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On Friday’s Mark Levin Show, Brian Mudd of WJNO and WIOD fills in for Mark. The left is desperate like never before, and that’s why we see so much selective outrage from Democrats and the media to oppose President Trump at every turn. They’ve ignored Saudi Arabia being governed under Sharia Law for decades, but now suddenly care about morality because Jamal Khashoggi was murdered. The media is trying everything to make Trump say bad things about Saudi Arabia and disrupt the progress he’s making in the Middle East. The left also shows their selective outrage with the migrant caravan. DHS has identified 10% of the caravan to be known criminals, yet the left keeps insisting they’re all innocent migrants seeking asylum and need to be let in. If there were legitimate asylum seekers coming to designated ports of entry it would be a different story. Finally, the 9th Circuit court of appeals have had 86% of their rulings overturned, yet Chief Justice John Roberts showed his true political colors and defended them over President Trump. How can someone be wrong 86% of the time and still have a job?

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Now run only underground than the bowels of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We have once again made contact with our leader. I, why tell everyone be ready to enjoy but recognise it's going to be really really call so It is my response tell people. We expect very cold temperatures, We want people to be ready. You can go outside, but be very careful if you feel is getting to be too much gettin doors don't go out for too long stretch a wholly crap, I mean thing, for that guy right show,
I hear I was just tell you know: Fraser MY, but often I think you know what I need to do is actually just kind. I take off everything. I've got and see what happens You mean that if I'm really cold, I should try to. Go somewhere where it's not really cold, hoping clap. And that is who pick you mayor, build a plausible. What These are the important thing a just again. Just in case you wondered if we successfully created more. To pull generations of morons due to our public education system. Let there be no doubt New York's mayor build a you leading up to the Thanksgiving hey I'm in a place that is anywhere but cold. I am where border friend Brian Mud Info, the great one Markel then newest radio, national,
they member and always an honour and a pleasure to be with you. I hope the morning rush here, a W Gino in West Palm Beach, a few miles away from El Presidente right now. Is he Hainault this weekend? moral law and I so who's the brain mud show Nebula Yoshi in Miami and it is an honour and a pleasure to be here with you in sight of moral It is something that I want get into today, because there is a lot of selective moral outrage. You'll hear me, days run. Thanks are two sides to stories. One side effects. You'll hear me talk about the greatest for a bias and media being omission, and that's all display with everything involving cash, Yogi, Hawaii affectionately, referred to as Walter and the salary situation Chief Justice, John hurts and his coming to bat for the ninth circuit. They fraudulent honduran caravan. We have no choice.
Bridge, no shortage of selective moral outrage, so we're gonna go through all of it, but first I like I am having to wait in into selective intellectual outrage. Only I'm going to be the perpetrator of these selective intellectual outrage, I started to build applause YO in what happened right there. That is the extent of until Vincent intellectualize and mortar, where we have an errand says our eye. If it's called You gotta, you gotta, be not called, don't, say out there and be called oh my gosh, whatever we do it without you. You know I can relate here in southward, because every April about the time we go directly Winter straight into summer, we end up having the ability Laurie stories in the public officials and emergency management. Folks go right now: here's here's! What happens if you're hot, if your hide drink water and get out of this
and I was out those Mama's weren't going well. Thank you. Because we're moment I thought plan I just to stay. You know maybe even walking and place a little bit too widely in this just to see what would happen, but but thank you for four, that valuable information generation of of morons that we raise that selective intellectual outrage. Apparently, we need to be educated about those types of things, but that's not the only type of of select intellectual outrage that I want to engage them, because here we are at it is now officially the Christmas season, its black Friday many it's out there that are engaging in what their public edge
asian system had taught them so many people that will go out today and get something for fifty percent off put it on a credit card, make minimum payments and by the time their done pay three hundred per cent of the original price. That will happen today and people feel good about getting the eagles they got and as many people out shopping today you have certainly laid the Christmas stations that have afflicted any here, the music everywhere and I'm, U Tramp, I'm a huge fan. I very little pride in in terms of my masculinity. So, for example, I enjoy the Christmas music and I will watch harm our homework Christmas movies with my life. This is what I do but there are certain things that I have been hoping. Some time either through stay, a sense of understanding what these since the songs or represent or through political correctness, because political correctness, S group,
so many things in our society and like maybe now, then there could be something positive that comes out of political correctness like getting rid of what about the real peace. I have, as I'm engaging in engaging in his selective intellectual outrage actually takes place with a band aid. Do they know it's Christmas, I've been waiting for them. This thing pretty much since it began. Yes, most people, probably dont, pay attention to the lyrics and they go yeah. I remember that video and had all the singers and they were swaying how He ever listened to the limits of a song. I may come on that. The first thing is step: pleasantness heck. Why do you want talk about something that is absolutely miserable, while you're in engaging in and
shopping, enjoy in the Christmas season. I they talk about a world outside your window. A world of dread in fear, we're the only water flowing is the bitter sting of tears That's horrible. I mean that's arguably much worse than the depressing Christmas shoe song, but no really gives me in this zone as I imposing my? U selection of selective intellectual outrage, always gone me, the line about there being no snow in Africa this Christmas time now. The first thing is There is therefore we never people, you don't want it, so many people do not feel deprive by not having snow a Christmas. I do not feel but not having snow the Christmas time, but beyond that, with the line about the Christmas then do they, even though it's Christmas time well statistical. The answer would be no annual,
exactly that's. Why we need to feed the world because no no it's Christmas in Africa or b. Christianity is not the predominant which, on the garden it just tell me, maybe in I understand that in the world in which we need build was Yoda tells right now, if it's cold, try to become less cold dad die. It probably is a a stunning shock that yeah it's actually. That's the predominant religion in the continent of Africa, so ya mean only approximately forty percent of Africans were now it's Christmas time in that's Ellwood, provided that they actually here too the religions just saying these are the things it dry me a little bit crazy, something else that I heard
on the radio, once again John Lennon be happy Christmas on the war is over, the big thing here, and it's just that unity, insight again Oh, it's not a hand. Christmas on in one is political correctness going to catch up with them, What does John Lennon just have like be permanent hall pass on political correctness? because, while he was John Lennon, so I mean come on because I every time I hear the be yellow and red ones. I I've gotta crack up because Anybody these days could actually talk about the yellow in red ones, in a Christmas or anything else and empowered. Why are so anyway in the grand scheme a society that has been done down by the public education the system, to the extent that we need Billet Basel to tell us what to do when it's called for owing to the amazes Thanksgiving Day parade. Well, I mean come on. We can use this for good too, and we weaken eleven ate a couple of the most annoying Christmas songs? That really are
but christmassy in the first place, and then we'll go out there and and and spend a bunch money on staff that so we can make minimum payments on and pay far more than the the full price I mean. That is the very american thing to do once been dumb down by be american education establishments. Then you flip the page and we, page from the intellectual outrage over to the moral outrage, well that that is when you get into our media our media it is engaged in morality. It found some but in all the warm wags because bear morality, burial agent is leftism and so anything that that particular narrative, anything that so it's that, particularly the June, which you don't know that they actually have a station for this. This season, you know, be being left This is my religion. You know it is like Orient, maybe he's
but Lucy, my religion. Why and then you you create something, then it's all about sunshine and oil pops. I don't know, but it's like the moral outrage we're going to tee up next and I'm going be. By bringing you the way, story about the and what really should be considered and these shocking number of terror attacks that are taking place in countries governed by the type of government That's Saudi Arabia has in fact that they tells me you be shot to about how many people to actually died in terrorist attacks around the world. Today I, yes, some in Africa boiler not end there. No, they are either ass. I now but then again you know. Who knows how could freeze over and deep education system could become use, was well we'll talk about that govern I'm next. This is Brian,
and for the great one It's gonna be wonderful. It's gonna be a joy for people of all ages, particularly for kids, but now I want to tell everyone gets before an amazing parade, but put on every layer you have in your household where a glove. You can find every scarf hand warmer is whatever you got. You're gonna need it tomorrow, man well, thank you build a bless yo, and what would we do without as much as I am sure you get a kick out of thinking about rallies, brother and a Christmas story with the image?
