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On Wednesday's Mark Levin Show, the news media is ignorant and constitutionally illiterate. Executive privilege is a function of our separation of powers, part of our system of checks and balances. The president should and must use executive privilege to protect the office of the presidency. President Trump waived that privilege in the criminal investigation conducted with the executive branch but has no responsibility to do so with other branches of government. The White House Counsel, Don McGhann, sat for 30 hours of interviews with the Special Counsel, if Congress wants his testimony they should subpoena Robert Mueller's interview. The House Judiciary committee may ask, but has no inherent mandate to an audience with the White House attorney or any other member of the President's staff. Chairmen Jerry Nadler and Elijah Cummings are wrong. These subpoenas are political theater to continue sabotaging Trump's presidency. Then, freedom of the press originated as the printers right to use their printing press freely when publishing pamphlets during the revolution. Today this freedom is contorted to pump out propaganda. Later, a handful of leftwing politicians undermine our Constitutional structure for their own political benefit with this relentless pursuit for impeachment. Meanwhile the vast majority of them have profited from public service more than Enron and other Ponzi schemes; however, their weapon of choice is a TV camera and a subpoena.

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Ladies and gentlemen, the following segment of the pod cast as presented exclusively by Hills Del College now and it's hundred seventy fifth year here. There is a truly independent institution where learn surprised and intellectual enthusiasm is valued. Thank you for listening and my sincere appreciation to hills. Dale brother sponsorship now run only underground than the bowels of the hidden somewhere under Britain's deal of among the script building. We once again made contact with our leader, everybody mark living here. Our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one three
Well, I've been watching these news programmes, often on all day, very exhaustive that I listened to the utter ignorance. In constitutional illiteracy. That is spewed executive, privilege, what's, executive, privilege jacket of privilege relates the separation of powers. What separation of powers. Number we have three coequal branches of government and will one branch government tries Who sees ground from another branch of government? The other branch government is expected to fight it.
Now Gerald, let matter as a low I q, individual and a slip and fall lawyer. He happens to be trampled on House Judiciary Committee because he's been elected to Congress for twenty five or thirty years from a dark blue radical Democrat district that doesn't make him smart, makes him a Congress. And, ladies and gentlemen, the President of the United States will be asserting privileges, whether its attorney climb, privilege, executive privilege, other privileges that exist as a result of past presidents and press. Let pass litigation Gerald Adler says, while the president can't do that now that time has long past you see because he did know sir privilege.
Over any of his staff for any the documents who were interviewed by or it mature received by the special council. Now, why is added completely bogus argument? Anybody know, because the special council was part of the Department of Justice, the Department of Justice as part of the executive branch, the present United, In charge of the executive branch, so the president's not going to assert executive privilege against himself now it's been done, but it fails to now Congress. Has issued subpoenas well issues subpoenas against the executive branch now we're talking about separation of powers, while what do they want, while they want the president's lawyer? Well, they don't get. The president's lawyer.
Any more than the president can summon the chief of staff to miss mad, learn the House Judiciary Committee, with a subpoena the interviewed by his people, Congress has an oversight response but where the present United States has an executive responsibility. You understand the point so, of course, the present canoes exactly privilege to prevent his. Former White House Council from testify most any should in order to protect the authority of the office of the presidency and the executive branch, while he waved it, they keep saying he waved because, so the Mahler situation. Now you know the answer now, if you listen to network news, whether its radio or tv,
Our cable news, you'd have no idea. None repeating girl, rattlers flip statement, which shows how stupid Gerald Maverick. This is a separation of powers. Issuing president must be able to talk to his own counsel and the. Isn't it must determine who is on council can talk to about what they talked about. He never waved executive privilege these heavy another branch of government. Never he now. Waved attorney, climb, privilege these of e another branch of government never or the other privileges. No, I said yesterday and labelling you're telling me it was burned up again by other talk, show host today that just the way it works,
Them again gave thirty hours a testimony, but where's the thirty hours. Testimony all we have is a few sentences in this volume to so called obstruction. Part of the mother investigate. Why is that? I told you I that is because I feel certain that mothers team, particularly Your Weissmann were pressing hard, missed him again and FR ways with ten different types of questions. Looking for obstruction, Here they had the Lord, the presently United State, that was a gift to the prosecutor's office, a gift. And the prosecutors looked at it as an opportunity, and so they dropped few sentences in their report, and so I asked the question last night.
Was this videotaped, because it often it where the thirty hours of interviews with DOM again videotape. If they were, I would encourage the Republicans to go. Look at. Unless the president asserts executive privilege, I would encourage the Republicans to look at because I suspect, what's in this region, is a very small part of what was actually said, and I suspect there to them would be enormously helpful to the presently united State. Do you know why? I suspect that, because it's not in the report, that's why. Subject: privileges asserted not against the executive branches asserted by the executive branch against another branch.
And no executive privilege has not been waved long time has not since passed Because he has an asserted it against the Congress. I want to repeat another point. You have Eliza Cummings Baltimore. You have not left New York City, you have. If a valet waters of Well, you ve got allayed angle New York City of got Cummings Baltimore Pole. The Sea of San Francisco, those are for cities, heavy democrat cities for the democratic presidential mommy every time. Eighty ninety percent. Here I just name: do you the speaker of the house and the foremost powerful chairman.
Who are chasing trial, trying to chase down the present the United States, who are trying to reverse the course of the twenty? Sixteen presidential election. Who truly seek to suppress the vote of sixty three million Americans who voted for this President talk about suppressing the work. Using millions and millions of dollars, as I have said before and again thing regurgitate it out there for opposition Research in the twenty twenty election, the presidency's this using our textiles. I mean honestly, some group. A Republican shown Capitol Hill or to file a complaint with the Federal Election Commission about the amount of textile is being used by the Democrats on these committees, in violation
federal campaign law. They help whoever the novelty is in their party for presently United States, because some people One thing removals another: this present it will not be removed from office, so this entire. This entire effort. Is to prevent the present in the United States from winning election reelection. As I say, it's a coup effort, they tried it legally pushing a special council and the ball just keeps moving. Doesn't it. And the ball just keep moving collusion, obstruction and peach meant nonsense. The democratic chair, the house oversight committee- this is Reuters, accused the Trump Administration of quote a mass
unprecedented growing pattern of obstruction on quote for ordering federal employees not to comply with congressional investigations? Very clever he's ordering individuals the work in the executive branch. Who provide information to the office of the presidency? President himself, not to testify on capital Hale about about their conduct with the president, there's no criminal issue here. We know that it's gotta clean I have on that. So what are the Democrats want? Embarrassment, opposition research, election points. We're talking, among other, specifically, better gentlemen, who was in charge of security clearances at the White House? What in the world does Eliza
Cummings in his committee have to do that president of the United States decides who works for him. Aging, to watch the Democrats. Isn't it you have a Democrat running for president by the name of Bernie Sanders who believes the Boston Marathon Mass, murdering bomber, that terrorist should stop the right to vote You have come our Harris, so agreed with them, and then reverse course. When she realized it wasn't very popular, they think Ex Vallon should vote. They think ex felons should be higher That they should not be discriminated against south. What are the United States, where the higher and ex phelan- let's say an ex murder? Would that be a problem for the Democrats? They want the private sector the higher such people. Why would it be a problem for the president
now I'm just doing that by example. Of course, the president has an hired such a person. But they want to know how they got. These security clearance is cleared I'll. Tell you what their people I'm all pull over to weasel their way. The blocking this present its efforts to staff his oval office staff as white Ass, the staff as government, Mr Cummings you're, not only a buffoon Europe, You're not only a buffoon, Europe saboteur, you know exactly what's taking place, obstruction, their building the case of obstruction. You see. I'm telling you when this sad episode
An american history becomes american history and serious people. Look back on this. There will be shocked the extent the diabolical evil activity undertaken by the Democratic Party, in collusion with the media. We are very fortunate to have a very courageous president. Ladies and gentlemen, we are very fortunate, with standing up for the constitution, standing up for separation of powers standing up for the office of the presidency, understand Thornley Criminal investigative period, whereas, if he's at risk, that's where he would, he would be personally risk. He gave them everything.
