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On Monday’s Mark Levin show, We’ve reached a point where the Democrat party is a party of obstructionism, a post constitutional party, a party of socialism, and a party of race-baiting and tribalism. It doesn’t get any better than Mike Pompeo for Secretary of State yet he narrowly received a positive recommendation from the Senate foreign relations committee. The hate for President Trump is so deep that Democrats are prepared to drag this country down to build themselves up. The Democrats would rather American foreign policy fail than Trump succeed. This is the party who celebrated Ted Kennedy, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, who befriended domestic terrorists and yet they find Pompeo unacceptable. Also, there is 9 dead and 16 injured after a terrorist strike in Toronto where a van struck pedestrians. This was done with a van, no gun and no rifle. First the left wants gun control then knife control. Is van control next? There’s great concern at MSNBC that the terrorist could be Muslim because there will be backlash to the community and Trump will use it to further his political agenda. Later, there’s a war on Sean Hannity. First the media seek to boycott Hannity in hopes Fox News would drop his show, then they trash him over Michael Cohen. Now they are going after his business. This is Alinky Marxist tactics by the media and others. They want to take Hannity out because he gets ratings and he fights back. When have you ever heard a media outlet investigating other media outlets?

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Now let me underline that the bowels of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader. Everybody marked Levine. Here our number eight she's me, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one you know, We reached a point in this country and for the Democratic Party really is a party of. Obstructionism, those constitutional party. The party of socialism and a party of.
Ace bathing and tribalism is balkanization. I've spent. The better part of an hour watching the hearings that are not now the Senate. Foreign relations Committee in the nomination of might pomp gotta be sectors day. This man was a member of the House of representatives and good standing. There was a small business man before that. He served in the United States Army graduate At the top of his class, a west point. He went to Harvard LAW School. And was the editor of the law reveal. It does get any better than this. It doesn't get any better than this.
It's been an outstanding director, the CIA. Director, the CIA. Secret meeting with Kim Jong on which apparently went well. There's no scandal surrounding this man. None ethics issues surrounding this man. He's an american story. Coming at a Kansas and yet, in this committee, the Senate Far Relations Committee Which is twenty one members Isaacson? These senator from Georgia was not there. He was giving a eulogy for his best best friends, death on his funeral. There was tender ten,
Republicans voted yes, including ran palm. All Democrats voted no Isaacson had given his his proxy after the chairman Corker, who voted I for him as he requests But they have a rule in the committee that in order for a nomination of this kind, have a majority vote. The members have to be, Present. This will be the first time in modern history, a SEC, Estate Domini will go to the Senate floor. Not having been voted positively out of this committee. John Kerry was voted on in committee, despite his baggage. Hillary Clinton was voted out, the committee, despite our baggage, they wish
you'd over ninety votes on the Senate floor, the hate for Donald Trump. If so deep that, My cracks are prepared to drag this. Country now in order build themselves up. I've never seen anything like this in my life and no The house has either the Homicide are facing this country with IRAN. But nor Korea, with China, with Russia in our own, A sphere. And listen to these Democrats, one after another come up with an excuse card and a Marilyn Irrational Kane of Virginia. He's upset of climate change. I mentioned.
Oh man who barely escaped conviction in prison their arrogantly as the ranking Democrat on the committee. I listened to their arguments and then I realize this is a party that already said Kennedy a killer, I'll say it. This is a party that celebrated Bill Clinton, rapist. This is a part of that celebrated Barack Obama stood. Does a man who befriended domestic terrorists. Who used violence against this country,. And yet they find my palm pale unacceptable Tromp has not done a damn thing: target country nothing. He loves his country, they
night may not like the way speaks. They made like the way defends himself and his friends. They may not like the way he tweets. But he's never done anything, the TED Kennedy did or Bill Clinton or Barack Obama. To attempt to deny a president is now need for sectors stay the same Just cabinet position. Makes me call into question, and I'm going to tell you this quite seriously. What is the purpose of the United States Senate. Once the seventeenth Amendment was adopted and senators were elected directly as opposed to from state legislatures. What is that of the United States Senate.
They say it's the most deliberate, a body tat the most Don't debate, amendments to bills, agreement debate, Don't debate amendments to build a genuine debate. The spending bill six weeks girl five weeks ago. The United States Senate has no purpose. Since the seventeenth amendment. The purpose of the United States Senate was to represent the views of the states. Framers of the constitution set up this by camel body the House of Representatives directly elect, every two years. I remember: there's your democracy. The United States Senate, to represent priorities of the state. Today, these senators go in any direction they want to. Most of them spend their time in the Senate Positioning themselves for higher office president or vice president
others, decide to make a career of it and stay there. Thirty forty years. None of this would be taking place. The states could function through the Congress as was intended by the framers. So the states have no say. The federal government or federal legislation no set and the Senate Is the most bizarre institution. The institution of governance. It doesnt really have a purpose, in my view, no eyes for the left. What does all this mean I'll? Tell you what it means. You know their great hero, Hegel.
The great hero Hegel, who had an enormous influence on marks. He said all things are contradictory in themselves. Then in the end, there is theirs perfection. The fuel. All things- are contradictory in themselves now also, a practical matter, what that means is now amount of rational argumentation,. Can ever win the day with the left? It can't. Because rational argumentation and criticism is rejected. It's just rejected. And so
Own philosophy- or I should say ideology is an ideology that says they can be contradictory. Events can be contradictory. It's the that matters a k, a the engine, To find the means sorts fine, if they back a killer, like TED Kennedy perfectly fine, if they back a rapist like bill perfectly fine. They back a man for president who befriended domestic terrorists. These are clear. Predictions that their willing to live with a new must lie with so we can get. The greater purpose. So other ideologies constantly reinforced This making sense, I hope it. Their ideologies constantly reinforced the film Mr Reul, isn't there. To protect the minority viewpoint, farther
My cratchit concern, despite their propaganda, the filibuster rule is there to be abused, use it when it helps you kill it when it doesn't help. You. Bi partisanship and voting for a secretary of State Nominee. Is not to be embraced unless, at her Your nominee and its to be rejected if it hurt The other parties nominee- electoral colleges a great thing, as long as your persons elected president and vice president, but if the other guys like to President vice president, the Electoral College, needs to go. Federalism is to be rejected. Because centralisation is preferred, except. When it comes to sanctuary cities in other ways, Undermine and usurp the power, are republican President in Europe, what can Congress
contradictions are to be expected. These contradictions are okay, you see and there's no amount of rational argument. Our criticism that will make a difference. Because it's all intended to reinforce their ideology and as to Paradise their paradise. Which I haven't quite explained yet. So we have a man in my. I'm pale. I've never met the man of never spoken Roma, my life. So what a nurse Abraham Lincoln either. I look at this guy. But they don't want them to be sectors that they want, do maximum damaged, President who they reject now, why do they rejected. They want to do maximum damage to a president who they reject. Now. Why do they rejected present, though they really rejected because of the way he talks? Do they really reject them, because their work about women. My party is never worried about women when you look at the Kennedys and so forth,
Do they really reject them over climate change? Now they reject trunk for tourism. He stopped Obama's third term with by defining Hillary Clinton They felt they were on the precipice of great things, turning arrogant and in France, Germany, the UK, then he stopped by his election. And he actually is more conservative. Then many the other Republicans, he ran against. Not in every way, that's for sure, but in many ways, but in many ways. So you're, seeing this play out the ideology, the progressive you sing. It play out.
They don't care about american traditions, let alone Senate traditions. So what. The Republicans voted for John Kerry and Hillary Clinton to be sectors state. So what. That doesn't bind them, though, do whatever they want. And next time around all of manage the Republicans to vote for whoever the Democrat President dominates, because you see that was just Print Doin, the trunk presidency just different. Now it's a joke, it'd be by partisan. They Republicans will go along with them because their foolish they don't even comprehend. What's going on around them This is a battle, a real battle for the future of this country. It's a disgrace to watch Menendez and Cane and Merkel our murky whenever they how his name is from Oregon.