everywhere, you God, if you absolve the new burden on that's why you're gonna need, because we are we call them where you're cold, you put because because goes keep your problem all thank you bill. The plaza I just remembered something actually during the break, as I was I can about selective intellectual outrage and political correctness in and things that gonna drive me nuts Similarly, we laid out because it happened to be a particularly call game. As I recall it was enough, years ago, an died there, a bunch of folks had ended up getting in insulted, but ultimately there could have been good at the end of particular story along with entertainment that was to be had was at a young age, Congo Bearers Game. I believe an does pregnant back eleven year. Now you have a gentleman who was spelt checked, improbable
on the conservative end at around three hundred and fifty pounds with his shirt. They said I beat Anorexia now it ain't going viral for? the obvious reasons, and many of them were or simply a matter of of entertainment, and then you have the other end of it, it was the political correctness and be Anorexia erosion ended up. Our rights, because how dare you actually mark that man, the disorder that isn't it see that that is not something that we can have an You know you, you need to be ashamed of you, your short, that that is sending the wrong message to people who are probably literally a third of your size or less and What we actually ended up doing there was eliminating the entertainment that might be had at these. Gaga bears football game and this man who otherwise was a problem. More entertaining then the folks in the field of particular day we,
up, eliminating that an entire movement in its tracks, and yet we do still have these ridiculous Christmas songs that are depressing and actually are intellectually incorrect. Speaking about, for example, Africa, and how their that's no and do they, even though it's Christmas time when Islam is actually the predominant religion of the continent now about Islam and the saudi arabian situation about could Choky. There is a very important thread that runs through the air and the presently United States happens to be exactly white on all this. What is that common bread and in what is your right about? As we talk selective moral outrage today about this about John Roberts about the caravan. When was it that media left us suddenly cared about morality in Saudi Arabia? I guess that started the day that there are politics involved with
drop. It was about the day they decided to care about morality in Saudi Arabia, because here is the inconvenient truth I mean as well. As they seem super sporting and cosmopolitan with weapons that are actually now allowed to get behind the wheel of a car Kenya. I mean it why women are allowed to dry now in Saudi Arabia. Oh my gosh! What progressive people they are and Hollywood ground happens, a loved them by the way, it will, at least until the whole issue, keeping an that's kind of the point C. The deal is the engine. In truth, Saudi Arabia, happens to be one of toys. Countries that are still governed not just by Islam, by Sharia, we're which happens to believe among other things, that if you're a woman, yours Serbian, two men, details? your well, I mean you really! You don't need to be eleven,
The end, for example, your woman in your right. Well, you know what is your fault now. In May, selective moral outrage is taking place here But these sounding arabian situation pertaining to Ok and as I talk about this situation and maybe a couple things just for contacts one because Jamal, Choky, isn't exactly roll off the tongue to because its entertaining to talk about. Waldo. Remember. You know can find where he was and what goes on. Waldo are right and then what actually ended up happening to him? We will refer to as being Dexter. Ok, so you have water who was Dexter in Dextra if you're not oh you're, is due to the tv show that was wildly retaining where we actually had a crazy person. Coincidentally, here and self order was a serial killer. That people fell in love with. So and water. That was textured and all intelligence reports seem to suggest that it was the saudi arabian government that was behind it from the very top. Ok, whether that
It should be the case for non the president. I say now you know what data there say not way, and I believe in them really is beside the point, because one might not necessarily be ideal for Waldo to be dexterous there things one about him and too about the country itself. You're, not talking about a country that operate but they system of morality that we have. To agree with and the United States, not even the left, especially not the left. Theoretically, but it's all part of the details, the omission most pervasive form a biased and media is omission. So what they leave out. The story is that this guy, who is supposed to be those family man who lived in junior and stuff. What the wash ten post. I mean this. What would just patron Saint almost if he to a different religions, or it could have been
exactly the opposite person with a past that is as chequered as any we'll get into that we'll talk about select the moral outrage get some of your thoughts on this as well. I'm brain the end for the gray, one markel of Em
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Levin establishments worst nightmare calling now eight hundred and seventy seven three hundred and eighty one three thousand eight hundred and eleven. We have a very strong ally in Saudi Arabia. We have an ally that said they did not commit level, the crown prince the king. They did not this atrocity and it's an atrocity. It's a terrible thing. I just like it more than you do, president. A couple days ago, from just a few miles away from where I'm broadcasting Brian Muddy and for the great one more cold in here and West Palm Beach. The president, over this thanksgiving weekend, Dad Moral Longo his home, often referred to as the winter White House than, for example, the boils down here and get everybody all upset, but really in the grand scheme of things as it disrupts much of anything except for right around more logo, but nevertheless, now better
about these elected moral outrage and we're gonna war through these like a moral outrage that goes on with John Roberts and what he has said and done this week the night sort of talk about the fraud. That is the Honduran Caravan all expose them and give you that, information that you specifically need to read to share and to employ because it is a complete fraud and an organisation that and raised in California and are put together caravan and I'll bring you that information, but also LISA tomorrow, outrage to be upset about Jamal. Could choking and too May I add that we say take some type of action against Saudi Arabia. Now. Aside from the fact that you take a look at the wheel. Prices and oil prices have come down because the president has decided not to engage in some type of by tough sanctions because of Jamal Cash Yogi, not
who efficiently referred to as Waldo by me and the fact that he was Dexter potentially he be Hasta the saudi arabian government, despite the president, refuting that The bigger issue here is what he represents Jamal to showcase. He doesn't work sent this upstanding citizen of the United States, some whom Tyrian some amazing family man, because he had some stuff that was abortion, the Washington Post. In fact of anything, his background leads even more question There are two more questions than answers about the Washington Post in their standards. Once again, because, among other things, could show me a been running with the Muslim Brotherhood, the Muslim the result familiar talk a little bit about Africa today in the Muslim Brotherhood, has a bit of a hit Bree. Having been involved with a lot of the elements that well might have been. Age and elements of terrorism, even in recent years now I don't know
exactly how the Muslim Brotherhood goes. But I'm not sure if what what go on in the Muslim Brotherhood, stays in the Muslim Brotherhood as gonna like I don't really understand gang culturally. But I've kind of come to understand that, if you're in some time Bobby again, you try to leave the gang by die. You know what will the gang ever leave you I mean that you have these questions. You know the it's like the mob, all these various different elements, so first, is can show these background. Not exactly a family man, not exactly a humanitarian now, even still ye that doesn't mean that he should be extra, doesn't mean that he should be cut up into pieces and thrown away somewhere ordered by government agree. But here's the probable Why is it that you decided to care about morality now? Why now four years? for years, many of us have been talking about the a moral Islam one countries like Saudi Arabia, lest we forget where the
Well me majority of nine eleven hijackers or from how about some- have been won anybody yet We were years. Having conversation about hey pay attention to Sri Lanka, no, not always lamas evil. Bush real austerity is where war the leftist nowhere in Baghdad. Recalled how we were the radicals. We worthy the bigots or whatever else it, nay, whatever their names and one in labour way. But they didn't want to hear the we'll concerns that lead to be radicalism should have so many people like Osama Bin Laden, like the hijackers and like? Oh, I don't know, the terror attacks has continued to this very day, salary if you happen to be despite their whole new hip by you, know, of having women actually become, eligible to drive me to measure. Estonia is real law, which means that women are still subservient to men in this society. Conversation, but anyway.
Wants to have about moral relativism with their society with me that with have question about here where the hell you were, you didn't care the women will subservient to men and their society in store but homeless. Charles have no place. They can be stoned to death simply because of their sexuality. It's awfully convenient. What's going on, But here's what happened yesterday now I know in the news every word today: the top stories have been the horrific terror attacks right now we don't have stories everywhere about the horrific terror attacks. Oh. I guess I'm just oversight by media generally. You say because today home today, why? Here in the United States we have had five terror attacks, resulting in sixty four dead people and a hundred and three additional injuries. No job, that's today and your world now
report. The reason why doesn't make the news is that it's not all that a typical when it comes to radical islamic countries that end up at hearing to sharia like for it. Saudi Arabia, see these terror attacks that I'm just omission in the news on minor oversight here today. You probably didn't hear about Al Qaeda storming checkpoint in Yemen and killing for people, but that happened tonight. You're, probably- and they don't put this in the tourist materials in Cape town you're. Probably they haven't heard about the terrorist that, up on arrival mosque killing one.
