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On Monday’s Mark Levin show, the New York Times piece on John Bolton’s new book changes nothing. There was no quid pro quo. There was no impeachable offense, all we have is a leaked manuscript of a book. No leak changes the fact that President Trump did nothing wrong!  Also, Senate Republicans, Susan Collins and Mitt Romney are calling for Bolton to testify. Now, it looks like Sen Pat Toomey wants to cut a deal with democrats for witnesses. These RINO Republicans are doing the bidding of the democrats. Then, MRC’s Brent Bozell calls in to discuss left wing NPR, where their money comes from and why they still exist? Later, like all of you, Mark was stunned when he found out Kobe Bryant and his daughter died. Our sympathy goes out to the families affected by this crash.

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Ladies and gentlemen, the following segment of the cast as presented exclusively by Hills Del College. Now in its hundred and seventy fifth year here, There is a truly independent institution where learning prized in intellectual enthusiasm, is valued. Thank you for listening. Sincere appreciation to Hills, Dale, brother sponsorship, now broadcasting the monopoly underground, commend both than the bowels of the hidden bunker somewhere under Britain, steel of among the script building. We have once again made contact with our leader how everybody marked within here our number, eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight seven, seven, three, eight one three eight one one well I'll be-
Follow me on the social media, twitter and Facebook, everybody outside And tv and radio and that's a good thing- I have to make decisions at the big early morning or actually late at night, and that is quite posts. Things Roy save them for radio or tv and live in tv, here I decided I've got to address the narrative now eleven. I girandoles this most. If you read on freedom of the press, you for it You talk about it, so you know about the New York Times in the media generally, and you know how corrupt they are in. You know they seek to destroy this president and the founding principles. They don't give a damn about the constitution, those who understand it and their advancing the jam You know all these things. You also know that when the New York Times runs a story perfectly type perfectly time.
That it's the same New York Times had covered up the holocaust and stolen slaughter of of Ukrainians to same New York Times had still promotes Anti Semitism and the same New York Times. It says America was founded and will always have an its dna slavery. So we have no respect for its credibility and we were reason that have no respect for its credibility, given its historical pattern of deceit and lying and ideological bias. Now that said, That was a long article. They wrote about John Bolton's book and we're told tonight that the only office that received a copy of his manuscript in late December wasn't. At the National Security Council. Not other White House Office is not on the agencies. The annex c, so it should Relatively easy for the attorney general and the director of the FBI, to send some of their top FBI agents to the annex C track down
Who had hands on the manuscripts and put them under penalty of perjury or even better? Yet false statements lie, detected tests and get to the bottom of it. Because you see when one somebody or individuals leaked to the meat they have an agenda. Just like the New York Times has an agenda. The leakers have an agenda and we the people in order to better understand who doing what it would be helpful if we knew who is leaking Now this and if has been a rat's nest, these so called whistle blower, Obama hold over came out of the inner see to Adam shift staffers one partake. Their who coordinated with the so called whistleblower came out of it I see Lieutenant Colonel Vinland, whose reprobate, in my humble opinion with allegiance, is to Ukraine
You can have an allegiance to Ukraine, but you can't have any super allegiance to Ukraine, then you can in the United States. And yes, I said it- I don't care how many colors he has on his uniform. I don't care how many ribbons he has on his uniform and he wouldn't be the first and he still there and it's brothers there how many countries would tolerate that. But that's not my focus here. We are going back the end of December. The house impeachment vote is over. The president has been impeached the matters going to go to the Senate at some point. Some part relatively sir. That's six, eight ten months from the point of impeachment.
And John Bolton and his lawyer Chuck Cooper. I've been on the boat for decades, submitted manuscript to the NFC. At that point, why would you do that? Why would you do that I'll? Tell you in a minute. And not expected to be less jumbo worked at the inner see he knew he was surrounded in many cases with vipers. He knew there told me so had leakers and Obama hold overseen people hostile. This President Walter, you want because
since this now matches up with the litigation strategy, which was a little weird. But now we can understand better John Boy about joined his subordinate coppermine in a case in front of a federal judge, asking for an opinion on whether or not he was free to testify before the House of Representatives. If they press the point copy, joint executive privilege and potential demand by the house, Will the house past, but the loss who went on for a bit and then all of a sudden, MR producer, he dropped it. And he said I'm available.
Should the Senate Wanna hear my testimony, remember that and we were perplexed. What exactly is going on? Well now we know the initial litigation seeking some, and of declaratory judgment, as both wasn't order to delay any effort by the house. Should the house want jobs testimony why cause his writing his book and hidden want reveal the information this book before the book would be Public and published, and then the house and peaches the present United States got impeach him before
Christmas and shortly thereafter magically the manuscript which is now completed, is sent to the annex c for review Now, there's a lot of authors out their lot of publishes out there. What you think about this! This means he wrote his book within a to two and a half month period, which is exceptionally fast and he headed edit. It added it within a to two and a half. Month period exceptionally fast unless it was just an outline, but an outlines not good enough for the end.
Say tat, but he could judge whether information in the book should be revealed or not, and then Bolton decides round the same period in his lawyer Cooper, I'm available the test thirst for the Senate. They dropped the case. Now. Why did you do that? They did that because they didn't want to be accused later after the trial of withholding information that would have been pertinent to the trial, and so they said, they'd make themselves available, even though
two never thought he would testify, because he knew the presently United States Transit constitutional Stena. He knew the present the United States would have to assert executive privilege. Are there be some kind of fight over this? Meanwhile, his books published to come out, and in March in March, about six months after he left the White House super fast by his publisher, Simon issues, to which happens? To be my publisher. Shockingly. So for Bolton, this was all driven by his book. His litigation strategy was driven by his book first to bring a case than the drop in case. Any never thought he would have the test of her. I'm just surmising just putting things together, which is what I do doing to equal for I come from.
The room where it happened that the covers all over the place, the rumour drudges out their hacking away, Hearkeneth pushing it, and so it leaks some of it leaks to the New York Times, which hates Donald Trump hates Donald Trump just endorse. Two Democrats has an endorsed Republican properly and almost half a century guarantee the news pages through the bidding of the left of the Democrats of the leakers from the FBI and the prosecutors push the Russian
for years. They want truck, and so they want, but the story and all of a sudden, all the news outlets you sought somehow proudly panicked. Oh my god. Oh my God, John John Bolton has said that there was a link between aid and in investigating the vines, are least announcing an investigation. He said it he's ridden apparently code of the New York Times, although they use the word MR produced from the New York Times Prefered. Have you noticed how rich preferred, but does it get up at the worst possible on this? So Bolton is the new John Dene, but Bolton isn't can't be John Dene, even if he fashion sums
John Dene cause the president in committing crimes hidden violate the law. John Dene said Nixon did in a court. John Dene was the quarterback much of it, but that aside, so there's no Watergate. John Bolton was out to make a quick book. I hate to say this because he suppressed written a kiss and tell book when your national security advisor to the presently nights. You don't write, kiss and tell books. I served in government for eight years and for many years at the highest levels of government, in the White House, is cheapest. After the attorney General United States. I saw a lot of things. There are a lot of passionate debates strongly. Agreements even shouting matches from time to time.
