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On Tuesday’s Mark Levin show, Why do you think nearly 50 questions that Robert Mueller wants to ask President Trump were leaked to the New York Times? The goal of these leaked questions is that they'll be the bill of particulars for the impeachment of President Donald Trump. None of the questions make serious allegations about Russian collusion and several questions had nothing to do with anything that Mueller was tasked with investigating. Also, Mueller’s upcoming report on his investigation is hugely un-American and hugely unfair to put out a report against somebody who isn’t charged with a crime. But, Mueller doesn’t care that it’s unconstitutional to indict a sitting resident, because a report targeting the president will achieve his objective in damaging the president’s ability to lead the nation. Later, Mueller said that he had another option if Trump declined to talk with federal investigators: he could issue a subpoena for the president to appear before a grand jury. Finally, yesterday, Israel found a massive amount of evidence that Iran has been hiding a nuclear weapons project. But Democrats are saying that this was old news, so they lied to the American people. There’s a growing anti-Israel / anti-Semitism in the Democrat party and in the media; they are in bed with Iran.

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Now run only underline the bowels of a hidden somewhere under Britain, steel of among the script building. We once again made contact with our leader mark living here. Our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one! You would call market seventeen on the show I put together. The activities are we're going on with Pfizer, with the on masking of Americans, with them Dick surveillance, have trump world in its all come essentially true one hour, we have questions that were put out.
About them all day long leaked to the near time. Questions thirty may pose to the present the United States by Mahler and his democrat prosecutors and there's all kinds of speculation at their. Did it come from Trump world? Did it come from his ex lawyer? Did it come from Mahler who does it serve best? What's the point, So all this and obstruction charge. I know I come to this programme because I really. Think about these things. I'd let these things blow Morning, noon and night take a fresh look at these things. Why do you think nearly fifty questions.
The prosecutor wants to ask. Donald Trump were leaked to the New York Times and the answer is no given the answer. We have an article that comes out last night just in time for this morning,. By Michael Ash made in the New York Times, which lays out the questions that were linked to the New York Times on its heels, The same day, almost within the same hour, there is another article that appears April thirtieth by Michael Schmidt and another writer Matt a poor. They not only present the questions or at least significant numbers of the questions they
the answers they provide the arguments for why Mister Waller wants to know the answers to these quest, soon an amazing that, within a few hours of each other articles. They not only had the questions, but they had the answers. I what's the purpose of that. Let me tell you what is it. This is the bill particulars for impeachment. That's exactly what this says. That's exactly! Why was leaked to the New York Times? That is exactly why the New York Times provides responses to every question. It is the impeachment of Donald Trump. You need to keep your eye on the ball. This is what it's about impeaching Donald Trump in these questions. I'm out now and I'll keep bleed
Through the summer, right through the mid term elections, Mr Mahler leak. These questions, the Mahler team, leak these questions. Who's been doing all the leaking in the last eighteen months. Call me my cape others at the FBI. Prosecutors in the southern district in New York and Mr Miller's office, Please has receptive ear the New York Times in the Washington post. Among other places, CNN Cnn, the trunk team, barely I'm sure there's something going on in order to defend yourself leak, delay, but think about this are the me a friendly to Trump world. I hate him. They want his presidency the way to end the way muslim leanings, dictatorship ended
with him hanging from a telephone call by his foot naked That's how they view him. They ve said as much so they're not going to field pro trump leaks in the hay trump media at the New York Times transplant out their trashing. The New York Times here Hyster, phony reporters. So now, suddenly, there's going to be a leak of the questions from Trump world to the New York Times and they're going to play along with Trump world. So you check that off your list. It's irrational! It's illogical next point, then, who would want to wake this and to what, in the end is impeachment and choose me folks?
and everybody's waiting around for the Mulder report, the Republicans, the damn fool, Republicans, one about to protect Mahler, the Laker, the row prosecutor responsible there. Nobody except the rogue depth, Turning journal rose instead, so when you use the logic when you move through the rational possibilities, there's only one possibility: the New York Times wants to destroy Trump and they want to promote Mahler, Mahler steam or somebody connected demolish team leak. The information. We know combing knows how to do it. Coming had his memoirs information leak through his law, professor friend,
We later finally actually hired the guy to the New York Times there very good at leaking these prosecutors. These top echelon FBI types through good Lakers, and they ve been around forever Mahler spin around forever. Who is director the FBI? He was a United States attorney he's, may connections all throughout the meat have. Seen a single negative article about Mahler from any liberal media platform. Well, it's on the internet, whether it's hard newspaper, whether its own network, TB, cable. Even that would be CNN Msnbc or satellite tv. Haven't seen a single negative story about Molly. Isn't that remarkable- and you never saw the end to the negative is about can star. They are a mouthpiece for a moment.
These questions were made by the Malo operation. How Are they led them to their favorite newspaper, the New York Times, which listed the questions and then provided that support for the questions in an article that came out one on top of the next? So they had these questions for some time. They develop their responses on why Mr Mahler would want to know the answers and lost through all of this is any notion of justice whatsoever. What prosecutors leaking process Peter's undermining in the the you know. The funny thing is her whose obstructing justice mauler undisguised are obstructing justice. Aren't they absolutely incredible
And listen to the nature of the questions. These are all intended for impeachment. What did you know about phone calls that Mr Flynn made with the russian ambassador in late December, two thousand and sixteen and the New York Times. Explains why this is crucial. What would your reaction to news reports on January twenty, seventeen in February aid through nine twenty seventeen? This is where the calls by flight or with lane in the ambassador were reveal what.
You know about Sally Ages, meeting about Mr Flynn. Others, of course, has been in the media. What was your opinion of Mr Kohl me during the transition? This is incredible. This is incredible. You see were far afield now. This has nothing to do with collusion, nothing to do with collusion, what sort everything to do with obstruction of justice, lamely, slow, unconstitutionally, so but that is the basis for a peach meant and that's why really? This prosecutor in the media are working hand in hand with the congressional Democrats and they are desperate to take the house representing what was your opinion of Mr Kerr,
me during the transition. So here we are Mahler coming to the defence of his best friend and, of course, it's none of a prosecutors business. What his opinion of co me was during the transition do understand they trampling here on the constitution. The president is a constitutional officer to have a prosecutor who was appointed by the deputy attorney general, the United States, to be questioning the president about presidential decisions that have nothing to do with crimes. Of any kind is a set up for impeachment. What was your reaction to Mr Commies briefing that day about other intelligence matters, so this is call me working with smaller to get Europe. What was the purpose of your January? Twenty seven
only seventeen dinner with Mr Com, you what was said it's another prosecutors, business. And the irony here is Mr Mueller's release theoretical boss. Is the deputy attorney General United States, Mr Remsen State, as MR rose, steam been interviewed by Mr Mahler, because its Mr Rose and Stena recommended that MR economy be fired, ain't ever accused himself a complete set up. What was the purpose severe February. Fourteen choose me twenty seventeen meeting with Mr Combing and what was said this again is a temp prob structure because it all must be a he said. He said he didn't remember, and so they want a list of a hundred examples where the president's memory wasn't eggs. Where it conflicts with somebody else's thought where it can
What's I email or some tax or something like that, because they have spent out over a year amassing hundreds of thousands of pages of information, interviewing scores and scores of people and they go to the president, who is an enormously busy man with a lot on his mind and even during the campaign is involved in every intricate
You tell what's going on and vicious evil vile prosecutors, which all prosecutors are not by the way, but these are can take that information and spend a tale, spend a tale of quote possible obstruction in appearance of obstruction, a pattern of deception, a pattern of false statements- and you see it right here with what was leaked to the prosecute by the prosecution to their favorite newspaper.
