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On Monday’s Mark Levin show, Andrew McCabe and James Comey were the equivalent of dirty cops. The FBI is trying to cleanse itself and fight against these dirty cops but the dirty politicians and media won’t allow it. So corrupt were they, they were both keeping notes on President Trump - to try and blackmail him. McCabe’s actions were so over the top that it was recommended he be fired before the taxpayers contribute to his retirement. Comey and McCabe tried to interfere with our election and were more effective than the Russians were. They should be brought before a federal grand jury and questioned with their liberty on the line. Also, Congress wants to pass a law to protect Robert Mueller from being fired from Trump. In order to pass a law, the President has to sign it. If Trump wanted to fire Mueller why would he sign the law? In addition there’s a separation of powers problem, Congress can’t pass a law and tell the President he can’t fire someone. Finally, Mark Meckler, President of Citizens for Self-Governance, calls in to discuss Iowa being on the verge of becoming state #13 to pass a convention of states. But it’s getting push back from an alleged conservative group - the Iowa faith and freedom coalition.

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Now let me underline that the bowels of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building, we once again made contact with our leader, Everybody'D mark living here. Number eight, seven, seven create one one one, eight, seven, seven three one,
create one. When I have been tramping at the fifth, we need to recalibrate things, break things lot of propaganda propaganda there. So, let's begin Mister Mc Cave was the equivalent of a dirty cop, MR combing sequence, equivalent of a dirty cop, the FBI itself. Through its independent office, the inspector General depart The justice and the officer professional responsibility at the FBI asked the attorney general to get rid of the deputy director, the FBI, who was a dirty cop,.
I am not suggesting you took money, but you know that be dirty to take money. I'm suggesting he put his thumb, his thumb on the scales of justice, or he took his thumb drawing the scales of justice. You cannot have a deputy director, the FBI in a public trust. I emphasise the word trust who was a leader and then, when confronted his own FBI lies. And the allied because he knew what he did was wrong. Interfered with presidential election by participating in obstructing and covering up the investigation of Hillary Clinton. And her Cyril violations of the espionage act, You're listening to me, Marco Rubio Opium,
Listening to me, Lindsey Gram, because you sound like fools right now: people who defend very cops tend to be dirty politicians dirty reporters who better from dirty cops using the old movies. Mr combing was dirty cop. MR call me was the head of the FBI, all of the corruption what political partisanship that's taken place at the highest levels of the FBI, stop and Mr Commies desk the buck stops there. Mr call me himself was a leaker and create an environment of Lakers. Kay authorize leak so late to them stroke or his girlfriend, Miss page among others who was. He was they had a counter intelligence who closed the book.
I wish to open book on on Tom Trump. This is why the media format, honestly because this is why the Democrats are throwing more against the wall. This is why the usual weak Republicans are exposing themselves yet again. Dirty FBI agents And the FBI trying to cleanse itself. The institutional FBI's fighting against the dirty cops. Whose attacking the institution of the F b I met the president, not the attorney general. There are attacking the dirty cops. The tenants, defending the dirty cops, the media law, the dirty cops at some Republicans are to Marco Rubio Spherical.
Turn about the way in which the way in which Mister Mc Cables released right before he got his pension? Mister Roby, oh, Mister MC cable still get the money he put into his pension, but we, the taxpayers, will not be contributing to his retirement because what he did a code the officer professional responsibility, was so over the top that they recommend to the attorney general that'd be fired before the taxpayers contribute towards retirement, and yet we had crash on Capitol Hill, who say, they're going to hire him or want to hire him to make sure he gets his pension a dirty cop, because their dirty politicians. The head of the offers, a professional responsibility, was
it by no other than former FBI director, Robert Mahler, the head of the officer there. But in general the inspector general himself was pointed by no other than Barack Obama. Those are the officers that expose this dirty. Cop Dodge the offices that together urged his removal and less briefly the new FBI direct array immediately. To spend it M until his time the FBI was up. Ray the inspector general, the opposite, national responsibility and all Done its best to transform this is how correct Washington DC. Is you have a corrupt, a corrupt cop at the top of the FBI, a corrupt carpet? The same
top highest position in the FBI. That's exactly what took place and both corrupt cops were keeping notes labour keeping book. Why well, for two reasons. If the situation presented itself to blackmail the presently United States. Why else would they keep note? Because the corrupt, and if that situation, to present itself, then they get even with the present the United States. Neither man can't load, some Barack Obama calmly says he didn't. We haven't, from a k, but about a fortune that he did. Why is that? Because that corrupt? That's why her up now my cape says his legs were authorized.
By the director of the FBI the time the directly the FBI, the time was just call me Jimmy. My testified, as you see now, under oath. The judiciary committee, in response to Senator gradually that you never Authorize leaks, so, MR call me should be right in front of a federal grand jury if one had been imperilled for these purposes and question where his liberty is on the line, rather than going on a book, Mr Mcmahon, should be brought before a federal grand jury and question under oath. Where his liberties on Align, moreover, really The inspector general report, so the whole nation can see what Mackay did really see
Closer professional responsibility report, so the whole nation can see what they recommended in the case of a cave Release the fight application that resulted their resolve it and spying Through the back door on the trunk campaign,. Which obviously, MR call me sign off on this topic. Caves foreign among others, the corrupt cops both of whom? No all about the dossier all about Chris Christy all about the Russians, but concealed those material, facts from a federal judge. So now whose attacking the FBI, whose attacking the FBI, the real
the men and women of the FBI who changed on real criminals who try to protect the american citizenry, who try to protect your bank accounts, you're insurance, you're mortgages, your streets, who tried to fight terrorists and the Russians and the Chinese. That's not change. Call me, that's not my cape, that's not the rest of these crooked cops. Who wanted to ensure that Donald Trump would become president of the United States, who wanted to ensure that Hillary Clinton, what tromp was nominated. They aimed all their barrels against the man perverted every relevant aspect of our system, to take him down to take him down. James call me Leaker, he didn't just deceive Congress. Hidden justice
the men and women of the FBI. He deceive the american people. And now he's gonna make a fortune whoppers book. As the liberals and Democrats buyers book, because they assume a guy trump. Signing off on a corrupt vice, application signing according to my cave on, leaks, illegal lakes,. Keeping notes on the president in order to blackmail him at the situation arose, but it meant They get even by giving, is memos, though, one of his best friends, our new special prosecutor. Then we have, of course, Mackay, as I just said, the cape who was dirty from the start. Thirty from the start, he and his wife sending aim of back and forth to each other Sonny. Such is back and forth. Pee on official FBI accounts about her campaign.
But you know how to raise that. You say because that means a Europe, a ghetto. Everybody sit quiet, criticized call me, don't criticise my cave and I'll get the mother in a minute I'll, get to Tomorrow, in a minute and boy. To watch the old Obama, crowd come out and trash the present, the United States over the weekend, and the v They were all given Praetorian guy media was difficult. Wasn't was it was incredible. This guy Brennan. This guy Brennan on bread and the CIA chief. Let me remind you about Mr Brennan back and twenty fourteen. He spied on Congress. His CIA spied on Congress. He
I gotta see I was spying on Congress. Whistle blower came forward. They the paper Syria officials and properly hack the Senate intelligence committees, computers as staffers, compile a report on enhanced interrogation techniques. Despite agent inspector general has conclude, and I went on the admission, is a stunning turn of events and the stand. Between the two bodies and directly contradicts An inch earlier claims that the agency, never snoop on the committee's computers, Haitian, fired at once dragged in front of us. And jury and bid to say under oath what he did or did not know, but he was. The power came forward, warned you better, not piss off Brennan a direct threat as I put on my social sites immediately, you saw was picked up by the media over the weekend. A direct threat.