Carbon and listen to these people to watch them, I've dripping contempt for them. I fury for them. They do not deal and good will they don't know a good will. Is Be right back maybe the so called permitting the Senate formulation and determined is Bob Corker needed a pretty good job, a rotten committee. Today emphasizes how there By partisan and h, ok.
Now in Tennessee, his home state Bob Corker. He refuses to endorse the Republican running for the south. Because he's friends with the former democratic governor who is right, For the same And here in lies, part of the problem does not. That is he sees what took place in his own committee in it. As an even embrace the big, Sure he doesn't digest the big picture, taking place around him. And what's taking place around him. You would replace a Republican with a Democrat. And this sort of thing will continue. You see again, you gonna envy the base of the Democratic Party. The real cool card left radical base, the Democratic Party they control that party. They control that part.
The conservative base of the Republican Party is treated like while like what the distant relative. Embraced when needed, by Directed at all other times,. So the Republican Party really doesn't stand for a hell of a lot. The Democrats. Already stands with its cook base stance with its could base. But the watch these Democrats operate on the Senate, Foreign affairs committee- and I don't know many of you solid at the time there not practically bright they're, not quickly articulate their you're too Typical leftist, so you bump into of their family members, heard in the officer in the work Its wherever you are. They have their their load.
Fucking points that they click off. But it doesn't make any sense. But it doesn't matter either. You're about power really doesn't matter about power. That's all taller about You're about power really doesn't matter if they see something yesterday and change their opinion today, and it's not out of thoughtfulness. In contemplation, sir. Out of opportunity, opportunism I'll, be right back us most powerful conservative voice. Demark love then show dial now, eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one. Let me update this.
So near the end of the hearing in the Senate. Ten foreign relations Committee. Even though was eleven ten public and wasn't present Isaacson from Georgia. It was ten ten in order. Get the nomination to the floor with a positive ruling, Ok then asks the Democrats a voice vote. Get palm pale. The Florence summit it turns out they Chris Once the senator from Delaware folded present. Given the Republicans ten nine to one. So compare was voted out,
core uncloud positive recommendation, and he was gonna win on the floor. The Senate anyway, because ran paw. Said that he will vote for him and did in the committee, and three Democrats. I high camp. Donnelly. And mansion eyeballs but that they will vote for. So he will The next sectors state, but I want you to understand something: many of the nominees in the path of one with no negative votes. Tiny, forty, zero, nine, forty zero till her son It was no fan of. He only get fifty six votes, as the Democrats stood against him, so there I won T Larsson or didn't or palm pale. They block scores this president's nominees. He has the right to Potential appointments,
they carry out his mission. But the Democrats in the Senate say no, but they ve abused this kind nutritional power, as they were So much of the constitution. And they Bob and we the constitution was written by, And adopted by ratified by slaveholders, but will waive at around one it helps us, why doesn't help us? We will reject it, was just simply rewrite it. Because, again, in the end, all that matters is us, meaning the damage all that matters is power. As we are morally superior to anybody who would dare to Shhh agree with us here: Dana have a different viewpoint. Because we are the ones who seek to bring paradise.
We are the ones who are smart enough to rearrange society. We are the ones who will do this. Then everything in front of us is backwards. I in front of us must be overcome. This was Hegel. This was marks. Some people say I've never seen it is divided as this. Neither by it is because the Democrats are full throated Hegel fall throated, radical progressives now, Americanism the declaration, independence and its principles. The constitutions and its limitations only mattered to the extent that they can use them Vance themselves and their power. Otherwise there is no That's whatsoever, men away, upon pale. Body to them, the those over him the bulldozer, ram.
For the Jeff sessions hearings forget about what you think a job search. I still think he's a wonderful man, I just gets time. Then you move along, but that's different. Here's a car, gathers for well over two decades, a colleague of theirs. Call me, FBI Direct, they hated Jim that they were friends with him the day before, look a gym call me. Fbi direct they hated Jim call me. If Obama had fired Jim COM, they would have had a ticket type parade for Obama. But when Donald Trump fires em, they turn on a dime. I turn within nanoseconds to use it to go after trunk to clean, Is obstructing justice that he's got a cover up In order to avoid a real investigational collusion.
They don't care how many montages we play. Bunch of liars and hypocrites, they are, it doesn't matter to them and by the way, It doesn't matter due to their supporters, we hear time and time again we are put down. Because they tell us no matter what Trump does his supporters one flinch. First, let's not true, but secondly, turn the tables for a moment, no matter what He's Democrats do very porters, never flank they never flinched. It doesn't matter. Then their supporters their base. There never talked about their never put down there never exposed as their rabble thy mouth contents the miscreants that they are never Not by the Pretoria Guard media, which
the same mindset, so there the crabs, voting against palm pale. They brought the Iraq war. Climate change is common story. Campaign. Had, he doesn't believe in diplomacy is anti diplomacy. This is what the idiot TIM Kane set the guys over there talking to Una. And you say diplomacy, what is anti is appeasement. The iranian deal is not a litmus test They use it as a litmus test earlier prose around. We can vote for you. I wasn't planning on focusing on this. I wasn't implanting getting into at much, but watching it Gives us a larger context. It gives us a lesson that we need to. We need to understand. Hit and run on their shell.
They would rather listen to me. They would rather american farm policy, fail president Trump succeed, and that is the truth. The absolute truth Sarah, how could be Sanders on Fox and friends today? Cut five go, but we certainly hope that some members will change their minds. Look at some point and Democrats have to decide whether they love this country more than they hate this president and they acted as Irish doing all they don't they Love this country more than they hate this present manner. Fact they don't love this. Country more than they loved themselves, go ahead,
clarity and the diplomacy of our country ahead of their own political games and we're very hopeful that they will. My palm peo is a highly qualified individual top of the class at Harvard person is class at West Point he's been an impeccable CIA director he's done limited. You realize what it is to be. First in your class at West Point. Isn't that amazing. And Harvard LAW review? How smart intelligent. This man is. Patriotic this man is We reached a point in this country, ladies and gentlemen, where we should be thankful that men and why of this calibre, step up and are willing to serve, His position that crap they take. People out to destroy them. To smear them,.
To try and find a hook here, and there. It's a very dangerous thing to put your hand up The fox, all these days very dangerous, go ahead. Confirms there and if you just look at history, pass the secretary of state of men confirmed unanimously and Republicans I've come on board and supported Hillary Clinton. John Kerry people. We know who they didn't necessarily agree with on the political spectrum, but they knew how important this position was, enabling young they don't. They don't understand that my crash, don't care hypocrisy, Part of the game. Contradictions are part of the game, Jeanne positions for tactical reasons that part of the game. Moreover, its part of their their ideological mindset. It doesn't matter to them.