How in the world, can you keep notes or have a memory and write these things and put him in a book from money? How can you do that? You really? You really reveal yourself. I mean he lobbied for that job. He loved me for that job elaborate, a lot of people for that job and he knew the presently united It's an he didn't see eye to eye, but he wanted to be a positive influence, but he's not the present at the presidency. The president, that's a fact now, as for the new Times peace. I want to add very very carefully and then I asked my wife was also a lawyer truly said: go through this. Do you see me direct quotes from the manuscript Europe may direct?
from the manuscript when the article Mister Booth, none zero zero and if you read the article carefully, which is tough cause, it's a long, monotonous piece of propaganda. It moves between the anonymous sources, a manuscript, an opinion in inferences. It does what the New York Times washed impose CNN Msnbc in the rest of them always do it mixes fact, with fiction to the extent that fact. And always uses anonymous sources in the areas where they take on Bill bar and more
any among others, Bill BAR Mulvaney say no. What's written the articles not accurate and supplies to them in it all comes out at the last minute at the very last minute. Isn't that amazing. Because the president's wars have done a bang up job, they did a bang up job for a couple hours said, and I must say today they been outstanding. I love tee the
chair former this and former that I told them argue this, and I would argue that when all day just shut up, they had no idea what they are talking about. They have no experience in this stuff, none whatsoever, none whatsoever, and so, of course, the media and the Democrats demand witnesses. We gotta wid, we gotta baldness Mulvaney, I mean look, look at the New York Times pace. Look at the New York Times Base Tommy was the president of peach based on the New York Times, peace, it's impossible. Write, your times piece came out within the last twenty four hours so that all the Democrats, but one who voted for the President impeachment it wasn't based on anything in the New York Times piece, isn't the president on trial for the impeachment, as voted upon by the What is it any New York Times story any leak by
disloyal American in the government trying to take out the president at this propitious moment that has to become part of the trial. What what is it? Is it a trial based on the articles of appeasement in the information presented by the house or say trial based on a peach meant in anything else they can come up with that somebody leaks or the media rights and so forth, and so on. Can you imagine if that's the stand it if that's the model going forward, but it must not be, but the focus really is. Ladies and gentlemen, on a handful of Republicans and based on what a couple them said today, they are played for the buffoons that they are Susan, Collins, Lee Summary Cowskin, Mitt Romney. In particular. This proves you see there were leaning more towards
Having witnesses like what does a leak in the Farias ACT by some sleaze ball at the NFC encouraged used, encourages if carriages you to call witness John Bolton, whose writing a kiss and tell book for I'd love to see his contract now mean of the book is on the record. We ought to see what he's getting paid nor the other terms in the contract. That might be an idea. I've got a lot more work right back then you ve heard me talk about it. Four pillars of education at Helstone College. Now these four pillars purposes, learning character, faith and freedom have fine hills. Deals mission since eighteen, forty four I'd like to focus on the first pillar, learning Hills GEO understands is America's founders. Did that a proper edgy
agent, is essential to preserving free government. Among other things, young people must. Taught about America's great heritage of liberty. They must be taught about our government works and the importance of the constitution, and they must develop the skills to become useful citizens and the virtues required for self government. Because somebody, many high schools, colleges and universities fall short in these areas. Today, here has expanded its mission nationwide, for example, through its free find courses, it's free monthly, beach, digest and Primus and the classical k through twelve. Charter schools, its helping to found coastal coast discover how you and your children can learn from Helstone College to gotta, Lavigne Pray Hills doubt that come now. There's a lot to get to tonight. The impure issue also Kobe Bryant. I want to give each of them the time that they deserve. This deserves a lot of time.
And he's in general. Let me explain the witness situation to why the Democrats want it. It's a quagmire. There's no end to it. And just because Susan Collins, inquiry garden and some of the others are concerned about the reelection trying to make nice I'd be Solomon, cut the baby in half or not, and guys like Mitt Romney, trying to breathe life back in other. Fail. The political careers, really I mean for Rami, not get elected to the set of community, would be a shocking political earthquake and others for personal reasons who don't much like this president? You need to understand if you call one witness and there's another witness and there's another witness in our shift, saying no depositions? We want public hearings on the witnesses, like he controls the Senate they're, trying to continue straw these institutions and they will take the Senate
Romney and Susan Collinson Shift. And tumor when the day the Republicans, what who's the sun more when I return, you heard me talk about four pillars of education at Helstone College. Now these four pillars or purposes learning character, faith and freedom have define hills, deals mission since eighteen, forty four I'd like to focus on the first pillar. Learning hills. Dio understands is America's founders. Did that a proper education is essential to preserving free government. Among other things, young people must Taught about America's great heritage of liberty, they must be taught about our government works and the importance of the constitution, and they must develop the skills to become useful citizens and the virtues required for self government, because somebody, high schools, colleges and universities falls short in these areas. Today, Hilda expanded its mission nationwide, for example, through its free courses, it's free, monthly speed.
Digest and Primus and the classical k through wild charter schools its helping to found coasted to coast. Discover how you and your children can learn from Helstone College to gotta, Levine, pray, hills Del Dotcom, american revolution it's here, Denmark Club then show call it at eight seven seven three, eight one, three, eight one, one now the New York Times these changes, absolutely nothing. There was no quid pro quo. There was no treason
No bribery or other high crimes, misdemeanours and I'll, say it again: where's the witness that saw the impeach ble offence, where's, the witness that saw the quid pro quo. There aren't any words. The documenting documentary evidence of a quid pro quo were the peaceful and there isn't any is a manuscript of a book. The fact Is a friend of mine just wrote me: how can it be a quid pro quo? How can there be anything unlawful for people when the Ukrainians got what they wanted. The United States think it anyway snow, investigate
the binding, no announced investigation of the bonds and they got their money. So then they say well, that's because trunk caught this and put aside their their leftist pop again, nothing happened. Nothing! Zero.
We need more witnesses to tell us nothing happened. I would add Susan columns. What other witnesses would you like? Would you like a hundred Biden and approve what exactly we know there was no quit brought? What is your point come on the programme and tell us Mitt Romney come on the programme and tell us you like to talk to the watchman compost. Talk to me. I would like to know, and the media keep pushing me, sir. These Republicans Alexander Rakowski gardener, Romney Collins, so they become famous or infamous if you will have your ETA Fred fighting, but on this programme a few times he's a great guys, a great patriots who worked at the CIA. He worked at the inner see any special best. Friends he's been with ambassador bulk.
And he had a peace today which most of you aren't even aware, because the media don't care. I was posted a Fox news when he says it was crushing to read, weaken press reports that my friend and former boss, John Bolton plants to publish a tell all book on his time as President trumps national security adviser. The book reportedly will be published in March twenty twenty. Given the importance of protecting a presidential confidential discussions with the senior advisers, I strongly disagree with balanced decision to release the book before the November presidential election and call on him to withdraw it from the publisher immediately flights. Reich's, I've known jumbled for Four years and served as his chief of staff twice at the state Department from two thousand and one to two thousand and five and recently at the White House, National Security Council. Two thousand and eighteen.
Is an exceptional national security experts and a man of great integrity. President trumps choice, a ball is one of the best personnel decisions and I and As I very sorry when the courageous and visionary national security adviser left the White House after the relationship broke down, says bomb played an important role in some of the present trumps. Most successful farm policy decisions analyse them, but President's must be able to candidly consult with their advisers without wearing. They will leaked their discussions to the press or obtain high dollar book contracts to publish them. A book by former national security about adviser, add of a president's reelection bid, may set a dangerous precedent since it could discourage future presidents from seeking advice.
From export advisers on sensitive national security matters. This is what shocking to me. John Paul knows all this his lawyer truck Cooper. He knows all this. I know these guys and they know that this is destructive of the office of the presidency. They notice is destructive of president's ability to make decisions, whether they like the president or not, This is why executive privilege exist right flights to allow the president and other senior officials to keep certain communications and internal deliberations private if disclosing them would disrupt the functions or decision making processes of the executive branch. Manuscripts and I don't know what's in it, I take boldness staff at their word.
What's in it, I take bolder staff at their word that they didn't leaked manuscript leave the manuscript it times, but I believe there still responsible for this week since week, explosive book was sent to the league prone National Security Council phrase Security Route review in December, twenty nineteen, so the book can be published by the spring of twenty twenty. You see, flights worked at the end, see with Balkan any knows how many bad actors are there and how they like against this administration. He goes on its also inexplicably how such a sensitive manuscript could be sent to the annex c in the middle of the impeachment process, which was my point And the only for that, ladies and gentlemen, is to try and get it published as fast as we can to maximize your book revenue. He says:
in such circumstances a link of the manuscript was all but certain if a manuscript. But this sensitivity was to be published at all. This should happen after the election of the spring, it twenty twenty, I dont understand. He says the need for a former national security adviser to publish aid, tell all but critical away presently serve, especially during a presidential election campaign that will determine the fate of the country. There will be a time for boldness speak out without appearing to try to Tipp a presidential election former sectoral. Now this is from one of his best friends who was the chief of staff twice former Sector defence Robert Gates, who step down in June, twenty eleven published a devastating book title duty, memoirs of a sectoral war that detail the incompetence.
