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On Monday's Mark Levin Show, the War Powers Act of 1973 is unconstitutional and so was today's non-binding resolution. To see Constitutional conservatives support today's measure is appalling. Congress can defund any military action by using the power of the purse. In this case, some Libertarians are misreading the Constitution; Congress has the power to end a war via the power of the purse but it has no power to tell the President what to do or micromanage the Commander-In-Chief. Kellogg-Briand Pact was drafted to outlaw war, and this goes to the heart of the idiocy behind the philosophy that the radical Libertarians and code pink Republicans ascribe to. These imaginative efforts to pretend that there aren't evil people and regimes that want to slaughter good people. Later, Speaker Pelosi continues to obstruct the Senate from conducting an impeachment trial as is mandated under the Constitution. Afterward, the Democrats continue defending General Soleimani.

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Ladies and gentlemen, the following segment of the cast as presented exclusively by Hills Del College. Now in its hundred and seventy fifth year here, There is a truly independent institution where learning is price. An intellectual enthusiasm is valued. Thank you for listening my sincere appreciation to hills. Their brother sponsorship now run casting a mermaid underground command, both bows or they even bunker somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We have once again made contact with our leader, o everybody mark living here. Our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, the war powers act.
Nineteen, seventy three is unconstitutional, virtually every present, maybe every president both parties has thought. So Supreme Court's never rule on it, John Constitution, a watch mightily and ran Paul at Matt Gates and others, acting as if its constitutional really is quite appalling, There is a well written peace by Josh. Him the daily wire on this very subject, and he knows exactly what he's talking about says can go, Democrats who seem blissfully unaware of then President Barack Obama's rather expansive interpretation, the war powers resolution. Nineteen seventy three during his strategically
disasters. Twenty Levin operation, Ass libyan, strong memo, Morgan I'll cut off suddenly seem to care an awful lot about constitutional norms and separation of powers and principles. Again. Intellectual inconsistency much space. Play speaker, Nancy Policies, House of Representatives just passed, he says, baiting today just passed a non binding. Our resolution, whether the congressional impose war powers, resolution limitations. Palm president trumps unilateral ability to ratchet up not militancy with the Islamic Republic of IRAN and their crusade hamstring? The president's conduct of his farm policy visa? The the g this iranian regime House Democrats. Have you been some libertarian leading republican allies. Remember what
Wendy the constitution is not a libertarian document; it is what it is. Let's start with the more power red resolution, which was passed during the closing stanzas of the Vietnam WAR. Actually does the statue requires the president to notify Congress. Within forty, eight hours had committing armed forces abroad and it precludes deployed you forces from remaining engaged and hostility. Abroad for more than sixty days without. Firm, it of authorization for the use of military force that has passed through Congress At the time President Nixon vetoed the bill on constitutional grounds, arguing that the measure would define presidential war powers.
That what strictly limited constitutional authority remember. We are overwhelmingly democratic. Congress nonetheless A two thirds majority. Each congressional chamber overload the veto, but Nixon's veto was correct. I agree with every word of this. They constitute famously divides foreign affairs powers between the legislative and executive branch, among other enumerated powers and article one section: a Congress has the ability quote to declare war quote ray. Since support armies quote, provided maintain Navy make rules for the. Men and regulation of the land- enable forces call provide for calling for the militia Unquote and provide for organizing, arming and disappointing the militia. Unquote. By contrast, article two constitution provides that from called the president shall be commander in chief of the army and Navy of the United States.
And of the militia several states we called on the actual service of the United States. Unquote. The very first clause of article two also vest the President's, with quote the exam it power, meaning a residual foreign affairs power that encompasses all those powers, not Presley delegated to Congress and article one section, eight. Has legal scholars, Sigh Krishna, be Prussia Pact Prakash De Ramsay persuasively argued in May two thousand one yellow journal article eighteen century English come along. Ordinary meaning of executive power, and that included foreign affairs power. A careful line by line overview of congresses enumerate powers does not actually provided. Just slighted means that could feasibly justify the war powers resolution the most likely candidate,
is the declare war clause, but that provision happens to be woefully misunderstood. By many lorries and politicians across the ideological spectrum, including my own, my and including ran paw as Professor On you, compellingly laid out in a two thousand three university Chicago LAW Review: Article declare, war clause simply confers on Congress, traditional power define to United States legal relations with other countries and trigger domestic, constant national authorities during wartime. Is the press of the United States under article two commander in chief clause, whose actually respond. Well for initiating and conducting hostilities Congress. Then intervene to halt a president Views as a reckless warmonger using the manifold tools it does have at its disposal, such as
decreasing the size of the Pentagon's budget, going align item by going line, item by line item and removing various? of oriented material from the department Fences arsenal are using its more real power. The purse to defend a war effort in its entirety, as it did eventually in Vietnam,. This interpretation of the declare war clause should not be nearly as controversial as it is at the one thousand, seven hundred and eighty seven constitutional convention, the framers actually consciously substituted out make war quote on quote with declare, war, Quadrant Quotas applies to Congress, make war was right, Acted declare. War was included in Doing James Madison famously explained, Eldridge Jerry that it was imperative to leave to the present day quote power repel son attacks on quote this autumn, make great deal sense,
Alexander Hamilton, what explain only six months after the constitutional convention in full this number. Seventy which has not By MIKE Lee, co decision activity, secrecy and dispatch will generally characterize the proceedings of one man in a much more imminent three than the proceedings of any greater number unquote. Finally, in article one section turned: the constitution precludes a state from quote engaging in war unless actually invaded or in such imminent danger, format admit of delay, unquote, so their frames We are aware of multiple verbs, make and engage that could have clearly conveyed the meaning of an initiation of hostilities, but they didn't use those words. I didn't use them for a reason. Framers understood that there was great merit to leaving decisions such as the commencement of hostilities,
to one man not to have fractious Congress. To reiterate. Congress already has a number of tools at its disposal to push against crusading commander in chief, Statute is needed right, Mccarthy, to provide Congress with the power to frustrate unauthorized presidential war making because they already have the power to do it. In other words, they already have the power to do it. The power the purse ultimately. The war powers. Resolution may or may not be good policy, but it doesn't matter because it runs a foul of the constitution's carefully calibrated separation of powers to actually have people, mostly libertarians
Miss reading the constitution in the context of the history that they say cherry picking it the fact of the matter. He cannot rely on Congress, the conductor, wars. Congress has tools to stop them to prevent them? cannot micromanage. Reply, It is doing. Short of using the power the purse I would ask these radical libertarians, who are code Republicans in many respects. Does Congress have the power to tell a present it to go to war, this Congress of the power to tell a present
which battle to engage in a witch battle not to engage in. Does it. I understand listening the MIKE Lee. The day said: look we asked sector defence sector estate yeah I direct of many others. When is it your responsibility to talk Congress about your next move? If you take out. Khomeini and they wouldn't give me an answer. He says: ok! Well, let me turn the tables MIKE. What are the limits I've congresses ability to intervene in the role The commander in chief must always come the Congress will then, what's the triggering mechanism where's the default line, If a major battle, if it's taking
the number two and a government who is a terrorist. What is it MIKE? What is it ran. They don't have an answer to that either and they know that constitution does not confer on Congress the power that ran Paul, likely MAC Gates and others some of em. My friend claim that it does The war powers act is fundamentally unconstitutional. Congress does not have these ready to micromanage, president has commander in chief the right to declare war does not give them that authority. They can use the power. The worse, as they do in any other area to make decisions and influence The commander in chief role, but they do not have an affirmative power granite,
anywhere in the United States constitution. None like it or not. That's the constitution I'll be right back, you're, begins hills. They'll college thanks you for your loyalty to freedom since eighteen, forty, four hills does held fast to its mission, to provide the kind of education essential to preserving free government and for decades to come Has extended its educational mission on behalf of liberty through a variety of outreach programmes, You receive in Primus for free every month or have taken One of hills does excellent, free online courses attended, one of hills, Dell's, free regional events, you know of hills, deals refusal to take even one penny of government money. Now this end
and its allows the college to focus on its core purposes: learning character, faith and freedom without government interfere, it's so during the season of blessings. Hailstones thanks, you for you partnership and extent. Its mission to the rest of the country happy. Now here from Hills, Dale College and to learn more visit, love for hills drawback com- that's l, e g I for Hilda. I come no a maritime policy is doing here is wasting more time with a non binding, resolute Binding resolute and others, up to the democratic could base. But the war powers act as a serious matter of nineteen. Seventy three, and in this attempt now to change it, because There's some bubbling up in the Senate actually do that when you
such a slim majority or have a miserly and ran paw? Who can do some damage here? Now? Here's what they wrote in the house Termination of use of United States armed forces to engage in hostilities, inner against ran. This is why I have now come to call Nancy Pelosi: Tehran Nancy. There was, okey arose. There was her I Jane cheap pillows used Nancy she's, been giving aid and comfort to the Islam or Nazi genocidal terrorist regime response. For killing and maiming thousands of Americans, tens of thousands of others, including Iranians and Slums and Arabs all over the world as well individuals in Europe and central and south. America and Africa. That's how farther reaches right now. She's getting aid in comfort to IRAN.