They have nothing now, as its moved over to the political realm. He sang I'm not required to give information to these Klaus who have as their purpose they use the information to try and smear me. Am I required to get my tax returns, which I have filed legitimately with the Internal Revenue Service to Gerald Meddler, Maxine Waters and Adam Shift and Eliza Cummings NL aid angle and eighty policy. What are they going to do with them, but try to Or political points and ruin us politically, why should I do that? Why should I them talk to my White House Council, my Ex White Ass Council. Why should I let them talk Anybody who advises me there's a long
history in this country that those individuals are not up for grabs by the United States Congress by the can function but to show in the other foot. There is no way the speaker of the house. Being any her stay to provide testimony that has nothing to do with in criminal law. Only that has nothing to do with even criminal law just because they want to know. Just because they want to know nature people She hasn't offered ten years of her and her husband's tax returns. Wanna does it the same argument apply.
Major Pelosi has offered up her bank accounts and records of their deposits in their spending and their check riding so far for the world to see. Why not? Why not? Maybe she is a conflict of fish issues and a conflict of interests, maybe she's cutting deals with the Russians. Maybe she's cutting deals with the Chinese like Feinstein, whereas the media could careless where's, Philip bump of the washed and compost. Where is filet today I'll be right back
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Let me do this when their blackmailing the president of the United States, these committee, chairman of the Democrats in the house, as well as the me real, testing either he violators oath of office mind: separation of powers, a key doctrine of our system of government and forever weaken the office of the presidency or they'll impeach. Their insist, Either he helps to destroy his presidency, his businesses, his staff, his friends and his family, or they will want patron either. He helps them destroy his re election effort and himself, or they will and patron that's all I'm saying this is bad absurd this here and it's all one
it isn't a ladies and gentlemen Bastard Trade Committee doesn't want to know anything about how the F b I conducted itself under the Democrats House tradition. The committee doesn't want to know anything about the Hillary Clinton can and in the day, and see about that, offer the wash the money I gave it to fusion. PS, the House judiciary. I want to know about the bicycle: vice application. They dont want what do you think about any of that? The House Judiciary committee I want to know about the top level The FBI that wiped itself bath within division Neither other criminal investigation are. I e g investigation. What do you know anything about that? Instead, they try to blackmail President of the United States of America
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Go chamber: this is the echo for talk. Radio, simply no question about it. That's ok! I gotta get the word out there I talked like Chris Matthews does. We must reduce, I think he does. I sounds like Christmas now, let's required as a matter of law were happy to do it. So. I often call this programme the first show of the rest of the day, even though were on in the evening some places at night. It's the first show the rest of the day. They really is when it comes to matters of the constitution. In the declaration when it comes to matters of law when it comes to matters of political arena. This is the place to be he's gonna go on for a long time at its core, an unfortunate what's taking place in the society.
Are you have Eliza Cummings? Who is all over tv? He goes unchecked in any significant way, and these These committee, chairman from these cities from these democratic control cities from these Democrat Party, boss, controlled city Throw conspiring and when another there are colluding they're all sharing their subpoenas with each other. This is a multi front attack on. As in the United States,. In the House of Representatives, a multi front attack and, of course they know, they'll get back up from the media, which is exactly what's happening. No, when this new book a mine on freedom of the press, I call the media, the Democratic Party press that you might say, that's not particularly no its not, but we need to call them there and I go through some of the highest
the press in this country significant cycles and how the press has conducted itself- and you know it's interesting more times than not the precious conducted itself in a very negative way. We had the Patriot press, I called the early men but the printing press who had Move their printing press, so the colonial governors appointed by the crown wouldn't track them down. These were very, very courageous patriots, and these early pressmen were responsible for the early pamphlets and the early newspapers, early on in this country and the sixteen hundreds of them an early seventeen hundreds, the warrant, many newspaper through more pamphlets. Obviously the newspapers.
Even at the start of the Revolutionary WAR there about three dozen newspapers epithet There were many many pamphleteers, the most well known, of course, was Thomas Pain, but a lock took place before Thomas paying came to the United States A lot took place before the revolutionary WAR alike took place even before the lead up to the revolutionary war. The early printers, we're printing things like words from ministers and pastors who challenge the Orthodox. Of their particular church- and I don't mean they were anti God not in the least. They were part of a reformation effort that was going on and they were very courageous.
They reformation effort that you don't see in parts of the Middle EAST or South EAST Asia when it comes to religion. These men, who, who developed these printing pressures brought them in from England. Quite frankly, it was a very laborious task later. They would have typesetting, but their king later later,. Who is these men whose names you don't know? As you will know after you read my but who are they? for the American Revolution. Before the revolution, the lead up to the revolution and during the revolution.
They were the ones who pushed the principles into the public square. They were the ones who published the views of the Euro. Patriots. They were the ones who used fact and emotion and history philosophers like John Locke, they spread the word. They spread the word throughout the colonies to the pubs to the farms, to the. And these newspapers and pamphlets would be posted they'd be handed around past one from the next. They be read out loud. Over the dinner table are, what have you you actually had colonists young farmers.
New about John Locke. Well, how did they know the press. We're travelled slowly, but it travelled. You can learn a whole lot more about these people in on freedom of the press,. These were the men who were also the impetus for the first amendment and freedom of the press and I dare say the vast majority of the people who work in the media today have no idea who these people were not. And they viewed. It is their job to promote these principles. There were not really news, per se. Yes, they would reveal the news I was taking place, but it would take months. There were more philosophers.
There are the ones who promoted representative government. There are the ones who promoted the ideas of commerce and trade low taxation. All these ideas. And the revolutionary long before the founders, the revolutionaries relied on use them. They were revolutionary. The federalist papers were s, face published in newspapers published in pamphlets, the anti federalist papers, but you ve only heard about from me the anti Federalist Papers, Sir Thing I have to do this quickly, but you'll be able to read it in the book. We have another period loose
we began during the presidency of George Washington called the party press period, and this is where press exploded onto the scene after the revolution, was successful. Of course, after the constitution, was adopted and ratified and then later the first ten amendments, the bill of rights, exploded on the scene in the worm. Hundreds of newspapers, thousands of pamphleteers, but for the most part there was tremendous transparent they align themselves with one party or another one cause or another one public figure, another and so forth. They didn't pretend to be objective. They insisted that they were.
And so you had a tremendous amount of competition of ideas of party politics of candidates, often very very much, very, very ugly, but there was Competition and you knew it look look at the name some of the newspapers today, the Arizona Republic, the Arkansas Democrat, there's a reason for those names, because this party press lasted two from about Washington's time into the civil war period, and these newspapers were transparent about what who they supported. European of yellow journalists, channels, a lot of time on then in the beginning of the last century, with the progressive movement, those of you who read my book, rediscovery Americanism, you know all about it. My other books, the Turner.
