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Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 4/3/18

On Tuesday’s Mark Levin Show, A woman walked into YouTube headquarters and shot four people and before we even knew any details the gun control crowd was already up in arms. The irresponsibility and ignorance of the media and the left is par for the course in this country. The undermining of our values, beliefs, and the tearing of the fabric of society comes from progressives. Also, President Trump is absolutely on constitutional and legal ground to deploy the military along the southern border to back up border patrol agents. Meanwhile we have a people trying to destroy our country from within, pushing an anti-American agenda. We can’t even agree to secure the border, report criminal illegal aliens to ICE, or that non-citizens shouldn’t be able to vote. The Democrat party and the media are in the tank for the progressive movement. Later, Trump continuing to attack Amazon and drive down their stock price is outrageous. We can’t have a president deciding winners and losers in a free market economy. Trump doesn’t like that malls and retails stores have to shut down because of competition from Amazon, but it’s not his responsibility to control it. Meanwhile, Trump is right to be putting the screws to China through tariffs. Free traders don’t support arming enemies, giving technology to enemies, or support enemies stealing our technology. Focused tariffs on Chinese industries are perfectly fine, and the next step is to go after their banks.

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Now let me underline that the bowels of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader, everybody mark living here, our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one do we really have to listen to former special agents, ballistic experts and others. On the EU to building shooting best, as we can tell- and I really wish stick to the news and that commentary on this woman walked into you tube.
Was outside in eating area. And according to the news shot for people. And the way wage being reported as she shot for people including herself itself afflicted well, which killed her. The reports are that there's one critical condition. And one in serious condition and then Two apparently are injured, but ok. Now, if I can but that's five, not for right, Once in critical one serious and two apparently ok at wounded in some way. That's four plus the shooter who
Committed suicide and with a self inflicted the gunshot wound on the scene. Here is the. The sand Bruno California, police chief, go
of forty six p m this afternoon, several police department receive numerous nine one. One calls regarding gunshots canvas located on cheery avenue in our city. Assembling a police arrived on scene at twelve forty and immediately begin search for a possible shooter horse. S bent upon arrival officers encountered numerous points we from the building. I was very key articles. You can imagine we didn't counter one victim with apparent gunshot wound towards the front of the business as we arrive several minutes later, while conducting a search of the premises is located. A second individual with a gunshot appears to may have insulted we're working, confirming two additional victims located several minutes later at an adjacent business. The extent of all of the injuries of our victims are unknown right now they were all transported former geographical care, but they are all unknown. So if I miss that we we have for victims who have all been transported, gunshot really measures, and we have one subjects deceased inside the building where they self inflicted wound design. We believe to be the should have also following up on multiple, on reforming Caesar responded to assist very grateful for everyone's help and assistance, but we cannot have responded heartlessness without what he's home. This is inactive of ants in an active investigation, and one for the personnel from numerous different local agencies are still conducting. Research into business is to make sure that it is clear. We conducted a quick, immediate search practices of rivals, Interactive shooter protocol, but after that included in our three without thought. It go slow search just to make sure that we can run the basis and the airline tickets is reporting that this may have been a domestic disputes. Have you sleep
National people shot her, that's all we know. That's all. We know right now. I will be here for three hours. And if we learn more, I will tell you exactly what the facts are I don't need to bring in experts need to bring in commentators I can run verbal loops, the same thing over and over and over again. Already MSNBC, as its gun control people ready. This hello, buffoons Stephen Schmidt on MSNBC today, you know Let's go ahead. This guy doesn't know a single fact at the time he makes this comment right, MR producer, he apparently live said MSNBC. They probably give em a sleeping bag. Any use a republican or former republican consultant cut twelve go
politicians who say, for example, we can talk about this moment of connection between insane or evil person and high capacity, automatic or semi automatic weapons is just stupid and when people get voted out of office and on these supply and demand curve that valleys changes, you'll see some changes to you know too to the gun was now. He said this in reaction to the shooting rich, the ignorance of of. Of the gun, control crowded, the left of the media, the irresponsibility of MSNBC, having sky on their common. Who has no facts. No background No experience is just, for the course in this country.
To par for the course in this country, you know before the shooting I was thinking about, I'm going to talk about it today. Look look at the. Look what's going on in our society and whose causing these issues teachers are striking all over the country, the any aid in the area of tea, which are basically appendages of the Democratic Party they have millions of members who were precincts on election day and the day before election day. I think they are in service day. And they give most the vast majority their money. Well over ninety percent, the Democrat candidates. They pushed democrat positions. There are calling strikes throughout so called red states Virginia got here. Oklahoma now hit Kentucky it Arizona, is gonna, get hit.
Then you look at sanctuary, cities and sanctuary state, utter lawlessness. So shutting down school systems, shutting down our school. Opening up borders wide to foreigners from, Any part of the world with any kind of background. And then giving them sanctuary even criminals, especially criminal. Look at the border situation, the presently United States here the only branch of government. Trying to secure our borders, congresses and trying to secure our borders these whip look into my House and Senate voted for a budget that made The border wouldn't be secured. We have federal judges, self appointed for life plot. Of obscurity, we have federal district just to issue opinions, there's about a thousand of them. That is judges.
A blanket that country with their opinions like somebody elected them- are they represent the republic of there actually are upholding the constitution when these are left us in black robes abuse power, the attacks Undermining our police officers. People remember what took place in Baltimore, Baltimores being depopulated, people don't want to live there anymore, they're leaving because What took place in that city just a few years ago, they're leaving. These are the result of progressive. All the result of the Democrats. Party and in part, the Republican Party. You don't say: conservatives doing these things, you don't say mass lawlessness by conservatives, Be conservative mayors and governors.
Claiming sanctuary status for this, that the other thing. You don't see them refusing to secure the southern border? border governors who want to secure the board. And you don't see Conservative constituency, groups, writing all over the country. Make Children are an educated, the top that's caused in this country, the Tom up they ripping. At the fabric of this nation. The undermining Of our values and our belief systems, whether it bathrooms or Jim's whatever it is, comes from the progressive- and I have to say I strongly disagree with the president,
attacks on specific companies like Amazon driving down their stock, and this constant. Common about them costing post office money will then Amazon or to use you PS and x and all the other delivery services d, post office- I'd tell you, know we're making money off these packages. We got. You PS drivers, Fedex drivers, dear child drivers, who would you of jobs. If it wasn't for amazon- and I could go down the list. Well. I strongly disagree with the president on this. He has taken exceptional leadership in trying to secure this border what further war. He is demanded money for the war. He was undermined by his own party. I don't mind by his own part,
prepared to use the military tobacco. Border patrol and I'll explain, What is legal in that regard in a moment. Practical this concoction, this left wing effort, the trial. This left wing effort there. I urge the border with hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of ale, It's from Honduras, Haste trying to keep our neighbourhood safe in his fight with California. California has de facto Seceded from the nation in many respects, De the fact that from the nation in them The first one to put that marker out there.