In an answering one person in Cape Town, South Africa, I'm guessing that you didn't hear about these two separate terror attacks and Pakistan. Today you had to incidents of bombing that took place different cities and Pakistan, but the bombers one. It was killed, two people injured another and the second of the attacks. Today in Pakistan, there were thirty that were killed in fifty. There were injured and again minor, overseeing the news or in Afghanistan You had another suicide bomber who ended up taking out twenty six people and injuring another. Fifty. And again the important point is this: then all that unusual, you see over the past thirty is we ve had a hundred and seventeen islamic terror attacks across twenty one countries, with five hundred forty four people dead and five hundred fifty seven injured. I mean details minor oversight by
Maybe I'm sure I'll cultivated in countries Here, too, the form of government that, like Saudi Arabia, have- and we ve been talking about for two decades essentially now, The real upset here, the real concern is, is could Choky. I mean that needs to be. Where were morally outraged, not the rest of us, not the bigger issue. You'll hearing talk about the premise and the premise: so singly, this of the foundation of anything, is false. Anything they build on top of its going to fail. Is the example of a house. You now the most beautiful house of the world, every ever dreamed of that was inside, but as the foundation is cracked, it's gonna be condemned. It's not gonna, be, bull and it eventually collapses does not matter anything else. What the problem is
Got a foundation these governments being led by Sharia LAW, countries that adhered to by the way the bee- Afghanistan, Indonesia, IRAN, Iraq, the melodies Nigeria, tar- yes, Saudi Arabia, the Sudan, you re in yemen- you, you might notice that there are many terror attacks in these places have mentioned that so rather than having a conversation about the bigger issue which has hey, you know this whole Sri things pre bad. Instead, we're gonna, wait until there's something that is a political opportunity against the president, never say yeah, you need to go after Serbia, the almost sanctions because of this guy because of cash. Joking I guarantee but I can find innocent people. There were four people in their lives? They died today in terror attacks the you never heard about. Until just now far better people been Jamal Cash, Yogi Waldo, as the case may be beyond that,
will you take a look at the implications. Given that we have decided alright, we're gonna have to make the best of a bad situation here, because we have these highly amoral countries, at least again. According to our, organize standards where we actually believe that women are subservient demand that if your homosexual, you shouldn't be stoned to death- and I don't know I mean- maybe we shouldn't be cultivating islamic terrorism Amy. I think we Don't play down this country anyway, so what worship They take sanctions against Saudi Arabia now, let's think of what could go wrong in this particular example, what could go wrong with Saudi Arabia if we really upset them? People focus on. Will any I mean who want to pay more for gas wherever else, but that's the lesser of the big deals about the United States. You may not have even her this. I'm sure they don't included indeed the new materials and public education, but we are now the world's top producer oil. So it's less of it
what goes on with Saudi Arabia and I in the Middle EAST with a generally, but that the bigger concerned, bigger point here, happens to be our biggest ally in that region. Israel good all Israel for a moment because right now, as flawed as Saudi Arabia happens to be, and as they have been. They are aligned with our still against IRAN. It's kind of a big deal we had set a radio embrace Israel today sent that they have an awful lot to do with just how far they ve come in support of Israel is kind of a big deal when you had Saudi Arabia embrace Israel to the extent that they have so what are they? occasions here. Donald Trump took everything that he's work done to this point, which has helped eradicate ISIS, which has helped to deal with the problem. So we're being exported from that region around the world and begin to
They did a bit more to be terrorist. Sponsoring countries. What happens if Saudi Arabia set was grew yo. You wanted or impose sanctions on us. You wanna come after us suddenly around Don't look so bad anymore and is We didn't really liked them. Anyway, we not exactly sure values. If you know what I mean, What are the implications there and that's what people wonder over Jamal Stinkin Cash, yogi yeah, I mean biggest breaking hypocrites in the world country, where women are, Serbia could be stoned to death if their weight that homosexuals dead Can be alive by Man Jamal Guiche Yogi there too, besides the stories one side of facts new media sucks on wheels, and that is why we are right here more covered up next time: mud in for
great one month, then nobody wants to be able to conclude for instance, but I will say this. I don't know I don't know, but whether he did or whether he didn't he denies it vehemently. Hi ass. They select a moral I raised by our media as they are trying to get president tromp to say anything to condemn Sally Raby. I too will give way to any the progress we made without a radio to this point with Israel against IRAN, because I got this Ok, showcase, that's wonderful man! I mean come on come on. I may grow the women in order that the women in Saudi Arabia coming away
Who really likes him anyway, I'm in women and then the homosexuals wheeling use them for political purposes purposes here has left us in the news media in the United States anyway, I'm aiming outweigh. I wasn't supposed to say out loud. Did these thinkin hypocrites are so You got a guy who was really a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, Mary, Ann Columbus, Ohio Larry go this entire four years of total nonsense. You gotta guy, who were really a member of the Muslim Brotherhood. He was not a great guy, but it doesn't mean they should go in and kill journalists. There was kind of a heavy handed stupid thing to do, but the media can account than anything because they hate prompt period. If you turn on CNN, certainly not news, it's a hundred percent. We hate Trump news that this so they'll just pounced on this evil,
there they have no clue what the Middle EAST is like in. The fact is that as bad as Fatty Raby is, we need them now and it's not just for the parallel or for business. They are willing to bear for stability. They are the Sunni five of the polar opposite. You ever the fear, which is IRAN and duties which the other side the work and if we mess around with Saudi Arabia, The result will be something nobody's gonna want. I e through words have been spoken today and Larry. I have a feeling that if more people had this sensibilities of you, we will be having this conversation right now, but since as something that is often keen and then, more importantly, is absolutely deny. The color goes back to, like God, be build the Wazir clubs or plain at the onset of the show because hey it's cold
so it is really gonna be called, so you need to make sure you're, cold you'll layer up right, so we Have somebody in the case of like your monkish yogi go while he's a really bad guy he's a really bad guy Ella, that doesn't mean they should be killed, but then again, oh good, Saudi Arabia on a good day anyway, and I don't like Israel or do we not like Israel. Now the invisible details might be an important part of the story, but you don't work
mean to sugar, was accepted by the Washington Post. So I mean I'm makes him like Welty due to our news media. Let's go to Anthony in New York Anthony GO paper. I know you don't know the joint to show tonight. I totally agree with the last core and everything that you're saying, but here's despite little spent on it, the west has in their corner. They have muslim apologists that come on and you know they reside line and lend us our sore and- and these people will always try to divert attention towards that. Have ISM of Saudi Arabia is the problem, nothing to do with fundamentalism at all. It's just were hobbism, Saudi Arabia, the bad guy. I mean you, you get that right. How had the left has these people in their corner maiden I'll? Be the issue as they live with ignorance that I want to deal with it, the vigorous you to your point that that's. Why talk about the premise and independent We can have a lot of conversations that come off of the problem.
Of Saudi Arabia, but where it it begins. Is that bay from a point of order. Value system in this country I end, and that could be if your conservative or of liberal. This is something I think we can all agree on that we don't blow. The women should be subservient in society. We believe that if a woman is right, it's her fault. We don't believe that your homosexual, you didn't live. These are thing I believe our shared values and our society, regardless political persuasion and that is the bigger issue. This is the morality of that but that's what they believe. So. Ok, Maybe they ordered the decks dream a Waldo. That's not good! It's not good, but yes, Waldo was not a good price. Either in the question is in the garage game of choosing your battles. Why is this and you ve chosen? Well, it's pretty evident that the woman who was right them I've been stoned to death,
important to our media. However, this wonderful man who had come picked up by the Washington Post by God. I mean that somebody we gotta defend or it could just be the obvious which you know and those of us that our inform now could just be that Donald Trump is making a great deal progress in the Middle EAST and our media has chosen sides and they are Sadly, not, unfortunately, on ours, I'm Brian and for the gray one Markel then come up we're gonna take on the fraud. That is, the Honduran Caravan all expose it. Next, with a daily fake news, Don pouring through your tv mode, oh phones and computers, you may have missed some real news, like the recent study in the journal saw metabolism
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brick House, Levine, Dotcom, brick House, Levine, dot com offered code Levin, now run only underground. The bowels of the hidden somewhere under Britain, steel of a non describing we once again made contact with our leader very well in the southern border, were very tough. We get a lot of bad court decisions from the night circuit, which has become a big thorn in our side always lose in the news again and again, and then you hopefully one of the Supreme Court, which we ve done at a terrible thing. Judges peg over your protective services when they tell you how to protect EU border to disgrace. So active moral outrage, how we talked about it with our
cash Yogi in Saudi Arabia and how the media suddenly decided that hey, you know now they really cross the line. I mean that the whole, you know well women's rights, thing, agony and now not so much on that. You know that the whole homosexuals? I should die thing under Sharia LAW and in countries like Saudi Arabia. I mean come on details right, but but darn it I mean this could Choky now back, something that's a really big as you, Mr President, you had better take some action there. Ok, that's selective moral outrage by your news media and also by the politicos. Now far from the only place, we have selective moral outrage. We certainly have a great deal of it with the border and with this caravan, how dare we? How dare we stand in the way of these poor unfortunate souls? You see the pictures.