What did you think and do about Mr Commies may three twenty seventeen testimony like the present in the United States can remember even what they're talking about, even though its not relevant that anything regarding the decision to fire. Mr combing, what was it made? Why who played a role? What did you mean when you told russian diplomats are made ten? Twenty seventeen that fine? Mr calm, he had taken the pressure off this does or intended to build the impeachment case for obstruction, nothing more, nothing, less
crucially important that you understand the coup attempt that's going on in this country. It's one wave of attack after another wave of attack. What was the purpose of your may 12th, two thousand and seventeen tweet his tweet. What did you think about Mr Coney Junot? Look at all the attention this Tricomi. What did you think about district homies June? Eighth, two thousand and seventeen testimony regarding Mr Flynn, and what did you do about it? Who cares every was fired? You know Mr Comey testified about his conversations with Mr Trump and describe them as preoccupied with the FBI's investigation and Russia Trump called him a liar. You know what was the purpose of the September and October twenty
team statements, including tweets regarding investigation and MR come so now present in the United States, can be question by a prosecutor about his tweets. What would your intention? What did you mean? This is a criminal prosecutor. Where are the crimes? Where are the crimes he's trying to concoct crime she's trying to concoct nothing but a basement for a basis for impeachment? That is exactly what this is all about. The leak questions the New York Times, quick to the trigger they couldn't even wait a day or two or three quick, the trigger to explain why every one of these questions is important to the prosecutor. Now, why the hell, what the trunk team leak that it doesn't make any sense. What is the reason for your continued
criticism of the mystery and its former deputy Andrew Mc Cape. Is that an appropriate question for prosecuting? What did you think I do? Regarding the refusal of MR sessions, on average. Did you make to try to get him to changes mine all again intended to build a false murder. That the President Spanish, every waking, our organizing opposition to the russian investigation going after sessions going after call me going after Yeats, going over after my cape? Did you discuss whether MR sessions would protect you and reference past attorneys? What did you think, and what did you do in reaction to do as the employment goes on and on and on? Mr President,.
Do not ask for these questions. They are legitimate. The entire purpose, as a legitimate, Mr Mulder, is conducting a peach meant inquiry for the Democrats in this house are representatives given voiced by the United States media Do not participate I'll, be right back. What they should do, ladies and gentlemen, is absolutely infuriating. Should be at a level of fury that is really unimagined.
Their laying out an impeachment case against your president, who has done absolutely nothing wrong because if he's done something wrong you would already know about you. Wouldn't questions like this all process, questions all inappropriate questions, quite frankly, asking a present that is tweets, but his conversations with coal me his subordinate, bowed his his. Screw annulment with sessions and so forth, and so on. These are presently United States Caesar his people, really do as you wish. The idea that the the investigation has been slow down. Can somebody tell me how, in any respect it's been slow down of the committee's been obstructed? Mister as Mr Malerba, unobstructed with justice before then upstream. Of course, not sure what climb exactly has this president committed none?
I'll, be back. Now then, making conservatism greater again dial in now, eight seven, seven, three eight one, three eight one, one about to show you how partisan non factual this prosecutor's office draw, Pollack, bright part as a very excellent piece up there. And ass. He points out. Most of the questions had nothing to do with allegations that the Trump campaign colluded with Russia, their focus, As I pointed out obstruction, He says the question seems to ignore arguments that the present cannot obstruct justice when he acts and further into this constitutional duties, or indeed that there is no underlying crime to conceal yes and we ve lost, This, for some time, the point is Molly, doesn't care.
It's enough for him to make the allegations it's enough for him to issue a report which he says he's going to do, which is all extraordinary, because a normal prosecutor, because it is hugely on american and hugely unfair to put out a report against somebody who is in charge with a cry, and in this case the present the United States and I'll say it over and over and over again to the back benches on cable and the boy The present the United States and all said over and over and over again to the back benches on cable in the back. Interest on radio repeat it, because they need to repeat this you're gonna. Deal from me steal this, according to two, Memoranda. The United States Department of Justice, the Nixon ministration in the Clinton administration from the August from the Office of legal counsel.
It is unconstitutional the official position of the Justice Department either under sessions and rose Steen. Oh yes, to indict assuming present. Shove combing tries that he knows, though, be a constitutional I much which he will lose, but he doesn't care because it still is out and damages the president, the more clever move by him- is to not even do it simply say we want charge him, but we cannot do that these notes, LISA these opinions from the Department of Justice. Therefore, we simply lay out the case to the american people. And by that I mean, lay out the case to the Parada. There are the Democrats in the House of Representatives. I've got off
you can see what's going on here anyway, Pollack goes on. One of the questions in particular seems based on a false premise: a conspiracy theory. Trump intervened in the process of drafting the republican party. Twenty sixteen platform to weaken its ants on Russia's invasion of Ukraine? Let's stop there. So what did we did so tat, but he didn't the new toys. Hence the question followed by its own explanation as to why its relevant one involvement did you have concerning at foreign changes regarding arming Ukraine. Why does a prosecutor get they ask president this question a portion of the republic and play form rights? The New York Times was changed and away more favourable to Russia. The times explanation is false,
the assumption upon which Molly question appears to have been based. They conspiracy theory was Debo By Washington examined a camel columnist, Byron York in extent Investigative article in March twenty seven intitle how pundits Scott key part of Trump Russia story all wrong, and he explained that the republican platform Natalie retained criticism of russian policy in the Ukraine, but that these were it even stronger during the process of drafting including there, elections were allegedly received from New York, because these questions are intended that look. They know the answers. The president doesn't remember. These issues, he can't possibly the details with which their demanding that he provided they want to know his King behind tweets.