It doesnt follower immigration laws. It's got two dozen lawsuits against the federal government. It is undermine our constitutional system. The way it set up. It nullifies laws, California keeps doing this, it will have succeeded not in. You know in inform, if not in fact,. And you have a presently united States whose fighting it. He deserves credit, where credit is due heed search credit where credit is due. And he does in this regard,. But I just want you to look at the country. Look at the country. Look at the forces that are arrayed did,
drop this society and look the institutions, the media. The media are not what the media was ten years ago. I'm not But technology and competition in the number platforms I'm talking the media are not what the media were ten years ago, where they level of first, they were liberal, but they pretend Not to be now, they don't even pretend it, if Cuomo it's a host out of the closet,. The whole line of a CNN. They have abandoned any. Any notion. Being a news operation, any no Being a news operation, look at MSNBC. It's an offshoot or if you An appendage of NBC knows: look at that line such as democratic Cook, Democrat.
And not only that you got a guy like Scarborough. You can have a news operation with a full like him or our shorten. Detestable, as he is our Chris Matthews, a former hack for Carter and Tipp O Neil Rachel mad. Another leftist. Sad news operation- they, I have an equivalent of a ship Smith over there. More on the conservative side for a left wing operation like MSNBC ships may be. A liberal, but you know what watching the guy do the news in their shooting. When he doesn't get in political cometary, which is awful Does the news, and just pics with the news he's a good news. The Good NEWS guy over it MSNBC.
The good news guy over CNN, who are they cost. Again, I'm saying news when he sticks to the news. But look what's going on in the society and then. And then I watch this MSNBC show where there's this house, pops up damage can be and she's going on about the rebellion, the tea A rebellion remember several years ago, when I talked about the rise of the tea party in the tea party rebellion member. This MR producer, I was attacked. I was accused of promoting violence. I've never promoted violence ever. But now the so called hosts and news reached use the very language of the radical left because there are other radical after their sympathetic to the radical up so low. What's going on in this country.
Some of us defend tradition, some defend our beliefs, Susan, we're not the ones pulling down statues. Once demanding that, Karl actually name be reprimand. Rebuilding be ripped from every book that any actually left us like can be torn down. We're not the one burning books. If you will one at that and demanding that left us on college campuses shut their mouths without them? The man that only left wing professor should be tenured and should teach they are. I'll be right back
or armoured special council does nothing special about investigating, essentially the Republican Party republican candidate, while you gotta give the guy credit, A dutch lawyer is the to be jailed as a result of this investigation and He's going to be jailed for thirty days. And a twenty thousand dollar fine for lying to the special count. So he really nabbed bigwig there. So this guy The dutch lawyer is Why so there you go Mahler and his team of democratic prosecutors. Now don't get me wrong, he's he's trying to so there you go Molly
this team of democratic prosecutors. Now don't get me wrong. He's he's trying to hunt the big fish. Trying to hide the big fish is not trying to pursue justices he's out I heard the president there's no question about that. I'll be right! Back to him says today want dump back benchers were worried peak tomorrow, coal market, eight, seven, seven, three one, forty eight one, one! The president today really standing up against the very strong winds, Windsor, just just incredible that a country that doesn't want to survive, apparently a political class that that doesn't the country to survive. Here's in part what the president said today about the border cut one go. Furthermore, the border, the mexican border is variant
Affected by our laws, we have horrible horrible. And very unsafe laws in the United States and we're going to be able to. Do something about that hopefully soon awfully Congress will get their act together and get an increase. Some very powerful laws like Mexico has like Canada has like almost all countries. We don't have laws. We catch and release you catch, and then you immediately release and come back years later for a court case, except they virtually never come back now for those left them to say the president doesn't know. What he's talking about president knows exactly what he's talking about every they say you know he doesn't study. Eighty doesn't know it obviously is a quick study anyhow, perfectly explained and thirty five seconds what the problem is cut to go, Have a meeting on it in a little while with general, Madison everybody, and I the to secure a border.
Two in Mexico, in the United States, we have a meeting on it in a little while with general, Madison everybody, and I think that is something we have to do now. The caravan Which is over a thousand people coming in from Honduras. Thought, though, there are just walk right through Mexico and right through the border. As you know, Now, there's a phenomenal deal for Mexico, it's been a horrible deal for the United States were renegotiating it now, but it It's been a horrible horrible, embarrassing deal for the United States. They should terminated or renegotiating many years ago. Mexico, we have a trade deficit with Mexico of over a hundred billion dollars a year I told Mexico yesterday that, because of the fact that their laws are so strong- can do things about it hard to believe the United States can't, I said I hope you Tell that caravan not to get. Up to the border and
I think they're doing that, because, as of twelve minutes ago, it was all being Hooking up we'll see happens but we have to have strong borders, we need the wall, we started building the wall. As you know, we have a billion six toward building the wall and fixing existing. While this falling down it was never appropriated in the first place. Now, let's get who has Mexico point, he's exactly right: I've done chosen with the mexican immigration laws are another sensed corner, Before them, but they are very tough do not allow chain migration. Mexico does not allow chain migration if he will, that is in sight. If it cases complete fraud here is. How is it that these people are marching up through Central America their March? through Mexico to come to the United States. That's not a refugee. That's not a refugee escaping their country escaping crime. These are people
when it comes to the United States that quite different, isn't it. They can stay in Mexico, but no They want to come here why? Because they ve been counselled. They ve been council on this catch and release. Been going on now for years and years. Now cut three go ahead: we are going to be joining some things. I should please forgive my general matters for there to be doing things military, letting till we can have a wall in proper security. We're gonna be guarding, are border with the military. That's a big step. We really having done that before are certainly not very much before, but we will be doing things with Mexico and they have to do it. Otherwise, I'm not going to do the NAFTA deal now. We actually have some conservatives, libertarians liberals,
Concerned about military rising our border, but we're not militarized. Our border. When I allowed demilitarize our border, that's not what's taking place here. There is, I'll call the posse come a tortoise, hacked. That does not allow us. Two militarized Turn a law enforcement aspects of our country, and so we dump. But the military is able to back up the border patrol There's nothing threatening about that. You see dates, can't protect the borders. The national government has to protect the borders. This is a matter of federalism are states rights. This is in a civil liberties issue. Of course, the National Guard or other troops, but most case
it's the National Guard which of course,. Begin with the states. But ultimately work for the president can back The border patrol it's been done before it's been done by Barack Obama. It's been done by George W Bush to open borders, advocates. That clearly, legal thee, primary restriction according to the integration research service, pointed up, it tee p m on military power Aspasia civilian law enforcement activities is the see common act. It prohibits the use of the army in air force to execute the domestic laws. The United States except works. Leslie authorized by the. Laments ten United States Code, section three,
when further applied to the Navy Marine corps by legislative and administrative supplements. Ten United States Code Section three. Seventy five directs the sector defence promulgate regulations, forbiddingly direct participation, the direct participation. By a member of the armed forces in a search, seizure, arrest or other similar activity during support activities to civilian law enforcement agencies. I agree with that I agree with the existing law. Defence issued directive five five too, I point five, which outlines its policies and procedures for supporting federal state and local law enforcement agencies for him. The following from forms prohibits of direct. Distance one action of a vehicle vessel, aircraft or other similar. Activity. To a surgery, seizure, three and arrest, apprehension, stop and frisk or similar activity and for you said, Molly
a personnel pursuit of individuals stop and frisk. Similar activities under cover agents, informants investigators interrogators external accepted that the law does not apply to the actions the nest the guard when In federal services matter policy Regard regulation stipulate personnel are not accepted. Exigent circumstances or otherwise authorized to participate directly in the door, in these search arrest. Aspects in the general public. So the military can be deployed for support services. Surveillance backing up the Border patrol and so forth and they have. A fairly clear mandate. As has been applied before.