Against the President of the United States, who had nothing to do with the removal of Mackay. They May I remind my cave. Got rid of some of the poison, among them some of their dirty cops for which they should be celebrated, that is, the FBI cement Power September, twenty twenty seventeen former? U S ambassador to the EU in. Was unmask eat at such a rapid pace on masking the names I can citizens one hour, agencies are spying on foreigners, and then American citizens come up and then they Roma cover on their names. What's on masking at such a rapid pace and the final months of the Obama administration that she ever more than one request for everyone, today, twenty sixteen, and even so
information and the days leading up to the president so now multiple sources said. Two sources who were not authorized to speak on the record said the request to identify Americans whose names surface in foreign intelligence reporting known as on masking exceeding two hundred and sixty last year. One source indicated this occurred in the final days of the Obama administration and then she testifies and trade daddy? Don't get me started on that guy? I want to talk about him. Later too, Are we just learned better Still money for the House Oversight Committee. A closed. Our interview she said her name was used to turn these obtain these unprecedented I'm asking. Wasn't so what,
Craig out- he do to get to the bottom of it, not a damn thing, but it was her and others were masking. The names of american citizens, surveillance, american citizens for political reasons and in some cases leaking their name to the Pretoria Guard media dirty. She's dirty bretons, parity, commies, dirty Mackay sturdy, cops all in theirs. Eric holder, he was tweeting. Repeated they lied about his knowledge about a t f allowing found. Since a weapons to go to the mexican drug cartels and fast and furious, repaid they refused to turn over information. Then it became they found emails and other communication that he was throw it on his eyeballs, so Congress for that
first time against an attorney general. Ever the United States and twenty thirteen held him in contempt for lying and obstructing holder targeted let's Fox James, rose on the Associated Press on president. He refused investigate irish abuses against tea party groups. The deal J. I e g, the inspector general accused senior Justice Department officials under holder a blocking access to documents, a dirty cop, another one dirty, and the Democrats defend every last one of them in some of these Republicans the same more when I come back
Nevertheless, these People were involved and in an addition The crimes that may have committed, but also when you call me, do what it can do, what it power do, whether all of them They tried to interfere with our election. These public official, some political appointed, some not. Try to influence the outcome of our election. They were more effective. More organised. And have more support than today party in within them
A working party, and certainly within media than the Russians could have ever dreamed, So we had to force is trying to interfere with our election. The Russians and the Obama administration and the media. The forces of the Obama administration. The media can be considered, as one are not done. Right back when the going gets, tough tough get mugged were banned, golly now, seven, seven, three aid, one three, eight one one did you know, ladies and gentlemen, that you're not allowed to question a prosecutor in Ireland, question their motives, their tactics, their leaks. Did you know this. You're not allowed to challenger prosecutor, but when did this happen,.
When they all this happened, you know I can't, In the character of the credentials of the actions of a prosecutor and you're the target, The defendant or who knows what? Why not. Oh, you, might undermine the prosecutor. Who cares you might, the Persian he's going after years might be. The administration is undermining, since, when I went The question of prosecutor. Since when do they held up higher than In court justices wonder that happen that happening Star now, Google, and stars name and see what they did. How about Menendez the Senator from New Jersey was required the prosecutor, was even quiet about the judge? Meanwhile good Lindsey Gram went up there and history chord in New Jersey, testified. Permanent. Now is all over tv. Don't criticized the prosecutor.
What precise, whoever we damn well want to criticise, we're not gonna play by the rules of corrupt politicians,. Lindsey. Where knows that, the only way he gets face timers because he's smart is dumb. Is it because you to articulate basically a letter it. He knows it face time because you are trim Jeff Lakers everywhere Jeff like has no ro credibility among the overwhelming majority of conservatives and Republicans he couldn't get it like that Catherine Arizona, but he's all over tv. Why? Because he knows if your a horses ass, well wing media? What puts on tv. They never wanted to hear from Jeff like when he was a back buncher.
They only want to hear from Jeff like cause he's a big mouth back venture now, just to be clear. The attacks on the firing of this dirty cop Mackay. Our attacks on the inspector general opposite the FBI and attacks at the office personal response about it, the FBI, about PR, as I said, was appointed by Mahler when it was the FBI, director and the she was appointed by Obama when he was president so attacks now recommendations to remove TAT fire Mackay before he could pension again, I want to repeat whatever money. He put any gets out, but what these policies appear to be saying is you and I should have our tax dollars use tests, today, this dirty cop who tried to
once the outcome of this election, and I want remember another thing: this corruption occurred under me. My cape stroke gates, all of them call me because he was a dirty cop who tried to influence the election. They found marker Robia. And so he was invited to meet the press. I wonder why and here's what he said cut one go. They start with Andrew expiring. Was he treated fairly? I don't like the now stop. Mister Tom. MR taught you so far in the tank, are you so far in the tank that you show absolutely no character whatsoever.
You deceive the american billet, the people with your inability to tell the truth. Was he it fairly, by whom Mr Todd, by whom. By the inspector general by the Office of professional responsibility. Are you suggesting, MR taught that their corrupt, Suggesting that they couldn't do their job, you know what Mr Target disgusts me go ahead. They start with Andrew keeps firing. Was he treated fairly I don't like the way it happened. He should have been allowed to finish. Do the weekend, so there's Markka Robia and will continue so I'm not accuse to take them out of context. So a corrupt cop should have been able to finish your out the weak and a man who was rice leaks than lied, apparently repeatedly to it Independent investigators,
I able to finish at the weekend, so you what I could pay for his pension The rest of his life, really pilots as public trust, as the number two guy at the FBI? Try, large social action, not only late which would be enough of a firing, a French by about one he was confronted accordingly like a radio, he should have been able to finish the job his career over the weekend. So you and I could contributors for the rest of his life. The right. What a disgrace, Don't call me on my cell phone either: go ahead, isn't it After general report, that's do and work that's being done and after you, retired, if that report would have indicated wrong doing or something that was actionable. There are things that could have been done.
To the fact that forty eight hours to go before retirement, I would have certainly done it definitely really Rubio. Well, how do you know they didn't want to do it a hundred hours before or three weeks before, but that they were really really trying to think through the best way to handle this, you would have done it. Really? What would you have done? Mr Rubio give the guy a lifetime pension from the taxpayers. Absolutely incredible and we have a cargo lines. Scratch, have been trying to hire this guy to protect his pension. They were never talk about a cop like this. If the copper in Baltimore. Or should or New York or Philadelphia San Francisco, our allies. Are you name it. Baby praising the mayor. Praise
A police chief, and yet what is worse than a crooked director and deputy direct the FBI who lake who lie about their lakes Because they lie because they know what they did is wrong of not criminal and they wanted to influence. An investigation and the of an election? I can't Think of anything worse, can you. We'd better if we call them Russians now, because being done from within from what in men the highest public trust possible the rural areas where it then you won't get his pension go ahead, poured out there doesn't come in. Are you concern about damage? This does to the FBI to the office of professional responsibility? Who apparently made this recommendation? You know I mean Todd. Shame on you, but you have no ability to be shamed, so in other words
This damages the FBI, the office officer, professional responsibility and the inspector general's office. If not the Department of Justice, because they're trying to clean up the Obama administration left behind. Again. The head of the I, the the himself was appointed by by Obama Head of opium, was appointed by Mahler. Why didn't Mr Todd mention that in the series of Questions- and I don't care what else Rubio heads To be honest with you now, there's Lindsey Gram. He's on CNN yesterday and he That is the only way to get on CNN, to be a horses ass and he's good at by the way. How many conservative talk show host do what I'm doing almost none? please tough guys. Almost none.
