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On Monday’s Mark Levin Show, a caravan of potentially dangerous illegal immigrants is headed from Honduras to the United States, and if they make it here they will be caught, given a court date, and released because that’s the law right now – you get in and you get to stay. President Trump is called anti-immigrant and a racist for wanting to secure the border, yet his position is exactly the same as Cesar Chavez, Harry Reid, and Hillary Clinton from the past. Democrats have pivoted radically as they’ve created enclaves of sanctuary cities and states, defying Federal law in favor of the illegal alien over the American citizen. Trump’s position on immigration and securing the border is the most historically consistent position, not the relatively new idea of open borders. The purpose of immigration today is to empower the Democrat party, and anyone who opposes their vision of open borders is called a racist, a xenophobe, and told there’s something wrong with them. Also, Hamas attacked Israel over the weekend by mixing terrorists among civilians at the Gaza border but wouldn’t know it watching any of the cable news shows. What happened wasn’t about humanitarian conditions in Gaza, but the “march to return” to Israel, which is what the Palestinians themselves called the march to the Israeli border. Hamas figures a few dead is the price to pay for public relations victories on CNN and in the Washington Post. Later, Mark speaks with Michael Doren to discuss his article, The Real Collusion Story, which explains the real collusion in the 2016 campaign.

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Now, let me underline that the bowels of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader, everybody Mark Levant. Here our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one! You know this is gonna, be a very For now and talk radio, we're gonna go really really deep on immigration. I did this many years ago. I have added some new information and so forth. As I do research for this programme, we dig the reason we're going to do. This is because there's a caravan, as you know, of.
Potentially illegal immigrants heading from Honduras, and maybe some Countries to the United States and they very expectation to able to enter the United States at which time they are caught there all that they have a court day with administrative law drugs. They are released. Typically, there back in two years and typically nobody shows up. That's the law right now,. So in other words you get in and you get choose when you get to stay. A number of governments, all four. They barely lift a finger because here's what they think if we don't let him through they're gonna, stop in our country and Mexico has the power to stop them, because their laws are different.
Have you ever heard of a country is stupid, as this one I mean honest to God. It's really the government a stupid as this one. And it wasn't always this way. There was a time when one evening so called leading civil rights leaders of the immigrant communities of the land, Tina community rejected this rejected Nineteen sixty Caesar Chavez, one of the main, founders of the United Farm workers vehemently, how's, the legal immigration arguing to undermine his efforts to unionized farm workers and improve working conditions, ages for american citizens and the United Far workers even reported illegal immigrants to the immigration naturalisation service. At the time the I s and in nineteen sixty nine SH,
there's let a march accompanied by Ralph Abernathy, president of the southern christian leadership Conference, who Martin Luther King right hand, man, and Senator Water Mandela. You may have heard of him vice president, the United States under Carter, and wanted to be present in a nineteen. Eighty four. While he let a march that Abernathy, attended and Mondo Chavez. Let it On the border with Mexico protesting that far its use of illegal immigrants. Any did an interview with K, cutie de public tv back and said We're twenty five nineteen, seventy two nine. Seventy two: he was furious about illegal immigrants, undermining his soul, each effort and undermining his union unionized efforts. Caesar shovel
and we have Caesar Chavez days all over the country went and gave him the metal of Freedom and Morocco even talk about having a year a holiday for Chavez, it's not a former holiday, but one that should be recognised for his birth, but I want you, listen very very carefully to what Chavez had to say: Caesar Chavez, Nineteen: seventy two. Increase your volume cut, thirteen go blister, really historically followed the movement and to do so in such a way that will take away the rights of the workers to do basically, two, our important things in order to defend them thousand contracts, one in that it takes the right to strike from us and also takes the right, a boycott it. What do you need those rights? What's important about that, but you say we maintain that culture is different, is always been different, is by every culture.
I'm worried whenever organised before its long, we have country Bordering California. Be ready for the wind strikes strikes are one normally by the union with an employer the case right now, one the strikes we have with the with the new gas and oil companies. Where we closed, there have been unable to get straight breakers God rave and then all of a sudden, Yesterday morning, Funny, went back, stop they brought in two hundred twenty wet backs. This Assisi Chavez and ninety seven. To go ahead from Africa and he talks about illegals wet backs in illegals to Mexico. Now, putting aside those derogatory terms, he Abernathy
Mondale, that is the union movement. The Democrats, the civil rights movement viewed the importation as completely a hostile to to their workers, to the people they claim to represent and to that end, the people they claim to represent and to the democratic party. Nineteen. Seventy two. Now I want to show you how this is all pain it over. How this is all painted over those who rewrite history. This is from the history channel. Bout, Caesar Chavez cut fourteen GO says our Estrada Tothers, an american civil rights activist and labour law, was born in new met, Arizona on March thirty, first, nineteen, twenty seven, the child s family, lost their Arizona homestead in the great depression and
Only nineteen thirties move to Northern California Caesar this family between Margaret for workers, thrust into the industrialized agriculture of California, says our dropped out of school after the eighth grain to help support his, By working in the fields, Susan Joy, the movie right after we saw places in ever, was so did open his eyes up to the world much after the Navy job has returned to the fields and became a grass roots organizer for early Tino civil rights group. He then left the group and form National Farm Workers Association now known as the United Farm Workers of America with a gun the union. I farm workers Caesar believed that the movement founded had to be more than just words.
That was solely concerned with improving wages, hours working conditions, although you have that we certainly do that, but it also needed to address the crippling dilemmas that farm workers face in the community after they came most people were poor, they didn't have access to good health care or education jobs with adamant. That is. Union follow a strict policy of using only nonviolent tactics as a means of negotiation, while the organisation was still in its infancy. U S w embarked upon one of the most influential boycotts in: U S, history, the boycott of all California table grapes, the great Borgia relative offices, seizure and studied history, Lou, four hundred
Foreign workers strikes were brutally crushed and that's enough so goes on and on about Caesar Charlotte. Not once does it mention his vehement opposition to illegal immigrants coming into the country what he called not me, what tax? Not once not once did oclock dimension that when you should, metal of freedom. Not once did Barack Obama mention that when he would go around the country citing These are Chavez as a civil, rightly because I do not want you to know that the man most associated Primarily associated with the civil rights of Latinos in this country,. Was vehemently opposed to illegal immigration, Argo could undermine his efforts
To union eyes and improve working conditions for Arrogant citizen workers for again. Citizen workers who are working in the fields and the ranches in the farms. We'll Caesar Chavez Racist. Was Caesar Chavez Anti Immigrant point here. Almost Louise scrutiny areas wasn't no. He wasn't. And when you listen to what Caesar Shadow said on that cake, you D broadcast a nineteen. Seventy two. Donald Trump has never said anything as derogatory Caesar Chavez. But trumps instincts about securing our border,
Illegal immigration, those are correct instincts I strongly disagree with him and hanging out or he was almost to my citizenship cards. In effect now, when we come back, this is very important. I think I want to tell you about President Dwight Eisenhower. The rhinos site him all the time the Democrats see him all. The time is one of the great president's mild, mannered good temperament, good judgment, a moderate there. I saw him for his phrase the military industrial complex, but why? Why are they talk about his position on immigration? I just told you what Caesar Chavez his position was on illegal immigration not taught in our schools not reported on tv, but there it is And neither is Eisenhower's which
explain when we return. By the way Liberty and Levine. Last night, ten p M Sundays. Eastern time you saw a tremendous guest former attorney general had made from the Reagan. Administration was absolutely outstanding. And those of you who may have forgotten the watch it. I can understand other than me on the radio, and I wasn't on the radio Friday because a pass over am I social media links and my boy Damn Bonn GINO, who filled infamy mentioning and I don't believe I saw any promotion of on Fox. So you're just gonna have remembered ten p m Sunday night on the eastern on these coastline.