You know, member way at Bagdad Bob and who may she needs nomenclature and so we'll give her one or a moniker. Tehran Nancy and that's what we should call for. No one. Governor ran. She says: it's a leaving state sponsored terrorism and engages in a range of destabilizing activities across the Middle EAST Salami was the lead architects, much abhorrence destabilizing activity throughout the world,
data is a right to defend itself against women in a tower at our rhetoric, United States as national interest. So where do we go pursued? The section five? I e the war powers Resolution Congress hereby directs the president to terminate the use United States forces to engage in hostilities, inner against IRAN or any part of its government or military. With some exceptions, Congress has declared war or enacted specific statutory authorization for such use of the armed forces. Not this is one of explain to you. This is unconstitutional if Congress wants to cut off activities than doing through the budget to a budget language through authorization language, but they haven't.
And so the presidency are required to be involved and the cessation of his commander in chief responsibilities, the fighting the country defending our military, defending our diplomats goes on such usually armed forces, is necessary and appropriate to defend against anyone armed attack in the U S, but and the president from using military force against Al Qaeda Associated forces. He can continue to do that. You just can't continue to deal with a right now. This would be a massive redistribution of power from the executive,
to the legislative, and what you can see here is Nancy policy. Is the fascistic speaker, the House, what I've been calling her when it comes to her impeachment declarations, but comes to her effort to control these sent a trial whether it comes to her refusal to agree to fund efforts to secure the border? I whether it comes to her effort now to destroy the commander in chief respond, the leaves of a presently United States, Nancy Policy and radical left wing, often anti semitic wing of the Democratic Party is destroying our constitution or is trying to. And so when you have some of these radical libertarian to go along with this stuff. The absurdity of what they're, saying and doing is really painful.
As I say some of other month, quite friendly, where you can have to do better than one quote from Alexander And waving around they wore declaration provision of the constitution to class therein, lies the authority for Congress. The Seas, the commander in chief responsibilities from the executive branch, the framers didn't put the armed forces in Congress, the framers didn't put a cabinet in Congress. The framers didn't give any executive authority to Congress. And they don't get it now either I'll, be right back you hear me, about hills, to college, a lot that rigorous classical liberal arts curriculum about its exceptionally bright and patriotic students. One
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Eddie. You that's hills, doubt that e? U for more information, Hills Del College, pursuing truth and defending liberty since Eighteen, forty four remember: that's hills Del dot Edi you Hills, Dale, DOT! Eighty! the straight and narrow badge. You have a guide Michael, then, call him now at eight seven, seven, forty eight one, forty eight one, one, than passing a resolution supporting the president did. Rather than passing a resolution supporting what was done to this terrorist. The House of Representatives passes a non binding resolution that, if it weren't
combining resolution would be utterly unconstitutional and it amazes me to hear people who claim to be constitutional us defend the war powers demand that the President run his commander in chief responsibilities through five hundred thirty five members of Congress? It is simply not with the framers of the constitution created. They didn't create the period. They didn't created and they weren't going to create. In fact, they created the opposite of that. The war declaration sentence in the constitution is not. Language, the gives Congress the power the Congress is claiming right now now the appropriations power, which is a general power, not even specific
when it comes to the military. But it's a general power and there's no questioning says that power and cut off funds or direct them or what have you, but they can't make battlefield decisions. I gave you some of the history of George Washington, Thomas. Jefferson? I could give you a hell of a lot more history, but that would be absurd. Nobody believes that they weren't stupid men, the reverse, smart man, Never going to allow Congress Congress, run national security? That would mean any sense whatsoever, so the house passes this measure couple republicans vote for more Democrats vote against it by way.
We're still smock talking small numbers, but none the less. I may constitutionally that's what I am, but there too many opportunists who pretend to be constitution as again they pushed their ideology. I dont know what the cold pink report These are all upset about. I really on the presence of the United States is talking. To the genocide dictator in inbred in North Korea, no indication that he's going to go to war with North Korea. Theirs when the occasion the present gonna go to war with China, Russia, there is no indication Prejudice or whether, on the other,
and in his removed, substantial military assets from Syria from Iraq and he's. Today once NATO to take most responsibility. Iraq and whether ran and for us to leave here. Adds up to the Islam or Nazi regime when they attack our embassy when their planning other attacks and all of us They talk about war war, three, and if you actually endorse the president's position, your warmonger, they keep bringing up the Iraq war, Saying peep garrison were wreck, violet bring up nine eleven. Now the code pink types. How precipitate nine eleven? Because I didn't take terrorism seriously and we didn't
the ability or the willingness patently to chase. Now these terrorists in their caves in their desert, tent tents, and so they struck us. That's what appeasement does that's? What Not environment, does that's what that ideology? Does they don't talk about nine eleven. The other thing they don't talk about is nuclear missiles. What is ran Paul's position, and our friend likely lay. There are other fingers in another meeting with respect her ran getting Intercontinental ballistic missiles with nuclear warheads is their position. We have no business being concerned about it.