Vice president Joe Biden and they Obama National Security Council staff, but because he did not what his internal knowledge of the workings of the Obama administration, as interactions with Obama, to affect the outcome of the twenty Twond presidential election gates did not publishes book until January. Twenty fourteen. Gaiters established a principled precedent on how senior advisers to President should write about their experiences and given a bachelor, Bolton's, long and distinguished record of government service. I believe it is vital that we follow this precedent and he's calling on both the withdrawal is book. I guarantee you, he won't cause, I suspect, he's getting millions and the more he reveals the for they hoped cell and I'm sure he gets Sir a guarantee I guy do.
Then anything over that guarantee. He gets a percentage, so I won't be buying the book and I would discourage you from buying the bookies as well. This is a very sad place where Bolton finds himself, but that's not what upsets me. What upsets me is what is done is the office of the presidency in the middle of an impeachment were the worst of the worst and we ve seen em. Both eyes have conductor themselves in ways that Stalin would be proud. Rob me. Of course he sees all the species you doesn't know. How does this all affect? Mitt Romney Well, let's listen to what you said today: cut one go
Jan Mulder story they came out yesterday is increasingly apparent, will be important to hear jumble force will make a final decision and witnesses after we heard from prosecution me. Why is it important here from jumbo if the articles, one hundred percent, correct
What is it MR round me? That's the article that you think is important here. There's a lot of questions I have about this. Article no quotes these discussions that John Bonham. How would the president whether other people present you know, there's not another person whose come forward not another one? I was really me in a meeting with job Alma president, three others. The president said this there's another one and all of a sudden, John Bonham hated by the Democrats hated by the media hated by the left. Now they hang on as every syllable watch trampled, we need to hear from jump job. They blocked them from getting confirmed as ambassador to the United Nations
acting ambassadors and tartan, but now at least while scarcer purposes they their throw em up on their shoulders parading around. We must hear from jumbo and round these is now more than ever. We must hear from both about what what did the present tell him again play along? What is the matter? There was no quid pro quo. There was no trees and bribery rather high crimes, misdemeanours, numb by the way, Eric Hersman and pay. Body as well as the others. While they destroyed the Bygones you're, not gonna, see any of this in the newspapers. Tumor, they absolutely rip them the shreds rip them the shrugged guy.
What I think, at this stage, a sable jumbled, relevant testimony provided those of us who are sitting impartial justice relevant to what this is, why they leak that left leaks to the left the democratically to the Democrats, because I know there's MID Romney's and Susan colleges in the others see they have open minded. Anyone Justice, Tummy Mitt: where were you when the Democrats in this house we to allow to allow the Republicans call witnesses, did Johnny Press Compters oppressors and the hallways the center? You are nowhere. Why is that I know, and what do they think this is gonna be easier in the Senate all the same privileges at present, I can can assert he certain the Senate, so in a hurry in the house and other
slow down in the Senate. The arguments that the Democrats used in the house it I'll take too long. Don't they apply to the Senate. Of course they do, but they want to screw up the Senate And the problem from a cod all the other republic exists. I have these weak links most of the republican Senator exactly what the hell's going on your opinion. Gonna be changed by the set up with the New York Times and they'll be more like the cabin all hearings like the Borg hearings like the Clarence Thomas Adobe, more because it What the Democrats do they linked to each other and then they wave around their own legs. Like the F b I gave when it was going after Trump. I'll be right back then. You ve heard me talk about that,
four pillars of education at Helstone College? Now these four pillars or purposes learning character, faith and freedom. Have define hills, deals mission since eighteen. Forty four I'd like to focus on the first pillar. Learning hills Dio understands is America's founders. Did that a proper Eric agent is essential to preserving free government. Among other things, young people must taught about America's great heritage of liberty? They must be about how government works and the importance of the institution and they must develop the skills to become useful citizens and the virtues required for self government because so many high schools, colleges and universities falls short in these areas today, here now has expanded its mission nationwide, for example through its free. Courses, it's free monthly, each Digest and Primus and the classical k through while charter schools is helping to found coastal coast
discover how you and your children can learn from Helstone College to gotta, Lavigne Pray Hills doubt that come to talk, wisest job resigned was fired because it disagreements with the present right must reproduce. I don't remember Bolton saying I resigned because of a quid pro quo involving Ukraine to you. I don't remember that this is also sleazy. There are a lot of great conservative organizations out there doing some incredible work, but I want to take a minute and talk to you about the M, our sea, or, as I like, to call them. America's media watched on the great brim posed.
Gonna be here in the third out working to discuss national pubic radio, I mean national public radio and the rapporteur for national public radio and the set up upon pale now all kinds of miscreants you're coming to their defence national public radio. One of the reasons I came out early this morning, who was posting the things that I posted as quickly as we posted them, was to get the message out because too often too often you get a sheep will affect and he could see on cable tv. You could see it elsewhere where people are throwing in with the reprobates, not because I agree with them, because when my God look look, what are we gonna do it says here the near Times John Bolton said that that the president did in fact linked the tube, but the president in fact, did not look. No league is gonna change,
The fact no New York Times article is going to change the fact, no commentary on cables going to change the fact that nothing wrong was done, let alone a legal or impenetrable. Nothing wrong was done period and even if the president had with how the aid is allowed to do it. But he didn't with hope only got caught got caught from what. So concerned about that phone call, ladies and gentlemen, as the president that he realistic. He released the Collie release the aid incredible. What liars so we have Mitt Romney and I think the phrase I would use for Mitt Romney, MR producer is a Jack S really.
But then we have Schumer and everybody listens to humor when they want some common sense, don't they. This is the guy that push the russian collusion nonsense. This is the guy who pushed for these special council remember Reprobate is this is the guy who impose the impeachment Clinton and then would clearly was in the he got. He got elected to the Senate. He oppose the use of witnesses. Now we cannot witnesses. Are it's a cover up, got three go and now, according to the New York Times, Ambassador Bolton wrote in his book that he was ordered by the president to continue freezing assistance until Ukraine
the political investigations- that's not what the article says. Mister producer is tat. He was ordered to withhold aid until Ukraine announced an investigation. The word that the New York Times uses, ladies and gentlemen, is preferred, even if take the New York Times at its word. The text does not say what Chuck Schuman says. It says. He's a liar. Another jackass, may I say, with all due respect: go ahead seeking including the investigation into the violence. This
the waves you heard body in Hersman today today few hours ago, the president's legal team. You know why the president brought up the binds. It is unbelievable when a hundred bind and Joe Biden were doing, absolutely unbelievable, and you won't see the light of day in the New York Times of the Washington, Post or CNN or MSNBC and frankly, most newsrooms. It won't see the light of day and they had new information based on emails that you might have a mark. I thought you were opposed to new enterprise. Look. The defence can bring up whatever once because the Republicans of the president bring up anything in the house, they could bring up witnesses, they could bring a bee mouse. They could bring up the whether they could bring up anything without the permission of material by the name out of shifting stole a cover up. One is the devil.
Ran the shoah, whether a great band of Stalinist. So of course, the defence. Bring up information, they would have brought up if, given a chance to my house, I'll be right. Back now, broadcasting number may underground commander than the bowels of a hidden somewhere under a brick and steal over nondescript building. We have once again made contact with our leader every mark living. Here I number seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight seven, seven, three, eight one three eight one with so what's happening is the.
Rivulets zation of impeachment in the impeachment trial, as today. Credit try dumb it down and dumb it down and reduce it to no standards at all. John Bolton has a manuscript for a book. I god what's in it, a good he's gotta here but country. Well, what's while we only know to the extent that the New York Times has told us what how do they know. Can somebody leak something apparently about the book? Why would they do that? What do you think. And there's no quotation marks in the end, the story from the manuscript. Why is that.
