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On Thursday’s Mark Levin Show, Dan Bongino of NRATV fills in for Mark. The Democrats are testing to see what they can get away with on down ballot elections while distracting us with recounts. While Rick Scott’s victory was confirmed, Democrats made 77,000 ballots magically appear in the race for Agriculture Commission to steal the seat. The race was fleeced from right under our noses, and nobody is talking about it because we’re so focused on what’s going on at the top of the ballot. Also, there’s evidence to suggest that the Trump team was being spied on much earlier than 2016. On top of that, there is talk of exculpatory evidence that proves President Trump is innocent of collusion. This is turning out to be an entrapment operation, not a collusion scandal.

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Now run only underground than the bowels of the hidden somewhere under the brick and steel of a non described filtering. We once again made contact with the leader of it, so dead body GINO fill an end for the gray one at all skin therefore a minute now ass. They have won a year's silence like glow. Mr producers, out I'll, may have probably army right brow, either I'm sorry about that time is totally not try it. I ll call you you know. I love you. I was like here's what happens smoked ripe. Where do you live There's a lot of silences on the year when your radio they have like these outermost satellite link, up big ease or whatever right nears like this, may
twenty seconds silence about and we had like the twenty one. Twenty two and we got a little nervous. Their little bed might be good fellows. I sought them all a bet well, but its bed. I got a lot to lose the covenant. I'd always a pleasure to be here for mark by the way? I want to get this out there, because this is really important. He has a huge event coming up this Saturday with it. I've Julie, who is wonderful. They are doing a reading of their of odd Jack Levine's book, our police, this Saturday, the seventeenth Barnes the Noble Thyssen's Corner Virginia at eleven, a M sigh books be available. They are sovereign, coming up November, twentieth, joint mark and Julie for another reading of our police leavin, the achievement of every twenty four p m signed copies of the available there. Already that information again later in the show, don't forget it go you don't want to miss. Mark people, always
Up in droves, Facebook signing what are my friends asked me what you got one books I gotta Pompey, try them on forgetting I get allied super early there, always pack so go check it out. Folks a going down here in Florida where I live, and I want to feel you in on. What's really going on, so don't MRS opening portion the show, because a lot of Information you're getting out there, especially the stuff from the lives in the media, just smoke grenades. It's all a distraction. It's meant to discuss Bobby late you and distracted from what the Democrats are really doing let me read, you went on what's going on down here in Florida. Now I don't want you, Take this the wrong way, because every time I fill in my guess a pretty big bodies, you can imagine if people, big things the wrong way. I get emails for like ten days about the shop here's what I am not going to suggest. By doing this, I am not suggesting that we should not pay attention to the risks.
I sent it race or the ride, the scientists, Governor Race and the recounts and the shit out again and the miss that lies. I am not suggesting that Iraq is when I talk about these people. So what do you say? We should ignore that I'm not. We should definitely keep our eyes on the prize, I am simply say to you that I I Sincerely doubt the Democrats are, to be able to magically make appear enough votes at this point for There are those races to be overturned matter of fact, Rick Scott. In now, the whatever the recount than it is gonna, be a manual recounted peers, Rick, scotches added votes. So, as I could before Bill Nelson is now lost the? U S generation race in Florida twice, which is pretty amazing. Mr producer, that's that's that's incredible like in the listen, I've lost races. It's tough, but I've never lost the same race twice. That's impressive!.
Right I mean Bill Nelson guys been in office where he lost the same set of rules, not why, after the manual recant he's gonna have lost the three times, so I'm not saying don't pay attention to those issues. I'm just saying that I think they're gonna get mad a reach at this point and the writing on the wall. Franz you kill em and Bill Nelson. A Democrat Party in Florida but folks there was a race in Florida, statewide race that may have been fleet. All right I'll, be your doze. And almost nobody outside of, I think, am, I show and foxen friends and associates talking about it at all. And you may say when I mentioned the race, why? Why does that have to do it? I don't know no! No! No! This is a very, very important race for a very important reason and the Democrats a test and what they can get away with down ballot by big distractions. Up at the top.
There's another race in Florida for agriculture, commissioner to statewide race, was Matt Caldwell, the republican A strong second amendment advocate: don't forget that part. Snickey freed the Democrat a bit at the Second amendment Democrat, who ran state wide. Mad Caldwell went to sleep an election. I up forty thousand votes. What happened he woke up the next day and just like that, like guinea split, he was down thousand seventy seven thousand magic ballots appeared magic ballot. You know like, like those kids toys mad, what go lucky unlucky, charms, lucky challenge: there is at the magically delicious once they just appeared, no Seems to know where they came from where they valid, where the invalid, whether by the deadline, did they make it after the deadline? Because, what's the point of the deadline.
So why we're all paying attention to top it about, as we should don't send me nasty grams? Please if you want to it's. Ok, my web, that is my email, you could send me nasty grams. I please don't but paying attention to those two races which are quickly becoming out of the hands of the Democrats. Rather fast. Already flip. Why is this important. Why is this important? Why would the Democrats care about a race for agriculture, commissioner, in Florida. Let me give you a little history. What went on here, folks Conseil carry weapons permits down here in Florida are issued by the Agriculture Commissioner is office. I didn't say that wrong. The agriculture commissioner is in charge of that. It used to be the Secretary of State in Florida is the great article by Dance Sobieski in american thinker that describes this process. It used to be the Secretary of state to say:
Terry of State, was an elected position it after two thousand and two became an appointed position in Florida and gun rights advocates disclosure I by workers in Re Tv. I do not work for the energy, but I work at any rate. You ve, I'm just saying that so you understand but gun its groups. A lot of them supported the idea of making the issuance of concealed carry permits away. From the Secretary of State that was now the point in two thousand to back into and accountable. Odor position and the we convenient spot for it was in the Agriculture Commissioner Office. I get it Does it it's not a natural fit cc. You permits, conceal, carry permits and he had, commissioner, I get it, but they were elected stay. Why and that's good enough for me, because it produces some accountability for peace, Please support the second amendment rather than an appointed position. Nicky free, the Democrat running ran,
finally, as an anti second amendment advocate MAD Caldwell ran Openly, as a supporter of the inner ray and your second amendment, you can look at it campaign ads. You don't need to hear from me just google it yourself folks. The race has been swipe. No one can account for these. Seventy seven thousand pounds and pay who's. Talking about Mr Produce, have you heard about this? No, of course you have it because nobody I sought on Fox and friends had Tipp to them, I've been talking about it, but no. He's talking about it, because we're so focused on the big that which is good, which is why we shouldn't lose. What we can do. A lot of things. Folks what's happening in this race is a disgrace and Caldwell. When he appeared on Fox and friends, he was great, he said, listen, I'm not looking to win this race illegally fraudulently or anything of the sort. If I lost, valid ballots in by the day, I lost bears where he was a gentleman about this
forget. I met mad Caldwell, we're not personal friends, but I met him a few times sky he's very learned. A guy. He's, not a hysterical guy. It all very deep the earth guy he's. I just want to know if I won or lost fair and square. Can I go to sleep with forty thousand votes ahead on election? I wake up the next day down five thousand, because seventy seven thousand ballots magically appear that nobody can account for folks. The Democrats are ever sell them short ever the demo it's nothing may do is by mistake. You know I tweeted to some foreign. I method we have a problem, sometimes organizing ourselves, Republicans strategically and at an end and intact. Tactically, because we're not collective thinkers, we don't think like the Borg. God. This star trek poor with the hive mind like liberals: do we're not collectivist we're independent,
shipowners the Democrats do everything for reason. Everything has a purpose right while we're, distracted with the top with about nobody's talking about that. It keeps the public attention away from the AG race, the public pressure and nobody's calling for what what what happened in the aggregate they're doing this folks, because their test, miss out in the future hey what better way in the future to flip down. I went races right, potentially I am not saying this fraud and weak points, we don't know. No one Tell us where the seventy seven thousand balanced came from. You want to make a deep impact on gun rights in Florida. What better way to get it I'm a crab in a position where they bureaucratically control it. Gotta be clear. The agriculture commissioner can overturn the gun laws in Florida, but we have a far less
the second amendment person now potentially walking into that. Actually that controls the process and, as my friend Tom Fit for judicial process. All the time, though, never forget this Ladies and gentlemen, we Democrats process is punishment, press as is punishment, whether they use the legal system, the slow you down the legal system to stop Trump, the bureaucratic and they get handgun permits the slow you down and and and and slow and delay. Your second amendment right process is punishment, and now you have potentially an eighty second amendment advocate walking into Do me a commission office in Florida and almost nobody is talking about it, so nice test case lose a Senate race and a red state. Coffer recounts see what happens now. Ballot see what other races we can flip on. No one's paying attention three or folks in Google, store yourself
we find out where the seventy seven thousand magic ballots come from. I'm happy up there, you twitter anywhere else. I gotta take a break, but I got more. There's two other reasons in Florida: what their task, thing out right now to all the what they know. They're gonna lose this race, but their testing it out not just to see what they can do down ballot, but there's two other things: there try and lets say: take a test run out for the twenty twenty election by following these losses. On the other side, the brake October, Omby Amby GINO Info, a common I'm at the Bonn GINO on Twitter. If you wanna, give us a call, eight seven seven he ate one three, eight one window, They were, then.
