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On Wednesday’s Mark Levin show, The New York Times exposed a secret cabal of FBI agents who used flimsy information to investigate President Trump’s campaign in 2016, code-named Crossfire Hurricane. The Obama administration started their coup attempt against President Trump months before the election as a failsafe in case Trump won. The FBI would never conduct a secret investigation of a Democrat candidate, yet Loretta Lynch’s Department of Justice and James Comey’s FBI engaged in Soviet-style surveillance tactics of Trump and his campaign with no hard evidence. This is a scandal the likes of which this nation has never seen before, and it’s constantly being obstructed by Democrats and covered up by the media. Also, the official position of the Department of Justice is that you cannot indict a sitting president. Robert Mueller’s investigation has been about impeaching Trump since day one, serving the interests of the Democrat party while renegade Republicans protect Mueller. The Constitution is Trump’s best friend, and he needs to wrap himself in it to protect the office of the President. Finally, Mark speaks with Bret Baier about his new book, Three Days in Moscow: Ronald Reagan and the Fall of the Soviet Empire.

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Now let me underline that the bowels of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building, we once again made contact with our leader, everybody, my living near our number, eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one! One! Last night, I reiterated the american media and the Democratic Party. And I pointed out in excuse in detail and comprehensively how both were defending our enemies, how both stood up for her ass. The regime in IRAN. The regime in North Korea, the regime in Cuba,.
And there's no information report today and I'll get there in a moment. But did you notice all the house today? I can't listen. Am I get information from you, my beloved audience repeatedly? Exactly what I said last night. That's why this programme is clean up show. That's why it's important we ve To say what nobody will say until I say it. I'm not putting myself on their head. I dont understand, quite frankly the problem of these back ventures, but the fact of the matter Our media have blood on their hands because way: they give aid and comfort to terrorists, to police states. The communist regimes to fascists. And trash our country trash our allies and trash the state of Israel, but again our circle back, because right now.
There is a story in the New York Slimy the Holocaust, denying New York's limes today, and it was put out mid afternoon. And the New York says, I realise what it did here: As none of the media entities realise what they did over a year ago, when I pointed out. The espionage should have been taking place in this country. You may recall, so I want to get back to this this article today. Listen to this. This is the headline Code Name Cross Fire hurricane. This secret origins of the trouble testing it within hours of opening an investigation into the Trump campaigns ties to Russia in this of twenty. Sixteen, the FBI dispatched a pair of
he to London on a mission so secretive. At all, but a handful of officials were kept in the dark. Let's stop right. There, Donald Trump, his campaign It was under investigation by the Obama. Administration by Jim call me the FBI by law Launches Department of justice: that's how the tree works star In the summer of twenty, sixty did hear what I said. His campaigns ties to Russia. Their assignment, which has not been previously reported new Ex, was very impressed with the fact that they are recipient of leaks. Was to meet the australian ambassador,
evidence that one of Donald Trump advisers know in advance about russian election meddling and what was that evidence? Whether, after ten deliberations between Washington and Canberra top austrian officials broke with diplomatic protocol and allow? the ambassador Alexander Downer to sit for an FBI interview to describe as meeting with the campaign adviser, George Papadopoulos, now that's kind of old, but what's new is that the ambassador of Australia met with the F b I broke with diplomatic protocol will who gave him approval to do? That And you're gonna tell me that the present the United States was unaware that Barack Obama, let's go on, the agents summarize their highly unusual interview and sent the Washington on August to twenty. Sixteen two days
the investigation was opened. Their report help provide the foundation for a case that, a year ago, Thursday became the special council investigation, The time a small group of FBI officials know it by the code Name Cross Fire hurricane. So the coup attempt started before the general election, but they were in place, should Donald Trump elected. That's my interpretation of this. She they give Hillary Clinton the all clear. A spider sera violations knowingly. Finally of the espionage act,. And they unleashed against Donald Trump, just in case I'd like to present the United States, there ready with their co, attempt You have a presidential candidate whose under federal FBI, investor.
His campaign. That is, with nothing but George Papadopoulos. The name, a reference to the rolling stones lyric I was born in a crossfire hurricane- was an app prediction of a political storm that country used to tear shingles off the bureau days after they closed investigation into Hillary Clinton, juice of a private email, server notice. They don't talk about of her violations, potentially the espionage tat. You see, Donald Trump campaigners ties that Iraq collusion Hillary Clinton, privately nails, error agents began scrutinising the campaign of a republican rival. The two cases have become inextricably linked and one of the most consequential periods, History, the FBI, can you imagine the
We are conducting a secret investigation of any democratic presidential candidate. The investigation Hillary Clinton wasn't secret. It was known her violations were no. We talked about it on the air, but here was a secret investigation this month. This department inspector General's office is expected. These the finding of it's likely were the FBI's conduct in the Clinton case. It's also a certain renewed debate over decisions by the FBI directed the time James Commie, to publicly chastised MRS Clinton in a new conference and then announced opening of the investigation days before the election. Mrs Clinton said those change buried her presidential banana. She said that she said America hates women. You know stuff like that. But that's not all the inspector general supposed to do by the way. This month, the Justice Department Inspector General, as we said, is expected to make his.
Release. Now those decision stand, in contrast to the I'll handling of crossfire hurricane, not only did it in that case fall back to their typical policy of silence but interview with a dozen Karen in former government officials. Call me and a review of documents show that the FBI was even more circumspect. In that case,. There has been previously known many. The official spoke condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss the investigation publicly afterwards. There leaking they committing felonies. Agents considered then rejected interviewing key Trop associate which might have spent. The investigation by wrist revealing the exist so the case top officials quickly became convinced that they would not solve the case before candy, which made them only more hesitant to act when agent did take bold investigative steps like interviewing the ambassador
They were shrouded in secrecy. I don't think the New York Times comprehends that it is condemning the Obama administration, the Lynch Justice Department and the combing FBI. Forts soviet, like surveillance, and invest end of tactics of a candidate and his campaign, fearful of leaks, they kept details from poet. Clearly not now they're, not they kept details from political appointees across the street. The Justice Department Peter Stroke, a senior FBI agent, explain in a text that Justice Department officials would find it too, hasty to resist sharing. About our society rope. Oh so, the leaguer straw, was worried about leaks. That's pretty funny only about five Justice Department official, the full scope of that case official said not the desert
who might normally be briefed on a major national security case. So let us be clear: We have a secret cabal of FBI agents who, on the flimsiest of information, flimsiest of information, begin investor and in his campaign tell me when it was revealed that Barack Obama had time Stu domestic terrorist. The FBI conduct a secret investigation. Did it course now remember I'm reading from the New York slime. You have to understand this.
Remember I'm reading from the New York slime. She have to understand the spin, the dishonesty, the omission of information, but still look what they revealed. Look what they revealed in the aggregate he secret small cabal of FBI agents using the flimsiest of pretexts to invest. I can give a presidential campaign, not they Hillary Clinton, Duration, not they Hillary Clinton situation, which was quite public about her violations of the espionage act. What she did a second, no Papadopoulos now this this is my let's go on, the facts, the New York Times right, how they surfaced might have devastated the trunk campaigning the trumps future national security adviser was under investigation as
campaign trim and get this one advisory Russian intelligent contacts, another was suspect Being a russian agent himself there, it is near time just flop and this crap out there, and yet it is utterly consistent with what I talked about back in March. Twenty seventeen. That's something smell rotten based on this including from the New York Times, and you have to ask yourself why the near time's running this now, why didn't get the information or report the information a year ago, I'll get into that minimum? And they Clinton case. Mr call me said he urged on the side of transparency, but in the face of questions from Congress about the Trump campaign, the F B, I declined tippets hand and when the New York Times try to assess the state of the investigation October. Twenty sixteen law enforcement officials caution against drawing any conclusions.