Only that the New York Times doesn't actually have the manuscript and information was provided, opinion and so forth, or trying to protect the source. Somehow. The New York Times isn't that a newspaper now it's not let a democratic party platform in every way While doesn't this change everything, I've heard the rest of them. This changes everything changes, everything Amy closer listener, this it's a game, changer cut five go tell me what year
Are and if you ve had a chance, more importantly, to speak to your colleagues as things have really been stirred up here and scrambled annihilating witnesses. I think this is a game changer, because I sat there and listen to the president's lawyers this weekend and their whole case was all this didn't happen. Basically this didn't happen. Look at the redoubt put, it didn't happen. What happened. What happened? You idiot? Oh no, you don't understand she smart. When she's not abusing her staff, I mean she's. One of the women of on color, endorsed by the New York Times. Had a total page he's gotta be good. She was adores where the other woman of banned color- oh my goodness, will then how dare you question her to game changer. Because, apparently courted linear times, Trump did in fact
Do what they say he didn't do and what did they say? He didn't do. Trees, Bribery other high crimes, misdemeanours, including quid pro quo, but there wasn't a quid pro quo, never happen, but it's a game changer. What's a game changer! This whole thing is synthetic. Go ahead, and now you have the national security adviser, the gatekeeper, all the information, basically saying it did happen. Let me tell you something: lady: if you ever presently United States in Lebanon, No security adviser and the chief of staff, and God forbid, if you ever, are by the way you are lightweight, but just imagine. You think they're gonna, let their an essay than an actual security adviser or their chief of staff this year with you think, they're gonna. Let these these people just testify before Congress. Willy nilly no did. Obama now did Clinton no.
But listen now they talk like morons to one another againe Abash and Amy clobbered. Here but how they want to vote on impeachment. I dont know how they deny the american public, the truth, how they can in some way slowdown of second you're, not voting on impeachment. I understand how the constitution works. Mr producing it, trial, your voting on conviction or innocence. You not voting on impeachment knucklehead go ahead. Wouldn't call involvement to testify. You ve got Susan Collins out saying it's me so tell me something genius: why didn't the Democrats who control the house call both testify? What did they forced the issue? Well, and this is where they they, and this is where the media, let him go. Why are you say it would take too long? They may take privilege waiting
for that we gotta get rid of it. Well, how does a change in the Senate? Where said it, I dont know why we need it go Mitt, Romney, already saying the Golden Chin testify. So now we have Democrats left wing, democratic, she's, no modern, centrist now way these left wing cooked Democrats running for president, quoting Susan Collins and Mitt Romney, quoting I can We vote for Susan Collins and main. I know what you're thinking up there look. It's called what he wanted it. Here's the thing. I can't stand her she's, a fraud, Mitt Romney Utah. I can never vote from IRAN and other fraud and other fraud utterly unprincipled. Look, you don't have to be a
It illogical conservative, although from you too, I don't understand why but main maybe not, but but you have to be a chameleon, I can vote for a chameleon, Annabella Camelias, but that Sir they pay club Archer, quoting Mitt Romney and Susan Collins, you have witnesses which are really no purpose except the defeat. Republicans, the Republicans will lose the Senate. Publicans will lose the Senate area. Zoloft grim. One of the impeachment manages she's interview by Jake Tapir Democrat COD. Nine. Oh I'm kind of someone you, you told senators as we quote, dont say due to the president's stonewalling, unquote right, but what
Those who say that's exactly what the House Democrats here by not going to court to try to force subpoenas enforce witnesses. We did go to court, as you know, pursuing court. You ultimately also met with a rule the cases anyone realized. We had the evidence we were going to get and that it was sufficient to prove our case. Didn't I say I say with sufficient back then is not sufficient, now diet For the president's stonewalling in that allows in the I guess, in that sense we did because if we waited for three or four The election would be over. You don't have to wait three or four years ladys in general. Let me tell the what a liar this woman is. You can file emergency motions and you can persuade a court the matter so dire that they need to move it up on their debts. Docket. It's been done before to actually been done by the United States Supreme Court before it matters involving impeach,
So they just lie all the time and like it would take too. But in the Senate, apparently we're gonna, get it real, fast, real Rufus, because whether when, when they vote for what happened Bates there can about with the Democrats and while litigated forever right through the election, so we can use it against Trump. This is the whole play, ladies and gentlemen, right through the election, so we can use it against Trump. This is the play. Ladies and gentlemen, they rush, due the Senate, so they could turn it. Though a long game where the cloud hangs ahead of the President's United States that going on this I Susan Collins and run in the others, are so outright justly stupid Mason. I promised to be impartial. Sigh need be here everything that comes in
here, I gonna make it does it about what about removing the pressure on the United States? Are you kidding me? Am I like this? Like the fifteenth issue, they came up with the complete set up Again by the sea. Adam ship. How could you not see this and then try and shut it down? we need a witness abandoned. Back then Let us see here and started a great job. I thought cut fourteen MR producer go and significant way in
this particular juncture in America's history. The Senate is being called to sit as the high court of impeachment all too frequently. Indeed we are living in what I think an apple. Be described as the age of impeachment, in the house resolution after resolution month after month has called for the president's impeachment How did we get here with president? impeachment invoked frequently in it? inherently destabilizing, as well as Acrimonious way brief. Told the story: begins. Two years ago, in the wake of the long national nightmare of Watergate Congress.
President Jimmy Carter collaboratively ushered in a new chapter in America's constitutional history. Together in full agreement, they enacted, Independent council provisions of the ethics government ACT of nineteen. Seventy eight, but the news After was not simply the age of independent councils, it aim unbeknownst to the american people, the age of impeachment. To date, newsman Democrat truck Todd respond to this cut. Fifteen go kindness, bear it. I thought you were being very deferential
matic on the Kent STAR thing I say it more or less diplomatically this is it can do a bank robber complaining that banks were to rot too easy to rob status. It is astonishing that can stars lamenting that it's become too easy to use impeachment win. By any measure that clear peach is something that a lot of people debated, left and right about. Did it sorted, define impeachment downward that that is the impeachment it isn't like the other see, ladies and gentlemen, this is the problem. When you have liberal Democrats dressed up as newsman. Eleven felonies were alleged were Bill Clinton. Eleven felonies. Including a felony that occurred right in front of a federal judge, including a felony that occur
during a grand jury interview. All the me to talk truck taught apparently doesn't have. A problem probably doesn't have a problem with sexual molestation cereal, sexual molestation, because this case that he dismisses and says was dumbing down parliament involved Bill Clinton exposing himself to an inferior state employee among other things. As well as that's the civil case. As well as having sex oral sex. With a twenty year old, entered another female
in fear and not even an employ and enter in the oval office. Now, apparently, for liberal Democrats, that's not a problem, what the hell they love Lyndon, Johnson, John Kennedy and so forth, and so, but then to cover it up in a civil, soon, and later a criminal investigation Clinton why'd, he got others to lie tampered witnesses. He tamper with evidence any truly obstructed justice, not Congress Justice. These are all crimes that would apply to any american Anti american dealing in a deposition, a grand jury. Hearing are what have you.
It's no big deal you see, people are debating. What's the problem Clinton tried to fix the outcome of a civil case and tried to fix the outcome of a criminal investigation. He invented print Jesus. He tried to use the office of the presidency to protect himself Donald Trump. Conversely, opened up the White House open up the witnesses, the documents to an investigation. There was a fraud, a fiction from day. One didn't claim a single privilege. None Donald Trump was set up by the FBI. Is campaign was set up by the FBI by taller, its agencies by the Fireside court NBC. MSNBC saying
the New York Times the Washington Post and the rest of the fraud. Now they dismissed them Abusing women according to trucks. It is not an impeach. What what's the big deal lying about and now later Bill Clinton confesses, he cut a deal, and ironically, with independent Council Robert RE, who is one of president trumps Lord, he confesses the wrong doing pace a hefty fine His law degree is removed by the Supreme Court of Arkansas he's having contempt by a federal district judge. He raised from the bar and the Supreme Court, and what's the big
The latest and your what's the big deal, there's no big deal, what's the big deal and have their can star even raise it. You know he's like the bank robber complaint. The banks were too easy to run. He did his job under the law, which doesn't exist anymore, because anybody who did their job under that law we're doing things that there are harmful to the country. There is only one justice on the Supreme Court in a case called Morrison versus also that is marked in the independent council. Verses TAT. Also, all able justice at the time who voted against the statutes angle is unconstitutional, and that was it Scully.