European Pacific and all the other times and between, because I know they're gonna, be reminded of much except by me. I don't know why, but I think you enjoyed it's. A very solid smart show for solid smart people, like you and my we'll get Moreover, this I'm not gonna be able to finish but Joint Eisenhower. I want you to think about. Not Dwight Eisenhower when I read this bit Donald Trump and think about it. Donald Trump did which wide eyes and how it did. Enjoyed our eyes and ears considered a great president. As I said, a moderate Republican very temperate got along with Democrats media liked him the former editor of the christian science monitor way back manage and are even in two thousand six twelve years ago.
He wrote how Eisenhower sobbed illegal border crossings from Mexico. He writes. Fifty three years ago, which would be sixty five years ago. When newly did. Dwight Eisenhower moved into the White House, America, southern Frontier, Was its poorest as a spaghetti. Sif is these three million illegal migrants had walked and waited northward over a period of several years for jobs and color when you're, Arizona, Texas and points beyond. President Eisenhower cut off this illegal traffic. He did it quickly and decisively only one thousand: seventy five United States border patrol agents less than one tenth today's force. I believe it's less than one twentieth. Today's wars. The operation is still highly praised. Among veterans of the border patrol know, what did he do. The light, her Brown now Junior Eisenhower's first attorney general, said in an interview with this writer
in had a sense of urgency about illegal immigration when he took office, he sent him I was faced with a breakdown of law enforcement on a very large scale. When I say large scale, I mean hundreds of thousands were coming in from Mexico every year without restraint. Again, that's pretend this is Trump. A low on and off guest worker program for Mexicans was operating at the time farmers and ranchers in the southwest had become dependent. On an additional low cost Basle, illegal labour force of three million mostly mexican labours, According to the handbook of Texas Online, published by the University of Texas Austin, the Texas historical association, this Eagle Workforce had a severe impact on the wages of ordinary working Americans. Now let me stop here a moment. She Chavez Velvet did Ralph Abernathy what did want Armando at the time Father did. The unions in this country Father did, but today were
oh no, it's not a big deal. Back, then jobs. Americans want to write I didn't say that back then. Because trashing your own fellow, concern the citizens of this country was bad politics and was false. But today it's good politics. Profits from illegal labour led to the kind of corruption. Apparently worried Eisenhower Joseph. Why every time Twenty one you're veterans of the border patrol. Says at an early nineteenth fifty's, some senior? U S, officials overseeing immigration enforcement, Friends among the rioters, an agency. I dare to wrestler illegal workers. Edward to jointly border patrol nineteen. Fifty one tells a similar story. Bill chambers who work for a combined thirty three years for the border patrol and then
U S: immigration and naturalisation service scientists as politically powerful people are still feeling the flow of illegals, boy they getting the whole a chamber of crony capitalism during the nineteen If these, however, this good ol boy system changed under Eisenhower, if only for about ten years and nineteen, fifty four Ike appoint a retired general Joseph Jumpin, Joe Swing. A former west point, classmate invent A hundred first airborne as the new iron as commissioner influential politicians, including Lyndon Johnson of Texas and Senator Patrick I'm Nevada and he was very powerful. Favorite open borders and we're dead against strong border enforcement brought now said. But general swings close connections to the president, shielded him and the border patrol for meddling by powerful political and corporate interests.
One of general swings. First, decisive actions was to transfer assured entrenched immigration officials out of the border area to other regions of the country, whether political connect was people such as Senator Giants would have no effect. June. Seventeen nineteen fifty for what was called operation went back again, not might phrase. It began because resistance was lower in California in Arizona. At that time there The valiant began there, some seven hundred fifty agent swept northward through agricultural areas. The goal of one thousand apprehensions a day and by the July, over fifty thousand aliens record in two states, another form. And eighty eight thousand fearing arrest fled the country on the road by MID July that crime an extended northward into Utah and Nevada VAT in Idaho unease where the Texas myself number eighty thousand have been taken into custody in Texas
made it half million that seven hundred thousand illegals had left alone start stay on their own, I'll be right back. Where's their show. The New York Times is a trade are not clever Now, seventy seven three aid, one forty eight point: one, I'm gonna get Hamas terrorist riding in these attacks next hour The media are already the involved in spending it. But the idea that in a moment. So this peace will continue in the christian sides monitor by the former managing editor. Size Eisenhower. Our waters is generally put in charge of her, migration naturalisation service to round
the illegal aliens movement or the country as expeditiously as possible, so they move through California, Arizona, Texas, word gets out. Hundreds of thousands leave on their own, echo goes on, unlike today, Mexicans cotton around up we're not simply released at the border where they could easily re, enter the? U S to discourage their return. General swing, arrange for buses and trains to take many aliens deep within Mexico. Before being set free, tens of thousands were put aboard to hired ships, the emancipation and their mercurial ships. Very they choose me. The ship's, very the aliens from port is about Texas to Varick, whose Mexico more than five hundred miles south the sea voyage, was a rough trip. They didn't like it says, Don Kopek who worked his way up from border patrols. Nineteen
We want to eventually the head of the board of a trial from nineteen sixty to seventy three callback says he cannot understand why President Bush, let today's problem get away from him as it has. This is a quote. I guess Bob million to twenty million illegal immigrants in the years now, this piece is twelve years of the next country live To be twelve million to twenty million illegal aliens in the US now, this piece is twelve years old, the Mexicans live here, an estimated eighty, five percent, or here illegally border patrol. That's offer tips on curbing illegal immigration and they go on and they go on.
And their tips, what Congress debates, building a fence on the board of these veterans say other actions should have higher priority and the current practice of taking captured Mexican airlines to the border and releasing them instead deport them in the Mexico where we turned it of yours would be more costly crack down hard when employers who hire illegals without jobs, the aliens won't come. And catch and release for non mexican aliens. It is common for legal migrants not from Mexico to be set free after their arrest. They promised to appear later before a judge. Few show up to problem much continuing. The patrol veteran say enforcement could also be aided by legalised guest worker program, the princess MID Mexicans to register in their country for temporary jobs. In the U S, making isn't it. The amazing the difference between then and now present in the United States can you suggest building a wall.
And then I want to remind you what Harry Reed said: a nineteen. Ninety three on the floor, the Senate ninety ninety three on the floor. The Senate consistent with Caesar Chavez, system with water consistent with Ralph Abernathy, consistent. Which wide eyes and our consistent with Republicans and crash, I like at the time the vast made Harder them, anyway, cut fifteen, go if making it easy to be any illegal aliens enough, offering a reward for being an illegal immigrant, no said no country would do that right, guess again: If you break our laws by entering, country without permission to give birth to a child. We reward their child. You are citizenship and plenty full access to all public and social services. This is It provides a that's a lot of services.
Is it any wonder that two thirds of the babies born taxpayer expensive country? County run. Hospitals in LOS Angeles, are born to illegal alien mothers in Hillary Clinton in two thousand three two thousand three,
cut sixteen go then. I am sure you know adamantly again feel legal immigrant families, as exceptions ethically on humanitarian grounds because of the individual stories believe we ve gotta do more at our borders, and people ask himself employing illegal immigrants who will serve only to affix Nan thought Shoney's sand in the three foreigners and improve corner the Bronx loads of people waiting to get takes due regard working construction work into many sick for well over fourteen years ago, Hillary Clinton. Now the Democrats have permitted and they have pitted pivoted radically, have saved created these enclaves of sanctuary cities and sanctuary states. They define federal law against the american citizen and for the illegal aliens where they defy the federal government
government that has the primary role in immigration under our constitutional system right there in the constitution. We actually have a mayor in Oakland now it seems that a time when the feds are coming so the criminals in her city can escape detention and deportation. We now have leaders of the Democratic Party who block a president still put up a border wall consistent with Eisenhower,. Insistent were Waterman, they consistent with Chavez. The position tromp has taken on the border is the most consists historically accurate position, not this current one of open borders.