Back their bonds. You know everybody veto on Twitter. Inform Mark is talking about the debate. Go here in Florida I mean this is like it intergalactic, embarrassing. I left out no! It's not all about Florida, though folks. It's not it's about these two. Counties. I want to be clear that this state are not. Saying, because I live down here right, it's it is a very, very well run state. The roads or nice. You want to get a Cecy w permit. If you listen to the less biogas relatively easy, when I moved down important county one of the things I was really impressed about, I had four Marilyn where, if you went to the door envy you had to bring a tent ass, a memories and water purifier, so you'd have enough water for the days you be sitting there may be the reins. Ukip purify the puddles or something like that, but it was rough,
I move down to Florida, true story, and I tell my wife: I gotta go to the Morton County DVD, get my driver's I'll be back in like three four hours figure. It would take too long. I was a common like forty five minutes. The places really route well run its these two Town it's Florida has sixty seven counties, Brower in Palm Beach. That cannot get their act together. I get there I cannot say this enough: I hate, reusing wines over and over from foxen. My show in this and fill it in here, but this is true the people this election officials, The supervisors of elections and Brow and Palm Beach counties Brenda Susan Booker Day God you had my job tonight right MR producer, was to show up on time even showed up early, be connected at four thirty MR producer was to show up on time even showed up early. We connected at four thirty right show up on time. The producer shows up, he produces make sure the show goes nice, that's our job!
If I don't show up marks not going to invite me back. Why? Because I had one job, show up and talk on a radio. That's your chop. Susan Brenda sites had one job. You are the supervisor of elections, counter votes at an inn Brenda Sites appears on CNN last night and in one of the most bizarre interviews, I've ever heard she tells Chris Cuomo. Things ran smoothly, Dounia smoke like sandpaper. What are you talking about this? looks like we're like rough eczema with it, with no skin lotion of what are you talking about? They ran smooth. You miss deadlines you mix, provide no balance that we're in valid with valid ballots. What are you talking about. I had eggs. That's why I thought of that. It's probably a horrible image, but I did I used it. It was a worse thing ever your skin is so rob it's. It was not What are you Talking about you!
one job counter votes, one job, this never fly in the private sector. They blew it The Democrats are piling on with the lawsuit, so forget the two other things that their feeling out now there are laws, I didn't signatures now say well of the signatures don't match. Who are you really handwriting expert? How do you know, ladies and gentlemen? Listen if this it are even anywhere close. If you ve ever served in an election, ass the or run for office like I did. You know how it works. There generally accepted when they say signatures don't match it's like you, have a guy named John Smith and there's like a paw print on it. Instead, they are not talking. Our professional handwriting analysis like of the Ark in the d in the dance for the Bonn GINO doesn't match the Angolan which he signed it on his confirmation card. That's not what they're talking about their talking.
Signatures that aren't even close, so the devil. Scratch pursuing, say whatever close enough you're, not really handwriting expert. Why? Because just like told you before the break with the down ballot races there there testing what they do down palette by keeping the attention up at the top with all these losses. There also just think, how much they can get away with on the signature side as well. The guy. Name's Johnny Bag, doughnuts, the dude signs, show we beg it. Don't it's like eyes close enough. He forgot. His name was Johnny. What the hell happens, all the time and some you are mistaken, we tell people. My name is done, Do you really? No, I don't I'm just trying to think of this to the liberal mindset there. Try to get away with and push this? nature on below. As far as They can go before the twenty twenty election there's another lawsuit out their squeezes and before the break about deadlines,
now. It's like, while you know, even though early voting in Florida, like seven hundred days, long Our voting in Florida like right, the presidential like, of course up kidding, but you get up, there's a signal. Get window for male voting in early voting in Florida alot its long now that the cuts are pushing, the deadlines are bad. So what get it in by the official deadline. Talk no big deal, those deadlines are arbitrary. Know. They're, not I didn't know, like Republicans, can only vote on election day and Democrats can vote till the Democrat width totally unaware of that is that. They lost somewhere I'll, be right, I set out twenty of these democratic voting over yet, apparently not because the deadline don't even matter what a scam personally. I have allowed for twenty twenty mark. My words I folks, Dan Bongino Mark Levin, eight hundred and seventy seven, three hundred and eighty one three thousand eight hundred and eleven. If you want to call into and she'll be right back you wake up in the
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then the Marshal events show the pool feed for the conservative media die. Then now eight seven, seven three eight one, three eight one one. I will come back to the market. Joe, thereby GINO Info mark you want to give us a call. Yell at me here my dad's or if you want our parliamentary or make a comment you call eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, seven, seven three one three around here before I die back in this large thing again, forget Barnes and noble ties corner tat score to Virginia this Saturday. I know that place. Well, mark, as wives, Julie for a special reading, Jack Ovens, new book, our police, this Saturday, seventeen Barnes Ennoble, Thyssen's court Virginia at eleven, a M sign books available and the twentieth she's coming up November. Twentieth as well in Ridgeway New Jersey. I don't know this place as well, as I know Thyssen's
marking Julian Ridge, with New Jersey at the Barnes and Noble there at the four p m on the twentieth. Sorry universe will say on the radio the enough we now suppose they and their. We sign copies of the books there as well. Four p M bridge with New Jersey, bookends event: sorry bookends, that's a bookends event. Ridge, when New Jersey come on, then learn to read. Marks are to be upset amiss that went up I'll, read it again, I'll give you its information during the show. Ok right, Mr Visual, I get it right. He s one. He had one favor, I screwed up so few listening mark Ambrosch separately, brother they'll get mad at me. I promise I'll get that out to get bookends rigid, New Jersey, developer, twentieth, Forepeak area person. There are election fraud incidents going on by the way in Florida or evidence of it. This is fury aiding May because people who don't understand what's going on down here to the talking add class regional. You do the talking heads through yet, but I dont make stuff up
going on here, saying: there's no evidence at all of voter fraud in Florida. No, there is evidence you may not like the evidence, Maybe a liberal, and you may ignore evidence. You may have been action aimed at against facts and data early in your life? That? Because that's what liberals do they get the facts? Vaccine early? You know they just don't Hannah trade like facts penetrated to normal people's brains. There's no evidence at all. Really, because, if you read even like left, leaning outlets like politico yesterday, you'd find that in Florida in multiple counties, Laura Democrat officials were alleged to have been sending out these cure affidavits for balance with the wrong date. But there's no evidence No, I have nothing towards real leverage, so that all the time I do a lot of cable news, tat, liberals loved to say that, because they understand what the word evidence actually means. There is evidence, there's a macabre
phone call, apparently the surface of a Florida Democrat official. People that their their ballots their cured affidavits, their balance can be fixed on a date they can't be fixed by. Let me walk you through quick, as is important, because it Twenty twenty is right around a corner. Believe me, liberals, no rest for a minute. She was still work twenty eighteen- yes, we are, but we have to multitask there. Already, on twenty twenty in many states, you send the ballad by male right, and it is a mistake on it. Whatever it is, Are these things and is perfectly legal? I want to emphasise this. For political parties, republican democratic, everyday me maybe to send these kind of cure, affidavit things: two peoples, a nickel women say hey by this date, in pure air, quotes, fix your AL it there's a mistake on it now, day day how to be cured by or fixed what
five p m the day before election day, five p m on Monday: that's the date that the law is not open to damage. Vinos interpretation. That's just the lot. The fifth November eight is after election day. That is not legal. It is not legal to change that document. You can send them rate, is not the fifth November eight after election day. That is not legal. It is legal to change that document. You can send them out, you cannot, Change the dates you cannot people and tell them they can change balanced by a certain day when they can. Ladies and gentlemen, that is called evidence. Here, because you don't read. That's why. If your liberal open, newspaper like get on your I found once in awhile and gold Florida election, twenty eighteen. There is also evidence Brower County, where brand
snipes. You think she did everything smoothly and by the book. There's also significant evidence. Brenda Snipes had some serious issues with potential, but I'm not going to say probably spent at a minimum electoral malfeasance folks, they mix in in valid provisional ballots, set, are no good for whatever reason non citizens voting not sign, not feel thou properly. They mix them in valid balance, and now they can't find them because they, the envelopes the evidence, are you missing that liberal media people. For us, this is all a test you understand what's goin on here. Let me explain something to you quickly. Sorry guess at a moment of, my phones was fallen off. My desk. Mr producing, what are you doing? You can't do that. Yeah dad era. Sorry about that, if you'd be dead air by the way for life,
five seven. Second, then, like a best of kick, there are some anyone like freak out, but there's a phone in the side of my desk. It was like fallen off and I didn't want. You know The crashing sound people think something happened here. The this is very, you know. I, like the Saudis, have been I a bit nano. One would think something: brokers, here's what's going on for twenty twenty, although the the college win by Trump in twenty six team is pretty handy folks, the Democrats, needed Hillary Clinton needed thirty, eight more electoral college victories twin. Let me had tip off the Wall Street Journal and forget who wrote? I think it was William girls than forgive me. I can't remember the exact or through the peace, but he brought up a great point. Hillary Clinton got two hundred thirty two electoral vote. She needs thirty, eight more. She needed thirty. While she runs again show me thirty eight more. The Democrats who pull this off and twenty twenty folks twenty eighteen election was not great for us. In some, this states out there were Democrats cleaned up pretty. Well, I mean
cleaned up in one. If they win those states and twenty twenty we're gonna lose now A negative guy, I'm not be down, or here I'm just telling you stay frosty. Need thirty, eight more therein electoral votes In Pennsylvania, give twenty Michigan as sixteen and Wisconsin, I believe as ten there, four or votes in those three states where the Democrats did very very well to top of about twenty eighty we're. If they take those states back, we will lose. That is why this electoral malfeasance going on now and all these lawsuit job losses about that lines. Deadlines don't matter, let so Nature is all they don't matter either down. Racism, nobody who pay attention that much is sue everywhere. The Democrats, don't
Anything by mistake: they are natural collectivist. That's why they're socialists a lot of them, a lot of whom were collectivist, liberals model democratically some moderates left our voters are very moderate Democrats up on the hill up, but most. Homer collectivist. They think what like a collective mindset. They do everything tactically they they they work is a functional unit. We even twenty twenty we have agreed stands a good chance of winning. Again I want to be. You know, Debbie down around this, I'm not trying to states Michigan Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, which I but twenty twenty, we have agree. We stand a good chance of winning again Wanna, be you know, Debbie down around this, I'm not trying to do that. I'm just just like you that if we win it's gonna be close folks, member Slovenia was called to what you in the morning in the twenty sixteen presidential. And one Pennsylvania was it since George W Bush? They called the fools goal because our people,
pour money? The Pennsylvania thinking I can win innate always lose we'll tromp wanted those its are gonna, be tight and They are decided by half a percentage point, a percentage point or a quarter of percentage point or less, and they can get signatures thrown out for for us, and get their signatures, except they get deadlines thrown out folks. Maybe in a lot of trouble. There are not doing this by mistake. Don't believe they really think they have a shot at the Florida centre. Gubernatorial right believe that there are five Or and believe me they'll take it if they can get at this. Why said stay frosty, but I if the filing a lot of these lawsuit, because they're doing some testament to see how far they can stretch election laws liberal judges. Before the twenty twenty election floor as always, is sliver present rob one Florida by only one one percentage point.