What's right is right, ladies and gentlemen, what's right is right, got to go tromp believes that he's been put upon by the FBI. He reads: the Texas battling Right there, hey dummy this, has nothing to do with President Trump thinking he's been put upon by the you know this guy claims to be a lawyer? He claims to have been a prosecutor in the military. He sounds like an idiot to me: I'm not That is actually I am by what's between his ears. What does this have to do? It mister trap. Does Mr Grand believed that the inspector general of the Department of Justice is corrupt. Does he believe but he's a partisan. Does he believe political, because half a dozen He is a funny way shown it does the lady who heads the offers a professional responsibility. It's a Trump forty.
Even though she was originally point by my in the FBI. What is an exact they that, Mr Graham is saying it matter. What Mr Tromp believes these internal entities within the FBI? I know it is a matter of fact. I served in the Justice department. It's in charge of the Clinton email investigation, showing a bias against him, and support for her and Mister MC, the office and professional responsibility has recommended He be dismissed, but to the average Eric and I think we owe it to the average American to have a hearing in the judiciary, can you and your damn hearings when the hell have you ever done anything effective. When the hell have you ever done anything effective. They want to hold a hearing. Ladies and gentlemen,. They want to hold a hearing? You know the late mister, Graham
Kay was fired; no thanks to you, thanks to the inspector general and They are for exposing him for exposing him. And in the case of opium recommending that he be fired. Seems to me, ladies and gentlemen, we have a lot of people trashing, the good men and women of the FBI. The good cops we're trying to kid the place after all, these years of Obama and correct, call me and Corrupt Mackay and corrupt stroke and corrupt page and corrupt I all the rest of the senior officials. There then Cardan he's a clown. He serves, as Senator from Maryland and he's gonna sell Us D got three go. Is very vindictive bob. I the trump administration- it's not only personally devastatingly Mr Piquet and his reputation,
but it also is a reflection on the administrations disdain for the FBI itself. While you know what guys like this need iq test, its vindictive of the Trump Administration to clean up the FBI, the FBI's request, the FBI, ladies and gentlemen, conducted the investigation. The FBI examined Mister Mc Caves, professional conduct or lack thereof. Mr Mc K, blind to the inspector general any lied to the office of professional responsibility. He was covering up any was obstructing. You'll, never hear bank card and say this about General Flynn. Will you Acting on tv and say, look I confess to alike why this lie that. So why does bank card and come to the defence of a crooked cup? And what does he say that this is very vindictive of the Trump administration? When you
for well Trump, didn't do a damn thing. Who cares rich personally devastating to Mister MC cave? A time somebody conducts themselves in an hour they call or even a legal way, it's very devastating to the perpetrator every time And this is not a reflection of the administrations disdain for the FBI, its reflection of the FBI trying to take its agency back from occurring Obama officials- are they write. Ben I wanted to tell you about a little known part of our tax? Could sitting millions of Americans, just like you return. Investment experts know for this poor await M three, oh yeah, and it could help protect your eyes.
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twenty five o three or go to mark living gold outcome that Smart Gully, the gold that come here, Jeff flake any, is cut forego now in the present said, there was a great day for democracy. Yesterday, I think, is a horrible day for democracy to have five It's like this happening at the top from the president and the attorney general does not speak. All for you know. I hate this man. This man is such a liar. He so drunk on his own deceit. He knows damn well. These findings weren't from the top. If the attorney general had not fired Mackay, what would the director general and oh pr think about that. Whether the right
file or the F B. I think about that that a corrupt cop was not going to be fired. Mr flight you're, another disgrace, you're a joke. What do you think you're on tv, because the media likely They have their favorite porno star, they had their favorite. Author is Michael. Wolf guy they either favorite psychiatrist came out. Oh, I feel now they have their favorite stupid back bencher you and I'll show you up and spit YAP skies. They think I'm going you're running for President Third Party run for whatever you want. It's gotta Nick. Went Michigan, serious satellite who disagrees, go ahead and neck hello, Nick yes neck. When I say go ahead. That means it's your turn out for a marked out
I say: listen! I and I know I know about your history, you're very intellectual person and I think the things the thing about my intellect or my history. What is your point? My point? At the end of the day, you wanna, the air, like a deterrent call people liars? you just call. Why are liars? Why do you think this can be cave? Is gone? Trouble live in your opinion. This trouble I they're all politicians lie to what extent or another you lie. Don't you really are do ok? So what does that have to do with anything? We're but law here? This tell me, sir: when? Are you when you're being invested again? We ever been investigated loafer? Well, if you Where would you lie ok. Well, then, you can be the deputy direct. The FBI wow? But if you do lie
you need to be kicked out on your ass. When you're under investigation you either plead the fifth, you either refused to answer you. Do you need to do, but when you lie there are federal statutes involved, there are standards, ethical standards and rules for the FBI, glad they have rules and ethical standards. Sir, I have fully, but how come Trump dogma five observe certain others. I saw how come you abide by them? You tell me you're a liar We want the my wife about stopping at the bar on the way home from work. If I didn't ask you to reply to your wife about stopping at the bar to work, is that what you do my phone, you idiot, he's missing. My whole point he's missing my whole point. Their lives and their allies and their circumstances, Mr Miss a liar sure, he's lying His wife, Wednesday, grand he's a liar sure he's light at some point in his life. This isn't a abstract
caution about lying. This is an actual discussion about it. Deputy director, the FBI who, when question, lied about lake, specifically quite in about it, because it has an impact on other, beings and an impact on our country and an impact on the FBI if their jerk windows, live about going to a bar revenue on the dinner, whatever the hell he's doing, it doesn't have an impact on any of us and I could care less liberals attire, I'll be right back
now run only underground, boughs of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader, everybody mark living here. Our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one! Well, let's talk Mr Mulder, will I have to talk about him? No one Congress is going to pass a law to protective now. First of all, let me tell the eighty it's in Congress that would include Lindsey Goober, Graham.
In order to pass a law, what has to happen, MR produced the president has to sign a correct or it's not a law, if the, if the president- and he doesn't seem to be the mind of fire, Mr Mahler, why would he signed the law, but you say: take it. Super duper majority veto proof. What's the second and actually the most important problem with what MR goofy Google. Lindsey, Graham and his fellow Democrats. Yes, yes and his fellow Democrats, who propose it's a separation of powers, problem Congress can't pass a law until president. He can't fire a subordinate Congress has no authority to do that anymore than the president has the power The issue of the yacht
taking a border sign, Mr Graham can't fire somebody under his management authority. Congress cannot reach into the executive branch and protect employees from their boss, it's called separation of powers, theirs A one article two and article three that relate most primarily to separation of powers, the Mister Grey, of course, as a very smart lawyer,. And all the other smart lawyers on capital help at all Genius media types like Chuck top ensures stuff Annapolis. And all the low iq types had seen an MSNBC. Go on and on and all were going to protect the president we're going to pass a statue. As usual their passing wind. By the way did you watch live
Liberty and living on Sunday at ten p m Eastern. I really hope you did and I hope he enjoyed it. Larry on the present of hills. Tat was spectacular. What are really good talk friend of mine wrote me you would know if I told you he was he's not in this business.