Resulting a story that significantly play down the case. They're trying to show they did all they could to protect the trunk campaign. That's a lie! Of course. They there are conducting a a secret cabal was conducting an investigation FBI. Investigation of the trunk campaign would know. Serious pretext will continue this when I return Line says renewal, ladies and gentlemen, a cabal within the FBI of a handful of. Five or less
took it upon themselves to investigate the trunk campaign, starting in August twenty. Sixteen based on the flimsiest a pretext. A discussion between George Papadopoulos. The ambassador to strike at least that's the position being peddled by the New York Times, I suspect there's a lot more than that to this day clear. The decks for Hilary Despite our cereal felonies, espionage, rack and then immediately genuflect and go after Trump, what does secret cabal of FBI agents. That's what. The New York Times has revealed tonight whether or not they realize incredible. Crossfire hurricane even gave themselves an aim, crossfire hurricane, that
Continued mister come. You said it's unfair to compare the Clinton case, which was winding down in the summer. Twenty sixteen with Russia case, what in its early stages. He said he did not make political considerations about who would benefit from each decision. Course call me as a serial iron, a buffoon, but under by underpinning both cases was one political calculation that MRS did would win and MR trumpet lose? How many times have I told you that the real that Barack Obama and his ilk in the administration did not reveal Congress or anybody else. The Russians, were interfering with our election. The reason why Susan Rice in August twenty sixteen called the Cyber security group within the White House testing now, even though they were telling her about russian interference in the campaign and they dare not provide options. When a member of the pressure on the United States, the Box of men
is because they thought Hilary Road when and they did not want her election tame it. It all panel. Agents fear being seen as withholding information owing to easy on her and they were that any over and actions against Mr Trumps campaign would only reinforces instead, the election was being rigged against and guess what the elite, was being rigged against him by the arm administration, law enforcement and intelligence agency. It is for bread and running around a complete psycho. In five time today- and I may not I'm gonna get to him too- The head of the CIA that a national intelligence that had it Fbi, they're gonna justice depart all colluding to stop Trump just
Casey might when they wanted to make sure they dirty them up pretty good. That argument is a hard and MR trumps Grievances, with a federal investigation in the face by partisan support for the special council, Mr Trumpet his allies abate priority of questioning how the investigation was conducted, a late twenty sixteen and trying to discredit She, ladies and gentlemen, if you dare to challenge this police state tactics, you are ally, who is simply trying to dirty up the FBI, the FBI, which the left them. Democrats have hated since their very existence. Congressional. Against led by Representative Devon Nunez, had begun to dig in it. Yeah I've. What this is is a leak in advance of discovery. Ending. This information out on his heart to try and take the edge off of it.
Rapid Devon Nunez, finding this information out on his home to try and take the edge off of it? Don't allow them to take the drop of it. They set up this cup, our cross fire hurricane, a handful of Give me your age, that's what I said. That's correct. A handful of rogue FBI agents. Crossfire hurricane began exactly one hundred days before the presidential lecture, there's the Knicks lines, but if agents were eager to investigate Mr Trumps campaign now Now you see the New York Times will use a new story to come to their defence, so you have a preemptively because Nunez and others will get to the bottom of this one day. Maybe so, and so their ports the information in advance aren't I take it. This outbreak will continue now, I'm making it possible for tomorrow's back ventures to do this. Article trust me, but you're here
first so well, continue when I return I'm unravelling it for you not just by reading the article by telling the why the new countries doing this, because its clear that A mile of FBI agents acting secretly acting secretly within the FBI to take down the Trump presidency should he be elected, is leaking to the New York Times to spin the story. The New York Times is also trying to provide cover, trying to position these agents as careful not one to interfere with the election, whether conducting covert activities against the campaign. And what you need to get out of this?
that there was a small cabal of FBI agents who apparently took it upon themselves, gave themselves a code name crossfire hurricane under the thinnest, a pretext to investigate the trunk campaign and the so called russian connection. I think there's a ton more here. We only have scratch the surface. And the reason this story is coming up this evening is Because it was going to come out eventually, if not soon- and this cabal put the best spin on it. Where else do you go to the hollow thus denying New York Times to get the spin that you'll want to the hum supporting New York Times. And so are learning an enormous amount here. We just need to rediscover the right way.
Listen to this language from the store the FBI now faces. Those very criticisms of more Mr Trump says he's the vague, so in other words, this this group was trying to be as carefully as possible using as far as possible. Yet there are still being criticized over there the appear, so this is the spin The FBI now faces the times right. Those criticisms are more Mr Trumps says he's the victim of a politicized at the ice and senior age and try to make the election by declining to prosecute. Mrs Clinton think that's quite obvious. Then drummed up the rush investigation undermine its presidency. That's quite obvious. He has declared that a deeply who did Cabal, including his own point: tease is working against him. While there was
is a deeply rooted cabal. The New York Times just revealed that fact knowing full well. That fact was about to be revealed by somebody somewhere. I think this couple of agents is worried about texts and emails and potential witnesses and the back that a special council has not been appointed to investigate the FBI. The Department of Justice, Mr Brandon, Mr Clapper, MR call me misled Mr Mackay, but all arrest without Cabal is amazing. To me, congressional applicants led by Representative Devon Nunez, had begun to dig into FBI files looking forever. They could undermine the investigation, see that so now That is trying to uncover this cabal. What the New York Times did for him in order to protect it now turn
like guns, are known ass, so carefully. And full of FBI. The age investigating translating Trump campaign right. If, Nomination, but it's not ok, when a duly elected member, the House of Representatives chairman of a in terms of the judge committing the house to trying to figure out what the hell took place now he's interfere. But the cabal you see my remains unknown and classified. But those who saw the investigation are closer than Cabal is leaking you, they New York Times and many of those who have reviewed case files in the past year so that far from gunning for Mr Trump, the F B. I could actually have done more in the final months. Twenty sixteen to scrutinise its campaign. Russia ties- and there is the these special pleading New York Times trying to protect the Gabon look can- I really heard- and they could really heard about painted. I never saw anything the resembled a witch hunt coding
only thing that resemble a witch hunt or suggested that the bureau's approached the vestige was politically driven, said, Mary Mccoy Twenty year, Justice Department, veterinary top national security prosecutor, very much of the investigation first nine months, why She confirming this leak. Does it not exposure? Moreover, who gives. Then what she has to say who the hell is. She, I don't know about our politics. That's like saying. In our Mahler, wasn't moraine and he's a republican whilst grow? Am I'm not passing judgment on the fact that these are Marie Why register Republican Solana register Republicans? I despise I was, I have to do with anything. That's continue. This is important because I came here today. To discuss further the Hamas supporting the Cuba supporting the north,
supporting media, as we so Pre handsomely expose them last evening, but I need to deal with this first crossfire hurricane. Crossfire came began exactly one hundred days before the presidential election, You know that you, these are the agents leaking, because only they know exactly when it started, but if they are agents were eager to investigate Mr Trumps campaign, as president has suggested. The messages do not reveal I cannot believe, were seriously looking at these allegations in the pervasive connections. Mr Stroke, road, soon after returning from London, so now we have self serving leaks of emails and texts. The mote in early meetings was anxious. You see the spin former officials recalled agent suggest closely Clinton of us.
They brace four months of Republican, led hearings of a It's not charge crossfire hurricane was built around the same core of agents and analysts would investigated MRS Clint. That's what dams them? Don't you get it New York Times? That's what the agency gave Hilary a pass their one after Trump. Was eager to re enter presidential politics. Former official said special in ages. I do not know what would come of the austrian information the queen. Can they confronted still persists, was any one in the trunk campaign tied to russian efforts to undermine the election. The let me get this straight. This cabal of agents undertakes this investigation of the trunk campaign in its ties to Russia, and yet The question they confronted still persists was any one in the trunk can pay tied a russian efforts to undermine the election.