You see those icy be aims with nuclear warheads that make the world much much smaller. While their seven thousand miles away exactly, what do you think they're building icy be aims? Would nuclear warheads? What is our aim to develop? What would they do? They have no answer or they America, where they find files. You know like Dick Cheney list, Cheney and John Bolton or whatever bizarre actual. They have no strategies, they have no, no idea Is on how to deal with any of this, and so there spilling ideology, because that's what they do and, of course,
Their joined by a media which just takes the position opposite of whatever trumped up You know we got into this ran deal originally The Obama administration lied to us the lie to the reporters and then, Who is the deputy national Security advisor to the president? who had almost no national stray experience, he had been an author serve nonfiction and poetry and so forth. And his brother was they have one of the major news networks. Of course, Penrose would black a brag in a very long peace, an interview with the washed and post? But how they deceive the media and how the media became act of propaganda for the Obama position as propaganda for the Obama position,
Any stolen vited on tv do you. Monetary about the trunk position and They lied us under this agreement. They transferred bill, the dollars to the arrangements. While it was theirs, it was frozen. Doesnt matter we're not talking about private property. They knowingly lied into their steel and yet the coat pink Republicans, I believe, Even though they say they oppose the other kind of like they kind of like Could you go to bed actually believing that we're safe, even though we're not the problem with these deals: believing that we're safe but were actually not bring all the troops home.
We have no business being, there will actually be safe, Tommy that's the way. Evil genocidal regimes think they're only Evelyn, genocidal and have expansionist desires because we're in Iraq, where something that's not how Hitler thought. It's not our stolen thought, that's not how Khomeini thinks. That's not how Al Qaeda and ISIS think they'd be more than happy to visit terror. And may have on our homeland in one day more and more we'll have the capacity to do so. That's why those of us. Want to ensure that IRAN never has nuclear weapons where the real peace Nix
once they do it's too late, the region proper president in the administration, is struggling on. What to do with North Korea is because peace, administrations, cut scores of deals with North Korea that the code pink Republicans, would love him get in peace in our time deals soft delusional. Feel absolutely gray cause there hasn't been any war and then all of a sudden, this journey Sidled dictator is twenty nuclear weapons. Now? What do you do? There's nothing. You can really do. Is there like a red China. In the early days of the Clinton administration, I couldn't even get a rocket off the of the planet earth what happened while one of those rockets was unsuccessful,.
And our companies, when, in the Red, China and fixed their problem, by doing so, violated our export control us and then for evermore trying to figure out how to get rockets off the planet, earth and from there they said. I, you know what let's steal all this technology and get everything we can, which has exam really what they ve been doing now. They know how to shoot rockets. They know how to merge them. A multiple warheads, they're, not our cities down at a longterm from sobs. Satellite technology far exceeds hours in a military sense: they can wipe out our electrical grid, which would destroy this country literally and days. What should we do. Sure we will draw from the South China see what shall we do? Just don't be provocative mark.
Be a warmonger. You must be a hawk really. What is it any of our business? goes on in IRAN right of course, It is in general, a wise at any of our business that they, To build icy be aims I can hit LOS Angeles Chicago in New York with nuclear warheads. Why is it was that dump please? Why is that any of our business? You know what I've fighting wars with muskets anymore and wars or beyond can additional? Their cyber war is their space wars, their intercourse that'll ballistic missiles, now you're not safe and Lawrence Kansas. Do you think you are You're not safe and shy. I am in Boise just because you're in areas
the country that you may not think are really target There's not a lot of industry, population or so forth. Let me tell you a little secret. Every one of our major metropolitan areas are targeted by the Russians for offensive nuclear attack, everyone and more and more by the Chinese. What do you think the ranch going to do. I want you to think about this. You ve got space warfare, cyber warfare intercontinental ballistic missiles, more more of these countries with with nuclear warheads, answer is as if this is eighteen, o three gifts, a town, they won't bother,
we don't many forces there. One of the reasons we have forces in these places is so we can theo the hell these people are doing, we can't get all of our intelligence. So that's the other thing. These co pig, Republicans Bernie the types the our intelligence actually gonna believe these people. What would you have four? bases and you of human intelligence. Our intelligence gets better, but they say like everybody out, one thousand troops are too many. Five hundred troops are too, any get em all out just get out. They set as if the Miller Mary and intelligence personnel who want them their want them exposed to see what their colleagues and fellow soldiers and fellow intelligence officers exposed. The wants a don't want them exposed, but on the other hand, they know what their job is. Just because somebody sits behind a Senate desk or a broadcast desk or radio microphone
does it mean they know what the hell's going on most of them. I'll be right back You're begins Hills Del College. Thanks you for your loyalty to freedom since eighteen ready for him Does held fast to its mission to provide the kind of education essential preserving free government and for decades the collar has extended its educational mission on behalf of liberty through a variety of outreach programmes, actually receive in Primus for free every month or have taken. One of hills, does excellent free online courses or voting Did one of hills, Dell's, free regional events, you know of hills, deals refusal to take even one penny of government money. Now this end. And its allows the college to focus on its core purposes: learning character, faith and freedom without government interfere,
it's. So during the season of blessings hailstones. Thank you for your partnership and extend its mission to the rest of the country Happy Here from Hills, Dale College and to learn more visit, love Four hills: Delbert Com- that's L B, DE, I am for hills, dot com. Marius producer, to which call shall I go? Yes, serious satellite, Frank in Florida. Go remark: I really appreciate your about agenda that started. Looking at you, you voiced what I feel every night and I can't thank you enough. You again I am outside now I went to high school with your favorite district attorney.
Which one which one on banana hello there, which district attorney My grandfather, the guy. Now the loser. Yes, here, what do the honey ice glorying in this graph Bonnie at his bodyguard, whether more? What went back a long way from my whole life? And it's been one of those things where I dont understand why more people don't follow? What's going on in Washington? It don't support this president and I'm sick and tired of these democratic mandate.
The one that should be removed. Carbon there's a modest effort underway now too, to punish her out what those people are. Waking the constitution, as you pointed out in such a way that is understandable. I dont know why more people don't great how about it well, but we have problems. Also lets interesting. Is your have one two, three four members of the Senate who take a position Ah now the constitution, which my view is dead wrong and that's the only time they get attention by the media because their position undermine the trump position. Otherwise, their interpretation of the constitution when applies to domestic issues, spending border security and so forth are utterly reject. It is ludicrous you notice at
Yes, I do. I have learned so much from listening to you about that actually started reading. It again now spend years school and you're right on every point. No scholar, bus but I want you and everybody else out there listen to this programme to actually look at the constitution, the power it gives to the house, or that is to the Congress and the power it gives to the present. When it comes to commander in chief responsibilities, take a look. It gives no affirmative battlefield strategic authority to a legislative branch Tommy. What insane? fools would do that not just socialist radical libertarians and in really what they're doing is promoting their agenda. They said we want no more war. You know there was a. I talk bout, it maybe look it up during the break. I won't give it up,
make sure you listen after the break. I'm going to read something to you to the nation of a little bit bit of history, that's kind of fascinating and you would sink that the you would think that the code pink Republicans today the Bernie Sanders types would do exactly. That what am I talking about come back after the top of the tower and I'll explain we'll be right back
he's here now, broadcasting them only underground can impose than the bowels of a hidden bunker somewhere under a brick and steal over nondescript building. We have once again made contact with our leader back a mark living here. Our number eight. Seventy seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one faked, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one! So the uranium shot down that ukrainian passenger commercial passenger jet with a hundred and seventy six people perished. There must have been absolutely horrific, absolutely horrific monoplane like that on. Reportedly it was accidental
I guess we learn more about that. As time goes on the Kellogg very on deck, the calibre beyond ACT of nineteen. Twenty eight, though you code, pink Republicans and Bernie Sanders types, media, crap party, radical libertarians. You should love this, but this really goes to the heart of the idiocy of your position. And you can look it up yourself. This is from me, Inter wars. Webley cite the count. Bring on pact was an agreement between a total of sixty two countries in nineteen twenty eight, On the plan to outlaw war result of war war, one every nation from both the West in Eastern Hemisphere wanted to prevent a second world war. Did they succeed by the way.