So the president is absolutely on solid constitutional ground. The president is absolutely on solid legal ground. To do what he wants to do yeah he's being attacked for this. Here's representative, Francis Rooney Republic, in Florida. Thirdly, rhino. Cod4 forego idle, really just the normal process- and we should have plenty of ages down there to do that, I would rather have dealings with immigration be handled in a civil war in tax and not a military. One is so. He doesn't understand these posse come upon US law. It is going to be handled in a civilian context. I would rather have dealings with immigration. Be handled in a civil contacts. Are not a military one is so he doesn't understand these posse come upon US law. It is going to be handled in a civilian context.
And if we do it, you say these people beyond the streets within days of the year. Stage in the shadows of the seven eleven. You finally have a leader who wants to stand up to this. This is anarchy, anarchy, We have people within our country trying to destroy it from within by supporting organizations then you're doing exactly what's being done here. They support No society can can survive with this sort of stuff gone or another. Now, let's go back to the sky steam Schmidt, this hack. Who had apparently sleeps and a sleeping bag? It MSNBC cut six MR produce ago, because at the end of the day, the absurdity of this is theirs zero net.
Illegal immigration coming over that border into the United States, Europe, the illegal immigration problem in this country is caused by these are over stays chiefly by people who arrive at say, J, F, K or Newark, or as F o or any one of the other international airports. This is a solution for a problem, then, in fact, doesn't exist mean the military. Did you know that, ladies and gentlemen, it doesn't exist. But you she net net, you see there's, really nobody coming over the border illegally. This is how a fool a east coast, for thanks He doesn't live on the border. He has no intention of spending time on the border, and so We now have The grand.
Only MC caully Conspiracy coalition is the right word. This grand coalition, My question republic You don't want to do anything effective to secure our borders, nothing. That's? Why that mass of spending bill. That massive cept spending will made it all impossible for the president to do anything. Sing ticket to build a wall and to protect the border, which is why it was so outright Just that he sign that bill. Betty sign the bill, And cut him today Really absurd. But we can't even agree to secure our country. We can the greatest secure the border we and even agree that people who are legally and commit crimes should be re what do the FED, so they can be deported, weak,
Even agree that people who are not citizen should vote It's the Democratic Party in the progressive movement and Publicans, like this guy Schmidt and the media, are in the tank in the tank pushing an agenda that is Anti american. That's right. I said it they're pushing Agenda that is anti american ass. The explain this However, the equator. Criminals in our cities protected And in a constitution upside down, when it comes to immigration, why complaining that the military should back of the border patrol what has been done under Obama and George W Bush and is perfectly legal and constitutional. Passing the most a spending bill in american history. That's persists Play prevents us from securing join up.
If this is an anti American than what the hell is I'll, be right back, Tell me something MR produce: what kind of genius would run the Rangers hockey again rangers aren't, even in the plaza. What runs the Rangers hockey again. When there is a shooting, when is, come out, The border, when there's all kinds of issues going on. Obviously, a programming giant blue genius I'll leave it there. Next time I won't, they had a FEMA
says, a culture of preparedness is needed to overcome as administrations failures and prevent further devastation. A culture of preparedness. Hurricanes and wildfires her only weeks away, From being in season for things like earthquakes, power grid attacks. There is virtually no warning. And the Russians are getting very good at these peregrine attacks now, what is it. Me it means that the best time to prepare is today before the emergency start with emergency food storage. I trust my patriot supply. They up millions get prepared over the past decade, including me there we need to our emergency food supply is only seventeen dollars in seventy six cents. Each plus free shipping. Take action right now. It's simple call their toll free number, eight hundred too, I'm for twenty three
five: are you The special website prepare with Mark not come. The food is really good, and Twenty five years and storage three days of food is the bare minimum femur comments for each american order. Your food right now, just give them a call ADA two nine for twenty three twenty five or prepare with mark that com, make sure everyone in your family has one of these is the speaking, do eight hundred too for twenty three twenty five or prepare with marked Dotcom Scott, What is the administrator the EPA? He is an outstanding administrator. He solidly conservative. And this is what the media and the left and the bureaucracy do. The people who run the EPA and who are conservative, they try running out of town.
So they concern about his travel. Concern about where he sleeps. We rents the apartment and they create this. This aura, this environment of scandal and unethical activity swirling around this guy, because they try to get rid of them. They want the bureaucracy to control the EPA and they will never ever in the Senate, confirm anybody. As solid as Scott poet, now that's the fact That's what's going on I've. Seen It's done before. You, like the associate Supreme Court Justice, no corset. Well, Mr Gore, such as mother, was. How do the EPA she being from Colorado. They traced her out of town
Taster editor day in and day out, drumbeat beating up are beating up on her beating up Todd, Whitman, the former governor, whoever elated the Federal Records ACT who destroyed records in response to fire requests, and I should know because landmark was involved in this litigation more than once. All the crazy Democrats who run the EPA Ethical violated, the federal, never forced Stride records in response to fire requests, and I should now because landmark was involved in this litigation more than once. They went to accuse accused of unethical activity, they were never forced to resign Carol, browner and the rest of them. Never. Let me tell you what Scott Proof has not them. He had also the arming of drug gangs in Mexico, resulting in the at about american hero.
You didn't undermine law enforcement in Baltimore result. In the depopulation of that city. And I could go on and on and on. He wasn't involved in. Criminal activity, in my view, related to internal revenue service records. They had not What a Benghazi. But now you are the number one violator of Thanks rules, they said no he's not No he's not in the least Trying to push him out. The president stands with this guy because he's not gonna get anything better. Only thing I'll get as much worse. Much worse,. Lots more to get too. Ladies and gentlemen, I shall return. You
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What the president seeks to do on our southern borders, not unprecedented, is done by Obama, was done by George W Bush to open border advocates And you notice and many these area trump is simply trying to clean up after disastrous presidential policies, whether it North Korea, whether its IRAN. The rich China, whether its Russia, it's our southern border and immigration. Sanctuary cities. And the work is enormously difficult. Enormously difficult. Because we have exactly what the framers feared with presently United States elected by the people. Who was surrounded. By these entrenched permanent forces minute. Mass bureaucracy support by permanent media.
It's just incredible to witness this. The unravelling of your own country, by the way. Today is Tuesday. Now, Tuesday morning, just gimme the low inside baseball. The television ratings come out for the weekend show. Not my little fox show at ten p m eastern time. Some Pierre Pacific on Sundays We have not lost yet an overall view, worship to anybody on cable, in an msnbc doesn't even exist for intensive purposes. It was Easter, weaken, was son, eastern MR producer. The answer is yes, of course,. So what CNN running their continuing there A hundred part series on the Pope.