I mean. Don't we have a heart? Who are we as a country? Ok, maybe we're a country the understands that there is a complete rod, a complete fraud. Hey it is bright muddy and for the great one market, then hope you have enjoyed a wonderful thanksgiving weekend with your family. You catch me at Brian Mud, radio. I am hosted the morning rush, W J known was palm beach each day and then after that show I do a show called the Roma, Joe Debbie Loyalty in Miami, and I am a guess, contributor to the Fox NEWS, showing my kid occasionally catch me there as well, and I operate offer very different concepts. You'll hear me say things like there being two sides to stories, but just one site to facts and also that you ve got to get to the premise of anything, because if you accept the false premise well, anything that is built on a false premise is probably going to be a bunch of bull crap, and I tell you get up
the ball crap and something else you'll hear me talk about in a goes hand in hand with everything we're talking about tonight from cash in Saudi Arabia, to yes, fraudulent Andorra Caravan gets back to me. The omission media omission. So let's talk for a moment about who these frauds better pay, Caravan really are- and I am not even talking about the fact that our own government, that the Department of Homeland Security, I did a by five hundred of them now, which, over ten percent over ten percent, all criminals to our government. You think about that for a moment Talking about that, I'm talking about the fraudulent organizations behind this old anything bad, Pablo, broad terrorism, is not a household name and you go run. Your lose your mind. Why would Pablo sent from terrorist? Be a health warning, Because of our media were honest for thirty seconds, if they did their damn job for one minute, you
no, the name Pablo sin frontiers. They would be all over the place. You never be able to hear about the hundred caravan or any asylum seeker down here in their name, Neil why's, that Because I choose behind it back to me, I'm the fraudulent Andorra, Garabin Pablo Edinburgh dearest you go on. Who are these people, while you can actually go check out through website you? Even if you want to because guess what they do, they are, they fund rise even show where they're gonna hold a bent to fund, they even show how you can become part of these caravans and they even will assist in the process, making sure that your on boarded into their programme gone only back to the previous
caravans under the trumpet ministration males who had a hand in it, you ve heard that there has been fundraising, that's taken place for this caravan. I met. The first thing you probably know is that they can you just traipse through the entire country of Mexico without there being massive problems, is that exactly something that is safe, let alone where you and a getting any supplies whatsoever house had happened. What happens because it organised it happens because you have a fraudulent have organization Pablo Sand from terrorists. That's behind all of it here is the rest of that particular story. The caravan is put together by this organization, Pablo San frontiers, and who are they exactly well you're an organisation that funding.
It is all a bit down. California, in fact, the current caravan, the current fraud that is taking place right now that we're watching the fund raising for this effort started does much earlier this year. With a march in Rally June, sixteenth, England, they'll, California, Glenville account for a California next up why twenty eightth they had the ban in San Francisco August twenty fifth, they hold it Their families without borders. Event in San Francisco begin was good enough. Persists goes. You can tell then on September fifteenth Pablo Send Frontier us was then Diego empty Diego was was they begin, was good there's one sixty they also held an event in Santiago Analogue sandals. Two events to occasion same day and then most recently, and this is one that you just can't make up? They figured hey you,
Where we can really do our last big fund raising a bent before we put together this fraudulent caravan it be September twenty nine, at the ice detention Centre in San Diego. Yes, they held a rally, a protest at a concert at the ice detention centre right outside San, Diego and somehow or another, with all this fundraising taking place in California over the course of months. Somehow or other with them having a website that explains all this, and even as a link for you can easily become part of the caravan. Some are another made
it just missed it hot shot. The front door while real accident, their amazing amazing, but that's what's real with this, so once they and upholding that that final event they went to Anderson and they got their caravan together, and then you saw what happened from there, which is well you you had the breaking down of borders quite literally, and got him in Mexico, where they literally broke into these countries It is a good sign of goodwill entering, but here's the next important Because not only is the Honduran Caravan a fraud because it is a front organisation, populace and frontiers. Put that put it together, but then, anyway, as asylum seekers. Anyone who truly despite the fact that is a bottom before political organization that that's doing all this based
oh might have, has emerged in the folks in their right people who really needed to get out from under the burden of their government. Ok wall it was offered by Mexico, so every legitimate asylum seeker every legitimate one had an opportunity to attain asylum. And so everyone that did not from that point forward was also a proven fraud, which means that all of them are bent on what criminal intent. There cannot be a legitimate asylum seeker now, one in that entire. Not under international law, not based upon between Meaning of asylum, which is escaping your government when they are given the opportunity to have it without coming to the United States and then importantly, stepping foot.
Into our country or climbing the wall or Totty our border patrol or anything else, carrying their own country's flag. Well cursing at the United States in summer, This is burning american blogs. Now I know it's just an oversight ones get by media. Showing you the people, there were burning american flags while carrying their own country's flag, ague details once again, but this is what's real? As I say, there are two sides stories in one side effects and here's another important point even outside of this. A joint organization Pablo send front terrorists, that's behind this caravan once again. When you just had normal asylum seekers at a legal port of entry.
Asking for asylum. You now opens actually granted only about a third of the time only about third, the type meaning that most of the time outside of fraud, it still is not permissible, is not true in a legitimate asylum. Yet our media, yet leftist suggested this caravan is five criminals according to the age ass in all in every last one of all that is a criminal the moment they attempt to step on: U S, soil and then, and then the nine circuit, the most predictable thing ever the organization has anything to do with. This causes and nothing to do with what they want actually had to do with the Asia. You may end up shop,
Then a court order we gotta go. Of course we're gonna go out west and the nine circuit and imagine this they got a favourable ruling. So the present calls amount and justice. John Roberts chief justice calls out present tromp. Well, I'm gonna take a look of it, I'm next at how often specifically because the media has also been really bent on trying to convince you that the nine circuit really is an upstanding court, like chief Justice, John Roberts, but what's real, how often do they fail at their job? How would you do if you fail to your job to be said that the nine circuit does look at that. Next, I am very much in for the great one.
Large numbers of people and the medications we have no idea who they are, and their medications they're, not good people and they're bad people, but large numbers of people of forming at our border, and I don't have to even ask you. I know what you want to do. You want to make sure that you know who we're letting in and we're not letting anybody, essentially, as mad people, bad people about his eloquent, as ever President Trump, but about as accurate as ever as well, which is the more important thing in the grand scheme of things here, which is again. The hunt or a caravan a broad, a broad one paid for by Pablo in front press, the organization that fundraiser months in California and took in money from anybody who would give it, including you know, a number of notable and your left as contributors. They went down and organise entire caravan Anna indoors and then and there
leading the whole fraudulent efforts all the way through. To what we now see point out in a border and by the way it has been interesting to see some of what's going on there with the Mexicans, because one of the big mistake, I'll, be touching on this in just a little while, as that for many folks in this country, have the term, especially in the political context that is thrown up as Hispanic Panic is supposed to be all one thing right, we're all just supposed be grouped into one particular constituency. Well in South Florida, hispanic means about They never things. For example, Andy means many things in many other parts of the country in the world for that matter as well, and what you're actually seen here in parts of Mexico is that double the Mexicans themselves, not eggs play a fan of these hondurans that are there that are engaged an illegal activity and many of them. I want the wife happened here as well, which is then to go the heck back to their country because again there not a legitimate asylum seekers, not next not in the United States, not anywhere
now. I have really reach out to me wanted more information. What I was talking about, the problems than from terrorism and related coming up after the Joe, I will put up on twitter at brain. My radio is my. My twitter handle a put up their links to up a couple. Stories that it about a month ago. In the mean time, if you want em, if you search Brian Mud and caravan exposed, that should do the trick for you, gonna couple related articles are put out in October. It gives All the information chapter and verse, and also the direct link can go see be fraudulent, Innovation so website and in all the details that I mentioned well, which somehow another again, your mainstream news media has managed to mess just minor minor oversight. Now I'm talking about these selective moral rage, speak first, our we're talking about these elected moral outrage with caution, in Saudi Arabia, now these selective moral outrage about this
man situation and the media being less concerned with the fact that there are five hundred known criminals, the United States government, the fact that they are so an organization our may put together by a group that in the fund raising in California, knowing instead there more interest in the politics of the situation. That's what they're outraged by such is the case with a knife circuit court. Now the president once it is once again did call out the ninth circuit after the rolling about the President's pulse in trying to rein in these asylum seeking France, they won't. You had none other than chief justice. John Robber stand up now, lotta folks, jargon nervous because? Well I we now what John Roberts is capable of again legislating in the lead? Lady from the bench is right in his wheel house, Of course. I know a lot of folks felt regard right until the point. What the so affordable, correct tour. He literally rewrote law
on the bench, so we know that he's capable of judicial activism but by a large sense they Naso, affordable care act and the in writing about legislation to make it attacks, so we would be legal we add by large John Roberts not upset too many on the right until now, when its true colours Europe once again and no, we do not have Obama judges, we don't have from judges. We don't have Mary Poppins judges, we simply have upstanding, then they qualified people. Let me ask you: let's get the politics out of it for a moment. How often at work? Do you have to be right If you're a work, how often do you have to do a good job? How often can you fail and still be minimally competent? How often can you fail and we gotta your job How often could you fail at work, have somebody who is at the absolute top of your industry. Come out and say you,