They want to know what he thought about a meeting. He was in with a particular individual because I already have that individuals thinking about that particular meaning they want to know, but the multiple meetings he had with call me what was said and what he thought and we know commies a serial liar. And we know more wars and Comus Camp call. Me said he wanted. Special council appointed: that's why there's a Moloch Mahler has never question comin. Malta has never question rose instinctive recommended combings firing, Also noticed call me now: criticizes rose in Spain, who wrote the memo to fire him? Isn't that curious to you and. As a collar mention here, the other day, they were correct. Isn't it also interesting that Malo actually interviewed by the present the United States to be possible at the He D it now and the next day, mothers, poetry,
by rose instead to be the special council, I would like the question these people. You know James Comb, he's out there doing interview after interview after interview right, he will not come on my show. He will not come on my show me while he The present United States should answer all the questions. Why would the present listen to a vile. More on malcontent leaker liar like James combing. Why would he take his advice? He's a viper. But big tough James call me won't come on this programme. Big tough rod rose and stay well. Come on this programme. I said I treat with, They respect, which I absolutely would, although I have none for either of them. But I've got
real, solid, tough questions for these men. And they're not even subject a prosecution if they answer them. President should answer Mauler, who setting em up, because I combing And because a mother him suffer Mauler is a Republican, don't you know really models republican well that changes everything you mean he's a Republican like say, Susan Collins, Oh from the Boston area, oh he's a he's republic. Those types of Republican says: repeal beckons for a reason. Why doesn't matter what party they belong to large, I refer to those types of Republicans has Republicans for a reason. What does it matter? What party they belong to large walk, who spent eight years trying to
doubt Ronald Reagan, his administration. He was a republic until he was deputy attorney girl at one point in Twite Eisenhower's Justice Department, her tears John K, six, a Republican who cares yet that's the argument. The Democrats give Yes, what's the old line, wolves in sheep's clothing, donkeys and elephants, clothing. This is very, very telling its being Miss read all over the country by them media outlets in opinion makers, its being Miss read what just took place here last night, a throughout the day. You ve got to ignore all the static, all a static and think for yourself. This is an impeachment process. That's what matters up to
What he's up to and let me tell you something else: that's what rod: Rosen stiens up through two rod rose and steam wants his present, an appeal where he wouldn't have done any of this. He would appointed Mahler. You wouldn't have appointed Mahler. He wouldn't have extended the via the face applications which were based on a ass, though, see a position research paid by the Hillary Clinton campaign in the DMZ, he wants trumpet teacher you perfectly happy to work Repents presidency, or are whomever president's he doesn't, carries a bureaucrat any looks A bureaucrat whether round, glasses in the year pencil neck and the in the year. Greasy hair. And all our looks like a typical bureaucrat Mahler looks like a typical mobster. Quite frankly,.
You knowing, when mobster no offense with all due respect, none that's what he looks like to me. She was on the other foot right now, who are the good guys and who the bad guys. Mr rose and sitting MR smaller. And his band a merry democrat prosecutors have done more and are doing more. To undermine this nation and the Russians could ever do the Obama minute agents, interference in the last election through the FBI through the intelligence services. Through there leaks thereon masking their investigations, did more to interfere with the last election. Then the Russian, And the Russians did interfere with our last election to no avail, but they did interfere.
And the one man who wouldn't do anything to stop the Russians was Barack Obama and he's not questioned at all, I notice, among the forty nine questions that Mr Mueller's office leaked to the near. I'm there's not a single question in there. What did you think about Hillary Clinton in the and see funding the dossier. When you heard about that upset, you tell me: what did you. Think when that opposition research in the form of the dossier was used for a fighter, application to eavesdrop On an American said, a citizen with tee minor connection, campaigns that concern you, when Mr Rose and Steen so a memo recommending that you fire? Mr Kohl me. What did you think about that? Did you think this arose and steam wanted to interfere with the?
instigation of Russia. What did you think about that? Tell me, Mr Trump, when you found out that Susan Rice and Samantha Power, when the Obama administration run me american citizens and some of their names happen a leaked to the media concern you, Mr Trot now one death about any of it. Tell me tromp when the FBI higher Christopher Steel, knowing Well, then, he was unreliable and then quickly dismissed him did that concern you, Mr Trump Tommy, Mr Trump. What Mr Mulder was the director, the FBI and Hilary then was secretary of state and twenty percent, America's uranium left the control, the United States and was deliberately that can.
Lattimer Putin's did that concern you, Mr President, nothing even close This is not an investigation into russian interference in our election. This is Best negation of Donald Trump, and it always has been. It's awesome investigation of aspects of the Republican Party, but the Republican Party is too stupid and too cowardly to stand up for itself in chuck rashly Lindsey Gram in some jerk me Tom tell us and another one. Oh yes, flake vote to protect Mr Mulder, which, of course, is unconstitutional. The idiots taken off, swear to God to uphold the constitution and then
to undermine Congress can't prove prevent a president from firing a subordinate, tat, little thing called separation of powers, a Lindsey all There has never been a weekend when Lindsey Graham hasn't been on tv. Can somebody tell me. This guy have no life whatsoever, doesn't need date, doesn't do anything seriously my family- I don't even know anything about this guy. Lindsey Gray, Goober, so now well, come on the programme and by the way, there's a reason for that. No mark you not nice to them. No, I reach a point where I humiliate them. I reach a point where I take him on. We ve tried in advance that
why they won't come on because they know I know who they are, what they are and what their about? That's, why they don't come on. Mr tough guy. Call me will never come on their show. Instead, Hogan front of fifteen and sixteen rules- hey, hey Director, call me Tell me tell me why I shouldn't hate Donald Trump. There was a great one. There was a great one. I'll be right back then. You know falling into bed a whole new meaning. Since I started sleeping on my casper matters
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your friend Mahler does is defending institution in the rule of law? No, that's not what it is. It's not what it is and who is up the rose and esteem when you decided to pay his friend Mahler and Comey best friend Mahler, for reasons he is to explain it. Up to rose and steam to manage smaller. Even Jeff session said the other day that things and ve gotten a bit out of control but not in rose and stiens. I everything is moving along perfectly. Look at it. This way. If he's Move from office, he can do about the Olympics before five million hours, two plus ghetto long career pension. There's no downside for him. And if he stays on office and of tropical, A single negative story about Mahler in Touchable, let me ask you a question: I, do this about Mueller right
have you seen a single negative story about Mahler in any liberal news. Media outlets What have you seen a single negative store? on rose and steam, since he picked Mahler as special counsel. Any liberal media outlets ivory. I doubt it I'll be right back
now run only underground the bowels of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader, everybody mark living here. Our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one we ate one, who alone this segment, all wrap up, but I begin the first hour and only one, and we want a couple other issues, including the democratic party. Ty within the american media in the media. In this. And is growing have to Israel even Anti Semitism within the Democratic Party in the media in this country
I had to be jewish to see this evangelical Christians, atheists. Anybody who really looks at this. They used to be relatively by partisan in this country support. For this tiny little democracy in the middle of one. However, after another, that is done. But support us and we have done nothing but support them. That's what allies do. But there is a growing hatred within the Democratic Party and let us be honest and I'm going to be on a slip. The chips far they may much of this has to do with new immigrants coming into this country, from muslim countries and arab countries, not solely.
And much of has to do with a shared mindset among the far left and the right in their contempt for the jewish faith. Israel in some of these people, a Jewish, I Bernie Sanders. In my view, an entire organization called J Street and the Democratic Party used to play footsie, with this radical elements? Now it embraces them just as the Democrat Party embraces The nation of Islam and Louis via the Democratic Party, refuses the denounce Louis Ferko it has referred. Boosted announced Louis Farrakhan for decades gradual black caucus would object.
To denouncing Louis Fair Kind and the nation of Islamic I'm letting it fall folks online it out for you. They came close to him thing as chairman of the Democratic National Committee Keith Alison, who used to go by Keith acts because support for fair economies, libel against Jews in Israel. A democratic party that embraces sharpen and all you have to It was Google on your own to know who Carbon is and what sharply was In areas on MSNBC, a house. And you can see it playing out. As Netanyahu when public, with half a ton of original documents, cds blueprints that they grab from uranium.