He is a year biographer, very, very smart guy, probably conservative movement is whole life and he said that was pure conservatism. That is what the nation needs to hear when it is pure American is unconstitutional is, and I hope you heard it also tonight. I will be on Hannity TV on the Fox NEWS channel at nine thirty pm dealing with this this stuff, this Michigan US, what's that mean Google, it so I'll, be dealing with this. A nine thirty p m on Hannity on the Fox NEWS Channel tonight: nine thirty eastern six, thirty Pacific, eight, thirty central, you know where you are- and I hope your check it out I'll just
young enough, seven, eight minutes. Nine thirty pm Mouth Axiom start com as a liberal site, but they get a lot of information on mothers. Office go figure. Actually also learned that special Council Robert Mahler has focused on events since the election, not during the campaign. In his conversations with president trumps, lawyers lead as mothers the top two topics that mothers Press interest, and so far the firing of FBI directed James call me a national security adviser, Michael Flint,. They go on unwise matter, let's just say: focus. Obstruction of justice, while in office then collusion with Russia during the campaign. Both sorrows. Are interwoven with Russia Trump himself has link
only aspiring to Russia that this this is so pathetic and Flint played. So what they're trying to do here say this has. Nothing to do with mowers mandate is nothing to do a Maoist mandate. This is the silent coup. Mister, color, as I've said now. How long I don't know, since he was appointed, almost seeks to reverse The result of the last election, Mr Mahler, is fabricating and obstruction of justice claim. Most prosecutors understand that they have to speak in court through their filings. They don't issuer report. Tomorrow is not supposed to issue a report, but it is clear: Mr Mulder, who does in fact lack ethics. Will use his findings in court in my view, as I've told
Many many times now, there's a big echo chamber out there to try and have Trump impeached. You know we're going to do one day this week or next week, MR producer, we will pull clips from right after the election and then we will pool, the appearance I had on Fox Who's on the weekend with headsets and company, just to show. How this thing has been laid out and how its working as they planned. Ok this lever website goes on, that suggests they focus on obstruction of justice. One office rather than collusion with Russia, the moderate Teams are hoping to work out the specifics of a presidential interview with the next few weeks. The big question are debating is there'll be a person in writing or some combination of the two after a week. Increasingly personal in vocal battles with Mueller.
White House extended an awkward olive branch, say. Ladies and gentlemen, there is absolutely nothing wrong with the president and all his lawyers calling out this prosecutor. Nothing. There's nothing on ethical about it. There's nothing a moral about it, there's nothing unlawful about it mean they have to decide if its useful or not. But in many ways it is because if it comes down to impeachment over it imbricated allegation. The case estimate made in the court of public opinion, why wouldn't the president fight back? Why the present call Mahler exactly what he is. Why? What, President notice, he only. As Democrats, why? Wouldn't it but I call all these things are what Jeff like. But I do it, Marco, Maybe I was gonna do it Grams gonna do it, who now understand it's gonna, do it may one where's Mcconnell.
Where's John Corner. Where's, Romano Alexander, where any of them nowhere. Of truck doesn't defend himself against smaller. Nobody has in fact these damn falls we're going to pass a law to protect smaller, pass a lotta protect Mahler? You clowns. He's a subordinate to present a United States, it so in a frustrating when you understand history in the constitute really is to watch this, its frustrating is hell and others tray gouty enormous to produce, for we have to have a new rule, never trust a guy who doesn't comas hair the same way.
Each day for the next five days in IRAN? Mr Gaddafi is now getting more more popular being from South Carolina. He's got part of the Linsey Grand Disease scorn after Ben Cardan he's going after some Jerk and the White House, who had to resign very very any, was in her a head of the Benghazi special comedian that went far. He was involved in oversight involving Samantha power that went nowhere prize all talk talk but which the listen, what he had to say on Fox NEWS Sunday. Five go. I want to begin by getting your reaction to president fronts lawyer, calling. Rod Rosen's gone the deputy attorney general to any light, let let's let its Rosen steam Rosen steam. That's his name that started the beginning. Go ahead.
I want to begin by getting your reaction to president fronts lawyer, calling rod, Rosen's dawn the deputy attorney general to end the mother investigation. Do you, report that now hold on a second. What is wrong with them for the lawyer saying the prosecutor needs to end his advice negation of my client is really a shocking statement? Oh my at that time? I was a top. What did he say? He wants the press, Due to this stop investigating M is that exactly what Menendez said about poor TED Stevens, who was prosecuted by the Department of Justice? In fact, by the oddly name, public integrity, section of the criminal division in Washington D C
And they obstructed justice and they withheld evidence. They did all sorts of stuff. The judge was so furious. I believe it was trudge Solomon that he referred these these prosecutors to o p and to their bar for disarming consideration. Not only a cat question, the prosecutors never questioned the prosecutors unless it's and star now need contrasting. I left and right crash on left and right now we Republic of alleged patch I statute to protect Mahler you're a statue would be unconstitutional. You morons. Anyone in the media know that truck now George now Jake now
No, you don't know what's here with the great trade gouty. Had to say, go ahead, I down, and I think that the present eternity frankly those images service when he says when you for I saw the president's attorney, does the president a disservice when he says the prosecutor should end his investigation. Are you really stupid, as you soundtrack? May I call you? Try I've never met you, but tray. Have you ever been an advocate for it for client. I really think they do a disservice when they tell the prosecutor to get his investigation over with lies that train wise had a disservice. Go ahead, because in that way, Chris, if you look at that restriction for Robert Mauler? First and foremost, what did Russia due to this country in twenty? Sixteen, that is supremely
porn, and it has nothing to do with collusion. Wherever has nothing to do with collusion. Now we have trade out is a special pleading for Molly. Seahawks, this is nothing to do a collusion. Ask. What did the Russians do to interfere with our election to Mr Gowdy. Mr Mulder, who determine that Hillary Clinton campaign and the DMZ funded the fusion tree yes dossier. No, wasn't. Mr Mahler, whose called Hillary Clinton as a witness Mr Gouty, no its, not Mr Mahler, whose called top officials the Dnc as witnesses did he call in front of his grand. No, it won't tell me, Mr Mr Gao. Did he call Susan Rice in front of his grand jury? We're not have a book. Where she said specifically stand down to the site.
Security experts who wanted to do so now, wait out. So, Mr Galley, you don't have the foggiest idea. What the hell you're talking about, The Mr Mulder is investigating russian interference wisely and getting one tear pain. And why she now investigating abstraction which Possibility in this instance, how tray The myth that constitution, one or one class in the first year law school, I'm sorry go ahead. Just mauler should shut down and that all he is looking at is collusion. If you have an innocent client, Mr Dowd ACT like it. So if you have an innocent client, Mr Dowd ACT like the according to the former federal prosecuting, so shouldn't tell the prosecutor to cut it out and is today because your clients innocent what else? What are their advice would miss?
gotta give should go in, and do a full blown Everyone must be gouty should he do that to whenever prosecutor, whose working the trip up the president I wouldn't be: why were we should clarify? Why not. In addition, client Goran Cinema, what's wrong with that. That is not limited, to collusion, he's investigating russian interference. While I didn't know that when that happened, you look arose in staying shod russian interests. You dont hire a prosecutor to investigate russian interference, that's kind of intelligence investigation matter, criminal investigation, you Eddie I'm sick, these stupid lawyers, we get elected the Congress and then go on tv. That's a counter college investigation, not a criminal investigation. You don't open special prosecutor to look into account
tolerance matter like this. Do you try no you're right, pray units lawyer suggests that a project stop. We all have an interest in quiet now: sorry stuff, like that, get out of here I'll, be right. Ben if tromp word of fire Mahler, I'm not advocating an alarm is how does a critic constitutional crisis. What's the constitutional crisis.
Congress has the power to impeach the house to the centres of power to remove what is the constitutional crisis, exact, I'm confused or if Although the report be replaced with another prosecutor, what's the problem, the problem is folks that My cracks in the media lab Mahler. Because Mahler is out to destroy Trump. That's why set simple so the constitutional crisis? What's the constitutional crisis. President has the power to fire, and the Democrats don't want him to fire. The repute. Don't want him to fire that doesn't make it a constitution.