Last century really the eighteen eighties moving into the early ninetys hundreds and now that's and full blown the progressive movement and during the progressive movement they applied. Same ideological model, but they were applying the government and the school systems. Press- that is, you needed experts you needed elites who are better at hated and smarter. The argument went who were more objective and the weren't so tied to american history into the constitution into the declaration, who could who could bring an objectivity and create a profession.
Out of the press and, of course, what they really meant and what they really did was say: leave it to a handful of us to determine what the news is, and they said they would. They would seek the objective truth, Just boring everyone, MR producer, the objective truth, but the objective truth. Would be marinated in the views of progressive the. This has been going on for about a hundred years, not completely really over not with all news outlets, but today pretty much. And today, really, over the last forty fifty years, it followed the next logical step from progressive ISM to social activism,
Yeah they social activists press. Now, it's not enough. More information, so called move through. The mindset. Of the progressive ideology. Oh, they certainly do that. That's a big problem, but now we need to push the agenda. Now we need to shape society now we need to shape events, when you watch CNN and MSNBC certain individuals on Fox, perhaps when you the New York Times the washed and post and bees Yea B, C c b; s really ninety eight percent of what's out there in terms of the so called press. That's what they're doing that's what they're doing they call it.
Nicky press or public press there, philosophers do and you'll learn that again and on freedom of the press, so they're not merely reporting court on quote their activists, social activists, With a progressive ideology, pretty much that's monopoly ideology in the media. Today there is very little diversity and your readers put it in the book from some individuals who admit say we're. I confess this So this is what we're doing because it needs to be done. I may well
The progressive ideology and social activism journalism- where would we be today? You know pro slavery, pro segregation Brett these I'm just saying these other arguments, these other arguments Trump, is a setback for them. They sought to defeat Trump. There were getting leaks from the Obama administration, including law enforcement intelligence. To try and stop tramp tramp got elected. They try to destroy his transition into the president's. They ve tried to destroys president's.
The common link between the Democratic Party and the media is these social activism. Progressive ideology non probably telling too much right now, because the book comes out about a month, and I know that certain talk show hosts. Have their staff take notes regurgitate what I say but look. What am I supposed to do either talk about it or I don't More to come I'll, be right back folks, many of our nations oldest colleges, profound to teach students to seek truth, recognize what beautiful and hold up is good, but sadly Many have lost their way locked in the grip of nickel correctness they no longer allow free and open discourse and instead pedal their moral and cultural relativism thankful.
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The Hills, Dale DOT, Ye D, you slash admissions to plan a visit and learn more: that's hills, they'll, dot, b D, you slash admissions, also learn and on freedom of the press. Who surveys show that Republic long concerned have lost faith in the media is not faith and freedom of the press, faith and the people who have the noble responsibility to report the news, the vast majority Republicans lost faith in the media. This is a very, very big problem. A very big problem
the democratic party media, the Democratic party media. So while we had a party media early on in our history, we still have a party media. It's just that. It's only a one party media. These are the sorts of things at you'll, see intent one party media and at the same time they claim to be defending us representing freedom of the press. They absolutely do not. They represent a party and an ideology as a class. They do as an aristocratic class. If you will the tax deadline past.
In the Irish. Didn't now you for the money you oh well, what are we do mark will. What we do is, first of all, support the president as effort to defend the executive branch in the office of the presidency. That's number one he's not obstructing justice he's defending the constitution number two. What do we do? We must focus our wisdom. Our discussion on the fire Branch of government, the fort the state which has become, in my view, the fifth column, as I say over and over again, gonna do all those things right here. Opium. Listen all the other people Talk radio! Do I'll be right back.
He's here now run only underline the bowels of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader, everybody mark living here, our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, eight hundred and eleven, eight hundred and seventy seven three hundred and eighty one, three thousand eight hundred and eleven a study. Conducted by Indiana University professors, Lars we'll math and David Weaver. Based on online interviews with one thousand and eighty one thousand and eighty journalists there were conducted during the fall of twenty thirteen.
Show that, although fifty point two percent of journalists identified as independent, this is also in the book and fourteen points percent as other they number identifying as democratic, was twenty eight point? One percent compared to merely seven point: one percent is republican. In nineteen seventy one first time the survey was conducted, some twenty five point seven percent of journalists. Paul said they identified as republican today at seven point, one percent. And the fact that approximately sixty five percent of the journalist self identifies either political independence or other. Not necessarily mean there without a partisan ideological outlook, but give you another example.
In amendment twenty eight survey again, this is in on freedom of the press, a forum sixty two financial journalists by professors at Arizona State University in Texas, and I'm university it's more than seventy percent of those surveyed were affiliated with the Wall Street Journal Financial Times Bloomberg NEWS Associated Press Forbes, the New York Times. Here's the Washington Post is our financial journalists. Reveal that even most financial journalists are political progress. One asked generally speaking: how would you describe it the confused. They responded very liberal. Seventeen point six percent, somewhat liberal, almost forty one percent moderate. Eighty seven percent, somewhat conservative three point: nine percent and very server two point: zero for six percent, so narrowly
Sixty percent of financial journalists surveyed were liberal, less than five percent more conservative. Oh my it's actually much worse as a general matter. Much worse, give you some more the geography, again the geographic influences most of the media. National media resides works in the districts. I just told you about where Nadler a congressman worshippers congressmen is Cummings is a congressman so forth. Let which, of course, has left wing notes. The quote: the national media really does work in a bubble which it can
just something that wasn't true. As recently as two thousand eight there contention bubble- is growing more extreme. They write concentrate heavily along the coasts. The bubble is both geographic and political future. King journalist odds are just that you work in a pro Clinton county. Are they? You reside in one of the nation's most pro Clinton counties. Are they blame the decline in the newspaper business and the rise of the internet based online reporting for this bubble? Correspondence, Jack Schaefer and took a dirty right, This isn't just a shift in Medium it's also a shift in socio politics and a radical one, and they talk about these internet centres. Seventy three percent of all internet publishing jobs are concentrated in either Boston, New York, Washington, Richmond Carter or the west. Crescent, their runs from Seattle, the San Diego and on the Phoenix.
Chicago Land Area, traditional media center captures only five percent of the jobs with a paltry twenty. Two don't go into the rest of the country and almost all the real growth of internet publishing is happening outside the heartland in just a few urban counties all places they voted for Clinton So when you conservative friends, use media as a synonym for coastal and liberal they're, not far off the mark, I conclude that nearly ninety percent of all internet publishing employees work in a county where Clinton one seventy five percent the work in a county, that's you by more than thirty percentage points. You want a wonder. Why do you wonder why you get the kind of news that you get, including on and elsewhere. I also mentioned to you the Harvard Kennedy,
oh Schoenstein, centre on media politics and public policy, then that they looked at first hundred days are reporting on the Trump administration they looked at CBS CNN, NBC, the New York Times the Wall Street Journal, the washed imposed and fox. And they say six or those seven are among those who he is constantly pointing at all six of those ports eight trumps first one hundred days and then I'm quoting from them in highly on Favourable terms, CNN and embassies coverage, where the most unrelenting neg stories about Trump outpace, positive ones. By thirteen, the one on the two networks: Trump, Coverage on CBS also exceeded the ninety percent negative mark trumps coverage,
Seated the eighty percent level, the New York Times, eighty seven percent, the Washington Post, eighty three percent, one expect with Philip bump over there. The Wall Street Journal came in below that level, but at seventy percent negative and that's largely trivial It's more favourable economic coverage Fox was the only We're trumps overall coverage nearly crept into positive territory. Fifty two percent of foxes reports with a clear tone were negative. Forty eight percent were positive. Again, this is in my new book on freedom of the press. Foxes coverage was thirty, four per vantage points, less negative than the average for the other six outlets, and then they say this listen to this. This is Harvard. Trumps coverage drawing his first one hundred days.