So the question is still persists and yet that's the question upon which they launch their couple. The FBI investigated for unidentified trunk campaign aids in those early months congressional investigate is revealed in February. See known, as is on their trail. That's why this was late this evening. The four men were Michael Flynn, paw manner for Carter, page and Papadopoulos. Dapple s current former official said each was scrutinised because of his obvious or suspected Russian. Michael Flings, obvious or suspected russian ties. Paul Manfred ties to the Ukrainians Carter page was subjected to advice This delegation had been charged with squat and nobody ever heard of Papadopoulos Mr Flynn. Here we go a top advice. Paid. Forty five thousand dollars by the russian government's media arm for twenty fifteen speech and dying
the arm of the russian President, Vladimir Putin,. So what so, what we people on Russian TV left and right, including Adam Schiff? We have that, Then foundation reseating millions of dollars from people were ties, declare Putin and the Russians. This is half the anything for the campaign trim lobbied for pro russian interests in Ukraine and work with an associate whose husband, identified as having connections to russian intelligence worked with an associate who had connections to russian intelligence. What does that mean does mean anything. Mr Pay, J form in farm policy adviser policy adviser was well known of the FBI had previously been recruited by russian spies. Was this Meeting one in Moscow during the campaign? What
charging with anything did he even got a Papadopoulos the warrant based on the dossier whose wine fuelled conversation, many was drunk with the Austrian abandoned set off the investigation, There was Papadopoulos the young and inexperienced campaign aid, whose wine fuel conversation, many was drunk with the Austrian about They set off the investigation. We don't know that to be true, but that we spend. The FBI has leaked to the New York Times with its which the New York Times as pressing to you. If our hacked democratic emails appeared online, he had seemed to know that Russia had political dirt on MRS Clinton, but Russia didn't have political durno. Mrs Clinton. But even if the F b I had wanted to read as emails earners up, this calls that evidence was now have to allow it. You got that that's stuck deep
The article laden of any evidence on Papadopoulos to take any of his infer other which to get a warrant many months passed for facial said before the FBI encouraging linking Papadopoulos to a russian intelligence operation? They ve only charge the coffee with a false statements so far They ve been charged with espionage or anything else. Mister was not under investigation, but his actions, perplexity agents days- but a stolen democratic emails, became public we call on Russia to uncover more then there's broke the Mr Trumps campaign. It pushed to change the republican platform stance on Ukraine and waste favourable to rush turns out. Even I was critical of that turns out. That's not accurate. The FBI stinks, crystallized by MID August after the CIA directed the time. John Brennan shared intelligence with MR call me
showing that the russian government was behind an attack on the twenty, sixteen presidential election intelligence agencies began collaborating to investigate that operation. The crossfire hurricane team was part of that group, but largely operated independently. Three official said: look at this. Incredible and Brennan has his finger prints all over it, which makes sense. Doesn't it. He was the CIA directed Hemming, see. I directors voted for a communist. For present he was a radical leftist plucked from obscure by Obama to head the CIA. What did the CIA under Mr Brandon due to stop the Russians from it Fishermen are election, Barack Obama in almost nothing to stop the Russians from interfering in our like. Do you understand this administration? The Obama administration was responsible for stopping preventing confronting the Russians and they get almost nothing except
that's the gate, the republican Army nominee for president of the United States, because of some guy named Papadopoulos, dapple issuers trunk, who spoke of the austrian ambassador. This is all a set up. Senator Markka Robia Republican Florida, so they have to stay you investigation is the member that a member there said intelligence committee saw no evidence of political motivation and the opening of the investigation. Why get We should all forget. It then say growing body of evidence that a foreign government was attempting to inform both the process and the debate surrounding our elections and their job is to investigate counter intelligence. That's what they did. No, Marco, that's not what they did. The application for Pfizer did not present all the information to the face a Susan Rice put the brakes on. For security in the White House, confronting the Russians, your own.
Maybe wasn't told about it too late in October. Why are you a cover up artist for what, taken place here, marker Rubio, I would like Get to the bottom of this are the worst way why Are you giving a pass through this cabal to what took place I speak as somebody who worked at the Justice Department, Marco you ve, never worked at the Justice Department, All they were doing was Counter intelligence investigation mark. Looking back, some inside the FBI and Justice Department say that Mr Com, you should have seen the political storm and better shouted the bureau. They question why consolidated. The Clinton Trump investigations at headquarters, rather than a field office, is this a joke? We know why he did that. He was protecting Hilary going after Trump and they say
you should not have relied on the same team for both cases that put a boat. I and the heart of the FBI, any misstep and either investigation may both cases and the entire bureau vulnerable to criticism. This cup has a hell of a voice in the New York Times. Doesn't it and there were missteps Andrew Mackay, the former? Pity directed the FBI was cited for internal by internal investigators for dishonesty about his conversations we reporter porters about. Mrs quite there's. Another guy Rubio came to the defence Well, I'm not sure I should be fired. You know with his pension like this, I don't think that's appropriate nice gave ammunition for Mr Trumps claims that the FBI cannot be trumped trusted. What is Mr Trump have to do with this? Ladies and gentlemen, he had. No idea was being investigated. This is Opto August. He didn't do anything. They keep throwing these one liners into their article, and yet Trump happens to be right.
MR stroke unleash a page and happy. I learn exchange text criticising MR trap allowing the president deployed Devenant survive when they became public. Oh, so the problem is that the actual bias, the problem is tromp mentioning the actual, buys I'll, be right back. It is the second I hope you stay with me. Then I wouldn't want to some other things, but I definitely want to finish because for all of us right now? The cabal is being veal. When you put aside the New York Times Span and their special, eating and so forth, and so on with the New York Times establishing a pre emptive leak to the New York Times is that there was a little
Handful of FBI agents is part of a cabal who, on their own. Started investigation of the trunk campaign, hoping define dirt on Donald Trump and his campaign. All the talk about the main, cautious and not wanting to interfere the campaign. The fact of their existence tells you otherwise the pretext being that Papa. It really a nobody in the campaign was drunk or almost drunk said, something to the austrian ambassador, but suggested the US Brian Ambassador, that he knew that the Russians are trying to interfere the campaign and help Donald Trump. Despite all the can national testimony in all the investigator act, these are the FBI, justest warm and lawyers and so forth, and so on. They have found no such thing. And so this is a pre emptive leak, because
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now run only underground than the bowels of a hidden somewhere under a brick and steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader, everybody. Michael again, here I number eight seven, seven three hundred and eighty one three hundred and eighty one one hundred and eighty seven seven thousand three hundred and eighty one one one as we blaze our trail clear, the path Everybody here so the New York Times for those of you who are just joining us. Has revealed, didn't mean to reveal, but has revealed in fact this evening in a long article that there was a Cabal within the up very small number, less than five up to five.
There are many ways did not report to or through the usual channels as it undertook upon itself, Who had a little too much wine? According the New York Times, in other words, was drunk had spoken to the ostrich tax they use, is that George doubtless really and nobody in the Trump campaign who'd Little too much wine, according the New York Times, in other words, was drunk had spoken to the Austrian, ambassador they have the wonder how those two linked up. And the australian ambassador allegedly took from occurring. Station that he knew about russian Interference with the campaign, presumably to assist the trunk camp. Are you gonna, have some slob standing there and say what every wants to say, but for a couple
Olive FBI, agents, fire or less. To use as a basis to unleash a secret. I said a secret counter intelligence investigation of the trunk campaign? his way beyond the pale way beyond the pale. They gave themselves a name. Ladies and gentlemen, a code name Crossfire hurricane that when these these cabal give themselves names. You know their totally out of control. The New York Times. Is writing this? Has it is spoon FED information when this cabal, apparently because Convinced that Devon Nunez among others, is hot, the tale that is, if this cabal. Because his name shop shows up at a nothing for now. Isn't it all and they base?
we condemn him and Trump free condemning what the FBI's doing to trot. So you see it transformed. And very concerned you see about the possible connections between the trunk campaign in Russia. Between the Hillary Clinton campaign through fusion. She Ps Russia, not the. Bill and Hillary Clinton Library, and foundation in Russia not and, of course, Brennan's name then here, because I believe Brennan was an invisible hand in the system against the trunk campaign, among others. But I'm gonna continue where I left off, because I can't repeat the first hour. You can, however, listen to it.
