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On Tuesday's Mark Levin Show, the New York Times' 1619 project and the fixation on racism will destroy America as it conquers our public schools. This program seeks to destroy patriotism by teaching hate for this country to our students. That's why 12 scholars from across America have penned a critique of the NY Times' project to set the record straight. This is reminiscent of the "Progressive Project" and this is why we have candidates like Bernie Sanders. Then, Marxism is enormously destructive and there's something wrong with Democrats who openly support a Marxist like Sanders while the media covers for him. Marxism is responsible for impoverishing millions of humans around the globe. Later, prosecutors have recommended a 7-9 year prison sentence for Roger Stone and Judge Berman is not expected to be kind, either. This is the way that the left circumvents norms to create political prisoners in America. Also, Mike Bloomberg is dangerous Oligarch who uses flippant comments that demand liberty and support gun confiscation.

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Ladies and gentlemen, the following segmented of the as presented exclusively by Hills Del College. Now in its hundred and seventy fifth year here, There is a truly independent institution where learning prized in intellectual enthusiasm is valued. Thank you for listening, my sincere appreciation to Hills, Dale, further sponsorship, now broadcasting on roaming underground command, both the bowels of a hidden bunker somewhere under a brick and steal over nondescript building. We have once again made contact with our leader and oh hello, hello, everybody mark living here, our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seventy three, eight one, three, eight one one: how do you
This all day, long New Hampshire, the interviewing a few people in a diner predictions poles. We know how many answers yet can't we just wait, I'm just telling it so to me monotonous. I will start Joe Biden left early in his defence. I know it. Weird Joe leaving for the next state. What else can I do? What else can I do. Here's the thing as New Hampshire goes. The nation does not necessarily go. You reminded the nineteen seventy six republican primaries, Reagan, was losing losing a losing and then they hit North Carolina and just. Helms at his machine and they got behind
in an Reagan, want an Reagan, stacked up a whole bunch of primary once and he almost defeated Gerald Ford. Republican primary short by one hundred hundred and ten delegates, that was it These people have any context, any history for what the report now full disclosure and I'm embarrassed to tell you this. I've been sick as a dog today, but didn't want to take off today. Cuz. I took off some days last week that I needed to take off so we're going to plow ahead, but that's okay. I just hope you can hear me. Okay, that's the goal! I have my cough button here,
a very secure, but all day long reporting or New Hampshire. One literally, nothing has happened. People are voting and we don't have the outcome to exhausting, isn't it to me. So we're not gonna have real answers there. Some voting that comes in at seven p M Eastern in about an hour, the Paul's clothes vast majority them at eight p m eastern in about two hours, I'm not gonna sit here can just go over the same. Damn thing time and time again. I can't. I can't imagine So what do you say we get into a few other airs and then was circle back as results come. It does not make sense to you Sixteen nineteen project that America was founded and so ray slavery, is in our dna sleigh reason everything we do is going.
Strong. This country, it's going to destroy this country. It is, tended to destroy this country. We might but it's the New York Times there just level Just do it. They don't know. The New York Times is very diabolical, who explain their history to you, many many times, but the New York Times and their sixteen nineteen project is moving quickly into our public schools. And its being used to teach your children a false history, this nation, which will undermine their so for this nation and undermine patriotism for this nation. As our newspapers are supposed to do, is at a free press, twelve scholars. A few few weeks What a letter to the editor New York Times magazine
Want to read you what they rode its relatively short letter. I suspect they couldn't write a long letter given the requirements of that magazine. Twelve scholars, William Alan emeritus. In Professor Michigan State Universe. It's worth hearing her. They are Michael Burlingame. I only Lynn Stinguished chair in Lincoln Studies, University of Illinois, Joseph for Neri, professor science Rochester instituted Technology Helen. You out, go out Senor Research scholar, Princeton universally Peter culture. Henry. A re professor murders of history, university, delicate Glenn, W a fantasy. Frog family, professor civil war, history, and of the institute a civil war studies. Western Kentucky University Lucas morale profess Politics, Washington, Elite, universities, George Rabble, make that ray.
Professor Emeritus University of Alabama They a sharp professor political science, lay only university Showing you these are serious people, Colleen she and professor political science director Matthew, J, Rhine, Centerville of a university Stephen, be Smith, Alfred Cows, proof for political sides, yell University and Michael suckered, end Reeves Dray, prefer a political sides University Notre Dame what did they write in their few paragraphs. They said we are writing to you today in ten the numerous others to express our deep concern about the New York Times. Promotion of the one thousand six hundred and nineteen project, which first appeared in the page The New York Times magazine on August Fourteenth and the of tennis s poems and fiction by variety of authors, projects about purposes Restore the history of slavery to a central place in american memory in history, and it can do
with the New York Times the project now plans to create industry beach school curriculums, which will feature this re centering of the american experience. They say it's not our Purpose to question the significance of slavery in the american past. None of us have any disagree, but the need for Americans, as they can their history to understand that the past is populated by centres as well sites, but hearts as well as owners, and that is pretty They true of the scarred legacy of slavery as this were injured, students of the founding of the civil war, is our concern. Is that the ninth sixteen nineteen project mayhem? starkly limited view of slavery, especially since slavery was not just or even exclusively an american malady, but a larger context of forced labour and race. Moreover, the breadth of four hundred years and three hundred milk
people cannot be compressed into single size. The sixteen the project asserts In project asserts that every aspect of american life, as one lands for viewing, that of labour and its follow up. Amerika In a democracy to black Americans made at one in Sicily, essay buying a car Hannah Jones capitalism is brutal. You can trace that to the Plantation a search another Matthew, Desmond In some cases, histories reduced to metaphor how segregation how's your traffic jam by the way? Let me just pause here. Marxist, left and that's what's going on here. You notice how how they endlessly attack cap. Capitalism now is a product of slavery, even though capital. As the free system on the face of the earth, where a dismayed. They right by the problematic treatment, a major issues and personalities of the founding the civil warrior as, for instance, the sixteen
Nineteen project construe slavery as a capitalist venture. It fails note how southern slaveholders scorn capitalism they conglomeration of greasy mechanics, petty, operator, small fisted farmers and Moonstruck theorist quote on quote. Slavery is never supported. Capitalism, nay, supportive feudalism. Although the project That New Orleans boasted a denser concentration of banking capital, the New York City, the phrase banking capital, It's the reality that only For the civil war, New York possess more banks than the entire future conferred you're safe and that southern banking capital, one thousand nine hundred and fifty eight amounted to less than eighty percent of that he'll binder play New York banks alone. Again, we are presented with an image of Abraham Lincoln in eighteen, sixty two informing, delegation of five esteemed free black men, corn quote at the White House at because black.
Arrogance where a troublesome presents his salute was colonization, that is, to ship black people once freed to another country No mention, however, is made that the troublesome press, common is Lincoln's description in eighteen. Fifty two, of the views of Henry Clay The colonization would be snuffed off by him in jail. His diary as a barbarous humbug, or that link what eventually be murdered by a white supremacist in eighteen, sixty five after calling for black voting rights, or that this was the man who Frederick Douglass, described as emphatically the black man's present. We do believe that the authors of the sixteen nineteen project have considered these larger context with sufficient seriousness did a candid review of its assertions by the large community of historians. We are also trouble These materials are now to become the basis of school curriculums with the employment or of the New York Times the remedy for
historical oversights is not their replacement by modern oversights. We therefore- spectrally asked the New York Times to withhold any steps to publish and distribute the nineteen these sixteen nineteen project until these current and can be addressed in a thorough and open fashion. You know at times, just under response. Mr producer pushed this out as hard as fast as I can do. Our public schools. I've got more on this. When we return I'll be right back then you ve heard me talk about the four pillars of education at Helstone College. Now these four pillars, purposes learning character, faith and freedom have fine hills since mission, since eighteen, forty four I'd like to focus on the first pillar, Learning Hills GEO understands is America's founders. Did that a proper edgy,
agent is essential to preserving free government. Among other things, young people must be taught America's great heritage of liberty, they must be taught about Our government works and the importance of the constitution, and they must develop the skills to become useful citizens and the virtues required for self government, because so many high schools, colleges and universities fall short in these areas today, here now has expanded its mission nationwide, for example through its free I courses it's free monthly. Beach Digest and Primus and the classical k through twelve charter schools. Its helping to found COS The ghost discover how you and your children can learn from Helstone College to gotta Lavigne Pray Hills doubt that come there are no results in New Hampshire, any results, but sometimes with fourteen people toward iconic.