Initiated originally by France. In America, the United States feared the would seem like a bilateral aligns, meaning of France was threatened, the U S may be forced to intervene in which defeat. The purpose of outlawing war said a resolve this. They suggested that the Tunisian, take the lead in inviting other nations and joining them together with the other. Sixty two nations They signed the Kellogg Brian Pact, also known as the pack of Paris which merrily stated to clauses the first outlaw war as an international policy, so they outlawed war sounds pretty cool. The second called about upon the signatories to me: matters in peaceful ways. Now those sixty two,
patience all totally ratify the pack guess what the effectiveness was destroyed by the failure to provide enforcement's and the Kellogg Briand Pact eventually felt falls with the start of World WAR Ii, the start of World WAR Ii, During this into war period between World WAR, one a war war to the idea of international peace rose and America. Everyone wanted to then a second world war. These big endless wars. You know some focused on disarmament, such as the series of naval conferences that began a Washington while others supported the League of Nations and the newly formed world court, but others initiated a movement to try and outlaw war. People involved with the Carnegie Carnegie Endowment for the four international peace, including peace advocates, Nicholas Mary Butler and James Short well, were dedicated upon
promoting internationalism, France, on the other hand, was isolated, was sick. A safety net, a friend do it. Continued distress upon its trim and neighbour France, sought alliances to shore up her defence. French minister foreign affairs called for an agreement between the: U S and France, yet Cabin Coolidge Sector Estate, Frank Kellogg, were less eager to form the pack, since the agreement against war could be interpreted as a bilateral allow itself. To avoid this, they invited these other nations nationally. Fifteen nation sign the pack
in France in the: U S: the UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, India, Belgium, Poland, Checklist Slovakia, dreamily. If the Germany, ITALY in Japan later forty seven additional nations, the cow agree on pack attempted to achieve internationalism and through cooperation between the sixty two nations, they try to outlaw war Yet since everyone wanted to outlaw war on their own behalf, nobody would support the ones in need. In any event, nineteen thirty one, Japan, Ave invaded Manchuria, Japan was a signatory to the colombian ACT, further threats to peace, agreement came from the italian invasion of Ethiopia, one thousand nine hundred and thirty five ITALY was a signatory to the Kellogg Briand pact.
German occupation of austrian nineteen. Thirty eight Germany was a signatory to the colleague Brian, the fact that there was no way to enforce the pact and that they can. Then they say you can't they constituted a sub. The fence cannot be fully defined, cause many problems, the dominant powers than the: U S, France, Britain wanted to remain at peace, so they ignored the conflicts believe they would be solved and peaceful ways and they didn't want to get involved. The more more conflict began to occur, tension between nations rose and eventually, who was war war to the colombian back.
See these senseless, yet imaginative efforts to pretend there own evil people, evil regimes genocidal maniacs out there went up killing a lot of Americans because were ill prepared to actually have voices in this country. The Bernie Sanders hard left and the code pink Republicans radical libertarians, so called populace and nationalists whatever you want to call who wants you to believe that if we would just take everything we have hook, line and sinker out in the Middle EAST, since we have nothing to do with them will be perfectly. Just take everything. We have the nineteen thirty out of Germany in Japan, where we Japan so far way. What does that have to do with us? German so far away whether how is that our national security interests.
To be spending money here on bridges,. On family leave on some these things here on going after Google and Facebook. Why bother ten thousand miles away? seven thousand mile what the hell can they do to us and keep something in mind as I come back to seriousness,. They can do a hell of a lot more to us now far away than they could the nineteen twenty and thirty with the advancement of military technology, satellite technology, cyberspace technology, icy, beam technology, nuclear technology. This isn't a game. We should dismiss the eighty Alex
I want to keep going to Iraq I'll point to World war, one to world war, two nine hundred and eleven, and they say we don't have intelligence going to believe these people why they would have us remove all of our intelligence assets out of these parts of the worlds. We have no idea what the hell's going on none except anything we can pick up from far away. Why would we do that to ourselves? How does that keep the peace? How does that protect us? It's very important. You think these things through. This is why I have the smartest audience of audiences, because you do you don't go with the platitudes and the bumper stickers, and you want to know about history, because you understand we must learn from history. His. Didn't begin and end with a rack.
History to begin and end with a ran and Hezbollah. We ve got to learn from history. If we would draw everything and anything from the Middle EAST, we will suffer. The consequences will be blind much. What goes on we'll be blind to budding nuclear power nuclear powers. We will do so at a grave risk to ourselves I'll be right back. We're not going to spend the rest of the show on this, but we will give in and out of the president's rally in Ohio. Go ahead,
Would the envy of every country in the world we created seven million brand new jobs, our election, and we will soon be replacing the disaster known as after we're. Incredible brand new. U S embassy a star victory for awhile farmers, workers and manufacturers, but really a great victory for the United States. It's an incredible agreement, you remember I game and I talk about I'd. Always about how bad our trade deals are. We did a brand new one with Korea so now South Korea. We just finished a big one: forty billion dollars with Japan on January, fifteenth resigning monster, big beautiful
monster forty to fifty billion dollars to our farm. That's our farmers will be take it in I keep saying go by larger tractors. Go by larger tractors. I said there is no way out of you know the story. My people wanted twenty billion of purchase right twenty billion one. That's a lot of money to us, a lot of corn, twenty billion dollars and I said, make it fifty It is very big, they said. Ok, they said, sir. The farmers can produce that much. I said: let the farmers tell me that There are going to get back on their little bit later, but You don't understand right now: it's very important who Nancy below
He really has Tehran Nancy here. She is at a press conference today, cut ago now, in terms of impeachment he'll, keep asking me the same question. I keep giving the same answer. As I said right from the start, we need to see the arena and which we are sending our managers too much to ask October puts was eighty six sixty, which is passed resolution which talk about the terms proceed further firmly proceed with investigation, so that people are you say, ladies and gentlemen, the fact is that the constitution gives the Senate the sole power over the trial process period.
In this, there is no dispute whatsoever, no dispute whatsoever got forego We would hope that we would see from them, but the terms of engagement will be. We are ready. We are proud. Our defence of the Constitution of the United States. We are concerned that this teachers who will not be able to live up to the EU. They must take. Impartial trial, so much so that an impartial trial, You can hear arrogance can hear her fascism pouring out of her pours so much for that.