That's a relatively new idea and to pass a spending They spend more money than any time in american history, the biggest increase in domestic spending, in modern american history to intentionally and exclude the building of a physical wall. Two intentionally, exclude the ability of the border patrol to do their job. Is a nation gone mad. A nation gone mad, and why? Because the Democratic Party has changed, the Democratic Party has decided that this is the future or that they're going to make it
That by importing as many people as Possible- let's be honest from the third world by importing as many poor people as possible by importing is illiterate people as possible illiterate in their own native or home languages, is the best way to gain control. They know it, they ve said it and the fact is: that's exactly what's taking place this country, thirty years ago, the question was- and I remember it- can the democrats- everyone, the presidency again after reckon they looked at the population of the country. They looked at the electoral college, we didn't call them red
back them a nomenclature. They really fits the Democrats, I mean after other read the question was: could the Democrats everyone, the presidency again and the Democrats decided? No, we can't unless we change the voter. No, we can't unless we change the citizenry and do it in a very strategic way, as they did with Cholera and Nevada and other states Virginia deep, so called red states and they succeeded. As I've said. Do you many times the Democrats wouldn't be
this, if it didn't benefit them, they never push anything that doesnt benefit that its party first, like the Communist Party, many ways its party first government, second country. Third, our immigration policies are not immigration. Since they are democratic party policies that have been enshrined by the judiciary and others, indoor air, patient system Immigration laws are being enforced as best they can be by ice. Border patrol by this president and the Justice Department, but there being undone unravelled, undermine throughout the country, not by Republicans by Democrats.
By democratic mayors, Democrats, city councils, Democrat legislatures, democratic governance, lawlessness, absolute lawlessness, not for the good of the kind, not for the good of the men and women who are in this country now legally, who are the far working the farms in the fields and so forth, and so on. As Schiesser Chavez pointed out, is Mondeo pointed out, as Abernethy pointed out and all the rest, they matter to them And Democrat Party- all yes, they wear that as a fig leaf, but this parties about power and holding on to power in exercising power, And draining resources out of the private sector and running it through its party into the government, work and then hand large ass in many
Is the Democratic Party on the national scene is like a Democrat Party in a big city where the and grants and contracts at the federal level, two left wing organism. Since, and community groups and advocacy groups and all the rest who support the democratic party. More and more that's what we become immigration, the purpose of em patient today is to empower the Democrat Party in the damp falls at the Euro. Of crony capitalism? Damn fools likely, the grand and the rest they figured I'll get some benefit out of it. Graham wants to be ahead of the parade, the moron doesn't
their stand is being trampled by the parade. U S, chamber crony capitalism, just remember so. Many corporate Amerika have no principles. They would use the government to destroy their competition any day of the week. Those aren't capitalists. The crony capitalists and they all got together, not necessarily officially, but the push the same agenda and the only people who opposes are the american people and because we oppose this, we're racists, we're xenophobe. There's something wrong with us. I know this because Charge Barkley just said so, there's something wrong with us. You and I were not trying to protect white people
he more than she's a Chavez was trying to protect white people. He was trying to protect his people anymore than Ralph. Abernathy was trying to protect white people. He was trying to protect his pipe. Any more than water Mondo was trying to protect white people. He was trying to protect his union members and supporters. You and me we just know what's good for the country, regardless of race, regardless of religion, regardless of any of it. America cannot sustain this. It's either we get back to law and order Are we let the Democratic Party destroy the country now wave a caravan moving up from Honduras? What a spectacle.
They wouldn't be moving from Honduras if they didn't think most of them could get into this country, and most of them may well, and the Democratic Party wants them to. I'll be right back You know what you learn: that data from sand, Fourth Avenue Lauren Taylor were breached, exposing, numerous financial information yet again, facebooks information on fifty million users? They earn their been breaches at Fedex, Equifax, Edna expedient. Nearly every week. Personal information is compromise somewhere, so lifts
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When's, the last time I quoted proper bird anyway. Pow. What's your point, but let's just get yeah. Let's do it, you know what do you say decades ago, fifty feet here. It's just a distraction. From the back that republic Nineteen nineteenth tide is forty five years ago, but anyway go ahead the problem of immigration. When it comes to civil rights, the Republican found himself, wow. You know a you're, a fool and a fraud. First, civil, its acts were passed by Republicans after the civil war. This second batch of civil rights acts were passed under Dwight Eisenhower. Starting a nineteen, fifty seven, the first civil Rights ACT, the seven second civil Rights ACT was nineteen sixty the sick, before civil rights ACT required a vast majority, the Republicans to stop your party
sixty five Voting Rights ACT required a vast majority republicans again to overcome your party. Have you think today, opening our doors? Why to foreigners coming into the country? Undermining jaws, particularly of low skilled people, in our cities and in our communities and in our rural areas, is a civil rights advance you're wrong. Well,. Once again Europe is the parties slavery past years, parties, segregation, yours, Party, Jim Crow and the republican party- was created to fight your party and it does a damn poor job of it. The republican party, was created to fight slavery, to fight segregation. To fight your the Jim Crow laws and so forth, and so on and our concern. For are left to fight for individual liberty, a color blind Society and constitutional government wow
I doubt that far more on well and don't bring up history. I read the Democrat because their history, sacks that's what don't ever bring up here. He's a Democrat when they talk about try. Then why? What's the woman's name ass, stormy? Daniel, don't ever bring up John Kennedys past our Roderick Kennedys pass our Lyndon Johnson path. Damn it not at Guestwick today, in other words, stick to what the Democrats insist that you listen to because they get to decide the reality in this country, why not buy it at all We're gonna buy it in history, We stand on, ladies and gentlemen, because, despite their best efforts Bennett and re write it. That's their history show where's position, abbot, This position mandate a vision. Yes, that's them
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Go ahead and call they show and tell me not to talk about the history of the Democratic Party will talk about the history. The democratic party will talk about the democratic party. We need to expose it each and every day, I just saw car over announced that the house has quite of gender going, including voting a balanced budget amendment now, ladies and gentlemen you fall for that one now after they just voted for the biggest bending bill in modern history. Then I'll, even though I listen to the show. Why don't they just balance the budget? There? vote for a balanced budget. Amendment era, damn how so representatives were all spending bills. Come from all the tax bills come from they're gonna or vote on they're not going to pass a balanced budget amendment to what
Sounds a balance. The budget is just a joke. Yes, it's a joke in their a joke. If you have a primary going on in your town, you know what to do: throw the out. And don't start contacting me all you, people run in a primary like. I should have four hundred candidates on my radio show. Now what we do here couple here and there who I happen to know unlike, but now when this is in Congo, liner experience here now, the media are true It disgusting, you already know that bet there truly disgusting. Israel's mining, its own business, the Jew? People in Israel are preparing for pass over their preparing for pass over.
The Christians in Israel, preparing for Easter and their attack. That's what took place on the border with. And there's your two state solution? Gaza was given to the Palestinians. Kay here. Take this land, see what you do with it. What do they do with it? A terrorist project. They shoot missiles in Israel. They built tunnels in Israel to try slaughter people theirs State solution, which is the final solution, so you, of these terrorist groups in Gaza now including Hamas, but islamic Jihad as well. So Hamas, as no appalling points out at free bacon, Hamas, which is a terrorist group
Since more than twenty thousand civilians to the border, an inner mixes them with their terrorist cells and they infiltrate the israeli side of the board. They try to put experts. On the israeli side of the border. They attack idea of soldiers, israeli soldiers Eighteen are now dead, a majority them members of her ass in the Islamic Jihad. Now you wouldn't know that watching tv tonight. You will know that watching Jake Tapir on You will know that on any the cable shows, frankly, what you get up you're, so people were shot in Gaza, the? U N, the Europeans, the Arabs all attacking the victims.