Reporting the results in terms of fourteen people, I want to get on with this, because this is important and others can ain't going on, but we have our here that are destroying the country. You can ignore the values of peace in the federalist, excellent piece by Christina. Skirt and she says, and only seven months, the product is made great headway, demand for the sixteen nineteen pro prejudicial to the New York Times magazine. Was higher than all other since President Obama's O eight victory? Addition reports and beer corner the pillage resign report. They have successfully brought the sixteen nineteen curriculum to three thousand five hundred classrooms, her round the country, the country, the your
ports, educators from hundreds of schools and administrators from six school districts of also reached out to the centre for class sets the magazine. The project does not just aim to infiltrate history classes, but seeks to rephrase the way student see a vast area topics from economics to healthcare, traffic and music corridor. John Merle, more washee of a real, clear investigations. Five public school systems, including Chicago and Washington, DC of adopted, the one thousand six hundred and nineteen project Companion curriculum district wide the most cases. The curriculum has not been vetted through normal text book review. Press. But is being implemented by what Moreau ASCII Cause Administrative, feared
A most of the school districts, the 69th and curriculum is meant to be supplemental, but in January the school district, a Buffalo, Buffalo New York and drop it as mandatory for seventh, through 12th graders report, NPR many major publications have pointed out the project's historical, factual and logical inconsistency, and I just about twelve civil war experts. Historians who condemn it. Although these efforts nor will they have had little impact on the sixteen nineteen projects advance. So others arising to respond. One such response as a new free online course offered by Helstone College in you know we're very with hills down here, they're sponsored. But you expect him to step into the into the void and take this on. And the classes title is the great american story, a lane of hope and it'll be taught by
Stop President Larry PR and in Wilfred Emma and its based on clays book land of hope, invitation to the great american story, winner of the inner collegiate studies, institutes peculiar for twenty nineteen, and it goes. Now, here's where we are this is we're losing the minds and solve some young people now what is this reminiscent of the sixteen nineteen project, pushing it out into our schools, push out and colleges and universities pushing it out in the media. Taking control of the instrumentality of communication and education, what is at familiar familiar with you about the hope, progressive project, the whole progressive project The reason we have and I've broken this stones
A box, the reason we have and on free press it, because these oak progress. A project has conquered the free press, they conquered. Our publics holes. John. Do we wrote about nineteen twenties? one of the leading intellectual progressive said. Don't just report you ve got spleen for me social projects, social, active in perspective, you have to advance the cause of progressive, is of Social Activism pub, Schools he said that he was adhered here too, and we ve had a hundred years of this. Now you don't just teach mathematics in history, in science and so forth. In each instance, these subjects must be explained, in the context of a progressive ideology, and so this is what we get the New York Times,
is a radical status, progressive entity, the van majority of our government. Schools same think. The van majority right colleges and universities same thing. What does this have to do anything? This is, You get a Bernie Sanders. That's, how you get a Bernie Sanders, there's almost no push back push back and our polar government schools, must know, push back into universities and colleges almost no push back and our media instead treated like a nice, ol man who wants to help people? I keep hearing he's been concerned and he's got a lot. Energy is people on energy in their big crowd. This is the current report We ve been getting all day on innovation. But who is in what is it well he's a social or does it mean they don't tell you? They don't tell you. I had one guy the monotony of this reporting. Why
in vote for Bernie Sanders only set cause. I don't pay my stood loans anymore a sort of pasty, loans anymore, so the rest of us should pay has stood alone. This is why Marxism has an appeal. It creates the impression of something for nothing. He creates the impression of egalitarianism. It creates the impression of humanitarianism and it's the opposite of all these link, so where, where is the basis of our founding the real basis of our founding principle? Individuals, liberty, natural rice, a true free press. The time there's a few safe havens here and there a general systemic merits not talk anymore, and this is a major step towards the destruction
our society I'll be right back, you heard me talk about four pillars of education at Hills: college. Now these four pillars or purposes learning character, faith and freedom, Have define Hills deals mission since eighteen, forty four I'd like to focus on the first pillar, learning hills Dio understands is America's founders. Did that a proper budget? agent is essential to preserving free government. Among other things, young people must taught about America's great heritage of liberty. They must be, about how government works and the importance of the constitution, and they must, develop the skills to become useful citizens and the virtues required for self government, because so many high schools, colleges and universities fall short in these areas today here, now has expanded its mission nationwide, for example, through its free courses, it's free monthly speech, die, just in Primus and the classical k through twelve,
charter schools, it's helping to found coastal coast discover how you and your children can learn from Helstone College to gotta, Levine Pray Hills doubt that come with Asher, remarked, forbidden Joe go away now: seven, seven, three, eight one, forty eight one, one! Yes, yes! Yes, I am here a couple of things. People are already predicting. Who is going to be the Democratic Germany? They may be right, they may be wrong. They want to pat themselves on the hat. I don't do that. I don't see how that serves any purpose. Think it listen to me the radio you think I'm Nostradamus secret Dixon or whatever we can analyze the let's analyze, this theirs
something horribly wrong with a democratic party were twenty, over thirty percent of the voters I am perhaps New Hampshire for free. Side of the Wall Mark, says he's not a socialist he's a marxist. You need to understand who this man really is. I understand that the media cover for him but you're shocking, and I want you to think of something. Marxism that ideology in one form or another, is responsible for impoverishing billions of people billions over the course of its implementation and killing tens of millions of people. So, even if you embrace aspects of marxism, significant ex aspects of markets,
Is that not problematic in and of itself. I mean, if somebody we're running for the nomination and embraced aspects of fascism, because Marxism. Fascism in many ways overlap. Do you think that getting the kind of coverage they get from our media today. Both of these ideologies are genocidal in the end, in their most grass forms, but even in their less aggressive form, sir enormously destructive. So what is a marxist get to pass any more than a fascist should get a pass. In fact, when you look at Marxism or some form of fascism,.
They destroy the individual. They destroy liberty. They would destroy our founding principles, but I'm quite serious about this. If somebody would run froth hesitated, look I'm a democratic fascist. He got what I am a democratic fashion: Not a fascist, I'm a democratic fascists and they say A democratic fascist: they want your vote because the trains run on time. Get your social security check, I'm make sure the Vienna works. When I do this, I'm going to do that, our clear out your your loans, you're gonna, be lonely issues and in fact, most ashes throughout history had been more like marxist in some ways than anything else two. Why? Eighty eight me crazy that Bernie Sanders gets this pass?