I really just part of a process of ability, our working individuals do the best you can. How often do you think that would be to be able to get that kind of response that kind of recognition. Did you need to be there's a ninety percent of time. Ninety five percent of time I mean you're gonna, get the topic history to come out. I mean. Are you there are ninety nine percent of time, because you're that that good safe for the Ninth circuit court? Despite what often godless solar. Since lenders, news media will say see, the night circuit actually makes weathermen look good if you ever get frustrated by the accuracy or lack thereof with mitterrand. Well, I mean just take a look to the Ninth Circuit Court of appeal. See in their most recent term. Eighty six percent of the time, any six percent of the time their work upon appeal was overturned
Think about that for a moment where you failed at your job, eighty six percent of the time. What would happen to you You failed at your job. Eighty six percent, the time. Better actually I mean begins to make Mendoza, look like can also calibre caliber hitter that point pitchers pictures that would look down on a one, forty batting average. But that is exactly what the ninth circuit has for its batting average. So like the world rage with data conversation next time, Brian Mud and for the great Michael, then you wake up and morning feeling sluggish and have to drag yourself through your day. Do you feel blue? oh, tired and out of shape, eating healthy as a habit, most of us don't really know exactly what we should be eating right, how much we should be eating and how to properly prepare it. This is why I
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you can call him eight hundred and seventy seven three hundred and eighty one three thousand eight hundred and eleven, the crime I had once done. I hate the cover up, and I will tell you this- the crown prince takes it- more than I do. They have vehemently denied it. Cia points pointed both ways. Yeah so moral outrage, air I can about Jack Cash Yogi in Saudi Arabia and the first hour today show and if you are just joining us, catch up to speed up just a little bit on that all situation again the US deal with, Shelby of multi, multi tiered and multi fast. At First Stubby, nay, inconvenient truth here, and with the Muslim Brotherhood, not exactly the most moral guys on the planet. Secondly, It may be a happens to be a country that, unless someone forget where oh some have been on was was raised, air did happen to be where the majority of the hijacking
nine. Eleven were wrong and oh by the way their government still here's to Sharia LAW, which is the the strict form of Islam and which example: women don't have rights now, they're subservient to man now become I made you started driving yet as how progressive women now may drive. That's me No, really! I am, and I have your homosexual, I mean you know really: shouldn't live not under Sharia LAW, but details So these elected moral outrage of media getting upset about, can shaggy and what happened to him yet some our another, not caring, I am the day to about be numerous terror attacks that come about around the world under related governments that sponsor terror, That at least allow for the Reynolds radicalization under their watch, including, for example, the multiple terror attacks had taken place
day that once again just omitted in the news we ve had terror attacks today in Yemen in South Africa in Pakistan are too bad: Pakistan, Afghanistan, Yo Yo yo. We only had over sixty people killed and terror attacks today alone, and only five hundred forty four people killed and terror attacks cross twenty one countries over the past month. Hey! You know, I mean details so as we're talking about like the moral outrage there with the media, taking the opposition side to the president, we so we have these. Like the moral outrage with the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals and what chief justice, John Roberts ended up, saying not having judges of a particular political banned. There are no trumped judges and Obama judges. Just these altruistic Amazing people that are incredible at their job, so incredible that, for example, the night Circuit Court, but she was defending fails eighty six percent of the time. Eighty six percent of the time, the beer,
coins come down bay and they are appealed, Bear overturned now, I don't know any other job where you could suck that bad or what you do and get to keep it in a you'd have to be a lifetime employment, but but better still when they top person in the industry, so to speak, besides you come out and defend you against the President, who happens to be exactly right, but once again this is the world we live in the course of my gosh media love that I may, because that was really important here and what these, like, the moral outrage Pablo said: Phronsie honesty, fraught organization that fund right and put together the honduran Caravan that ended up by recording all these folks goody, these five hundred, wonderful thugs that are at the border identified by the Department of Homeland Security, more than ten percent, the folks that are they are waiting to come in. You know that we should not be turned about them. We should not be concerned about the fact that,
The entire organization that brought them here is a broad, no, we should being concerned and instead that Donald Trump doesn't have a heart, doesn't have a heart. Look at these poor people know really, and then, though, bring you the file footage of those poor people, because we're really goes on with the five birdie men be taunting of our border patrol folks, unlike probably, doesn't fit their narrative all that. Well, our eye. So talk here about selective whirl Rage David in New Jersey, David, go. I think up that John Robber shudder, modesty, knife district judge in a somewhat contrast, dogs or tell us, I teach YO on Google Eclipse, uploads they all on Youtube. Scrotum. Last box, timed YAP, aye, aye, yeah, pre oppression, the thought there David. Ultimately we talking about, I'd be of chief justice genre
It's the only person to admonish there was the press of the United States, not ultimately be nine circus, which you now again. If you fail. Eighty six percent of the time only people gotta come out and defend you. I mean details here, details right, let's go to Gregg, who wants to talk about Turkish Oki Gregg and make a Georgia great go very good at it. Resort about other shaggy issue, because everything at the border is not working out Roger for the left wings? I mean they're. California the only place in the United States that there were secretly welcoming all of these migrants to come in and now you ve got those people that are homeless and jobless and everything else so that their diamond by offering their grandma three thousand you get the great like that. You think this is all wagon, the dog them
around from one story to the tax all accept now, will you take? A look at you know is interesting because we take a look at the cash yogi situation and take a look at the point, the new cycle with which some people became so upset about it. You know it was a point where had barriers are being broken down by the hunter. Caravan. They wouldn't have been good like if they had actually follow the caravan on the days in which they are breaking into Guatemalan to Mexico. So, other. There is an interesting point to be made their undying. I eat you, you have to keep the focus again on what happened to us, okey, not actually these out a government and what they adhered to and that every day, because ultimately well, that would not be so good for them or for their premise, which once again that's the bigger issue. Here is the premise, because if the ravages of anything false is false, Athos built on it will be too, I am not only is the premise of pain credence to the culture that is, that of Sharia LAW
not necessarily the americanized ideal. Well, certainly not having p literally breaking down borders that are then going your legitimate asylum seekers that doesn't fit the bill either. But of course the most important thing. When you take these three cases of selective moral outrage together. City of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, well think about what that represent to the left and news media as well now in this particular case, why is it that we always have these cases that are brought up out west? Well, because s there go to where they know they can keep this narrative going. What happens, for example, if they went to a court of appeals that ended up at hearing to the president order? What does the night new cycle look like then? Do they have this story? They want do they have the high ground? to be able to impede the president. Would you have the ability for John Robert something which Odd Roberts come out and say what whatever circuit court that was taken to that, actually did their job.
Engage in judicial activism, while those are really some upstanding people. I got great where President Tromp, probably not right to any of that. The other thing in- and this is important for context, the desperation that is going on something that I have been doing quite a bit actually being here in South Africa, where there is chance that you more familiar with our supervisors of elections names than your own Brenda Snipes Susan became household names, probably not for good reasons, one the things I've been doing perspective its key and the perspective All this is why your seen the kind of backlash, the kind of effort around every turn around every issue, to get rob yes, media in and lead the leftist hate, the man generally shore
but is that necessarily all that different? No instead, despite what people who really sucker what they do like made silver and his group Despite what they say. Of course, there was a wave ok if there's. A way vineyards have really hard time explaining why Republicans fare better than eighty five percent of the President's party in mid terms. Historically yeah, that's, Eighty five percent two sides stories once artifacts: oh here's all, but the perspective to kind of putting contacts. Why you're seeing the level of desperation out there. The twenty sixteen election and I've started this on the show number of times it was before people going into that election cycle to think what more we contents going to be president an report kids, I mean very, very dying species. Your told this daily right and it was easy to kind believe it. If you wanted to conventional wisdom.
What happens now between sixteen election. Well, yeah ended up having more electoral republican talk to bomb in the United States of America than at any time since nineteen, twenty eight nineteen, twenty eight. I'm you think about that. And oh yeah Donald Trump is present a little better divergence from the narrative that had been advanced so perspective that set them down the course of desperation. And you take a look. Can you go yeah but just got the house back- won't hold here's what's real if it had been even an average mid term elections cycle and the average for Democrats baby holding the Senate to seeing the average average mid term election cycle. Since the advent of the two parties system, you add, more than thirty seats being gained by the opposition, and yes I did happen in the house, but also the opposition party avc,
four gains in the Senate, for that happened, Democrat they control the sedative. Instead, what happened? Republicans gained Republicans game, So they re just hole for what in normal outcome, or the president's party loses night the two percent of the time in mid term elections cycles. Now they actually gained in the Senate breaking history and when you walk it all back and you take a look at every one of the mid term elections cycles. That's happened only fifteen percent of the time, as the president's party done in some of that is even skewed by huge events. It took place that were these inflection pointed american history which, at the three different times yesterday, the presence party gain seats. My team before during Sdr. His first term well, you had the great depression going on big inflection point in american history, the next time ninety eight worthy box impeachment effort of Bill Clinton.