Not merely negative. In overall terms, it was unfavourable on every dimension. There was not a single major topic. This is there not me we're trumps coverage was more positive than negative one. So I write these findings, particularly as they relate to Fox are telling the prevailing crew system of Fox, especially by media competition, is that it's in the tank for Trump, while some oxytocin programmes are more supportive of the present than others and the distinction of between the news, programming and opinion programming is much better delineated than it seen in an msnbc. The statistics gathered are the shorn Stein Centre suggests that the Fox cover drove on much more even ended then another news outlets which are overwhelmingly negative. Do you want to know why
Access targeted by these other outlets because they are progressive social activists. They don't want Their own radical, progressive lens. This is why your present and it is under constant attack. Determine what the news is called. Unquote. Through their own lens, their own radical, progressive lens. This is why your present and it is under constant attack. This is The media lie. This is why the media substitute opinion. For fact there Why the media self sensor information that might be actually helpful to this administration. They did the opposite when it came to Obama. I write this may seem surprising, given all the stories about Foxen print and broadcast media portraying foxes, unfair and unbiased.
Stan its coverage, indeed fox in its executives and house, are frequent targets of other press operations such as the new Yorker Vanity, Fair, the New York the Washington Post, politico, CNN, MSNBC and so forth, and which journalists and progressive com Taters, for these outlets seem fixated with diminishing ff since public standing and reputation and its summit, answers even promote commercial boycotts against certain facts house and shows. The reason seems apparent fox Five, the near ideological and political uniformity of the other media outlets, which their coverage of trumpets unfavourable on every dimension quota quote. Now. The shorn centre even provide a bit of thoughtful advice to the journalist. It's a journalist would do well to spend less time in Washington and more time and places or policy intersects with people's lives.
If they had done so during the presidential campaign, they would not have missed the story that key trumps victory. The face. The american dream for millions of ordinary Americans, nor do all such narratives have to be a tale of woe. America, It is a divided society in some respects, but it's not a broken society. The divisions in Washington or deeper than those beyond the belt. What do you think you're gonna find this book interesting, MR producer been discussing it for the last three weeks. All kinds of aspects relate what's taking place. So I said you know, let me look at the comparison covered, thatS Trop, the let's look at Obama. Well, here's what I found.
By comparison on April, twenty eight two thousand nine- the Pew research centre- should study media reports on the Obama administration first, one hundred days, so you heard of the Trump administrations first, one hundred days. What about Obama's pew reported? That quote President Barack Obama, has enjoyed substantially more positive media coverage than either Bill Clinton or George Bush Doin there first months in I'd house according to a new study, a press coverage overall, roughly four out of ten. Grace editorials and Abed columns about Obama had been clearly positive in tone. Compare with twenty two percent for Bush and twenty seven percent frequent. In the same mix of seven national media outlets during the same first two months in office. That's from the Pew Research Centre project for excellence in journalism.
Study found positive stories about Obama have outweighed negative by two to one forty, two percent versus twenty percent, while thirty eight percent of stories have been neutral or mix, because I Obama bomber others no getting around this for the media. There's no getting around this. This is who they. This is what they are. As I say, we know, you're gonna learn a ton more than this when you get the book on freedom of the press and I hope your priority now at Amazon dot com, all its forty percent off in the chapter on the New York Times as brutal only brutal. We need to be number one on the New York Times best seller list. We need to be number one because of the chapter on the New York Times in the chapel
The New York Times is entitled the New York Times betrays millions. I've handed the galley copy the book that simply means a soft covered copy. The book the hard cover copy will be available soon. To a number of people who you would know. People who admire and respect almost to a person. They tell me that that New York Times chapter was unbelievable, that it open their eyes to the paper of record to the paper. Were all news is fit to print.
They couldn't believe what they were reading. You won't believe what you read in their either, but it's true. It's footnote it up. The Wazir real scholarship went into this book, in particular that chapter. I have to be right. You're gonna learn things about the media and particularly the New York Times that are going to be absolutely shocking to you. And as much as you are sceptical of the media. Today, Europe even more sceptical skeptical tomorrow and that's a good thing. They may control the press, but we still have our free speech.
The progressive may have devoured the fourth estate, but we still have our free speech and that's why, when you criticise them. They don't handle it very well, then immediate defensive posture, like Philip bump over there at the washing compost or bride stouter over there, the constipated news network. They take themselves so seriously these these young narcissists there so self righteous a moral crusade. Ladies and gentlemen, like all progressive and you're standing in their way. They want to take our trump because they want upon, feel you have to learn how to vote. You see, can vote for somebody like Trump now.
And no candidates to outrageous for the left, no candidates to our right look how they treat Bernie Sanders terrorist should be able to vote, and it wants to destroy our healthcare system he's an old red. Everybody knows that they go very soft on him. Look they promote. I'll, be right back
a lot of time in a locker Richard Nixon mix. It didn't get the breaks. The Johnson can restore Johnson Kennedy were repeat for lenders and aggressively saw the media kept their quiet. Donald Trump keep chastened down stormy day who The people who Lyndon Johnson had multiple affairs with Armenia. Hundreds of you have no idea, neither do I who were their lawyers- I don't know yet. We know about Stormy Daniels, Michaela ever naughty and so forth. So weird, so very weird,
Emily Kennedy was Senator fairer than east german spy is presently the fair with a mobsters girlfriend. So when you hear these Democrats today, and you hear these media types, that you really can't take the moral outrage re seriously, can you not a whit As it is done, any that, certainly not as President I've, been heard, a single thing about any a moral activity, immoral activity, I should say, have you. President hasn't use the IRS against his opponents or the media we ve talked about that president has used the FBI against its opponents of the media. In fact, the FBI has been used against this president and the IRA has been used against the tea party and his supporters. Now the Democrats want to use the IRS gives the president is family again so pattern here. This is what they do.
Terms. A necks indexing use the IRS, but where did you get that idea from his two predecessors?. And one of the articles of impeachment against Nixon was his use of the IRS or wise and through an article Each man against Lyndon Johnson. Why wasn't John Kennedy, albeit in the short term, that he was president. By wasn't any this raised about him because of the media. That's why media drives the nations agenda itself, the media are going to drive the nations agenda. There, not elected, not accountable to the people they dont self police. We have to become our own media. We are to become our own spokesman. We have to become like the original pamphleteers. We need to speak out. We need to communicate with each other. We need them Real news we need to promote are on. The ideas and principles we need to bypass them.
I'll be right back. Placidly conservative our cloven show call now at eight seven, seven, three, eight one three eight one one and I often refer to the media as the Pretoria Guard, a big government. That's what it is to protecting Garda. Big government protects the administrative side.