the Democratic Party, more more moves towards Bernie Sanders, any color, but you're goin out there soon, but actually I'm a moderate ass. The people in Wisconsin club, which is a modern and british age, is a moderate when he wants to abolish the electoral college. No moderate wants to abolish the electoral college There are no moderates running for the nomination. Now the old Joe Biden wasn't even in my recent nasty vicious senator who tried to destroy conservative after conservative Clarence, Thomas Bob Bork a whole list of nominees. For a whole variety of positions they hit me, but it should tell you something This is why spend all this time writing these books and talking to you about these things, it should tell you something that more and more people are Comfortable with a Bernie Sanders, if you like, your health care, Bernie Sanders. You don't get to keep it up
what a pay for somebody else's stood alone in the vast majority of you. Dont have stood alone Bernie Sanders tough if you run an american company when you're making good profit people a good return on their capital investment people up. Engines. You know I raise for one case and so forth. Mutual funds- and you have employed to get a good sally, decent pension, decent healthcare. Bernie Sanders ideology is going to destroy all this. They got you take printed in. Take one penny of corporate money. First, more Bernie can't take me. Penny of corporate money corporations are not allowed to donate campaigns. They political action committees. But you didn't take one penny corporate money, ladies and gentlemen, is that a good thing, I'm serious
a better than my Bloomberg spends three hundred million dollars of his own money. For this. This not job star spends a hunter, billion dollars of his own money. That way these oligarchs running around seriously. This is problematic. And a here Republicans say: hey, let Bernie be the nominee, and so I went to confront this. I want to confront him went to confront this ideology. This is why let off with the sixteen ninety project and the whole progressive movement and where its dragging this nation more and more more more. We are at constitutional republic. I had a manner respect greatly, professor from for law. Like me, Colonel am, I shall life Liberty, Levant and he Poohpooh when I
did you know I think, we're in a postcard like like how wonderful you know we serve this. It's not my point not even close. When you look at the constitution, you look at what we're doing the fact that somebody can run on corn called democratic socialist agenda is incredible to me, apart from the morality of it. How does that institutions provide for such a thing. Well, it does it, but of course the Supreme Court got involved. Don't they Roosevelt Ear and by the way, here's what I'm thinking and doing? Mr because an country. I think, on the next life liberty living. I mean I mention this because I dont think me back. Pinchers. Have the capability ripping me off here. I think I'm have an expert on Franklin, Roosevelt Sunday night. One of the best exports are finally to talk about how Franklin Roosevelt abused his power when it took
reviews of power, and why Franklin Roosevelt? Because this is the iconic figure, the Democrat Party in the left- and I want to address this- you know what I think I'm going to do it and you function Joe, listen cause you're, smart, you wanna listening these sorts of things. It will go through it. What Franklin rose about did what he did turn the constitution upside down, what he did to turn capitalism inside out, because you know to talk about fragrance pull. Franklin. Oh he's spectacular trump is the woman needs to be removed, not Roosevelt, and I think will show you all the now Each will offences, abuses of power of Franklin rose. It does not seem interesting. Do Richie yeah, I I hope the audience will. I think I'm gonna do that. I'm not gonna just bring in. The usual congolese line guests and throw re read made it the camera, which has not, in my view,
all over media. Just wait too much. We're gonna take the subject and break it down. That's what we're gonna do and that's what the purpose of the Sunday shows anyway, Sala The days ahead have decided to do this cuz, I'm gonna. Do it. Came about Franklin, Roosevelt area. It is absolutely relevant more relevant than all the bs. Your hearing, it truly is much more relevant by the way. What the folks in Philadelphia to know it's finally here A special event in my home city, Philadelphia or in the environs, as we like to say- on Saturday marked seventh in
in New Jersey at the Broadway Theater of Pitman, I'm not going to keep repeating this, so you might want to write it down if you're in the Philadelphia area, New Jersey, New York, Maryland Delaware and Pennsylvania and other places His Saturday marked Seventh Broadway Theatre of Pitman, forty three Broadway Pitman New Jersey, the event start at eleven, a m, Me and my body Rixey Ali and it'll, go till twelve fifteen p m. And we can have a wonderful time- I've never been there before. I've never done this in the Philadelphia before I'm sure this place will sell out very very fast mister producer will post this after the program. That's a Broadway theater of Pitman forty, three South Broadway Pitman New Jersey. You can probably go to the dump.
Eht website and I suspect I'll have a link there. If you'd like to do that. But I'll go from eleven, a dot m to one thousand two hundred and fifteen p dot m and. We look forward to having a wonderful time. Maybe some people will sharpen the audience who I know from forty years ago. That would be fun we'll be right back then. You ve heard me talk about the four pillars of education at Helstone College. Now these four pillars or purposes learning character, faith and freedom have define Hills mission. Since eighteen, forty four I'd like to focus on the first pillar. Learning Hills Dio understands is America's founders. Did that a proper Eric? agent is essential to preserving free government, among other things, young people must, taught about America's great heritage of liberty, they must be taught about how government works and the importance of the constitution, and they must
develop the skills to become useful citizens and the virtues required for self government, because somebody, high schools, colleges and universities falls short in these areas today, here now has expanded its mission nationwide, for example, through its free course is its free monthly speed. Digest and Primus and the classical k through twelve, charter scores its helping to found coastal coast discover how you and your children can learn from Helstone College to gotTa Levine's Pray Hills doubt that come if you're really interest in advance education about what I ve been talking about today, unused socialism, Marxism, Progressive Israel can Bernie Sanders.
The book to read of my books is rediscovering Americanism and the attorney a progressive is it's not the newest book. Some people said the most difficult book America Toby's up there too, but that's the book and all it requires. When you read it concentration, so three discovering americanism and the tyranny of progressive us and you'll understand completely What's taking place in the society, stand far more than any report covering these men are right and
who stand hope. New Jersey, the Great W b c go gather times. Their liars and hypocrites slavery was not brought here by Europeans. Are Colombia derive factory before with cold native Americans or Asian? They migrate information? So slavery was born, brought here way before the Europeans, and it was an exclusive course, the capital, and, as you know, the black slaves that were brought here. They were incarcerated by other african nations inflated Andy Times also via the hypocrite, say, praised polling, Capra Nick when he went to Africa to protest support the delight slavery, but the country he went to ironically- and let me help everybody here- there's not a corner of the earth that didn't her from slavery at some point in human history, not a corner of the earth, not one. You can look at Africa,
You can look at North America, South America, you click at Asia. The good luck, a Europe in the Middle EAST. That's the point of the scholars. Moreover, their point is no. America was not founded in slavery. As I explained to you what they said before, so I'm not even really interested to know the blacks did this in the whites that I'm telling you that slavery was a fact and every ethnicity every race participated in it in every ethnicity and race suffered from it pretty much in the new territory. There were no slavery and, of course, the civil war we fought and slavery
It was the democratic Party that was a party of slavery and Jim Crow. Sending yes, sir, you repeating when I said. Thank you free there's, no need to call here and tell me what I've told you right. Mr producer, I don't know why people show not you impression. We are trying to convince me of something already said: I'm not trying to be rude, but I'm not gonna spend precious national. Your time going through what I've already said. Yes, the Democratic Party is the party was the party of slavery. Irrigation and Jim Crow? There is simply no doubt about that. That's continue rob. In Mercer California, Ex M satellite go. You have asked Martha tat order and Yeah, I saw society Joanna Biology, teacher right now, I'm interested in what you say what deal with biology. I think it is totally wrong. I've got a section
tell us, you tell us what they're doing the biology gonna search, Gothorum required to teach and search class. I have to tell students tat being transgender, is ok, nothing wrong with it. I believe in accepting people, but there's someone people in that country are getting transgender operation and other. Being hurt alike, You say that information If I may make a statement that it look, it may cause trouble, but I speak from my heart in my mind,. Trains. Gender is not. Ok. It's not ok. And I don't think we should just Willy nilly accepted as a society, because the left and others push this honest. I don't believe in it wasn't. Ok,
ten years ago, twenty years ago, thirty years ago, not because our society discriminates, but I don't think it is ok. Now I don't know every specific case but question about that but as a general policy to be teaching children in schools at transgender, is, as you say, okay, I reject that. Why they teaching any this anyway? Why? Because I said doing another other said: use the classroom to address progressive ism. The ideology anti constitutional is: that is exactly what is taking place in these government run. Schools go ahead. I thank you. Let's move on Jim Raleigh North Carolina, serious satellite, go a mark thanks. So much
what you do lower your radiated. Our founders would be proud of the work you do hate hauling. Regarding the sixteen nineteen project. Warders words Betsy divorced recommendations and so forth right, but she doesn't have control over ok. What this is one of the charter of the left over extra bomb, I've been after all and valor. You know it's not a left, everything from Obama. This was started in after all in valor. You know it's not a leftover thing from Obama, this started in August. Twenty nineteen last year, it's all voluntary and the New York Times is pushing it local, school district, implementing it has nothing to do The federal government has nothing to do with Obama. It is the New York Times really yeah. Maybe our Ok? So what do we do about this time? What I would do about it? I got
scoreboard meanings and raise wholly hell. That's what I would do part of the problem. This is being implemented in heavily democratic metropolitan areas, and these school districts figure we'll get away with it. But I think seriously people need to confront these school boards bureaucrats or instituting this stuff, because it is the there's, no question: it's the downfall of the country when you
tat are very founding, like this I'll be right. Back now, broadcasting permanently underground can impose than the bowels of a hidden somewhere under Britain steal over nondescript building. We have once again made contact with our leader, America, marking the man. I never eat. Seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, one one, and yet this is interesting. Watching from our first hour, the near post Majority of Americans will vote against socialist candidate for President Paul finds more the region
To expose Bernie Sanders, I think alike. People vote because of touchy feely reasons. You know. Markets are not happy with the prospect of a socialist candidate like Bernie Sanders for President a new pull fines. A majority of U S, residence. Fifty three percent said they would voted and stay socialist candidate for President Corner Gallup Poll released today. Now folks, Three percent as a bare majority. Meanwhile, forty five percent of respondents in Paul said they would, they would vote for Soucis only forty five percent, till their done ten years with these sixteen nineteen project in full, they write. Socialism was the only category in the Paul rejected by a majority of Americans, for example,.
Sixty percent of American said they would vote for an atheist thirty. Eight percent said they would. A more than nine and ten Americans that's. Ninety percent said they would vote for a presidential candidate nominated by their part it was black catholic hispanic, jewish woman. Bernie Sanders is out there saying America Racist from top to bottom, such a great country seriously such significant civil society, I would do anything to get Bernie Sanders on. One of my shows anything, but it's not gonna happen. Now the fine come a Sanders. A self describe democratic useless as a top your Kennedy trying to win the democratic nomination for president.