I beat the CNN programme, I beat the Pope, he could hear a pin, drop, can hear Pendril. Five weeks in a row. Five weeks in a row and almost no promotion on Fox. That's pretty incredible And you know why that is its because of you. We after the ten p m slot on Fox. Into a real programming slot, like we did the sick M slot EAST Coast time on radio? Again, thanks to you. And you're watching their show the comments on Facebook and Twitter. I can't thank you enough. You want thoughtful, discussions. You want some substance, you don't want a lotta yelling and screaming and interference with Fifteen different guests, you say it Over and over again, which is why,
ten p m on Sunday on the east. So many you are turning. It. Now we had Easter Sunday, we had, major network tv things going on. We had the CNN documentary. And we still have over a million viewers, and p M on Sunday. Some parts during the show one point: two million. Now there should prove. Da the geniuses. Who programme tv that the american people do in fact hunger for knowledge. They hunger to listen to serious p They don't want to listen to back mature politicians and consultants in May
People who shop on tv for the purpose of falling time and screaming at each other over nothing. Imagine if this ten p M show was at eight p m or nine pm coincided seriously. With little or no promotion other than by me. Of course. I guess, or next guest of announces already. Mr producer think I may have Sarah payment. I haven't seen her anywhere. I certainly am and seen in many places. So I very much look forward to that. Much look forward to that. And should be able to speak without tricks and gimmicks by the questioner. Being me, luck to undermine her March her one here he has to say.
Was our vice presidential candidate. Ten times smarter than Joe Biden could ever be, quite frankly,. When you have wonderful guests. Keep lining the mob, I dont want amounts them too early. Our entertainers. Summer intellectual giants, many of whom you haven't heard before, because their jets not talked about In politics, but I don't want to bring people on who you see all the time, because, what's the point that unless they have something really interesting to say and they ve never really been given an opportunity to say it. Now the presence of the United States he's doing two things, one of which I strongly agree with another, which I strongly disagree with
He continues to attack Amazon and he's driving down the price of their stock. I think that's outrageous. Absolutely outrageous. And somebody's feeding him disinformation. The postal service and Amazon. The postal service, love Amazon. So much so Now do Sunday deliveries because They make money. Off of Amazon. They make money off of Amazon. The postal service loses money. First class mail. Amazon doesn't use first class mail. And the postal service problems. Started long before Amazon became his big as it is Mass of pension problems.
Massive pension problems, among other things,. And one of the reasons is there not allowed to conductor Coming activities the way, the rest of the federal government that they act, At the put their pensions, Pension obligations on their books did you know breast of the federal government does not. The rest of federal government? Does not they don't? On their books as a debit,. The postal service must. And the President who, so said he wants to represent their forgot man eater used to describe the new deal. What does he consider you PS drivers, express drivers RO, the delivery services out there. These are,
A job I have these, these false economy door. They deliver things they're nice, there, smart. Make a good living there very, very hard. Why would suggest that a whole ton of them would be out of business. If the president has his way with Amazon. On the one hand, he puts tariffs and place, he says to protect american businesses. On the other hand, he trashing one of the most successful american businesses. Amazon is not a monopoly. You think it's a monopoly, you don't understand when a monopoly is. Amazon is in many many businesses. But it's not a monopoly. It doesnt control all Consumer access to books. It doesnt control or consumer access to food- and I
All down a list. Amazon is big because you ve made it big You said it, your computer or your hand held device or whatever you use and you are, staff of Amazon, if you stopped ordering stuff off of Amazon. Amazon would shrink and go away, but why would you there's a whole world at your fingertips. Whole world at your fingertips. When I got a brick and mortar stores, gotta Brigham order, stores of bricks and mortar store once they to sell online? They can sell online leave people alone and let them do what they want to do. Amazon is a success story. And there are competitors out there and there can be more competitors out there. You don't know what the next businesses or the next day the next this that, in the other
How many businesses, small businesses, included. People who operate out of their basements or operate under their bedrooms to get us to get Start who can afford a lease or can afford to buy a building entrepreneur we have no idea how many entrepreneurs have been launched through Amazon, but I'll bet there's a lot, You pay shoot me like Ebay, like Craigslist like all arrested. These are good things. These are good things. And we certainly can of oppression and whose deciding winners and losers he's decided. He doesn't like the fact that some malls or shut down, or so Retail stores or shut down- I don't like it either, but that's not I responsibility to control it and certainly not the president's,
certainly not the president. And I don't have any more times, I have to say this: Amazon pays taxes States have a sales tax and they I Amazon, Amazon pays it. Last time I saw there's forty five states, they require Amazon to pay taxes and they pay sales texts and they pay shipping fees. There's no unfair playing field here. The Amazon model is completely different bricks and mortar retail market model. It's not a matter of a fair playing field. There are two different fields altogether its Comparing ice hockey to basketball. One has nothing to do with the other.
If there are more people viewing basketball than ice hockey- and I don't know that to be the case, but just as an example, you can't say that's not fair, we need a fair playing failure. We need a level. What is nothing to do with the other? Yes they're, both sports. Yes, they have athletes stores, but have not but bricks different and people can decide whether they want to watch one or watch both or pay for tickets. Take do whatever they want some things are meant to be forever Broad stroke where we're saying all brick and mortar stores, but it's not Obregon, brick and mortar stores. It's some. Some brick and mortar store. But I really am frustrated when the President sounds like Bernie Sanders. I really am. I really am. This progressive ism and national populism
As I've said now for how long two years almost they overlap, they overlap. And in this respect there not about liberty and individual decisions and so forth and so on. And I don't trust the govern to govern these, days of our economy, Trust politicians, bureaucrats to do that, You can do it they're supposed to do like secure the border. So I strongly disagree with the present on this and I have said it for a couple of weeks, so I'm not going The drum here, but something the president is doing that. I like a great deal. And that is putting the screws to China Park. I thought you were betrayed her. I am a free trader. I am a free trader. But free traders proper,
Understood do support, arming enemies do not support. Giving technology to the enemy. Do not support the enemy. Stealing our technology, free trade, that's like capitalism, that's theft, that's feeling better ripping us off. And it's enough already with the chinese government. Look a military, can we felt their military look at their technology sector Their technology sector, it was a backwards third world. This dictatorship, just like all the rest of them got good at stealing. Are you want
tat our companies. There are reasons to attack our companies, not because the good at what they do, but because they cut deals with the chinese state government and take our technology and they went to the communist regime, then then turns around and use. For its military infrastructure and r and. That is a national security threat. That is, Direct national security threat and we have company at company if the company that is so deaf to do business in China. There selling us out. Has nothing to do with trade. That's not free trade, that's not. Apple trade. When you're getting around our export controls that are in place, the Congress Department in the State Department,
giving the chinese military technology that invested in that we develop. Cause, you know they demanded. I talked about the other day they should have Is chinese phony stay local companies. And if a Boeing goes into China, where technology Company goes into China Apple, whatever they have the part, There were these chinese state run companies and they have to give their. Knowledge of their proprietary information to their partners, partners, court on. And the Chinese steal it. And we have a president who has had enough of it. We have a president who said this isn't gonna go on like this. We gotta figure out a way to stop this.
The president is going to target chinese electronics, aerospace and machinery goods with fifty billion dollars and terrors. I said these across the board. Tariffs are destructive to America, but these focused attacks, on chinese industries that have stolen technology from us are perfectly fine by me. The next step is to After their banks, I'll be right back
on the cover will do our best. I won't take so many causes. I can you know, there's a writer for the New York Times columnist by the name of Thomas Friedman. I think he's received about four hundred and twelve pilots are prizes, which tells you how bad the pillage of prizes are meaningless. Much like the Nobel Peace Prize they gave Brok. Time of the peace prize, I think before he knew where the bedroom was in the White House, so these prizes, not all the time but often go to liberals course is Friedman is a pseudo intellectual. Thomas Freeman. A claims. Her. In some ways, he's labelled as.