And what's the answer of the Democrats, the media. Some Republicans like Corker are. We know all that you knew all this and you never told the american people you had all of this. You never presented it to the american people. You are lying scum, you're, lying scum to get this deal and you are lying scum. Now, even Injured my children, my grandchildren and everybody- Children and grandchildren across the globe does radical Islam or Nazi regime in Tehran. Building, I c b aims to put nuclear warheads. How much more do they have the landless that they hate us and they want to destroy us. But I'll get into that in a minute
I mean every day more and I just set our college campuses across the country. Jewish organizations under attack the whole movements spin funded in this when our colleges and universities. Shutting down free speech. She down pro Americanism shutting down people who support the state of Israel. Not even allowed to have a debate This is the marxist ideology of work and the allowance tactics take my word for this. Rod rose and steam was at the need, the museum in Washington DC. Today I guess he was there to talk about freedom of speech.
Because I don't know about you, but throughout my life of sixty years, rod rose in Spain has been a fighter for free speech, has any hasn't been yours too. I never heard of the jerk before quite frankly, and Grisly question and answer that relevant to us cut eleven, go as you think about the importance of separation of powers. La day, here, any reaction to the news that certain Members of the house, Freedom Caucus have talked about sacking of articles of impeachment Your best efforts to comply with their document look much stop right here notice. When it comes to separation of powers, the genius reporter doesn't ask Aren't you concern that when the Judiciary Committee vote side a bill, The present the United States from firing the special council that that violate supper. National powers is fascinating,
and she doesn't ask that question no, that they Congress. My impeach. The deputy attorney general. The United States, which is a constitutional power. There she says: aren't you worried about separation of powers? Bullets? Into the genius Rosen steam go. They can't resist leaking their own drafts. I was so it's not. It's always mocking these members occurs. Because he feels very sure comfortable on knowing There are a minority with majority at the presses on his side? So there's this mocking laughter he's not asked didn't. Right. The original memo to fire combing.
Why are you even involved in this now, but it's a reporter so as we know, A lot of the words I've said them been legitimate in the past or the reverse of what they originally meant to day right. So when you call many of these people reporters and reporters at all there just liberals go ahead I saw that dragged me not to know who wrote. It really does illustrate, though, really important principle that the rule of law thanks between the way we operate in an apartment and we make mistakes, that's not to say we're flawless, but the way we and the Department of Justice. If we can accuse somebody wrongdoing, we have to have admissible evidence. Credible, which really is what happened in the anthrax case, When, after the wrong guy for five years,. And ruined his life and had to pay him over five million dollars is, I would have
The TED Stevens case, when you call the man his election, his fortune. And later as a private citizen, he would Dinah terrible, tragic plane crash. I can't count the number of times the Department of Justice has been unjust and adjust dismiss it, as you know, we're not perfectly with, but we always follow up. No, you dump, and in this case in particular,. You sanctimonious coward go ahead, prove our case in court. We have to fix our signature to the charging doc, Not everybody appreciates. To talk about Pfizer applications and many People that I see talking about it seemed not to recognise. What a fine! Let's not talk about me, a former chief justice, a chief of staff to United States attorney general. I think I know of
Sap works, I know a fight, Applications work before you ever weren't main justice, but let's see let's see if he corrects us go ahead. Application is actually a warrant just like us. For in order to give Pfizer search warrant, you need an affidavit cyanide. Let's not it's not like a search warrant. You get it search worn in a criminal case. The test is completely different. Its probable cause, paraphrasing probably caused somebody- has committed offence. The crime. In a counter intelligence case, which is the basis for a far as a warrant, it. Where's the information the other day. That is true and correct, the best of his knowledge and belief and that's the way we operate and if that's wrong. Sometimes it is.
Now, who is he educating about face a warrant and try to remember this? Go ahead federal law enforcement officers who swear the information the other day. That is true and correct. The best of his knowledge and belief, that's the way we operate and if that's wrong. Sometimes it is You find out anything incorrect in there that person is going to face consequences. Here. You're the person power you supported, extension of the application. You have faced any consequences. You never told that federal judge. You never told that face us. Who founded the dossier, you deny it. Other consequences. None none for him, go ahead prisoners, but if not, you convey Discipline or potentially even prosecution, so who has faced discipline and potential prosecutor fact and of all the vice warrants have been issued,
who is ever faced disciplinary action and prosecution, whom I mean Wasn't MR rose and steam who told us who funded the dossier They call me studied anyone can funded the dossier. It wasn't even relevant to tell the judge reeling now that is bs. That's bs, go ahead of us. The way we operate in a we, we have people who are accountable, and so I just don't say about documents like that that nobody has the courage to put their name on. They leak in that way, but I can tell you that there are people who have been making threats privately and publicly against me for quite, and I think they should now shut up. You Eddie. It's not like you, ve gone off the warring you're, actually fighting for their country or you're, putting Europe If I'm aligning your neck on my line, you're protected for rest, your life, you know it. You jerk
you got the media on your side. You been workin the media, your whole career Can the media's deputy attorney general, the United States, you should have each yourself you're the one, suggested suggests that they be me you're. The one who appointed who right after right was turned down, turned down reply director there eyeballs and this crap and you know you're protected. It is you who threaten the nation it is you who export their nation the other way around I told you yesterday we had the ambassador from Israel and the programme. I told you as I went through great detailed and Netanyahu Speech Mass. A lot of evidence that they found the uranium. Your programme and lies at serve as the fund no basis for the
rageous nuclear deal where we actually paid money to the Iranians and, of course they could use that for all kinds of military activities and so forth, and I told you then the Democrats in the Obama form Staffers in the others were already saying. Oh that's all news. We already knew all this, so they lied to us. The Iranians lied to us. The Obama minute I should like to us: their surrogates lied to us. The media lied to us. Bob Corker lied to us. You ever remember them presenting. Information of this kind of the american people in any public forum laying out the case for what a ran was doing. No, they know did it because I would have undermine their negotiations to go along with the big lie in order to sell big lie to us this signal
side deals that a political reporter reported and I don't even know where that reporter is anymore. We can't find them. In an extensive investigator report to them. Totally ignored by CNN by ABC Nbc, ABC Cbs and all the rest of the crap out there. Now, what did I tell you at the top of the hour. About the similarities between the all right, Bomb administration, that is the left harder. Bernie Sanders and their hate for the state of Israel there flat out hatred, I don't care how they dress it up. The proof they say is in the pudding perfect.
Therefore, one of the worst Democrat families, the Cuomo family, from it Oh man, that's right. I said it. Governor if they are complete, create moron stupid youngest brother on CNN, in IRAN and the workforce CNN. You have to be level and your I q has they hit the bottom. Hey Ray had gone, my request, poem. And he's on CNN today and the minister of Israel's on there and Chris Cuomo. A special pleader for
terrorist, genocidal regime in Tehran that slaughters its own people that kills gaze, that rapes college girls does all kinds of stuff tat. You would think what concern Chris Cuomo. No one, Israel, Arabs, Muslims, have citizenship, have due process the same protection as Jews and Christians. They protect arab and muslim site. They're, not Engage off rose, they allow same sex, marriage, they don't panic people because of their religion, but Chris Quabo creates a a notion of relatives. Between the regime in IRAN and the government in Israel.