I know it's not like he's Scott, some juggernaut, it's a crowded field. Get a plurality, not even a huge plurality you eat your way through. It was leading a pulse in New Hampshire. So we'll see, now there's a political divide over the socialist candidate question. However, this is what you need to see. Eighty two percent of Republican said they wouldn't vote for a socialist. While just seventeen percent said they would, which is a start, but nonetheless, but here you go by compare Seventy six percent of Democrats said they would vote for a socialist. Only one percent said they would. Seventy six percent three force of Democrats said they would vote for socialist, absolutely shocking.
Only forty five percent of key swing- stay voters, south described independence, would vote for a socialist. The one percent said they would not stop tight percent of respondents said they would vote for an evangelical, Jellicoe christian candidate. Seventy percent said they vote for Gay lesbian Kennedy. Seventy percent for Kennedy. Under the age of forty sixty nine percent. Free Kenny over the age of seventy this this is mindless. What kind of stupid questions. You gonna appalling place. You know what I am hoping for. Some areas under forty is your reason: no the gallop analysis concluded as the two as the twenty twenty democratic presidential primaries get under way. It may be instructed to know that little prejudice stands in the way of democratic, as well as national support for candidates who happened to be catholic, hispanic, jewish or FEMA, tell us that Tub Bernie Sanders.
Being especially younger, advanced and age could pose minor appeal problems. Being gay, lesbian, Muslim or an atheist story socialist. When cause stir among Democrats, but these They would have difficulty attracting support for Republicans and, to a lesser extent, political independence. So what do we get out of this? Largely nothing largely nothing. Mostly People don't want to vote for socialist, this is the nomination process were twenty five or thirty percent against. Currently, in a primary one afternoon, you can get your nomination, Elise. Theoretically, now, where the countdown clock, MR producer, a pm will start getting results. Theoretically, it's not like we're. Gonna know it at a twelve or something like that. Who just I'm just giving you a heads up,
I want to add another subject before the results come in crisis is being spun two as an all. Department of Justice, handed chief of staff to Hurdy general. I was also shocked that the prosecutor- Is in the Roger Stone case were recommending seven to nine years. I'm no Roger Stone Fannys since some incredibly nasty things. Maybe that's irrelevant,. And some of these prosecutors, are the same prosecutors who worked on the Mahler case. Their partisan, hard core democrat hacks. Seventy nine years for Roger Stone, they wanted to recommend in his human beings do that to another human up and seven so at least theoretically businessmen,
Seventies by the time he got up and for what are you don't lie to Congress now, but and we're sliced us, You can punish somebody, that's fine, but why did you throw the bucket. The smaller crowd was the worst of the worth now for the federal prosecutors who worked on this case have resigned. That's another outstanding outcome as far as I'm concerned self unemployment, I kind of like that, don't you, MR producer, they fired. Sounds but get this they still going to remain in the federal government, just in a different capacity. They want you to think this is like these cited massacre in Watergate, it's not. Now the judge in this case her name, is burnt his eye.
Call she is a radical left, supported by Obama. She's been brutal, absolutely brutal when it comes to The Trump orbit, so she will make the final decision. The department of Justice took this decision away from the. U S turn his office in these yours, Turnkeys assistant. Turning once a special assistant, yours turning That harmony justice says it was misled by these price Curious about what they were going to request and they stepped in and said now, his way over the top. And so you have media outlets and Democrats all upset about this. All upset observer, you're gonna, throw the book register. We need more political prisoners. And this is how. CNBC wrote it up for federal power
securing dramatically quit the criminal case against republican operative. Now, look at the Devil terms stone republican operative. Now, look at the angel terms dramatically. Quit showed good guy beg the Department of Justice reduce the recommendation of the judge sentence, the long time ally of President Donald Trump top tonight. Years in prison and Sentencing Memo file, Tuesday, Timothy share. U S attorney for Washington said Stone here's to be sentenced to far less time in prison than what the for processing so worked under Shea proposed Jonathan Kravis who delivered the closing argument. It still try last fall resigned as an assistant, yours attorney, according to a court filing washed and federal court the door, doesn't hit. You may ask get the hell out of here. You jerk Jonathan Kravis is his name,
the other three prosecutors Aaron's Linsky, Adam Jed, Michael Miranda- so it drew from stones case according to their own separate filings, which did not explain their decision, but that was three all will continue working for the federal government. Why just leave. Get a job in the real world, may I say the former, scooters all sign the controversial sentencing recommendation for stone on Monday that quickly came under attack from the Justice Department from Trump for being too hard Just trump from a lot of people, twenty people who don't like Trump People don't like stone. This was a, Lee vicious effort by these four prosecutor those prosecutors tell Jamie Berman Jackson, that's really Amy Amy in that I wish that stone should get a prison term a between seven and nine years? When he's
for crimes related to lying to Congress, about his contacts with Wiki links to the Chinese steam presidential election. By the way. How many years did forget member when he lied under oath, MR reducing how many years, none about Brennan, none, that's right. They get a job on cable tv, Raising me, why look at Lieutenant General might Flint look at the mess theyve, they dragged him enter, Prosecutors said their proposed sentence mirrors the sentence suggested federal. Ten guidelines which recalculate blab lab, where we all know now, Wilson, but this left wing Obama Judge does. She has been brutal to man referred. Brutal, the stone you know damn well, she wouldn't be that way. Twenty Obama type your democratic for that matter, no way
Another allotted great conservative organizations out there doing some incredible work, but I want to take him in talking about the embassy or, as I like, to call them America's media watchdog. When you think of the embassy? You should think of one thing: truth for over thirty: Here's the media research centre has had one mission to provide Liable factor of an information about the media because the american people deserve the truth. Unfortunately, we don't get the true from the media today. Just look at their shameful coverage of peach meant the impeachment trial. The glowing coverage president trumps opponents, that's why the work of mercy is so important, though the Tipp of the spear in the fight for two and journalism. Now I work rainbows, how this team at the embassy for many years- and I respect their work fact I and we all rely on them now Must you see it s, news, Emerson, TV? All of them learn
about the Emirates, see it Emerson, Levin, DOT, Org Emerson, L, easy. I am dot or no, if you care about this country- and you do, he can at the truth- and you do you- get to know the Emerson. So please go to em Arcy Levine dot Org to learn more that's m. Are easy. I am dot org, we'll be right back Ben watch your Pennsylvania, serious satellite go further perfectly free video. Thank you afforded to talk.
About your commentary on the fifteen nineteen project. Forgive me I sound a little bit like you do at the moment. Sorry if it occurs to me that, while it absolutely necessary to point out the serious for than that, I'm afraid we ve been here before all the way back to angles: the condition of the working Class in England which, with laughed at when it came out and still survive the day or Howard's into people's history in the United States,. I'm not laughing at this, I'm trying to deal with it and confront it and what I'm concern about, as well as everybody's chasing shiny objects in spending and all day. You want an event that hasn't even taken place yet This is all going on in our schools. It's going on
in our society. That's why I raise it and it's a big deal if they picked up a pattern, particularly of white democracy in chains, dark money, what you nonsense, thicket put out and you lives forever in the liberal lexicon of this is what's wrong with the United States, when it's all been shown to be crap nomads rank I'd say thank you for your car. There's a lot of dangers on the right. This Michael Bloomberg is a dangerous man he's an oligarchy. As I said, I didn't coin it. Somebody else did, but it's true. When he'll changes positions in two seconds, but I'll, never change towards conservatism, liberty, he'll go the other way, pogo the other way
You probably heard this by now, but you haven't heard from me: there's Bloomberg and twenty fifteen about stopping frisk cut to go. Why are you. Yeah familiar. Now, let's too, must I think it's too muffled saw me read it to you. Ninety five percent of your murderers, murderers and murder victims that one ammo you can just take the description, Xerox it and pass it out to all the cops there, mail on Artie's, sixteen thousand two hundred and twenty five. That's true in New York, that's true in virtually every city and that's where the real crime is you've got to get
the guns out of the hands of people that are getting killed. You want to spend the money, but a lot of cops on this, put a lot of cops on the streets, but those cops where the crime is, which means minority neighborhoods. One of the unintended com quit his people say: oh, my god, you're right kids for marijuana that are all minorities. Yes, text TRU. Why? Because we put all the cops in minority neighborhoods? Yes, that's true, why do we do it? Because that's where all the crime is the way you get guns out of kids hands is throw them against the wall and frisk them. Then they say I don't want to be caught, so I won't bring the gun they stole the gun, but they have it at home. But let me unpack this little bit. First of all, he's right in this respect that the vast majority of crime, the vast majority
murder and attempted murder his young minorities, particular african Americans against young minorities, pretty ugly african Americans sixteen two hundred and twenty five? Those are the statistics. That's a fact. It is a fact in virtually every major metropolitan area. It's just true. It's not about race. It's about real You're, not gonna, keep people say for not gonna keep community safe. Unless you, you do a reality. My problem is: is language, his language? The way you get guns advocates hands is throw them against the wall and from them Then they say I don't wanna be caught, so I won't bring the gun based of the gun, but they leave it at home.