A crisis suggests setting up more more this foundation for impeachment impeachment impeachment. That's what's going on, the Democrats would be elated if Trump fired, Molly. They keep warning, don't far smaller and then behind this. Yet do please, please, please, they be absolutely elated. So a Jeff like the flights there, but now you see we have to protect more Mahler is the victim. You see the potential victim of Donald Trump. We know all about Donald Trump wife. We know all about Donald Trump children. What do we know about mullahs, wife and his children? Nothing. Somebody threatening, Mahler,.
What do we know about mothers, business activities, anything building? What about US kids and is worth nothing so what's the problem. They're all goes one way. Nobody can say anything about the present United States or any member of his family, most of which relies. But some of us might be true, but you can criticise Mahler. Let's see Mahler went into matter efforts apartment with the Guns, trying to my lad, criticise a mothers and two jurisdictions so in enough charges against Manfred waiting to spend five lifetimes in prison. My lad to criticise the mother went back after Flynn after his body call me decided that Flint. Unintentionally, why he was set up by stroke set up by Mahler. My lobby criticized
We criticise the fact that smaller heart all Democrats, virtually at my lad, to criticise the fact that is number two guys right, lieutenant it's a piece. You know what my mother say: they're, not protect Mahler at all costs, right tray I'll, be right. Back radios principles. Patriot call now at eight seven, seven, three aid, one three, eight one, one, A tax evaders and cheats get in trouble with the IRA's right. No false. And nobody knows this better than optimal tax relief. So honest hard working Americans who, for a number of reasons, simply can't pay their tax bill like William who owed
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Now I could go on and on here with one network after another Democratic Republic and allied going on and on and on about the things they don't know damn thing about, but I want to do something I want to change your we'll. Take your cause, but I want to change. Gear is a little bit. Last night, at ten p m Eastern turn on the Fox NEWS Channel. My fourth life liberty, eleven programme we ve- had unbelievable- I started with Doktor Water Williams. Then we had the great Devon Nunez, I mean I'm Benjamin Netanyahu, never Nunez and now, of course, Larry on President of Helstone College.
And the purpose of this one hour every Sunday night is to take it to a place where you're comfortable. I will. We can discuss things that aren't being discussed. Endlessly in the news. Push static away, have a thoughtful discussion about us about our history that philosophy but economics. With compelling and Doktor Larry aren't as all that, and so let me just play a few clips of Doktor Larry on an me from where Each programme and again I will be on hand he denied nine thirty pm eastern time live doktor on an He cut thirteen go so you have a nation, that is founded on the notion of
really individual sovereignty in many respects. Respect for the individual at birth, certain rights at birth, better recognized in the declaration of independence, natural law in a given eternal, more Like the golden rule, or what have you it is because it is an have this declaration of independence were these men, come together really for the first time, and mankind proclaim this Now they also signed the declaration of independence. We hold these truths to be self evident. They're. All men are created equal their endowed by their created with certain unalienable rights. They are repeatedly talking about the creator and God and the divine, these unalienable rights self evident. Isn't that what you talking about when you talk about natural or what are these unalienable right in? What did they mean by created equal,
So if you so it's a precept Natural law that all men are created equal, and in one way that say a tent totality saying the same thing twice all it means as this, obviously, by the way, if you just a bunch of human beings. They are all different right and some mortals. Among short, some american model, people, some people like you and me right others, but their different right, but their equal in this back. I liked to say sitting room with a bunch of people somebody really big walks in somebody really small walks in you might know the difference is somebody leads a pagan on a leash, that's What kind of thing just came in Scotland? thing anymore right and so that this it just means that and just think of the subtext right. Their writing this to George. The third is the representative, the sovereign of the british nation you're. Just like us
may not rulers except by our consent. In in eight seven in eighteen, seventy four, seventy seventy four Jefferson rod very beautiful, some review of the rights of British, not North America, and in the paragraph he begins by air, the king. Let those flatter who fear it is not an american art, My great absolute prose from doktor on more cut fourteen go. Now, these men, who do this. Who are well read enormously, articulates spreading. They meet in Philadelphia, independence, her and the word disputes they come up with this document This was a death sentence for every one of them was a threat there at the time of the declaration opinions, there was a red issued by king for the arrest of motion.
People who signed it and all the others were added wasn't given to a policeman or prosecutor given to a general and used to use the army to find them and kill them or put them on ships and take them to England and they know that there's one of the founder shoes from Pennsylvania, and he said this wife, since these wonderful records of the Centres- declaration appearance, he said Dan, in know we're going to vote for independence, and she said yes and he said I am going to vote for it. She said yes and he said. Our farmers near the sea, they're gonna take our far. And she said you will find us somewhere to go, Why you know in the last sentence you know it is the first sentences universal, eternal and divide the last sentences in support of this declaration be mutually pledge to each other? the ones in the room.
All the others in the room, our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honour, and that was a practical fact on their mind. So practical fact. Because I knew if I lost his war, they lost their lives, are lost. Everything. What about our classrooms, I ass doktor on cut fifteen, go so darn, whatever classrooms become while the resemblance stage, with strict common core standards. Now often many schools, teachers are required to submit weekly lesson plans and every point they covers gotta be related to something in the specific passage and bureaucratic standards, and so there controlled it tightly above and that one out of it? That means that the students there just two and what their told all day, long and just
you talk about those demonstrations, a third greater The demonstration, That's an amazing thing to happen and to think of that word demonstration, there's a beautiful thing from Lincoln. That says. Guy said to him: how did you learn to speak so well they civilian, I kept running across the word demonstrate, and I looked and looked to discover what it and I decided it was some high standard of proof, and so I left my situation in Springfield and I will home and I did- come back until I can repeat all of the proposition of Euclid from memory? Now, that's what join us each Sunday at sixteen go. What do you see as the future of Amerika waves sign that doesnt advance toward that real, dependence of mind and character that an excellent education will give you. And finally, because we can't play the whole
Go here, but I want you to know what was said in the joint each Sunday cut sixteen go. What do you see as the future of America well we're in a condition like the one link inscribed. It's a house divide, it two ways of thinking of their two ways of governing ended: to resolve itself and its do that through some crisis, because I'm an admirer of Winston Churchill, I built its necessary and true, to think that the crisis is gonna, be resolved, beautifully and in favour of freedom. I could only unaware could better get ready. He could you better get ready. That was my great guest. Yesterday night last night, Liberty and Levin on Fox. I want to thank them for giving. Here we have the time to do it, something different then the usual fair, not against the euro. Fair, but something difference. Nice to you might say, marked
stuff. The people really listen, uh, that's the first of all. I want to tell you this, and I don't do it often there getting started to come in for the major radio affiliates. I have on W B C, with just one hour on the entire station. Biggest one hour on the entire state. Media competitors on w a war with a chore plus twenty five, fifty four thirty five sixty four. You in the audience. My show crushes that absolutely crucial. And then the LOS Angeles Willie, huge following in LOS Angeles on the gray eight, seventy a am Charolais an overall listener ship. We have the highest three hours on the station a wonderful, wonderful, wholesome both stations, don't get me wrong, W B and Charolais
cross the street on K, BC. For overall audience. We crush our competition, absolutely crush them. So the key I be crushed and that's because of you. You decide what you're going to listen to you. You decide what interests you. No, I don't know what our ratings are yet. On Sunday show? What doktor on. But I will tell you this whether what What Williams revenge no no. Or Devon Nunez overall audience. We were number one Weeks, it's not even close evil throw documentaries at us about the Pope and other shows and so forth. That's thanks to you. So, yes, there are millions of people and that same when the majority, but there are millions of people who wanted to