Some Dounia I ran down here, have only been daddy three and three and a half years. Now, I'm not a native Floridians. I don't want to be. Pollack or dramatic, but I'm pretty familiar with the politics Art is always won by a hare, always Rick's cover bid by the way had to direct Scott who won hunters race, twenty spot. They heard the centuries. He never loses, but you know: you win by a nickel, you win by a dollar. You still win their task this stuff out now mark my words. We have to stay ferocity, we have to stay on top of this, and we should be drawing a lot of attention to what happened in Agriculture commiseration Florida. So they do not try to pull this nonsense again. Seventy seven thousand magic vote? I have a lot to do. About today, I'm gonna get some more on the other side, the brake. Folks, I wanted this attack story. They have some more and spy gets up, but I just want to wrap this up and tell you this. They had one job you're. This
provider of elections. You add one job, it was the count, the legal votes. They could not do it The actual item going forward is, we have to be prepared right now. In Florida we have to be prepared in Pennsylvania, prepared in Wisconsin and prepared in Michigan for twenty twenty ready to rock n roll. We have to have Eagle teams already set up republic, the Republican Party, the infrastructure to be ready to go if they succeed in moving these deadlines and moving these signature requirements, you can expect it to happen in your stay too. Now I applaud, lot of the Florida folks down here in the republic inside who were on this quickly and thankfully, unlike do you two thousand. With the bush. We Gore recount work. A hip to their scams now media that second bring attention to it. What one more thing on member Bush Gore Rico Gore was never hadn't method, its relevant to this but
Use about that there are still liberals instead, insist like war who bore Gore was never had. We never had on any accounting at about ever ever at any point. Remember it's not about counting all votes, that's it. We're talking point. That's a that! That sounds nice. We have, How about you know we? Don't we The count all legal votes, we don't The count all votes counting non citizens about what about me. Fourteen year old daughter. Can she wrote. The answer is no, of course camel why not counting all votes. What votes where they don't get your where they screw up the ballad vote for three people. In the same reason, we counting those votes. What are they all get about? We're not counting votes were counting legal votes, and We are on the right side of this stay frosty. This is the test run on parliament.
I don't care about. You know at the bar GINO on Twitter. You want to give us a call it seven, seven, three, eight one, three eight one one I ll try to get the summer your calls after the break and stay too, and I got a lotta material dignity. Can I don't go anywhere I welcome the market been showed their bonds. You know why, because you go on Twitter info mark, you gonna, give a circle Eight, seven, seven, three one, three, eight one one. I do like to take a call in the first hours, so I went over this Florida Recount Rick's God, as Governor Scottish now openly accused seen us on Fox now Brenda Snipes Election official, Empowered County of intentionally being late, which to me seems obvious. She either can't do the job or was laid on the election returns theirs. Option see there. Let's go to Sherry, Myrtle B, to have Carolina. Assure you with the image you. Nobody got for us
When you are talking about the thirty seven thousand out showing up about non attached to like those of God or somebody out there, but they make sense, but they know it, but I haven't found it. Doesn't extends, and nobody knows it as man called while the Republican for our commissioner has stated multiple times just wants an answer. Sherry are they? Are they AIM day ballots, are they game? They ballots that for some reason, weren't process which doesn't make sense because in Florida a lot about you? You know you walk up to The machine- and you put it in- I mean it- it's processed on on game day, where they early, vote ballots? Were they made ballots. What Nobody knew I wish I had the problem. Is I don't have any answer for you? That's the problem. Well, they think I'm getting only for the admission of nobody else, because, like here then you don't have one thing in that: no no, there is one valid. Is one long form ballot in Florida I don't know how the magic
Alex showed up, I know, read, this life has had a tough time, giving a total ballad count and that the genesis of the problem. I mean think about a right if you can't even tell the the Secretary of State Florida election officials, how many Oh it's around standing. You could take back forever and nobody would know the only person who knows this Brenda Snipes she doesn't even now, I set it down. I know it is I control and I dont know how we get control you I don't either sherry and I appreciate the call I wish I had some good news for you. Unfortunate, in these elections. Coming up that are going to be. You know, liver elections in these states. If this is allowed to, then you? How do we know they're, not gonna fleece, from under our noses, and I guess I don't have any answers to the question of thanks for the call I appreciated folks again, this is you know it the problem is. I don't have it. I did nothing that bothers me more. They come on air for March, show and not
good, solid aids, especially being down here in Florida, but I genuinely dont know where these Seventy seven thousand Malik MAGIC ballots came from. I have no idea where they early ballots? I dont know game debut nobody knows Brenda. I've snow is apparently but there's no chain of custody documents. Are people have been asking for the chain of custody documents? Where did they come from? Where were they kept? Who brought it? did the election machines vocabulary. Nobody knows I'm telling they're doing a test run here for twenty twenty to see how much they can push the envelope. Folks, I assure you, the Democrats do not waste their time, energy money and their personnel on on on these nonsense. Emissions there's always a reason they do something they know Twenty twenty he's gonna be close, what happened in Arizona with Kirsten. Martha Mc Sally you had dug, do see the governor
and by a recent by being adjust crushed. His opponent. Then he had all this split ticket voting I mean I'm not saying there was fraud there, I'm just saying it's very suspicious how all this with ticket, seem to happen? We, was it p, my maricopa there they were counting ballads days after I just you know the fact that we don't have any this is the problem. Folks were supposed to have faith in the process and I find it especially rich that the Democrats. Who, when they lost the elections, Donald Trump insisted that the Russian, somehow through some bizarre back channel, stole the election. I find it especially rich that they, the Democrats, you still and accept the results of the twenties the presidential election, are now trying to steal this one to allege, again all kinds of fraud. It is nonsensical. You know, I said last night in a tv appearance and I mean You know, I am not surprised that Hitler
what did and others think Stacy Abrams governor of of Georgia and that a bill. Nelson is still the centre in Florida. They said Think Clinton's, the president from twenty. Sixteen they haven't got over that one they're not interested in transparency. They are not interested in transparency, their interests. In pushing the red line farther and farther in each election. My troubling email this morning from a guy in California telling me about the total mess. Absentee processes, their absentee balloting. Can ballot showing up signatures? Not matching people just take it. You don't have, The system, ladies and gentlemen, are all falls apart. And ever want to see that day. The constitution is just a piece of paper. I love it is the greatest our greatest organizing governing document in the history of humankind, but if people lose,
the rules don't apply evenly to everybody else. We have a real serious problem. Folks, I try to get them. Or your calls in the next hour, Omby Amby, GINO Anti Bunch. You know on Twitter info mark within Eight hundred and seventy seven three hundred and eighty one three thousand eight hundred and eleven, if you want to call in and join the show, will be right back.