As long as they get to where they want to go. None of this managed to them. As I say, North Korea would corn on succeed and it would cost Donald Trump this presidency next time around, they would be thrilled. They would be thrilled, that's the truth. Let's take a call see what you're thinking here, Jim Lake City, Syria, satellite area, Thank you very much for taken my college and honour and privilege will you say they hate Europe? You know they don't hate Europe with more than anything is their fear of Europe. What's he got elected, I didn't want him, and now he is. He is a threat
base, threaten their income at their power and any force. I don't think he is how is he a threat to their base? Their bases and threatened by him their basis it a bunch of knucklehead. Well, you know he's gonna win this war as a whole, but he's not gonna clean the swamp. One man can clean the swamp he'll, trying clean some of the swamp fact. In some instances he funded the the swamp. When you sign that spending bill, I really don't think that's it. Well, I think they hate him. He wasn't Mr Wynn Fears Seti want he's doing some very solidly conservative things. I said, thinks he's not doing see. I'm not one of these palm palm guys spending Bell was a disaster. It was big and then vote anything Obama ever dreamed of it funded these massive departments and agencies, and these,
wing non profit groups and plant parenthood, like now they can possibly believe you can't drain the swamp when you're funny things like that I see your point there, but you know at the same time and another side of that coin. If you have any worse any force back in duly eliminate a present duly elected President it did. Not he wasn't their choice. I agree with that directive and I agree with that I agree with that here? They wanted there third term of Obama, and and they didn't get it and so they got some things I want. They got the spending bill, among other things and they ve blocked the war. But a lot of this is republican capitulation in the Congress to, but that said, They really hate him because
they are on a trajectory. They really felt that they had things go on their way that Hilary would have been the Obama third term. This guy was never supposed to win, have a. How could he, when I think everything you ve done Jim is is he's expose the media like nobody else could well, that do so. You know yet again, will you gonna look at here? Is it out now? I'm here always bought a blue wave in November, the blue wave in November, and it's like the media, never really guided. Nobody really say nobody generally and forgive me, but people like myself never followed the media back and last November. You now nature trumps. How can a mother might be a blue way? We don't know, I don't believe, we'll be, I hope, you're right, but it's not a matter belief. We're about to find out about six or eight months you there was a blue wave in Virginia And I can tell you: it's gonna be a national matter,
You're right, I had there's no point speculating, I hope, you're right. Let me let me won't come right back we'll be right back. Like this phrase drain the swamp reign, the swamp dreamless, I don't like it we need to shrink the size, a government. That is how you dream we're not shrinking the size of government. Why are we shrinking the size of government? The only way Current called drain, the swamp is shrink. The size of government you nowhere. Former president, George W Bush has been hospitalized, that's all
No, I don't know anything else. Watch the barbershop funeral Terry was, it was upset. To be honest, I showed in the ring in administration President Reagan's gone as regards gone ass. His bushy is gone. Anyway, Georgie's W Bush has been hospitalized. In our hardship, Kayser, honest mistake, doesn't matter to the IRS when you open. Taxes or haven't filed tax returns and quite some time they're coming for you. Like with Rhonda didn't another cheese, a single mom and a nurse living paycheck, the pay check they don't care, didn't matter. That the reason she owed, thousands back taxes was at her Ex said he'd file, their tax returns, but he didn't they, arrest was aggressively pursuing Rhonda, garnishing, her wages and run
was trapped in what she thought was a no win situation. A few can relate to Rhonda. You need to call optimum tax relief. Optimal knows that behind every tax problem are honest, hard working people, people Families, home saving, some patriarchs, they need protection, which is how they resolved over half a billion dollars and tax debt for their clients. In there Plus raided with a better business bureau com the tax relief. Here's the number read for nine nine sixty three hundred eight hundred four, nine, nine, sixty three hundred that eight hundred forty nine sixty three hundred, don't put it off anymore and stop stressing that these are the skies and gauss their prose know what they're doing caught up them: a tax relief. Cody Boston, Massachusetts on the mark of in peril markets. To talk to you. Thank you
and now you're from Boston right yeah. I very level here I'm going on. I came on competition, Don't you know levels smearing your mind you, I am I don't care if they think it, if you think it's fair, not they're, pretty brutal and now you're from Boston Right or yet a level here, I'm going on Twitter I carry more compound. For you know, upsetting huge amount of By the way you Boston, Celtic support the art felt how they doing Ok I'm in charge, I yet, but hopefully of really one that shit. I don't love one yet I mean that the players distant your memory taste when the salvage used to play the seventy six from filling up. Wrestling chamber. Member those I want our almost twenty nine chow bothering you don't remember those days now. I remember wary burden that kind of got what will at sir? ok anyway, my friend you're right on. Thank you for your car Betty.
On the great W Emmy I'll go. Thank you for our country, and I'm gonna call my so called Senator Ben Carbon and I'm going to use the word. Shame on you Ben Card number to bring up a couple names like Teddy Kennedy, with regular manslaughter and other things and how they were public ends. A better life for our country and I'm gonna call my so called Senator Ben Carton and I'm going to use the word. Shame on you, Ben Carding, and I'm going to bring up a couple names like Teddy Kennedy, with regular, manslaughter and other things and how they were publicans and supported. President Obama's nominees, like you, I didn't just never seen such a retrial proposed in its current apron, and let me just ask you: will quickly, do you think I wanna pool all Senate for do you think it will be approved? Yes, he's going to be because three Democrats and all the Republicans are voting for it, but that's Nuno by the skin, your teeth. It ought to be the unity. Ninety votes will you cardinals is a complete fraud, car
Tansy sort of this thought for melancholy. Sometimes moderate Democrat and oh, I was me, I don't want to do this cartons a bomb thrower. He just pretend that he's not. You know when they come out of these one party states. Nothing to stop a look at this. Come our Harris, radical left wing cook rat The left wing, coke. Anyway Thank you buried, Stallworth column. Trust me. To get it off your chest, I'll be right back.
Now run only underground than the bowels of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with leader, everybody Mark Levine. Here our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three one three, eight one, one horrific terrorist attack in Toronto. She's, no doubt By now, and then sure reports were maybe one person dead and so for nine people murdered nine. Sixteen injured so that number nine could go up in a white Van no gun a rifle in a white van
and this is becoming more frequent. Isn't it. And the man smarter ploughed into the people. Driving down the street swearing to make trade hit as many as possible any had a lot. And there were witnesses, obviously here's what Sancho said a witness to
About news, cut thirteen go from what I saw a truck from young infringe the gate. He was coming this way and from what I heard, one person at young infringe to people that corner over there and three people here were over like there was always shock. I was studying in all this and I see that truck just running through I get up men. Like my time I come here. I saw some blood trail and all that already jumping out of the way I was pretty quick. He was definitely speeding like he did seem to have control over what he was doing. Well, it wasn't some sort of impairment, Verde, swarming or something, but just straight through. I need managed to make a perfect firm at that time. I know it was too quick for me to actually see license plate color wise. There was too much for fat flash truck swerving I've decided there are already on the sidewalk and never just going, and then he turned right at the corner. I saw people jumping out of the way. Unfortunately, three people here- I saw seen with my own eyes again here on the other side, the idea, I think they just throwing more reality- people there by Tommy came outside. He asked where we study. I was in the Starbucks over there and have said here eating any screaming few people sitting here. That's about my attention by time use Algeria entering here. A few people start screaming. Next me I got up and ran out sub item I got outside. He was here just around making to turn.
And another witness on, can in tv see tv again this help, in Toronto, cut fourteen go all are seen as disguises Cromwell unease going. Seventy eighty clicks heaters, people one by one going down a man. It was so no memorizing ones that you got to you on the empress and I've seen a lady with her again buyers. Gruesome seat is really about out there couldn't believe what I see my nose man have but he held these people on the streets getting one by one Post office box getting the Moldovan people and one for a single dragged on their blood is all over young and empress is really bad out. There I'm so shaky. I'm still die from this. I can't believe this is happening, as is like unbelievable, You saw unbelievable, was serving He just went on the sidewalk, you just start getting everybody man, he had every single person on the sidewalk anybody and, as you would hit the ball star
everything. I shudder. There's a lady in there that I saw. I just then I looked in when, after again, all seas is crumbling up one by one and one by one holy, I've never seen a life. I swear unbelievable hard to stomach one more, that fifteen same gentlemen guy driving behind in the entire time. I was in road beyond those a hundred feet away, but I seem crumbling of people one by one on the scene. Scroll, a stronger with a baby right about two blocks down flying the air. I seen some man. I can't believe this You saw a baby seeing a stroll there. I didn't see that baby I saw stroller hives split and have I seen I seen people the most gruesome sing I seen was that union interests omens like a leg, was on one's home,
I was really bad, really bad, really bad! Well, It is terrorism, He had a lot about the killer mechanic. Then they quite right now. Then BC broadcast cut seventeen go being Muslim myself, of course, and everyone who is muslim. I can tell you right now, currently works at the daily beast and. Too long after this horrific incident took place.