Thirty minutes or so. After the end of this programme, we posted our mark. Levine show Facebook, our official radio website counter intelligence investigations It's the New York Times can take years, but if the russian government had influence over the Trump campaign, the B. I wanted to know quickly. One option was us direct interview, the campaign officials about the russian contacts that was Gus, but not acted on two former official said: because interviewing witnesses are supporting documents might thrust the investigation into public view exactly what officials are trying to avoid during the heated the presidential campaign. So you can tell cabal or members or a member, but likely several members sat down with this New York Times reporter fed the Innovation and then they worked out how to reveal it. You do now
like actions. I want necessarily impact in election, Sally Yeats, the former deputy tonnage and general sittin, in our view, should not discuss details, but added folks were very careful to make sure that actions that were being taken in connection with that investigate did not become public. Ok. Now we have a major contradiction in the New York Times piece. It said that there was a handful of FBI agents who didn't really report to the usual channels or through the usual channels, near you, Sally Yeats, the former Obama? deputy attorney General United States who know about says, would not discuss, do so here we are well this long article in the middle of it, where it contradicts the front under the article they tried to Political parties, out of it they said, and yet Sally Yeats as a class, a political appointee by Barrack Milhouse
about, did not present many crucial decisions for coming to make so again We was briefed regularly on the russian investigation, but one official said those briefings focused mostly on hacking election interference. The crossfire hurricane team, the cabal, did not present many crucial decisions for coming to make. So again, the article is internally contradictory. That Cabal did tell call me at least about their investigation, even if it were how information, even from call me so here you have rogue FBI agent. I put that proper label on it. Rogue FBI, age. But because they were going after Trump world perfectly fine by the New York Times. The holocaust, and I knew your time top officials,
I am convinced that there is almost no chance. They would answer the question of collusion before election Day and that made agents even more cautious. Isn't that convenient the FBI obtained. I'm records and other documents using national security letters, a secret type of subpoena official set an elite Government inform it met several times for Mr Page, Mr Papadopoulos, current informers official said that has become a politically contentious point with mister. Epps allies question where the FBI was spying on the Trump campaign are trying to entrap campaign officials on the brakes. The FBI, obtain phone records and other documents. Using national Security letters a secret type of subpoena, a sacred type of subpoena.
At least one government inform it met several times with Mr Page and Mr Papadopoulos, Karen and former official said so, there was in fact a government informed who met with Mr Page, Mr Papadopoulos. There was in fact a spy. Looking back some of the Justice Department and happy, I now believe that agents could have been more aggressive now. This is the spin to show us that these agents were very careful, very professional use, good judgment. These are rogue Asians, rogue agents within the FBI They ultimately interviewed Mr Papadopoulos and generate twenty seven and manage to keep it secret, suggesting they could have done so much earlier. There's always a high degree of caution before take
overt steps in a counter intelligence investigation said Miss Mccord, who would not disgusting also the case who the hell is Miss Mc Court and that could have worked to the president's benefit their oh, that's. The former prosecutor of National Security prosecutor. Such tactical decisions are reflected and went on Mister strokes, most controversial text sent on August fifteen, twenty sixteen after meaning when the caves office. I want to believe the path you throughout. Consideration and Andy's office that there's no way he gets elected, but I'm afraid we can't take that risk. Insurance policy in the unlikely event you die before you're forty two trump says: look at the new. Mr Trump says that message reveal a secretive b. I plan to respond is like We'll go to face too and we'll get this guy out of office. He told the Wall Street Journal. This is the EP, We're talking about that is treason, but officials have told these
their general, something quite different. They said This page and others advocated a slower circumspect pace specially because Paul's predictive MR try defeat they so that anything, the F b I did publicly, would only Father to MR trumps claims on the campaign. Election? We look other spinning this, so they ensure its policy was intended to protect, MR, Ah, now I get it distract counter that, even if this, Trumps. Changes of victory were low, like dying before forty. The stakes we're too high to justify inaction. Mr Stroke at simile, argued for a more aggressive path or any Clinton investigation. According to four current former officials, he opposed the just parliament's divisional, often She's Clinton's large immunity and negotiate Mr High drives the official said: the strike favorite user.
Search for answers subpoenas instead in both cases, is argument lost, so you can see their protecting stroke here. His argument lost to who who over road is. Arguments was a MR call me I mean there are many people above MR struck. Mr Stroke was reporting The cave and call me so who overruled as arguments maritime says and tell us yet. The Abbe a bureaucracy did agents no favours than other protecting the cabal of the rogue agents. In July I retired british binding Christopher Steel approached a friend in the FBI overseas provided reports linking trunk campaign officials to Russia, but the documents. May around the FBI, organizational charred former official said only MID September. Congressional investigators say: did the records reach the crossfire hurricane team.
Why how Mister Steele, even though, to give it to the crossfire hurricane team if they were secret cabal, I'm just asking she meandered around the FBI. Actually meandered around the CIA. To me. Only around the National Intelligence Office to legislature was meandering in John Mccain off all over the place, Meandering among reporters, steel, was gathering information about Mr Trump as a private investigator for fusion GPS affirm pay by Democrats, but it was also suited highly credible, having helped agents unravel complicated cases in October agents flew to Europe If you, but Mister Steele, had become frustrated by the FBI, slow response, he began shit. His fine exit September October, with journalists of the New York Times awash deposed the new Yorker and elsewhere according to congressional testimony. So as agents try to corrupt
Mr Seal's information reported began, calling the bureau asking about his findings. The FBI was working here. Against Mr Trumpets he asserts this was an opportunity, which embarrassing information into the news media shortly before the election. So here again the New York Times goes off the rails The dossier was pushed into the news me. But they say that did not happen most this did not publish Mr Seal's report. Listen! I have this is written agent tried corroborate. Mr steals: Informations reporters began Corned beef, Ask me about his findings. The FBI was working against Mister Travis. He asserts this was an opportunity to push passing information to lose media shortly before the election. That did not happen. Most organizations did not publish Mr Seal's report to reveal the FBI's interest in them until after the election Ladys in
now you can understand why, in March twenty seventeen, when I was starting to put this together, obviously didn't have all of them, but I had basic outlines from leaks, must be from the road cabal and others in the New York Times and other the idea that the bureau wasn't trying to her trumpets a lie. A damnable lie, they Democrats see rueful irony in this moment, MR coming after ball broke with policy and twice publicly discuss the Clinton investigation. Now this is this. A third time. The New York Times is done this, yet he refused repeated requests to discuss the Trump investigation because, The Trump investigation was a secret effort to destroy Donald Trump, the killers Best negation was an open effort to announce that she was clean.
Even though she should have been indicted as the democratic nominee for president of the United States, so that is my answer to the New York Times as they continue to repeat this phony compares the result What was that MR combing broke about policy and tradition in MRS Clinton's case to protect her? That's the irony protector. She didn't lose because She lost her she's thanks, but you'd closely to the rules for MR drop. This is the fourth time the New York Times has used this line. So they go to represent a random shift. The top Democrat on the House into committee said that alone proves MR trumps. Claims of unfairness revolt deeply at odds with the facts and damaging to our democracy. Am I boring everyone, MR producer? I think this is crucially important were also
I think I have the finishes I'll be right. Back, I hope the I really do apart from me. Times editorial comments at a slip throughout in it's been. This is a scandal the likes of which this nation has never seen This nation never seen anything like this, cover up by the media. This nation is never seen anything like this. The obstruction by the Democrats. This nation has never seen anything like this, the New York Times Were near the end crossfire hurricane, that's the self idea
occasioned by the handful of FBI, rogue agents, the cabal crossfire. I came began with a focus on four campaign officials by mid fall. Twenty sixty mid fall. Twenty sixteen, ladies and gentlemen, presumably October right before the election, Mr Carter Pages, and create progressed the furthest agents had known MR page four years. Russian spies tried to recruit him and twenty thirteen, or did they currently not, they said tried. And he was dismissive when agents warned him about it, a half dozen current in former official said that want to even made its way back to russian intelligence, leaving agent suspecting that Mr Page and reported the reference to Mask luckily weasel language that the agent suspected, what did he get a tap on his phone. You are listening and honest conversations relying on it. Information and MR steals prosecutors obtained court approval. The eavesdropper
Your page was no longer with the trunk campaign. Look again rely FBI, information and Mr Steals- they put a tiny little footnote in the application in the ice in the vice application. Within with an indication so ambiguous on how it was funded, that there was no way a federal judge would have at any idea the Democrats and a Hillary Clinton campaign where involving at the New York Times. ITALY is it is has to note here. Prosecutors obtained court information. You, Mr Page information, remember the cabal. During their own investigations. Steel was doing his own investigation. The cabal didn't have this information early in the morning until September. Yet they use that
information, tat. Get, though, aren't prosecutors obtained court approval to eavesdrop, Mr Page, who is no longer with the trunk campaign. That warrant has become equally contentious and is crucial to republican argument site intelligence agencies are properly used. Democratic research. Look at how the New York Times reports this as if they are the head. The Democratic Party, Ms Yeats Numbers Yeats, is discredited museum to use the Logan ACT against Lieutenant General might win, and yet they keep referring to her if wing, political hacker, the highest order and the Obama administration Maisie age. The deputy attorney under President Barack Obama. Finally, they mentioned at the end of the article sign the first warrant application there. It is the first time The first time to my knowledge reveal Sally, I left wing political deputy attorney
of the United States that Barack Obama They use will lower that gets Lieutenant General Flynn sign the firs weren't, whether five sap application, maybe if put out there but first I've heard it we'll be right back trust me when I tell you he's colonists and torture hosts we're taking notes for me. They don't. I had on analyzer stuff their background and experience is not the same as my I catch this stuff, misery, It's the deputy turning generally Obama hold over was behind me the attack on MIKE Flynn and pushing me Logan ACT argument, which was a phoney argument. She was eventually ff By the president, because she undermine his position on immigration,.