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I would love in now run them let the bowels of a hidden somewhere under a brick and steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader. I welcome back to the mark of a job always left without a break, thereby GINO about happy. Why are you folks, Billy the kid for Mark you, give us a call. Eight hundred and seventy seven three hundred and eighty one three thousand eight hundred and eleven. If you'd like to join the show No is interested during a break. Mr Barroso, you know you know, then definition on any radio show right. So what I was on the phone, my wife, during the break in Omaha talk it am I gotta you're Brachmans radio show. Then you know anything about that this, because busted our job,
It is just in time, no folks just in time. Actually we had a minute break dams. I was ok but yeah Abbot poem studio for those you to listen to me fill in from our before so it's nice to outside, hang out with the kids for two minutes, chap lender active compacted. I let's get back the sincere stuff you're, so we covered Florida. The first hour I gave you the skinny, I'm what's going on we me a test run for twenty twenty on deadlines. Deadlines getting soon as late as possible, potentially this case, it looks like Democrats get the vote forever signatures, how they dont the Democrats. Anyone want the signatures have them at any more and it's also a measure to see what they can do and down valorous say if you can't win at the top just take out the act miss you and see what we can do. If you miss the first hour, please go back to listen to Mark Levin Show is get the podcast on Itunes check it out. I think you're you're, really really missing out. What's going on down here and floor,
Some of the national by news people are missing and I want to move on folks. Has been some fascinating developments in the hall. Mahler Spy Gate operation against Donald Trump? there's been some news on recently that really thrown a big wrinkle into this case and I'm pretty confident now Many of you know you ve been very generous. I buy a book on this called spy gate appreciate alive. You picked it up I've been on this case for a long time, and there been a couple of scars here that I haven't what a heel or get to go away, and all that I can't seem to figure out. I think today, I kind of nailed it down. What's really going on here. There are two open quest. Number one. What's the exculpatory evidence everybody's referring to and when exactly did it investigated, the investigation start against homage you're here this a lot. If you learn to listen in this case, right too,
to have a new ness and a lot of the Republicans mark meadows, Jim Jordan, guys you're, really read in on the case. You have seen the documents you hear them say a lot on the opera then get Stalin, Tropic, hey, there's go Pretoria evidence out their exculpatory of meaning evidence of potential innocence. It was either ignored or not inserted, Jim Jordan Meadows in Devon newness. Keep mentioning this exculpatory robbery and I have evidence you were in Maui when the bank was Rob it's kind of important. I tell that to the judge. Don't you think. Jim Jordan Meadows in Devon. Newness, keep mentioning this scope, oratory evidence it's out there and I've had a bit of a tough time, placing it in the case- and why is important, I think I got a minute get them at a time of you, but I have to set up first, ok. Secondly, and when question and an open wound on this case from day one has been when exam,
We did the spying operation against Donald Trump Donald Trump steam start from where, We know from the media reports and what the FBI's disclosed. Fire hurricane started in the late summer of twenty. Sixteen, that's the code name for the case against Trump, but folks what if it didn't start and late summer of twelve sixteen one if it started way earlier than that. Why is that important? While the exculpatory evidence angles important, because if they had evidence of since that day ignored, that is obviously a law enforcement intelligence malfeasance of the highest order. You prosecuted, someone you knew was innocent, but why is the start date so critical? Because folks, long, where they spying on the Trump team and did it happen during and throughout the campaign why does that matter come on You knew down this path here: the yellow, brick road,
as this straight ahead, because where they spying on the Trump campaign and potentially other republican campaigns. People within the Obama administration to use government intelligence, community law enforcement assets, essentially, as political opposition research shops? Think about what I just told you it's bad enough, that an operation against the Trump team was initiated in late summer, but what if it started much earlier than that, just how long where they spying on the Trump campaign and potentially others. Folks. This is a big deal. Listen. Political opposition research is as old as the the sun and the stars. Using the intelligence, community, foreign intelligence and launch fishermen assets to dig up local opposition research during their campaign,
What really now? What evidence that I have to have that I've had this. Just even if the writing a book I what why? Why is this not coming together on this now? A lot of this is starting to make sense. And I regret the evidence was in front of my eyes the entire time. Here's the lead on this, sometimes a my my own show I bury the lead, which is a mistake I like to get to the lead first, so you ass, I lay out the details. You can fit them into what the summary of the story is. I think George pop adopt less was being spied on way way before this FBI operation started against I'll drop. I think, potentially, as far back as March of twenty sixteen, and I don't think the F B, I wants to admit to it. Why? Because I think they know the spying operation, its George Papa.
This was only being conducted because Papadopoulos was a newly announced member, the Trump t it had nothing to do with any suspicion of criminal malfeasance at all, and I think they are trying to bury that. Although that, let me explain to you why it's been sitting in front of me the whole time I ve talked about it on the shelf, filleted for mark once. Right after Papadopoulos is announced an aim in a meeting with an editorial bore by Donald Trump. As a member of the trunk team in March, right after All of this suspicious stop starts happening right around April of twenty six. Sixteen. Media people start contacting George Papadopoulos few? Listen to my interview with him. I have it up on my part. Guess he goes into it it about I don't know thirty minutes sooner, so we start talking about media people contacting him right around April. Twenty. Sixteen
insinuating to him that there's a fine warrant on him. How can there be a fine worn on him? We ve been told by Media, the liberal conspiracy theories that the event navigation didn't start till late summer. Twenty sixteen Could someone in the media contact pop in April not late summer? That's a spring. How could they contact asking him about a fire of you follow the footsteps. It's all the sense in the world all the sense in the world. Gentlemen. What happens March on March, seventeenth right Right around March, in that time frame we have there a more seventy. The following year, there's leak investigations echo on their leak investigations echo want implicating members and staff members of the Senate, Intel Committee.
People may have had in the media leak via the cell assented Intel committee. People may have had the information, I'm sorry, but go puppet opposite they can April. Twenty. Seventy I'm gonna screw up. People in the media may have had the on redirected, Pfizer application against the Trump team. There are very credible allegations based on the D. If you, look at the background between with what happened with James Wolf and what did he was an. He was a staff on the Senate Intel comment. He was charged with love eyeing about leaks to his girlfriend. In the media, he texture, two times right after the Pfizer applicant It is delivered for the Senate Intel Committee, the five application Carter patient, look at right. He capture aid.
Two times. How long is the five application, its eighty three pages, eighty two pages, plus a signature page? Why does that matter? Please? If you're confuse stop me text me tweet me tell me some of my phone number. You know we're talking about. So this guy in the Senate, Intel Committee has the unread acted Pfizer. The Senator Tell Committee at a minimum, does its eighty three paid? There are multiple pages that are fully redirected, blacked out, yet this I and the Senate Intel Committee text his media girlfriend in the media eighty two times right after they take possession of an eighty three page document. Eighty two pages, your signature page. Why would he text her fully black thou pages, folks that doesn't make any sense
What if he text in her the unproductive Pfizer? What I'm trying to tell you is. The media must have known the entire time that Papa Dapple is if they read the unproductive Iceland is information about an operation against Papadopoulos in there that this thing goes way. Back to the prior year in twenty sixteen, the spring of twenty sixteen right after he was announced as a member of the treaty, in other words, even lying to us, the whole time this started in the summer of twenty. Sixteen it didn't. Why are people contacting asking him if he was a target of a Pfizer, maybe because they read it in the actual size, application against Carter pages information about Papadopoulos in there. This is all starting to make sense now their hiding the fact that This was an operation against this campaign. They had to take a fall. It had a drop in EL on the Carter page five of that
going to come out? No matter what? But they don't want. Anybody know how long this was going on and how many Tommy Targeteer listen. I get it. I. I lay that out a little bit of a confusing way. It's a complicated story. I gotta take a break put on other side of the break I promise I'll make. This makes sense for you, because I messed up the twenty six to twenty seven tv caught them, but no, this take a break digest this story the operation against the Trump team was going on longer than they want to admit. Papadopoulos was likely attire. It's very early in the spring of twenty. Sixteen, before the investigation even formally began media p probably found out about it and twenty seventeen based on texts likely from staff virtuous media girlfriend and know the whole story that pop up? this may be a target. This may be in those reductions and now
May be where a lot of the skull Pretoria evidences as well, so the craziest story ever told folks at only gets better by the hour. Tell you why what's new by haven't even mention? What's new about so I am bringing the sub now, but now that you understand we're we're gonna go with this. On the other side of the break, a tiny white man, I know damn bond, you know at the bunch. You know what but if you want to give us a call, each seven, seven, three eight one, three eight one one: the ban, somebody put together, for I know it's a complicated kids. Budget only for market within. I promise I'll put it together. Point forty, a M show, but don't go. It is the greatest store, he ever told it's a tragic story. It's an awful story. It's a grotesque story of the government abuse of power.
They show the icy the intelligence, community law enforcement under the Obama administration, but it's a powerful story and if its handled right, we can get to the bottom of it. It can be a significant learning event in the history of our republic of the dangers that presents itself when people Mary themselves. The idea that government can do no wrong, notably liberals, who seem to be in love with government, is some benevolent force analyze. This spy gaping was real folks. Evidence is everywhere. I before I jump again, don't forget: Barnes, ennoble, Thyssen's Corner Virginia this Saturday, Barnes Ennoble Thyssen's court Virginia. They sat a joint Julie and mark lovely wife Julie for especial reading of our police. This Saturday, Barnes and Noble Thyssen's quarter Virginia at eleven a M side books available. Also at bookends enrich. Would New Jersey on November twentieth at four p m. Especial reading again by mark unduly within of our police they'll, be signing copies of the books there as well. Don't forget you dont, want to miss
the opportunity. Marquise, a really nice guy person to mark a march legit folks he's out just leave it at that he's of Greece. The real deal spent a real honour to know. I had a major capital is pretty cool, hang about mark once in a while, but he's a good guy. If you meet him in person, I think you're says: ok, Why am I bring in this up now the Papadopoulos case and what I just told you about, because folks, the whole case starts with pop. The police and I believe he was set up and I believe this operation was going on longer than the FBI and the intelligence community wants to? Let us know, I believe it was We as late spring of twenty. Sixteen that this stuff was going on. For example, as I believe is set up, is the equivalent of someone knocking on your door every day, you've never seen before and asking you to go, rob a bank with them. Eventually you'll say. Yes, you don't want to rob a bank I want you to say after the fourth or fifth time you knock on the door or I'd stop. Now
on my door. Gimme the details on this bank robbery that may go back their hand, learning all by these interested. We gotta. Some of you call it entrapment. I believe Papadopoulos was caught up in a scheme like this. I think the surveillance on Papadopoulos was going on for a very long time. I urge the EU than the FBI and the Icy wants, the let us know how do I know that. Let me read this: I keep this up on my up. I keep this article up. Maybe I should treat it out of my twitter com if you want to read it to Member, I told you a lot of suspicious stuff starts happening around April of twenty seventeen after Donald Trump is elected where I believe the media gets wind of an operation ongoing operation that started a long time ago, two to basically police information about Trump Associates and pour it into us. You know it file people aspire them shoot me.
