into the latest allegations of campaign
leads them campaign finding its violations. Yes, yes, non disclosure agreements that were signed a yes before the campaign even began. That's gotta, be a cab, in violation, because somebody like that out prosecutor's office in New York and and the genius lawyer Michael Complex Gully, on two counts of felonies related to that with his great lawyer, Lanny Davis. So so it's got to be right. It's got to be true name, one case in which there was ever a conviction of such a sort. There isn't any there isn't any. This is what I mean. Reporting is she giving our opinion? What the hell is she, but they are all of them for that matter. I mean come on hearing pretend that I'm a news anchor or news her, who are these people brine stout their little fat boy? What is he I just cover their nose
Fake tapir, who's got a political background, all Democrat all left wing, and Calling out life life lies, I call a mental fly, flies and the truth. Teller, gulled, maids, livered journalism, plus I'm gonna, be on cooperation, I mean the gang Acosta, you know down lemon, yet we want to be on the commercial because he's really funny in these with us, so this assessing cup. I have no idea what s he stands for. Nor do I care. Let's see here are right, let's Call showing Wayne North Wales Pennsylvania, exam satellite. How are you, Sir Good, before our you very well? Thank you. I guess I'll. Let you know that earlier. You are speaking about your father's book and I listened very carefully because I am a grandfather on the way and mild
one has to so. At that point I immediately went upstairs and one on Amazon and I ordered a dozen of those. But woe ah thank you. Well, I'm not done yet, and then I started to think because I just retired, from working at the school district extra where you went I'd, Springfield yeah women. You enter this Springfield townships cool. This, yes, are well, you know. I was in the Cheltenham, Township School district. I wasn't that school district I lived on Austria caught a street called bent lane. Parents had their there now three score and we'll be right back
the american and their little day camp on what was then paper mill, wrote gap, the irate my dear the high school. I ran the crane protection, the farmer for thirty six years, while wonderful. So after ordering my first dozen books, I decided that, because this is better than my father past eight years ago, on veteran state law had a member of your father, I purchase another dozen books of which I will be taking some down to the children have school donate for them in your father's of manure. Great then I'm gonna take some. This brings you hold on, don't go broke now I worked in a public school system and on what their pet your programme work. I am not going to go broke thrust me I regret this guy, like you saw
an item in your father's name. So I want- and I will see my superintendent doktor hacker in Springfield and I will give them the herd of Donated Springfield and because I also did simultaneously Springfield an opera double in the last seven years I was in the district, I will be taking off his upper doubled donating until that desert did well. Well, let me say this: you are a very, very kind man. I hope when my next book comes out- and I may I'll come to Philadelphia with our bodies had double Phd, will see, I hope you'll come out the night and I get to me, you're, wasting your remind me who you are ok or you come up. I haven't a worker to chinese restaurant and trust that hell. So you have my number, you gimme your call. More unhappy to take you to dinner, I man, thank you. Just Man, oh man, yep, and I love Chinese for tourists net, something let's go take. Keith Baldwin, Colorado, exam satellite go right ahead. You, Sir and Mr Van, thank you so much for
getting us out here in the real world: Colorado name it even bolder- that's a tough neighborhood where I'm workin here I'll be back to Virginia here pretty soon, but listen, I I didn't see the interview with where the press conference with CASA sickening- and I I was in the marine corps. I worked on marine cause, our marine wandering committee. I didn't love form, but you respect the office and I'm not saying that a lot today, Europe, tromp is in there and he gets opposition from every front and it just makes me sick to see across the behave like he did, and people think that that's acceptable completely respect old to our president. He's not lose man hey, you know he say, he's a he's. An actor. And if you want to be an actor than you'll be an actor,
I don't think you should be allowed to night. I don't I see that I want to hear the press. I want to see the president as to say that I just wish for more people would stand up that, I'm with you and by the way. Thank you for your service on this veterans day. We thank everybody. And we appreciate our veterans every day on this programme and I They saw the end of virtually every programme, Keith a body in your exactly right, we'll be right back so let me that's a little bit over the top. I think you degree and yet that Kennedy one One of the reasons, the governor to see who is running for reelection got through hundred thousand more votes than mcsally
and I did it wasn't a now. Butter is because he was able to. Tat any track. The conservative vote. So very nasty primary in Arizona and make Sally never reached out to the conservative in any significant or serious way, and that's in poor what happened? and it's up to the candidate to unite the party. It's up to the candidate to bring the base out and she failed to do that. To produce will tie there. We invited her on this programme. A week or two weeks before the election, and she didn't come on. Mr Helmer, who ran in Nevada for RE election. We invited him to come on. The programme has campaigned in even respond, as I rich and we invited Adam lacks, ought to come onto the show. He lost his governors ray.