This is what MSNBC broadcast cut seventeen go, I'm being Muslim myself, of course, and everyone who is muslim, I can tell you right now is hoping sincerely that the person who do this horrible- I is not muslim, because we know what we know the result is. That is the background to our community. We know that down, there's, never a backlash to your community. I have no idea what you're talking about a new idea. There is never at last to your community. Unless your son for terrorists. And this is exactly what I wanted to point out listen to the logic of this. I get on this microphone all the time when an incident like this occurs, and we separate the good from the bad good people in their evil people there An evil person. Who apparently in the name of his religion, were getting more information, so
innocent human being. And this guy on MSNBC says: please, let's hope it's not a Muslim, because the backlash in my community concern Please tell me what the backlashes in his community. There's no backlash in his community. And were constantly lectured about this backlash, and well what they're talking about the EU. And if it's your community pow, you're talking about terrorists, not just the muslim community. But terrorists listen away. You sound go ahead, or likelihood not deftly all likelihood invoke clues to try to further political agenda, so the goal to further political agenda, and what is political agenda. Secure borders.
To make sure we know his coming to our country. What is that political agenda the national security agenda. This is why, ladies and gentlemen, will never become lately safe, but will never be as safe as we can be with the left. Because of their position on border security, their position on refugees I could vetting because, their position opinion with a broad stroke. As they racial eyes, everything. And because of their position on law enforcement and their position on the second, a man, this is, why will never be a safe as we otherwise could be, but for people like Dean about dollar. Works at the daily beast, no comments on MSNBC His grave concern
isn't grave concern. I hope nobody killed was a Muslim rather I hope. The killers anonymously. But of course you and I think, completely differently. You just heard those two witnesses, the carnage, how horrific this must have been. Horrific you're walking down the Damn street and some jerk gets in a white Van. Beats apparently, is gone. Thirty, five to forty miles an hour rip a body to pieces. He's indiscriminately murdering people putting apparently based What the witnessed several we don't know exactly who they are yet nine people but maybe a baby elderly whomever. I'll be right, back,
point in this country, I really believe Going control followed my knife control alibi, vain control, Kind of Andy, well. I've got a van that can carry actually like ten people are really how many people are in your family. There's four of us. Well, you don't need a van carries. Ten people. The pollution caused by climate change. I met the air, the water and, of course he can be used as a weapon but I want then they can carry tell people what, if I'm picking up family from the airport. While that's why we have taxis and that's why we buber you'd, you don't van that big. I know it sounds insane.
Unfortunately, its not the day will come by the way wont. Let me do this. Pack, New Jersey, the Great W Abc Harry you, oh fine, thank you! my call mark you bet, I am For the show, where right and Say I was very interested in getting to hear what got her cry had to say this would be life Liberty, Levine on Fox at ten p m, exactly by the way is never advertised on Fox I'm just saying I haven't seen it running away. Go ahead. Unhappy- I guess you could say yes because it, but that's about it. I think anyway, My interest is great because we cannot you don't just watching the situation. Would pop Hanno pale, If you don't. We have rigour, fish too high and forgotten
Someone, you know shortsighted and not get a cab the together or not. Not work on improving the country time a pad, I'm not you to hold and listen to the next college. Can you hold in? Can you hold? Don't don't hang up on path one should listen to them Let's go pull Emma. Let's go to David in LOS Angeles, go ahead, David. You're on David, I wanted to get to you before we have to break up ahead I was calling as a liberal objecting to Pompiers nomination because he comes across to the religious fundamentalists and when I was wrapped in a black, now lay are counter productive to pray, and tat image to people were trying to input. You know what that's a great point and I feel Hillary Clinton same thing. Don't you know none at all. I would have thought that her a sector estate would calm down the terrorists in the Middle EAST. No well, I dont think having someone who see the first stick with me: stay with me,
Hillary Clinton, isn't a fundamentalist or she is no You couldn't about John Kerry Fundamentalist or not know might have brought it pay attention on educating brok. I'm fundamentalist or no, not even a breadth but now really end and what happened I've been in the Middle EAST, while these people are in control, the DE terrorist say while they're, not religious fundamentalists will take the foot off the gas petals. I would they said you realize how ridiculous you sound, because you object to evangelical Christians. He's not a religious fundamentalists, Geneva Angelica Christian here, A belief system he was raised with it was taught it embraces it and you happen to disagree with him, so you coma fundamentalist You didn't: do you see one around people up? She went to kill people.
You want to torture people does he want to force them to comply with his religious beliefs? No, are you going to? Let me speak. Barely because so far you ve been very, very low on the iq go ahead incorrectly. He didn't even wasn't even raised- were converted twenty with a somewhat wiser your problem. It the problem, because you are left us who has your agenda. I do share your agenda. You're gonna put them down now, now it is counterproductive to have someone is has nothing to do with anything, nothing you. Show me any evidence, it is counterproductive. None whatsoever guard it, and here is the bottom line David You'll never understand cause you're a left wing cook. What Pale has first and foremost on his resume is pro american pro American. To build up the United States military. You make sure that position to defend our country. Unlike the prior administration, Mick
You forget about Mitt Romney, you are religious bigot, How many I sat! Yet you don't get to choose Nominee O David, the liberal decides. How did Mitt Romney? Did you vote for me right now? I didn't know you didn't vote for Mitt, Romney, religion, beg it and a man color. Get out of here. Keep talking over me anyway. Cares any religious fundamentalists. Jesse There are millions and millions of Christians who believe the way Pampinara that an my programme, they're not going to be put down you're not going put down. People can have differences of opinion, but they're not going. Put down because they're not left wing secularists. Christian, if you're an orthodox. While I may ass this one of Mr Pompidou,. And this is part of the democratic base, gesture David from where was he California, somewhere Angeles, happily.
If you dont embraces attitude, his beliefs, Then you can't servants had simple. Third evangelical Christian, if you're an orthodox. While I may ass this, what Mr Pompidou was jewish. According to David's logic, that's not going to happen. The Middle EAST, with the with the terrorists in the Muslims. Air is no, of course, not if you're a left wing Democrat support appeasement. Somehow that's gonna make America safer. Anyway, let's go back to Pat in New Jersey. Did you hear that Discussion path that would thrilling but you see the point. Of course I mean that well, you know where we do. Having good could take care of ourselves, unfortunately, because of them He opposes palm pale because Palm pale has religious beliefs that do not comply with his belief and therefore I'm payers a fundamentalist.
My view is that fella is a religious big and he Intolerant pompiers not trying to impose his views on anybody, he's up for sectors state exactly right, Ipad. Thank you very much and by the way, folks, I hope you watched the show last night to his very, very important show on the Fox NEWS channel. Life liberty? In Levine, we had doktor price on Peter PRY and we spent the uninterrupted solid conversation on the grid, like trickle grid the challenges. What needs to be done to protect the threats that exist and what can happen if we don't do something about it, A substantive programme, then I think you would have found very entertaining embracing if you watched, I hope you did. Weight Ex week, my goodness, makin, let you in on it. Yet having done the interview, I've done the interview.