That's how sick. He is that's how sick but left it cause Obama cut this deal, then they must defend it at all costs and Obama. Hates Israel. That's. Why was bodies what collating the notorious professor collating And his ties and his wife's ties- ass, a terrorist organisation I'm not going to get this information from Cuomo. You want to know why? Because this makes up the Democrat constituent Group now. The fair can wing a wing and you got Jimmy Carter Wing, the Bernie Sanders weighing the Obama wing, Schmo. The Senate minority later Schumer he's perfectly fine with
does raise any objections. There were no big deal now when we come back here the break. I want you to hear this extraordinary, meaning disgusting, in our view by the disgusting moron Chris Cuomo on Sea, and today wished. Show is tough chops. And how he interviews the Prime minister of his and how is a special pleader for IRAN.
Says how bad it is folks I'll be right back is America's constitutional convention. Margo then show call him now. Eight seven, seven brief one. Forty eight one one got that right: baby famous practicing did you know this famous, practising for an a lane, a hurricane strike right now of the Atlantic Ocean. Hoping to avoid a repeat of last year's devastation with as many as five. U S, landfills predicted for this year. I have been our home near this area to do my parents, luckily We can keep an eye on things like hurricanes, but threats like earthquakes and cyber terrorism. Hopefully come without warning doping, No matter the emergency we mean.
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This Cuomo CNN go the idea. Disclosure, IRAN won't tell the truth we had to go in. There is Israel's position and steal this information, so we can know the truth. Closure as an issue should work every way the United States should say what it has. You know I'm going with our. Why should the United States say what it has if it's. A comparison between the United States and our enemies really. Do we not have a more righteous governing system? Do we not have a more righteous fee? towards the individual and liberty In the civil society the United States should discuss its secrets. Does this make.
Sense to anybody and least unless it's in our strategic interest. Why would we do that? This is what happens when you shit you're fat ass in a CNN studio day in and day out, and don't pulse of the real world and if and we're done anything serious like work in the Justice Department like a a job in the private sector and I don't know. I dont know that the Cuomo I have done anything but politics in journalism which apparently one and the same to these guys go ahead. Do for you. Does Israel have nuclear capabilities and nuclear weapons. Yes or no, We have always said that we won't be the first to introduce, and so we have introduced, but and are not an answer to the margins? Will do you have that do not have any country. He's, got an you gonna get, but I'll tell you one thing prison. I think it's important.
Iran find pretty IRAN signed all sorts of commitments and PTSD Non Proliferation agreement. Proliferation grew so Cuomo, puts the United States in Israel. At a level with the tell me, what do you mean the United States, on a level with the third Reich about star and whose soviet Union? This is a severely dense individual who thinks he's particularly smart? in intellectual in eighty exposed himself as a damn fool go ahead, this nuclear weapons programme, anyone cause daily for the annihilation of my country- absolutely don't do that. We understand that there is an existential threat from IRAN and others. We understand now stop to let its We are hayleigh can't we understand as an existential threat with around by the by
Hey, did you see the movie last week that we saw you know he doesn't understand He doesn't digested, he doesn't take the time to comprehend it. You ve The leader of a country that has to defend itself. Magenta saddle regime. That, is slaughtering its own people, slaughtering people in Syria slot people in Yemen has slaughtered. Our troops in Iraq took hostages american hostages. Still has Americans in its prisons this is only Tom. He is more of an affinity for the Islam or Nazi regime in Tehran, then he does for the Trump administration. Or the Netanyahu administration go ahead.
Line on this issue that one of the big motivating factors for the deal on twenty two thousand fifteen, as it was explained to us or what I'm saying, is if the disclosure matter so much. What message Does it send when you Confirm something that is widely believed by the entire international community. How does that inspire the spirit of ice floes? I said that the Spirit of the cyclone specific written commitment by IRAN as part of the deal to disclose what it wont. Let me let me help Cuomo here a second then I wanna hear the rest within foreign ministries. To say is he creates? This? Is the deal in order to get the deal Iran lied about when it had to run I'd about what it did Huron concern. From the United Nations. Iran can,
shielded from the United States, heroic concealed it from Europe? Iran concealed it from your russian France, hinder the collusion guys in order to get the deed, Which is you'll hear later, when you have people I Corker and other, the crowd. So I said another Democrats saying we already knew all this, they concealed it from the american people, If they already knew about all this, they lied to us to get. This deal go ahead. That specific commitment. I understand you know what here and take on it is that you learn that you have nuclear weapons when the world already believes that you do why? Why keep quiet, while you make all your assumptions? One thing is clear: Israel is not threatening annihilation of any country. You know this is like the battle. Tighten versus the mental midget.
Yet the title: the Titan Chris Cuomo. Imagine any left talking about these spirit of closure inspire the spirit of disclosure from the iranian regime. Is Chris Cuomo, a secret member of the art right is, Rock Obama a secret member, the all right. Have a Bernie Sanders Hobart Jimmy Carter. What I mean by that. No, I mean by that they seem to share a similar attitude or mental condition when it comes to Israel So Israel, surrounded by all these enemies. In Israel, should disclose its. Nuclear programme to its enemies,
Israel, doesnt threatened to take out IRAN, Israel doesn't threaten take out Lebanon, Israel. Threatening taken any of its neighbours. Could guess what? Ladies and gentlemen, if Israel wanted to take up any of its neighbours and would have done it a long time ago, Israel was it Act in two wars: the last fifty years actually many more but to big war if IRAN, it would have slaughtered all the Palestinians by now the enormous surprise in the entire world, if is wanted to devour Lebanon, Jordan or any of these countries It would have done so a long time ago, maybe even go further, If Israel had the mindset of IRAN, it Slaughtered all the Palestinians by now. It would have slaughter if Israel had the mindset of Russia when it comes to Chechnya and that what is slaughtered all the Russians by now it is
I had? The mindset of the Chinese when it comes to Christians are people that don't bend It would have squandered or the Palestinians by now, but it doesn't it out. Arms are met, our guns them and Chris question should have been here. Let me help you out low. I kill one. Question should have been the room areas you guys have noakes, and yet you haven't used them against IRAN. What say you, Mr Prime Minister? That's a different way to ask the question much The United States. We are not. War. Mongers, sorry ran Paul, sorry, Papua Cannon, you're, not colonialists, we're, not imperialists, we're not liking to fight tough every damn country. Now we have the radical, interventionist and the Republican Party in some of the desert.
At party there on the fringes. Donald Trump is not one of them there on the fringes, there's your quick, quick Chris Cuomo pointing out exactly what I'm talking about, and there are others that are not just Democrats here is Bob Corker whose skill, Greece, the skids, for they ran deal Bob porkers chair. The foreign relations committee, so desperate to get along with Britain end as Booker and all the time crash on that committee. He wrote the legislation at the direction of my car. Whose hiding in the shadows Bush guy up front that labels. Both Obama. To go around the treaty clause I've never had a nuclear deal ever that wasn't in the floor of a treaty goes the air was not gonna, be ratified by the United States Senate
sixty seven vote, wasn't gonna happen, so Bob Corker admit What kind of new shadows come to the rescue. Of the Obama administration and rather than requiring sixty seven votes to ratify a treaty. He wrote Legislation, so you would need a Open majority veto of two thirds Of the Senate, the same sixty seven votes, tar undue by statute. What Obama did in his harangue deal now? What's court, make of all this information that Yeah, who laid out about how the Iranians lied and apparently Obama administration? No, it cut forego.