Who are these railways? Are they going to do this? You see right until the middle of May. You know why you know: what's in the middle of May,. It's the seventieth anniversary of the establishment of the state of Israel. So they're gonna do this. For the next many weeks. And the? U N in the European Union once Israel to agree. Investigation into their tactics and their prime minister, Ned Yahoo said no, I don't think so. That's not gonna happen. We know where you, people, the? U N, bureaucracy, the eel, barrette bureaucracy. You know, we know you, people stand for. You stand against us and you stand against us. And so is real simply defending itself. Now, let me ask you a question: do you think the Israelis would like to change,
Like to change the countries on its borders with the countries on our borders,. You think they like that Canada as a neighbour or even Mexico, given all the problems even with Mexico,. Instead of say, Syria or Lebanon and so forth, yeah. I think they would. Now another interesting thing to keep in mind about this. You notice Hamas, islamic Jihad. You notice where they dont protest. Egypt, Egypt is on their border. Why they didn't send twenty thousand citizens, bunch of terror cells to do to Egypt
They did the Israel over the weekend, because Egypt wouldn't give a second thought about using maximum military force against these. All refugees, and by the way, unlike the Israelis, who truck in tonnes of food tons of material who have an electric power plant Their provides electricity to the Gaza Strip, the Egyptians have cut off everything, everything all material, food and so forth, because I refuse to put up with it. So they don't protest against Egypt. Israel allows goods to cross the Egyptians, do not
and the Egyptians barely allow anyone to leave Gaza. The Israelis do. Did you see this isn't about humanitarian conditions in Gaza to set about humanitarian conditions in Gaza, its. All the march to return, but our media in this country, don't even pay attention to it. They call themselves the march to return for palestinian refugees or the great grandchildren are refugees. That's not What the Israelis, who are saying that what the Palestinians are saying they called it the march to return. So all of us know what's going on here. I Hamas A few dead here and there that's the price to pay for our p, Our victories on CNN and MSNBC in the New York Times and unwashed imposed on all the rest of it.
Bernie Sanders was on face. The nation Bernie Sanders was on face the knife, you'll, remember: Anti democratic and It's the palestinian flag. I didn't see the israeli flag there I don't know if I saw the american flag, maybe it was there. I don't know. But Bernie Sanders was on face the nation and he is illustrative of the hard left in this country in the Democratic Party. So the crackpot from Azores didn't want me to talk about the democratic parties past. Let me talk about the democratic parties future, the deputy chairman, the democratic. Our committee is Keith Alison, or is he used to call himself Keith Ex who work with and for fair? can't, even though he tries to rewrite history has said many. Many anti semitic things an additional many anti american Thing go hand in hand by the way,
hate your own country, a typically hate Israel, too,. Bernie sanders- and I say this as a Jew. Is, is disgusting beyond belief? Is it. Of hating drew in my view, as most communists were and are, as most communists were, if there so Bernie Sanders is on face the nation in Margaret Brennan ask some about what's taking place on the Gaza Strip, border with Israel cut one go, sir. You have been critical of the israeli government's decision to use lethal force against palestinian demonstrators. Killing fifteen wounding over seven hundred tromp administration has stopped short of calling on Israel for restraint. Should they explicitly do so? Let's stop here.
Israel has shown restraint. As I said, this is exactly why they don't do this to the Egyptians the Palestinians would. We tolerate this on our southern and northern border folks. Will we tolerate this kind of activity terrorist trying to come into this country, Terrorist cells just south of the border, would we not go in there below them? The kingdom com. Yes, we want, and we should. The idea of the israeli government is most militarily restrained, probably on the face of the earth Wouldn't be this restrained, but look at the world jumps all over them, and not just that. Bernie Sanders, one of the leaders of the Democratic Party go ahead. You actually should look Gaza as Everybody knows is a humanitarian disaster.
Why that's not why they took up arms Bernie it doesnt matter to bring That's not why they took up arms, they called it the march to return. Not the humanitarian march. The timing was purposeful. Pass over an Easter to grab the world's attention A humanitarian march Bernie and if Hamas was about humanitarianism. Why are they on our terrorist lists in this country there not about humanitarianism? Why are they building tunnel? Why they working with Hezbollah,. And islamic Jihad, but you know, go ahead, employ right there is beyond comprehension. And there is just enormous unrest,
The function of the United States government should be right. Now. Is that so with the Israeli sit down with the Palestinians and figure how We can rebuild Gaza. This man is a four just to show you how crazy this Situation as these really send in cement and steal, we pay for cement and steal to go into the Gaza Strip. You know who controls the cement and steal MR producer huh. You know they do with a lot of the cement and steal they build those tunnels. The tunnels have as their purpose, to allow tat. The sneak into the Israelis, towns and kill their kids.
Does surely Bernie Sanders must know this go ahead. To tell the Israelis that when you got ends and of thousands of people protesting. They can. Overreact really. What about Hamas and islamic Jihad? If these. Railways listen Bernie Sanders, they would cease to exist, should have always been people like Bernie Sanders, always solve haters appeases. There have always been people like Bernie soon, And if you seek to survive as a nation state you'd better, ignore you better ignored. I'll, be right back
the list of companies that were. Advertising lowering them show enough buckle under in trying to see here Johnson and Johnson Liberty, mutual office depot expedient nicely Hulu. I think there is some others, too. I address this last week, Communicate with Laura incremental communicate with a lot of these folks, I really know but different kind of business. I have my friends, another others and, as you know, I talked about this before. In my view, this is quite simple,
I don't believe in leading boycotts. Humble even leading boycotts, I believe in speech as much as possible, but if people want to boycott their freedom boycott but you're free to boycott too. And maybe you should go online and see the list of businesses that have been influence. Not so much by this kid hog. He can't laid a boy on his arm, but by the left wing groups funded by Soros, among others, media matters. Thank prime. Es, I think, there's another one, and so the usual suspects who get behind these boycotts. I tried people out of business. These are old soviet techniques. They said well, this is pure democracy at work now really nobody's voting sure voting with your Darwish now you're pressuring these companies.
And many these companies will buckle many these companies, what buckle so, rather than doing it out on the issues, rather than doing it up, we get these boycott and it's mostly these leftist groups. Funded by Soros, another billionaires millionaires. And it is interesting that its aimed at one network tainted Fox, attended Fox. Have there been sexual her, Claims on CNN, yes, have there. Sexual harassment claims on MSNBC. Yes, have there been boycotts of certain like this more capron, was on the scar. Show the morning smile Then how do I delete a boycott against the morning? Schmo show? No, why not.
How short and on a mess and be see anybody really to boycott against his eye retires. No. How about over there on CNN, but only to boycott against either advertisers? No, but Fox its constant. But every six months Hannity targeted because I don't like something he said or something on a shower or something like that targeted because of a tweet because of a tweet. Now soviet tactics. They think they're going to cause people to buckle under And all of a sudden go silent when it comes to the bill of rights in the second amendment the wrong and, I think, there's a bill.
Fury out there on the right, I think there's a building fury among conservatives. People who are so pissed off at these kinds of bullying tactics. I mean, ladies and gentlemen, we don't represent two percent of the population, Ronald Reagan set in nineteen. Seventy six, where the majority. Our values are, the majority are believe, so the majority are principles. Are the majority whether people Dropped a vote or not so totally different question, and we don't have that by cowards. And I think there is a building fury in this country. I really do. These other television networks, these other cable shows organisations. These Billinger Milliners sleazy.