But here's the deal she doesn't get to tell the senators what to do and she toast but an impartial trial, Tommy Ladys in German. Is there a single democrat from this running for president, whose impartial about this now many have called for the conviction and removal. The present men, Said the president's committed crimes, they ve said all kinds of horrible things about the president. Are they going to be impartial now. Everyone knows this is an impartial. Was the house impartial and the way it proceeded. Now she lies to us, the american people. She thinks you're stupid that she thinks you're one of my constituents because our constituents are stupid. They vote over and over again they must like fecal ridden streets. They must like Heroin needles everywhere they must like seeing their beautiful city, can do on a a Turk, village,. Now here she is again fascistic.
Tehran Nancy cut five: go. They don't want witnesses. She's such a yes sleaze bar, she really is complete. Sleaze bar go ahead. Take the mist dismissal can I cannot, clear the press. Can I clear the present in the wrong doing, but she wants an impartial trial. Ladies and gentlemen, kind of a fool is this:. Go ahead indefinitely. Offend shall send em over when she's ready. She runs the country from little district in San Francisco she's in charge. Any of you vote for her. She runs the country she's. The president.
Now this clown, Adam Smith, not the good one, the left wing dammit from the state a Washington too. Ireland and one of the committees, and he owes his committee I'm a trip to Nancy Pelosi and he stepped out, Align John Bermondsey Thomas adorn Post over their CNN has Psmith question cut six go is a time german I think it is a mere. I understand what the speaker is trying to do really trying to use the leverage of that to work with Democrat then republican senators to try to get a noble trial, a trial that would actually show evidence, bring out witnesses. But at the end of the day, just like we control Mouse Mitch, Mcconnell controls in the Senate. They was perfect.
Advisable for the speaker to try to leverage that get a better deal. That is why doesn't look like that's gonna happen and, yes, I think it is time to send the impeachment to the Senate and let me Mcconnell be responsible for the fairness of the trial. The ultimately is now fascist picture on me, she didn't like that, because, rather quickly, Chairman Democrat Atmosphere, reverse course. He said he misspoke. There was a long comment to Miss speak. Wasn't it must reduce. He missed spoke. Miss spoke is when you're calling a ran a rack. You know new I'm sure Vermont spot a cellar coffee and yet that's exactly what happened here, and so he reverse course. Why.
He scared scared of what were her stain abash on the constipated news network CNN today cut seven go he's not of along one voice. At last, there is a growing frustration inside not knocked the Senate Democratic Conquers, but the house credit carcass policies, caucus to say get on with it or down with isn't. Send it over. Let's move on. Let's talk about something else, and the fact that that others have said that publicly is noteworthy, because I got a text from House Democrat who explained why they're not saying a publicly and the reason is people are being careful about being Wait because she anti policy. Never at fascistic, Tehran Nancy never forgets I'll, never forget this Tehran Nancy, You're, a sleaze bar the highest order. You are a disgrace, you disgust
tens of millions of Americans would what you're doing to our country and our constitution, and we never forget either. And we shall not forget and I'll be right back Mark loving rate one a great one bottle of dialogue. Now, eight, seventy seven, thirty one, thirty eight one, one hour: I let Listen to the President briefly go right to Cosette solemn money and it is rare, through Only that part the world, but much bigger parts of the world was all over. He was a bad guy. He was a blood, thirsty terror and he's
longer, a terror he's dead, and yet now I see the radical left. Democrats have expressed outrage over the termination of this honourable and you What's that they should be outbreak by solemn savage crimes and the fact that its countless victims were denied as this for so long with the king of the roadside bomb, you know the roadside bomb and then they had big and send them over to Afghanistan, a rack, and when you see our friends and our great wounded warriors and a great warriors, when you see them without their legs without an arm and with so much damage its most likely that he caused damage because that's what he liked he loved
I think, the roadside so now he's gone and that's Bernie Sanders Crazy, burning eyes going. The? U S, military strike, learn some money. The world's top tears think of it, the world top terrorists, and we haven't people like Nancy below do you believe that one? ass, nervous, Nancy What are you guys slaughtered at butchered civilians, all overhead and military was in his way and we have and now she Pelosi wear them all their all trying to say
How dare you take about that way? You should get permission from Congress. You should come in. Tell us what you wanted, you should come in and tell us so that we. Call up the frank, lose its back there. We can like a lot of that's a lot of corruption back there No, nobody luxuriously shooting make sure you know. These are split. Second decisions. You have to make a decision so that alone
b to make that decision they Karla, maybe go over there. Let me go over the conquerors or come on over the. Why does this talk about? When did you well. I won't be able to make it today, Sir, how about let's say a couple of days come on over we gotta call. We heard. He was we knew the way was getting there. We have to make a decision, we didn't have time to call up Nancy, always not operating with a full DEC No, they won't do you imagine calling crooked Adam
these shop shift Asia Sagey Item how you do unless we have the world's number one tears killed. Thousands and thousands of people would like to set up a meeting, so we can discuss his execution. What would you be well, I won't be able to make it this way. Well, you know each travelling fast. We get out of here that bad. Little had so much needed to revise these smaller shirt collar. You can get and its use
no come on out and we got to meet faster out of. We got them lined up and got to take this guy out we're not going to have another shot out of baby ever again, but but I can't make it now, because I'm trying to impeach Trump Even though we did nothing wrong by the way, did you say nothing wrong. They don't even know what the hell is going on in fact, is so weak. She does. I want to put in the articles it so weak there. So pathetic. So pathetic, so they want us to call them now here for big liquor, he likes crazy CNN, see with a little red light. Not too many people are watching. Shirin Ebadi, legs they all say the off the record. I gotta hurry up because everyone's watching me
the whole way of myself off the record. They go the number one turns to the world's alimony and they gotta get a bigger to take about in the next ten minutes. Please don't tell anybody, I told you but the so we we break enough. President drop within the next twenty. Twenty five is looked to be taken, terrors general. Solomon he's gonna do Can I bring about the next twenty minutes? 19Th, one thousand eight hundred and seventy that we get back to the battlefield, you do. Well, I go. Surrey disappeared, I don't know what happened. They want. They want us to tell them so that they can legally, our friends in the corrupt media.