We will monitor the moment ramp up until one thousand three raging when they were negotiating. This shows that we all now know me like is unknown sacred their relative. You know this guy is pregnant beyond belief what he just confessed, is knowing the detail. Of the iranian nuclear weapons activity without informing the american people. We knew of the possible military dimensions and yet the array, denied it in order to get the deal. So we know about if Corker, knew about lesson of this former CIA director Michael hate, another complete, disgrace, cut five go
help me out on the iranian side for two points. The first one is: is this new than you know, No it's not! I mean that we will. We created a national intelligence estimate in two thousand and seven but actually said that the Iranian stopped the Innovation, part of their programme missiles going on centrifuges still spending dashi building of the weapon that they stopped in two thousand and three- and I am fond of saying we based that not on actions of evidence but on evidence of acts Now we went on to say some: do you stuff? Some research went on our side. We're hedging their beds, listen to this area, and yet if you just listen to the Netanyahu, information released. Yesterday he was wrong. They had an extensive nuclear military play programme going on when they They did not return.
Dual use or not about do- you should all hell. It's interesting Here's pompiers the former c, I a director just a week ago now the sectaries States has ok. We look the information. It's all authentic and he says they lied earn a is looking at information, actual fears, information that Mr Hayden did not add that Mr Cox who did not have the blueprints the propaganda that talking point how to conceal it. How do I do that? I e all of it is later and these guys HO ho home. We know it and yet still cut the deal one around said. None of this has taken place. How many Benedict Arnold, either in this country, currently scores of them.
I'll be right back. Hey. We always knew the Iranians were lying on a massive scale. We always knew they had blueprints for nuclear weapons. We always knew this way. No, they were working on nuclear warheads, nuclear bombs that they had five nuclear bombs. Preparation mode for development. Of course, we know all the fact that they I too us repeatedly about in the lie to the EU and repeatedly about it. The eighty eight. Yeah, but I do so nook to quench Thurston. They laugh and they smirk.
And the media are absolutely in curious. Just go along these slobbering lap dogs aggressive and left. Like the New York Times owned by a jewish family in the nineteen forties covering up a cost. And so now we have the media today in many Why would you want to help with the effort castration, the Carter the fence and all the rest of them doing exactly the same? Damn thing covering up what around as up to that is same in many respects. You can help a pocket, We, the constitution in the hands of every public high in high school and middle school, soon in the country Why would you want to help with the effort better solutions, Hills the college's spearheading this ambitious project, not many
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Oh stale dotcom stick with Another powerful our we shall return now run only underground than the bowels of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader. Tell anybody mark Levine here, our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one I want to. Thank you, the knights, my beloved audience. I want to thank you for Rob watching our functions
life liberty and live in again Stella raining CNN and MSNBC, they figured ok. What shall we do, how we going deal with this? we're getting copycats on radio and podcasting and so forth. This long form interview format is new, but I have I breathe life back into it. Because I think it very important that we do so. That's. Why partnered with our friends at the Fox NEWS Channel came up with this idea that we should we should do it do something a little differently on Sunday night. And if you really special people, some known some unknown liberals, conservatives- liberty,
people who really known identifies anyway. People who have an impact on society who you may know who you may not know. You may agree you may not agree with, but people who are interesting to listen to And so we launch this and soon thereafter, PBS announced that they were doing something like this and then. Podcast, as are announcing that they're gonna do something like this. I they bring it on baby because it's the right thing to do. But there is one major difference. Between my show and all the while, the second tier back printers, and that is I'm not a second tier backpacker. I've taken this. Comment from the past, I've moved to the front.
Now we're going to improve the nature. This debate in the country I did. In the Progressive ISM in digging into conservatism in digging in the really interesting ideas and really awful ideas in exposing their all I answer copycats in this business. I tell you this all the time and when I try to tell people Who asked me all the time? How do I get into this business? I say be yourself, be innovative, be cutting edge and people will be interested or not. That's what you do. It's were constantly trying to do. When I started this radio show at six p m and eastern time, nobody thought it would work. Why cause at six p M eastern time, people have a thousand
Some things to do: they never thought it would turn into a massive programme with Significant Mass of audience, Number three syndicated show in the country at six p m. Can that be the morning shower the midmorning show whether they showed no. It's the shell. Despite dinner, despite sports, despite Thousand obligations people want to listen. And if you don't listen on your radio here, listening on, podcast We'd millions and millions of people every month we listen to this programme, the podcast Anna Lindh, and promote the pot calf. We have millions more people, listen to this programme on the market, in my heart, radio, app When I think I hear radio for a partnership with them as well as well as many other companies.
And, of course, our satellite radio, with wonderful relationship with our friends, their serious, except when this programmes there was very little talk about the car, detention in any substantive, significant way are what the declarations principles actually meant. Or long form, discussions about history and economics, but that's where we do. Then we said: let's challenge tv: let's go the people are in over the years we develop Levine TV
there are named for Levine, isn't the name, a programme Levin TV, and that is what we did. Others followed created. A website called conservative reveal wouldn't just, Host columns hollow that's wonderful, but it would do more. It would link in with our tv products and with my radio show, to promote both, so we built a synergy now others do that It's ok, the pioneers of the best trust me a while others are trained. Figure out where we ve done we're on the next day.
And so I developed this some data with a long form interview and then they come as predicted right by Jaime, but there's a difference. Just as there have been endless efforts over the last. Zillion years that I've been syndicated take out my show or to neutralize or with other house they ve gone young, they ve gone to house A male and female, the mail and a male or female female and a female and male whatever. The fact of the matter is here. I am Stronger than ever before, thanks to you, thanks to you. I've got other ideas to other ideas. Look at the publishing area on books. Nobody write, books,
that are more thorough in research, more substantive Which they would have been talking about, the death of thee. Conservative intellectual movement is pre dead, so they start talking about new forms. A conservative. Apparently, nobody figured out currently nobody's ever written about it all man, it's all a month. We ve got enough explaining to do learning to do in forming to do than to be pretenders. What I also try to do in this programme and sometimes its beneficial. Sometimes it's not is to promote new talent and try. In some ways to provide some guidance and mentoring here and there cuz, because I'm not gonna, be around forever and I am certainly not jealous of you-
your people moving up my day will come their day will come, but that's the way it works. China. Thank you. Folks of Sunday programme is really hitting all cylinders. Two wonderful wonderful thing. No, I want to turn back here to the year to call me, I. Commies, getting increasingly bizarre beyond. Normal weirdness? Isn't he any completely out of the closet boys, he a Trump payer. He is an enormous trumpeter any proves it constantly. And I don't want any more The programmes he's going to be on radio
programme. No, we won't be a mine, how many more radio programmes I just don't know. But here he is talking to my gown and I don't even know what I mean he's on C span, but I don't know the original source. Maybe it was c span. I don't think a wise, but nevertheless cut nine go. Should Hillary Clinton I'm in charge of the crop, when she was interviewed. Why wasn't she put under don't matter with issues under the same thing, at our dwell with an interview with president from where they are I'm not it's still a crime to lie during that this. This is what I mean about what a sleaze baldness guys. If you're under, oh, you can be charged with you're not under oath. He can meet charged with a false statement. If you're under oath, he can be charged with both and he knows that go ahead.