So they trash cans star. Even now, while they build up Robert Mahler. So can start a bad lawyer. And can have Dershowitz because he's defended some criminal but shit he's called man that guy's cool Jerry Adler o rather like an adler, their terrific too. Now the Democrats for talking about conspiracies and a game changer cover ups, here's shoemaker or go quickly. According to the report, several sections of Mr Bolton's book further implicate, Mr Mulvaney previously mister, Vainly denied ever being on the phone when the president spoke to Rudy Giuliani, Mr Bowe rights that Mr Belvane was on the phone with Rudy and the President
discussing the removal of ambassador Jovanovic. Why? How did you hear that you're producer. First of all, let pretended true. We have no idea, it doesn't matter the President chief of staff is on the phone with Rudy Giuliani. Talking about removing the ambassador, whose I'm a whole over the bow. We target out here, that's our high crime or misdemeanor. That's raising our bribery is this a joke. It's a joke. Yes, it's a joke. It is an absolute joke, but Romney once Boatman more with this And so does discount, and let me tell you, iranian Collins and when the crowd there doing the bidding her shimmer policy shift meddler and the Democrats. They are a disgrace. They are a disgrace.
I'll be right back when does it just Bree Buddy was a makes you Bob Levin, show now heading seven hundred and seventy three eight hundred and fourteen eight thousand eight hundred and eleven interesting me, John Bonham didn't resign over the Ukraine. These, that's not what I understood. Did you understand that MR reduce? Would that's kind of stick out Now he and resign over the Ukraine. It resign and make a statement saying: hey look quid pro quo. I can't put up with this. No, he didn't say that, but now being used as the key reason, you say.
And if it's in the New York Times, it must be true. You know we ve talked about this. It's these seventy fifth anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz, MR producer. No one else: it's the seventy fifth anniversary of rich the cover up of the Holocaust by the New York Times, the irony, the sickening grotesque irony that we're not quoting the european types because they want to take our Donald Trump. Ladies and gentlemen, I looked at some poles I know people like to spend on both a smiley face on them. The media are driving up the Democrats and driving down the president. This is their goal. That's the whole point of this entire thing. That's why they want witnesses- and I am telling these weak Republicans in the Senate and now looks like tat to me- is trying to cut some kind of deal dont. Do it pat
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this. But I'm just saying: there's no spin, there's no analysis. You just listen to. It's interesting when you listen to the president's team, you can learn a lot of history. You're gonna, hear a lot of logic, and what's that They need to me is not one of them has been yelling like they do. On the democrat side, backtrack camera What's going on here, you're violating the constitution. My lord, but try what you said in his whip, I'll get problem and other state that was ok. Then you have Robert Ray. You can start You have the various Whitehouse Council members, Jay Sekulow, rational now going through its civilly piece by piece.
And they re very impressive, but I was practically impressed with Eric Herschmann and PAM Body the way that they folks. You will know this from the reporting and I'm telling you they killed Hunter Biden and Joe Biden politically chest, eviscerated them, And their deals there so sleazy these burdens. I hope you saw my show Sunday with Peter Schweizer, the wasn't too bad. Wasn't, MR pollution. I don't think so, Well, here is my response: here's my response eight minute and one half minute. Ten. Whatever was. So the twenty some hours of the Democrats last week from life Liberty and live in this Sunday. I hope you saw cut sex, go let's look at what the the Indians draws who Adam shift in nature and the Democrats, by the way, almost of homer hearsay, witnesses, first hand,
so tat, nothing, but what they have to say about a peach, men and high crimes and all the rest of us take a look go either of you ever have any evidence of quid pro quo. Morrison master vulgar did not any evidence of bribery Durham. Not. I can recall They did not. He said I want nothing. I wonder Pro quo, you testify that you had no direct knowledge of any nefarious motivations to withhold aid to Ukraine. Correct correct and to your knowledge, you testify that there were no strings attached to the aid correct. That's page one. Eighty four of your deposition, No such knowledge in this impeachment hearing today, where we impeach presidents for treason or bribery or other high crimes, whereas the impeachable offence in that call are Have you here today to assert their was unimpeachable offence in that call.
Shouted. Anyone do you have any information regard the President Eu United States, accepting any bribes now Do you have any information regarding any criminal activity that the President of the United States has been involved with at all? Now there was a minute ten. Second, so you will see that any that video, not on the Democrat Side House, manages didn't play a minute and ten, so that only twenty four hours I dont need three days case closed you go in the cases. Closed and we need more witnesses why I just feel like we, we wait. We're gonna have more witnesses. My witnesses. Susan Collins who talks like and I have been in her last days- doesn't she, MR producer? How are you ever and by the way,
Voters does Mitt Romney. In summary, Romney is so sanctimonious. Direct knowledge of any nefarious motivations to withhold aid to Ukraine correct. I mean, I don't know how they got the republican imagination. I don't know how I supported the guy for their bubblegum. Only be perfectly honest with you. I truly quite appalling Now this Sunday PM eastern time on Fox guess what MR producer, the won't be my show theirs. They Superbowl Why, when I go up against the Superbowl, when I'm going to be watching this, so there won't be the silver bar. I want to thank daily wire and right scoop in another great site. Twitchy dot com. It is a great sight there hilarious over there and am our sea and their very units and so forth. All of whom I saw my tweets
Facebook posts early today in Those two were to highlight them is because there needs to be pushed back against an army it would be the year the head of the pack. There needs to be pushed back on this. I've been through too many of these. You know, as a chief of staff The attorney general representing the attorney general me storing and country, even after he left office and deal with independent council statute over a landmark legal foundation during the Clinton era, I I've been through enough of these to know exactly what it's like the sleek to then you were on the press. Now they don't know. We're onto that weren't on the stouter, we're onto a gang Abrams were on all of them. We know what they're doing. And the worst are, certainly among the worst has become the sky truck, taught
it doesn't make any pretence of his buys anymore. There are scarlet letter, is fire head. Four loser, yes, but left us would be even better and the thing is When you look at him and George Staff, a novelist sir, some of the others he's like the dumbest, the bunch, don't you think MR producer Hammy he's really in minded the dumbest but he thinks you know. You know it's it's a dangerous thing when you have a guy who knows nothing but claims to know everything, that's truck tat! I I, who should I take as our colleague MR bidders, pick one. Case Georgi in Michigan can go. Cannon I mean Missouri how do you mean
Meanwhile, these towns are impeachable, skies coordinate with Macao appearance. I guess what we revealed to the one we plead guilty. The two are now about: no, not you can't get you can't. Why would you do that? over doesn't get anything over, and why would you an innocent man? You know Donald Trump negatively to plead guilty and by the way, it's not up to that. The two, the senators will help Trump pleaded site. We have to his Lord Man, you have a year a corrupted process and we, a great disservice to the man and the country if he did, that sort of we'll get it over with. Ladies and gentlemen, is of all Are you listening to me now call or send an email and be very polite about it? I'm serious about this be very civil timidity Me too, Susan counts.