Just received a complimentary in support of email by then to who would want to being the number two investigator on Mahler team. Acts of Mina what I'm trying to say, jerks or in a circle. Let me put it that way: bomb, assign the first war in application. But don't worry the New York Times says subsequent sound sensuous. This is real, bunches, circled jerks. If that mean what am I going to say Checks or in a circle, let me put it that way: Maisie eight the deputy attorney general under Obama Bomb, the first war in application. Don't worry. The New York Times says subsequent filings were approved by members of Mr Tramps Zone Administration. The acting attorney General Dana J bounty
and then rod, J rose and stained. The deputy attorney general, and this is why trumps furious they're out of control. Now before I go on and bring this to a close. You know my listener was in deep but back taxes to the IRS, roughly fifteen grand and he couldn't pay. Just a matter of time until they garnished his wages and seized. His bank accounts umpteen times. You heard me mention optimum tax relief and optimum knows that behind every tax problem are good people with families, home savings and paychecks the need protection. And on team times you started a call any stop. Finally, he did It was the best colleagues ever made the tax experts at optimum qualified him for the fresh start initiative a special IRS program that saved them thousands and put his taxed at the rest
commands, resolved over half a billion dollars and tax debt for their clients, and they re plus raided with a better business bureau, You're ready to put your irish crisis by new one car can start the process to solve at all com. I trusted friends the experts, the pros at optimum tax relief, here's the special number, eight hundred four nine nine sixty three hundred eight. Hundred four nine sixty three hundred? That's eight hundred four nine. Sixty three hundred! That's continue. We're learning a lot We're learning a lot: the New York Times Hope you're missing every piece of it as it spins and spend some positions and positions, but you're not catch him, everything you're with me and I'm with you Four months of investigation, MR pop Apple us remain largely a puzzle
agents were nearly ready to closer investigation and Mr Flynn. According to three current in former officials, then they have a pair statical parentheses. Mr Flynn rekindle the appeal, his interest in November. Twenty sixteen by signing up at article that appeared to be written on behalf of the turkish government and they making phone calls russian ambassador that December Why would writing a piece on behalf of the Turkish which I despise. We kindle castigated activities are making calls to the russian ambassador when you there, incoming National Security Council adviser see. This is again the thinnest reads: a complete phony pretext, but let's go on in late October. Late October, ladies and gentlemen, be about a week before the general like in late October. Response to questions from the Times law enforcement
this was acknowledged the investigation but urged restraint. So they had scrutinise summit Mr Trumps advisers, but found no proof of any involvement with russian hacking. Rezoning article in October, thirty one reflected the caution wonderful row, cabal of agents, very cautious and said that, Instead, it cover no conclusive or direct link between Mr Trump and the russian government. The key factor, the article that the I'd open. A broad investigation of possible links between the russian government. The trunk campaign was published in the tenth paragraph in the tenth paragraph of the New York Times is near times from putting about the near time. An year a year and a half later, no public evidences surfers connecting MR trumps advisers to the hacking are linking Mr Trump himself to the russian government's disruptive
all the the end, the Erika, but. Because tone in headline investigating Donald Trump FBI sees no clear linked to Russia, given Arafat, What do you do? An investigation that was just beginning. You see Trump. One. Ladies and gentlemen, the investor The processes were already in place. The hypothesis, if you will had already been presented the just needed to find something like good little soviets. They needed to find something anything they work so hard disk about, starting in August they'd like so much they couldn't. Let it go. They had their man, they just don't know what they had him for. Democrats say that article preemptively.
Mr Trump dousing chances to raise questions about the campaigns. Russia ties before the election. So the Democrats or about politics using all this against Trump Justice. Yet the eyes been criticised for its handling of the Trump investigation. So too has the New York Times. I don't know why, An agreement understand this point: Hillary Clinton paid for the dossier, the Dnc paid for the dossier. The dossier came indifferent phases, but the the the essential content. The dose here was no months before the general. It that's why Hillary Clinton started Walk when she locked the collusion. Russia collusion rhetoric collusion together under why or how she knew about it. Well, there wasn't any, but she had to know about dossier. She ever been interview by that. Have any committee of Congress ever had hurt defy about her all, not one any coming
Congress ever have Debbie Vitamin Schulz. Gordana Donna Brazil testify not once now once Her mister Steele dashed is confidence in american law enforcement. Well, that's very upsetting. He didn't know what Happening inside the FBI Glenn our Simpson, the founder fusion GPS testified this year and there was concern, the FBI was being manipulated for political ends by the Trump people, the FBI. Being manipulated for political ends by the Trump people which Tron people at the the eye. Can you name one. Again, this is the New York Times, spinning positioning, managing a disaster. Two weeks before Mr Trumps, inauguration senior american intelligence official briefed him at Trump Tower,
and on russian hacking and deception. They reported that Mr Poe, It tried to so chaos in the election under my MRS Clinton ultimately help Mr Trump, when how did he do that through the dossier? How did he help Mr Trump Win. And if he was helping, Mr Trump, when why did Barack Obama sit on his hands until late October What did Susan Rice on her hands? Why did it all sit on their hands because they Did Hilary the win and they did not believe that the russian interference would help tromp when if they thought russian interference what helped, when they would have been jumping up and down on August, about baby making public pronouncements about it. They calling on us care paying Papadopoulos and all the rest of them, but they did because he wasn't trying to help trump. He was trying to interfere with it. Pain and thanks to the Obama administration, he succeeded not in helping to
for defining Hilary but interfering in the campaign. Not a word about in this long New York Times peace, because it's a long peace with really only about ten sentences that matter, Mr Call met with Mr Trump. Thirdly, revealing the steel reports and warning that you know he didn't, the other steel reports reveal. A very limited amount in one Steel report and by presenting embarrassing information to Lord over President elect sorry, ladies and gentlemen, I call on day one For which he was later rewarded with a job and money money. You stay calm. He has said he feared making this conversation o J, EDGAR Hoover type situation with the FBI. Embarrassing information to Lord over President Elect sorrowfully. Gentlemen, I caught her on day. One call me-
but he did he did it the way he did so. He would be able to in his mind blackmail. But presently United States in contemporaneous memo. In other words a self serving member. Mr coming That he assured Mr Trump, the F b I intended to protect on this point I said media like CNN, had them and work for a news that Mr Commie wrote a MR steals documents. It was important that we not give them the excuse to write that the FBI had the Matera and yet that's exactly what they did, because I, Mr Clapper Clapper Brennan, call me Yeats yikes. Mr Tromp was not convince, you know why cause he's not an idiot, he saw something was wrong: Maginnis you're, not side you now, the President elect all this is being dumped on you.
Mr Tromp, was not convinced either by the Russia briefing go by because these assurances he made up his before MR come even walked in the door hours earlier. Mr Tramp told the times that story. Russian Election Interference were being pushed by his adversaries to distract from his victory right cause. Why didn't they push early because they wanted to protect Mr But the care paying. Don't you understand, ladies and gentlemen, at the end of the article I hope you ve been with me from the beginning. I am almost speechless, I'm almost speechless, just to recap, before I go to the break, a handful of FBI agents.
Decided to investigate the trunk campaign, initially keeping their activities quiet from virtually every other unit. Within the FBI. It was a secretive cabal of FBI agents Fireless. They wanted everybody kept in the dark. Because they say the near times in their legs, George Papadopoulos was apparently drunk. Had said something or something to the austrian ambassador, suggesting the Papadopoulos NEWS of Russian Interference in the election. They assume that was intended to help Trump, since he was a trump support and that this cabal of agents went to London,
and other parts of the country as they were, investigating the republican campaign having Clear the Hillary Clinton campaign, the same group. They then immediately turned to the trunk campaign based on nothing. They gave themselves a code name, crossfire hurricane crossfire, Hurricane. They wanted to conduct their investigation under the radar. And yet later we know that they inform MR call me of major parts what they were doing: the withheld some information according to the New York Times, which means, according to these leakers. The very upset they didn't do more at the time to expose Trump, but we don't know they mean expose them to what.