Gus these things who, when he hears smart things, I want to go into Americanism and our principles. It wanted philosophy, want to know why we think the way we do adversaries think the way they do and we're going to continue to do this, including on this programme on live in tv on Levine TV. It's your tv just spectacular! How many of you subscribe to see our tv it its enormous? the course are factual, re very honoured to be there I'll, be right back Ben
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audio from your interview about dedication and then very proud. You announced that here in reviewing some follow one of the biggest series, the war. We have a group of studies, organised by us. You have what now young people We have a group of studies, fear in Brazil organised by us, and we are very proud, because now we are using books and now the cliffs. From your shows to try to indicate, go about classic economics using also Frederick bustier will reach a mrs in your books to educate people were injured. Trying to America nice people in a good way and You are providing us a very good material, most of the people. I am actually learning English listening to you show, as I did in the bow,
great yeah Mark dedication only the government and the government government policies. We was spread occasion. People like you, with your show, with labelling to be. We have a bunch of subscribers of living to be here in Brazil, Bilbao, yeah people here I listen to you are following your show. We are actually in the process. We are beginning to talk now with your published. Their United States, we free country among people. Who really do you know well, and we will last year review in a big black publisher here, so deaf How far now I'd even know that good for you, wonderful, wonderful Well, if there's any way, I can help lead, Miss MR produce No offline and I'll do everything I can because we can spread the word in every country,
my people, who really do you, know well star for freedom in Starfleet information, I am more than happy to help Lucas goblet very, very liberal, democratic mother, and I remember as early as in mixing Kennedy debate and the run for president failure that debate nor against the great care you ever go. Redheads market has been a pleasure of really quite extraordinary. To my point, if you don't mind Now- and I hope we will find it interesting while I hope we will come to the end, but you go for it, I was raised in a house with a very republican father in a very, very liberal, democratic mother. And I remember as early as next in Kennedy Debate, the air and run from presidency. Really the debate in the house. I was very very liberal. Until Obama came on the scene, and I was so disgusted by what I saw that I became a republican,
I even ran for office in the county that I live in, which is heavily democratic, and I got more votes than this. Capital thought I would get. I went from a liberal to now. I can remember years ago, when you would be on the radio. I would like scream at the ready. I did not like what you had to say then. I started to study and I started to learn and the idea that I've heard the liberalism is a mental disorder. I firmly believe that really do so my point of my hall is, I was in the Navy and I were stationed at an essay I have you find something that was privacy act of nineteen. Seventy four thank you. Richard Milhouse Nixon gave us that, I am really earned the privacy act. We were allowed to spy on american citizens if I had some traffic as they called it
an american citizens, namely when I scanned it goes into burn back. They take it, nay, recycle it make more paper out of it We were not allowed to do it and have the same thing. It was illegal. I have not heard a single hundred I've never heard a single the tv station, nothing that I read have anybody mentioned the privacy act to seventy four, and that is something that is my opinion very important, very important. We need to do a little research and see if it applies the circumstances like this. I might I appreciate your car will be right back.
Now run only underground than the bowels of the hidden somewhere under a brick and steal over nondescript building. We have once again made contact with our leader. Tell everybody mark living here. I number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one hour: in five minutes. I will be on the Fox NEWS Channel on Hannity TV, that's about nine hundred and thirty p. Dot M eastern time will handle business over there. We hope you can watch by the way I've been meaning to Did you get in Amazon, echoed device.
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I heard radio Ep Mark Levin APP. Satellite radio. M and FM radio either being announcement coming up Do it yet it hasn't been completely locked him. One of our major cities in this country- a bigger Smith, but I'll wait Wait I'm looking ahead of myself. I write like that enable the mark, Levine, show skill. My legs, enable the mark, Levin, show skill and then afterwards, for then on its election Mark Levine show its if you, Amazon ECHO device, Those are very easy to use time a lot of fun matter. Fact: alright, gauss none! The point I think I've overloaded you with enough specifics and information about what's taking place, I diverted a little.
To get into areas really are compelling to me the declaration constitution now I'm gonna go to you now want to spend time with you, but for I do very goes not I mean this before I do We have an ambassador from the United States in Israel. Pass to be the finest ambassador the United States has ever had in Israel. And his name is David Freedom- that a New York Father was a rabbi. And he's been enormously effective, enormously effect and he Is a friend of the present United States? He has represent
the present in the United States and various court manners. And I ve gotten a normal little bit. And I very much like him and his family, his This man is a man of religion, he's an orthodox drew. Any has wonderful things to say not just about Jews, but about Chris. Muslims and so forth, and so it is very clear thinking, man and this is the reason why I was standing regimes and their more than one despise him. They despiser. When there are terrorist attacks against,
arrogance or Israelis or other westerners for that matter. He speaks out. He condemns them. When the Palestinian Authority, when Abbas, whose basically Arafat with hair. Subsidizes, the palace between terrorists with our tax dollars. He speaks out and condemns. So he's an American The patriotic American. He believes in American is. And he carries out attitude in those principles with em overseas saw by has now taken to smearing him, as a Basque, hates Trump page, Jerry Kirshner.
Jason, green black. All these. These men have done the unthinkable, but practically freeman. Because Freeman over there. So Basque gave a speech flowing around and keep something Mine, a boss is a terrorist Abbas. How to finally Munich olympic terrorist attacks on these railways. There he's never had to pay a price for that. Nice people who hate us, why don't we washer Our ambassador, Israel, a son of a dog- I you know what he meant- son of a dog. Why do we subsidize this regime? This. Eta older, the moderates than a matter in the least We subsidize our enemies why
Subsidize people who hate us. Why are we wash our hands up? Ass, an Hamas and the rest of it, they Stride their own people, they start their own people. Do you know. In the Gaza Strip is reading the other day. That Hamas is just one of many terrorist groups operating there ISIS is there. Other jihadi groups. Are there So basically gave that land is Netanyahu explained the other day just gave it to them. It wasn't. Even there's a regionally was the Egyptians newsreel? You want it through war, These are two state solution. Three state solution already feminist do they want, but anyway, how can their past?
be a two state solution when these forces seek the final solution of the state of Trail of all Jews in the era of Christians in the area, the United States, the United States. We still give hundreds of millions of dollars to the Abbas regime who, just on our ambassador son of a dog, the you know, any man we should cut them off, be done with it. Tell him all right! That's enough! We ve had enough for you of IRAN, of the Syrians half of all of em back all the forces that confront them But I just wanted to point that out because I don't pointed out: nobody will.
The lid media Abbas and meanwhile. What does a boss go to get medical treatment? They think he has cancer. I think he is hemorrhoids to Johns Hopkins in Baltimore. That's regos they get treatment, he doesn't got any arab country doesn't Any communist country. Doesn't go to any european country, comes to our country, comes to our country. To get medical treatment in secret the kind of medical tree, People can never get because a him and what they ve done to their economy, what they do to their people. You know when I was in Israel: first,
I was in there, which was the only time. So far less. May I told you about this. We did a year a Facebook life programme. With the director of a hospital is right there on the border with Syria and the director. The hospital, as I recall, is a Christian. He searing Christian And he went to great lengths to explain we take anybody here. We have serious should come across the border sneak up on her across the board. They get treatment. And this is really hospital and it's a sophisticated, a hospital.