Sierra and politics an actual headline April. Fourteen point seventeen by Jim Shouto PAMELA Brown and Eric Radner british intelligence Pass Trump Associates communications with the Russians onto you, s, counterparts Ladys in general, This is the same time. George about police, says he's getting calls for media people. Ask, him about a Pfizer warrant on him. This is also right about the same time. The fire. Application is given to the Senate and, I believe, led to the media five application gets Carter, page like we read in their something about a very detailed foreign intelligence gathering operation on a member of the truck team. That. Happening way before the media wants you to know about. Now on the other side of the break. I want to talk about some recent revelations from one of the key care
In this, the sky Joseph Miss said who meets with Papadopoulos This guy myths should. His through his lawyer has now resurfaced and has some absolutely incredible claims. He said are going to talk in front of the Senate, Intel Committee that I problem You're gonna blow your mind and will A world of sense, if you understand the lead, the lead again is this. They were true ain't. You entrap a member of the trunk team during the campaign and way longer than they want to admit to them that's what's being hated hidden in the rejected documents that Trump, I hope. Let's out soon, it's gonna be bad folks when it all comes out going to be a big. I don't gamble. Gino went from our committee. Give us call eight seven, seven three, eight one three April with a daily fake news, Don pouring through your tv mobile phone,
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The conditions out. There are not very good, so you know you. Everybody does in New York in DC or get through a budget that just be careful out there. I mean because I'm down here in Florida we already have that issue, but I'm from new york- and I know when those rights cannot be they get really ugly. So if your new car take it easy, you know it's not that it's not worth it. Take it slow and you'll get home eventually. So I'm sorry to hear that this happen so early, but at least I think, a little bit blindsided by this storm which, for all my beast with New York, that's not one of them. They usually pretty good with the snow so take it. Take it slow, I so about puppet opulence and why this is new. Here's, the new news, and why and bring this up today, such because I love the story, Joseph miss it Malta's maltese professor, who meets with Papadopoulos from the Trump team. Why a back in the April march. Twenty sixteen timeframe myths should is the one who starts this whole thing understand this. Russian collusion fairytale nonsense made up story starts
this guy. You don't know who this guy is you'll, never understand this case. He is the guy who meets with joy. Papadopoulos from the Trump team and is alleged to have told him bout russian dirt on Hilary without that meeting their aid, the whole collusion fairytale goes away, there's nothing if Miss Saudis, not a russian agent, trying to pass information? The populace on the Trump team? There is no case. You understand that. That's what this whole case is based on or was when it started. That is All these professor finds out pop our policy is working on the trunk team. Liberal media narrative is that I don't believe this. I'm just telling you this is what they want. You to believe may suit is some kind of russian cut out or carve out or asset he finds out. Papadopoulos on a Trump team, tries to make inroads and
some kind of illicit exchange of information offers him russian dirt on Hilary. In exchange for what we don't know, Papadopoulos demand anything now. I dont believe that version of events. Version of offence. Events hinges on one key fact that again myths should the maltese professor, was a russian agent, but what if he wasn't? What? If he wasn't a russian agent at all, what if Joseph myths should whose trying to set pop up with up with russian dirt on Hilary? What if he wasn't working with the Russians. What if he was working with western intelligence, asses? Ah tat? Now you get until I conspiracy theories, have really Do you miss the breaking news over the last few days, his lawyer, a guy named Stephen ROW, miss it lawyer, that is the maltese professors. Laurie has now said that Miss Sir
to testify undergrowth in the Senate committee, here in the United States to tell them what According to his lawyer, he wants to tell the Senate Committee that he is a western intelligence ass, a boy I would Stags Kebby Podge Ref get anywhere that one kind words man really. Worried some sort. According to his lawyer and his but that was told me and our interview he's right. His lawyer is no reason to lie in the famous client, according The guy's lawyer he's not a russian asset. He was working with Friendly's, oh, he was working with Friendly's. Let me read you again that headline CNN April fourteen. Twenty seventeen british intelligence pass. Tromp associates communications with Russians onto U S. Counterparts or did they?
That's a CNN articles out upon you know that calm article Sierra that article still up folks Sienna politics here what I met a tweet this out right now, while a money arrogant a tweet this out. I want you all to read this article two eminent actually gonna put at the end and all the good goody here. Do you can hear it because I turn the year that click your thing off on the Iphone and all the best goodies. Have you gotta my twitter? You can read this right, daddy bungee! Oh, I just waded out. You can read it yourself. You follow along at home. Mister pollution like I did that on the you I got. A little files will suffer, How are we to messrs? I love this guy respect marks on, but I want you to see this. The Arctic still where it has not been retracted. No one said: hey You got bad information. The article is still up so, let's backtrack here, show the guide. Liberals are claiming, as some russian car value
russian asset who offered information through the Trump team. His lawyers saying: oh no, he was working with friendly intelligence right around the same time that the CNN people are getting information about foreign intelligence, passing information, specifically british intelligence? Aren't you the Obama administration about the Trump tee who are the western intelligence contact mistook has, ladies and gentlemen, just Google, the guy you don't need to be a private investigator. You don't need to be a high paid first detective any Nypd. Well, of course you know get paid enough, but you get the point there really good, the first great You don't need to be a skilled FBI agent, just Google, Joseph Myths said link campus or Joseph Miss said Clia Smith, and you will see that Joseph Miss said has worked frequently and often with Clare Smith, who pause a intelligence operative for the british one point
I'm not alleging anything. The fairies between the two. I am simply saying. Myths should alleging that he's a western intelligence ass it through his lawyer. It's not the craziest theory in the world. When you see the guy's history of working with wait for it, Stern intelligence assets he was invited to a conference in February that the state, parliament was involved in the organization of in February. After all this stuff happen, and he's a russian asset? Our? U S, they depart and let him in here it's the testify. This is new all new he wants to go up in front of the Senate and tell him story and his lawyer is saying he was working with Friendly's. Do you understand how freaky dickie this is the less
Ok case kooky, cookie, liberal media, is that the Russians were trying to pass information upon apples, not friendly's. I would Friendly's be doing it think it through Why would Friendly's be doing that friendly to who. Finally, the Obama administration certainly not friendly to the american people, much of the Obama administration know about this folks. Read through the sea and I'm a headline making this up. That's not on my website. Let's see how long How long were foreign intelligence assets passing information about Trump associates to the? U S: government one of those associates, George Papadopoulos, how long were they spying on the twenty and why would they using foreign Friendly's western intelligence?
hence Australians in the United Kingdom, to do it how does it make sense that, when Trump threatened to unredeemed, the redirected, FISA warrant war. That would expose all this stuff. Ladies and gentlemen, who melted down over it. The United Kingdom in the Australians. They didn't want to do Why what's in there? What's in there why are we using The british and the Australians do an end the around. U S: surveillance was to get information. About Trump Associates on the inside, where we doing that was constitutional republic, that's supposed to respect civil liberties using far and intelligence assets to do an end around around our law to spy on a potentially innocent american citizen foxes happen There's no doubt it happen, the
step of how long it happened and how many people had happened to is still an open question, but the fact that it happen is its already out there for you to read yourself. Now move should once the testify He does. I strongly recommend you glue your eyeballs through the television or dvr that if he makes his way in front of the Senate Committee, because there are some questions that people need to get answered and answered staff Question number one Joseph Miss said were you or were you not a russian intelligence asset. During March and April, the time you met with George Papadopoulos of twenty sixty keep it. I'd folks, his lawyer saying he wants to tell the story
Why would he volunteer to testify under oath? If he's gonna lie he's not in the United States, nobody can find it. Can you explain to me with a straight face, why a russian intelligence asset would volunteer to go. Speak in front of a set of committee under oath to read, enter the United States potentially face a rest. If wasn't trying to clear is name? Can you plain to me with it may seem, rather than talking about like the looney tune, left this conspiracy theories, one rights for medium there's another guy out there, a professor they're nuts? They don't believe any this stuff. Can you explain to me why Miss said would do that. Why he would want to re, enter the United States if he is a russian cut out or russian asset. That's the centre of this entire scandal Why would he do that? What is he an idiot.
The evidence that he was working with western intelligence assets is everywhere, just Google. It he's got picture Would poorest, Johnson out there we'd Clare Smith? These are bigwigs. In the UK are political and intelligent structure. He was teaching a class or involved in we care per square where they were teaching italian intelligence assets and you're telling me he's a russian spy, so the Italians that the UK miss that the United States miss that when they let him back in that country in February that we all missed it
this makes sense as it prepares a basic smell passed any more. Of course it does it. I've got more on this. This gets better the key time with this whole thing, the key time period. Is this a Real time period, there's a lot going on in April in April twenty sixteen when he meets with Papadopoulos Masood and in April twenty seventeen when I believe the prey gets wind of this whole operation to happen: spy on Papadopoulos and that's why they start reaching out to him and asking George to confirm it. That's why CNN rights, their peace, all happens at the same time, right after the legal, on the Senate Committee is being Investigated later prosecuted for lying about leaking. The press knows this story. Folks. How do I know that
because they already wrote about it. I just tweeted out the CNN peace read it. The press has already told us the whole story, CNN included one last thing before you go to break you. Some of you can. I put all this in my book called spy gain. If we want to pick it up, trying to sell you, my ponderous telling it s all in there. Some people have said to me. Why would the press do that? Why would the press give up a illicit spying operation? The Obama administration was doing against the Trump team and write about it. Like I just read to you that CNN peace, because at the time folks, they thought it was real. They were being fair heaping piles of garbage by the Obama administration at the collusion narrative was real, they didn't realize it was fake their writing about.