Her behind in part the vice application, they are targeted, Michael Flame, because he was paid forty five thousand dollars to give a speech. To the russian government, a media arm of the russian government and twenty fifteen and he actually dined the arm of the russian President, Vladimir Putin's. Ladies and gentlemen, that's no. Basis for investigating Flynn in any respect they poured out matter for Betty Lobby a pro russian interests in Ukraine and work with an associate the Lisbon agenda, having connections to the russian intelligence in yet were told in the face applications- men Urged not one of the ones who are targeted if he did these things. Why wasn't me Mister Carter page MR page you're, the fall guy. You're, the straw man through which this cabal was operating, but you didn't know it.
Even though the near time smears him further, there's no evidence whatsoever that MR page worked with russian intelligence the weasel words, the New York Times you suggested- they use Mr Page and they use the dossier, among other things, for the work at the vice accord. This cabal, Fbi agents came up with almost nothing independently. That would justify a probable cause. Camera intelligence warrant. So they concealed information. John Brennan, the former CIA direct shared intelligence, would call me. Showing the russian government was behind an attack on the twenty sixteen presidential election and the intelligence agencies Bank will begin collaborating to investigate the operation and we know they look like hell, and this secret cabal was part of the group.
There was involve operating independently, of course, and yet rice, know about it in August in told these cyber security came at the White House to stand out. Marco Roby, oh by the way, sees nothing wrong with this, and they emphasise this the near tat, hey. What's the problem? No evidence political motivation and opening that investigation, Marco, any glasses, but you keep at it. Then it turns out that they were in fact forming call me in some respects forming others at the Justice Department in some respects. We also learn it Sally Eights, Deputy Tourney jointly United States, who tried to push the Phoney Logan ACT in order
destroy Lieutenant General Michael Flynn, was the one who signed the Pfizer application. Highly political, radical left us who Obama put an office I'll be right back Turning to Rudy Giuliani two weeks ago, I told him that they would not. Indeed, the present the United States, because the Department of Justice policy which he would have here now. I have told you use for almost a year June. Twenty seventy on this programme
told you on Fox that, while all these other lawyers, some professors, some former prosecutors and on and on all her in the weeds, I discover those two Department of Justice memos nineteen. Seventy three, two thousand, which explicitly said in significant detail, the position of the Department of Justice that he's sitting present United States cannot be indicted under our constitutional conscript. I mean it more about this in the next hour, as well as closed circle on what's taking place with Hamas, in Israel and the american media, especially few shower brush your tea. We try to make your hair look presentable. Here's some good news dollar shave club has a lot of stuff to help you out dollar shave club delivers everything you need to look feel and smell your best.
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now run only underground than the bowels of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leaders are demanding here are number eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight seven, seven three! one three. Eight one one were, ladies and gentlemen, help, Rudy Julie, armies, record, about his meeting with Mr Mothers team is accurate. They headline It CNN and also Fox and elsewhere, but it gives me great joy, Rita from CNN.
Giuliani Mothers team told Trump slurs. They can't indict a president National Council, Robert Mahler steamers, inform President Donald Trump attorneys that they have concluded. They cannot indicted sitting president accorded the president's lawyer, although to do his rider report, Trump Rudy Giuliani, told CNN. They can indict least they acknowledge. That to us. After some battling acknowledged that the US that conclusion likely based on long Standing Justice Department Guidelines so CNN, it's not about any us. Many of the Epp. Ed smugglers team is compiled, a lack of diamond what now listen, how the media go here. There say, oh, my god, why? What are we gonna do by the way where we're not done a lack of an indictment? We're not necessarily mean the presidency and the clear mother could issue a report making referrals or recommendations they ass represented. Ladies and gentlemen, I think this is why you listen to the show when you can do a thousand other sports
Around at home- whatever I think this, why you listen to the show, and I think this is why you hear the shows the next day regurgitate when I'm explaining here. And if I don't pointed out, nobody will go to June nineteen. Twenty seventeen on this radio programme to go to June. Twenty twenty said contain on honeybees factual, I pulled out those documents. The dog and Dugan Dugan? Fine, because that's what I do. I think about this sort of stuff all the time I'm not out. In our gallivanting, doing their stewing that tooting around on about whatever you know. This is what I do mark. What do you do for fun? This is what I do and I ve told you from day one. This is all about impeachment.
That mothers all about impeachment. And that is serving the thrust of the Democratic Party. While certain renegade Republicans went to protect him Even though he is destroying our constitutional system and the results of the last election. Cannot indicted sitting president. Whatever my personal opinion, it is irrelevant. You cannot indicted sitting president. That is the official position. According to the Department of Justice. It's a set of peat of shoes that keep dropping here. While Dershowitz and the others this one Now, one hour I can play the fifth: it can do there. She there's nothing. We can do in response to subpoena. Well well! Well! Well! Well! Well, that's not correct. You cannot indicted sitting president. Whatever my purse our opinion. It is irrelevant you can't.
Indicted sitting president, that is the affair, Your position, according to the Department of Justice. I've set it on the air. Mr Miller's people hear me I've. Waved it in their faces on tv. You cannot and died sitting. President accord the United States Department of Justice, for which Mr Mahler works and as a condition of its employment and his appointment. He must comply with Department of Justice policy, Parliament of justice policy today to my knowledge has never been altered, not just that. Stepanian in the necks of administration and the set, An opinion and the Clinton administration, it's never been offered. Each of those memorandum, one built upon the other. They are conclusive.
And the idea that Mr Mulder would go to court indicting oppression, the United States, when the president's as regards the the Supreme Court and wave around those documents for those justice, it would have been preposterous. Doesn't mean you still won't do it at a spike, but I am telling you that if we followed the rules of the Department of Justice, there are enforced by the attorney general, the United States? He cannot indict this president already present. Thou when they leave office such a definition, I have explained this- tell em Blue in the face. This has always been about impeachment. It has to be about impeachment.
It doesn't mean this row. Prosecutor won't, try it on died anyway, and that trumpeters Lars wipe a fight and district court in a pellet court and the Supreme Court unless they go directly to the Supreme Court. I put nothing past smaller and his rogue democratic pro the cutest, by what I'm saying and what I said on Hannity, what I've set by this microphones, what I've said alive in tv is that constitution is this president's best friend rap yourself in it defended the friendly offers for the presidency and the fact that this republic, in Congress, It's there and as we call Mr Mahler before these Judiciary Committee committees, this that he explain underwater authority. He seeks to subpoena president and set about four indictment. The fact that they ve never asked Mister Bell, His opinion of these memoranda.
Is a shameful lack of faith or cut educational system by a republican Congress that sits there, that lies there like a bunch of flounder on the beach? Yes from the eavesdropping in March. Twenty seventeen to the insistence of people that they can indict as president for obstruction. We ve been right and we ve been first because we think about these things. We study these things. We educate ourselves about these things Cnn says the inability to indict sitting president has been the position of the Office of legal counsel in the Justice Department since the next moment. Creation reaffirmed in the Clinton administration, but has never been tested in court.
I have said this over and over again, but tested in court. How would it be tested in court? You indicted sitting president. I then his lawyers going to court and say your honor he's ultra vires. That is without authority. He can come in. Here is a special council and overturn his own departments policy. It had been an open question: CNN. Whether if investigators found potentially criminal evidence against Trump mothers team would try to challenge those Justice Department guidelines. Seen unreached reached at the team they declined to come at. How can you challenge the Department of Justice guidelines? ploy the Department of Justice. You don't have standing that challenge your departments, guidelines. Listen to me. He has no standing
That challenge those guidelines, none, he must follow the guidelines. As a condition of his appointment, CNN, the Justice Department, memos Back to before next, and so you can unindicted sitting present, you have to teach him now there was. A time in which there was some dispute about that, but they acknowledge to us orally that they understand that can't violate the Department of Justice roles. Giuliani said: why do they, Stand that because I've been pounding it and pounding PAMELA away at this. Did you watch my Fox tv show on Sunday two ago, one? had to Jennifer, embalmed gene.