He farm policy experts here You're typical phony, sure clout and I'm gonna prove that point. When we return. Because he was again on the morning Schmo show In the morning, small only brings people on his programme who are going to agree with him and trash the present Right back mark of America's Tyranny Hunter call now eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three eight one: one eyed. Else down college.
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Well, Mr Miller and his democratic prosecutors of responded to Mr Manner Fritz lawyers who said, look a lot of what this guy manifolds doing choose me. Mahler is doing his uncle Institutional, he doesn't have the power to do these things. The attorney general, the United States refused himself for matters involving the campaign and collusion. And many these charges against me. Manafort lawyer in says Many of these charges have nothing to do with a sour Malta has replied. Its covered by truck Ross at the daily call, a deputy attorney general rod rose and steam author as the special council office to investigate former Trump campaign, trim and Paul manner Ukraine lobbying activities as well as Spock collusion with russian government officials couldn't hurt
court filing late Monday night. Let's stop there. The point is. That rod rose and is the acting attorney general Purpose is related to the attorney general's rekindle. He has no more power to go outside the boundaries of that refusal. That, Mr Malerba, here the deputy attorney general for all other purposes,. Sophie authorized, Mr Mulder. To investigate, Mr Mann, Ukraine lobbying activities. Even though Mahler makes his best effort in his democrat prosecutors do in their families to tie add to russian collusion and so forth, and so on its out about. I don't know what this court will decide, I'm just Which had about.
Special council robber Mahler made the revelation in order to defend the scope of the investigation against emotion them. Filed on March fourteen dismisses case. Manfred argue, there rose and steeds may seventeen twenty seventeen appointment of the special council only allow Mahler to investigate alleged collusion between the two campaign on the russian government and not his The election political consulting work, Manner for a long time, republican lobbyists noted that is consulting work in Ukraine and create wealth. For he joined the trunk campaign in April twenty. Sixteen, mothers team pointed to an August to twenty seventeen member written by rose and steam. Laying out there gulp of mothers Mandy again. The issue is the constitution and the law, not rose and stiens lie, Out the scope of the mandate of my opinion
rose and steam laid out a scope. That's way too broad, in the heavily reacted memo, Rosen granted Mahler Authority to investigate allegations that manifest quote committed ache, Henry crimes by colluding with russian government officials. Unquote tenure There were the twenty sixteen election, as well as I quote arising out of payments he received the ukrainian government, before and during the tenure a present Victor you're not covered. Why did he do that. You see, MR rose and steam didn't have the authority to do that. I'm sure that if these judges are liberals, thought altogether and argument that comports what the prosecutors want. I'm telling you from it, political point of view,. The deputy attorney general did not have the power.
To supersede the power of the attorney general. In areas where the attorney general has not refused himself. MR rose and steam was not. Was not appointed the attorney general, the United States, who was not confirmed as the attorney general, the United States, many can't Trying to exploit The attorney general's refusal, We go this far Thomas Raymond Hour. I would go this far. I hope the attorney General United States realises that the deputy attorney general has in many respects, seized his authority. Man referred in his former business partner, Rick Gates were indicted in October on money laundering and fraud. Charges related to his work for the former, romanian president between Two thousand five and twenty fourteen gate
since plead guilty in the case and is cooperating with mullahs. Investigators see there's no way No way Mahler should be free to Rome in those areas where the attorney General United States is not refused himself. Manifestly not seen the rows of steam member before monies court filing argue. Their Rosen Stiens appointment of a special council violated the Justice Department regulations regarding special councils by fellow you can find the scope of the special council. Jurisdiction again for the fourth time- maybe not is confined the scope of its jurisdiction under I meant. Rules The attorney general's refusal again rose in Spain is restricted and what he can do.
Mauler, argues in the court filing that the original authorization granted authority to investigate Manfred pre campaign lobbying activities, while it shouldn't have, should it. Did the attorney general, the United States Jeff session, refuse himself on pre campaign activity? No, he did not. The investigation would naturally look into any interaction that manner may have had before and during the campaign to plum motives and opportunities to coordinate and to expose Sport channels for supercilious communications she's me surreptitious. Communications about wearing my glasses? How that said. That is, after the fact justification that is not a a legitimate argument. It's not a legitimate, aren't, you don't have the authority to plumb the motives and opportunities that existed,
For the campaign, which has nothing to do with Russia While you don't understand a president of the Ukraine had ties to Russia, ok and then, and thereafter the races. But we can see the charges, the charges, at least, that we are aware of. Its main effort the charges have nothing to do with the Russians and nothing to do with the campaign and do not plum anything. Miller also asserted that the payments from the ukrainian government has factual links to russian persons and russian associated Political acted. So what. So what links the russian persons in russian associated political actors, see anything near about collusion. Do you see anything in here about interfering with our election now. The fact that somebody's russian. I have naturally by citizenship by whatever
but the test. Manifest was paid millions of dollars by a political party affiliated with United Traffic A close ally of russian President Vladimir Putin, I'm sure mispronouncing. What was indictment against Manifold alleges that he illegally laundered. Some of the money through shell companies again, what does that have to do with russian collusion or russian interference with the election? Nothing so unlike all the other media, including some of the conservative media, to me, Mothers filing does underscore the point. That's so much of this really was not within rose and steams jurisdiction. Thereupon, the special council. National Council, never having been confirmed by the Senate and rose and still haven't been confirmed by the Senate. Not to you, sir, The authority, the attorney general, but as the
deputy attorney general for in very where circumstances and unusual circumstances to act as the it. The attorney general from there's a refusal. Attorney. General sessions did not refuse himself. I don't believe it refusal letter said that the year that MR rose instinct can take over and plum all kinds of activities to see. If there's any connections with a Russian. Why russian politician and now we have this when the Wall Street Journal. Special council Mahler has asked questions about the work of a private, consulting firm. That is taken projects for the United Arab Emirates the people familiar with the investigation. We call those prosecutors surgeon. When is probe is looking more deeply at foreign influence in Washington. So, ladies and gentlemen,
deputy attorney general authorize these special council to look into foreign influence in Washington and again further usurped the authority, the attorney general. That's that Many general job. The questions by mothers team concerning private consulting firm wiki strap was two of its co founders, jobs, ammo and Daniel Green. Ricky Strand who was founded, which what was found in his round twenty ten and is based in Washington bills offers a cow. Source consulting firm, the draws on a large network of experts to help I geopolitical problems on B, F, a corporate clients and governance. Mark Lucchesi, a lawyer from messrs ambling, green and waking scrap, said his clients on a focus of the probe. While there being smeared. There being smeared in the media,.
What does Mr Mahler doing in the United Arab Emirates, whether? What is that all about. Where's the attorney general, the United States needs to take his power back. He needs But Mr Rosen steam back in his cage, I'll be right back. Up you know it's tax season, for us in his wife taxis and brings even more anxiety over there on pay taxes and what the Irish could do to her. It's his wife suggested they get expert advice and twice Russ refused for one. They owed thousands to the arrest. They don't have the money to pay.