They said he never got the message, and that was like on a Thursday Friday. We will come on a Monday and they ignored us and he lost not saying that's why they lost, but that just go show you. I can t o Brien Mass too I like. Who is? congressmen where my our Florida home is in I have supported strongly encourage people to vote. For me. Will now he wouldn't come on the programme. Is people said we're trying to attract moderates? Ok, when you run away from basic principles, it's a problem when you buy the left's characterisation of your base, has being right wing we're, not right wing we're constitutional. We believe in liberty, we believe and private property rights. We have faith, we believe in family when you do things like that, you purchase
You do now and in the future, so I dont bother me. I mean I'm here, I'm going to be here, but it bothers me that now this this, this woman who got elected Arizona, we part of the the shoe Martine and she's party, left wing hack crowd, and it's amazing that somebody like that can get elected, that your shows you how weak Mc Sally was now they keep talking about tromp tromp, this tromp that Trump, this Womack Sally Blue that race. In addition to this other stuff that was going on with contributed to which
said given notice. The state of the liberal median wonder how it got word is today in a we used to have journalists who search for the truth, the objective truth who brought you the news stories that manner they did interpret it. Ah, they didn't give it thereof their spin, but it doesn't happen much anymore. Did it does it not? people recognise on president trod does something well and though point out when they disagree with them. That's the way the system supposed to work so why But the virtually every story on these so called news outlets is negative. Even worse, vile, on Lavigne TV, we're not here to carry water for any one, good or bad. We're bringing you principled argue we're bringing you real perspectives and we don't pretend to be a court. Unquote news outlets. And were honest about who we are, but we
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the iron tv and by the way, it's a great gift. Rethinking of a Hanukkah gift, a Christmas gift, even something to bring on Thanksgiving, say, look what I just did for your gift it. Aid for four Levine TV will be right back the palestinian terrorist known as Hamas from the Gaza Strip have over three hundred missiles and Israel acting in cities and towns along the way. The israeli military is moving and tanks and troops. The israeli military, as reported. By the times of Israel, deployed additional troops and tat so the Gaza Strip, following the largest barrage of rockets and mortar shells fired at Israel The coastal enclave in a single day. This is why,
two state solution for his work would be a final solution: the Gaza Strip as the test. Ladies and gentlemen, the actual have three states: now you ve got the Gaza Strip, they ve got part of Jordan Part of the part of Jerusalem. Now they want another state, why the far more missiles who they, how great a country where this another state The army was reportedly given the green light from policy makers, the pommel terror groups and the strip if they continue with the barrages, as terror organisations, the stripped vowed to do these so called resistance, factual drawing command centre is joint command centre being a serious conversation about expanding its range of fire actual and is just the beginning, approximately one million Zionists will be with this- is the terrorist speaking
Within the range of our missiles at the zionist enemies, decision is to continue its aggression, so Israel's attacked you see and it's the Jews or regret I'm waiting for CNN Jump in our habit. Two lovely Ladys who are just elected the first. Many Muslims have elected to Congress, who the Jews in Israel oh yeah But you won't hear that reported either. According to the israeli defence forces over three hundred rockets and mortars, elsewhere fired at southern Israel from the Gaza Strip, ten p m Monday, a number that expected, arises barrages continued throughout the night. It's nighttime there. The attacks began We have therefore thirty p m. When terrorists fired a corner hi Tech, guided missiles and an israeli bus near the border seriously and during an idea of soldier was on board at that time. Dozens of other soldiers had basically just got off the bus.