Alright, let's try Elliot Mister screener Elliot in Wisconsin. Did he hang up right? He's gone earlier Elliot, go ahead, You're talking about Muslim community doesn't have anything to fear, and I wasn't talking about that at all day I was responding The guy said on MSNBC, I didn't bring I what was addressing what he brought up sure so you don't think that if he don't turn out three muslim faith, that there will be some nasty rhetoric, I hear he's. Here's how my mind works in years does I don't sit around trying to prove The ethnicity or the religious beliefs of mass murder, and then it's not this one or it is that when you left this kooks do. You don't really care about human life, you care about,
assigning political roles to person or another? Any keep exposing yourselves lobby my gloves and grow most popular conservative, all bearing America Goin through our mark, loving, show now heading seven, seven, three, eight one, forty eight one one! You know it you can hear when these left. This call what bigots there, how entirely You- and I are very tolerant. I am extremely power. I dont bother anybody and I don't want them the bother me in my private and personal life and I'm sure you're the same way. Palm pale should be voted down. Because? Because
Christianity would get in the way of peace in the Middle EAST. Man again so imagine if he were jewish with that continent, there's a big liberal democratical when the next. I call. And they don't learn anything because back to my First point earlier, in the first year of the programme I keep getting those invitations in your mail box. In fact, you may have even already joined talking the a r p. You're in there mailing list wonder how you got on your mailing list by the way and their relentless, whether junk mail and you thought hey less than ten bucks a year to join they help with insurance plans, travel, other discounts, low pay for itself ten times over right, and so you joined And you joined a liberal lobbying group that spent your harder and dollars lobbying against what
believe in and stand for that a decade ago, Dan Weber founded a MAC, aim, It also less than twenty bucks a year. A MAC also, helps with insurance plans travel on other discount, and Ex car will also pay for itself ten times over, but you choose a MAC, your dad let's go to support the ideals that you believe in like protect our borders with immigration, reform Getting rid of Obamacare so much more a MAC! its voice from you, the individual member, over a million strong, joint Now, at a MAC dot? U S! That's a m ac dot! U S! Tranches are you're, gonna join an organization. When you turn fifty so choose wisely. I get rid of the other one, enjoying the one. The represent you joy, a MAC today. Yes, I am a member, that's a
m ac dot? U s a mac that? U S! Heart!. Let's take a car here here we are Fred used. Texas, serious, satellite, go Thanks for taking my club, yes, a four percent Thank you very much for that programme. Last night with pride we under reported considering it with a flat out existential threat to the country. It really is I was fortunate enough to have good meet him and seemed testify. He noticed tat. Are you don't really the right person for that for two reasons, unconcerned as this killing and interact with the bad I dont believe preliminary report that this was a middle eastern, your voice, I guess who find out when I bought it. That's true motive, good, simple, Is it your hottest following show real
absolutely hold them through kill people, because, because unbelievers, it's a simple there There there is went very well being we don't know where I don't know much about this guy yet quite frankly about. The second point concerns these man that some do not occur there just so, unfortunately occurring now. What about the same age? What has changed We have between and we were young adults and now I've gone too mobility. No, I don't think so, but the thing the mind to me just break the basic breakdown. In reality in an and religious beliefs. Knowing Come on respecting human life, there's something has changed, and I think that's where you would look well. I think you're right. We ve talked about this here. The culture I mean abortion is a right and it's a choice. People never really think about what an abortion actually is and they don't really want to.
Steady, argue to civil right so right for home, certainly not the baby, and here I we could go on and on about this, but I think the key. It was very, very sick. And the more you move away from faith doesn't mean you have to be a particular. But the more you move away from from faith, This is the sort of thing that happens in in and, furthermore, in our country, the more you move away from our founding principles: unalienable right, natural law on the golden rule and so forth, the more likely this is to occur too. So when you're on Mord from our first, principles or on Mord from faith and real, your faith- is now in government. Your faith is and redistribution. Your faith is in hostility toward the system and so forth, and so on system breaks up. Yet the role of the jungle- I'm
thanks for your colleague statement, released by the Office of George W Bush. President Bush was admitted to the Houston Methodist Hospital. Yesterday morning after contracting and Section bread was blood, he's responding, treatments and appears to be recovery. We wish additional updates as events work. Well, we wish him absolutely the best. Let's see Steve Oakland, a foreign you, the great care so foe, trucker friend. How are you actually you're, not a truck or friend, you're, just a friend go right ahead Harry. Why Mars relating to Canada. Don't believe they have the death penalty showed. Poor, Miss treated individual will be subject to the wonderful benefits of canadian society, given free medical care and free housing and free food for the rest of his life
and probably freedom of religion? If it turns out to be what we all think he is. While in the suggestion is in the reporting that that's what he said he's sir, had she hardly of sorts, but again will wait and see what what turns Are you my friend thank you. Jim in Milwaukee, serious satellite go. Jim go ahead, Jim, are you there You gonna Bob in Milwaukee, the great w. I send go right ahead. Bob I just want to do I reply about quite liberty and the nine ten p M Eastern on Fox eyesight. And by the way I want you to know, I'm not soliciting these cause. People are calling in there just mentioning it, but go right ahead. That shovel our table, you Alex also gets a lot of financially It's amazing how a power com
he's got their own equipment protected. What is up with that there's two things: really they don't want to spend the money Even though the money when you look at it in the big picture is relatively inconsequential, and the other is, I think, they're deniers. I think they nobly the sort of thing can happen when, in fact, it can happen and quite easily, quite frankly,. It is an attack on the electrical grid and the consequences are unbelievable, are you my friend? I appreciate it here, and I want to go to that color? Let's we want here, second showing. We ve been having a computer problems here all day. I have with mine I wanted, about the media. May carry over to the next hour or two. There is. There is a war.
My body, Sean Entity, a war. And there is this endless effort to destroy him. And most recently now they're going after his business is. I know him no knowledge of his businesses and so forth. But what have you ever heard of media That's it asked the gaining. Other media personalities to the extent that they get Filings instead slight Georgia to try and figure out. What somebody is doing, these things are funded, they organised. I'm talking about the attacks, You know whether its rush limbo or Sean Hannity or me or other hosts, who are talking frequently we have everything by the book. We have to cross our teeth and daughter eyes. I hire an account.
Hi, higher lorries is necessary, Try to live within the box, I try not to have too many weird investments have none actually and because you, live with. Looking over your shoulder, I don't mean you, your parents. Are you just know your targeted. Your programme is recorded, even though they have to record it because we recorded ourselves, so he put it up on my website I dont know Rachel Madhouse investments. Do you I don't know operas investments she's a multi going deal. If we start to look at Hollywood's investments. The politicians their forms are very ambiguous. Members of the media. I don't owe a Jake Tapirs invested India, it's pretty Credible so now, with Hannity.
We're supposed to know who is? Lawyers are Have to know what is investments, politicians know Joe look official now. To public figures, so what. So there was hit job done by some blogger. It was picked up by the guardian. A left wing paper then picked up by the hill, which is fairly leftwing. These days And they just regurgitate this stuff and then they try and tie him into bed Carson at Hut. And as I read all this has once been Carson that have to do with anything. Nothing now a lot of times depending on money. You have you turn your money over two people to invest for you, because you're not good at it. He really don't know what you're doing you wanna keep an arms length, relationship whatever it is whatever it is,.
And so he was attacked all weekend. You may not know. No nurse had started Friday night. Then the hill newspaper hit em again this morning. Set that obviously, I believe in putting my money to work and communities that otherwise struggled to receive such support. I would since what Hannity set on his sight, it is ironic that I'm being attacked for investing my personal money in communities that badly need such investment, in which I am sure those how can we have not invest their money? The fact There's is these are investments that I do not individually select, control or know the details about, except that, Firstly, I believe in putting my money to work and communities that otherwise, struggle to receive such support. And say this is again, I don't know the specifics, but it's kinda having a mutual org. People may be a small group of people. We give your money and they decide how best to invest it.
I've never discuss with anybody at Hod. The original loans were obtained. The Obama years know this to refinance of such loans? Is they private matter, I had no role in our responsibility for any hot environment. In any of these investments, I can That every rigorous process and strict standard of improvement requirements were all were met fulfilled and inspected. The l l sees these are companies that are set up legally our Companies, Ben, real investment, money on real properties. It's incredible that even has to do any of this. Isn't it. And he had to do a follow up to. Think progress. These so called reporters the guardian. They hell newspaper bloggers. First, they.