Operating in the shadows, they're going to regret, they unleash one day, I'm not sure about violence. That's the left! I'm talking A powerful political movement I'll, be back suddenly Nations Town Hall Meeting and you can join in that aid. Seven, seven, three, eight one: three, eight one: one he kept getting those invitations in your mailbox fact may have even already joined and you ve got that a r p card, you, thought: hey it's less than twenty bucks a year. They help with insurance plans, travel, other discounts, repay Fritz, ten times over and so you joined you joined a liberal lobbying
that spend your harder in dollars. Lobbying against. Would you believe in and stand for? That's why, a decade ago an Weber founded a MAC aims it is also less than twenty bucks a year MAC also helps with insurance plans, travel on other discounts and aim at carbon, pay for itself ten times over. But when you choose a MAC, you're dollars go to sleep, the ideas that you believe in like protecting our borders. Sensible immigration laws like getting Obama, care and more a man gets its voice from you. The member Over a million strong now join now a MAC that, U S, that's a ac dot. U S changes. Are you going to join an organization when you turn fifty choose wisely I'm the one the represents you
an aim act today, that's a m ac! Got? U S great organization. Does a line on the table. Let's see tat their shall we Chicago Ellen, I on the mark, Levant. How are you Dave Mark create to talk to you? Thank you, sir. I am your students. A long time listener first time collar. Thank you, I'm getting out of Allow me to stay. The Chicago suits you Well, no, I couldn't hear hearing the communist state Margo you mean Illinois, for the city, a shadow here the whole idea where you going. The world trucking. So you're gonna be or are trucker gonna be ok,
but what I wanted to say was. I been a fighter all my life, I've away. I can go would be. Three even constitutional Oh, I'm sorry, sir, I'm having too, colleagues following you, Mr Klaus, greener takers: And we'll come back tomorrow: okay, I'm not really following this let's go to jail, Malvern Pennsylvania, the Great W Anti p GO mark. This guy's, a pleasure listening to you Such a long time listener Europe, talking about Israel and it Infuriating to me how the Democratic Party, and many are. Actually jewish Democrats are,
very pro palestinian and anti Israel, and I think we need to thank God that present Tromp is working closely with Israel now because not How can we help Israel by Data of our weaponry is in many ways not as advanced as Israel. And it's my understanding that they are helping us with various weaponry well or limit. Let me let me just say this trump he's not only a better American than Bernie Sanders, he's a better drew them Bernie Sanders. So, let's state that number one number two, jewish our food Jews. Her in the democratic party. Have some soul searching to do right now because the deputy chairman of their party, his eye and always has been and their party.
Obviously has in many respects, turned on their country as it as in many respects, turn on our own country, so we're a lot of talk about the history, the Democratic Party, you heard the coroner first hour. I say we talk about the here and now in the future. The democratic party now in terms of staff, we? then it staff in the nineteen seventys we took. On time to perfected, as it takes a long time to perfect everything, just as we are now trying to perfect laser weapon, which is important Given the hypersonic technology, now that the Russians and the Chinese, in my view, have jointly produced and will be able to Into the battlefield, so we're gonna need to produce laser weapons to it. Else. Technology is quite amazing, given the size of their country.
Its technology to its allies and its friends as well, but stealth, stoutly I love you. Wanna talk about. Drones trans were developed by the Israelis course We worked with them and they were thus to perfect them. I gale thanks for your call. You. Rise while New Mexico, Hi, how on Kay, fifty one on just kidding, K e Andy, how are you Well, I'm doing that, your brilliant mark alone. Listening to you your time. I know about that, but thank you a lot of you, don't know that Palestine was created by Yasser Arafat. Abolition stay war The palestinian people I will just referred out- I've talk about the name- is a complete fabrication, The name is a complete fabrication. These Arabs, who call themselves palestinian. Absolutely they didn't have their maniac
they never had. They never existed as Arabs, but we're not important you sadly, but they didn't exist. Is Palestinians get again. There was a name that. That they are labelled themselves with? That's right How I met many people today. No they were invented. Are women? Have they know that here today People were not invented. I'm trying to trying to to make the point. The name was invented. In people in it? thanks for your cod, Winston Salem North Carolina, serious satellite. Go I just to say that I, before the war for illegal armed I think that every one of them within the next year should go Government agency red become legal, but they can only illegal if they truly support one hundred percent.
Their own families. They can't get any subsidies from the government and then Gregg register to believe. If worth supporting them in any way they go back to Mexico where Mexicans? Well, you ve got a lot of things in there that I don't see how we could possibly enforce and no, we don't have enough people to keep one. To make sure there supporting their families. We have a lot of citizen this country, you don't support. Their families, should go back to first principles. I don't care, if you're here legally, whether you support your family or not. You broke the law. I came in and then we have to start doing things that are politically do up. Like the forty five the people who are here who violated the visa status, we're not four years old need to get the hell out of here and they need to be. Or did there is absolutely no justification for them That's low hanging fruit, if you ask me, then the crow. They need to get out of here then
who claim to be dreamers. I brought here when I was a fear, thirty, some years old. How do here there's a lot of of the lake layers to this which can be addressed, but if you're saying, if they support their families, if they do this and that energy massive bureaucracy its overwhelmed, I don't even know how you track that down our current bearable There really is, and I don't think while I was thinking at an honor, honestly. I believe they should all go back. They committed a crime, they also still Well, listen, even the president doesn't believe that anymore. He was prepared to get one point: eight million people citizenship so that's not gonna happen, neither pie he's gonna. Do neither saddens me that our country has resorted to death and they go back connected. Let Mexico, a
America, thank you for your call. Unfortunately, in many ways it It's not gonna happen. President support an amnesty. For one point: eight million people know he says he took off the table, but he said what he said these willing to do that the democratic. More than one point. Eight million who gave us who would have gotten amnesty and citizenship would have to eleven million eleven million, which a migraine. Eleven million. While he wanted to get a tray migration, yeah, Patrick, that's grandfather, then that's going forward. So I really both parties are absolutely disastrous. In my humble opinion mark,
He's Doin hides flawed and a great w s k why go hey. This is more Maxwell. I just wanted to say why don't we come up with a non profit to build a wall then there would be all these people arguing about wasting the money. We could have spikes on your text because a lot of the land is not owned by the government, a lot of it's in private hands matter. Fact: half of its in private hands give or take in Oh, you don't have the powers, a private organisation, to access that land. I will give some account of somebody doesn't want to sell it. You're not gonna, get it right. So what s interesting is welcome, I wanna get a wall anyway, even if that we could come up with Funding or the ability to do it now, if we come up with the funds The federal government has the power to her to give more value for the land, but if you want market value for the land like. So what am I right, term. Let selling so yes,
At the condemn land across the border, give people market value for it. But you and I and private non profit group can't do it seems like it. We had the money, though we had the means for the government that the imminent domain or I like that. I just said that the de facto can do eminent domain can condemn. It can pay market value of chooses either way. You and I don't have a power we'd all, but just keep your and the Democrats say about wasting the money. For universal waited for the people, it really want a wall paper, the wall that Wiki any really think that's what they concern about. Democrats wasting money I don't buy that would shut their argument, many what manner they don't care than we wanted the next argument. Well, you might be right there on that point, the problem? Is, we know we know Republicans, will fight this person. You run it. You run into the Jeff flakes you run into the line
De Grams, the court gardeners. It's it's a disgrace. Apps a disgrace that we cannot get it if a majority In the house, in the Senate to defend our borders I were one of the few: can we may be the only country that conducts itself this way during a failing countries like Germany are failing country like like France or. A country like Britain, whose best days are long behind them. I just want to make sure our best days aren't behind us right made her I was trying to come up with an idea. They were to help build. My friend preaching recall, for he thought we'll be right back then
Here's the college's educating millions of Americans on freedom and the constitution, economics history in other areas through their free online courses. Many of you ve, taken one the, teach, congressional staff and other leaders, constitutional principles at the Hills, Kirby Centre in Washington DC, and Joe, you ve heard how Hills tells partnering would charter schools to an hour. We stood on their main campus is required to study the constitution regardless of whether they major music chemistry. Mathematics, English or anything Else- He'll still does all this is part of their mission to help all Americans pursue truth and defend liberty to help a merry. And become better citizens and a perverse preserve freedom.