On the programme and I pulled those memoranda out yet again and read for a moment. We put it on the screen. I said to my wife: I have got to keep pushing this. I gotta get it. I've gotta keep making this case on. All the platforms, I have radio tv, Digital TV as again. I gotta keep making the case making the case these lawyers, this Congo line a lawyers this one from this school, and this one. With this background of the term, doing the wrong arguments. They're, making the wrong arguments. I'll be right back
I want to move direction right now,. Really very happy direction. In my view, there is a wonderful book at three Moscow, Ronald Reagan of a fall, the Soviet Empire by Brett Bare, and you ve heard me talk, wrap air one of the last journalists standing as far as I'm concerned. Man doesn't have an agenda other than to try and figure out. What's going on and communicated to us and I'm very hard on journalists, because their very hard on us by bread bear is really superb And I read his book early on, he days in Moscow, Ronald Reagan and the fall of the soviet empire. Even focuses on these three crucial days and expand upon it as the really the beginning of the fall of the soul
It unpack it's really a magnificent biography on the life of Ronald Reagan. Brett bear. How are you my friend remark, based primarily on you must be exhausted by hell yeah, it's almost harder prom the book than writing it isn't it. You know that well yeah. It is it's a lot of fun now and I am really proud of it not getting a good response and thank you for your kind words and your blurb at a really help to promote the book early on well, I am shocked that people were shocked that I blurb it and said that guy blurb his book anyway? It's really ascertaining book and practically your focuses of title says in the three days in Moscow. What caused you to focus on that and write this book? based on the same format of my last book three days in January, Dwight, Eisenhower's, final mission, and that looked
an hour's last three days before Kennedys inauguration and the farewell address, and then use the cannon nuggets and and information of those three days and bounced back look at Eisenhower's life and how he arrives at that moment, which was Well, I guess was overlooked. This address. The Reagan delivers in the heart of Communist Moscow in front of Moscow State University students, where If you go to Google and you just look on Youtube and you can watch the speech, its aid they'll give a goose box because it could be ridden red and delivered. Today he is not hammering them over the head. There were better than you like the Pied piper talking about freedom and freedom of speech and religion and travel, and why the West where they should turn. That speech was largely overlooked at the time, and I use the details of those three days of the final summit between Reagan and Gorbachev and
back and show how Reagan through his life gets too that moment and really it's a seminal moment Soon thereafter the wall falls down and the Soviet Union collapsed. What was it about that speech and I have watched I have read it and it is phenomenal speak, but what it to you? What was it about that speech that was so compelling bourgeois here is a guy who, for his entire career Reagan, was talking about how communism was not going to make it how he truly believed in his god that it was ethically bankrupt and more bankrupt and eventually would be bankrupt and Jiri talking to students the future of another. Communist regime and and then taking questions in a q and after the speech with them, I tried desperately to find somebody one of those students in the audience and enter get perceptions of about
moved things. I had anecdotal information from Russia, but I had a lot of interviews and and people who were there. George Schulz and others who described the moment as just a culmination of Reagan's efforts. Remember their wars, Geneva, Reykjavik, Washington, then Moscow and he stood strong and took them these students with him to why the? U S was the right way to turn. What do you think they? Let him give this beat you job had been terrible, boarded every time they got together. Reagan wanted to talk about human rights and about freedoms, and it was almost a concession that he could talk to these young kids, but in wretched back, you wonder. Was that a mistake from the soviet perspective, because these were that this was the future and the questions that they were asking. It wasn't vetted. It wasn't given.
By five guards, and this is what you're gonna be asked. There were impromptu. This was a president who some people said at that time was fighting Alzheimer's. He didn't that day right. Exactly. Do you think. Reagan was so unique that really he's one of the few people who could pull this off. I mean his communication skills is is his principles here, He really was driven to take out the Soviet Union one way or another rule throughout his life and now They they will call democracy. The great communicator end He always said. I wasn't a great communicator, but I communicated great thanks and Ok, he cannot talk to people when it gave addresses, were both the radio or television had he like listeners to think that they were back on the barbershop or even in a living room, and he would say I write.
The ear. The surprising thing that that I found over the research and again interviews and nuggets and oral histories that really hadn't been explored. Was that how much he was an active participant in writing. You'll have we She knew about his diaries and all the writing she did, but he was really active in these speeches, while a much like Eisenhower was. Any was often advised not to do what he wanted to do, especially in foreign policy to cut these deals. Make nice in these other things, and yet he ploughed ahead pretty much- I don't mean he was a bull in a China shop. He was very thoughtful about the way he did it, but he knew what he wanted to do correct exactly He was giving these speeches early and in his presidency Where he's calling. You know communism brand of Miranda MASH heap of history and the Soviet empire is the evil empire and at the time before, saying easy. This is too inflammatory it's going to ruin negotiation
you gonna start nuclear war and then the Berlin moment happens. The Brandenburg gate p and he says again and again and again that he's be thinking about saying this and speechwriters and the State Department and people in the EU how's your saying, do not say, tear down this wall its way over the top and they took it out six times and he's driving in the limo with an aid, and he turned to the aid me says you know the boys state or gonna kill me, but it's the right thing to do and he adds back in pared down this wall. Mr Gorbachev, which obviously became the most iconic speech in recent history, and I want to put on the spot- and I just want to tell me what this is really a fact-
mating, but it is a thorough book and yet it really is comprehensible and I'm here I work for ragged. I know all about Reagan and I learned a lot of new things in this book. Let me ask you this in terms of not so much personality, but in terms of sort of adhering to a viewpoint and trainees
God, how to get to the position you want to get too. Do you see many similarities between this president of the current president? Here's your eyes- and I wrote about this from the book in the last word. I see that there they are facing real challenges that are very similar challenges that the threat of nuclear war- and they are both- they were both sang and are saying things that are very aggressive, setting the table and and people's heads or exploding in Washington. They were with Reagan. They are, was president tromp. Now he does it differently and there's twitter everything else. They are different personalities, but here's what a similar they changed, the paradigm they changed, the entire way Washington focused and in retrospect now looking back at Reagan I think he's much more appreciative bear I'd like the Holy over a few minutes. You only mistake: yeah we'll be right back
book three days in Moscow, be right back. Then show where we create the talking points collar now, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one. You know folks in the past. Weeks, we ve seen and up to a natural disaster This tornadoes in Alabama Oh, you ve seen the volcano erupting in Hawaii after weeks of heavy earthquake activity, more earthquakes off the coast of Oregon three and four day
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three days in Moscow, Ronald Reagan and the fall of the soviet empire. Broader than that the book. It provides an enormous amount of context, but Brett really does focusing on this speech in these events. As the beginning of the end of the Soviet Union, isn't it also true bread bear that ring and had some very, very important partners, John Paul? The second Margaret Thatcher Herbert Kohl, Helmut Kohl rather anyone's really this? This group. Coordinated in some respects, not coordinating in other respects that work together to bring this outcome. No, that's exactly! and you can see how far lap of am but just chatting away into their commercial breaks or about that. But I agree it was. It was a combination of things and people. You know Reagan had a great
relationship with the Pope John Paul, a second, the two men had would read and called the distinction of suffering assassination attempts. Only six weeks apart Matt, and they they said to each other that they thought God had spared them both because he needed them to do his work in the world the great relationship at Margaret Thatcher who, by the way, was the person who signalled him that Mikhail Gorbachev was probably somebody that he could deal with and and obviously the situation in Poland you, you had the the revolution and Reagan's full support after he goes there like the ones it says there, they start singing to him and he says what are they singing and enhanced and he shed their singing. May you'll live one hundred years, so it was a combination of being almost dead. Clearly had it yeah. Do you think.