To at least some rakowski to Corey Gardener, who else Lamar Alexander. These are the five they say and tell him what you think. Politely This is an outrage in IRAN, Come to an end, and you don't need witnesses to nothing. I said witnesses to nothing we'll be right back then. I've got a tree before you skip commercial. I wonder which was on the floor of the centre right now, I stand against the application and misapplication of the constitutional criteria. In every case and against,
any president. Without regard to whether I support his or her parties or policies, I would be making very same constitutional argument. Had Hillary Clinton, for whom I voted in elected and had a republican House, voted to impeach her on these unconstitutional grounds. I am here today because I love my kind free and our constitution. Everyone in this room shares that love. I will argue that our constitution and its- Firms, high crimes and misdemeanours do not increase the two articles, charging abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. In offering these arguments. I stand in the footsteps and in the Spirit of Justice, Benjamin Curtis, who was of council to impeach President Andy Johnson and who explained to the Senate that cook a greater principle
was at stake, then the fate of any particular president and of William efforts a former secretary of state, another one of Andrew Johnson lawyers who reportedly said that he had come to the defence table not as a partisan, not as a sympathiser, but to defend the constitution. The constitution of course provides that the Senate has the sole role and Power retrial impeachment in exercising that power, the Senate must consider three issues. In this case First, is whether the evidence presented by the House managers establishes by the appropriate standard of proof proof under reasonable doubt that the factual errors, nations occurred. The second islanders, whether if these facts, full allegations occurred. Did they rise the level of abuse of power and or obstruction of Congress. Finally, the Senate must
german, whether abuse of power and obstruction of Congress are constitutionally authorized criteria for impeachment. The first issue is largely factual and I leave that others. The second is a combination of traditional constitutional law, and I will touch on those. The third is a matter of pure constitutional law. Do charges of abuse and obstruction Rise to the level of impeach able offences under the constitution beginners all constitution analysis begins with the text of the constitution governing impeachment. I will examine why the framers selected the words they did it soul criteria authorizing impeachment. In making my presentation, I will transport you back to a hot summer in Philadelphia and a cold winter in Washington. I will introduce you to patriots and ideas that helped shaped our great nation to prepare
this journey. I have immersed myself in a lot of justice old volumes from the eighteenth and nineteenth century. I ask your indulgence, as I quote, from the wisdom of or founders. This return to the days of yesteryear is necessary because the you today is not what the criteria of impeachment should be, not what a legislative body or a constitutional body might today the side are the proper criteria for impeachment of a president, but what the framers of our constitution actually chose and what they expressly and implicitly rejected. I will ask whether the framers would have accepted such vague and open ended,
as abuse of power and obstruction of Congress is governing criteria. I will show by close review of the history that they did not and would not accept such criteria for fear that these criteria would turn our new republic into a british style parliamentary democracy in which the chiefs Negative tenure would be in the words of James Madison, the Father of our constitution, at the pleasure, sir. She listened to the show you ve heard all this before, but it's very important that the senators here right now go to that advocated by highly respected justice. Benjamin Curtis, who, as you know, descended from the Supreme Court's notorious this an indirect Scott and who, after resigning and protests from the high court, served as council President Andrew Johnson in the Senate impeachment trial. He argued- and I quote
there can be no crime. There can be no misdemeanor without a law written or unwritten, express or implied in so arguing. He was echoing the conclusion reached by Dean, Theodore Dwight of the Columbia LAW School, who wrote in eighteen, sixty seven just before the impeachment. Unless a crime is specifically named in the constitution, treason and bribery impeachment, like indictments, can only be instituted for crimes committed against the statutory law. The United States is, as Judge Start said earlier today. He described that as the weight of authority being on the side of that proposition at a time much closer to the framing, then we are today. The main thrust of my argument, however, and the one most relevant to these proceedings is that, even if that position is not accepted, even if criminal conduct were not require,
The framers of our constitution, Implicit Lee rejected and if it had been presented to them, would have explicitly rejected such vague terms as abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. As among the enumerated and define criteria for impeaching a president. You will recall that, among the articles of impeachment against President Johnson were accusations of non criminal, but outrageous behaviour, including ones akin to the abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. For example, article ten charge Johnson did attempt to bring into disgrace ridicule hatred and contempt in reproach the Congress of the United, dates, article eleven charge, Johnson, with denying that Congress was authorized by the constitution to exercise the legislative power and denied That the legislation of said Congress was obligatory upon him, pretty serious charges, here's how Justice Curtis responded to these non criminal charges. Folks,
We will continue this and with some of my commentary when we return after the top of the aerosol you'll, be back we got other things I wanna had to get a lot to do this hour, we'll be right back He's here now broadcasting the monopoly underground command both than the bowels of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We have once again made contact with our leader. Everybody mark living here, aren't number eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one take seven, seven, three, eight point: three, eight one, one very important guess just a few minutes: Bread Bowser we're working to discuss. Why are we still paying for national?
public radio. Why do we need it? Why doesn't just go to compel commercial, but First, more Ellen Dershowitz on the floor, the Senate go among criminal, scholars and others defying high crime, misdemeanours, ass quote so immoral and unlawful acts- as on nearly allied an equal in guilt to a felony and yet, owing to the absence of some technical circumstances, technical circumstances do not fall the definition of a felony similar views were expressed by some state ports. Mothers disagree. Curtis considered views and those of White Russell and others based on careful study of the text in history are not bonkers. Absurdest legal crack claptrap, or other demeaning epithets thrown around by partisan supporters of this impeachment, as Judge STAR pointed out
They had the weight of authority. They were accepted, by the generation of founders and the generations that follow if they are not accepted by academics. Today that shows a weakness among the academics, not among the founders. The he's. Who disagree with Curtis is textual. Analysis are obliged, I believe, to respond with reasoned counter interpretations, not. Calling if justice courtesies arguments in those deemed why are rejected, I think than proponents of impeachment must offer alternative principles. Alternative standards. Peach written removal. We just heard that nineteen, seventy congressmen Gerald Ford, who I greatly admired, said the following in the context of an impeachment of addresses justice,
unimpeachable offences, whatever a majority of the House of Representatives considered to be at a given moment in history Etc, you all know the quote congresswoman Maxine warders recently put it more succinctly in the context: the presidential impeachment. Here's what she said impeachment is whatever Congress says it is. There is no law, but this lawless view would place Congress above the law. It would place Congress above the constitution, for Congress to ignore the specific words of the constitution itself and substitute its own judgments would be for Congress.
Do what it is accusing the present doing see. We ve had this discussion here at some length go ahead and not Congress. This is precisely the kind of you expressly rejected by the framers who feared having a president serve at the pleasure of the legislature, and it is pretty I see the view rejected by Senator James Grimes when he refused to accept an interpretation of high. Crimes in misdemeanours. That would change, according to the each senators judgment enacted in his own bosom, the constitution, requires in the words of juvenile Mars, that the criteria for impeachment speed, enumerated and defined. Those who advocate impeachment today are obliged to demonstrate how the criteria accept by the house in this case are enumerated and defined in the constitution. The?
telling textual analysis provided by justice. Curtis is confirmed by the debate in the constitutional convention by the federalists papers, the writings of William Blackstone and, I believe, by the writings of Alexander Hamilton, which heavily relied on by lawyers at the time of the constitution's adoption. There were at the time of the constitution's adoption to great debates that went on, and it's very important to understand. The distinction between these two great debates first hard to imagine today, but whether there should be an impeach should there be any power to impeach a president, at all and then the second one conditions, members of the founding generation and of the framers of the constitution, said no, We should know what president shouldn't be allowed to be impeached. The second. The second is very, very important in our
consideration today is if the president is to be subject to impeachment watches the criteria. The these are very different. Issues and they are often erroneously complaint conflated. Let's begin with the first debate during the Broad debate about whether a president should be subject to impeachment proponents of impeachment used vague and open ended terms such as unfit obnoxious, corrupt misconduct, Miss behaviour, negligence, malpractice, perfidy, treachery, incapacity, peculation and Malady They worry that a president might quote perverse his administration into a scheme of speculation and oppression, but he might be corrupted by foreign influence. And yes, this is important that he might have great opportunities of abusing its power, those
concerns that led the framers to decide that a president must be subject to Beach meant, but not a single one of the framers suggested that these general fears, justifying the need for an impeachment and removal mechanism should automatically be accepted as a specific criterion for impeach Far from it is governed, amours aptly put corruption in some other offences or to be impossible, but cases ought to be enumerated and define the great fallacy many contemporary scholars and pundits, and with due respect members of the House of Representatives is that they failed this stand the critical distinction between the broad reason Spring needing impeachment mechanism and the carefully Enumerated and define criteria that should authorized
very well potent weapon. Let me very well hypothetical example that might have faced Congress are certainly will face Congress. Let's assume that there is a debate over regulating the content of social media. Whether we should have regulations or criminal civil, regular, friends over twitter, Facebook etc. In the debate over regulating the social media. Proponents of regulation might well site broad dangers, such as false information, inappropriate content, hates because a good reasons, having regulation, but when it came to enumerating and defining what should be prohibited, such broad dangers would have to be balanced. Other important policies and the resulting legislation would be much narrower and more carefully defined in the broad dangers that necessitated some regulation
framers understood and acted on this difference, but I'm afraid that New scholars and others in members of Congress failed to see this distinction. And they cite some of the fears that led to the need for impeachment mechanism, That they fail to understand the critical distinction between the broad reasons for needing in impeachment mechanism and the carefully enumerated and define criteria that should authorized the deployments very well potent weapon. Let me very well hypothetical example that might have faced Congress. The framers understood this, and so they got down to the difficult business of enumerating in defining precisely which offences among the many that they fear to president might commit should be a distinguish among from those left to the voters, to of by the way. None of this research will be understood, or, if its understood will be accurately
By the media, why it's to Sarajevo. Two scholarly and, of course it supports the constitution and the President so You will not see right on tee, and you will not hear almost radio programmes this, which is crucial. Import now Dershowitz GO was against the dependence of the executive and the legislature securing the legislature. You will pardon me quoting this a great danger to be apprehended. I don't agree with James Madison expressed concerns about the president being improperly, pendant on the legislature, others, about a feeble executive hearing these and other arguments against turning the new republic into a parliamentary democracy in which the legislature had the power to remove the president. Framer set out the strike, the appropriate balance between the broad concerns that led them to vote provision authorizing? This is where I have to take breaks, because this is not an pr somebody.