Now is sending a copy of the constitution and declaration to every middle and high public school principle in America. Along with an offer, to provide free copies for every student, how you can help in this effort and how you can get your own, copy of hills, those pocket constitution to keep or give away at Levine for Hills Del Dotcom, that's Levine, Free hills, Del COM, l e, And free hills, dot: com, if you ve, never checked out their website. It is tremendous if you're looking for informative, sources of your looking for information and share with your children and so much more. I get a livin for Wholesale back, come easy. I and free hills, Canada is a tremendous score. Wonderful, wonderful things for us for our country and has continued
Ashley, Westerly, Rhode, island on the mark, live in power. You I'm are free I gave in how you how exciting area the talk to you. I am your. I give an unbelievably believe. Thank you. I came across a few from another post that I'm not gonna go into. Details knew how to say all I have to say, as you have, that person has followers mark. You listeners. Ok, I don't get you in my don't get you in my town that I listen to you on your ass. I asked: kids are all middle school. And I'm trying really hard Teresa. This conservatives, Edward Island by it, it's really state now. I know too tough state, but good fish What bothers me right now is that people, I'm thirty three people, my age and also The younger generation there there are finding that socialists this call again- and I don't understand
how that happening mark? How is our socialism moving away from communism in our but I'll, tell you? Why number one. There indoctrinated to the point number to its group think for three. They have really experienced. You know they live they live in a society that has gone fully aggressively socialism. Allah were definitely in that trajectory. It can still experience freedom and so as an abstraction or a theory. It's very cool. You can live kind of in one worldwide, preaching kind of another world. This is what Bernie Sanders does but if you look at Venezuela, people say why, when I talk about Venezuela, you know Bernie Sanders used to think what was going on events as well as poor. Now he never talks about Hollywood thought it was called Now they never talk about it. P dying there, mayhem, there's mass murder in Caracas. People are eating their pets, people at
Walking around the streets with baseball clubs and sticks this looking for anything they can squirrels rabbits. Whatever snakes the UK gangs roaming. This was a civilised prospering society. Venezuela was, and so were. If these lived there for about a month; they get the point, but it's it's quite different thing to live in America and promote an end. Brace an abstraction, were theory of the Utopian notion of socialism or communism when, in fact, that theory is bleak and destructive he had marked by kids, you know nothing about charm. They teaching them I'm teaching remain parameter conservative values, but they came home saying I hate Trump and I don't even know where they got it from. Because we don't watch the news in my house because of the propaganda We want him to know. I wanna two places they got it from a teacher or they got it from other students extra. It become the spring,
There's no rhyme or even the rationality to it, and I just want to thank you so much educating me every single day when you're, not on the air. I I get to had like I look here you when I'm cooking, might not fair for the kids. I look forward to hearing you every day and I thank them. Thank you and never stopped because you're like awesome. Can't you wait, you were gonna tell it you really are so that not to me all right, Alison, Ashley, don't hang up we're gonna, send you send Ashley reduced where many of our kids books their centre, a bunch of them Kids are I'd, actually thanks very much. You take care of yourself. Go to Jane where lot of women collars tonight. And Asheville North Carolina Ex M Satellite go thank you for taking my call very Erasmus Roundabout person on radio bar nine. What one of them
I think we are avoiding country regarding immigration? What about the people? Why why people are paying thousands of dollars You may come legal how unfair before them, you're so right, chain, you're! So right it is unjust. Nobody, seems to care about them. Do they think? Free a call, Jane I'll, be right back
now run only underground than the bowels of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader, everybody Mark Levine. Here our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one. I will be seeing the movie Chappaquiddick this weekend with my wife. I don't see. A lot of movies I see where we are They will be very interesting to me like darkest hour, So there was a great movie now Churchill and Chappaquiddick, and you should see it too, because
we'll be efforts all over the country to boycott it, because that's what the left us I've been thinking about this. These boycotts, such as the boycott against Lord Ingram, Ben Ingram is smart lawyer, but there are ways to fight back first, while you folks can fight back there beneath the drop hers, advertisers you'd? Let them know that you're not can use them. You're, not gonna, use them anymore, thought Ternata stall companies, including by the way and the President's doing a hell of a job driving down the value their stock market. Today I wish he cut it out. There's nothing wrong with Amazon. All of you use Amazon. All of you, like Amazon, Theirs Nothing wrong with Amazon.
Is a lot of problems in this country and a proactive problems in this world. That's not one of them. I want I've used Amazon twice today and I'll keep using it. Just as the left wants to control the internet. Keep the government how the internet keep the government out of Amazon we'll do just fine, but these boycotts. When my buddy Shaw was being boycotted- and I said it publicly,. You should consider bringing a major lawsuit. What you have here really is an effort by these non profit organisations, these political front groups, these surrogates of the left.
Supported by billionaires and millionaire donors to put people out of business, to put people at a business not to engage in debate, and there are toward claims for that territorial claims. For that, if your goal is to put somebody out of business, this a phrase and you can
You can look it up the tortuous interference with our business practice and there's now pattern developing with media matters and think progress. I believe it is in some of these other groups that are funded by source and other donors and millionaire. There is now a pattern taking place where it's obvious that they have as their objective to interfere with the business activity of a cable network to interfere with the business activity of a talk, show, host and so forth, and when you bring a civil suit like that, you get to conduct depositions, you get document discovery. He get to look a donor lists.
You get a look at texts, emails and so I have said many times. Anybody tries this with me. That's exactly what I'm gonna to do and I think that's what other hosts and other media platforms should seriously consider that this is not really about speech bit sexually. Ty Speech and that you have these organizations that counts for ideological reasons And try and put your business again torches interference with your contract, cautious interference with your advertisers, tortuous interference. Would your business and you can conduct very extensive discovery now that snugly pleasurable having conducted discovery myself in the
asked having depositions for two or three or four days very pleasurable quickly when you're taking the deposition, but she'll get access to a treasure trove of treasure trove rather of information. They can expose this behind the scenes network that takes place and even the donors if the court allows it. One of the donors been told. In order to entice them to provide money to media matters of these other groups. Have they been told that they're going to target business target: your show, targeted, cable network, that's good evidence and, of course, the damages
are significant, and not only are the entities potentially liable for damages like one of these non profit or. Frank groups or whatever so were the individual's some of the individual. And, as I said last hour, I believe, there's a fury growing in this country. I think everybody agrees with everything but there's entire these tactics. Whether it's a seventeen year old kid with his suppositions being promoted by the hard left in order to put somebody at a business.
Or whether it's an organization out front the the outcome is the same. The outcome is the same. So while people are absolutely free to conduct boycotts, people are absolutely free to defend themselves and to fight back. And there are enough legal groups, conservative, legal groups and there's enough law firms and lawyers. Certainly conservative, but who believe in and similarities. I can see where this can be done right, see where this can be done anywhere, that something I've been thinking about.
Let's see here whether they want to see here you everywhere in other stuff here about a Scarborough and make a Brzezinski. Two to really really nasty inane moronic human beings. They didn't have a television show They be holed up in summer some asylum, but. The nature of a Msf, thirsty he Congo line of freaks and frauds who get tv shows their attacking this company, Sinclair, Sinclair is owned by a run by individuals who conservative is my understanding. And their expanding or trying to expand their reach through local tv. They might create a network to compete with Fox and so forth. These are the rule
and so their already under attack, because they put out a statement for their news, people to read, which states and paraphrasing in essence that we don't believe in fake news that. Going to try and put out information. That is that can be. You know evaluated, is true for or as objective as possible, along those lines and their attack. You see Because they had their news, people read that and they said, look at that look at this right wing network or want to be network major media outfit. Look control their reporters.