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You shouldn't wait any longer. It's already April, eight hundred four nine nine sixty three hundred eight hundred four nine nine, Sir these three hundred. Thomas Friedman, Thomas written John, the morning, smile, which is a freak, show, I admitted of Frazier And he is trashing the present the United States cut ten MR producer go ahead, and then we have the mauler investigation. I believe the mauler investigation, when it is finally put on the table before us, will trigger some form of constitutional price. I believe it will trigger and not necessarily constitutional crisis, but a constitutional confrontation. We're already- and I. Constitutional crisis, because so much of what goes on with the federal government has posed constitutional. And people who don't care about most most of the constitution anyway, including the second amendment it these precious. They hear them talk about a constitutional crisis. People liked,
rogue prosecutor is not a judge, he's not a jury. All. That said this is what they want. Go ahead, or what is gonna find about the president or whether its collusion, whether its financial and propriety? I have no idea what is going to find binding, doesn't give a day that Mahler. His off to the races outside the constitutionally cares about his mother, say something about obstruction, collusion, financial, deep again and mine. He's a rope security is not a judge, he's not a jury, he doesn't have the final say, but it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter. This is our security they like the union ten, but they like Molly trigger a constitutional crisis and rising. One reason: this is my guess that Brok, Obama in George W Bush
I've been staying out of the political frame, despite all the attacks on them from Trump is because they understand they are going to have to come together in the face of this. So ambrosch, you're gonna come together when it. What does this have to do anything, We used to trash Bush pushed insanely so portion Obama going to come together as a result of the constitutional crisis. This guy is quite an imagination, and what are they going to do? Go ahead. Does that in our In our future and stand up for the constitution, it's gonna have to be done in a bipartisan way by two x president's okay, so this guy, this is what he wants and, of course, Obama standing up for the constitution- that is hilarious. Absolutely hilarious. Posted Thomas Friedman have to say.
On the morning small, would you don't watch and I don't blame you cut eleven go John. I feel more strongly than ever in areas, as happened last six weeks, that the biggest threat to our democracy is sitting in the oval office we have. We have. It President, whose disturb person This kind of treating this kind of overthrowing or throwing overboard. Excuse me all these cabinet secretaries at once. This is not a normal behaviour. Are you kidding me. We ve had presidents in the past fired almost their entire cabin and brought a new people. She has nothing to do with whether somebody is a d Their person or not it's incredible,. I think promised fragments disturb person. What do you think about that? They get through these phrases around. You're, not normal behaviour go ahead,
If this man we're running a fortune, five hundred company, the board of directors, would have thrown him out long ago. The board of directors in this case is the reply. Thanks for nothing, the board, directors of a fortune. Five hundred company would have thrown him out a long time ago. They would have thrown on a lot of presidents a long time ago. The people like the Donald Trump. This has nothing to do with the board or anything else I mean. We have executives in companies had higher all kinds of new jobs like MSNBC Nbc as an example, what kind of network would hire Joe Scarborough is soon to be wife. Make a parisian ski a network would hire Rachel, Matthau left wing cook. What kind of network, what higher this Chris Matthews with spittle dripping down his chin onto his loafers. What kind we're goin higher any these nuts.
And what can a network would put this time is Friedman out front like this, he's here now run only underground bows or they even bunker somewhere under Britain steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader, everybody mark living here. Our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one! Well man! We have. We have covered a lot, I think it's time, MR producer, to speak to the beach You had a full board,
Actually, since I started the programme, so let's jump in Let's start with somebody disagrees with me: Chris Charlestown West Virginia the Great W. I may I'll go ahead, I think for taking my car again, I've been What's the last couple days about Amazon, I'm a small business owner that sells on Amazon and I think there's a couple of things that may not have known then thought on Amazon since two thousand and eight and when we started Amazon was not even a competitor and art, category so they, the list of products and you're not going to all the details and they charged with fifteen percent commission charge. All the orders were given two sooner than to it. They use their. I systems to identify our best selling products are moving products and their name,
game to complete themselves and then one of the products others say appliance parts and accessories to be specific. It's not like you! So a national security secrets, vacuum cleaner parts, accessories again they open it up to manufacturers. The now new can light. They opened their manufacturers that people can sell on Amazon Manufacturers manufacturers can sell directly to the customer and have it the smokescreen of it being sought by Amazon, That's not a smoke screen. That is a sales over there. Its being shipped directly from the manufacturers, ok, through Amazon, Look here and that's ok, I don't have a problem with that baby that that you know A based dollars to sell and complete Martin, that we can obtain manufacture these products.
I'm a reseller, though I from the manufacture and who do you sell them to the end user, or do you sell them to others, the end user? You sound to people like me. Ok I didn't even have a problem with that. What they have done recently that I do have a problem with they have opened up their marketplace to allow China, he's based dollars to sell and Be with me directly with things that I created a stolen, my listing in my content that I who stole your on stole your list? Chinese sellers in China You start your nose, aren't absolutely getting a subsidy from the union. Sir, you thrown a lot against the wall here, so Amazon's getting a subsidy from the United States postal service. The Chinese are now coming in Amazon and selling an under cutting your price.
While the Chinese. Therefore it could be under cutting your price. If you're retailer were they break and mortar store to write Let's get that off the table, That is not do at the post office hold on now. On top of that What you're saying is Amazon Stall Europe? criteria informations I what you're saying No sir. I'm thing that the Chinese Fellers ART onto the product, can wait a minute. Let's do one one one unfair thing at a time. You said: Amazon did something to you. What did Amazon exactly do to you. I am gone, has not done anything directly to us, I'm saying they have allowed the child dollars, so you just spent three minutes. Sang Amazon took something from you on trying to figure out what to do. I'm I'm thing that they have allowed chinese sellers in China too, come onto their marketplaces, commits an international site,
I mean Ebay's in international site. Season, international site, you, no problem with them completely matter what I have a problem with sir the world doesn't go to respond to my problems or my my claims and and so forth, and so on these International sites, if I want to buy things from overseas. They can buy things from overseas is long. People know what their buying unworthy coming from. Well, that's one thing that the chinese sellers have a from the post office and they are not, but they have a subsidy from the. U S: Post office under How do they have a subsidy from the? U Post office, The a report showed that chinese sellers were sending trinkets in and non valuable things to american buyers to get feedback.
Ali Baba and thanks for your car, like I can't follow this conspiracy stuff. I just can't beginning subsidies from the post office. What's had after do with Chinese sending stuff through Alibaba. Are you following this rich. So the first three minutes. Amazon did something to him and I back to trying to figure it out, and then it's not Amazon. It's the Chinese. Ok, the chinese or selling vacuum cleaner parts. And under cutting- and I said well It's an international site. And as long as people know where these things are coming from one, oh, I get well, they dont, because they so thoroughly barber, while Alibaba Chinese. But it was too convoluted. I just you know. I can't follow it within the first five, five, six seven minutes, then I got I gotta move along. I are you, this every body.