Now we ve talked for years and years and years here about the fourth branch of government, the administrative state I've highlighted in several of my books, and it is a serious problem. Isn't it it's? A fourth branch of government is not in the constitution to the executive branch and created by the legislator branch, and it's got enormous power in a mostly serves the purposes of the Democratic Party. That's why so often republican presidents try to cut these bureaucracies, they typically fail released. It's a very difficult thing to do and the Democrats will never allow any of it to be eliminated. They don't care The department or agency does not care when it was created, doesn't matter because this effectively, as their fiefdom
This massive centralized government, this mass of centralized government, is their creation. Quite frankly,. Really the new deals where took off that's why they talk about a green new deal. What they have in mind with a green new deal. Does they nationalization of all aspects of our economy? I don't mean the outright taking it over. I mean the controller You control the air, the water, the land, healthcare mobility, He could control more and more those things. Well then, you control the people, not you. And you can do it in the name of the people. Cancer if you ask any a MAC member, what they like most about Belong notable the conservative alternative to a loved one. My
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ready to go on the helicopter. The speaking an event about opiate addiction. And here's what he said in part cut one go, there's a failure. Is ridiculous, We have been, I have been the most transparent president and administration in this year of our country. By far, we just went. The more we judge where you had. Angry democrats resident they hate him with the best they working, it is in many cases every fled. How they think this battle, I don't know- and they came up with no collusion. They actually also came up with, though obstruction, attorney general rules based on the information there was no, proxies You know of drugs, now a fit and I thought, after June
We'd be furnished with it How's goes inserts a feeling. They want to know everything. I've ever done, Mother, I presume, Thirty five million dollars check to my taxes check the my financials with your great. By the way you know they're great, all you have to do is go look at the records are all over the place, but they checked jewels and they might axis. I assume it was there Thorough investigation, probably in the history of our country, I think I read where they interviewed five hundred people. It's not get back to infrastructure, factor, cutting taxes, get back to lowering drug prices. He's the most rational person in politics as any, and yet they make em out to be a try to make them out to be the most irrational. The amazing thing he said more cut to go
fighting or other surveyors. These are like impartial people, the Democrats, drawing the wind twenty forty, then I'm going to win The people that I see I'm going to win against me, the only play, they can maybe luck out, and I don't think that's going to happen. It might make it even the opposite. That's what a lot of people are saying. The only way they can look out is by constantly going after me, nonsense, but they should be really focus on legislation, not the Is it a been let MRS Rehn litigated Jesse, you understand this has been litigated for the last two years. Almost since I got into office now if we want a little game, go after the DMZ crooked Hilary, the dirty,
all of these things. That's what you re litigated, because that was rigged system at breaking down. I am breaking down the swamp reveal if you're what's happening getting bored, they getting fired. Who knows what's gonna happen from now on, but I hope it's I offers very strong. But if you look at drain, that's why I am draining this love and he's right. That's why the praetorian guard. Circling the wagons with the democratic party. Circling the I agree with the dog in bureaucracy. Circling the wagons were the activists, judges, they use having things their way. They got me money. They got more powerful under Obama.
Triggered the same. What happened with Hillary Clinton, but they lost they weren't supposed to lose and they lost their angry and they want to take the government back, not fair and square by elections, but by reversing an election for life of me. I dont know why the back benchers, who still what I say on the show, won't steal the following, which is this, and I want them to repeat it, but the Democrats are trying to do with the media. Are trying to do. Is the greatest voter suppression and disenfranchisement in the history of this country, The reverse in the course of the twenty sixteen election, the outcome. Makes all the rest of the static about. Voters, suppression, ridiculous. This.
The the grand daddy, a voter suppression. This is the grand daddy of disenfranchised thereof. Sixty three million people who cast their votes for Donald Trump should have them nullified. Because of a handful of radical, Dwayne congressmen from New York from allay from San Francisco from Baltimore. We insist on abusing their power, manufacture The allegations for impeachment manufacture subpoenas that violate separation of powers and undermine our constitutional structure? Nor are they put together a document impeachment document and using our tax dollars to do it.
I told you the other day the trustees of the Medicare system. The trustees of the social security system are put out yet another red flag, they shot a flare into the sky and they, yet every year, but now they shot several. They said how you guys, but to start looking at this Congress. This is a report that goes to the Senate and the house, and I would include the speaker of the House and the trust these have said. Listen to this Medicare going broke in eight years, eight years, eight years,
And they said social security going broken eighteen years, because these same people who beat their chests about the constitution that the president's taxes, but the president's bank accounts about the president's finances- have stolen the money out of the Social Security and Medicare systems. They ve stolen them blind to fund other parts of the federal government. All this money that you put into these systems all this money you put into these programme. Spent and they they promote this fraud. By sending you a letter every now and then telling you how much money you have in your account, like you, actually have an EC You don't have an account
How much money is actually in your account there. I'll use. I've told you this before. There I owe use. From the IRS, that is the Treasury Department to the Social Security Administration or to the domestic care there I We use, we argue this amount of money. These are now considered the phrase unfunded liabilities, for what happened we funded them. Well, you're money doesn't go into them. Your money goes to pay for. Benefits for illegal aliens. Your money goes to pay for staffers to go after the press. The United States to pay their salaries and pensions and medical care.
You're money goes into a thousand things, but it doesn't go into social security. Medicare anymore. They steal it. You think Enron was bad. You think Ponzi was bad. These people should all be rounded up. Instead, there are congressmen and senators always lecturing you and me that we don't pay enough taxes. We don't pay enough tat as you know, we have enough illegal immigrants in the country. You know, there's not enough: redistribution,
going on in the country. I know these people are immoral, thereon ethical, their power hungry and instead of addressing Social Security and Medicare, especially Medicare. It's right on the precipice. What are they doing filing subpoenas because they are power now and they can they can prepare documents and print them out, sign their names to their filing subpoenas. To try and remove a president who you voted for trying to disenfranchise you trying to suppress the vote that took place and they call you names on. I'm assemblies
They call your names on CNN, hard working Americans. Many of you have served in the military. Many of you have served in law enforcement are currently are many of you have family members doing one or the other, but you're a racist. Don't you know you're a white supremacist? Don't you know you're gum? Don't you know you're a NEO Nazi? Don't you know you're all these things, they say you they cannot understand
why you're so stupid and they don't hide it anymore. They say it why you're so psychologically off you and me who pay our camp bills in this country? We the people, not we the people on the doll, not we the people who are hangers on now. We, the people who are part of the welfare state. We, the people who pay the right. We just don't seem to want to get along with the programme doing now by the wind. Do you think's gonna happen in this country, where people get free college when they get free family leave subsidized by the other taxpayers.
When they had a certain minimum income guaranteed by the government, and some are even saying a federal job. What he thinks gonna happen, nobody's gonna, wanna work anymore. Who do you think's going to want to be a doctor when you have free healthcare and doctors offices are overwhelmed and the paper work as a pile high? Why would you be a doctor? Why would you be a nurse? Why would you invest in a hospital? Then you get shortages. Rationing and you get long lines, then you gotta bring your own toilet paper, yet the drift I'll be right back.
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Is everything. So I can freedom of the press. You can pre order it now in Amazon, dot com at forty percent off. What is that? One thousand six hundred and seventeen bucks there's a lot of good stuff in there folks you'll see when you get it. Talk about it, we're gonna, do a bit of a media. Blitz will see how much of the opposition media would like to invite me but we already have a number of things scheduled. Oh, I forgot to tell you this is exciting. Tomorrow, big data Morrow, I'm going to announce off for book signings now, ah for books, signings and I'm gonna have a special guest on the programme to with whom, which I'm going to announce one particular book signing
I'm flirting with adding a fifth, but I'm not sure so, we'll see and I'm not doing that the play games, I'm just not sure, so we will announce them tomorrow, the books Obviously I can't get everywhere and I won't get everywhere and what's matters since really much my signature, what matters is what I put in the book for as I'm concerned, but that just me And, of course, will also have some books available when the premier site. If you go over, there is only one. Twenty five hundred of them sign them yet, but I will lock to do a lot to do we'll be right back
now, run only underground, the bowels of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader, everybody Mark Levine. Here our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one three. Eight one. One Nancy policy is at the time one hundred summit in New York yesterday, this time magazine the hundred most whatever people. These lists are also Of thereabout saw promotion, hits sales and all the rest, but that's what the media are today and police. It was, I think, number one out of a hundred she'd be number one.