I don't think CNN and MSNBC quite get it. You can't tell the difference between Brian stouter and down and so many other the hosts. On CNN, you can't tell the difference between the scar bar Babo heads and mad cow. And all the other morons over their Chris masses and so forth. I put him out of my head for my own sanity. So there's a quiet, understanding, hey look. We all had to be left wing, Anti Trump cooks and that's what they are, but you know what it would be refreshing if News organization put the statement out that Sinclair did and Heather their news. People read it to you what they're gone
put their purposes and what their goals are not there would be perfectly fine, but any excuse to attack- and here is the dumbest other dumb Joe Scarborough. What do the woodpecker. Had seven go, we conservatives my first of all united conservative blowhard you're buffoon your fraud fake at the top, he's got seven go. We conservatives marks forever the Soviets, and the fact that the state would type out their scripts and they would real gay. Let me limit. Let me help him. I don't believe he did very well as s eighty. The Soviets Soviet you Wasn't other country, ladies and gentlemen, Sinclair set a country is clearly country, I'm just curious,
I'll be right back there was a long peace I share the online on March Thirteenth and they reposted it, and I read it. And I thought it was fantastic. By gentlemen by the name, Michael Terrain we have had on the show before, but who I met over the weekend is absolutely River guy, michael- how are you, sir, I'm world How are you I'm doing very well This is a long peace, its and involve peace, but a kind of lays out what's been taking. Each year the real collusion story. Now it's not going to be easy, but hit the main points and pull together for us.
Sure the main points I that the Obama administration We believe it the president, but I can't prove that, but the Obama administration wanted to help Hillary Clinton when the election, oh John Brennan, the former director of the CIA, push to call me that Director, the FBI to open an investigation of the Trump campaign during the campaign. Based on the information from the steel dossier and the The reason really wanted them to wanted call me to do. This was the weekly information to the media, so that the story that, was under investigation by the F B. I would get out. In order to influence the day. Was the election a lot of a story that one of the reasons is the pieces? So long is there,
to piece the lobby evidence and it quite a convoluted story, because they want to delete it. Through intermediaries without being I seen so that the direct fingerprints of the FBI are kind of hard to find, but enough information has come out to these and crushed congressional investigations to see it. Clearly, if you, if you, if you have an open, mind, examples? this could also explain why Brandon is out there really taking front. Pounding away on trumpet anyway go ahead. Gradually. The ribbon The prize for me when I did this when I investigated by the way, where you're, the guy, who lead the way on all of this, may you you started this thing. I wait a minute. You know I had to say that you're not allowed to tell anybody not totally true, because You read this dramatic thing where you said
meaning the media? Do they actually read the reporting because they ve been reporting for performance that that's the trouble under investigation and so what I did now that a lot more information is concerned. As I just went back through the media and I look at the lies that they told in the story. They told that I piece it all together through the stuff, that's in the in the media, but the big surprise there was the John Brennan, because he he was the ring master of this thing, one of the things that he did was he as the door to the CIA. He is not to investigate Americans. That's why he's? Bearing is bad. Its first on commies desk? All the time call me to open up the investigation because the she I can't do it its ending she. I can't put information about Americans out into the out into the into the media, so Brennan work through intermediaries. One of them was Harry.
Anyway, to be briefed, read on things. He had no right to brief, read about about investigation of Americans and then read then went public with it in a letter to call me which, which read gave to the media, saying you must open investigation. I I have information about the connection between Trump and the Russians in short and so forth, how did he have to convince komio was commie easily convinced They call me was The way, I understand, call me ass, he was he was, balancing between the trunk campaign and the Hilary campaign. He would, he would anger one of them and then they would go and anger. The other and so call me was, was put up some resistance, but he was not difficult to convince. And what was Harry reads: role in all this Harry reads: role was: do was to publicly
Pressure call me and to help Brennan get information out into the media, and read so Brennan goes to read right right. What is he go to read with a girl The red with steel dossier, Any fanny tells tells read that that Carter page has met with with senior russian officials in Moscow to cut a deal, with the Russians in Return Carter, page advisor Tromp on the drug campaign in return for prudence, help getting trouble, acted trouble, we'll drop the with the sanctions on Russia, have the former head of the CIA who, by the way, I voted for gas Hall, the communist for presently united State when he was a young man. I don't know how you get clear to do anything but
the former head of the CIA under Obama. Why? he's head of the CIA under Obama, going to Harry Red Harry Red pressures, combing and second, Brennan spin, pressuring commie correct. Oh yes, there there that we know. Brennan himself is basically said that there was a fight between the FBI and the CIA over the question of whether Russia was helping the trump or not, and so that's going on behind the scenes and then basically Brennan took it public through through Harry Red, doing Brennan had any role in the face applicant. She was pressuring any of that.
We don't. We don't know that in Britain himself has denied that he even knew that the steel dossier, video that he had seen the contents from steel about our one waste time on, why I think that that is not a credible denial, but what what? What? What I? Do you think I did not go into this deeply in the article, because I can't prove it, but I can there's a lot of smoke here, the initial investigation into the tromp rush, your connection came, you know it started with this guy Papadopoulos information came into our system through the CIA and then the CIA Brennan took it placed it on. These desk and said open this investigation. I hold you over the year over the break. I have a few more questions related to this talking of Michael Doran, who is a terrific writer thinker,
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Mark living gold that com its mark easy. I mark living goal that come back with Michael, rain with his great peace. Michael point of things, you but in your pieces MIKE morale, the former deputy record. The CIA helps explain You call this delay. Morale did some digging into Christopher steals those here. This is the point I wanted to get to share the results of his research and a public form in Washington in March. Twenty seventeen, Steel according to morale did not have. This is the key he did. Direct access to the Russians who be labelled as in sources source for his dossier, people who included former officers. The efforts be the new KGB. He quote communicated with them. If that is I words repaid intermediaries, who pay the so called sources, so the chances that steel was played. By these Russians you say, is quite significant, so
the Russians were not as direct sources now now, it's exactly right, there I mean the as as AIDS reliable, accurate, source of information about further its happening at the highest they of the russian government steals same absolute junk comes from like morale. Who would staunch Hilary supporter, and so we We should immediately immediately just this got any idea if there's anything serious information, and here the only interesting questions are, is this: Information coming from the Russians designed to to create tension in our own system, or is this stop just made up? basically by the Hillary Clinton campaign to further its propaganda and those that can be both at the same time, of course,
now. You have a whole section on this. Where did this collusion thesis come from? How did this start if it's Instead, the DMZ hack, its lead, the DMZ hack, is so embarrassing of Hillary Clinton because, because it is alienating all of the Bernie Sanders. Voters. And so they they need to come up with a way to deflect attention from the Gerald. Hillary Clinton. It comes out of those Dnc emails and what they come up with is the steel dossier. But if you look at it, back and you look at the timing of the of the day with the reports in the dossier and the substance of the report, the heart and soul of it is all about the deep sea hack and blame the hack on Donald Trump, and yet the Kalis thing took so they had do they had more than plant the sea. They had to promote drank where the to promote put a face on it. I mean the of the
anything I didn't say it would be ludicrous if we hadn't spent over a year hearing about this nonsense is, if it's serious, is it the guy that what the Steele dossier say but the deep sea hack is that it the brainchild of Carter, page Carter pages. We live Philadelphia, has Carter, page mild, mannered Carter page look at you look at this guy on tv and you can see in one second, this is a guy who is running international criminal conspiracies? Who is who is an intermediary for Donald Trump in Moscow and so on and so forth, and ludicrous I ask you something my can. You know at the agree with me when I, putting these articles together last March, brought to an end, Putting together? I could see these leaks were intended to her trumps campaign. That is transition than his presidency and that's what the purpose leaks were and then I said, wait a minute that may be what they are trying to do.