The british being involved in this massive spying operation on the Trump team, thinking the trunk team was actually colluding with the Russians, and the UK was doing the right thing. They didn't realize later they were being let off a cliff, and now they cannot take any of these stories back read him yourself. They ve already told Entire story right, I'm their mancino infer mark of anyone. It gives colleague, seven seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one will, there's another angle on this thing to Avonlea, but to yet so much crazy information about this. This whole spy hit operation That I haven't gotten up there, but you know what the mark menu when I get a call eight hundred and seventy seven three hundred and eighty one three thousand eight hundred and eleven, so don't go anywhere. I just read that really fast. What eighty seven thousand seven hundred and thirty eight.
Three eight one one, the next hours be fast because another angle on this. That just is gonna break your bangles. This time is a great story ever told in the worst way possible this spying operation, its trump. There was much stupidity and such a failure to cover their true. Some absolutely convinced they thought they were. Convinced Taylor is gonna. Windows can all go away. You know, because we now should take a call stood up there. Let's see what about the TIM. Let's take Kim and opening New York him still there Tipp. What are you?
for us it then I go and big fan here with me upon cast every day. I know you're talkin about this margin April period and twenty sixteen cell understood at George George five applicants. Tweet from this morning we go. He said that it was at this conference. They learned the Obama State Department and then in practice you see I was keeping close tat journey so and then he had a week or two cats and safety data that conference. It was some toper, twenty six and twenty seven twenty fifth him, I saw that twin there. I know those equity trigger. I will do what I say. I got a day. It blows me away here. Here's my experiences in this. In the space, I was a secret service agent. We were consumers of intelligence. We were never producers. I want to be clear on ethics for a reason
you know when you protecting foreign leaders, and I want to be producing Intel on where they want to be protected and try to get away from you, but When you go overseas into advances for the president, Afghanistan, Indonesia places like I went to you would do with and consume a lot of intelligence from our agency and other other places as well. So pretty familiar with how they work. It's not uncommon for people in need aged in international business Overseas, especially in areas of the world that could be crisis zones at times to become meal, I don't want to see the focused so but to be incidentally, collected upon so I'm I get it. I saw Georgia's tweed I've spoken to George. I, like George, I think, he's been very honest and can't that I think he got. There was a big effort. Trap him, but I'm not sure that was the key targeted CIA operation against him. He gave it of saint an endless enough open to be proven wrong, but, as you
TIM, you know you listen to me my show. I don't. I only say when I can prove or have good evidence what I do have strong evidence of TIM is in that March April, twenty sixteen period months after this October, twenty fifteen conference, Georgia's at I do have solid evidence that free, we western intelligence assets were like, he tried to set George Papadopoulos up in that period and when I get to it in the next hour, because I've got a lot more to get you on this. Tim, stay too, don't go anywhere thanks for the call I'm in a tie that up in the next hour, but I'll teach it here. So we one of those long teases right, John Joseph Miss said when he meets with Papa. Doubtless The second meeting he brings along someone
someone. He says is Vladimir Putin's these Ya Vladimir Putin. These that's great for an trap and scandal for russian collusion. What's the problem. She's not flatter me sneeze fact nobody knows where she is either should be able to use a lot of questions if we could find there right it thereby GINO it tomorrow?
Now run only underground than the bowels of the hidden somewhere under Britain, steel of a non described filtering. We once again made contact with our leader. I will go back to the mark of inshore, thereby GINO filleted for mark. You gonna give us colleagues, seven seven three. One three eight one: why so I have this radio clock in my studio that sinks Via the internet, so me in the producers- and everyone are all on the same time, clock and I to notice that it didn't reset if the daylight saving time. I'm looking at our MIKE. I should talk IRAN if large o clock is show over mister produce you're lucky I even came back into MIKE. I thought I was done to disconnect and he did go eat. Do my thing: you're, like Nelson
But this is your right. You know me. Well I like every time about this time. I start talking about food. I have a ridiculous appetite and I do get a little Hungary, my wife make its chicken arise today, which is good. I don't care about. You know it from our committee. Gonna be one of his colleague, seven seven, three, eight one Create one months I've thought about Miss said just missed this maltese professor who meets would pop it operates and, according to the law Ro X files, conspiracy theory fairy tale about russian collusion, may serve as a russian age and trying to pass information about Hilary Z to the Trump team through Papadopoulos, the problem about is, ladies and gentlemen, as my I'd producer said to me, and he was very funny sooner or later, you gotta produce a Russian in this case. Where's the Russians member. Therefore, when these quarter where's the beef where's, the Russians. If Miss said, is not a russian trying
Ass information to the Russians to Papadopoulos was any working for a friendly. Or potentially our people, then this is in a in operation. This is not a collusion investigation that has been done theory. I've been operating life for a year now based on very hard evidence that George Papadopoulos was entrap. This was never a russian collusion scandal. This is a clean up operation to clean up and entrapment operation against George Papadopoulos. Are you all tracking with me? I know some of you are because I'm following you are twitter. I tweeted out that article I'm reed. I read a lot of your responses. I like the lot of em. You know interactive Are we gonna do that stuff, you better the audience when you get me a mom, I'm reading your responses- and I see a lot of you- are getting it this is in entrapment operation that was going on way before the FBI wants to admit. How long were they working on members of the Trump team trying to entrapped them?
into being russian polluters, despite the fact that there are no Russians involved, should is telling everybody who will listen and his lawyer He's a western intelligence asset. According to his lawyer, he wants to testify to that back here in the United States. Why would a russian asset do that this? This make any sense. Now. Here's the other angle. Have you read the charging documents for Papadopoulos the statement of offence? They are fascinating. It is a bevy of information. It is the prosecuting documents, the Mahler probe used to prosecute George Papadopoulos were for a false statements charged to the FBI. The statement of offence is fast. Maybe because there is so much in their if Know what you're looking for.
There's one piece in there and I wanna- had tipper source of mine on this, and I want to pretend that my own, how did you know you are? I might give you up? Obviously, radio show so exactly plug talk. Rating Bismarck have like five hundred plus officially gets that's a good place out your sword. Moon do that, but a good source of my picked up something fascinating in the statement of Offensive ensures Papadopoulos. Early, he was question by the FBI, as it says in that statement,. And what are the questions? The f b I asked him was there were many dealings with anyone with a russian accident or rested access. My Barbara see from forest hails from Asia LIVE in New York. He had a russian action. What the hell does that if they were russian collusion, Why is that? In there. You ever have dealings with anyone with a russian access at evidence of russian collusion. Papadopoulos was a world traveller. He was
Energy can solve the Javert talk anymore with a russian acts, and what kind of evidence is that that's in there? You can read it yourself. Why why in their while, when Miss should the Maltese professed who liberals thinks a russian Asian, but so he says, he's a western intelligence ass at work and would Friendly's meeting All Gov integrate over she shows up with me, said who Thomas. He tells Papadopoulos his Vladimir Putin's niece wow way than that special. It met, convenient, Set the guy uproar, russian collusion scandal about Hilary Females- and you say: hey you wanna meet with flatter me upon these. It was imprudence. Niece It was woman who goes by the name of. Oh god, vinegar, Dover,. She shows up with Miss said who,
said she was Putin's niece as he making it up the whole time. Did she tell him that, who, her to tell him that not Vladimir Putin's these that we know. What's really interesting about their meetings at the meeting she Papadopoulos she doesn't speak good English. She only basically speaks russian and she's sitting there at the meeting, which is a really great cover, you're, an intelligence, acid or working with intelligence assets. Isn't it speak the language. Meanwhile, you Sidney Newspeak perfecting with your listening the whole time. You know how it is think someone doesn't speak the language you speak freely in front of them. You talking to someone else. Did you think they can understand that hard to comprehend all this trick in the book. So she shows up says I don't speak English. We're vinegar dove. I speak Russian. Oh, my English is very bad, but I'm going to sit here in a minute
B, int rode by Masood is pollutants Neeson, we'll talk or make. I. Contact or whatever pop Dapple is told me and our interview double interesting about their meaning is even speak English at the meeting, but then she she starts texting him imperfect English. They afterwards trying to set up meetings with Russia's. Isn't this? four convenient. Is this not the most convened set up in human history. She says she's prudence, these. She says she doesn't speak English. She starts texting him after the meeting in perfect English. Pretty good English That she's willing to set up meetings with Russians despite the fact no one's been able to produce one iota of evidence that these people were actually connected. The Russians. Now we know she had a russian accept that way.
The mother team was talking about in that statement of offence. Charging George pop up was: did you ever? We asked him if he ever met with someone with a russian action, but they talk about vinegar, Dover and, if that's the case, how they know I dont your whole charges on you're, ok centres on the fact that vinegar, Dover and MR russian assets how'd, you know about them. The Russians tell you, No I'm serious. How do you know about that? The Russians, let you in on a little secret. Whose keep in mind the Russians have denied from that suggesting, I believe, and the Russians, and could no question try to interfere in our election. Let me be clear: but at least publicly the Russians are denying so they haven't admitted to this publicly. So why would they give up this information about reintegrate over. Or Masood or anyone else. Who was rendered grid overworking with, was that now he drops a little neutron bomb in this interview with me, dead.