Walking him and his investments, that's not what he did it all. It's out there in audio for everyone to hear. So let me ask you a question. Media matters Move on dot, Org think progress. These so called reporters. The guardian. They hold newspaper bloggers for they seek to boycott him hopes of forcing fox to drop Russia Then they treasure. Claiming he should have revealed that among his lords, his guy Michael Cohen, even though there's some serious Fishing over that relationship and turn its substance. Now they're going over after his business. There Solomon ski marxist tactics, that's what they are
By the media and by others, they want to take Hannity now simple. Because he gets rating he's the number one host on the Fox NEWS travel here, so agrees with them. He fight back like his the president and the no stomach for. And you might say, while at one guy who cares, look how they went after Ankara. They try to take her out cause? I have his day as we all do. Look tried to take rush out over and over and over again, if the had their way rush would be gone, Hannity would be gone radio will be gone, facts will be gone, then I'll be gone. I'll be right back
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appreciate when you talk about constitution- and I always learn something when we do that sadly not very studied scholar in that area, but it's always interesting to me with although talk from progressives and others about how the constitution is outdated, that we don't need it anymore. That's all we can do away with certain amendments They don't realize that the framers when they wrote the it wasn't just a how to on how the government, took into account human nature because they understood human nature. Never just come from a tyrannical government that they were under. And they knew that tyranny is Very close And take much to Tipp over the tyranny: or it doesn't take much to Tipp over into allowing mob rule number
Then a lot of safeguards because they understood human nature and that over time these things can happen very sneak up on us think they ve happened. Do you think they ve happened. There is a lot. That's been happening that has kept kept, pushing us toward this. The government state that do you think I wanna pre rats in width said: the federal government is supported in the constitution, not by any means. No, not at all, Sadly, we as voters have cambodian people, allow this to happen. Who pushed for it now even Wilfred people who say they will fight it. Then they turn on us. They always In that they say, I'm gonna go to Washington and fight for you, and you don't hear from them until the next cycle come. I my friend, we get one powerful.
Our left don't mess it I'll be right back. Three eight one, three eight one, one a little bit more information on what took place in Toronto. This is from a b c news: they drivers under arrest. He killed nine people injured. Sixteen others that sees identified as Alec Alley. Ie can men ass. He and am I in a S eyes, and twenty five, the canadian government or law enforcement says no, apparently a little bit more information on what took in Toronto. This is from a b c news. The drivers under arrest he killed nine people injured. Sixteen others.
Let's see identified as Alec Alley E K, men ass Am I in a S eyes and twenty five? The canadian government or law enforcement says no apparent link to. Islamic forces and that sort of thing the attacks I did it Young Street and French Avenue police said the suspect rose south for nearly one point, five miles, hitting more people at young Street and Shepherd Avenue and so forth. He rented a rider truck a White Van Der Van that's what he did: hitting people one by one. So I know his name There's no apparent link calling two ere horsemen sources to the media to
jihadism and so forth, and so will learn more as time goes on. On more as time goes on. And see what the Canadians do about this. They do not have the death penalty. That's part of the problem, Here I want you to listen to the little bit if you will to Peter pry. Praetor privacy on life, Liberty and Levin last night. That's not why I want you to listen to her. I want you to listen to him because he is important. And is important because he Full of others are basically out there talking about these threats. That we face tore electrical grid weather? through cyber warfare. Other forms of sabotage in clear blast in our atmosphere.
Targeting the United States and that could There could be a black, a proper, the position that missile firing right off our coasts. Which the North Koreans are capable of it could be a satellite armed with a nuclear warhead. That's blown up and sword, but the point is it would fry? Are electrical grid. And I can't do the whole show here on my radio show, but its online you might want to check it out, but here he was last night cut. Eighteen go sorted prince scenarios out there, I'm sure there, many in which
A country may want to shut down our electrical grid. North Korea could shut down our grid by an MP attack off a satellite. They in fact have to satellites orbiting over this country, as we speak, the passed over several times a day that are at the optimum altitude to evade our national missile defences and to make any MP feel that would cover North America. How would they make any MP field? They would detonate the satellite when it's over the centre of the country and the field would probably propagates from the look the war head to toe the line of sight of them. Have ideas suddenly, with a war, have there have to be a satellite with a war? Can I do that they could? They could We're, not sure that these satellites are not already nuclear armed. The Mp Commission is very concerned that they may be. We have recommended that they satellites be shot down, because the risk that the country is just too great to take to take the chance they could do it with an I should become, although war,
our national missile defence, you know what would have a reasonable chance of intercepting they I should be out of the north. Koreans can do that with signs eyes from the Chinese, and the Russians are far ahead of them and they could easily. Certainly Emily in fact develop. Vladimir Putin is actually threatened. That recently about doing what's called launching, and I should be aiming to self polar trajectory, which is the trajectory that north korean satellites fly on south polar trajectory come now. Why would they do it that way? It goes to this way because we don't have any ballistic missile early warning. Radars facing south- and we don't have any interceptors facing south- were blinded, defenceless, hawaiian Russian because during the cold war, we assume the attacks would come from the Soviet Union over the North pole, which, as the rapporteur says that as the shortest distance to our missile fields and our bomber bases- and you know- and so unfortunately, we have left that flank unprotected There are ideas and recommendations we ve made for trying to in a hurry up close this. This gap in our defences
live now- and I am really amazed and her. Attention. Receives other than on the show in tv now my shortfall, it just is appalling to me. Any mention it for two or three billion dollars. We can protect our electrical grid. At one point five trillion dollars: they want to spend both parties on infrastructure. They can't spend our three billion dollars on this. This is national security. I want you to think What it would be like without electricity for a year or two. Most of us wouldn't survive. You can't just bring it up when these generators try to explain during the course of the programme will be, Thousand of these generators on the grid, We're produces two hundred a year and we import
Most of these generators. From overseas, including from Germany and South Korea,. So you can see if half of our generators or knocked out or a third of them are all of them. Impossible to bring the system back. And he pointed out, we have in this country for three hundred twenty seven million people a year today food supply in the food chain thirty day. That's it course. You're vehicles wouldn't work because many of them have Electra Max plus, you would be able to get gasoline because the gas pump operates. I trustee and there's a domino effect. And be able to get your money out of an atm machine. He said the water systems these we're systems would immediately come to a halt because
all operate of electricity. So think about these things. About the Trump Administration cut? Nineteen, go if the shredder Evan Russia. This is part of it. He also pointed out, there is basically three regional grids, and one of them is Texas, memories, Texas, hesitant there called by the local companies working together and How about the Obama administration versus Trot the Obama administration interested about, prompt administration cut nineteen go The trader Evan rests had this is part of infrastructure. You know they want to spend, trying to have dollars on infrastructure trillion and a half your reading, my mind, ok, and if they will talk about this in ITALY and that they say you know what let's put two or three billion hours aside for this exactly
that's one of the Mp Commission's recommendations and in the reports that we felt that we ve put forward and in our advice when we have when we hit, we have grief the National Security Council. That protection should be made part of the infrastructure renewal programme and one of the things that we need is an executive agent at the level of the White House, somebody responsible for protecting the national grid and the other critical infrastructures to from Mp Cyber from all these threats we ve been talking about because the chief problem is, nobody is in charge of protecting the critical infrastructures. We ve never thought about. What would we do for two or three billion dollars? We would install ferdy cages and blocking devices and surgery esters on on the transformers. For example, you can put a trance shirt. Restaurant transformer just like you, ve got a surgery Esther on your personal computer, to protect it from lightning. You can have a specially designed surgery, Esther that will protect against lightning against nuclear reappear against the MP from from the sun and I've had we done so. Have we done so? It would protect you against all of these worst case scenarios, not just nuclear MP and Cyber, but also some severe weather like hurricanes, millions of people or hundreds of thousands of people who are made homeless from
by her came, sadly, would have been able to go home earlier if the electric grid had been hard and against Nuclear MP, because it would have been able to survive the over voltages. It happened during her keen sandy as a result of high power lines getting knocked down and transformers skaters being damaged. If you can survive that worse threat that Nuclear MP attack you'll be- Come back much more quickly from any of these any of these let lesser threat. So it's not just for the rare. You know what the exotic scenario of a terrorist nuclear impure tech it would, it would include, prove the security of american people from things that happen every year. Tornadoes hurricanes, storms that cause the cause blackouts and you don't have to be a physicist to see the grid is at risk. You know if you just look at the history of of of of blackouts and are our
why the long recovery times that are required after there's these hurricanes, you can see there's something wrong. Look a porter Rico. You know you know. Porter Rico's, take still not recovered measures as a result of the hurricane that went through their clearly. If, if of something like Porter Rico is going to absorb all the emergency resources of the Continental United States to get its recovery, we're going to be a new trouble of a nuclear reactor he takes down than national create. Rather we ve got to do better. It doesn't even have to be a nuclear MP. As I say can be a cyber attack and the Russians have been poking around in our system for some time, trying to figure out exactly to do this, but of firing off nuclear missile are blowing one. The United Kingdom and United States in our atmosphere and a
the North Koreans in uranium us his white. So, crucially, Iranians not get icy being aims with nuclear tips on. And why they ran deal. Is such a disaster. And circling back to the first hour and why, when I watch these people in the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, these senators they're just not up to the job and not up to the task. They are political through and left wing through and through. But there was a very, very important programme and we're gonna have a very important one Coming Sunday to an individual, many of you may not have heard before I'll talk about it more later in the week, but ultimately fast, remember what I said I was going to do. I'm going to bring individuals Programme, some of whom you will now. Some of whom were famous- some of whom were not, but all of them are consequential. All of them.