But we ve espionage going on here. Look at this, their lincoln about a face, a court. The Lincoln about this- and I didn't know about Carter, page and everything, but I was putting together what they were leaking to her trump and I made it. Print argument than the leakers which was theirs domestic, to be a large going on here, based on what and though the kick back to push back was so aggressive, and so you, It could even said to my wife. I hit something here I hidden are because otherwise I would just blow this off you're dead. You did and we haven't, we still don't know the extent of its market huge. This is the big issues much bigger than Watergate. They were You didn't boy up the domestic espionage angle, because that's the one that everyone has been hitting on the most what I wanted to show was this one of the reasons that they wanted. The investigation was in order to leak leaders. The information to the to the media. When my wish,
I don't mean to downplay the do not have the message gets through knowledge element at all: it's it's there and its important and we have not got into the bottom of it, I may we have CIA men who are in I've been on the domestic side because of their meeting with agreed and in the case of Brandon, trying to push the FBI that to me, is incredible, and you know Brennan's been in front of these committees a few times really never nail him to the war. Have no other than a cat because they don't have subpoena authority, ended the war I'll tell you where I think we still haven't even begun to to look into the deep they met the number one. Is the Papadopoulos stuff coming out of London, how did out an information about Papa? get into the american system and who where the rumour that people abroad who are reporting, you know it's the Australia, the australian ambassador to London.
The five wise agreement, but surely finalizing the you know that the British, the Americans, the orgies and the Canadians were also Newsela days, while whether there really participated in much anymore. We share intelligence among us as if we're one country and another according to that agreement, the five wise countries cannot spy on american citizens. We don't spy in the British, the British to spy on us. So in order to get the pop adopt, information into the american system into the CIA, which could then use it to activate the FBI. They had to work again through intermediaries, p. There are quite a bit. Are sort of in the intelligence world, but not in once people start digging They're gonna see it's it's very ugly story. So what you're? Thinking at least the beginning of youth this the outline as this it's not as they expect that the guy was in a bar was pop and off had something that was planted. Perhaps you know that
that's what I that's where I think needs to be investigated, I'm a little, as did the start coming out with big theories about it, because I just don't know when tell you is it thinks the high heaven I worked in the White House in the George W Bush administration, and there I there art, Washington DC, is full of foreign spies, your bumping up against foreign. Eyes all the time the FBI noses knows who the arm a lot of the time you just Well, I'm talking about the store, the Papadopoulos story. The problem, not the story is that he bump into some russian spies. He didn't. He didn't Surely collude with them if he did then it would have indicted, and for that reason, Mr Martin, and we're saying that, on the basis of the fact that he had some interaction, which appears to have been unwitting interaction with the spy, they opened up an investigation into the Trump campaign, its nonsensical people.
American officials bump into foreign spies all the time and the FBI doesn't open up investigations on the base and add to purely with mothers doing with this guy gates, the deputy campaign manager nobody saying there was collusion or anything of the sort, but its leaked CNN that he spoke to me with a spy, so exactly in personnel are also very little. This is also very suspicious. I mean, if it does, it passed the smell test, but where is Lawlor is simply continuing the process that was established under completely fraudulent basis. In my opinion, I might rain. We much appreciated anything What's going on in your life that we should know about I want to know. Is this? If you don't mind, I just want to say the title of the article, which is the main collusion story on national radio. Unlike the real
illusion story in its worth reading, all because we only covered like ten percent with our eye Michael Doran, much appreciated you take care of yourself. You re much thrilling, however, have a piece it, Sir, like fourteen thousand words, fifteen thousand words, so you need to be patient, but Tyrese like a spy story, and you heard he doesn't dealing conjecture, anything that psoric he tries to deal and in fact we choose me in fact, and put the pieces together. So it's a very important piece, and I hosted on my facebook and twitter sites. Mark Levine Show Facebook Mark Levin, show twitter we'll be right back Van
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You're welcome to great state I've been there many many many many times the way you always welcome, and I am barbecue it good Oh you're, a Gibsons is another good ones too, but I used to be my favorite hard. I you know I have a man educated as a doctor, not only medicine in philosophy. I found myself replete with answers to questions are not the fault of common sat, so I want you to educate me on. It seemed like Barack Obama can always get what you want it and in their caravan of people coming over? Are they not gonna be dropped off at a point? Someplace can Donald Trump not not go to where the people are gonna be dropped off and say: hey we're not gonna do they were good,
stop the caravan people in any kind? Why I'm sure he's looking at every option? He has some series s lawyers to look at every option. They have it's going to be very tough. Because there are procedures in place. They are lousy procedures that are in place, their relatively nude or a country in the last few decades. The Democrats refuse to change them. So that's part of the problem. People come across its cut. Now you ve their caught, and then you can obtain them play than you have to take on in front of administrative law judge, or they have promised to come in front of a minimum ministry of LAW judge on a date certain could take up. The years and many them just disappear wide it's a disgrace and you
earlier that it really flawed system will. What can a country does is to itself now it does and- and I think it up against this personally curl to the people coming. I think we got better hand employs two to manage these people in a kind way, but yet we have yeah. The latest can come here near well, they do and we have a party I said not only lets them come here, but gives them sanctuary and- just quite a mess, and when you have lawlessness- and that's where we have- My friend, I much appreciate your com and all the folks in Alabama. Let's see here, J D, LAS Vegas Nevada on the great Kate, on K D W and go.
Thank you, Sir such a pleasure to listen to you or any of your points, all your immigration suggestions or profound, and should be followed by the president. I want also tell you that I had a Europe of meeting or airy arm round. We care LAS Vegas at a seminar that he had with a good friend of mine. They yonder Eagle scout no eyes is dead, I recall you look said hiding Knowest called the programme. Is a good kid, a doctor What do I remember now he's gone? turn on be why you and it's gonna, be a scholar and we need a couple more kid like him, maybe even turn what Mary GO water and he's right or whatever, but every direction type lazy now, maybe get a few, or those guys, so you met Larry aren't how to go. First of all, as the second time they better, everything is precision right on time- comes out exactly
at seven o clock. He speaks but you dry sense of humour as you probably while now he mention your year better was papers in Washington that you donated, but his sense of humor He talks about meeting with the education members that are really in our education, environment and asking questions. Have you ever taught and the answer is no and he just ridicule so many so many education theories that are out there. But I was a great event and he has such it. Said. The young man he loves- you, right and I love him he's terrific. Thank you. J D. We appreciate it more Aurora Illinois, that great w I Lascaux go did you talk to. I would like to know if we are legally would be able to start a Gulf Army page for the american certain to donate fund to build a wall. We
anyway, the textile, her. No, I mean we can do it, but, like I told the a prior collar we get eminent domain over private property, build a wall when only government can do it. What is done at the farm to the federal government while but Tippit that we the funds the federal government they can spend on anything they want? We can't tell them what to spend it on. Maybe not. I thought it was a creative way. I mean tax dollars creative work. Ok thanks! I Mara, though, mean upset people, while some people Gary Green Bay, Wisconsin, the Great W p, I q quickly role more you have you have worked. They wish, Fifty four tomorrow, I appreciate you taken my car, happy birthday, relocating you better.
This guy's number, ladies and gentlemen, my my call screener producer, because we gotta go and it's his birthday, so don't forget We need to call Gary back we salute our armed forces, police officers, firefighters and emergency personnel, and yet the american people. Thank you check it. Event Ebay tonight I know you're gonna, like I know you will. And I'll see you tomorrow, God.
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