One hundred for me too, but not on that list on another list, as you can imagine,. So I hear she is Nancy Pelosi at the time. One hundred summit in New York yesterday about impeachment cut five go. I do believe that impeachment is one of the most divisive forces that attacked that we could go down to another country, but at the sax, the path of plants. I mean takes this year. We have no choice, they have no choice. Ladies and gentlemen, no this whole thing is a scam, and I want you really pay attention to what's going on here. This is a scam, Your hearing analysis, including on our favorite cable network Uno elsewhere, talking about the democratic parties divided on impeachment, know they're, not.
She wants to be able to say look. I were I told my folks, I told him, you know we can't go into this wanting to impeach. We have to go into this, as fact finders fact finders. Did they sound? Like fact, finders to you fact finders, I thought we had fact finders already. The special Council Nano Yellowstone. These are real fact. Finally, tell us their fact fighters, and then they tell us this is political, if not criminal, so they can blow off the special council report all at the same time simultaneously their embracing the special council report. These are real snake or assessment. I'll tell you. But they think you're stupid, like their own base, what we're not their base and we're not stupid. We no exact What's going on, another fan dance now, whether or not they pull the impeachment
rigour and I think they well, but if they'd out it's all about destroying and defeating Trump anyway go ahead here, as I said, I have said in my letter essential my members, I say to you as a lawyer, so many ways to hold the present accountable. The Congress department they have not decided to use its power to page our way, while our wherever ok you're the speaker, the House use post, understand the constitution, the justice to power doesn't impeach Justice Department. Doesn't impeach Justice Department doesn't indicted sitting president, you are a buffoon of the highest order, barely articulate utterly
but with an incoherent go ahead. But cars will not be silent in terms of using our constitutional power to find the facts. The american people define what facts for the american people the american people behind Maxine Waters going after the President's bank accounts. This is rather funny to me that we have members of Congress from New York, NL lay in Baltimore in San Francisco telling us what the american people want, the american people spoke, they voted for Donald Trump to be present. The United States, the american people, spoke here the problem here, the reprobate MC caully reprobate, with all due respect. Of course, nothing to do with your genitalia happens to deal with actually what's above your neck. Had six go while we haven't seen it all all, while
we have seen has been largely reacted. Actually, it hasn't been largely rejected. The report particularly volume two there is almost no reductions because that's where vice men and their stir them decided to write their essay if they could they would, but they can't so they don't indicted charge. The president struck, go ahead, has admitted omitted to the grand jury amid to the grand jury. I mean, ladies and gentlemen, she's. It'll case? May I say that with all due respect again, of course, a mental case who is seen as a method that the grand jury? What are you saying? What are you whether what is with you go ahead, which we expect to see what we can learn is that the Russians had a systemic overall assault.
I like to know why didn't you then ask a bomb about there are clapper or bring a call me or Lynch. That is the bomb administration you're, not interested in that all. He was president that was their administration, where we learn the evening was that the russian interfered in the elite, really the Russians and afraid who know who. So I assume you gonna call Brok Milhouse Benito Burma to test of how you don't do that with an ex president, we're going to impeach fish president go ahead And what we also did see is that the President organised- its engage and behaviour. That was unethical, unscrupulous and the need to do
the office unknown. I know you have him confused with Obama and the irish investigation of the tea party. You haven't confused with Obama and fast and furious, give em confused Burma and his thoroughly anti semitic administration and his anti arrogant administration. I think you're quite confused about what you're mumbling about the look. What she says, the press, Its behaviour was unethical, no wasn't unscrupulous, no wasn't beneath the dignity of the office. No, it wasn't just throws out these Her sticker lines cause: that's all she know. She's an idiot go ahead was surprising about it is that the river what can seem to have an unlimited appetite. You Eddie at all of the Republicans. Heaven help unlimited appetite for this kind of behaviour, we hair she stood with Bill Clinton every step of the way.
Even though a molested in turn didn't bother, didn't buy ABC. They hired the head of his war room. Didn't bother Hillary Clinton. And she stayed married to wait only lecture, by morals and ethics. From your clowns, when they information came out, the TED Kennedy had been conspiring with the Kremlin defeat Reagan you're in the House of Representatives. What they haven't you do about it, nothing when we were then shut up. We believe these people they're gonna, lecture you and me about morals and ethics when they're trying to steal our friends I suppress our vote. Six Three, some on million of us she's, gonna lecture us, the speaker of the house, raw these members of Congress were cutting deals on sexual harassment using our tax dollars. That's all still secret the word about and jury information which I have
Damn right to why, releasing the information on all the secret deals but confidential With our dollars, but all these sexual harassment cases involving members of Congress. What about that? Did it? What about you? tax returns, whether our other reporters well, obviously there in the tank it changed. In almost eastern time. Mr. The reporters are basically at the local pub. King entreating on their wives, I'll be right, Ben, So we have eight years the trustees tell us and tormented cargoes broke. Do you see me
can see on the news and Europe and see anywhere nowhere. Absolutely no one another's Corey Booker at the. Presidential people form today or whatever the hell that is, and here's He's worried about cut eleven go with climate change. We have ten years to deal with it: the vulnerable canyon, ten years for climate change, eight years for Medicare, he doesn't talk about Medicare ten years for climate change, waited this number ten I'm from not eleven years, not ten years and twelve days, ten years exactly now, what's interesting to me, as they ve been saying ten years right for three months, so it's not ten years- it's nine months and nine years, a k a nine years and nine months. So ten year we don't have ten years anymore.