Given the kind of environment we have these days, quite frankly in the media and the Democratic Party, but also some of the Republican Party, think its past to elect another Reagan, It may be a different time mark with social media. The partisanship it's it's been partisan before Reagan had really tough media, but it doesn't seem like it at this stage and I think that it would have to be a different kind of of leader, but there are people, I think the hunger for reading about leaders like us. Our are Drake this because people are hungry for that and what he? What do you say to people who say? Ok, bringing a braggin already, and I say to myself: don't you want to learn about great people? Who did great thing? I mean this: is history right right,
door nuggets that that are affected, as we just talked about today, with this summit pending potentially in Singapore on June 12th. By the way June 12th is the date June 12th, one thousand nine hundred and eighty seven at Brandenburg Gate Speech, tear down this wall. I don't think they planned that. I don't know if they're that good, synergy, tear down these nukes by the way you do you think the current White House can learn from the way ragging conducted himself in his dealings with the Soviet Union. I do I asked really do, and I think I did it. I dictatorships from his book who, by the way at ninety three, is like making remember, meetings like they were yesterday amazing and an he laid out, Reagan's Reagan, steel for these summits, and I think I think there are lessons in their number one. You gotta be realistic. Yet you have to know what you want to
start thinking about what other people want, because you'll be negotiating with yourself, just what you want and then, when you have strange, sit down and negotiate. Knowing that you have the happy you can apply and be willing to get up on the table. Like Reagan did in Reykjavik over the Strategic Defence initiative, Well, bred bear. Let me tat, we can barely cut this book and mean in the time I I have here, but I want to congratulate you. It's another marvellous book three days in Moscow. Ronald Reagan in the fall of the Soviet Union was strongly encourage my lover nights. You need to get a copy of this. You think No I'm learning about rang you probably don't, but particularly key aspects and bring the Soviet Union and how that relates to today and bread I want to thank you very much for doing the job of a real journalist. I love watching you want. I can closer on when I'm on, but I do what you doin my breaks, so I shaded very, very much
May I am still trying to get you oughta we're gonna walk out, we'll work it out. God bless my friend here. It's really good book in its up on mark living, show Facebook Mark Levine, show Twitter and get it Mozilla, indirectly any major bookstore You learn a lot from this book, so not one of these fictions that that's dressed up as a non food That's a real book with real research and he's got An enormous amount notes, footnotes I'm saying: go back and look at the originals. I know he spent a lot of time at the Reagan, library and so forth, and he was the driving force behind this, but it shows a truly successful president and what he did why he was successful. We can learn Out from it, so I am very honoured that bread asked me to do a blur, of which I was happy to Ernie came on the programme under. He's a reliably honest and professional journalist, and you know what else
he's a brilliant historian author, and this is a comprehensive and wonderfully written exposition of Reagan's lifelong mission to spread liberty and end the Soviet Union. That's what this two wonderful book- it's a wonderful gift to, so I hope your check it out now. Let me get back to run it I can do that. I would need ten hours to do today. Show and I haven't had any sleep. I got back from Israel, eleven o clock in the morning. I dont know what they all times on: it doesn't matter they seen and peace tells you ever thing you need to know about my position from day one you can indicted sitting present. He can't deputy tourney general rod. Rosen steam publicly discuss the issue earlier this month in an event I'll buy the freedom for an institute was asked if he's sitting president can be indicted. He said
I'm going to answer this in the context of any current matters, so you should try and even inference about it, but the Department of Justice has, in the past When the issue rose has opine that he's sitting, president cannot be indicted. There's been a lot of space later in media about this idea. I don't have anything more to say about it rose and Steen overseas. The special council probe I needed to get this issue into the body politic and into the media. You can see. We succeed, you and I to Mario here the bag benches talk about the New York Times. Article like parent Tomorrow, you'll hear them say I'm always shared your candidate is sitting print. They never said anything. And also somebody talking off. The record, obviously involved in the president's representation, said a lot. This also relates to any subpoenaed to testify. That point over and over again to you're going to subpoena
president a better, be a big deal and relate to the matters that relate to the president. Not the somebody else and not to efforts Why did you fire call me, and why do you did? Why were you opposed to my heart? Those are not legitimate questions when you appealing President DAS questions, that's not legitimate, so it would appear that the In its legal team is embracing our position and I think it's the only position They can ultimately work because it's a constitutional position and it's been. Position in the United States Department of Justice. Rosen had to admit it just a few weeks ago. That's why all this other top all the static lawyers, the Congo, and on and on- and it is another one trying to sound smarter than the other. It's much simpler than all its much simpler than all.
That's not to say that at an easy road I mean there will be fought either way, but the content, pollution on the present inside Department of justice policies on the president's side and so well. I just hope Rudy's conveyancer. This information is accurate. That's the position, the president! president must take, as I've said over and over and over again, and I'm scared Appear on Hannity tomorrow night at nine thirty, it has request again so we'll see. Now I know a lot of time left, but I want to get back to this issue. I discuss. Yes, there's been a full programme I want to get back to the issue I discuss yesterday. The media in this country. The media in this country are Anti american and Pro America's enemies. In every single case, I can think of
The media come to the defence of our enemies and attack our president and, in essence, attack our country. Does he represents our country one? Certainly when it comes to the issue of foreign policy. I told you eleven. I am. I got home last night from misery. I must have been having twenty hours with the flights and then I had to get connection and on and on and on ensuring the connection of boss, I'm looking at my Iphone and I'm reading these headlines about what CNN is saying in a b c and see and Emma NBC all the same thing that the Israelis are killing innocent children and women that the poor Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.
Our unarmed and there being essentially executed by the Israelis are well well well. Well. Well, that's about a sick as it gets that kind of phony reporting, and then I made the case. That these reporters in these networks, these corporations have blood on their hands because Hamas, once this kind of this is why they put women and children. First, they don't care about life, their terrorist for crying out loud. I'm not gonna do the same show. I did yesterday there's not enough time for it anyway, but I hope you'll go back and listen. It's all over the internet, a went viral. What I said that these reports. The blood on their hands- and I doubt they get aiding comfort to Hamas. They give aid coverage of the Taliban,
they give aid and comfort to the regime in Tehran. They give aid in comfort to the Russians. Are the Chinese and the Cubans would authorise, God forbid, the Israelis have their capital and drank some thirty. Five hundred years ago. That was their place. God forbid that the United States recognises it, even though Eighteen, ninety five, we passed a law. That said we recognize gotta, move our embassy there. Ninety three to five I'd say: Senate underscoring in June of last year. Ninety two zero about it single Democratic criticized for the vote, not a single elected democratic, tended the mover of the embassy to Jerusalem because they thrown in with Hamas. Mark? What do you mean? Did you hear Bernie Sanders he's a disgrace. These are not compassionate people in the media and the Democrats.
And then we learn. Now one of the leaders of Hamas, one of the turkish leaders, brags, that fifty of the sixty two people killed were Hamas terrorists. Members. Looks like the israeli snipers know what they were doing he's Begging our soldiers are terrorists, they fought and died bravely fifty or sixty Then, don't I don't want be leaders are Hamas, a terrorist group had occurred somebody when they said, while these products These are not really should now they're, not non violent protests. This is an armed with eight armed revolt, violence.
Did you hear an apology from Andrea Metro today? Did you hear an apology from Jake Tapir today you can hear an apology, four in the morning smell a message motor now the media, never correct themselves in any serious or substantive away there, that propagandists for Hamas and Fatah there that propagandists. The Taliban and the iranian regime there. That propagandists for the cuban regime. And remember the north korean generals love the morning smile. That's their favorite show. I think I figured out why MR producer, they fine Joe Scarborough, very very attractive I'll, be right back,
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A five or less FBI agents who took it upon themselves to try and take out Donald Trump, absolutely shocking. And if you just tuning- and I hope you listen to the first hour of the programme and the second on the programme we will have posted is always doing our archives. A mark Levin show website. That's Mark Levine showed that calm, our official radio website You can download it podcast, it now hope you'll shared with individuals. You can listen to the shows tomorrow. You'll hear them repeated. Quite frankly,. Also, the revelation by Rudy Giuliani, which I hope is correct- that just two weeks ago they mention of the Mahler team that whether to serve position on indicting a sitting president. Eventually, apparently they reveal that they agree that they cannot circumvent department of Justice Policy, which is that you cannot indicted sitting president and of course, you heard that here
First so ya hear the radio shows tomorrow talk about that too and pet themselves on the back. I cannot tell you how honoured I am They have you in my audience, because here too smartest audience and radio that you're the smartest audience and broadcasting. This is the toughest time period in radio six pm eastern time. Three p m passive. But particularly on the east coast in the MID West central time. It's the toughest radio slot because there's so much going on the basketball player hockey player Us Base most of the local stations cause, I want to say, live and local will promote all the sports, even though they don't run them. You are Here, because you want to be here- and I want to thank you- it's a blessing. It's a blow to be with you and share your lives with
we salute our armed forces, police officers, fire fighters and emerging personnel. Don't this tomorrow, I'll be right here, check out, live in tv, it's very powerful tonight, eight for poor living tv and I'll see you tomorrow.
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