And so it's inconsequential in terms of the strategy, the interviewers. Do you wish she'd one, I wish you what I'm not going to answer, because you said your family members sure. What would your life we like if she won? I also don't know if I went to remove this guy's become sort of a perverse pop star Cultural STAR, in which we keep in mind something used to be hated by these people who are laughing the clapping seals, the media, the Democrats, because stay, as you well know, accused him of his these laws. Until they realize what Hilary lost. Forget about her now we gotta get Trump. This guy's, a complete chameleon- these not funny at all, is pathetic.
I had. I think I would still be the f B. I know why is any good thing we know elite? Why is that? Think he'd still be the epoch. Can you imagine this clown as the FBI director today hurried here is again ten go. Oh, what happened to the investigation of President Trump issued, pre emptive part I dont know. All the time we have. Thank you. Can you imagine that happening, but does that sum this up, look possible, t sure, the whirlwind. I can't imagine myself saying that any other environment, but it sure it's possible based on Happen. This is so
Mr combing you're. Actually, smart one respect. You really are not coming on this programme because stupid questions like this, I wouldn't even ask you. How long have you known Mr Co, me Mr Mueller, which your relations but Mr Mulder. Did you urge rod, rose and steam to appoint? Mr Mullay did you to Mr Mahler at any time before his appointment. What discussions have you had with Mr Mulder since his appointment, Discussions did you have with Mr Rose and steam before he fired you. Discussions to job with Mr Rose and steam after he fired. You have any. Don't you think MR rose and steam should refuse himself
Tell me, Mr Kohl me You had no idea that your deputy was a leaker. You had no idea that Mr Straw, chemists page were conspiring against a political candidate. What we expect from an FBI directors at are you manage your affairs. Tony, Mr Commie. Why weren't you interested in knowing who funded the dough The wooden any first year, agent, one another. Tell me, MR call me when you sign off on the face a word and deceived, a federal judge The german obligation go back to the federal judge if you thought the information about the prostitute, some important in the dossier that you raised with the present the United States,
why didn't you raise this information with the FISA judge. When you met with the present the United States- and you only took that too a little piece of information out of the entire goes here rather than telling him legs, What was in the dossier and who funded it? Who was here Hence the blackmail him wasn't. That is too low The impression the present, the United States, the but salacious unverified in nation- and he asked you to tell the american people that it was not true which you found can for some reason and that information of course was leaked the fact of the matter? the CNN, so could rim of the dossier, the hope This was the whole it over his head. Wasn't it, which is exactly what you did.
And tell me, Mr Combing, your professor friend, who you hired and to whom you leaked information, a leaked to the New York Times. You put him in little jeopardy dinner. Now. We all know that all leaks may not contain classified information. That's been your position if you lay government, information that is proprietary to the government, if you like or two government information, yes information, you create, government, time and so forth. That's why nation of federal law, despite your denials. You placed in jeopardy. Haven't you you're, professor friend,. How do you link to anyone else about anything else in the media list economy non classified ass, a fight or otherwise
The questions go on and on and on and on. And this guy my gallon could care less. The audience, is laughing there haven't a wonderful time. Take a Bernie Sanders rally Ben. Alright, breaking news up on drugs, Washington, compost, more leaks, in its meeting in early March with special council president trumps, lorries insisted he had no obligation to talk with federal investigators, probing rushes and prevention, the twenty sixteen presidential campaign, but Bessel Special. It's a robber Mahler respond that he had another option of Trump declined. He could issue.
Subpoena for the president to appear before a grand jury going into four people familiar with the encounter. Mothers warning the first time is known to have mentioned a possible subpoenaed trumps. Legal team spread a sharp retorted John Doubt, then the price events lead lawyer this isn't some game doubt sad. According to two people, with knowledge of his comments, your screwing with the word the president of the United States, the turn set in motion weeks of turmoil among trumps lawyers, as they debated how to deal with the special council request for an interview, a dispute that ultimately lead to doubts, resignation, in the wake of the testing marked five meeting mothers team agreed the president's lorries with more specific information about the subjects that prosecutors wish to discuss with the president, with those details in hand, Trump lawyer, J, secular, compile a list of forty nine questions that the team The president would be ass, in other words, they consult.
Mothers team. They go on and on about what they want to ask in secular puts this list of forty nine questions together now the New York Times First reported the existence of the list. The queen Its focus on events during the trunk campaign? Will you know we went through them. A newly reconfigured legal team is pondering how to address the special councils. Queries oh I'll, assessing the potential evidence of obstruction, their mother at present in contending with a client scroll increasingly opposed to sitting down with a special council. So these issues, according to this report, were pulled together. I second On his teeth, wonder if those were shared with the special council office if they go back and forth, and back and forth, to try and figure out how to protect his prayers
Seen from a rope prosecutors seeking to prove obstruction by trapping the president, these are dire dire, frightening. We'll be right back if you turn off your radio and open the window, you can probably hear him straight from the studio call Mark Levin at eight seven, seven, three, eight one we ate one one well looks like my theory, is half right and half off but these forty nine questions, are they impeachment the set up for impeachment? Yes, but it's very interesting when you read this. Article is rather nebulous in some respects.
Trying to find the section here that these topics were put together here, it is in the way, of the testy March five meeting Mauler teeming need to provide the president's lorries with more specific information about the subjects that prosecutors, wished to discuss with the president with those details in hand. With those details in hand trumpet origin, take a low, compile a list of forty nine questions that the team believe the president would be ass or in other words they are compiled. The discussions that they had with mothers, people and more the forty nine And so you can see. It is unlikely mothers team leaked it somebody trumps team linked to get the information out there. If this articles correct, however, those forty
questions are general areas of questioning what they are, which could lead to four red. Ninety, more questions. That's me, Each man strategy the obstruction strategy, so that's right, so half off as to who liked it but hit by right as to the purpose. This is Impeachment strategy that the very end of the article on you have to go to the very end Some legal experts believe that to just department, opinions prohibit federal prosecutors, including Mahler, for crying out loud. Thing just closed out on me believe that I gotta pull back up. Yeah one! Second, I'm getting it there. It is legal experts believe that to Justice Department opinions prohibit federal prosecutors, including Mahler, from China. At present with a crime in
They said the constitution relies on. Congress, has power to impeach, as Who to hold a present an accountable for potentially criminal behaviour, trumpet where's, could then argue that he cannot be forced to testify in a subpoena, unless this testimonies necessary to indict someone else now who's been making that case now, for over a year at least the first part of me, and I dug those. Dusted off those two opinions, the Department of Justice about a year ago- what it up on the show. I brought it up on Fox. I brought it up on Hannity show two or three weeks ago again,. And when I'm on Hannity this week, which is likely again because he wants me on every Thursday night, I will bring it up again. And there is one other aspect of this. I can you
While the ears listening and radio and added to this Mr Mulder is compelled to comply with the apartment of justice, rules, procedures and policies and policies I am aware that the Department of Justice has withdrawn either one mammals and why could raise constitutional issue. The issues whether MR rose in Spain is going to enforce those mammals. And since I can't get Mr Rose and stand on this programme to give a damn interview. Let's hope somebody else who somehow manages to get In front of a microphone or a tv cameras will ask him the live in question.