Nine years and nine months by the time the selection cycles ever with eight years right, I'm watching the clock on this, so we don't have Tenue, they keep it We always have eleven million illegal aliens. Are we notice that pretend? Is we that eleven million illegal aliens there's like half a million to a million of them come the country every year, but there's only eleven million. There should be twenty five billion. Twenty two million Nineteen million to no eleven million. What were they get that number from eleven million ten years on climate change? Ok, ten years where that come from nobody knows so birthright citizenship border that come from. Nobody knows. I think it was the Social Security administration
climate change where they come from. Nobody knows global cooling, global warming, climate share, whatever, whatever works climate change, I don't know what that allow man made climate change, what does that mean? More taxes, more regulations, less wealth, more government, ok and ten years? That's all we have and then what happens exact, what what happens in ten years, I want to know, we only have ten years are we're dead? What happens in ten years. Man made climate change. I want to know nothing. They're not worried about illegal aliens pouring into the country over the next ten years by the millions, no big deal the diseases they might break. That's a reality, some criminals and gangs
I'm really document- and I worry about it- may be. Terrorists will come at an o big deal, but man made climate change boy. Ten years has always got in there. What happens I don't know? That's all we got that's all. We have. Now in eight Medicare broke, don't worry about that? We now believe. Excuse me, these are statistics. Is everyone agrees that we don't believe it forget about it? is mighty care? It's ten years, climate change. Boy, oh boy, I believe the framers of this country Polly thinking what the hell us could we have done in the constitution to prevent absolute outer nitwit from gaining power. What else can we do nothing, because if the people want knit which they get networks, core Booker's, one of the networks are let's start at that
Cut eleven: go it with climate change. We have ten years to deal with it, but vulnerable communities are going to feel the impacts. First. Why cannot be why? Why would vulnerable communities filling impact? First, we talk about the climate. Here is the climate races. What kind of insanities is spewing forth here? Vulnerable communities are going to feel at first what if the temperature goes up and we burn a death vulnerable committed, what I don't get it Not only understand other vulnerable communities are getting to why the vulnerable committed slip by on the ocean? Vulnerable communities live near rivers to vulnerable communities, live close to the sun. I mean
what why would vulnerable communities be effected? First, can somebody explaining guy had something where we don't? with a sense of urgency and we ve got to be creative in the way we're going about when he went away. This guy talks it so annoying and listen. We were everywhere is breathless, he's a dim. What is it It was Mayor Newark, knowing he shot, In that city around maybe Newark Senator from New Jersey, Scott, all the answers After all, it has come from. How did he get all the answers? Where do we go to all these years, the guy's a genius. He knows. What's going to happen in ten years, men never took a climate change course and its entire life, but he knows exactly ten years. What's going happen? Hey! What's the weather and twelve days I don't know one's index earthquake. I don't know
got down when the next arrogant, I don't know, but in ten years all hell it's gonna break loose. How do you know? I just know what about America nowhere we got plenty of time. We got a year's, go ahead making sure investing in green technologies giving that green technologies. What does that mean investing in green technologies seriously and don't give me solar. What does it mean investing in green technologies? Here we are. Finally, energy, independent member one OPEC was strong in the nineteen seventy. Those of us who are old enough to remember needed to be that all member even days and I d when you goodbye gasoline, oh we're going to be
energy independence, and we even had some guys tell us. We could never be energy independent. Yes, we can we persuade can't, because we have the technological will and the technological know how we're gonna we're gonna go Your we're gonna get oil and gas out of these out of the oil shale right sure you will. Back hundreds of years away will never be able to do that and we ve done it now. The vast majority of Us No, how we did it vast majority of us more involved in doing it, but we did it. We did it the position of the left used to be spread the wealth. The position of the left today is destroy the wealth. Destroy the well should not we'd be solid
The fact that were energy independent, why are we so that this? That is, a mass of accomplishment for a society we don't have to import oil from anywhere anymore, we'll have to import national natural gas from anywhere we're energy, and may I hear how a hallelujah may I hear. Oh yeah: well what we have ten years to survive. I just took out a thirty year mortgage? Why they held in anybody. Tell me we have ten years to survive. I didn't, but you get the point: ten years to survive, what tell me that two years ago that we had twelve years to survive what happened you didn't tell me we at twelve years to survive two years ago,
I was listening very good. You didn't say to you: we got twelve years, although it suddenly at ten years what, where that come from four Corey Booker, he knows Chuck Todd. He knows he can't have any those men may claim. Deniers on his show? This is like a big Saturday. Night lives. Skid, isn't it isn't over we're living through here and it's not funny? It's stupid. You look on tv. What do you see stupid people yet under the the news, what you say stupid people people want to be president stupid people well, ten years from now, tell you what we have ten years. What does We have ten year they hold us, I mean we have ten, you AIDS I think this is sick, insane
I'll, be right back sounds today what back benchers, where were you PETE tomorrow, I'll call market age, seven, seven, three, eight one, forty eight one, one in I thought Republican stood for the markets barely not wires. Senators, Rick's garden, Josh Holly, joining bring. Changes in introducing socialist price control legislation for drugs in a way out of a solution for the high cost of drought but I warn you that the Democrats will use this issued to impose european style medicine as a solution, I don't understand is why Republican Scott and Holly, or going along with the Eu
Europe and everywhere else that has price controls. Pharmaceutical investments have dried up. That's the way it works. You know this united Data, remained the world leader in biopharmaceutical research precisely because we don't have price controls. You know those of countries are Bernie Sanders points to they need us. We develop most of the world's medicines. Did you know that and then, of course, the Chinese still up It's a whole other story. Now, if we had gone along with Europe and dictating drug prices, millions of Americans would not have access to the drugs that help them live healthier. Longer, productive wives cause those drugs wouldn't even exist. Imposing price controls now will mean lost access to today's wonder drugs lost hope for tomorrow's breakthrough treatments for all kinds of horrific diseases.
Is this what senators gotten Holly want, or we can't let that happen, which is why I have been speaking out. I would encourage you to get the facts. Good, a true healthcare facts that come true: healthcare, facts, dot, com, that's true, healthcare. Facts that come Rhine, stouter had seen and may not realise this body's become a lifeline. He's become a laugh line, not just in conservative media, but they live Vine is back over their CNN. The whole. Although I q crowd over there, they do they left behind. His back is a peculiar young man in so many ways, but he's a journalist and how did he become a journalist? He just is oh.
And a day in and day can you imagine, live in this guy's life? How miserable he must be he's got two things on his wife and not on his mind and not his wife. She got two things on his mind. Trump and Fox. That's it! Maybe that's all we can handle, maybe that's all a person with a negative twelve like you can handle I'm guessing at alma, but its Trump and Fox and fox and Tramp Tramp Fox Fox Trump. That's all! It is an he's the media reporter, but he is. And, of course, old bs brine stouter was on CNN yesterday. Here's what he had to say cut twelve go. Look it's yet another example of of overseeing
administrations attack against the media takes many forms. One form is the president having a rally this Saturday instead of attending the dinner. Excuse me, you mean the White House corresponded to dinner. The dinner is now called the dinner little full yourself. Aren't you score so there's bs a k, a brain, stouter, Kay squirt, one form as the president having a rally Saturday, instead of attending the dinner. Now, why would he a ten that dinner so they can bring up another third tier comic trash him. So we can sit in front of people who call him a nazi in a white supremacist and a racist and anti semite, so it can sit in front of me, but who would love nothing more than the hang him by his foot on the telephone pull out
the hotel ballroom. Who would do that. I can't even get these clowns or my show. I can't get truck title. My show fell in the blank, but the president's supposed to show up, with a thousand of the lowest low lives in Washington DC, who have tried to destroy him, who want to try to destroy him, have repeated lies in many cases who have fabricated stories who have been received. Two felonious leaks by individuals within the government. Wouldn't we wanna sit in front of those people. I mean he'd be stupid. If we did that, but you see for all Bs Brian stop there, that's a lifeline. That's Trop again
the first amendment and freedom of the press, because he's gonna go to our rallying stove attending the dinner, the dinner. What a spectacle I was invited to the dinner this year, I have been in the past. And I said, no, I don't want to go to that dinner. I've got other things to do other things to do. Like make. Sure we even have toilet paper in my house. Go ahead earth mostly because of what it means about these tensions. Continuing to ask you may do it makes me wonder. You know this, but all this talk and lower report about the president making order making orders and then being ignored. Yesterday talk ailing Nobody want something guy on something. The way he's rambling them talks fashion into a himself worked into a this is this guy is easy, is confused.
Do they smoke pot over their Siena, what's going on exactly and would what about Caitlin Collins when he talking about set a reporter go ahead and then what happens today in order not to attend the dinner this weekend makes you wonder, that's all them to not makes you wonder why? What do you say guys? The junior makes you wonder, Marilla or not, making maybe we'd, Mariner, while how perverse? How weird Brian, that's why you're at CNN doesn't get any lower than seen, and I used to think MSNBC, but I'm afraid it's CNN now. There in a race to the bottom, as we like to say by the way Brian, how come you never report on the success of my tv show over there at Fox.