Papadopoulos says he doesn't think it was vinegar over even texting and ask it's not crazy. I buy up a George, I did George, maybe I'll do something. I think it was all gone courts of integrated over. We don't know what a real name is. Nobody can find that crazy how she's disappear. Just like MRS knots, that's all that happens right. Today the biggest spy story in human history. We can't seem to find a players. I think it is vinegar. Dover taxing him, but I think she's being told exactly what the text and that's why her English is rather good in the text messages I think so being told exactly what the text to George think about it, you're trying to set a guy up in a trap him in male scheme with the Russians, the sky fake. There were no Russians involving this. It's a scam. It's a scam to set up the
team for collusion that they didn't do. So. What do you do you send it, fake, russian in there It tends to be prudent these with a. Besser connected to Friendly's. You know exactly the friendly's know exactly how to set this guy up there exactly how to record the conversation. They know exactly how to get the transcript of conversation. They Georgia's phone number and all of a sudden, vinegar, Dover Stars, texting? Hey you wanna meet with Russians. Here's a Russian there's, a russian airs, Russians everywhere, yet no Russians have ever been produced in this case, only Russians that have been produced on the macedonian server farms or whatever in the in the g. Are you in the Mahler indictment still have no connection whatsoever to Papadopoulos or the trunk team. No one suggesting the rushes interfere in the election on tell you did nothing to do with Donald Trump. The truck team members were set up, It is crystal clear it is.
Clear as day I'm gonna get some EU calls. I promise of your holding stand. I will get if you want to give us a call, eight hundred and seventy seven, three hundred and eighty one three thousand eight hundred and eleven, I'm Dan Bongino in for Mark Levin, again, eight hundred and seventy seven three hundred and eighty one three thousand eight hundred and eleven I want to make your mark of insured, thereby GINO fill an end for the gray one call eight hundred and seventy seven three hundred and eighty one, three thousand eight hundred and eleven I've been talkin about the new revelations in this. I gave drama where the key figure, in the case, the maltese professor liberals, think, is a russian always russian com. God who is not is not based on my research,
proven wrong later a map you two corrected by based on what we ve been looking at. He looks to be connected. The western intelligence he wants to testify now is not gonna be interesting, but let me get when you cause. You got it. And in Wichita Kansas Daniel I'm at the embassy. Nobody gaffer us back down, it's how you doin Yeah, hey! What's going on in Kansas, match you lose the governorship race or not you personally, but now happened would call back out there. Well, you know I didn't write myself in I'm guessing that didn't help the election. Now you you are, you know a couple hundred thousand more votes. You would have been ok, but why did you have when they re give us a little skinny on why the Republicans loss in Kansas is actually an excellent description of why the Electoral College, the solemn Orton, the person that one, I believe, one eight counties arrows a hundred issue. Counties in the entire state is the aware when they counties the other. Ninety two colonies are basic.
Voting for go back, but we lose sight of that happens, when I lived in Maryland, yeah Prince Judges, Montgomery in Baltimore City. You know you are choosing democratic, governors forever and the rest of the rest of the counties in Maryland the blues. They were actually quite red and they would, but now they gotta parliament gun you ready. I warn you. I believe it's kind of the same way. The California, where a lot of trouble the coast, the California gonna, do what the costs to the coast is gone or blue. So what does your question on this? One might question is I'd like to preface it just very very quickly. I know you're very busy how we use works, news works and I'm talkin. Now a b c CBS and everything I used to work for local affiliate. We get our news top down via the wire. If he is called. I news. We see these stories we copy and paste
We put him into our show. They go into the shall we say the mob here. They are never never verified that there are not research ok. So when we have this, try collusion Frankly collusion Russia collusion. It's just talk down. There's no research, there! verification. There's! No, you know in Bonn, GINO saying hey, guys, wait a minute. This doesn't make sense. Dismissal guy either Westerners There's none of that to adjust gets regurgitate it. No, I tell dad I mean I was at an event recently political and political convention out LOS Angeles and zone a panel. We, David from Anna Professor. I forget his name any and moderator I was actually astonished that these guys we're on a panel about spy Gate, had either no idea what I was talking about when I brought a very simple, easily research facts about the case like
since I brought up the fact The people who showed up for the Trump Tower meeting without junior people that showed up have long, detailed connections to people working with the committees and the cliff is they looked at me. Damn like I was astonished one of manufacture, moderator the panel, Us this mine, I want the storm and off the states, taken a whole crowd with me and he told me to shut the. We don't have a buzz you here that the moderator second, that to me I might even Kenny He's, like you, don't know what you're talking about. I said: Jude you're, the moderator you're. Only Any idea about basic facts of the case law believe what you're saying, because I argue out debate this spy gate, the box with people who are supposedly learn it on the issue tell them things and they look at me puzzled. What do you mean we have stood with western intelligence ass. It
That's a creature! Yours if you are not doing newsstand are not writing news. There not researching new, say they are not taking two seconds to say. You know what this present quite make sense. Let me look this. Let me just Google for five minutes to verify this thinking. This is slightly accurate. Copy pays. And the new feed that is only see block all right. We're gonna role with that. But my original question getting already be so long. You yeah it's as go ahead, but my actual question is we're talking about the trunk. Russia collusion and spiky around trunk trunk was not always the front. Runner do we do we or do we not know in any capacity? Did this extend before truck began already established? have Obama. Administration has definitely spied on their opponents. Today- and this may be the greatest question-
post me in the history of fill it in for the Markov, ensure yes, and I'll. Tell you why here, here's! Let me just rephrase the question for the Europe that is asking if this is operation our trump? Was it only tromp because, as he accurately said, drop wasn't always the front runner. There were, I'm after I were crews gonna one there were times are: maybe Rubio gonna pull this out of the South Carolina. Let's see what happens. You're right There was a large suspicion at the time of monks, republican established by materials. Immediate I've tromp had no shot. So the question I always ask the people is how many dossiers and spying operations were there. Now I Let me be clear on this: I'm only re phrasing. What people inside the Obama administration said themselves when asked about this stuff. There is a very high up state department, official, with intimate connections to the Clinton team,
that said in response to questioning under oath oh, there were multiple dossiers, insinuating that, yes, Dan, I appreciate you call and him up against the brakes. We're gonna run the invitation. Insinuating. That there may have been multiple information gathering operations against multiple candidates. And I'm just telling you what people inside the Obama administration set on their own dossiers. There were, multiple dossiers, really there wasn't just one on top how many of those were out there gathering was political Alpo, was this again intelligence community. Item thereby GINO Info marketing.
If you want to talk to MIKE, we have two numbers for you to call. Regular Americans call eight hundred and seventy seven three hundred and eighty one three thousand eight hundred and eleven liberals, eight hundred and seventy seven three hundred and eighty one three thousand eight hundred and eleven tat. You know me well, that's my everything What do they call those things like In truth, liner Norma really familiar lighters, gas, sliders darn in the tv busy wholesome stingers liar, I took me out a figure that out that there was I they were. There were two numbers here at seven: seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one and eight seven, seven three at one, thirty and alive- I'm not even joking. That's the self! It took me about five minutes to figure out that they were two different numbers. When I listen to mark on the radio, I dont forget about this event mark and Julie, LE, been born,
the Noble Thyssen's Corner Virginia this Saturday. Do not miss it Saturday, seventeenth Eleven, a m. Besides books by reading our police bring your kids, be especial children story, time meeting and November twentieth at four p m book ends in Ridge with New Jersey. Join market is lovely wife, jewish great they'll be another children story. Time. Reading of our police they'll be offering sign books check. Those events out do not miss the big mister. Ok, one other angle on this. I want to present before we get about twenty five minutes to show that, but before I leave for the night is something that keeps coming up in this in this investigation of the populace. If you have the Nunez Meadows, Jim Jordan, translator, which I joke about a lotta on my twitter account another way Jim Jordan, Mark meadows, they're, not gonna out howdy to some extent are ready and on on most of this They have seen there of course, Congress.
Members at around committees that have seen a lot of this stuff. I've been talking about this sudden Papadopoulos and what believe to be a massive entrapment operation, by the Obama administration debate. People in to a fake russian collusion story The things that keeps coming up when you I call it the translator cause if you learn how to listen, there's things I can't, I can't say they can release classified information, and I go to these are great members of Congress. Guys are really look after. Of meadows, Jordan's great Devon, terrific is well. They they're, not gonna, out on television. You know state secrets, but if you know what to listen for there's always little kind of hints and air about information he becoming One of the things you hear from them. A lot is: there's always a conversation about seemingly lately about transcripts transcripts, transcripts conscripts conversations transcripts, meaning something was transcribed. What was transcribe
Throw something out there for you to call upon their ensure for a minute right. There are transcripts out there that may be exculpatory for George Papadopoulos, in other words I'm conversation that was recorded in transcribes, so we can all read it. Who was it? Who recorded it?. Who could know who recorded the conversation think about this right? If there is, George Papadopoulos, this alleged Russian collude around the Trump team you're here meadows them talk about transcripts once in a while talking about who is recording him and he was recording him and the information Papa Dapple is set in the meeting that was recorded in transcribe is but that was insisting he doesn't want any part of a russian collusion scandal. Why haven't we see that yet general
And there were new ness and meadows in Jordan to how it being interviewed on Fox another Alice, who also say, there's a Skull Pretoria evidence out there, in other words, evidence that puppet apple, as is in fact, I'll be in evidence shows that he is innocent. Are transcripts and the exculpatory evidence. The same thing could be. Why does that matter? Is there a transcript of his initial meeting with Miss said with the liberals and the looney tunes and the media the conspiracy theories? keep insisting as a russian cut out in a russian acid. Is there a transcript of that meeting?. Some of you small ones. You listen to me regulators, you see where I'm going with this. If there's a transcript of that meeting with Miss stood, who the liberal swear is a Russian tried to give information to the Trump team how the hell did we get a copy of the transcript of the record
I thought you just said he was a russian and to give information trumped up the Russian. Have publicly disavowed any knowledge of this. I dont believe them. You should neither but the Russians have not come clean on this. You see what I'm go with this. Mr producer farmer, if you're not track and you let me know what trying to tell you is why, with the Russians, publicly deny any involvement in a massive collusion scheme to this day and then throw their asset under the boss and turn over recordings to the United States government of their involvement in collusion. Keep this epic any sense to you. You got it. Thank you, Mr Perry, If the Russians are still saying He did not, I dont believe them and that they did try to mess with our election. I don't they were involved in the puppet apple meeting at all, they have public. Denied that if there's a recording of that
Sugar is a russian. Why that I had with the Russians, give us that hybrid they do that They would be implicating themselves in a scheme. They have already publicly deny being a part of gosh you all you do, There's only two groups should people on the planet that are dopey and silly enough to believe this list, rules and media people. Do you understand how done their theory is? it was a russian car about trying to give information to the treaty, May have transcripts of it. Yeah really Russians we're trying to screw with the election they recorded men gave us the recording they want to then how thick the stupid has to be to believe that if our transcripts of the Masood menial. Let me be clear: I am not a hundred percent certain there are.