When he also kinds of swing into as his gun confiscation ideology, which is in a pretty damn outrageous, but he's walked back all this stoppin frisky opposes. I strongly support it, so he opposes it now. He also had something very bizarre to say when we come back about Russia's invasion of chromium. You know Russia invaded and annexed Crimea. Any compares it to the end. States in California? It's quite bizarre. In the more audio and video that exists on this guy, the more of it Amelia he is, I wanna play that forty one would return will be right,
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It actually does jeers his body and apparently Putin's his body. I listened to the audio door, the break its, not clearness. How read it to you? This is Bloomberg and twenty fifteen. Nobody things that Russia should be invading Ukraine and trying to take land, except, if you think about it, What America do if we had a continuous country and a lot of people in our country wanted to be Americans? This California ring a bell. We just went and took it. I'm not suggesting prudence, doing a good thing which should be allowed, but we did this. That was two hundred years ago, but we did it and you wanna warm port. Warm water, pork, Guantanamo Bay, ring a bell. We kept that one of the reasons that Putin's has reacted. The way he did his there was a movement
Have NATO be right along the russian border? So they know this meant that the world was out to get them. We did the same, not leaning. Another country come near us with weapons when we stop Russia from putting missiles in Cuba. First of all, ladies in general, let's get a few things straight here, shouldn't you instinctively what defend your own country, I guess he's going about President Park and what took place when the Procureur. You know it's interesting. Thomas Jefferson believed any believe strongly that the Louisiana purchase included Texas and parts of the western United faith. That's what he believed. That's number one.
Number two. Russia is our enemy. It doesn't mean they're, ready to shoot nukes at us. But Russia's our enemy, otherwise were spending. An awful lot of money I mean Miss at them, and they aiming missiles at us. And it doesn't mean we got a war, but there are enemy. I know some of the co pink I wouldn't want you to believe. Otherwise, that's a very dangerous thought, but there you have it hurried. Let us go to whom we have here a one second pulling up the calls got it. Gotta, gotta, I add green bay- was counts in the Great W p. I Q go back your mark, earlier comments, and people should talk Their school board there, their excellent I'm a form- Public school administrator- and I also got another
strong suggestion to year listeners. If people are like me and you I've got three degrees and I get a lot of calls from the universities where air and those degrees from an want donations, and I tell them no, I don't them dollars and killed. They start intellectually making their fate. Oh more diverse, I wouldn't hesitate to give money to young university like he'll, still cow, Gee but unfortunately, there is not all there's, not an awful lot of colleges like that out. There will react once and I know it. I know it's not very sexy, but they will react some day when they're they're donation
start drying up some of these universities. They ve got billion dollar endowment. So it's gonna take some time, but that's one. That's a very employee. I think that is a great point. Let me say this to you: why are required to keep subsidizing our demise. Either. These universities actually believe in academic freedom and diversity, viewpoints and vigorous debate. While our tax dollars should stop going to them are state federal local tax dollars there, like a bubble nets intentionally done this way. And this is my Bernie Sanders says he wants wipe out all student debt and free college for everybody our universities were truly Trevor academic freedom, he wouldn't support that, but knows what I know and you know which is the classrooms. Bilbil, Bernie, Sanders types who have tenure and who have us,
purpose not to teach there's a guy held yesterday was brilliant The teacher engineering, mathematics, physics, what have you because they don't, if you don't believe in camp- Listen then you're not trying to develop people who are going to be entrepreneurs and so forth. What burn Saunders really wants. Is schools filled of philosophy he's doing some political sign students it nothing wrong with it Of themselves, but. It is under the hands of the left who pushing this right. Nickel agenda. So the revolution is institutionalized and that's. What's going on here, just like the sixteen nineteen project, but I think you're right stop giving money to these universities. Maybe you want to these goals and so forth. Their radical rats nest for the most part. All right, sir. I appreciate your call. Let's keep going by
a middle totally arctic, great double, ABC, go our mark. Venture click on my call. You got wanted to share with you in your listers. How perhaps left word mobile David seeping into private industry. I am visited local hospital last month for an x ray. I feel that some basic information at the kiosk than then was put on a and then I was called to the registrar desk very pleasant woman. There we go through the regular questions, name address telephone number, insurance card that you had sex and I said mail and then she said from birth. I buy wants. Excuse me. I hate you. Yes, I appear to this question: having in a male since birth said. Why would you have no question what we're trying to be very inclusive and she pointed to occur, that was on her death, saying that, in an effort to be sensitive to all walks of life Are we now maybe ask you the following question, so I said to her: I don't
We understand has had its logical, but I realized it wasn't your fault. So I have no letter to the city. I call the ceo spoke direct, with someone in the office. They promised he or she will get back to me. That hasn't happened. Laboratory weeks, have a letter that I composed on paper and transfer it shortly to my computer, good, my concern here is that the agenda is being pushed his now finding its way into the private sector, but also its finding its way into the hospitals, and I thought hospitals were built and scientific. You know your ip is. Did sir. I call these people do not exist. The corporations- I call them corporatist. I've called them that for years and years and years and they the same minds that most people in government just to get along. You know like not really appreciate how your explaining what is happening here.
But I guess your account in organ donation is based on scientific fact. Is now taking that set us back in contradiction to fit a narrative. That certainly doesn't seem logical, and yet they claim to be the a party and the ideology of science. You can hear when it comes to so called climate change. They are not the party of size, the party of ideology, and this is what they do or I may friend thank you for you for your car, before we move on early returns are in. I think, there's been twelve votes. Mr produce couple, thousand for Bernie Sanders a thousand for this one or that one in has the lead followed by Buddhist Age, club, hr and water very diverse. Group there I'll be right back then
where's your coming in their actual votes in New Hampshire, now keep something a mine. The vast already the precincts don't close till eight p m, some of them of closed at seven p m, obviously, but the early votes up to seven p m, show sanders with the lead. Just a second oh, but you are right on his heels. And Warren so distant forth and Biden, seven summer pursuit and I heard some analyse say you know: binds gonna have to get up binding should not get out no heat, I'm not saying it's gonna be nominated. In fact he may well, not be nominated. The monies against them, but I
were in New Hampshire were always Tufts states know him yeah, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warrant from neighbour states, so what he has to do- and I don't have his people are capable of it- is get out there and spin like Hell, say, wait a minute now working women, the some states where I've a chance to win. If he goes into South Carolina, may becomes in second or strong. Third, he stole it. Look, I'm not advising, and I'm talking to you analyze with you all right. What's your gift this Valentine's day? How about tat ten fifteen or even twenty years off your parents, would break through It is our joint line, treatment, no more turkey neck doubled In her sagging John Line, so amazingly, well. Just listen to Linden beat Linda, be from Marina Del Ray
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that come that genocide that come here. I've been thinking something I meant dimension this earlier, and I wasn't here for the vote in the Senate, the impeachment trial. But let me tell you something Romney, and by the way, the only senator in american history to vote to remove. President of his own party,. But let me tell you what else did he may have come? Susan Collins and court, honor among others, their seats. Now. Why do I say that? Because what do you think they're democrat opponents are gonna say even Mitt Romney took a principle, Stan even Mitt Romney stood up against his president, but you, Susan College, you couldn't do even Mitt. Romney saw high crime misdemeanours but uses in college did not Corey. Gardner did not serious about this. For a Democrat, that's what you're gonna do.