Sunday night, ten p m Eastern. You know the one that you can't get enough of your stalker, how cup and by the way, your buddy, a bumper. Were there the washed compost? What a clown! I know you and go to the same seminars together. The mean the same people celebrate the same. People are that press freedom there doing a great job over there. Let's go to regular Americans as opposed to irregular Americans. Like Brian stop her.
Andy Scranton Pennsylvania, the mark live in a power. You, sir generator. Thank you for taking my call. You bet. I am currently a truck driver, I just retired, from military last year. Thank you sincerely. Thank you because you are my teacher. When it comes to the constitution, then you break it down in the meeting of the data is need every day and I download guys. I just wanna watch over the years a warrant running down the road in this big truck, and I find myself seemed all cars
by way of a car well by your very kind, and I want to thank you for your service to figure out the business to the man's character, but President Trump said that this can never happened to another prison is more worried about the office it Office of the presidency. Then he is about you're right and that's what all this is about. Right now battling these subpoenas he'll be defending separation of powers and the office of the presidency. Your exactly right he's defending the the constitution. Now the Democrats are defending the constitution, they don't like the constitution. Now you don't ever Suki made a comment about out of Sheer IKEA. Looked at me with a weight back no good. When are you to me? It's big! It makes a good will it go away. Go when you talk about mystery, Gouty, IKEA. Looking.
Many more every time I see him her parents hairstyle therefore like while no offense, but I don't mean to offend the gentlemen better. My rights law, as you are absolutely right, but it's true statement in now. I say this go with one type, a hairstyle be done with it. I mean you're, not going fix? It is when it is at this hour, where do something absolutely beekeepers,
your bombing that Dennis the menace look, has been long gone along time. Just saying, listen, don't go yet Andy! I want to make sure you get a signed copy, my book when it turns when it comes out- or I don't hang up and thank you for your service right. Shall we continue how about Phyllis in producer Kentucky the Great K, p l go Hey Mark Get evening having given to get all get evening. Phyllis night speak with you again. Thank you. We are so tired. Ok, the Democrats wanted to protect me were so you wouldn't get fired. Three could bring out this report just now. I never been
think against President Trump. Nothing was found. They want to continue now who, in their right mind, would ever vote Democrat in any election, because they're not sitting up there doing anything for the ones put them in office. All they want to do is go after the president for doing nothing. For us they ve got blinders on, while our children are hurting themselves right. Absolutely at that, that's all you're doing I mean Bernie burn he's out. There are many things. Terrorists should have the right to vote. I know it's. It's really
Sorry, I certain live while you want to know why he thinks terror should have the right to work because he thinks logo for him exactly exactly just like emigrants. Illegal share the right to vote. Realize you exactly our I my friend, I appreciate your car will be right back
the President Trump says America will never be a socialist stick country that is, a socialist country, can be more right, cutting its wide so troubling that a proposal from the Department of Health and human services would move us in that direction. The international drug pricing index would adopt socialist price controls set by foreign countries. Today, Americans get access to cutting edge their peace for diseases like cancer nearly two years before other countries. The future holds incredible. Promise from
diseases like a mess and Alzheimer's? The h h s proposal would cripple America's world leading medical innovation. We would have fewer new cures they be harder to obtain. We should control costs with market based reforms by fostering competition and by making other countries pay their fair share. That was socialist price controls. The copies other countries keep Amerika great by keeping american medical innovation. Great visit protect my part b dot Org protect my part b, dot org aid for by Americans for tax reform. The great group, so many cares going broken eight years and Coy Booker's talking about man made climate change. The end will come and ten I got to thinking about this during the bright mister bellew.
If the end is coming in ten years than don't bother with Medicare, that's coming in eight years, it's only two years where people have to fend for themselves. And if America's coming to the end and ten years, why should be paying payroll taxes in the medical and social security.
Why should we agree to a one point, five or two trillion dollar infrastructure project, its America's coming to end the end in ten years? Why keep paying in the big government? If America is going to be ending in ten years? I have a lot of questions but nobody's around to answer them. He imagined that they're all over CNN the constipated news network. I call it that because look at the people on CNN what's the first thing that comes to mind either their constipated or you are right, one of the other day that cause it or they are it. Let us go to Roy Nina was parents and the Great W W S a: u go hello Roy! I wore a bank humans. Remind you all. You guys are doing a great job, but aren't you
neither talk show horse in areas like yours, yonder dawn income, On a positive note, the following resident in farming you mean you can't know you're talking to keep don't get. You know it's interesting you're onto something where the conservatives growth they want to watch and entertaining comedy show late at night I clean it's very threatening it. It's like a kid, Get some back against them to any real enough. Is enough here we by adding up let him do its job he's gonna go job of doing anything. If you can get away with it, the person like near other people are going to table. How did you know. You don't want to get a little more more worthy. I suspect guys, like you, are going to take this sitting down and maternal whilst running, but politically you're gonna be furious and they're going to create the Democrats? On the year on the law
in doing this is a permanent divide in this country. You can see where the asked majority Republicans detest the media, not because they detest freedom of the press. Quite the opposite. We support freedom of the press, but that's what the media come and if the rules are that we win an election and are able to dislodge a president and disenfranchise ten millions of us. That's gonna, be a huge problem for this country, going forward a huge problem because you and I were not going to tolerate the election that democratic after that. We're gonna try and do the same thing to them and to whom we talk. Ok, all around near. Our I, my friend, I appreciate the car I like Levinus had a good name. You think isn't that meet nobody's recalled me leviathan, before I've been called a lot of things this time. An eighteen years does not mean the wine in french LA vine.
What do I know Brigitte Point Pleasant, New Jersey, the Great W p e g g go! Oh my god work within what will we do without you? I just I just want to make a comment. I I I Listen to you, I download I knew a couple of years ago and by the way I was very painful away at it. It's taken me almost that long to forget world you are, you, are. You are a right competition unless you're you're, a great teacher. I have learned.
How much you and I'll tell you suddenly other house by the way, the garage I bet I bet they haven't. You know it's amazing is I don't watch tv at all once President's front was elected. I nice saw in her that's when I started listening to you a couple of years ago when you said that there was what they were To create a path to impeachment thought in my brain is: is this at all possible and in it has come to fruition and I'll? Tell you something: I am latin: ok, I'm hispanic I'd, love to me, was born here, yes, mare again, as I dont know. Why and I'll tell you it's scary, to see what is going on three. Nobody wants to pay for anything this, this the by that's being created
This narrative, this mass media- I love when, when when one when, I hear you say these things, because you know what it's, if we don't vote and real Black Donald Trump again and twenty twenty. I believe it's gonna be over because we can not. We cannot survive socialism. Venezuela is a perfect example. Forget Venezuela Cuba's always been there to remind us. What's going on Africa, Cuba, about New Jersey, how about said Phronsie you're right about these blue deep blue day. Yes, everybody's trying to leave them every noticed listen bridge and I have to go your terrific collar. Don't hang up! I want to give you a copy of my book sign comes out and wonderful, Kai. Much approve
We salute our armed forces, police officers, firefighters and emergency personnel. Folks, he's gotta Amazon, dot com. This evening, look up on freedom of press go ahead and ordered its forty percent off. I'm telling you it's gonna help us, it's gonna,
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