That was a repudiation by voters of what the Republicans botched in that effort and then two thousand to George W Bush is on back of nine eleven so those are the only three times that a president's party has gained across the board, but the House and Senate. So president, trumped performance, Republicans performance. The past you election cycles read like this. The most elected Republicans and the United States of America, since nineteen twenty eight followed by outperforming eighty five percent, a mid term elections and U S, history, two sides: the stories, one side effects, media spit in hard The truth a matter is, the left is actually desperate and needs manifesting itself with all these various different, selective, moral outrageous that are playing out across the count
across the world right now. Would you do that conversation given up next time by mud and for the great one? rigs out and take your neighbour and show and show support for the greatest country in the world. We d like to show it to one another. Guy Vieira they're talking about the California wildfires, and that is what ultimately needs to happen. People are coming together to help people. Not always I don't looking to the government, which happens to be the case time and again, and we ve been talking about select a moral outrage and, ironically enough at applies to the situation in the California wildfires, because if you actually have pragmatic media. Have you actually have people that were seeking intellectually answers?
other than making this about climate change, because wildfires or new with climate change you know. But oh in and we actually believe showed that the government of California is responsible for these fires getting progressively worse in killing people. Oh but details I mean because government is there to help the government will never hurt you or did they. I remember covering a very well. You always had these regulations, these restrictions in California, for I mean decades now, but the gay more restrictive- and there is actually this new act- is like tat. The tree actor in the past, two thousand very two thousand four member cover in it, and at that time I did a story about wildfires and what historically it happened, the impact when you end up increasing regulations preventing nature from being able to do its own thing. You got one answer what answer if you dont want the problem get out of hand, you gotta go in there and you to do what nature would do for itself, because what happens when nature? Well, you have liked
cycles with trees and with other things and when they die, has nature Reno self it burns and all down. And grows again right. So, if you're going to pull nature from doing what nature does, which California Dead, Guess what's gonna happen, specially To develop around anytime, you have a problem. The problems are going to be substantially worse. The reason and there's beyond enough evidence for this at the California wildfires have gone progressively. Worse oh yeah. It is man. Do you and me it's you and me, and some cowboy joints. You mean the cowboy that's the reason. Yes, it is man made global warming knowing its factually the fact that we have prevented nature from doing so
and government the heavy hand of governor once again is responsible for the destruction of property and the killing of people. But you know details selective moral outrage, but that's for next hour will double a bit more into that, along with the polish. Said the day, what's really happy with our political parties in this country, but first on the like the moral outrage pertaining to judge shopping in the ninth circuit, let's go to Andy in Fort worth. Andy go answering the biggest issue, with a jerk shopping going through the night circuit as this Crow Carmen works, even though it'll jerk, predators purple be appeal generally, when it gets a supreme court that appear in the casual voter lost interest in all. He heard so far as terms over reward
there. They don't say the nine circuit today, another era when the quiver the Democrat there. So I don't know how you combat. Well, you go too far Your honor I path any, but there is a way can ever come in and it's actually what Ms Mcdonald been workin on here. It's filling these judge ships, And your bags, when you take a look at all these courts, they do You can see there are coming up and what the Republicans only the Senate, there's rugged transaction again soon make headway, including with the nine circuit, were Hallelujah, I'm parian. Fort Gal, appreciated dad now elections consequences, and that will be more important stories. You are ultimately there's nothing. We can do about judge shopping in the the abuse by the left of this particular court that does get over turned eighty six percent of the time. Tat
it was on something that is appeal, but we are making progress which gets back to what I was talking about just a little bit ago. Part of what's going on here is the desperation because, often on the right, you are conditioned to be on defence because you do have a godless source. Is slanders news media I'm interested in the truth as interested in playing politics, and you do have really nasty folks in leadership on the left. That put you on the defensive use a feeling as though things are worse than they are, but again these past you elections I can show differently we'll talk about what really going out with political parties in this country and the implications. Coming up next eyebrow mud involve the gray one market,
now let me underline that the bowels of a hidden somewhere under Britain, steel of a non described filtering. We once again made contact with our leaders in order to be with you. I know it and take some pictures and forty two thousand and goes saved a lot of lives and issue of without, and I guess missing overboard doesn't just this year. Tremendous amount of wives- and you say, L prison, day visiting with coastguard in lake worth border. Would you say a couple of miles? Actually you from moral logo and backed spirit which is Brian Mighty, your southward, a friend and for the great one market, then broadcasting just a few miles from the President's who happened to be more logo. I am
morning I hear at W Gino in West Palm Beach Ford. I also do a midmorning show you in Miami a Fox NEWS, guess control in its always an honour and a pleasure to be here with you fill it in for the great one tonight we ve been talking about these selective moral outrage, these select a moral outrage. Our news media, these likeable outrage of leftist and the inconvenient truth, if your well, that that come up within the real stories, for example, cause showing in the selective moral outrage about that situation. Okay, so now, suddenly our news media in left as they care about the morality or the lacking of of these out arabian government, but they don't care that their country happens to adhere to show real where women are subservient to men.
Homosexuals are supposed to die. I mean details, but this cost ok, I mean that now that's bad selective moral outrage So like the moral outrage now comes up with the honduran caravan. Now, not the fact that yeah, we have five hundred known criminals to the United States government, not the fact that it was a fraudulent organization, Pablo send frontiers, but actually fund raised up and down California then went to Honduras and ended up putting together this caravan, and then now you know they broke through quite literally board Guatemala in Mexico, to eventually get two hours now I mean they d recyclable outrage here it is none of that. No, instead, it is that we don't have a heart and trump he's a bad man, because he doesn't have a heart below these poor awful innocent asylum seekers ever hear, not one of which has to be legitimate, but again
that deals with facts and details, these elective moral outrage that President Trump has the audacity to call out the Ninth Circuit Court and in what coming the most honourable person among the honourable people, chief justice, John Robert Tlees, until next ruling that the left doesn't like I mean he, the present says he's a bad guy he's whale face, even though chief justice, John Roberts. His cord happens to overturn the night Circuit Court of appeals. Eighty six percent of the time, but nevertheless these are all examples of selective, moral outrage and the bigger issue here is not necessarily what you our position to think about it all its. How desperate the left actually is. This is the more and more
the point here: the reason that you are seen so much of this point out every new story possible. It seems like there's incredible moral outrage, because you are seeing desperate like, we haven't seen in our lifetimes, walk you back to a couple of points that I discuss just a bit ago coming down to twenty sixteen election more like the Republicans topped the bomb in the United States, it at any point, since nineteen twenty eight and then this election cycle and what's happened where you have people that are unbelievably awful, what they like made silver that man or how anybody assize credibility. Why does he suck well? Second, twenty? Sixteen well didn't he just suck again We actually says calls amount. Not is that he's writing articles about course was away and I'm going to show you a bunch of numbers. They don't have to do with any damn thing to speak about how it happened, because, again, if you're not informed,
I mean maybe somebody with lightning silver, consider and spend a narrative to make himself say more credible in the fit his political objective, while sucking incredibly of what he does see the fact to them. Whereas if just the average outcome happen in the mid term elections, the Democrats behold the Senate to just the average outcome and Donald Trump Republican Party outperformed eighty five percent amid terms historically eighty five percent, those are you're too backed back elections, two sides, the stories once I d facts and that's the perspective. Now they are not babying, left, dissidents and high positions of power not to table Cortez. I think we understand what goes on there. But in many an elite media they know exactly what they're doing. They know a lot of what I'm talking about here, but if they can count on you being ignorant or
people being ignored than they can sit there with their sight to moral outrage and try to keep people and widen and deepen You should not be that way. You should not feel that way. Here is a little bit of what's going on, I Algeria some perspective from Fort as well, because not only do we, sport, our politics, but we also just made history here, and I am not just talking about the criminally corrupt Brenda, Snipes and criminally corrupt Susan Booker. The palm Beach and Brower County Supervisors of elections are not talking about the criminally corrupt for indecipherable criminally corrupt Susan Booker. Now, with this specific point, though, I will talk about their criminal corruption in their boat or fraud, and a few minutes now, instead along the lines of what I was just talking about nationally, how much should have been paid on board as elections.