So Mitt romney- I don't know, but he made Thus, the Senate, by his vote,. We shall see is an enormously selfish four grand rising individual twenty is. Let's go to E Steve Highlands. Michigan exam, satellite, Harrier, hello, oh- are you they are going ahead, are already mark hope you haven't a good day. I am going please and I'm in New Mexico, not Michigan. I'm only reading what my brother puts up here I just want to talk about the division in our country in the hate that that we saw once crop got elected and I think. We can go back to Woodrow Wilson. Knocking well, not king, twenty and He promoted the clockworks clan
Port, where they were prominent and grew a numbers, and you go back to those two huge clockworks, choir marches that were in Washington DC, knocking three, not king twenty five, those happened. Only an egg to being March was in nineteen. Twenty four in New York, medicine square garden as well during the democratic convention will I watched on Youtube some of the markets that your client had in the twenty one. I was in Washington D C, who came in your point, is well known that. Calvin courage was present. Athena didn't have anything to do to promote The clan, in other words, it was a bleed over from the Obama, are made from Woodrow Wilson. The next administration. I think we got a repeat go on now with that I repeat a repeat of what going on now a client provision division in Height
I'm not sure. I understand your argument. Thank you for your car. Did you understand this rich have no idea? What he's talking about? I dont if you're saying the demo, at parties, a history of haters. Absolutely no question about that. We ve talked about that history here. I'm not sure what that has to do with the clan today, some a little confused a manual LOS Angeles, California, eight. Seventy I am care allay where we are like. National go How do you talking? stop. In earlier years. I was an in Ireland. The reserve about four years and On that, but you know it's a variety of reasons and counter productive up in the fridge uphill applicable within a global deal that in the truth about America quite fit the bill.
While the the courts of our parliament- and you can't just stop a bunch- people you have to have a reason, not probable cause, but if someone walking around and they look suspicious and EVA bulgin their hip, and you don't believe it's like an excessive growth on the back, on their side or what have you got their case store if they're doing something about driving around the block ten times, why not. I agree that I haven't actually shoot somebody until we can actually stop infringe them only a little bit account or you can just about the guy granary, not that much. We need it that's no reason at all, but I do I just explained it to you I think I might add that there is no question that
and into this will say: oh you're, just stopping people Willy nilly but cups, don't want to stop people willing. No, that's, not the rule and these big city Had been much safer as a result of stoppin frisk, everything cannot be defined and racial terms. I mean the fact of the matter is, as I say, Bloomberg right about his statistic that the vast majority, the roaming majority murder takes place a minority communities, people, sixteen it five doing the murders and people sixteen to twenty five, the victims who are murdered We cannot ignore that you're gonna be a serious people and have a serious society. Are. I thank you I'll be right back.
He's here now, broadcasting them only underground command both than the bowels of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We have once again made contact with our leader, everybody mark living here. Our number eight. Seventy seven, three, eight, what three eight one one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three eight one! Well it's a sad day at America, Andrew Yang, has dropped out of the race Fourteen supporters are really very upset. You know who's winning the Democrat primary MR producer Donald Trump, look at this, this group of of clouds, Donald Trump
the Democrat parties fighting over imbeciles did really is Donald Trump is winning the democrat primary respectfully. Could you be a lot republican nominee. He will be the republican nominee than to run against potentially sanders booty gauge culture worn. I think, she's cut out of the mixed now Because she did so poorly in a neighbouring state or by mine is not out of the mixed again, I'm not pushing. I just look past elect, where you ve, had a number candidates get beat up in these first two. States and then they start picking up soon Minister. I am not saying that bind because binds got half a loaf. If you know what I mean, so he may not be the guy, but there's no strong candidate coming out of this.
And if it is Bernie Sanders, I can just see Trump debating it: and soon is going on a free hope? Co, not re outcome, open borders, freak you're not gonna stood alone, you're right, you're, a big girl about where I could see Donald Trump shredding him to pieces, Bernie Sanders has really been taken on certain I wanna one, yet if Hilary can beat him trump cannot look. I don't take anything for granted. You need to be resolute. There's a lot of people, on the other side. You cannot underestimate, but Trump is the winner in the democratic primary. You also going to see something else. It is really quite bizarre and that is Republicans pseudo conservatives nationalist populists.
Willing Bernie, not because I think I'll be a weaker candidate, but they think is treated. Only by the Democratic Party. Will you not a Democrat. Asia democratic Socialist, a Marxist, moreover, they oughta brutalized. As I said, is a marxist be democratic, talisman doesn't want him. So what I don't want him either now get. If the theory is he be the used to beat. I got that then it's not my point, why we crocodile tears for say, poor Bernie spend so much time by the Democratic Party and a lot of people are saying that mean it? It's not a politically strategic point, just against the entrenched stuff. Judgment, as am I, but that doesn't mean I turned to Marxists: either no evil
people who want to get it on this honestly, can I be honest when they missed I dont know why? But let's do it anyway, Let us go to I'm not sure. I know how to pronounce. Mr Cosgrove has been off a couple times: sure I gotta make sure he's right. And somehow Lawson less, California, eight. Seventy they answered Charolais. What Harry Production in Europe, write and tell. Thank you, sir. Are you a right which, calling regarding that lad? Color we get over the whole, stop infringe being so I'm a deputy here in California, and we have a lot of the thing
you know their bread tat can t candidates. You can't do that, but by and large the public wants in the community policing actively man the whole stop in Fred. People need to understand it if Willy nilly, if not random, did their probable conquered reasonable making their all these different thing that go in to that end, up back, dropping cry. And the best story, I can give you in the nineteen years I was doing vaccinate investigate him and we were doing so well doing the thing that what what's section Elden is government, but today how the That section I got it
We were doing section eight investigations and putting cases on people for welfare fraud. Basically well. We were so many convictions that ultimately Eric holder decided to haul ass into court as the bad guy. So this guy gets the thing I'm trying you get a crowded. People need to undercut we're out there. Trying to do these things, but government is, copy cup and not wine to occur, and these are liberal city centre are cuffing, liberal states and Israel. Our communities are much more dangerous, and these are the same politicians are don't believe in the second amendment. So where do you go? You have the cops of again get your
You don't have anything. You have hopes and prayer young in all. I get that targeting vaccinate. We got part one crying down twenty eight percent in one year, while the people around could see what was going on, but they really didn't understand. Then overnight it thought and they were just flabbergasted what happen and we follow me got. We were the bad guys. Well, that's terrible word. Yet they were just flabbergasted but yeah that left collar yeah, it's not random it. Grim argued at its core red headed for the greater good. Are I my friend, you be save out there and thank you for what you do. Jimmy Brooklyn Arctic, great debut, ABC what you take on democratic socialism, while in basic Marxism. They talk about stage development show you start with slavery. Then it gets a little better yet the feudalism
the feudalism you get the capitalism which they acknowledge. It brings full development and modernization. Then you progress. That the socialism, after a pause, it of socialism. You go on the communism, so socialism get you the communism, or The left right that democracy is we're all by the people and the people are represented by the Communist Party, so Basically, democratic socialist is a communist communist, so they play tricks with words, and communist countries are usually called people's Democratic Republic so that By a trick with large showed democracy doesn't mean what you and I know it to mean no, let's run rule by the people People represented by the Communist Party. Is it isn't an amazing Jimmy how little is being done to truly expose and explain? by Bernie Sanders, isn't what he stands for a party.
The only honest one wanted a democratic society, the bidding, what he has only now, he says he's not a communist, that's a trick because he visited. Soviet Union and supported. Certainly is pushing all the type of things that will destroy us, which is the goal of the word communist movement remembered is always always that America is enemy number one and radical Islam, which is connected to it? So we have always said where the big Satan, Israel's always the little Satan, so and a trick with words, and we have to start fighting back supporter and was raised by the Communist Party, Rick Nagging don't personal side. Communist party guy praises policy guy, but she was ass. Bernie Sanders supporter same with booty gag booby gag was above Bernie Sanders support and I think it was fifteen years old, they wrote a report. It might have been published that Bernie that is a hero for openly embracing socialism, so the democratic parties be intake.