Who's not doing as well as their think they should be doing. Thinks there's a reason in many cases other than themselves. Maybe it's the I don't know. Do people buy back and clear parts, I don't I get it back in cleaner, their cheap enough do by vacuum: cleaner parts rich, We know what to do with these parts. I'm not saying you shouldn't Just don't think they're in high demand these days, given the help pray, come down. Ok, let's see here the pressing his whole Amazon thing, because we people calling in there's another one up there about. You know how it undermines Americans and undermines, is another mindset. It's the most sick. As for company in the United States,. Was undermining Americans. Why would people use it? Here's another one! Stacy Christian Burg, Virginia exam Satellite go ahead.
I'm so learn I own a store and how to sell on Amazon but does indeed that all that you sell till there I fell toys. You sell toys, toys That's not my Amazon. For about four years. Toys are us used to sell toys. They went out of business. That's because I specially toys that my time, especially toys, going to tell me where I was and I fell, lego shell companies like monster, I sell. Those are specialty, I'm just curious Lego. I've had Lego since I was eight years old, but actually quite a different way, We are local store. We had two locations No, the whole Amazon system had a vacuum. Apples. Of how they are getting a special built in the post office terms. Get outta here doing viable
the seller. I recently sent a priority mail package. I purchase my postage stamp that com. That party male package carefully nineteen dollars descended to the person they got it. I is you, didn't want it on amateur come. What may it are allowed to go, get a return label. I had a label. Even though the Amazon has the weights and measures, they only pay sixty returned the same package. You got me nineteen dollars, yeah, Amazon pay six dollars for the return package. But charges you, then the full amount. Yet they charge me. Six hours I made a paper because the shipment back where the consumer so again comes out of the return. That makes sense- Happened is Amazon Basin. Can for the shipment markers ship, the product,
nineteen dollars only six dollars for shipping, which is what good idea the thirteen come got him. My pocket, and if we want to customer, give it back, they go into their order history. They are. To return the product em about automatically give them a pre paid label and, depending on the reason for the return either pay the because the shipment back, where the consumer so again Out of the return that makes sense and I'm not talking about you personally. Let's say that somebody sold something the somebody in it wasn't what they were supposed to get her wasn't to their expectations story. How store they bring it back and you have to hire help they handle it an employee or so forth. The owners to handle it and hear what Amazon sang. I look we're going to determine whether it The customers responsibility a k, a fault or the sellers. Make their determination whoever's it is but pay the bill
if not how it works and what you just said. Well, I am a second happen. What are you, a consumer says, is effective. Nine years in the town and the fact that people are feeling something, no one no wait a minute. Maybe that's true. But if I'm running a forty billion dollar company. Or if I'm running a four billion dollar company or from running a for dollar company, I've gotta. That determination as best I can every case can't wind up in front of a grand in front of a girl, a jury right. I've got them But what can you not tracker ending off track at all you're, the one who brought up ninety percent of them are scared right. What what what him in that? package, coffee nineteen dollars a thin on? U S, vs party! Now how can Amazon, get a label and send the same package back to me for six dollars from California.
I don't know how to find out more about black book pricing we're getting the lowest making available through stamp that arm? And what are you? being charged night, dollars and can change that. When there are no one. The package comes back. I am being charged the same thing: the Amazon pursue being charged six bucks, why we have problems with a great deal from Romania if it's my fault, okay, so, sir, you being charged six box, not nineteen, ninety, nine or whatever it is correct. This latter gripe what I'm saying The aim of on has got a special per week. Party miss what is at the post office, stop them or that report back to the point. No, it's not the point. I say Why does at the Post office stopped them? I Now they can. I do about this guy feud Well, sir, Sir train fallen,
the question. Well you, why do you think the post office is doing this. They want volume because they make money. They make money but they're losing mind. Why are you writing about it when you pay the same exact amount than sir now it's my turn. Why are you whining about it when you paying the same exact amount? That Amazon is for the return of six bucks? Now? Why that that advocate view that a good deal for me, our someone can coming back and I have to pay for it. What I'm saying? Why does Amazon descended for six I'll? Tell you why? Because I'll. Because they're sending millions and millions of packages? so huge different to a bankrupt post office. That's why And if you were sending millions and millions of packages they probably do the same thing for you? It's called volume buying If I go online and I want to buy two hundred of one thing- I make it twenty percent off want by one
I get anything off your business man incorrect. I come into your store and I say I want to buy five hundred of those whatever's nozzles. I go on a vacuum cleaner, as opposed to. I want to special deal you're gonna get me a special deal a course. Of course. Thanks, recall yes, of course, I'll be right back about this idea, Mr President, why don't you I've ties the poster hit that would fix it. Try going into her attire store. Where they say you know
I for tyres, but actually by three, will give you one for free, It's not fair! Why not. But because I'm selling weren't tyres and on charging for each one. Ok, I'm gonna buy the other one. I don't know, what's happening, it's just really quite depressing. Quite frankly, retail brick stores being hurt. People selling on Amazon, Claim there being heard by Amazon. Being heard by the Chinese hurt by other states. This one should be taxed this one be taxed. This guy should be regulated. The other I shouldn't be regulated. He should only be able to do business in the United States, but he,
It just do business in the United States see. This is why we have a private sector and capitalism. These things sort themselves up Politicians get involved there, not noble people. They put their finger on the scale for their constituent groups are people who they want to be part of their, statements. The postal service is losing a tunnel money tenement. And most of it is because a first class mail First class mail volumes down. You know you know where the first class mail volume is down. You know Mr producer, we have cod email. Documents are signed over a through email. People sender They cards via email is, ok email business was going on out there internet business. Well. I guess we gotta wait.
Kill that acts not fair it's going to hallmark, looking storing the first class mail, but you see the post offices in Correctly then subsidizing aim. I mean it's so ridiculous, We, the taxpayer, subsidizing everyone for everything, one for every thing. So first class mail volume is in the tank because of email. Most people don't have landlines anymore for their telephone. Pretty. The younger people. They only have their sulphur. What is that, due to the people who lay landlines? Well doesn't make it easy now. Does it Well, then we got a limit cell phones by the way many of them are coming in from overseas. For God's sakes, really.
And you should see the unfair practices are using peoples For contracts Anthony Centre for long contracts, they get a plague. Can you believe that they do electricity. Can you imagine all the people putting out of business involved and patch I can imagine where we be today. If this mindset had said hold. Before the industrial revolution, what the hell is, this oil stuff. I'm in the horse and buggy business. That's not fair putting people out of business horse and buggy and what one of these cars. Can have cars? Can you imagine all the people being put out of business if we, if we manufactured cars and what's what this electricity. So can you imagine,
People putting out of business how Petra Folks, I'll be right back, A proud conservative, no ifs ends or call in a seven seven, three, eight one, forty eight one, one key turkey. I'm looking for something here, give me one second: here it comes rich. Ladies and gentlemen, sure you could have surgery to look younger. Why on earth? Would you do that? We re seeing these actors and actresses have this facial surgery and they have it over and over again and they I'm a block away John Kerry mashed potato faces.