And then he showed us the basement, the underground bunker, if you were to have driven an underground bunker in this hospital, it's quite elaborate. I won't get into specifics. To protect the hospital staff and the patients, many of whom are Arabs and All the terrorist fighting, each other and so forth, and so on and Syria. The Seville casualties, as you ve seen, are just horrendous and enormous, and they take these these people as they come across the border and they treat them and their souls. You'll never see that from Syria. You'll never see that from IRAN. You'll never see that from the Palestinians. Universe
if Romania, none of them do it now. But when that Arafat knock off selected the one term there's a Thank you in its fourth or fifth term,. When they start trashing our ambassador, they start trashing our country when they use our money to see said eyes: terrorism and the family. A terrorist They get more money based on how much may him they create how many people they kill. I say: that's enough. We wash our hands, we call it a day and that's that I'll, be right back the more we learn about this,
s murder Florida. The more outrageous. This is that there were people who actually recommended to at least temporarily, committing an under the Baker ACT in Florida, which allows that which Casey never been able to purchase a weapon but you have these terrible breakdowns. Federal and local law enforcement, we're still debating gun control. That's why we never get anything meet, meaningful, flew, meaningful done. Are we tracer abstractions phony issues. Let's go to Blaine Tyler Texas, the gray. Katy baby go further. Can you hear me? Ok, you, sir. Our joint call about was, we think clapper lie. We ve seen the k lie, which you call me lie where people actually gonna start being charged with criminal charges.
Can you know about it? Nobody's gonna be charged. Unless there is a prosecutor investigating okay, so can you explain brought? Do you think how much do you think what about trade should charged. I they all are the infirm of federal grand jury is for as I am concerned. So what's the process out of that get started, Specifically, you just told you there needs to be a prosecutor whose investigating them there isn't one. Ok, How do we get one invest to invest? We don't get anything. Myself have been talking about a special council over and over and over and over again, who begin the process of investigating this. That's how get it started. Ok, I gotcha or the chance that after well, sir, you tell me what are the chances
pressure that has been but there's pressure building, but there's there's resistance because truth be told Can you imagine a special council whose looking into corruption at the FBI, the Department of Justice and, in the face of court. And then says you know, we need to extend my investigation to include people like Susan Rice and submit The power in this Brennan Piper and all the rest- top would blow off. Wouldn't it now kid and I felt like a terrible I get the changing needs to be done. There. I, my friend, I agree with you. Thank you, a cop! Let's keep going Alex in Richmond Virginia, I believe I live you mark it's great to talk.
Big fan. I didn't have a theory, but I wanted to run by you. Do you Mahler my be trying to get fired by Trump he's, gonna dig deeper and deeper. During deeper and into trumps life until Trump is just fed up with it in fires him and that's what he's trying to do why it's interesting I don't know. I suppose I could be because we all know the kind of political fight, It would be a mean? Yes, that's why he ought not do it, but that's the idea that he can criticise the prosecutor is stupid they should in social everybody else who they are. We ve been criticized. The Pope. Don't worry, we criticise everybody. But somehow this prosecutor, no UK, criticized the prosecutor. Why he said Lots of things that deserve attention that deserve our critique but deserve criticism. That's our country, and he theoretically is doing enough
negation of be after the United States, We are the United States, so we should only here from Democrat. On tv- He should only here from media He should only here from flake Lindsey Gram of people like that. No, I don't think so. I really friend go ahead. What reenact the independent council statute that's right- I do with my mother's fire. No, I don't think so. I think they would just ass, a statue trying to protect him they'll, never reenact that because they got caught by that statue. Remember you're right about that! Mark you always right! Now, I'm not but Alex you're, a good man. Thank you for your car. That's gonna, Dave, SALT Lake City. How are you David Mark? I have a follow up. Question hello, animal their fellow yeah go right ahead. Mark
go ahead? Bank were taken. My call my our question to the previous collar. Why camp it? Why can't the Justice Department, under the orders, just sessions investigate. Why do we need a special council appointed while I'm here? Is that what happened? how will we Y gotta? Well? Why don't, sir, few I'm standing out here watching them. Why doesn't it I dont know what isn't pixie does work? I don't know he hasn't done it. Ok so he should clearly the department would have difficult. Investigating itself to me and outside investigator, is tailor made, for this kind of situation, not for what this idiot Where is doing and so forth, but when you have an FBI at the top level such corrupt and that's what you have
they ve been certified as corrupt the deputy turning the deputy FBI director. Been certified as a leader and a liar the top I call me confess, that he was a laker before they would catch him committing Adrian Friendly the committee and now have the deputy FBI director and a former than the former director, the FBI, giving conflicts information on leaks. So I dont believe that that that the Justice Department will investigate itself from a criminal perspective. We already add the inspector general and Opie are pass judgement on the deputy direct the FBI, but beyond that, that's all they can do. I friend. Thanks for your call will be right back
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only be available at this great price. This week, only eight hundred to nine for twenty three twenty five or prepare a marked out eight hundred to nine for twenty three twenty five or prepare with marked every now and then, We checking to see how we're doing at the convention of States article five movement which is being led by before organization let's run by Mark Mechlin, whose our friend more carry you come always better when I'm on the air with you buddy, it's good to hear your voice. Well, thank you Thank you very much. Tell us what's going on in Iowa. Yeah, you know I'm really excited. I only has a two year session we passed the house last year. The house actually done it two years in a row and we are on the verge. The USA on a register of lobbyists, nothing wrong with that, but they are lobbying against convinced. Really exciting states and their fellow lobbyists registered against us common cause. The now you the damp Elsie, be
What really interesting it's one of these groups that calls itself conservative they're called the Isle of Faith and Freedom coalition, I'm going. Let me let's just stop that, look, how they steal my language, the Iowa, This then freedom coalition that suppose the constitution. Yeah unbelievably marked. These guys are registered. Lobbyists are registered lobbies, nothing wrong with that, but they are lobbying against convention estates and their fellow lobby. Registered against us common cause, the html you, the air felsi, I you know basically every just organization now aligned side by side with the ILO faith and Freedom coalition. Whose, behind the faith and freedom coalition again later what they claim to be good conservatives, they do fight on the on the conservative side on other issues, but in this case they lost their way, there's any of these horrible dishonesty. Slandering the movement repeating
a left after it's really frustrating to watch and the lies are what that will lose our constitution. You don't alive same leftist blender that's been issued since the nineteen seventies one that seventeen eighty seven convention was a runaway, so we're gonna have a runaway convention. That's the number one lie that their peddling. Now, let's start right there, you- and I know- that's not even possible- forget about the history lesson because interested in their history lesson. That's even possible. The amendment process at the The process still requires thirty eight states to ratify. So how Is it possible to have a quadrant quote runaway convention? You know it aren't you mathematically impossible. When I talk to these people try to have a logical argument with us. They may litter there you one faced with logic: they just are they yell or they do what they're doing, which is they slander? The three million
actress the lander people, like you and me, saying that we are battling against the constitution. While is we we reference article five, which format article five of the constitution correct we are marking and it's the weirdest thing, because they claim the loved the constitution, apparently everything except article five. Article five simply provides two ways of amending the constitution. The first were whereof, two thirds thousands of Congress pose an amendment to the states and the states either through convention or the legislatures you need. A thirty eight states or three forced to ratify here the states proposing a member to the states and you still need the same three eight to ratify too this is quintessential federalism. Why? Wouldn't we embrace it? Actually, the ultimate active federalism, is state acting to rein in the federal government, one or two things. These folks will propose that they say what we should just like Congress. Do it