Those. Now I dont want the Democratic Party to fall apart. I want him, I won't. Let me ask about there what do you think of people who are out there who say more Bernie Sanders use under attack by the Democratic Party. Why care. Isn't that a good thing, or maybe they figure we gotta get Bernie Sanders people angry and they won't vote if he doesn't when the nomination. But I dont want the Democratic Party to be taken over by communist. Now this carbon crop of the crab leaders they could all lose and that's great, but I think the next crop that'll. Take over will be worse because there's a lot of young people in a Democrat party were hardline Marxist, but they look and sound better than people like Nancy Pelosi. I want the Democratic Party to lose these elections but I'd. Rather, we help them at some point, get rid of their marxist penetrated their party, and I agree with you. I agree with you something may be shot. I agree with you and I think it is a huge mistake to,
training Bernie Sanders like he's some kind, a novelty, whereas some a year. A victim now same schools that brainwash people, young people in voting for socialism. Those are the same schools that brought the democratic people. How to count, and you can see result in Iowa. They can't do they can add. They can't count numbers that not only miss educated and that this education purpose, Destruction, educational system, educational system. In order for collapse there collapse be an attack at all when the communist write about it, better. Now I got it all. Thank you for your car will be right, back then. The association and mature american citizens is one of the fair This growing organizations in America now over two million conservative member strong and on one of them a macbook
lives in and stands up for, the values that we constitutional conservatives care about. More than talk a MAC fights a full time, presence in Washington. A MAC pushes back against reckless spending disasters like Medicare for all and they expanding reach of the federal government and beyond. But to see joining a MAC, gives you access, toy wealth benefits and discounts included. Special member only rates on car insurance, travel discounts cell phone- and a hell of a lot more it's, not enough. You'll get a MAX by monthly magazine, full of insightful articles on the issues that matter to most of us. We conservatives, as I said, I'm on a MAC member and you should be to join today at a MAC. U S, that's a, I see that you s, stop supporting, liberal agenda that the other fifty plus organization has been pushing for joint aim act. Instead, a m a sea dot. U S
now, throw it all we're still of our media friends, then of course the biggest, not job with them all and theres many his truck taught the trucks there. And the Helios on Emma Celestin yesterday and that's it He had to say about you, cut eight, go out to bring up something that John,
last put in the whole work today, and it was about how en route we ve all been on the receiving end of the Birdie Online Brigade and here's what he says. He says no other candidate as anything like this sort of digital Brown Shirt brigade I mean, except for Donald Trump. The question no one is asking: is this what if you can't win the presidency without an online mob? What have we now live in a world where, having a bullying agro social media army running around having anyone sticks, their head up is either an important ingredient for or a critical market marker of sick I hate that I know everybody freaked out about this, but you saw them accurately that's prepared around here. There are people come from three or four states that that's I feel that, as this is like burning completely depressing stance, that you just read: person, I know her she's a left wing hack, who was a rapporteur for the washed, impose
when I was serving attorney general niece, Ruth Marcus toward him back at the right depressing samples I'm no respect for her whatsoever, and she knows exactly why, because I know who she is a hack. That's number one truck Todd. How dare you. How dare you compare by reading that intentionally? Compare trump supporters to Digital Brown, shirt, brigade, Brown, shirts, Nazis Nazis and this man keeps his job as the host of meat, the press as the political director for NBC News. He keeps these. What used to be considered very, very big
I'm jobs for real professionals, but he has to read it. He says, has to bring something of Jonathan last said: bigger Jonathan last, as so important the bulwark. This is how incestuous these fools are. This is how cloistered they are. Nobody knows who Jonathan last is. I do, but the rest of the world doesn't know who he is and what are you quote him other than to use it as the occasion to accuse Trump supporters of being proud shirts and what will corporate B C do about this. What will come Castro about this? Many of you have come CAS cable in your home. What are they gonna do about this? Nothing, nothing! She Bernie Sanders. Who's, a Marxist, and what all that ideology involves. You have Chuck Todd, calling Trump supporters round shirts
And this is where we are today and they tell us where the fear trump, why there's no reason to fear trump he's been president three years you ve got a hell of a job by the way proposed system I took the time to go over with you with it, a pretty mostly conservative, fiscally responsible budget and significant ways and its under attack by the Democrats. So the one in the Democrats. I look at this dead, it's unbelievable, so what we have to do is stop cutting taxes; in other words, the the purpose is to take more of your money, not less. Through this hamster wheel, as I call it, they keep spending, they keep borrowing and they keep taxes. But the present the United States has cement a realistic, fiscally concern for the most part budget. And I don't hear a lotta Republicans getting behind it, so the next.
He signs a bill because he doesn't want to defend the military. What have you and you say why isn't he wasn't in fighting this he's proposing this right now, so called fiscal conservative or are they in the media and elsewhere there? Nowhere anyway, this truck Todd is, is really a disgusting person. A disgusting person are, let's take a call here bring it up. Lettered Imelda, North Carolina, exam satellite go hire. You We are now also marked the Moslem. Thank you here. Mike I'm a degree in political science them forking your bed at two different services or the military. I think things are worth defending I am no problem and I do mean zero problem rats, changing your rule, doing whatever they can to save their party from.
Bernie Sanders, I agree with you. I don't understand why we're all supposed to be running to defend Bernie Sanders against Democratic establishment, let them destroy it, My thing is here a Democrat rights simply using their book, but came a republic in a long time ago and actually supported republican policy Anyone he ran for the ticket, he had some republican credit and the fact that you know by video at the video. I forbid you, it says a lot. I stand for republican values and I say republican platform been burning. Just said. Why aren't you guys? I built this? I'm gonna burn it underground, and you guys you ve gotta watch it happened and we. Hell, I've got left Bitch brand hey, wait a minute? If I came to your house and do you know what a comedy aroused a burning
the ground. If you don't give it to me, and you just gotta stay in my you would calorie debt but you're, respecting the Democratic Party that is built on their little racist damage. Fur I'm clean For years you're expecting legacy that they ve got to be even more tarnished by pushing this nation toward socialism and marxism. I got no. For you, I would, dollar read it. I got no problem with them: ruin bony through the wall and They have no when one it, wouldn't it be better, as as said Jimmy from Brooklyn said, if the Democratic Party were in fact, a moderate so we have a more conservative party in a moderate party would actually be better, not one better for America, enabled show that somebody actually remembers what our constitution, even who we're two world wars again, and that that's what use I go to college campuses. I am
a framework, a chapel wheel, and I go to these college camp he's not constantly doing Facebook with these kids in debating and I'm watching kids help me to a man. I support you knew them over capitalism. Has it better for the people and, unlike what people Are you have you lost your mind here? tell me why! So so, let me just say this: you were very effective in your car and thank you for your call call again. I think it does agree, disservice. Ladies and gentlemen, when people Come to Bernie Sanders his defence, rather than using the occasion to expose them to explain what he stands for to denounce his position. I really don't understand this idea that the lady should. Into the Donald Trump Temp, that's ridiculous! I'll, be back.
Aim at the Association of mature american citizens is one of the fastest growing organizations in America now over two million conservative member strong and on one of them MAC, believes in and stands up for the values that we constitutional conservatives care about. More than talk, a MAC fights a fault, time presence in Washington, a MAC pushes back against reckless spending disasters like Medicare for all and the expanding reach of the federal government and beyond. But to see joining a MAC gives you access toy wealth of benefits and discounts, including special member. Only rates on car insurance travelled discounts cell phone- and a hell of a lot more. It's not enough. You'll get a max by monthly magazine full of insightful articles on the issues that matter to most of us, we conservatives, as I said, I'm on a MAC member and you should be to join
today at a MAC dot. U S! That's a m, a sea dot! U S stop supporting the, bill agenda, that the other fifty plus organization has been pushing for joint aim act. Instead, a m a sea dot. U S Mark, love and tough. Oh that's, why I like barnacle event and I'm not sure a lot of people like me stuff, is what I like him. I love call in now, eight hundred and seventy seven three hundred and eighty one three thousand eight hundred and eleven wish you folks could know the present the way I know the present he is so funny and kind, and charismatic and smart and yet, if you watch MSNBC and CNN and these other places, he wouldn't have an inkling of any of this.
Meanwhile Bernie Sanders his platitude. This he's not particularly bright he's rude he's a mattress Yet look how they treat him and These, then, are many. Who knows, I think it's pretty wide open right now. Peace, the nominee, do you think they're gonna work, hard drugs I was Bernie Sanders in his past. Did they work hard to expose Barack Obama's and his pet and his past? No. I am pleased that many of you, Laval, nights out their agree with me on this, which is we wish. The democratic party was in fact, a more moderate party, be better for the nation, So every election, it wouldn't swing hard left if they win with its there. The Senate of the presidency- I don't
We help ourselves or a country or a future by defending Bernie Sanders against his party, because it's not as parties with these, not a Democrat, and so I have no problem with them. Trying to stop him he's not the people's choice, it twenty eight percent, twenty six, but it's a plurality I have no problem with that he's a marxist fact. We should be pleased that the Democrats or trying to stop him, they view him too crazy ass and by the way most There are quite similar to him now they moved hard left. But you understand my point. Let us go to Fatima meant Tennessee exam Satellite go couriers I don't get. They gonna grab party until you and what you do is
longer that all Democratic party it is now a socialist ashes, democratic but because the basic! That's why they're ready? when they were question for which will put a hand, everybody I couldn't get base now. Isn't it amazing yeah? Maybe it's just like that they switched. They try to switch things like during the time when Hitler empower having but there are other came up at the same time. What there was the general works that Hitler was good Gilbert at the University of Arkansas Wooden, democratic convention around eighteen, thirty, three, thirty, four, thirty five learned Craig Ways when he went Germany and switch where they could
You know what a law, because they were trying to determine how to kill the do. Miss Mr Clegg, Mr Creasy. Look all this up. Trying to come up with how to kill off the Jews. Well, there was an end and good thought had to. I got the perfect quiet. Had the Democrats of America, I I appreciate you call sir, don't look in October. Tomorrow. If I came in, I thought you'd be a fascinating call. Unfortunately, we fell off the roof, Jane Saratoga New York, the Great w d she J go area good. I want first of all like first loud and clear messages we have to calmly not Bernie Sanders become a martyr, which could arise, and yet people are doing this right now.