Have an impact or could have an impact on society. By Peter PRY. Was areas superb and that's why my next guess next Sunday will be there to we're gonna have additional people are not mentioning them because Keep it as exclusive as I can, of whom you have heard it before, but are also very consequential I'll, be right, Ben in our body and mind disrobing Zurich. Guy says you not always struck me as gross on the part of our politicians and are utility providers to render us so vulnerable to these P potential attacks and he's right, all right I'll, let you know my guest.
This coming Sunday Google him ok, name's David Berlin scheme. Be are a lion S K. I now check that out I came across this gentleman when looked at something on Youtube that he had said and absolutely compelling. Absolutely compelling. He's not a terribly religious man, he He says he's a secular George person but he's like Tiffin genius. I was fine. But then he makes the case There really is no reason,
accept these, so called scientific consensus on the theory of evolution. Says it's hogwash. Whether you believe that whether there is a god or not, his point is the theory of evolution doesn't stand against standard, so terrific analysis and he goes through it and its absolute genius. So again. Where are you come down on this This gentleman I need to talk to. This gentleman. I need to talk to wrote a great book that I just read. The devil's delusion so check it out. I want to bring these great minds to the nation. And even more
American lived on American. His appearance fled, though the Shia France, He has moved back to France, religious bodies flying into the programme, so I hope your check it out its. He is apps Really, brilliant, and I don't say that about a lot of people die. Now the subtitle of this book, the deaf delusion as easy and its scientific pretensions. So he takes them on he said haven't disprove whether there is a God improve whether the cigar, but he said what you haven't proven is for so called scientific evolution. Theory that I know you haven't demonstrated, and so he picks it to pieces and so I thought you'd want to hear this- is not a pass. About four years ago Of any kind, he
Takes the so called science and looks at it and breaks about that's what he does. And, as I said, is absolutely brilliant, so I will talk about that and other things too other things too. We also have some people who are well known, culture Bringing on too. Kevin, LAS Vegas Nevada, go My call Mister Oliver four years ago of that written Scott, then I'll take a pocket paper and write about. There was an idea might not understanding yet to talk about what I did I don't wanna talk about, but that was a major factor. People live so I wrote about the power to produce better. We have no reserve We don't even do are therefore made them, How am I gonna do
One of our major performers went down, We must begin a back up in that. As we have nothing yeah, extraordinarily vulnerable. Drawn very vulnerable, no question about it. I thought it was important to address at our eye cabin thank you, my friend Sean our again on the marble event go. I must thank you for taking my call. I will I will listen to you. For the time twenty three hours, I've thankee expand. Thank you buddy anyway, their lyrism calling is I want to talk about alright car, I dont skipper but keep listening, we got many years left, I'm sorry. What did he call from Peru she was very nervous.
Next time, profit seriously. Don't be so nervous. We want to hear what you have to say I'll, be right, back, The constitution, man margrave in calling now every seven seven, three eight one create one one. You know it seems like every day, there's another story about technology, Facebook, this Amazon, that on and on site- Hackers we were just talking about us, are always Far away and trying to use technology to make an easy profit of folks, like you and me now this doesn't mean we should be scared of technology. I can't imagine giving it up, can you, but we need to be smart and protect ourselves. The Tec come these aren't going to do it. It's up to us. It's up to each of you.
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Before three zero, eight for once again, eight six, six three! three four thirty, eighty four or my the care, dot com, slash markets that simple and I you jumping to protect yourself. The way I have all right. Let's see, what's cooking Ed, Kansas City Missouri, the great Casey em go, yes, said: go let's go to my in Philadelphia, the Great W n t t go. Furthermore, a marker- actually, yes, yes and fingers ears, a heritage foundation, member and federations. Eight and all then, as come on convention convention of states. Confederation has a whole another thing you thank you I guess, we say where the silent majority, but
As a conservative in constitutional, guy being in the sound majority that the left and the progressive laugh seem to be out in the open, combating as we face said, Anne and every system, as we turn left or right, then, through our lives, we see how the left is watering down the traditional parts of America. Then that we fought for and we and we respect and that we cherish Is there any way other than signing petitions were obviously voting, but to come out and and and be as open and as aggressive as the progressive laughed we get labels things. I just want to know your thoughts on it. I'm not sure Question is there anyway to do. Why should is anything that, as as was silent, majority or as I as a result
fifty one centre. Forty, I don't know where the majority anymore or not A lot of us are in silent. Wages, have the guts to speak out. When I get behind a microphone and tv cameras every day and I speak up and people can that too? I didn't always have a microphone in a tv Cameron. I always spoke out whether was the class rumour with liberal members of the family or neighbours or whatever. It is, I want the guts to speak out, then Then I don't know where we go. You understand what I'm saying, in other words a point: if we are going to speak out, we are going to engage, we aren't gonna, bring up our principles, we are going to defend people, we support then, who the hell is. So and you can make a difference at the local level, I make a difference in your own household, with your own kids, I make a difference in your own neighbourhood and I walked.
The street now and then this liberal lawyer therein nice enough he'll take a shot now and then and I'll fire back. I'm talking about verbally, of course, Yorkshire I Michael, when fully are you, sir, about sharing box? that's a beautiful: is it still a beautiful county? Yes but the liberal and moving in Enough in taxes to keep it that way, while course, but the liberal hordes are moving in they escape the disasters that they create, nay, moved every other area they're much like local size. Aren't they but take care. You too. Let's continue Robbie San, Diego California. The mark Levant go, Women are dry. I thank you very much robbing back you're a yesterday and on your bed, listen to the whole thing, and I am very, very educational, very important,
My basic point is that with Republicans and control of the Senate and the house and went out your important that they pass them hundreds and I have some very meaningful legislation that would protect the director. Greater from solar remain medium, Pia threat, Ask you something rally yeah we spent, were four trillion dollars a year, and I said, destroying the programme. We waste the GEO estimates between a hundred twenty five, the two hundred fifty billion dollars a year. I Keith can't find two to three billion dollars is: what is what doktor price two to three billion dollars in infrastructure? quote spending, does it all have to go to port all spending in order. The hard up the grid, why that a problem there we can prevent, if not a problem and it, and if there was even a small matter well among leadership or not
suddenly the mouth. I think there would be something tat. There was a little girl, but the Shield ACT in two thousand turkey in thy trend. That was introduced by trend francs that but never made it never made any progress, never made it to a vote and meaningful though there are, there are the door. There was a super that either you are passed in two thousand and twelve and sixteen men were basically requires educated. The arms of the government about the Mps read, but not actually doing anything financial I understand you run an excellent piece about the aspects of this when the solar grid in American Ankara. Correct There is an article that last August two percent in the: U S, electric red. Basically,
the top prevent chance of any given an innate in any given decade of other major solar superstore among and by the way is doctor pride pointed out, and I am sure you have it actually did occur in the than the last in the central before last because you know, trinity wasn't ubiquitous. The weight is today. The effects were limited by the did occur. That's right. It had occurred to me to fifty nine m. Like back the Bible, you spoke about a lamp the facts are fighting nowadays could be so much different. The men would be nice absolutely I you know disastrous, though spending three billion dollars when they met in those four trillion dollars spent and and Emma I just one point I want to make with that- No, the It may authorities should therefore be wrecked. Privately authority of the documents that they be spending the money to protect the bread and therefore They would not have to spend any of their own money to protect.