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he was writing not to define what the criteria for impeachment war. He was writing primarily in defence of the constitution, is written and less to define its provisions, but he certainly cannot be cited in favour of criteria such as abuse of power structure Greece, nor of impeachment, voted along party lines. He warned that the greatest danger these were his words, the greatest danger. Is that the decision will be regulated more by the comparative strength of parties, then, by the he'll, demonstrations of innocence or guilt. In addition, vision to using the criminal terms, innocence or guilt Hamilton also refer to quote prosecution and sentence. He cited the constitutional provisions that states that the already convicted, shall nevertheless be liable and subject to criminal trial as a right. For not having the president try before the Supreme Court, he feared a double prosecution of variation of Devil Jeff.
Before the same judiciary. These points all sound in criminal terms, but advocates of a broad open, ended, non criminal interpretation of high crimes and misdemeanors insisted Hamilton is on their side and they cite the FAO owing words regarding the court of impeachment. I think I've heard these words quoted more than any The words in support of a broad view of impeachment, and they miss understood, here's what he said when describing the court of impeachment. He said the subjects of its jurisdiction. Those are important, whereas the subjects of its jurisdiction, by which he meant treason, bribery and other high crimes are misdemeanours. The subjects of its jurisdiction are those offences which proceed from the misconduct. The public men. Or in other words, from the abuse or violation of some public trust thereof, nature which may, with peculiar propriety, be denominated political as they are
chiefly to injuries John immediately to society itself, those here Mountains words there. Often this the stewardess, suggesting that the criteria authorizing impeachment include the misconduct, public men or the abuse or violation of some public trust? That is a miss reading. These words we use to characterize the constitutional criteria that are the subject of the jurisdiction of the court of impeachment, namely treason, bribery or other high crimes and misdemeanours. Those specify crimes are political in nature. They are the crimes that involve the misconduct of public men and the abuse of violation of some public trust. Hamilton was not expanding the specified criteria to include as independent grounds for impeachment misconduct
abuse or violation? If anything he was contracting them to require, in addition to proof of the specified crimes, also proof that the crime must be of a political nature. This would exclude President Clinton's private non political crime. In fact- and this is interesting, Hamiltons View was cited by Clinton's advocates as contracting not expanding the meaning of high crimes today, some of these same advocates- you look at the same words and cite them as expanding its meaning. Clinton was accused of a crime perjury, and so the issue in his case was not whether the constitution required across
four impeachment. Instead, the issue is whether Clinton's alleged crime could be classified as a high crime. In light of its personal nature during the Clinton impeachment, I stated in its view that I did not think that a technical crime was required, but that I did think that abusing trust could be considered. I said that at that time I had not done the extensive research on that issue because it was irrelevant to the Clinton case I was not fully aware of the compelling counter arguments, so I simply accepted the academic consensus on an issue that was not on the front burner at the time. But because this impeachment directly raises the issue of whether criminal behaviour is required. I have gone back and read all the realm.
Historical material as non partisan academics should always do and if now concluded that the framers did intend to limit the criteria for impeachment to criminal type acts akin to trees. Rivalry, and they certainly did not intend to extend it to vague and open, ended, non criminal accusation such as abuse of power and obstruction of Congress, I published this academic conclusion. We before I was asked to present the arguments to the Senate in this case MIKE Switch in attitude, purely academic, uniting attic, Diane or credit he says he says I switched, and this is. Why switched most people wouldn't do that? Go ahead Congress, several senators express different views regarding the criteria for impeach When the subject was, I we're not going to be able to go back, but he's done a fabulous job if people care to listen- and I think the president's lawyers have done
we must job, I mean they ve high. They fit a low. They ve headed in the gut young people on television, that on have half the smarts of any these lawyers Telling you they should have done this, and they should have done that. The fact matters we shouldn't be here. The fact of the matter is what's taking place is a travesty. You can tell the difference between the arguments from the so called house managers and the president's team. The president's team is classy, the president's team is fact base legal base constitution based the house. Democrat managers are beating, drop drums with the repetitious arguments, their emotional and what they're trying to do is appeal with their base there trying to threaten the young, the Republican hold out. And if Collins and Romney others go for this they will. They have the potential of undoing the president
the undoing the majority in the Senate and, of course, inflicting grave damage to the constitution. Right now, the goal is to protect the constitution, any witnesses in defence or in support of a corrupt system themes. The centre will give its and premature to a corrupt system. The Senate job to protect the constitution. ADA protect us. If you want to talk to mark where have do numbers for you to Call- are Americans call eight hundred and seventy seven three hundred and eighty one three thousand eight hundred and eleven liberals call eight hundred and seventy seven three hundred and eighty one three thousand eight hundred and eleven. Let's talk about love in tv.
Rainbow episode of Anti TV, where I continue to fight against the sham impeachment and exposed left wing hacks they are and in the media, while because what we do at Levine TV we tell of exact Like it is, we also deal with one of the king code. Conspirators trucks humor shimmered, just recently, spew more nonsense about the impeachment. Try talking about forcing votes to see documents and witnesses in a. So this is the far lunatic left, but it is. Is it that the of all radical progressive. Today's trash, the founders declaration of independence, everything that is near endeared mouth most of us, then they waved them rounded defence of their radicalism. They use liberty, to destroy liberty and the constitution to destroy the constitution. Come join. Us join for one of a kind town hall meetings airing at blaze, tv, just gotta, Levine tv dot, com
Ellie Vienna, TV, dotcom, sign up and you'll get a free, thirty day trial. If you sign up today in a promo code, Levin and you'll get ten hours off your own. Subscription, that's Levin TV, promo code, Levine, Levine TV promo Code Levin. If not now went at bozo the king of em are see. How are you brother, I work out, I'm doing great proposal. I saw that palm pale, the sectaries state was set up by a reporter had NPR, and I asked a simple question why Some pr exists. Let me we have thousands of radios, the channels and stations and podcasting Cremation flowing left and right and all around and piracy throw back at the past and impairs quite liberal. I want you to listen to what
Brian Stelter had the sound seen it this guy is really quite the joke, as you guys are pointed out of high, but let's listen to how they responded. This cut sixteen go. I'm here see YO spoke over the weekend, saying we will not be intimidated by this behaviour and offer them Is tweeting now about in the army, but that we back on screen asking asking Mark Levine's question: why is empty are still exist, although those short. Sir, is MP, are the the the an organization only she's, a small amount of federal funding, mostly through grants. It is local station. It sometimes need that federal support to stay on the air, but NPR Pr as a whole doesn't get a lot of taxpayers money, but the present either doesn't know that doesn't care It's not really about that for him. Now he likes a safe space, a Fox news, that's what he wants. Is administration officials to go on and and and really not really get these hard questions that Pompey yoga space of fathers, one fox and four thousand of them
Can I ask you a couple questions about here sure. Can I can I to what he said. Go there's so much personal he's talking about these local stations and need money by the federal government to to exist. There are quoting impairs own numbers. There are over. One thousand of these member states has point number one. If you look at this listing explained, may mark within why? Why needs to have three NPR stations in Washington D C for in New York City, Dick in Seattle, and the list goes on and on Y know. I've bought before. Why not just have one station in wait said he, but then it hit me
wait a minute. This is national public radio. Why do we have only one station for national public radio? Not one thousand will look if you're going to have a thousand MP our station. I think we need to have one thousand mark Libyan say why not think about it and peer mark within different, not talkin, about shows a book about stations in Seattle. This. This is absolutely ludicrous. Look the president tried something, and then this is very, very unfortunate. The president came out with, with his purse budget deal when he took office war, he talked about getting rid of sixty two wasteful government programmes. One of them was the equipment.