Home in an apartment building were hit in the city of echelon and the rocket attack on the apartment building shortly after midnight Monday, seven people. Dread, including a woman in the sixties, and it goes on strikes on building and that is not to vote in certain and Surat caused signal and damage and minor injuries to the occupants and sparks as in the surrounding areas and met about how a tv news showed how a single piece of shrapnel from Iraq it pierce the outer wall, a one home, flew across the bedroom splintering. Baby bed, and on and on so Israel's under attack again by the terrorists who call themselves Hamas And Israel's moving tanks in the areas I speak heavy armor and more troops. We want to keep an eye on this.
We want to keep an eye on this and, of course, the american media as they shit you watch you watch how they get prepared. They get prepared to attack Israel and then all accused the present in all to present- maybe it's your tone that cause the the man who hate you and the Jews to go under. Turning got you watch these people, they are despicable. The last time this happened. I just got off the plane from Israel and the terrorists Hamas, the Study and terrorists in the Gaza Strip attacked Israel. Then- and I told you back, then it was pr play and our media attacked Israel.
Media attacked Israel, our media had blood on its hands and you watch what they do will keep a close eye on this, but it could be the wars about to break up. We shall see The good news for Israel, as they have a wonderful prime minister, news for America's. We will run for president who put up with this stuff when were attacked either no Barrack, Milhouse Hussein Obama, but less continue Andrew Washington, D C, the great w I may I go like you very much, Mr Markov,. Are you doing very well go out? I my friend, I wanted First hand report him best. I could best memory being a reporter in Washington for thirty years.
I was on a radio. I will emerge I was also the year Thursday. Began with the American School of communication, gradual journalism, and that was the summer banking. Seventy seven and we were taught to be ambitious and ferocious with them. Irish in the vicious as we could they were all wires. I let the school because I couldn't believe it, I began freelance riding in the. I knew a good voice. I started small steps The scandal small MRS Clinton before. Finally, nineteen. Eighty four, then the Voice of America. I thought well the Voice of America will be a chance for objectivity.
Managers were objective upon high, not the editors once they saw my writing about a trader to put two Two different points of view and a peace make an objective and fair. They didn't like it. First of all, it is like the topic. Searchers birth, abortion in which the procedures described. They didn't like this story. They did like whitewash The scandal of MRS Clinton before the Clinton's came in the White House. They didn't like. The story did about Alger hits which essentially Prove that he was a communist spy. Am I became known as someone who was it Germany and also Christian, because I did stories on on prayer and Leah breakdown.
Should the crackdown on religious. So what happened to others? I stayed there here I suffered through it there for thirty years, so whose attacking the free press and freedom of speech isn't it Thea? Isn't it the current crop of so called journalists and their editors? That's their training, and the purpose of freedom of the press is to promote free speech among people. Is it not, Sir, of course it is ok and yet look at you. You had a viewpoint you tried to you, try to be a straight shooter and what they wanted really was conformity. Didn't they no you say made like crazy. I made my life difficult. We we can think of Any pro Obama, air, tight trump, so called the anchors and journalists
the CNN and MSNBC. Can you think of one one who would be considered even closely favourable the trumpet, Anti Obama. I can't think of one. You know. Now, after all, sheep or elsewhere in the back of it, the way press briefing reminder no, No, I can't and my friend I appreciate Ura your call very much when it talks about Exchequer. I don't I'm producer rich with such a fan of my ex chair and you can see my extra think it. Up on Facebook, we finally decided it was time to get him his own exchequer and he loves his exchequer. Mr producer different heights. He short non tall right, Mr Medina,
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the emotion, Canada will annoy the great WS country. How are you so? Why are you mark from a real, quick review? Lawlor? Were you have our priorities wondering if you'll just one so we can see the country home or on them reversing what you talked about in the first hour assimilation, yeah, and because the you're busy man, but now you can do it through Video- got everything how forum for discussion and debate all across country How to do that and collar called actions or to speak My question our open question, you're, saying that congestion with you. Suggestion is that we should push assimilation through all forms of new media well matter. What I we, as you know, we have to start with the education of the Accademia early on in the great school. If we have to- and one or the other of the media, and I dont disagree, but we're gonna need some spanish speaking mark laments out their eyes. What we can find them,
We need you, we need you and had rushed to join an otherwise. We will lose this country very fast and by the way, I agree with you for the most part, though, when opened open, the show right, but there was one thing: their Harry Harry Harry. I get bigger it, but I loved obviously there's one our little other aspects. Beside the assimilation issue, a liar I my friend, he said about to give us a call tomorrow, I'll be right back Ben with Thanksgiving almost two weeks away about your thing about travel in part isn't napping where the belly of Turkey in pie know who