I remember. Even all election night probably have the coverage half the coverage was there. Came to what we had gone out of all our governors. Race are sent a race, and here is what you have not heard once unless you happen to be a listener mine South Africa we haven't heard is that for the first time since Team sixty eight, yes, Eighteen, sick, goody right. Eighteen, sixty eight member that one well. For the first time since eighteen, sixty eight follow has a republican governor and two republican. U S senators! Think about that for a moment now,. Again. You dont know this. You don't hear these things, that perspective is and put out there and-
instead be defence that you are made to feel because the democratic back the house is really not the more imports and it's not just because bored as an ultimate swing state, and we just did something for the first time since one thousand eight hundred and sixty eight and election after the country did the first thing it's done since one thousand nine hundred and twenty eight and terms of republican politics, it's the bigger trim. Last hour I mentioned: Hispanics and how will Hispanics are about thirty different things himself ordered the number one reason why people who otherwise or halfway credible what they do below forty elections all the time. No one reason they blow. It is because they view hispanic as a group. They take us
the percentage of Hispanics in Florida and then they go I'll, be hispanic boat, is going to be acts and forty. Well guess what? Because hispanic means about thirty different things in South Florida. What Hispanics are you talking about Because that matters a heck of a lot more than anything else, in fact, be Saturday before the general election is actually the subject of a peace. I did on the Fox NEWS channel about hispanic voters that I meant how and why you would see Hispanics broadly in Florida break for the top of the ticket in ways that they would not necessarily vote for the bomb the ticket. Indeed, we saw democrats fare better down, bowed and fora, but at the top of the ticket again Republic, are the best then at any point, since eighteen sixty eight. So what's going on here, what's going on here, here's the rest of the story are gubernatorial candidate. Laughed Andrew beyond the body Sanders Socialist Guy. We ended up saying is that
Randy Santa's, the Trump republican candidate fared substantially better with Hispanics in this state. Then, even Donald Trump did in twenty sixteen when he won. I a bigger margin. See what's happening. Is that order every election cycle, is becoming more and more hispanic, but You notice something else: that's happening in Florida, Donald Trump, one Republicans hold governorship and both you are sitting positions for the time since eighteen, sixty eight with the largest share of Hispanics voting that we'd ever had any the term election at the state of order. Now, how does that happen? Republicans are losing Hispanics so to speak, seemed the rest of the day. Restore hears what's really going out with political parties and Hispanics be thirty differ. Why these or so and South Florida under
Dan Socialism, a lot better than the average uneducated American does They know damn well the implications of socialism, because their families have let it and they knew damn well that Andrew Gill on why one come right out and say that he was a socialist was, and he certainly enjoyed the Bernie Sanders support so what's happening when we are doing a good, incredible job. Educating Hispanics broadly about who these left is candidates are their responding by voting for Republicans because they reject socialism so reject a narrative that the right is losing because the countries becoming more hispanic. What it gets down to is the amount of information and education
more, is the case study and that's the real lesson of this election cycle and unjust and warmed up on that particular topic, because, what's going on with the political parties? Well, what's happy with Democrats right now, is a different version of a similar thing to what we saw with a tea party. Republicans going back to two thousand nine I'll covered up next, I'm Brian money In for the gray one month What did in Florida what they did in Puerto Rico, because God has really become a symbol of strength and perseverance and toughness and genius. Actually, its purely genius.
President, mainly with the coastguard here and South Porta over Thanksgiving in giving thanks to their men, troops across the country and talking about what they did in places like Porter Rico, and that is also part of the narrative- that I was just describing so we have more, spandex voting them border, though we thereat, we are more Hispanics info but we ve ever had, and you might recall that we had the hurricanes that ended up being a just a humanitarian crisis, Import Rico in large part, due to incredible mismanagement on that island. For extended period of time. In fact, ironically enough, we ve even saying that the report we can government to this point still has not taken a lot of the money that dead, the federal government. Our federal government has given their governor for rebuilding for relief efforts for aid for port Rico, not been using it actually. For that purpose, you might
all that they have had financial problems of back, be mismanagement and islands been so poor for over a decade they bid recession that entire time predating hurricanes like Berea. So what happened? for years you have a lobby educated and highly skilled individuals. Leading port Rico in coming to places like for them, and even New York New Jersey I wonder, was a destination for many at an increasingly when you had the enough individuals that these leaving you ended up, having a knew of other needs like, for example, in and medical This is all going into the hurricane so after the hurricane. So when you already had this recession doubt been point now, we already had shortages in like D medical space, for example, an you had a corrupt, governor that ended up using money to try to shore up some of their bankrupt. A man's is, rather than actually taking care of people when you ended up having
they godless all since lenders, news media, the blame present Trump for not doing enough to help these people, but true puerto Ricans actually knew this point in true border regions. Who came to forward this by news. Media, often saying that that would tip the balance. Because again remember Hispanics were for Democrats, and so the porter weakens coming to fortify would turn Florida blue flag for a blue was a very big thing said, as I indicated going into the cycle. Maybe down ballot. You'd have Porter Reagan's many boat for Democrats, but not at the top of the ticket because they knew and they got in there, also or some specific things to our candidates at the top of the ticket like Randy Santa's, who have been extremely supportive. A porter weakens not the government there, not their governor, but the porter. We can people well before he ran for this office ass governor Fora and same with forty current governor Rick's,
It was running for the: U S, Senate, much more so than the outgoing now retired Senator Bill Nelson, once we get to twenty nineteen and the point of mentioning all this once again is what's going on with political parties in this country. You have media that is out there with a real desperate effort, and I and doing so the reasons for the desperation and disliked of moral outrage and all the new big news stories of the day, but a big part of what's going on traces back to what happened with the onset of the tea party. Remember just ten years ago, it was crisis mode. Four Republicans, Democrats, controlled Congress present Obama had been elected with a land. I'd, win and all will look to us right well, very quickly
there was a backlash against the policies of Barack Obama, because it wasn't just going to be sunshine, eloi pops, as he always talked about he enacted policies that were detrimental to this country, and we end up having a tea party that broke out in two thousand nine began to bring special election winds to Republicans and races that they never were supposed to win and states. Josie, for example, Massachusetts and that ended up giving way to the tea party led take over in twenty ten in the house, and that was just the onset of what ended up happening with a tug of war between the tea party and establishment, Republicans four years after the tea party, one in two thousand nine into thousand ten beating out establishment republican types. What happened? Well? The establishment one in twenty twelve
with the nomination of Mitt Romney right so that battle played out for years and for cycles and then what happened at all came to a crashing. Halt wing did come to a crashing halt. Your party be establishment. Well, it came when Donald Trump wrecked and broke up that whole dang thing and put an end to it. Remaking, the Republican Party in his own image, the Republican Party that has had more meaningful success inside of his first two years than arguably any other president daily since reconstruction, and I found a joke So, as we take a look at the next steps years, we take a look at what is really happening politically. Your see me, different version of a similar thing play out with Democrats, and that is where allowed this desperate desperation is coming from? They are having their own version of a tea party, so to speak only,
anything but more liberty and more freedom has everything to do with socialism in a lot of folks. Think that this charter with Bernie Sanders it absolutely did not- and you can see the roots and again this place demographically into exactly what in talking about with Hispanics. What you see on the left is the growing trend that started with Occupy Wall Street occupy Wall Street and direct response to the tea party in direct response to that republican Way and Alex the applications and where we go from here coming up. Next, I'm Brian Mud and for the great one
Nothin champion of liberty and true conservatism, call mark now, eight seven, seven, three aid, one three, eight one one I want to thank you all for serving today. We thank God for their blessings. You people be our here as in you really are our heroes, land? Your families are back here and they love you and they respect you and I look forward to seeing you because you are the ones you keep America's safe and strong and free. You do a job like nobody else, procedural before Thanksgiving, calling each and show the military Shin sharing his regards and well that guy Back Guy President rob well here we may the Republican Party in his own image. He had Sir Brian Mud in for the great when market, within a broadcasting from just a few miles away from Europe
then Trump is right. Now, I'm in West Palm Beach and the president has been enjoying, as is tradition for him, the Thanksgiving weekend with it Family, admiral logo, but has been a lot of time, are both visiting the troops locally and also assuring sharing those messages with them. Now, in the context of the political landscape I what year throughout the course of the show today through selective, or outrage with all of the Big news stories of the day and how media is as desperate as leftist and politics are, and so often on the right. You don't feel that way because you haven't been condition. One to feel that way, and when you do have the news, media and then often pop culture, that seems to be get your values well, you're always used to being on the defense. But the fact of the matter is once again that Republicans in the twenty sixteen election for the best they had since one thousand nine hundred and twenty eight illustrated the example about how
the iron, and there are two sides to stories on one side of facts. What I'm saying is beyond dispute is simply a matter of political history. Republicans out performed this mid term elections cycle by eighty five percent of Midterms previously based on the presence party. So eighty five percent outperformance here by republicans this cycle, including adding in the Senate
and then I share the example about fora and despite our demographics, we ve never had more hispanic voters in Florida. The state continues to become more and more hispanic, and yet what's happened. Well, we have a republican governor in two Republican. You, a senator, is for the first time since eighteen sixty eight. All this is part of the bigger story which has the desperation on the left, which is why a round every turn, your seeing the selective moral outrage, is no longer just anti tromp. It's every issue of the day now, in the greater sense of what really happening here, that the desperation by Democrats is every where right now, just not necessarily being discussed in the news media
and by leftist. Politically, I mentioned before the break occupy Wall Street lot of people. Take a look at the end. Fighting that's taking place right now with Democrats, and they think that it really began with Bernie Sanders and it didn't Republicans after they ended up going through their whole soul, searching and eventually Donald Trump ended up, but putting in into Democrats started in two thousand with Occupy Wall occupy Wall Street. That was their response. Their response on the hard left, the socialist Democrats to respond to the republican wave of twenty ten and they were not done by longshot, because that is eventually field Bernie Sanders. So their little brimming of socialist support within the party Five years in the making, by the time we got to burn and who knows maybe he had been the Democrats, not hosed burn in company,
maybe he even would have had a chance to beat Hilary for the Democrats nomination. That now takes us to where we are today. That is your in fighting right now, very similar to what we saw with Republicans the establishment versus the tea party, the differences. When Republicans we're going through their in fighting when they were soul, searching one. They are aiming towards more liberty, but too they were making political gains every step of the way What happened in two thousand nine? What happened in two thousand ten Yad twenty twelve didn't go there way, but Republicans ended up gaining control the Senate by we got to twenty fourteen, and then you saw what happened in twenty six saint political progress. Instead, what we have going out with Democrats right now, what's happened to them really since twenty twelve well, twenty Twel? Yes,.