somehow someday, conversely, going to do something they ve never done, which is reign in their own power, which is absurd. Bag. Didn't George Basin, who propose this two days before the end of the constitutional convention, didn't. He say that he was proposing. This wasn't ratified doktor by the the convention and ratified by the states because he was concerned Congress would become a precedent here. He specifically asked the question: where the delicate so naive. They believed that a federal government, came, a tyranny would propose its amendment about propose amendments restrain its own tyranny, Madison's those actually reflect the a new com- in other words there was no debate about it, no comment. It was so obvious to the men in attendance that we're gonna need the states to stay. Up against the federal government that they unanimously included this in their draft of the constitution. To me, Naturally, this is where the rubber hits thrown either you're serious about the tenth amendment, federalism, article five or you never were. That, is you only
expected the federal government to provide answers, and yet you and I no the time of the constitution, its adoption, its ratification, they, things. The other way round that the states, You need to have power to rein in the federal government, may put the star the states and I gotta say more kudos to where they belong. We ve got some great leaders and I was then it will burn Schneider Schulz and Smith. These guys are stepping providing the necessary leadership, their pushing back against groups like I was faith and freedom so who's got lost. There are great statesman and women out there in the state legislature. Ah, who is blocking us in particular why taking the right now it looks like it's gonna go my fears. Just these guys are sending so many males in there just trying to turn it up nationwide and cause problems. I'm worried that people are gonna lose faith, but right now I think things look pretty good and I want I hope to report to you by the end of the week that we passed in Iowa. So you think it
I heard this week. You know I hate rejects it by saying here, but I think we're right there on the verge and I think it could happen this week. So anybody who hears me in Iowa from my one on a trip, but going back dialogue. Now the time to contact your state senator correct I mean- and this is what makes the difference your state senator. In other words, if you're a constituent, you wanna call em up you wanna email, em, you wanna, let him now, Dan Strong do what you're people want you to do. The polling show this market. Three quarters of of the people in Iowa want these folks to pass convention states. Let's get him to be number magic number thirteen- there were thirteen original colonies. This will be the thirteenth state to join the call for a convention estates so You have twelve states out of fifty by my calculation, that's more than twenty percent of the states. Do call. I mean we're already a third of the way over a third of the way to thirty four. I didn't expect it to happen this fast. It's pretty exciting to see what's happening, I've been in twelve states. So far this
got a couple setback, but here's the entry, mark every place, we have a setback or we actually lose abode. We get majority of Republicans vote with us and then just a few Republicans vote en bloc with the Democrats to stop. As it's really interesting pattern and this has happened most recently in which states couple later we had frustrating setbacks in the most recent was Kansas and right before that was South Dakota. We had the same thing and I now always the same pattern. The vast mature, Republicans voting in favour a few Republicans en Bloc, with the left as Democrats to stop us from using the constitution to save the republic, claim that they stand for the constitution when in fact they stand with progressives who abuse the The pretend reporting the constitution. Yet the weirdest things are groups like I was which include who that we're with George Soros. Yet two hundred and thirty leftist organizations led by sorrows and common cause and centre of budget policy. Priority move on
Lord, all these groups, it issued a press release against convention estates You show that two groups like I was faith and freedom coalition. They basically just stare at you blankly. It's it's unborn, RO bolder. They could stand with these groups and still claim to be conservative while I'm a well known cohort of George Soros, as are you at least as as people on Europe on your staff who, which includes who you kidding, you know these endorses the project. Obviously, Europa Liberty amendments got the movement rolling, but Sean Hannity in favour. Obviously, MIKE Ferris has one of the co founders a fighter for religious liberty. Since way back when send Holborn Centre Tom. Nor towards Jim demand. Workforce. Hardly a horde of Georgia, Caesar Freedom fighters from way back in men has made. It is his mission, colbrand has made it his mission, in fact, having spoken a carbon, he said, look I together center. We weren't doing anything, and I had to get involved in this movement to trying to
this government under control demand says the same thing. He was in the Senate. He left there and he went to heritage rise like that's not stop pushing anything he wanted to be in the fighting? That's why he serves as a senior advisor to the convention a state project I mark. If people want to help if they want to support the cause. Where do they go? Go to invention estates, dot com because mark you and I can talk about it, but it's gonna take regular patriots, millions of them across the country to be involved. They can go to conventional states, dot com and get involved I keep up the fight. Where were we for your thanks. So much for other thing for you to be well. Well there you have it it. Isn't it always the way The other side is, you know it, logically the goose step in one direction? They get all the funding they do their thing. Are
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Yeah. I want to know what the big deal it is thanks to the innocent led mother, do their resignation and then he can get cloud and left right and centre when everything come that nothing. I two things. Tromp is letting him do the investigative bodies and have the sit there like a mute and not come About it, why should common about it if he thinks the prosecutors how to control. That's number one number: two you say, a peace if he's innocent, just let him do his job and so forth, and so on anybody who faces a prosecutor who, just let the prosecutor do his job? defend yourself, particularly the prosecutor has a very poor record of pursuing the truth. Now you live in the Washington DC area right. You remember the anthrax case right here and the sky was hunted down for five years by Mr Mulder. At the FBI,
The only problem was James was the wrong guy emission I was still has an apologize term The actual guy died and The Justice Department had to pay the gentlemen who was not guilty. Anything over five million dollars because he was smeared by Mahler and Company, would you just hang back if this guy were chasing, you trouble typing within Europe. Thanks for your car, where they go liberals who just crazy bastards they just star, they will be happy. Until Trump is treated like muzzle leaning dragged Steve streets naked and tied to a telephone call by his foot. That's what they want. That's what the left, what this is, what the left once this is how they are not. Civil believing due process doesn't matter what I say and includes the media, the Praetorian guard.
Amy in Idaho, on the market of in power you mark, how are you doing? Ok, how great you can hear, and I really want to see the young people of America because I mean remember thirty years, when the walks out. You know, they're, not remember people defective, the Soviet Union they don't remember all the millions of people to death by stoning in, as we have seen how are not teaching our children anymore about how far more what a lie. Communism, socialism and My my background is that my mother, Vietnam, widow her husband who first Men died in Vietnam and the F B. I approached her Hello. Will you please go join the Communist party
I say angel. She was in LOS Angeles judges of the little town. I will run out of time, so you're saying she became an informant appointed She turned coming party interests than three years and that you are on the shelves in three years time with one with Communist Party, and the kid don't understand today that the goal of communist party- is too weak in America funny inside, so that they can take it over My friend appreciate that. Let us continue. Let's see here, David, North Carolina Mark liven up. Go pretty well put together on your arm. Emporia- and I guess before I think the question I had a thought that you were discussing more as I don't understand why the president doesn't just ask Mueller, you know if there a tweeter whatever under
the more I was appointed, what exactly in the crime that is investigating, because I believe that under the statute, there has to be a specific common thing. I know, but I dont see with the President tweet set out here mothers has O. Let me respond. It's not gonna happen, Why would he made his point, but he's The point already He says over and over again. Oh collusion. I didn't do anything wrong is no collusion. I didn't do anything wrong. Now we have guys I trick now, we have guys like tray Gouty out there saying well the issues the issuers and collusion the issue is russian interference in their election, good, tray, how come Hillary Clinton is not under investigation Margaret my question: what do you make of land now because my mom the job,
basically accepted him guilty party firm line supposedly wine to that The contrast yeah? What's your question wing and we're gonna run out of time? How may I help you what your question should withdraw his category I think flinch. Lawyers should make the case to the judge of that critical information was kept from him doin. Course of their negotiations with the prosecutor. In effect, case, and I believe it is yes quickly. William in Oregon, we have to go fast go here. Mark. I wanted him a trump support. I bought it for tribal both from again but my car, is that not all the information is down, because the only affirmation that we are giving it
the media are those that are now no one else around. That's not true inspector gentlemen this recommendation FBI director suspended him the open I recommended that he be fired. We quite a bit, I want to know everything has. I think prove my point that he's he's a corrupt cop. We saw it all. You heroes, they, like thirty minutes from now Hannity TV, the Fox NEWS channel I'll, be there alive I'll, see you there.
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