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learn more in the lab idea. Cared take care of you, my idea, cared dot com, slash mark and are promo code mark, my de care, dotcom, Slash, mark a promo code mark or wait a great life liberty and live, and we have time to play the first clip MR producer. Let's go for it, listen to their scope. I want to get back to this issue, these hearings or the country out all these subpoenas. I believe, and congressional oversight strongly the FBI. The Department of Justice Intelligence agencies are tax. Money goes into these places. These institutions that are authorized by Congress there funded by Congress, you're federal employees and carbon activity. Nothing. Somebody's tax returns has nothing to do with a private a prize, it's worth billions and billions of dollars. Members of Congress, sit there and say
I'm going to be tied up an IRS agent and I'm going to dig into that stuff and I'm going to spew it out there and I'm going to give it to my friends at CNN and MSNBC, sabotage and administration- I mean it, I get down former federal prosecutor. The Trump administration says were more than happy to work with you matters of official conduct. Matters involving the administration. However, I have a blanket rule out. Job of Congress. Job congresses into go down. Fishing expeditions for personal assaults are going after the president's family. That's not what it's about I am asking you Roy who'd, you who is suggest elected to Congress from the twenty first district. Texas, he's absolutely outstanding. He'll, be part of the Freedom caucus go ahead. And I think you know I think about through this lines- that we talk about separate powers and what our job is in Congress to oversee the executive branch is critically important that that be done. That's meant, for, as you pointed out before,
constitutional purposes is meant about the power of the executive branch being used and- its official duties and what is trying to do and whether or not its constitutional, whether or not their following the law, that's the job of Congress job congresses, into go down fishing expeditions for personal. Salt or going after the project's family. That's not what it's about its about protecting the constitution. If You wanna make article one great again, which Sunday I talk about on the limousine trail article one Congress, then Congresses to reassert itself in in government in passing laws in not turning over power to the bureaucracy and the executive branch, they need to do their job in representing the pimple. That's where I think that we're missing the boat in the end is about freedom, there's a big difference between you and your people for their political beliefs. And going after those folks and holding them a camel which we tried to do. There's a big. It's in the FBI doing what they did in trying to hold them accountable
It is going after people's personal finances and what what the left is now telling us they're going to try to do to the present his family. That is its it's all too. We about freedom, and I would argue today, and I mean this is an over dramatic, but I think freedoms under attack you, you are seeing it from all seek we had a hearing mark where we had caused professors in. I ask this one cause, professor. Through the hearing I said, professor, on a safe space or any say space on a college camp. And what did I say this sentence? Donald Trump. Is president his response begin with well. Congressmen depend, I interrupted, I said it's a fact: theirs, It depends about it. He was elected on November eight, twenty sixteen was sworn in general toy seventeen he lives at sixteen hundred. Is he- the president of the greatest country and there's no independent, but that's where the left crazy thinking when freedom is attack, that's where it takes So this is fundamental. This is
no fundamental? We should hold agencies accountable and they come after your personal liberties, Europe, any Americans, personal liberty, but Congress has got to use their power to go after the present just because they want to dig into his business finances. Give me a break good and I hope the President's folks are listening delors, I hope so Let us go to ask their Brooklyn New York when our allotted time, the great debut ABC, Go upset about the arms about this new progress. Mesh to label whatever she calls herself she's already the porter should already had Michigan or Minnesota. I get confused me again, the one. Minnesota. Another is another Israel hater from He's the Somali Urrey feel behind somali smile, so she's already expressed support for Hamas to we had a move away from New York.
And it's not funny part a contributing factor. Was you then show listeners who voted Democrat no without people not many. Has there when he talking about me here, you state, we had a boy wave unfortunate, Right. My listeners are not of the blue waves. Some might be ten or fifteen twenty percent liberals who listening but conservative vote for any these leftist there were people voting democratic electoral applicants. Well, that's! Ok, let's possible! I have no idea what you're point was unfair. Ladys and yet sorry. Folks, ladies and gentlemen, we salute our armed forces, particularly today, veterans Day Police office. Fire fighters and emergency personnel and all other law enforcement out there. Thank you check.
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