Is it or is it not the policy, the United States Department of Justice under those officer, legal counsel, memos? Then This cannot be indicted by republic, administration and a democratic ministries. And you don't have the power, overall, those you're the deputy attorney general. I don't trust the courts. I must tell you they. Don't trust, courts, but here the president has been put in an impasse, situation and he has done absolutely nothing wrong. This is a complete set up. An absolute sat up and Tell you something you gonna start to hear a choir of Republicans who are running for the hills: scared for themselves, their rats who believe
they'll jumpy sinking ship in order to protect themselves when, in fact, they drown will next calling on the present in the United States to submit to this prosecutor, even though It is constitutionally loathsome constitutionally oath. Their messing around with the office of the presidency. There messing around with the electorate their messing around with sixty some million people who voted for this present. This will I go down well, this will, go down easily, this is Watergate. Its Watergate in reverse that the victim is being targeted? shipping is free with your membership and here's a great way to try a bunch of dollar shave. Clubs. Pro. You know if your shower brush your teeth or try
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calm, Slash, Mark dollar, shave, club dot com, slash mark This is why Schuman from day one demand and a special council, He knew where would leave her right Let's go to Thomas and Somerset New Jersey on the Great W Abc. How are you, sir? Thank you. God bless you good Althea work. I really think the only difference between John ex alarm, mauler is one use, use the garden and the other is using a corrupt. Apart is no need to go there, and then I have all these monetary groups say that I allowed a guy on the air. Pair Mahler to join walks. Both I preach illegal just, but you just becomes a couple in he too far.
Let us go to David Rich Virginia on the mark. Lavinia power, you more great to hear Clearly, all and thank you- I just got a couple. A quick appointed make no sense Hilary uses great excuse when she was being questioned years ago, but I don't recall Oh I'm sorry, I don't remember is anyway, if trumpets foolish, I have to sit down with smaller taken you. Or that illegal, it's not illegal. Let's just a point which becomes an absurdity in he can't say they re question. No Three dicey: this would not be a couple our interview on this, Can this good Gaunt's two three four days, I'm just a hacker: I don't blame you and I do not think tell me
he greeted me David. I do not think the establishment in Washington that these Democrat prosecutors that the media based in Washington and New York free hand. What their mission around with I dont believe they get. It. There are tens of millions of people in this country who are disgusted with what's taking place. Their discrimination, they know it, but they don't care do not carefully because, because remember the whole progressive ideology is to destroy the status quo and replace it with their nirvana and Drawing Trump is perfectly fine by them The rule of law take president in a coup I've been calling this damn thing asylum coup from day, one. Exactly what it is
before while and I agree- and I have one other little question- is to make a quick we this whole investigation is based all right. Yes, so. Why does it Tom and his allies? Won't? Do that so he's, gotta go parents and you Oh, I guess I'll be impeached. That's why I said I'll be impeach, that's why you're? No, what do you think it? Ok, I got ok, that you see there. They're kind of boxing amend with the help of the republic rose. Steam was appointed by Trump, now trot, never who rose was I'm still wondering who recommended Rosen, steamed Trump Tina I have no idea who they were they held. This rose instinct come from was a mistake, was a horrible mistake. I might And thank you for your car. Let's go TAT, Jerry
its Burg Pennsylvania, the great dub, go mark everything you're talking. Are so important and so interesting. I wish it could comment on everything, but I'm going to stick with what I told your screener about. You were talking about them, product party, turning it an anti semitic party, and I We wish you a hundred percent and a prototype, for that is the British Labour Party in Germany Corbyn. It's already become an anti semitic party and the british user start in a fight back now, but I think it may be too late there and what too late that keep the Democratic Party for moving in that direction. I don't know but thou, absolutely right about that, and I quote: many senators to warn him about that. Democratic senators, even humor- and to me? They sometimes polite. Sometimes I just hang up on me. Listen to me, Schuman couldn't be the democratic leader if he wasn't appeasing this attitude. I know that
Elizabeth Warren inquiry. Booker Kirsten Gilad Brand Camelot Harris they're, the ones that keep talking about running for an undemocratic ticket and Every one of them, I think, as hospital, the Israel has hotly at the democratic convention which flag was flown the israeli flag or the palestinian flag or standing wagon. Remember at your palestinian flag. Every now, and then even thought about flying the american flag. Have all these you were talking about? The college camp where you have the radical left, the students and professors in the muslim students and professors ganging up against a jewish students and professors. There, Ultimately gonna become the new leaders of the Democratic Party and when that happens, the democratic parties and return it to the largest anti semitic organization on earth. It, sir. Thank you for your call. We'll be right back,
he imagined, threatening the present the United States with a subpoena like this, what a bunch a mob thugs, what they are marked thugs mob lawyers,. He questioned them, then they question your integrity at its typical. You know more than one million children became victims, have identity fifteen twenty seventeen children in pet families pay five hundred and forty million dollars out of pocket to cover the costs of the fraud Kids identities are worth tonnes on the black market. Did you know that leaves open Some parents don't find out for years after when they apply for financial aid for college. It's terrific.
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I got my comments were with respect to the interview with Yahoo, and it's just shocking how the left and the method perspective I'm going out to those who try to protect themselves is the same as they do on the gun you up providing citizens with guns trying to protect himself. There tat the gun on you Israel is a good neighbour. Who's trying to protect itself They are not the ones making the threat as a man out. There are not the largest terrorism, as the latter, not the ones in supporting those wars in the middle. Let's be blunt, let's be blunt, soft on crime. There, sir, communism and, in the end, their soft on terrorism. Absolutely. And how long would it be? Well if Como
we ve here in here, United. Basically, if making a thread on her family, then he would more confirmed. Many though for the man he's a moron trust me on, this is a moral and he gets done whereby the day I thank you for your car. Let's go to day. Madison Wisconsin on the mark live in a correct answer with who in order to speak with you. As many have said, show once just fantastic? I podcast didn't listen to toys, from I dont know what he wants from Sir, but he was tested. The woman from my believe, however, had twenty the book Barbara Jimmy, they have been long time, listeners collars, wonderful people, only students about from support such since his foot. If he s going to stop info when you for about four months now and I am living I've been on a daily basis, are purchased your book rediscover
mechanism which I think you bring every night till they show an area encourage urea generator of American. Now you know I backed crew, Nor in the primary you know keeps reminding me that or keeps the last time I met a trump says. Now you get back crows. I said but in the general I backed you. Two are no question about it he's along member. I'm going you ve tv, subscriber starting on Friday side. Look. Well then, on a daily basis, and I cannot tell you how much We your words and are you make me feel like there is hope, and there is something better, all the serpent. No thank you Dave and there you are managed in a well known rightwing, town they're, coming but you are the one. It brings a peace and serenity that makes your way. When we go. There is some openness and am also dollar club. A club guy you're, pretty knowing that they are also
You are the best in the West and EAST and south Man you're a great, I appreciated people. Thank you Can I call you know, but we know better doorway Dave, again Dave. I really appreciate your very very kind. Has his everyone hey my beloved audience. We salute our armed forces, police officers, firefighters and american personnel. We will be back here to Morrow duking it out hope you goin.
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