It's unbelievable me crazy, but I talked to as many people as I can. We cannot Let him right that way because they will. I was a middle health worker many years ago, in Vermont. Under Bernie sent not literally cable, both under the reign of terror that Bernie Sanders brought on that state. I would send in home counselor I would go into a home work with family who had subsidize housing mental health care. I would find them jobs to help them become with sponsible people. His government would come men and say don't take that job. If you do you're gonna lose your mental health, you gonna lose your health programme. Gonna lose your subsidized housing, so gay justice stagnant as you are
a few years later the entire programme broke down, went broke, the Middle Health Department was shut down, people lost their subsidize housing, their wicked programme and Bernie Sanders did not care what happens to those people. He watched them paid by the roadside and he laughed all the way to the bank. And that is the truth. Why don't you see? This is the thing you raised very good point. This is a thing about the marxist democratic Socialist left. They have a funny way showing their support for your humanity there any ideologically driven- Their ideology does work. Human nature is demonstrated that time and again, but they don't care. So this. This is a farce to say that
believing humanity, they believe in equality. I believe, in an ideology and they seek them was it on you, whether you like it or not, and that's what they did to your profession there? Isn't it yet exact. I went back my job. I lost my job and I and three other workers went on for ten years. Poor, no pay, because you know what I said to myself at which Bernie Sanders didn't say or any of his people. I How do I faith that little child who is waiting for me to come tomorrow, can make him safe and say to him? I'm not coming to see you cause, I'm not getting any money and that's what it's all about the socialistic communist gusting weak?
And cold people they are, we do not allow it to happen. I will fight it till the day I die I don't. I don't think that we should be, making the side a Bernie Sanders against the Democratic Party. We shall let them fight it out, but that said, I would change the loose I to lose a loose badly and I want us, we conservatives or even we non marxist.
Explain why he should lose. Could I I don't mean to interrupt you yeah. I have run into some young people here in New York, which is like living in help. Basically and I've spoken to them. Now you get to young people, I sat down with them. I said: ok, here's one side, here's the other! Do you want to be a free thinking person in this world? Do you want to be an adult hook and thank her himself take care of his children and not very one telling you what to do. These young people are starting to listen and that the most encouraging law Taiwan is every parent grandparent would sit no with their child or their grandchild, not just once but repeatedly or over the phone.
And explain things to them: we would have an army of tens of millions up against them and we will be successful. The problem is too many parents and grandparents don't bother some do many dude. That's a nice talking to you folks, but enough do not. They just expect somebody else to do it or they throw their hands up and they say I think it through them. Keep at. It is very, very important, and I'm going, and I know many other who are saying- ok, if the other people aren't doing it, we will, and by God I will- I will speak up for, and I am a trump supporter and I am hey dyed in the wool Republican. I always will be an. I will not watch Bernie Sanders do the same thing that he did.
And during that time, when the government whole system shut down, remarked, had the highest rate of teenage children who were alcoholic and now New Hampshire has the highest rate of drug abuse, and then there are not many minorities there. So we can't say people giving up on minority good point, and you know it: for all this legalization, like all these other people are, aren't you for liberty For a civil society, that's liberty with footnotes, liberty with footnotes, not tyranny, not the government molesting us Liberty with footnotes. I do not believe in the legalization of most of these drugs decriminalizing, to some extent pot, but I don't think it should be an open, an open book and get your heart. It has a great piece of conservative review today away talks about.
This legal is look at legalization. What does it go product? Homelessness in drug attics all throughout these cities? San Francisco, LOS Angeles. Baltimore and so far there are other reasons too, but this is a big contributing factor. Great call, my friend, I appreciate it well right back, then the association and mature american citizens is one of the fair This growing organizations in America now over two million conservative member strong and on one of them a macbook. In and stands up for the values that we constitutional conservatives care about? More than talk, a MAC fights a fall time presence in Washington, a MAC pushes back against reckless spending disasters like Medicare for all and they expanding reach of the federal government and beyond. But to see joining a MAC gives you access, toy wealth of benefits and discounts, including
special member. Only rates on car insurance travel discounts cell phone, and a hell of a lot more. It's not enough, you'll get em by monthly magazine full of insightful articles on the issues that matter to most of us. We conservatives, as I said, I'm on a MAC member and you should be to join today at a MAC dot. U S! That's a m! I see that you s, stop supporting the liberal agenda that the other fifty plus organization has been pushing for joint aim act. Instead, a m a sea dot! U s! covered Kyle, Texas, exam satellite, go a moan. Sorry,
you see the great Debbie I may I go thither. I was having to discuss one of her and, above all by the joint pan opposition and that it be counter productive in university. Neither my argument. We run out of people tat the paper about to wish it. Then you go grab at university. Tell them fair! You cannot charges money educate our key is now and now my main argument, in other words, that the government will get its foot in the door. Exactly The regulating tuition, regulating the seller books regulating regulating. As your point, you refer to great point and what and how did that? What do they think you're friends when you mentioned it to them? They didn't care if a law they cannot motivation, I'm happy would end up it s. My minded about other people money, but you shouldn't you don't need a cavalier because you got
your daddy. If I try to go to school, you gotta get the newspaper today right out of money back in two thousand, that about any by carefully clever raising prices and people can afford to go to school. So it was a big situation, a California turn it. Why do you think we understand the law supply and demand? These other folks know don't know I they give. It maybe fell asleep and economics, but its basic stuff. I mean even where you work. Where I work anybody works, you start given stuff away What kind of weird things happen ugly? I thank you for your call outstanding. I'll be ok country Jared in Kentucky go out of it. A low grade were thank. You are storm collar. Yes, sir. I'm fired up. You know why I'm tired
A people light burning but especially like when I was watching the Oscars, I'm tired of getting lectured about how we need to cut our carbon emissions. We could do all this, and this is coming from people who own private jets, and I gotta see Dicaprio on its g five with a thirty women. That's fine, but he's got a bit boat. He puts at all costs bigger carbon footprint them public, my entire city. I mean this is a joke, we're all stuck for me. Little kindly, and while they get the right, why? What do you think about it? Broadly, like they're gonna make all these decisions for us? Let me ask you something: what is Bernie Sanders ever done to qualify him to manage and enormously complicated and complex society of three hundred and twenty million people- nothing, he bring
these abstract ideological policies to the table, and it's a gentleman just said before, who call he's got body? So what are they say? I just want somebody to pay off my stood alone, so your vote to destroy the country. Exactly are you got a really cool grew up, bear a great we we have, people won't believe it, but this is why I reject the idea that we should talk about poor victim Bernie Sanders. He's trying to take over the Democratic Party he's not Democrat always an outsider, but he has nothing in common with Trump Trump loves his country and he's a capitalist. And he believes in a strong military. Secure border Bernie Sanders opposes all those things. So this is, populist. We on the Bernie Sanders front. It is a phoney people's movement. This is the marks are still as Jimmy from Brooklyn was explaining. They, they camouflage themselves
the language of democracy when they're all about tyranny right, and they really would love to get rid of the middle class of the middle class. Just their enemy? Why would the middle class vote for somebody like this when we have an absolutely killer economy? That is, in fact benefiting really every in this country, why they? How would you give that up for this ideological old red? I want my poor one carries earlier right now, prepare you know, I'm fired up, but I it's great to talk to you a great one My friend thank you. So here is the bottom line. Tonight, Sanders people judge british age be club, Hr Club, a charming Warren unworthy by Donald Trump beat all. Why mark Because this is a matter for the Democrats and they have a marxist at the head of their party trouble. That's why We salute armed forces, police officers, firefighters and emerging-
Personnel Tom's tired dropped out o too bad see you tomorrow? God bless. You happy well,.
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