You gotta say, though, that's a lot of media right. That's the way the after the words used to look what I was successful, they started hitting us all the time and it became unsuccessful. I love it where's the bad ones. They have a really bad when some real sick ones there, one good one the one I have one go: what's a bad, very, very dishonest people, and we have some great. What's where we have some great journalists, gray reporters what you ve got a tremendous number of dishonest media people like I have never seen,
in my life before they write things that they know a wrong. They right. If you watch for the last three years, think of it and then they get Pulitzer Prize is, but it turned out to be all right How do you do they get? Paused surprises forbade the Pulitzer Prize doesn't mean, and this is why they hate him, because I mean just exposes. Had we not going to tell you about the Nobel Peace Prize, I'll tell you about that. I made a deal. I saved a country and I just heard that the head of that country is now getting the Nobel Peace Prize for saving the country I should want it did I something to do with a year, but you know that's the way it is as long as we know. That's all that matters I saved a big, more saved a couple of my administration. We will never make excuses for America's enemies
We will never hesitate in defending american lives. I'd. We will never stop working to defeat radical. Islamic terrorism? Never, I know, but he's done it like. We've done it and it's we it's we, it's not me. It's we as a whole movements. There is by the way, ever been a moment like this, you know say? What. Recently. Well, we will turn here and there the present rally in Ohio, its historic, things he sang the ways conducting himself the media want you to think it's clownish time a church should presidential too rash. It's none of those things this one of the most consequential president's in modern american history, then fifty sixty years from now people will look back on this and awe
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but this had is odd. Seller we're so in that at like nobody's ever so bad before I could keep Amerika great, so we're gonna use both but keep Amerika great. That's probably gonna be the dominant theme for eight years. The Obama administration enable both the iranian regime. There, the wrong one hundred and fifty billion dollars, including one point, seven billion dollars in hard called cash. Can you imagine? How can you imagine one point? Seven, point eight billion dollars in cash, So the foolish around
deal finance, turanian aggression while allowing a quick path to nuclear breaker, that's what it did and by the way it expires so soon they can have nuclear weapons in that, as I said before, they will. Not have nuclear weapons by subsidizing. Iran's belie the last administration. Who is leading the world down the path of war? We are Soaring our world to the path of peace, peace, peace and our countries doing great, and I think something's gonna happen. That's gotta be good. You know we sanction that help around and we just put more areas what sixteen missiles- and I. How many we were ready to go? We were ready to guy said how many
he died. How many were wounded? Sir done now? warning system- none, Many were hurt heavily none, sir. We didn't do anything. We already not that I want to do, but we were ready. You have no idea. Lotta people get very lucky. With regard to be joint tonight by many Great Republic leaders, a man, help me right from the beginning. A very special gods tone this. When you hear what the President said: that's news and its part of the trunk doctrine. He said how many Americans were heard through those missiles, none how many were injured. None.
We were ready, we were ready and he was ready with overpowering military strength. This is part of the trunk doctrine that I've been talking about. This is very important when you just heard so. If Americans have been harmed or injured, there is going to be a very, very overwhelming response. That's what he said in so many words This is very important to understand. He does not joined with the ran Paul and the cold pink republicans. He has the Trump doctrine. You have also heard amused the phrase. Peace through spread, that's a Reagan phrase. As I've been explaining this Trump doctrine. I've been explaining its very Reagan, ask with trumps own twists, important twists making at his own doctrine, but that's the core of it.
And Reagan defeated the Soviet Union and push communism out of the central and South America Adam in Cuban. So. But as it was developing pushed it out, a parts of Africa. And you never sent two hundred fifty thousand troops anywhere. So the Reagan model with the trap overlay is the Trump doctrine is not the ramp all doctor and it's not the Bernie Sanders Doctrine, not the doctrine of the coach. Think left of the Coke think Republicans, that is the radical libertarians. It's a practical, common sense, doctor and based on prudence? Now the Democrats in the media one and the same. As you know, reading on freedom of the press, they keep pushing this issue. That is rash, he's not rash that he doesn't have great people around. He has great people around.
That he has no strategy, he has a strategy as a doctrine and it is an important doctrine now. He said one other thing very important. I ve heard him said several times the rain Will not get nuclear weapons, so it asked Grandpa and the others. What do you think that means that means, by hook or by crook, while he's president he's not allow nuclear weapons that could be sabotage can be targeted, hits. Maybe it's all out war, I don't know but he's drawn a line in the sand there again. That would not be Obama or the code pink. Lucas, whether I back,
he's here. Now, broadcasting on roaming underground can impose than the bowels of a hidden somewhere under a brick and steal over nondescript building. We have once again made contact with the leader of our living here, our number seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eighty, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one: tens of millions and millions of you during the course of the week. I want to thank you for tuning. In whatever platform you use, we appreciate it are wonderful affiliates. We have magnificent affiliates. I am FM stations for which we are mighty.
Rob and, of course we have our mark Levine APP and I are hot Iheart app. We have our podcast, don't forget to download the podcast MA Levin showed dotcom Mark Levine showed outcome Muddle the hour homepage. Click on the audio rewind middle top of the page that I'll take you to the podcast page, and then you can download one of the platforms. Google, podcast apple, podcast, stitched, lotta people like stature. He could take us with you all the time. All the time Made Pelosi the press briefing today on the salami killing. I want you to listen to this. I don't just play this the full time. I've got more stuff. I wanna talk to you about, then I can ever fit into a three hour programme, but it. But I want you to listen to this.
Cut twelve go the day. I could be made that putting the shoe and other foot is the United States had a high level, maybe the second most important person in the country assassinated wherever a united like consider that assault on our country, I'd stop stop. This is what I said the other day. She and they have no morality, no moral compass whatsoever. Maybe it's the radicalization on abortion. I don't know what it is. No moral compass good from bad good from evil. Our vice president is a good decent man of faith and family.
Who's never harmed a soul? He thinks like a civilized man. He acts like a civilized man. This number two in IRAN is Hitler risk he had. He has referred directly or indirectly killed tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands. It's not our vice president he's an unlawful enemy combatant was on a battlefield having just orchestrated an attack on our embassy.
Four Nancy policy to speak. This way shows you. She has no saw no moral compass, she's all about power, politics, she's diabolical the rules on manner constitution does matter what have I said. They use the constitution to destroy the constitution. They use liberty to destroy liberty, that's what she does. I want you to listen again at the top from the top cut. Twelve go: the argument would be made that putting the shoe and the other is the United States. Had a high level may be the second most important person in the country assassinated wherever you.
Since my consider that assault on our country and the Iranians might as well. Even I honestly think this this woman has lost it. I don't know she said I don't up. She's gonna screw loose, maybe, Then go ahead airport and so it is falling. There are those who think well it within a wrong so accounts was an assault on IRAN, so it's unbelievable presents defending our embassy he's defending our country, unbelievable I am so sick of this propaganda, whether its on tv or are coming from these politicians, I'm sick and tired of that such a great disservice to this country. Here's the president,
cut nine go and we had a shot at him and I took it and that shot was pinpoint accurate, and that was and of a monster. And that was really that was the second attack. That was not we didn't started. They started by killing one about people and wound badly other of our people, so that you call retribution Ukraine. If you look at what happened, Ukraine, that's a hoax. While this is a hoax to arraign, went in and they hit with missiles. Shouldn't have done that, but there is fortunately for them. Nobody was hurt. Nobody was killed, nothing happened. They landed a very little damage even to the base. They
ended, but we had a chance to take out a monster. We took him out and it should have been done a long time ago. Here's given Mccarthy today cut ten go. I never thought there would be a moment in time the speaker of the House of resolute representatives actually be defending solemn. I the idea of this individual in this moment in time that they would be defending. I ran the somehow they did not escalate this. When a presidency, for the world in the country. Yesterday about the escalating, what are you say to all the gold star families, did you listen to what the speaker just said. It's all. So am I was a bad person, but there is no but he's a bad person because he killed american soldiers is a bad person. Cosy letters against the embassy is a bad person. Could you went after the tankers he's a bad person?