I my friend again in the weeds, but I really appreciate it. Excellent call very, very good car. Here's what I want to do I want to let's see here. I Struggling with this labelling. Member had shots at the Red He was honour. Emma seller stay real leftist, for he was he was a conservative Lenny moved hard left he's now on russian tv or r tv Any was interviewed on a podcast by Jamie Weinstein's, a good guy over it, and our role. And I want you to listen to this- Sl Sd cut ten go,
I gotTa Bernie Sanders House that afternoon in interview in the back yard, about a fifteen minute interview, the grand kids are running around it's a big day for the Sanders families going to announce that he's running for president. We're gonna carry it live later on in the day and we're going to be my lad. He needs when MSNBC he's gonna cover at life go ahead, but Bernie three thousand people are. There are like champagne, it's five minutes to air and I get a phone call from Phil Griffin now fill Griffin. Is the exact in charge of MSNBC go ahead or not ring this? I said Phil. Bernie Sanders is announcing he's running for President he's going president. I hear you're not cover in this. And got rather contentious we're covering Bernie Sanders live were coordinated with his campaign, told five minutes before you
covering Bernie Sanders. Now. Let me give you the opinion. I think, Clinton's were connected, Andy Lack, any lack being the of NBC News. Go ahead, the hip, think that they didn't want any body in their prime time or any anywhere in their line up supporting Bernie Sanders. I think They were in the tank for Hillary Clinton and I think it was managed Forty, five days later I was added MSNBC. Now I don't know the truth of this, but it sounds believable. Sounds credible. Can eleven go there was more oversight. More direction. Given to me on content at MSNBC? Then there ever has been here in our. I find it a russian tv more. From MSNBC than there has ever been the Kremlin's network-
very sad. That story is not getting out. I think it's, dead many times I was told what the lead with on MSNBC many times. I was told what I was not going to do and I've got a story that had I have been involved in it. I wouldn't ever believed it in Feel Griffin, who I consider a friend to this day was, Was a watchdog far more than anything, I am suppose to hear it or to America. Her teeth american well then,. So I M S, LSD is more of a censorship operation. Then russian Tv America, according to shoulder and you know what I wouldn't surprise me back then
you know you can help with a pocket copy the constitution in the hands of every public high school and middle school students in the country. Why? Wouldn't you wanna help of that right? especially since hills DE colleges spearheading this ambitious project. Many of you, taken one of Helstone colleges, free online courses on the constitution, economics, history and freedom, of attended the free regional events, hills to sponsors around the country, some of you better from Hills, Dell's, free work would charter schools there are still does these things as part of their mission to help all Americans pursue truth and defend liberty. To help Americans become better citizens to preserve freedom.
Now the reaching out to public schools by sending a copy of the constitution and declaration of independence to every middle and high public school prince born America, along with an offer to provide free. Copies for every student That would be good to see that turns out right so Learn how you can help in this historic effort to reach America's youth with the truth and how You can get your own copy of hailstones Pack, a constitution, a keeper give away at leisure, Free hills, Del Dotcom, Levine for Hills, Del Dotcom, L, Eve, the eye and say hills, Del dot, com. There is a journalist oh called at the New York Slimy, called Maggie Hammer meant. And the president has pointed out. Cause. Her a third rate reporter known, they crooked Hilary Flunkey who I don't. It doesn't have nothing to do with their out of the way to destroy Michael colonists relationship with me in the hope that he flip,
says they use nonexistent existence, sources, honey, drunk, dry, the loser. Michael a fire A person with a wonderful family, my A business man for his own account lawyer, who I have always liked and respected most people. But the government lets them out of trouble. Even if it means lying or making up story? Sorry, I don't see Michael doing that. The harbour witch hunt in the dishonest media, so but in the media have come to Haber many defence and she's an outstanding reporter mean. After all, she works for the Holocaust denial near times, but issue. As pointed out by epic times, remains cosy relationship with the Clinton campaign was exposed and internal emails published by Wikileaks. I look I'm at a Wikileaks fan, but they're out there there's no avoiding them.
Any January? Two thousand and fifteen email Nick Merle, the communications director for the Clinton campaign, wrote that the campaign has a very good relationship with Maggie Haberman politico over the line dear. That's where she worked a one point: we ve, T up stories for us before and have never been disappointed marrow continues. But while we should have a larger conversation in the future, but a broader strategy for re, engaging the beat press that governs Hilary for this week If we can achieve our objective and do the most shaping by going to Maggie Maggie The email goes on to explain which information should be shared on background should be shared on the record, while outlying. Outlining how the story will help the campaign. That is, the clear campaign, shape its message, the cat, aims goal was to induce, have remained to write a story that demonstrated how thereon, transparently, wasn't her decision making process.
Have him and went on to publish to stores on February twenty twenty seven, both articles or nuanced, and include a dose of criticism, but ultimate, achieve the campaigns goals. Haven't even remember this Maggie having one of the New York Times was also among thirty reporters and media personalities who accepted it Vegetation Toy Richie, completely off the record dinner hosting Clinton campaign. On April ten, twenty fifteen according to another email they can aims goal for the dinner was the frame Clinton's message in the race. According to the event memo, your times, article that triggered the president's criticism delved into the details of his relationship with Cohen, using Anonymous and on the record sources have also cited unnamed sources putting on the details of an April nine rate of coins offices men responded. The trumps tweets with several messages around one point in one You pointed out the Trump Miss Spouter last name, who cares haven't
correction. Is the New York Times spit out in it, She showed a critical anecdote from a report. When the Kohen story. New York Times, responded to say that they are extremely proud of, have remained and pointed out that she wanted Pulitzer Prize as part of a team reporting on russian interference in twenty. Sixteen Cares pure, surprise. That's another inside operation, very, Cloistered operation, I mean, the city of Tom Friedman. I think he has three or four Pulitzer Prize. Do they me dumber than that guy. When it comes to the Middle EAST in Israel, and particular now He was lavishing praise all over China. If you read my book, liberty and tyranny. Basically wishing that we had a systemic kinda there, so you get things done. Guy three or four Pulitzer prizes. I'm handing out the parts of the year prize. He gets one of those and Maggie.
In your heart, you know he's right, in your heart. You know. Donald Trump is right in his characterisation of you. You know who your choices are. You know how you work them and you know your politics, After all, you worked for political before you work for the New York slimy Basing the work for the New York Times, it's it's humiliating! The Costs denying New York limes, they tried to do And play the holocaust: I've explain this over and over again how the paper record, school, Jake, Tapir how's the New York's lines. That paper record. I asked Wolf blitzed. How is that the paper record? I ask that Congo line amount malcontents miscreants over there. It s Chris Matthews when you're not slobbering, how was it Ex the paper Reckoner runaways down, Playing the Holocaust, can anybody Angela Course not. But don't worry, Maggie have remained works for them and despair.
You're, a cosy relationship liquid campaign she's a great journalist I, this because scene and came to a defence immediately when in fact, trumps, and that's why they hate when he calls out these reporters by hey. Look at this is attacking the first amendment. No he's not he's too the truth about you Maggie. If that is your name, ladies and gentlemen, we saw at our armed forces police officers, firefighters and emergency birds, and now we have a splendid Levant tv tonight. I hope your check it out. I just finished it live in tv, see tomorrow.
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