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Mahler told trumps attorneys. The president remains under investigation, but is currently a criminal target Now that the president is under investigation. I didn't know the present it was under investigation. Did you. But don't worry, he's not a criminal target yet. You know fugaces the the greatest sham in modern history Phony collusion and interference stuff there find These thinnest threads threads and connections they possibly can yes, that during the campaign. There was his grand scheme with the Russians, I mean troubles, do out with Lattimer Putin's, like Hillary Clinton. Never water could likewise Obama, never water could or any the rested. And, I might add Robert Mahler never did Rabbit Mahler, never took it out with the Russians himself,
more than call me. Interfering in our elections, whether our smaller when he was the f b I directed world trade daddy's all behind them right, tray. Special council Robert a smaller than where's, second in the first. While I should ask. In foreign president trumps attorneys last month. He can genuine to investigate the president. Does not consider him a criminal target at this point. According to three people familiar with the discussions. Now this is how the phoney media com- rob from Mahler and his staff three people cannot be democrat prosecutors cannonade this process, Who does office leaks and leaks and leaks. In private negotiations in early March about a possible presidential interview, Mahler describe tromp as a subject of his investigation,
in a Russia's interference in the twenty sixteen election. This is a disgrace. Absolute disgrace. Prosecutors view someone as a subject when the person is engaged in conduct that is under investigation, but there Sufficient evidence to bring charges and disgusted. The special council also told trumps lawyers look look how they leak. That he's pretty. A report about the presidents actions, while in office and potential obstruction of justice according to People would knowledge of the conversations here you go here. You go and impeachment report now a prosecutors not supposed to put any kind of a report together. Just talking in port. He does. It is talking in court filings humbling
What's taking place are absolutely unbelievable. Let me repeat this- the special council also told trumps lorries he's preparing a report about the present. Sanctions, while in office and potential structure of justice according to two people, would now Conversations Mahler, reiterated the need to interview trot now wait a minute. Why does he need to interview trap of these? Already Putting together report A report about the present its actions while in office and potential obstruction of justice. Now. We need to trompe said both to understand whether he had any corrupt intend to thwart the russian investigation and the commission This portion of his probe, the people, said so The president of the United States is under investigation by Jim Commies Buddy. Because he dared to fire. Call me.
Because the United States is exercising his presidential powers. Let me tell you folks something carefully agree with, I think Trop has done or not. I don't but this is over the top. This is about the republic. This is about. The report This is a soviet style witch hunt and I'm not kidding. Nobody's charge, what collusion Because there is no such crime. There's no specific evidence of interference in the election. In terms of collusion conspiring with the Russians or they can point this meeting all dusk? I met with that russian and act. I met with him and he used to be a spy and on and on and on. I told you before This guy mauler. Not interested in pursuing the truth
Pursued Hillary Clinton, but being say our future. Gps Offerman londa to the contributions. He's not interested in what the FBI did in didn't he's. Not ass, gaining interference in this election, Investigating Republicans and he's investigating trump and there it is late tonight. The watchman compost here put out a report it authority to put out a report is a prosecutor put out a report. What is a jog he's? Gonna write an opinion leak leak lake. Trumps, trees, council, J Sokolow endowed John DOE trumps, top attorney dealing with Mahler Prob.
There is doubt, reside last month amid disputes about strategy and frustration. The present ignored is advice to refute The special council request for an interview. According to it our friend, Mr President. You may not have like Mr Dowd, but you do an interview with Mr Mulder, who already Already is decided what he's going to write about you you're very foolish, very foolish. Now trumps chief council, J Sokolow Endowed declined to comment for this report: White Ass, press sectaries. Sarah, how can be sanders referred questions? White ass attorney, tie cop, thank you, but. Discuss communications with the president or the office. A special council Cobb set Peter Car, a spokesman for the special council have declined. The common currency did that's their cover. They leak.
And then they declined a comment when they are asked to comment. That's pretty clever. The wide, ranging special council investigation, which began as an examination of Russia's interference in the twenty sixteen election, expanded in other areas, including whether Trump sought to obstruct the approach. I am telling you this is solely incredible, Investigators have indicated to the president's legal team that they are considering writing reports on their findings in stages with the first one, Are focused on the obstruction issue according to pay briefed on the discussions here. They want to effect mid term elections. Under special council regulations, mothers required to report is conclusions confidentially to the deputy attorney general rod rose and steam was the Where did decide whether to release the information? Not they're, gonna write it up for the purpose of leaking. It.
They ve said they want to write a report on their stance of the public's questions and they need the president's interview at last step. One person familiar with the discussion so too those team. Trumps attorneys expect the president, but also face questions about what he knew about. Contacts buys associates with russian officials and emissaries and twenty sixteen, several Whitehouse adviser said. President allies believe a second report detailing the special council. Finding on Russia's interference would be issued later. President is privately express relief at the description of his legal status. Which has increased its determination to agree to a special council interview? The people said Israel. Billy taught allies that he's not a targeted. The probe believes in interview will help and put the matter behind and friends said.
Legal experts said Molly description of trumpets, a subject of a grand jury. Probed does not mean he's in the clear and I agree, Justice Department guidelines, a subject of an investigation is a person whose conduct falls within the scope of a grand juries investigation, a tar, it's a person for which there Substantial evidence linking him or her to a crime, a sub Could become a target with his her own testimony legal experts worn The president, you saw what they did, the general when. Quota fire repression, and I would be very reluctant to think I'm off the hook said Keith winning it may professor politics at Princeton, university and unimpeded. An expert. My sense of it is the present any says given information on a pretty fair warning. Thing he sang in the deposition will be Billy Consequential,
depending on what he says it. Good wine of changing the special council is thinking about it. So here's the problem. This is a setup. I want you to listen very carefully to me. This is a a typical setup, this. Guy Mamma has pinched all these nobody's pretty much all nobody's too fast to a lower forms of criminal activity. Attracting his investigation, false statements, whatever whatever and they have pled. And basically he's told them. Ok,. No I'm hanging this over your head. I need you to tell me what I need you to tell me tell me about, Tell me about Trump coming about Trump, maybe had a conversation. Maybe they made a statement. Maybe they didn't do anything of the sort, but they think they did and now you have them. All lined up in the president testifies and they asked the president questions. He feels there's no problem and they say look at this.
Trumps testimony and gaiters testimony dont comport, Gates remit. Telling Trump X and Trump doesn't even bring it up. He says he never did. Now he's a criminal target. Make a false statement. Prosecutors now is a criminal target. Every lawyer, whose litigated knows the old rule also, the new role. It's the everyday role. You never come out of a deposition if you're the opponent, better than when you went it one more time. You never come out of a deposition better than when you went into it. And so this is an impeachment set up. I've said since day one I set it since the day after the election but they're going to seek to impeach this man and leaks. Tell you what what's going on. This is really grotesque, absolutely
SK over what over nothing. The administration that fail to stop the Russians as the Obama administration, the administration masking Americans are leaking their names to the media, the Obama In the administration lying to the vice of court by withholding material information, the Obama Ministration The administration that use I dossier. That involve russian surrogates acute. The Obama administration. And here we have Trump, the victim of all others. Having this hanging over his head. I want you to listen to me. This is very important. This is a crucial important article because it tells you exactly what they're up to and it confirms what I've been telling you for over a year delete directly out of the prosecutor's office, among others I'll be right.
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trying to position themselves are trying to lay the groundwork, lay the foundation for what they plan to do, which is diabolical. Ladies and gentlemen, we salute our armed forces, police officers, firefighters and emergency person. Now I'll see you tomorrow, and that includes YO, W B C and New York check out live in tv. God bless.
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