as in bombed the refinery, he's a bad person because he was planning more against Americans. The president was right in his actions and we are safer today for it. I think that part of what the Democrats are doing today is wrong and yet Pelosi humor the Democrats, the media, the co, pink Republicans Phil, emboldened by all those involved. Tom Believable run to the defence of Ukraine, with hundreds of millions of dollars defend America, and they want a pair
some kind of non binding resolution that spews, whatever its views, tap slowly shocking. Let's go back to the President live go ahead, religion. He was against oil and it was against guns. Abraham Lincoln could not women taxes without platform that started but it's not a good platform, but you are people they want to shut down the oil industry. Out of you do that you go to shut down, every business is really more than in the rest of us are not going to be able to pay, because the cost of this energy would be so expensive. So we have all forms of energy. We have every form of energy and we are doing great, but they want a cripple, you're states economy, but the voters of Ohio will never let that happen. Nevertheless,
an hour an hour water right now is cleaner than has been in forty years sadly, I can't say historic, because you know a couple a hundred years ago there was nobody here. So I assume the two three hundred years ago was leaner, probably. You never know what our water at our air is ITALY. It is its ever been, and I took a sad that horrible parish record. I always say: are you
save trillions and trillions of dollars that was put in there to hurt us? In my opinion, it was put in there to hurt us. We were paying money to India, we're paying money to China. China's didn't kick in till two thousand and thirty. We kicked it immediately where to pay money. Russia kicked in in twenty, let's see they kicked in before they were one thousand nine hundred and ninety way they were one thousand nine hundred and ninety six. That was a very dirty of there, so they didn't have we kick in now and that it's just unacceptable. We would have spent trillions and trillions of dollars
would have had a close up. I think at least twenty five to thirty percent of our businesses, who the hell would make a deal like that right who would make it really will dip back in and out as we will such a consequential president truly so we got a circle Some people want to remind you just twenty or thirty seconds, but the Democrats were saying about impeachment. You in the White House put this on their site as montage, not that ago, cut to go urgency. Timing is really driven by the urgency of urgency. Have nothing
for each of the urgency, arrogant and urgent, there's an urgency to this, and we must move swiftly on time. The storeroom urgency has bigger Nancy policy still holding onto the articles of impeachment yeah. He had actually, yes, she is- and here I been thinkin about this further. Who does it hurt by her holding on to the articles of impeachment? Now it hurts the constitution. We ve talked at length about this more than anybody else. Ok, but there is another point I want to raise. Is it the I were voting soon must producer like in four weeks or something what how does it help the Democrats If there is a Senate, try that's going on and you have Republicans they're, not gonna, just take it sitting there
Fighting back against what the Democrats have done in the house, what they're doing to our presidents and what they're going to the president himself? How does it help their candidates for the Senate? How does it help their candidates for President the senators there is supposed to be in the Senate? They won't be heavily campaign this is why you're saying a growing movement within the Democratic Party, a growing movement within the Democratic Party, the move on with this to move on with this and I'm guessing the poles Kennedy paused, that they don't show us a showing that the people really are sick and tired of this and over what over nothing over. What over nothing.
Now the president takes out somebody he should have taken up, but nobody else would in their tracks trying to control him. I mean it's unbelievable. What was the imminent threat? They tell us whether there was no women threat. There was no imminent threat in arrive. If you're a democratic, you believe there's no imminent threat. You, nobody, public off. She shouldn't be who public office, whose Elizabeth Warrant cut fourteen go what we started the and yes, we should be worried about war, Principal job of the president of the United States is to keep America's safe and ordering the cat
of solar money who are banned. I start putting me was a bad guy. A bad guy is somebody who you know does Give you the right change intentionally talks behind your back, doesn't pay for a date. That's a bad guy, bad guy like calling Himmler a bag, always a bag such a stupid human. Being. It's not even funny. You he's a big guy he's a bank. I go ahead. A high ranking iranian government. Official has not me America safer, yes, it has. What are you talking about? That's like taking out yonder
tell you. I've talked about that over and over again does it make Safety, you I just pissed off the Japanese. Kind of people are these. What kind of rationality is this there so hung be presently united States, but the Good NEWS is that destroying themselves, the media have destroyed themselves. The democratic party, as an institution will only when elections are not has destroyed itself as an amount, an institution anyway, then how these candidates, individually by less over this one, Alison Camera RADA, CNN, cut fifteen, go Vice in my pants just said. Diana he just said on a different morning, show that they have Intelligence to support that IRAN, fire Those missiles in ten
To kill Americans, how can we trust that the forty saying there since they have produced none of the intelligence of the american public. Now listen to this. Listen to this is this. A news report are just a moron. This is incredible to me: had said are dismissed the intelligence as being woefully scant decision in ignoramus whose giving her opinion she has no news to offer whatsoever none. Why should we trust the Vice President Bush? We trust the vice president. I think the most outrageous thing today was Nancy Pelosi, truly, the most outrageous thing that I've ever heard come out of the mouth of a speaker, the house. That's for sure, that's for sure this moral right.
Division demonstrated. She has no FARC moral, core whatsoever, I'll be right back back to the president's live. Go terminals in gang members from our country by the thousands. We are suddenly got them all and we will not let them back in that. I have to tell you a lot of things: you're, gonna, hear about it and two seconds. Through our tireless efforts to secure the boon. Illegal cross these are down seventy five percent. Since we are, then they can release catch,
Really general catcher lasers? We catch them. We take down their neighbour, we releases we're gonna crap is that these are the policies that we inherited you catch. Somebody you take today say: please come back in three years right. I we release him into a country and if you don't do that, everybody gets. Can you believe it? we have ended, catch and release the other one beauty about the latter scald visa lottery. How about this? They put their these people are to America Bomb either. I will not use names because I'll be accused or something about what I endorse what about El Salvador. We have reached this point.
Only in Ohio could then Ozma that did Edward, who is so anyway, but in Honduras. Guatemala there, like this latter, we now the people are gonna, know the government of it. Is that good? We made some good right that a lot more to cover in the next hour and give all pop in an hour with the president. He still speaking so please next The next half hour, I should say so. Please, stick with us will be right. Back Rio only show without warning label liberals, thereby Glove Angel Common now at seven, seven, three, eight one three, eight one: one
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Cluj genocide, Xxvi Anti wrinkle treatment will be upgraded to priority shipping for free, order now get a surprise gift. Yes for ordering today order now, red skin six o four eight hundred scheme, six so for I gotta genocide back com. That's gonna, sell that car. My right, the President go Sanders. Healthcare plan would cost over thirty two trillion dollars here, that's more money than making five years, that's more money than will ever make. He is indeed crazy, no noise- or let me take that back. No, it's a great glad that we have to consider a strong we have to consider is glad strong. We now see I'll tell you what the fake news will do. They'll take my last words. It's a great plan we have to consider is strongly
got everything out in the fraud and they'll say. Donald Trump is in favour of Bernie Sanders Green New deal. They can do more with the tape. Then they can do with a newspaper now they'll do that you'll see a subway you'll see it dropped supports this plan. They are sick. Republicans will defend middle class taxpayers and the right to keep the doktor of your choice. We will protect patients with pre existing conditions and we will protest you are pre existing physician you're out of your position virtually every job Democrat also now supports late germ abortion ripping babies straight from the mother's womb. Right up until the moment, That is why I have asked Congress to prohibit late term abortion because Republicans believe-
that every child is a sacred gear for they won't do they have no moral saw? That's that's what they ve made abundantly clear abundantly clear Article Democrats are now the party of high taxes. I cry open borders, late, germ abortion socialism Blake and corruption and Salami Republican Party is the Party of the american worker, the american family and a party of the american We still have that. As of today, we buy boy did one More than eighty seven federal judges to interpret the cod,
We should think about two great Supreme Court judge figure that one hundred and eighty seven federal court of Appeals- judges figure that thank you. President Obama gave us under forty two judges likely I give her about President Obama. We have a record to record and we will appoint many more, but we first day at a hundred and forty two judges hundred forty joys and how many too we are sure you have a hundred and forty two as it you gotta, be kidding. I thought I'd say, may be none, maybe one, but certainly no more than one d like gold. They said no, sir, you have a hundred and forty two I said you gotta be kidding. How did this happen? President Obama? President Obama did not get it then and by the way Mitch helped a lot too. I have to match helped a lot
was, it is so easy were gone. We're aggressively combating the oil we epidemic at its bad in two thousand, a drug overdose deaths in Ohio fell by listen to this. Twenty two percent are there. Aren't you to listen to this briefly further show rise listen to Joe Biden. I wear this week.