For public Broadcasting, which is the umbrella over which MP, I guess there funding. Unfortunately, not only was it not disappointed, but thanks to the United States Congress, it receives four hundred and sixty five million dollars at the twenty million dollar increase and is even worse than that later. Twenty twenty two? They decided we're gonna, get advance funding them pr. Another point on this just emphasised when they go to their are only two percent of the so half a billion hours goes through their mothership. What we don't know
and that's the point. This is the shell game. They talk about two percent go look at their nine daddy's, try to figure out where the money is coming from. They don't tell you they get ninety seven million from quote gifts, grants and membership fees. How much that is coming from the federal government, then look at the money that allocated from the federal government, the Inn in direct subsidies to the corporation public broadcasting that doesn't include any aid money. That does include any h money that doesn't, federal money come from coming from all sorts of places and then get this sentence. Marquis De La does one. This is in their report. Tax revenues levied pour the organizations benefit answer zero, so accord they're getting no taxpayer money, although every single planet, with taxpayers, money and they're not
right, so they don't pay taxes. They now less becoming profit. Your business cop wavy to me it's the most market, driven business But I can think of the market either support you or it support you. The left has been trying to get left wing stations going and spokesman going, every single out, Frank and honour America, Jim Height, I got one more: your Papa got one hour: pay propellers Joe, must go Scarborough and make up. Pretovsky also got one every single one of them failed because there wasn't a market demand for them. So what did they do they take it from the federal government. That the american pact taxpayer be forced to pay that, where point radio and they defended so vociferously, look media matters put out the word. Look at this problem. Tromp is retweeting, Mark Levant asking. Why does NPR exist and yet another words, gotta, get armed and get ready to fight. It again
other Jones, you have CNN, all the left wing made it and then you this clown, Oliver Darcy, I guess his name is attacking Fox. What does fox have to do with any of the public Sub zero for everything better like you went away from, doesn't go on there. You know when. Genuine empta, Ankara MP, our calls from supporters brown shirts. This might have something to do with it, though, bring on Conservative someone like the editor of Christianity today who would equate to jump to a violent sexual signal espousal abuser? Then they ll bring on the conservative on there, but they don't bring on conservative get this when we found this when you're gonna love this one and Pierre won't tell you this NPR has been so favourable.
I'll, be Obama ran arms deal, it took a hundred thousand dollar grant from this group called ploughshares fund which exist weapon, croup exists to promote Obama's IRAN, ran arms deal and that money explicitly marked their coverage of arms deals, said David their coverage. Oh, my gosh may I ask you this this reporter who set up Pompey? Are you familiar with her job Kelly go what is her name Marguerite, something or other Kelly right, yeah, yeah, yeah Show me shoot the first thing that she asked him. What he was prepared to apologise to the former better Theo can reclaim amazed first question: are you ready how biologists you you wonder you wonder what I wonder why pumping went on that show to begin with, you should never going on empire.
But according to your own research that I was looking at, He's a well known leftist over there- and here she has been attacking conservatives for years and supporting web wingers for you She has a very, very decided, left wing ideology and she's one of these people who cause herself and and pure reporter. They are not reporters. They are left wing activists who have, We pay for by you and by me, by our tax dollars and end. The Congress should be ashamed of itself Ferdinand money. Only me goodness because, lapwing croup exists to promote Obama's, ran arms deal. And you're telling me no she's left us. As a matter of high, I mean to go. There are going to tell you that binds doctors that good reporter to meet me baby,
They bought their coverage. Oh my gosh! Now let me ask you this this reporter, who set up Pompey. Are you familiar with her younger Kelly, go and pr catchy she's too, when Devon Nunez strange episodes way talks about government agencies? He even I am the Washington Post, thereby helping to impose for having an anti woman bias. I mean this is how far left this woman is you do have to wonder why he did interview with her, because you it's not news, just a hack his course. Her first question to him is: do you owe Ambassador Marie Jovanovic an apology? What kind of objective question is that I made some bad disguised by putting the Secretary of State What on the defensive as if he had done something wrong cm Pr Pbs, they ve, gotten fat and happy and there It is driven more and more, and so, when they put
a statement we're here to inform the people and no you're, not you're here to propaganda. And by the way Brent, we ve enough people in forming the people there another country in the face of the earth that has as many radio stations, television stations, pod, castors God knows what out their communicate. There's absolutely no need for it to begin with. Secondly, about twenty years ago, there was a big above all about this, the last time. People try to define them in a serious way and begin a bit NPR, I'm sick we my memory banks here, NPR or C p b, the corporation proper public broadcasting, agreed to undergo an audit as they put out request for aught to pipe recall. Sixteen different institutions came poured an opera could do that. Independent audit one by one each was turned down by sea baby as being insufficient at the end of which they announced well,
she's got any out there, that we can rely on we're, gonna have to choose our own, they chose their own and one year later, the other came out and they were going to doing just greater and doesn't it are really the track listeners who are relatively wealthy, maybe they're going to college and grand school which is fine. I just mean see I'm Pr Pbs, they ve gotten fat and happy and their ideologically, driven more and more, and so when they put out a statement, we're here to inform the people and so no you're not you're here to propagandizing by the way, Brent Bozo. We ve enough people in forming the people, People people come up with the money for the radio network that their listened. Let them paper those one thousand stations around America. Let them pay for an incredible incredible. But want to learn more about a marcy. Where do they go? I'm just getting a good start,
that our our flagship website news, busters and you have great people working for a for everything that you are all I'll be right back You know post rates while they ve gone up again and thankfully stamps dot com pieces, the pain with big discounts, big discounts of postal office, retail rates, Stamps that come you save five cents of every first class stamp and up to forty percent of shipping, but rights that kind of savings really adds up, especially for small businesses plus stamps dot. Com is completely online
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Now you know folks, I follow a lot of sports. I follow a lot of basketball and over the years there have been some tremendous basketball player, but as a kid Grub Philadelphia, I would watch the 76ers. I would go there and watch it with my buddy Eric way back. We would watch wilt Chamberlain bench at Walker and how Greer and Wally Jones the Bill Cunningham. And others Satis Day was when the Sixers trade should be well table until the Lakers. And over the years you watch different players, and you know
each year as their superstars, and when my wife told me cushy, she had eyes TMZ downloaded. I think- and I believe they first reported by that Kobe Bryant was dead. What dead dead? I said from what I don't know you. I was absolutely stunned. I didn't know Kobe Bryant overtook them in my life,
What is part of your part of your life, because you watched these folks and you have a connection to them, even though they made out of a connection to you, and then you learn originally that five people died. Perhaps a daughter- and you learned, five people did pass away, Kobe, Bryant and his thirteen year old door, learn nine people passed away; Kobe Bryant, his thirteen year old daughter, a baseball coach, his wife and his thirteen year old daughter Anita month. What a horrific tragedy. And now, MR producers, at the latest, that it was pilot error, something with the weather
Didn't they fly into the side of the hill. He may have a look, I'm not trying to miss report. Here I thought what I heard was at the fog, the overcast. There may be a miscalculation, and so often that seems to happen, I'm not being on helicopters, but that's beside the point, but in his heart wrenching.
Its heart wrenching and you can see people of all stripes political, racial whatever it is. Our in shock are in shock because Kobe Bryant is a cultural figure. People identify whether he entertained people. You learned about him. He learned about his family people, sports castors, who know him well and their able to relate his personal info, foibles and so forth. To, and so is quite human he's, a human bodies, quite human, and so we had so work. We wish the family. Well, what can you say when a tragedy like this and mother just lost her husband and her daughter? Entire family was wiped out, another husband, wife
her door. So it's her horrific thing that took place it's a tragedy, and so I understand why people are saddened and upset by. I know what I want my day comes, MR producer. Half the people will be side. Have we will be celebrating that much? I have Porta comes the Kobe Bryant everybody said and for good reason, and God bless his family and all families of those who perished. We salute our armed forces, police officers, firefighters and emergency personnel I'll be here hear tomorrow. Folks, I hope, you'll join me. God bless you.
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