President Obama won re election, which happens almost always more about that in the moment. So, ultimately, President Obama Democrats performed about in life, but the performance for President Obama was worse in twenty twelve and four Democrats generally was in two thousand and eight and then by two thousand and fourteen LOS Congress completely by two thousand and sixteen Republicans best showing since one thousand nine hundred and twenty eight this time around Republicans help reform by eighty five percent of the mid term elections that have happened for the presence Party historically, so they are going. The other way Democrats are going the other way and that's what the media won't discuss. What you have is a fractured democratic party, which is fractured with one of its main and fastest growing constituencies, hispanic it's the under taught story just as we always here that ever
young generation, they're, all liberal stare. All liberals, because I mean look at them. They when they vote they both for Democrats and we'll get their values. Has not every single a younger generation, for I mean gosh at least the last fifty years had they not been left leaning until they begin to grow up go family formation happens, they learn a little bit more. We understand what it means, pay, taxes and they understand the government doesn't have. The answers has not always been the case, so it was reasonable that we would begin to see that yet again, not just with the younger generation which we started to with economic economic opportunity, that's coming about with the republican interim policies, but especially with Hispanics, because again many at the fastest growing hispanic constituencies are not
Projects front organization Pablo, send frontier US hondurans that come through and try to gain asylum instead, their people that have legitimately fled socialism, people that understand what it was like in Cuba. People understand the bidders whaler was the most prosperous country per capita until the government ended up taking over industry people who understand and ways in which our educators had never even attempted to teach what's real, and this is the opportunity for the right and in very smart instances where see play out like right here in Florida. It is the roadmap going forward for Republicans, but again it's the desperation by Democrats that you'll never hear about elsewhere. It's the desperation. Of the establishment to be back the socialist owing to a certain extent, if her only, if only for this particular reason, if these socialist wing,
continue to rise. The way it isn't democratic ranks. You are going to see the expediting of Hispanics broadly to republican circles. It's happening in South Florida. It's happening across the state of Florida. It will end up happening in other places if Republicans get start smart and start using the messaging, because this is what really has been going on- and I mentioned by the way the president didn't like in the case of Barack Obama, overwhelmingly likely to win re election back then. Well. This is something else, that's any mildly astute observer of politics. Also knows. Donald Trump is almost always going to be the favourite and twenty twenty, no matter. What else you hear coming out the left and the reason for starters, is that sixty five percent of the time sixty five percent of the jobs that any incumbent president runs for election
very like it, and that's before we have a conversation about. Anything else has actually happened and we always say that it is about the incumbent president, not about the opposition. So if you have felt frustrated, if you felt like you've, been beaten back politically by what's the going on the left now, it's not something that you should feel bad about. It's actually the dead. Cooperation that has been voiced by those in media and by those on the left? In other words, your wedding, your values, are actually making to come back. The important thing is stay informed and stay engaged and remember that all elections have consequences and you ve got to get out and both it as when, as its ever been right down to those local elections
I'll go. We ve been talking about so like the moral outrage all throughout the course of the show. Let's go to David in Rhode, Island David go a crank, you could take em. I call you bet what I'd give you a little bit of research, and I heard I heard it from somebody else, but then I say to myself that you do journalists two thousand over a hundred journalists in the country in Mexico and murder executed in various ways and with the moral outrage from a local journalists from the United States that journalists are being killed in Mexico reporting on drug trafficking, the cartels on human trafficking, human sexless, with the moral outrage from the media or on this
one hundred percent right you're, one hundred percent right, and I'm going to pick up all your same day. But I got another example that is different but similar, because this is a pet peeve of mine that has long existed. If you want to know just how morally bankrupt, yearn, mainstream news. Media is, do you know any idea how many people actually lost a human trafficking every day in this country, the last I'll our yeah, I'm in the dirt? I didn't mean to put you on the spot there, in particular by my bad, but by tales right. Your point be the last to attend to it. We whose an average eighteen people per day to human trafficking in the United States. So we know about now. The problem is the problem: is the majority of them for the news media now blonde with blue eyes in two girls, does it necessarily fit the image of so many But you can remember the names of there were victims, see the problem. Is
the overwhelming majority of young people and children that go missing in this country to human trafficking. Everyday happened to be often inner city and minority children, something that I guess news media doesn't care about unless it I'm still trying to win politically and when elections, but it's just another illustration, your point, David you're, right your hundred percent right because the most perfect the foreman bias and media is now what they present to you. I mean often not just plain crap bud, it's. The lack of information. It's omitting information, you're you're right about the journalists, have been killed in Mexico he's like the moral outrage, but here comes cash, yogi gosh as the end of the one million reasons the in the world to the news money into the laughed again is because they are Anti Donald Trump and they are desperate politically. To do anything, he can to harm this man for all the reasons I just mentioned, because the party is collapsing on itself and Republicans are indeed
and they historical one about performance right here where I sit in South Florida right on rule to what's going on in Washington DC, so perspective is key and I'll continue to bring that obtained. This conversation next Sunday my inward, the gray one month ban the lady and I want to express our profound gratitude for the extraordinary sacrifices you make. To defend our nation, while you're away from your families and loved ones. I hope that you'll take solace in knowing that all of the american families, that, u haul so close to your heart, we're all doing. Well, the president's message should the troops
never has been free, delays in free, and we all can play a role in trying to make a difference in March is one of more remarkable people I just army here, but all surely, A message about him in and what he has been going through who in and what you can do to help make a difference as well. In just a moment till we ve been talking about the reformation of the political parties. In this country, selective moral outrage and how its all kind of coming together in the political moment that we are in at this, in history. Have our Andrew wanted away and in Andrew in New Jersey go go and I have a good collective moral outrage,
yeah. You know well in Florida. I think the there's a lot of smoking in Miami cuban population and their generally overwhelmingly republic. Can they love break in and they hate Communism Bernie Sanders and many out like immigrants as they become more assimilated and make more money they become more self? We don't need a democrat welfare system, so they become Republicans my escrow approach from Guatemala, which gets my moral outrage point. They were real, staunch Republicans, they're all immigrants from Guatemala, but the left they don't care about when illegal immigrant ass. The way. To come here. They don't care about the people. Like my wife who emigrate from Thailand, they have to wait sometimes fifteen years, so why don't they care like Araba with their? Why do you care for the guy in the restaurant illegal? I say because why don't you care about the guy who's waiting
what'd. You are right on point, Andrew N, you definitely! Yes, I understand Point that I was illustrating is best hearing south boarded aware hispanic means about thirty different things he mentioned Guatemalan. Absolutely you mentioned Cuban absolutely talked about point, awakens absolutely patients giving a little interesting staff that you might not. Might not otherwise have ever guess. You know my biggest listening constituencies, and my I mean I met my Emmi show is patience, patience, good it s right. You wouldn't think that, because it doesn't fifty typical talk. Radio narrative does it, but there are lots of people the one, a better life to his point, that is what we are seen for the first time in a generation we have an economy that
drawing the way an american economy does, but it's more than just that they understand what they fled and their families fled. Venezuelan population is one the fastest growing here and South Florida high tell you they really do get it, and so again the gets to the bigger point to wear your ear. When you hear the disconnect in news media disconnect with people who just suck at a life in their jobs like Nate Silver but are still walking around like their super, more people and people get them credit for things, even though their incredibly Roy I may make sulphur buys will be the Ninth circuit court. He gets it returned so much with his actual predictions. I mean he socks. Ethics
But buddy you're smart, we can all the numbers and minor a hell of a lot more accurate than his. But the bigger point here is that you have a change that is under way. That is meaningful, that's powerful and that has been moving forward for several cycles now and don't let the leftist in and select a moral outrage narrative that is out there. Distract you from what's important, dont, be on defence shared. The message share, the values keep on the gas. Now, specific to this holiday season, something I want to share their is Asia? There's a boy so last book by marks Dad our police Jackal, then
I'm asking you to do something as a listener? A march show one thing that you could do to support him to make a difference and would be a great gift for your kids by it by the book, our police. It is a wonderful book about the perspective and the importance of police officers in our society and it's a message that kids need, and it is the final book that was put out by Jack LE then. Mode and what he's going through this week and in particular I can't imagine what he's been going through for a while. Now too, ten you to bring in the information does everyday men Hero is here at a lot of us and I can tell you that behind the scenes he's been working as hard as ever so be therefrom, Mark be before his dad. Our police course remain I've liberty, eleven Sundays ten o clock on the partnership Hickory the Ark always not or be with you, Brian Mud filling and for the great one.
Happy holiday season Merry Christmas in exile,.
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