I have a list with warm she once federal zoning. I told you this day was come campaigner, home or business unless its carbon neutral. That's an impossibility, there's no such thing, even if you were living in the desert in a tent that tenth what goes on in that tend isn't carbon neutral, because your exhaling, when you breathe anyway Joe Biden this week and I were had Tipp to Americans for tax reform, those they ve got all kinds of things. Ladies and gentlemen,
they want a banned from your lives, because that's what tyrannies do catch eighteen go. I agree with you, one hundred percent. We should by allowing plastic phasing it out phase out plastic bags, a government that has the power to phase out plastic bags has the power to destroy your life. What did the government get the power to phase out plastic bag you to one another? I cut the power from the Supreme Court in the new deal with checks on the power the administrative state were destroyed.
Franklin Roosevelt, the Great Franklin rose, so he was ass because in Kenya we are trying to kid. The environment, no plastic bags. He go with your own bags and then Biden says again: go ahead. I agree with you one hundred percent. We should not be plastic. Where's the bags, no plastic straws, sooner plastic cups and, as I posted today, have a plastic surgery. We did Plastic surgery, you not happen the job I face. It would melt one of those Indiana Jones Movies match what would happen to John carries face, which has already disfigured. Magic or ninety policies face for that matter.
I urge the undoing of all those I tux and facelift booth. So I say we're gonna get rid of plastic straws in plastic bags. We should get rid of plastic surgery for leftists way too much plastic gap. Where I mean folks, this is the problem, even the small things they want to control the big things for sure, but even the small things nothing's. The table, nothing! When you have so many laws, you have no laws, it becomes a lawless society. Hope that makes sense to you.
We're going to outlaw the amount of sodium can drink the size of the cups, we're going to outlaw plastic straws plastic bags. I guess everything: plastic everything, foam, broken, outlaw big things to you know like your right to bear arms. Elizabeth, more Rogan outlaw new homes unless they meet federal zoning requirements at she mandates organ outlaw new business facilities. Do they don't learn from Venice? Well, then, learn from any these things, thrilling white shocking and they claim to do these things in the name of the people draw bondsman ran a long time, Lisbeth worn
Bernie Sanders all the rest of them. They ve been in government or they ve been in academia. What exactly do they know about anything? Exactly nothing I back to the President, Japan, it's true in the past poverty to prosperity. Together we will elect the Republic of Congo is to create a fair say, say: I love some of immigration, we will emerge trade deals that result in more products, proudly we'd that beautiful phrase made in the USA. We will achieve new breakthroughs in science and medicine, finding new cures for childhood cancer and ending the AIDS epidemic in America. Nobody knew there could have been done long before I got here. They had the technology, but we're ending the age. Epic
hammock in America within ten years is not amazing. Who would have thought that's who would have thought that's possible. We will defend privacy, free speech, religious liberty and the right to keep and bear. Above all, we will never stop fighting for their good values that bind us together as one big beautiful America. We support, protect and defend the current situation United States, we said with a credible heroes of law enforcement.
We believe in the dignity of work and the sanctity of life. We believe that faith in family, not government and bureaucracy, are the true american when we believe that children should be taught, you love our country,. Honour our history and you always respect our great American. Can. I believe we have to the break while they write back then
Harry and may give the so called MR producer. They don't want to be part of the royal anymore. You know I didn't want to be obligated, Harry and Megan to brats. Basically,
what you talkin about two brats, I know Harry served in the British Military- got that stuff to brats. I'm sure Megan's been a magnificent influence on Harry and I'll get more money more fame. They will be celebrated for doing what they're doing there such rebels- oh, my goodness, Harry and Meghan. Now here's a little message for Harry Meghan. Ninety nine point: nine percent of the world don't give a flying. You know what they just don't deliver a little dream world. However, you wish to live it. Nobody cares especially me. I hate to say this, but one of the reasons- Americans, probably people- are the parts of the world go to Britain.
Certainly one of the major reasons because of the royal family, they want to see the castles they want to see. Buckingham palace, even from afar, they want to see, were Henry the eighth committed his debauchery.
London Tower. They want to see. This is what we want to see without the royal family. What is Britain about the royal family? What is Britain MR produce its Boston? Basically no offense and just say known in the royal family, for all the money they spend. Think of the tourism dollars had come into their country in hungarian Megan, my god they're. So wonderful. They want to stand up to the system break.
From whose stop and just do it just do it, and what are they going to do? What are they going to do? I'm just curious again run a Starbucks. There were good liberals, do get a Starbucks franchise to their friends. I dont even know run the London version of habitat for humanity. Who knows can just imagine all the things that they'll do be lovely lovely Lovely you gotta feel sorry really for the queen. What a bunch of knucklehead she has spawned have no offense, but I mean that, in all sincerity, with all due respect, MR producer.
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not using expressly planets like leaving your front door unlocked every return. You go up, sure nothing happens for years. The one something does happen, a terrific you can have a break in and it can be devastating. One of the easiest way to secure your internet data is with express weeping in you, click one button on your computer, a smartphone and your protected one button. So my question is: why don't you try and get expressway paean? Here's what you do visit my special link right now express VP in dotcom, slash, mark and you'll even get an extra three months off of expressed Phoebean for free, protect your internet. Today, the VP and I trust, to keep my data safe, good, Express, VP, n
had come slash mark to get stored, Spress VP end Dotcom, slash mark to get started. Let's go to Ali our first. That may be our last collar the evening. I'm sorry folks Ali. How are you, Sir great? How are you must have been very well. I give my motto generally from Syria. I want to say that to american people got the Bless America at applies out through about Gus our President, because the king of the evil guys surely money the one he is behind them. Over a million people with his auditors. Globe inhibit unhelpful law. Again got the best I met a guy got the classroom, offer an early notice notice how our media dont fine gentleman like you to talk about what's taken place. Have you noticed that early what George people read only Bobo guy he's an evil guy able to broadly he's better than here. He brought your devastation to Syria to Yemen to Lebanon.
Were admitted easier less than it was in Lebanon and who did who did that Sunday morning? Yes, So tell me why don't they tell the true story of salami on CNN and MSNBC in the rest of the meat to pull my friend, I've got yourself a hot for Georgia, we urge you all to myself what that I'm here of the war I found, I guess, a broad alleys phone over mister call screen of on call him. The marm bring back alley of used in the gray Katy our age. We salute all you heroes out there. I want to. Thank you my beloved audience see you tomorrow.
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