But there have been heads if you know how to operate the Nunez translator that there are groups of some of these meetings that may be exculpatory. This may be what you're talking about. Danny how you do my friend and colleague for holding we read about two seconds there we go. Cars can be opened that much time. But we may have gotten ahold of transcriptions of a meeting with a western intelligence asset. Wouldn't that be interesting. Folks, we would not have recordings given to us by a Russian. This makes no sense. Zero years it's not paying attention? If you believe this, let me take a call here: who's been home, While I was at Willis in Aberdeen Marston still, there will issue there. What do you got for us? Buddy pay Danny? How you do my friend
Thanks for holding we meet bout to Secretary girl cars in the open that much time they are one of the first volume of veterans Day has come and gone. I want to thank you for your service to this country. I put my twenty years at and got out two thousand one and add God gave me a pretty good life afterwards because of the service, and I can see that you had a quite a bit of intelligence throughout your life and its people like you and mark that really give me courage at that things can change, but I still have that concern right now. It seems that the country is so divided, but I think that for decades now, there has been a division who was at Lincoln or somebody that said that if we're gonna be destroyed will be destroyed from within and its working, I mean think about it. If there was a rush in operation, I do believe the Russians tried to and they are still going to try to mess with our elections. The Russians be laughing all the way to the bank right now, as liberal media types and liberal conspiracy theories continue to promote a call.
Who's in fairy tale. They clearly didn't happen. I mean they must think this is the greatest return on investment ever first by the. Thank you for your kind words. That's really nice of you. I am I enjoyed my time. I was in the secret service, but I it's nothing. I'm coming, the people who served in our military If I can to share with you a story for a minute, Willis you'd inspired me to say that when I travel What a bog Rama AIR Force base as a secret service agent preparing for the Brok Obama visit. You know they put Japanese context, boxes that were converted into rooms and never find I mean they were conic spots: but he went inside it. Look like a regular hotel room. It didn't look at that now I remember talking to some of the military guy seven on the base. I was only there a couple weeks And they were in these hutus and just a mass media with everywhere. It's just, I feel bad for me- there the whole time away from their kids and one of the guys it said. That's me, me for my service and I said now brother, I said thank you, I'm I'm leaving in a week.
Oh you're here for four months and months at a time in far worse conditions, you know Your life is at stake. Everyday, should all those vats out there who served? Thank you. Thank you very. They now getting back to Europe, your your questionnaire, you know you're right, the russian influence operation. Has paid massive dividends because people the liberal media who continue to promote a conspiracy theory about collusion without any evidence, are actually doing the bidding of foreign actors who york a hundred percent correct, want to tear the can apart from within now I'll tell you this will listen. I mean this is evidence, surfaces that the Donald Trump team members were actively colluding with the Russians on that programme. I have absolutely no doubt trumpet his family were not colluding with Russia, not a zero doubt at all. In my mind, I have been on this thing for a year and a half I have searched high and low there. It there is zero evidence, but if some
drug team guy was fired at some point or someone on the Trump team at some point was the nefarious activities fine get rid of em prosecutor, but the problem with the left as they continue to promote this collusion fairytale, despite knotty scintilla of evidence that any of its actually true and end its interesting that nobody calls them conspiracy theories. That's what worries me about this whole thing, the apple! That's my concern for the country, a new and mark, say you're, the younger generation and mark in russian people, like them better keep in this country together right now, there's become a decade where they won't be able to serve us any longer and inhuman. Wasn't mark will suddenly to interrupt you, but you know what I think it is with mark. I'm not compare myself or more precisely because he's they called the great one for reason. It has been a good friend and he's really really good and decent guy I think Mark and I worked in the real world. May Mark was the chief of staff
In the Reagan a he had an actual job you know he did real stop. I worked in the secret Airbus in the emerald before that there are a lot of me your people out there, I'm not saying the media is a real job. It is you work for loving you shall forward, but it's it's not you, commenting on if your media time is you have no actual real world experiences on and poking, for. People like me and Mark who actually I experience in this space. Are you have. None is ironic and and recent bring it up weaknesses when more first brought up. British. You remember this when Mark first brought up the here a year and a half ago that there was a fire, the warrant issued against the Trump Deep oh remember what happened.
It still do, and all of you are Bark Levine's crazy, what a night, but he was right the whole time because Marcus sources and mark no stuff, he worked in the real world, I'm getting the same thing ass, well, ass, thanks for the call forcing us to take a break, but I get a lot of it now folks, it's annoying but idea with it. You know Romania types. You have no idea about what went on in this case. They don't have a clue, not the foggiest idea. You know they attack me on Twitter, that's fine! Whenever I get a thick skin actually open, it's it's annoying, but I get over it. You know, I don't know what you're talking about really what part of my book it tell me the footnote, that's wrong and they never do it, of course, because they can't they know nothing about the case there just married to the idea that Donald Trump as a bad guy period full stop no evidence that no evidence there was collusion at all, not a scintilla of it. There just married to it. They ve been in the whole time and want to let it go. I folks up, thereby
No infomercial then be right back, I will go back to the mark of in showed, thereby GINO at the bombs do not want to interfere in four mark so, let's three cap, all of the interesting and fascinating stuff we discussed on the show today I opened up in the first hour, talked about Florida. Folks, if you're down here in Florida, you know, what's going on you ready and if you're in there you have your and activists and the Republican Movement down here lobby aren't getting real word about what's going on there, he's in Florida, was really about and is really about. At this point, the agro also, commissioner, race, with which it looks like they were, electoral malfeasance, in because the AG commissioner deals with the firearm issue. I know why does the agriculture commissioner many do firearms ice,
in the beginning, our if you miss that go back in the sun mark within Show Mark show Thou come. The dams are also. Es thing out within get away with with signatures in lawsuits down here in Florida, their testing out deadlines as well. How they can push deadlines perpetually. So what Democrats can vote what a week after election, they me when this democratic voice it stop theatres Democrat voting over yet I mean I'm curious at this point, the ridiculous their pushing the envelope down. You are flawed and see what they can get away with. Four twenty twenty pay attention to the Agriculture commissioner, race. Look at what happened! while everyone's paying attention to the governor and the Senate. Re Scotland Santa's, which we should the culture. Commissioner race was already flip. That is the office that controls the sea W permits the Conseil carry permits the left
The incredible doing this stuff guy was up by forty thousand votes once a pollution by five thousand a day later jihad, if that happened, magic, bouts appearing everywhere and also discuss the puppet optimist case. How this thing is getting very Very suspicious folks, I believe the evidence is clear as day right now that he was set up. I believe the unreal did Pfizer when Trump Unread acts it and exposes the information the public is going to show Papadopoulos was set up. I believe this began way before the F B. I want you to admit it indicating the Obama administration had wet nice law enforcement and the intelligence community way earlier than anybody suspected too. Facts. By on the Trump team, the It's everywhere. If you open your eyes, talked about the suspicious russian A grid over who seems to appear at this meeting were Papadopoulos in an unbelievably convenient the circumstances that would lead to russian collusion, even though we can't seem to find the Russians.
One flatter me opponents niece. She wasn't actually I'm hey. I can introduce you to all these influential russian. She didn't Papadopoulos didn't take Thea, didn't take the meetings, Folks was this all set up? How long did this set up go on for saw in my book folks spike ate? It was a mega best seller. Thanks to a lot of you, but for a lot of this? This was the biggest entrapment operation in modern political history. They weapon eyes. Talents community they weapon eyes. A law enforcement community to use them as essentially political opposition research outfits. That's not what you do with the FBI. That's not what you do with our intelligence community and it's not what you do with or an intelligence partners. I leave you with this a close attention to what I told you about Miss said too.
The professor Remedial Papadopoulos he's told this lawyer. He wants to testify in front of the Senate Intel Committee, he wants it. Ass. The fly about his role in this. The key questions will be question number one did you, or did you not work with russian assets door bright before you met with that pop up? in the meeting where you alleged you had russian dirt and ever he sang it even say that pay attention to that meeting if it happens, it'll blow this whole case because sooner or later russian collusion fairytale types. The conspiracy theories are going to have to produce an actual rush in and they have yet to be able to do that. Folks, weird, how that happens. Isn't it they'll be a sucker for this? The media's led me down a nonsense path,
illusion things total Firefox. I appreciate you all to then appreciate all the feedback emails and the tweets. Thank you very much means a lot to me. It's always a pleasure to hear MR producer excellent job you're the best to MR call screen. I love you guys. I will see you all soon.
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